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Are ron and hermione dating in real life

i've tried a few simple spells just for practise and it's all worked for me. harry thought she might have sensed his presence as he walked away, but the two had no contact, as harry did not want anyone to try and stop him. urging harry and ron to take studying seriously because of her opinionated, interfering nature, hermione had the reputation for being a bossy know-it-all. they were attacked by dementors and hermione and ron professed their love for each other and sacrificed their souls to the dementors to give scorpius time to escape. ron offers to help hermione with buckbeak's case, she throws her arms around him and breaks down., hermione, and sirius being attacked by dementors at the black lake. she responds to harry's wariness of professor severus snape and is also suspicious of him. hermione began spending all her free time in the hogwarts library after she saw the writing on the corridor walls, which had said that the chamber of secrets had been re-opened. weasley · ginny weasley · harry potter · unidentified gryffindor seeker · unidentified hufflepuff seeker · cedric diggory · summerby · unidentified ravenclaw seeker · unidentified ravenclaw substitute seeker · cho chang · gilderoy lockhart (claimed) · draco malfoy · harper · regulus black · terence higgs. she suggested that harry be the teacher; though he originally thought the idea ridiculous, he consented to teach the class. of magic: hermione was very interested in the history of the wizarding world from a young age. they began arguing over petty issues such as cooking, and growing moodier. harry received a firebolt for christmas with no note, hermione reported it to professor mcgonagall, thinking it was sent by sirius black, whom everyone believed to be a dangerous murderer who was after harry. when xenophilius lovegood attempted to turn harry, ron, and hermione over to death eaters in exchange for his daughter's safety, hermione engineered their escape so that the death eaters saw harry briefly, thus ensuring that both luna and her father were not harmed. although she admitted that harry was a better seeker than her, and that she preferred playing as a chaser and scoring goals. royal socialite whose husband managed the rolling stones' money reveals all.—hermione's workload at school when she used the time-turner[src]. and ron destroying the cup in the chamber of secrets. the latter convinced harry to check to see if sirius was at 12 grimmauld place before rushing off to rescue him, and ginny and luna came to their assistance. she became a professional quidditch player for the holyhead harpies for several years,[18] and at some point she and harry got married. hermione’s help is met with ron’s nasty remark about her being a total nightmare. hermione was initially wary when ron spoke of how early they had married and was jokingly suspicious that he wanted a break from their marriage, but was deeply moved when ron told her that he wanted to renew their vows and marry her all over again after reading about how muggles occasionally did such a thing. she was born shortly before the end of the first wizarding war, during which her maternal uncles, fabian and gideon prewett, were murdered. proved to be an extremely talented and powerful young witch. she had reasserted herself as a vibrant, witty, and independent young woman, rather than an awkward and shy little girl. they threatened to kill luna if they found that xenophilius had lied about harry potter's presence in his home. had found out about harry's nightmares and how his scar was hurting again and she called a meeting. along with neville longbottom and draco malfoy, they received detention and were deducted 50 points each from their respective houses. ginny was the only one hermione told about being asked to the yule ball by viktor krum,[20] while hermione was the only one who knew that ginny had been learning to fly in secret for years. well, i think i've cast a good enough charm to keep them safe and happy."[33] despite hermione's intelligence and bossy attitude, rowling says that hermione has "quite a lot of vulnerability in her personality,"[34] as well as a "sense of insecurity underneath," feels "utterly inadequate.— harry breaking up with ginny for her own safety[src]. there was further social strain for hermione when ron accused crookshanks of eating scabbers, who had disappeared.— ginny on her confidence in hermione and the advice hermione gave her[src]."[51] rowling has also said that she considers hermione to be "a very strong female character," as well as "the brightest character.[21] hermione was very determined and focused, in that she "always [kept] her attention focused on the job that must be done. harry, hermione, and ron returned to hogwarts on 1 may, 1998 in search of a horcrux, they were met by neville and the remnants of dumbledore's army that had stood up to snape and the carrows.‘james says that i definitely get top spot for what i did in equus, which was effectively stand there completely naked for about ten minutes. in reality, harry had been wearing his invisibility cloak and bumped into her while under the influence of felix felicis, but the incident finally brought an end to their already unstable relationship. she recovers from the surprise, she is quick to congratulate ron on becoming a prefect and defend his worth against fred and george. if hermione became an auror she would have excelled but instead dedicated herself to rebuilding the wizard laws. the two became acquainted in 1996 through the slug club, of which they were both members, though hermione did not think highly of mclaggen. she then fought in, and survived, the battle of hogwarts, as well as destroying hufflepuff's cup, a horcrux with ron weasley, using a basilisk fang found in the chamber of secrets (then opened by ron imitating harry saying "open" in parseltongue). looked like her mother and was jealous of her brothers, who were leaving for hogwarts, exactly as her mother had been in 1991. harry potter is mentioned in this book, which hermione read before meeting him in person in 1991. their first major falling-out was in their third year, when ron accused hermione's pet cat crookshanks of eating his pet rat scabbers. for reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as i first imagined it, hermione [ended up] with ron. of rape and murder who wakes to find a pair of horns growing.[11] michael went on to date cho chang, who, like ginny, also had a romance with harry potter. following one quidditch practise, she and dean were caught kissing by harry and ron. was also an animal lover, and was known to be fond of cats."[60] when filming chamber of secrets, watson was "adamant" that she wasn't like hermione, but she reflects that "as i got older, i realised she was the greatest role model a girl could have. ginny convinced her then boyfriend, michael corner, and his friends to join, and the da may have been where ginny first became friendly with dean thomas, who she would date the next year. hermione helped exterminate 12 grimmauld place, which served as headquarters for the order, and was immensely relieved when harry was acquitted of the charge of having used under-age magic.[11] hermione was also angry with lavender for doubting harry potter's assertion that lord voldemort had returned in 1995 and snapped at her about it."harry, he has overpowered the ministry, the newspapers, and half the wizarding community!" she was amused by fred and george's stories about their late uncle bilius and shared a friendly exchange with viktor krum, to the frustration of ron.“as a matter of fact,” said hermione sweetly, “that’s exactly what little miss perfect does want. 1995, she learned that the dark lord had returned and supported harry against the ministry's denial and smear campaign. johnson gushes over boyfriend dan and thanks him for keeping her grounded. hermione fought in the battle and remained unscathed thanks to some felix felicis,[21] which harry told her, ron, and ginny to drink beforehand.[19] ginny has something of a love-hate relationship with ron, while she loves him as a brother very much and cares deeply for him, their fights are usually quite ferocious. through her time at grimmauld place, hermione got to know alastor moody, the most famous auror of modern times, known for rounding up several death eaters after the first wizarding war and for his growing paranoia. tearful and scared, ginny revealed what had happened to harry and was sure she was going to be expelled from school. he was mollified when hermione revealed that she was going to ask if he wanted to attend slughorn's christmas party with her, and according to harry the two seemed on their way to a romantic relationship. hermione comforted harry in the graveyard, she nuzzled her head in to the crook between his head and shoulders and conjured roses for the potters' graves.[40] hermione is an competent duellist - rowling has stated that while during the first three books hermione would have beaten harry in a magical duel, by the fourth book harry had become so good at defence against the dark arts that he would have defeated hermione. she wore robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material, and she smiled and held herself differently. she gave birth to three children: james sirius, albus severus, and lily luna. however, while setting the table for dinner, harry let slip that he, ron, and hermione were about to set off on a quest to stop voldemort. startled, she retreated back to her room and stared at harry as he passed her bedroom on his way to ron's. rolls his own cigarettes, loves rap star eminem, the tv quiz show pointless, american football, and a ‘filthy’ starbucks (caramel frappuccino with extra caramel). hermione was aghast at the injuries hagrid had sustained and greatly curious as to his story. in 1992, hermione was able to use logic to get harry potter past a protective measure that was taken to protect the philosopher's stone by severus snape. at the end of the second wizarding war, hermione became godmother to harry's eldest son, james sirius, whose first and middle name was derived from james potter and sirius black respectively. to that end, she accompanied harry in an act of solidarity as he sneaked into umbridge's office to use the floo network, with the assistance of ron, ginny weasley, and luna lovegood, but they were ultimately caught. she seemed to finally accept bill and fleur's relationship after witnessing the love between them. i mean, he's a bit of a rock god to her when she sees him first, at 10 or 11, and he's this famous boy. she also correctly guessed that the diary contained the answers to the chamber's location, how to open it, and the true identity of slytherin's monster. or greek and roman studies recalled"; it was published by the university of exeter's journal pegasus.’radcliffe’s acting choices have been – as he intends – both brave and unorthodox. in general, rowling regards her as a heroine, but isn't sexy nor entirely sexless, but a "real girl. ginny clearly got over dean soon after they broke up, as she began dating harry soon after and admitted to him that she had never really given up on harry. she was one of only three students dumbledore bequeathed a personal item, as he believed her to be, along with ron weasley, trustworthy of accompanying harry on his mission to destroy voldemort's horcruxes." although she called hermione "plain" in the article, she had previously reported hermione as harry's "stunningly pretty.[3] shy and clumsy around him, ginny confided her feelings in tom riddle's diary. after a meeting, harry kissed cho, and when he didn't tell it to hermione and ron, she guessed, asking if cho had cornered him after the meeting. asked, rowling said that if hermione looked into the mirror of erised in the summer of 1997, she would have seen herself, harry, and ron "alive and unscathed" and voldemort defeated, and might also "see herself closely entwined with a special person. hermione was devastated by lupin's and tonks' deaths in 1998, becoming friendly with their orphaned son, teddy lupin, later on in life. it is a surname of english and french origin, derived from the anglo-norman grainger and the french grangier, both of which come from latin granica, meaning "granary. handbag: hermione had a small, beaded handbag on which she placed an undetectable extension charm in the summer of 1997. kisses harry at the burrow as his seventeenth birthday present.[22] she told ron and harry after ron said ginny should go with harry.‘doing potter was an incredible blessing because it gave me this opportunity to start a fantastic career. she was also an accomplished quidditch player, playing chaser and seeker at different times for the gryffindor quidditch team. became friends with harry potter after they as well as ron weasley took down a mountain troll together in their first year. when she, ron, and harry are captured by snatchers, who are on the hunt for muggle-borns under the ministry's orders, hermione disguises harry by temporarily disfiguring his face with a stinging jinx. chang: "if you'd like to see what the diadem's supposed to look like, i could take you up to our common room and show you, harry? while heading back upstairs, she followed harry, who claimed to be hearing voices. hermione also became one of the few people brave enough to call voldemort by his actual name. despite having to put up with her brother bill's new fiancée, fleur delacour (whom she nicknamed "phlegm" and strongly disliked), she had a good summer practising quidditch and planning to try out for the house team as a chaser. copy of magical hieroglyphs and logograms: this book is about magical theory. he needs to be with someone who can stand the demands of being with harry potter, because he's a scary boyfriend in a lot of ways. i think sometimes really smart girls dumb themselves down a bit, and that's bad. however, the centaurs were already enraged by umbridge and were further angered when hermione admitted that she had hoped that they would drive umbridge off, being insulted that they were thought of to do the bidding of humans. potter: "i thought you were skiing with your mum and dad. he was particularly unpleasant towards the trio, and regularly punished and verbally assaulted harry and ron for their poor to mediocre performances in his class. when professors minerva mcgonagall, severus snape and quirinus quirrell arrived at the scene, hermione covered for the boys, claiming she was fighting the troll because she had thought that she could manage, having read a great deal about them, and that ron and harry had merely come to help her escape. almeida · ralph heidelberger · jonny nuhaka · lev zograf · denison frisby · bastien janvier · hermann wiel · barry ryan · tamotsu iwamoto · darren o'hare · martin helstrom · oliver wood · sendelina de la felino · merwyn finwick · parkin · grenouille · kquewanda bailey · lenelle paraison. years after voldemort's death, hermione and ron have two children, rose and hugo. she constantly annoys her peers with her knowledge, so harry and ron initially consider her arrogant; especially after she criticises ron's incantation of the levitation charm. only let's make it stand for dumbledore's army, because that's the ministry's worst fear, isn't it?[9][12] on the advice of mutual friend hermione granger, she overcame it. although their relationship would have many ups and downs, hermione and ron weasley were good friends for most of their years at hogwarts, and of course, were best friends with harry potter, who was usually a mediator in their disputes. although she was incapacitated relatively early in the battle of the department of mysteries, hermione removed two death eaters from the fight in that short time. and then there was the alternative route: just what he calls ‘the absolute unexpected’. hermione was probably very close to rose because she was also described as smart, yet not a complete know-it-all. and harry remained best friends into adulthood, and eventually became siblings in-law when hermione married ron weasley and harry married ginny weasley. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. the attack, ginny seemed upset over mrs norris, and her brothers put it down to the fact that she was a cat-lover. in an effort to combat the lies being told about harry, hermione also arranged for an interview during a hogsmeade visit with rita skeeter to be printed in the quibbler telling his side of the story. these skills allowed her to join the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures where she continued her work with s. he became even angrier with her when she believed that harry slipped ron felix felicis to assist in his quidditch-playing abilities, despite having believed it initially himself, accusing her of having no faith in him when it was discovered that he had not been slipped the potion at all. ginny tried out for the team and became the new seeker.: hermione was the first in her class to apparate successfully, she had achieved apparition twice in that time and passed her test on the first attempt. all of this culminated in ron beginning a very public relationship with fellow gryffindor student lavender brown (hermione was always insecure around ron). year 7: part 2, she arrives at the room of requirement to see harry they run towards each other to kiss, but stop and just shake hands awkwardly. 'one of my best friends is muggle-born, and she's the best in our year!— hermione and terry discussing hermione's use of the protean charm[src]. 'and there are times you go out and you get accosted by loads of people with camera phones, but then that’s just the rent you pay for getting to do this job. comforted ginny after an encounter with dementors upset her in 1993,[11] and after the death of her brother fred in 1998. ron also accused hermione of choosing harry over him, causing him to be jealous and feel left out by his two friends' growing friendship.[32] she is often bossy yet unfailingly dutiful and loyal to her friends—a person who can be counted on.[12] her duelling style was creative and unpredictable, mixing non-combat spells along with more conventional combative spells to overcome her opponents. hermione had predicted that the centaurs would let her and harry go, since they did not insult the centaurs and were young enough to be considered "foals".'s life was changed by albus and scorpius when they meddled with time. hermione, ginny, and luna duelled against bellatrix during the final battle, but were made to stand aside by molly weasley, who eventually killed bellatrix herself. time was right again, hermione visited hogwarts to attend a meeting with professor mcgonagall. hermione was extremely upset by this news and grew furious to the point of slapping draco malfoy when he dared to mock hagrid for his tears and being upset over buckbeak's fate. later, in 1997, hermione considered taking this book with her as she was sorting supplies for their mission to find voldemort's horcruxes. later, her hair is shown as wavy in the second film, and curly in the third film onwards, although it does briefly take on a bushy appearance for comedic effect during the potion-making contest sequence of the film harry potter and the half-blood prince. when the others are able to escape their cell, bellatrix threatens to slit hermione's throat. was later cured with a mandrake restorative draught created by professor sprout. and to compensate, she tries to be the best at everything at school, projecting a false confidence that can irritate people. the horcrux had learned enough about hermione to use hers and harry's likenesses in emotionally torturing ron, reflecting ron's deepest fears of hermione preferring harry to him. the middle-class son of a literary agent (alan) and casting agent (marcia) cares too much about being liked, being good at his job and being a nice guy. 'it’s the weirdest thing because you are absolutely dreading it, yet you are doing it voluntarily and then you have to do it again and again and again. during her first year, she and ron weasley helped harry potter reach the philosopher's stone and protect it from voldemort. snape was the potions master during most of hermione's time at hogwarts. most people would run from slime and bugs, but not hermione! her position as the head of this section of the prophet shows her level of skill and talent as a journalist, as well as her level of responsibility while still remaining a celebrated reporter. in her words, she couldn't stand to see the man she loved in the face of the man she hated. is another word for farmer; specifically, it was the title of a farm bailiff, who oversaw the collection of rent and taxes from the barns of a feudal lord.' keira knightley and andrew lincoln lead the cast in first trailer for love actually 2. as their son, ted lupin, was harry's godson and was also dating hermione's niece, victoire by 2017, it's likely hermione remained quite close to him. parvati was noted to feel guilty after laughing at ron's cruel teasing of hermione in transfiguration, and the two discussed hermione's attendance of the slug club christmas party with cormac mclaggen. though hermione, harry and ron had known him for some time as the owner of the hog's head pub, they finally met him in 1998, just before the battle of hogwarts, when he just barely managed to get them out a trap set by death eaters. ginny comforted albus (who physically resembled his father) when he was nervous about the possibility of being sorted into slytherin house, and scolded james for teasing his brother.[11] she fought death eaters again during the battle of the astronomy tower, and emerged unscathed — partly due to the use of felix felicis, and partly due to her agility and reflexes (she had an uncanny ability for dodging her opponents' curses). 30 june, death eaters were let into the school by draco malfoy, while dumbledore and harry were away searching for one of lord voldemort's horcruxes.[24] ron and hermione continually feud with each other (ron is upset with her because she set birds to attack him after seeing him and lavender kissing; hermione is mostly mad because of her growing jealousy) until he suffers a near-fatal poisoning from tainted mead, which frightens her enough to reconcile with him.! kristen stewart and girlfriend stella maxwell wear matching jeans with cheeky rips as they enjoy leisurely afternoon stroll. whited), a chapter titled "hermione granger and the heritage of gender," by eliza t. moreover, the da truly cemented hermione's friendships with luna lovegood and neville longbottom, who were the only members, aside from ginny weasley, to fight alongside hermione, harry, and ron at the battle of the department of mysteries and the battle of the astronomy tower., hermione usually kept her hair long (it was once described as a "long mane of brown hair"),[21] and sometimes tied it back in a plait."[harry] put his arm around hermione's shoulders, and she put hers around his waist, and they turned in silence and walked away through the snow, past dumbledore’s mother and sister, back toward the dark church and the out-of-sight kissing gate. that harry would discover her secrets and that she might be responsible for the attacks, she waited until the boys' dormitory was empty, then ransacked harry's belongings to recover the diary. she interacted well with house-elves like dobby and winky and it was hermione who encouraged harry to treat kreacher more kindly after he inherited him. at the end of the school year, she travelled back to king's cross with her brothers, harry, and hermione on the hogwarts express, playing exploding snap. the two rowed about it in the common room, in which hermione revealed that he should have asked her instead of krum, but ron misunderstood the point. she was of petite stature and had bright brown eyes like her mother. however, his apparent death spurred the defenders on, and neville took up the sword of gryffindor and beheaded nagini.-verbal and wandless magic: hermione became highly skilled at non-verbal magic in her sixth year, being the first to succeed at it in her defence against the dark arts class and quickly becoming so good at non-verbal incantations that she did not need to say the words aloud for a wide variety of spells. people, including ron, cho chang, viktor, krum, mrs weasley, and professor dumbledore, have occasionally mistaken harry and hermione's relationship to be a romantic one, given their closeness and expressions of physical affection, such as kisses on the cheek, staying by one another's bedsides when hurt or injured, embracing each other, and holding hands.: (theory)although she wasn't very interested in it, hermione had some theoretical knowledge of quidditch and quidditch balls. reason of choosing such an uncommon name as hermione for the character is because, according to rowling, she did not bear getting any child mocked because of sharing a name with an "insufferable know-it-all" such as hermione. and she thought you might take a bit more notice if i was a bit more — myself. their arrival together caused something of a stir, given viktor's fame and hermione's exceptional, and rather unexpected, beauty.[19] ginny has also been shown to be capable of casting a powerful and impressive reductor curse since fourth year. in another alternate reality where harry died, hermione was in hiding as a member of what remained of dumbledore's army with ron and severus snape. hermione along with ron and harry helped hagrid care for the beast which he'd named norbert. later on, after harry mentioned "hearing the voice" again before the quidditch match between gryffindor and hufflepuff, hermione ran immediately to the library to research, where realised that slytherin's monster was a basilisk. riddle's diary: tom riddle's diary was in ginny's possession before harry potter destroyed in the chamber of secrets on 29 may, 1993. she was the first in her class to succeed at transfiguring a match into a needle in their first lesson, long before any other student[17] and earned an 'outstanding' in her o. first appears in harry potter and the philosopher's stone when she meets harry and ron on the hogwarts express. according to columbus, the scene - which was actually the first to be shot - was filmed with emma watson wearing fake teeth to simulate the look of hermione, but that after filming the sequence it was decided to continue using them would have been impractical. and it would be quite nice if you stopped jumping down ron and my throats, harry, because if you haven't noticed, we're on your side. they appeared to be very close at first, but, according to ginny's friend hermione granger, things began to get rocky as ginny became displeased with dean for what she perceived as over-protectiveness, as dean constantly tried to assist her in everything. the battle began, harry wanted ginny to stay out of the fighting but was forced to ask her to leave the safety of the room of requirement when he, hermione, and ron searched it for ravenclaw's diadem." it was later established that ginny's given name is "ginevra", as her great aunt muriel referred to her as such during bill and fleur's wedding in deathly hallows. she is levelheaded, book-smart, and is very good with logic. she accepts her status as a muggle-born witch, and states in deathly hallows that she is "a mudblood and proud of it".; and also as they overlooked when young harry made the glass of the boa constrictor cage disappear, made his own hair grow back to normal long length after aunt petunia cut it, etc. hermione helped transfigure harry to look like voldemort to trick delphi who hopes to save him, and then later helped harry duel delphi.[47] in the ivory tower and harry potter, the first book-length analysis of the harry potter series (edited and compiled by lana a. hermione, along with ron, harry, ginny and draco were very forgiving of what albus and scorpius did, but mcgonagall reminded them of great dangers that happened, and could still have been, because they meddled with time. hermione was not as close to the other weasley siblings, though she was invited to bill's wedding to fleur delacour in 1997. nicola · alexander william · alexis marie · amber noel · brandon angel · christian alexander · ella jo · emily taylor · erica j. of the da members grew closer over the course of the year (with the exceptions of marietta edgecombe, who betrayed the da to umbridge, and later zacharias smith, who deserted them), as evidenced by their reunion in 1997, and their enthusiasm in supporting harry and mobilising against the invading death eaters during the battle of hogwarts. strictly followed all school rules and tried to prevent other students from breaking rules and getting into trouble.’ ‘oh, shut up,’ said hermione, but she agreed to go and watch out for snape. the year, she and ron were both sceptical of harry's claims that draco malfoy had been branded with the dark mark and was up to something.'it's tough': victoria's secret model jessica hart admits she wants pizza, pasta and burgers but has to resist due to strict diet. ginny also had a niece, rose weasley and a nephew, hugo weasley, through hermione's marriage to ron.[11] ginny claims to have been looking forward to attending hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry ever since her eldest brother, bill, started at the school, although as she would only have been a year old at the time, it is entirely possible that she was exaggerating here. during his tirade, he managed to slip tom riddle's diary into ginny's battered second-hand copy of a beginner's guide to transfiguration. the negative energy from the locket caused ron to accuse harry of poor leadership.

Are harry potter and hermione dating in real life

[64] on his show big impression, alistair mcgowan did a sketch called "louis potter and the philosopher's scone". she was never caught, and it only came to light eight years later. she proved her rightful place in gryffindor with her steadfast bravery and loyalty to her friends, hogwarts, and dumbledore's army. through the year at hogwarts, harry had a vision of voldemort's snake, nagini, biting mr weasley during his task for the order of the phoenix. trio and ginny in st mungo's after visiting arthur weasley. ‘you are standing on a stage thinking, “oh my god, i’m naked. she and sirius grew closer during their mutual time spent at the order's headquarters, and she later told harry that she cared about sirius as much as he did, insisting on accompanying harry to the ministry of magic, where they believed sirius was being held and tortured by voldemort. when harry learned that they could not find a counter curse, he swelled with pride at hermione's jinxing ability.— hermione about viktor krum's invitation to spend the summer with him. of the phoenix allies:andromeda tonks | augusta longbottom | buckbeak | colin creevey | dobby | filius flitwick | firenze | garrick ollivander | ginny weasley | grawp | hannah abbott | helena ravenclaw | horace slughorn | karkus | karkus's wife | katie bell | kreacher | lee jordan | luna lovegood | mr. the trio managed to save sirius and lupin from being subjected to the dementor's kiss at the hands of severus snape by firing three simultaneous disarming charms at him. so ginny had to go through a journey as well… i feel that ginny and harry, in this book, they are total equals. as an adult sobered by his wartime experiences, draco was civil towards hermione and her friends. hermione is petrified by the basilisk after successfully identifying the creature through library research. the ride home on the hogwarts express, hermione happily revealed she uncovered skeeter's status as an unregistered animagus and had trapped her in a jar. using this note and other information they had gathered, harry and ron were able to successfully put an end to lord voldemort's plans to resurrect his body through his memory stored in an old school diary. one of the many spells hermione learned was the patronus charm; hers took the form of an otter. demonstrated her bravery many times when facing danger, though she initially showed a tendency toward mild panic in the sudden situations[17] she was extremely loyal to her friends, risking her life frequently to help them and standing by harry even when no one else did. courteney goes hosiery free as she steps out in trendy leather loafers and clingy sweater in la.'s most prominent features include her prodigious intellect and cleverness. harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1, hermione is shown leaving her parents house, however this is only ever mentioned in the books. hermione's spell saves her and harry from lord voldemort and his snake nagini in godric's hollow, although the ricochet snaps harry's wand. were forced to drop their wands when bellatrix held a silver knife to hermione's throat.. members were surrounded by death eaters, and a battle ensued. she learned the truth about sirius black and met nymphadora tonks, who acted like a big sister towards her and hermione. harry proposed the theory that draco malfoy was the "heir of slytherin", hermione went even further by daring to check moste potente potions out of the library using a note from professor lockhart, in the desire to research polyjuice potion. within it she had packed, amongst other things, clothing, a tent, healing supplies, harry's invisibility cloak, and several useful books. of ancient runes: hermione was gifted in translating ancient runes into english. she, harry, and ron join dumbledore's army in the battle of hogwarts, during which hermione destroys hufflepuff's cup in the chamber of secrets with a basilisk fang, eliminating another horcrux. for example, harry and hermione fight about how best to deal with dolores umbridge when she infiltrates hogwarts, whether or not sirius's judgement can be trusted, whether or not harry should try use occlumency to block out his mental link with voldemort, whether dumbledore's past makes him an unworthy leader, and whether they should pursue the hallows or the horcruxes. it would promote a feeling of team spirit and unity, don't you think? fred and george weasley lunged at him, and ron even tried to hex him, but it backfired, as his wand had been damaged. remained close to the trio throughout their time at hogwarts, and fought various battles in the course of the second wizarding war. hermione was raised as a muggle girl until, at age eleven, she learned that she was a witch and had been accepted into hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.[10] as harry exited her bedroom it was mentioned that ginny might have for once succumb to tears. people had expected ron and hermione to become more than friends much sooner (when ron was in the hospital wing after being poisoned and hermione stayed with him holding his hand, ginny said "about time, don't you think? in turn, it was hagrid who encouraged ron and harry to re-think their treatment of hermione when the three had a brief falling out over hermione getting harry's new firebolt confiscated in their third year. potter: ex-boyfriend, future husband, father of her children, and the love of her life. has also provided the voice for ginny in the video game versions of harry potter and the order of the phoenix and harry potter and the half-blood prince. though she disapproved of hagrid's penchant for collecting dangerous pets, she tended to more pro-actively support him in his efforts to care for them than harry and ron, as when hagrid was attempting to appeal the execution of buckbeak and raise his half-brother grawp. they arrived on the muggle street, tottenham court road, where hermione suggested they enter a café, as a means to get out of the open. following the events in this dilapidated building, lupin became fully prepared to help sirius black kill peter pettigrew, the wizard who betrayed james and lily potter to voldemort., hermione's hair is only shown as bushy for the first film. ginny served detention with hagrid in the forbidden forest and was banned from all trips to hogsmeade. hermione, harry, and ron fled into the woods and witnessed the casting of morsmordre. struggling with the idea that she could have gone with harry, she nevertheless remained loyal to her agreement with neville and attended the ball with him. wand: hermione purchased a 10¾" vine wood wand with a dragon heartstring core in 1991. ginny and remus met again in 1995, at 12 grimmauld place, and several times after that, as remus was a member of the order of the phoenix and good friends with ginny's parents.") and harry potter had even thought that they would start dating in their sixth year. this, as well as his tendency to boast about himself, put hermione off, and she soon abandoned him for the company of harry and luna before leaving the party altogether to avoid him. during hermione's first year at hogwarts, she hugged parvati after harry caught the snitch at a quidditch game. hermione wore robes of a "floaty, periwinkle-blue material," and her hair in an "elegant knot at the back of her head.-single marnie simpson hits the town in hoodie and suede thigh-boots. the two eventually got along well, and ginny even became a bridesmaid for her wedding. after consulting the book, she realised that fluffy is guarding the philosopher's stone. when hermione looked surprised, ron said:"always that tone of surprise. hermione had never heard the highly offensive term but looking around at everyone around her, it was an obvious fact.[18] hermione seemed to regard her head of house as a role model, while professor mcgonagall, in spite of her sternness, was obviously quite fond of hermione and expected great things of her. her new translation was published in 2008 and included notes on each tale written by dumbledore before his death; these notes were lent to hermione by her former professor, hogwarts headmistress minerva mcgonagall. after her one year punishment was over, rita went back to writing with as much enthusiasm and as little scruples as she had before, although it's unknown if she ever crossed hermione again. before leaving on the quest, she helps ensure the safety of her parents by placing a false memory charm on them, making them think they are wendell and monica wilkins, whose lifetime ambition is to move to australia. she did not let anyone bully her about this, however, and ignored bigots like draco malfoy. troll entering the bathroom that hermione's in during the hallowe'en feast.[71] hermione also appears in the potter puppet pals sketches by neil cicierega, and in the a very potter musical, a very potter sequel, and a very potter senior year musicals by starkid productions played by bonnie gruesen in the first two and meredith stepien in the third. however, he did not realise the scope of his feelings for her until he and ron ran into ginny and dean kissing.[22] she was the only one of the trio to do this, and by 2017, nineteen years later, hermione and ron weasley were married with two children: rose and hugo granger-weasley."the backstory with ginny was, she was the first girl to arrive in the weasley family in generations, but there's that old tradition of the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and a seventh son of a seventh son, so that's why she's the seventh, because she is a gifted witch. teigen wears plunging leopard print swimsuit and glows with pride while posing cute cub luna on last day of moroccan vacation. with most aspects of the wizarding world, hermione read about albus dumbledore shortly after learning that she was a witch. admitted in an interview conducted by emma watson for the magazine wonderland in february of 2014 that, with hindsight, she had second thoughts on the suitability of ron as a partner for hermione and believes that in some ways, harry might have made a better romantic partner for her:"i wrote the hermione-ron relationship as a form of wish fulfilment. hermione and harry rushed to sirius' aid when they heard him moaning, but then hundreds of dementors descended on them, come to recapture sirius. viktor krum also stated that she was very pretty during bill weasley and fleur delacour's wedding in 1997. he took everything hermione had made and cleaned the tower by himself, a fact which hermione did not know."i think you can see that she is a fairly forceful personality (and she always has been, remember ron saying that she 'never shuts up' in chamber of secrets)? tired of his continued questioning, she cursed him with the bat-bogey hex and was seen by the new potions master, horace slughorn. 1 august ginny served as a bridesmaid at bill and fleur's wedding, along with gabrielle delacour. ‘oh, shut up, the pair of you,’ said harry heavily, as ron opened his mouth to argue back. by 31 october, the memory of tom riddle was able to take full control of ginny and used her to open the chamber of secrets, releasing the basilisk, which then petrified argus filch's cat, mrs norris and put all the other students (particularly the muggle-borns) in great danger.’he laughs: ‘and i did get to kiss emma, so all is good. arrives at the 1994 quidditch world cup with her friends and family. ashley graham flaunts her generous backside and side-boob in white swimsuit for sexy miami photoshoot. however, emma provided the voice for hermione while she was in disguise on all three occasions.-up free coleen rooney braves the rain in a fur-lined coat and form-fitting jeans." he was also pleased whenever hermione visited him in the hospital wing. agreeing to the role, radcliffe turned to an elder statesman of british cinema, oldman (who played his mentor sirius black onscreen and who had become his mentor off-screen) for advice. it is likely that the sorting hat put her in gryffindor in the first place, because she chose to be in it, just like harry chose to not be in slytherin; on the train, she mentions that, "gryffindor. finally, near the end of the school year hermione realised that rita skeeter was an unregistered animagus.'s army was essentially hermione's brainchild, though she co-founded it with ron and harry during the 1995–1996 school year. however, in spite of the cool relationship between the three, hermione stepped in to take the blame from ron and harry after they had saved her from a troll on hallowe'en in 1991. despite their differences, harry and hermione tended to support one another at the expense of others when necessary.[19] taking this advice, ginny dated both michael corner[11] and dean thomas in her fourth and fifth years. networks listed hermione as one of their best heroes of all time, saying, "most of us can probably recall having a classmate like hermione when we were in grammar school"—one who "can at first be a little off-putting, but once you get to know her, she's not a bad chick to have on your side". kardashian flashes chest as she quotes alicia silverstone's clueless character about feeling like a 'heifer' after eating 'm&ms and licorice'. although she was generally not as short-tempered as her friends, she displayed a formidable one on several occasions, such as slapping draco malfoy in defence of hagrid,[11] sabotaging cormac mclaggen's tryout as a keeper for the gryffindor quidditch team after he insulted ron and ginny, conjuring a flock of canaries to attack ron in their sixth year[21] and physically attacking ron when he briefly abandoned her and harry during their hunt for horcruxes., hermione, and ron spent nearly all their time together during their years at hogwarts, and shortly afterwards, hermione led harry through time-travel, and together they rescued sirius black and buckbeak; hermione breaking the rules of using her time-turner, something she admitted was incredibly dangerous, demonstrated the strength of her friendship with harry. after realising that sirius's soul was to be destroyed by the dementor's kiss and receiving vague, though instructive and useful, instructions from dumbledore, hermione used her time-turner to return herself and harry to a time earlier in the evening. when asked by her mother who was responsible, she blamed it on crookshanks, even though her hands were filthy at the time., hermione still admired the cleverness and creativity of their spell work,[18] once remarking that they could do some "extraordinary magic," which fred was flattered enough by to offer hermione material from their joke shop free of charge. although she was a know-it-all, hermione did often help neville longbottom, who struggled in most classes other than herbology. in the summer of 2020, hermione had to visit harry, who worked as an auror, to ask him to complete his paperwork and the other tasks he was yet to do. 'i also knew from a technical point that he’d taken his clothes off quite a lot and i thought he may have a trick or two. though the secret classes were taught by harry, hermione arranged the initial meeting at the hog's head, created the da's method of covert communication, and jinxed their member list to reveal any betrayal. hermione helped harry for the triwizard tournament by teaching him useful spells, such as stupefy, impedimenta, and accio and tried to get harry and ron to talk to one another multiple times. however, hermione did not expose lupin, presumably because she believed he was a good teacher and did not agree with the prejudice many hold against werewolves. the potter box is a model for making ethical decisions developed at harvard university." however, she also remarks that hermione's "hysteria and crying happen far too often to be considered a believable part of the development of hermione's character and are quite out of line with her core role in the book. through these lessons harry and in turn hermione and ron learned about lord voldemort's horcruxes.: (theory) hermione had read a book containg information on alchemy and the philosopher's stone in her first year. fact that her relationship with dean was cut in year 6 makes it unknown why harry and ginny did not attend the slug club christmas party together.— professor minerva mcgonagall softening when harry and ron tell her they want to visit hermione[src]. hermione shocked everyone when she actually interrupted professor binns during a history of magic class, asking about the chamber of secrets. her feud with ron over his attitude towards her and dean was worsened when, in the aftermath of the victory, he began going out with lavender brown, who he often snogged in public. before leaving the school, hermione was able to summon books about horcruxes from dumbledore's office, where the late headmaster had kept them after the subject had been banned at hogwarts. hermione was devastated by his death, and often tried to provide comfort to harry, who had been even more deeply affected by the tragedy. on one occasion, they attempted to steal godric gryffindor's sword from snape's office because they had knowledge that harry needed it, but were caught and punished. harry in detention, ginny took the role of seeker for the gryffindor team for the final match against ravenclaw. during the reading of dumbledore's will, she also displayed her incredible store of general knowledge when she mentioned that "snitches have flesh memories," surprising both ron and harry, who had both believed her to know little to nothing of quidditch. even you think she's good-looking, don't you blaise, and we all know how hard you are to please! from that point on, the three students were best friends and spend large amounts of time together.— ron regarding his and harry's dates to the yule ball[src]. ron destroyed the locket horcrux with godric gryffindor's sword, saving harry's life and thus receiving forgiveness from him for leaving. tries to stop ron and harry from meeting malfoy for the midnight duel. albus and scorpius were kidnapped by delphi and made to travel in time again to october 31 1981, hermione travelled in time again with ron, harry, ginny and draco malfoy to save them. after ron was accidentally poisoned on his birthday, ginny visited him in the hospital wing, and they seemingly forgave each other. although he acknowledges that winning the role of the boy wizard was the movie equivalent of winning a willy wonka golden ticket to fame and fortune, there were many times radcliffe could barely watch himself on screen. however, in spite of her strait-laced disposition, hermione was not above using coercion and threats to get what she wanted, as is evidenced by her blackmailing rita skeeter into writing a good article about harry.[21] hermione was one of the five portraits luna painted — along with harry, ron, ginny, and neville — and hung from her bedroom ceiling, the word "friends" linking them in gold writing.[21] fred and george also tried to get hermione to relax, joking around with her about things such as their late uncle bilius's penchant for making mischief at weddings. ginny sought advice from hermione granger, who suggested that she relax in front of harry, be true to herself, and possibly even date other boys. 19 september, 1979[1]) was a muggle-born[15] witch born to mr and mrs granger, both dentists. she spent a portion of many of her summer holidays at their home of the burrow, and attended some family outings with them, such as shopping for school supplies in diagon alley and attending the 1994 quidditch world cup with them. the summer of 1997, the two were closer than ever and "sort of" together, according to harry. these flames were used again in moaning myrtle's bathroom to light the cauldron above one of the toilets while polyjuice potion was brewed in her second year so that harry potter and ronald weasley could interrogate draco malfoy about the heir of slytherin. at school, ginny participated in and helped lead an underground rebellion, during which she, neville, and luna even attempted to steal godric gryffindor's sword from the headmaster's office. now the fact is that hermione shares moments with harry that ron will never be able to participate in.— cho and ginny discuss group names during the first official d. harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1, ginny comes down to the sitting room and asks harry to help zip up her dress. the time they arrived in hogwarts, hermione's romantic feelings for ron had become obvious, and she was upset when he and lavender started flirting. they niggle and nag and moan at each other all the time. molly weasley was fond of hermione, though she treated her coldly for a brief time after rita skeeter printed lies about hermione toying with the hearts of harry potter and viktor krum, much to hermione's bewilderment.: hermione demonstrated her fighting ability on numerous occasions, showing remarkable duelling skill for her age. young and the restless lead daytime emmy awards with 25 nominations beating the bold and the beautiful, general hospital and days of our lives. also, she and percy weasley were considered to be on good terms until their fight over elf rights. and being an actor was the only thing radcliffe wanted to be."oh, maybe she and ron will be alright with a bit of counselling, you know. lupin comforted ginny after her first encounter with dementors by giving her a piece of chocolate, and she likely believed, along with many other hogwarts students, that he made an excellent teacher. ron, who had tried to take her place unsuccessfully, was reduced to sobs by hearing hermione scream in pain. they entered the slytherin common room, and through conversation with draco malfoy, realised that he was not the heir of slytherin, and was not involved in the opening of the chamber after all. dumbledore comforted and reassured ginny after she was possessed by a fragment of voldemort's soul and manipulated into opening the chamber of secrets during the 1992–1993 school year. hermione is also the only one of the trio to successfully pass her apparition test (ron failed and harry was too young). ginny referred to luna as "loony lovegood" just before introducing her to harry and neville in 1995, but soon stood up to those who ridiculed luna. may think that this famous romance only kicked off after several years of hogwarts and he-who-shall-not-be-named, but we like to think the signs were always there…. first heard about the order of the phoenix in 1995, when she, harry and ron spent several weeks at the order's headquarters. harry potter and the cursed child, hermione granger is played by the south african-born actress noma dumezweni, also known for her work in linda, a raisin in the sun and a human being died that night.‘and that’s why it’s hard to watch a film like harry potter and the half-blood prince, because i’m just not very good in it. tearing the page out of the book, and putting it in her right hand, she left the library, where she warned the first person she met, penelope clearwater, to look around corners with her mirror.[29] hermione's memory charms on antonin dolohov and thorfinn rowle held even when they were subjected to the cruciatus curse. weasley and harry potter's romantic relationship is told in a slightly different way in the films from the novels of harry potter and the half-blood prince and harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1 and harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2:In the novel of half-blood prince, harry shares his first kiss with ginny in front of the gryffindor students in the common room after the gryffindor quidditch team won the quidditch cup. hermione is also the godmother of harry and ginny potter's eldest child, james sirius. the name also appears in jean-baptiste lully's play cadmus et hermione, based on the story of the goddess of harmony, harmonia, who married the founder of thebes.: "just because he's never snogged anyone in his life, just because the best kiss he's ever had is from our auntie muriel —". they agreed that the time-turner should be destroyed and hermione hid it away. as the death eaters stormed the wedding hermione apparated herself, harry, and ron away to begin their quest. in harry potter and the chamber of secretswhenever harry is busy, hermione and ron spend all their time together.'i felt a really long way from home': james corden offers up a touching tribute to his home town of london in wake of brutal terror attack. during her fourth year at hogwarts, hermione became an advocate for the better treatment of house-elves, forming the association s. has a humourous side and makes many jokes to keep people's spirits up very much like fred and george; however, her relationship with them was not perfect. katy b auditioned to play hermione, but was dismissed when the casting director discovered that she had not read the books. she also appears to have taken harry to the room of requirement simply for the opportunity to kiss harry. probably as a result of her being more confident and relaxed in front of harry, her willingness to stand up to him, and their shared experiences of being a seeker, harry and ginny grew closer. hermione also showed great foresight and magical talent when she revealed a small beaded purse on which she had placed an undetectable extension charm.[11][19] ginny was also good at lying and capable of being opaque when necessary. the book of harry potter and the deathly hallows, ginny is wearing a golden dress at the wedding of william weasley and fleur delacour. krum began following hermione to the library and other places around hogwarts, and even asked harry if it was all right for him to pursue hermione. of the phoenix allies:andromeda tonks | augusta longbottom | buckbeak | colin creevey | dobby | filius flitwick | firenze | garrick ollivander | ginny weasley | grawp | hannah abbott | helena ravenclaw | horace slughorn | karkus | karkus's wife | katie bell | kreacher | lee jordan | luna lovegood | mr. after many harrowing challenges, and griphook betraying them out of a belief that they would not have kept to their agreement. builders start work on a playground and a creche at the couple's malibu ranch." an owl is used for carrying messages, but her name, hermione, drives from hermes, the greek messenger of the gods. although the girls did not dislike each other, they had very different interests and sometimes clashed as a result.' towie fans brand courtney green 'crazy' and 'psycho' as she sets rules for boyfriend myles barnett. she had made him a get well card that sang shrilly when opened and presented it to him while blushing furiously. luna managed to get ginny and ron (who was also disabled) to safety, but ginny's broken ankle immobilised her and restricted her ability to help in the battle. in her fourth year she was also able to cast the leg-locker curse in her first year and the jelly-legs jinx in her sixth. ginny's own children seemed closest to ron and hermione's children, whose son hugo was the same age as lily, and their daughter rose was the same age as albus. ron fired a hex right at ginny but missed and if harry had not interfered, ginny would have retaliated. year 5, she appears to be greatly disappointed over the obvious feelings between harry and cho and desperately tries to beat cho to it, narrowly failing. hermione used her logic to figure out the riddle and let harry go forward without her, as there was only enough potion for one person. 1994, hermione, harry, and ron visited sirius at the cave off hogsmeade village he was hiding in, bringing him food. she later got herself and harry through a challenge involving a potion riddle. they appeared to be accepting of the wizarding world, as they went shopping with hermione in diagon alley and allowed her to spend several holidays with the weasley family,[19] but did not approve of their daughter using magic as a quick-fix, as indicated by their not allowing hermione to magically fix her teeth. weasley[7] (paternal grandfather) †cedrella weasley[7] (née black) (paternal grandmother) †mr prewett[8] (maternal grandfather) †mrs prewett[8] (maternal grandmother) †arthur weasley[9] (father)molly weasley[3] (née prewett) (mother)bill weasley[3] (brother)charlie weasley[3] (brother)percy weasley[3] (brother)fred weasley[3] (brother) †george weasley[3] (brother)ron weasley[3] (brother)harry potter[10] (husband)james potter ii[10] (son)albus potter[10] (son)lily potter ii[10] (daughter) at least two paternal unclesfabian prewett[11] (maternal uncle) †gideon prewett[11] (maternal uncle) †bilius[12] (uncle) †unclecousinhermione granger[10] (sister-in-law)rose granger-weasley[10][13] (niece)hugo granger-weasley[10][13] (nephew)angelina weasley[10] (née johnson) (sister-in-law)fred weasley ii[14] (nephew)roxanne weasley[14] (niece)fleur weasley[15] (née delacour) (sister-in-law)victoire weasley[16] (niece)dominique weasley[14] (niece)louis weasley[14] (nephew)audrey weasley[10] (sister-in-law)molly weasley ii[14] (niece)lucy weasley[14] (niece)james potter[10] (father-in-law) †lily potter[10] (née evans) (mother-in-law) †weasley family[8]house of black. she married harry potter and the couple had three children; james sirius (named after harry's father and godfather), albus severus (named after albus dumbledore and severus snape), and lily luna potter (named after harry's mother and luna lovegood). she then went on to become deputy head[7] of the department of magical law enforcement, and assisted the minister for magic kingsley shacklebolt in eradicating the old laws biassed in favour of pure-bloods. she and harry discussed what had happened to ron endlessly, trying to come up with an explanation for what had happened.—hermione tells ron off for his insensitivity with girls' feelings[src]. umbridge was a horrible sadistic witch who enjoyed torturing students for punishment with the use of a blood quill, and attempted to take firm control of the school by passing a series of educational decrees. dresang also emphasises hermione's parallelism with rowling herself and how, as hermione has some attributes from rowling herself, she must be a strong character. they openly defied authority and snuck out at night painting graffiti on the walls of the corridors — "dumbledore's army, still recruiting". she single-handed drove skeeter into poverty, gaining revenge for the pain caused to harry and her other friends. is interesting to note that albus dumbledore's final plan to defeat lord voldemort, in which harry would learn the story of the deathly hallows in time to use them against voldemort, revolved not only around harry himself, but hermione as well. he could not do the same to hermione, as she was the best student in the year and instead mocked her for things like being an "insufferable know-it-all," once even snidely insulting the size of hermione's teeth. in her words, hermione does not "play the game" in refusing to sacrifice parts of herself as she grows from a girl to a woman. charms: hermione was not known for her ability to cast dark magic and the extent of her ability within this magical discipline is truly unknown (however, one would assume given her borderline genius status that she was no slouch). hagrid let it slip that "what's under that trap door is strictly between dumbledore and nicholas flamel. she attended hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry from 1992-1999 and was sorted into gryffindor house. he grins: ‘gary’s always someone i can talk to and he thought it was a good thing to do. keenan (harry potter and the deathly hallows – part 1, harry potter and the deathly hallows – part 2).

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hermione also risked serious consequences when she stole potion ingredients from professor snape's personal cupboards that were needed for the difficult potion, which took a month to brew. neville ask harry if he has seen luna lovegood, then he confesses to ginny and harry that he has feelings for luna, he went away to find and tell luna. during the battle of hogwarts, ron expressed regret for not having crookshanks there to stop the whomping willow and hermione told him, "are you a wizard or not? it contained a clue about the deathly hallows which led hermione, harry, and ron to xenophilius lovegood, who told them about the legendary items. only let's make it stand for dumbledore's army, because that's the ministry's worst fear, isn't it?—hermione begins her campaign for the better treatment of house-elves[src]. when dolores umbridge threatened hagrid's job during the 1995-1996 school year, hermione advised him to teach only materials related to their o. harry and ron, however, were able to use the potion she brewed to transform into gregory goyle and vincent crabbe, respectively. order of of the phoenix:aberforth dumbledore | alastor moody | alice longbottom | arabella figg | benjy fenwick | caradoc dearborn | dedalus diggle | dorcas meadowes | edgar bones | elphias doge | emmeline vance | fabian prewett | frank longbottom | gideon prewett | hestia jones (possibly) | james potter | lily potter | marlene mckinnon | minerva mcgonagall | mundungus fletcher | peter pettigrew (defected) | remus lupin | rubeus hagrid | severus snape | sirius black | sturgis podmore. hermione was very skilled at conjuration, an advanced type of transfiguration; for example, in her sixth year, she was able to conjure a flock of canaries,[21] and by the next year, she could conjure a wreath of flowers and a flask non-verbally. however, they are seen dating in the beginning of the "slug club" level after the first cutscene. had great respect for kingsley shacklebolt, a skilled auror and eventual minister for magic, who was known as "royal" on potterwatch, and who saved countless lives (including hermione, ron and harry's) when he sent his patronus to warn the attendees of bill and fleur's wedding that the ministry had fallen, and with it, the protections surrounding the burrow. (along with ron's mother molly weasley and a few female students of hogwarts) develops a liking for defence against the dark arts teacher gilderoy lockhart as he had written all the books required for the subject of defence against the dark arts in harry potter and the chamber of secrets. while lavender and parvati swiftly became best friends, hermione was not very close to either of them.[19] although hermione disapproved of some of their antics, trying to use her status as a prefect to keep them in line, she still got on well with them. the production of half-blood prince, watson considered not returning,[58] but eventually decided that "the pluses outweighed the minuses" and that she could not bear to see anyone else play hermione. jk rowling has revealed her frustration at online reaction by “a bunch of racists” to news that the role of hermione will be played by a black actress in the eagerly awaited new play harry potter and the cursed child. hermione, however, would not be crushed, and came up with a fake story that the sword was merely a copy of the real thing, a lie that harry persuaded the imprisoned goblin griphook to go along with. ‘it’s more important for me to be very critical because i’ve grown up in an atmosphere where everyone is always wanting to be nice to me and say what i’m doing is great. ginny regained consciousness by the time harry was pursuing bellatrix lestrange, but he ignored her questions and raced past her. although dumbledore was not as close with her as he was with harry potter, he showed great insight into her character very early on., under the influence of felix felicis, actually ignited the minor argument that led to their breakup when he accidentally brushed past ginny climbing through the portrait hole; as harry was wearing his invisibility cloak, ginny thought dean was once again attempting to help her, and snapped at him." hermione, like most of the students and staff at hogwarts, hated umbridge. she quieted his fears by relaying her experiences to him and admitted that she had never truly gotten over it. in the spring of 1992, hagrid, now a friend of hermione's through harry, managed to procure a dragon egg. toward the end of the fall of 1995, harry, along with fred and george, received a lifelong quidditch ban from umbridge for attacking draco malfoy after their game against slytherin (although their bans were lifted right after umbridge was removed from hogwarts).: andrew · helen dawlish · rebecca · shoma ichikawa · terry boot · trevor birch. this was the only known time when a student had asked the boring professor a question, and the class was interested in what he had to say. with ron gone hermione and harry's evenings were spent in mostly silence, while they contemplated ron's abandonment and the places's voldemort's remaining horcruxes might be hidden. jennifer lawrence pushes her luggage in new york city while bundled up in a leather coat and matching hat.↑ harry potter and the deathly hallows, chapter 7 (the will of albus dumbledore). the skirmish at malfoy manor, bellatrix chose to torture hermione, who, as a muggle-born, bellatrix felt was most dispensable (though, as a "blood traitor," ron weasley was a close second), in order to discover where and how the trio had managed to acquire godric gryffindor's sword. the supposed death of her one love was enough to drive ginny to attack the incredibly powerful bellatrix lestrange alongside luna, and hermione. though occasionally harry vented his frustration at them, hermione and ron stuck by him.[9] she even stood up to hermione, her close friend in defence of harry's use of the sectumsempra curse. gomez flashes her midriff in burnt orange crop top and high-rise denim as she meets a pal for lunch at soho house in malibu. being sorted into gryffindor, hermione would share a dormitory with lavender brown, parvati patil, and two other girls.. spew), independent, and incredibly helpful to nearly anyone who needed it, pansy was petty, mocked just about every non-slytherin student she encountered (as well as hagrid), and was little more than one of draco malfoy's more sycophantic lackeys. however, hermione said arithmancy was her favourite subject at hogwarts. right when bellatrix was to slit her throat, dobby returned and sent the chandelier crashing to the floor, enabling harry and ron to grab wands and disapparate with hermione, griphook, and dobby to shell cottage, where bill and fleur weasley took up residence after their marriage. hermione even learned how to cast a corporeal patronus charm in her fifth year, and was the first to master the advanced spell in dumbledore's army under harry's tutelage. of course, i realise this has all been hardest on the friends of those who have been… i quite understand. hermione had managed to convince her parents by telling them that skiing wasn't really her thing and that people who were serious about their exams stayed at hogwarts and studied. never gave much attention to her appearance, and usually hid her potential to be extremely pretty under her bushy hairstyle and a large pile of books, which she kept slung on her back. arguing with harry potter over the half-blood prince's copy of advanced potion-making. it is, however, highly possible that she owned this object since her first year and had not replaced it since. he was also the head of slytherin house, and tended to openly show preferential treatment for the students of his own house, while being quick to criticise and deduct points from gryffindor students. thinking that the diary was written in invisible ink, the attempted to use the spell aparecium, and then a revealer, on the object, but to no effect. the funeral of albus dumbledore, hermione was comforted by ron and cried on his shoulder. ginny furiously argued against it, not wanting to leave when her whole family and harry would be fighting and wait at home for news. be fair, between the ages of 18 and 20 radcliffe did almost go off the rails, drinking himself into blackouts, having casual sex and – on occasions – turning up for work on the set of his latest potter movie while still under the influence. the film versions of harry potter and the deathly hallows hermione appears to be wearing red dress robes to bill and fleur's wedding instead of lilac in the novel. is spared death at the hands of bellatrix lestrange by mere inches. pottermore - explore the story - hermione granger - hermione has to be born in september 1979 in order to attend hogwarts at the age of 11 on 1 september 1991. in the aftermath of the victory, michael became very moody and sulked about the result. she used a severing charm to remove the locket from harry and healed the bite nagini had given him with dittany. harry and hermione are quite similar in their dour, brooding tendencies in times of trouble, and often need ron's humour and levity to counterbalance their intense personalities. very few knew of his affiliation with the potters and those who did also believed that sirius had betrayed james and lily potter to voldemort by revealing their location at godric's hollow. apparated to the forest of dean, while harry was overcome with pain and visions of voldemort's attack on his parents and him in 1981. she attempted to flush the diary down a toilet, but being a horcrux, it remained undamaged and later ended up in the hands of harry potter. while staying at 12 grimmauld place, she was taught by nymphadora tonks how to check if a door had been imperturbed by flicking dungbombs at it and watching them bounce away as if hitting an invisible wall. i th-thought someone had just left it there and forgotten about it!. assignments, not knowing until later that he was, in reality, a self-obsessed fraud. she opened the chamber of secrets another two times, resulting in the petrification of colin creevey and justin finch-fletchley.[6] later in life, hermione translated the book into english and published her translation. tried to be a role model for ginny (like he tried to with ron), but she, like ron, took after fred and george, the fun-loving twins. that mr crouch made her go up to the top of the stadium, and she was terrified, and he's got her bewitched so she can't even run when they start trampling tents! if you consider how irritated hermione gets with ron and vice versa, this is downright suspicious. in the film adaptation of half-blood prince harry asks hermione to go to slughorn's party as his date, but she declines, having already decided to take mclaggen to annoy ron. turning eleven, hermione was surprised to learn that she was a witch and was invited to attend hogwarts. prior to 1994, hermione had read it and learned of many things, including the durmstrang institute's reputation for having an emphasis on dark magic.[19] in temperament, she resembled the twins, fred and george, and, like them, often teased ron, who was closest to her in age. is a playable character in the video game adaptations of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, harry potter and the goblet of fire, harry potter and the half blood prince (only in duel mode), and 'harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2. she and nymphadora tonks were later seen by harry firing well aimed jinxes from a high-up window into the crowd of fighters below.'s arm was scarred when bellatrix lestrange carved the word "mudblood" into her skin with a knife when she, ron, and harry were captured at malfoy manor in the spring of 1998. of the characters in the books are directly taken from life. jenner and sidekick hailey baldwin don jeans and t-shirts as they meet up with singer justine skye. awoke in the chamber to find that harry had saved her, and destroyed riddle's diary by piercing it with a basilisk fang, and ginny's vitality was restored to her. on harry's seventeenth birthday, ginny "kissed him as she had never kissed him before," though they were interrupted by ron, with hermione in tow.'i found it awful and weird': carey mulligan admits she used to be a nervous wreck after red carpet events and hated her body being under scrutiny. in the chamber of secrets, she shows no sign of worry or fear about her own and many other's near deaths, but simply smiles lovingly at harry, hearts appearing over her."harry turned and saw ginny and tonks, both with their wand drawn at the next window, which was missing several panes. this did not happen in harry potter and the deathly hallows book. hermione can’t hold ron’s gaze when she speaks of how viktor krum invited her over for the summer holidays. via edits, the appearance of hermione's teeth is minimised, but they are still visible when she speaks in the scene.↑ "katy b: 'i auditioned for hermione role in 'harry potter'' - tabloid hell" at nme. nicky hilton bundles up in leopard print coat and ripped jeans for stroll through ny. here they discussed the many mysteries that had occurred during that year, the trio learning valuable pieces of information regarding the imprisonment of barty crouch jr after the events of the third task, sirius (while in his animagus form) joined hermione, ron and molly weasley at harry's bedside, each indicating their affections for the latter. later, fleur became hermione's sister-in-law through her marriage to bill weasley, and hermione's marriage to ron weasley. harry, having been given them by lockhart as a publicity stunt, gave them to her since he could afford a set of his own. four of ron weasley's five surviving siblings were married by 2017, hermione had quite a few nieces and nephews through her husband: harry and ginny had three children (james, albus and lily), as did bill and fleur (victoire, dominique and louis), while george and angelina johnson had a son and a daughter (fred and roxanne), and percy weasley had two daughters (molly and lucy) with his wife, audrey.— harry talking to hermione and ron when they kiss during battle[src]. since hagrid had met harry potter prior to the start of hermione's first year at hogwarts, hermione grew closer to hagrid as her friendship with harry developed, eventually coming to visit him in his hut regularly with harry and ron weasley. ginny had five brothers who survived the second wizarding war, four of whom married at some point, she had quite a few nieces and nephews by, harry had a vision of his godfather being tortured by voldemort in the department of mysteries. ron is hit by the white queen in the life-sized chess game, hermione screams. hermione and her fellow classmates witnessed the curses effects on a spider.[43] she also identified hermione as "the most brilliant" of her group of friends and confirmed that "harry needs her badly. in turn, umbridge was not too fond of hermione, who was not only muggle-born, but was also probably far too perceptive for her liking, as well as being outspokenly opposed to a purely theoretical defensive magical education. after grawp picked her up, hermione forcefully told him to put him down. said on her website that she resisted her editor's requests to remove the troll scene, stating "hermione is so very arrogant and annoying in the early part of philosopher's stone that i really felt it needed something (literally) huge to bring her together with harry and ron. also at the beginning of this school year, hermione obtained a time-turner from professor mcgonagall so she could double up on classes, though this was kept secret from everyone, even harry and ron. neville longbottom asked her to go after hermione turned him down, having already accepted viktor, and ginny accepted since she was friends with him. the couple also began to row over little things, like dean's constant attempts to help ginny through the portrait hole into the gryffindor common room, and they fought after dean and seamus laughed when harry suffered a fractured skull courtesy of cormac mclaggen. that lord voldemort would return if he stole the stone, harry decided to steal it first. fighting their way clear of the darkness, they met up with remus lupin and other members of the order of the phoenix that were patrolling the school under orders from dumbledore. understands why ron suddenly starts behaving oddly around harry after his name comes out the goblet of fire.: ginny's wand is made from yew, with an unknown length and core. lestrange's wand: in 1998, after the skirmish at malfoy manor, hermione lost her own wand while ron disarmed bellatrix lestrange. although harry tried to prevent ginny, neville, and luna from accompanying him, ron and hermione eventually persuaded otherwise. it is not specified if it was one of the books she decided to bring with her when she left with harry and ron. jane fonda and lily tomlin are suited and booted for season 3 screening of their netflix show grace and frankie. she was also forced to use bellatrix's wand, as her wand had been confiscated by snatchers, which she very much disliked. dumbledore knew that harry was too passionate and angry to be able to keep from attempting to become master of death, and so entrusted the tales of beedle the bard to hermione, so that she would learn of the hallows' symbol first and would be able to caution and guide harry down the path of reason. trio was swarmed by dementors and all had difficulty summoning their patronuses because of the horror of their recent experiences, but luna lovegood, ernie macmillan, and seamus finnigan came to their assistance. when draco malfoy called hermione a "mudblood" in 1992, the twins were outraged, and attempted to attack him. she wished to be a gryffindor or a ravenclaw, and her wish was granted considering she did get sorted into gryffindor. after a brief but violent skirmish, the death eaters were subdued, and hermione modified their memories to throw them off the scent and to maintain ron's cover story that he was sick with spattergroit and bedridden at home. some examples include her squabble with ron about scabbers ("ronald has lost his rat"), and when they argue about ron's sister ginny dating dean thomas ("honestly ronald, they're just holding hands - and snogging"). krum managed to rescue her and carried her to the surface, where he revealed to her later that he "never felt this way about any other girl" and asked her to visit him in bulgaria over the summer. ginny appeared to be disgusted with her brother ron weasley, hermione's love interest, when, after a fight with ginny, ron began dating lavender brown. according to ron, her performance was "perfect" and the instructor praised her talent greatly. gave away that the sword and another horcrux were hidden in her vault at gringotts in her panic, and proceeded to isolate hermione and then brutally torture her with the cruciatus curse repeatedly as an interrogation method. she had no problem telling him (or anyone else) off when she believed his behaviour was unreasonable, and she had no issues with embarrassing him in public, as when she openly mocked him for his crush on fleur and even tripped him in front of her. harry, a history, rowling told melissa anelli that steve kloves had suspected something might happen between hermione and harry while reading harry potter and the deathly hallows: "he felt a certain pull between them at that point. they also have several nieces and nephews, it can be assumed that ginny was closest to ron's and hermione's children. hermione, like the rest of the order, was shocked and horrified by the death of such a skilled auror, "the consummate survivor,"[6] and disgusted by mundungus fletcher's desertion. and harry rekindled their romance in the aftermath of the second wizarding war and were eventually married. i’m a bit of a philistine, i like the colours and if they match the colours in my place. to ginny's horror, she saw that harry now had the diary. skeeter, a journalist for the daily prophet and unregistered animagus, was hiding in beetle form in hermione's hair during this conversation. ginny first learned of sirius in 1993 as an azkaban escapee convicted of killing 12 muggles, she was soon made aware of his innocence through her connections to the order of the phoenix and his godson, harry. she often helped harry potter and ron weasley do their homework as they often didn't remember the required facts. it was his first post-potter – and his debut theatre – role after making five of the eight potter movies. it can be assumed that she was closest with harry's children. she found fleur humourless and irritating, as she was given to complaining loudly about what she perceived as hogwarts' many faults. i packed your rucksack this morning, harry, after you changed, and put it in here.'s married name is potter, a very common surname of english origin. this leads hermione to look at a large tome on alchemy which she had borrowed from the library for "a bit of light reading". she eventually married ron weasley, and together they had two children rose and hugo. after lavender saw ron and hermione come down alone from the boys' dormitories (harry was under the invisibility cloak) she had a fight with ron and broke up with him. enjoyed her years as a pupil at hogwarts, and took assignments, classes, and school rules very seriously.:57harry potter and the chamber of secrets - breakfast at the weasley'sharry and ginny officially meet01:25harry potter and the chamber of secrets - ginny weasley's been takenher skeleton will lie in the chamber forever01:12harry potter and the half blood prince hd clip (trio at the three broom sticks)ginny snogs dean00:58harry potter kissing ginny weasleyginny kisses harry03:56harry potter and the deathly hallows - part 2 (epilogue scene - hd)19 years later. i think you get hints of that, because she does some pretty impressive stuff here and there, and you'll see that again..) clinging to the plot as (she) first imagined it, hermione [ended up] with ron. harry and ginny share a quick kiss, harry was going to tell ginny that he loved her, but ginny quickly told him that she knows, and they both went back to what they were doing before they met up. during the events at hogwarts in 1993, hermione along with harry, ron and lupin discovered that, contrary to their previous beliefs, sirius black had never committed the murders for which he had been incarcerated, nor had he betrayed his closest friends. was also one of the five portraits — along with harry, ron, hermione , and neville — that luna painted and hung from her bedroom ceiling, with the message "friends" joining them together in gold writing. possibly the closest connection hermione and voldemort shared was through the former wearing salazar slytherin's locket whilst travelling with harry potter and ron weasley in 1997. however, when hermione returned to hogwarts during the last stand against voldemort, any negative feelings for each other seemed to have evaporated, as cho welcomed the trio. during their time alone during the war, hermione and harry experienced some "charged moments," and "shared something very intense" of which no one else was a part of, however, their relationship ultimately remained platonic. luna may be one of the best female friends of hermione (along with ginny), as she was only seen with these girls during her school-time at hogwarts.[21] her family joined her to watch the finals of the cup in july[23] and ginny covered the outcome of the brazil vs bulgaria match live along with rita skeeter.[48] the chapter begins with an analysis of hermione's name and the role of previous characters with the same name in mythology and fiction, and the heritage hermione has inherited from these characters due to her name. jean granger is a muggle-born, gryffindor student[2] who becomes best friends with harry potter and ron weasley. with links to the welsh and celtic history, ginevra also means virgin.[18] despite her confidence in her abilities, she was not arrogant or conceited, and helped her classmates with their schoolwork whenever she could. first met harry potter and ron weasley aboard the hogwarts express. she started her second year, hermione wrote several letters to harry, all of which were intercepted by dobby, as the house-elf wanted harry to believe that his friends had forgotten him in order to prevent his return to hogwarts. and others, death eaters storm the hogwarts express in search of harry potter. chapter also points out the fact that, despite being born to muggle parents, hermione's magical abilities are innate. this forced hermione to use a revulsion jinx to free herself from him, and then to take the trio away from grimmauld place. lupin had referred to hermione as the cleverest witch of her age he had ever seen before to this. were rather young when they were married, and their relationship evolved over time. but, yeah, hermione is a caricature of what i was when i was eleven — a real exaggeration, i wasn't that clever — hermione is a borderline genius at points — and i hope i wasn't that annoying. she even proved to be a challenge for bellatrix and put on the defence for a brief time during the duel, but eventually gained the upper towards the end of the duel. potter and the deathly hallows (first identified with the name 'ginevra' instead of 'ginny')[35]., harry, ron, hermione, neville, and luna fight off death eaters in the hall of prophecy. seeing harry potter at king's cross, ginny developed feelings for him and talked about harry all summer. they also fought in the battle of the astronomy tower and the battle of the seven potters alongside, both emerging alive and relatively unscathed on the two occasions.[38] rowling's knowledge and interest in greek mythology may have also influenced her choice in regards to hermione's name. in their third year when she took professor lupin's exam, harry saw that she did everything perfectly except for the part of fighting the boggart. that same year, neville asked hermione to attend the yule ball with him, as she had "always been really nice" to him, though she had already agreed to accompany viktor krum."[11] in their fourth year, hermione noticed neville's horrified reaction to witnessing the cruciatus curse be performed on a spider by professor alastor moody (actually barty crouch jr), and shrieked for the teacher to stop. in the words of ron, skeeter was making hermione out to be a "scarlet woman. hermione considered the former to be a good example of a free elf, and tried to comfort the latter about being sacked by crouch, but winky soon became upset by hermione's claims that house-elves deserved to have holidays and wages, along with the other elves, stating that proper house-elves would never need such things. the second wizarding war, hermione went back to hogwarts to complete her education. the variant is called "hermione (pink dress)" because it portrays hermione wearing the pink dress she wore to the yule ball in the film adaptation of harry potter and the goblet of fire. often fiercely defended neville when others insulted him, and her friendship and support, as well as that of other d.! sia, 41, looks youthful and confident without her trademark wig at lax after filing for divorce from husband erik anders lang. studies (knowledge): this was one of the subjects hermione chose to take in her third year with the aid of a time-turner but dropped the subject after a year, as hermione was a muggle-born witch and so knew a great deal about muggles already. need these incredible hot cross bun recipes in your life., harry, and ron stayed at shell cottage for some time, whilst fleur helped hermione recover from her trauma. trio then entered the room of requirement in search for rowena ravenclaw's diadem, but were ambushed by draco malfoy, gregory goyle, and vincent crabbe.. to master the spell and casts it successfully multiple times throughout the series. began planning for her journey with harry and ron immediately. she also knew that he was part of the order of the phoenix and when she learnt that snape killed dumbledore, she thought he had betrayed the order. pettigrew attacked ron and escaped, and sirius had to transform in order to protect harry, ron, and hermione from the werewolf. ginny was shocked and heartbroken by the death of her brother fred, and was comforted by hermione. her skills with interacting with animals were also demonstrated with her views on house-elves and her work on s. while here, she wrote several articles for the daily prophet using her married name, ginny potter. at some point, hermione, harry, and ron were all featured on chocolate frog cards for their accomplishments. she caught rita in her beetle form attempting to eavesdrop on harry in the hospital wing after the third task., ginny, ron, and harry meet for the first time at king's cross station.' sharon osbourne gets a standing ovation as she returns to the talk after back surgery.'s shyness around harry potter, whom she has feelings for. sirius was eventually killed by bellatrix lestrange in the battle of the department of mysteries, much to the dismay of his friends and loved ones. at harry's suggestion the three then made their way safely to 12 grimmauld place, as they could not hide anywhere within the wizarding world. ginny became extremely clumsy around harry and had a habit of knocking things over when he entered a room." pandas are black and white skinned; hermione would only resemble a panda if the bruise was showing up on white skin.[11] although she was still shy around harry, who was also staying at the burrow, ginny took hermione's advice and was much more relaxed and spent time with him, ron, and hermione. and ron both decided not to return to hogwarts for their final year of studies and instead chose to accompany harry on his quest to find and destroy lord voldemort's horcruxes. met nymphadora tonks in the summer of 1995 through the order of the phoenix, and she and hermione immediately struck up a friendship with the young auror. this is what later helped lead her, harry potter, and ronald weasley to the deathly hallows. rowling has stated that hermione resembles herself at a younger age, with her insecurity and fear of failure. however, her new bond with her cat caused friction with ron weasley and his pet rat scabbers, as crookshanks was always trying to catch the rat., ginny's talent for defensive magic was shown as she had swift reflexes with the disarming charm and considerable power with the reductor curse, the latter of which highly impressed harry (much to ginny's delight) and made her brothers jealous.

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she used it until the spring of 1998, when she, harry potter, and ron weasley were captured by snatchers, who confiscated their wands. she mastered the stunning spell, impediment jinx, and various other jinxes and hexes.‘that was a really important year for me – i suddenly started to feel i’d relaxed as a person and as an actor and that i didn’t have to keep proving myself or justifying that i can do this job. she also told off blaise zabini in 1996 when he insulted harry and even stood up to hermione, her close personal friend in defence of his use of the sectumsempra curse on malfoy. on saturday night live, hermione was played by lindsay lohan. to make matters worse, draco malfoy implied that she had sent harry the singing valentine in front of everyone.— hermione telling harry potter about changing her plans for the 1995 christmas holidays[src]. filling in for remus lupin in one defence against the dark arts class, snape labels hermione "an insufferable know-it-all" and penalises gryffindor after she speaks out of turn in her attempt to describe a werewolf when no one else does. it is more likely that one of her earliest memories, likely from the age of three or four, would be of both bill and charlie heading off to school. as tom grew stronger, the life in ginny faded away until she slipped into an unconscious state. she wore a golden dress and as the ceremony began, her auntie muriel remarked in a carrying whisper that her dress was far too low cut. harry potter and the chamber of secrets, professor binns calls hermione "miss grant. and she thought you might take a bit more notice if i was a bit more — myself. however, they were interrupted by a disapproving ron, with hermione in tow. however, both hermione and penelope were petrified by salazar slytherin's basilisk, which was controlled by tom riddle's memory. she caught him kissing his girlfriend, penelope clearwater, during her first year at hogwarts, and proceeded to tell her other brothers about it after her recovery from possession by tom marvolo riddle's memory. james displays her enviable curves in a nude bodysuit and see-through crochet dress as she takes to the dj decks at launch party., in an analysis for harry potter and the deathly hallows, rowland manthrope states that "seven books on, we still only know her as swottish, sensible hermione—a caricature, not a character. 'i did used to worry about him when i was younger – i felt scared for him because of all the drugs and the lifestyle. was during her second school year that hermione first encountered the prejudice and hatred surrounding her blood status, when draco malfoy called her a "filthy little mudblood" after she told him off for insulting the gryffindor quidditch team. ron admires hermione for hitting malfoy and storming out on professor trelawney, she positively glows with delight. was also seen trying not to cry in the second film after draco malfoy called her a filthy little mudblood since she was aware of the term, which contradicts the events of the novel in which she doesn't know what the word 'mudblood' means until ron explains it to her and harry.↑ mugglenet and the leaky cauldron interview joanne kathleen rowling part 3. when umbridge planned to use veritaserum and then the cruciatus curse on harry, hermione was the one who came up with the lie that led to them venturing into the forbidden forest and umbridge eventually being dragged away by a herd of offended centaurs., in 1994, hermione had madam pomfrey magically shrink her front teeth after she was accidentally struck with a densaugeo spell, making it unnecessary for her to receive the braces her parents had originally intended for her. "there's something about her fierce intellect coupled with a complete lack of understanding of how she affects people sometimes that i just find charming and irresistible to write. he asked me when hermione said no, and i thought. even before starting at hogwarts, she bought several books and learned them by heart, including hogwarts: a history.[9] harry saving her life served to make her more withdrawn when in his presence, barely able to speak in front of him.— hermione and ron speaking to griphook about the prejudice that exists in the wizarding world[src]. the hogwarts express returned to king's cross in june 1992, ginny was with her mother to welcome her brothers back and was again excited to see harry, pointing him out to her mother as he came through the barrier between platforms nine and ten. hermione's feelings for ron continue to grow and she decides to make a move by inviting him to slughorn's christmas party, but he romances lavender instead in retaliation for his belief that hermione had kissed krum years earlier. she was saddened by the news of alastor moody and hedwig's murders and disturbed by harry's vision of garrick ollivander being tortured. with this act of kindness and recognition, ginny finally spoke in front of harry, standing up to draco malfoy when he started to insult him. ‘i have no idea what is going on in their lives and i wouldn’t presume to give advice unasked.[20] krum was also jealous of hermione's relationship with harry potter thinking that there was something romantic between them that went beyond just plain friendship. when harry passed her on his way to face voldemort in the forbidden forest under the invisibility cloak, she was comforting an injured girl.[68] hermione also appears as hermione ranger in harry podder: dude where's my wand? ginny married sirius's godson later and she and harry gave their eldest son james the middle name "sirius" in honour of him.↑ harry potter and the goblet of fire, chapter 20 (the first task). during the interrogation, bellatrix used her knife to carve the word "mudblood" on hermione's arm. she would later fight in the battle of the department of mysteries (1996), the battle of the astronomy tower (1997), and the battle of hogwarts (1998).[17] they tend to get along very well on a day-to-day basis, though harry occasionally becomes annoyed by hermione's nagging, while she occasionally becomes annoyed by his lack of discipline and conviction in his schoolwork. she received 'outstanding' marks on each of them, except defence against the dark arts, in which she received an 'exceeds expectations,' which she dwelt upon; ron found it amusing that she actually seemed disappointed by this., harry, and hermione after the riot of the 1994 quidditch world cup. months later, hermione and harry learned why hagrid was perpetually bruised and cut."[10] when it seemed that harry had been murdered by voldemort, ginny was beyond heartbroken and screamed louder than anyone. the seemingly lifeless body of harry was presented to the defenders of hogwarts by voldemort, ginny cried out in disbelief and grief.: ginny was able to cast the very advanced patronus charm, which took the corporeal form of a horse. hermione witnessed harry's final defeat of lord voldemort, and she and ron reached him first, overjoyed.[6] hermione was also able to magically manipulate objects around herself to incapacitate or evade others. even draco malfoy and pansy parkinson had nothing negative to say. spite of his prejudice and dislike toward hermione, draco was reluctant to confirm her identity when he was asked to do so by his parents and aunt bellatrix in 1998, avoiding even looking at her. knight is rushed to hospital from prison with 'life-threatening blood clots' as he awaits trial for murder. eructo spellbook: the copy which belonged to hermione was originally the possession of barty crouch jr. the next few days, ginny interacted little with harry because of their split, despite her feelings towards him. hermione gets an unexpectedly huge response, and the group becomes the nascent dumbledore's army. it is never described in the books, but is shown in the film adaptation of harry potter and the order of the phoenix. has described the character of luna lovegood as the "anti-hermione" as they are so different. hermione rushed to harry's aid, and the two of them barely escaped before lord voldemort himself arrived at the cabin in an attempt to capture harry. ginny was seen defending herself against a death eater and was unable to say goodbye to harry and the two did not see each other again for almost a year. hermione, however, was unaware of this, as she had been in the tent while this occurred., hermione made very little direct contact with voldemort, truly seeing him for the first time during the battle of the department of mysteries. realising that harry would come to save ginny, he made her write a farewell on a corridor wall, then enter the chamber of secrets to die. towards the end of the year, however, lupin admitted that he was a werewolf to harry, ron and hermione whilst in the shrieking shack. she and harry lured umbridge into the forbidden forest, leaving ginny, ron, luna, and neville alone with the inquisitorial squad. ginny genuinely cared for all of her family, though, and would often comfort them in times of need, such as when ron made a fool of himself by asking fleur to the yule ball,[22] or when bill was permanently scarred by fenrir greyback. the only daughter in the family, she had to deal with an over-protective mother, who tried to prevent ginny from fighting in the battle of hogwarts, despite her previous displays of strength and skill fighting alongside dumbledore's army at the battle of the department of mysteries and the battle of the astronomy tower. when harry arrived at the burrow after being rescued from the dursleys by ron, fred, and george, she became extremely shy in his presence. ron and hermione's relationship again suffered when ron began dating lavender brown in 1996, though the two reconciled after ron was accidentally poisoned, leaving hermione shaken. she was the only one in her sixth year class who understood golpalott's third law, without need for further explanation and was able to compose an antidote containing fifty-two ingredients, including a chunk of her own hair. two became sisters-in-law upon hermione's marriage to ron, and hermione is the godmother of ginny's oldest child. the film adaptation of harry potter and the half-blood prince, hermione told slughorn and the slug club about her parents being dentists, but no one, except harry, knew what dentists were. during the match, mclaggen took one of the beater's bats and pelted a bludger directly at harry. asked ginny to the yule ball after he was turned down by hermione, who had already agreed to go with viktor krum, and the two attended together as friends.: "and he did say he'd never felt the same way about anyone else. and the reason i spoke out about it was because i felt someone else would and i should take control. however, the three of them are unable to defeat bellatrix and stop fighting her once molly weasley orders them to disengage. finally, according to rowling, next to albus dumbledore, hermione is the perfect expository character; because of her encyclopaedic knowledge, she can always be used as a plot dump to explain the harry potter universe. luckily, the death eaters were focused on the prophecy and harry was able to lead them away from ginny and the other vulnerable students.[12] meanwhile, harry was friendly toward ginny, but did not return her romantic feelings. the film adaptation of harry potter and the goblet of fire, hermione is shown to be wearing a pink set of dress robes rather than periwinkle blue, as in the novel. then in her fourth year, hermione and the other students got no homework from septima vector on the first day of term[36] and she adamantly refused to skive arithmancy[37].[53] though watson took her audition seriously, she "never really thought she had any chance" of getting the part. the only time she was ever out-smarted in potions was in her sixth year by harry potter because of using half-blood prince's old copy of the advanced potion-making textbook that was full of hints and scribbles which helped harry excel. she later stunned another death eater and silenced antonin dolohov before he could alert the other death eaters to the group's location. he simply could not bring himself to endanger her life while he sought a way to destroy voldemort. ginny arrived with her brothers, lee jordan, and cho chang, on the understanding that a battle was about to be fought. skills: at the young age of sixteen, ginny was able to effectively co-lead dumbledore's army alongside luna lovegood and neville longbottom. she is involved in the battle in the department of mysteries and seriously injured by a spell from death eater antonin dolohov, but makes a full recovery.—how ginny never got over her feelings for harry[src]. first learned about lord voldemort, the most dangerous dark wizard of all time, after reading about him sometime before she began attending hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry . during the reception, she danced with luna lovegood, lee jordan, and others. chyna flashes her ample bosom and bare midriff in beaded bra as she posts sexy instagram snap. · cuthbert mockridge · dirk cresswell · hermione granger · amos diggory · mathilda grimblehawk · newton scamander · walden macnair · royden poke · elderly committee member · bushily whiskered wizard. also, ron screamed and yelled and was in terrible distress when he heard hermione being tortured by bellatrix lestrange in malfoy manor. film: when she, her friends and the other students cheer for hagrid after he returns to hogwarts from azkaban at the end of the film. radcliffe is a member of an elite actors’ club, which includes two of his harry potter co-stars, alan rickman and gary oldman. later, her eagerness to please her professors and her constant correct answers reinforced their initial impression. this allowed hermione and harry to escape and meet up with ron, ginny, luna, and neville, who had escaped from the inquisitorial squad. ginny feared detention, but slughorn was so impressed with the hex that he invited her to take lunch with him as part of a select group of students he hoped to cultivate and induct into his slug club. ginny and harry started dating, although their time together was limited due to harry's weekly detentions and ginny's o. in addition to the texts set by the school, hermione brought with her several other books for reference and to further her understanding of the wizarding world. to her age, ginny was never allowed into order meetings and when sirius insisted on filling harry in on the order and voldemort she was the only one banished from the meeting by her mother.'s dress: this was the dress ginny wore to bill and fleur's wedding. i did lots of random things i never do, like go to tesco and sit in a park. with this being the case, hermione decided that hogwarts needed a competent teacher and, together with harry and ron, founded dumbledore's army, a secret organisation in which students would gather after classes and be taught practical defensive spells. hermione, who had been a promoter of house-elf rights since her fourth year and even started her own society to help house-elves (the society for the promotion of elfish welfare) was so delighted at ron's unexpected display of sensitivity that she kissed him on the lips, something that was met with surprise, eagerness and enthusiasm, but caused the pair to become embarrassed after harry asked them to "hold it in".[19] draco frequently called hermione the disparaging term "mudblood," which usually set off the tempers of her friends — and the entire gryffindor quidditch team when he first said it to her face in 1992[19] — but hermione tended to ignore draco and urged harry and ron to do the same. features:list of articles · magical symbols game · daily prophet grand prize galleon draw · me, myself, and i · weekly zoological column · bestseller list. hermione survived the battle relatively unscathed, only suffering minor injuries and burns she received from entering the lestrange's vault shortly before the battle."and then, out of nowhere, out of nothing, they were surrounded. hermione was noted to be a "borderline genius",[28] getting top scores in every class, and getting 'outstanding' in all her o. in flourish and blotts, however, she became the owner of a brand new set of gilderoy lockhart's collected works. kisses ron and hermione’s feelings are there for all to see… her heart quietly breaks as he spends the year as ‘won-won’. with the battle restarted ginny, luna, and hermione duelled bellatrix lestrange, the last death eater at that point still standing. order to ensure that fan's could correctly pronounce hermione's name, a scene was created between hermione and viktor krum in harry potter and the goblet of fire in which they discuss the correct pronunciation; however, the closest krum got was "herm-own-ninny. interestingly enough, both harry potter's wife and mortal enemy share the same wand wood. has an extremely compassionate side to her personality and is quick to help others, especially those who are defenceless, such as neville longbottom, first-years, house-elves, fellow muggle-borns, half-giants like hagrid, and werewolves like lupin. ‘you become part of this little club and actors will bring it up because they know what you’ve done. both were deeply saddened and hurt by their friend's departure, although hermione more than harry, as she cried over ron's departure for weeks. when cho offered to take harry to the ravenclaw common room so he could see the statue of rowena ravenclaw and her diadem, ginny cut across her and said that luna would take harry to the common room instead, implying that she still felt somewhat threatened by cho and her still present crush on harry. brooklyn decker showcases svelte figure in long-sleeved black mini dress at grace and frankie season 3 premiere. the troll made its way into the bathroom she was in, and harry and ron came to her rescue, saving her. becomes a gryffindor prefect along with ron, and befriends luna lovegood, but their friendship gets off to a rocky start after hermione chastises the publication of luna's father: "the quibbler's rubbish, everyone knows that. the seventh and final book, hermione accompanies harry on his quest to destroy voldemort's remaining horcruxes. at the top of every class", hermione responded in a "slightly hurt" voice, "you say that like it's a bad thing." rowling cleared this up in a later interview by stating that she had decided that she did not want hermione to share a middle name with professor umbridge, and thus changed it to jean, which is a female variant of the name john, meaning "god is gracious.., working for the rights of both house-elves and other underprivileged non-humans.. madam pomfrey gave us both blankets and then he sort of pulled me away from the judges so they wouldn't hear, and he said, if i wasn't doing anything over the summer, would i like to —". this means that the only film adaptation that hermione doesn't cry in is the fifth film. was noticeably upset when hermione was petrified in 1993, even granting harry and ron permission to skip a class so they could visit hermione in the hospital wing. hermione never makes ron "feel better" by pretending to be less than she is; she always preserves who she is and waits for ron to catch up. she used the handbag to carry supplies such as clothing, books, dittany, and camping equipment on her, harry, and ron's quest to locate and destroy voldemort's horcruxes. in the department of mysteries, she seems reluctant to go with luna and neville rather than harry. after reuniting with harry, ron expressed concern for the house-elves in the hogwarts kitchens, prompting hermione to kiss him. while waiting for the others to arrive her and harry held hands, while watching the sky.[9] rowling also states that her feminist conscience is saved by hermione, "who's the brightest character" and is a "very strong female character". along with ron and neville who had answered the d. hermione was noted to have a speciality in creating portable, waterproof fires. 2 may during the battle, harry needed the room of requirement to change form into the room of hidden things, in order to retrieve one of voldemort's horcruxes, ravenclaw's diadem. sitting on stands, sitting in the common room and watching quidditch practice. her marriage to ron, hermione became a part of the weasley family herself. during this visit, along with ron and hermione, she found out the truth about neville longbottom's parents, and how they had been tortured into insanity by barty crouch jr, bellatrix, rodolphus, and rabastan lestrange using the cruciatus curse at the end of the first wizarding war. hermione received the tales of beedle the bard , a book of children's stories written in runes.’ was he critical of her decision to rob him of the chance to end up with hermione?[11] because of her efficiency, she often had time to do hobby work on the side, such as preparing a defence for buckbeak to save him from execution, and creating s. spent the summer of 1996 at the burrow with harry, ron, hermione and the other weasleys.'she endangered courtney's life being wreckless': ruby rose reveals reason she broke up with ex harley gusman as actress shares tribute to pal., after mcgonagall became headmistress of hogwarts and hermione became a member of the ministry of magic, mcgonagall granted her permission to use notes left to the hogwarts archives, written by albus dumbledore, in her re-translation of the tales of beedle the bard , demonstrating mcgonagall's trust in her former pupil. potter's field is the name for a burial ground for the unknown or unclaimed dead, particularly soldiers and orphans; the potter family had many members that fit that description. he took to following hermione into the library, watching her and trying to "pluck up the courage" to speak to her. much tension comes into play between hermione and her two best friends; harry is furious with her because she told mcgonagall that he had received a firebolt, which was confiscated to be inspected for traces of dark magic. even under torture, hermione is able to use her quick thinking to lie to bellatrix that the sword is a fake. you came back after weeks — weeks — and you think it's all going to be all right if you just say sorry? harry confided in her that he needed to speak to sirius, and she encouraged him to do so, even insisting that she might be able to help. that sirius was in mortal danger, harry resolved to travel to london and rescue him. weasley : "hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because i never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? she also said that in the end, she's still happy that they ended up together and that they would always love each other despite their bickering, but in a way they like it that way. and michael corner met at the yule ball in 1994, and began dating at the end of the school year, she used the relationship as an attempt to "move on" from harry potter.[34] hermione later used one of bellatrix's hairs obtained in the skirmish to make polyjuice potion and break into the lestrange vault at gringotts wizarding bank. after that, the two were seemingly more polite, although ron continued to show dislike and distrust towards krum.'doing (harry) potter was an incredible blessing because it gave me this opportunity to start a fantastic career. hermione tricked umbridge into telling her about the locket, which she claimed was a selwyn family heirloom.[9] once free of the diary, ginny sent harry an anonymous singing valentine on 14 february, 1993. the two girls remained close friends in adulthood and saw each other regularly. views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of mailonline. on their way, hermione incapacitated two death eaters who were pursuing her, harry and ron, and blasted fenrir greyback away from an injured lavender brown, lavender still died afterward from her injuries tragically. ginny was a year below hermione in hogwarts, and they had become close by ginny's second year; hermione comforted ginny that year when the presence of dementors upset her (ginny was more affected than most others due to her possession by voldemort the previous year). hermione was devastated when dumbledore was killed, and visited his portrait with harry and ron after the battle of hogwarts to determine the fate of the hallows.[69][70] in the 2008 american comedy film yes man, allison (played by zooey deschanel) accompanies carl (jim carrey) to a harry potter-themed party dressed as hermione. subplot of hermione standing up for house-elves rights was left out of the film adaptations entirely.[5] rowling confirmed in a 2004 interview that hermione is an only child. he warned him that she had a big and jealous boyfriend. gringotts falls under wizarding rule, house-elves are slaughtered, and who amongst the wand-carriers protests? her sense of humour was limited; she frequently expressed disapproval over fred and george's practical jokes and threatened to put them in detention for selling prank items in the common room. by the time that hermione was elected minister for magic, ron had become more the stay-at-home-dad due to the convenience it placed on their respective careers, as ron's entrepreneurial exploits could be more easily conducted than hermione's careers in law enforcement and eventually politics. he respected her intellect, perspicacity, and level-headedness, admitting to harry that he had counted on hermione to keep things in perspective when the trio finally discovered the existence of the deathly hallows., in charms, defence against the dark arts, transfiguration, care of magical creatures, arithmancy, history of magic, herbology, astronomy, potions, and ancient runes. at one point, hagrid told harry that he saw ginny near his hut; he supposed that ginny hoped to see harry, and teased harry for it. he’s also incredibly tuned in to the whole acting process, highly self-critical and intent on improvement. has said that hermione is a character who makes "brain not beauty cool," and that though hermione is "slightly socially inept," she is "not ashamed of herself. their run-in with fluffy, harry deduced that whatever hagrid had retrieved from gringotts was beneath the trapdoor. order of the phoenix: aberforth dumbledore | alastor moody | arabella figg | arthur weasley | bill weasley | charlie weasley | dedalus diggle | elphias doge | emmeline vance | fleur delacour | fred weasley | george weasley | harry potter | hermione granger | hestia jones | kingsley shacklebolt | minerva mcgonagall | molly weasley | mundungus fletcher | nymphadora tonks | remus lupin | ron weasley | rubeus hagrid | severus snape | sirius black | sturgis podmore.  radcliffe has somehow managed, amid the maelstrom of potter, to live a relatively normal life.‘there are times when you go in a pub and you realise someone wants to fight you, but you just have to be aware when that’s going to happen and get out.[9] draco was with his father, lucius, and the elder malfoy took the opportunity to insult the weasley family for associating with the muggle parents of muggle-born witch hermione granger and — in his eyes — being a disgrace to wizards. every night, without fail, hermione was to be seen in a corner of the common room, several tables spread with books, arithmancy charts, rune dictionaries, diagrams of muggles lifting heavy objects, and file upon file of extensive notes; she barely spoke to anybody and snapped when she was interrupted. in the book, hermione's feelings toward ron are hinted at when she says that ron can't see her "like a girl," but krum could. hermione admitted that the sorting hat did consider putting her in ravenclaw.↑ dolohov and rowle saw ron weasley when they attacked the trio on tottenham court road yet ron's accompaniment of harry and hermione was not known to the death eaters until he was brought to malfoy manor in 1998, which shows that dolohov and rowle did not remember having seen him earlier.'s fear turned out to be justified, as harry's vision was a ruse designed to lure him to the ministry to obtain a prophecy voldemort sought. after this, hermione went to the aforementioned christmas party with cormac mclaggen to get back at ron, but it did not go well due to the former's impoliteness. ginny was one of the first people to learn about dumbledore's death, and the only one able to console harry afterwards. 'ultimately you have to look to yourself or a handful of people to get a proper opinion. hermione rarely saw eye-to-eye with luna lovegood due to their very different world views and beliefs, the two became very good friends through dumbledore's army. 'alan rickman did the play the grass widow early in his career [1983] where he had to lie down naked for five minutes, and gary and james both had to be naked in privates on parade.[7] hermione's foil at hogwarts is pansy parkinson, a bully based on real-life girls who teased the author during her school days. lupin was ginny's defence against the dark arts teacher during her second year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. her brothers: fred, george, and ron, often thought that she was too popular for her own good. next met umbridge a second time at the ministry of magic in 1997, when hermione was disguised as mafalda hopkirk through the usage of polyjuice potion.— hermione and ginny reassuring rose and albus after ron's joke[src]. when ginny's son, james, discovered victoire kissing teddy lupin at king's cross station, he proceeded to interrupt them and then run back to his family to triumphantly announce what he'd seen, prompting ginny to compare him to his uncle ron. she learned how to knit socks and hats for the house-elves and hid them in gryffindor tower. after a brief interrogation by the snatchers the captives were brought to malfoy manor and turned over to bellatrix lestrange. arthur weasley got into a fistfight with lucius malfoy in flourish and blotts prior to the start of ginny's first year, malfoy used the opportunity to slip tom riddle's diary into the pile of books ginny was carrying., at the farewell feast in the great hall, hermione, harry, ron, and neville were all awarded extra house points for bravery and heroism, which won gryffindor the house cup.

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in 1995 she was able to vanish harry potter's potion after believing him to be finished with it and a kitten by mid-year the hardest vanishment challenge of all. the elves found this attempt at freeing them insulting, and they stopped cleaning the tower at all. emma watson in particular was very, very like hermione when i first spoke to her, i knew she was perfect from that first phone call.[19] hermione was not afraid to stand up to her friends when she thought it was in their best interests, or when she felt they were wrong; she risked angering harry by getting his firebolt confiscated because she feared it might be jinxed,[11] and argued with both him and ginny over his use of the shady half blood prince's textbook.[11] while waiting, she discussed their saviour with harry, and when harry realised that it was he, she claimed that none but a powerful wizard could have conjured a patronus to drive away that many dementors. smaller acts of friendship include helping him with homework and cheering him on at quidditch games. friendship between harry, ron and hermione was solidified when, on hallowe'en in 1991, the three were forced to confront a mountain troll, which had been let into the school by professor quirinus quirrell. hermione imbibed polyjuice potion and transformed to look like mafalda hopkirk, a prominent ministry official. however, the one charm she always had trouble with was the patronus charm, something harry noted when she tried casting it when he, hermione and ron infiltrated the ministry of magic.: as the head quidditch correspondent for the daily prophet following her retirement from professional quidditch, ginny has been shown in her articles to be a very fair and adept journalist and reporter, often composing very unbiased and accurate articles while still injecting a certain enthusiasm into her writing style. 'i think the shortest relationship that i was in was six months and i think i’ve been pretty lucky because i’ve never gone for the wrong type of girl. furthermore, during the battle of the seven potters, tonks said ron was amazing, having defeated many death eaters. summer, hermione went on holiday to france with her parents. few months later, hermione was returning to her office when she was stopped by ron, who was really albus potter transfigured to look like ron. · concepta · david hamblin · natalie holkham · stephen gould · ashley sanders · hamish frater · richard carter · charlie weasley · oliver wood · angelina johnson · harry potter · cedric diggory · roger davies · winky crockett · neil lament · andrew snowy owl · jo king · rufus winickus · jody jacknife · stuart craggy · steve laughalot · emma vanity · lucinda talkalot · marcus flint · graham montague · isobel ross · mark overcliff · urquhart. despite the tragedy that had occurred at the school and attended dumbledore's funeral. the second wizarding war, ginny had three children with harry; two sons named james sirius and albus severus, and a daughter named lily luna. turn, hermione was jealous of ron's crush on fleur delacour, though expressed it in a subtler way. they discovered the caretaker's cat, mrs norris, petrified and the walls vandalised. they met on the train to hogwarts during their first year and she helped him search for his toad trevor. in harry potter and the prisoner of azkabanfirst letter harry gets before school starts and all hermione can talk about is ron. riddle possessed ginny one last time and had her enter the chamber of secrets, with every intention of killing her and using her life to restore his own. salazar was angry about the fact that muggle-born children should be allowed to attend hogwarts, but he was outnumbered and muggle-borns like hermione were allowed to attend the school. was a couple of weeks away from turning twelve when she boarded the hogwarts express in 1991, where she met harry potter and ron weasley while helping neville longbottom find his pet toad, trevor.↑ harry potter and the goblet of fire, chapter 13 (mad-eye moody). it was her favourite book and she would often read it in her free time. ironically, that's where she ends up after leaving hogwarts, following a stint in the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. she relaxed and reasserted her usual self, which was when harry finally started noticing her. ginny was not afraid to stand up to anybody, friends and enemies alike. potter and the prisoner of azkaban in harry potter and the goblet of fireoh, hey, is that hermione arriving at ron’s house before anyone else? spent christmas at 12 grimmauld place and visited her father again on christmas day. minerva mcgonagall took a shine to hermione from the first class she had with her, granting the first-year student in her house one of her "rare smiles" when hermione successfully transfigured a match into a needle early on in the lesson and long before any other student. they've both gone through a big emotional journey, and they've really got over a lot of delusions, to use your word, together. she only has one line and has not even one minute of screen time in prisoner of azkaban. when in doubt it is to the library that hermione turns. after dolores umbridge informed her defence against the dark arts students that they would not be using any magic, claiming a theoretical education would suffice, a furious hermione (fearful of being ill-equipped to deal with the reborn lord voldemort and the upcoming o. hermione used this wand at least until the battle of hogwarts, when she fought bellatrix with her own wand., it was not long before hermione realised that the ministry of magic had decided to interfere at hogwarts. ginny claims that she also felt specific love from harry since that day and that his love for her always made her feel stronger. while there, ginny asks harry to close his eyes while she goes and hides the book so that he and other students cannot find it. it is also revealed that after the events in the chamber of secrets that people shut ginny out of their lives, but harry came to her and played a game of exploding snap. and sirius would not meet again until the summer of 1995, at the headquarters of the second order of the phoenix. however, according to rowling, they could "probably be alright" with a bit of marriage counselling, and ron needed to work on his self-esteem issues while hermione needed to learn to be less critical. during gryffindor's quidditch try-outs in their sixth year, hermione also confunded cormac mclaggen to increase ron's chances of being made the team's keeper. rita while in the journalists' enclosure, repeatedly made corrections to ginny's reports, until, shortly after the match ended, rita remarked that her husband harry potter was "publicity-hungry" — just as ginny was approaching.↑ harry potter and the deathly hallows, chapter 6 (the ghoul in pyjamas) - "he forced himself to look directly into her [molly's] eyes, noticing as he did so that they were precisely the same shade of brown as ginny’s. despite not playing seeker regularly, she was able to defeat cho chang, a seasoned seeker, and effectively stepped into the shoes of the extremely talented harry potter (though it was stated that she had nothing on harry), winning gryffindor the quidditch cup in 1996. as the team started to miss their portkeys, ginny started to worry for their safety and was only partially relieved to see harry turn up at the burrow. after her recovery from the polyjuice complication, hermione suffered another accident. the end of her fifth year, ginny and harry began dating after spontaneously kissing in the aftermath of gryffindor winning the quidditch cup. took hermione's name from william shakespeare's the winter's tale,[38] saying that she wanted it to be unusual, since if fewer girls shared her name, fewer girls would get teased for it.[11] she eventually became an accomplished flier, and played both chaser and seeker for the gryffindor quidditch team during her school years. the ministry of magic began using the daily prophet in its smear campaign against harry, hermione was again able to blackmail rita, this time into writing an article for the quibbler that would allow harry to tell his side of the story. he nods: ‘yup, i did three films last year and i got naked in all of them. was a very difficult task and harry had to be constantly reminded by hermione to stay concealed.': geordie shore's chloe ferry launches into epic rant about her weight battle and claims she 'deserves to be naturally skinny'. later in the year, she and harry would use the time-turner to rescue sirius black from the dementor's kiss as well as buckbeak the hippogriff from execution.'i would trade my range rover and cartier for a boyfriend and a baby': gemma collins sobs during visit to fertility clinic to freeze her eggs on towie. with the summer holidays coming to a close ginny, the trio, and some of the other weasleys took a trip to diagon alley needed to purchase school supplies. near the end of the term she stops fraudulent tabloid reporter and unregistered animagus, rita skeeter, who had published defamatory material about hermione, harry, and hagrid during the triwizard tournament, by holding her animagus form (a beetle) captive in a jar. they broke up shortly thereafter, as harry realised that if they continued dating openly, voldemort would seek to use her to get to him, as he had done previously., ginny and harry were both temporarily possessed by lord voldemort and they ended up falling in love and eventually marrying. at the end of the year hermione returned her time-turner, claiming it caused too much trouble and that she would drop a few subjects instead, which was a very big surprise to everyone. played in the quidditch match against hufflepuff, where ron's bedridden status forced harry to play the reserve keeper cormac mclaggen. i got news for you and appeared with ricky gervais in extras. one when she touches his hair as he sits on the hilltop reading about dumbledore and grindelwald, and [two] the moment when they walk out of the graveyard with their arms around each other. by this time, ron was visibly disillusioned with his relationship with lavender, who had become possessive of him and called him by the annoying nickname "won-won. hermione is revived after harry kills the basilisk, but she is distraught to learn that all end-of-year exams have been cancelled as a school treat.-free kesha dresses down in a distressed t-shirt and leggings for pilates workout. however, with the return of lord voldemort and the murder of cedric diggory at the end of the school year,[20] there were much more serious challenges ahead for hermione and her friends.: until she began studying arithmancy in her third year, hermione's favourite subject was charms, and indeed some of her most impressive magical feats were charms.[28] though the epilogue does not explicitly say hermione and ron are married,[28] news articles and other sources treat it as a fact. and dean were going through a rocky patch, and in april they finally split up when she accused dean of always trying to help her through the portrait door into the gryffindor common room. he most likely inherited his father's quidditch skills, as he is noted to fly a lot with his cousins albus potter and james potter. did not care much for fleur delacour when she first arrived at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry for the triwizard tournament in 1994. the memory of tom riddle was furious, however, as he had been planning on taking on harry potter himself after learning his story. she deserved her punishment, as did the idiot longbottom and the lovegood oddity! although hermione found the lies ridiculous, some people believed them and started sending hermione hate mail, and even molly weasley treated her coldly until harry corrected her." it is also made known that binns calls everyone different names, with binns also calling harry potter "mr perkins. harry tended to have more fun with ron, hermione was consistently his place of refuge when others abandoned him, from ron's jealous withdrawal during the triwizard tournament, to harry's discovery of dumbledore's past during the war. she soon proved to be the best in all her classes, eager to please the professors and to help others learn, albeit in a bossy way that made it difficult for her to make friends. rune translation: hermione owned a copy of this book, probably because it may have been required for her lessons in 6th year ancient runes which she started in her 3rd year with the aid of a time turner. granger was one of ginny's best female friends and her confidante.-turner: in 1993, just before her third year at hogwarts, hermione obtained a time-turner from the ministry of magic in order to facilitate her attending more classes. to her amazement, the diary wrote back, and she started to confide in tom riddle's memory, writing about how her brothers teased her, how she had to come to school with second-hand robes and books, and how she thought that harry would never like her. however, hermione made the mistake of arranging the first meeting to take place in the hog's head, as opposed to the three broomsticks, which sirius, appearing in the gryffindor common room fire, said would have made it a lot more harder for anyone to overhear. after he pulled her from the lake, viktor told hermione that he had never felt about someone the way he felt about her, and invited her to visit him in bulgaria over the summer. harry had a vision of sirius being tortured in the department of mysteries by voldemort on 18 june, he informed ron and hermione. has gone on to say that hermione, harry, and ron are all "a bit like different parts of my personality" as well as her favourite characters, along with rubeus hagrid, albus dumbledore, fred and george weasley, and luna lovegood,[42] and that hermione and dumbledore were the most useful characters for exposition. she reveals to harry and ron that she does a lot of research in the library, which helped her defeat the devil's snare and work out the logic of the potions. hermione eventually persuaded harry potter and ron weasley to learn the spell after a confrontation with draco malfoy. hermione then cried over ron for more than a week after his departure, although she tried to hide it from harry.[6] after the war, she found them in australia and restored their memories. yes, potter, of course you may visit miss granger, i will inform professor binns where you've gone. while in fred and george's new shop, weasleys' wizard wheezes, in diagon alley, she bought her first pet, a purple pygmy puff that she named arnold. later in her fifth year, she fought alongside harry potter, ron weasley, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, and neville longbottom in the battle of the department of mysteries. while saying goodbye to her brothers, she found out that harry potter was on the train, and tried to get her mother to let her go on the train to see him. she also gave them advice rather often, such as in trying to make harry understand cho chang's behaviour on their date,[18] and in helping ginny deal with her crush on harry;[21] this once prompted ron to advise her to write a book to translate all the "mad things" girls do so that boys could understand them. potter: "been having a nice little chat with her about whether or not i'm a lying, attention-seeking prat, have you?'i’ve definitely had my heart broken, but it was more when i was a kid and hung up on someone. despite this aptitude, this was the one subject harry potter was better than her at, something she freely acknowledged. riddle's soul communicated with ginny through his diary, sympathising with her problems and giving her advice, which made her emotionally vulnerable to riddle's influence. despite this, hermione was still seen to defend snape on occasion when harry and ron blamed him for evil deeds which occurred in hogwarts, like setting the troll in the dungeon and trying to steal the philosopher's stone in harry's first year. despite losing the match, ginny captured the golden snitch, although she downplayed the achievement by saying it was not a fast snitch and that the opposing seeker, summerby, had a cold. harry was attacked by nagini upstairs, who had been waiting for them in the guise of the old woman, whose corpse had been animated like an inferius by voldemort. dean took the break up much harder; he broke the glass he was holding upon witnessing ginny and harry's first kiss. harry, who had suspected that draco was a death eater for quite a while, forewarned ron and hermione to be vigilant and gave them the remains of his felix felicis potion., in attempting to capture them, xenophilius made the erumpent horn in his living room (which he had insisted was a snorkack horn, much to hermione's annoyance) explode, giving the trio the chance to hide just as death eaters selwyn and travers arrived.. members fired reductor curses at the shelves to distract the death eaters and began running. variant of hermione is available in the "downloadable character pack" dlc for lego harry potter: years 5-7. in the aftermath, ginny was shocked to find that her brother bill had been badly injured and permanently scarred by fenrir greyback. she defeated many death eaters during the battle of hogwarts and also held her own against bellatrix lestrange, despite being handicapped by using bellatrix's own wand against her. hagrid was the gamekeeper and care of magical creatures professor at hogwarts, as well as a member of the order of the phoenix during the first and second wizarding wars. potter: "well, i expect he'd say something different if he knew what i'd just —".[22] ginny defended neville when others laughed at him, and told him not to put himself down when he described himself as "nobody.—pansy about hermione when her looks are complimented in an article[src]. as harry prepared to be killed by voldemort, he thought of ginny, "her blazing looks, and the feel of her lips on his. ‘you can’t believe everything this guy has done and i’m training a lot, which means i get to eat a load of pizza. against the dark arts: hermione was skilled in this subject as she was able to achieve an 'exceeds expectations' in her o. hermione blackmailed rita into giving up writing for one year, otherwise her unregistered status would be revealed. eventually, riddle was able to possess ginny, use her to open the chamber of secrets, and free salazar slytherin's basilisk to petrify several muggle-born students (including hermione granger). in 1997, she left hogwarts to help harry and ron find and destroy voldemort's horcruxes. she discovered tom riddle's diary in amongst her school things and began writing in it.'s children (left to right): lily luna, james sirius, and albus severus. she was recovered from her petrification under the care of madam pomfrey with the assistance of professor sprout's mandrake restorative draught.[22] at the ball on christmas, she met michael corner and started dating him at the end of the year. lupin and sirius black with the trio, before forcing pettigrew into human form. pottermore - "new cursed child character portraits of ron, hermione and rose granger-weasley". snape was blasted off his feet and knocked unconscious, allowing harry, ron and hermione to continue their interrogation of sirius who later revealed that pettigrew had disguised himself in his rat animagus form for twelve years in order to escape justice and the wrath of voldemort's remaining death eaters., along with neville and luna, co-led the da in opposition to alecto and amycus carrow, during the 1997-1998 school year, writing slogans on walls and at one point attempting to steal the sword of gryffindor from headmaster snape's office. on harry's seventeenth birthday, ginny confessed that she did not know what to give harry since anything she gave him would have to be small enough for him to carry around.[41] hermione did not tend to do as well in subjects that were not learned through books or formal training, as broom flying did not come as naturally to her in her first year as it did to harry,[42] and she showed no affinity for divination, which she dropped from her third year studies."and it's supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us, and i can smell freshly mowed grass and new parchment and. drawing the connection between harry hearing voices in the walls and him being a parselmouth, she came to the conclusion that the creature attacking students must be a basilisk, and rushed to the library to conduct further research. the six students flew on thestrals to the ministry of magic to try to save sirius from voldemort and his death eaters. has also stated that, from a feminist point of view, she is very proud of hermione. would often defend harry whenever she felt it was needed, such as; in 1992 when she stood up to draco malfoy and fiercely told him "to leave [harry] alone". though she was petrified for the rest of the school year, hermione was still able to assist harry and ron, for she had torn out the page on basilisks and scribbled on it "pipes", referencing the manner in which the creature had moved around the school undetected. hermione and ron's relationship suffered greatly in their sixth year, when ron became envious of both hermione and harry, who were invited to be members of the slug club, a group of students favoured by potions professor horace slughorn, while he was ignored. scarf: hermione owned a dark purple/red scarf and wore it frequently in 1997 whilst on the run with harry potter and ron weasley during the second wizarding war. hermione gave harry advice on cho and girls in general. i always went along and sat with everyone else watching the movie. is stated that ginny looked forward to attending hogwarts, ever since bill began attending,[9] however since bill began attending in 1982, when ginny was only a year old, this seems unlikely as she would have been too young to realise what was going on. alongside this, in one alternative universe created by scorpius and albus' time-travelling experiences, hermione in fact becomes professor of defence against the dark arts, although she was notably less pleasant as a person than she was in the 'prime' timeline. she even suggested that ginny start going out with other available boys to mark time until harry starts taking more notice and returns her feelings and becomes available.:31harry potter and the sorcerer's stone - hermione grangerhermione granger01:25harry potter and the chamber of secrets - hermione's backhermione's back01:07harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban - hermione leaves divination classhermione leaves divination class00:38harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (2004) - the feminine touchthe feminine touch00:29harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban - two hermionestwo hermiones01:21harry potter and the goblet of fire - hermione conveys messageshermione conveys messages01:40harry potter and the goblet of fire - hermione's datehermione's date00:38harry potter and the order of the phoenix - hermione's planhermione's plan00:53harry potter and the order of the phoenix - hermione fools umbridgehermione fools umbridge00:49hermione being tortured by bellatrix in harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1hermione is tortured.— hermione and ron after the latter's return to her and harry[src]. hermione comforted ron after he failed his apparition test because he splinched half an eyebrow, while he teased her about the instructor's praise for her flawless performance. it is, however, unlikely as it was of no real use to them on their mission.— ginny's possessiveness regarding harry and her mistrust of cho[src]. it was later destroyed by scabior when she, harry and ron were taken to malfoy manor. several occasions - during their frequent bickering - hermione is seen calling ron by his full name to express her annoyance.↑ harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, chapter 21 (hermione's secret) - "hermione's white face was sticking out from behind a tree.'s relationship with cho chang was two-sided; while hermione gave harry advice on how to build a successful relationship with cho, cho grew increasingly jealous of harry's close friendship with hermione, believing that the two of them were romantically involved. harry and ron reconciled with hermione after hagrid scolded them for their treatment of her. hermione was so touched by her husband's suggestion that they began to kiss passionately over her mountain of paperwork in her office. during the hunt for the horcruxes, ron comforted hermione several times by putting his arm around her, and harry believed that they might have fallen asleep holding hands. was more or less hermione's polar opposite: where hermione was compassionate (i. the two made ginny's brother ron and hermione granger the godparents to their eldest son and neville longbottom the godfather to their second son. it was revealed by rowling after the publication of the final book that hermione's career in the ministry was to fight for the rights of the oppressed (such as house-elves or muggle-borns). after harry explained that the stories were false, mrs weasley once again warmed up to hermione. she and harry remained close friends with neville in their later years, as ginny asked her son, james sirius, to "give neville their love" when neville taught james herbology at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. some students, such as terry boot, wondered why hermione was sorted into gryffindor house rather than ravenclaw, given her keen mind. their combative relationship eventually subsided for a more affectionate one, as ron was noted to kiss hermione in public extremely often as noted by their nephew, albus potter.'s surname was 'puckle', in early drafts of harry potter. ginny was sadistically threatened with torture by bellatrix lestrange, lucius's sister-in-law, who wanted to use the cruciatus curse on her to force harry to hand over the prophecy, thus hoping to avoid the inevitable fight that would breakout. speaking with dumbledore about the diary's remains, ginny and her family came to learn that tom riddle is the original name of lord voldemort, much to ginny's horror. she went very pale and shook like mad, eventually sobbing and having to be comforted by hermione. hermione was worried that it was a trap and convinced harry to try to contact sirius before doing anything rash.'s army coin: the dumbledore's army coin was a fake galleon created by hermione in 1995 to inform members of dumbledore's army when the next meeting would take place. harry himself failed to recognise her initially, and was shocked when he did, for she did not look at all like her usual self: her hair was sleek and shiny, and twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head.[18] despite this, hermione was generally sensitive to others' emotions, and would lie when she had to, though she was not a skilled liar. her array of protective charms defended her, harry, and ron for almost a year while they were searching for voldemort's horcruxes, while several far more experienced wizards were captured within months. she was happily surprised when ron quickly asked her to dance, and when krum asked a disguised harry whether the two were together, harry replied "er. at least once, ginny went down toward rubeus hagrid's hut, hoping to see harry there. they then regrouped with harry and hermione, who had left umbridge with a group of enraged centaurs. following the visit, she noticed that harry started to distance himself from everyone, refusing to speak to anyone in the house.[6] neville was obviously very fond of hermione, and appreciative of her kindness and all the help she had given him. the two remained very close after the war and eventually became sisters-in-law when hermione married ron, making her an aunt to ginny's three children, james, albus, and lily, as well as being chosen to be godmother to ginny's eldest son james, and making ginny rose and hugo's aunt and almost certainly rose's godmother.[10] all three of the couple's children were named in honour of family members, friends, and allies (most of whom they are named after are deceased). ginny, along with luna and ron, were separated from the other three and were chased through various rooms by death eaters. lestrange was one of voldemort's most fanatically loyal followers; hermione initially knew her as one of the death eaters involved in torturing and permanently incapacitating frank and alice longbottom, though she also witnessed bellatrix murder sirius black at the battle of the department of mysteries, in 1996. although it has never been confirmed that septimus and cedrella are arthur's parents, this can be inferred based on sirius black's statement in ch. you don’t want to be the  one people say: “great, great, great” to and then turn round and think: “s***, s***, s***. she excelled as a chaser and was given a spot on the roster. after the former headmaster had been laid to rest, harry broke up with ginny, fearing that if voldemort knew how he felt about her, she would become a target and he could not knowingly endanger her life. crookshanks is highly intelligent, but was not fond of many people besides hermione. throughout her entire school career, hermione was insistent on order and steadfastly devoted to the rules, at the expense of her popularity. in harry potter and the philosopher’s stonehermione noticed the dirt on ron’s nose right at the start. taraji p henson and nia long 'stopped talking to each other and almost had to shoot scenes separately' on empire set. that year, hermione also quickly mastered non-verbal magic, the first in her class to do so. she was forced to sit through the trials of alderton and mary cattermole, innocent muggle-borns, right alongside umbridge and death eater yaxley. began avoiding lavender, who soon became suspicious of his relationship with hermione, ultimately leading to an argument about her. she prepared for their departure and journey by placing an undetectable extension charm on a small beaded purse so she is able to fill the infinite depths of the bag with materials they will need. ginny joined the group, bringing her boyfriend michael with her, and several other ravenclaws.., making them laugh with her highly accurate impression of umbridge's signature cough and generally proving to be a skilled duellist; the major exceptions to this would have been marietta edgecombe, who betrayed the da to umbridge, and zacharias smith, who ginny once purposely crashed into after a quidditch match, and who deserted the da prior to the battle of hogwarts.'s army allies: order of the phoenix | hogwarts staff | augusta longbottom | andromeda tonks | ted tonks | percy weasley | oliver wood | dobby | grawp | winky.'s corporeal horse patronus, which she was able to conjure at age fourteen. early drafts, hermione was supposed to have a muggle sister."[12] her original last name was "puckle", but rowling felt the name "did not suit her at all", and so the less frivolous granger made it into the books. arthur weasley was fascinated by the muggle world and thus hermione's background, and even invited hermione's parents for a drink upon first meeting them. she used it a great deal and ensured that her spellwork was good enough to disguise the information as typical text on a galleon. the well-trodden britney spears/lindsay lohan/justin bieber child star rebel route, which involves gaining an aura of dubious credibility via sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll and spells in rehab.[14] hermione's knack for logic later enables the trio to solve a puzzle that is essential to retrieving the philosopher's stone, and she defeats the constrictive devil's snare plant by summoning a jet of "bluebell flame". aptitude: at hogwarts, hermione was usually the first to master any spell, and was capable of using spells beyond her educational level. she was seen to be wearing it during her third and fourth year. was noted for being extremely intelligent and hard-working, coming out on top in most of her classes and continuously aiding harry and ron in their adventures.

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year, hermione was also among the students who found remus lupin to be the best defence against the dark arts teacher they have ever had. also, hermione became jealous (but she tried to conceal it) when ron began dating lavender brown and kissing her frequently. watched draco emerge from the room with the hand of glory; when he saw them, he threw peruvian instant darkness powder, blinding them and leading death eaters into hogwarts via a vanishing cabinet. the death of cedric diggory, the ministry of magic refused to accept harry and dumbledore's claims that lord voldemort had returned, and the daily prophet labelled them either liars or nutters. in their second year, hagrid comforted hermione when she was called a "a filthy little mudblood" by draco malfoy.. had a coin that had numerals that changed into the time and date of the next meeting of the d.: "hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because i never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? hermione mastered all the spells taught by harry in their fifth year in dumbledore's army. umbridge was as obsessed with blood-status as the death eaters, and had a particular hatred of what she called "half-breeds. if harry and hermione had ended up together it would have been too conventional and it’s far better to be unorthodox. hermione stunned nott when he grabbed harry, thus freeing him and causing nott to be injured by the collapsing shelves of prophecies. faith hill reveals why she is happy with her wrinkles and just fine with turning 50.[21] however, the theory that muggle-borns have some sort of wizarding ancestry suggests slughorn might be right about hermione and hector being related because every muggle-born must have had a squib ancestor. the memory of tom riddle had fed off her, gaining enough strength to become corporeal. cowell, naomi scott and elizabeth banks join power rangers creator haim saban as he receives star on hollywood walk of fame. they were about to carry the two students off as well, but grawp stumbled onto the scene and a fight broke out between the giant and the herd. potter: a pop-up book (mentioned on prop of howler included as an extra). however, when bill became permanently disfigured by fenrir greyback and fleur indignantly defended her husband's bravery, ginny began to recognise fleur's admirable qualities. she finally caved under the pressure from her ministry mother who worked in the the floo network office and betrayed the d. in the hall of prophecy, they found no sign of sirius, but ron did find a prophecy pertaining to harry. on one night, she followed harry and ron as they were leaving gryffindor tower to duel draco malfoy. granger and the other petrified students being visited by harry potter and ron weasley. is currently dating his kill your darlings co-star erin darke‘and i only go for intelligent girls.[10][19] one of the traits harry was attracted to was that ginny rarely got weepy;[10] this contrasted with cho chang, who started to cry all throughout the 1995-1996 school year after her boyfriend was murdered. they both came from muggle backgrounds, but voldemort was raised in an orphanage while hermione was brought up in a loving muggle family.. did you know that it was harry who set dobby free?— cho and ginny trying to find a name for dumbledore's army[src].[19] the following school year, she helped arrange for hermione to be granted a time-turner to take extra classes. with the arrival of new defence against the dark arts teacher dolores umbridge and a theory-based course, harry, ron, and hermione decided to form a study group to teach practical defence spells. and harry soon decided to go to godric's hollow to see the graves of harry's parents and to speak to historian bathilda bagshot, whom they believed might be holding onto godric gryffindor's sword for harry. after tonks was murdered by her own aunt bellatrix lestrange during the battle of hogwarts, ginny duelled bellatrix, along with hermione and luna, although it is unknown if ginny knew that it was bellatrix who had murdered tonks. before he destroyed it, however, the locket revealed some of ron's deepest fears, including that hermione preferred harry to him. she was furious with ron for days for his abandonment, but gradually warmed up to him again. rowling has said that she loosely based hermione at the age of eleven on herself at the same age, though an exaggerated version:". thus, any children she had would be their second cousins, and second cousins once removed of their sons sirius and regulus. girlfriend" by likely twisting and sensationalising the words of colin creevey and thus used this as the basis for the article. in 1997 she told off her then boyfriend dean thomas for laughing at the fact that harry was injured by cormac mclaggen during a quidditch match. lego harry potter: years 1-4, hermione has the ability to control crookshanks and translate ancient runes since first year, rather than third year. their fifth year, hermione kissed ron on the cheek before the quidditch tournament, to which he reacted by being "puzzled" and touching the spot where she kissed him. protect them during the height of the war, hermione modified her parents' memories in 1997 to make them believe they were entirely different people, and they left the country. ginny always tried to beat cho at everything to impress harry more, such as in quidditch. hermione was one of the few who visited him and stayed at number twelve, grimmauld place for a couple of weeks until mr weasley was nursed back to health.— hermione and ron to xeno lovegood at the lovegood house[src]. when cho attempted to insult hermione for jinxing her friend marietta edgecombe for betraying da, harry defended her and in turn insulted marietta. hermione and ron also share their first kiss in the midst of the battle. unlike most wizards who depended solely on their magical ability, hermione readily relied on logic. she ran along the platform after the train, half-laughing and half-crying, then stopped to wave them off. make-up free hailey baldwin grabs lunch with cameron dallas amid dating rumors at urth caffé in la.; nine 'outstandings', and one 'exceeds expectations', in defence against the dark arts. it's around this time that ginny started to speak to harry like a friend, and harry in turn began to enjoy her company, although ginny bringing chocolate into the library infuriated madam pince to the point of violently chasing her and harry out. hermione became the godmother of harry and ginny potter's eldest son james. while harry is being possessed, she rushes up to see the events first and affectionately strokes his arm at the end of the year. he was a hands on professor who believed in a practical approach when it came to defence.[1] moreover, she states that not unlike herself, "there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure" beneath hermione's swottiness.—hermione possibly realising her feelings towards ron whilst smelling a love potion[src]. 1 september, 2017, hermione and ron brought their children to king's cross station to see rose off for her first year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and met harry, ginny, and their three children there. in time, they arrived safely at the burrow, where hermione was immensely relieved to see harry alive and ran to him and hugged him tight, but she was greatly worried when ron did not show up on time..Screen, he secured plaudits for kill your darlings and the darkly. afterwards, hermione returned the time-turner, returning to a normal class schedule."[50] rowling also stated that ron and hermione could probably be alright with marriage counselling.'i caught him': vanderpump rules' scheana accuses estranged husband mike of cheating as duo come face-to-face in explosive reunion trailer.. rowling has stated that hermione is afraid of failure and harry's first powerful uses of the spell, at a quidditch match and when he saved sirius, seem more motivated by his confidence rather then a positive memory. year 4, she seems more concerned over harry's faint in the quidditch world cup than anyone. dean, who had been playing as reserve chaser in place of katie bell, laughed about the incident, causing him and ginny to have a row. hermione was one of the first to pick up on the true motives behind umbridge's appointment at the magical school. the lego harry potter series, ginny's actions towards harry are set out differently:In year 2, when she sees harry arrive, she sighs and giggles at the sight of him., worried the diary would reveal to harry things she'd written about her feelings for him, stole the diary back."[35] during her defence against the dark arts exam at the end of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, hermione reveals that her biggest fear is failure, after a boggart takes the form of professor mcgonagall and tells her that she has failed all her exams. she and her parents also accompanied harry and the weasley family to diagon alley to shop for school supplies. cards:adalbert waffling | almerick sawbridge | archibald alderton | balfour blane | beatrix bloxam | beaumont marjoribanks | bridget wenlock | burdock muldoon | cassandra vablatsky | celestina warbeck | cornelius agrippa | devlin whitehorn | dorcas wellbeloved | edgar stroulger | elladora ketteridge | ethelred the ever-ready | flavius belby | gifford ollerton | glanmore peakes | glover hipworth | greta catchlove | grogan stump | gulliver pokeby | gunhilda of gorsemoor | havelock sweeting | hengist of woodcroft | heathcote barbary | herman wintringham | hesper starkey | jocunda sykes | justus pilliwickle | merlin | merton graves | merwyn the malicious | miranda goshawk | mungo bonham | musidora barkwith | myron wagtail | newton scamander | norvel twonk | orsino thruston | perpetua fancourt | quong po | roland kegg | stoddard withers | tilly toke | uric the oddball | yardley platt. amanda comes out smelling of roses after donning stunning floral frock for brockmire premiere.—harry and hermione share a moment at his parents' grave[src]. he went to reading music festival three times with his mates as a teenager and still eats in burger chains because, he says: ‘i made a decision early on to keep things as normal as possible. with harry and ron, she helped to revolutionise the ministry and reform the wizarding world. this traumatic experience, ginny returned to normal and was happy and relaxed for the rest of the school term. more members of dumbledore's army and the order of the phoenix arrived for battle, mr and mrs weasley forbade their daughter to take part in the fighting, since she was under age. was also unable to look upon her husband when he disguised himself as voldemort during the events of the cursed child. harry and ron fought off peter pettigrew before he was choked to death by his own silver hand for showing harry mercy, before racing upstairs to save hermione and the goblin griphook. hermione also cast expelliarmus on snape, knocking him out, at which she was horrified as they had attacked a teacher, which would equal expulsion. the end of the second wizarding war, ginny and harry potter rekindled their romance. she also had knowledge of various different plants; for example, in her second year, she was the only one who knew what the mandrake root was and what it did. seeming rather inconsiderate and self-centred, fleur proved to be courageous and ultimately caring, even selfless, in her own way. her second year, hermione played a crucial role in the discovery of the chamber of secrets, before falling victim to the basilisk unleashed upon hogwarts following the opening of the chamber. was hermione's brilliant spell-work that ensured the security of dumbledore's army. spite of always wanting to follow the school rules, after hermione became friends with harry and ron, she would disobey the rules along with them in order to successfully complete their group affairs. ginny seemed to be friendly with hagrid, as they were both friends of harry, ron, and hermione.—ginny comforting her husband as albus leaves for hogwarts[src]. sirius quickly fainted, and harry told hermione to think of something happy and attempt to cast a patronus as he was trying to himself, but they were both unable to cast one. she first appears in harry potter and the philosopher's stone, as a new student on her way to hogwarts. films earned him millions (according to the annual rich list he is worth £60 million) and made him famous and loved the world over. while in his cabin, hermione discovered scabbers, ron's lost rat. the two fought off at least five death eaters, possibly killing one, injuring two, and were pursued by lord voldemort himself at one point. harry's wand had also been broken in the foray, most likely by the blasting curse hermione cast at nagini. that ordeal ginny grew into a confident young woman, becoming an important member of dumbledore's army, an organisation taught and led by harry potter in her fourth year. at this time, hermione unknowingly attracted the interest of durmstrang triwizard champion and bulgarian international seeker, viktor krum for her intelligence, unconventional beauty, and the manner in which she declined to hound him for autographs, unlike other girls. daniel radcliffe also plays hermione in the "seven potters" scene. also before returning to hogwarts, she and ron learned that they had been appointed prefects for gryffindor house and received badges. he is wearing black jeans and a t-shirt – there is no sign of an expensive watch or even a single piece of jewellery. the school year began, hermione resumed some of her activism on behalf of house-elves, though she was not as intense about s. ginny eventually figured out what she had been doing, despite having no memory of what happened during the times she was possessed, after finding herself covered in feathers and rooster blood. and george weasley seemed to regard hermione and harry almost like other younger siblings, teasing them as well as being protective of them. harry attacked umbridge in a rage, their cover was blown, but she and harry managed to free the muggle-born prisoners and encouraged them to flee the country while voldemort was in power. indeed, she was able to cast the hex so efficiently that her brothers even commented on it to others,[11] and she gained the notice of professor slughorn, who invited her to join the slug club entirely because she performed a "marvellous bat-bogey hex". later on, when harry went to the trophy room to try to learn more about tom riddle, he was accompanied by an "interested" hermione.—hermione upon first meeting harry potter and ron weasley[src]. janelle monáe turns heads in a seriously funky polka dot coat as she jets out of la in black-and-white look. sternberg (harry potter and the half blood prince: the video game). umbridge threatened to use the cruciatus curse on harry to make him tell her what he was doing, hermione faked a breakdown and told a lie about a weapon that albus dumbledore had told them to make. she also enchanted her small handbag with an undetectable extension charm to allow her to carry more items in the bag than physically allowed, which allowed her, harry and ron to survive the months spent out in the open.: "well, to tell you the truth, skiing's not really my thing. "jk rowling tells of anger at attacks on casting of black hermione". covering the triwizard tournament in hermione's fourth year, daily prophet journalist rita skeeter wrote a number of exaggerated and slanderous stories about harry potter and his friends, including one that outed rubeus hagrid as a half-giant. it's harry potter and a new-look hermione: cast set to star in highly-anticipated stage play is revealed. if you went out and got a bit of snogging done yourself, you wouldn't mind so much that everyone else does it! times online - the unwritten story of harry's friends and their children. rachel riley can't control her giggles as dictionary corner finds a titillating and cheeky eight-letter word on countdown. with hermione's moans and screams of pain echoing throughout the manor, harry and ron saw no possible hope left. part of the new ministry's regime, hogwarts attendance became mandatory and muggle-borns were being rounded up. ginny grew up with her parents and six brothers at the burrow in devon, england; her room was on the third floor, overlooking the family's orchard and decorated with posters of the weird sisters and gwenog jones."assuming i survive our hunt for the horcruxes, i'll find mum and dad and lift the enchantment. ginny's fifth year, harry started to fall in love with her as well. on the occasion that buckbeak the hippogriff is executed, harry consoles her as she cries. she put her life in danger by posing as one of harry's decoys in the battle of the seven potters, and after the battle of malfoy manor, hermione, harry and ron, along with luna lovegood, dean thomas, and an injured garrick ollivander and griphook, stayed with bill and fleur for a month at shell cottage, where fleur took care of them all like a mother. they fought physically, although hermione stopped them before they started casting spells.: ginny's pygmy puff, or miniature puffskein, purchased from her brothers fred and george weasley at their shop, weasley's wizard wheezes, in august of 1996. we haven't seen her for ages, professor, and we thought we'd sneak into the hospital wing, you know, and tell her the mandrakes are nearly ready and, er, not to worry. she was visibly displeased with the attention gabrielle delacour paid him, and spoke up when harry's ex-girlfriend, cho chang, volunteered to take harry to see rowena ravenclaw's diadem, insisting that luna lovegood take harry instead. started dating dean thomas at the end of her fourth year. potions professor horace slughorn invites hermione to join his "slug club",[23] and she helps ron retain his spot on the gryffindor quidditch team when she confunds cormac mclaggen, causing him to miss his last save attempt during keeper tryouts. hermione and ron attended the 2014 quidditch world cup and sat in vip box two. when george turned up with his ear cursed off, ginny was shocked and helped her mother tend to him. even though she dated other boys, ginny never completely gave up on the hope that harry would reciprocate her affections. potter and the goblet of fire in harry potter and the order of the phoenixhermione spends the summer with ron! learning that harry had convinced himself that he had been possessed by lord voldemort and attacked her father, ginny railed on him for not seeking advice from the one person who had definitely been possessed by the dark lord. dagworth-granger (possible ancestor)mr granger (father)mrs granger (mother)ron weasley (husband)rose granger-weasley (daughter)hugo granger-weasley (son)arthur weasley (father-in-law)molly weasley (née prewett) (mother-in-law)harry potter (brother-in-law)ginevra potter (née weasley) (sister-in-law)james potter ii (nephew/godson)albus potter (nephew)lily potter ii (niece)fred weasley (brother-in-law) † george weasley (brother-in-law)angelina weasley (née johnson) (sister-in-law)fred weasley ii (nephew)roxanne weasley (niece)percy weasley (brother-in-law)audrey weasley (sister-in-law)molly weasley ii (niece)lucy weasley (niece)charlie weasley (brother-in-law)bill weasley (brother-in-law)fleur weasley (née delacour) (sister-in-law)victoire weasley (niece)dominique weasley (niece)louis weasley (nephew).[11] it is unknown what happened to crookshanks after hermione left him at the burrow in the summer of 1997 in order to locate and destroy lord voldemort's horcruxes. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy."hermione began her post-hogwarts career at the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures where she was instrumental in greatly improving life for house-elves and their ilk. harry potter and the cursed child, set 19 years after the events of the books, hermione is the minister for magic. is portrayed by french-born british actress emma watson in the film adaptations of harry potter and the philosopher's stone, chamber of secrets, prisoner of azkaban, goblet of fire, order of the phoenix, half-blood prince and deathly hallows: part 1 and part 2 and is one of the 14 characters to appear in all 8 film adaptations. along with her brothers and harry, she was instantly sent to 12 grimmauld place by a portkey to await news. this resulted in hermione receiving several letters of hate mail, including a few howlers and at least one envelope filled with bubotuber pus. ginny was captured by warrington, and when neville saw what was happening and tried to help, he was caught as well. rowling has pointed out that there is no reason why hermione should be white. hermione was pleased to learn that lupin had married nymphadora tonks before the battle of the seven potters began, and became even more joyful at the news of lupin's son, ted lupin, being born; joining in on the celebratory festivities at shell cottage. hermione, meanwhile, did not concern herself with lupin's lycanthropy, she judged him only by his good nature and the content of his character. michele legs it around set of sitcom pilot in flirty dress and bright teal jacket (while an assistant carries her umbrella).. whenever the master coin (owned by harry potter) was changed. in one alternate reality, she did not marry ron and became the defence against the dark arts teacher at hogwarts. however, ginny was not afraid to stand up to hermione when she felt she was wrong, for example when hermione scolded harry potter for using the sectumsempra spell.[45] her wand is made of vine wood and dragon heartstring core; vine is the wood ascribed to hermione's fictional birth month (september) on the celtic calendar.[20][32] harry eventually explains to ron that he and hermione are like brother and sister. he consistently praises her intelligence and magical skills to teachers, asks her for help in dangerous situations, and defends her against bullies. 1 september, 2017, harry and ginny escorted their children james and albus to the hogwarts express, where albus would begin his first year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. diggory · ernie macmillan · hannah abbott · albus dumbledore · remus lupin · bill weasley · charlie weasley · percy weasley · unidentified gryffindor prefect (i) · unidentified gryffindor prefect (ii) · ron weasley · hermione granger · penelope clearwater · anthony goldstein · padma patil · minerva mcgonagall · unidentified ravenclaw prefect · tom riddle · lucius malfoy · unidentified slytherin prefect (i) · unidentified slytherin prefect (ii) · unidentified slytherin prefect (iii) · draco malfoy · pansy parkinson. hermione was frustrated with luna's belief in all manner of things without proof or logical grounds, but eventually simply accepted their differences, telling luna that her planned trip to sweden in search of a crumple-horned snorkack sounded "lovely". plus they have american football, and i’m obsessed by it. in 1995, she brought him and some of his friends along to the first meeting of what would become dumbledore's army. they were made of a "floaty, periwinkle-blue material" and were considered to be quite attractive."well, you seemed too busy to call him a prat, and i thought someone should. they did, however, use the opportunity to rescue sirius and buckbeak as it was hinted by dumbledore that more than one innocent life could be spared that night. hermione deduced he was a werewolf during the school year, yet chose to keep it a secret in order to respect his privacy. her fourth year at hogwarts, hermione spent much of the summer holidays at the burrow with harry and ron, sharing a room with ginny weasley. upon seeing hermione with krum, ron was overcome with jealousy. the books, hermione is described as having bushy brown hair and brown eyes. accepting harry's story that he did not enter himself in the tournament. 11 august, 1981) was a pure-blood witch, the youngest of arthur and molly weasley's (née prewett) seven children, and the first female to be born into the weasley line for several generations. in 1997, when the trio was captured by snatchers and brought to malfoy manor, fenrir greyback mistakenly called ron hermione's boyfriend when she tried to protect him. learning from mundungus fletcher that dolores umbridge had tom riddle's mother's locket, one of the seven horcruxes, in her possession, the trio formed a plan to infiltrate the ministry and reclaim the locket. ginny witnessed harry's final defeat of lord voldemort, and was one of the first people to run and hug him. even pansy gaped at hermione when she saw her, and draco seemed unable to find an insult to throw at her. she also fought in the battle of the department of mysteries to prevent voldemort from obtaining a vital prophecy, but was severely injured and rendered unconscious.[18] harry once commented that the patronus charm was the only spell hermione ever had trouble with,[6] perhaps indicating that although she was skilled with the charm, it did not come as easily to her as most other spells as she perhaps lacked the self-confidence. the film adaptation of harry potter and the chamber of secrets, hermione is shown to be aware of what the term "mudblood" means when draco malfoy uses the slur against her, whereas in the novel, she has never heard the word before and ron explains its meaning to her and harry. before they could return to their dormitory, scabbers bit ron and fled. despite the break-up — or because of it — ginny was still her usually bubbly self and hung around with harry and ron more because of quidditch training. is portrayed by british actress poppy miller in the original west end production of harry potter and the cursed child. during the first quidditch match, hermione set professor snape's robes on fire when she thought he was jinxing harry's broom. harry potter, ronald weasley, and hermione later came across it during the 1994–1995 school year and used it to learn the spell, which proved valuable against the plants that have not fully grown which can be found all over the hogwarts grounds.' kate winslet gives inspiring speech about fighting off 'body bullies' and refusing to settle for 'fat girl parts'. hermione, ron, and harry escaped on the back of the half-blind dragon that was guarding the vault, with another horcrux in their possession. ginny was thrilled when he married nymphadora tonks, and remained close with their son, teddy, well after tonks and remus were murdered during the battle of hogwarts. hermione once argued with them that the ageing potion they planned on using to trick the age line protecting the goblet of fire wouldn't work because dumbledore would have already thought of a foolish ageing potion. for example, she came with ron and harry into the third floor corridor, which was forbidden for students to enter in their first year, in order to save the philosopher's stone; she assisted in creating the polyjuice potion in their second year; and although harry was the one who taught dumbledore's army in their fifth year, she was the one who came up with the idea. they met up with ron again and fled the ministry, but yaxley grabbed onto hermione's arm while they were disapparating. ginny also hexed and crashed into zacharias smith when he irritated and insulted her on two separate occasions during her fifth year. the dementors were about to perform the kiss on harry, hermione, and sirius when a mysterious figure cast a very powerful patronus charm to repel the dementors. ginny responded to this by turning around and winking at harry. hermione intended for ron to ask her, but his invite was insensitive and at the last minute. she was able to lead harry away from dumbledore's corpse and up to the hospital wing, where harry broke the news that dumbledore had been killed by severus snape. (by grawp)little miss perfect[5] (by rita skeeter)mafalda hopkirk[6]harry potter[6]penelope clearwater[6]bellatrix lestrange[6]. and then i saw him a few months back on the train, having a cup of tea. ron typically defers to harry's opinions on important decisions, and tends to hold back when hermione confronts harry about them, letting them battle it out. in 1997, hermione, once again, wore dress robes to the wedding of william weasley and fleur delacour.—snape to hermione after she speaks out of turn[src].[30] hermione had a wide knowledge and talent for the powerful shield charms she casted outside their tent each day while hunting for horcruxes. real people did inspire a few of them, but of course once they are on the page they become something completely different. upon seeing ron returned, she screamed at ron despite harry trying to tell her that ron just saved his life, and punched him until harry cast a shield charm between them with hermione's wand. hermione commented that she had used sleekeazy's hair potion, but that it was too much work to use it every day. during her third year, hermione joined her class and used a time-turner to get to one of the lessons[35]. some of ginny's brothers also had difficulty accepting that their little sister was popular with the opposite gender; ginny and ron had a particularly nasty row after ron caught her snogging dean thomas, though they eventually made up. when harry arrived at number 12, ginny was pleased to see harry, and, due to her taking hermione's advice and her relationship with michael corner, was relaxed and composed in his presence, showing none of the embarrassment and shyness towards him that she had shown during previous meetings. harry reminded her that he did just find a time-turner and he would get round the rest of the tasks in his own time. harry potter and the deathly hallows, harry mentions that the only spell hermione ever had trouble with was the patronus charm, although she was among the first of the d. sirius was rather disappointed when harry was allowed to return to hogwarts, hermione pointing out that he had probably been secretly wishing that harry had been expelled from school so that they could both stay at grimmauld place and be "outcasts together". harry tends to be dismissive of hermione's opinions, and can even grow angry when she tries to argue her point, but generally realises later that she was right.↑ the leaky cauldron and mugglenet interview joanne kathleen rowling: part three.

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she defeated antonin dolohov and gregory goyle, defended harry from nagini, repelled yaxley when he forcibly disapparated with her, and blasted fenrir greyback away from an injured lavender brown. concerned for the safety of her family, she altered her parents' memories to make them think they were wendell and monica wilkins and sent them to hide in australia, no longer aware of their original identities, the existence of their daughter, or anything she had told them about harry. rowling has stated that she had planned certain moments, such as ginny beating cho chang to the golden snitch during a quidditch match, from the start as a subtle comparison between ginny and cho, showing that ginny was a better match for harry., hermione was unable to join harry and ron in the ruse with polyjuice potion because the hair she obtained from millicent bulstrode during their scuffle in the duelling club was actually the hair of bulstrode's cat. they had a lot in common — both played quidditch, both had suffered at the hands of lord voldemort, and both showed great strength in defensive and offensive magic. harry cover, a french comic book parody of the harry potter series by pierre veys (subsequently translated into spanish and english), hermione appears as harry cover's friend hormone.’for radcliffe, nudity was a way of freeing himself from harry potter, a role that defined him from the age of 11 when he was cast as the hogwarts hero in what was to become the biggest movie franchise of all time.: hermione was able to brew the very advanced and difficult polyjuice potion, by the time she was in second year for her, harry, and ron to find the truth about the chamber of secrets from draco malfoy by disguising themselves as his friends. it was revealed that sirius had been framed for the betrayal of james and lily potter, and that the true traitor was peter pettigrew, who had been hiding from the world as ron's pet rat, scabbers.[20] they correspond by owl post with their daughter throughout the school year,[18] but other than one holiday in france with her parents, hermione spent almost all of her time in the wizarding world. was well-received for the first film; ign even commented that "from hermione granger's perfect introduction to her final scene, watson is better than i could have possibly imagined. and ron were surprised, and ron annoyed, by hermione's obvious crush on gilderoy lockhart, who became that year's defence against the dark arts professor. hermione was not exposed at that time, but later she was brought to umbridge's office by the some members of the inquisitorial squad. when the dragon was discovered, hermione and harry helped smuggle it out of the school to some friends of ron's elder brother, charlie weasley. she was their only child[16] and, although they were "a bit bemused" by the oddities displayed by their daughter, they were known to be proud of her. the horcrux locket was worn by all three for regular, though limited, periods of time, inadvertently allowing the portion of soul within to access the wearer's thoughts, emotions and deepest fears.— hermione and ron, after harry yells at remus for leaving his wife[src]. she grew distraught when ron came under attack by the brains, and was knocked unconscious by a stunning spell."one of my best friends is muggle-born, and she's the best in our year. film: when ron abandoned her and harry during the horcrux hunt and after bellatrix has interrogated her and carved the word 'mudblood' on her arm with her knife. cries in the first, second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth films:First film: after ron insulted her by saying she has no friends because she's a nightmare and she hides in the girls' bathroom. unaware that a troll was on the loose in the school, hermione had spent that day crying in the girls' bathroom after overhearing ron making unkind comments about her. it had been unleashed before once, petrifying many muggle-born and had also killed a ravenclaw girl, named myrtle warren, who began haunting the girls' lavatory. hermione was originally intended to have a sister, but the planned sibling did not make an appearance in the first harry potter novel and, as rowling noted, it "seemed too late" to introduce the character after that." molly's eyes are listed as hazel in harry potter limited edition (see this image).. members, likely contributed to neville gradually gaining self-confidence and courage." however, rowling later changed it to "jean" after deciding that she did not want hermione to share a middle name with dolores umbridge. beauty olivia buckland goes braless in a plunging scarlet jumpsuit as she puts on a sizzling display at magazine bash.[20] at some point, he and hermione shared a kiss,[21] and though their relationship never became serious enough for her to visit him in bulgaria, they kept in contact through letters over the years. the second wizarding war, ginny had two nieces and a nephew through fleur's marriage to bill. and her family stayed at the leaky cauldron the night before setting off to start her second year at hogwarts, and she met harry again. during that time ginny took to mockingly referring to fleur as "phlegm," and complained about fleur's tendency to patronise her.[49] ign also listed hermione as their second top harry potter character, praising her character development. hermione was the one to use the charm first, but when they returned to the present, it was still changed. hermione was extremely upset when ron temporarily left her and harry, crying often, and she was absolutely furious with him when he returned. host tom bergeron tries to call a truce between william shatner and bachelor nick viall in honor of the star trek legend's 86th birthday. but also received a hundred and twelve percent in her first year charms exam. ginny, having known her wish for harry's love would happen in the end, was over the moon once her dream of romance with the famous boy who lived came true at that very moment, as was he, for he had been harbouring feelings for her all year. see also this talk page and an hpl essay for more information. she had started to become suspicious of the diary, and several weeks after christmas attempted to get rid of it by throwing it down a toilet in moaning myrtle's bathroom. i'm a serial monogamist': daniel radcliffe on dating, kissing emma watson and going nude. she had read quidditch through the ages in her first year, and also knew about the snitches' flesh memories, something quidditch players harry potter and ronald weasley did not know of. she had poured so much of her life into the diary that she could not fight tom's control of her, and the last thing she remembered as she lay down on the floor of the chamber was tom coming out of the diary. 'my acting is very one-note and i can see i got complacent and what i was trying to do just didn’t come across. watch: this watch was worn and used by hermione granger in her youth at hogwarts. she supports harry through the triwizard tournament, helping him prepare for each task.‘i’ve never been paranoid about girls dating me for the wrong reasons because i’m a pretty good judge of character,’ he says. harry was very much delighted and surprised that he received a kiss from ginny. as they grew older and matured, ron and hermione tended to fight less often and become more in touch with their feelings for each other. bethenny frankel and daughter bryn hoppy step out in chilly new york city hand in hand."[20] the attention to her appearance was unusual, and she received many positive remarks on it. hermione, who had known fletcher as a petty criminal who had stolen a number the black family heirlooms shortly after sirius black's death, aside from being a member of the order, took part in interrogating fletcher, when she, harry and ron realised salazar slytherin's locket had been among the items stolen from grimmauld place. the initial fighting lord voldemort called a temporary truce to allow the combatants to retrieve their dead, and for harry to give himself up to avoid further killing. their only notable row was over hermione getting harry's firebolt confiscated in their third year, which she felt it might be a trap. initially caught up in the chaos surrounding the effort to catch the caster, she took exception to the accusations levelled against harry, and the many wizards' treatment of the house-elf winky who had also been at the scene. ginny had always been shy around harry potter, when she had blushed and ran back to her room, and put her elbow in the butter dish. with harry and hermione breaking into umbridge's office, and ron distracting her with news that peeves was wreaking havoc, ginny and luna stopped people from entering the corridor leading to the office by saying that someone had flooded it with garrotting gas. lily collins keeps her look cosy and casual in a baggy grey cardigan after her daily trip to the gym. prior to that, he sent dobby to rescue them, along with dean thomas, luna lovegood, garrick ollivander and griphook the goblin, from the malfoy manor; as it turned out, aberforth had acquired sirius black's two-way mirror from mundungus fletcher, and been keeping an eye out for harry.. hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because i never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? was determined that hermione was "too polite" to really impersonate bellatrix, but the group managed to get into the vault.: ginny's bedroom is where she used to sleep at the burrow before marrying harry potter. it is obvious that mcgonagall could have been fond of ginny since she was a talented witch and did not condone or tolerate bullying, something that mcgonagall most likely valued. eventually, ginny left the team to raise their three children — james, albus and, lily — while writing as the senior quidditch correspondent for the wizarding newspaper, the daily prophet.-jewel necklace: this necklace was worn by hermione to the wedding of bill weasley and fleur delacour in 1997.↑ harry potter and the chamber of secrets, chapter 13 (the very secret diary). tales of beedle the bard : albus dumbledore bequeathed the original publication of the tales of beedle the bard , written in runes, to hermione.[18] by the time she accompanied ron and harry on the search for the horcruxes, her spell-work was swifter than opponents such as mundungus fletcher and at least two death eaters. showed particular dislike for the potions master, severus snape as he was a cruel and very unpopular teacher. but i wanted to make choices that would surprise people and i wanted to be good. they were both very awkward and embarrassed at times, being insecure with their own feelings for each other, and ron was frequently jealous that harry and hermione liked each other. harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1, bellatrix lestrange uses her knife to carve the word "mudblood" into hermione's arm during her interrogation. harry and hermione typically row less than ron and hermione, they have the most philosophical and moral disagreements with one another. cards: alberic grunnion | alberta toothill | andros the invincible | artemisia lufkin | blenheim stalk | bowman wright | chauncey oldridge | circe | cliodna | crispin cronk | cyprian youdle | daisy dodderidge | derwent shimpling | donaghan tremlett | dunbar oglethorpe | dymphna furmage | elfrida clagg | felix summerbee | fulbert the fearful | gaspard shingleton | gideon crumb | glenda chittock | gondoline oliphant | gregory the smarmy | gwenog jones | honoria nutcombe | ignatia wildsmith | joscelind wadcock | kirley duke | laverne de montmorency | leopoldina smethwyck | maeve | mirabella plunkett | mopsus | morgan le fay | oswald beamish | sacharissa tugwood | thaddeus thurkell | thurkell brothers | wendelin the weird | xavier rastrick. cards:alguff the awful | amarillo lestoat | armando dippet | albus dumbledore | babayaga | barberus bragge | bertie bott | billywig | blodwyn bludd | bowtruckle | bran the bloodthirsty | carlotta pinkstone | carmilla sanguina | common welsh green | cyclops | cordelia misericordia | double-ended newt | doxy | dzou yen | eargit the ugly | giant purple toad | giant squid | goliath | gringott | godric gryffindor | gytrash | hermione granger | hebridean black | hengist of upper barnton | herbert varney | herpo the foul | helga hufflepuff | harry potter | hungarian horntail | imp | kelpie | leticia somnolens | montague knightley | malodora grymm | manticore | morholt | mountain troll | norwegian ridgeback | old mother hubbard | phillipus von hohenheim | phoenix | roderick plumpton | rowena ravenclaw | romanian longhorn | ronald weasley | salazar slytherin | streeler | troll | ug the unreliable | unicorn | urg the unclean | vlad drakul. hermione poured herself into defending buckbeak, the hippogriff on trial before the committee for the disposal of dangerous creatures for attacking draco malfoy during a care of magical creatures class. this shows how ron had matured into a startling romantic over the years and how it helped to temper their initially rocky relationship that begun 31 years prior.’radcliffe is now 25, clearly not cut out to be a rebel and it doesn’t take long to realise this when you meet him. when he landed, she ran and nuzzled him in relief. potter: "if you think i'm just going to act like i haven't seen —". the death of dumbledore, and the knowledge that the protective charm over harry was due to end soon, the order of the phoenix arranged to move him from the dursleys' home to the burrow on 27 july. hermione, harry, and ron ventured down to see him immediately even though it was after curfew. the following year, hermione was granted permission to use, and was sent, a time-turner from the ministry of magic to facilitate her volition to study far more subjects than was possible without time travel. the easter holidays, ginny was at the burrow when the weasleys were forced into hiding at aunt muriel's after ron's accompaniment of harry and hermione was discovered by the death eaters. pottermore - dumbledore's army reunites at quidditch world cup final (archived). they won the match and the quidditch cup, and, during the post-match celebrations, she and harry spontaneously kissed. she created coins enchanted with the protean charm, an advanced spell, as a method of communication, and jinxed the club's attendance sheet to give any tattler a horrendous rash on the face, which would spell out "sneak" in painful boils. she did not need the aid of a wand or magical instrument for a wide variety of spells. hermione was prepared to make a quick escape, immediately disapparating herself, harry, and ron away from the danger. sitting next to harry at dumbledore's funeral (left side, sixth row). she left it behind on their travels during her seventh year and it was later picked up by scabior. as evidenced by her assertion that time-travelling was extremely dangerous, hermione took great personal risk to save sirius and buckbeak.— hermione, ron, and harry after their escape from the lovegood house[src]. her "compulsion for study" helps both the character's development, which makes hermione "a prime example that information brings power", and the plot of the series, as her knowledge of the wizarding world is often used to "save the day". 40 year old harry's and a 39 year old ginny's continuing love for one another. around easter the two had their first real one on one conversation in the library, during which they ate easter eggs together. in her sixth year, she fought in the battle of the astronomy tower and, at the beginning of what would have been her seventh year, the battle of the seven potters in 1997. following dumbledore's death, ron and hermione both vow to stay by harry's side regardless of what happens. rowling was quoted as saying that in some ways hermione and harry were a better fit (compared to ron and hermione) but that "for reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with (j. in 1995, she planned to go skiing with them during the christmas holidays, but ended up going to 12 grimmauld place to try to cheer harry up instead. she possessed a brilliant academic mind, and proved to be a gifted student in almost every subject that she studied. alonso · fernando diaz · gonçalo flores · debbie muntz · gianni fedele · robert green · kenneth hastings · maria monteith · matthew echunga · unidentified ballycastle bats chaser · alexei levski · clara ivanova · vasily dimitrov · dragomir gorgovitch · avery hawksworth · edric vosper · keaton flitney · hildegarde lafarge · josephine marat · mathilde mallard · igor brand · kursten blijk · kurt todt · ginny weasley · wilda griffiths · moran · mullet · troy · noriyuki satō · ryotaro tanaka · yoshihiro suzuki · alasdair maddock · fabius watkins · lorre gustafson · olaf andersen · peter hansen · ladislaw zamojski · catriona mccormack · ana de lebron · carmen garcia · chavelle arbelo cartaya · joscelind wadcock · petrova porskoff · parkin (chaser i) · parkin (chaser ii) · parkin (chaser iii) · gunhilda kneen · radulf · otmar frick · willi wenzel · quentin kowalski · clairvius hyppolite. the film adaptation of harry potter and the half-blood prince, ginny and harry go to the room of requirement together to hide the half-blood prince's copy of advanced potion-making, after he curses draco malfoy. year 6, her relationship with dean is cut and she seems more devoted to harry as ever, flirting with him at the burrow and even in front of every one else in the slug club. paris hilton, 36, and boyfriend chris zylka, 31, keep a firm grip on each other while jetting off to miami. for example, harry was often dismissive of hermione's insistence that all house-elves deserve respect and kindness, and is neglectful towards kreacher because of his bigotry until finally realising the horrifying nature of his enslavement. however, her intelligence could be a handicap, as she tended to rely more heavily on facts and information that could be proven by background analysis rather than making intuitive leaps, with harry generally being the one to put the pieces together to create the final picture necessary to explain recent events and willing to make assumptions where hermione disproved ideas if there was no clear evidence for them. once the trio reconciled, after hagrid told harry and ron how disappointed he was when they selfishly put the firebolt and scabbers over their friendship with hermione, they apologised. harry often comforts hermione and shows her kindness and care when she is upset. in the dark, she found her way into the compartment containing harry, hermione, ron, and professor lupin.[21] hermione was known to have practised wandless magic in her years at hogwarts. the pair eventually married and had two children, rose and hugo weasley. when scorpius turned up with information about the original timeline where they won, hermione agreed to help put time right again by time-travelling to the moment scorpius changed time and use a shield charm to stop him. hermione disliked fleur almost immediately, as she was given to fussily and loudly criticising nearly everything at hogwarts, from the weather, to the decoration and food.: when hermione arrived at hogwarts, was she nearly eleven or nearly twelve? tried to tell harry and ron what was going on but could not get the words out, and she was interrupted by percy. after harry and ron save her from a mountain troll in the girls' toilets, she becomes best friends with them and often uses her quick wit, deft recall, and encyclopaedic knowledge to help them.[18] they met again at the wedding of bill weasley and fleur delacour in 1997, where viktor complimented hermione and was disappointed to learn that she was "sort of" with ron weasley. hermione used this reference book over breakfast one morning, in conjunction with a pile of other books, to work on her ancient runes homework. ginny branded her brother a "filthy hypocrite" for his actions[19], but more less seemed to be over the row they previously shared.: this was hermione's favourite subject and, considering she was one of the few people to take this subject, she must have skill in this field, too." later on, she also correctly deduced that riddle had "caught the wrong person", and that "it was some other monster [not hagrid's acromantula, aragog] that was killing people".'s wand wood of vine corresponds to her birthday in the celtic calendar, which rowling did intentionally as a connection between hermione's wand, harry's wand, and ron's wand. she was also known to be quick-witted, funny, and could often make others laugh even when they were feeling down. of romantic feelings between the two could be seen as early as their second year, as ron was particularly protective of hermione and disgusted by her crush on gilderoy lockhart.[18] hermione was quite blunt with her opinions, sometimes to the point of being tactless; for example, her attempt to comfort lavender brown about the death of her rabbit did not go over well,[11] and her honesty when dealing with centaurs in 1996 nearly landed her and harry in serious trouble., is that ron and hermione playing chess together in the common room, even though she always loses? as harry conjured an incorporeal patronus, hermione passed out leaving harry to fight the dementors alone. hermione repeatedly chose to help and support harry in his fight against voldemort, regardless of personal cost. dresang states that "harry and ron are more dependent on hermione than she is on them. afterward, hermione and harry hurried after them eventually arriving in the shrieking shack, where sirius black, whose animagus form was the black dog, confronted them. kelly's granddaughter charlotte casiraghi sparks up a relationship with french film producer, just months after split from italian filmmaker. while harry and luna lovegood went to ravenclaw tower, hermione and ron retrieved basilisk fangs from the chamber of secrets in order to use them to destroy horcruxes, and hermione destroyed hufflepuff's cup. 'i think it comes from not actually realising i didn’t have to go to my own premieres and watch the film – that’s something i’ve only just realised you don’t have to do. the books don’t explicitly mention her race or skin colour, and she is often portrayed as black in fan art. however, hermione — who was allowed to hear — told her everything anyway.: "neville is not an idiot and luna is not an oddity!— harry and ron discussing what to do with dolohov and rowle after the luchino caffe duel[src]. when bellatrix nearly killed ginny, molly weasley took over the fight and killed bellatrix. interesting…when ron starts belching slugs out his mouth, hermione is beside herself making sure he is alright. gave ginny advice on how to deal with her feelings for harry[19] — advice that would lead to her going out with him and their eventual marriage. she attempts to get even by dating mclaggen at the christmas party, but her plan goes bust and she abandons him midway through the party. author says noma dumezweni is ‘best for the job’ in west end play harry potter and the cursed child . both were prefects, although voldemort was head boy while hermione skipped school during what would have been her seventh year due to political persecution, preventing her from being head girl that year (it is possible that hermione became head girl when she went back to finish her seventh year after voldemort's final destruction). familypotter familyprewett familydumbledore's army[11]order of the phoenixhogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardrygryffindorgryffindor quidditch teamslug club[19]holyhead harpies[18]daily prophet[18]. the two grew close when hermione stayed in ginny's room at the burrow during her many summertime visits.. call to arms, ginny staked out the entrance to the room of requirement, which harry believed that draco was using for some unknown nefarious purpose. when sirius and four other members of the order arrived at the ministry to rescue ginny and her friends, who had walked into a trap and been attacked by death eaters, sirius was murdered by his cousin, bellatrix lestrange. after ron told harry and hermione about breaking up with lavender, harry could have sworn he saw hermione smirk.’ alongside emma watson (hermione) and rupert grint (ron weasley), radcliffe became the most famous child star in the world, frozen in time, like an andy warhol painting, as the boyishly bespectacled harry. also eventually translated the tales of beedle the bard from the original, which had been written in runes and which albus dumbledore bequeathed to her in his will in 1997.— hermione to harry regarding her and ron's plans to accompany him on the hunt for the horcruxes[src]. both boys found hermione unfriendly and somewhat of an insufferable know-it-all. hallowe'en, 1992 hermione attended nearly headless nick's deathday party with harry and ron.[6] hermione was devastated when fred was killed during the battle of hogwarts.[39] the name "hermione" is derived from "hermes", who was the messenger of the greek gods, as well as the god of wit, eloquence and quick thinking. hermione later, either purchased a copy for herself, or took the professor's. attained a high position in the ministry of magic, first through the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. was the last of seven children born to arthur and molly weasley (née prewett), the first girl born into the weasley family in a long time, and the last for that generation.[27] hermione felt the need to prove herself, perhaps partly because of how many people in wizarding society looked down on muggle-borns. in a remarkable show of mental and magical dexterity, hermione concocted the trio's escape while safeguarding ron's feigned illness and allowing the death eaters to glimpse harry, so that they would not carry out their threat to kill luna. she had an energetic, lively personality; having feelings for harry, however, during the first few years of their friendship, she became shy and withdrawn in his presence., during an argument with his sister, ginny humiliated ron about his inexperience with the opposite gender and told him that hermione had kissed viktor krum during their earlier romance. she was a sadistic woman who enjoyed punishing and torturing students using the black quill, most notably when she forced harry potter to carve "i must not tell lies" into the back of his own hand. is horrified by the cruelty that house-elves suffer, and founds s. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban: the video game for pc, peeves refers to hermione as "grunge. was hermione's large, bandy-legged, half-kneazle, ginger-coloured pet cat since she bought him from the magical menagerie in diagon alley, in 1993. she poured her heart out to the diary, and told tom's memory all about harry's story. they were soon joined by professor lupin who was acting strangely, and hermione told harry and ron of her belief that he was a werewolf, which he then confirmed. wears the number 5 in her gryffindor quidditch team tunic in harry potter and the half-blood prince. in the year, when hermione was furious with ron for dating lavender brown, she decided to attend professor slughorn's christmas party with mclaggen because she knew ron despised him. hermione demonstrated a knowledge and talent with magic beyond most of those her age, despite having only recently discovered that she was a witch. hermione, harry, ron and the other prisoners being held in malfoy manor are eventually rescued by dobby." after much research turned up nothing, harry was given a dumbledore chocolate frog card by neville, which mentions dumbledore's work in alchemy with flamel.. most members escaped, but harry was caught by umbridge and several slytherin students who were members of the inquisitorial squad. bellatrix immediately panicked at the sight of godric gryffindor's sword and incapacitated the snatchers with ease, as she was to quick for them. aside from his creepy demeanour and snide attitude toward everyone, he had always favoured slytherins because they were in his house and her particular dislike for snape was something she shared with her brothers and friends. moreover, hermione was confident that malfoy couldn't have brought any dark objects into hogwarts without alerting filch. harry stunned umbridge and retrieved salazar slytherin's locket, one of voldemort's hocruxes which umbridge had taken from mundungus fletcher and was attempting to pass off as a family heirloom and proof of her relation to the selwyn family.: the royal datebooks that charted the breakdown of charles and diana's marriage and how she used 'duty and beauty' to turn herself into a star. weasley : "well, if they're telling the truth and she's still alive —". in 1996 she and ron had an vicious fight about ginny kissing her boyfriend in public, it went as far as both siblings using wands and reducing ginny to tears, something she hardly resorted to. the spring of 1998, hermione, harry, and ron were tracked down and captured when harry had accidentally triggered the taboo curse by a group of snatchers, which included the deadly and fierce werewolf fenrir greyback, who was dangerously eager to bite hermione. order of of the phoenix:aberforth dumbledore | alastor moody | alice longbottom | arabella figg | benjy fenwick | caradoc dearborn | dedalus diggle | dorcas meadowes | edgar bones | elphias doge | emmeline vance | fabian prewett | frank longbottom | gideon prewett | hestia jones (possibly) | james potter | lily potter | marlene mckinnon | minerva mcgonagall | mundungus fletcher | peter pettigrew (defected) | remus lupin | rubeus hagrid | severus snape | sirius black | sturgis podmore. then joined with the order of the phoenix in the operation to remove harry from 4 privet drive before his 17th birthday, taking polyjuice potion to become one of the "seven potters. on 11 july, 2014 rita skeeter remarked that harry was "publicity-hungry" — just as ginny was approaching and rita was taken "unaccountably ill" with what some called "a jinx to the solar plexus". potter and the goblet of fire (video game) (appears on the collectible card). as harry removed it from the shelf, the group was surrounded by death eaters led by lucius malfoy and learned that voldemort had used the connection between himself and harry to lure him there to remove the prophecy. she woke up with rooster feathers on her robes, and could not remember where she had been at hallowe'en and when colin was attacked. she had knowledge of mandrake's healing proper´ties in her second year, and was able to take care of both harry potter's wound from fighting nagini and ron wasley's splinching wound in 1997. when gabrielle batted her eyelashes at harry, ginny coughed loudly to indicate her annoyance. retrieving it, ginny was once more overcome by the memory of tom riddle and opened the chamber again, this time petrifying hermione granger and penelope clearwater. the article also mentioned that emma watson, who portrays hermione in the films, said: "i think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether ron would have really been able to make her happy. in 2017, harry's sons planned to meet hagrid in his hut for tea soon after arriving at school, and it's very likely that hermione and ron's daughter would have been joining them.'s army allies: order of the phoenix | hogwarts staff | augusta longbottom | andromeda tonks | ted tonks | percy weasley | oliver wood | dobby | grawp | winky. stated that the character of hermione carries several autobiographical influences.[11] she comforted harry, who had lost his godfather, sirius black during the battle, when he was pushed right through the veil, the portal separating the world of the living from the world of the dead by his cousin, bellatrix lestrange. once they broke up however, hermione chose to not display open affection towards ron so lavender's feelings would not get hurt.: edward · emily · harry potter · hermione granger · neil randall · neville longbottom · romilda vane · ronald weasley · seamus finnigan · stewart. ginny was the only one that hermione confided in when viktor krum asked her to the yule ball. he needs to work on his self-esteem issues and she needs to work on being a little less critical. harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1, hermione is shown to be able to play the piano, which she attempts to teach ron to do while at grimmauld place. kelly brook shows off her curves in breton stripes and a boucle jacket for tv stint in her french beau jeremy's native country. hermione dodged a killing curse and managed to stun goyle, and then she and ron dragged him out of the room on broomstick as it went up in flames due to crabbe's cursed fire, which also destroyed the horcrux. hermione, on the other hand, seemed to be more sympathetic toward harry and ginny's actions.[11] when the professor was injured with four stunning spells in 1996, hermione was very upset and worried for her.[11] her acting talents were put to good use later when harry and hermione broke into umbridge's office to contact sirius black through the fireplace.

12 Intriguing (and Occasionally Bizarre) Harry Potter Fan Theories

and it was a big thing for me to do a modern-day romance. and hermione were reunited with ron in the forest of dean, after ron heard them talking through the deluminator dumbledore had left to him. rowling revealed a picture via her official twitter account on april 18, 2016 showing her idea of some of the main character's wand designs, where ginny's wand wood was revealed for the first time to be made from yew. after the second wizarding war, hagrid appeared to be friendly with albus potter, the youngest son of ginny and harry.↑ harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, chapter 13 (gryffindor versus ravenclaw). screenwriter for the film adaptation of harry potter and the chamber of secrets steve kloves has said that hermione is his favourite character, commenting: "there's something about her fierce intellect coupled with a complete lack of understanding of how she affects people sometimes that i just find charming and irresistible to write. she eagerly accepted and took to studying magic even before she began her first year at hogwarts in the september of 1991, learning all the set spellbooks by heart and even managing to perform "a few spells" successfully.[17] remus lupin claimed that hermione was the cleverest witch of her age he had ever met. he eventually asked her to attend the yule ball with him, and she accepted, not telling anyone but ginny weasley that she was his date. like most wizards and witches, she purchased it at ollivanders before beginning her education at hogwarts in 1992. hermione grew fur and a tail, and remained in the hospital wing for weeks. whenever hermione and her friends would get into trouble, mcgonagall almost inevitably looked to hermione to be the most sensible one. the wizarding world at large knew of him as the wizard who murdered twelve muggles and a wizard (peter pettigrew) with a single curse. relieved to find out he was all right, ginny saw him the next day in st mungo's hospital for magical maladies and injuries and hugged him immediately.[10] she expressed her displeasure at cho's lingering feelings for harry and her eagerness to escort him to ravenclaw tower, and in turn insisted that luna lovegood do it instead. ron, we said we'd go with harry, we said we'd help —"."[5] they are well aware of the wizarding world and have visited diagon alley with her. chamber of secrets dvd interview with steve kloves and j.'s name is taken from william shakespeare's the winter's tale;[11] rowling said that she wanted it to be unusual since if fewer girls shared her name, fewer girls would get teased for it[11] and it seemed that "a pair of professional dentists, who liked to prove how clever they are. copy of hogwarts: a history: hermione granger often referred to this book on many things concerning hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. despite her fears, dumbledore did not place the blame on her, saying that older and wiser wizards had been duped by lord voldemort, and he sent her to the hospital wing to recover from her ordeal with a mug of hot chocolate. after flying thestrals to london, they entered the ministry of magic using the visitor's entrance and headed for the department of mysteries. however, hermione and ron believed harry and defended him against the criticism of doubtful classmates. was popular during their time at hogwarts, and was fancied by numerous boys.[19] in the battle of hogwarts, she fired well-aimed curses into the crowd of attacking death eaters, and held her own against bellatrix lestrange, an extremely powerful witch whom she fought alongside hermione and luna. had lots of bushy brown hair, brown eyes, a bossy sort of voice that would become slightly shrill when she was angry,[18] and — as a child — rather large front teeth. only time she was notably angry with them was when they tested out their skiving snackboxes on unsuspecting first year students; though the twins initially scoffed at her concerns and her ability to make them stop, they backed down when she threatened to tell their mother. hermione cleverly deduced that professor lupin was a werewolf, based on his boggart taking the form of a full moon, the timing of his unexplained absences from class, and professor snape changing a lesson he took over to the subject of werewolves. she concluded with the statement that just like herself, the uptight hermione had a real weakness for a funny man. the 1997-1998 school year, ginny, along with neville longbottom and luna lovegood, re-formed and co-led dumbledore's army in rebellion against then headmaster severus snape and alecto and amycus carrow, two death eaters who had been appointed professors at hogwarts and enjoyed punishing students with the use of the cruciatus curse.[11] the following year, hermione was the only student who believed harry when he told her he had not put his name in the goblet of fire, and spent much of the triwizard tournament teaching harry useful spells and trying to reconcile him and ron. started at hogwarts on 1 september, 1992 and was sorted into gryffindor house, like all the weasleys before her. and mrs granger were muggle dentists who seemed proud of their witch daughter. in her first year, hermione used these fires, kept in a jar, to keep the trio warm during winter, and also used it to distract severus snape, whom she thought was jinxing harry potter's broom during his first quidditch match. she often provided the trio with vital information when carrying out research into the various mysteries they faced; for example, in her second year, she was the one to figure out through research that the monster in the chamber of secrets was a basilisk and in her third that professor lupin was a werewolf. she managed to capture the golden snitch, beating cho chang and securing the quidditch cup for gryffindor. however, thanks to harry's intervention, they chose not to commit the murder, inadvertently allowing pettigrew to escape. the harry potter books, hermione has brown hair, but in the films she has more of a light brown. and she thought you might take a bit more notice if i was a bit more — myself. ron subsequently began treating hermione coldly, much to her bewilderment.[19] ginny got on well with charlie, but found percy to be a little overbearing and stuffy. for the regulation and control of magical creatures[13] (formerly)deputy head of the department of magical law enforcement[7] (formerly)minister for magic. harry grabbed bellatrix's wand as they left, and hermione subsequently used it, though it did not work well for her, as she did not win its allegiance. at flourish and blotts, she shows no interest in lockhart and instead attempts to attract harry. under harry's invisibility cloak, the three made their way to the shrieking shack, where they witnessed voldemort have nagini kill severus snape. and fleur's children were victoire, dominique, and louis; percy and his wife, audrey, had molly (named after her paternal grandmother) and lucy; george married angelina johnson and named their son fred after george's late twin brother, while their daughter was called roxanne. ginny also showed some wariness of harry's ex-girlfriend, cho chang, when cho wanted to take harry to see rowena ravenclaw's diadem, insisting luna take him instead. hagrid urged them to leave and they witnessed what they thought to be buckbeak's execution. hermione replaced the locket by duplicating it with the geminio spell so umbridge would not know that it had been taken from her." if i say it myself, harry, i've always been able to charm the people i needed. always held an amount of jealousy toward cho, as cho was harry's first crush, girlfriend, and shared with harry his first kiss. ron's relationship with lavender ended soon after, and both he and hermione were more content for it. is also the name of another figure from greek mythology, who was the princess of sparta and the only daughter of helen of troy and king menelaus. is also quick to defend hermione from cho chang, draco malfoy, and others who insult her for her looks or parentage, and shows his pride in her intellect on numerous occasions. when ron suggested that she go to the ball with harry, who had yet to find a date, she was disappointed at having missed a chance to go with him, but remained faithful to her agreement with neville. hermione took the locket from umbridge, replacing it with a copy using the geminio spell. runes made easy: the book was on a beginners' level for ancient runes hermione was seen reading it in her second year when she was thinking about taking ancient runes for a subject in the following next year. bill weasley and fleur delacour's wedding on 1 august, 1997, hermione wore a "floaty, lilac-coloured dress with matching high heels" and made her hair "sleek and shiny. the goblin only agreed to help them in exchange for gryffindor's sword; although loath to lose it, hermione was strongly against deceiving or double-crossing griphook, who was startled by the care she and harry had shown for house-elves, since most wizards do not think highly of non-human beings. however, when fleur responded to bill becoming permanently disfigured by fenrir greyback with indignant denial that bill's appearance would in any way effect their marital plans, hermione most likely set her feelings aside. film: when ron started having a relationship with lavender brown and when dumbledore died. unfortunately for them, umbridge saw through their ruse since she knew of peeves's true location and ordered the inquisitorial squad to round them up. the union produced three children: james sirius, albus severus, and lily luna.[6] hermione also mentioned in 1997 that she had been practising how to use her patronus for messaging,[6] but it is unknown if she ever actually carried this out. hermione, harry and ron used the book to perform the spell; aqua eructo, which proved helpful in defeating the salamander kept in the professor's rooms. to help hermione feel better about the incident, hagrid urged her not to think about it, pointing out that she was a talented witch, regardless of what bigoted people said about her muggle-born status.. rowling discusses hermione's relationship and how she should have married harry. medusa · dempster wiggleswade · grizel hurtz · helbert spleen · zamira gulch · winkus oddpickcorrespondents: rita skeeter · ginny potterphotographers: adrian · bozo newspaper vendors: paper-owls · ministry of magic newspaper vendormagizoologist: rolf scamander. she spent christmas at the burrow with her family and harry, and when ginny returned to hogwarts, she seemed unenthusiastic about meeting up with dean. she was seemingly good at it because she could bring another point of view to the classroom and the lessons. we wonder if ron will ever wake up and smell the butterbeer…© jkr/pottermore ltd. it was also revealed, through a vision caused by the locket horcrux, that one of ron's deepest fears was that hermione preferred harry to him. she was able to identify potions and their effects quickly after having only read about them. hermione had previously told skeeter off for printing horrible lies about harry and rubeus hagrid, angering the journalist, who wrote a scathing article on "the devious miss granger," claiming that she was toying with both harry and krum's affections and possibly brewing love potions. travelled to egypt in the summer of 1993 with the rest of her family to visit her brother bill after her father won seven hundred galleons in the annual daily prophet grand prize galleon draw. notably, she stood up to draco malfoy on their first meeting in flourish and blotts when he insulted harry in 1992. madam pomfrey attends to her in the hospital wing and, at her request, shrinks the teeth down to a normal size for her mouth. umbridge was, at the time, interrogating "mudblood" witches and wizards, prior to sending them to azkaban. also happened to like minerva mcgonagall, her transfiguration professor and head of house. became obsessed with getting back at rita and uncovering how she was getting all of her information.[25] a minor subplot in the book is that hermione and harry form a rivalry in potions, as hermione is used to coming first in her subjects and is angered that harry outperforms her undeservedly by following tips and different instructions written in the margins of harry's potions book by the previous owner. rowling stated that hermione is a person that "never strays off the path; she always keeps her attention focused on the job that must be done. fleur kisses ron… hermione’s face of fury says it all.[25] luna may be one of ginny's best female friends (along with hermione), as ginny was only seen with these girls during her school years.[22] aware of her interest in harry potter, hermione advised ginny to relax around him more and show him what she was really like, since she could barely talk if he was in the same room as her. seven potters and their protectors right before the sky battle. she seemed to think he was gorgeous, although no one else had wanted to buy him when he was still being sold at the menagerie, and believed he was very clever; the latter proved to be quite true during the 1993-1994 school year, when crookshanks recognised that hermione had left him at the burrow before bill and fleur's wedding, most likely had been left in care of mrs weasley or ginny but it is possible that they were reunited after the war. despite disagreeing with luna on many things herself, hermione defended her when others insulted her; for example, she tried to kick ron for teasing luna about gurdyroots at the wedding of bill weasley and fleur delacour, and snapped at the portrait of phineas nigellus black for calling luna an oddity. harry eventually saved her life in the chamber of secrets. afterwards, ron (who was relieved that hermione and mclaggen's date did not go well and who was growing discontent in his relationship with lavender) attempted to speak to hermione, but she ignored him, still upset and angry over his previous treatment of her. the brief pause in fighting, when voldemort issued an ultimatum to harry, hermione comforted ginny weasley over fred (her older brother's) death. harry, hermione and ron then witnessed the death of fred weasley, which devastated them all. ginny was one of the first to join, and the one who came up with calling the organisation "dumbledore's army," based on cornelius fudge's paranoid fears of dumbledore mobilising hogwarts students in a coup against the ministry. is portrayed by british actress noma dumezweni in the original west end production of harry potter and the cursed child. this was probably exacerbated by hermione's friendship with harry and ron, who shared a strong enmity with draco from virtually the moment they met, and her beating draco in school marks, for which his father berated him. harry and ron were surprised, but grateful and the three quickly became friends. throughout the series hermione uses the skills of a librarian to gather the information necessary to defeat voldemort. when harry was acquitted at his hearing on 12 august for using magic in front of a muggle while under age, she was extremely pleased and sang and danced with fred and george shouting "he got off, he got off, he got off. hermione found this irritating and vowed to get revenge on skeeter for her libel, and she did. in the summer of 1995, when hermione was staying at the burrow, ginny and hermione openly disliked fleur delacour and criticised her together. travelled to diagon alley with her family to buy her school supplies, and her excitement at finally going to hogwarts was tempered by the fact that, due to the weasleys' financial situation, she would have to make do with a lot of second-hand products, including her robes and books. was among the friends who likely contributed to neville gradually gaining confidence and courage, and, along with luna lovegood, the two of them maintained the strongest support of dumbledore's army throughout the second wizarding war. much like hermione, harry is often a place of refuge for hermione when others leave her. afterwards, hermione and ron were more comfortable together, and their relationship improved considerably, although a romantic relationship remained out of their reach., look at them having ice creams together at florean fortescue’s ice-cream parlour… yeah, right they were looking for harry. returned to hogwarts, which hosted the triwizard tournament that year, she rooted for harry the unexpected fourth champion and maintained a good relationship with hermione. following year, luna comforted hermione when she was upset over her fight with ron. steve kloves revealed in a 2003 interview that hermione was his favourite character. also throughout the school year, hermione as well as ron had been informed of the content of harry's private lessons with dumbledore. they didn't listen and tried to cross the line which resulted in them being thrown back and grow long, white beards. however, she is unable to join harry and ron in the investigation after the hair plucked from the robes of slytherin student millicent bulstrode (with whom hermione was previously matched up during lockhart's ill-fated duelling club) was that of her cat, whose appearance she takes on in her human form; it takes several weeks for the effects to completely wear off. once at school, ginny joined up with neville longbottom and luna lovegood to restart the d. "i did not set out to make hermione like me but she is. he and hermione fought together in the battle of the department of mysteries, and later, in the battle of the seven potters, where moody was killed by voldemort's own hand. time traveling to the night of her parents-in-law's murder, ginny was horrified by her husband's transfiguration into an exact duplicate of voldemort, showing that she still despised him passionately. just as a killing curse missed ginny by an inch her mother took up the fight and killed the witch who had almost murdered her daughter and mocked the death of her son. when i was nine or ten, i would get really upset when they tried to make me look geeky, but now i absolutely love it.↑ the film adaptation of goblet of fire expands on this by having hermione and harry being caught in a friendly embrace by rita skeeter who incorrectly interprets it as teen romance. to the point where harry loses it with both of them. hagrid as well as fred and george weasley refused to join on the grounds that it would upset the house-elves, though fred did tell hermione how to get into the hogwarts kitchens, where she spoke to dobby and winky. these are all things that harry requires in his ideal woman. when she overheard him insulting ron and ginny during quidditch try-outs, hermione struck him with the confundus charm, undermining his abilities as a keeper. in her first year, she saved harry and ron from some devil's snare in the underground chambers by conjuring bluebell flames. of their feelings were also shown in their third year as after ron saw black standing over him with a knife, hermione was shocked and scared the most and even cried. he is the first to seek advice (he cites oldman and his parents as people he always listens to) he does not dole it out to the likes of bieber or miley cyrus., like ginny and mrs weasley, was infuriated by fleur's arrogance and constant complaining when bill weasley sent fleur, his then fiancée, to the burrow to get to know his family.'s roommates at hogwarts were fellow gryffindors lavender brown and parvati patil as well as fay dunbar and another girl. why, yes, yes it is…hermione’s calm words soothe ron’s eternal rage and frustration when it comes to malfoy and his mean moments. in the year, after harry fell from his broomstick in a quidditch match during a storm, ginny visited him in the hospital wing. the novel of deathly hallows, harry and ginny kiss in ginny's room in the burrow and ron interrupts them when he opens the door. nel of kansas state university notes that "rowling, who worked for amnesty international, evokes her social activism through hermione's passion for oppressed elves and the formation of her 'society for the promotion of elfish welfare'".[65] in 2003, comic relief performed a spoof story called harry potter and the secret chamberpot of azerbaijan, in which miranda richardson, who plays rita skeeter in the harry potter films, featured as hermione. hermione doesn’t understand why he is so mean to her. lockhart's card to hermione granger: this letter was written by gilderoy lockhart to hermione in 1993, expressing his get-well wishes. harry potter was the strongest student in that subject, but even harry acknowledged that hermione was "the best in our year," and repeatedly admired her spell work. and was only one of twelve to advance to n. her favourite subject was initially charms, and later arithmancy, and the only areas of study that gave her trouble were flying and divination. in confiding in the diary her deepest fears and secrets, ginny became increasingly vulnerable to tom riddle's memory, which began to pour a little of his own soul back into her and slowly started to influence her. ginny stayed at headquarters, sharing a room with hermione, and helped her mother to clean the place to make it a suitable base of operations. after the trio passed fluffy, it was hermione who freed ron from a patch of devil's snare he had dropped into by conjuring bluebell flames. he says his most extravagent purchase was a damien hirst butterfly painting (though he won’t admit what he paid for it – they can sell for millions of pounds), a craigie aitchison and an elizabeth peyton portrait of doherty. ron and hermione spend much of their time bickering, likely due to their growing romantic feelings toward one another, but they show continued loyalty to harry. of her friendships with ron and ginny weasley, hermione became friendly with the entire weasley family. they had heard that it was left to harry in dumbledore's will and guessed that he needed it. two reconciled after ron was hospitalised due to consuming poisoned mead, an event that left hermione shaken and frightened. hermione expressed an even deeper understanding of sirius's emotions when she stated her opinion to harry that sirius was attempting to relive his happier school days through his godson. harry and hermione would later use the latter's time-turner to rescue sirius, who became deeply grateful to both of them. as parvati looked “positively agog” at hermione confiding in her,[21] it can be assumed that hermione seldom discussed personal matters with her room mates. they shared ginny's room and tent at the world cup and solidified their growing friendship. harry, however, as a parselmouth, was able to enter the chamber, rescue ginny, and slay the basilisk with the sword of gryffindor. anyway, mum and dad are a bit disappointed, but i've told them that everyone who's serious about the exams is staying at hogwarts to study. divination, on the other hand, turned out to be a subject hermione had no respect for or interest in, and soon dropped the subject after sybill trelawney told her that she did not posses the second sight. harry was heartbroken, but not angry with her, knowing that it was an accident and that hermione had saved his life and therefore could not hold it against her. for example, hermione scorned divination, lavender and parvati's favourite subject, and accidentally upset lavender with her clumsy attempt to comfort her over the death of her rabbit. mclaggen was apparently interested in hermione, as he escorted her to the party and was very forward with her romantically while there.. in the hog's head, she coughed exactly like professor umbridge, scaring those gathered into believing the real umbridge had caught them. they danced together at bill and fleur's wedding, and were generally kinder to one another. even before hermione understood the priceless quality of the gift, she was moved to tears by dumbledore's great act of friendship. robes: hermione wore a set of dress robes to the yule ball in 1994. gene simmons locks lips with wife shannon as he attends power rangers premiere with daughter shannon and son nick. hunting for horcruxes, harry would stare at her dot on the marauder's map for hours, hoping that she could somehow sense that he was watching over her. and i'm hunted quite as much as any goblin or elf, griphook! hermione managed to cast the memory charm successfully multiple times after having only read the theory behind it,[6] despite even very powerful wizards such as barty crouch snr having difficulty with it when they have not been trained." she also lambasts housemate lavender brown for believing the daily prophet's allegations of harry fabricating stories of voldemort's return.↑ cursed child reveals first look at harry, ginny and albus potter in character on pottermore. her sometimes abrasive attitude masked deep insecurities and fear of failure, as personified by her boggart. in harry potter and the half-blood princethis is it folks, the secret is about to be let out of the proverbial bag…we love the fact that hermione may have confunded mclaggen to help ron win the role of keeper. may be named after sir clive granger, a nobel prize-winning british economist who taught in britain at the university of nottingham and described the "granger causality". the events surrounding harry's name coming out of the goblet of fire, hermione was the only student who believed harry's innocence; in fact, she "accepted his story without question."an' they haven't invented a spell our hermione can' do. bellatrix eventually cut through some skin, leaving a long cut on the front of hermione's neck. in harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1, she is spotted wearing a sliver and black dress at the wedding. more so than ron, harry understands hermione's emotional feelings and is compassionate towards her. after hermione insulted her, rita published another article that portrayed hermione as manipulative and ambitious, claiming that she was toying with the emotions of both harry potter and viktor krum. harry and ginny then share a kiss that gets interrupted by george weasley. hermione was considered a "borderline genius"[28] and was the most talented witch in her year at hogwarts. when lavender began dating ron weasley, she was very upset and confided in harry about her feelings.”’‘i only really started to feel i was being just daniel radcliffe in 2012, and it started when i made kill your darlings [the critically acclaimed indie movie in which he plays tortured young beat poet alan ginsberg] followed by horns and what if. despite saying that she knew the risks involved in being with harry and that she didn't care, she accepted his decision, calling it an act of stupid nobility. when umbridge threatened to use the cruciatus curse on harry during questioning, hermione interceded. she and draco then apprehended her and took her back to the present where she was sent to azkaban. sirius was soon apprehended and locked in filius flitwick's office to await the dementor's kiss. while sitting at ron's bedside ron subconsciously muttered hermione's name.— hermione convincing harry and ron of her plan to use polyjuice potion[src]. after hermione skipped a skiing trip with her parents to come to the house, she talked harry out of hiding in buckbeak's room, leading him to ginny and ron.. rowling states that she was born on 19 september 1979[1] and she was nearly twelve when she first attended hogwarts. mcgonagall · elphinstone urquart · alastor gumboil · arnold peasegood · mafalda hopkirk · honoria's fiancé · cerberus langarm · rufus fudge · perkins · hermione granger · travers · bob ogden · arthur weasley · dempster wiggleswade · mafalda hopkirk's ministerial superior · arthur weasley's ten subordinates. in the beginning of the year, harry was slightly disappointed when, after a summer together, he remembered that ginny did not normally hang around the trio at school. dresang, discusses hermione's role in the series and its relation to feminist debates. ginny was present on the hogwarts express on 1 september, 1997 when it was raided by three death eaters in search of harry potter. pansy had a tendency to taunt and snipe at hermione, harry, and ron at any given opportunity, though hermione rarely seemed more than slightly irritated by her comments; the major exception to that most likely would have been pansy's attempt to surrender harry to lord voldemort shortly prior to the start of the battle of hogwarts. hermione first met luna on the hogwarts express in 1995; she insulted the quibbler, but backtracked when luna told her that her father was the editor."the plan was, which i really hope i fulfilled, is that the reader, like harry, would gradually discover ginny as pretty much the ideal girl for harry. during the delivery, harry's bag was torn and the contents were dropped onto the floor. it should also be noted that she fought bellatrix alongside ginny weasley and luna lovegood. though she lies incapacitated in the hospital wing, her information is crucial to harry and ron in their successful mission to solve the mystery of the chamber of secrets. they are made by molly weasley for family and friends and sent as christmas gifts." he always uses the last names for his insulting versions in the games, producing: potter = potty, weasley = weasel, and granger = grunge. ron is angry because he feels crookshanks is responsible for scabbers' disappearance, while hermione fiercely maintains that crookshanks is innocent. this shows how much she hated voldemort and how much she loved her husband, to the point where watching him bear the appearance of the man who had stolen so much from both of them was too much for her. she first met the hogwarts headmaster during her her first year at the school, in 1991, and quickly came to respect dumbledore's immense power and seemingly infinite wisdom. hermione granger had made any difference to her match; professor mcgonagall showed the class how it had gone all silver and pointy. burrow, where ginny grew up with her parents and six older brothers. on harry's orders ginny joined ron and hermione in taking the potion, giving them extra luck in case they needed it., she still harboured feelings for harry and was displeased to hear that he had asked cho chang to the ball. was quite responsible, perfectionistic, and well put-together, which led to her being made a prefect during her fifth year. on, the minister for magic, rufus scrimgeour interrupted harry's birthday celebrations to execute albus dumbledore's will and bequeath some of his belongings to the three friends.

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint admits crush on Emma Watson

spinnet · angelina johnson · dean thomas · demelza robins · ginny weasley · james potter · katie bell · cadwallader · heidi macavoy · malcolm preece · zacharias smith · tamsin applebee · bradley · chambers · jeremy stretton · randolph burrow · roger davies · eekins · jarrett · marcus flint · adrian pucey · cassius warrington · graham montague · urquhart · vaisey · blaise zabini · unidentified gryffindor chaser (i) · unidentified gryffindor chaser (ii) · unidentified gryffindor chaser (iii) · rose granger-weasley. there are moments when [harry and hermione] touch, which are charged moments. hermione stayed in ginny's room during her frequent visits to the burrow during summer vacations. film: when she, harry and ron saw buckbeak's apparent execution. and ginny express their love for each other during the battle of hogwarts. it was hinted that he spoke of her frequently to his grandmother, augusta longbottom, who seemed to already know a good deal about hermione when they first met at saint mungo's in 1995."[11] she was also quite horrified when she heard that neville's parents had been tortured into insanity by bellatrix lestrange and become permanent residents of st mungo's hospital for magical maladies and injuries. during the train ride on the hogwarts express, ginny introduced harry and neville to luna lovegood, a ravenclaw in her year. molly sports printed dress and fur vest as she arrives at the bel-air hotel. the will of albus dumbledore, hermione's middle name was listed as "jean;" however, in previous interviews, rowling had stated that her middle name was "jane. and ginny share a lot in common when it comes to lord voldemort-they were both temporary parselmouths, they were both briefly possessed by lord voldemort and they have also lost family members to voldemort. also in the book, harry ends his romantic relationship with ginny at dumbledore's funeral. was challenged in more ways than one that year when she met luna lovegood, whose belief in many things without logical grounds baffled hermione. the second wizarding war, hermione had two children with ron weasley: a daughter named rose and a son named hugo. his pre-existing dislike for gryffindor,[6] snape's treatment of hermione likely had more to do with her close friendship with harry. when mrs norris was petrified in her first year at hogwarts, her brothers put her shock down to this fact, not knowing that ginny was scared because she could not remember what she was doing at the time and feared that she was responsible. you just have to get ’em off and go for, so as not to give umbridge any excuse to fire him, and worked tirelessly to keep him on track.[21] while on the hunt for the horcruxes with harry and ron, hermione frequently apparated and disapparated the three of them, twice when they were falling through the air.↑ harry potter and the order of the phoenix, chapter 25 (the beetle at bay) - “little miss perfect was just about to tell me when you arrived,”.'s boggart in her third year was professor mcgonagall telling her that she had "failed everything," which rowling later commented showed that "underneath hermione's snootiness there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure. he is currently dating his kill your darlings co-star erin darke, after splitting from rosie coker, a set painter from the potter movies, in 2012. the wedding of bill and fleur, hermione again put in effort to look her best: her hair was sleek and shiny, and she wore a floaty, lilac-coloured dress with matching high heels. their affectionate and passionate marriage, ginny retained her ability to put harry in his place over his actions and behaviors, such as when she forbade him from entering albus's room during his disappearance. paris jackson rocks a casual biker jacket and beanie hat as she heads out and about in new york city."hermione's immense workload finally seemed to be getting to her.[19] the time-turner enables hermione and harry to rescue sirius and the hippogriff buckbeak. the house-elf learned of this turn of events, and rushed to the room of requirement to warn harry and the d. hermione hid it under her pillow in the hospital wing until her friends harry potter and ron weasley discovered it. during her sixth year, hermione successfully cast the confundus charm on a broom, a charm so difficult professor snape had to concentrate to cast it.[26] in the final battle in the great hall, hermione fights bellatrix with the help of ginny weasley and luna.[16] during a morning confrontation between the gryffindor and slytherin quidditch teams, a brawl nearly ensues after draco malfoy calls her a "mudblood", an insulting epithet for muggle-born wizards when she defends the gryffindor quidditch team.[19] during the yule ball in 1994, hermione was affronted by ron's clumsy attempt to ask her to go with him, and ron was jealous of her attendance with viktor krum; this jealousy would persist for years."[56] ign also wrote that her "astute portrayal of hermione has already become a favorite among fans. protecting harry, her willingness to put his best interests first. in 1996, pansy parkinson stated that "a lot of boys like her", and that even blaise zabini found her "good-looking", with the additional observation that blaise was very hard to please when it came to the physical appearance of women. the books, several times ron and hermione repeat phrases said by one another; for example, when hermione, in harry potter and the philosopher's stone, wanted to produce fire in order to destroy the devil's snare, ron tells her: "are you a witch or not? harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2, ginny and neville longbottom are both climbing up on one of the staircases, and run into harry during the battle. two eventually made up, and hermione initiated a kiss during the battle of hogwarts, when ron suggested saving the house-elves and not ordering them to fight for wizards.'there's a piece of him in there': jake gyllenhaal took inspiration from his late surgeon grandfather for his role as a doctor in new movie life. familygranger familypotter familydumbledore's armyorder of the phoenixhogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardryslug clubgryffindorbritish ministry of magic department for the regulation and control of magical creaturesdepartment of magical law enforcements. before she began the 1993-1994 school year, while visiting diagon alley with harry and the weasley family, hermione met and adopted a ginger part-kneazle cat named crookshanks from the magical menagerie.العربيةঅসমীয়াasturianuazərbaycancaবাংলাbân-lâm-gúбеларускаябългарскиbosanskibrezhonegcatalàчӑвашлаčeštinadanskeestiελληνικάespañolesperantoeuskaraفارسیfrançaisgaeilgegalego한국어հայերենहिन्दीhrvatskibahasa indonesiainterlinguaíslenskaitalianoעבריתbasa jawaქართულიқазақшаlatinalatviešulietuviųmagyarмакедонскиमराठीbahasa melayuмонголnederlands日本語norsk bokmålnorsk nynorskpolskiportuguêsromânăрусскийscotssimple englishslovenčinaslovenščinaсрпски / srpskisrpskohrvatski / српскохрватскиsuomisvenskaதமிழ்татарча/tatarçaไทยtürkçeукраїнськаtiếng việtžemaitėška中文.. rowling described as being by "a bunch of racists", adding that the books never explicitly mentioned her race or skin colour, and that she has been portrayed as black in fan art. however, upon exiting the whomping willow's secret passageway together, pettigrew shrewdly used lupin's werewolf transformation as a distraction and escaped. she became more visibly upset, and again, her brothers put it down to other causes — she sat next to colin in charms, and that she was worried that ron might be expelled if he got in trouble. on her way back from the library, she warned the first person she saw, penelope clearwater, and advised her to look around corners with a mirror before going anywhere. film: when she is worried about harry going into the forbidden forest to have voldemort kill him. they had very little direct contact, hermione and voldemort are sometimes similar: both are "model students" who achieved outstanding grades in newts. when lord voldemort and his army approached with a supposedly dead harry, hermione screamed in horror and denial. she also attempts to pass herself off as former hogwarts student penelope clearwater and a half-blood to avoid persecution, but is later recognised and taken to malfoy manor where bellatrix lestrange tortures her with the cruciatus curse in an attempt to extract information on how hermione, harry, and ron came to possess godric gryffindor's sword (which was supposed to be safe in the lestrange vault at gringotts). examples include breaking the laws regarding time travel in order to help him save sirius, teaching him defensive magic in preparation for the triwizard tournament, blackmailing rita skeeter in order to give him a way to tell the public about voldemort's return, protecting him from torture by dolores umbridge, and obliviating her parents in order to go on the run with him. again, in goblet of fire, she has a very small role and in order of the phoenix, her relationship with michael corner is cut. dumbledore · tom riddle · minerva mcgonagall · james potter · lily evans · bill weasley · percy weasley · teddy lupin. it is unknown exactly how she reacted to learning of snape's true motives and allegiance, but given her personality, it is highly likely that she came to both forgive her former professor's cruelty, and even admire him for his bravery. many photographs and posters have her wearing number 6, but that is the number of the generic tunic she wore only for the try-outs. thompson plays hermione when she is disguised as mafalda hopkirk in deathly hallows: part 1, as does helena bonham carter when she is disguised as bellatrix lestrange in deathly hallows: part 2. she also saved harry twice in the horcrux hunt, in which she blasted[nagini away from him and ron one time when the trio went to xenophilius lovegood. the memory that resided in the diary had begun possessing and slowly draining the life out of ginny. christina milian turns heads in long wig and plunging dress for power rangers premiere in los angeles. tonks, a funny, metamorphmagus witch, who had become a good friend of hermione's, died along with her husband and fellow member of the order, remus lupin, during the battle of hogwarts.. rowling's original drawing obtained from harry potter lexicon: ancient drawings (page 4) "the midnight duel" drawing that clearly has dean's skin shaded in; as hermione's is not that makes her lighter skinned. shortly after making this discovery, harry realised that luna lovegood wasn't at home, despite it being the christmas holidays, and had been away for a long time.' i'm assuming this is the very friend of whom you spoke, harry? later on, she argued that her spying was to their benefit when she pointed out the dog had been standing on a trap door, which harry and ron had not noticed. and hermione awoke in the hospital wing after being rescued by severus snape who conjured stretchers for hermione, harry and sirius. hermione is also very protective of her friends and values them so much that rowling has suggested that, if hermione had looked in the mirror of erised, she would have seen harry, ron, and herself "alive and unscathed, and voldemort finished. whisky was his drink – and he has confessed that he was ‘a really annoying, loud, inappropriate, messy, drunk’. year later, hermione, after fully recovering from her polyjuice mishap, was shown t.[4] rowling adds that hermione's parents, two muggle dentists, are a bit bemused by their odd daughter but "very proud of her all the same. after witnessing them kissing he frequently hoped that dean and ginny would break up. on the day their hogwarts letters arrived, she knocked over a porridge bowl with a loud clatter and put her elbow in the butter dish when harry asked her if she was starting at hogwarts. battle of hogwarts soon resumed, and hermione fought bellatrix lestrange alongside ginny and luna, despite being hindered by using bellatrix's own wand against her.[54] the producers were impressed by watson's self-confidence and she outperformed the thousands of other girls who had applied. this may have something to do with the emotional nature of the spell; harry, due to his inability to cut off his emotions, is particularly adept at this spell, while the logical hermione has issues with it. because of this, cho went into a dramatic and tear-filled departure from her date with harry when he mentioned that he promised to meet with hermione, who would later comment sadly on how harry went the wrong way on telling cho about the appointed meeting. acting on a promise to ginny, neville sent word to her (via the enchanted galleons) that harry was at the school. harry ignored this and became slightly agitated at the suggestion that sirius might be guilty of such a crude mentality. rita skeeter noted that ron had become catatonic at the appearance of the bulgarian veela and hermione had to elbow him in the ribs.[19] she used this spell successfully on draco malfoy[11] and zacharias smith.[3] she is an overachiever who excels academically, and is described by rowling as a "very logical, upright and good" character."[36] hermione has also learned to ignore what bullies such as draco say to her, often preventing harry and ron from retaliating and thinking of some way to outsmart him. because the horcrux had become so disconnected from the once whole soul of tom riddle, the physically bodied voldemort was not aware of any of these events, nor of the information the horcrux had gained dangling around the necks of harry and his closest friends. fred and george attempted to cheer her up, but went about it the wrong way by leaping out at her from behind statues covered in fur or boils. ginny then went to fred and george, and asked them to find a way for harry to speak with sirius.[22] ginny was the only one that hermione confided in when viktor krum asked her to the yule ball,[22] and the only one who knew that she had kissed him at least once. potter: "and then what does she thinks is going to happen? tearful hermione standing at the base of the astronomy tower after dumbledore's death. ron was used to always being in harry's shadow and did not want the girl he loved to be also taken from him by his best friend. 'i certainly think that after kill your darlings and my role on broadway in the cripple of inishmaan, the debate as to whether i can do things outside of potter is near to ending. eventually, he asked her to be his date to the yule ball, and hermione accepted. to harry potter, her most attractive feature is her red hair., minutes later hermione unknowingly triggered the taboo curse that was placed on voldemort's name, and the trio were thus tracked down by antonin dolohov and thorfinn rowle. the middle of the celebration, the guests were warned by kingsley shacklebolt's patronus that the ministry of magic had fallen, that rufus scrimgeour was dead, and that the death eaters were coming. has two soundtracks which are titled as ginny and when ginny kissed harry on the soundtrack for the film of harry potter and the half-blood prince. she was even more despondent when ron suggested that harry take her to the ball since he did not have a date. ron responded with great enthusiasm, but they quickly broke apart when harry reminded them of their objective. she attended the quidditch world cup final on 25 august with the majority of her family, as well as harry and hermione and was shaken by the appearance of death eaters in the aftermath of the irish victory. ron discouraged harry from "getting [ginny's] hopes up," mentioning that his sister was "really cut up" when harry attempted to end their relationship. at first enthusiastic that the book might have "magical powers", hermione first came up with the theory that it was tom riddle who originally "caught" the "heir of slytherin" when the chamber of secrets had been opened fifty years prior. wendell and monica wilkins don't know that they've got a daughter, you see. occasionally she would snap back at him, and in their third year, she even slapped him when he mocked rubeus hagrid for being upset over the impending execution of buckbeak, for which draco was largely responsible. term started, ginny tried out for the gryffindor quidditch team, of which harry had been made the captain. three of the main topics brought up in it talk about apparition within the castle, muggle electronics and the ceiling in the great hall. though malfoy most likely believed the diary was simply enchanted to open the chamber of secrets, it was actually one of voldemort's horcruxes, and in fact, contained a fragment of the dark lord's soul. she and ron had a blazing argument over her kissing dean in public, but ginny countered that ron only saw it as being wrong because he had never kissed anyone before. but, i felt — and i'm talking years ago when all this was planned — initially, she's terrified by his image. ‘i mean full-frontal nudity in front of thousands of people. near the end of the school year, harry's suspicions would be proven right. he didn't like gryffindor beating ravenclaw at quidditch and got really sulky, so i ditched him and he ran off to comfort cho instead. also at the end of the movie, it is implied that ginny and harry are still dating. he’s got an intellectual curiosity and she’s got something of belief." the black family tree establishes cedrella as a first cousin once removed of both orion and walburga black, sirius's parents. she also used it, at the end of the school year, to save sirius black and buckbeak, along with harry potter." hermione says the same thing when ron told her she was very beautiful, during bill and fleur's wedding. afterwards, harry told them about his desire to drop out of hogwarts to hunt horcruxes, which were the key to defeating lord voldemort. hermione agreed with harry that it was difficult to watch their problems again, but she strictly said that they could do nothing about it, as bad things happened to wizards who tried to meddle with their past and future lives.'she had this twinkle in her eye': matt damon recalls zambian girl who reminded him of himself and ben affleck when they were teens. hermione was also the aunt and godmother of harry's three children: james sirius, albus severus and lily luna." even ron was suspicious that harry had cheated in order to gain more glory, creating a rift between the two for some time. hermione also had very fast reflexes when it came to wand work; for instance, she drew her wand and placed a shield charm between harry and ron when they were quarrelling before either of them could even draw their wands in 1997, and when the trio was spotted by death eaters during the battle of hogwarts, she was the first to react, sending them to safety. copy of the life and lies of albus dumbledore: hermione granger had a copy of this book in her possession after her visit with harry to godric's hollow and their run in with nagini disguised as bathilda bagshot. courteney cox and lisa kudrow match in black at the open mind gala in beverly hills. she came up with a lie that she and her fellow d. hermione also strongly disapproved of harry using the textbook of the "half-blood prince" to get ahead in potions unfairly, though she did not turn him in. after the second wizarding war, ginny and her children were very close to teddy, the son of tonks and remus. she later witnessed harry's defeat of voldemort in the battle of hogwarts.[6] they share similar upbringings as only children raised in the muggle world, and show each other unconditional love despite many differences and disagreements. one turning point in the series is when hermione conceives the idea of harry secretly teaching defensive magic to a small band of students in defiance of the ministry of magic's dictum to teach only the subject's basic principles from a textbook, with no hands-on practice. my feminist conscience is saved by hermione, who's the brightest character. she had high expectations for hermione, and was thus disappointed in her when hermione claimed she tried to fight the troll that entered the school in 1991 on her own, in order to cover up for harry and ron. as the train pulled out, she began to cry, despite her brothers promising to send her loads of owls and a hogwarts toilet seat. xenophilius revealed to them that luna had been taken prisoner by death eaters and that he planned to betray them in order to get her back. kesha glams up as she arrives at lax in mini dress and strappy heels. when he told hermione that he could go on alone, she rebuffed him.'i was so relieved that i started laughing': la la land's ryan gosling shares new details about his giggle-fit during oscars flub. hermione was very upset a the thought that it was her curse that broke harry's wand. the summer of 1994, ginny spent a lot of time with hermione granger, who was staying at the burrow before and after the quidditch world cup. hermione told her parents that the reason for her cancelling was to study for exams, indicating that her parents expected her to do well in school and were probably not aware of the extent of their daughter's involvement in activities relating to the second wizarding war.[11] ginny's brother and dean's roommate ron disapproved of the romance, as demonstrated by his furious reaction to stumbling upon the couple kissing passionately in a deserted hallway. ten minutes is a hell of a long time – and i was out there at the centre of the stage. hermione found ron annoying although he stalled her long enough for the others to find the time-turner and they left. the wedge, an australian sketch comedy, parodies hermione and harry in love on a "cooking with.[17] hermione helped neville many times with their school work, particularly with potions, as professor snape noted that she was often "hissing instructions in his ear. she also entertained ginny and hermione by displaying her metamorphmagus abilities, usually at the dinner table. when she was six, she began a habit of breaking into the family broom shed and taking each of their brooms out in turn. she and lupin both fought against the death eaters during the battle of the department of mysteries in 1996, and survived (despite hermione being side-swiped by dolohov's curse). stone's 'fro away: manchester united ace marouane fellaini gets private hair salon in his house to keep his 'pride and joy' curls in winning condition. she has very few lines and only a few minutes worth of screen time in chamber of secrets. she also mentioned that at some point she had walked in on percy and penelope clearwater kissing in a classroom during the year, and begged her brothers not to tease him about it.., mostly in order to prevent hermione from nagging them about it. when she blushed (which was often around harry potter in the early years of their friendship), she would go a shade of red that matched her hair. she got angry with them for questioning her on her dating life and while they respected her relationship with harry potter, they were not above finding ways to tease them about it.—hermione is angry at draco for happily watching the execution of buckbeak[src]. she could also perform human transfiguration, which is noted to be very difficult and did so in 1998 to disguise ron during the break-in at gringotts bank.— harry potter and hermione on sirius black being tortured[src].[45] in the celtic calendar, the vine was a symbol of passionate emotions in both extremes—happiness and wrath — and was connected to fulfilling goals and finding balance. she explained to harry and ron that cho was having a hard time since cedric diggory, who she used to go out with, was killed by lord voldemort. membership criteria of the club are extremely strict, and candidates are heavily vetted. she correctly deduces lupin's secret after completing snape's homework assignment from the class, while crookshanks proves vital in exposing scabbers as peter pettigrew, a friend of james and lily potter who revealed their whereabouts to lord voldemort the night of their murders, and was able to wrongly implicate sirius black (revealed to be harry's godfather) in the potters' deaths.—dumbledore awarding hermione last-minute points at the feast at the end of her first year[src]. malfoy, of an old and wealthy pure-blood family with death eater ties, was raised to believe in the inferiority of muggle-borns, and thus treated hermione with disdain. the yule ball, many of hermione's fellow students were stunned by how pretty she looked. i think she's funny, and i think that she's very warm and compassionate. harry held them off for a while but was eventually overwhelmed..Harry potter: "but why's she got to go to the library? and ron standing in her office at the ministry of magic.[18] before the start of term, professor mcgonagall secretly gives her a time-turner, a device which enables her to go back in time and handle her heavy class schedule, though this is not revealed until the penultimate chapter. she also defended harry's use of the sectumsempra curse against draco malfoy, even if it had earned him a detention that forced him to miss the last quidditch match of the year. harry (disguised as a member of the weasley family) jealously warned viktor krum off of speaking with her, when he remarked on ginny's attractiveness., in his on-screen commentary for the blu-ray release of philosopher's stone, reveals that the final scene of the film does show hermione's large front teeth. their marriage is shown to be mature and understanding, harry also affectionately calls ginny "gin", rather her full name.: child characters in filmchild characters in literaturefictional characters introduced in 1997fictional english peoplefictional characters who use magicfictional politiciansfilm sidekicksharry potter characterssidekicks in literatureteenage characters in filmtime travelersfictional victims of torturewitchcraft in filmwitchcraft in written fictionhidden categories: wikipedia articles needing page number citations from january 2011wikipedia articles needing page number citations from december 2010all articles with failed verificationarticles with failed verification from january 2011wikipedia pending changes protected pages (level 1)wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pagesuse dmy dates from november 2013use british english from august 2011pages using isbn magic links.[66][67] hermione also features in the harry bladder sketches in all that, in which she appears as herheiny and is portrayed by lisa foiles.‘it’s dark, outrageous and very different again,’ he says. however, near the end of the battle of hogwarts, she learnt from harry that he was on their side all along.[18] she also gave ginny advice about dealing with her feelings for harry — advice that eventually led to the two dating,[21] and eventually marrying. krum, a renowned professional quidditch player and student of durmstrang, came to hogwarts in 1994 for the triwizard tournament, in which he was a champion.— hermione keeping her promise to harry shortly before ron's departure[src]. at the age of fourteen she was able to conjure a corporeal patronus — a very advanced piece of magic and proof that she possessed superior magical ability. harry potter and the deathly hallows, hermione tells rufus scrimgeour that she is not planning to pursue career in magical law. she picked it up as the two left the house and she read it while running and camping during her seventh year with harry and ron, attempting to find clues which would help her and her friends locate and destroy voldemort's horcruxes.. members had been building a weapon for dumbledore, thus stopping umbridge's sadistic interrogation and attempted torture of harry. "brian linder's review of harry potter and the sorcerer's stone". the film adaptation of harry potter and the goblet of fire, hermione snaps at harry when he tells her to give a message to ron, saying "i'm not an owl. following percy's decision to turn his back on his family over their support of albus dumbledore and harry potter instead of the ministry, ginny was furious with him and even threw mashed parsnips at him when he came to the burrow at christmas in 1996. the novels describe hermione as having rather large front teeth in her younger years, this is not depicted in the films, as watson never had large teeth and couldn't speak when applied with bucked teeth. albus was trying to stall her while scorpius malfoy and delphi stole the time-turner. case: she had a large pencil case which allowed her to keep all her quill and other writing equipment together. appeared to worship her brother bill, defending his choice of earring and hairstyle to their mother,[22] and initially feeling that he could do a lot better than fleur delacour, whom she mockingly called "phlegm".[6] however, hermione would not have been afraid to stand up to ginny when she felt that ginny was wrong. and hermione talking about albus dumbledore in the forest of dean. she is the best student in harry's year and is repeatedly the first student to master any spell or charm introduced in classes and even from more advanced years, as evidenced when she is able to conjure a protean charm on the d. and ginny were both horribly saddened by sirius's death, and later duelled bellatrix in the great hall during the battle of hogwarts. for example, when lupin turns into a werewolf and attacks hermione and harry, harry shields her from the danger. she had the typical weasley family traits: flaming red hair (which she wore in a long mane) and a freckled complexion. order of the phoenix: aberforth dumbledore | alastor moody | arabella figg | arthur weasley | bill weasley | charlie weasley | dedalus diggle | elphias doge | emmeline vance | fleur delacour | fred weasley | george weasley | harry potter | hermione granger | hestia jones | kingsley shacklebolt | minerva mcgonagall | molly weasley | mundungus fletcher | nymphadora tonks | remus lupin | ron weasley | rubeus hagrid | severus snape | sirius black | sturgis podmore. and neville longbottom are held against their will by the inquisitorial squad. hermione began a crusade for the liberation of house-elves by beginning the society for the promotion of elfish welfare, or what she and the group called s. harry potter limited edition - a guide to the graphic arts department: posters, prints, and publications from the harry potter films (see this image). victoire weasley, one of fleur and bill's daughters, was seen kissing teddy lupin at king's cross station, by james potter, hermione's nephew and godson. despite his protests, hermione and ron promised to forgo their seventh year of school in order to assist harry.'s army was an organisation founded by harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley in 1995, and led and taught by harry potter to oppose dolores umbridge, as well as offer students a place to learn and practise defensive magic.[9] she named ron's owl "pigwidgeon",[22] and was known to be able to lure crookshanks out of hiding to play with her when she wanted. thinking and intelligence: hermione had a mastery of logic that most wizards lacked, as she stated that "a lot of the greatest wizards haven't got an ounce of logic".[19] ginny also told hermione about her teaching herself how to fly and about her relationship with michael corner before her family and most others were aware of either. weasley, the love of her life and father to her children.

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