CIDS By-laws – Reminder About Plant Drawing Rules

With our most-recent newsletter, we also distributed a current copy of the by-laws. The by-laws can also be found at this link.

The newsletter highlighted the following information:

  1. ….. a plant will be awarded at each regular meeting
  2. Eligibility is limited to members who:
    a.   Are paid-up on dues
    b.   Have attended at least three meetings
    c.   Are not delinquent in returning a fan to the Society from a previous winning
  3. Members winning a plant are to be awarded …… $100 for a plant of their choice …. paid receipt must be submitted within one year from date of winning.
  4. Members are to return to the Society an increase (fan) of a plan they have won within two years …. will be sold at “members only” auction.