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your first name:Enter your last name:Enter your zip/postal code:Enter your email address:Confirm your email address:Confirm your password:By checking this box, you consent to receive personalized marketing communications from axs and the ticket supplier for the event, in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of use. we sang in the church choirs, but also mom and dad had a big lp collection. there is a cross-pollination of immigration reform movements, and queer movements, and poverty movements, and hunger movements. opener "pendulum swinger" takes on institutional sexism and what the girls view as president bush's wrongheaded approach to the war on terrorism. their new album is one lost day, and they’re currently touring the u. “if anything, it made the solace of music all that more poignant and important in my life. we grew up with rock and roll being a white guy’s thing, and sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and it was really romantic, and we had to change all the lyrics in our heads, and the imagery, and believe that it was ok to be a woman and play music. just as we were about to start, a torrential rain began, but the hundreds of people gathered stayed put, got soaked, and waited for the clouds to pass. for your night out with these options:Tickets for joan baez, mary chapin carpenter, and indigo girls (amy ray & emily saliers). ray and her partner, screenwriter and music teacher carrie schrader, also had a girl, ozilline, in november 2013 — sadly, just 10 days after ray’s father died. but she was so — yesterday she called delta, ‘cause we were booking some flights, and she referred to me as her wife to the agent.” it’s just very much, like, don’t compromise if it hurts inside, and have some pride, and if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.. ray: it’s like these certain moments that are — rage against the machine at the masquerade in atlanta., steak and steak: manny's restaurant stays in top form over decades.'trapped' at home during elevator repair, edina woman got creative, and 'peaceful'. everything started and ended with singing, and singing was there all the way through. tickets – when purchasing tickets, select a quantity for yourself and then a quantity to reserve for friends. it was a very different exposure, and i loved that and it actually was good for me to see that. we’ve seen things change and barriers being broken down just within our own audience, among the fans who’ve been with us all along. we were supposed to learn piano when we were young and we sang hymns as a family and campfire songs, “kumbaya,” and all that stuff, for real. the barriers are coming down, we’re singing this song, and i agree with — i think that music is so powerful like that. they were talking about pro-life, and — and then i would hear a song that was a pro-life song, and i would be like, “oh, i’m pro-life,” because i was a folk singer and it seemed so right and hippie-like to be all about love like that. latest on a residential fire in oakland, california (all times local):'the wanderers' is mission-to-mars fiction with a twist. and there’s another song i was just thinking of …. joan baez is the voice of a generation and a courageous humanitarian who marched with martin luther king. but music was just more of a tug and i felt like it was just what i was compelled to do. i mean, i think, obviously we’re in the movement, and we want to change things like that. didn’t say that, but — and now i feel that way more than i do the other way, you know? but my whole body tensed up, and i’m like, you know. inprinceton,new jersey, carpenter began playing guitar and writing songs early in life, and was playing her songs in d.

Amy ray and emily saliers dating

and so it was a place of a lot of challenging questions all the time, and i learned a lot when we went on retreats, and you get in trouble, and you just feel — you’re always kind of pushing your boundaries, and it’s a safe place to do it, i guess. the sermon was related to the readings and it was all — and there was a season that was based on the jewish calendar that was recognized as based on the jewish calendar, which i always appreciated. something’s disappeared, and the music and the audience and everything has merged, and there’s no separation between performer and audience. spoke with amy ray and emily saliers on an outdoor stage at the 2013 wild goose festival in hot springs, north carolina. and so, for me, it’s formed everything, because that’s what i’ve always strived for, is that — not to be that performer, but to have those experiences at shows, you know? [laughs] so this festival brings together — it takes place at the convergence of music and spirituality and justice and the arts, and it seems to me that that convergence has been there for each of you for a long time. and i was just — that is what is in me, you know? there’s so much information out there, and it takes a lot of energy to be vigilant. many of my relatives were methodist ministers, and my aunt married an episcopalian minister, priest.” and then, little by little, you realize that not everybody hates you.. saliers: he’s in germany doing something theological over there. and emily first met as fifth and sixth-graders indecatur,georgiaand began singing together during high school. and i can sit and listen to most sermons — not all of them, but a lot of them — and inside, i’m changing the language in my head as i’m going. “in the context of playing the album in its entirety, though, the songs fit in and hold up just fine. but i also crave that — writing “this land is your land,” writing a pete seeger song, or a woody guthrie song. so i like to ask people to break it open and say what it means or doesn’t mean for them. but i went on to be a religion major in college, and i thought for one moment that i might actually go to seminary and explore that path. because a woman had a spiritual, ecstatic experience, although she was crying and jumping up and down, and i was terrified. there were four girls growing up and we went to church and we sang in the church choirs. and so i think i see my life when i was in high school, and not even knowing the language around it, and now there’s all this language and we can talk about gender, which is …. tickets for Joan Baez, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Indigo Girls (Amy Ray & Emily Saliers) at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN on Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at AXS. i mean, it was easier, in a way, to consolidate a spirit and a movement. and i remember reading in the book that you wrote with your father — music that goes all the way through your body. sometimes i feel emotionally close to the song, but usually they’re about personal relationships, and i’ll think, “oh, that was a good image. your tickets and create the reservation – you only have to pay for your tickets. but i love a lot of rap music, and — it’s not just rap music, it could be hair bands from the ‘70s or ‘80s or whatever. so we grew up, like, on saturday mornings, having jazz and classical music in the house and listening to symphonic stuff and church music and all that stuff.. ray: yeah, but you’re forgetting some of your songs, possibly.'t worry, it's secure and we'll never post anything without your approval. lgbt advocates, among many other causes, ray said she and saliers are fine being labeled a “lesbian folk duo” nowadays after years of not wanting to be typecast.

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. saliers: well, it came out in ‘89, but i probably wrote it in ‘87, ‘86 or ‘7. and it strikes me that a lot of our churches didn’t really know what to do with our bodies in general, and a lot of the language was — bodies were entry points for danger. originally billed as saliers & ray, the pair adopted the name indigo girls during their undergraduate days atatlanta’semoryuniversity. folk rock duo amy ray and emily saliers have been making music for over 25 years. her passion for music and public service has continued for more than 50 years. and really i was just totally turned on by that. without the generosity of photographers who make their work available via creative commons, our website and blog wouldn’t be nearly as visually beautiful or sophisticated. the indigos were attending classes by day and performing as an acoustic duo in local clubs by night when they made their first stab at recording in 1985 with the single crazy game / everybody’s waiting (for someone to come home) which they issued on their own label, followed by an ep and in 1987, their first full length lp, strange fire, produced by john keane. cities blues/folk legend dave ray's three-disc rarities set coming oct.. saliers: i was just gonna make a comment about the queer rights, and where we are now., my gratitude to all the writers who have graciously contributed to our blog — including anastasia hacopian, andréana e. emily is the daughter of a well-known methodist pastor and church musician. plainspoken yet rich with literary detail, they address the growing unrest in the world, as well as the smaller push-and-pull that takes place every day between two people. in fact, my dad had so many jewish colleagues, and we had just a real judeo-christian upbringing as much as a purely christian upbringing. include graham griffith; emily oberman and elliott walker from pentagram. well, what’s the big idea about being a monk and going and being quiet? she admits she's not one for making a big fuss over a milestone like the indigos' 20th anniversary of recordmaking, ray says this new chapter in the band's career does reaffirm the principle that's always driven the duo. maybe it would be better to be exposed to this incredible intellectual, spiritual sermon that felt so accepting of who i was as a woman and a gay woman at a very early age.: ed sheeran meets a homeless boy in liberia, then helps him and his friends for comic relief's red nose day. you, especially, to photographers brandon kidwell, greg funnell, jennifer simonson, anna wolf of dumbo feather, aikawa ke, cia de foto, and paul mcgeiver. twelve original studio albums, three live records, various greatest hits compilations, a rarities and a christmas record to their credit, the iconic duo continues to challenge itself creatively, over and over again, adding to a body of work that contains such contemporary classic songs as galileo, shame on you, closer to fine, kid fears, love of our lives, making promises, get out the map, moment of forgiveness, least complicated and go. and i have yet to understand where we’re at, either. she was just more evolved about all that stuff and just kind of was who she was. and then we — i fell in love my senior year with a girl, and i didn’t even know what to call it.. krista tippett, host: amy ray and emily saliers have been making music as the folk rock duo indigo girls for over 25 years. it was so powerful and i think that just taught me that music is powerful either way, and that you still have to hang onto yourself in that moment, and know where your spirit is, because it can really influence you. something’s disappeared and the music and the audience and everything has merged and there’s no separation between performer and audience. it’s rare to find artists whose creative synergy remains undiminished over so many years and who are as relevant as ever. and how do we make them into the songs of the movement? i have a deep objection to misogyny in lyrics and in musical posturing.

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Amy ray and emily saliers dating anyone

we’re still singing the same ones and they’re great. baez has been as busy as ever in the five years since she celebrated the landmark years of 2008-2009, the 50th anniversaries of her legendary residency in 1958 at the famed club 47 in cambridge, and her subsequent debut at the 1959 newport folk festival. there’s not many things to in life you can point to and go, that’s metaphysical. we'll manage the rest and send you status updates when friends accept or decline your invitations. but i want to ask you about how you think about social change in our time, with — i’ve been talking to some people here who’ve been involved in the civil rights movement, and social change doesn’t look like that now.. ray: and i was thinking about what you said about language and stuff being such an obstacle, and what emily said.. amy ray: it’s funny, because you can find god in music when you’re gathered together singing a song, but also there are moments that i’ve had seeing people perform where it’s just — that’s god.. saliers: well, most of mine are amy’s songs, like…. “we don’t get asked to the lollapalooza and coachella kind of festivals anymore,” she said. there’s not many things in life you can point to and go, that’s metaphysical. somebody was just telling me — somebody here who’s from england — about hearing you the first time in royal albert hall 20 years ago. claires aside, ray and saliers are out on the road this summer concentrating on their first album in four years, “one lost day,” a travelogue-like collection of songs with such titles as “texas was clean,” “olympia inn” and “alberta.. ray: i think music can change people because it gathers us together, and it opens you up and when we all sing “closer to fine” together as a crowd, we’re having — that right there is a revolutionary moment. baez, mary chapin carpenter, and indigo girls (amy ray & emily saliers). creating an account, you consent to receive personalised marketing communications from axs and the ticket supplier for the event, in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of use. georgia natives who still live near atlanta, ray and saliers shared a seismic shift in their personal lives recently, which explains why this record was a longer time coming: they each became mothers. we have to finish, and we have to finish before the heavens pour again., of course, our funding partners, including the fetzer institute, the ford foundation, kalliopeia foundation, henry luce foundation, and the osprey foundation. they’ve released 16 top-selling albums, and their music has inspired generations of passionate fans.. tippett: i’m krista tippett and this is on being. watt for her thoughtful articles on race and belonging, esther cohen and matthew septimus for their gorgeous photo-poem postcards, micky jones from theology of ferguson, catherine ann lombard, mia birdsong, howard richard debs, paul singleton iii, elizabeth ayres, brendan tapley, and our good friends john sarrouf and dave joseph from the public conversations project. "it's all about living in the moment that you're in and trying to make it better than the moment that came before," she explains, pointing for example to the band's ongoing work with honor the earth, a minneapolis-based non-profit dedicated to energy justice within the native american community. the duo’s constant touring, as well as staunch dedication to a number of social and environmental causes, has earned them a fervidly devoted following over the years.. putnam's sons), by meg howreyin "the wanderers," a private corporation called prime space is financing the first crewed mission to mars and…. ray and emily saliers of the indigo girls performing live at the wild goose festival in hot springs, north carolina. and i thought — i always ask this question at the beginning of my interviews, whoever i’m interviewing, quantum physicists or a musician, about the spiritual background of their childhood. no matter where their creative journey takes them, they hold out a hand to their listeners and we get to feel it all. and it gave me a very, very keen understanding of exactly what it does for the world and for spiritual communities. these exclusive summer tour dates will include stops at nashville’s historic ryman auditorium, chicago’s chicago theatre and toronto’s massey hall among many others. so i like — and with my dad and the people that i grew up with, the theologians — they thoughtfully organized liturgy.

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and i think i took what i think are good things from the church, and the gospel, and applied them to my life in a way that has worked for me. so i spent a lot of time at church, and went to church camp for about five years when i was becoming a teenager. and that’s, if that’s not spiritual, i don’t know what is. like when you read about woody guthrie — and i was talking to a friend out there about this — traveling around for one union, thing, event to another, and migrant workers, and all the things that were happening, and the music just being this thing that fueled all these stops. and i was just thinking yesterday, my — i’m getting married next week.” but it’s not, “this really describes what’s going on in the world,” and that sort of thing, because ….. tippett: and you think about — and i think about how music — you know, vincent harding, who was here, who’s a civil rights leader, talks about how civil rights activists — there was this aspect of singing the way to freedom as much as it was about politics and marching. i was 14 and we spent a year there in collegeville, minnesota.. tippett: so you two definitely are in this lineage of music and social justice, social healing, social activism. well, my dad is a methodist minister and a theologian and he taught at emory and candler school of theology. [laughs] i thought you maybe couldn’t pick between music and religion. with hits like ”passionate kisses” and “he thinks he’ll keep her,” she has won five grammy awards (with 15 nominations), two cma awards, and two academy of country music awards and is a member of the nashville songwriters hall of fame. ray and emily saliers of the indigo girls have been musical partners for 30 years. and did you take in some of that chant, some of that singing of the psalms? is so into the indigo girls, in fact, that he not only booked them alongside the likes of boys noize, the national and doomtree at his inaugural eaux claires music & art festival, but also asked them to perform their 1994 album “swamp ophelia” in its entirety. they’re known for their social activism on-stage and off, but long before they became the indigo girls, they were singing in church choirs. level of excitement and fearless creativity has been a common thread throughout mary chapin carpenter’s two-and-a-half-decade recording career, during which she’s sold more than 13 million records and developed a remarkably loyal and devoted international fan base. album was recorded atlondon’s legendary air studios, with a 63-piece orchestra, and a 15-voice choir. bands got their name: nick cave and the bad seeds.” i just want to ask you how each of you think about how music and music over time has formed your sense of what it means to be human, and maybe even who god is, the image of god.'s 440 gallery prepares to host a 'small works' exhibit, live music, poetry and theater. god bless the pope, who at least came out and said, “i can’t judge gay people.. saliers: i know, but i don’t hook into those songs the same way. “i grew up in a house where film soundtracks and classical music played constantly because my mother loved them so,” carpenter says, as a way to explain how she came to this project.. ray: i have this feeling of openness that lets the hate just go off, and i just feel love in the building. today, a conversation about music and god with amy ray and emily saliers — the musical duo the indigo girls. signed to epic records and emi music, they recorded indigo girls with producer scott litt at ocean way studios inl.. ray: yeah, but it’s not — it’s like, you go to an soa protest, and you’re like, what song should we sing? and i don’t think that any kind of music that is used to objectify or hurt any person or group of people, type of person, is a sacred practice.” those releases were followed by the massive commercial breakthrough of 1992’s come on come on, which was certified quadruple platinum and yielded no less than seven charting singles.

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. tippett: and you also spent some time at saint john’s abbey.. ray: well, it was a little bit different from emily, i think, in that it was a more conservative upbringing.. ray: they’re all great and i really felt that way. “in the mid 1970s, amy ray was a georgia tween plucking out partridge family songs on her guitar and dreaming of becoming david cassidy, the ardent teen idol who got all the girls. “and they’re still probably my favorite act of all time. i want to ask you how you start to see that trajectory of your lives, and how important that was when you were teenagers, in this big picture of how the world is shifting now, where we are now in 2013. the way, carpenter has won five grammy awards, was named the country music association’s female vocalist of the year in 1992 and 1993 and in 2012 was inducted into the nashville songwriters hall of fame. "even though it's a pop song," saliers acknowledges, "it's saying you're not gonna win this with a bullwhip or posing with your hands on your hips like mr. stones to release latin america concert tour documentary on dvd and blu-ray. “we go to the bible, we go through the workout, we read up on the revival, we stand up for the lookout. upon accepting the invitation, ray and saliers suggested enlisting carpenter as well. but i think — so i want to ask that question, but also as you reflect on that, i kind of sense for each of you that music was always in there, and maybe even justice and the arts in that way. and on the creative side, it's one they made far outside the confines of their established georgia comfort zone; differences was recorded over a speedy month-and-a-half this spring at veteran producer mitchell froom's home studio in santa monica, california. but what i was really used to was the other thing, which is, like, take what you can get from it, and that’s what you get.. tippett: how do you think about the line now for you between sacred and secular music? baez, mary chapin carpenter, and indigo girls (amy ray & emily saliers). so i think we’ve come a long way, and there’s the conversation. there’s just these moments, and it’s not the personality of the musicians anymore. “we really work hard to not lean on any tried and true path in making our albums,” says ray. and i’ll never forget that day, and then i’ll never forget my own journey of appreciating getting out of the head and getting into the body.. ray: oh, come on that’s a total — one of emily’s songs “hammer and nail.. ray: i mean, it’s hard to envision it, honestly, because there’s still so many areas and places where young people coming out, it’s so hard still. in contrast, the indigo girls stand tall, having earned the lasting respect and devotion of a multi-generational audience which continues to experience their creative evolution in the studio and on stage. i like that part of thought and organization and structure in religion. friendship between these four acclaimed artists began over twenty-five years ago when baez invited ray and saliers to perform at a 1991 benefit at the berkeley community theater for her human rights organization, humanitas. we had the kid first, and then — it doesn’t matter how straight people do it.” and we grew up in a very staid — all the hymns were — you could sort of picture white people sitting straight up. i find it to be all valuable in this really weird way, and i actually feel less judgmental when i’m in there, even if people hate me and are radically different from me. and also, as i read it, still before either of you had come out as lesbian to yourselves, much less to anyone else.. saliers: it’s interesting about that fear of the body, yeah.

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the course of her distinguished career, mary chapin carpenter has recorded 14 albums and sold over 14 million records. their voices soar and swoop as one, alternately raucous and soothing.. saliers: i mean, i think it’s an excellent, excellent thing to think about and talk about.. ray: i know there’s so many of them, but i know the one that works for me. hear amy ray tell it, justin vernon might be a little off his rocker. so for me, like — i used to draw more of a line between what’s sacred and what’s secular. and so it’s like, how do we elevate those people? collaborating with composer/arranger and producer vince mendoza (sting, diana krall, elvis costello, joni mitchell) and working once again with co-producer matt rollings (keith urban, lyle lovett), carpenter’s new record harkens to her love of classic film and symphonic music. but that’s when language and imagery gets in the way. as much as i’ve been an activist and as much as i’ve been queer my whole adult life.. ray: there is a bit of a line for me, because i’ll write songs that are — i’ll write gospel songs that are more like appalachian mountain gospel songs.. ray: and there’s the web, the internet, which is — the interweb, which is awesome, you know? change is hard, and i feel like, since the beginning of human history until the end of time, we’re probably still all gonna have to be working on accepting those who are different from us, you know? together they write, arrange, record and perform music which over the course of twenty five years has become a vital part of the lives of their legion of devoted fans around the world, informing and rewarding them day to day.. saliers: but the point of it — yeah, it is a movement song. her compositions have also been covered by a diverse assortment of artists including joan baez, wynonna judd, cyndi lauper, trisha yearwood, maura o’connell, mary black and dianne reeves and has also collaborated, on record and/or on stage, with the likes of joan baez, shawn colvin, dolly parton, the indigo girls and tony bennett. into their career, the indigo girls still amaze conventional pundits with their ability to grow and thrive no matter what the state of the music industry is at any given point. and i know the word “spiritual” gets used a lot, and maybe we don’t even know exactly what it means anymore, or i don’t., she said, she learned not to let music take charge when it comes to juggling career and parenthood. addition to multiple tours of the us and abroad, the recent past has included the induction of joan’s 1960 debut vanguard lp by the national recording academy into the grammy® hall of fame and the presentation to her of the inaugural joan baez award for outstanding inspirational service in the global fight for human rights at amnesty international’s 50th anniversary gathering in 2012. so we would go to church and then we’d come home and ask a lot of questions — usually to dad. and there are lines in amy’s songs, like in “shame on you,” talking about immigration, and the line, “i think we were on the same boat back in 1864. these days, amy and emily see music and spiritual life intertwined in a way that can’t be pinned down. because we were classically trained, and we listened to a lot of classical music and jazz and stuff like that, i had an early snobbery about…. success followed with such albums as the platinum stones in the road, a place in the world, time* sex* love* andbetween here and gone. we were at an ecumenical community and i’ve always been — i like ecumenical environments, ‘cause we never had christianity shoved down our throats. she has lent her stunning soprano to the causes of civil and human rights throughout the world and is a recipient of a grammy award for lifetime achievement. they’re known for their social activism on-stage and off, but long before they became the indigo girls, amy ray and emily saliers were singing in church choirs. result reprises ten of carpenter’s songs inmendoza’s distinctively beautiful and cinematic arrangements—thus the album title that gathers them together—to give the listener the continuum of a film soundtrack, albeit an imaginary one. then he focused on church music and hymnals and things like that.

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voices: joan baez, mary chapin carpenter & indigo girls amy ray & emily saliers.. saliers: i think that music is a spiritual gift, and then you — artists or writers use it how they see fit.. ray: it’s easier to hook into the other person’s song than to your own..with amy and emily on vocals and acoustic guitars, indigo girls featured contributions from rem, hothouse flowers and luka bloom. and hopefully we’ll just take it a day at a time and just try to — it’s all about neighbors, you know? it’s not the same, though, as a protest song that’s not owned, but part of a movement, and so it’s a different property. as inspiration such seminal film composers as elmer bernstein and thomas newman, and contemporary symphonic composers like tobias picker and morten lauridsen, carpenter had long imagined this project but it wasn’t until she had the chance to work withmendozathat it came to fruition.. saliers: it gave me an appreciation for the power of quiet in spiritual practice, which i think a lot of young folks — or maybe i’ll just speak for myself — didn’t really understand. so once i heard african-american gospel music and was blown away — and the first time i heard it, i was scared. and then i heard it was on the radio, and i heard it again, and now i’m singing it constantly.. tippett: the indigo girls on god and music, in church and in smoky bars. seven of their 16 albums have gone gold, and they’ve been nominated for seven grammys. we need to be writing songs, and telling our stories that are going on now. and so i grew up with religion all around me, and we spent sunday mornings, sunday nights, wednesday nights, and friday night youth group. but it’s really changing in tiny, little patches across the country and we still need to be focusing on that, i think. and then i think you were two of the first real celebrities to be very open about your sexual orientation.. saliers: and the body takes you out of your head and connects you. artists and longtime friends joan baez, mary chapin carpenter, amy ray and emily saliers will share the stage in a special group performance as four voices in june. “so when it comes to writing new songs and working and performing with different musicians, every record and every tour feels like a completely different adventure for us. but in those days, when we were playing in bars, i mean — and my dad and i talked about this a lot — that is a spiritual experience.“emily has some really strong material on that album that has held up well, but i certainly don’t think it has my best work on it,” ray said. and how do you even know where information is sourced from, and all those things? today, on an outdoor stage with the indigo girls — amy ray and emily saliers.. saliers: i mean, i’ll just say a couple thoughts that come to mind. baez, mary chapin carpenter, and indigo girls (amy ray & emily saliers). but i think i needed to go through it, and i needed to find my own self within all the different things being thrown at me. i don’t let anything block me, because i have this gift that you’re given, i think, from the time you’re young, sometimes, to just translate it as it comes in and make it for you, you know? they’re all coming together and they’re helping each other out. so anyway, we’re gonna get married, and then we’re gonna file that paperwork the next day, and then she’ll get her green card if everything goes as we hope, and there you go.“we didn’t plan it that way, but geography is inherently a big part of the life that emily and i share,” ray said.

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but for me, i have to say that no matter what it’s called — and i’ll call it god — but to me, it’s a great benevolent spirit that’s much wiser than any of us, my belief, that is involved in the formation of things, the change of things, the evolution of things, is my whole — my life is in that spirit’s hands. day after tomorrow, her 2008 album was praised by critics and nominated for a grammy.. saliers: i mean, i agree with everything that amy said. but music was a bigger draw, and i couldn’t pick one, to be honest with you. i’m just kind of curious about how you see that, this time we live in, and how change happens, and how music can be part of that. and i’m not sitting there going, “it’s a patriarchy, i hate it, i hate it, i hate it,” you know? and when i started to prepare to interview you, there are 100,000 articles online about you telling the story of how you came out to your parents, right? “singing with an orchestra is very different from singing with a band. but we were also — i think both my parents, both my dad and my mom, fostered an open environment of discussion and questioning and stuff. picks from sxsw: 15 best acts from five days of music and mayhem. so really was — our whole upbringing was saturated in music and theological discussion. baez, mary chapin carpenter, and indigo girls (amy ray & emily saliers). it’s just this thing that i trust, because this thing has shown me time and time again its wisdom. and i have nothing against white people, but for me, always, it was gospel music that like — especially african-american gospel music — that really was the direct conduit to me in the spirit that i felt moved my life and my actions. from the movie, with its compelling orchestral reinvention of classic mary chapin carpenter compositions, is an artistic landmark for the beloved singer-songwriter. and her musical partner of 30 years, emily saliers, learned a few years ago that wisconsin’s grammy-winning bon iver bandleader and indie-cool tastemaker is a major fan of the activist folk duo.. ray: when i think about the music that i was learning in youth group or spiritual songs, it was interesting because i actually went through a couple of years of being really conservative and going to see christian rock bands that were not radical left christian rock bands. after a successful performance, the four of them reconnected a year later at an earth day celebration in boston and at the newport folk festival., ray said she and saliers are excited by the prospect of playing to “the cool kids” july 18 at the festival in vernon’s native eau claire, wis. now and then, ray said, they will probably rehearse one song per day from “swamp ophelia” with their band to be ready for the special eaux claires gig.. saliers: there’s so many lines in that song i would change. artists and longtime friends joan baez, mary chapin carpenter, amy ray and emily saliers will share the stage in a special group performance as four voices in june. the record was released in 1989 (the boston globe stated “the indigo girls have simply made the best debut album so far this year”) and the indigo girls began criss-crossing the country on tour (a process that has continued without pause throughout their career) headlining or supporting the likes of rem, neil young and the violent femmes.. tippett: yeah, and i think that’s kind of what i want to get at, because i think the language is limiting for everyone.. saliers: well, for me, i’ll go beyond the word of “religion,” because i do think of that in terms of organized. but i’ve been — i’ve allowed myself to be damaged by other people’s judgments of me, and it’s hard not to when you talk about the church, too.'t worry, it's secure and we'll never post anything without your approval. i had a great youth minister, and i found it to be a place where i could challenge — i mean, my church was very conservative, but my youth group wasn’t.. saliers: amy’s always just been like — i think i had ideas in my head about what was what, this is this, and this isn’t this. and i know there are people doing that, but they’re not getting heard because there is so much.

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Indigo Girls Emily Saliers and Amy Ray look back on 'fearful' coming

so back in the days — let’s use the ‘60s and the anti-war movement, for example. this is a gathering of a loose movement sometimes called the “emerging church” — reimagining the face and voice of christianity in an evolving world.. tippett: i don’t usually ask people this question head-on, but i feel like you guys can handle it, which is …. but when we played in like little five points pub in atlanta, it was a motley crew of people from all walks of life, and we used to join each other on stage, and we’d just have this sort of — most of us were dysfunctional in some way or another, but it was very honest and we …. when i read this i was getting ready to interview you and then i heard the song. you wrote a song, “let it ring,” that, to me, is as anthemic and powerful a protest song, and a movement song, as anything that’s out there. i think that i have such a deep connection to the music that i grew up with in church — the hymns, the sound of the organ — and also because we weren’t raised in really any kind of church that made us feel bad. with art dealer and adviser ann priftis, representative of both visual and performing artists. “come on come on” to “on and on it goes” to “i am a town” and “goodnight america,” the record finds this multi-platinum album selling, multi-grammy winner, two-time cma female vocalist, and member of the nashville songwriters hall of fame still breaking new ground, giving us a record unlike any of her others. but that was the body and real life pain experience connected to spirituality, and music brought her to that place. most recently, while together at baez’s 75th birthday concert at the beacon theatre, they discussed the possibility of going on tour together and—one year later—the four voices tour was confirmed. carpenter moved to rounder/zoë in time for 2007’s grammy-nominated the calling, which was followed by the seasonally themed come darkness come light: 12 songs of christmas, the grammy-nominated the age of miracles and ashes and roses. saliers and ray agree that despite our differences, the 10th indigo girls studio album, is a record defined by change and newness: on the business side of things, it's the first cd they've released since signing a new record deal with hollywood records earlier this year. remains a musical force of nature whose influence is incalculable – marching on the front line of the civil rights movement with martin luther king, inspiring vaclav havel in his fight for a czech republic, singing on the first amnesty interna¬tional tour and more recently, standing alongside nelson mandela when the world celebrated his 90th birthday in london’s hyde park." in "little perennials," the album's lively lead single, ray describes "getting something for all this love's labor" over a throbbing backbeat embroidered with strummy fuzz-roots guitars and swirling, helium-high keyboards. there’s just these moments and it’s not the personality of the musicians anymore.. saliers: when i think about the word “religious,” it has a negative connotation to me, because i think about it as organized, and then i don’t feel part of that. and i think that there’s something remarkable going on.. saliers: well, i was going to say, like, my dad worked on sort of the newer methodist hymnal, and there’s a hymn in there with duke ellington, “come sunday. and i think it’s got its own blessing in there somewhere. and that’s a sacred song to me, and spiritual in a different way than maybe an unrequited love song might be, or a story song about my family or something. for me, whatever — and i feel like the language is always limiting. we’re getting married by a justice of the peace because we’re afraid they’re gonna repeal the laws before we get a chance to — so we’re gonna hurry up and get married, and then we’re gonna have a ceremony. “recording at air studios inlondonwas magical and working with vince as he transformed my songs with his arrangements was an extraordinary artistic experience. but people write music, and what you get out of music comes from the people, and it comes from everything that’s happened before it, and i love that too. i don’t try to make it more complicated than it needs to be and it’s just reserved for singing and not commercial anything. today, a conversation with amy ray and emily saliers, better known as the indigo girls. and here we are at a festival named after a celtic christian metaphor for the unpredictable spirit of god. this whole last year, i’ve had a lot of these conversations with activist friends of mine from different groups that are working in the undocumented workers movement and racism movements. we have 45 minutes and we’re going to just dive right in.

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. saliers: …what’s the best-quality music or whatever, and amy’s like, “three chords is closer to god. so it was amy who really helped me with that and i appreciate that.. ray: or any of the great gospel songs that have been taken by the movements in the past and having those. it’s just like, amy was talking about protest songs, and how there have been protest songs that have bolstered the spirits, galvanized people in the midst of a very painful, but positive movement, social change movement. your event memories with commemorative tickets, photo collages, and more. and you may be really different from each other and you just — you make friends, and you help each other out, and that’s where the walls come down. i feel so fortunate to have been given this chance to do something so different from what i have done in the past and what i expect to do in the future. and when i think of — there’s so many memories that i have, and people i talk to, all kinds of people. little high schools and little meetings, pflag, and all that great stuff. are honored to present together on stage four iconic voices of american song: joan baez, mary chapin carpenter, and amy ray and emily saliers (the indigo girls).. saliers: well, that’s why we spend so much time in smoky bars, i think. up for our listget up-to-date info on shows, giveaways, news and more. alternatively, you can find out more about cookies and how to change your cookie preferences., i'd like to receive additional offers and email communications from third parties, such as the event promoter, related to this event. it’s not clear that you can have the leaders and the critical mass the way it worked 50 years ago. i was exposed — like my great-uncle was a methodist minister, and part of his sermon was to do magic tricks. years after they began releasing records as indigo girls, amy ray and emily saliers have politely declined the opportunity to mellow with age. interview: quiet riot's alex grossi discusses singer james durbin's arrival and their new collaboration - 'maps to the hollywood scars'. on gun violence, koch industries and new york's history of immigration have won prizes for outstanding nonfiction work. you could say it's just not in their constitution: devoted environmental and social-justice activists and lifelong music-industry mavericks, the girls have spent their entire career pushing boundaries on a variety of fronts.: james corden and take that crush classic hits in carpool karaoke red nose day 2017 special edition. and the only way things change is when you get to know the person sitting next to you at the diner or at the meeting or wherever you are. mayor: 'fearless girl' statue can stand her ground for a year. and a lot of times it’s focused on the life to come rather than the life that’s right here and what we can do. and then amy’s got a song called “second time around.. tippett: amy ray and emily saliers are the folk rock music duo the indigo girls. song to sing, a life to live: reflections on music as spiritual practiceauthor: don saliers, emily salierspublisher: jossey-bassbinding: paperback, (209)pages. and so those are just some of my musings on that. debut disc set the stage for the success of 1989’s state of the heart and 1990’s shooting straight in the dark, each of which produced four top 20 hits, including the grammy-winning smash “down at the twist and shout. i think she had an understanding of real pain than i did.

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