Club Workshop – Prepare for Show/Exhibition – Friday, June 13th, 7pm

This Friday, June 13th, at 7:00pm, at the Rochester Community Room, two of our club members – Rich Ford and Nikki Schmith – will help the rest of us learn all about Daylily Shows and Exhibitions. They’ll help us learn how to pick the right scape and bloom, travel with it to the location, clean it up, and get it entered into the show. They’ll also explain how the show is judged and how points are scored, just in case you like those details, too. ***This will not be a club meeting, with club business, plant drawings, etc. ***

Hope to see you there!

2014 Members-Only Auction, Potluck – June 1, 2014

This is an initial announcement for the Members-Only Auction, Potluck and Meeting. This event will take place on Sunday, June 1st, 2014, starting at 1pm.

Many members are interested in the list of plants that will be available for auction. Below is a link to the list of plants that were purchased from Bell’s Daylily Garden. Additional plants may be donated or submitted to the auction.

**PLEASE NOTE: Only members who have paid their dues for 2014 will be able to participate in this auction. If you are a new member, please submit your registration BEFORE the June 1st meeting to our Treasurer, Deb Miller. Registrations on the day of the auction will not be accepted. If you have questions about this, please contact the club president, Jacob Braun.

The potluck will very similar to years past. Fried chicken will be provided by the club, along with paper products. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share (should feed approximately 10-12 people).

To view this list, you will need to be a registered user of the CIDS Members’ Portal.      LINK TO LIST

More information about the Members’ Portal

CIDS Members’ Website

After quite a bit of time, we have finally opened the members-only site for all CIDS members to use.

Why “Members-Only”?

The CIDS Board of Directors talked about ways to share information among CIDS members – by-laws and rules, photos, contact information, etc. – in a way that helped the membership of the club feel that their information is still protected.

Once you have registered and signed-in to the site, you will be able to see and share a variety of things with fellow members of this club.

So what is it?

Imagine a “facebook”-type site, where only members of CIDS can log in to participate in the conversation. Each member has the ability to share stories, photos, or other announcements with the rest of the club. Once something has been shared, the other members are able to comment and interact accordingly.

This site also has a Forum, which allows members to create discussions about a given topic. For example, if you are curious to know how other members collect pollen for hybridizing, you can start a forum thread to get feedback and input from other members.

Lastly, each member can create and manage their own profile, with the ability to introduce themselves to the rest of the club, list contact information (optional), and even list a “wish list” of daylilies they would like to add to their collection.

What’s Next?

The Members’ Only site will be formally introduced at our February 7th club meeting, but you’re welcome to head on over and set up your account now. Your registration will need to be approved, in order to maintain this as a limited resource for Members Only. Be sure to use your real First and Last name so that we can verify that you are truly a CIDS member.

Over the next few weeks, content from the club will start to be posted on the site. Feel free to start sharing photos from your garden to help us battle the last few weeks of winter!

Link to Members-Only site:

If you have any questions, be sure to come to the February meeting, or send a note to the administrator (

AHS Membership and CIDS Membership

Our latest newsletter mentioned AHS Membership and it’s importance to the club. CIDS is a local, child-organization of the American Hemerocallis Society. As such, our club objectives include: “…Carry on locally the work of the American Hemerocallis Society…”

All members of CIDS are encouraged to also be members of AHS. Our club is planning to hold an accredited Daylily Exhibition in 2014, and one of the requirements for such is that 50% of our club be members of AHS. So, if you aren’t currently a member – whether your membership has lapsed or you haven’t joined yet – we invite you to register today!

See for more information.

CIDS By-laws – Reminder About Plant Drawing Rules

With our most-recent newsletter, we also distributed a current copy of the by-laws. The by-laws can also be found at this link.

The newsletter highlighted the following information:

  1. ….. a plant will be awarded at each regular meeting
  2. Eligibility is limited to members who:
    a.   Are paid-up on dues
    b.   Have attended at least three meetings
    c.   Are not delinquent in returning a fan to the Society from a previous winning
  3. Members winning a plant are to be awarded …… $100 for a plant of their choice …. paid receipt must be submitted within one year from date of winning.
  4. Members are to return to the Society an increase (fan) of a plan they have won within two years …. will be sold at “members only” auction.

2013 Plant Sale

Saturday August 3rd is our Daylily Sale at Washington Park Exhibition Center. The hours are from Noon to 3pm but we will need folks there to help set up tables, etc. Doors should be open by 10am. Joe and Renee will be providing lunch to the members that are there so make sure you come and lend a hand.

Please bring daylilies for the sale with prices and pictures. Some folks have picture boards which are helpful and also draw attention to your booth.

Once again this year, they will have an area where children can pot their own daylilies so tell the kids and grandkids to stop by.

We also need volunteers to help dig and divide daylilies at Washington Park before the sale. This will be done on Thursday so gather your shovels and call Joe for more details if you are able to help. (217-546-1362)

Bus Trip – Final Reminder and Updated Details

For those of you that are planning to join us for the bus trip tomorrow, here are some final details:

– Meet at the JC Penny Parking Lot (Springfield) before 8am – the bus will depart promptly at 8am. If you are running late or decide you can’t come along, please give me a call on my cell phone (309.643.2299).
– We will make a quick stop in Morton to see if there are any people to collect there.
– From there, we will begin our nursery stops:
– Hoerr Nursery, Peoria
– River Beach Pub (lunch) — see note below
– Hornbacker Garden, Princeton
– Picket Fence Floral and Garden Center, Chillicothe — see note below
– Roth Daylilies, Morton
– After our final stop, we will start the journey back to Springfield, with one last stop in Morton for anyone that joined us there.
– We plan to be back to Springfield between 5-5:30pm.

A few other notes:
– River Beach Pub has asked that we pay with cash wherever possible. They said that they only have a single credit card machine, which is slow, and so checking out all of our group with “plastic” will take a looooong time. Cash will make things faster for everyone.

– Picket Fence is has a great sale going on right now, but they’ve made it even better for our group. They are offering 33% off ANY perennial purchase by members of our group, and we will each receive a daylily plant FREE.

– We will have bottles of water available all day, and some treats available in the afternoon.

– Cheryl Cummings will be our “cruise director” and has planned some games/giveaways for those that ride the bus. I happen to know that there are some really pretty daylilies included in the prizes – I’m excited!!

– The weather forecast shows a CHANCE for rain, so please come prepared as you see fit. But in the meantime, lets all petition our Higher Power(s) to have sunshine all day! 🙂

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me (Jacob – 309.643.2299), Jim (309.219.4239) or send an email to

See you tomorrow!

Plant Marker Orders through CIDS

At the present time, CIDS is no longer able to order Plant Markers from Kincaid Gardens in bulk. In the past, the club has had them available for purchase at club meetings or to be ordered with the group for a discounted price.

Kincaid Gardens, who has traditionally been the source of these markers, has instead offered a $0.50-per-bundle (each bundle contains 25 markers) discount on all orders when the following discount code is used at checkout: DAY-CIDS2

If you would like to purchase more of the same tags that you’ve bought before, head on over to Kincaid Gardens. Be sure to use the discount code to get the best price!