Bill simmons 1simple rules to dating the sports guy

1simple rules dating sports guy bill simmons

. if one of your fantasy guys is lighting it up against your favorite team (scoring goals, rushing for big yards, making jumpers, etc. keith olbermann is exiting at the end of july and colin cowherd is heading to fox sports. of that is to say simmons' evolution from sports guy to star is bad. just for the record, this is probably my biggest fault as a sports fan -- i overreact to everything.Bill simmons 1simple rules to dating the sports guy

1simple rules to dating the sports guy column

the funniest part is when the guy starts making excuses: "well, once i moved to boston from new york, i got caught up in this whole red sox thing and the american league, so i stopped following the mets," or "i never liked the browns as much as she liked the bengals, so i'm taking one for the team," or even my personal favorite, "we wanted our kids to root for the same team as their parents. and this was how i found out that kj -- my esteemed editor and friend, a good man, a father and a husband, the man who makes page 2 run so smoothly -- was a sports bigamist."it's as perfect a spot for simmons as you can imagine," said michael mccarthy, an adjunct professor at the rutgers university school of communications and information. at a time when people talked about whether they'd have a beer with one or another presidential candidate, simmons was the famous guy who most guys i knew actually wanted to have a beer with.

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1simple rules to dating the sports guy

bill simmonspage 2 columnistapgetting emotionally involved in a team can't hurt. sports commentator keith olbermann's espn2 show, "olbermann," is ending this month, the network announced wednesday., 45, is a bestselling author and founder of the popular espn sports and pop culture website grant-land."despite simmons' stature and influence among sports fans, espn chose not to renew his contract, which was set to expire later this year. The Sports Guy: Subject archive - ESPN Page 2

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1 problem for sports fans these days: when to draw the line between fantasy and real life. burning question, courtesy of virginia reader kathleen leicht: "there are ladies out there (like myself) who know sports and enjoy watching a good game with the guys, but i understand we need to convince guys to let us. for instance, in the first 106 episodes of his podcast, simmons has had women on a mere seven times; the first guests scheduled for his tv show are charles barkley and ben affleck. his popular column, which originated at aol's digital city boston before moving to espn in 2001, simmons developed the distinctive voice of sportswriting's digital age, abandoning box scores and coaches' stratagems for densely allusive rambles that acknowledged sports' place in, and as, popular culture.Bill Simmons - Wikipedia

The evolution of Bill Simmons

but if you still insist on watching with us, follow these 10 ground rules and everything should be ok:1. issue is not that simmons has created a public persona. you can only have one wife, you can only have one sports team, and for the love of god, i will not argue about this. look of a true fan: bill simmons, center, looks like he tried to cover isaac bruce for four quarters following the pats' super bowl upset of the rams.

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'The Sports Guy' Bill Simmons from ESPN signs on with HBO - LA

," or "i can't believe you guys pick players and pretend you're the coach," or, my personal favorite, "you guys need to get a life" are all guaranteed to make us hate you. but the debut tonight of simmons' weekly talk show, any given wednesday — not to mention hbo's minority stake in the bill simmons media group, home to his eponymous podcast and his new website, the ringer — also signals a new stage in a much longer evolution. no one can fault simmons for seizing the opportunities he earned in his stint as the sports guy, but neither can one dismiss the suspicion that fame has spoiled the distinctive relationship he once forged with his audience, sitting side-by-side at the bar. simmons made his name by being, or least seeming, "authentic.

: Page 2 : It's a Sports Guy thing

The evolution of Bill Simmons


Here are the 7 Bill Simmons columns you need to read – Poynter

you want to discuss the rules of fan conduct or anything else with page 2 columnist bill simmons, you'll get your chance when the sports guy joins us for a live chat at 3 p. if sports were a prison and sports fans made up all the prisoners, the bandwagon jumpers would be like the child molesters -- everyone else would pick on them, take turns beating them up and force them to toss more salads than emeril lagasse., in my book, there are two rules for sports fans that must never be broken: 1. by the time he welcomed us to grantland in 2011, simmons' point of reference was not the smell of piss at the old foxboro stadium, but the scent of "stale champagne" on the road home to hollywood, the perspective not of the fan but of the star, evolving, by degrees, out of our grasp.

'The Sports Guy' Bill Simmons from ESPN signs on with HBO - LA

Bill Simmons' Big Score: How the Sports Guy Built a New Kind of

2's Bill Simmons has some rules for women who watch sports with guys. today's topic: shouldn't there be rules for being a sports fan? by the way, the only thing that makes guys more uncomfortable than public affection is fighting, so if you feel the need to re-enact the limo scene from "what's love got to do with it," do it on your own time. kind of loyalty, my friend -- even though it constitutes "sports bigamy" in your book -- is to be admired, not criticized.

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    self-important than self-aware, more cliquish than convivial, this is simmons with the blinders on, and in the context of his increasing clout, it's a development not without consequence. recognized that fandom itself is a form of entertainment, that the theories, agonies, ecstasies, insults, and arguments that accompany sports — or, for that matter, music, movies, tv, and comic books — are as fundamental to the experience as touchdowns and shot clocks, face-offs and strikeouts.), you can't pump your fist, high-five anyone or refer to the player in a "that's one of my guys! a columnist, simmons seemed to be writing to us as much as he was writing for us.
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    So Long, ESPN! The Sports Guy Bill Simmons Moved to HBO

    premium cable network announced wednesday that it had signed a multiyear deal with simmons that will include a weekly tv series starting in 2016. and just so you know, i concentrated this column on the dynamic involving fans and their favorite team, so there are none of those "no talking on your cell phone and waving to the center-field camera if you're sitting behind home plate"-type rules in here. even now, more than a decade later, simmons' column on "the snow game" summons what can only be described as sense memories: the thrum of the end zone at the old foxboro stadium; the feel of fresh snow in a new england winter; the taste of budweiser and buffalo wings on sunday afternoons. he's carved out a much-needed space for idiosyncratic, artful sports journalism and cultural criticism, first at grantland and 30 for 30 and now at the ringer.
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    'Sports Guy' Bill Simmons is leaving ESPN

    guy: the magic man who didn't know when to disappear. the issue is that the "bill simmons" of hbo's "i believe" spots is meant to be the same "snarky asshole" with a strong point of view as the bill simmons firing spitballs from page 2.. report," brought him a significant following among younger sports fans. course, that's been true in some sense for years, as simmons transformed from the most famous sportswriter in the country to a professional gabber best known for his podcast and two-year stint on nba countdown, and as an editorial manager with an extraordinary eye for talent.
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    bill simmons will develop documentary films and a podcast for hbo. this sense, simmons' partnership with hbo, the standard-bearer for "prestige tv" since the days of the sopranos, is an extension of the reputation he built in his final years at espn — where, in addition to founding grantland, he co-created 30 for 30, the docuseries that brought the bold-faced names of independent american cinema (albert maysles, ava duvernay, john singleton, ryan fleck) to the same network as monday night football. Sports Guy lays down the law with 20 rules that a true sports fan should never break. because the prevailing sports theme of my childhood -- at least, in my neighborhood -- was vehement hatred for the dallas cowboys (and because i loved the nfl), i embraced the steelers with all the might that a plucky grade-school kid could muster.
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    Bill Simmons Returns with New Podcast, Immediately Starts

    simmons no longer musters the same magic has been the most disappointing, if inevitable, consequence of his success. question is, if bill simmons is no longer the sports guy, who is he? if any given wednesday is to be as essential to the discussion of sports, culture, and technology as john oliver's last week tonight has been to politics and policymaking, simmons can't see the creative freedom he's long craved as license to throw a semi-permanent sausage party. in four years at the helm of the now-defunct grantland, simmons hired america's best film critic (wesley morris) and best basketball writer (zach lowe) — not to mention a gaggle of correspondents of such superior talents (molly lambert!
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    olbermann and espn part ways for a second time ryan parker sports commentator keith olbermann's espn2 show, "olbermann," is ending this month, the network announced wednesday. simmons is a columnist for page 2 and espn the magazine. after hobnobbing on the bill simmons podcast with michael b. even if you can't help getting secretly excited about your fantasy guys when they're thriving against your favorite team, at least make sure you feel guilty, too.

Here are the 7 Bill Simmons columns you need to read – Poynter

bill simmons 1simple rules to dating the sports guy

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