Bus Trip – Final Reminder and Updated Details

For those of you that are planning to join us for the bus trip tomorrow, here are some final details:

– Meet at the JC Penny Parking Lot (Springfield) before 8am – the bus will depart promptly at 8am. If you are running late or decide you can’t come along, please give me a call on my cell phone (309.643.2299).
– We will make a quick stop in Morton to see if there are any people to collect there.
– From there, we will begin our nursery stops:
– Hoerr Nursery, Peoria
– River Beach Pub (lunch) — see note below
– Hornbacker Garden, Princeton
– Picket Fence Floral and Garden Center, Chillicothe — see note below
– Roth Daylilies, Morton
– After our final stop, we will start the journey back to Springfield, with one last stop in Morton for anyone that joined us there.
– We plan to be back to Springfield between 5-5:30pm.

A few other notes:
– River Beach Pub has asked that we pay with cash wherever possible. They said that they only have a single credit card machine, which is slow, and so checking out all of our group with “plastic” will take a looooong time. Cash will make things faster for everyone.

– Picket Fence is has a great sale going on right now, but they’ve made it even better for our group. They are offering 33% off ANY perennial purchase by members of our group, and we will each receive a daylily plant FREE.

– We will have bottles of water available all day, and some treats available in the afternoon.

– Cheryl Cummings will be our “cruise director” and has planned some games/giveaways for those that ride the bus. I happen to know that there are some really pretty daylilies included in the prizes – I’m excited!!

– The weather forecast shows a CHANCE for rain, so please come prepared as you see fit. But in the meantime, lets all petition our Higher Power(s) to have sunshine all day! šŸ™‚

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me (Jacob – 309.643.2299), Jim (309.219.4239) or send an email to bustour@daylilycids.org.

See you tomorrow!