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Will tori and beck dating on victorious

develops a crush on jade after they work together on a song and hearing her sing, and tori tries to help him get over it. "the breakfast bunch," it is revealed that tori can do archery with her feet. trina set up another deal by putting up a fighting challenge for the staff, and if she wins, she would get in. sikowitz had a coconut-induced hallucination during trina's audition, which turned her performance into a psychedelic extravaganza, and every other judge was out at the time. tori gets asked to be in the show and she says yes. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious.", "tori tortures teacher, "jade gets crushed", "terror on cupcake street", "the breakfast bunch", "andre's horrible girl", "car, rain and fire" and "driving tori crazy". tori and andre get kojeezy to buy their song, but he would only buy the song if it passed the "baby test", which the song fails the test because the baby cried. "rex dies" he gets sucked into a wind machine and is taken to the hospital (even though he is a dummy). victorious airs its final season, cat becomes a co-lead character on the crossover spin-off sam & cat a sitcom that began airing in 2013. this prompts tori to ask if she is actually chinese or japanese, which she answers with a smack to tori's head. at the insistence of trina, (who doesn't want to be known as the "freaky girl whose younger sister quit on her first day") and andre, who tells her not to let a mean girl crush her confidence, tori returns to class and subsequently gets revenge on jade by besting her in an improv assignment and then by kissing beck in front of her. after being poked by one, jade steals his fork and angrily chases him. the episode ends where jade and beck are officially a couple again and robbie finally gets the butterfly out of cat's ear. yong jun and hwang jung eum still dating, are jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. because of his good looks and personality, he is possibly the most popular guy at hollywood arts and attracts almost all females and girls, sometimes even older women. since robbie is too shy to speak for himself most of the time, he talks as rex, using him to voice his actual feelings and thoughts.. hellberg (tba) is a woman who has one daughter named rhoda who has an attitude and only appeared in the episode, robbie sells rex. notices that andre's new girlfriend hope is bossy and worries that he is changing to please her. vega (victoria justice) is the younger sister of trina vega, which makes her the youngest daughter of the vega family and attends hollywood arts, a performing arts high school, along with her sister. outskirts tells the story of jodi (victoria justice), a high schooler seeking revenge after her school's queen bee plays a nasty prank on her. dickers is also very strict and constantly yells at the gang when they talk to him, even to apologize. tori decides to try to find jade a date to even things out, but when recalling how intimidating jade is, she and andre pay a guy to ask her out. meanwhile, trina runs into perez hilton in first class and steals his camera so she can "return it", hoping it will make her famous. she is very pushy and controlling to andre, often forcing him to do things such as wear the clothes she wants him to wear. in the end, tori and andre perform live to get out of paying for the dip. clip of liv singing an acoustic version of "we're better in stereo" is a bittersweet goodbye to "liv and maddie". he is the guy tori and the others come to for help or advice on anything. she has lunch in the girls' bathroom and tells tori that she was in the spring showcase with tori, that she has been going to hollywood arts for three years and that she was kicked out because they needed to make room for tori, but in reality, she was expelled because she's completely crazy. to get back at her, beck, andre and robbie pretend to all want to date trina, in an attempt to teach her a lesson about telling lies. she can be somewhat of a drama queen, and doesn't take criticism very well. on opening night, trina's harness breaks and she falls, and the set crashes down on her. the next day, ryder forgives tori, and robbie comes in dressed like ryder. in the end, sikowitz sings a song and receives applause. robbie has a sudden outburst and professes that cat is adorable and any guy would be lucky to go out with her. in one episode when tori goes to him asking for help he is hanging upside down from the ceiling, and in another he stored his grandmother in the corner before slinging her over his shoulder and taking her to the hospital. andre says that it is because trina did have talent back then, but sinjin accidentally hits her with a stage light, knocking the talent out of her. and jade compete with each other for the lead role in a play called "steamboat suzy.

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Beck and tori dating on victorious

beck seems to be the only one who can calm jade down when she becomes angry and has some control over her as seen throughout the series. and jade are cast in a play as a married couple, a task that challenges their acting skills and lack of friendship. jade's eye begins to bleed and, following this, gets a black eye. sam and cat later set up a babysitting service to raise some extra cash. tori forces cat to show her true self to evan, convincing her that he will like her as herself. a lot of the inappropriate dialogue and scenes are changed, such as the drug use (in the episode, taco eating is substituted) and the questions about virginity (in the episode they are about veganism). he tells her that he is only dating her because her dad is a famous record producer. invites tori and her friends over to his house to teach them a lesson on method acting; however if one of them breaks character, they will be banished from sikowitz's house. meanwhile, trina has been spreading rumors that beck asked her out. jade then lets tori perform herself, finally making a friendship, while jade goes into the audience to watch her. her house caught on fire when cat's cinnamon bun scented candle accidentally started a fire on the front porch of her house and soon after she was rushed to a hospital where she was resting very uncomfortably. examples include eating cat's charm bracelet, getting stabbed in japan, biting cat on the foot, falling from a terrace onto a shuttle bus, being shot by a clown, painting his body purple for a job interview, and (most disturbingly) somehow procuring twelve gallons of real blood for jade's play. and the gang are offered a week-long trip to festus' home country of yerba to perform as evening entertainment for the hotel., jade, and cat decide to go to nozu after a day of filming beck's new movie called "the blonde squad," but do not take off their blonde wigs and their blue contact lenses because tori wants to know what it is like to be blonde. is also an extremely talented singer and actress, as seen in "freak the freak out" where she sings a duet with jade, and in the crossover episode "iparty with victorious" where she shows a high vocal range. she is too frightened to do it and she keeps stalling, so beck dresses up as tori to pretend that he is her and does the fall instead. she has a "thing" for scissors, as you can see her holding scissors in many episodes and her locker is decorated with them, and was told on "the slap"—the hollywood arts website. at the end, tori decides she does want to do the fall to prove she is not a wimp, but she gets scared again, so jade pushes her off making her fall down. west (elizabeth gillies) is a frenemy of tori from hollywood arts. he pairs tori with robbie, andre with cat, and beck with jade (the only actual couple). has been known to take obsession in triumphing over any enemies or rivals she may find, and occasionally has been known to take an interest in bizarre, dark, or unusual things that usually would repulse or frighten other people. and holly vega (jim pirri and jennifer carta) are the parents of tori and trina. after finishing the float, the group is stranded in a dangerous part of town when the float gets a flat tire on the way to the parade. he appears in "beck's big break"[10] "the wood", and "locked up! and trina's flight home gets delayed, so tori uses web conferencing to work on a group project for school with andre, cat, and beck while she is on the plane. as a result, tori, andre, robbie, and cat have decided to hang out without them. million viewers, takes week's top spot with kids and tweens". makes a bet for the gang to say yes to everything and anything for a day, as long as it doesn't involve people getting hurt. he lives in a trailer that is parked in his parents' driveway, being told if he lived with them then he would have to go by their rules, and he stated "my roof, my rules". meanwhile, jade and cat perform in a karaoke club against two other girls, hayley ferguson and tara ganz. jade and tori have to restrain cat from using her phone, and they know winning will be very hard, so they try to trick the boys into losing the bet. he has also appeared in "tori goes platinum", he sent in a video for the contest singing 5 fingaz' to the face. pretending to be cat, jade calls tori and finds out where they are. meanwhile, tori puts up with her heavily-battered phone while waiting for the release of a new phone model. vega (daniella monet) is tori's older sister, who also attends hollywood arts. meanwhile, andre and robbie sign up for ballet class as a way to meet girls, but find out they were not the only males with the same idea. however, ryder leaves the house angry as tori goes through his phone at trina's idea. she finds a deal where a party bus can take tori to school for 90% off.

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Are tori and beck dating on victorious

they force her on stage and, with the help of andre, tori receives a standing ovation from the crowd, and accepts the offer to join hollywood arts. in the episode "tori goes platinum" beck tries to kiss tori, revealing that he has some feelings for her, but she rejects him because she viewed it as a betrayal to jade to kiss her ex-boyfriend. tori gave him two dollars on her first day at hollywood arts, thinking he was homeless. the pilot episode, it was because of jade that tori nearly gave up attending hollywood arts, having poured coffee over head in front the class and humiliating her when mistakenly believing that she was flirting with beck, until trina and andre convinced her to keep attending. tori accidentally sucks rex in the machine, badly damaging him. lane is the one who made the wood leave (and showing he's not afraid to get physical), because it was becoming an issue with the students and disrupting the learning environment. tori sings "freak the freak out" and, meanwhile, removes her disguise. is my second beck and tori video moments/episodes are from season 1, season 2 and season 3Are tori and beck dating on victorious. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. tori invites ryder to her house and robbie spies on them as he wants to attract girls like ryder does. when sam kisses him, cat is greatly angered and upset by it. the doctor does it for one favor: tori has to date the doctor's loser son, lendal, but tori tricks trina into doing it. he is the one who tells tori about his home country, yerba, and how they could stay there if they perform a song every day and the country would pay for the hotel rooms in the episode "locked up!: in production, that was the last victorious episode ever filmed. tori rehearses her audition for a movie, sikowitz and cat are unimpressed by her performance., andre, and robbie are hosting a fundraiser at karaoke dokie to get a new guys' bathroom at hollywood arts, and the girls are supposed to help them. tori sets him down and plays with the machine, but doesn't notice the switch is still on suck while robbie is changing. in "helen back again", he resigns as principal after announcing his engagement to a tahitian woman and plans to move to tahiti. trina is quite selfish and shallow most of the time, and is portrayed as being extremely difficult to deal with, sometimes even being called a "monster". he appears to either hate dry skin or is obsessed with lotion (as seen in "the wood", when he squirts lotion over robbie and trina for arguing over the grub truck and making festus break his arm), as he can be seen frequently applying lotion to his hands. the following day, tori managed to beat jade in sikowitz' alphabet acting challenge, standing up to her, and kissing beck to get back at her. featured: "don't you (forget about me)" by the victorious cast. trina's shallow exterior, she can be concerned about her sister when she wants to be and it is shown that she does look out for tori a lot. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. meanwhile, andre tries to capture his grandma's pet bird, larry. he usually tries to keep peace in the group and hold everyone together. as robbie notices mamaw's animosity toward cat, he decides to make a document to trick his grandmother into believing she has no more internet. ponnie, however, keeps disappearing around everyone else, making the hollywood arts students think that tori is losing her mind. robbie and cat have to say yes to giving up their clothes to some men on the street. popularcheck out the poster for the movie below and bask in the potential bori! on the night of the premiere of beck's movie, jade and tori expect cat to be herself, but cat walks in to meet evan wearing her blonde wig and blue contacts. after a stage fight lesson, sikowitz gives jade as tori's fighting actress in a scene they are assigned to do. however, they get distracted when they meet beck's canadian friend moose and all three of them begin to compete for his attention. his school locker is transparent, which is his way of saying that he has no secrets, which is revealed to tori when she was attempting to find a decorative idea for her own locker. in "the wood", he was injured by robbie and trina and they were forced to replace him for a short time.,are jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. annoyed with them bugging her, she finally picks andre, beck, and robbie. it is revealed in "wok star" robbie is jewish because he spent his bar mitzvah money on leather pants and male make-up. Dating a girl who is out of your league 

Are beck and cat dating on victorious

they attend the class only to see a bunch of men and want to drop out of ballet. she has a gothic sense of style—always wearing dark clothes with eyebrow piercings and different colors of streaks in her hair—and is the long-time girlfriend of beck oliver. lane finds out that the harness had been cut, and calls jade, andre, tori, cat, robbie and rex into his office to try to figure out what really happened. is shown in "beck falls for tori" and "iparty with victorious" that beck has never felt true terror nor has he ever been scared by anything, a fact backed up by jade who calls him "unscareable". is friends with beck, cat, robbie and is the closest to andre. quincy (meagan holder) is a girl who dated andre in the "andre's horrible girl". andre is an aspiring musician who loves to perform and write his own songs. despite it being a crossover episode, it was confirmed to be an icarly episode instead of a victorious episode. though initially feeling out of place at hollywood arts, tori makes new, supportive friends and gets more comfortable. tori watches rex while robbie goes to change because rex laughs at him. when she wakes up, they talk and robbie makes his move and kisses her, resulting in her running away from him and riding off on her bike in a panic. andre and tori are thrilled when kojeezy suddenly states that they have to pass "the baby test" which is a test to see if the baby will cry (which means won't produce and buy) or smile (which means will produce and buy). but the gang, minus cat who left to use the toilet, become trapped in beck's recreational vehicle (rv) when another huge rv is parked right next to theirs, blocking the only door. it was sam and jade's friendship that got cat jealous enough to call freddie benson to burbank so that she can flirt with him. she also appears in "tori goes platinum", tara tried out for the contest but lost. rhoda was hired to kiss francis thornesmith so robbie can get rex back since he sold it to francis who gave him his puppet gunther and ,000. she has a very mean and snobbish attitude especially toward jade. tori vega (victoria justice), cat, andre, robbie, rex, beck, and jade decide to go to cool off at venice beach, near to los angeles, california. tori helps jade produce it themselves with the help of mrs. she is very protective of her boyfriend and is known to lash out at anyone who she views as a threat to their relationship." when tori and cat found out, cat is shocked and tori gives cat a gesture to never speak of this to anyone.[5] cat often says random and strange things which leaves the others, especially jade, confused or annoyed. later appeared in the sam & cat episode "#thekillertunajump" where she ends up meeting sam puckett and befriending her whereas cat had thought that the two girls would kill each other upon first sight due to their similar personalities. appears in "pilot", "the bird scene", "stage fighting", "tori the zombie", "robarazzi", "beck's big break", "the great ping pong scam", "cat's new boyfriend", "the diddly bops", "the wood", "tori gets stuck", "iparty with victorious", "helen back again", "who did it to trina? ganz (jamie snow) is a girl who competed against cat and jade in a karaoke contest with her friend hayley ferguson is in freak the freak out where she won the contest against jade and cat because her friend hayley's father owned karaoke dokie and was the judge of the contest. they all run outside, covering their heads with tubs, and manage to get away unseen by the security cameras. whenever someone gets a question wrong, they get "doinked" and have something sprayed at them or dropped on their head. a heat wave hits southern california, tori vega (victoria justice), cat valentine (ariana grande), trina, andre, robbie, rex, beck, and jade decide to go to cool off at venice beach, near to los angeles, california.. boys", jade tries to take him to karaoke dokie but stops her car and they make out. the series centers on tori vega, a student of hollywood arts high school, who gets into wacky screwball situations on a daily basis. featured: "make it shine" (performed by victoria justice), which becomes the series' theme song. the flour bomber) is throwing flour at people at hollywood arts and no one knows who he is. appear in "pilot", "the birthweek song", "sleepover at sikowitz's", "locked up", and "jade gets crushed" though their mother appeared in "robarazzi", "a film by dale squires", "helen back again", "driving tori crazy", "tori goes platinum", "crazy ponnie", "cell block", "the bad roommate" and "star spangled-tori", and their dad appears in "freak the freak out" and "car, rain and fire". main characters of victorious (left to right): rex powers (robbie's puppet) and robbie shapiro (matt bennett), cat valentine (ariana grande), trina vega (daniella monet), tori vega (victoria justice), andre harris (leon thomas iii), jade west (elizabeth gillies), beck oliver (avan jogia).) beck tries to trick jade into going to a drag race, but instead goes with sinjin. meanwhile, trina enlists robbie's help to decorate her giant christmas tree, and beck loses sleep due to a pesky cricket in his rv. she is also seen to be an amazing singer and actress, which are her main talents that got her into hollywood arts. meanwhile, trina tries to impress a boy she likes by pretending to be a pizza delivery girl, and beck and jade are text-fighting.

Are jade and beck still dating on victorious

realizing that it will just be the two of them together, tori and beck decide they will go on an "opposite date" so people do not think they are really dating. however, during an altercation between other students the boys poured a cup of ice in the girl's tucked-in shirt she tries to get back at them by throw a cup of water at them but the boys got out of the way and jade ends up getting wet. she only appears in "helen back again" and is not a main character. after taking some time apart, the two make amends in the episode "tori fixes beck and jade" when jade sings a song that is implied to be dedicated to beck, leading them to admit that they have missed each other and get back together. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. after she performs the song, though, trina proves to be ungrateful; she wants a material gift instead of the sentimental one tori gave her. tori is sentenced to four years in prison for assault. he can play many instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, piano, and the french horn, but prefers the keyboard and piano. however, in order to take home the money, tori has to grab it while a sumo wrestler is holding her down. alexander (lane napper) is the school's guidance counselor for hollywood arts. beck and tori almost kiss before being interrupted by mrs. robbie is able to get under the beams and tries to turn off the alarms, but stumbles upon two burglars. while they are trapped inside of recreational vehicle rv, ben and the other three guys are busy partying with cat and she is the only girl who could possibly save the rest of them from sweating to death and completely oblivious to her friends' predicament as they try to escape the rv. in tori & jades playdate he was seen eating a yellow pepper. he is shown to be proficient with audio, lighting, and making props and is the apparent leader of the technical team. after finding out that jade's father will be at the showing, tori tries to find a way to work things out for her. songs : make it to america by victoria justice "cheer me up" by victoria justice. he tried to make tori dress outrageously and to act very mean and obnoxious to many people to make hype for her. even though tori was fired, she performs "make it in america", which mason sees. tori talks to her mom about the problem, and they plan on calling the police. tori has to dress crazy and act mean, and she is not allowed to tell anyone about this, not even her friends and family, or she won't be allowed to perform. andre shows tori how it works, but she leaves the switch on suck. while on their journey, tori, cat, and jade experience many mishaps and things do not go the way they planned., beck, andre and robbie plan to go to a museum, but andre and robbie back out so they can make a video for a contest.: lists of sitcom television characterslists of nickelodeon television series charactersvictorioushidden categories: wikipedia articles needing style editing from july 2011all articles needing style editingarticles needing additional references from july 2011all articles needing additional references. she then finds coffee and spills it on top of tori, causing her to leave the room in humiliation. april fool's day comes to hollywood arts, tori spends her day expecting creative pranks and practical jokes, but is completely oblivious to a series of absurd events and crazy happenings around her. january 2013 in the episode "star-spangled tori," cat's parents move away to idaho be with her mentally ill brother where cat was told to live with her aunt pearl and uncle walter. consequently, tori is given a punishment of cleaning the theater after a food fight scene. please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against wikipedia's inclusion policy. thinking that she had literally died, cat, tori, and jade go on a road trip to her house in san diego to honor her and leave a candle on her doorstep. tori forces cat and trina to drive to the super-glue factory to get the remover. "ice cream for ke$ha", it is revealed that her childhood was a dark and unhappy one, her favorite play toy being a hammer, and that she had been raised by an unsupportive and similarly emotionless father and a mother she couldn't emotionally connect with. sam and cat become roommates when cat's nona (played by maree cheatham) goes to live in elderly acres. there, they meet two boys who hit on them and can't take a hint they aren't interested. beck says that when trina sang terribly, the staff said no. despite a stellar audition with andre, tori is rejected, and the group tries to find a way to change helen's mind about rejecting tori. when tori tries to get a can of juice, ponnie grabs her, and then tells the truth - that her real name is fawn leibowitz, and before tori went to hollywood arts, ponnie was a student there, and she claims that they kicked her out because they wanted to make room for tori.


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on her first day, she meets cat valentine (ariana grande), a girl who seems to be living in her own head, robbie shapiro (matt bennett), a shy awkward nerdy student who speaks through his dummy rex, the handsome beck oliver (avan jogia), and his mean girlfriend jade west (elizabeth gillies). the show, beck ended up with his longtime girlfriend jade, leaving every bori shipper forever crying on the cold, hard ground. finds beck and a guy named russ supposedly fighting and tries to intervene. meanwhile, beck and robbie work on robbie's new convertible, and robbie tries to get the attention of girls that come to watch beck fix the car. tori then tries to get helen to accept trina into hollywood arts, and when helen refuses, tori asks robbie to pretend to be a robber to 'rob' helen in the school. when jade, beck, andre and cat finally catch him, he turns out to be a stranger from another school. meanwhile, robbie forgets his wallet in his locker and is unable to pay the bill after a meal at nozu, and tori and him have to work at nozu to pay the bill off. tori accidentally gets beck fired when she stands up for him during filming, so she tries to get his spot back for him in the movie. when tori explains why she was trying to find her a date, jade tells beck he can go out with whomever he wants because they are broken up. during the final 30 seconds, tori and trina get a drive home by a police officer, who, when the camera zooms into her face, is revealed to be ponnie! he is in the episode beggin' on your knees where tori found out from her friends that he uses girls to get good grades and then soon after breaks up with them. due to helen's unnamed assistant mixing up tori with trina, tori had to come up with a plan that involved robbie dressing up as a robber where he would be beaten up by trina using her karate skills. appears in "pilot", "the bird scene", "beck's big break", "the great ping pong scam", "cat's new boyfriend", "freak the freak out", "rex dies", "the diddly-bops", "sleepover at sikowitz's", "beck falls for tori", "tori gets stuck", "prom wrecker", "locked up! they don't like cat's red hair, they only eat vegetables, they don't allow cat to have unlimited texting, and they don't allow her to flush the toilet unless it is "absolutely necessary. directs a play and is forced to cast trina as the lead when she blackmails her. she says she is not mad and beck can hang out with whomever he wants. mona's reaction toward cat, tori, and jade were very unwelcoming to the point that mona took out a super soaker and sprayed jade, tori and cat away from her property, even though they were already wet. the secret of "the bird scene" was to be proud of one's acting style, which she had been failing to show, and she passes. later, tori goes to meet jade at the boomerang theatre to support her upcoming performance., andre, beck and jade are excited to hear that they will be the stars of a new reality show called "the wood" being filmed at hollywood arts. andre suggests that she write her sister a song and perform it at her birthday party. in the "blond squad" cat is upset and robbie says, "any guy would be as lucky as cheese to go out with you". even though this movie is the outskirts and not victorious, we can totally imagine that jodi and dave are actually tori and beck ~finally~ admitting their love for each other on screen in an alternate reality (that is, if jodi can get her life together and stop obsessing over getting revenge). (july 2011) (learn how and when to remove this template message).'s no way you can truly know what heartbreak is until the tv couple you ship doesn't get together before the show they're on gets cancelled, which is the case for every poor soul who shipped tori and beck (played by victoria justice and avan jogia) on nickelodeon's victorious! jade and cat offer a challenge - hayley and tara get to pick someone from the audience to sing against them and if the person wins by a crowd vote then they have to babysit trina, but if hayley and tara win then they can make out with beck (offered by cat, much to jade's dismay). robbie is a skilled ventriloquist, but he was un-credited for his talent until "freak the freak out", but he is shown to be confused about it, not understanding why he was referred to as a "ventriloquist", which either jokingly indicates that rex has a mind of his own and is not controlled by robbie at all or in a more serious matter that robbie suffers a schizophrenic disorder, therefore considering rex a real person. as it turns out, helen's assistant mistakenly swapped tori and trina's names, so it was actually trina who failed the audition. also, trina keeps blowing her nose, which causes her tissues to have a lot of snot in them, and afterwards, she starts to get a fever. as a result, tori puts the berry balls in her hat because no one will try them. in the season 2 premiere, jade mentions that beck is canadian. the show is hosted and narrated by "christopher cane", a ventriloquist's dummy, who introduces himself as the actor who portrays "rex". jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. in some episodes, the two seems to be friends although most of the time jade seems to be "frenemies" with tori."[4] she is relatively friendly and liked by all of the students. beck takes meredith to the full moon jam only to find she agrees with everything he says, annoying him. he enjoys it and throws rex on the ground which means that he doesn't care about rex anymore also stating that "i don't need a stupid puppet, i got me a woman! but things go awry when sikowitz becomes depressed after watching the play, and tori feels guilty and tries to fix it.

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his only relative who has ever been seen is his grandmother. episode features interviews, bloopers, and outtakes of all the cast ever since the series began. vega (victoria justice) gets the chance of a lifetime to attend hollywood arts, an elite performing arts school after taking her older sister trina's (daniella monet) place in her school's big showcase.", "iparty with victorious", "helen back again", "tori tortures teacher", "terror on cupcake street", "a christmas tori", the gorilla club, tori & jade's playdate, april fools blank, how trina got in, tori goes platinum (parts 1-2), crazy ponnie, cell block, robbie sells rex, star spangled tori and victori-yes. they are all off chat at the end and tori is left to finish the assignment herself. lee makes drastic changes to the script, and wants to put her daughter, daisy in the play. are not told much about andre's personal life, but we do know that he has an extremely crazy grandmother, an uncle who is a real estate agent that once sold a house to kenan thompson, and a cousin who acts. at the end, moose then explains that he likes canadian girls because they like hockey, are much bigger, and aren't as weird as "l. later, tori reveals that seven years ago she and jarold hamboned together. trina eventually confesses that tori is the singer, and tori gets to record the song herself. tori decides to face jarold and ends up winning and becoming the hambone queen. right after this, jade performs a song and beck watches her. at their next rehearsal, sikowitz gets angry at everyone and tells them to take their phones if they want to. robbie gets cat a candyfloss making machine, which she gets excited about because it comes with a man. things go awry when jade accidentally damages the boss's guitar autographed by elvis presley, which leads them to turn to robbie and beck for help. (kool kojak) is a guy who is a music producer and is in the episode the bad roommate. thornesmith (charles shaughnessy) is the producer of the platinum music awards, he appears in the episode "tori goes platinum" and "robbie sells rex". she runs away at lunchtime, stays away from class, gives tori a creepy doll that resembles her, and impersonates a chinese food delivery lady. the baby ended up crying so kojeezy won't be producing and buying the song. cat, heartbroken, does not appreciate tori's advice, but robbie performs his song "i think you're swell" to cat in the end. in a twist ending, tori and trina were driven home by a cop who actually turned out to be ponnie. rex is sarcastic and mean, especially to robbie, though it is shown that neither can stay without the other. meanwhile, cat gets a butterfly that robbie is "butterfly-sitting" lodged in her ear and robbie has to find a way to get it out. beck and jade smile at each other until they are interrupted by the vet. are shown to be caring and loving parents, but when their daughters get too out of control, they tend to stay out of it and go off doing something else, which is indicating that they are very unhelpful parents. after this, jade begins to feel guilty, especially when learning that tori refuses to tell the truth on her, and she helps tori clean a little bit and ditch the security guard watching her to clean the hall. the others treat rex as a real person, and both robbie and rex dislike it when rex is called a "dummy" or "puppet". at the end of this episode, robbie now has ,000 and rex. on theslap, cat revealed he isn't allowed outside by himself and that he plays "hide and seek" with the police.. and ireland, this episode is called "the warehouse", due to wanko being similar to a curse word in those countries.: this episode has a season 3 production code, and the opening sequence for that season. furious, she finds and confronts them, but beck stops her. meanwhile, trina practices her hacking and coughing for the role of a sick girl in the play, but ends up getting tuberculosis after going with tori to the hospital. also, robbie tries to help tori prepare for the tech theater exam she must take and pass in order to take an r&b singing class, and cat becomes obsessed with jupiter boots. is sikowitz's 10th anniversary teaching at hollywood arts, and tori and the gang celebrate by taking him to a play. their dad is a cop, which tori likes to point out at times, usually to sinjin, but also to others especially if someone is annoying her. however, they realize that it was a mistake and mona is still alive. he was first seen in the episode tori & jade's playdate spying on tori & jade for sikowitz so they can't escape nozu.

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after her breakup with beck, jade decides to help cat dog-sit her mother's boss's dog. she and beck are told to have had a long term relationship with it being mentioned in "jade dumps beck" that they had been dating for two years. is shown to be witty and kind and tori often relies on him for support in her time of need, and he is always there for her, although he is easily distracted at times. unexpectedly, the chancellor of yerba comes to see their performance and in the middle of the song, tori's shoe hits the chancellor's eye and causes him to go blind. although she does not get the part, she is instead cast as a stunt double after lying on her résumé and because she looks like the lead actress. trina comes down with an allergic reaction to a chinese herb before a big showcase at school, tori is volunteered by andre to take her place since she knew the piece meant to be played. but when robbie is rushed to the hospital, tori jeopardizes her role to give him blood.", and she also says that she managed the premiere movie theater in san diego. van cleef[7] (michael eric reid) is a strange, interesting and questionable student at hollywood arts. is an icarly crossover episode, "iparty with victorious," which aired on june 11, 2011. daniels (ryan rottman) is a male student at hollywood arts who dated tori for a short time. andre and tori perform the song, countdown, at her birthday party, which is held at nozu. is regularly seen drinking from a coconut (he once drank fermented coconut milk and had visions during trina's audition). meanwhile, cat dresses up in random costumes that she made in her costume design class.'s parents head out for the weekend, leaving tori to care for trina who recently had her wisdom teeth pulled out, who proves to be a handful. tori and jade accidentally destroyed his car in the same episode and had to take him home in a wheelbarrow. after the altercation with jade, tori wonders if she is good enough or even belongs at hollywood arts. andre gets distracted by his demented grandmother, and beck gets distracted by his girlfriend jade. "jade gets crushed", andre develops feelings for jade after they work together on a song for a project and andre hears her sing. "did you know this drake & josh star voiced rex the puppet on victorious? also andre becomes a christmas "scrooge" after getting a d on a song he wrote for his creative music class. once the police arrive and apprehend ponnie, sikowitz recognizes her and says that she got kicked out because she was crazy - she stole things, kept weird stuff in her backpack, and called people "debbie". at the end of the episode andre gets an a thanks to tori, cat and jade singing his song which he wrote for his creative music class. he also gave cat, jade, beck, andre, and robbie permission to start a fake ping-pong team to make money and have a fancy dinner. (brandon jones) is a boy who is friends with beck and is from canada. "cat" valentine (ariana grande) is one of tori's strangest friends from hollywood arts. after she is done, he goes on stage and admits that he has missed her. he has been together with jade for over two years and, unlike everyone else, is completely unafraid of her (even laughing when andre admitted to being scared of her) and often likes to tease and make her jealous because of her reactions, which he finds amusing. however, trina and cat arrive late and the play starts with tori looking hideous, confusing the audience. they give jade the chance instead, when mason recalls her from her audition which he approved of, and she accepts. after thinking for days, she decided to decorate her locker with the words "make it shine," and lighting them up, as that was the song that she sang that got her into hollywood arts. meanwhile, trina starts selling doctor fish treatment at her house and andre, beck, jade and robbie all accept, only for it to turn out the fish are diseased, making them all sick. vega, but tori ends up telling mason and the producers that she cannot take it anymore, which results in mason not letting her appear in the platinum music awards. while at the hospital for rex, cat is sent to the mental ward by the receptionist, who believe she may be mental, and the doctors become concerned for her and send for a specialist to diagnosis her. later appears in the third-season episode "how trina got in", making tori and robbie chop a pile of squid after they can't pay their bill. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. in the episode, tori fixes beck and jade, beck tries dating a girl named meredith, who wants to do anything he wants, causing him to realize how he prefers dating a girl who "fights back" and "has a big mouth" because it isn't easy and that an easy relationship to him is "boring". but then, a young girl joins the class to teach, and the boys go crazy about her.

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soon after this, though, tori finds out that ryder uses girls to get good grades and dumps them afterwards, so she gets revenge on him and sings "beggin' on your knees". however, cat accidentally tells jade about this and jade gets upset. movie shoot down the street from tori's house causes her and trina to take the long way to school, but after shaving trina's legs and her armpit she does not want to drive for 40 minutes to school with her anymore. tori wins over the crowd quickly, easily beating the girls. trina's allergic reaction to a chinese herb gargle in the pilot episode forces tori to fill in for her in the school's big showcase, which leads to tori being offered admission to hollywood arts. meanwhile, andre and robbie make a video to win a new pear pad 3, but they fall while wearing giant pear costumes and cannot get up. among the other characters, tori can seem to be the most intolerant of her, which might be explained by constant exposure to trina's ego at home (or the others simply not caring enough to be so annoyed). wants to try out for the lead role in a play called "moonlight magic" which andre is writing the music for. the episode includes references to saved by the bell, the amanda show, icarly, match game, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, the wizard of oz and saturday night live. (july 2011) (learn how and when to remove this template message). tori stole andre's beat and he got mad so tori invited him to make some lyrics with her so they can sing it for him tomorrow. as the boys shout and dance in victory, the girls realize how popular they were when seeing how many messages and followers they got while they went without the internet happily. her friends at school are shocked by it, and it becomes a problem for tori when everyone believes she is letting the fame get to her head. tori struggles to find the perfect gift for andre after finding out she is his secret santa. is in charge of creating a fake tornado in a play that robbie is in by using a machine that blows and sucks. the girls turn theirs on and the boys told them it was a trick and they lost the bet. rex is obsessed with "northridge girls", dumb, talentless and 'easy' girls from a los angeles neighborhood. she has a playful nature, and has a very short attention span so she can easily be distracted with colorful items by the others when they want her out of the way. (renée taylor) is robbie's grandmother who has strong dislike of cat; she only appeared in "the birthweek song". unexplained reasons in later episodes, tori is shown to wear glasses when at home. he is a fan of disco music and has a huge crush on tori and jade, despite the fact that both show more irritation than interest in his presence. her personality is very similar to sam from icarly and sam & cat. - beck gets asked to choose between jade and tori! is tired of living with his crazy grandmother and he decides to bunk with tori, but it does not turn out well. starts going out with tori's ex-boyfriend from her old school, daniel. beck decides the best way to get there is to borrow his uncle's pickup truck and tow the trailer that he lives in to the beach. according to sikowitz, her real name is fawn lebowitz and that "she stole things, carried weird stuff in her backpack, and called everyone debbie. is depicted as creative, nice, caring, forgiving, responsible, positive, easy-going, and friendly, though she can be sneaky and vindictive, going as low as to manipulate her friends and family (especially trina), but will always do the right thing in the end. also, andre gets the chance of a lifetime when he gets a call from a record producer he met who says he is interested in signing him to a record deal." as strange as sikowitz is, he is the favorite teacher of tori, cat, jade, beck, andre, and robbie, and is very open and comfortable with them, to the point he says that he is their friend in a few episodes. riding with beck, a bunch of other obnoxious girls are in the car and tori gets in a fight with them. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. - continue reading belowbut victoria justice just took to twitter to share a movie poster from her upcoming movie, the outskirts, and there are two things about the movie that's going to make bori shippers very, verrrrrry happy. later, it is also discovered that while andre's grandmother drives him nuts, she is the main reason he's good at writing music.: lists of american television series episodeslists of children's television series episodeslists of sitcom television series episodesvictoriouslists of nickelodeon television series episodeshidden categories: use mdy dates from august 2014. is selected to appear on a new game show called brain squeezers, and all her friends want to be on her team. they are usually between tori or trina and a friend like andre and cat. for example, in "freak the freak out", trina gets her wisdom teeth removed and their parents decide to go out of town so they wouldn't have to take care of her, knowing she would go out of control.

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he tends to be a bit extreme in his dealings, such as when he issued a two-week detention to tori for an accidental hit on jade during a stage fighting practice. the next day, they perform their brand new song, "faster than boyz" which kojeezy likes and will maybe produce and buy. jade makes a bet with andre and robbie that if they lose they must do the "hammer dance" every time jade tells them to do it. beck breaks up with jade in season 3 episode, "the worst couple" after getting tired of constantly fighting with her. lee returns in the episode "andre's horrible girl", now operating a sushi bar called nozu after wok star burns down. sam and cat's home is stated to be 'the poshest apartment in the building'. in "beck's big break" when tori asked for a sandwich he said he only served burritos but gave her a sandwich anyway. it is assumed that trina is half latina, like tori. meanwhile, robbie and sinjin are tricked by two northridge girls into stealing their things. he is also seen in the episode "how trina got in," where he appears in the flashbacks of andre, jade, beck, and sikowitz. rex is shown to have a huge crush on tori and constantly hits on her, though she is annoyed by his affection. after eating gross seafood, tori and beck have to take beck's aunt's dog to the vet. they officially lose when tori vega (disguised as louise nordoff), sings freak the freak out, and they are forced to "babysit" trina. during the game show, beck and jade discover that they are unhappy with their relationship. (darsan solomon) is a student who goes to hollywood arts and always hangs out with sinjin. from there onward, the show details tori's journey as she gets into wacky situations, and has differences and adventures with her friends, as she finds herself along the way. the dance is the first social event that beck and jade attend since getting back together and jade becomes stressed over it. and her friends are booked to perform at a little kid's birthday party as a favor for sikowitz's friend. he is an amazing singer and songwriter, having co-written nearly every song tori has sung. after robbie and another girl go, cat realizes her feelings for robbie and becomes jealous. elsewhere, cat and robbie embark on a business venture in which they tell people negative news by singing to them in an upbeat manner. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. at the hollywood arts prom he brought a pile of tires, matches and a bottle of fuel, thinking for unknown reasons that they were going to have a bonfire of tires. before the contest she flirted with andre with hayley flirting with beck. in the end, tori is the winner as she doesn't break character. tori then humiliates him in front of the whole school by singing "beggin' on your knees" to him. jade suggests that they all hide out in the store overnight so they can be the first ones there and avoid the long lines. tori and robbie tell her that she is beautiful, and when cat talks to robbie about evan, robbie gets jealous. rhapsody puts on his only hit single "five fingaz (to the face)" and the group sings the karaoke version. unfortunately, trina does not take her bad news well and smashes robbie's guitar and their business ends. it is often hinted at that robbie may be in love with cat, and is proven true in the episode "the blonde squad" where robbie is shown to have written the song "i think you're swell" for her that he sings to her at the end of the episode. they won the contest against jade and cat because her father is the owner of karaoke dokie and the judge of the karaoke contest. so, in order to get his big break, he performs a song with tori live for the school. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. meanwhile, cat starts stage make-up classes and cannot find anyone to put her make-up skills on, so tori agrees to allow cat to do so with her. he was first seen in the episode three girls and a moose when tori, cat, and jade try to win the affection of him. he then tells tori how he realizes that he wants a girl who "fights back" and can be a challenge to date because easy is "boring". tori is stuck being trina's assistant after losing a bet they made when they were little kids, she and her friends try to win a private concert from ke$ha by finding all the letters to ke$ha under ice cream cartons as a way to free tori from trina. Dating vintage fender twin reverb guitar amp -

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in a video on theslap she reveals that her full name is caterina but only her grandmother calls her by her full name. the secondary plot of this episode features cat accidentally waxing jade's eyebrows off and jade chasing cat around, trying to get back at her. but then he reveals (to the audience) that he is going to pull a prank on tori. while there, they discuss how they are not really on a date, and people in the vet's office overhear. he also often gets tori to sing back-up for him at his own performances. is christmas time at hollywood arts and sikowitz assigns the gang as secret santas to one another in order to get them into the christmas spirit. robbie gives in and sells rex, but ends up regretting his decision. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. 2011, she crossed over to icarly in the episode "iparty with victorious" where she had to use a special headband and pear phone app to speak when she has a throat problem. after accidentally spilling coffee on beck (and wiping his shirt), tori finds herself at the wrath of jade, who thinks that tori was flirting with beck., but tori and jade find out it is and go down to the studio. tori performs "make it shine" the theme song of the show and everyone is impressed with her performance, including the principal who offers her enrollment to the school. trina is not in this episode, but it is mr and mrs vega's (tori and trina's parents) anniversary.^ ratings for nickelodeon's "victorious" for the week ending april 25 by robert seidman– april 27, 2010. it is revealed that robbie is intolerant to gluten, otherwise known as celiac disease, and also that he is a vegan, although this was a reference to the word virgin, as used in "the breakfast bunch". later, the boys show up at the play, and tori and jade make a run for it. after finding out that they are all members of the school's "ping-pong team", she also finds out that they are using the team's funds that they get from the school to eat at a very fancy expensive restaurant, and she wants in. stars: cole jensen as francis thornesmith and mackenzie brooke smith as rhoda hellberg. he gets scared and admits to jade that tori and andre paid him to ask her out, leading them to hide in the janitor's closet. he has also appeared in the season 4 episode, wanko's warehouse when they were waiting in the line for the big sale in the morning and with tori asking them if they can join them so they can sneak inside so they be the first ones their for the sale the next day. at the dance she tries to make robbie jealous by dancing with sinjin and ends up getting kicked in the head by him and goes unconscious. tales are told about trina and how she gained admission to hollywood arts. jade is furious to find out that tori booked the prom on the same night as her art project and refuses to switch it, so she decides to ruin the prom as revenge. during the episode there are a lot of references to the movie, such as the phrases, the dancing scenes and the chasing in the hallway. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. cat brings him hamburgers, tori pretends to love hockey, and jade talks to him about her favorite movie, the scissoring. she is sweet, naive, bubbly and happy, often unsuspecting of what is really going on around her. he likes to enter the class through the window and is almost always seen drinking from a coconut because, as jade says, "the milk gives him visions". tori and andre sing at the dance after being held up at totally yogurt giving away one thousand of their berry balls. determined to get back at them, jade tricks andre, robbie and beck to stay and take care of trina while taking beck's car keys to drive her, tori and cat to the club for a rematch. during the movie, andre's grandmother's pet bird lands on cat's wig, and begins to shift it out of place. hears her favorite actress mona patterson died and wants to honor her, taking tori and jade go on a road trip to san diego. when she goes to the game show to sign in, she finds that jade is already there, pretending to be tori. after, she walks 11 miles to school and was chased by a beaver. andre has a nickname for her "little red", which she took offense to at first, but then called it "creative".. and ireland this episode aired in two different parts, while the u. this forces jade and beck to decide whether or not they should remain a couple.", cat mentions an episode from drake & josh and tori says it is from a tv show..

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she shows very little affection for her friends, but really does care for them, including tori, who has topped her in various ways in the past. lee, the owner of tori's favorite chinese restaurant wok star, who volunteers to pay to produce jade's play. is considered extremely nerdy, shy, and socially awkward, but a good, loyal, and honest friend to others. he is nerdy, disturbing, and very weird, often considered stranger than even robbie or cat; his locker has his chewed up food on it and he also likes to collect the teeth of past presidents' relatives. although he is shown to get annoyed and even lose his temper, usually by robbie or trina, he is normally calm and collected. then, he appeared in driving tori crazy when cat offers him a bag of rags. tori decides to distract the little boy by getting a young girl to kiss him, making him forget about rex and allowing robbie to get him back. robbie also invites jade, cat, sikowitz's nephew, and other people round to watch the movie with him when they gradually begin to break character. robbie is closest to rex, though rex ridicules him often, and is shown to be affectionate towards him. sinjin is skilled in the background work on the school's productions and performances. as well as this, she must also think of a creative and meaningful way to decorate her locker, which is hollywood arts tradition. meanwhile, robbie and trina have to work the grub truck after injuring festus, but running it is harder than they first expected. through the series, she has become more ditzy and over the top, with a higher-pitched voice and her abnormal conversations. for beck's christmas present, andre catches the cricket, stating the fact that they apparently like peanut butter. her role in her first appearance mirrors her actress's previous role as sylvia fine in the nanny, such as encouraging her grandchild to have a successful love life, a loud voice, and even a loud, unseen husband whose name is morty.^ a b c d e f g h i "shows a-z – victorious on nickelodeon". the show's producer, mason thornesmith, and his team want to re-invent her look and personality for publicity. tori pretends to be okay with it, but ends up becoming very jealous." when she tries to get tori out of prison and showed genuine concern for her well being, or when tori gets the lead role in a play and jade has to be the understudy, jade sends tori a bouquet of bush daisies, that so happens tori has allergies with, trina steps in just before tori sniffs the bush daisies by shouting "tori those are bush daisies"). it is about what a great person she is, and how they get along so well, and that she is all he thinks about. after they lose, andre and robbie are forced to do the dance at very inopportune and embarrassing moments, much to her amusement. in the end, this plans works and trina gets accepted back into hollywood arts. during lunch, jade checks evan's splashface profile, and shows that all of his ex-girlfriends are blondes, revealing that he prefers blonde girls, and dislikes people not being themselves. while they are trapped, cat is busy partying with ben (jc gonzalez), one of the four hot guys, the group of boys who decide to frolic with cat, the only girl who could possibly save the rest of them from sweating to death and completely oblivious to her friends' predicament as they try to escape the rv. after talking to him for five hours, she forgets to tell him that she actually has red hair and brown eyes. he had drank rotten coconut milk, which made him hallucinate and see trina doing talented and funny stuff, and sikowitz let her in. ferguson (jillian clare) is a girl who competed against cat and jade in a karaoke contest with her friend tara ganz in freak the freak out. helen (from drake & josh) is hired as the new principal and decides to have every student re-audition in order for them to stay in the school. when they try to leave, robbie accidentally breaks a pile of dishes, and he has to stay and massage kwakoo's feet. after the producers decide to edit together two separate phone calls making it look like tori and beck are dating behind jade's back, they find out that the producers just want drama even if it's fake. after jade called up cat's parents, cat goes to live with her grandmother (who she calls "nonna") who turned out to be living in venice, california and not venice, italy as cat had initially thought. technically, sam and cat unofficially met each other in 2011 in the icarly episode "iparty with victorious", but neither of them made much contact. tori and the other prisoners sing a song and at the end of the performance, they all escape.: her role in drake & josh is mentioned when she talked about her previous job at premiere as the manager and at the end when she says "and i thought crazy steve was crazy"; earlier when sikowitz asks her to tell about herself, she first mentions happy times and her role saying "that is not my job! belding, drake bell as himself and jerry trainor as spencer shay. at the end of episode, he tells tori that it seems that he is over jade, but his former crush on jade is mentioned again in "tori fixes beck and jade" . the series stars victoria justice as tori vega, a teenage girl who is given the opportunity to attend hollywood arts high school, a performing arts school with a group of eccentric students. "working on "victori-yes" – the last episode of @victorious – it airs this saturday night (feb 2) at 8pm.

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(jc gonzalez) appears in the episode "survival of the hottest" when he is one of the four hot guys who decide to frolic with cat valentine (ariana grande). she is unable to do it, and no one wins the money. has a small role in a movie starring melinda murray, a famous actress, and invites his friends to an open casting call for extras. he speaks along with a puppet, rex powers, whom he and all others speak to as if it were an actual person. in "car, rain and fire", tori, cat, and jade borrow cat's brother's car which had unusual features such as a coverless roof, rope for a seat belt and a bag of prosthetic feet in the trunk. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. believes that acting and singing is her destiny, and is oblivious to her actual lack of any talent (however, some consider her performance in the song "shut up n' dance" quite good, though it does appear in the april-fools episode, which largely disregards series continuity). and jade tries to drive tori into "shadow creek woods", but tori jumps out of the car before they enter.[2] he is said to have rex since he was little and can almost always be seen with rex.^ "saturday's cable ratings: nickelodeon's "victorious" leads pack in total viewers". it was also revealed by robbie in "the blonde squad" when he yelled "caterina valentine, i will not sit here anymore and listen to you talk bad about yourself! robbie & tori tries to get rex back by hiring a 12-year-old girl, rhoda hellberg to kiss him which rhoda does. robbie thinks he and tori are a couple after being paired together on sinjin's game show. while tori is in prison, her friends go to the chancellor's office and ask for tori to be freed.?" when offended, which is very often and has become her catchphrase. meanwhile, robbie and cat go see his grandmother mamaw, so robbie can fix the internet. she again does "the bird scene" and states that she is proud of her work. (jennette mccurdy) is in "crazy ponnie" where she befriends tori vega, but ponnie keeps disappearing from everyone else with tori, making the other hollywood arts students think tori has gone crazy. before the contest she started flirting with beck which started a feud between her and jade. his habits might be interpreted as weird and his methods are shown to be often very strange (such as throwing a ball at cat while she was performing), but at times very effective. eventually, beck finds out about tori's secret by himself because he knows that tori would not change so much on purpose. the dance at hollywood arts is the "cowow" which is a mix between a hawaiian and cowboy theme. he is the one who gave detention to tori and the gang after they end up late in class. jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious reasons not to use online dating sites. tori and cat apologize to the guys for neglecting their fundraiser by performing the song "l. sikowitz said he was helping the boys all along because he is a guy and wanted his gender to win. jade does an improv scene with tori, letting tori be a dog and then starts commenting on what a horrible actress she is. robbie often turns to rex for advice and insight, though rex's advice is almost always off-beat. after a while, when everyone is injured and unhappy, tori's team wins ,000. after cat accidentally leaves a video chat on, jade sees beck trying to kiss tori, only for her to reject him and explain that she feels that kissing a friend's ex to be wrong. thornesmith's son offers to buy robbie's puppet, rex, for two thousand dollars. beck pauses the movie as cat runs out of the theater, followed by tori and robbie.. lee (susan chuang) is the owner of tori's favorite chinese restaurant wok star, who volunteers to pay to produce jade's play. lane is a good guidance counselor, and often helps students with their problems and resolves their arguments, but sometimes can be reluctant at times, asking students "why me? some examples include: falling from the ceiling, and a wall falling on her, getting hit in the face with flour, and getting hit with a box of shoes. due to over inhalation of smoke, mona patterson recalls that the candle was related to "a cat with red fur. after their song, they wonder where moose is, and it is revealed that he is in jade's car kissing her. gets tori and the gang to build a float for a parade that his new girlfriend is planning.  Dating articles in magazine about bullying 2016-

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jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victoriousare jade and beck still dating on victorious. tori is afraid to do it because of jade and, during the skit, she 'hits' jade with a cane. later that night, tori and cat learn that mona patterson's house caught fire from the candle that cat lit in front of mona's house, and mona was sent to the hospital. but tori really needs to worry about being dragged across the floor by the team's mascot, a st.", "tori tortures teacher", "jade gets crushed", "the worst couple", "how trina got in", "crazy ponnie" and "one thousand berry balls". they then must try to find a way to fix the flat tire and find a way out of the town. jade wants to play the lead, so makes relentless attempts to keep tori from showing up for the play. "friday cable ratings: nba leads night + history's "american restoration," "victorious," "big time rush," "sanctuary," "smackdown" and more". cat uses super-grizzly glue by accident, which is like industrial cement and to be kept away from skin, when putting a zombie-looking mask on her hours before the play is set to begin. the gang take him to a doctor and tell him to pretend rex dies so robbie can get over using a puppet in his daily life and move on. the final episode "victori-yes", trina has landed a role on a spanish-language television show titled "divertisimo", which she boasts is "a high-quality television show with top-notch acting". they start to ask beck why he broke up with jade and if he has feelings for tori. on feb 22, 2012this is my second beck and tori video moments/episodes are from season 1, season 2 and season 3. jade takes her teammates and tori is left to play with trina, sinjin, and cat. as she tries to run off and hide, andre finds her and discovers that she actually used fake blood and makeup to fake her injury. he challenges robbie and robbie messes up and embarrasses himself. it is revealed in "a christmas tori" that he has a sister named courtney (played by dominique grund) who also attends hollywood arts. in later episodes of the series, ariana grande wore a red-haired wig when playing cat valentine instead of dying it, which she had done in the past. hayley and tara were easily defeated when tori performed her new song, "freak the freak out" under the disguise of louise nordoff, and after she and tara lost the bet to tori, was forced to "babysit" trina, who had recently gotten her wisdom teeth removed and made it really hard to take care of her. tori is shown to care for her friends and family a lot and is willing to help them no matter what, even when she is hesitant to. in the end, tori locks the little boy outside her home during the concert, but trina who, feeling sympathy for him, offers him to kiss her, to which he replies "gross" and promptly leaves. lee makes drastic changes to the script, and wants to put her daughter, daisy, in the play. girl named meredith wants to go out with beck, but he is uncomfortable with it because he does not want to make jade jealous. "robbie" shapiro[1] (matt bennett) is one of tori's friends at hollywood arts. she unites her school's outcasts to bring down the popular clique, but when a taste of power goes to their heads, her relationship with her bestie, mindy, and her budding romance with dave (aka, avan jogia) is jeopardized. alternate "beauty and the beast" posters would look great in your bedroom. evan tells her she is beautiful, but he likes blondes and leaves her. is a list of characters from the nickelodeon sitcom victorious. is seen as soft-spoken, friendly, laid back, modest, and open. before he can really answer any of them, jade and cat walk in. she is very computer illiterate and constantly has to ask robbie for help to the point where he is annoyed and convinces her that the internet has been cancelled. when trina's tongue gets swollen and she can't do the singing, tori's new friend andre harris (leon thomas iii), tells tori to fill in for trina but she refuses. robbie is first to be banished, so he takes a trip over to their house and disturbs their romantic evening. stars: adam gouldbergh as murray, the director and rachel quinance as sophia michele, playwright. he is annoyed at first since he had dismissed tori, but eventually likes it when it proves to be a big hit. when tori, cat and jade arrive at mona's house, they learn that mona wasn't dead, but rather she is going to act in a movie titled "the dead. they have all the letters except for the $ in ke$ha so they get it from a little boy, but he says that tori, cat, and jade must kiss him, and he has to be invited to the ke$ha concert. in the end of the play, trina and cat arrive with the remover in time for tori to do the finale of the play with her normal face and the writer gives the play a good review.

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