Are damon and elena dating in real life

it was winning awards in 2010, 2011, 14, 15, etc all the way up to 2016 even it’s won things, something i saw recently. when stefan and damon came to town, they basically ruined elena’s and her friends lives. damon realized something: he needed stefan more than he needed elena. can’t wait till season 8 , this show is one of only 3 shows i watch on tv ( the other 2 are big bang and lucifer). "i said from the beginning -- even when it was about stefan (paul wesley) and elena -- 'how in the world can people want this girl to be with either one of these guys? 15 years down the line, his twin daughters could be awesome kickbutt siphoners with an arsenal at their disposal and daddy having taught them everything they needed to know about the supernatural! and at the end of the day she knows the girls will be okay and right now bonnie and her friends needs her. damon would get the human life he was so scared of, but he’ll know he’s not alone, and has people who care and he can rely on, elena would get passion, adventure, and get to fulfill her personal dreams too. he was never in love with her but damon loved katherine then elena. i still get angry when it happens though, you know, to invest all your time and energy into a show and a particular character only for the actor to discard it. -- and if elena will still be a part of the storyline despite nina dobrev's departure from the show. humanity to me is questionable at best and gross right now. she became a thoughtless brainless female all for a guy, they even had caroline call her damon’s lap dog. that has been the miracle tvd has desperately needed since “the cw” renewed the show for a second season because julie plec has done enough damage to “the vampire diaries” & “the originals” to last a lifetime. ending for me is defan riding off into the sunset and elena living as a human. i feel sad for damon but i feel like nina acting was always pushed making it feel fake.! i totaly would love claus and caroline to end up together and damon with bonnie. thank you tvd for getting back on track and making this experience similar to what i felt when i started the show in season 1. i was wondering if it was new or not but that means she still cares about us tvd fans and that she will be returning for the series finale. i agree, leave elena without the brothers but not because i see her as a victim but because to me she’s the true guilty one. caroline was worried about seeing her kids an episode ago and now she is ok to give them up and walk away, just like that. don’t get me wrong elena does have positive qualities, but tired of when people act like or think she is the only one. am totally hooked on tvd although season 7 didn’t get really great until episode 14 and then i have loved the direction it was going, i keep rewatching the old seasons and this one since episode 14, and i am not a teenie bopper i am 67 but young at heart. falling for elena was unexpected for him since we all knw how he hated katherine. was too late for him and enzo that they were completley changed and out kiling, since they get out that was in the vault. best moments and remain to see what happen in the s8 with all of them …i hope and finally the true love winsas i believe in julie p to give us a great ending . and bonnie only had 1 real relationship with jeremy when they weren’t killing him or bonnie for the millionth time…. but something along the way happened that made her character not tolerable anymore as it was focus more on her the stories and the other characters were degrated to like secondary characters.. steroline have no chemistry and caroline had been with every guy on the show except jeremy and enzo, but she will probably be after him next season. there are people who will always want stefan and elena together but that ship has sailed. the contraire (to 85% of the comments here), i actually found this season the best and hands down loved the finale! they ruined elena’s character after getting her with damon and its a shame because elena used to be one of my favorite characters but now i can’t stand her.

Are damon and elena dating in real life 2016

actors, who play kai and elena on the vampire diaries, appeared to be very close at the spartan race the other day and naturally, this sparked further rumors that the two are a couple. is good in more possible way ,since i watch this show from the beginng was the most slefless thing when elena love for damon changed him in a good persson , a better man like she wanted, and she did with her love made him more stronger,to care and help when someone need you. but in my opinion, she was very clear about what she wanted the next step in her life to be, and she’s doing a great job of achieving that. i, however, have always thought that the show is first and foremost about the salvatore brothers. julie & caroline should have used common sense and crossed alaric over into s4. and i’ve always thought that damon will die – heroically of course – in the season finale.: we said goodbye to elena gilbert – but there's a catch! being a vamp only ampliflies who you were as a human and elena was always selfish and got what she wanted (hence caroline’s resentment) nothing to do with the salvatore brothers. the only really interesting part in the episode was bonnie two seconds from killing enzo. elena is a doppelganger, (per the story line:)her life would almost inevitably have been dramatically affected one way or another, by klaus or otherwise. i don’t really think kevin coming back will make much difference since one obsessed girl remains…besides they invested way too much in dullena fans to live outside of the lie they whole heartedly created and brake the curse (even if the actors themselves did not want to continue with the farce of a romance)…p. (and the entire delena fandom just let out a collective sigh of relief. and in my opinion, the story has been more interesting for it. i mean damon is a hunderd something years and elena is just 18, if she ends up with him she be wasting a normal human life, wel i know she is a vampire now but taht can be reversed i guess.*katherine killed jeremy when elena was going to burn her house down, elena was going to burn it before turning off her emotions. honestly hope that elena and jeremy come back i miss them and caroline in my opinion is better as the mother then the girlfriend to stephen. continued, "i mean, look, she told him, 'listen, you waited for katherine for 150 years and you weren't a saint. i miss the old tvd where the writers were balsy and not afraid of cutting some actor’s lifespan permanently! have seen every episode since episode 1…and i will remain loyal… elena’s character didnt carry that whole show for me…actually her character started to irk my nerves…anyway…i have love for all of the characters from the show…so what she left…and please don’t jinx my show for next season…if ur so disappointed. – hate that ending but can totally see it since julie has been hoping that some of the cast goes to to and this would give stefan and caroline a reason to go. poor bonnie, her actually love scenes throughout the seasons probably add up to about 1 hour screen time and that’s being generous. the biggest shift would be for damon because he loves being a vampire. how many times has she suffered in silence, put her life on the line, sacrificed and lost everything so her friends could continue?’m not a fan of elena, her character comes off as really annoying, but i want delena to work out so i want her back. just because she went back to stefan doesn’t mean she would abandon her kids. in high school as an adult and then is now wanting to marry his teacher. this season has been so un-even and nonsensical,but the thing that has always made sense and has been consistently written is damon’s love and devotion to elena. i just love tvd though, brill show and i’m sad how these days, vampires are dying out and are being replaced by zombies, it’s nowhere near as gripping.’ll be hard-pressed to find acting jobs, maybe he and nikki will just seek out places that will pay for them to stand around and smile, you know “acting”. i would like to see elena get her life back- away from all the vampire darkness and go explore what is out there in the world and find herself, her true self! are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. a lot of us are in love with a sinking ship… delena was on fire… they were smoking hot, but maybe they went down in flames “graveyard love” i’m still all for a delena endgame, but maybe i’m just delena delusional when the actors that make up the passionate duo seems to have jumped shipped themselves… just end the show in a respectful way don’t insult your fans intelligence!

Is elena and damon dating in real life 2016

damon and enzo are more bad then they normally are. damon already managed to let her go in the end and made that sacrifice by choosing to save bonnie anyway. hear him say that breaks my heart because it was always supposed to be elena and damon…. i feel bad for alaric too… he had the most tragic love life ever. he’s only with her because he can’t be with elena. the closer she got to damon the more selfish and unlikable elena became, they had to completely ruin elena’s character/morals to make them a couple in the first place, at this point i don’t elena deserves a happy ending with either salvatore, i want a defan happy ending. dobrev and ian somerhalder joke about their breakup at the people's choice awards. i want the last season to be epic and the series finale to be about stefan and damon not an hour of dullena sex. the heretics started out so interesting and then everything got jumbled up because of all the storylines going and subplots. i’m glad elena’s gone and if nina comes back i hope it’s in the form of katherine. since kw is back and that supposedly was the endgame he had in mind. they would grow and learn together as humans, make human mistakes, have human arguments, etc, get through it all together and end up old with a life well lived. i know you’re pro defan and that’s fine but why can’t they have a happy ending without elena, who says them being happy can’t be without her? this is why i don’t rag on jp, if damon and elena did already happen she just took it from the source material. fell in love with the show because of damons love for elena! ya, please, let elena sleep for a while longer and let us get a chance to focus in on one really strong storyline!*elena is in a box because of bonnie, because of kai. she couldn’t really separate her emotions from her job while ian was there it seems.-so elena is no special snowflake who deserves a happy ending above and aboard all else. long as damon finds happiness i don’t really care how it ends. they used to have it all, such a successful show and fans lined up, went crazy, never missed an episode of this used to be great show. when a show ages, it starts shifting from the eye candy romances and hot stuff to its real roots & that is exactly what julie plec, caroline dries and rebecca sonnershine did. that has been the miracle tvd has desperately needed since “the cw” renewed the show for a second season because julie plec has done enough damage to “the vampire diaries” & “the originals” to last a lifetime."there is a really incredible evolution of the story that is going to happen and she's still within the story," the actor revealed to et. don’t believe that it’s either katherine or elena. ian is right their relationship was wildly inappropriate from beginning and not just because she was with his brother but because of the age difference at least stefan was elena’s age when he became a vampire but damon was 23 so him macking on a sixteen-year-old was disturbing on many levels, they are both are vampires that are over 100 years old and elena was a human teenager." others however, are still convinced that nina is still in a secret relationship with mark foster, a friend of ex-boyfriend ian somerhalder and band member of 'the people. but rather something else that possesses powers similar to what silas had, a power that reached into your mind and made you hear what it knew you wanted to your beenefit to know that damon will not burn elena ‘s body only beacuse you want this to happen ,well that is not gonna happen. they needed to build that relationship more so that we could understand the struggle caroline was going through when she ultimately chose stefan. who leaves their kids and forgives and gets back together with the guy she supposedly hated, just an episode ago. they had damon say it over and over again that he “finally got the girl”.

Are elena and damon dating in the show

he would leave everything to save damon which he did by sacrifice himself to klaus to save damon. i’m mostly likely gonna watch the next season just to know what happens but i really hope they end it with a bang and not a fizzle! in saying that, i hope herself and ian can just behave professionally about the whole thing. you can have all that and be independent or not, it’s not my place to judge (i sometimes think there is too much pressure on people to do everything though, like you are expected to have a job, work, run a house, raise a family, be fit, and look good, as well as everything that entails, not everyone is that strong, personally i don’t look down in those who have less or do less than i do) huuh, i don’t see it that way personally, at least not all that way. elena was human enjoying hernormal human mortal life with her friends where she had not met any vampires yet and damon and stefan were together as brothers being just vampires living isolated in some town. in the episode “the last day” (2×20) julie & caroline had damon release tyler from the tomb so damon could get infected. the brothers grow closer while they put elena and her doppelgangers drama behind them forever. garner has since married actor ben affleck and has two daughters -- violet and seraphina -- and another on the way.. seeing the brothers leave finally at peace with each other and without the curse constantly shadowing them is fine by me! the sequence when klaus wanted stefan to sacrifice his humanity to save damon’s life was written entirely by julie plec & caroline dries. and we all know even though they tried to make damon out as the selfish one this season he would have never let stefan go by himself if the situation was reversed. finish atleast what they started and not leaving us wondering is damon going to see elina and is bonnie going to die or find a way to find the forever and never see damond again . has never been good and highly overrated and steroline is just a joke. i know you shippers don’t wanna hear it but be realistic guys…. it got even worst when ian and nina broke up because nian fans were falling apart. Dobrev and Chris Wood have been hanging out and there are rumors that they are an item. tvd would have been irresistible if julie & caroline had kept elena human and made alaric the primary villain. i know matt killed the fiance but did anyone really care about that character enough to waste precious time showing her in a season finale. tiny delena reunion, the much-awaited steroline moment, the understanding husband in alaric, the painful predicament for bonnie, matt donovan’s realization and the vault scene (defan moment) were simply praiseworthy..i hope elena lives a normal human life and mystic falls turns into a normal happy town again….*the traveller,s, marcus had a spell which drew stefan to mystic falls, a spell which would be responsible for drawing stefan towards elena. things like their first meeting, damon finding elena’s necklace and returning it to her as a symbol of hope for her and stefan when they were trying to find stefan, elena being there for damon when he had the werewolf bite, damon being there for elena at the mystic falls dance, elena saying you have lost things and showing support, etc, all from the earliest seasons,all of these events and so on happen and exist, people didn’t just make them up. wow, damon’s love is so strong, it over rides all fear. let’s assume the darkness didn’t get damon nd enzo, don’t u all think she would have asked stefan to come live with her in the same city her kids is so she could be part of their lives. elaina should be compelled to forget them and live with jeremy and her extended family in denver like a normal person. they would share roles, sometimes damon would cook, sometimes elena, share chores, share looking after the kids, etc. they were in the relationship with them and had first hand knowledge of everything that went down., no i just meant shorthand because of bonnie, because of kai (i. we knew about the evil that existed in that vault that seemed to manipulate(elena’s voice) and control whoever went in there, and turn them into monsters. isn’t the first time the former couple have poked fun at their on and off-screen relationship -- they also laughed about it at comic con back in july. their bromance was strong, yet ultimately shaken because of damon’s self-induced hibernation. that is why i want his true happiness and love without katherine 2.

Are elena and stefan dating in real life

but instead they chose to kill him off just so they could satisfy their obsession with damon & elena. loved season 7 its the first season i’ve injoyed since 3 but the finale was so disappointing the only parts i injoyed were when bonnie almost killed enzo and when stefan and caroline got back together. ian has a very good handle of what the ending should be and hopefully kevin listens to him. we know damon and enzo will eventually go back to being their old selves and they will return to their friends. it did, and now she has a responsibility to take care of it in an honorable and clean way. i love the show and the writers but this finale was dull, like you stated the most interesting thing that happened was bonnie almost killing enzo. she was a doppleganger and someone would have figured it out and then she would probably have just died. that why i like kc, since klaus chose and put care first. lol these writers have treated these characters like dirt and its a shame they didn’t explore avenues that made more sense and had passion but, whatever its the last season. common sense should have told him that was going to happen and it wasn’t her at all. caroline dries is gone and kevin williamson is back on as the executive producer/screenwriter. okay he heard elena’s voice and got lured in. it was plain as day that elena was and is the katherine damon wanted. what is super funny is that haters still take pains to come down, read an article of the show they supposedly “hate” and spread negativity, while the real admirers just sit back, smile at the comments and continue appreciating the show. i’m not sure you were getting the above posters comment either about elena not having agency, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your life with someone it’s when you make them your whole life without regards for yourself is when it’s destructive. it’ll always be damon first, which is how it will always be for stefan and how it should be. just your opinion and if you dont like it dont watch it. maybe i just always try to look for any positivity in things or that just means more for me, but yeah i just don’t see elena the same as others might do, i still find things to enjoy or respect about her.’m a little bummed we went back to the hunter plotline this year and i’m really really hoping we don’t go back to the doppleganger one. as a female i’m not one to think being in love makes you any less or being with someone and in a family whether you are male or female lessens you. fact is elena was never great, she was always selfish and hurt people. caroline dries is gone and kevin is back on as the executive prodcuer/screenwriter. i didn’t immediately recognize her voice (probably because i didn’t think it would really be her), but knowing it was makes me so happy. that’s why damon compelled elena to forget he told her he loved her. it was even hinted that she was still sired bonded to him in 6×7 when the writers had damon say i’m letting you go. damon finally chose to have bonnie live and, i know it’s not for elena but, for himself. that has been the miracle tvd has desperately needed since “the cw” renewed the show for a second season because julie plec has done enough damage to “the vampire diaries” & “the originals” to last a lifetime. so that leaves jeremy and i remember something about caroline and jeremy flirting or crushing.’t like the ending and i love this show but worst ending ever., i liked the books, the original books, the show was okay, before the writers caved under per pressure and put e with d, never liked that, d was a murder. anyone can post the proof of the footage of and links to those scenes but what is sad that anyone should have to do that because anyone who would deny their existence would attack others just because of what they saw in reality, what was physically screen." meanwhile, her real-life beau michael vartan played her on-screen beau michael vaughn, another double agent for the cia.

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i just don’t’ understand why damon didn’t jet out of there as soon as he burned the body. caroline and stefan just do not, i repeat, do not have some epic love together. a lot of other opinions, fans do want stefan and elena together and have their human life together..i hope elena lives a normal human life and mystic falls turns into a normal happy town again…. i’m proud of damon for finally doing the right thing and putting stefan first. elena is a flawed character and was before becoming a vamp i don’t know anyone who thinks otherwise. #2 my favorite character is damon because he is heavily flawed, the perfect anti hero that still has the hero charm and dabbles quite a lot with it. we keep forgetting is that a show wouldn’t have been renewed to s8 (fyi 90% of shows get cancelled after s1… so you can imagine how far tvd is in this race) if it were a lost cause; the networks understand it (economics) much better than we do. only reason he’s even saying this is because him and nina aren’t together and now he’s married to a control freak who can’t even let him do his job and give his fans what they want and what the whole show was built around. on guys stefan too has gone through a lot u know after elena broke his heart nd chose his his brother over him, how many people will get over that? though i thought it great damon has moved beyond elena in bonnie (not necessary meaning romantic here but caring about her in general) also enjoyed his relationships with alaric, and of course stefan. i cannot wait till the show is over and he gets divorced.! especially after she told her twins that if they cant open the door of the armory then someone will take their mommy away from them and she cant tug them at night… how can she leave them still…. elena did have an important role on the show like most characters, but since she was the main start they have to focus more on her and her life than the other characters. it makes little sense for her to drop her children (and yes, her children) – she provided all but the genetic material for them! since they had their life ruined by katherine the boys deserve a happy ending every bit as much as elena of all people does since elena was already selfish as a human and had been making a mess of things even before marcus spell got stefan back to mystic falls. the writers did a terrible job with vamp elena whether intentional or not. well i dont like it either they way writers toss the female characters around to be someone’s gf in one second and the next one’s in another and next one’s in another n so on… as if they are toys or something. "maybe she came to the salvatore house and damon was home! when they saw the direction damon was heading with rose (katherine’s sire) on paper that didn’t sit well with them. "it’s actually going to be really cool what's going to happen," he teased. “i reached out and said, ‘we can either cobble it together from a bunch of episodes, or you can come in and see everybody and do adr. agree with you in all that you said ,you are right and i hope for the next season 8 with so much entuziasm for all the caracters and of course the return of nina ‘s cacracter as elena back on mystic falls . she is their mom and suddenly 24 hour spent with stefan canged her. even if damon is rescued he may not be the same person he was before. many fans of the long-running cw drama are hoping for a romantic reunion between damon and elena in the show’s upcoming final season (oct. he knew what it was after confronting his cousin in the psychiatric ward and demanding the truth. she just went back with stefan, and it was just too quick and sudden. it’s a paranormal show, so i give it some leeway, but the characters and their motivations at least have to have some realism. they should had all the character have an equal performance and stories but that never happened and the show became a pile of stupid lame, stories. reason ian hates damon & elena so much is because it destroyed damon. stefan, the one who should be human and who has always wanted to be because he’s addicted to blood will turn out to be happy as being the thing he despises.

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in the beginning of the show i think saw stefan first nd was interested in him before elena. he’s in denial about it, and caroline does know it deep down. dobrev and ian somerhalder took home the award for favorite on-screen chemistry for their roles as damon and elena on the hit cw show and decided to joke about their real-life breakup while accepting the honor. think it’s a realistic and poetic ending to the show. i think damon shouldnt end up with elena in the end. he wanted bonnie and damon to explore their insane chemistry but the obsessed writing girls couldn’t or wouldn’t see anything but dullena. julie already said it was heading back to them and the reason elena ended up with damon was because when nina left elena was still shackled to damon. i will always favor the first 3 seasons over seasons 4,5 and 6 because the early seasons the writers actually focused on good story telling and not about what dullena fans wanted.’s feelings regarding a #delena endgame isn’t about his marriage.! this is not twilight and she is only married to one of the actors, she’s not even in it. julie said she is working in happy endings and delena are each other’s happy ending. one could easily say for damon or stefan it was all for a woman it that case, and it was a woman who ruined them (katherine) but yeah it’s not so simple and there is more to the story. if i liked delena relationship as elena and damon looked both sexy together as a couple., we asked Somerhalder to spill what Candice's King's baby bombshell will mean for Caroline and Stefan on the show! let’s not forget how the history, mythology and plot was rewritten all for this ‘epic’ toxic ‘romance’. i love julie plec ‘ writing and will follow everything she does. can’t see them really getting work after this show ends. i’m hoping that damon burns elena’s coffin for real this time, who knows anything can happen on this show especially since it’s ian’s last season. love damon and eleana together ,but i think that damon needs to get his emotional self in check before eleana is set to wake from casket ,or he might as well just join her as they would never survive…. the constant fight within himself to be who he believes he should be and who he truly is. blaming nikki, when it’s nina the one who choose to leave and who might not even come back based off of what she wants to do. infact apparently it’s when they tried to do something different and focus more primarly on the brothers without elena that popularity dropped sharply. it’s like as if they are spitting in your face and i detest whenever it happens. i’ve been a delena shipper since the beginning so it’s always lovely, to me anyway, when they are able to include her in some way. it would be different if she was actually independent and dating him but she is no one outside of him and that’s where ppl have the problem. as ian ‘s last season to have a positive exit not to be kill off , i dont want this for his caracter as damon in this show. i still miss jenna though, she was a very likeable character and i would have liked to have seen her deal with this new world of vampires and werewolves a bit more. seeing how passionate and in love stefan was with elena, i only see how diluted and watered down his relationship is with caroline. if the guys stay, as humans, and help out,that would be what serperates them from katherine and others. i am fan of tvd ,i love them all and i love delena so much ,they are endgame in the books. regardless of what one thinks about delena though they have been through a lot, so much, ever since the start, they had been building towards that from the beginning, even since before stefan, since elena and damon met first, and they had seasons and seasons. nobody wants to see a bland, sinless perfect mary sue who can do no wrong or that pretends she is while hypocritically still being selfish and getting what she wants, etc.

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, we asked somerhalder to spill what candice king's baby bombshell will mean for caroline and stefan on the show and -- spoiler alert!'d totally be ok with the tvd and to doing a lot more crossovers to solidify a universal storyline.’m so thankful to nina for leaving, we got a break from the dull and repetitive scenes between damon and elena. they ruined the show and made it so that dullena fans wouldn’t watch without them together. for julie & caroline to kill off alaric just so they could satisfy their obsession with damon & elena was beyond stupid.. that’s what’s kept the story going for so long it would be such a bad ending and let down if that didn’t happen. don’t use the excuse of bonnie leaving him in the prison world with lily’s family because bonnie (i noticed you left out damon in this when he had a hand in it too) had every right to do what she did to kai, he was her abuser. can’t stand the thoughts of elana and damon not reuniting. elena still went to college, and she still had her own thing with the med work and being medical student and helping at the infirmary with dr jo and the patients, etc. they wanted stefan to be reckless throughout s3 so they could continue bringing damon & elena closer together. ranging from “seasons 3 – 6” viewers and critics alike said they would fall asleep when damon was in a scene because he was the most boring character on the show. i can’t be the only one who actually preferred vamp elena (humanity switch on) it was about her accepting all sides of herself and not pretending to be perfect or a ‘saint’ which she wasn’t. what happened to damon and enzo was not exactly shocking. for somerhalder's real-life love interest, we already know that he cannot wait to have babies with his new bride, nikki reed, so it's time to get the scoop on the other tvd baby news: candice king is pregnant! stefan & elena were cute but hollywood’s hottest critics loved damon to death. i’ve entertained the idea before all of the cast ends up single, everyone still loves each other because there are different kinds of love, but yeah they’ve all formed strong bonds and work together for the greater good. have them grow and find happiness without elena aka katherine 2. were they going to act like husband and wife once they got married? mortem: vampire diaries boss explains damon and enzo’s dark finale twist, offers hope for ‘steroline’ in season 8. show is vampire diaries and it started with elena writing about her experiences and when she went off the show how do you continue with vampire diaries if nobody’s writing them so elena needs to come back to finish the story even if it means losing damon and ending up alone to find herself as a vampire. both julie and kevin have stated that this show is about them. (sorry if you’re not a bamon fan ^^’) a witch and a vampire who have had to literally die in order to find each other.! this was the worst season and the worst season finale of all! they should have used common sense and crossed alaric over into s4. was a really bad ending i had to question if that was a regular episode. and i can’t help but this his past relationship with nina is what is causing his reasoning. wouldn’t mind defan and them having a happy ending without elena. the show suffered because they could not keep their personal life separate from their professional life. me was a big final on season 7 that show us caroline chosing stefan over alaric,damon risked his life to save bonnie wich gave her the chance to be happy with enzo ,her true love. their nonstop obsession with damon & elena destroyed tvd to the core and s4 is a perfect example. was excited to hear her voice and even though i love the original elena i think a recast just for the character would be great because she is a big part of the show and her not being isn’t the same. de family is still here and we will watch this show until it takes it’s last breath on this earth.

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this finall of sesson 7 of the show show us the steroline,benzo and delena love stories, that left us breathless with that thing in the armory ‘s vault…. if not then how about killing off these characters and starting over? speaks the truth and i bet that is exactely the end we are getting. have you heard kw talk about what this show was about, i can tell you it had nothing to do with e and d being together. everyone else a witch, a warewolf, a vampire killer, etc…life for that crew was never going to be normal. how ian has changed since he and nina broke up. diaries boss explains damon and enzo’s dark finale twist, offers hope for ‘steroline’ in season 8. ,you are right klaus and khaterine are the ones who ruined elena,her friends,family and jenna. i can tell you that not everyone rooted for dullena and certainly don’t want them to end up together. i can only hope plec will let everyone move on from the plague and when elena wakes up she will move on as well. also, why did enzo go into the vault alone for damon?’m fine with a delena endgame and i love nd! after returning to the boarding house stefan revealed why he forced damon to complete his transition. don’t care who elena ends up with, as long as i get a klaroline endgame either in tvd or to, i’ll be happy! their nonstop obsession with damon & elena destroyed tvd to the core and s4 is a perfect example. celebrate the return of our favorite vamps, et caught up with star ian somerhalder to get the exclusive scoop into damon's mindset now that his soulmate is locked in a perpetual slumber -- totally normal problem, right? because in their eyes damon was only supposed to have feelings for elena and only elena. was so sweet to hear elena’s voice, she is a terrific actress, i love her♡ i love them all, & i am a van of the show, so wish she was still on the series, i do so understand much(; i do hope the show continues on its journey! i think damon should have a happy ending with his bother. must be awkward for paul too i suppose, he is the friend of both of them and he wouldn’t want to be seen taking sides. i call them girls because they refused to have the cast truly grow and be better. tvd made them all who they are and they will most likely be lost without it. why not be original and have them find true love outside of the doppleganger curse? i don’t blame nikki, but it does have to do with her and whatever animosity is going on behind close doors between the three of them. i understand that the situation with alaric probably should have never even occurred.. he probably just doesn’t want to deal with nikki’s attitude when nina’s back on set with her husband. to the cast/crew and writers: please enjoy the hiatus thoroughly; y’all deserve this well-earned break. he will always choose damon first, and that’s not fair to care, as klaus noted in the c/o. there was backstory, history they were working from and building to (regardless of the quality, people didn’t just get it from nowhere.*bonnie would always have been a witch and tyler could have always become a werewolf. a happy ending for damon and elena far away from mystic falls to live togheter ,being a family is all they wanted from life.) i agree neither of them should get the girl only because she needs a solid guy not in immortal pansy… bring old damon back and i’d reconsider…not being a hater ive watched and loved since day one just my peace.

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i understand that caroline didn’t love alaric romantically(though she did platonically), but he loved her. and as always i want care to end up with someone who has always put her first, and that is definitely not stefan. think his optimistic view is absolute bs look we get it you and forever can’t stand each other we’re good with that we get but don’t give us that load ian please! so much – i think too much to handle in a season or two. he just managed to secure a future with bonnie after a harrowing ordeal, and now he just went and threw it away. stefan is over elena or he wouldn’t be dating caroline. and don’t get me started on how they incorporated candice’s pregnancy into the show. take a look at this adorable instagram photo of them both and see for yourself! she been with enzo they made out and alluded to more in the whole traveler doppelganger mess episode. damon and stefan couldn’t carry the show on their own. part of me thinks that might be kind of selfish and more like running away from everything. i think dobrev should finish the show only since it’s ending and she was a major focal point i the story but other than that i could happily do without her whiny character (no slight to nina i’d marry you in a heartbeat! could both leave town and be vampires in other town or tey could become human again and the rst of the characters become human again and return to the mystc falls they once love and when they had normal lives. attacking others and trying to question or warp their sanity is the lowest of the low and i’m glad i’ve managed to stay out of this fandom and away from such people on the whole. and don’t get me started on how they incorporated candice’s pregnancy into the show. in saying that, elena always was the central character on the show and nina was a vital part of it, playing both her and katherine. who knows, maybe enzo snaps bonnies neck and drinks through the break in the season opener. if they live, at least they can pop over to the originals now and again…if not permanently…. ian will not draw the fandom that he once had when this show ends.“and our characters are still dating on the show," he continued, as dobrev joked, “it’s a good thing it’s not awkward . the toxic abusive dellena relationship ruined the show after season 3- and in the end they should show that this kind of relationship is not love and not a healthy relationshup at all- let elena have an epiphany and open her eyes and remove herself from it. julie & caroline cut their losses by getting rid of rose so they could re-construct the love triangle and the feud between stefan & damon. this show is about a journey for all the characters – and it shows a really messed up winding road for all of them- and in the end it should show how pitfalls and bad decisions can in the end make you stronger and that you can rise above the darkness withun you and around you and go forward into something new and better. it is like we don’t have yet big bad for the next season, we just do this crappy finale and write in summer. and damon dying isn,t right especially when they aren,t responsible for the above. i do find this sad because i enjoy defan and wouldn’t have minded if they’d been able to do even more seasons with just the two if them as the leads but yeah. that’s one thing i hate about this show ppl stick up for the abusers and it’s sickening!” we watched and fell in love with the love story and the main characters. candice and joe [king] are incredible people and they're going to make incredible parents. you really are delusional if you believe any of what you said @ m funtimedancer. way, this seems to be a step in the right direction for nina, who really struggled with her break up with ian over the past year. after that elena wakes up and goes to the house to find her love but dosent damon left her a note explaining his death and telling her to live her life being happy a life she deserves and she also finds everyone’s journals they left for her.

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maybe if they had both been focused on their acting and not their “acting” it would have been better all around. know most don’t support caroline and alaric- but i wish we could have seen their story the way we saw bonnie and enzo’s over the past 3 years. to the girl who seems to be out and about having a great time and cuddling up to husky pups and err. anyway caroline dries is gone and kevin williamson is back on as the executive producer/screenwriter. “these guys have ruined her life, yet everybody wants her to end up with one of them.*rebekah killed elena, damon was not responsible for turning elena into a vampire, he didn,t want to do that, at the time he had not given her blood at that time, it was actually meridith a human doctor who made elena a vampire. they must leave to the boring elenina live his boring human life . should delena fans be worried that another girl will come in and steal damon's heart? once again they find ways for damon to regress because this unhealthy pain riddled lie of an “epic romance” is far more important than his or her growth and happiness. lol newsflash damon and enzo are dark and have done horrible things before so how is this interesting? it’s more damon’s fault that all this trouble started for mystic falls than stefan’s. damon would be encouraged to spend time with non elena people, prerusing and deepening his friendships with bonnie, alaric, etc. in the books there was supposed to be this ‘thing’ between bonnie and damon but of course in the show there was just no room. stefan already let her go and damon tried to but she kept on coming back, why? julie and the actors have called what they have toxic people can like whatever they want just don’t lie about what the actual relationship was. like life there have been ups and downs but this still a fantastic ride and i for one have no intention of getting off! and ironically, stefan, the guy who always longed to be human, will find peace in immortality with caroline. stefan & damon grew a great deal when they embarked on a road trip to save elena who had been kidnapped. april, fans were devastated when dobrev dropped the news that she would be leaving the hit cw series, and when we said goodbye to elena in that shocking season six finale, we sobbed a river of tears.. i can’t wait till next season i think that the love story will be with enzo n bonnie now as well as caroline and stephan. they don’t want to face that nina didn’t want to play delena anymore. i believe damon will give up his immortatility to be with elena and they’ll live out a mortal life. now it will be remembered as that great show that went down hill when plec and dries literally wrote it into the ground because of the crush they have on ian and the imaginary whatever it was with “delena”. love the vampire diaries and i want the series finale to be about the salvatore brothers i think in the end all they really need is each other not elena. because of what kai did linking elena to bonnie), certainly not that it was bonnie,s fault or she did it on purpose or anything like that. i know there is a novel series which the show is based off and i forgot exactly what happens in it but i think elena winded up in a relationship with damon in it too. Somerhalder discusses Damon and Elena's possible reunion in the final season of 'The Vampire Diaries.! didn’t you know that the delena fandom knows everrryything about ian, nikki and nina.! admittedly, i miss the damon elena love story and would give all due respect to nina for honoring us with her presence for some happy closure., i didn’t like the idea of alaric and caroline, i mean it’s kind of weird being in a romantic relationship with a former high school teacher, just my opinion. "she's very much present in the hearts and the mind of all the characters. and don’t get me started on how they incorporated candice’s pregnancy into the show.

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i will deeply miss tvd though and i know lots of people who are only getting into it now so it’s still fairly popular. me crazy but i still have hopes for elena to come back and finaly be with stefan again ! so she made damon and enzo killers(elena wouldn’t do that)and they left stefan, bonnie and caroline. in october 2009 entertainment weekly & rolling stone said damon was one of the best characters kevin had taken under his wing. the time we saw elena earlier this season — when old footage was recycled for the scene in which damon thought he burned her sleeping body — dobrev recorded new material for this week’s episode, in which the mysterious villain of the vault enticed damon with his girlfriend’s voice. i don,t know what you mean leaving damon out, he sacrifice elena so bonnie can live, again not blaming bonnie or anything, what would have been wrong for elena not to be in box because damon killed bonnie or did what kai wanted. so yeah though i’m pro delena, pro defan, and would be pro bamon if they had enough time to do that justice. also confessed that he's still a little baffled at how damon and elena became soulmates in the first place. i want delena to die and i loved this season without her. maybe they should stay and deal and help with everything and ensure mystic falls and it’s people prosper. their nonstop obsession with damon & elena destroyed tvd to the core and s4 is a perfect example. there are so many scene parallels of the four of them, i’m talking exact scenes of dk and de where katherine and elena are doing and saying the same things. for bonnie they give her enzo, the vampire whom she has really no chemistry or past with. if you go back to before nina left the show, ian always said in interviews that he wanted delena to be the end-game. it could have been interesting to have reyna jumping back and forth between the two shows (or bonnie since the witches are totally screwed in new orleans now! but before i go ahead and add fuel to the fire, remind yourselves of how fantastic they are both in the show:And now.*elena,s life was a mess before the salvatores came to town, her adoptive parents dead, turns out her adoptive dad had some shady practices anyway, her brother a drug dealer, then even before elena wasn,t a saint, she blew off family night for some party, and argued with matt. waiting for you all to come back pumped and again treat us with such kick ass storytelling."and then we started dating in real life," somerhalder said, matter of factly. don’t care call me delusional when those scenes do exist, you have no right to tell anyone they obviously haven’t been watching or listening to anything when those scenes exist in actuality and physically. they aren't quite dating yet but it seems to be going that way! and stefan’s feelings about being a vampire have evolved because of caroline. there was no cliffhanger or anything really to look forward to for the season 8 premiere. what, the show didn’t stop winning commendations and awards in 2009. damon and stefan will always be brothers no matter what, and as you could see even with all the obstacles they both had respectively in their lives, they always stick to each other, they love each other so much and the link between them is so strong as brothers, that since the show began 6 or 7 yrs ago, their characters always are helping each other trying to get each other out of dangerous and risky situations, they are always there for each other no matter how mean, murderer or villanous either one is, they are there for each other always. also can’t wait to see the rest of elena’s story that julie has planned for the series finale whenever that may be. he needs to get as far away as possible to have a normal life. share your thoughts with @leanneaguilera and @katie_krause on twitter!, dulena killed the vampire diaries and steroline was the nail in the coffin. think that you are right about ian’s tease delena ending or better share his dream is exactly nikki’s words that she wants her husband to say about the finale s8 #tvd regarding delena reunion. really want nina dobrev back to the cw it feels weird with out her the shows getting really boring without her but i still love the vampire diaries. don’t understand how caroline leaves children she has raised for the last three years behind.

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can’t wait for season 8 and see all the characters interacting again. they don’t care if things are crappy as long as they got the last few minutes of kisses and damon hearing elena’s voice. i just hope that everyone has been wise with their savings and laid back money to live on. i would like to see elena beat the odds and have a different outcome to katherines. the series should end next season as it will be ian’s last and to have two of the three original lead characters just will not be good for the show.” basically, she’s still their momma, doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to just completely abandon them. only respectful way is either let elena live her life away from the brothers or she really died on the bridge. part in my opinion was the damon stefan scene, those are always my favorite and ultimately the heart of the show. she just used the sad thought of never hugging the twin girls again or reading them a bedtime story to ramp up their emotions to siphon off bonnie’s spell, and then she goes and does it for real! even when nina broke away from it, she really struggled to make a success of going solo. as an idea the delena ending i would like to see would have elena independent while still and love and raising a family. the fact that he kills her friends and family if she doesn’t play his girlfriend or the fact that she and all the other characters devolved so fan girls could get what they want? but in the moment that damon was so close to get out , he was tented by the voice of elena,the only thing that he couldn’t resistt ,he loves her…… their flashbacks delena love….’s not about what i think but jp said elena has been touched in the soul by damon from the start. i think elena character has to return to the way she was when she was likeable and tolerable, now that she is human now, in case the ep would want nina to return, enjoying her time with her friends, even if they are now vampires but her. de could have been epic, but plec handled it badly, especially with that sire bond nonsence. i kinda wanted to see stefan+elena (the “destined” romance), damon+katherine (fire+oil=burn the world kinda love), caroline+klaus (beauty and the beast), and now, finally, bonnie has someone worthy of her! i love these people and it needs to go on. feel like damon and enzo are possessed by the kitsune twins.’m super happy for nina and respect the deal between her and julie. i don’t dislike de but i find it kinda flat due to the writing, it wasn’t handled properly. of course some of us (former fans) watched the finale for whatever the reason, hoping it would be better, finally stopping dulena, seeing stelena, one last yeah, whatever. not because i didn’t like him, but because he was the token human and his parts were ridiculous. after three years, we’re supposed to believe that caroline abandons the children she carried, birthed, and has raised for their entire lives to be with someone she hadn’t seen or talked to in all that time? with your comment, maybe ian and nikki will ride off into the sunset and we’ll not need to hear about them any longer. is right as usual, but i prefer to stefan and damon leaving mf together and looking for a new begining in another place. and to find closure and to see what time happen. my theory on the the dark creature probably dark elena, but whatever it is it probably won’t have any payoff like this entire season. plec talked about kc at cc and said it’s a possible endgame and talked about klaus’s however long it takes comment to care in s4.! ok i loved that enzo and bonnie finally were happy for like a sec but wtf. they needed a way to bring in the originals and make more money after all so lets give them a break.’m not fine with the dullena endgame and i hope plec realizes that not everyone drank the dullena kool-aid.

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*klaus killed jenna, john and isobel are also dead because of klaus. yes damon has been the devil at times, but he didn’t ask for it either. the brothers just got the ball rolling…i know i won’t get my bamon ending, which ian was for before, but neither ending up with elena would be just fine. but the demon thing from the vault has turned him in to something really bad, along with enzo. "and even more so than that, i'm just really happy for my sister, candice. i guess the show should end with stephan and damon to be the brothers they are always had been, sure their presence in mystic falls had runined everyone lives and one responsible for that was katherine, that woman was the beginning of all the bad things that happened in mystic falls and that had ramifications in the following seasons since they first came to that city. the problem is they made elena lose her agency after becoming a vamp and it’s due with them putting her with damon. why not a huntress of supernatural beings in general, attuned to their presence – it could have made for a very interesting premise to have bonnie take on that role and it could have given a renewed direction to the tvd gang if what was in the crypt were phantoms and ghosts; malevolent spirits that had to be rounded back up across the ‘world’. with one point that elena is in a box because of bonnie. i do however find it uncharacteristic of stefan to let damon go into the vault alone. after so long of making up enemies and playing make believe, its nice. plec, kw and the to writers have been really kind to the kc fandom as of late. ian is right, they ruined elena, her friends and mystic falls. i’d rather be what i am than name call abuse others for taking everything into account and not ignoring physical scenes which literally exist. are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour." but knowing our damon, we're going to keep our fingers crossed that for just this once, he doesn’t do what elena tells him to. in the end they resolved everything, damon gave elena the cure, he was going to become human and they were going to have a human life and family together. i’d say nikki would be paranoid that nina and ian would bury the hatchet and end up getting close on set again. kind of got the idea that caroline was just gonna stay until they figured out what was up with the vault and then do like a joint custody kind of deal or something… i agree though about wishing we had seen more of them together and what they had been through with the girls and all…. miss damon and elena love story ,their scenes togheter ,their chemistry i think to all of them and i believe that their love is strong and will make troguh ,i have hope that will finally win they deserve a happy ending. treat it like the armory vault and proceed at your own peril…. you think damon will ever let another woman into his heart? hate elena,honestly,i’m not a fan of vampire diaries any more,she just ruined the show for the fans. also, i even had a nice discusion about kc and to in general with a new originals writer on twitter. diaries season 8 promo: bonnie joins the fight to save damon and enzo. but you know, i think what’s crazier, though, ian, is at the beginning of the show, elena actually hated damon," dobrev added, and the funny exchange continued. lot of us only saw fire between de when damon set elena’s coffin on fire. for julie & caroline to kill off alaric just so they could satisfy their obsession with damon & elena was beyond stupid. for when we might see dobrev as elena again, plec says she’s sticking with her original plan of having her return for the series finale — whenever that may be. damon tried to kill her brother not once, but twice, and damon is 174 and she's 18! which is p unrealistic yeah but hey it’s just a tv show and those are meant to make dreams come true, those of us who can’t have everything have tv. they should have used common sense and crossed alaric over into s4.

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also…where is tyler again and jeremy for that matter! wasn’t damon suppose to be more bad then he normally was at the end of last years season? for julie & caroline to kill off alaric just so they could satisfy their obsession with damon & elena was beyond stupid. so, my theory is: this thing is what took katherine and that’s why it sounds like elena. she got between the two brothers knowing the history and i see her as selfish too. i don’t know how plec and williamson plan on ending the series but i certainly hope whatever they decide on makes sense because the last four seasons hasn’t made any. i want caroline to be happy, and with someone who puts her first which is why i don’t want her with stefan., i’d say that’s the real truth behind it, it will be totally awkward for them both.“and then we started dating on the show," she explained. i can see julie and kevin doing something like this. julie plec, you know the writer and creator, has said numerous times that de is all about damon.’s not so much delena but that stefan and damon are responsible and to blame for everything and should die. so hopefully, he’ll be professional enough to do his job if nina does return, and i hope she does. and bonnie and matt and also jeremy death 60 or so years later. they could make delena a happy ending as damon and elena togheter and married , as they leave mystic falls and live happily ever after.“in this particular case, she came in and did the adr, [short for automated dialogue replacement],” executive producer julie plec tells tvline. until they retconned and inserted scenes in s6 they had nothing in regards to a relationship. and she doesn’t want to be human again because she became her best self after the transformation. don’t watch the show because of the ships and i thought the finale wasn’t that bad. also, while they may have caused chaos in her life eventually it would have happened. “obviously things can change throughout time, if the show goes on longer than we expect it to, or if we all collectively decide it would be fun to bring her back earlier, and she wanted to. is a wonderful and i grew up as they did with the high school to college and now being a adult. as we move into the next chapter of the supernatural saga, we caught up with somerhalder at the first-ever live words with friends tournament to benefit the aspca in los angeles last week, and he promised fans that even though elena is gone, she will not be forgotten. please cancel this show before it forever ruins whatever career/fans paul and ian have. when he chose to do the 3 year time skip i knew the 2 obsessed dullena writers were going to keep damon chained to katherine 2. for elena to “return “to be the greatest to be the thing monster of the armory. it had just the perfect amounts of mythology, creepiness, romance, brotherhood and closure of, what i’d say, a mature season on television. plec and dries are fangilrs that only see dullena…p. i have never been hooked on a show like this before and i’ll be 50 on the 21st.“it’s what she and i kind of agreed on when she decided to move on, and it’s what i’ve got in my head,” plec says. seems that co-stars nina dobrev and chris wood have been getting down and dirty off-screen. only wants this ending because he and nina are no longer together….

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