Are puck and santana dating in real life

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Are puck and santana dating in real life

"[27] in the following episode, vanderwerff found her relationship with puck "a lot less assured" than before,[28] but entertainment weekly's sandra gonzalez deemed their scenes "as endearing as they are unrealistic",[29] and e! "glee scoop: perez hilton and rex lee join lindsay lohan for guest spot—with a voice twist". joe finds himself having feelings for quinn and turns to sam for advice, since the feelings are partially physical, which is frowned on by his faith. quinn says that they will never be together and puck replies saying he doesn't care about quinn, only beth. puck later gets into academic trouble, but realizes he needs to graduate after meeting up again with his high-school-dropout father, but he fails a crucial test that will keep him from graduating with the rest of the seniors. then goes to a heartbroken quinn offering his support as the true and official father and says he wants to be with her. the casting notice for the role of sandy read, in part, "he's gay, but covers it . after junior prom, mercedes and sam begin dating secretly, but he moves away during the summer.[154][155] early in her tenure, she claims that show choir is stupid, but on several subsequent occasions she is seen enjoying singing and performing in the background. hudson (romy rosemont) is finn's widowed mother and kurt's stepmother, and wife to kurt's dad burt. he tells her he'd take care of the baby - and her too - but she calls him a lima loser and runs away in tears. she influences many of terri's decisions during her hysterical-turned-fake pregnancy by assisting terri in her schemes, and predicting disaster whenever terri contemplates confessing the truth to will. ryder is furious and announces he is leaving the new directions after regionals. he falls in love with lauren, and they run unsuccessfully for junior prom king and queen together, but she breaks up with him at the beginning of their senior year in season three. "glee guest matt bomer on living out his duran duran fantasy, kissing jane lynch and more! they are watching rory's audition together, and both question his singing ability. she apologizes for calling him a lima loser in preggers and says he's not - he's "special and romantic". quinn takes this lightly and says its "ancient history," but rachel reminds her that puck was at his best when they were together. "glee exclusive: whoopi goldberg set to play rachel and kurt's [spoiler] in may sweeps arc". lynch and matthew morrison play rival club directors sue sylvester and will schuester. even though they grew apart after beth was born, she says, he has always meant something to her and still does. susan pierce (heather morris) is a cheerleader who joins the glee club with quinn and santana in the episode "showmance". she looks pleasantly surprised for a moment before dancing along and puck proceeds to sing with a smile. rod and andrea later marry and announce it during a newscast in the episode "furt", humiliating sue. he apologizes for making her a "freakin' mess for three years ever since he knocked her up," and tells her that she doesn't need a baby, or a guy or anyone to make her special. she sleeps with him once, though she tells him afterward she has made a mistake, to his disgust, and subsequently resigns from mckinley. in "heart", she gives will money to pay for costumes and makeup for regionals, and throws a big valentine's day party. she comes to william mckinley high with an enviable record of coaching successful football teams, and principal figgins (iqbal theba) boosts the football program budget for her by reducing the cheerleading and glee club budgets, which alarms coach sue sylvester (jane lynch) and director will schuester (matthew morrison), respectively, and drives them into a temporary alliance against her. in "the end of twerk", marley discovers that jake had cheated on her with one of the cheerleaders, bree, and breaks up with him.[38] she was also part of the glee cast ensemble that was nominated in december 2011 for the outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series award at the 18th screen actors guild awards.: gettykevin mchale & dianna agronduring the episode in which new directions headed to new york city, kevin & dianna were spotted holding each other and whispering in one another's ear on set, leading some members of the public to freak out over a real-life love affair between artie & quinn. sam evans), after the two were spotted holding hands at her birthday party. originated as a minor antagonist, santana's role became more prominent in the second half of the first season,[80] and she became a main character in season two. but i also love max and i love that character and i sorta want that character to have a happy ending. because he was still on probation, puck reluctantly had to watch the beat down between sam and karofsky, but despite not being allowed to fight and feeling helpless about it, he showed great restraint and was still praised for standing up for kurt. quinn says she screwed up by letting puck get her pregnant - he's an idiot, and his mother won't let her eat bacon. she, along with some of the other members of new directions must transfer to other schools when the glee club is disbanded.[262] kent avenido appears in the first two seasons as howard bamboo, terri's dyslexic coworker who joins the acafellas and later sue's "league of doom", and kenneth choi plays dr. they graduate in season finale, but while rachel gets into a new york school, finn does not; on their wedding day, he instead sends her off to new york without him to fulfill her dreams, and finn enlists in the army to follow his late father's footsteps. jean, who has down syndrome, lives in an assisted living facility, and is the only character sue consistently treats with care and compassion. of Glee co-stars that dated in real life, celebrity couples. the beginning of the second season, quinn rejoins the cheerios and again becomes the captain, regaining her popularity, though later in the season she quits to remain faithful to new directions. porter (marshall williams) is a football player and student at mckinley."[3] michele described the first thirteen episodes of the series as: "rachel's journey of finding herself within the glee club",[41] explaining that: "she's learning how to be a team player and work within this group. they exchange compliments, quinn assuring him that he looks really handsome, and not just because of the air force uniform, but also because of his newfound confidence. puck comes in dressed as lola, santana says, "i'm strangely turned on right now. when finn's girlfriend quinn is impregnated and tells finn the baby is his, puck realizes that he is the actual father, and offers to support quinn. at the same time, jacob artist, melissa benoist, blake jenner, alex newell and becca tobin were promoted to the main cast and are credited as such for the season, though they appear only in the first thirteen of the twenty episodes, after which new directions is disbanded and the series shifts to the glee club alumni in new york city for the remainder of the season.[16] quinn decides she wants to regain custody of beth, but puck is torn, and tells shelby of quinn's plans. it focuses on the high school glee club new directions competing on the show choir competition circuit, while its members deal with relationships, sexuality and social issues. he commented that in the pilot episode, carole was "just the slightly pathetic figure we saw pining after the lawn-care guy", however her reaction to quinn's pregnancy was "a brilliant bit of characterization through small moments", an example of how glee was "becoming very good at showing how life happens in small exchanges in people's laundry rooms and finished basements". she told him that she owes him big time and that she talked to his history teacher and she agreed to let puck retake the test.[271] their relationship gets to the point that the two live together for a while, but they break up after santana discovers that brody is a gigolo. finn wants their rivalry to end and he gives them the assignment to sing a duet together. while quinn and puck are babysitting the children, they get tied up with jump rope.[75] dismayed at never receiving solo songs, mercedes and kurt join the cheerleading squad, the cheerios, as vocalists. it is also revealed that quinn's real name is lucy quinn fabray and she used to be bullied for being fat, and eventually decided to have a nose job. finn attacks puck and confronts quinn, who admits the truth. he sends kurt to new york in the fall, and when he visits at christmas, reveals that he has recently been treated for prostate cancer, and that it appears to have been caught in time. season guest stars include victor garber and debra monk as will's parents,[239] and gina hecht plays puck's mother in the eighth episode, and is seen again in the third-season finale and the fourth season's holiday episode. finn interrupts them, and puck surreptitiously hides the cash in his pants.. club wrote, "mark salling just seems to have a ridiculous amount of chemistry with all of the female cast members in the show, and it's fun to see him and dianna agron get in that food fight. puck falls in love with her, but shelby tells him in "mash off" that the kiss was a mistake. puck clumsily tells lauren he likes her, not because of her looks but because of her "badass-ness"; lauren says she is not looking for something casual.[9] quinn reconsiders her plan to have the baby adopted and gives puck a chance to prove himself by helping her to babysit terri schuester's (jessalyn gilsig) three nephews. in the last episode of the season - "all or nothing", ryder finds out that unique is actually katie and because of that leaves the glee club. in the episode "sexy", lauren tells puck she's decided to make a sex tape to help her become famous, to his delight, but their plans are dashed when substitute sex education teacher holly holliday (gwyneth paltrow) informs them that as both are underage it would be considered child pornography. she makes all of marley's clothes and is particularly fond of marley's boyfriend jake puckerman and the rest of new directions. despite that, he sleeps with fellow students, including in an on-again, off-again relationship with santana lopez (naya rivera), a cheerleader, which does not completely end forever until the middle of the second season. after graduation, on the day of their wedding, finn drives her to the train station and announces she will be going to new york without him., brittany, jane, kurt, madison, mason, quinn, rachel, roderick, spencer, and tina. mentions how much he likes the cheerios skirts and that when santana leaned over, he "could see her ovaries. later comes over to her house after all, and they are seen making out in quinn's bed as she tugs on his mohawk. he auditioned with the song "let it be" and tested alongside colfer and ushkowitz. sam continues to support her, and a youtube video he posts of mercedes singing results in her being offered a job as a backup singer in los angeles after she graduates. the choir room, when mercedes sings her song, puck and quinn sit next to each other. with the connivance of finn and rachel, he and quinn are partnered for, and win, a duet competition within the group, after which their victory dinner turns into a first date; the victory later nets them a lead performance at sectionals.

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Santana and brittany dating in real life

puck states that he plans to leave mckinley too, explaining that there is no reason for him to stay, although he knows who his soul mate is. the second-season episode "a night of neglect" confirmed this, with sandy characterizing himself as a "predatory gay". june takes interest in blaine and decides to organize a one night only show for blaine. when she arrives, everyone has surprised faces while puck has a big smile on his face. the summer between seasons two and three, quinn undergoes a transformation: she dyes her hair, gets a tattoo and a nose ring, and takes to smoking behind the bleachers with her new clique the skanks. despite quinn having found herself a new partner, biff mcintosh, they soon realise that they still have feelings for each other and begin a rekindled romantic relationship. he later breaks up with karofsky and gets back together with kurt.[31] a few months later, in the episode "choke", she is hit by her husband, cooter, and given a black eye. she and her husband phil (michael loeffelholz) have triplet sons (played by ethan, aidan, and ben freedman). we see quinn and puck smile at each other and share a look as his cupcakes sell well. and finn, in wheelchairs in this episode as an exercise to see what artie has to go through, get into a fistfight over quinn and the baby. the producers engineered his absence from the series to allow a romance to develop between quinn and new student sam evans. jake and ryder briefly compete for marley's affections, but she chooses jake when kitty convinces her that ryder called off their date because of her weight when he was really seeing a dyslexia specialist, and they subsequently begin dating. she returns briefly to the club, and then abandons it for the new, rival mckinley show choir, the troubletones, run by shelby corcoran, but when the troubletones lose to new directions at sectionals and disband, she returns again. later on, santana is still under the impression that puck is hers and tries to invite him to breadstix with her but he declines. she admits that she still has feelings for will, and she and carl separate; he later requests an annulment of their marriage. also sam says that puck might beat him up when he gets out of juvie for attempting to kiss quinn.[131] according to sue, when she returns as principal at the beginning of the fifth season, becky did confess to having brought the gun to school, and is suspended for one month. then, when quinn is in the choir room singing, puck nods his head to the music and smiles at her.[87] many of brittany's lines are unscripted, and are instead devised by murphy during filming, or improvised by morris. rachel is found out, and sunshine eventually does audition, amazing the club with "listen".!We never heard this before researching, but there are actually some reports that the real-life versions of mercedes & artie gave a go at a relationship around the time the show first premiered. robert canning of ign said the "absolute best part" of the "silly love songs" episode was puck's "unexpected longing for lauren zizes. he is not admitted to the glee club, but when director will schuester discovers that jake is related to puck, he personally invites jake to join new directions, telling jake that he is talented, and he thinks joining will help him as it did puck, but jake declines. and quinn are shown to be holding hands as they leave when rachel is singing total eclipse of the heart. the parents of sam evans appear in "hold on to sixteen": his father is played by john schneider,[245] and his mother by tanya clarke. sebastian becomes captain of the warblers, and in "michael", he spikes the new directions plan to do michael jackson songs at regionals by adding jackson's music to the warblers setlist. in the fifth episode, "the role you were born to play", she tries out for and is cast in the female role of rizzo for the school musical, grease, but sue sylvester informs her parents in the following episode, "glease", and they pull her from the show. terri manages to seduce a sick and lonely will in the second-season episode "the substitute", but she is rebuffed by him when he recovers. he calls her a slut, causing puck to snap and punch him. kitty later intervenes after artie abrams (kevin mchale) is accepted to film school but has decided not to attend, and he ends up deciding to go after all. but one thing i really respect about him is that he goes after something: he just doggedly pursues emma. when he sings to quinn the lyrics "you got a nice white dress, and a party on your confirmation," he walks up to her and looks at her straight in the eye.[31][32][33] critics were polarized by puck and shelby's sexual encounter in the "i kissed a girl" episode. she wins a game of strip poker with puck after the others go to the prom after all, and he crowns the two of them the anti-prom king and queen. they arrange a christmas day dinner with their two mothers, who have never met before, and the two women—initially hostile—come to an understanding. "ask ausiello: spoilers on glee, bones, castle, fringe, chuck, fringe and more! hertford appears as dakota stanley, a glee club choreographer who worked for vocal adrenaline early in season one, and was briefly hired by new directions. at the start of the third season, will and emma are living together. however, after the glee club finishes twelfth at nationals, lauren concludes that being in new directions is hurting her credibility, so she quits the group and breaks up with puck at the start of the new school year. coach beiste (dot-marie jones) breaks up the fight and she informs puck that he could get expelled from school for bringing the knife. new directions wins its regionals competition, and is set to compete at nationals. puck tells quinn he is proud of her and she replies by saying she's going to get beth back and they're going to have full custody of her leaving puck looking shocked and worried. his family moves to kentucky over the summer, but finn and rachel convince him to come back to new directions late that fall in time to compete in sectionals. later gets back together with blaine and accepts blaine's proposal for marriage.[56] mike is given a scholarship to attend the joffrey ballet school in chicago, and graduates at the end of the season., we thought we’d look into the world of glee, since, after all, everyone knows about the relationships between lea michele & cory monteith (rip) and melissa benoist & blake jenner — that’s two couples right there. santana also seems jealous of quinn and puck's time spent together in this scene.[3] she explained that will and terri's communication is weak and that terri is "missing a lot of the skills for the marriage",[102] commenting that terri feels threatened by will's commitment to the glee club, worried that it will pull him away from her.[244] both actresses return in the sixth season, coll in the sixth episode, and both she and estefan in the eighth episode, "a wedding". puck's only line in any way you want it/lovin' touchin' squeezin' is "i was alone, i never knew what good love could do" may be referring to his life before quinn. kitty is unhappy with losing jake, and with his attraction to marley rose; when marley is favored to win the role of sandy the school musical grease, kitty decides to audition for the role herself, and predicts that marley will start to gain large amounts of weight to become like her obese mother, who works in the mckinley cafeteria.) is a football player and dancer who joins new directions in the episode "preggers". "glee creator: gwyneth paltrow pulls off 'really hard dance number'". he and carole marry, using their vows to express pride in their sons." quinn is surprised by his answer and looks up at him.[58] when he wants to join will's band, the acafellas, they initially reject him for being too "creepy", but change their minds when he tells them that josh groban is a friend of his and will attend their next performance if sandy is in it. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. rachel helps clean the slushie off of puck's face in the bathroom, she makes a comment about quinn's hair making slushies worse for her than for him. puck wants to sing keep holding on, santana stops him and performs valerie along with brittany before him. geyer performs the role of brody weston, a handsome nyada junior who shows an interest in rachel, during the fourth season. eventually the deception is revealed, and quinn decides to give the baby away. finn notices something special about him and encourages ryder to audition for the school's upcoming production of grease. while singing true colors at the end of the episode, they both share a look and puck looks sad. burt and carole briefly live together, until he throws finn out for using a homophobic slur against kurt. the show flops, and she returns in the season 2 episode "rumours" to get will's help with her new one-woman show, crossrhodes. after quinn sends biff to fetch her purse from the car, puck asks if biff knows about their relationship or beth. jake tells him to be a man as well, and ryder admits he asked jake to say it out loud because he couldn't read what the note said. role of roz was created by ryan murphy, who noted that leakes herself was part of the inspiration for the character, from her appearances on the celebrity apprentice and the real housewives of atlanta, and only afterward did he realize he could offer the role to leakes herself.[31] when becky fails to get enough nominations to be on the ballot for senior class prom queen, she is very upset, and joins the anti-prom set up by rachel and kurt.[277] lerner appears again in the fifth season, and in that season's premiere, two more funny girl–related roles were introduced: peter facinelli plays rupert campion, the musical's director, and ioan gruffudd appears as paolo san pablo, the show's lead male actor. mercedes tells him to lay off, because quinn chose finn to be the father, and he hurt quinn enough. also in the third season, mike chang's parents julia chang (tamlyn tomita) and mike chang, sr. the second season, puck recruits lauren to join the glee club when the club needs a twelfth member in order to participate in the sectionals competition. puck calls madonna a milf, quinn looks over at him. quinn tells her to go for it and date puck. shortly after this santana insults lauren and ends up getting into a fight with her.

Santana and puck dating in real life

while groban does attend, he does so only to serve sandy with a restraining order for constantly sending him inappropriate photos and messages over the internet. then he tells her that "this isn't just another hook-up for me" and they resume kissing. quinn sees puck in rachel's music video she looks at him suspiciously and questionably and he looks back at her and smirks/smiles.[202] also in the fifth and sixth season, christopher cousins plays superintendent bob harris.[76] she briefly dates puck, but ultimately breaks up with him and quits the cheerios, afraid of turning into someone she does not want to be. unique is dismayed by the publicity and pressure, but after a pep talk from kurt and mercedes, performs and wins the mvp award at nationals competition, though vocal adrenaline comes in second to new directions. after 5 years, he along with kurt gives performances for lgbt community and teach the students in schools to accept everyone. they sit together at ‎breadstix, and puck puts his arm around her and she strokes his chin. she asks him out on a date, and while they do have a good time, he balks at a more serious relationship, to her great disappointment. in toxic, quinn and puck are partners for the sexual dance.[88] brittany's character traits include finding recipes confusing, cheating off intellectually disabled classmates and not knowing her right hand from her left. the juniors sing in my life, quinn looks at puck and sees he's upset.[115] although he attends celibacy club meetings, jacob behaves in a sexually forward manner toward rachel, threatening to sabotage her musical career unless she shows him her bra, blackmailing her for a pair of her panties in the episode "throwdown" and masturbating over video footage of her in "britney/brittany. although they were not officially a couple any more, they remained lovers until at least furt where santana claimed she was dating puck, and quinn retorted that she was "getting naked" with puck. at school, finn gives quinn his blanket from when he was a baby and says that he wants to do everything he can to be a great father.[5] agron auditioned for glee coming from a background in dancing and acting. the fifth season saw the biggest change, with monteith's death, and morris, riley, salling and shum all being switched to recurring status. "tony winners chenoweth, garber, and monk join cast of fox's glee". will takes a leave of absence to be a member of a blue-ribbon panel in washington, dc, and chooses finn as his interim replacement; he takes over in "dynamic duets". puck gets intimate with rachel at her instigation, but leaves abruptly, realizing that he doesn't want to betray finn for a second time, though finn dumps rachel when she confesses to him about it.[256] eric goldman for ign stated that chenoweth was "terrific" as april, and that the character was a "hysterical creation". puck again offers to be with quinn, but she declines and tells him she wants to be alone,[11] though she moves in with puck's family since her parents had kicked her out and she can no longer stay at finn’s house.[93] in an attempt to get over will, emma begins dating football coach ken tanaka,[67] becoming engaged to him in the episode "vitamin d". like, you could literally meet the love of your life at a grocery store. mchale described artie as a "nerd" who loves the glee club wholeheartedly and uses it as a form of escapism. later in the episode, kitty (becca tobin) tells ryder she understands how he feels because she went through a similar situation and the two bond.[200] jean sincere had a recurring role as the school's "ancient librarian" in 2010 and 2011. however, they reunite with the rest of the alumni of the glee club (except rachel and kurt) in the episode thanksgiving of season four. shelby corcoran interrupts them, noticing, like puck, that the baby does look like quinn. they sit with quinn at her table and biff reveals that he doesn't know any thing about quinn's past.[188] he commented: "the real challenge is to find the balance between not trying to be too funny, not trying to make it funny, just letting it be funny, and just delivering the line and letting the writing do the work for you. graduation, all the glee club seniors outside the geography class room are waiting with puck for the test to be graded. grease, kitty joins new directions in "dynamic duets", and when last year's graduates of the glee club—which won a nationals championship—return to mentor the new members prior to sectionals competition, kitty is mentored by her idol, former head cheerleader quinn fabray. as she looks at puck studying for his geography test, she considers how well she has been treated by everyone at the school. lo and behold, there are actually eight pairs of glee co-stars that gave love a try irl. to becky's dismay, when the third season commences she is not the sole captain, but is made co-captain with santana. although, in series six (a wedding), puck is seen dancing with an older woman and quinn is absent. when the first pilot episode came out, i figured it was something different and something we haven't seen on tv before.[197] brad ellis has a recurring role as brad ellis, the pianist who accompanies new directions, and did not show any sympathy towards the club when they lost sectionals in 2012. actor oliver kieran jones first appears in the fourth-season episode "sadie hawkins" in a recurring role as adam crawford,[275] a nyada senior and the leader of the schools glee club: adam's apples, which kurt looks into joining when he starts classes at the school for the spring semester. approaches him in the hallway afterwards and tells him that he needs to be extra nice to shelby so that they can babysit beth more and she says that she will to whatever it takes to get their baby back. (quinn let her hair grow out again and puck shaved his head, had a mohawk, and grew his hair out). when rachel comes to see the musical in "glease", their reunion does not go well, and they agree to refrain from contact when rachel visits lima in the future. in the episode "glee, actually" sue breaks into her house and stocks it with presents and money. he is a member of the hockey team who slushies finn,[42] but by "theatricality" he's on the football team with his friend and fellow bully azimio (james earl);[44] they regularly target members of new directions. he is dating cheerleader quinn, but is conflicted by his growing feelings for rachel. during "original song", blaine realizes he reciprocates kurt's feeling, and they kiss. can reach this post’s author, kaitlin cubria, on twitter and instagram! they stopped dating in acafellas, the third episode of season one, they still had an attraction to each other with a "friends with benefits" agreement and they seemed to have begun dating again from never been kissed to furt. puck asks her if she is ever going to tell him about their relationship and their daughter, beth, and she says that she will eventually. he is about to tell quinn that he still has feelings for her when her boyfriend, biff mcintosh, shows up and shows puck that he is rude. puck was developed by glee creators ryan murphy, brad falchuk and ian brennan. finn, who had held the glee club together after marley's fainting had almost ended it, has to leave new directions when will and he are at loggerheads. jake tells finn about this and finn convinces ryder to do a test to see what's wrong with him. quinn angrily replies that she's pregnant, and he wonders aloud if/how that's his fault. she wraps her arms around him and kisses him, then asks him to stay. afraid of coming out as a lesbian, santana uses football jock dave karofsky—who is also closeted—as a beard to bolster her heterosexual façade and to boost her chances of becoming prom queen, though she fails at the latter. unique returns during the sixth season to help and support coach beiste with her decision to go through with a sex reassignment surgery. while babysitting, puck and quinn are seen at one point holding hands. quinn asks puck to babysit with her, they both smile a lot at each other in the school hallway. agron said in an interview: "they told me to come back with straight hair and to dress sexier. you understand where the bitterness comes from, and people may start to like him a little. sam returns to mckinley and attempts to rekindle his romance with mercedes. nyada, rachel struggles to impress her dance teacher, cassandra july, and embarks on a new romance with upperclassman brody weston. said she was dating puck, which quinn interrupted, saying she was 'getting naked' with puck. they hug, but are interrupted by puck, who makes sarcastic comments about morning sickness and accuses quinn of putting on weight. but later, kurt assures him of his love and they both decide to follow a healthy diet from then. it happened a minimum of seven times on the vampire diaries, eight times on game of thrones and nine times on one tree hill.[203] he is first introduced in the episode "audition", escorting his new recruit sunshine corazon out of william mckinley high school and taking her away from its glee club, having been tipped off about her by sue sylvester, and employed the underhanded tactics of offering to sponsor sunshine's visa and arranging an apartment for her and her family as payment for her joining vocal adrenaline despite her being enrolled at mckinley high. in the episode, puck announces to the club that he has something to say to quinn, and he wants everyone to hear it. although she and finn have never had sex, she lies and claims that finn is the father of the baby (using his premature ejaculation in a hot tub weeks earlier as an excuse), and finn believes her, not suspecting her of cheating. kurt gets bashed when he tries to help a gay kid from getting beaten up but he feels proud and confident after that incident. in "furt", puck, artie, mike chang and sam evans confront dave karofsky in the boys locker room to get him to stop bulling kurt hummel (chris colfer). the fourth-season premiere, unique transfers to mckinley high and joins new directions.", will arranges a surprise meeting between the half brothers, and after puck advises him to join the glee club, jake does so. although initially convinced by sue and roz washington (nene leakes) to leave for her own safety, beiste later returns home and gives cooter a second chance,[32] though she does ultimately leave him and gives him back her wedding ring. has an ultrasound and finds out the baby is a girl.

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, they enjoy to santana and rachel's rendition of be okay. a number of the principal actors were cast directly from broadway, while those without theatrical backgrounds were required to demonstrate singing and dancing as well as acting ability.] i think nowadays too many kids are concerned with people's opinions and judgments, and how that's going to affect them. for the second season, formerly recurring cast members mike o'malley, heather morris and naya rivera were promoted to the main cast. camera also focuses, at one point, on puck as he is watching quinn sing express yourself and seems kind of guilty along with the other boys for disrespecting his girlfriend. puck tells her not to be ashamed of her past, telling her that everyone loves her for who she is. life, there’s no one way to meet a potential significant other. ryder tries out with a duet with finn and gets chosen as the lead for the musical alongside marley rose (melissa benoist).[226] groff's performance was defended by murphy and guest star kristin chenoweth, both of whom described setoodeh's essay as homophobic; it was also condemned by glaad president jarrett barrios.[128] becky is still a student at mckinley in the fourth season, still a cheerio, and still sue's aide-de-camp.[26] when antagonism flares between the football team's glee and non-glee factions, beiste forces the entire football team to work together with the glee club for one week; despite encountering resistance and set-backs, the plan is ultimately successful and the team wins the championship game. however, valuing his friendship with jake and marley's happiness, ryder decides to suppress his feelings and be happy for them.!"[21] raymund flandez of the wall street journal described puck's voice on the song as "earthly, sensual and full", and entertainment weekly's michael slezak said that salling did "more than a serviceable job". when talking to shelby, puck says that he originally thought that he and quinn would be good parents. in the library meeting, rachel points out that quinn's in a wheelchair and nobody's taking notice of it or doing anything to help her, and puck looks guilty. "ask ausiello: spoilers on 'lost,' 'glee,' 'true blood,' 'gossip girl,' and more! puck and the rest of the glee club support her, however, and agree when will says that there are 11 friends who will all be willing to help clean her off. during i kissed a girl, quinn says she wants to get him back with puck, but doesn't tell him that she wants to have another baby with him. santana gets him to privately admit his perfidy, but unknown to sebastian his admission was taped and the other warblers are made aware of his actions. also kitty tells quinn that she would know all about "a puckerman corrupting an innocent girl," referring to their relationship. santana, unhappy with being deserted by puck, slaps lauren in front of him to warn her away, and lauren tosses her around like she was nothing, leaving her dazed. this is the first scene where puck seems to be aware of quinn's intention to not keep the child. decides she will give the baby to the schuesters, after all, and cites that her baby girl needs a good father, like will schuester will be (and unlike who puck will be).[161] in the season five premiere, a new mckinley cheerleader and "mean girl", bree, played by erinn westbrook, is introduced as a nemesis for the glee club. however, after emma naively advocates abstinence to the glee club with a performance of "afternoon delight", a song actually about the joys of sex, carl requests a private couples counseling session with holly holliday, the acting sexual education teacher, as his and emma's marriage hadn't been consummated after four months. later reconciles with kurt and proposes him for marriage getting help from all the other show choirs. when blaine anderson comes to dalton to invite his warbler friends to see a musical he's starring in at mckinley, sebastian is attracted to him and propositions him. puck reveals that she may "have a bun in the oven". quinn tells puck that she isn't going to look back to her past, as she wants to look into her future. he denies it, but quinn knows better, and he eventually admits it.[123] he makes his first appearance in "loser like me" and offends rachel when he calls a fellow football player a "whiny homo" until sam reveals that spencer is actually gay.[280] starchild was something of a "nemesis" to kurt, who saw him as a rival, though ultimately they became friends, and rachel was elliott's roommate when she temporarily moved out of the loft she shared with kurt. but later, kurt reconciles with blaine and promises to supports him throughout. rachel encourages her to perform and apologizes for what she did to her at the beginning of the year. broadway stars including idina menzel, john lloyd young, jonathan groff, phoebe strole and kristin chenoweth have been featured in guest roles. jokingly points out the hickey on quinn's neck with a raise of an eyebrow, and she attempts to deny it in front of him. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.[33] in the fourth-season episode "shooting star", becky fires two gun shots and sue covers for her, and she is fired. two reportedly kicked off their coupledom in february 2012 — 9 months before his first episode ever aired — got engaged in july 2013 and tied the knot in april 2015! when they find out that puck has passed, in the background santana first has a shocked expression but then she is shown jumping up and down cheering, symbolizing that she is happy for puck. horrified at the idea, finn angrily attacks puck and demands the truth from him and quinn. she is eventually able to walk again, and even to dance in performance with the glee club. they are in her bed making out, and puck convinces her to have sex with him, despite her bringing up her vow of celibacy, as well as her current boyfriend at the time, and his best friend, finn. jake eventually admits that he has never felt he belonged anywhere, being mixed-race and jewish. thinks quinn is one of the only people in lima who is going to get out and make something of herself. billboard's rae votta said she was "arguably the best part" of "yes/no", and after her second appearance in "the spanish teacher", declared that the show "should never let nene go". and puck appear together in almost every scene which they are in. puck refuses to have sex with quinn, but comforts her and confesses that he hooked up with shelby. she still has feelings for him, and eventually breaks up with shane, though she refuses to date sam while she is unsure of her true feelings. bryan appears in "dream on" as a school board member, out to cut district arts programs and the mckinley high glee club in particular as revenge for the latter giving him false hope back when he was its lead singer. barbra berry (lea michele) is the lead character and is a "strong, driven" member of the glee club, who is misunderstood by her peers. he later goes to new york after being told by santana that rachel's live-in boyfriend brody is an escort, and physically attacks brody, warning him to "stay away from my future wife. "puck" puckerman is a fictional character from the fox musical comedy-drama series glee. tries to catch puck's eye during i'm the only one, thinking at first that he was singing to her telling her that she was the only one for him. santana pulls a face during fat bottomed girls showing that she may be jealous because puck is singing to lauren and not her. she goes on a date with artie, and confesses to him that she has been faking a speech impediment since the sixth grade, explaining that she wanted to drive people away, but now that she's a part of the glee club, she no longer wants that. sugar returns in the sixth-season episode "a wedding", performing "i'm so excited" with mercedes, santana, brittany, blaine's mom, santana and brittany's moms and kurt's stepmom.[67] she has her own spot on the local news, which she uses to editorialize on issues such as support for caning and littering. the six of them are later seen at breadstix, discussing their lives after graduation and kurt and rachel's absence., he performs confidently in his geography test, putting it down to the confidence quinn has given him, and showing that he still has feelings for her. quinn replies, "i happen to know puck cares about me. puck sings sweet caroline to rachel, quinn looks at him with starry eyes.[67] she oscillates between desiring acceptance, which she finds in new directions, and desiring popularity, which she finds on the cheerios.[201] phoebe strole first appears in the fifth season as penny owen, a college sophomore who wants to become a nurse though she is not yet very skilled, and whom mckinley high senior sam evans is attracted to. shue makes a deal with sue that unique can have a key to one of the private unisex teachers' restrooms and the glee club will stop twerking. while doing so, she tells him that she loves him, kisses him and is proud of him when he passes his test and graduates. hummel (mike o'malley) is kurt's father and finn's stepfather to whom kurt comes out in the episode "preggers". she leaves nyada as she feels that she is not able to split her time between school and broadway. as quarterback of the school's football team, and arguably one of the most popular students at mckinley, finn risks alienation by his friends to join the glee club. later, when santana tries to persuade quinn go back to cheerios and glee club she refers to quinn sleeping with puck. he talks about how his dad was always off being a rockstar, and how he just wanted him to be there for him, and he never was. sure, she's terrified of germs and in love with a married man, so seeing her as the voice of reason for the kids is amazing. he attempted to kiss rachel in bad reputation when he was confirmed to be dating quinn. in the episode "diva", santana has dropped out of college, and at brittany's suggestion, moves in with kurt and rachel in new york. lock is frequently shown waiting for finn hudson to relinquish the drums to him, and spencer conley was featured in amongst the glee club females in their performance of the "start me up / livin' on a prayer" mash-up in "never been kissed". "glee boss: chris colfer, cory monteith and lea michele are staying, but sam won't be back"."[66] quinn joins the glee club because finn is a member, and because cheerleading coach sue sylvester wants her to bring the club down from the inside.

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after making another try at jake, she begins dating jake's older half-brother, puck. sadly, her hopes were dashed when puck was caught sexting with santana, leaving her heartbroken. marley goes to thank him as he's packing up, and when he says he'll miss teaching them, tells him he's a good teacher, and should get a teaching degree. finn's leatherman jacket is stolen from santana, she immediately assumes puck has stolen it and accuses him. quinn refers to their previous babysitting job in hairography, and shelby agrees. sue takes the blame for having the gun, which she gets rid of, and is fired by principal figgins."[146] on the other hand, tv guide "jeered" sugar, calling her "an off-key addition to the cast". they also share a loving look as puck plays the song and quinn watches from the chairs in the glee classroom. and puck reunite with finn, mike, mercedes and quinn for the holidays. quinn decides to use this as an opportunity to test out puck as a potential father. in the episode "props", he gets into a fight with rick "the stick" nelson and pulls out a knife. he has been compared in the media to perez hilton and gossip girl.[79] her romantic relationships with fellow members puck and sam are followed by the realization that she is in love with her best friend brittany.. residency and a condominium unit for sunshine and her mother provided she join his club. seemed to get jealous every time puck dated someone other than her. he is finn's best friend and football teammate, who initially disapproves of finn joining the new directions glee club at the fictional william mckinley high school in lima, ohio, where the show is set, but he eventually joins it himself. only time quinn wanted to keep beth was when there was a possibility of her and puck raising her together, as a family. but after sometime, they both reconcile and kurt decides to support him. he helps her with her self-esteem issues and kisses her as jake puckerman (jacob artist) looks on. rachel is performing the only exception quinn is singing along with the lyrics while her and puck look at each other.[34] jones had previously worked with glee co-creators ryan murphy and brad falchuk on nip/tuck, and when she encountered falchuk at a local supermarket she says she told him, "'write me something', just joking, you know, but not really., before even spending any time with puck for this test run, comes to the decision to keep her baby, and informs terri. in the mid-season episode "yes/no", will asks emma to marry him, and she accepts. and that it has worked out for him "for about 99% of the time. however, marley dumps him at the end of the episode and little is shown of their development until nationals, when ryder and jake decide to help her go farther with her songwriting. he later gets trapped in an elevator with kurt, as a plan of sue to get them back together and demands them to kiss each other to get out.[123] jane is implied to come from a wealthy family, and was previously at the lowest performing school in ohio before her father sued dalton and made her the first ever female student to attend there. complains about living with puck's mom and feels grateful when mercedes offers to have quinn move out of puck's house and move in with her instead. emma submits her resignation as guidance counselor, but as she is leaving the school, will finds her and stops her with a kiss. her plaque was viewed during the course of the series by will and other glee club members as a further source of inspiration. santana, who has moved to new york and is staying with rachel and kurt, is suspicious of brody; she initially believes he is a drug dealer, but later discovers he is a male escort, and gets finn to come to new york and confront brody. she is angry when it becomes apparent that he is singing to shelby and again when he says that the song was sung for santana. jake and marley attend the dance and become a couple after jake agrees to marley's request that they take it slow and that he not also see other girls. puck wheels her into the hospital, followed by the whole glee club. referred to sleeping with puck without protection (thinking 'trust me' was a good birth control method) as the stupidest thing she has ever done. as a local celebrity, rod has been tapped to judge show choir competitions—he has appeared as a judge for four of those that new directions has competed in: the first and sixth season's sectionals competitions, and the regionals competitions for the first two seasons. article described beiste as a "wounded giant—a 40-year-old who'd never been kissed", and jones's portrayal of her as "humorous and heart-wrenching". the duet ends in another fight between them and finn asks them to reveal their greatest fear to each other. the episode "silly love songs", puck unexpectedly falls for lauren, and performs the song "fat bottomed girls" by queen, which expresses his love of lauren's bigger body type, but lauren is offended by the song. tanaka (patrick gallagher) was the head coach of the football team and was previously engaged to emma. hudson (cory monteith) is overheard singing in the mckinley high lockerroom shower by will schuester and subsequently blackmailed to try out for the glee club, new directions.[268] she was introduced in the fourth-season premiere for a six-episode arc,[269][270] however, cassandra only appears in five episodes: four in 2012 and one in 2013. she briefly goes out with his best friend puck,[42] and later dates jesse st."[4] lynch states that sue is "pure evil and doesn't hide it,"[3] having been created as a product of murphy, brennan and falchuk's "inner mean girl. at the end of the fourth season, ryder finds out that unique has been behind the fake account and he tells her that he will never speak to her ever again. the episode "laryngitis", when puck's mohawk is shaved off by his doctor, he finds the other mckinley students no longer respect him as a badass.[12] neither puck nor lauren win the race for prom queen and king,[13] but they remain a couple; they fly with the rest of new directions to the nationals competition in new york city, where the glee club comes in twelfth out of fifty teams. the beginning of season one, santana and puck appear to be in a stereotypical cheerleader-jock relationship.[79] she is later reinstated after blackmailing figgins, and wins her sixth consecutive national cheerleading title. he has transferred to another high school from mckinley for his senior year; he sees kurt in a gay bar, and tells kurt he has become a regular there and feels accepted. members of the group include a drummer played by john lock[163][164] and a bassist played by scott henson (later a member of the real band nightmare and the cat),[165] both introduced in the pilot; a guitarist played by spencer conley in the first two seasons,[166] first seen in "throwdown"; a guitarist played by derik nelson in seasons three to five,[167] replacing conley in season three opener "the purple piano project"; and a keyboardist played by mark nilan jr. brittany was initially convinced that rory was a magical leprechaun whom only she could see and was there to grant her three wishes. their relationship ends, however, when santana breaks up with her due to the distance. becomes frustrated with quinn and finn's relationship and admits to mercedes that he is the father of quinn's baby.[56] henson, lock and nelson appear, with the jazz ensemble, in the flashforward to 2020, accompanying the collected cast in the final performance of the show's final episode.[22] in his review of the following episode, "wheels", todd vanderwerff of the a. later, puck and quinn are in the locker room looking at finn's plaque. adler first appears in the uncut version of the premier episode, "pilot", and her memorial plaque serves as inspiration for will to take over as glee club director. is reluctant to perform single ladies (put a ring on it), not wanting to appear uncool, but finn explains that he doesn't want to be a lima loser for the rest of his life, and this reminds puck of what quinn had said to him earlier. although he claims to have a girlfriend, rachel refers to him as a "closet case", and he is fired for his inappropriate sexual behavior towards a male student. puckerman (jacob artist) is a new mckinley high student who first appears in the fourth-season premiere, "the new rachel". the auditorium, puck gives the bake sale money to mr. series has many supporting characters, including faculty members, students and relatives of the glee club members. he and his sister successfully audition for the new directions and become the third and fourth members of the newly reformed club. gets very jealous when mercedes and puck start "dating"; so jealous, in fact, that the two girls nearly have a physical altercation after singing their duet of the boy is mine. gregg henry and charlotte ross play quinn's parents russell and judy fabray in the tenth episode; ross makes additional appearances in each of the first three seasons. in the penultimate episode, "nationals", emma and will have sex for the first time. the two of them come to blows over her in the choir room, and are assigned to share their deepest fears with one another by finn, who is directing the club while will is in washington. instead of using traditional network casting calls, murphy spent three months on broadway, where he found matthew morrison (will schuester), who had previously starred on stage in hairspray and the light in the piazza, lea michele (rachel berry), who starred in spring awakening, and jenna ushkowitz (tina cohen-chang), from the broadway revival of the king and i. james decides to build the group's nationals routine around unique, and to promote her as a show choir star. she also mentions that she and puck were sexting while he was babysitting with quinn, who checks puck's phone and discovers it was true. the glee members are singing lean on me, towards the end, puck sings the lyrics "call me" and gives her a smirk. jane asks blaine anderson if she can become a warbler, but even after a successful audition, the warbler council vote against her, making her ultimately transfer to mckinley to become a member of the new directions. in the episode "born this way", after being blackmailed by santana, he issues an apology to kurt at a group meeting involving their fathers, principal figgins and will. she compounds the mistake in "i kissed a girl" when she sleeps with him, and shelby resigns from mckinley in the eighth episode, "hold on to sixteen".[5] the glee producers said "we really lucked out in finding agron to play quinn".[111] he transfers to mckinley high shortly thereafter so he can join new directions, and stays with them as they become the national show choir champions.

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puck-santana relationship, commonly known as pucktana, is the relationship between noah puckerman and santana lopez. in the third season, burt wages a write-in campaign for congress against leading candidate sue sylvester, and wins. tells quinn that he was into her because she was "hot like a pixie" and the smartest girl in the whole school.[11] artie then loses his virginity to cheerleader brittany pierce,[12] and with encouragement from his former bully, puck, they begin dating. coach beiste breaks up a fight between him and another student, and helps him get a retest and to study for it. glee cast members: (clockwise from back left) mark salling, kevin mchale, lea michele, dianna agron, amber riley, jenna ushkowitz, chris colfer and cory monteith. in the third season, artie, then a junior, directs the school musical and a television special featuring the glee club for the local pbs station. quinn asks if she can join in because she is rusty and they welcome her back. beiste is dismayed by their rudeness, but forgives will when he apologizes and goes on to develop a friendship with him. making amends and admitting their (perhaps platonic) love for each other in goodbye, quinn and puck go their separate ways after graduation.[184] in the first few episodes, it was implied heavily that sandy was gay. at brittany's suggestion, sue arranges for santana to get a cheerleading scholarship to a top college program, though at graduation, santana decides she wants to go to new york to perform, and her mother presents her with the money to help fund the attempt. quinn decides she wants to regain custody of beth from shelby, but puck is torn, and tells shelby of quinn's plans.[47] when he discovers the truth, he breaks up with quinn and turns to pursuing rachel. he dislikes emma and will spending time alone together, aware that will has feelings for her. he is a younger half-brother of puck, whom he has never met. diamond's "sweet caroline" was his first solo number, in the episode "mash-up", and received favorable reviews from critics, and also from diamond himself, who had initially been reluctant to license the number to the show. initial main cast encompassed club director and spanish (later history) teacher will schuester (matthew morrison), cheerleading coach sue sylvester (jane lynch), guidance counselor emma pillsbury (jayma mays), will's wife terri (jessalyn gilsig), and eight club members played by dianna agron, chris colfer, kevin mchale, lea michele, cory monteith, amber riley, mark salling and jenna ushkowitz. "'glee' does 'duets' (videos): sparks for sam and quinn, mike chang's breakout moment". quinn reveals the baby is a girl, but soon realizes he stole the money from the cupcake fund.[1] the character's name is derived from the sound of music's kurt von trapp, whom colfer once played in a production of the musical, and the german hummel figurines due to his complexion. kitty, though still acerbic, becomes more sympathetic to the other glee club members, admitting that she considers everyone in new directions her friends, and that—since the glee club's disqualification has been reversed—she wants to win a nationals championship. she tells him that her mom was going out of town for the weekend and she had the house to herself, asking him to come over and have sex with her. with a pastel sweater thrown over his shoulders, sandy is the former glee club teacher, who is given the axe after an episode of inappropriate touching. sue splits up the group into the minorities and non-minorities, quinn, at sue's direction, convinces puck and brittany that they're minorities too, making a comment about puck's judiaism after they perform no air."[4] salling explained that puck has "stars in his eyes, he's hoping to get out of this small town.[242] ivonne coll plays santana's grandmother in "i kissed a girl";[243] gloria estefan appears as her mother, maribel lopez, in the graduation finale to the third season, "goodbye". she campaigns with puck for prom king and queen, though they both lose, and the two are still a couple at the end of the second season.[249] in the fourth season, rob and betty adams, the parents of wade "unique" adams, appear in the sixth episode, "glease", and are played by mark christopher lawrence and davenia mcfadden; jake puckerman's mother is played by aisha tyler, and appears in "glee, actually";[250] and katey sagal plays the mother of artie abrams, and appeared in the penultimate episode, "wonder-ful". spencer convinces alistair to join new directions, and the two of them become a couple.: wennmelissa benoist & blake jennermarley & ryder's real-life counterparts hit it off instantly, starting a relationship practically when he arrived on set after his glee project win.[29] sebastian suggests that he and kurt join him at a local gay bar, though his further efforts to come between blaine and kurt are unsuccessful and kurt later warns sebastian away. when jake and marley begin dating, ryder struggles with his feelings for her.[81] rivera characterized santana as "a bit of a bad girl", prone to sarcastic remarks. azimio is one of the school's bullies, and friends with teammate and fellow bully dave karofsky. was the first girl whom puck ever admitted to love. in the episode "special education", carl and emma marry in las vegas. in season four, he develops friendships with blaine and brittany, the latter of which becomes a romantic relationship. "naya rivera from 'glee' talks santana, singing and spencer pratt".[153] he said the following about matt's characterization:I wanted matt to be fun and just enjoy the moment [. he proposes to her after new year's, and she accepts. is a member of the down's syndrome association of los angeles, and was contacted about auditioning through the association's in-house talent agency, hearts and hands. puck rejects her, and quinn protests by reminding him of when he told her he loved her at the hospital and says she wants to get that back and get back together with him. during her revisit to the school, she gives muscle magazines and alcohol to kurt, she teaches mercedes and tina how to shoplift, and has a brief romance with puck. in the season one finale, he professes his love for her before new directions performs at regionals, and the second season finds finn and rachel a couple. he looks jealous and sad when he sees quinn happily kissing finn after they win the football game. he becomes popular in nyada and that causes insecurity in blaine."[1] he had five auditions for glee before being cast as puck. when quinn confronts jake about just wanting sex from marley, puck tells jake that her body language shows an anger quinn reserves for puckermans, describing in detail how he knows this.[67] quinn later tells finn she is pregnant and he is the father. shelby offers to include both quinn and puck in beth's life. the opening "glee's big gay summer" jacob ben israel asks puck "is it true you are suffering a crippling depression because you're not over quinn fabray? she's a great character, and i hope we haven't seen the last of her. in the episode, as rachel and puck are sitting on the bleachers outside, about to break-up from their short-lived romance, rachel notices him watching the cheerleaders, and asks if the reason puck joined glee club was because of quinn. her attempts to prove shelby an unfit mother fail; eventually, she realizes with rachel's help that shelby is beth's true mother, and stops trying to reclaim beth. though there are signs that he and new club member marley rose are interested in one another, she is upset to learn he is dating cheerleader kitty (becca tobin). he feels left out when burt and finn bond, but burt reassures him that he will always come first. flandez said of puck in the first-season episode "mash-up" that we finally saw him "emerging from his bonehead-punk exterior", and that he "wows us with his sensitive, cool guy turn as a solo singer" performing “sweet caroline”. he is expelled for his death threat, but allowed to return by the school board as no physical violence was witnessed—and kurt had not revealed the kiss. "special education", puck is asked by will to find a new glee club member to replace kurt, who has left mckinley and new directions. terri doesn't want any drama from the father of the baby wanting to keep it, and quinn only talks about finn. and shelby's kiss in the "pot o' gold" episode was characterized as "creepy" and "super awkward" by aoltv's crystal bell, as either "super creepy" or "romantic" by buddytv's john kubicek, and as "groan-inducing" in the "you're actually going to go there? her bulimia gets worse, and she passes out on stage during sectionals competition during new directions' first number; when the glee club leaves the stage to get her first aid, the dalton academy warblers are declared the winners, but they are later disqualified and new directions gets to go on."[108] sue enlists cheerleaders quinn, brittany and santana to help her bring the glee club down from the inside.[215] in contrast, bobby hankinson for the houston chronicle was disappointed houston had not taken the role, and criticized eve for her lack of personality. in the third episode, mercedes quits the glee club and joins the new, rival mckinley show choir, the troubletones, run by shelby corcoran, later recruiting santana and brittany to join her. talton explained that finn joining the glee club made it more acceptable for matt to be honest with himself about what he wanted to do, and that he is becoming more comfortable being in the glee club, "what it stands for, how it makes him feel". mchale (artie abrams) came from a boy-band background, having previously been part of the group not like them.[183] tim stack for entertainment weekly has praised sandy as "one of the most reliable characters for great lines and laughs". jayma mays (emma pillsbury) auditioned with the song "touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch me" from the rocky horror show, while cory monteith (finn hudson) initially submitted a tape of himself acting only, and was requested to submit a second, musical tape, in which he sang "a cheesy, '80s music-video-style version" of reo speedwagon's "can't fight this feeling". though he acts tougher than ever to his classmates, puck eventually confesses to artie that he was terrified in juvie, and the two come to the agreement that artie will tutor puck, who has to pick up garbage to fulfill his community service requirements.ñolfrançaisbahasa indonesiaitalianolatviešunederlandsрусскийsuomitürkçetiếng việt. jake later turns to puck for advice over the phone on how to get marley rose (melissa benoist) to date him, and puck subsequently invites jake to visit him in california over the christmas holiday; the two get matching tattoos. and darren criss promoted to it, while gilsig and o'malley no longer received star billing."[73] over the course of the first season, kurt comes out as gay and develops a crush on finn. terri scheuster tries on several occasions to get quinn to agree to give her the baby after it is born so that she can continue her deception that she is pregnant with her husband will's baby. though they do not interact as often as in previous seasons, they are both cast in west side story, playing the couple anita and bernardo.

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later, santana breaks up with puck, because she thinks he can't support her financially. in the fourth season, mercedes has moved there and is taking classes at ucla as well as being a backup singer, though she returns to help with the school musical,[77] for thanksgiving,[23] and for mr. she comes from a low-income family, her mother, millie rose, works at the school's cafeteria and is morbidly obese. joined glee from a dance background, and found it challenging to adapt to using a wheelchair,[8] but was able to utilize his dancing ability in the episode "dream on", in which artie dances in a shopping mall during a fantasy flash mob sequence. fans had lobbied for menzel to be cast as rachel's biological mother, due to the strong resemblance between menzel and michele. puck does so, and shelby allows him to see beth. he later assures blaine of his love and they both decide to go on a healthy diet from then. rod and sue had a brief relationship shortly after his wife drowned that began and ended in the episode "mash-up"; she caught him making out with his co-anchor, andrea carmichael (earlene davis). a third, "all or nothing", is performed at regionals in the fourth-season finale, and new directions wins the competition. "i had worked on broadway with jenna ushkowitz and matthew morrison before.[151][152] talton has called matt a typical football player with a talent for singing and dancing, who always wanted to perform but felt forced to choose between performing and being "cool". he tells her that he was into the 'old her', but now she's even more high maintenance than rachel, and he'd rather rawdog a bee hive. series creator ryan murphy was surprised by the positive fan response to their pairing, which he described as "strange and bizarre", explaining that he had believed fans would prefer rachel to be with finn. in the third season, the judges for the nationals competition are lindsay lohan and perez hilton appearing as themselves, and rex lee as chicago alderman martin fong. he sees quinn and the two of them have a conversation.[246] rachel's two fathers, hiram and leroy berry (jeff goldblum and brian stokes mitchell), first appear in "heart" in their two-episode recurring roles,[247] with stokes mitchell returning in the season six premiere, "loser like me". his relationship with kurt is later strained by kurt's eagerness to leave for new york after graduation, which would separate the two at least until blaine graduated the following year, but the two patch things up, and are still a couple at the end of the school year. as part of a class assignment in the episode "original song", puck writes and sings a song for lauren—"big ass heart"—that she likes. when jake gives ryder a note with his fear written on it, ryder asks him to be a man and say it face to face. they are both members of the celibacy club and glee club despite having reputations of being among the more promiscuous and popular students at the school. devon anderson (darren criss) is introduced as an openly gay student at dalton academy and a member of the warblers, a sectionals and regionals rival of new directions. quinn also states that they'll only have a shot at winning with puck, and she decides not to tell on shelby, so beth can have a good life. she is overweight and has a love of candy, specifically cadbury creme eggs. she reveals that at one point she really cared about him, saying that she would have never given her virginity to the puck that is in front of her - the puck she fell in love with "had swagger. the storyline also played out like both characters had something approaching real feelings. puck seems angry when lauren insults him for getting quinn pregnant. in the episode "the first time" she begins dating ohio state football recruiter cooter menkins (eric bruskotter), who is scouting for talent at mckinley,[29] but discovers in "i kissed a girl" that sue has become her rival for cooter's affections just as she comes to realize that she loves him, thus prompting her first solo song, "jolene". holly forces emma to admit she is still attracted to will, leading to carl walking out and filing for annulment. however, she is not willing for that to happen when as long as quinn is in her 'skank' bad-girl state, to which quinn replies that as many papers that shelby has, she will always be beth's mother and shelby will never be that." she reminds him of his 'glory days' - scoring the winning touchdown during preggers, and swallowing a thumbtack on a dare. sunshine sings the original song "as long as you're there", and the group places in the top ten; it is later revealed that they came in second. the choir room, quinn sees puck's face covered in chocolate and smiles at him questioningly. in the episode "comeback", sam makes a last-ditch attempt to win her back, but ends the relationship after finding out from santana that quinn cheated on him with finn. at the end of "on my way", while driving to finn and rachel's wedding, her car is struck by a truck and she suffers a spinal injury that requires her to use a wheelchair for many weeks.[97] regardless, puck attends the birth of his daughter, who he names beth, and tells quinn that he loves her. however, in the season finale, quinn gives birth to her daughter, whom puck names beth, and she is adopted by vocal adrenaline coach shelby corcoran (idina menzel), rachel's birth mother.[279] starchild auditions for a band that kurt is starting, and after initially being refused as too flamboyant, is ultimately asked to join the band—along with dani, santana, and rachel—because he is extremely talented. they ultimately resume their relationship and marry in a double ceremony with brittany and santana. quinn babysits with puck, santana gets jealous and confronts quinn, telling her to stay away from her man and that "asking someone to babysit with you is super 90s" which could also mark her jealousy of quinn spending time with puck. quinn was surprised at how much she enjoyed the evening, and he tells her they could do the parenting thing. corcoran, who adopted baby beth, gets a teaching job at mckinley, and invites puck and quinn to be a part of beth's life, provided they both become more responsible. quinn thanks him, but says no and that she would rather take care of her pregnancy on her own. in "born this way", puck discovers that lauren had been a child beauty queen; he tells her he will run a campaign for her to become that year’s prom queen, and be her king. when the mckinley glee club challenges the warblers for the right to use jackson, sebastian throws a slushie spiked with rock salt intended for kurt that injures blaine - damaging his cornea and requiring surgery to repair. in the next episode, the two sing a duet, just give me a reason, and confess their new relationship to the glee club alumni. april then decides to buy the glee club their auditorium back, now called the april rhodes civic pavilion, and return to broadway to back an all-white version of the wiz. no details; simply "kevin mchale and amber riley had a relationship. wade is a young trans woman, who wants to perform in competition as unique but she lacks the confidence, until mercedes and kurt persuade her. a possibility for his eventual character was described during a project episode as "the lovechild of kurt and mercedes".[20] following the episode's broadcast, diamond posted his approval on the social networking website twitter, writing: "hey, so who's this guy puck singing 'sweet caroline' so good, so good, so good on #glee? however, in "i am unicorn", when shelby corcoran joins the mckinley high faculty and talks to quinn about being involved in beth's life, quinn pretends to clean up her act and returns to new directions. puck is seen flirting with a cheerleader when quinn drags him away and argues with him. she tells him the act of theft "is so sweet", seeming genuinely appreciative, and admits that she doesn't know what she's going to do about it anymore.[54][55] mike tries out for the school musical, west side story, against his father's wishes, and is briefly disowned by him, though his father later comes to understand mike's desire to become a dancer and supports his decision to go to college for dance.[14] the episode "wheels", which places focus on artie and his disability, drew criticism from a committee of performers with disabilities, who felt that casting an able-bodied actor to play a disabled student was inappropriate. biff becomes angry with her at the fact that she kept so much from him, including having a baby with puck. the two of them are shown to be incredibly close and are referred to by kitty wilde as the "creepy incest twins". knew what was going on in quinn's mind just by her body language because she was mad and he knew what it was like to constantly make her mad."[255] raymund flandez for the wall street journal was equally positive regarding chenoweth's role, praising her "powerful voice", "kittenish mien" and "commanding presence". in the episode lights out, ryder confides in the glee club and tells them he was molested by his female babysitter when he was 11 years old and he has trouble trusting people because of it. "'glee' season 3, episode 7 recap: santana comes out and there's a new class president". puck claims he will be help her to parent their child, but he cannot remain in a committed relationship with quinn if she refuses to have sex with him; quinn returns to her original plan of giving the baby to terri, who is faking a pregnancy to hold on to will.[9] during the first season, he begins to accept his disability and the fact he will never achieve his dream of becoming a dancer.[10] rachel begins to suspect that puck is the father of quinn's baby and tells finn. children they are babysitting are only quieted when puck and quinn perform an acoustic version of papa don't preach, the chorus of the song sending the message that puck now knows too that quinn wants to keep her baby. "'glee': mark salling is still a regular and puck will be back". the two reconcile after they both return to lima when new directions is disbanded by sue. she becomes friends with quinn when the pregnant ex-cheerleader gives her advice during her stint on the cheerios, and when quinn is unhappy having to stay at puck's house, invites quinn to move in with her family. additionally, rory is a fan of finn hudson, and is persuaded by finn to join new directions—he auditions with the song "take care of yourself" in a performance characterized by rachel as "magical". puck tells her that he was singing it to shelby in order to get beth back - and that they are the only ones for beth. quinn agrees to the name and letting him be there at the birth, teary-eyed and moved by the song. shelby is next seen in the nineteenth episode of season four, "sweet dreams"; she is living in new york, and visits rachel at nyada. i think he's still got a good heart, but there's this insecurity and bitterness piled on top of it. he walks down the school hallway, quinn runs after him and catches him up. she chastises him for taking money from "a friend in a wheelchair", and he promises to return it. in the episode "tina in the sky with diamonds", santana meets and starts dating a waitress at the spotlight diner, dani (demi lovato). 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he continues at mckinley and in new directions in the show's fourth season, and performs in both sectionals and regionals competitions, but has not appeared in the fifth season; larsen cut his trademark dreadlocks after fourth-season filming ended.[125] becky appears in three episodes of the first season, "wheels", "the power of madonna" and "home"[126] and returns in the second season[127] as cheerleading coach sue sylvester's assistant. however, blaine has moved on and is dating dave karofsky.[91] later, at her and santana's wedding she convinces blaine and kurt to marry alongside them as a joint ceremony., puck is studying with quinn in quinn's bedroom, preparing for his geography exam. finn asked puck about condom brands, puck said he had never used them." while in the celibacy club meeting, puck is seen joking around with santana with a balloon while she is trying to get away. this visit makes puck fear that he might one day be like his father and visit beth at work and ask her for money. (fineas o'connell) is a mckinley high student who transfers in during the sixth season of the show and was first introduced in "child star" as a friend of roderick who spencer (marshall williams) is smitten with. they then go to the real prom, and she helps him spike sue's punch bowl. she reveals to finn that she is pregnant and tells him that the baby is his, although the real father is finn's best friend puck. and puck return to mckinley for homecoming week the same time rachel calls them and the rest of the gang back to help recruit new members to the newly revived new directions." he remains in new directions through the season's final episode, and they win the national show choir championship. in the third season, finn proposes to rachel and she eventually accepts. he is directed to a professional and begins treatment to improve his studying. santana does go after lauren zizes when puck begins showing interest in her."[182] tobolowsky, who plays sandy, describes him as a humorous character who "just cannot connect with the normal world" and exists on the "outer boundary of reality". after the shooting incident, marley decides to openly pursue her songwriting, which she had kept secret to that point, and in "sweet dreams" two of her songs are performed. with the rest of the unholy trinity performs toxic, and puck notices that biff is texting the whole time, not paying any attention to quinn. emma ultimately stands will up at the altar and disappears, and although finn helps will find her, he still feels guilty over the kiss, and confesses to will. i realized i was going for what i like to think as an older version of me from years ago. at the end of the performance they kiss, to which the whole glee club claps, and confirm that they are officially dating. karofsky (max adler) is introduced as a bully and mckinley high athlete in the episode "mash-up".[36] jones received an emmy nomination for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series for her work as beiste in glee's second season, and submitted her performance in the episode "never been kissed" for final judging. later, blaine moves in with him after his graduation and kurt starts to feel that he is losing his identity.[58] she was described by agron as rachel's enemy, and "terrible, the meanest girl. pillsbury (jayma mays) is the school's guidance counselor who has ocd, with obsessions and compulsions primarily focused on contamination and cleanliness. however, puck fights for quinn, after biff texts through her performance of toxic with santana and brittany and yells at her after she tells the truth about her pink hair, tattoos and beth, and the two kiss after quinn asks him to stay with her. and puck send flowers to rachel for her opening night on broadway, since they cannot make it to watch the show. new directions wins nationals, he and emma have sex for the first time, and eight of his seniors graduate at the end of the year.[177] the role of holly was created for her by series creator ryan murphy, a personal friend who suggested that she showcase her vocal and dancing talent ahead of the december 2010 release of the film country strong, in which paltrow plays a country singer. blaine gets depressed and he gets cut out from nyada. he then tells quinn that she can help biff out of the dumpster or join her real friends in the choir room." drew described suzy as "kind of stalkerish and creepy", but ultimately redeemable. quinn asks biff to get something out of the car for her and after he leaves, she asks her friends not to mention anything to biff since she is ashamed of her past. questions whether or not she was being unfair to him, and maybe she should have given him a chance - he is the real dad of the baby, after all. he is later outed at his new school and bullied so mercilessly that he attempts to commit suicide but is saved by his father; kurt visits him in the hospital and they agree to become friends."[35] in her acting career, jones has "played every tough chick possible", and in early 2012 described the role of beiste as one "where i still get to be the tough coach, but be vulnerable, have heart and have a love interest". she ultimately agrees to go on a pre-valentine's date with him, but stands him up.[220] gustin won the role after "an exhaustive, weeks-long casting search", and the character is referred to as "promiscuous" and "scheming". when they finish their performance for sectionals, quinn looks for puck and then hugs him."[187] gallagher finds the character interesting, as to play the role he has to face his own "insecurities" and "bitterness". after the glee club wins nationals, kurt and blaine move to new york where he completes his schooling at nyada and graduates. as the rest of the new directions leave, puck comments "i guess i can still saw your heart. "ask ausiello: spoilers on 'lost,' 'house,' 'smallville,' 'heroes,' and more! in voiceover, roderick talks about how he is a transfer student and that music is his only friend and it wouldn't hurt to make some real friends, just as someone places a "wide load" sticker on his back. rachel is beginning to sing the climb, quinn looks over at puck. he tells her that it's a prop knife that they used in their production of west side story and that he does not care since he is flunking out anyway. sue arranges to have the cheerleading regionals competition moved to conflict with the football championship, and she forces quinn, brittany and santana to quit glee club, which has to perform the halftime show since the cheerios will be absent; the three of them ultimately perform with the glee club, resigning from the cheerios. quinn and finn get back together, though eventually finn realizes his true feelings for rachel, and breaks up with quinn. she rejects him when he offers to support her and the baby, calling him a "lima loser. rory looks up to finn, and tries to defend finn when santana insults him, only to get his own share of insults from her. a kiss from quinn brings back puck's confidence: he passes the retest and graduates. later, when jake is picked on, ryder stands up for him and thanks jake for helping him with his problem and the two start a friendship.[79] jacob also does polling, and his numbers are frequently mentioned during campaigns for prom king and queen, and in elections for student government and class president. later, she pulls him into a classroom and tells him that he needs to get a year-round job in order for them to raise beth together, he agrees and gets an indoor pool cleaning job. april appears once again, at which point she has become the mistress to an elderly tycoon and is the owner/operator of a "cabaret roller rink". rhodes (kristin chenoweth) is a former member of the glee club who never finished high school and ended up hitting rock bottom,[254] as well as will's high school crush, who never acknowledged his existence. quinn remembers their relationship in their first and second years. terri briefly believes herself to be pregnant, and pushes will to take a better paying job as an accountant. roz returns late in the fourth season to take over the cheerios after sue is fired, and is still coach early in the fifth season after sue returns as school principal. puck-quinn relationship, most commonly known as quick, is the romantic relationship between noah puckerman and quinn fabray. aquino and michael lerner appear in the fourth season as producers of a broadway production of funny girl that rachel auditions for; lerner's character was named sidney greene.[267] she appeared again, including at the nationals competition in chicago, and returns in the fourth and fifth seasons for scenes set at nyada. but he also says she is the most selfish person he has ever met and is higher maintenance than rachel.[45] they date over the summer and for several episodes in season two, but break up when rachel makes out with puck in revenge for finn having lied about losing his virginity to santana in season one. marley asks jake to the school's sadie hawkins dance and he accepts. jesse and rachel begin dating, and he briefly transfers to mckinley high, joining new directions. quinn comes back for two episodes during the fifth season and becomes puck's girlfriend again. the fourth season began with fourteen in the main cast, with chord overstreet being promoted, and mays and agron were removed and demoted to recurring cast. kubicek declared that "the dumbest storyline glee has ever done gets even dumber,"[34] mtv contributor kevin sullivan called it "the most divisive plot line of the season",[35] and bell asked, "instead of these super creepy scenes between puck and shelby, can we please get more screen time for shelby and rachel? tells brittany she is only with her because she is like a lizard, and needs something warm underneath her to digest her food while she is waiting for puck to get out of juvie. "puck" puckerman (mark salling) is finn's best friend and football teammate, who initially disapproves of finn joining the glee club. marley is initially introduced as a shy, sweet, intelligent "wallflower" who was frequently bullied and an outcast at her previous schools. season two, they barely speak and have little interaction, most likely because quinn has started a relationship with sam, and subsequently a second relationship with finn, while puck is in a relationship with lauren. at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if you're happy and if your own judgment for yourself is a good one. puck, along with the rest of the new directions, sing keep holding on to show their support for quinn.

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"[68][69] initially a recurring cast member, o'malley was promoted to a series regular for season two,[70] though he reverted to the recurring cast for the third and fourth seasons. but, after cory & julie called it quits in 2010, and lea & theo called it quits in 2011, the on-screen love interests gave off-screen romance a try.[221] he had been playing the role of baby john in the touring company of broadway revival of west side story since it opened on september 30, 2010, and left the show after performing on september 23, 2011 to return for his first day with glee. she returns in the final season during homecoming, and in the series finale, she become the head of the secret service for the vice president sue. they look to each other during the performance of the rosedale mennonites mash-up of over the river and through the wood/she'll be coming 'round the mountain. michele & cory monteiththe year glee first aired, lea began dating theo stockman, a star of broadway's american idiot, and cory was still dating model julie vardalos. if you can look in the mirror and say, "i'm matt rutherford, or i'm dijon talton, and i'm happy with it," that's all that's important. 2007, long before glee was even a glimmer, the young woman who brought rachel berry to life on the small screen began seeing the man who brought mr. in the fifth season, sue takes over the role of principal and makes figgins the school janitor. she has her blonde hair again and is back to her normal attire. when puck finds out he has recieved a good enough grade to graduate, quinn is the first to hug him, whispering to him that she is so proud of him. was originally considered for the role of will,[204] and in 2009 was initially cast in the glee episode "acafellas" as vocal adrenaline choreographer dakota stanley, but he was unable to perform due to illness. breaks up with puck at the beginning of school year and drops out of glee club, claiming that it is hurting her reputation. the two of them dance and sing together in take on me and later puck is briefly seen giving quinn a back rub. she returns in the fourth season's "sadie hawkins" as a member of tina's "too young to be bitter" group, but regains her confidence, dances with joe hart, and announces that she's applied to go to harvard on a wrestling scholarship. jeff (riker lynch) and trent (dominic barnes) are also fellow warblers. later, when finn returns to the glee club, he makes it clear that he does not forgive puck or quinn., brittany, jane, kurt, madison, mason, rachel, roderick, santana, spencer, and tina.[17] she sleeps with him once, though she tells him afterward she has made a mistake, to his disgust,[18] and subsequently resigns from mckinley.[97] though she feels guilty after the fact and attempts to inform the judges of her cheating, they have already unanimously chosen new directions as the winning club. he is a sophomore student at mckinley high school and plays football.[99] terri begins attending therapy, but will tells her he no longer loves her and leaves her as he falls in love with guidance counselor emma pillsbury.[47] shum stated that mike is shy,[48] and that he joins the glee club despite it being "social suicide" as "he has finally found a place where he can express himself and feel accepted". she is attracted to jake puckerman, who is also new at mckinley, but although the attraction seems mutual, she is upset to discover he is dating kitty, a cheerleader and popular girl. season three, lamarcus tinker portrays shane tinsley, a new love interest for mercedes and a "massive linebacker for the mckinley titans". oddly, quinn's living situation is not touched upon further until laryngitis where she seems to reveal that she is living with puck to mercedes. opens the door for quinn as they approach shelby together and ask if they could babysit beth. soon after the school year begins, puck is arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for driving his mother's car through a convenience store window and driving off with the atm. lauren has occasionally been seen dressing in the goth style and is a fan of the twilight book series. lock and henson temporarily abandoned their instruments to sing and dance with new directions for sectionals competition in the episode "hold on to sixteen". he later, becomes insecure due to his body and also the increasing popularity of kurt in nyada and starts to overeat. when marley is cast as sandy—kitty gets the small role of patty simcox—kitty secretly takes in marley's costumes, making marley think she is gaining weight, and gives her advice about purging, which starts marley on the road to bulimia. sebastian had cruelly rebuffed karofsky at a gay bar and blames himself. "casting scoops on 'glee,' 'greek,' 'bsg,' and more! in the series finale, it was shown that jesse is the director of rachel's broadway show and they are now married. and puck both have the parts of anita and bernardo (a couple) in the school's production of west side story. glee's executive producer brad falchuk responded that while he understood the concern and frustration of disability advocates, mchale had the singing and acting ability, talent and charisma required for the role. rachel's party, quinn is seen with lauren shouting at puck when they are drunk. mercedes had, at some point, apparently revealed the truth about it to everyone, with the exception of finn and rachel. entertainment weekly's wendy mitchell deemed kendra "hilarious" and wished to see more of her,[233] while her colleague at the magazine, ken tucker, described kendra as "a garish cartoon who exists only to further the pregnancy plotting". we found love, puck and quinn dance together in the pool. rachel mentions how she notices puck frequently is staring at quinn when she's staring at finn. and tina believe puck made the glist because quinn, his girlfriend, is at the top.[132] artie later encourages becky to go to college, and becky visits the university of cincinnati. marley later thanks ryder for his romantic gestures, saying she knew he was behind them and ryder ends up kissing her. "seen and heard at the glee premiere: a surprise boob job and finn's rocky horror mankini". "'glee' bully max adler kisses and tells about kurt, karofsky". ryder helps jake with ideas for valentine's day gifts for marley, and at will and emma's wedding on valentine's day, she and jake think about going "all the way", but marley decides she isn't ready. they throw cake ingredients at each other, flirting and laughing. puck begins pursuing a career in california, while quinn goes to in yale in connecticut.[15] shelby corcoran, who adopted baby beth, gets a teaching job at mckinley, and invites puck and quinn to be a part of beth's life, provided they both become more responsible. tells quinn that he saw beth and that she should see her too, but she needs to step up and change back to her old self because beth needs quinn in her life. "'glee' recap: ricky martin is sexy and he knows it". up prior to preggersconfirmed to be dating in hell-o, ended prior to auditionkissed in i kissed a girl, goodbye, and 100confirmed to be dating again in new directions. 2010, salling was nominated for the teen choice award for choice tv: breakout star male for his performance as puck. breaks up with blaine as he does not feel ready for marriage, but realizes that he is still in love with him and goes back to lima to help rachel revive new directions and also get back blaine. in the series finale, it is revealed that they are dating once again. he agrees and calls quinn "lady fabray" when she suggests that for ditch day they should go to six flags. he returns in "never been kissed", but he is now on probation and helps artie out in an attempt to satisfy his community service, although this is only initially because puck claimed he was "helping a crip" and they misunderstood him. quinn is satisfied with puck until santana reveals that during the entire night puck was sexting her, not texting mike. when puck tries to tell her to stop, quinn asks "do you want our baby back or not? in 2020, she becomes a surrogate mother for kurt and blaine, and wins a tony award, thanking will for his support. after the troubletones place second at sectionals, shelby resigns as director, and the troubletones are told they are all welcome in new directions, sugar accompanies mercedes, santana and brittany when they return, and sings "we are young" with the group. hagberg, who appears in "prom queen" teaching home economics, in "i am unicorn" teaching geography, in "i kissed a girl" teaching math, and retires from her tenured position as a history teacher in "the spanish teacher", though she returns for an end-of-the-year ceremony in "nationals"., in breadstix, quinn and biff are seated at a table when biff calls over her old friends santana, artie, mike, and puck. she says he should go be a rockstar and not worry about the baby.[44] their relationship continues, however, and carole visits burt's bedside when he suffers a heart attack early in the second season. quinn is annoyed with him and tells him the name's not the point and she's giving up the baby for adoption so that they don't have to do this. he supports her in her first solo for glee club and runs her campaign for prom queen.[58] she initially dresses in school-girl like clothing and gothic style clothing." quinn looks hurt and close to tears when he says that. she resigns in the following episode, however, and he is reinstated. kitty tries to get jake to take her instead, offering sex as the reward, but puck draws her off. "gloria estefan talks glee finale visit, supporting 'brittana' and having it out with [spoiler]". puck later starts dating kitty (becca tobin) in order to keep her away from jake and spoiling his budding relationship with marley, though puck and she break up when he moves into finn's dorm room at the college finn has just started attending, even though puck is not enrolled there. wu (kenneth choi), into faking an ultrasound to convince will the baby is real. puck tells her there is no pressure, whatever she decides.

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they go out on valentine's day "as friends", though puck is clearly hoping for more in the future.[241] emma's parents—rusty and rose pillsbury—are also seen in that third episode and appear again in "yes/no" and a third time in season four's "girls (and boys) on film"; they are played by don most and valerie mahaffey respectively. in the episode "comeback", sam makes a last-ditch attempt to win her back, but ends the relationship after finding out from santana that quinn cheated on him with finn.[22][23] "sweet caroline" was released as a single, available for digital download, and charted at number 34 in the us, 22 in canada and 37 in australia.[68] both james poniewozik for time and tim stack for entertainment weekly praised o'malley's performance in the storyline, with poniewozik additionally commenting: "the fact that dad [. she did not, however, go after rachel when she was dating puck. she was originally hired as a choreographer to teach cast members colfer and ushkowitz the "single ladies" dance. he returns to lima and starts coaching the warblers and he also starts to date dave karofsky, which comes as a shocker to kurt who comes back to lima to get blaine. she is made fun of by students and the glee club members initially for her weight, but when they discover she is marley's mom they stand up for her. shelby asks if she has a name, and quinn says "no," but puck insists it's "beth" and shelby likes the name. season one, puck gets quinn drunk on wine coolers which leads to unprotected sex, resulting in quinn's unexpected pregnancy. and santana are now a couple, as they are seen making out in the school hallway. at the end of the season, puck tells quinn that he loves her. it is subsequently revealed in the episode "sexy" that her marriage with carl is facing difficulties and has not been consummated. puck, salling features in many songs that have been released as singles available for digital download and are also featured in the show's soundtrack albums. when the third season begins, she and will are living together. after the glee club was disbanded he along with the other new glee kids (except for kitty) were transferred to other schools. hudson appears as cassandra july, rachel's dance instructor at nyada who, according to falchuk, teaches "based on negative reinforcement". online's jenna mullins wrote that "the ice around [her] heart melted just a bit when puck mouthed lauren that little bit of encouragement at the start of her solo. shelby wants puck and quinn to be a part of beth's life, but quinn plans for puck and her to get full custody of their daughter.[137][138] he commented that he was "glad to represent such a large group of people," expanding: "i've gotten so many messages from people all around the world these last couple of days thanking me because either they are karofsky, they were karofsky or they know a karofsky. puck asks for reassurance that finn had forgiven them for what they did, and quinn nods and tells him that he forgave them "a long time ago", reflecting that it was always rachel who was his soul mate. quinn and shelby begin to talk about beth, quinn asks if she can see a picture and shelby shows her one of puck holding beth. gallagher has stated: "i think you understand where ken comes from as they go on. puck invites quinn to go with him to breadstix to brainstorm potential songs to sing at glee club, but is interrupted by biff mcintosh, quinn's new boyfriend from yale. "teenage dreams and nightmares: talking 'never been kissed' with ryan murphy of 'glee'".[122] he was therefore surprised—and thrilled—when his religious beliefs seemed to interest and inspire glee's ryan murphy during an episode of the glee project. they accept her offer after she sings "all by myself", but dustin goolsby pulls her out of the fundraiser and her fans do not come.", while puck is briefly visiting lima from his new home, los angeles. in goodbye, quinn helps puck to study for a big test to graduate high school. his plan is successful, but he and mercedes ultimately have nothing in common, and split when she quits cheerleading and he returns to his bullying ways. rachel is singing gives you hell, puck and quinn gaze into each other's eyes and dance around clapping with each other. second, third, and fourth seasons of glee all open with a documentary made by jacob, focusing on the recent happenings at mckinley and the glee club in particular. during the fourth season, mike visits mckinley from the joffrey on four occasions: to help artie and finn direct the school musical, grease; to help choreograph the new directions songs for sectionals and later regionals; and to attend the aborted first wedding ceremony of will and emma. a deleted scene from grilled cheesus, quinn said "i really like you", to which puck replied "just let me get to third base a couple days a week". he goes to new york after his graduation and joins film school. the next day, quinn playfully fools around with puck in glee club during last friday night. actor cory monteith died of a drug overdose in july 2013, and a tribute to monteith and his character was held in the episode "the quarterback".[30] she later tells emma and sue, in episode "yes/no", that she and cooter have impulsively gotten married. in the episode "throwdown", kendra and terri bully their obstetrician, dr. he returns to lima in season six to help brittany and santana plan their wedding." she corrects him and calls it "my kid" - not his. chooses to perform keep holding on in the auditorium, playing acoustic guitar and looking at quinn as he sings, remembering how the song was performed specifically for her back in "throwdown". returns from juvie and makes a comment about cracking skulls. he reveals that he knows it must be his child - as he knows she was a virgin when they did it, and he also feels confident that he'd know if finn had slept with her since then, because finn's his best friend. both have had an episode dealing with their friendship with artie: puck in never been kissed and quinn in big brother. stars have included josh groban and olivia newton-john, who appeared as themselves both separately and acting as judges at the first-season show choir regionals competition. they have a heart to heart and the next day, she tells him that what he told her in their heart to heart the day before and it gave her the strength to leave her abusive husband. for season six, she helps rachel and kurt with their new glee club and helps becky with her new boyfriend. a few days later, puck is hanging by the school buses when he hears quinn and biff fighting.[75] after discovering terri was faking her pregnancy,[99] will ends his marriage and shares a kiss with emma. nyada, whoopi goldberg first appears in the third season as carmen tibideaux, a dean from nyada who comes to ohio to preside over rachel's and kurt's auditions to the school, in the episode "choke". this is the last time wee see both puck and quinn on the show. they sing and dance together in don't stop believin' in honor of their ex-teacher. coach beiste takes him to task for being drunk regularly after so many weeks, and the two mourn finn together, but beiste tells him he has to guide his own life without finn's help, and asks him to replant the tree. "unique" adams (alex newell) first appears in the third-season episode "saturday night glee-ver" as a new featured singer in vocal adrenaline who is a fan of both mercedes and kurt despite being a competition rival.[47] he briefly dates rachel and mercedes,[42][96] but ruins his chances with quinn by sexting santana in her presence. after the glee club performs in the school cafeteria in the hopes of recruiting new students, sugar shows up to audition, telling the club that they're terrible but she's awesome and will be their new star. that his pool cleaning business isn't enough, he decides to secretly put marijuana in cupcakes in order to get them to sell more successfully at the bake sale, the whole time planning to steal some of the money from the fundraiser and give it to quinn. she briefly rejoins the glee club as an adult, during a period in which rachel had left the club and it was in need of a female lead. kitty starts to like ryder and he says they could try being together once he figures out who "katie" is. after quinn is in an automobile accident and confined to a wheelchair, he prays for her, and also helps her with her physical therapy; she, in return, recruits him into the glee club. the new directions, however, support santana during her coming-out period." later in the same episode, puck joins the glee club. when marley faints at sectionals during gangnam style, santana taps puck and shows him what happened and together, they rush to the stage to her aid. puck doesn't think finn's doing enough, and comments on how finn is always being selfish and should rather think about how hard it is on quinn. find out that sometime prior to this episode, puck got quinn drunk on wine coolers, and because she felt fat that day, they had sex. kurt later gets trapped in an elevator along with blaine by sue who wants to get them back together; to escape, they meet sue's demand that they kiss each other. this somewhat angers puck as he tells her that she can't hide from the past and should embrace it. puck later goes to see beth, and says that she's perfect, just like quinn. (in a scene that was cut from the episode, puck and quinn announced that they are dating. puck leaves the locker room heartbroken and storms down the hallway when quinn runs after him and kisses him, agreeing to give their relationship another chance. sue then apologizes to becky, reinstates her, and tells becky she'll be captain of the cheerios in the fall. oliver kieran jones graduated from lamda, a real london school similar to glee's fictional nyada. puck and quinn go to shelby's house and when puck sees quinn meeting beth for the first time, he smiles tearfully. and jake are an official couple by the episode "naked". earlene davis plays andrea carmichael, rod remington's tv news co-anchor who later marries him.

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i think love is in ken's head, and love for me is kind of an idealistic concept. puck is visibly upset when quinn leaves on finn's lap (finn still in his wheelchair).[89] she makes her singing debut in the season two episode "britney/brittany", performing three songs—"i'm a slave 4 u", "me against the music" and "toxic"—all by britney spears.. club commented: "for me, the episode's highlight was the very sweet, funny courtship between puck and lauren. quinn is walking down the hallway with her new look, the camera focuses on puck and he looks at her as if sad and disappointed. is briefly seen in the season four episode "shooting star" as a potential match for coach beiste on an online dating site.[82] though she stated in may 2009 that santana "loves boys",[83] she later deemed brittany her character's soul mate. begins avidly pursuing lauren, and is crestfallen when she stands him up. she was ostracized by her friends, and eventually switched schools. quinn leaves, preparing to show the auditorium to her new boyfriend, and telling puck that it has been great talking to him. mercedes starts singing i'll stand by you, she talks about how finn thought he was the father of puck's and quinn's child, beth. fabray (dianna agron), is introduced as finn's girlfriend, head of the cheerleading squad and president of the celibacy club. he auditions for new directions, but when he is stopped midway through his song, jake is infuriated and deliberately knocks over a music stand.[79] their relationship does not solidify over the remainder of the season, however, and emma starts dating carl howell (john stamos) at the end of the school year. puck thinks it would be pretty cool if it came out with a mohawk.[103] gilsig characterized terri as emotionally still being in high school,[104] and as of december 2009 did not know how long her character would feature in the series, as she was initially only created as an obstacle to come between emma and will. ryder continues to pursue marley, and even goes on a date with her following her breakup with jake in the episode "movin' out". schue tells glee club that puck is in juvie, quinn seems annoyed and asks what he did.[3] he recalled that "in the breakdown for the show, when they were describing his character in the very beginning, it's like puck: a man-child.[251] in the sixth season, brittany pierce's mother and father whitney and pierce pierce appear twice, portrayed by jennifer coolidge and ken jeong,[252] and blaine anderson's mother pam (gina gershon) appears in the second of these, "a wedding". he divides his time between washington and lima, acts as a father for both kurt and finn, and is there with carole for both the regionals show choir competition and the graduation of their two sons. april rhodes returns and asks for will's help with her new broadway project: a one-woman show entitled crossrhodes, but he ultimately decides that his students in new directions are more important than his dreams of broadway. in "prom queen", when karofsky wins prom king and kurt, shockingly, wins prom queen, the two walk onto the floor for the traditional king and queen dance, but karofsky is unable to come out as kurt suggests, and leaves. of new directions gather outside the room in order to find out puck's test results. this is the only number in the entire series that is performed by puck and quinn alone, with puck on guitar and quinn singing solo. fat bottomed girls, quinn stares at puck and laughs throughout the entire song. the sixth and final season's main cast was reduced to nine: colfer, criss, lynch, mchale, michele, morrison and overstreet continued from the previous season, riley returned to the main cast, and dot-marie jones as football coach shannon beiste was promoted to it.: gettymark salling & naya riverathe relationship between puck & santana's alter egos is one for the books. quinn comments that she's a girl and puck changes the name to jackie daniels. quinn looks anxious, along with puck and the rest of the seniors. puck decides to return to lima to live, and the two puckermans arrange for their mothers to meet on christmas day where the two families bond. relationship as lovers seems to end altogether in season two, as santana goes through relationships with sam evans and david karofsky while secretly pining for brittany, and puck dates lauren. puck rehearses his line for the commercial, quinn is shown to be amused.[43] his behavior is often eccentric, including doll collecting, writing fan fiction about desperate housewives, and attempting to create a role for himself as cleopatra in the school production of cabaret. santana later gets back together with brittany in the final season, and marries her, along with blaine and kurt." quinn reveals her love for puck, who is pleasantly surprised by this statement.[46] in the beginning of the third season, rachel plays maria in the school's production of west side story, and she and finn have sex for the first time.[29] in the new year, finn asks rachel to marry him, and she accepts. she tells jake, which temporarily strains their relationship, and nearly ends jake's friendship with ryder. he goes back to new york and starts his own band "pamela-lansbury". biff asks if puck is "the loser who knocked [her] up", and quinn confirms. the brief pairing of puck with rachel berry (lea michele) in the episode "mash-up", spurred by his mother urging him to find a jewish girlfriend, dissolves because he wants quinn and she wants finn. they both decide to take things slow and blaine decides to move out. she's finally revealed her secrets to him and puck shows up, trying to come to her rescue. after candidate quinn insults lauren’s candidacy, puck helps lauren dig up dirt on quinn, but the tactic backfires.[98] following his return, puck helps artie hook up with brittany, and recruits lauren zizes for glee club. he joins rachel, sam and mercedes, who have teamed up to go do "prom on a budget", at the mckinley junior prom; however, after getting into a fight with a jealous finn, he's kicked out of prom.) is a student at mckinley and a member of the new directions. she says that she wanted mercedes to come in too, alongside her mother and puck. salling had sent 100 packets to agents and managers, and "one called me and submitted me for glee that day in her office.[59][60] overstreet later confirmed this, but stated that his storyline had been adjusted to pair sam with quinn, as a result of the chemistry the producers detected between himself and agron. at some point after going to junior prom together, sam and mercedes start to secretly date. within a couple of months, he has fallen in love with her, but she doesn't succumb to his blandishments, and he's forced to woo her over a long period of time, starting as friends. in the first-season finale, "journey to regionals", quinn goes into labour immediately after the club performs at the regionals competition, and puck is in the delivery room when quinn give birth to a baby girl, whom puck names beth. quinn feels stuck living with him right now, but at least if mercedes and puck are dating, quinn won't have to spend so much time listening to his insane theories on how super mario bros. quinn admits the truth that puck is the father, causing finn to kick over a chair and say that he was not only done with them, but with glee as well. he acknowledges that quinn is giving the baby up for adoption, but asks that before she does, he get to be there in the hospital and name her beth. but in real life, dianna is jewish and mark is christian."[137] during the second season, show co-creator ryan murphy noted that "glee is by nature optimistic and i think a character like karofsky could turn to booze or pills or alcohol and kill themselves or do something dark. puck reveals that he still has feelings for her and wants to get back together. the character is portrayed by actor mark salling, and has appeared in glee from its pilot episode, first broadcast on may 19, 2009.[259] harris won the 2010 primetime emmy award for "outstanding guest actor in a comedy series" for his appearance. she and rival glee club director dalton rumba give principal figgins proof that sue helped them cheat, leading to sue's suspension. in the season finale, puck studies with quinn's help and then retakes his final exam.[54] in the episode "on my way", sue tells quinn and will that she's pregnant. but later, both of them decide to have their own space for sometime and blaine decides to share a room with sam. the second season, sue is appointed acting principal after having figgins infected with the flu but she later stands down. quinn is clearly proud of him, and the two share a smile. near the end of the second season, terri is recruited by sue sylvester to join sue's league of doom to destroy the new directions glee club directed by will,[100] but terri undoes the damage and tells will that she's been promoted to manager at work, and is being transferred to a new store in miami. he later finds out that "katie" is someone in the glee club when he calls the number while being in the choir room and the phone goes off. forget you, puck and quinn dance with each other briefly. "'glee' newbie vanessa lengies on sugar's upcoming revenge (of sorts) and her scary moment with idina menzel". quinn rolls her eyes and sarcastically says that he was such a catch and how could she ever let him go. quinn introduces the two to each other, puck realizing that quinn has never told biff about him. the show is cancelled after a single episode; she gets depressed and returns to lima and tries to revive the glee club with the aid of kurt, who is on leave from nyada. he is briefly kicked off the football team with the other non-glee club members in "the sue sylvester shuffle", but they return to perform the championship game's half-time show mashup of "thriller/heads will roll" with the club, and ultimately win the game. puck sings avril lavigne's song keep holding on to her hoping that this would win her heart, but she turns him down stating that she loves biff.

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in "the quarterback", three weeks after the funeral, he steals a memorial tree planted for finn and demands that kurt, finn's stepbrother, give him finn's football jacket. in the season finale all or nothing, ryder demands to know who is catfishing him and unique later reveals herself. pairs of glee co-stars that gave love a try in real life. in the second season, carol burnett appears as sue's "famous nazi hunter" mother,[240] kari coleman appears as donna jackson, becky jackson's mother, and daniel roebuck appears twice as paul karofsky, father of mckinley high student dave karofsky, a role he reprises in the third season."[145] entertainment weekly's abby west praised sugar, and with sue otherwise occupied hoped to see more of sugar as "a thorn in the glee club's side. finn intends to support her, unaware the father is actually his best friend puck. it is later revealed he is the voice rachel heard singing, and later becomes the first official member of the newly reformed new directions after a successful audition of "mustang sally. (puck to quinn in i am unicorn and quinn to puck in goodbye). ryder in turn confesses that he has trouble reading, and the two soon become friends. puck invites jake to spend christmas vacation with him in california; the two half brothers bond further, and puck decides to move back to ohio. was a rumor that the actors who portray them used to date, to which naya rivera replied: "mark and i were never like a serious thing . rachel breaks up with him because of his obvious feelings for quinn, and he who admits the reason he joined glee is because quinn was part of the club. another employee is dani, played by demi lovato, a "struggling artist" who becomes santana's romantic interest, and who debuted in the season's second episode, "tina in the sky with diamonds". tina and mike chang are counselors at asian camp over the summer, and they fall for each other; tina formally breaks off with artie at the beginning of the second season, and she and mike are still in love when the school year ends, the only relationship in the glee club to survive the entire school year, and the longest unbroken relationship between the members since the club was formed. hayward (samantha marie ware) is a student at mckinley, member of new directions, and a former student at dalton academy. when the troubletones lose sectionals to new directions and shelby quits, they return to new directions.[142] sugar has subsequently been seen dancing and singing in several polished performances, indicating that she has greatly improved. artie and rory compete to be her date at the party, and rory is chosen after his claim that he is being deported at the end of the school year wins her sympathy.. sandy ryerson is said to have behaved sexually inappropriately towards him, leading to sandy's dismissal and a restructuring of the glee club.[225] he and rachel have a friendly moment when she encourages him on his first nationals as vocal adrenaline's coach, and he tells her he likes her cocky side. in "the end of twerk", unique's problems using the school restrooms are revealed and mr. however, rachel sees (in a brief flashback that is shown) puck rush to quinn's aid when she falls, and grows suspicious on her own about whether puck is the true father. they both seen dancing with everyone, and seems happy about it. in the episode "new york", brittany tells santana that she loves her far more than she's ever loved anyone else. newell was a runner-up in the glee project's first season, and his prize was a two-episode arc on glee. holly's third and final appearance that season is in the episode "a night of neglect", in which she breaks off her relationship with will because she knows he is in love with emma. "sue" sylvester (jane lynch) is the coach of the cheerleading squad called the cheerios, and the glee club's "arch-nemesis. quinn is performing i'm still standing, puck is shown enjoying the performance, and quinn also points to him, much like he did in lady is a tramp.[248] puck's father, played by thomas calabro, appears in the eighteenth episode, "choke". in 2010, salling was nominated for the teen choice award for choice tv: breakout star male for his work as puck, and in 2011 for the choice tv: scene stealer male category. she develops a brief obsessive crush on blaine, but it is later diminished and turns into a close friendship. found it challenging to make the character "more than two-dimensional so he can be likable at the same time", which necessitated "find[ing] the balance between arrogance and cocky and sensible and likable". "'glee' is back, and it has fixed (almost) all its problems". kurt and adam subsequently begin seeing each other, though the relationship doesn't become serious. the third season, beiste continues as football coach, and is recruited by will to co-direct the school musical west side story with guidance counselor emma pillsbury (jayma mays) and artie. was living with finn as of the end of ballad and this fact, and the fact that finn has now broken up with quinn and knows he's not the father, is brought up in the "previously on glee" segment at the beginning of the episode. she worries that finn would freak if she started spending time with puck, though, so she devises a plan to have rachel be a distraction for finn, and meanwhile take puck for a test drive."[45] in season two he begins dating tina, and gives his first lead musical performance duetting with her on "sing! had a relationship with a teacher (quinn with her yale professor and puck with shelby corcoran).[86] morris had a recurring role throughout the first season, and was promoted to a series regular for season two.[47] sandy appears in rachel's music video for "run joey run", playing her father,[181] and gives will advice about beating rival glee club vocal adrenaline., quinn clearly is worried santana might be telling the truth, so she checks his cell phone and finds the dirty messages.[143] sugar remains with new directions at their nationals victory, and returns the next year to continue with the glee club at sectionals and regionals, but has not appeared in the fifth season. the idea of his character interacting with brittany was first broached in the penultimate episode of the glee project, with the judges speculating that brittany would not be able to understand a word the character said due to his irish accent.[213] discussing her casting, eve stated: "i got asked and i'd heard the buzz about the show.[7] puck initially acts homophobic and mocks finn for joining the school glee club, new directions, but later becomes a part of glee club director will schuester's (matthew morrison) all-male a cappella group, the acafellas, hoping to impress the mothers at a performance for the school's pta meeting. biff punches puck back, causing puck to punch him once more and then throws him into the dumpster. and terri are shocked to find the boys so well behaved, bathed, and sleeping all at the same time. she does not return for the rest of the series, though mentioned by kitty that since she and her friends were transferred, she lost contact with her. rose (trisha rae stahl) is introduced in "the new rachel" as the lunch lady and marley rose's mother. begins to date rachel, and when he is singing sweet caroline to her, santana is visibly jealous, along with finn. they have a daughter, whom puck names beth, who is born in the season one finale, journey. "glee scoop: meet the 'freshman' class (including love interest for rachel, puck's younger bro)". although santana has shown her willingness to hold on to him, puck has never defended santana or gotten jealous when she was dating someone else - showing that for him, the relationship was never much more than just physical. puck also looks sad to see that quinn feels this angry. during the "shooting star" episode, while the choir room is locked down after shots are heard, kitty confesses to marley about her grease costume sabotage; she tearfully apologizes, and is forgiven. quinn also warns mercedes to be careful though, and that santana might hurt her. later, quinn and biff are having dinner at breadsticks when santana, puck, mike, and artie show up. although he has typically been seen in tandem with karofsky, he was featured on his own late in the second season, first as part of a "heckling club" organized by sue to disrupt the glee club's benefit concert in "a night of neglect", during which he states that he writes devastating anonymous commentary in ncis and csi: miami chat rooms, and then as one of sue's staffers for the school newspaper when she revives the muckraker in "rumours" to spread damaging rumors about new directions members. rachel tells quinn that she always felt the same way about quinn and puck - she always thought that they'd end up together. by this time, kitty has stopped sabotaging marley and trying to undermine her confidence; in "shooting star", while the glee club is locked up in the choir room after gunshots are heard, kitty breaks down and admits that she altered marley's sandy costumes. kitty is one of the very popular students, and is attracted to jake puckerman (jacob artist) and starts dating him in "britney 2.[171] she makes out with will shortly after meeting him, but she resists sleeping with him when he says his divorce is not yet final and that he has just broken up with his new girlfriend, emma. puck explains asks the other guys in glee club to help him out and they sing beth. critics responded positively to the pairing of puck and lauren zizes. later, in the choir room, tina asks quinn if she is okay, as she sits in the corner looking upset and hurt. the season three premiere, as a show of loyalty to sue, she participates in setting one of the glee club's pianos on fire and is dismissed from new directions by mr. her audition is a stunningly horrendous rendition of "big spender", and she becomes the first person who fails to get into new directions after auditioning. fink ends up being a good match for him, chemistry-wise, as she projects a confidence and certainty that makes it immediately obvious just what puck sees in lauren., then rachel, and finally kurt goes to work at the spotlight diner, run by gunther (christopher curry). quinn is preparing to bake cupcakes for the bake sale, he comes in and gives her the he had leftover from his pool-cleaning business, telling her, "i was getting that you kinda need money. the character is a love interest for kurt, though in the episode "blame it on the alcohol", he and rachel have a brief fling, resulting in blaine reasserting his identity as gay. what she intends is not to merely be in beth's life, but to get full custody of her daughter.[75] colluding with sue sylvester to bring down new directions, sandy is appointed the school's arts director. puck slushies rachel, quinn laughs and then turns back to smile at him. prefer to go by a name other than their first names (quinn as opposed to lucy; puck as opposed to noah). he has sexual encounters with his female pool-cleaning clients and fellow students, including a recurrent relationship with cheerleader santana lopez (naya rivera) that seems to be casual, though santana confronts both mercedes jones (amber riley) and lauren zizes (ashley fink) when puck starts pursuing them in the first and second seasons respectively.

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romantic relationship between them wasn't built to last, but at least artie & tina's real-life counterparts remained great friends afterwards. puck impresses her, but quinn later learns that he was sexting santana mostly. james (jonathan groff) is the male lead of vocal adrenaline and one of the main antagonists of the first season. they discuss beth, shelby offering for quinn and puck to be a part of beth's life."when we shot the [glee] pilot, i met cory monteith, kevin mchale, amber riley, and chris colfer for the first time," she recalled in her 2014 book, brunette ambition. episode starts with a flashback to just before puck and quinn had sex and conceived beth. some of the guys think that's awesome and they say he shouldn't feel ashamed. kurt and blaine sing together in rachel's house farewell party and blaine kisses kurt. his resumed relationship with rachel ultimately fails when finn suddenly kisses her in the middle of a nationals performance and rachel chooses to get back together with him. quinn begs puck to stop hurting him, but the fight culminates with puck tossing biff into a dumpster, before telling quinn that she's so much better than biff. she also admits puck told her about the hook-up between santana and finn. during the song, they dance and quinn playfully flirts with puck. she took a note from carrie underwood and dug a key into the side of his pretty little souped up four-wheel drive. holly takes a job in cleveland, leaving will free to pursue emma after emma's marriage ends in an annulment. spencer eventually joins the new directions and competes with them at sectionals, and later at regionals and nationals, where they win. student instrumentalists regularly accompany new directions, alone or with the jazz ensemble, including string and horn players, additional guitarists, keyboard players and percussionists, and a harpist. sunshine hears of new direction's fundraising benefit for the mckinley team's finals expenses and volunteers to perform, promising to get her twitter followers to attend.[196] molly shannon appears twice during the first season as brenda castle, an alcoholic astronomy teacher and badminton coach who clashes with sue. he and quinn both return for the end of the mckinley high glee club, he is dismayed to see she has a rich boyfriend, biff macintosh. in the episode "glease", kitty, who had been the other candidate for sandy, convinces marley that she is genetically predisposed to be overweight by secretly taking in her costumes, and that she needs to induce vomit in order to maintain a desirable weight.[58] he is blackmailed by sue for most of the first season: she uncovers internet footage of him appearing in a support stocking commercial for mumbai air,[47] and she later drugs his drink and takes a compromising photograph of them in bed together. "glee project's samuel larsen on christianity, sexuality, and cutting his trademark hair".[119][120] he is a christian, wears his hair in dreadlocks, and has been home schooled until that point; he joins the "god squad" club, whose other members include three who are members of the glee club: mercedes, sam, and quinn.. club's todd vanderwerff concurred, and said of "i am unicorn", "sugar continues to be one of my least favorite new characters in ages". in season four, she is seen forming a friendship with kitty, visits rachel with santana to convince her not to do a nude scene, and hooking up with santana twice while being drunk at will and emma's supposed wedding. in the 5th season, jake cheats on marley with bree, a cheerleader, and he and marley break up. in the season one finale, sue judges in favor of new directions at regionals, though they come third to rival clubs vocal adrenaline and aural intensity, and are disbanded for failing to place. when new directions go to breadstix to see the warblers perform, after santana gives, quinn, mono via finn, she shares a look with sam that suggests she has a crush on him. when the football team starts performing, quinn smiles when she sees puck. are then seen in holly and will's attempt to bring music to the school, as they dance and provide vocal back up to holly's party all the time in a disco. she also tells finn sleeping with puck was a mistake and he should have been her first. he falls in love with quinn fabray (dianna agron) after he takes her virginity and impregnates her despite the fact that she's dating his best friend finn hudson (cory monteith) at the time, but he can't give up flirting with and seducing others even when quinn contemplates raising the baby-to-be with him as he wants rather than giving it up for adoption, since she refuses to have sex with him again. quinn admits to being worried, early on in the night, about him texting mike too often, but puck assures her he was totally into the babysitting. the end of the episode, quinn is kicked off of the cheerios and is seen depressed and in normal clothes. murphy described dustin as "a complete villain", stating that he will "become very intertwined in will's life". puck is performing only the good die young, quinn bites her lower lip as she looks at puck, looking as if she's trying to stop herself from smiling. the first season, kurt acts as a matchmaker for burt and carole hudson (romy rosemont), finn's widowed mother. she and santana formally begin dating, and after santana is outed by finn, they are open about their relationship.[72] colfer describes kurt as "a tough guy in designer clothes", explaining that he "puts on a very confident, 'i'm better than you' persona, but underneath it all he's the same anxious and scared teen everyone is/was at some point. they smile at each other a lot throughout the song and at the beginning even touch., finchel, klaine, quick and wemma were described as the five most asked about couples on the show according to zap2it and e! she and her brother successfully audition for the new directions and become the third and fourth members of the newly reformed club.[76] at the end of the first season, she tells will she has started dating a dentist named carl howell, and in the second season her relationship with carl (john stamos) blossoms to the point that they get married in las vegas in the episode "special education". in "feud", sue names her cheerios co-captain again, along with the newly recruited blaine anderson., rachel manipulates quinn into asking puck to take her to get "jewish baby tests" - the possibility of their child having tay–sachs disease being relevant, as well as quinn assuming terri schuester won't want the baby if the baby is afflicted with it. quinn stands up during take my breath away, puck is one of the first people who claps for her.[53] mike states that he is a senior in the season three premiere, "the purple piano project", and shum as mike was promoted to the main cast for the show's third season. lima, finn is working at his stepfather burt's tire shop, and artie enlists his help there to co-direct the school musical, grease, which had been finn's suggestion. puck generally seems supportive of helping santana come to terms with her sexuality and joins the glee club in helping her come out as a lesbian. in the fourth episode of the third season, puck and the adoptive mother of his child shelby corcorran kiss. this may be because the writers have trouble writing for a self-professed bad boy, even though his escapades are straight out of archie comics and not actually all that “bad” at all. puck and santana are later shown enjoying each other's company at burt and carole's wedding and reception. (noah guthrie) is a senior at mckinley and a member of the new directions. he decides to be a father that beth would be proud of and tries to do better in school and graduate with his class. "artie" abrams (kevin mchale) is a guitarist and paraplegic manual wheelchair user. although she blows her audition for a new york dramatic arts college, nyada, her nationals performance in chicago serves as a redo and she is ultimately accepted, but finn is rejected from his new york school. however, blaine is happy with his current boyfriend, kurt hummel, and turns him down. joe appears again in season six in "the rise and fall of sue sylvester" and accuses sue of having cut off his dreadlocks. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. suddenly her boyfriend dies and she is paid million in hush money by the widow not to go to the newspapers.[57] he and tina are still a couple at the end of the year, but she breaks up with him over the summer. but it’s always fun to watch salling sing, and it’s always fun to watch him be smitten.[123] he is introduced in the season 6 episode "homecoming", when rachel berry hears the voice of someone singing and attempts to recruit them to the new directions, but is unsure of where the sound is coming from. this escalates into a full-on fight between puck and biff. in the season one finale, "journey to regionals", shelby adopts quinn fabray and noah puckerman's newborn daughter, beth. ryder joins the glee club in the episode dynamic duets and romantic tension builds between him and marley.[236] they decide to move in together, until finn uses a homophobic slur against kurt and burt refuses to allow him to stay in his home. like his character, larsen is christian, and had thought "being christian and trying to make it in this business as opposites working against each other" and that "you have to be very secure in your faith to approach this business". puck joins will's all-male a cappella group, the acafellas, hoping to impress the mothers at the school's pta meeting, as he prefers older women. quinn, looking tempted, bites her lips, nods her head, and looks away with a smile while blushing. mccarthy (laura dreyfuss) is a student at mckinley and a member of the new directions. puck and finn finally settle their differences in "the sue sylvester shuffle", and they work together to help the football team win its first-ever championship. "glee project winner damian mcginty talks sinatra, jane lynch, and his almost elimination". sue's sister, jean, dies later in the season, and sue is devastated and unable to cope; when new directions helps with funeral arrangements and performs at jean's funeral, sue says she's giving up her frequent attempts to destroy the glee club,[101] but she's back to her old ways in the third season when school starts in the fall. the season opener, "audition", puck is interviewed by blogger jacob ben israel (josh sussman) and reveals that he had a vasectomy over the summer, saying it was the only responsible thing to do. kennedy for the los angeles times was impressed by eve's acting and "on-screen charm", and felt that she worked nicely in the "hairography" episode. quinn sings never can say goodbye, she looks happy when puck, who is the first guy she thinks about, comes out of the wings and walks out to press his face against hers then spins her round.

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[159][160] rock anthony appears as rick "the stick" nelson, a hockey player who slushies finn and runs for senior class president against kurt and brittany. in the episode i do, ryder helps jake plan a valentine's week for marley, coming up with romantic ideas and when jake says that he's counting on having sex with marley, ryder says she isn't ready for that.[8] puck begins dating rachel berry (lea michele), the glee club lead vocalist, after his mother urges him to find a jewish girlfriend; rachel is initially resistant, but agrees after puck sings "sweet caroline" for her in front of the glee club. rachel's friendship with santana is fractured when santana auditions to be her understudy and is given the job. puck comes and sits by her looking at her concerned when she says this. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. season two, puck is sent to juvenile detention for stealing an atm. zizes (ashley fink) is the mckinley high av club president and a state champion in greco-roman wrestling.[263] cooter menkins,[264] a football recruiter played by eric bruskotter, came to mckinley in "the first time" to scout football players for ohio state, and is attracted to coach beiste,[265] whom he later marries; after he abuses her later in the third season, she leaves him. when puck and quinn visit their baby in the hospital nursery, puck tells quinn that he loves her. set fire to instruments, quinn set fire to a piano in the purple piano project and puck set fire to his fictional guitar in choke. but she changes her mind over the summer and accepts the cheerleading scholarship, which is to a school in louisville, kentucky, later breaking up with brittany due to the distance. and artie go on a double-date with santana and brittany, respectively. rachel auditions for funny girl and she gets the role. he recruits elliot, dani, santana and rachel to be his band mates. later, after sadly watching rachel perform on nationals (and implying he still has feelings for her), jesse talks to carmen tibideaux (whoopi goldberg) and tells her rachel's the most talented person he knows. one of the glee club members, marley rose, tells finn he was a good teacher, and he soon enrolls in college to pursue a teaching degree. will re proposes and they marry with all of the new directions present. he later starts dating kitty, who encourages him to keep their affair secret. said several times that sleeping with puck was a mistake, but in goodbye, when they are in her room, she says that she has "no regrets" about sleeping with him, she also says she loves him and that they are bonded because of beth. quinn asks him to stay with her and hold her, and he agrees. he offers financials to quinn to show he will be a good father and provider; she figures out that it’s the money from the bake sale, and refuses to accept it, though she expresses her gratitude and apologizes for abusing him verbally. the season 4 premiere, it is revealed that puck has a paternal half-brother named jake (jacob artist) who he was not aware of, though the two are introduced to each other by will in the following episode, "britney 2. actors with no theatrical experience were required to demonstrate their ability to sing and dance. is the first person to be shown kissing santana on-screen, and vice versa for puck as well. he has a high vocal range, and is identified by fox as a soprano singer. though he is the primary candidate for being the valedictorian, he loses it to blaine as a result of his sacrifice for tina.[95] in the second season, sue serves as figgins's temporary replacement when he catches the flu, and succeeds in having him fired, becoming principal in his stead. puck sings the lady is a tramp to mercedes because he wants to date her to become more popular, he gestures a bit to quinn, who smiles and laughs.[90] brittany has a physical relationship with santana, in which santana gives brittany a hickey in the season 2 episode "duets"; in that episode brittany also has a brief romance with artie that leads to a more serious relationship later in the season. he usually accompanies himself on the guitar for solo songs, including "sweet caroline", "only the good die young", "fat bottomed girls", and the song ostensibly composed by puck, "big ass heart". marley auditions for the school's production of the musical grease along with wade "unique" adams, with whom she has formed a friendship, and is cast in the lead role of sandy. the two of them are shown to be incredibly close and are referred to by kitty wilde as the "creepy incest twins". santana was the one who ended the relationship, but she continued having feelings for him, because in the episode hairography, she got jealous of quinn and puck and in laryngitis santana was jealous when mercedes dated puck. later when they are dancing puck is seen wearing her glasses. puck does so, and shelby allows him to see beth. after their first wedding falls through as she runs away after she and finn lie about kissing, emma and will begin to date again. ryder, who plays the male lead danny, finds marley trying to vomit in the bathroom, and tries to convince her it's a bad idea; he ends up kissing her backstage as jake looks on. sunshine tells rachel that she has come to hate being in vocal adrenaline, and desperately wants to leave on the day of competition.[9] hoping to sabotage the glee club's chances of winning at sectionals, sue gives the club's set list to rival glee club directors grace hitchens (eve) and dalton rumba (michael hitchcock). he is the best friend of finn, the quarterback,[6] and has a summer pool-cleaning business that leads to sexual encounters with his adult female clients. puck says the baby looks like her and asks if she wants to keep her. season three santana has come to realize that she is a lesbian and in love with brittany, and puck is focusing on being in his daughter beth's life and the resulting changes in his relationships with quinn and shelby.[140] in "i am unicorn", her father makes a huge donation to the school to set up a second glee club that will feature sugar as the star, and recruits shelby corcoran to direct it. is introduced as a football player and bully at william mckinley high school; he is frequently seen throwing fellow students into dumpsters, or tossing slushies in their faces. has never been revealed why they broke up between season one and two. the last scene of the series showed adler's plaque alongside a plaque of the rededication to the auditorium and a memorial plaque for finn hudson. he later apologizes to both jake and marley, saying it was inappropriate. quinn tells puck that biff went back to yale by himself, and the relationship is over. but later, she also enjoys the performance and praises them. he sort of becomes kurt's mentor and then maybe love—he had to leave his own school because of bullying and goes to an all-boys academy and finds acceptance because that school has a no-bullying, zero-tolerance policy. he smiles in embarrassment and she smiles widely in return. her other relationships, quinn has never cheated on puck, but quinn is the only girl puck has cheated on. blaine's brother cooper anderson, played by matt bomer, appears in "big brother". in "100" puck comes back to mckinley to say goodbye to the glee club before it is disbanded. he returns in "a night of neglect", joining sue's "league of doom" to help her sabotage the mckinley glee club, and returns again at the national show choir competition in the season two finale, "new york", where vocal adrenaline comes in second—as is subsequently revealed in the third-season episode "i am unicorn"—and goolsby is fired as director for failing to win a fifth national crown.[141] when mercedes, santana and brittany join, sugar assumes they'll be her backup singers, but santana openly tells her she's not a good singer, and she should stay out of their way, at which point sugar admits that she "just wanted to be on the winning team for once". puck sings need you now, quinn smiles sweetly at him.[92][261] the second season's regionals judges are played by kathy griffin and loretta devine as tammy jean albertson and sister mary constance, respectively.[130] becky wants sue to come back to mckinley, and later misbehaves in "lights out" so that roz washington, who has taken over as coach of the cheerios, brings her to the principal's office, as she wants to tell figgins something important. finds rachel in the restroom and tells her that she is happy for her and finn; they were meant to be. ends up with puck in the men's locker room looking at finn's framed jersey. rachel invites her to join the glee club after seeing sunshine sing along to new directions' version of "empire state of mind", mistakenly thinking that sunshine idolized her, but when the two sing "telephone", rachel feels threatened by sunshine's singing prowess and tricks her into going to a crack house instead of the auditions. blaine is injured during a confrontation between new directions and the warblers, and has eye surgery to repair the damage. puck keeps using his cell phone to text someone while quinn tries to untie themselves, and when she complains and puck starts to assist with the untying, their hands touch for a few meaningful seconds before they let go and find the rope untied. rutherford (dijon talton) is a football player who joins new directions in the fourth episode, "preggers",[47] and appears for the remainder of the first season of glee. says that the last time she performed on stage was when she went into labor and was having post-traumatic stress. the glee club holds a bake sale to pay for a wheelchair-accessible bus so artie (kevin mchale) can ride with the club to sectionals competition, it only succeeds because puck makes a special, popular cupcake recipe—he secretly adds pot, which gives everyone the munchies. was one of the two winners of the glee project's first season, and his prize was a seven-episode arc on glee. puck convinces her they won't care about finn in a few years. after the glee club was disbanded because of the loss in the nationals competition, she and the other glee club new kids (except for kitty) were transferred to another school.[173] in "pot o' gold", shelby tells puck that she is struggling at being a mother; as the episode ends, they kiss. episode starts off with quinn and puck singing homeward bound/home with mike, santana, mercedes and finn. at the beginning of season three, blaine decides to transfer to mckinley to be with kurt, and joins new directions. after he fails his history final and discovers that he is not graduating he decides to not care about grades and flunk out. is noticeably depressed and, after puck pesters him as to the reason, reveals to puck that quinn is pregnant and she's keeping the baby. lauren has an acerbic personality and is admired by puck for being "a bigger bad-ass" than he is.

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