2014 Member Garden Tour – The Plan

On Saturday, July 12th, there will be a caravan-style garden tour of a few daylily gardens. Below are the details, as provided by JoAnn Satterfield, who is also leading the event. If you plan to join us for this tour, please contact JoAnn (info provided below).

This the schedule of the Members’ Garden Tour.  It will be on Saturday, July 12th. Our first stop will be Carol Riehl’s Garden, 1621 N. 13th Street, Springfield.  We will meet at her house at 7:30 a.m.
Our next garden will be Nikki Schmith’s at 424 Pheasant Ct., Worden, IL. Nickki’s phone number is 248-739-9006. Nikki indicates she has 500 daylilies and some will be for sale.
Our third and final stop will be Rosewood Farm Daylilies.  Mike and Kathy Slater have about 400 daylilies.  Their address is 241 Prarietown Road, Dorsey, IL.  Phone number 618-585-4677.  Mike and Kathy will also have daylilies for sale. Both Nikki and Kathy are having open gardens on July 12th.
Since we will not be able to have a picnic this year, I would like to stop at Jubelt’s in Litchfield on the way back. “
JoAnn can be contacted via phone (217-553-0296) or email (jsatter@yahoo.com)

We’re having a Show!

It’s 100% official: CIDS will be hosting an AHS-acreditted Show/Exhibition this year! After a fews years away from shows, CIDS will host once again on Sunday, July 6th. The show will be held at Washington Park Botanical Garden in their Exhibition Room.

Entries will be only be accepted between 8:30 – 11:00am.

Judging will take place between 11:30am – 1:00pm.

The show is open to the public from 1:00 – 4:00pm. The general public is invited to come and view the show entries after judging. Scoring and awards will also be announced during this time.

Jim Cruise is still accepting volunteers to help work at the show. Please contact him if you would like to help.

If you are planning to help setup for the show, please arrive no later than 8:00am.


Club Workshop – Prepare for Show/Exhibition – Friday, June 13th, 7pm

This Friday, June 13th, at 7:00pm, at the Rochester Community Room, two of our club members – Rich Ford and Nikki Schmith – will help the rest of us learn all about Daylily Shows and Exhibitions. They’ll help us learn how to pick the right scape and bloom, travel with it to the location, clean it up, and get it entered into the show. They’ll also explain how the show is judged and how points are scored, just in case you like those details, too. ***This will not be a club meeting, with club business, plant drawings, etc. ***

Hope to see you there!

2014 Meetings – Dates and Plans

The calendar here on this site has been updated to reflect our meeting plans for the coming six months. Be sure to check there for dates and times.

Our first meeting for 2014 will be on February 7th, at 7pm at the Rochester Community Building. Our speaker will be Eric Simpson of Cavalier Daylily Gardens, who will be sharing with us his hybridizing program and other neat details about his garden.

September Meeting – Sep. 13th, 2013

Our next club meeting will be held on Friday, September 13th at 7pm, at the Rochester Community Building.

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch, from 5-Acre Farm Daylilies, will be presenting a 45-60 minute powerpoint-based presentation with 100+ pictures, They will be talking about who they are, where the farm came from, what they’ve done in 8 years, what they are doing with their hybridizing program, and touching on where they are heading in the future. Both Rod and Jim are CIDS members and look forward to seeing many familiar faces.

Before the presentation, there will be a brief business meeting. If you have any agenda items to be discussed, please contact Jacob Braun.


2013 Plant Sale

Saturday August 3rd is our Daylily Sale at Washington Park Exhibition Center. The hours are from Noon to 3pm but we will need folks there to help set up tables, etc. Doors should be open by 10am. Joe and Renee will be providing lunch to the members that are there so make sure you come and lend a hand.

Please bring daylilies for the sale with prices and pictures. Some folks have picture boards which are helpful and also draw attention to your booth.

Once again this year, they will have an area where children can pot their own daylilies so tell the kids and grandkids to stop by.

We also need volunteers to help dig and divide daylilies at Washington Park before the sale. This will be done on Thursday so gather your shovels and call Joe for more details if you are able to help. (217-546-1362)

2013 Members Auction Plant List (with Pictures)

We are very excited to announce the list of plants that are on their way to use from Floyd Cove Nursery.  As a reminder, the bidding in the auction is limited to current members of CIDS, so be sure to join/renew before the meeting if you would like to participate. Our Treasurer, Deb Miller, is responsible for maintaining membership lists, so please contact her if you have any questions about your status.

The List:

Barefoot Bay (Stamile-Pierce, 2010)

Barefoot Bay 042912 Barefoot Bay 043012c Barefoot Bay 051912

41″, 6.25″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 34 buds on 5-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “This is one of the most gorgeous daylilies at the nursery and as cutting edge as you are going to find.  BAREFOOT BAY was Grace’s favorite large flower, and it is easy to see why.  Clean lavender coloration, with a large white watermark and a bright green throat.  The large blooms are set off by the prominent and very ruffled edging of cream chartreuse.  A must for those breeding for large edges on tall scapes.  Like nothing else, and a grand parent.  Fertile both ways.”

Blood Wine (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Blood Wine 052101 Blood Wine 052512 Blood Wine 060112

32″, 6″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 30 buds on 5-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Dark red color with darker black red veining catch your attention along with wide overlapping petals outlined in sizzling silver white.  A lovely true red, ‘BLOOD WINE’ looks as though it was colored by a Cajun Witchdoctor.  Besides the dark color, ‘BLOOD WINE’ is easily pod fertile and passes on the white edging to her seedlings.  Very ruffled, especially for a red.  Fertile both ways.”

Blue Rhino (Pierce-G, 2011)

Blue Rhino 042912b Blue Rhino 050512 Blue Rhino Blue_Rhino

37″, 6.5″, Early, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 30 buds on 4-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “This is one neat flower.  What makes the coloration unique in ‘BLUE RHINO’ is the copious amount of blue tones blended into the lavender and purple colors.  It is as close to a big blue flower as you can get, though hard to photograph.
BLUE RHINO is also our biggest patterned daylily at almost 7” on first blooms.  There is a double edge of light raspberry and blue/lavender, this is then outlined in white.  Big, flat, and showy.  Makes strong prolifs too.  Fertile both ways.”

Butterfly Mountain (Stamile-Pierce, 2010)

Butterfly Mountain 2 Butterfly Mountain

38″, 4.75″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 45 buds on 6-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “What an incredible flower, and our biggest blue eye to date. You will notice that none of this years butterflies resemble the butterflies of the past, jumping ahead several generations using new conversions and a strong emphasis on discarding the look alikes! BUTTERFLY MOUNTAIN is a breakthrough with multiple shades of blue coloration, rings and veining. This flower is just as it is in the picture, has an incredible scape and blooms and blooms, and look at the stats!! Beautiful. Fertile both ways.”

Coit Tower (Stamile-Pierce, 2010)

COIT TOWER 2 Coit Tower 052612

42″, 6.5″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Unusual Form, Tet, Evergreen, 40 buds on 5-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Our tallest full form to date at 42” high. A tower in the garden.  We found visitors drawn to this flower as they saw the clumps from afar.  The dark purple petals are edged in white bordering the black picotte.  What makes Coit Tower unique too, is her crispate pinched petals, giving her an extra flare.  This daylily makes a statement in the garden.   Fertile Both ways.”

Crowning Fire (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Crowning Fire 05512 Crowning fire 050912 Crowning Fire 052712

40″, 5.75″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 45 buds on 7-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “This was Pat’s favorite red pollen parent for color.  “Now that’s red”  The color is a true red with a large very bright green throat.  ‘CROWNING FIRE’ shows a large white watermark that nicely accents the heavily ruffled white edges on the petals.  Not a bad scape either just look at the stats.  Has been a great breeder for me, and an easy pod parent.   Fertile both ways.”

Dragonfly Blues (Stamile-Pierce, 2010)

Dragonfly Blues 052612 Dragonfly Blues 052812a

32″, 4.5″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 25 buds on 4-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Our largest butterfly this year at 5 1/2” if you held out the petals, and named by Karen who liked the shape of the big blue pattern in the eye. The dark blue is a wonderful contrast to the nearly white petals outlined in blue and raspberry. The eye pattern is again repeated boldly on the sepals. Easily fertile both ways. Different.”

Emerald Prism (Stamile, 2009)


32″, 5.87″, Early, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 18 buds on 3-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Dramatic and bold.  EMERALD PRISM has the largest of the green throats. Lovely clear purple prismatic eye.  Low arching foliage.  Fertile both ways.”

Jupiter’s Fortune (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Jupiter's Fortune 051512 Jupiter's Fortune 052512 Jupiter's Fortune 0513132

36″, 5.75″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 40 buds on 6-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “The first word that comes to mind is dramatic.  The blooms have a bold eye, yet there is a pattern as well.  ‘JUPITER’S FORTUNE’ has a triple edge of bluish plum purple, raspberry, and silver.  The eye of ‘JUPITER”S FORTUNE’ covers so much of the flower face that from a distance you see a large plum circle with white on the ends.  But the best attribute has to be the scape, MASSIVE – With horizontal branches going every which way!  This is the first and only introduction from ‘TET. CIRCLE UPON CIRCLE’ that I am aware of.  Clear clean coloration, lovely green throat.  Fertile both ways.”

Jurassic Fiesta (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Jurassic Fiesta  051412 Jurassic Fiesta 0526a12 Jurassic Fiesta 052612

40″, 7.5″, Early, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 30buds on 4-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “If you love big showy orange flowers as I do, you will love ‘JURASSIC FIESTA’.  HUGE, flat, and colorful.  The base color is a light pumpkin orange, with an intense eye of bright orange red.  There is a red picotee all the way around the over 4” + wide petals.  Nothing quite like it.  A true stand out in the modern Tetraploid garden.  I don’t think there was one visitor who didn’t ask about this daylily.  Giant!  Fertile both ways.”

Lake Champagne (Pierce-G., 2011)

Lake Champagen 050312 Lake Champagene 050912a Lake Champagne 050912

47″, 6″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 35 buds on 5-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “This is a light and exceptionally cool, clear, lavender blossom, displayed on very tall well branched scapes.  The flower petals are lightly ruffled and edged with hooks and knobs of gold, with a light lemon green throat, and a green center.   What makes ‘LAKE CHAMPAGNE’ a stand out is the tremendously thick, tall scapes, and easy seed set! Fertile both ways.”

Limonero Squeeze (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Limenero Squeeze 052712 Limonero Squeeze 040912 Limonero Squeeze 050112

26″, 6″, Early, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 40 buds on 7-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Green continues to be an extremely difficult daylily color to capture on camera.  ‘LIMONERO SQUEEZE’ is a large lemon-lime self with very heavy substance.  The strong green coloration from the throat radiates out mixing into the lemon petal color.  It has more green than either of the parents and our greenest daylily to date.  As the whether warms, the wide petals role back by daybreak.  Easily fertile both ways.”

Mazatlan (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Mazatlan 050312 Mazatlan 050612 Mazatlan 0601012

45″, 6.75″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 53 buds on 4-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “‘MAZATLAN’ is a much improved ‘Violet Becomes You’.  Taller and better branched.  Larger, with a wider more ruffled white edge.  ‘MAZATLAN’ has a thick heavy substance and the dark violet purple color is cool and clear.  Quite sunfast for such a dark shade of purple.  Scapes are thick and the plants are strong with blue green foliage.  A must for purple daylily lovers.   Fertile both ways.”

Pacifica (Stamile-Pierce, 2011)

Pacifica 051512 Pacifica 051712 Pacifica 051812

33″, 6″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Evergreen, 25 buds on 5-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “‘PACIFICA was pat’s favorite Blue Grass Music kid.  This large and round flower is a mix of mauve lavender and purple, with a touch of blue especially in the eye and edge.  Wide overlapping petals and sepals display the flat flower face.  Green throat.   ‘PACIFICA is a nice addition for those collecting and breeding daylilies in these tones.   Fertile both ways.”

Picotee Prism (Stamile-Pierce, 2010)


27″, 5.5″, Early-Midseason, Rebloom, Tet, Dormant, 20 buds on 3-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Next to PIKES PEAK this was “that unusual daylily” everyone wooed over. PICTOEE PRISM is not as tall as our other prisms, but she makes up for it with the strong plum picotte edge not seen on any of the other prisms. Being a dormant I suspect scape height will be much higher in the north. Fertile both ways.”

Rose Knockout (Stamile, 2009)

Rose Knockout 051011re Rose Knockout 051911

33″, 7″, Early, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 21 buds on 3-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “Used as a stepping stone to create big gaudy edged reds, this tall rose to rose pink with a wide fringy gold edging is a real presence in the garden.  Big, flat, showy 4 inch plus ruffled petals, are displayed to perfection.  As the season progresses the flower color lightens and the edging becomes quite exaggerated.   Rose Knockout is a stand out in the garden.  A real beauty!  Fertile both ways.”

Superstitious (Pierce-G., 2012)

Superstitious (In Shade) Superstitious (In Sun) Superstitious

43″, 6.5″, Early, Rebloom, Tet, Evergreen, 45 buds on 8-way branching. From Floyd Cove: “One of the biggest challenges today is creating something new! Superstitious makes that leap and has both top notch characteristics for the breeder like a tall scape, loads of buds, and super fertility, being another of my “Pod Studs”.  For the collector the light shadowed watermark contrasts nicely with the rich purple red color and big ruffled edge of both gold and white.  Superstitious has been a tremendous parent for me being so pod fertile with the ability to take so many other daylilies and make them both larger and taller.  Traits that are a must at Floyd Cove.”

A big thank you to Floyd Cove Nursery for sending so many beautiful plants!

2013 Bus Trip

It’s official: we’re planning a bus trip for 2013. All of the details can be found at this page, but here is a quick summary:

  • Saturday June 15th, from 8am until about 5pm
  • Visiting Peoria and Princeton, IL
  • $25/member, $30/non-CIDS member
  • Registration is open – first come, first reserved.

If you have any questions, please send them to bustour@daylilycids.org.