Asian guys sleeping with white girls why dating

Asian guys sleeping with white girls why dating trouble

asian women need to stop dating white men | thought catalog i can't tell if this person is being for realz or this is satire because… like… "all up […]. perhaps this purely aesthetic attraction is why white-asian marriages have a 4% higher rate of divorce than white-white marriages. some researchers spoke frankly about this subject (probably because they assumed shitlords would never find it) and produced what may be the most based quote in a serious academic article ever:"nonwhite daters gain status by dating any white. remember that most white girls in the cities where most diaspora indians live grew up with some of them from kindergarden. even now, in 2014, or the horsey year as you guys call it, we’re no closer to finding a cure. this always seemed preposterous to me because white women where  i come from have a reputation overseas for having a thing for african american men. darker brown guys are actually more likely to date white women. young brown men are conditioned from birth to study hard to get into a good college and then get a prestigious white collar job (preferably doctor or engineer) with which they can fund a mortgage and buy a mercedes with their well educated wife of the same religious background as them. brown girls prefer brown guys, even the ones with predominately white friends. so, in order to snag yourself a mulan, i present to you a white man's guide to dating asian girls.

Asian guys sleeping with white girls why dating troubleshooting

you think asian women need to stop dating white men, you need a reality check. and for white guys who aren’t particularly attractive, asian girls won’t be any easier than whites. the other types of girls you may also have a niche in will come down to individual variance, but i encourage you to push the boundaries and approach all different types of girls as well beyond the girls you already do best with. “white women and white men should just stop procreating” here.  personally, i think brown and asian guys who actually think they couldn’t get girls of different backgrounds because of their own race never leave the house much or they think “that couple doesn’t count because the guy is good looking or ripped etc. you live in a predominately brown country (good luck, you’re going to need it), even if you want to get a girl from your own background in the end to settle down with you’re going to have to approach a large volume of girls to improve your game, which necessitates gaming girls of other races. yes, we all implicitly know what's going on here -- why else did america go to war in two asian countries last century? i mean they’re perfect for you, you’re like made for each other, but white men kind of like, belong to us.? because indian (and asian) men have such a high proportion of beta males among them that white women sometimes automatically think you’re beta. course, because of this, my parents want me to marry a chinese guy and my brother to marry a white girl.

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even i, a completely westernized brown guy who’d already been dating white girls before i started cold approaching had that thought creep into my head a few times early on while doing direct daygame on the street. hell, the latest fad for hipster white girls at the moment is wearing bindi’s on their forehead, not to mention the popularity of indian culture and yoga among the swpl types. what’s more, asian women are typically interested in purely aesthetic aspects of white men, such as pale skin and large, light-colored eyes. westernised indian girls do however detest the  fobish indian men just like their white sisters do.[…] asian women need to stop dating white men | thought catalog. as such, they have now placed white and brown girls on two distinct pedestals. by default, brown girls will be one of those niches for you by virtue of being brown yourself.[…] imagine not only my shock but also my disappointment upon reading anne gus’s “asian women need to stop dating white men.[…] so as you know, my most recent piece about asian women dating white men went kinda viral. asian women, you need to say no and stop being victims of white guy’s racist power fantasies, and conversely, white guys why don’t you back the fuck off, stop preying on poor asian women’s weakness, and like come back to me and my friends already.

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A White Man's Guide to Dating Asian Girls | The Huffington Post

 whether it’s indeed true or not, the vast majority of readers just pictured something along the lines of an elderly, rural white man (riot in the comments from the hbd’ers in 3,2,1)… now imagine the stereotypically least racist type of person you can think of. first off it should be noted that it’s not like south asian men are the only guys who struggle with dating.[…] i first came across the thought catalog post by anne gus titled, “asian women need to stop dating white men” i was enraged. of the most common insecurities among brown guys asking for game advice is that non-brown girls and in particular, white girls are racist against brown men in terms of dating. asian girls will go on a date with anyone if she can tell a cutesy story about it later: "and then, after he saw my keroppi keychain, he asked me out at pinkberry! to deny your children this inheritance, simply because you lacked the resolve to confront the challenge of white women, is monstrous. as showcased by the once endless stream of “do girls from x country like indian men? you get to the point now where you're dating an asian girl, you better understand where she's coming from. will shock many american readers, but the most common interracial pairing in the english speaking commonwealth countries involving a white woman is with a brown man. then why do some indian men struggle with non-indian women?

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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Date Asian Girls

whites, on the other hand, have little to gain by dating minorities. half-white, half-asian kids have terrible life outcomes across the board.” which only proves my point that race is not a critical factor for brown guys in dating. contrary to claims that white women are vain, research published in 2011 in the journal social forces reveals that asian women are actually more likely to have height and body type standards than white women. you can't call out black men for going after white women if you condone white men chasing asians or even go after them yourself. people who support or condone race-mixing commonly argue that white girls are degenerate whores and depraved feminists eager to screw over men in divorce. You probably know by now that having an Asian girlfriend is a rite of passage for all white men.  this post will explore the in’s and out’s of game for brown men, exploring both the causes and the solutions for their problems with dating interracially.” questions, there clearly exists a subset of indian men who are anxious about whether or not they will have success dating non-indian girls. i’d like to show why regardless of the validity of these claims, dating asians is bad for you and very bad for your children.

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even if they woke up the next day as a white dude called steve they’d still suck with girls. damage that fobness does to indian men’s game is why americans seem to have by far the lowest opinion of indian’s game out of any country, as indian americans tend to be much more recent arrivals and make a smaller portion of the population there than say in the u. women, are you too narrow-sighted to realize that the only reason the most privileged and devious group on this side of the milky way, white men, are trying to get all up in your wonton soup, is that they are heavily fetishizing you?[…] we’ll start with your first post titled, asian women need to stop dating white men. in contrast, asian girls are portrayed as traditional, virtuous, and loyal. white men think you’re about as human as a carbonated drink. roosh explicitly states in bang ukraine that indian men also do well with ukrainian girls, a sign that the traditional mindset of most indian men that western women detest is something that women in non-feminist countries may actually prefer. since these are the girls that indian men will have to approach the most as they improve their game, racism is not the primary issue here. girls typically hang out at one of three places: the mall, the library, or pinkberry. given our immigrant roots, most asian girls endure a latent insecurity about everything from our boobs to our patriotism (both things that are just slightly there).

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  accept that the reason you might not do well with girls of other race is about your lack of game and your limiting beliefs and racial insecurities, which instantly dry women’s pussies. it’s true, technically, that the average asian women would rather date a white guy than an asian guy. you've made it this far, then you know all the dirty secrets of dating an asian girl. ever since its breakout, it has caused white men to trick millions of asian women into relationships in which they’re being heavily taken advantage of. as she takes out her phone to tell you, you should make a nice comment about her phone flair (asian girls always have some bedazzled jank hanging off our phones, usually a cartoon duck or a jade tiger)., so now you might be thinking like, gosh anne, why you gotta be all racist, they’re strong, independent yellow women, choosing their own partners in life. marginalized, Asian men and black women are getting together like never before, with Facebook groups, meet-ups, and websites. every guy has a type or number of different types of girls that he’ll have a niche in. the indian race troll was unmasked, a number of guys commented about how light an indian he was, mistakenly assuming that many brown men’s lack of success with women of other races stems from their darker skin tone. in reality, it is not the darker pigment that is responsible for indian men’s interracial dating troubles.

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(translation: i was on 4chan’s /pol/ board brandishing my tinfoil fedora because, you know, der juden) suddenly a post popped up linking to an article by anne gus ‘asian women need to stop dating white men‘. you will have your shot at her just like guys of every other race will. is obvious that white men, a group that is infamous for watching movies, have harnessed this stereotype and now use it to justify pouncing on unsuspecting asian women. as such, the skin tone of brown men dating out actually skews darker than brown male population as a whole. so, as her white, jewish (80% of the time), totally-secure-and-normal boyfriend, you better be prepared for when your girlfriend mistakes "soup or salad" for "super salad. these girls are usually less intelligent and less educated on average and this is also more common with girls from rural areas. the portion of girls who are closed off to dating brown guys don’t give a damn whether you’re on the lighter or the darker side.  white girls also do not have to worry about being judged by their friends or family if they sleep with you, as there is zero social stigma for dating with a brown guy either (at least in the places where most of the indian diaspora live), which is the biggest hurdle to interracial dating that there is. western white girls are non-traditional and promiscuous just like your mother told you, but so are a lot of western brown girls. final piece of advice to brown guys is not to avoid gaming brown girls, but also to realize that they are not pure snowflakes.

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’t miss: 6 things indian guys have to understand when learning game. my fellow brown writer bojangles wrote an excellent post entitled “6 things indian guys have to understand when learning game” where the first point and perhaps most critical point he made was that brown men need to let go of limiting racial beliefs and insecurities if they want to improve their game. the bleeding heart liberal, swpl type of white girl, who are a dime a dozen in the places where brown people congregate most densely in the west: the major cities of england, canada, australia and new zealand as well as the san francisco bay, new york and washington d. the vast majority of guys of every race have poor game. yellow fever is classed as a mental aberration and causes white men not only to date outside their own race, but also to see you asian women as nothing but dehumanized, servile toshiba robots. brown parents will tell their western raised sons that white women are sluts who never cook or clean (i was basically taught red pill 101: introduction to western women from a rather young age), but never have an ill-word to say about brown girls, who can be raging sluts to rival their white neighbours if raised in a western country. it is very easy to notice these sorts of things with scanning around for any cute girls to approach in the daytime in high traffic areas. ones who don’t know many brown guys think we all fit certain stereotypes and the assumption that you are beta right off the bat will just be something you’ll have to overcome either through game, getting ripped in the gym or doing something like getting piercings or tattoos. if they wanna date a white man, all the more power to them, right? there will always be some portion of non-brown girls who are either completely closed off to dating out or whose mistaken assumption that you are beta just for being indian costs you a potential bang you would’ve gotten had you been white.

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am referring, of course, to wmaw couples: white man – asian woman couples. can you not realize that you’re being exploited badly by these white scumbags? ‘if you think asian women need to stop dating white men, you need a reality check’ here. what’s more, rather than being interested in white guys for their personality or ability to provide, asians tend to view white men as a status symbol and a progenitor of attractive traits for their children. the one’s that do sleep with white guys will also sleep with brown guys as well. admit that you might suck, all the guys of other races just starting out suck too. now all these asian girls are up in my grill, online and even here on the streets […]. this is why brown guys who say they struggle with white girls actually struggle with every race of girl, because they have no game. and what are we white women supposed to do now then, that you’re like, totally dating all the white guys? first i thought it was because of being able to pull off “black guy swag” (all those years of being called “ma nigga” by suburban white kids who’ve never met a black guy will not have been in vain!

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if you are dressed like the average dude, girls will assume you are an average (read: geeky beta) indian. people tend to not hit up nightlife all that much, so when you do spot a hot brown girl in the bar or club make a beeline for her if there aren’t many other brown guys in the venue. you probably know by now that having an asian girlfriend is a rite of passage for all white men. things you need to know before dating an outgoing introvert. "date an asian chick" has become akin to "go skydiving" or "live in new york" in the veritable white guy bucket list. what’s not stated, however, is that asian women’s dating preferences vary significantly from white women’s preferences., like they’re not even dating you for your looks, because, like no offense, but you all look kind of similar, so they’re dating you purely because of your race. at the end of the day however you’re  just going to have to approach that extra % more than other guys to match their results, which in the long term will help you because the better your game gets, the less race (and a myriad of other factors) matter. us girls all like to pretend that we're your first far east foray. young guys generally have an easier time standing out with a little dress sense as well due to the abysmal competition.

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