Carbon dating fossils rocks mike riddle

Carbon dating fossils rocks mike riddle

today’s culture we have all been taught that things like carbon dating are “facts,” but they are merely interpretations of facts. flood and c-14 dating
  • “assuming the flood did occur, little if any c-14 may have existed before then.
    • cosmic ray penetration of the earth’s atmosphere
    • the strength of the earth’s magnetic field
    • the co 2 levels in the atmosphere
    • the genesis flood
    factors affecting carbon-14 dating factors that would cause dates to appear older than they actually are include:
    • this buried carbon ( mostly c-12 ) is about 100 times the total carbon in the present biosphere
    atmospheric levels of carbon what does this mean? the uranium isotope can be leached out of, and the lead can migrate into, many rocks over the years. bible-believing christians don’t need to be intimidated by rock ages of billions or millions of years supposedly proven by radioisotope dating.
    • used to date igneous and metamorphic rocks (basalt)
    • cannot be used on sedimentary rocks (limestone, sandstone, and shale)
    radioisotope dating 238 u 234 th 234 pa 234 u 230 th 206 pb 210 po   . we will see that carbon dating strongly supports a young earth. only rocks that contain radioactive elements can be used for radioisotope dating.·         fossils from every level of the geologic record have measurable levels of c-14.

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    the radiocarbon ages of all fossils and coal should be reduced to less than 5,000 years, matching the timing of their burial during the flood. magazinemany people assume that rocks are dated at “millions of years” based on radiocarbon (carbon-14) dating. the rocks were dated using 4 different methods at almost 4-billion years.
a critical assumption
  • if this assumption is true then carbon-14 dating is a reliable dating method
  • if this assumption is false then carbon-14 dating is not a reliable dating method
this is a key assumption. in dating
  • in 1993 scientists found wood (trees) buried in basalt flows (69 feet deep)
  • wood samples sent to two laboratories to be carbon-14 dated
  • basalt sent to two laboratories to be potassium-argon dated
44,000 years 45,000 million years wood embedded in lava flow (basalt) 69 feet deep wood encased in basalt. according to john morris, author of the young earth, radioisotope dating is in trouble, but it is still a very formidable concept in the minds of many.
  • “using radioactive dating, scientists have determined that the earth is about 4. of dating assumptions find a fossil with a measured ratio of 16 trillion to 1 (c12 to c14) this means 4 half-lives have expired giving a date of about 23,000 years 8 trillion to 1 : 1 half-life instead of 4 – age 5,000 what if the ratio started at: 2 trillion to 1 : 3 half-lives instead of 4 – age 17,000. the rock had to form almost instantly for the radiohalos to be preserved, basically created, whereas conventional geology maintains granitic rocks crystallized and cooled over millions of years.

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    dating of rock strata and the age of the earth. fossils can be used for a different type of radioisotope dating, but we’ll get to that later. for a young earth
    • helium in the earth’s atmosphere
    • nuclear decay rates (radioisotope dating)
    • sodium in the oceans
    • rapid disintegration of comets
    • erosion of continents
    • sediments in the ocean
    • decay of the earth’s magnetic field
    • carbon-14 ratio in the atmosphere
    • radiohalos for polonium in granites
    • population statistics
    • recession of the moon
    • many more …. one still has to take into consideration the same kind of assumptions embedded in the other radioisotope dating methods:1.’s what a geologist says:“it seems that whenever igneous rocks form today, they usually have daughter elements already present and already appear to be somewhat ‘old. form of dating called isochron dating involves analyzing four or more samples from the same rock unit. etna basalt, sicily
      • potassium-argon: 140,000 – 350,000
      • reality: 1972
    examples of dating.-14 dating: conclusion
    • “ the troubles of the radiocarbon dating method are undeniably deep and serious. riddle has put together a brilliant slideshow examining the truths and misnomers of dating methods currently used by scientists eager to propogate their evolutionary agenda.

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    an evolutionary scientist uses the dating method that gives the desired date for the sample. new answers book 1unaware of the many fallacious assumptions used in the dating process, many people believe carbon-14 dating disproves the biblical timeline. if this happens with known rocks, then why could this not also be the case for other dates? michael, “twenty-five years of radiocarbon dating,” american scientist , sep/oct 1974 the assumption carbon-14 dating is based upon is false. know that radioisotope dating does not always work because we can test it on rocks of known age. radiohalos prove two things: 1) in the past, nuclear decay rates were greatly accelerated and 2) rocks with radiohalos in them had to harden almost instantaneously, or within less than a year.
    • there is a lot of c-14 remaining in the fossil
    • there is very little c-14 remaining in the fossil
    • there is no detectable c-14 in the fossil
    how the carbon clock works the c-14 dating method relies on measuring the amount of c-14 in the fossil three scenarios. mike's background in creation ministry includes:Speaking in churches and christian schools worldwide (over 200 talks yearly). dating as a process clock “gives” an older age for the earth.

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    some lead occurs naturally in rocks when they are formed. since helium migrates out of rocks rapidly, there should be very little to no helium remaining in the granite. use a technique called radiometric dating to estimate the ages of rocks, fossils, and the earth. volume 2although many people think radiocarbon is used to date rocks, it is limited to dating things that contain carbon and were once alive (fossils). in granite
    • helium does not remain long in rocks – it migrates rapidly to the surface and into the earth’s atmosphere
    • if the earth is billions of years old, we should not find large amounts of helium in granite (zircon crystals)
    • over 58% of the helium still remains in the granite (zircon crystals)
    what does this mean? magazineif the radioactive element carbon-14 breaks down quickly—within a few thousand years—why do we still find it in fossils and diamonds? are two basic ways to date rocks: 1) by how evolved the fossils in them are and 2) by radioactive minerals present in the rocks.., helps a reader see how dating techniques such as carbon dating do not prove the earth is old. to fix the problem they subjected those rocks to acid to melt out the lead and then re-dated and got 4.

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      with fossils in them are dated by the assumption of evolution.·         example #2: another interesting example that shows to what extent scientists will go to get the desired age for a sample: apollo 11 brought back some moon rocks.’s what you need to remember about c-14 dating:·         three of the starting assumptions are false. the starting amount
      • there are two types of carbon used in the dating process: c-12 and c-14
      • c-12 is a stable isotope (it does not decay)
      • when an organism is alive it has the same ratio (c-12 to c-14) that is found in the atmosphere (1-trillion to 1)
      same ratio i’m alive different ratio i’m a fossil. they examined every dating method for its validity without evolutionary bias. an evolutionary scientist uses the dating method that gives the desired date for the sample. many challenges are answered: how could adam have named all the animals in one day, how could noah fit all the animals on the ark, how can the first three days of creation be days when the sun was not created until the fourth day, where did cain get his wife, carbon-14 dating, and more…. Riddle has put together a brilliant slideshow examining the truths and misnomers of dating methods currently used by scientists eager to propogate their e…Apologetics  symposium.·         fossils from every level of geologic time have measurable carbon-14, even after all possible contamination from the current environment was eliminated.
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      ·         neither rocks nor fossils have birthdates stamped on them when they are collected. if carbon dating is a fact, then coal layers cannot be millions of years old, and the secular “geological time scale” breaks down. research journalmeasurable radiocarbon has been detected in fossils from the earliest days of radiocarbon dating. so, the basis for c-14 dating, consistent ratio between c-12 and c-14, is false. this is what else they’ve discovered:Too much helium in granite rocks. fossils in the bottom layer are assumed to be older in evolution than those at the top. response to the accusations of noah’s ark ministries international and the media evangelism by emphasizing truths they have ignored about my carbon-14 dating report. in depthduring the rate (radioisotopes and the age of the earth) research project, some of the research effort was focused on investigating radiocarbon (carbon-14) dating.
      • a primer on radioactive decay
      • carbon-14 dating
      • radioisotope dating

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