Are bridget regan and craig horner dating in real life

Are bridget regan and craig horner dating in real life

'” it’s rare to figure out what you really want to do at seventeen, but craig has never looked back. “when it’s all done i can rest and recoup and i can really enjoy that. sam raimi (“spider-man”, “darkman”) and rob tapert (“hercules: the legendary journeys”, “xena: warrior princess”) are the executive producers. when you’re a kid you go on and you think ‘oh my god! apparently craig was sent on a whirlwind press tour to help promote the show.

Bridget regan and craig horner dating interview

we spoke on the phone craig was still working on the second season, with five more episodes to shoot. so much more accurate to the novel and so much more of a simpler elegancesee morekahlan amnell - google searchthe seekerlegend of seekerseeker craigmason mordsithcara masonkaelin blairseeker confessor wizardfandom legendrichard kahlanforwardrichard-kahlansee moreseeker castseeker tvsmall laminatedlaminated printedseeker boardseeker vikingviking femaleshorner legendombre importantiforwardcraig horner legend of the seeker cast 12 small laminated printed photos (9x6cm)see moreseeker bookseeker tvcara richardrichard kahlanseeker swordlegend of the seekerbethell zarjacara mason legendsd legendforwardlegend of the seeker posters - google zoekensee morewomen’s fashionweddingstraveltechnologytattoosquotesphotographyoutdoorsmen’s fashionkids and parentinghome decorhealth and fitnesshair and beautygardeningfood and drinkeducationdiy and craftsdesignartarchitecturepicked for yousign uplog inpinterest • the world’s catalog of ideassearchlog in with googleprivacy. amazing character actor, michael often popped up in various secondary roles on hercules and xena. if it happens this will be craig’s first american entertainment event. you know, i probably should not have asked that question, given how often i criticize the film and television industry for not taking the fantasy genre seriously.

  • Bridget regan and craig horner dating in real life

    nine months of intensive shooting for legend of the seeker craig doesn’t get much time to do other projects. craig won the part of 14-year-old jackson campbell, the show’s second lead after star ania stepien, at the age of 17. “one time,” richard said when i asked him about on-set injuries, “i smacked myself just above my left eye with my real sword. in the first season, richard and kahlan were trapped in an ancient crypt and they were possessed by the spirit of the previous seeker and his confessor (who had also fallen in love with each other). co-starring with american actor kevin sorbo in hercules: the legendary journeys, michael played the character iolaus in both hercules and xena.
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    hurst is one of new zealand’s most popular and successful actors. and he probably has some good referrals from bruce spence (who played the mouth of sauron in “the lord of the rings”) and john rhys-davies (gimli in lotr). herc and xena fans regularly looked up guest star bios from shortland street fan sites, and at conventions and get-togethers we watched shortland street videos that had been smuggled out of new zealand. michael plays edith sidebottom in stage pantomime, and ‘edith’ guest-starred in two episodes of hercules: the legendary journeys as the widow twanky. “there is something about when you go on a set,” craig replied thoughtfully.
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  • Bridget regan craig horner dating real life

    craig, bruce, and bridget regan (kahlan amnell) have some pretty well-trodden paths to follow. i already knew from having watched legend of the seeker that craig had shared screen time with jay laga’aia, who played richard cypher’s friend chase in the first few episodes. everyone has worked with everyone, although craig is too young to have been part of shortland street, new zealand’s other international phenomenon, when the regulars and semi-regulars and many local guest stars for hercules and xena were cutting their chops on international television.♥ ♥ ♥ Craig Horner and Bridget Regan ♥ ♥ ♥Explore sd legend, amnell legend, and more!” i think that will change once the american convention circuit gets its first taste of craig horner.
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Interview: Legend of the Seeker's Craig Horner « The Hulu Blog

Are craig horner and bridget regan dating

” i don’t do justice to how much craig respects his peers, but he speaks very quickly and can tear through facts and anecdotes about people faster than a fan juiced on caffeine and three sleepless nights. was curious about craig’s experience at playing a second seeker. draco was the only warlord to appear in multiple episodes and survive the experience (1995, 1997, 2000). - legend of the seeker - craig horner and bridget regan ♥youtube. please let us know in our craig horner interview discussion at sf-fandom.

Craig horner and bridget regan are they dating

film and television shows often dress up their modern sets immaculately but fantasy shows often have rather spartan settings. “it took me and bridget rolling around in the flowers and the leaves. with 10 years’ experience, the 26-year-old actor (who just celebrated that birthday on january 24) now leads a talented cast in bringing terry goodkind’s sword of truth fantasy novels to life. in fact, i’ll admit to being a bit surprised to learn craig had worked with geoffrey rush (captain barbossa to us “pirates of the caribbean” fans) in “swimming upstream”. so craig may not stand in anyone’s shadow, but i couldn’t help but mention at least one name from the “old shows”.

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hear craig speak about the actors he has worked with through the years, one gets the impression he is an enthusiastic, warm “team player” as we say in the corporate world. new zealand’s film and television industry is extremely talented and professional but rather small. being curious about craig’s early work i looked him up on the web to see what i could find. still the sf-fandom staff had inquired about a couple of things. there were pictures on the walls, notes on the desk, and knick knacks all over the place.

Interview with Bridget Regan, “Legend of the Seeker” « The Hulu Blog

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working in australian television for many years craig had never met jay laga’aia before shooting on legend of the seeker began. of the fans, craig mentioned he has not had an opportunity to meet any fans from the united states. horner may stay busy but he’s got the looks that keep the ladies watching — i know that from comments i’ve heard. his work on cybergirl to legend of the seeker, craig mused, “it’s almost like it’s come full circle again, now it’s nearly ten years later since i started. it’s kind of like, ‘i’m richard and i love kahlan a lot.

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“sometimes quality actors are here in new zealand, sometimes in australia, sometimes in los angeles. popular with the xenites, jay went on to play captain typho in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the star wars saga. that sort of question puts an actor on the spot but craig handled it politely. and richard kiss legend of the seeker ( bridget regan, craig horner ))..Craig/Bridget ღ - Bridget Regan and Craig Horner Fan Art .

Who Craig horner girlfriend

how much of that do you incorporate into richard’s reactions to various challenges and missions? at least we have one actor who wants to focus on the character and not the body. still, considering that he is in new zealand, i could not help but ask: any chance you might have a role in ‘the hobbit’? i knew his work mostly from xena: warrior princess and “star wars” but jay has a very long and impressive resume. although working full-time on a successful show may limit craig’s chances of winning a role in the guillermo del toro movies, he does currently reside in new zealand.

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fellow fans were curious about what it’s like for craig to work with bridget regan, his beautiful co-star. he just puts himself into the character and tunes out real life. craig laughed — almost shyly — admitting to me, “it’s great. i must confess i deliberately tried to shy away from the usual fannish questions as those can be found asked and answered all over the web.“john rhys-davies guest-starred in an episode just recently,” craig revealed to me.

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there is a lot of chemistry between richard and kahlan. although i didn’t want to draw craig into the hercules and xena discussion, there are so many connections to the previous shows that it’s hard for a hard core nutball like me to overlook the obvious. bruce spence (“the lord of the rings: the return of the king”, “australia”, “star wars: episode iii – revenge of the sith”, “the matrix revolutions”, “mad max beyond thunderdome”) is one of craig’s co-stars. the set was very modern looking and seemed like a real office somewhere. i was trying to give an ‘eye line’ off camera for bridget and bruce.

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plenty of time to get settled in to new zealand. this season, though, the notion of richard as being a legitimate heir to darken rahl has been introduced, and therefore the temptation to take over and be a real ruler. “i told the writers i don’t want this to be like a baywatch in the woods,” craig replied. related topicsbridget regansearchsd legendamnell legendkahlan amnellseekerhorner bridgetregan funcharacter crapfun galaesthetic attractionforwardcraig horner & bridget regansee morelegend of the seeker - season 1 episode 5 stillsky mason5 tabrettseeker livessd legendamnell legendcara masontabrett bethellbridget reganattractive peopleforwardtabrett bethell and bridget regansee moreauros chroniclesshannara chroniclesasteryn kraneseeker that'slegend of the seeker gifcharacter toolbeltgwen vivanosfr ame warrior4my bookforwardlegend of the seeker - that's the kind of character i'd love to playsee more3000 bridgetbridget reganseeker seasonseason 1richard and kahlanseeker 2008seeker photohorner legendkahlan legendforwardlegend of the seeker - kahlan amnell and richard cypher rahlsee moreregan kahlankahlan skahlan amnellseeker seasonseason 1amnell legendbridget regannovelkahlan's hairforwardi loved kahlan's hair, make-up, and dresses in the first season. horner shirtless scene - legend of the seeker - s01e06.

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