Are any of the one direction members dating anyone

Are the members of one direction dating anyone

they even said numerous times, they’re not gay or dating, but you fans keep insisting on it. got speak and say but i don’t want to but i got to i am weak and strong like some people and no willpower like some people if i was a woman i would never take louis back from one direction raise the baby with briana and not eleanor or something. seemed to be having a whale of a time in each other's company. of course, most of her rumored relationships are about as fake as her storylines on keeping up with the kardashians and for every real relationship there are about five other fake ones reported. mommy and daddy need to take away your cell phones and tablets and put you all on a serious time-out from the internet so you can calm the hell down. a load of bullshit if louis is knocking anyone up its going to be harry all the fucking love x. here, a field guide to the many girlfriends of one direction.: one direction's honda commercial will make you love them even more. ive had enough of your mean remarks and your bus towards us directioners.

Which two members of one direction are dating each other

get your damn facts straight before opening your fuking mouths and disrespecting us directioners. you are so thirsty for a story that you make one up and now everyone is freaking out over bs. interviews can be a lot of fun for celebrities, but one look at their recorded conversations will tell you that it's not always a. to anyone with friends with benefits wrap it up so you dont become a baby daddy! the only person he is getting pregnant anytime soon is harry. people magazine are one of the most credible celebrity magazines out there. there is no proof that this is true, none of them have confirmed the pregnancy. there can be a lot of reasons, but none of you know which is the true one. happy for him, every person wants a child someday and he’s going to have one soon and about briana, stop hating you jealous people, u dont know her and never will so u have no right to judge, we don’t know if she’s a bad or good person.

are any one direction members dating

Are any of the one direction members dating anyone +A Complete Guide to Every Girl One Direction Has Dated

Are any of the one direction members dating anyone

. anyone saying “this is fake omg” is straight up retarded. rumor would definitely be a stupid one if louis confirms it is not true. 2 there have been so many rumors about the boys in general and i’m sick of hearingn these rumors about the boys. you need to know about the one show host and new mum alex jones. i’m a true directioner and i know that this shit is false. dress and act like a skank, attract a rich boy, pop the p on him, tell him you are on the pill and boom, 18 years free money. they are in their early twenties and their little hormones are going bonkers.“they seemed incredibly happy in each other’s company, laughing and giggling loads. one even freakin heard about him going out with someone and you make it look like it was obvious and out for everyone to see or something?

Who are the boys of one direction dating

the rumor was made up by a guy on twitter who only did it for fun — i don’t fucking remember his @ anymore. many magazines are asking “briana” if she could confirm it, if they could have fucking proof for once — but they have already wrote the article. this is especially helpful to keep in mind as we battle the news that kendall is possibly, maybe, but most likely dating rapper a$ap rocky, even though there is no photographic evidence to prove they even know one another exist. the model, who surrounds herself with people who are notoriously public with their dating lives (gigi hadid, her entire family, etc. it’s really sad how many kids are out there in this situation because having sex with nothing to be held onto for special relationships any more. exclusive…this is a story about someone having a baby which happens everyday. had denied the rumors on her twitter, and if you do look back, her twitter was made before any of this blee up, as in a while ago. direction fans go hard, and that's one of the reasons that directioners are amazing. refuse t believe this unless your “source” is publicly revealed or one of any one of the people mentioned tweet or say something about it.

Are two of the guys in one direction dating

it is his responsibility to make sure he has a condom and puts one on just as much as it’s her responsibility she uses birth control 😉. and you like to play soccer you so good performce in one direction. tomlinson’s family may be growing, one direction recently downsized when member zayn malik called it quits in march. i realize with what’s his bucket departing from the group, now one is going to be a father. they said louis has been to every ultrasound of briana’s when there really wasn’t any proof. he is my one true love, i dont know where this chick came from. tomlinson‘s life is headed in a new direction: he’s going to be a dad. one direction fans calm down im really not saying a bad term of this word but i think we should not react to this gossip. happy for him, every person wants a child someday and he’s going to have one soon and about briana, stop hating you jealous people, u dont know her and never will so u have no right to judge, we don’t know if she’s a bad or good person.

One Direction's Girlfriends — The Sexy Ladies Behind The Boy

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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Expecting Baby with Briana

it hurts to pretend you love someone when you don’t, but it hurts even worse to pretend you don’t love someone when you really do. honestly, you guys believe anything that is posted on the internet. though one direction has been on hiatus this year, their fans are surely taking no breaks. in one direction to come over see me in low almos. just want money and make fans get on their nerves.'s face it, 2016 wasn't the year everyone was hoping it'd be. broke up with ex gf in march, and this one got pregnant in april? horan has always enjoyed the single life more than any of his fellow one direction members, floating from girl to girl while the rest settled down in relationships.!When ever they quote someone they never put a name just “a friend” and that’s what makes me not believe it.

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thats why there management is always making them have beards and be with someone else. power: the top three music retweets of 2016 are all about one direction. is not true briana jungwirth has gone on twitter to say that she is not pregnant. the rumor was made up by a guy on twitter who only did it for fun — i don’t fucking remember his @ anymore. is so fake lmao im screaming louis didnt get anyone pregnant hahahahahaha.. over zealous teenybopper fans that are way too involved in the lives of these band members) are throwing temper tantrums and crying about this story being fake. two things i don’t understand is why louis has never said anything about this? maybe once has kendall been photographed on what can be called and confirmed as a date, and she's never openly commented on any relationship of hers. slidewatchnowtags: features, lists, kardashians, kendall-jenner like follow chatshow commentslateststoriesinside ‘shots fired,’ the powerful miniseries that flips the script on police brutalityby julian kimble19 hours ago10 comics books for 'bad & boujee' womenby victoria johnson21 hours agonudity-loving 'wheel of fortune' contestant hilariously flubs easy puzzleby trace cowen22 hours agodave chappelle talks about bagging a rumored million from netflix on 'kimmel'by trace cowen23 hours ago'iron fist' star claps back at character's creator for his usage of 'oriental'by shawn setaromar 21, 2017woody harrelson says he quit weed because 'it was keeping me from being emotionally available'by gavin evansmar 21, 2017the oral history of cartoon network's toonamiby elijah watsonmar 21, 2017twitter is here for dave chappelle's new netflix specialsby trace cowenmar 21, 2017watch arnold schwarzenegger lay into trump with his most potent shots yetby trace cowenmar 21, 2017ice cube and tony hawk drop jewels on achieving longevity in the gameby edwin ortizmar 21, 2017everything you need to know about venomby khalmar 21, 2017watch rihanna struggle to watch her sex scene in 'bates motel'by shawn setaromar 21, 2017the ‘kuwtk’ robbery episode proves that kim k can bounce back from anythingby rae wittemar 21, 2017aparna nancherla 'tawks' anxiety and depression in honest interviewby lauren martinmar 21, 2017porn site xhamster has found its donald trumpby khalmar 20, 2017emily ratajkowski bares all for the 'gram during vacation in mexicoby khalmar 20, 2017the best hip-hop moments from 'marvel's iron fist'by khalmar 20, 2017dave chappelle says ending 'chappelle's show' was like a messy breakup: 'that b*tch is crazy'by trace cowenmar 20, 2017kim kardashian breaks her silence about her terrifying robbery in parisby joshua espinozamar 19, 2017dave chappelle’s new netflix specials prove he’s still comedy’s kingby angel diazmar 18, 2017load more storiesnowtrending.

Which Two Members Of One Direction Are Most Likely In A Gay

its that simple, and all larry shippers just know that if she does turn out to be pregnant then in less than nine months they can’t hide it and everyone will see louis is the dad.. lol just because you cant get his d doesnt mean that you should flip when someone else does. this sh*it is a dristaction of zayn being with them and to hace money money. i hate to break it to you but people is one of the most credible celebrity entertainment magazines around and they don’t run stories that are not true. know things are bad when you have to get someone pregnant to try and prove to yourself (and others) that you are in fact straight….: the one direction guys perform their last song together before the break. malikgettynot in 1d anymore, but hey, let’s enumerate his exes regardless. fact, jungwirth had never even been to a one direction concert until recently. who are saying briana is saying its fake on twitter…she doesnt have one and that account is fake.

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, briana is one of those women who help gay couples get a baby. if he didn’t want to take the chance of getting someone pregnant he shouldn’t have been having sex. two, don’t blame the girl alone – it takes two to make a baby. like they are handling things with class and ensuring their child won’t one day grow up and see things online that make them feel unwanted, unloved and unplanned. you can f off for all i care because this has not been confirmed or denied by none of the so called soon to be parents (which theyre not going to be). like seriously it’s like anyone you see with one direction your first assumption is she a gold digger. tomlinsondave allocca/startrakstomlinson started dating hannah walker in march 2010, before the stress of a long-distance relationship drove them apart in 2011.: niall horan says all of one direction has been supportive of his solo career.“at one point niall kissed her in front of everyone and obviously didn’t care that people were watching.

Cheryl and One Direction's Liam Payne 'DATING in secret for three

i thought you guys were directioners but cleary you aren’t if you are hating on ham and insulting her. someone who found initial fame on a reality show documenting her family’s complicated personal lives, kendall jenner is notoriously private about her dating life. also lou or this chick has confirmed anything 2 in sure louis knows that the public knows about a rumor and i think if he found out he would have posted something about a kid on twitter or instagram or some sort of social media.#truth: here is why "the night we met" isn't liam payne's first song after one direction.@people your fat joke stop pretending you know shit no one knows you . louis and briana clearly haven’t said anything over twitter for a reason. louis should honestly tell fans if his girl friend is pregnant, not let the rumors flying all over the place. breaks up with the old girlfriend in march, is dating briana in may and she’s knocked up by july–sure, that wasn’t planned on her part at all. it’s always like this, one of them gets a girlfriend, or has a friend that just so happens to be a girl and you lot get jealous and hate on her.

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think the fact that people have created fake accounts for this girl and other one direction family members and claimed it’s not true is the most pathetic. is such a load of bullshit honestly and i thought sugarscape was bad…. jennerjohn lamparski/wireimageafter an appropriate mourning period, styles went on a few dates with none other than kendall jenner..Okay so if anyones even checked her twitter you’ll realize she said she isn’t pregnant and that people need to check their resources before they post a bs story. ok i’ve heard plenty of bs rumors about one direction but this is the most ridiculous. better way to secure your future than purposely getting pregnant with the child of someone famous..” i’m totally gonna break up with my bf and make babies with my very very close friend that i just met and we and our parents are all gonna be so very happy about it all…honestly man there is so much detail in this…you and this “pal” should seriously get together sometime and write a book or something. i’m not believing anything until someone officially confirms it. maybe i’m old fashion, but i never thought of a “friend” as someone to have sex with.

One Direction's Liam Payne Confirms He's Dating 'X-Factor' Judge

unless louis says something himself not some fake ‘source’ dont believe anything #dontalwaysbelievethepress. one direction hearthrob is expecting a baby with los angeles-based stylist briana jungwirth. the only time he’s had with any girl is when they were on break in may and if they had sex then we would’ve known a long time before now about the possible kid. fans did not take well to that one, apparently crafting a voodoo doll of flack in a 1d fanzine. williams: why i'm 'really relieved' to have only one child. only person he is getting pregnant anytime soon is harry. she even said that she isn’t pregnant, that is is just one of his best friends. louis leave one direction now when he going to be a father? was with a decent girl with class for years and didn’t realise that there are a lot of moneygrabbing hoes out there.

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Are One Direction star Liam Payne and his girlfriend Sophia Smith

i just saw a post saying that the poor larries won’t live through this😂😂😂 im honestly cracking up rn bc this lady actually thinks this article is true. ,what a dummy ,he’s gonna part with lots of money for some one night stand . this guy looks like a fucking elf from lord of the rings anyways.: niall horan opens up about one direction's return to the spotlight. belgian student has managed to bag one of the hottest bachelors in showbiz..All these comments are stupid if he get a girl pregnant than let him be its not like she is 18 guys they are the same age and its his life not yours so leave him alone all of you guys are a pain in the dick like guys calm down and larry was fake btw if larry was real why would he get a girl pregnant dosent make any sense. many magazines are asking “briana” if she could confirm it, if they could have fucking proof for once — but they have already wrote the article. i can’t belive anything on this date and it could be a rumor, everybody. one, let’s face it, you all want it to be a joke.

One Direction Romance Report Card: From Single to Engaged

gomez and niall horankevin winter/gettyhoran was dating one holly scally in 2010 when he first entered the x factor. article literally said that the girl is private and does not have any social media accounts. boys, as they’re lovingly referred to by directioners, have – in the manner of young, attractive, famous and wealthy men since time immemorial – had a lot of girlfriends. i dontknow what to believe until louis is the one to explain about this nonsense. because she’s a less financially stable women dating a rich guy it means she’s a gold digger with bad morals? in one particularly cute moment the pair locked pinkies as they chatted with pals in the vip bar. she was contacted after several arrivals were posted, and said that she wasn’t pregnant, and that at the time louis may not be able to say anything because of his publicist. hope that other young people who look up to this group don’t start wanting to start families, these young celebrities have the money for help. guess it doesn’t matter that much they’re not married ( though i did it the traditional route, first marriage, then kids, but anyway…),but to be having a kid with someone you’re not even “in a relationship” with, now that’s just sad.

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