Big match dating show vs sheamus full

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Big match dating show vs sheamus full

"wwe news: smackdown spoilers 3/25 – quick smackdown results for friday's show including a significant development".[104] on 20 may raw, barrett and fandango were defeated by chris jericho and the miz in a tag team match after fandango left the match to dance at ringside and miz submitted barrett with the figure-four leglock.[90] barrett suffered his first pinfall loss on 19 october episode of smackdown, in a lumberjack match against sheamus.[48] at the television tapings of the 10 january 2011 edition of smackdown the next day, barrett made his first smackdown appearance since 1 october, this time by attacking big show.[177][178] sheamus then explained his heel turn and new attitude by claiming that "the era of underdogs is over", resulting in a feud with ziggler.[79] the following week sheamus appeared on his first wwe pay-per-view event, survivor series, when he was part of the miz's team in a traditional five-on-five elimination tag team match.^ "caldwell's wwe tlc ppv results 12/16: complete "virtual-time" coverage of final 2012 ppv – cena vs. payback, barrett lost the intercontinental championship to curtis axel in a triple threat match, also involving the miz. "caldwell's wwe royal rumble report 1/29: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – rumble match, punk-ziggler, cena-kane, steel cage".[103] the rematch between sheamus and bryan took place on 3 april, during the pre-show of wrestlemania xxvii, and ended in a draw after interference from the lumberjacks. the other part of the segment, that sees the cops get over, isn’t necessarily a misstep by creative, but the fact that an arena full of people are cheering on cops while stephanie mcmahon screams “police brutality” on the same day that the officers that murdered tamir rice weren’t indicted is, to say the least, off-putting.[97] after costing reigns the opportunity of becoming a #1 contender for the wwe universal championship,[98] rusev defended the united states championship against reigns in a match at clash of champions, which he lost, ending his reign at 126 days.[59] three days later on smackdown, rusev suffered a fractured foot in a bout with ryback, rendering him unable to compete in the elimination chamber match for the vacant intercontinental championship at elimination chamber. "wwe news: smackdown spoilers 7/9 - full results for thursday's show". wrestling insider writer mike johnson describes sheamus' storyline position before winning the world title in 2015. "wwe news: fatal four-way ppv news & notes – three new champions, bonus matches, vince mcmahon appearance". "superstars: goldust leads rookie to his best match on television". so, teasing a showdown between two former nxt champions and crowd favorites just seems like a bad idea.[97] barrett entered the 2013 royal rumble match and was eliminated by the debuting bo dallas, but barrett later returned to eliminate dallas as well.[99] rusev would then get his rematch at the hell in a cell pay-per-view in a hell in a cell match, which he would be unsuccessful. this week’s raw is, in many ways, worse than last weeks slammy awards; at least that show had a structure, no matter how contrived or silly. "wwe tlc ppv report 12/13: complete ppv report on cena vs.[67] this altercation prompted a match between rusev and ziggler at summerslam, which ended in a double countout due to interference from lana and rae, and after the match, rusev and rae brawled with ziggler and lana.[123][124][125][126][127] sheamus went on to retain the title against del rio and ziggler over the next few months, including at money in the bank, summerslam, and night of champions.[67] he then had a short feud with sheamus, where he lost on three occasions. "parks's wwe smackdown report 4/18: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including batista vs.[10][11][12][13] he competed in a match dubbed by the bare knuckle underworld as "the battle of buda", in which he defeated a reputable opponent for a substantial cash prize. non-match is just the start of the strange pacing this week.[52] barrett later qualified for the elimination chamber match for the world heavyweight championship, but came up short after being the first man eliminated by big show. however, when sheamus failed to solve the puzzles, he instead resorted to physical violence. the following year in april, he received another set of tryout matches in milan and london against galloway, as well as sanders, wwe talent jimmy wang yang, and monster factory alumnus domino. "caldwell's wwe fast lane ppv results 2/22: ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of bryan vs., no cena, ic title match, xavier woods re-packaged, ambrose-wyatt, more".

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"world heavyweight champion daniel bryan won the smackdown elimination chamber match". wyatt ambulance match, the authority returns, cena appreciation night, more". the 5 may episode of raw, sheamus won a 20-man battle royal to win the united states championship for the second time, last eliminating the previous champion dean ambrose.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 10/8: complete coverage of live raw – cena returns, but mcmahon dominates show".[62] the following week, the corre dissolved after barrett, fleeing from jackson, walked out on gabriel and slater in a six-man tag team match against jackson and the usos, causing them to lose the match.^ "caldwell's wwe noc ppv report 9/21: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live ppv – lesnar vs. showrunners clarify a plot point, promise no more production delays. "cupach's wwe main event results 4/17: barrett defends ic title vs.[121] the four-way rivalry culminated in a match for the world heavyweight title on may 20 at over the limit, where sheamus pinned jericho to retain.[65] on 1 july episode of smackdown, barrett was announced to be one of the participants for the smackdown money in the bank match at the money in the bank pay-per-view, facing heath slater, justin gabriel, kane, sin cara, daniel bryan, cody rhodes and sheamus. 22 july 2008, o'shaunessy worked a dark match at a smackdown taping, losing to r-truth.[146] the following night on raw, sheamus and orton faced off in a match to earn a match with big show, however, the match ended in a no contest after show interfered.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 12/23: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including daniel bryan's first smackdown as world champion".[27] on the 14 june 2010 edition of raw, barrett and the other rookies (minus daniel bryan) demanded full-time contracts from raw general manager bret hart, who instead fired barrett and had the rookies removed from the building. perspective review of christian's one week as champion, overall show break down".[128][129][130][131] on 28 october at hell in a cell, sheamus lost the world heavyweight championship to big show, ending his reign, which was the third longest in the title's history, at 210 days.[80] at wrestlemania 32, the league of nations defeated the new day, but after the match, the league of nations was attacked by mick foley, shawn michaels and stone cold steve austin.[77][78] also in november, rusev joined forces with sheamus, king barrett and alberto del rio forming the league of nations.^ "caldwell's wwe royal rumble ppv results 1/27: complete "virtual-time" coverage of punk vs.[95] sheamus received his rematch for the title on 3 october at hell in a cell, but was again defeated by orton in a hell in a cell match.[101] the following week on raw, rusev would be defeated by sami zayn in a number one contenders match for smackdown's wwe intercontinental championship at survivor series.[1][62] the following day, he and galloway had a tryout match against each other.[153][154] sheamus then began feuding with damien sandow, when sandow hosted a series of mental challenges on smackdown, and sheamus repeatedly interrupted and tried to solve the challenges.[99][100] triple h returned on february 28 and took revenge for his scripted ten-month injury by putting sheamus through the announce table. "wwe raw results 1/5: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – ambrose vs.^ "sheamus discusses his new attitude and why the era of underdogs is over: april 22, 2015". "parks' wwe smackdown report 7/1: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including randy orton vs. made a surprise appearance at the end of the show so that he could get his hands on his arch nemesis, triple h. "parks' wwe smackdown report 2/3: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including randy orton vs. at the event, gabriel and slater attacked jackson during the match, resulting in a disqualification, but barrett retained the title as a title cannot change hands via disqualification.[96] at summerslam, the match did not start after rusev attacked reigns before the bell rung and the two brawled outside of the ring, with rusev suffering kayfabe injured ribs. "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/10: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including follow-up to christian's turn on orton". he chose cena, stating that if barrett won the match and the wwe title, cena would be allowed to leave the nexus; however if barrett failed to win the title, cena would be fired.

Big match dating show vs sheamus

barrett defeated ezekiel jackson in 7:53, but orton beat dolph ziggler in 7:51 and chose a table match.[52] later that year in november, he was employed by london's ldn wrestling to appear on their capital tv show where, after quickly defeating william hill, he gained an ldn championship match against tex benedict which ended with benedict winning by disqualification and o'shaunessy attacking him after the match.[110] barrett received his rematch for the title on the following episode of smackdown, but was again defeated by axel.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 2/11: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – the rock returns for story time, final chamber ppv hype, jericho vs. "caldwell's wwe royal rumble report 1/29: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – rumble match, punk-ziggler, cena-kane, steel cage". due to cena's interference, barrett received a rematch for the championship the following night on raw, but was attacked by the fired cena, "costing" him the match.[144][145] on 7 april at wrestlemania 29, sheamus, orton and show were defeated by the shield, after which both men were knocked out by show. "wwe news: smackdown spoilers 1/14 – full results & big developments for friday's smackdown on syfy".[147] sheamus and orton then defeated show in two handicap matches on smackdown and raw.[94] on 19 september at night of champions, sheamus lost the wwe championship to randy orton in a six-pack elimination challenge, which also included chris jericho, edge, john cena, and wade barrett. after the match, the league of nations blamed barrett for being the "weak link" and attacked him, ejecting him from the group, before the rest of the team was attacked by the wyatt family. "caldwell's wwe raw results 3/10: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – bryan "hi-jacks" raw, taker & hogan back on tv, cena vs. almost a year, it looked like big show was penciled in to face shaq in what could be one of his final wrestlemania appearances.^ "caldwell's wwe tlc ppv results 12/16: complete "virtual-time" coverage of final 2012 ppv – cena vs.[25] this victory was part of a winning streak over the end of march where o'shaunessy wrestled twice a day on 24, 25, 26 – including an 11-man rumble win – and 27 march with a standard tag match and a ten-man tag team match. eventually, on 11 december, o'shaunessy lost the title to escobar in a four-way match also involving hennig and drew mcintyre (formerly drew galloway).^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/21: complete coverage of friday night show, including bryan vs.[34] still, he continued on his quest to regain the title[11] by winning a contendership three way match against vinny and red viper in august[35] setting him up to regain the international heavyweight championship in october from brown in newcastle upon tyne in england.[65] on the july 16 episode of smackdown, rusev suffered his second loss by pinfall during his tenure on the wwe main roster when he was defeated by cesaro in a singles match.[7][8] he was inspired by his idol davey boy smith to become a professional wrestler, and named the wwf intercontinental championship match in the main event of summerslam 1992 (between smith and bret hart, another childhood hero) as his all-time favourite match. november 3, rusev gained his first professional wrestling championship and became the first bulgarian-born champion in wwe history when he won the united states championship from sheamus in a post-raw match that aired on the wwe network and proceeded to defeat him in a rematch via count-out.[39] over the next several months, rusev feuded with xavier woods and r-truth (whom rusev defeated at extreme rules in a two-on-one handicap match) and big e (whom he defeated at payback and at money in the bank),[40][41][42] jack swagger (whom he defeated at battleground and again at summerslam),[43][44] mark henry (whom he defeated at night of champions)[45] and big show (whom he defeated at hell in a cell).[15] during his school years, he sang in the palestrina choir until the age of 13; during this time, he appeared on the late late show and live at three. "wwe nxt report: zayn versus cesaro two out of three falls; divas title match; dolph ziggler in action; a tough enough alumnus in action; the ascension; cj parker and tyler breeze; and more".[96] barrett made his first successful title defense four days later on smackdown, defeating kingston in a rematch.'shaunessy's first successful title defence came against burridge the following month[31] but burridge would not let his grudge rest, continuing to attack o'shaunessy and finally costing him the title during a match against d'lo brown on 29 may.[206] on december 18 at roadblock: end of the line, sheamus and cesaro defeated the new day to win the raw tag team championship, marking sheamus' first tag team championship in both his wwe and entire wrestling career. "wwe nxt report: beat the clock challenge; bo dallas slideshow; bayley vows revenge; new interviewers".[104] the next night on raw, sheamus retained the united states championship against bryan in a rematch.[158] the following night on raw, sheamus was defeated by sandow and cody rhodes in a handicap match after sandow pinned him with a roll-up. the final four – del rio, big show, sheamus and the swiss superman – pulled out all the stops, ultimately resulting in the celtic warrior and del rio eliminating each other simultaneously.[101] on 7 march, after losing a match against daniel bryan, sheamus challenged him to a rematch with his wwe career on the line against bryan's united states championship. on january 29 on the royal rumble kick-off show, sheamus and cesaro lost the raw tag team championship to gallows and anderson.

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[84] on 21 february, sheamus lost the wwe championship at the elimination chamber pay-per-view in the elimination chamber match after he was eliminated by triple h. team barrett defeated team orton at survivor series, with barrett and cody rhodes being the sole survivors of the match.[29] he met darren burridge in the final match and won to become iww's first champion,[6] but had to compete again in an evening show in dublin, defeating burridge and vinny once more in a tag match alongside vain.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 5/20 (hour 1): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – ppv fall-out, payback main event set, team jericho vs.^ "parks's wwe smackdown report 2/1: complete "virtual time" coverage of friday night show, including a major world title announcement, del rio-ziggler (updated w/box score)". august 2012, wwe aired vignettes promoting barrett's return, showing barrett fighting at an underground fight club in an attempt to "reignite the flame". he received a series of chances throughout the rest of the year, but could not win any more titles before being called up to wwe television,[66] unsuccessfully challenging justin angel for the florida heavyweight championship in november. farrelly played a leprechaun wrestler on the podge and rodge show.[151][152] after sheamus attacked a commentary-bound henry during a match, henry whipped sheamus with a belt, prompting a strap match on 19 may at extreme rules, where sheamus emerged victorious.^ "1/16 wwe raw box score: snapshot of monday's show – match times, win/loss records, titles, streaks (rough night for ryder & sheamus)".[5][72] sheamus soon entered into a critically well-received[73] rivalry with goldust after defeating him on 29 july.[57] barrett went on to successfully defend his championship against kingston on the 22 april 2011 edition of smackdown. "wwe raw results 6/28: keller's ongoing report on nxt-mcmahon attack fallout, sheamus-cena confrontation".^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 3/1: complete coverage of friday night show, including social media smackdown and big show vs. rusev would challenge amore to a match later that night, quickly defeating him.[159] the rivalry culminated in a dublin street fight on the 28 june episode of smackdown, where sheamus emerged victorious.[45] on the 13 december 2010 edition of raw, barrett agreed and rehired cena[46] on the condition cena faces barrett in a chairs match at the tlc: tables, ladders and chairs pay-per-view, which cena won after dropping 23 steel chairs on barrett. "caldwell's extreme rules ppv report 4/26: ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live ppv - rollins vs. kane main event, henry whips sheamus, how did raw go off the air?[202] at money in the bank, after feuding with apollo crews in the weeks leading to the event, sheamus lost to crews. returned onscreen in november at the pre-show of survivor series.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 3/15: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the friday night show, including henry vs. "raw results: evolution adapts, adam rose celebrates and sheamus triumphs".^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 12/30: complete coverage of the friday night show, including randy orton vs. however, during the match, punk came down to ringside, attacked barrett as he was about to win and took off barrett's nexus armband, symbolically removing him from the nexus, resulting in barrett losing the match.[187] on the november 30 episode of raw, sheamus announced that he had formed his own stable called the league of nations with alberto del rio, rusev and king barrett, with the members of which having been born outside the u. the 7 june 2010 edition of raw, barrett was at the forefront of an attack by the nxt rookies, as they interfered in the main event match between john cena and cm punk, attacking both competitors, the straight edge society, the announce team, the timekeeper and the ring announcer, justin roberts, before they destroyed the ring area and surrounding equipment. the april 28 episode of smackdown, the league would compete in a six-man tag match against sami zayn, cesaro and kalisto, however, del rio and rusev walked out during the match. the end of the show, foley had made his mind up, and the person that he wanted to fire was stephanie mcmahon. he entered the match twenty-second and won by last eliminating chris jericho to earn a main event championship match at wrestlemania xxviii.[134] on the december 24 episode of raw, sheamus defeated show in a non-title lumberjack match.[28] at fatal 4-way, the rookies interfered in the main event for the wwe championship, costing cena the match and the championship in the process to sheamus.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 5/24: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including the intercontinental and u.

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"caldwell's wwe night of champions ppv results 9/19: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live ppv — six-pack challenge, kane vs. the match was won by daniel bryan,[66] sparking a rivalry between the two. into 2011, he continued to lose to morrison in a mixture of singles and tag team matches.^ "caldwell's wwe mitb ppv results 7/14 (hour 1): complete "virtual-time" coverage of world title mitb ladder match, ic title match, divas title match"., the chances faded away completely monday night when wwe quickly announced that big show was going to enter the andre the giant battle royal with the hopes of winning it for the second time.[22] in matches taped before his main roster debut,[23][24] rusev defeated main roster wrestlers kofi kingston, xavier woods, and sin cara in singles matches, which aired on nxt in january and february.[105] in the 2011 supplemental draft, sheamus was drafted to the smackdown brand, and made his smackdown debut on 29 april, and attacking kofi kingston. january 27, 2013, at the royal rumble, sheamus entered the royal rumble at number eleven, eliminating five other superstars before ryback eliminated him. "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/3: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including orton vs.^ "caldwell's wwe elimination chamber ppv results 2/17: complete "virtual-time" coverage of rock-punk ii, elimination chamber match, shield beats team cena".^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 5/27 (hour 2): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live memorial day raw – tag title match, hbk cameo, bizarre app poll".^ "parks's wwe smackdown report 8/16: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including van dam & henry & big show vs. owens’ post-match beat down of neville, and later powerbombing of ambrose through the announce table, doesn’t really make up for the lack of a solid match.[88][89] the following month at extreme rules, sheamus attacked triple h at the beginning of the show and later defeated him in a street fight. after a series of kicks to the head to win, he continued his assault after the match finished resulting in triple h being written off television for ten months. match john is back to save raw, but nobody can save raw right now. on the 14 march edition of raw, barrett and the entire league of nations attacked the new day, after alberto del rio lost to big e and xavier woods in a tag team title match.[86][87] upon his return, he attacked triple h in revenge, setting up a match at wrestlemania xxvi, where sheamus lost. at survivor series, barrett took part in a 5-on-5 traditional survivor series elimination tag team match, alongside sheamus and the new day, with this team being defeated by ryback, the usos and the lucha dragons.[76] this led to a falls count anywhere match the next week, where barrett pushed orton down a set of stairs before exiting through the door. this week though, nearly the entire three-hour show flails in the wind, everything meaningless, boring, and inconsequential.[33] on the 12 july 2010 edition of raw, the nexus (who were without darren young due to being injured in an attack by cena the previous week) competed in their first match together and defeated cena in a 6–on–1 handicap match after gabriel hit cena with the 450° splash.[180] however, sheamus refused to follow the stipulation, and instead made ziggler kiss his arse, despite losing.[49] at survivor series, rusev competed in a 10-man survivor series match as part of team authority but he was eliminated from the match by countout.[139] in late february, sheamus aligned himself with randy orton to feud with the shield. sheamus with vince as the special guest referee on raw next week.’s a few minutes at the top of the show where things look promising. "caldwell's wwe survivor series ppv results 11/21: complete "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – cena's decision, six title matches".[16] he also represented the uk in a battle of the nations tag team match between the uk and austria alongside drew mcdonald and the celtic warrior in a losing effort against chris raaber, michael kovac, and robert ray kreuzer at the european wrestling association's night of gladiators. the 7 march 2016 episode of raw, barrett, along with sheamus and rusev, competed against dolph ziggler in a 3-on-1 handicap elimination match, where barrett was the only member of his team to be eliminated. "caldwell's extreme rules ppv report 4/26: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live ppv – rollins vs.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 4/12: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday night show, including dolph ziggler's first smackdown as champion and triple h addresses lesnar match".[108] two weeks later, he lost a match to christian, ending his chance to compete in the world heavyweight championship match at capitol punishment.

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, are the new day turning into j&j security for sheamus?[102] he won his match against bryan the following week, winning his first united states title. the 30 june 2009 episode of ecw, farrelly made his unannounced debut as a villain under the shortened ring name of sheamus, quickly defeating a local competitor.[128] thus, a ladder match for the intercontinental title was made for wrestlemania 31, with barrett defending against ambrose, harper, r-truth, ziggler, stardust, and bryan, who ultimately won the match.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 12/24: christmas eve episode features cena vs. "triple h won the 2016 royal rumble match for the wwe world heavyweight championship". during this match, jackson threw barrett out of the ring, resulting in a countout, but once again, barrett retained the title as a title cannot change hands via countout. the 30 november episode of raw, after interfering in sheamus' wwe world heavyweight championship title defense against reigns, sheamus announced the formation of the league of nations stable alongside barrett, rusev and alberto del rio. sheamus, who would do the same, confronted del rio and rusev during a brawl, and said that the league is finished, confirming the end of the group. show was littered with disqualification finishes, segments that seemed to drag on longer than they had to and a couple of things that seemingly came out of nowhere. the 30 march episode of raw, sheamus returned from injury, having drastically changed his look, including a mohawk and braided beard, appearing to save daniel bryan and dolph ziggler from an attack by bad news barrett, but then attacked bryan and ziggler instead, turning heel in the process for the first time since 2011.[86][87][88][89] his first loss came on 8 october raw, when he lost a non-title match to world heavyweight champion sheamus via disqualification after big show interfered. "parks' wwe smackdown report 5/3: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday night show, including daniel bryan vs. in fact, they had two: it was only a few days before the holidays, and the show was largely dedicated to the slammys. 14 july at the money in the bank pay-per-view, barrett competed in the world heavyweight championship money in the bank ladder match, but was unsuccessful as the match was ultimately won by damien sandow.[54][55][56] at wrestlemania xxvii, the corre were defeated in an eight-man tag team match by the team of kingston, big show, kane and santino marella.[105] barrett then lost an intercontinental championship match to the miz by disqualification, after fandango interfered, leading to barrett attacking both miz and fandango post-match.[160] on 14 july at money in the bank, sheamus competed in the wwe championship money in the bank ladder match, but was unsuccessful as the match was won by randy orton. barrett ppv-quality replacement for another advertised match that did not happen, plus tons of funk, cesaro, more".^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/29: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including triple threat match for the world title". after ordering cena to help him win, cena interfered in the match causing barrett to win via disqualification, which meant that orton retained the championship. "caldwell's wwe extreme rules ppv results 4/25: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of cena vs.[43] cena was fired as per the match stipulation after survivor series.[16] six weeks later he officially debuted as a fan favorite under the name sheamus o'shaunessy against robert pigeon. september, o'shaunessy had focused his attention on singles competition and wrestled his way to the top of the card, successfully defeating former partner hager for the florida heavyweight championship.[78] after orton returned from injury in late january 2012, he eliminated barrett from the 2012 royal rumble match.[141][142] on the 15 march episode of smackdown, sheamus and orton were then allowed to pick a third partner to face the shield in a six-man tag team match at wrestlemania 29 and chose ryback. after the attack, sheamus issued a challenge to the new day for a 4-on-3 match at wrestlemania 32. 26 january 2014, at the royal rumble, sheamus returned as a surprise entrant in the royal rumble match; he was eliminated by roman reigns in the final three.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 9/17: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – ppv fall-out, cena & sheamus vs. failed to regain the championship the following month at extreme rules in a russian chain match; during the match, lana garnered a positive reaction from the crowd, leading to rusev banishing her from ringside and causing dissension between the two. wrestlemania being in orlando only made the match more sensible since that is where shaq started his nba career. part of that is the crowd just being ridiculous and not appreciating what’s in front of them, but a larger part is the fact that becky and sasha had to follow the 30-minute mess that opened the show and left the crowd cold.

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he defeated rob van dam on 28 april raw in the final round of the tournament, earning a match at extreme rules for the intercontinental championship against big e. sheamus o'shaunessy - sheamus, the red headed irish man who claims to be "bringing ginger back" is no stranger to the states. sheamus then began feuding with cesaro and his manager paul heyman, culminating in a match between sheamus and cesaro for the championship at payback, which sheamus won.[194] at roadblock, sheamus and barrett unsuccessfully challenged for the wwe tag team championship.[127] of these people, barrett was pinned in non-title matches against r-truth, ziggler, bryan, and ambrose within a month before and after fastlane.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 6/10 (hour 1): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – triple h starts the show, three new title matches for payback, fandango update". rivalry with benjamin ended prematurely when sheamus was moved to the raw brand.^ a b "parks' wwe smackdown report 9/28: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday night show, including randy orton vs. may 2004, still using the ring name sheamus o'shaunessy, farrelly returned to wrestling at the newly opened irish whip wrestling (iww) school in dublin. later that night, rusev successfully defended the title in an impromptu match against cesaro, who felt that he should also have a shot at the title. raw spends its first 20 minutes getting vince mcmahon arrested, then spends about 12 seconds (not an exaggeration) on a match between neville and kevin owens. news host blasts paul ryan hours after trump plugs her show 6:50 am.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 3/18: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – hunter signs wm29 contract, ic title match, more wm29 developments". at roadblock, barrett and sheamus unsuccessfully challenged the new day for the wwe tag team championship.[56] rusev lost to cena once more at payback on may 17, 2015 in an "i quit" match after lana conceded the match on his behalf.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 7/22 (hour 1): cena-bryan contract signing, del rio vs. this, sheamus was written off television when he and big show were attacked by rusev and mark henry, allowing sheamus time off for surgery. he brought the united states championship to smackdown, but lost it back to the raw brand at extreme rules when kingston defeated him in a tables match. mcmahon, sheamus lost the title, ending his reign at 22 days. an absence from wwe television due to legitimate work visa issues,[118] he returned on 2 december 2013 episode of raw as bad news barrett, a persona he had previously assumed on the jbl and cole show, but was still called wade on occasion by commentators and backstage interviewers. he is signed to the american professional wrestling promotion wwe, where he performs under the ring name sheamus (pronounced /ˈʃeɪmʌs/)[13] shortened from his previous ring name sheamus o'shaunessy. tlc: tables, ladders and chairs, sheamus defeated reigns in a tables, ladders and chairs match after interference from the league of nations. the next night on raw, sheamus and cesaro again failed to capture the tag titles from new day. "florida championship wrestling spoilers for july 3, july 10 and july 17 shows". it’s so good in comparison to the rest of the night that the fact it ends with big show having a match with ryback, and big show just walking away and accepting a countout, doesn’t totally ruin it. the june 3 episode of smackdown, sheamus lost a world heavyweight championship match to randy orton due to biased refereeing from christian.[85] during the match, sheamus suffered a concussion and as a result did not attend raw the following night. "caldwell's wwe bragging rights ppv results 10/24: complete "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – orton vs. observationsresults: neville defeated kevin owens; sasha banks defeated becky lynch; kalisto defeated kofi kingston; big e defeated sin cara; ryback defeated big show via countout; sheamus, rusev, and barrett defeated dean amrbose and the usos; john cena defeated alberto del rio via dq (united states championship match).[183] at money in the bank, sheamus won the money in the bank ladder match to earn a wwe world heavyweight championship contract.[102] during the wrestlemania 29 pre-show, barrett lost the intercontinental championship to the miz,[103] however, he would regain the title in a rematch the following night on raw.[60] the lack of a decision led to a rematch in june, and one of o'shaunessy's last on the independent circuit, where galloway picked up the victory in a no holds barred match ahead of an rqw heavyweight championship match. "parks' wwe smackdown report 9/7: ongoing coverage of friday night show, including rey mysterio & sin cara vs.

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[59] on the 13 may 2011 edition of smackdown, barrett then challenged jackson to a match for the intercontinental championship at the over the limit pay-per-view and jackson accepted.[170] sheamus was in the intercontinental championship battle royal at battleground; the match was won by the miz.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 5/31: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including ambrose vs.[161] during the match, sheamus suffered a hematoma on his left thigh after being thrown into a horizontal ladder, which prevented him from competing that week. that could have been his last shot at a big match at wrestlemania.[39] with galloway briefly answered, o'shaunessy took on the newcomer pierre marcaeu and defeated him in two successive title matches only to find galloway had earned another shot.[140] over the next weeks, sheamus and orton saved each other from attacks by the shield and big show. later in the show, the rookies attacked hart and gave him until the fatal 4-way pay-per-view to decide on their contracts. the sixth entrant in the titular match, rusev was eliminated by the joint effort of four wrestlers.[81] the following night on raw, barrett suffered a partially dislocated elbow after big show threw dolph ziggler at him during a battle royal, and was taken off television. on paper, this raw doesn’t seem that bad, what with a sasha banks vs. "wwe news: spoilers – second detailed smackdown tv taping report – match results, key angles, overall review of tv taping experience".^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 2/25: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live & loaded raw – cena vs.[136] after being a frequent target of the shield,[137] sheamus gained vengeance on the stable when he united with john cena and ryback to attack them. "ecw tv report 6/30: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of dreamer & christian vs. after the match, the league of nations blamed barrett for being the "weak link" and attacked him, ejecting him from the group. "caldwell's wm31 ppv results 3/29: ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of wwe world title match, taker's return, sting vs.[91][92] he defeated cena in a steel cage match to retain the championship on 18 july at the money in the bank pay-per-view,[93] retained the title randy orton on 15 august at summerslam by disqualification. once the show gets past the outright cringe-worthy though, it devolves into some of the dullest booking and most atrocious pacing of the year. november, sheamus competed in the tournament for the vacant wwe world heavyweight championship, being eliminated in the first round by cesaro. the show’s shortcomings, there were some positive aspects i took away from it.[29][30] after months of self-promotional videos and speeches by rusev and his manager lana,[31][32][33] rusev's return match on the main roster came on the april 7 episode of raw, where he squashed zack ryder."for months, sheamus had been in a lower-level position, sometimes comedic, sometimes in a tag team but never presented or treated as the threat-in-waiting for the champion on a consistent basis". following night on raw, barrett defeated kingston in a non-title match to earn a match for the intercontinental championship. "wwe raw supershow results: cm punk sets the table for wwe tlc".[184] sheamus then began a feud with randy orton, who was also part of the ladder match, with both men attacking each other and facing off in tag-team matches.[71] on 25 november episode of smackdown, barrett competed in a fatal four-way match against orton, cody rhodes, and daniel bryan to determine the number one contender for the world heavyweight championship, which bryan won.[1][10] he was assigned to ohio valley wrestling (ovw) under his stu sanders ring name, where he defeated ace steel in a dark match. "cupach's wwe smackdown report 6/24: look-back to last week's smackdown, mike's reax to each segment & match". "wwe raw results 3/14: complete "virtual time" coverage of live raw — cena vs. warned reigns that the undertaker was already in his head, as reigns was distracted during his match against mahal by the undertaker’s famous gong. rusev would enter the royal rumble match at the #2 spot, but he would be eliminated by roman reigns in one and a half minutes.[15] rusev's first singles match on nxt came about on august 21, losing to dolph ziggler.

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[102] at fastlane, general manager mick foley placed rusev and mahal in singles matches that night after mahal revealed his desire to return to singles competition.[49] finally, on 28 august, o'shaunessy lost the iww international heavyweight championship in a singles match to galloway in what would be his last appearance with the promotion. won the match anyway and shrugged off michaels’ notion that the undertaker was in his head. received his guaranteed championship match from winning nxt at night of champions, where he was unsuccessful in a six-pack challenge match for the wwe championship, despite eliminating cena.^ "caldwell's wwe rae results 4/29 (hour 2): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – shield's message, champ vs. royal rumble, rusev would enter the rumble match at number eighteen, lasting over 20 minutes before being eliminated by goldberg. of the big match and the big payday, big show is being lumped into the battle royal for the fourth year in a row. barrett was the final member of the nexus but submitted to cena, causing the nexus to lose the match. "world heavyweight champion daniel bryan won the smackdown elimination chamber match".^ "wwe fastlane: questionable match endings and fan reaction may hurt 'mania".[98] this started a feud between the duo, with barrett challenging dallas to a non-title match the next night on raw, and dallas pulling off an upset victory. later that night, big show saved the two from an attack by the shield and was recruited as their partner. sheamus lost to orton at battleground, but defeated orton at summerslam. on 9 june, sheamus defeated bad news barrett to qualify for the money in the bank ladder match for the vacant wwe world heavyweight championship; the match was won by john cena. the following week, raw general manager mick foley booked sheamus and cesaro in a best of seven series, with the first match taking place on august 21 on the summerslam kick-off show, which sheamus won.^ "raw storyline tracker 8/6 – wwe title picture, sheamus steals del rio's car, triple h-lesnar build-up adds hbk, jericho-ziggler, clay-sandow". later that same evening, rusev unsuccessfully attempted to reconcile with lana.[11][32] o'shaunessy earned revenge in july by defeating burridge in a grudge match,[33] though lost to him in an arm wrestling contest the following day. "wwe raw report: a new group is formed, is the queen of the jungle showing her true stripes?[112][113][114] he then went on a twelve match winning streak[115] building towards winning the 2012 royal rumble.[73] on 9 december episode of smackdown, barrett and orton were put into two beat the clock matches, with the winner choosing the stipulation for their match at tlc: tables, ladders and chairs. sheamus would then begin a rivalry with cesaro, after losing to cesaro on the august 1 episode of raw the two would continue to brawl after the match with match officials having to pull them apart. those excuses don’t exempt the show from criticism, but it’s at least some context for why wwe maybe phoned it in for a week. sheamus successfully defended the title against cesaro at night of champions, and the miz at hell in a cell.[52][53] he lost the united states championship to cena in a rematch at wrestlemania 31 after a miscommunication with lana, ending his reign at 146 days and marking his first pinfall loss on wwe's main roster.[80] on 13 december at tlc: tables, ladders and chairs pay-per-view, sheamus defeated cena to win the wwe championship, his first championship in wwe,[81] making him the first irish-born wwe champion. 1 contender’s match, the sitting authority figure at the time always makes it a triple threat match. "post wwe raw match coverage: united states title match: rusev versus sheamus".[24] although he put on a proficient exhibit and came close to win, his friend red vinny interfered in the match and cost him the championship. "caldwell's wwe royal rumble ppv results 1/27: complete "virtual-time" coverage of punk vs.[40] barrett received his championship match against randy orton at the bragging rights pay-per-view.[1] he wrestled his first televised match on the july 17, 2011, episode of fcw, defeating mike dalton while being managed by raquel diaz.[171][172] he lost the title to rusev on 3 november, in a match aired exclusively on the wwe network.

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[122] del rio earned another title shot on the may 25 episode of smackdown, but suffered a concussion a week before their match at no way out and was subsequently replaced by dolph ziggler; sheamus retained the title in their match. at the royal rumble, rusev entered the rumble match at number 15, eliminating six other contestants and placing second overall. on 14 april episode of raw, barrett defeated dolph ziggler in round one of the #1 contender's tournament for an intercontinental championship match at extreme rules and on 21 april raw, barrett defeated sheamus to advance to the finals of the tournament. at the money in the bank pre-show, barrett lost to truth. "parks's wwe smackdown report 2/7: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the friday night show, including orton vs.[201] on the may 23 episode of raw, sami zayn defeated sheamus to qualify for the money in the bank ladder match at money in the bank. "parks's wwe smackdown report 1/2: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including roman reigns vs. "parks wwe smackdown report 5/25: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including triple-threat #1 contender match".[46][47] with their rivalry intensifying, galloway's next challenge to o'shaunnesy was given the stipulation of a last man standing match.[1][2] sanders and burchill held the title for nearly two months before losing it to los locos (ramón and raúl) in a four-way match also involving the insurgency (ali and omar akbar) and the mobile homers (ted mcnaler and adam revolver). "complete wwe at madison square garden coverage: us title cage match, lesnar versus show, when is one choke slam greater than three? in addition, he proclaimed his championship reign as "sheamus 5:15", a play on austin 3:16 and reigns' short-lived title reign of five minutes and 15 seconds. the november 7 episode of raw, cesaro and sheamus were announced as part of team raw for the 10–on–10 survivor series tag team elimination match at survivor series on november 20, which team raw won with cesaro and sheamus being the sole survivors of their team.[133] this led to a chairs match on december 16 at tlc: tables, ladders and chairs, where sheamus again failed to regain the title. he baited alberto del rio into making their match for the united states championship, and the two worked the mic to really get the crowd into it. the two first met during april's taking on the world show which ended in a double countout.[41] this football allusion became particularly prominent when the two met again at verona football club again for the title, though the match changed into a lumberjack match, the result and champion remained the same. after hinting at a break-up, the pair got into a bar brawl with men who offended them and finally began to cooperate with each other, turning sheamus into a tweener (the fans still boo him while cheering cesaro, but his previous heel viciousness has gone away).^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 4/19: complete coverage of friday night show, including sheamus & orton vs.[41] the following night, barrett was granted a rematch at the survivor series pay-per-view, and allowed to choose a guest referee. "parks's wwe smackdown report 1/31: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including the shield vs.[124] on the 5 january 2015 episode of raw, barrett defeated dolph ziggler in a 2-out-of-3 falls match to capture his fifth intercontinental championship.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 3/8: not-quite-live, ongoing coverage of friday show, including ziggler vs.[74] after exchanging victories in the following weeks[74][75] they competed in a no disqualification match on 1 september which was won by sheamus.[63] at capitol punishment, barrett lost the intercontinental championship to jackson,[64] and failed to win his rematch for the title on 24 june episode of smackdown. that month, sheamus re-entered a feud with mark henry after the two repeatedly attacked each other backstage.[120] sheamus then returned to his rivalry with del rio while also starting a feud with chris jericho and randy orton.[117][118] on the april 6 episode of smackdown, sheamus lost to alberto del rio in a non-title match by disqualification, thus earning del rio a future title match and starting a feud between the two. "parks's wwe smackdown report 12/26: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including hulk hogan appearance, u.[182] at elimination chamber, sheamus participated in the elimination chamber match for the vacant intercontinental championship, but was unsuccessful as the match was won by ryback.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/28: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including sheamus vs. of strength of the year (2012) delivering "white noise" to big show.[133] the night after summerslam, stardust turned on barrett for costing him the match, thus disbanding their tag team.

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this began a brief feud leading up to wrestlemania, in which sheamus consistently was victorious. on one side you would have had one of the largest athletes in the world in big show. then formed a partnership named "the lords of darkness" with stardust,[132] leading to a tag team match at summerslam, where they were defeated by neville and actor stephen amell, when neville pinned barrett for the win. there you have it, anderson and gallows will defend their titles against amore/big cass and cesaro/sheamus.[73] on the october 31 episode of main event, rusev injured his bicep in a match with neville, resulting in neville winning the match via referee stoppage and rusev being out of action.[129] barrett was scheduled to face bryan for the championship in a rematch at extreme rules, however bryan was not medically cleared to compete. ziggler strong match, ic champ in action, next week's main event". "james's wwe nxt results 1/1 – week 79: zayn/generico in 2/3 falls match, kingston, natalya, overall reax". "caldwell's wwe summerslam ppv results 8/17: complete "virtual-time" coverage of cena vs. part of me is reluctant to critique the quick pinfall because it sets up crazy-eyed and vengeful kevin owens, which is the best version of kevin owens, but there’s something to be said for how that booking decision is representative of the larger show. the february 27 episode of raw, rusev and mahal began to show tension after rusev inadvertently distracted mahal, causing the two to lose to the new day. february 19 at elimination chamber, sheamus attacked world heavyweight champion daniel bryan after bryan retained his title, thus challenging bryan for and winning the world heavyweight championship on april 1 at wrestlemania xxviii, in a record 18 seconds. rusev and mahal both lost their respective matches against big show and cesaro.^ "wwe news: full list of 2011 wwe draft picks (televised raw draft & supplemental draft)". returned on the november 23 episode of raw, when he attacked roman reigns, and lost to him by disqualification after sheamus and king barrett attacked reigns. on 9 june raw, he competed in a wwe world heavyweight championship qualifying match for the money in the bank pay-per-view, but failed after a brogue kick by sheamus.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 5/24: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including the intercontinental and u.[138] this culminated in a six-man tag team match at elimination chamber, where the shield emerged victorious. "caldwell's wwe summerslam ppv report 8/19: complete "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – lesnar vs.[82] the following night on raw, sheamus was awarded the 2009 breakout superstar of the year slammy award.[163] on 7 august, wwe confirmed sheamus had suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder that would require surgery, and was expected to miss between four and six months of ring action. the 5 october episode of raw, barrett helped sheamus defeat neville, after barrett, who was on commentary during the match, distracted neville long enough for sheamus to take advantage. then things go straight off the rails and the show never recovers. importantly, however, this segment did show that rollins might not have been as hurt as originally thought. however, triple h put him in the money in the bank ladder match for a wwe world heavyweight championship contract on 23 june raw. not only does vince go full racist heel and remind roman that he’s only one generation removed from “having a bone through your nose,” he then goes on to get arrested, putting over the nypd. 20 june at fatal 4-way pay-per-view, sheamus won a fatal four-way match, following interference from the nexus that allowed him to pin john cena, winning the wwe championship for the second time and being named the one-hundredth wwe champion in history. "james's wwe nxt report 2/5 – week 84: triple h makes an announcement, neville/pac vs.[162] sheamus returned to in-ring action on the 22 july episode of raw, losing to world heavyweight champion alberto del rio in a non-title match.^ "parks's wwe smackdown report 8/9: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including randy orton vs.^ "wwe news: full list of 2010 slammy awards – 12 announced on raw, 10 announced on wwe's website". "caldwell's wwe over the limit ppv results 5/22: complete "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – cena vs.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 1/4: complete coverage of friday night show, including sheamus & orton vs.

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[23] despite these losses, his impressive showings earned him a place against alex shane in a guest match for the frontier wrestling alliance (fwa) british heavyweight championship.[69] the next week, he began a winning streak, defeating john morrison, trent barreta, sheamus, and randy orton in singles competition. faced show for the world heavyweight championship on november at survivor series, defeating show by disqualification, failing to win the title.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/7: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of friday show, including randy orton, kane, daniel bryan on miz tv setting up the tv main event". "caldwell's extreme rules ppv report 4/26 (pre-show): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of bnb vs. "parks' wwe smackdown report 6/3: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the show, including orton vs.[119] on april 29 at extreme rules, sheamus successfully defended the world heavyweight title against bryan in a two out-of-three falls match. on the august 8 episode of raw, after losing to cesaro in a rematch, he would later cost cesaro the united states championship after interfering in his main event impromptu match against rusev.^ "caldwell's wwe smackdown results 10/19: complete "virtual time" coverage of syfy show – chaotic lumberjack main event".^ "caldwell's wwe payback ppv results 6/16 (hour 1): axel captures ic title in opening match, a. sheamus would defeat cesaro in the second and third matches, but lost to cesaro in the fourth, fifth and sixth matches. the following night on raw, barrett would help rusev and sheamus against roman reigns.[16][18] this included the design of his own pendant, the crossos, which combines the celtic cross with a celtic war sword to illustrate his character's "indigenous origins with a hybrid of warrior strength matched with a strong ethical centre". july 19 at the 2016 wwe draft, sheamus was drafted to raw. it was obvious that this match would have been one of his last hurrahs as an active performer and it would have been a cool way to go out, especially when you consider his other mainstream match took place in orlando back at wrestlemania 24 when he faced floyd mayweather jr. "caldwell's wwe raw results 5/18: ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live raw - payback ppv fall-out, three title matches advertised, more"., along with other vpw wrestlers, appeared in the music video for the song "the whole f'n show" by kushinator (the entrance music of wrestler rob van dam).^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 5/6 (hour 3): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live raw – ryback vs. showrunners clarify a plot point, promise no more production delays.[39] on 28 january 2006, he received his first championship match, evolving their rivalry from previous non-title contests. in addition to these championships, he has won the 2010 king of the ring tournament, the 2012 royal rumble match and the 2015 money in the bank ladder match, making him only the second wrestler (after edge) to achieve all three accomplishments. "caldwell's wwe mitb ppv results 6/14: complete "virtual-time" coverage of dusty rhodes 10-bell salute, wwe title match, mitb match, cena vs. "wwe news: del rio pulled from ppv world title match, #1 contender match scheduled".[191] on january 24, sheamus entered the 2016 royal rumble at number 29, where he made to the final four, before being eliminated by reigns.[97] as "king sheamus", he faced morrison again at the tlc: tables, ladders and chairs pay-per-view for a future wwe championship match, but lost in a ladder match. ^ sheamus' first two reigns were when the title was known as the wwe championship; his third reign was as wwe world heavyweight champion.[204] on the july 25 episode of raw sheamus was part of a fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender for the newly unveiled wwe universal championship, the match was later won by roman reigns. this resulted in a triple threat match, where the winner would face cena, which rusev won after pinning cesaro, as owens had left the match early on., things between both wwe and o’neal have been falling a part of the last month or two and the chances of the match actually taking place had been fading by the day.[82][83] on the april 28 episode of smackdown, rusev walked out on sheamus after del rio walked out the both of them, thus disbanding the league of nations.[106] on the next episode of raw, barrett was defeated by fandango in a non-title match after the miz, who was special guest referee, gave barrett a skull crushing finale.^ "caldwell's wwe payback ppv results 6/16 (pre-show): ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of sheamus vs.[116] four days later on smackdown, barrett was again defeated by bryan in a no disqualification match.

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[75] a week later, on november 30 episode of raw, lana returned to the wwe, once again as a villainess, and reconciled with rusev, during a miz tv segment, and later in the same night, the two joined sheamus' new stable the league of nations. after the match, they were confronted and attacked by mick foley, stone cold steve austin, and shawn michaels.[1] he later formed a tag team with paul burchill and the pair faced the major brothers in several matches. will face strowman next week in a rematch of their encounter from fastlane.[155][156][157] on 16 june, during the payback pre-show, sheamus defeated sandow in a singles match.[25][26][27] rusev continued to appear sporadically on nxt after joining the main roster in april 2014, making his final appearance on july 24, getting disqualified against nxt champion adrian neville in a non-title match.[68] the following year in may, o'shaunessy began appearing at the raw brand's house shows, and on both 8 and 9 may he defeated jamie noble[1][69][70] along with another dark match victory over noble before an episode of raw. on the january 2, 2017 episode of raw, rusev teamed with mahal in a 2-on-1 handicap match, defeating big cass.[50] rusev and jack swagger once again feuded in december, leading to rusev successfully defending the united states championship against swagger at tlc.[196] the next night on raw, barrett and sheamus faced the new day in another tag team title match, in a losing effort.'shaunessy debuted for the wwe developmental territory florida championship wrestling (fcw) on 2 october in a double-debut match with a win over bryan kelly. barrett and sheamus would then form a tag team, defeating neville and cesaro in tag team matches on both raw and smackdown. he then made his debut match for the promotion at their mount temple show on 9 july against mark burns, where he picked out an easy win. the league of nations then challenged and defeated the the new day in 6-man tag team match at wrestlemania 32. sure, the main event largely devolved into super cena and super reigns getting a one-up on the league of nations, but for awhile it was just the solid return of cena, the guy who gave us some of the best matches of the year with his united states open challenge. chamber ppv report 5/31: ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of wwe title match, cena vs.[73] sheamus then began a feud with shelton benjamin which was hot-shot into a deciding match on 27 october which sheamus won.[34] the following week, barrett made his singles match debut on raw by defeating mark henry. continued his feud with orton by attacking and distracting him during matches. "wwe tlc ppv results 12/19: in-person "virtual-time" coverage of tlc ppv – off-air ppv notes, miz vs.[43] galloway earned himself a two out of three falls match against the champion the following day, however, which o'shaunessy won two falls to one;[44] the next day produced the same result[45] in a match o'shaunessy claimed was his best on the independent circuit.[46] lana dedicated rusev's string of victories to president of russia vladimir putin, drawing attention from the mainstream press – including the washington post and the daily beast – and criticism after she was interpreted as having referred to the crash of malaysia airlines flight 17 before rusev's match at battleground in an attempt to generate heat. at the contract signing immediately afterward, sheamus put cena through the table, and the raw guest host, jesse ventura, announced it would be a tables match. "caldwell's wwe mitb ppv report 7/15: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – punk vs.[143] three days later on raw, however, ryback was booked for another match at the event, leaving the spot open. at survivor series, sheamus cashed in his money in the bank contract and defeated newly crowned champion roman reigns, after he refused to shake hands with triple h, to win the title, thus aligning with triple h and the authority. "wwe nft report: a voice from the past returns; nxt title match set for 2/27; the airplane spin gets grounded; and more". "caldwell's wwe night of champions ppv report 9/16: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live ppv – punk vs.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 3/22: ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the friday night show, including chris jericho vs.[110][111] during this time, sheamus defeated christian in three consecutive matches at hell in a cell, vengeance, and on smackdown. "wwe nxt report: sing off; a big return; two out of three falls match; number one contender match; and more". at clash of champions, the match ended in a no contest, leaving their series tied at 3-3.[83] on 31 january 2010 at the royal rumble, sheamus defeated randy orton by disqualification to retain the wwe championship, following interference from orton's teammate cody rhodes.

WWE Roadblock 2016 results: Rollins, Reigns team up; streak over

punk gave barrett the opportunity to regain the leadership, stating that if he won a three-way steel cage match involving orton and sheamus to determine the number one contender for the miz's wwe championship, punk would not only give up the leadership, but work for barrett's nexus. the duration of the show, raw commissioner stephanie mcmahon was in foley’s ear telling him that he had to fire a member of the raw roster in order to show that he was a capable leader.[189] this resulted in a rematch the following night on raw for the title with the stipulation that reigns would be fired should he lose. wrestlemania 32, on the april 4, episode of raw, league of nations members sheamus and king barrett were part of a losing effort against the new day for the wwe tag team championship after barrett was pinned by kofi kingston, and following the match, barrett was exiled from the group being called the "weak link", but moments after, the wyatt family went on to attack the remaining members of the league of nations.[134] on the 4 april episode of raw, barrett and sheamus challenged the new day for the tag titles, but lost. i go into my analysis, here are the full match results from the final wwe event at joe louis arena in detroit:- sasha banks def.[167] on 14 april, sheamus participated in the intercontinental championship number one contender tournament, which was held on raw. rusev won the match, and eliminated both sheamus and del rio. hart at summerslam 1992] actually my favorite match that i've ever seen in my life.[150] sheamus and henry then challenged each other in tests of strength, but with sheamus unable to best henry, he resorted to attacking henry. for instance, sasha and becky have a good match and get 16 minutes of time, the longest match of the night, but there’s no response from the crowd.[166] the following night on raw, sheamus, daniel bryan, and john cena qualified for the elimination chamber match for the wwe world heavyweight championship; he was eliminated by christian in the match.[86] rusev defeated him in a rematch on the following week's smackdown,[87] after which he was confronted by titus o'neil, whom rusev defeated at money in the bank to successfully retain the title. "caldwell's wwe raw results 4/28: complete "virtual-time" coverage of live raw - final ppv hype, bryan returns from injury, flair, tag title match, tourney finals, more". barrett instead faced neville in a losing effort on the pre-show.[35] the nexus continued to feud with cena and the raw roster, resulting in a seven-on-seven elimination tag team match at summerslam. king barrett participated in the elimination chamber match for the vacant intercontinental championship, but was the first eliminated by r-truth.[195] the next night on raw, the new day defeated del rio and rusev, prompting all four members of the league to attack the new day after the match.[79] on edition of 3 february of smackdown, orton defeated barrett in a no disqualifications match to end the feud.^ "parks' wwe smackdown report 10/5: complete "virtual time" coverage of friday night show, including sheamus vs.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 8/12 (hour 1): bryan loses six days before summerslam, orton vs.[51] at fastlane, rusev successfully defended the united states championship in a bout with john cena.^ "caldwell's wwe raw results 8/5 (hour 1): bryan's "corporate make-over" kicks off raw, del rio vs. match between big show and shaq would not have been great, but this wasn’t going to be about work rate. "sheamus set to take on triple h at wwe wrestlemania".[179] on the 16 april episode of smackdown, sheamus announced that he would face ziggler in a kiss me arse match at extreme rules, which he lost. following night on raw, sheamus won a "break-through" battle royal for wrestlers who had never won a world championship, to become the number one contender to john cena's wwe championship. 13 november 2006, o'shaunessy and english wrestler stu sanders appeared on the world wrestling entertainment (wwe) show raw at the manchester evening news arena as part of the security team ejecting d-generation x from ringside, only for o'shaunessy to later receive a pedigree from triple h.[36] after young was exiled from the group for losing a match to cena the night after summerslam and skip sheffield was injured at a live event in hawaii two nights later, the nexus faced cena, edge, randy orton, sheamus and jericho in a five-on-five elimination match on the 30 august 2010 edition of raw, which barrett won by pinning orton.^ "wwe news: full list of 2010 slammy awards – 12 announced on raw, 10 announced on wwe's website". "wwe smackdown report: champion versus champion; big show gets a tag team partner because that is what he do; the shield talk about their match on monday; six person mixed tag match; and more".[93] barrett, still number one contender for the intercontinental championship, received a shot at the united states championship on 3 december raw, against champion antonio cesaro, kofi kingston, and r-truth in a fatal four-way match, but was unsuccessful.[109] sheamus turned face for the first time, briefly feuding with mark henry over henry being a bully, including a loss at summerslam, sheamus went on a fourteen match winning streak that ended after interference from christian, with whom he had been feuding.

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