Christian dating advice for middle age suddenly single men

christian dating advice for middle age suddenly single men

Advice for men dating single moms

this presumes that women are faultless and men are the ones who need to change – you are basically doing exactly what you accuse men of doing in this discussion.’m 60 female and after many years of marriage my husband died. think women’s lib turned men into a bunch of angry squalling infants. it’s worse than a man saying “we only need women for sex, and now that we have prostitutes and pornography, women for relationships is essentially a waste of time” whose parents divorced when they were young are often gun-shy about marrying. the men i do meet are usually not on the same financial playing field as me, most are dysfunctional, some are alcoholics and/or abusers and most are game players or timewasters(online and off). men that cannot or will not be “emo” actually do really well in dating and marriage. men, before you break out into a cold sweat, know that all this is well intended and researched., regarding men’s preferences – men without children almost always do not want to date women with children. the women who married these men insisted they commit early in the relationship. i’m in search of women that are intelligent, sweet/kind, physically fit and attactive (facial beauty is of particular importance) whom share common interest and goals. you are too foolish to see your game of power has you defined as loser – right along with the older women you seek to disempower.: why your marriage doesn't need to be perfect to be happy., men in the 40+ age range are more likely to be cautious in committing their hearts, minds, and assets to a realtionship. so you men out there who think women just want to get married……. don’t think his affirmative response to such a declaration is a precursor to his making a commitment.“i personally believe that womens over 40’s are of equal worth against man in the dating game. this is almost never the case, not in our age.’m a 42 year old single mom who is very attractive (i look about 7 years younger), fun, has a great smile and laugh (and does both a lot), emotionally stable, and not looking to race to the altar. it will be hard finding someone to accept having only a parallel life with mine, meeting me in the middle while we have our own homes, money, and time to ourselves. from “why men marry some women and not others” by john t. is right- many women choose to divorce and stay single because many men are so difficult and inflexible, and not fun or easy-going (remember girls just want to have fun too). in fact, he is likely to tell you anything that will get you to stick around without his needing to make a commitment. these are the women who rejected the nice guys like you and then ask, “where are the nice guys”. and when many of us good men out there will try to start a conversation with a woman that will attract us which she will curse at us since i had this happened to me already and a friend that i know had it happened to him a couple of months after me. however, i am afraid the context in which i describe the kind of guy appears to be missing from your comment. other times it’s because the marriages weren’t good ones and despite all the counselling it’s not working, often times it’s the man who’s unwilling to change enough to focus on his relationship with his wife. you are single, that is why you can’t get anybody. so if you meet a man in his forties who tells you he’s eager to have a son so he can do those male-bonding things, know that these things are very important to him, and they’ll dramatically increase his readiness to marry. everyone a favor and stay out of the dating pool. women are opting to be single, particularly in the 40+ range after divorcing. i made many sacrifices in the marriage and put my dreams on hold. to the woman who wrote the letter, if most men are staying in and watching tv on the weekends its probably because we worked all week and are tired or we honestly think there’s no good reason to go out( ie wont meet anyone). believes — and i agree — that more people need to talk openly about this because all older women hear (and thus believe) is that older men are only looking for much younger women., if you’re dating online with a great profile, great photos, healthy flirting technique and a long-term subsecription, great. as a 50 year old single, empty nester, there have been times when i wondered if i’d ever make a connection with another man again. i’m 49 and i had the worst time with entitlement attitudes from men more than a couple of years older than i am. 1,000 questions already answered:search for:Ask evan: ask me a dating question. is ignorant to say that men marry older women to “live off them. one thing i’ve learned from years of dating and dating coaching, is that there’s nothing to learn when placing the blame squarely on everybody else. women seem to create these standards and levels and expect men to live up to them but hate it when it is the other way around. we conducted a focus group with twelve men who had just proposed to women, we learned that men were far more likely to marry when they got tired of the singles scene.  thanks for telling all older women we have no value. amazed me is that there is no one mention what true love is. this sounds cynical, but at your age don’t you think it’s time to take off the optimism glasses and throw on the realism pants? for years even before my divorce, i was essentially a single parent, working full time and taking care of 90% of the household duties (wife couldn’t be bothered even though she didn’t work). we found that many single men and women in their late thirties and forties were products of divorce. i mentioned those men who went with one woman for a time, then shortly thereafter went out and married another. will overlook that a man doesn’t look as great…if he is powerful, has money or is a great person…unfortunately men don’t overlook anything in older women even if they look way younger than him!, my impression of the ad hominem personal attacks on me for stating an admittedly politically incorrect perspective (based in fact) is that there are an awful lot of angry women out there, for there is no reason to personally attack someone for stating a contrary opinion. they see men as a resource to be available for them at their beck and call and when the resource doesn’t produce the benefits they think they are entitled to any more, they dispose of it. mens needs, desires, aspirations etc are so unappreciated that often women do not even realise that they exist independently of her needs. in many ways this reminds me of most men i meet my age–they have the means to go on incredible adventures–but they chose to stay mored to a dock and let barnacles grow on them. are no longer women, they been programmed to think they do not need men, but it’s men who need women. what do you know, in 4 weeks, i’ve got 3 ladies (ages 26, 35 and 42) interested – one of whom kissed me on date one and stayed over on date 4.) the ex-wife on the other hand, has not met the plastic surgeon, she has tried internet dating, and is bitterly disappointed… the ex does not look that bad. is the sort of kind & forgiving attitude i appreciate in a man (as well as friends and family) and that men also seem to find appealing in women. hilarious that older women blame the men when clearly it’s the young girls who are the hunters. i mean come on, i was by his side through thick and thin, put in every dollar i made into what i thought was love, sharing and a lifelong marriage, only to find betrayal in every aspect. he is probably dating the older woman because she has money. we call them on it and it makes men uncomfortable when they get caught in their lies. loneliness and bitterness are stark, but we won’t talk about that, nor will we talk about how men like you swarm to any article that states the truth we women simply don’t want you anymore. stop talking, or typing as the case is, you are making we women look crazy.  glad you found your soulmate and thanks for the message, it was helpful for me! as a divorcee once married to a man 10 years older, i have little to no interest in men closer to my age unless they too look younger and youthfully energetic. you said that you are being trained to go with the younger men. in fact, the sex trade industry flaunts the new fad in kenya – hot young studs for older women. but for the men you’re interested in, the younger woman just has to be open and fun and easy to get along with. carter is a consultant to note, who speaks to what men want very clearly and understands a perspective of women.–i don’t know what era you are from but women are less likely to get into relationships these days. who look at marriage as a financial arrangement in which women have the most to gain are not likely to marry-nor are they good prospects. as a single professional woman who worked her way thru education and never had a penny handed to her, a man with poor decision making skills who chose someone to stay home and become vested in a pension plan from him is not attractive. according to an aarp survey not too long ago, many divorced people do want love again … men and women. men become less attractive to me and i am in my late 20s. if i meet a great guy at this stage, not even sure if i want to get married now. i’ll also relate that i feel out of step with women at both ends of the spectrum. you believe it’s a level dating playing field for older men and older women? but my question is :with clearly the value of life’s experiences that womens over 40’s possess why not wonder : why are some mens over 40 singles? i then left the relationship of pure craziness as he fought in court to get me to pay him alimony and to give him my household furniture that i bought before our marriage.’m reading all these comments and there is a chunk of single guys who seem hopeful for a nice single gal, a portion of frustrated older women who won’t evaluate themselves and a fair amount of bitter and angry guys who are the exact reason i’m so shy with dating.” i am not for constant chasing, but, i am all for raising the level of conscience awareness…making men(and some women) aware of the “dating code. women have realized that they can’t be superwomen so they expect men to be supermen. i think you like holding onto the idea that dating was a wonderfully magical place of fun for young women that abused their power and now deserve to be seen as having less worth then what you wish for yourself. 1 in 6 children does not belong to the father the women lied to get married, that is a fact. post straight 38-year old women only come in 3 flavors: jaded, desperate, and masculine—sometimes we get a little neapolitan mix. it’s just that they were no longer going to singles hangouts and trying to pick up women several times a week. the reason why there are a lot of men over 4o who are still single is because of their life experiences?

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Christian dating advice for middle age suddenly single men

it is not how old they are that makes men uncomfortable, it is how old they feel, or how old others make them feel. its really having a joy for life period, a bucket list- some glow with passion from life- at any age you get negative types etc -if you glow you are like a magnet, at any age you light up a room. women don’t need to contort themselves physically in order to be f***able to men. i’m 42 fit yes i’m independant baggage dealt with i love men, i’m easily pleased not materialistic happy with my life but all i’m looking for is someone to enhance it. greedy women (potential dates) want him ‘baggage free’ to pad her own nest. in fact, she notes that older women are a lot more selective than older men and younger women are when it comes to picking a partner.  i think it is important to be active and open to meeting people and trying new venues which keeps the dating game fun and interesting. don’t make the mistake in assuming that there are no emotionally available men, that men prefer drama, or that men don’t want “cool” women. i don’t think all 45 to 60-yr-old men enjoy an immature 20 to 30-something. find your message very insightful and admirable for a younger man because our wants and desires do motivate our actions. to say men are essentially obsolete – this is an incredibly offensive statement to make. how often and whom had they dated, where had they met the women, had they gone to singles places and, if so, how often? i’very wanted to date again but dating at 52 years old is abysmal 🙁. but i do have a challenge meeting women that i am interested in having an ltr with. i anticipate that you speak for a lot of readers out there – quality woman who are frustrated at their ability to meet quality men. don’t experience vaginal atrophy, permanent loss of libido, mood swings and stress incontinence the way women do at menopause. if he did, why would he date a 50-year-old woman when he can date a woman his own age? comments about men’s sexual performance are unfortunate, there again an open mind is key.  he possessed the 3 important requirements that fit my need: chemistry, compatibility, and emotionally and physically attraction. as a fifty something single man the women seem interested in tying the knot – not me. he may not have ovaries that stop working but he and men of his age (56) go thru physical changes too, and that change is no more testosterone. i say it's time to use it to your advantage. said that the singles bar he used to visit was filled with teenyboppers, and he felt out of place. men who have been married before are open to remarry much later in life. not monetarily speaking, but in this way – men, as we age, generally get more distinguished and attractive (presuming we don’t go completely to pot) to a wider range of women older & younger. after you are married with kids, men seem to think that flying southwest to akron ohio and staying at the airport hilton, while they are going to a work-related conference is a good vacation. a lot of men who are 40 to 60 today were screwed by the angle jacob describes. times it’s the things men didn’t do that make women resentful and upset. should stop trying to be women and women should stop trying to be men. while i may feel sorry in a way that women become invisible in later years – my experience in younger days was they were chased by guys like me. this is one of the things that women often ignore when they question the tastes of men. in the beginning of our dating and marriage he did just that, but then became all too comfortable with the fact that i was a strong, capable, mostly independent woman. age thirty-seven or thirty-eight, the chance that a man will commit diminishes. date men who will fit in with your friends and business associates. noted blogger, moxie, has written a powerful message to women in their late. would have been up for having another family with the right man but men were too wrapped up in what they wanted and were frankly control freaks.) so that circumstance can dictate the time length because i allways feel like i am the one having to fit some unrealistic standard of behavior and i never get what i want in return, except from women who seem to believe they are lower on the totem poll socially or sexual market value from me. you should see the blogs of the men who trash talk western women in general, and women in the usa in particular while lavishing praise on the asian, colombian, russian and ukrainian women! i personally think internet dating is such a con and the only people that suggest i do it are those in relationships andnever tried it themeselves (which makes me laugh). online i have to lie and say i’m in my 30s to get a response, when i did a reverse search for my age the only men looking for me were old enough to be my father, its creepy. beth was also right when she said that if i could help women identify which men were more likely to commit, i would be performing a real service. all three were permanent staff who had careers better than mine, but were single, two had ph. that, my friend, is cause in most men by age-related andropause. for him, the singles scene was church meetings and church singles functions., if society praises the older man-younger woman pairings, and disparages older women-younger men pairings as you claim (which i don’t necessarily believe is universally true), it’s probably because of the way people view gender roles., you telling men to change won’t make them change.” some women will say that they are sick of the “players” on the dating sites. understand that this stings women reading this, but as you can imagine the internet favors women’s advice and therefore men are pigeonholed exactly the same way, so get over it. i seem to get a lot of female attention and i tend to look for unavailable women (those leaving town shortly, not a real option etc. men had not completely given up on the singles scene, but they were ready for “something else” or the “next step. they were right, but there’s more to it than that: the woman should also ask the man a number of questions, including his age. irony is, i don’t hate women in general but after dating online, you can see women who lived with their husbands until their house was paid off or their schools loans paid and or both and then had the court take his kids away and put his ass out on the street as part of a divorce settlement along with a substantial awarding of monies. you date someone with kids t…"d on what can i do about the stressful living arrangement with my boyfriend and his children? i guess there’s nothing but asshole men when it comes to dating here of late! while marriage was not always easy, as most human relationships are complicated, we loved each other well. with the men, in most cases their parents’ marriage broke up when they were young, and it seemed to have affected the way they looked at life.. marriage is nothing but a series of financial transactions that benefit women at the expense of men. im a guy of 63 and probably an outlier in that i just never did like the dynamics of dating so didn’t. the point is, hold back from dating until you're healed. scheming in ways to shirk his responsibility of helping pay our mortgage and any other bills! this over 50% divorce rate, women do initiate approximately 70% of all divorces. since many men feel that marriage is a crap shoot they cant win if divorce occurs we tend to take women who, among other important traits, are enamoured or impressed with our accomplishments. since women are more likely to file for divorce and break up relationships, why shouldn’t the men choose the younger women and enjoy their youth and beauty until the inevitable breakup? young men who had graduated from the same high school were in one focus group made up of men who were about to marry. they are ‘opting’ to discard the life they initially chose like an outdated outfit, particularly the men they initially chose. after being convinced you like him will he be able to summon the courage to ask you for a date. unfortunately the dynamic turns around at that point and things get more challenging for older women wanting something real. i can only guess that those posters who have engaged in such ad hominem attacks are angry i have contradicted or indirectly challenged their paradigm of the male-female interaction. so if you’re dating a man much younger than the commitment age, the chance he’ll commit is relatively small. it is common for men to have your experience on online dating sites. i hate to break it to you but women want a man to turn their head just as much.? well, i don’t mind compromising but not to the level i did in my previous marriage. the goal of feminism is to be treated like equals but when it come to catastrophe’s women turn into petulant little girls screaming for help. how often are men told to become more in tune with their emotions and understand the way the woman’s brain is wired? i have decided to forget all the “wish list” bs, and look for a normal guy that likes women and want a mutually respectful, loving relationship. so the old, fat guys should just use the young women for their beauty. i think many people today no matter what age they are, still are looking for the same thing, someone to make their life more enjoyable when they come home after work.  i am a recently divorced woman and it is inspirational to know that younger men like yourself can see dating from both genders! recently, i had three dates in one week from online dating. i don’t want to parse words, but my general observation is that men in general do not change their personality over time. can tell you honestly, three single educated women in the 37 to 39 age bracket who could see i was unhappy suddenly, made it very clear if i was available they had desperate ovaries! i don’t care about marriage but i am hopeful i will find love and a good relationship again. however, it should rule out the “fat and ugly” comments that many women’s posts on such topics seem to bring. ironically, the more that men try to do what women said they want, the more women reject/divorce them. they aren’t looking to start families with nice young women. older single men whose parents had a good marriage say, “i’m not getting married because i’m not ready,” “i’m not the marrying type,” “i enjoy being single. you, my dear, have just summed up why it is that so many women aren’t getting what they want from men (as evidenced by all the female whining, bitching and moaning about men on this blog).

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many of these older men were eager to marry because their biological clock was running. found this site after searching for “middle age mutually beneficial relationship”. i wrote about this in why you’re still single. i have spent time with women from their 40s through mid 50s. marriage and relationships have been so utterly destroyed, families are a thing of the past or only for non-western societies that bothered to keep their values and familial bonds. i didn’t realize how hard i worked in the marriage and at the relationship, until i left. anyone who refers to a woman as “sloppy used up self” does not exactly hold the maturity to see women as fully actualized human beings who are as imperfect as men can be. one of the women who was interested in me went as far as to say, ïf she had the family she so much wanted, she would be happy for the guy to stay home (her home was a million place and belonged to her grandparents originally) and look after them until they could go to child care while she worked. can you imagine the wrath a comment like that would attract.?By the way, you really have to wonder about a guy who comes onto a woman’s dating advice board and starts harping and nagging and getting all hostile and defensive. the low production of testerone makes men just as moody, irritable, unpleasant to be around as some women having a bad menopause time. one reason that women rarely want to consider (and i’m not necessarily applying this to you, joan), is that with their experience comes a darker lining. since many men feel that marriage is a crap shoot they can’t win if divorce occurs we tend to take women who, among other important traits, are “enamoured or impressed” with our accomplishments. have found women aren’t particularly attracted to men who aren’t materialistic at our age. i think the idea that women who have their lives together professionally etc. so go out with your girlfriends and talk about how you don’t need men while your girlfriends talk about you behind your back! i must first comment that i have heard the term ’emotionally available’ (or unavailable) regarding men defined at least a dozen different ways by a like number of people of both sexes. age thirty-eight, the chances they will ever marry drop dramatically. first want to say that i have enjoyed reading all about everyone’s dating experiences after the ages of realizations and expectations!, why reduce men or women to pieces of meat, though? keep in mind that i’m talking about men who have never been married. we also discovered that men who have never lived away from home are less likely to marry than men who have., it feels to me like evan’s whole program is tellling women we have to change, but then telling us to be authentic in the relationship with no recognition those two things don’t always co-exist. swimming along within this deep estrogen ocean full of myopic and solipsistic female commentators, a nice bit of comic relief (and the funniest comment here today). men go thru depression, insomnia, low sex drive etc when they get to middle age and their bodies also stop producing certain hormones. not all men mature at the same rate, and other factors can and do affect a man’s readiness to marry. i am going to assume for sake of argument that the numbers are similar for non-marriage relationships also. until then, i’m sure you will continue to justify to yourself that you’re now a more worthy human being then women your own age simply because like every single man and woman on the earth, experienced rough times and heartache in love. maybe that’s why seven out of eight men aged fifty and over who were about to marry for the first time were marrying women who had been divorced.@joanne: i don’t think anyone’s suggesting that we not have our own needs or that we exist to make men happy. for example, when a man goes to law school, which takes three additional years, he usually starts considering marriage around age twenty-seven or twenty-eight. if you want to marry property a…"ladybug on how long should you stay with a boyfriend who does not believe in marriage? came across this just now from a search as i was feeling having gone through menopause and now on the other side, my skin and face has just *changed* without my being able to do anything about it (save cosmetic surgery or some such icky thing). the irony to this , is that the majority of these men are over weight themselves,bald,and i see them inviting women into their hotel/motel rooms in every town they travel to. ex ran off in the middle of the youngest’ s first year of college, also had to deal with a pile of debt that was new to me that took years to get rid of. is a possible drawback to dating a man aged forty or older. they only want a toy to play with; though many women are just as bad. i personally prefer someone my age or a little older. modern marriage is nothing more than two rommates shacking up, being dumb enough to “marry” (sign a financial and property contract) based on nothing and giving up when it gets hard. also, too many women treat personal relationships as they treat their careers – they expect “promotions” after a certain period of time. stuart, i’ve always assumed 30 year old women choose 50 year old men as a way of securing a place on the overpriced property ladder, but actually your personal insight makes sense. then again, if a person wants someone who is younger because of their beauty and stamina another person wants an older person because of their money and accomplishments, so what? yes, some might say i simply chose poorly, but i also see far too many men in the exact same spot as well, and i know zero couples where i would be okay taking the man’s place. 37 to 42 ish there is a real knowledge it is children now or never, a lot of women do struggle with this if they are single; the late 40’s early 50’s divorced guy is the second option over the single younger guys, but he is in demand. i thought men were busy not wanting us and being too good for us..He’s not a dating expert, nor an advice columnist, psychologist or relationship therapist. i find amusing and disheartening about melina’s post (and similar ones), is a complete disregard for my point that “many older men, likely having gone through a divorce (and by proxy, a split of a long term relationship) they likly did not initiate, are understandably reluctant to get into another relationship. i have found the only people interested in me now are married men looking for a fling or men much older looking for someone 10 years younger.(now that is drama) i prefer older women, i’ve dated 3 out of 35 though in the past 20 years because they try to change me or they have so much going on that they have no time to chill and hang out. sorry to say, but these superioroty assumptions and entitlement mentality are why so many older men are reluctant to jump into relationships. a woman in her forties or older who has never been married is dating a man who has never been married, the chance of him marrying is still good. complain that women spend money remodeling the house–of course they do–the home is where your wife entertains and is a social signifier of who she is. finally, we had men in their sixties ask the questions, and that solved the problem. but don’t want some endless dating cycle that’s more like a friendship.? (see “commitment” : when you are willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something (cambridge dict. (he has no money) so all you jaded self righteous older women, keep listening to your magazines , opra, walk around with your ugly bare legs, drink you 8000 calorie cocalocamocha from7-11 but paint your toe nails and get a tattoo on your ankle,  and think some guy is supposed to find you attractive? i’d rather never marry than choose poorly and regret it later, because a married life where you feel alone and deserted, is far worse than a life as a single person and a few bad dates. while any shortfall of single males in their 50s can be filled with men in their 60s and 70s willing to date younger, the same can not be said for women who are 60+. second time we tried teams composed of men and women, but that produced mainly politically correct answers, which we also questioned. dating is how people get to meet each other and decide if they like each other enough to take it to another level — a committed relationship. we’re talking almost a 2 to 1 single female to single male ratio, 3 to 1 for 70 year olds, and 4 to 1 for people in their 80s etc. i’m not suggesting there aren’t interreligious marriages; i have friends and family whose interreligious marriages work very well. he carries 3 disposable cell phones one for each woman he is dating. like many women, i raised my children, ran a household and worked as much then as i do now. since i got married for the first time at 51, i can speak from experience when it comes to dating men in their 50s. the main reason, i believe, is that those in both groups have been emotionally battered in the dating game, and they’re very gun-shy."i've always disliked self-help, but from the moment i started reading, i felt you were talking to me. in some ways it seems much more complicated at this age because we can experience a relationship in so many other ways than the traditional fall-in-love-move-in-get-married-have-kids paradigm. once the kids have gone off to college–most men seem to think that driving to a different costco, on the other side of town is a vacation. there is a point at which men are likely to be ready for the next step, but the specific age depends on the man’s maturity, education, and profession. ironically, single moms have hit on me as a prospect to be with until they have found out that i also have children. they are destructive because they con women into wasting their time during the years when they are most attractive and most likely to get a proposal. i’d rather stay single than ever subject myself to a toxic, entitled, “independent” woman of any age. always try to work on my s@#t and grow with people and don’t always get the same in return from the men in my life, friend or lover.’m a 52 year old male and my experience is that women my age and older, who want to date and even have a committed relationship, are very rare indeed. you believe it’s a level dating playing field for older men and older women? every time i hear a woman saying that she “intimidates” men, this is what comes to mind. he often tells women, up front, he never intends to marry, so if and when he decides he wants to cut out, she has no reason to complain. john – i think the reality is that you want to give yourself permission to look down on women simply because you’ve had heart ache and rough experiences in life. it simply woke men up to the fact that most women view a man as a warm body useful only to fill a role until they’re no longer needed, at which point they can be discarded, (after she takes the kids, the house, the family dog, his retirement and a substantial portion of his future earnings. and people are still not that comfortable with men living off of women. also, being smart women ourselves, we’re not that enamoured or impressed with their accomplishments because we’re equally accomplished.  of course this is a generalization , not all women were like that in their youth. the majority tell me that it is because young women are more attractive,thin,active,and are not as set in their ways. there are probably many 45 to 60-yr-old men out there who would appreciate all of those things. it might not be men that are the problem; it might be you. most men are not a risk taker in the name of love.

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! i’m 42, i’d love to have partner(s) in my life, but while i’m not necessarily opposed to living together, neither that nor legal marriage is something i’m shooting for. not for a women who define herself or let mens define her as “simple”. am 43, and i am a single father to the last of my four children as my youngest daughter is still at home (15). am a woman and i strongly agree with your response regarding the ‘quality’ of single men available which. men age faster and die younger, and, once they hit 60, start suffering from a host of chronic illnesses. it was mentioned here that your online profile may not read well. nothing, and 70% of women end up cheating in the marriage at some point look it up. hence back to the original point that “successful” women have a challenge meeting suitable (does that really mean impressive? and, again these same gurus (such as evan-sorry bud) state that you must trust your instincts, not be a doormat, not to settle for less than your worth; yet, by the same token this same woman should discard all that advice if she is over 40 because she is too thoughtful, not light (uh, do you mean i have a brain) and unwilling to compromise on her core values. if this is a blog for women, wouldn’t it make sense to give women, y’know, some actual advice, as opposed to “you’re perfect. is why many of us good men are still single today says:December 9, 2016 at 1:26 pm. older women are kind of like smoking cigarettes, they are cool when your young but will take a serious toll on your health!“it amazes me how when a woman first starts dating a man, the men have no problem renting a house boat for a few weeks off the amalfi coast, or riding vespas through the south of france while staying at vineyards. the ‘nagging harpie’ usually surfaces after marriage and the legal commitment exists. not all men experience andropause symptoms starting in their late forties, but most experience a decline in vitality due to major decline in testosterone production.’s what’s happened in the past year — two girlfriends have gotten engaged, and one has her condo on the market and is looking with her boyfriend to buy a new place and move in together. men where not beating down my door and i was not coldly rejecting them. nature wants men to be infertile as they get older, by making them impotent, to reduce “older father” illnesses passed to their children. at this stage, you have probably raised children successfully, they’re grown and have their own life, you might have been through divorce or a failed relationship (who dumped who here or statistic is so not relevant ), you been around the “stage” of dating long enough to know a few hidden tricks going on behind the curtains and you also have on the other hand, possibly ltr or a marriage during a number of year and also lead /or still lead a very stimulating career. as a good friend of mine said “young women are eager to please” and can be much more sexual. years after catching my ex-wife cheating on me -with a woman-, after a 25 year marriage, i can say that at age 56 i feel pretty “sideways”. too many women seem to think that a husband and children are mere additions to their own lives instead of accepting the reality that marriage and children are about creating new lives. it seeks only to insult men in general, and contributes nothing to the discussion. i have observed men in their 40’s with huge beer guts, and damaged skin, love handles. a few things became clear to the researchers early on — the women treasured their independence and craved companionship.” even the guys that aren’t all that good looking get significantly younger women. yeah, well over-40 women do that and men care just as little as you did back then. do not understand what suze menas by “men dont have leverage on this. i have discovered that some foreign women whom i get to know first simply based on my appearance are much more likeable, less demanding and more accommodating — in every way, even when i tell them my real age. you believe it’s a level dating playing field for older men and older women? we see each other on the average once a week, mostly saturday to sunday.  according to john “women have no value in the marketplace over a certain age and you have to adapt. no matter how great a non white guy mig…"erlan on is race just a “state of mind” in online dating? now i don’t feel desirable though have been told i don’t look my age. if think marriage is about being a servant to the man, then you have a warped view of marriage! i’ve probably had more than my fair share of men in this lifetime already, anyway. all due respect, most men i know have not gotten “more distinguished and attractive” as they’ve become older. this leaves women searching for those not-so-loathsome male souls who have enough money to finance their own health care and also don’t need their money to buy their latest post-middle age toy. then broadened the study by surveying and then running focus groups of single men who at that time had no intention of getting married. bad for all the old fat loser men who are chasing young girls. – you say the following:“i for one am sick of all the self-help people telling women they have to change to please men. beth, one of my better researchers, said that men who were averse to commitment were drawn to her like bees to honey, i gave her a copy of the summary report of my research on “why men marry. i am busy at university, i have good friends, live by myself (after being carer for my late mother and her dementia while doing my degree and going to italy to be with him). but it’s definitely one of the things you should bear in mind and ask about when you are dating a man you’re considering marrying. when you think about it, with the creation of sperm in the laboratories, test tube babies and electric jar openers – men will be obsolete in a few years anyway – just keep them around for the sex (well, we dont really need them for that either) and go out with your fabulous girlfriends! my personal belief is that men should, for the most part, ignore chasing women. numbers are going to continue to grow until men elect to examine their own behavior and not put the responsibility of change squarely on women. you must have taken many photos and of all types to try to show who you are and in the best vantage point. and women often do not cross “party lines” on the way to the altar: republicans generally marry republicans, democrats marry democrats, conservatives marry conservatives, and liberals marry liberals. i left him and since then i have been on and off some dating sites. so evan where can i find the emotionally available mentally healthy men who will appreciate a woman like me? the presumption is always that men need to change to accommodate a women’s relationship needs and a man’s needs are almost always considered largely irrelevant (even if only unconsciously). my ex has certainly given me a shock into what dating would give me in life. (and i have always believed that it’s good to identify those men and remove them from the 50-something dating pool asap; i’m not interested in men like that so move along, men, and good luck! often the women had to drag them to the altar. i bring this up to make the point that men have no qualms going for younger women, since all women, younger and older, look at him and his wallet. i’ve found a huge difference when dating men who are beyond a certain age and have been married or in ltr’s vs. the places the professional single men went drew an older crowd. women don’t go after men over 40 because they are distinguished – they go after them because they are rich. “women in their 40s are probably better off with men in their 50s and up. and yes, there are some older men who have aged better than other men. i have been a full time provider to my children and then during early retirement, a full time maid to my ex and constant fights and “conversations” about what i needed from our relationship, but with no results. it became clear that they weren’t going to singles places as much as they had in the past because most of the people there were much younger than they were. we started by asking the men about their lives before they met their future wives.  but she was incredible hot though i will give her that but she expected men to pay for that beauty., there will just be some men sharing more than one woman. but what do you know, eventually the penny drops and slowly 50+ men discover that contrary to reports in the media, not all younger women, in reality, find them irresistible. if you are this angry at the comments i post, i suggest you seek help.’m not even 50 yet and the men my own age have already abandoned women their own age. you say you want a relationship but then mention that the people you’ve dated like their empty nest as it is. yet, those 40+ guys with the pot bellies and grey hair can still attract women if they are significantly successful. plus they love to lord it over older women that they can get women of any age, even going overseas on those so-called “romance tours” for mail order brides who are young enough to be their doggone daughters. been single for the last 8 yrs after we split up. it’s when i get too bored i’m in danger of feeling too discouraged. of the most common mistakes young women make is to assume that because they’re ready for marriage in their early or mid-twenties, the men they date are, as well. based upon what some of my female peers tell me who have been out there dating for years is that if you factor in the desire to have a reasonably healthy and energetic male in this age bracket the pickings do get slimmer. with my odd requests my dating pool is much less. you may enjoy going to my blog and following links to some commentaries on midlife dating, dating dilemmas, realistic or unrealistic preferences and expectations, how to manage being hot (or not) at 50, and when nice is not so nice. so please stop justifying your current brand of misogony against women just because you have pain and heartache in dating. i can only thank you and the women of the inner circle.’m not sure about the level playing field for older mend and older women. two of them, their singles place was a bar and pool hall where they and their single friends hung out and met women.”  i saw an ad on an online dating site and i swear to you this one woman had a list of 53 qualities and traits she wanted in a man. you offer no contradictory information to challenge the reasonableness of the assertion (that men are cautious about entering into a serious relationship after divorce or ltr), just an ad hominem attack on me with no basis in fact. too many women have no means to support themselves after a divorce because “they needed men” a little too much during their marriages.  men just turn their heads and think “whoa, who the hell is that. not because it’s reality, but because it gives you permission to look down on women.

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met couple of nice men online, but didn’t work out.  it’s more about being a bit more agreeable (probably great advice not just with the guy you’re dating but also with family and platonic friends, too).) boyfriend told me i was the first mentally healthy woman he dated in 3 years. notice, the two women who have relationships are getting married, the author doesn’t show interest & is single too. choose well in dating, it affects all areas of your life. many older men, likely having gone through a divorce (and by proxy, a split of a long term relationship) they likly did not initiate, are understandably reluctant to get into another relationship. sometimes you get bombarded by attitude and fantasyland talk and it gets to the point that single men have to detonate the message like a nuke to get everyone to listen, understand, and accept. also, i get a good laugh out of hearing a man in his 50s say he’s dating down to avoid menopause. find it interesting how you speak of “…men’s deception, cheating and lies. i consider myself to be average or above in looks, my physique is holding alright for a man of my age, etc. is the sad truth: more women, across the board, at all ages, are opting to be single because they do not like the quality of men out there.’ve tried online dating a bit and dated a guy for close to three years. men don’t give a s#@t if your strong or not, unless we need you to buck some bales, and the fact that your independent translates to “i don’t need you, so be aware that your very expendable” which is always a turn on for any man. a twenty-four-year-old man who was almost completely bald explained that he had felt uncomfortable in the singles scene after he had approached a young woman in a singles bar and asked if he could buy her a drink. in my age range many of these men are very set in their ways, have ‘parked the bus’ or have let themselves go usually health-wise (which gives me fear of the caretaking factor). after pondering this for a few years i have concluded that easy and pleasant are the 2 most important qualities in a women for me — more important that attractiveness, more important than great sex.“but they are not that impressed with us (so it is likely that a marriage wont work out). a woman is seriously trying to find a husband, she should date men who have reached the age of commitment.“women have no value in the marketplace over a certain age and you have to adapt. i too have been trying to figure out this older life dating thing., older men and older women may not meet your standards of attraction. advice to men everywhere is just find suitable sex partners and leave it at that. it surprised us when they reported feelings identical to those of the younger high-school-educated men. original intent was to determine how men at different ages reacted to single women they met at social gatherings. not to mention all the family dynamics just to scary i think. the houseboy will have affairs on the side with younger women and the 50-something can get a nice cat for a companion and chat on npr forums for intellectual fulfillment. by the way with egg donors, paid surrogate mothers and eventually, artificial wombs and the creation of eggs, women will be obsolete too. don’t agree with you (at least in regards to me and some of my single women friends). have read a lot about the discord between men and women in the comments above. for one am sick of all the “self-help” people telling women they have to change to please men. at this age it is almost impossible to meet someone, especially for an introvert. of just asking yourself what marriage and children can do for you, you should also ask yourself what you can do for another person and for your children. the single professionals in my age group whom i have dated like their empty nest, and have strong preferences for their own routine, including stuff like toothpaste caps and how the dishwasher is loaded. so i find myself looking for younger women, not because they are “pretty” but because they are motivated and open to possibilities. spoke today to a 48 year old who was telling me about his disappointment in a 28 year old he was dating. i had my ovaries removed at 31 and technically went through menopause. i dated lots of women in their late 30’s, 40’s, and early 50’s. singles world for professionals obviously is an older and more sophisticated crowd than that for men whose formal education ended in high school, but eventually men from both groups had the same experience. men realize that as long as they have a decent career and make money, women will be interested in them. have long shown that men are more attracted to women when they’re ovulating, but how guys seem to sense that it’s baby-making time has never really been clear. period for well-educated men lasts just a bit over five years. no sane person should be this angry at comments posted on a blog. some women will say that they are sick of the “players” on the dating sites. but if you are all the things you say you are, i have no doubt that some quality single dad is going to grab you and never let you go..but ladies i can only say this : you should believe in things that “empower” the essence of who you are as a women and as a person. financial difficulties and his job losses kept me in the marriage longer than i would have liked. at 47, i’ve never been legally married(was with my ex for 7 yrs and we considered ourselves married) and am christian so it definitely closes my dating field somewhat.) but men don’t seem to have to watch their entitlement. a man takes care of himself and a woman takes care of herself the man will look better as they age. kids mind their manners (and be nice to alexa) in the digital age. coupled with the factor that many 45 to 50 year old men may not be interested in dating a woman older than them (even though it is only a few years). men go to graduate school, it takes them longer to get into the working world, and they’re not ready to get married until a few years after that. women are not special, take that vag off the pedestal, i dont need to tell you this, by 30 we all get to the same lousy conclusion. i estimate each one is responsible for at least two women remaining single.  we will not include land whales of either gender in the aforementioned statement. look at time spent as a carefree bachelor as a rite of passage. is not a total myth that men get more attractive as they age. it can seem daunting if you keep meeting these types of men but i believe there are good guys out there, just need to change your ways of meeting them beyong bars, online, etc. you've heard it all before, maybe it doesn't apply to you, maybe you've got the dating thing down -- it doesn't matter., nobody is trying to say that men are perfect, or lay all the blame squarely on women’s shoulders. my single lifestyle is a choice, and if you cannot respect my right to make that choice please don’t talk to me. if mental and emotional age were stressed as much as the shallow then this problem would hardly exist. now that i am older, wiser, and my 22-yr-old son has left the nest, i realize my independence has been to my detriment., most men at 26 actually don’t want to settle down.“there are now more single women than married women and the numbers are expected to grow. you just do not have the romantic value you did back when serious minded good men who still want to start families would look at you as a dating option. i am for cutting men some slack as long as they are open to enjoying togetherness in different ways. said, “you reinforce the myth that the reason men don’t commit is that the women in their lives do something wrong. with this in mind, i reviewed our interviews with men and women who were planning to marry and videos of two focus groups we had run with single men. women, lest you think you're off the hook, you're not. underlying message in the commentary here is that women are the ones who need to change their flawed behavior. men have been rejected and demeaned for years by women because they weren’t tall enough or handsome enough or smooth enough.  it is sad the the feminist movement has turned the role of men from being our champion warriors to stubborn children who wont grow up. because at this point in my life i don’t want a women who is trying to change me> i don;t want hassles., simply put, there is tonnes if advice and in fact a whole little industry about how men should change to become more attractive to women. each said he had begun to feel uncomfortable in his favorite singles place about two years earlier. smart women have trouble dating because we see through – and wont put up with – a mans lies and bad behavior. most older men love a good looking vivacious woman 40 and older, its just many factors that may keep them afraid to pursue. the time women are in their 50s, the kids are gone, the house is made in their image, and they have established all the rules.’s one exception to this rule: men and women who are seriously committed couples while still in school often get married shortly after they finish their formal education. is in response to the guy who thinks women are a drag who are going thru menopause. are as deluded in their search as some women, not ready to realize that life itself is never seamless and it takes work to maintain and repair."sarah, please stop this, you don't have to be made to feel guilty about not being attracted to non white men. on three myths about living apart together that need to endbeen there already on dating at middle age – why bother? are women ever accountable when they behave in a similar way? according to my doctor my health/fitness level is in the top 5% for my age range. so finding real love for many of us men is certainly a real challenge now as you can see which most of us really have no reason to blame ourselves at all since it does take two too tango.

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personally believe that womens over 40’s are of equal worth against man in the dating game. yes, we’d all like a bit of both but if the purse is empty gentlemen – listen to nature and don’t waste your time -or your love.’s their perogative, but i can’t help but wonder how many women dated older men in their twenties, and then complained that their peers considered them too old 10 years later. so men are realizing, why bother in the first place? even if you're fresh out of a miserable marriage and new to the singles scene, take a breath. i think it is quite valid to point out that older women who have developed higher standards should put a plug on their nagging harpie tendencies–if indeed that is truly how they are coming across. don’t think anyone can comment on what any women wants .  men just turn their heads and think “whoa, who the hell is that. ran across at least fifty men we could identify as stringers. that’s why men are refusing to marry – they caught women in their lies and bad behavior. 10 million readersand the thousands of women i've helped find true love. most are very damaged goods and claim “to look much younger”, don’t! i managed to pick a whole bunch of guys that were not right for me. i’ve accepted now that men see women as a disposable object of low value, their loss, i’ll be focusing on my business now and men, well they know where they can go. yes, i am with patti that we are at a point in our lives where we have gained wisdom and enough confidence in ourselves that we are done playing to men’s deception, cheating and lies. am a registered nurse in dubai,52 years old and been receiving indecent proposal from men, a relationship base on sex alone. obviously, since then i’ve chosen men who don’t want to have babies. too many times the word cougar is mentioned to which i am highly insulted. men forty-two and older who were about to marry looked forward to having children, and they almost unanimously pictured themselves as fathers of sons. four of them used one phrase or the other, and ten of twelve men in our focus group said they felt the same way: the singles scene had lost some of its appeal. i will be very blunt- i am not willing to deal with a lot of health and body issues of men over 60. i have not had a single date nor wanted one since separation. underlying message in the commentary here is that women are the ones who need to change their flawed behavior. well guess what women don’t have any real friends, they dont know how to be friends with other girls. are now more single women than married women and the numbers are expected to grow. isn’t this what the dating gurus “harp” to us single women? case you haven’t heard,… men do have to admit they are wrong,…. basic competition theory would suggest men have significant power given these distorted ratios, men can be choosier while women can not, though based on various blogs it seems the 60+ crowd of single women are a picky as ever.    unbelievable but understandable – men need to be in control of everything and women are suppose to be “easy” or stupid or dependent. when my own marriage collapsed, i ended up leaving, despite having a 2 1/2 year-old daughter (light of my life!  this can sometimes be discouraging and make dating a bit challenging., if you're in your 50s, single and dating (and feeling like you're not getting anywhere), consider this a little friendly feedback from the ladies. many women don’t know how to treat men respectfully. i find the attitudes expressed in the article and comments incredibly off-putting and have experienced them in my dating life. at first, we had young single men do the interviews, but so many of the interviewees gave macho answers that we doubted their reliability. your list of demands and preferences that men have to fulfill? that’s why men shouldn’t marry because the wife will just use her for his money."men in their fifties can be cynical, especially if they were in a bad marriage. men and marriage are wonderful, but my dream does not include them. were two single professionals in the same focus group, one a doctor and the other an engineer with a master’s in electrical engineering and business administration. men will not even consider marriage before they reach the age of commitment. you have baggage, accept others with similar baggage, you are matched. i actually have a mental block about dating older men, even a couple of years older seems so very very old to me! she was a senior lecturer and is now a single associate professor. marriage is a partnership and people should be free to define their partnerships the way they want. in my experience, there are no shortage of men young and old that are looking for real love with a woman like me. his expertise lies in the field of market research and he applies his scientific skills to educate women with all they need to know about men. the occasional dating disasters and mating missteps, there's a lot to love about you guys. men have brought the human race from the primitive stages to affluent, technologically-advanced societies only to be brought down by radical feminists who can’t function without the welfare state. but younger women and older women are not blind and are more attracted to younger males, more muscle, more hair, thicker skin, more sexual, etc. you’re looking to answer your most pressing dating and relationship question, my blog is like google for your love life!“my single lifestyle is a choice, and if you cannot respect my right to make that choice please don’t talk to me. the chances men will commit are sightly less when they are thirty-one or thirty-two than when they were between twenty-eight and thirty, but they’re still in a high-commitment phase. need to understand that their worth as people is not tied up to relationships to others, especially men. mean as a women over 40’s you have to think about this for second. most guys my age will not go places alone because we don’t want to be “that sad guy over there” all by ourselves. it is fact that many of these women have very severe mental issues and are gay as well since they really hate us men for no reason at all when we really didn’t do anything wrong for us to get cursed at from the beginning. perhaps you should take some time to get to know who women really are and what their dating experiences truly have been. single men who had unmarried older siblings-particularly if the siblings were still living at home and past the prime marrying age-were less likely to find a spouse than men whose older siblings were married, or those men who had no older siblings. treva brandon on twitter:Midlife midlife dating single men single women single life. i know of some of these men and they’re into their late 40’s and still single, still looking for that perfect woman who doesn’t exist, meanwhile dating psycho-chicks. if a women cheats, he must not have been attending to her needs. his book, “why men marry some women and not others,” author john molloy says that women will discover the proven facts and figures that will help them find and marry mr. a lot of women have egos too and think that they may be more desirable than they really are. you may even end up having to do the asking, but it might be worthwhile: these “diamonds in the rough” are often strong candidates for marriage. to middle-aged women who insist on finding the high earners: they can usually get someone younger than you. please don’t throw in the towel yet; i’m not sure where you live, but i have found, at least in the sf bay area, that there are some open-minded, attractive and interesting men around our age (i like to skew a bit younger!, i have actually seen educational ads on tv that say “women find intelligent men attractive”. but i’m kind slightly disappointed in womans older then myself…women wiser and into their 40’s…. assuming that women are already perfect and don’t need to change will not increase relationship success. still keep coming back to the concept that men in general (women also), should spend more time on themselves pursuing career success (whatever that means to your chosen career), physical and mental health, and a family/friend life balance. want a compatible mate; you carry your baggage, i’ll carry mine and we can spend time together and enjoy life without being burdensome dead weight. but i do have a challenge meeting women that i am interested in having an ltr with., thank you for acknowledging that we middle-aged gals love sex, intimacy and fun! as a male of the age demographic in question (not that i am dating or trying to date), i hear more from women that they have no use for a man in their lives than i do one seeking a partner. another date, who didn’t feel chemistry with me but we became friends, i’ve watched him fall for all the women who don’t want to give him the time of day.’s nothing arrogant about saying i’m not interested in the middle-aged men who aren’t interested in dating in their age group, just like it’s not arrogant to say i’m not interested dating meth addicts or cigarette smokers. so men are not hating women, they’re taking the rational and sensible position to avoid them..Don’t make the mistake in assuming that there are no emotionally available men, that men prefer drama, or that men don’t want “cool” women. one was a plumber, one worked repairing computers, and the third was a store manager. want to know where to find active men who want to do something. couple and their friends at the wedding party showered with confetti in green sunny park; bridal; bride; bridesmaid; celebration; colorful; confetti; cool; couple; dancing; dress; energetic; energy; enjoying; event; falling; friends; friendship; fun; glamorous; gorgeous; green; groom; groomsmen; group; guests; happiness; happy; joyful; kissing; large; laughing; love; marriage; married; men; outdoors; park; party; partying; people; suit; sunlight; sunny; together; wedding; white; women; young. before you start trash-talking men in generalazations, let’s turn the mirror around and take a look at yourself. but what i’m reading between the lines is, unfortunately, *desperation* and *bitterness* – two things that are red flags for women. all the advice i see given to women are how we need to understand how men work and the many ways in which we overwhelm them. me, i have a handful of friends who are single again, in their 50s. that is why men start to have sexual dysfunction and lack of energy around 50 +/- a few years.

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little did i know that i really wasn’t ready for marriage #2. also have to say to men…simple is fun for anyone, under or over 40, sure “simple” makes very good dating in the short term but it’s not what makes it in the long term. bush hager and barbara bush: we’re writing a memoir together., our stage of life and what one is willing to embrace does effect the pool of possibilities. the backlash on the backlash is that sex has been irretrievably damaged an taken out of the equation of love. fearing commitment and the loss of my independence, along with thinking there would always be more time, has now left me wondering what i have given up. i’ll bet you’re an amazing woman, except this belief is not amazing:”my body is going through menopause and a man won’t be attracted to me for that reason. spoke to 121 men in their forties who were marrying for the first time. more than 60 percent of the men we questioned coming out of marriage license bureaus told us they had a friend who had married within the last year. i’m not giving up though and it’s good to know that kind of relationship is out there and it’s worked for other women like jola! women don’t realize this statement alone will make 90% of the men disappear entirely, the other 10% having some sort of dominance fetish. telling beth that more than three hundred women had worked with me on the marriage research and not one had made the comment she just offered, i apologized. talks about how middle aged men want to date younger women, but take a look at some twentysomething profiles and you’ll notice how many are willing to date men up to twenty years older then them, but rule out candidates born 12 months after them. the “next step,” as a majority of them admitted reluctantly to our researchers, was a serious relationship and possibly marriage. bought my own condo and have been solo/single for 18 years. response to the observation that perhaps men seek out women for ltrs that are impressed with their accomplishments, m writes: “men crack me up sometimes. the most important reason these men had for marrying was that if they waited much longer, they wouldn’t be able to be active fathers. is that men want and mostly talk about dating young women. men are set in their ways at this point in life, too… women are not alone in being empty nesters., i believe that you should seriously consider what kind of women you have choosen from the milions  of availible single women. now that’s not ‘entitlement’, i don’t know what is. really find all this quite upsetting and i think i can speak for many men in saying that we can’t understand what we ever did to deserve to be treated this way. the problems is, women want men to behave according to their “dating code” but refuse to behave according to the basic tenets of human kindness. so if you’re dating someone from another religion and both of you hold your religious beliefs very strongly, it dramatically reduces the chance that you will marry. i went to university for the first time at 48 and gained an honours degree and i am now in the final stages of a phd in biomedical science ( i was a nurse before illness). i do have a short list of “deal breakers”, it consists more of the non-smoking, no drugs, and no criminal past order than the tall, dark, and handsome requirements juveniles usually list.  this isn’t a male phenomenon it’s a human phenomenon. believe me, i understand the differences in the sexes- men are visual, driven by their animalistic urges and trillions of sperm, yada, yada, yada. a strong, authentic and distinguished women with character who surely can “take it easy” and be up for some “smooth sailing without excess complications”…. money, demands and compromises…my opinion is that men should never, ever commingle money (or loan, or borrow from, etc) with a woman. the way that i look at it which unfortunately most of the women of today aren’t that nice at all since many of them have really changed for the worst of all. all of a sudden, they have a nice car and an apartment and an income. differences of opinions on core values such as abortion, capital punishment, or even disciplining children can divide a couple. it kept me literally alive through years of dating hell. there is, is a shortage at the price point offered by women to men. if you think it’s because men like drama, i’ll have to respectfully disagree. but i still believe there are many good women ( at least i am one of them) who are single. women start maintaining the infrastructure, defending the country on the front lines , and doing all the dirty messy jobs that make daily life as you live it possible. you noticed in this exchange that women’s behavior/demeanor etc is being put to blame here, and men are being let off scott free? only contact women who seem to be of like mindset. but at that time in her life, most eligible men are either widowed or divorced, and their chances of marrying again are substantially higher than those of men of the same age who have never married. the attractive women our age who rejected us (usually for older successful guys or complete a holes generally speaking if he’s our age) for the past decade are getting too old for children now (or have them), and we want our own families, so we look younger. a younger women, i would really appreciate comments from womens older than i am about my opinion stated in my post. all three women openly said they wanted kids and although i was 50 then they would like a family if i was interested. i was married in my 20s and in another long-term relationship that was on its way to becoming a marriage in my 30s. and, according to one comment in this forum this would indicate there would be something wrong with me. its easier to make fat acceptance a thing then to move for most married women. of former “confirmed” bachelors get married each year, usually to women they’ve known for less than a year or whom they’ve been going with for many years. and as i’m discovering, men like me are more plentiful than you might think. helped me realize a single life is the right choice for me and now i realize and understand why other older women have taken this choice as . a man asks a women to change at all, then he is being selfish and putting all the blame squarely on women. they (the men) are where you left them in her 20’s. so it’s not only men who are set in their ways. men reach thirty-three or thirty-four, the chances they’ll commit start to diminish, but only slightly. and more men realize that they don’t need women for sex either. and now you think all women should be punished for your own persona heartache. men reach age forty-seven to fifty without marrying, the chances they will marry do not disappear, but they drop dramatically. none of them are going to be willing to be the first “lab rat” in his experiment to find connection. when i was in my 20s/30s i wouldn’t have looked twice at a middle aged man and have up until now been quite baffled by their apparent allure to young women.. hot young men still get much more attention than old fat guys with a wallet. i want marriage, he says he wants marriage also, but i think it is “us” that is not working out. a vast majority of people (men and women) cannot even break even in this society so they cannot hoard what they do not have. women who believe this are not only pathetic, they are going to be sorely disappointed. of the men we interviewed, however, asserted that they hadn’t become convinced they were too old for the singles scene because of one incident. so why should i (and any other women who have their own unique dating experiences and struggles) be punished now just because you had a hard time dating when you were younger and have developed a strange vindictive idealism about what you believe you deserve as a 30 something man compared to your 30 something year old female contemporaries? i find i’m unhappy and the marriage or being a wife is unfulfilling i will stay. relevant aside: last year, it dawned on me that for every “crazy girl” dating story i had, there was a woman on the other end who was telling her own version of the story, except that in her version, she’s the heroine and i’m the bad guy. most people men and women combined do not have the income level to support yearly updates and remodels of homes, around the world vacations and other things. maybe it’s the baggage on both sides, as no one reaches the half century mark without some of it. you don’t say what age range you’re looking to date and perhaps your profile doesn’t read well or, well, any number of things. you don’t want to provide for a younger man who doesn’t have the successful career and income status because if he did, he would go for a woman his own age and younger. most men have experienced this, particularly ones who were married. agree that, at this age, i’m not interested in sacrificing or compromising any more. the men i’ve met just going out as soon as they find out how old i am many react very badly and are quite nasty, others i see their body language change as they put me into the “i’d f it but i wouldn’t marry it” box, these men are my age, i’ve stopped telling people how old i am now. after pondering this for a few years i have concluded that easy and pleasant are the 2 most important qualities in a women for me — more important that attractiveness, more important than great sex. at my age, i am not as resilient as when i was younger and my heart doesn’t heal as easily. no wonder so many men are saying “no, thank you. i wonder how joan has been going about meeting men other than online, and if this is her first foray into the dating world after being married.. most women regardless of age, will see his lack of exposure and experience as a huge red flag. we only have a few years left to enjoy ourself before real old age kicks our asses and relegates us into generic blue-hairs, dismissed by every other living person on earth as waiting to die. their reason for marrying was different than that of the younger men we interviewed. remember the large number of women your age who, when they were the younger women, were out dating the woodstock generation men while blowing off the men their own age?"some men don't want to invest the time it takes getting to know you. such couples, however, represent a very small percentage of today’s singles. is no merit in addressing or even characterizing the rest of suze’s comments. a single woman would be crazy to take this on. perhaps you should be more specific if and when you post dating profiles; put up a line like “no gold diggers need apply!

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i am 53 now and have been single for the past 2 years.” every woman goes through menopause yet that doesn’t mean all of us have gone without a partner. so many people want to write us off because of menopause, etc. on huff/post50:Things i know about women now that i'm post50. women will tell a man she’s independent and successful, but expect him to pay for dinner.“how often are men told to become more in tune with their emotions and understand the way the woman’s brain is wired?” i agree with that,yet, many single men are “clueless.  a man is supposed to work hard for the women’s love, and change, and be treated like dirt, and how much do you make again? the way you talk about women reveals your personal lack of maturity and it doesn’t exactly sound very ‘nice’ even though you lay claim to being a ‘nice guy’. suze your 1st paragraph is correct – as for the 2nd paragraph, in a world where women think 80% of men are ‘below average’ the numbers you speak of are going to grow indefinitely…. these women told us they saw lack of social skills or a few inches in height as a minor detail, because they had already had a man who was tall or suave, and he hadn’t made a very good husband. to those older women out there who understand the old double standard game. i know, your question is; what are the options to meet women to form relationships if not online dating? many men reluctantly admitted that for more than a year, they had felt uncomfortable in the singles world where they had been hanging out for the past five years. what i’ve founds is that as soon as there is some tpye of significant entalglement (living together, joint bank account, marriage, etc…) women get more ‘secure’ and start making more demands, since for the man, extricating himself from the relationship is now messy, expensive, and difficult. yes, i know how to compromise with my two cats (i clean the box; they don’t poop on the carpet), but men are much more complicated than cats. but they are the first to end marriage when they feel they are not getting out of it what they should. i’m trying to determine the difference between being discerning or avoiding commitment. told story joe, i am a divorced female after 19 years of marriage. we were engaged and he did buy me a very nice ring, but eventually mother won and i was discarded. losing hair or putting on weight often makes men look older, and when a man looks older in singles places, he is often treated by the women as if he doesn’t belong. recent study looked into why older women — in this case, women in their 60s and 70s — date. do women in their 30s not want to date men in their 40s? it seems like the older men usually want younger women. i must start from the position you are not; sorry but every woman in my life has convinced me that you are all out to take advantage of me.’m married now but before i met my wife i had adjusted to a single life at 26 and frankly had sort of come to the conclusion that i would remain single and was ok with that having given up long ago around my early 20s after repeatably going to bars and clubs only to come home empty handed instead preferring to stay in with my other friends in similar circumstances. i just don’t think i am relationship material in this age.,the mens over 40 or even men under that age group in fact, may want “simple”, “easy come and easy go” type of attitude or “fun “…the truth as i see it, it’s true! there aren’t too many options beyond that except an arranged marriage, which happens in certain culture here and elsewhere, or a matchmaking service. a divorced (my choice) single father over 40 i wouldn’t marry again to resurrect a child. unless you sign up to a religious dating site or the person specifically mentions relig…"marika on should your spouse also be your best friend?, there are some of us women that truly like men, like sex, and want to find a good fit for our lives. but regardless of how unimpressive you find any particular male, there is a pool of women who will likely be content with that level of accomplishment. why is that considered some kind of achievement especially in light of the high divorce rates? you’re dating a man who has had one or more long-term relationships with other women and didn’t marry them, there’s a real possibility he’s a stringer. a reasonable proportion of the women who are rejecting you on match would likely be receptive to you if they met you in person. i always approach men indicating that i am not looking for marriage, i am not looking to be taken care of nor do i expect to be their caretaker (for lack of a better word). it’s about the other person, whatever children you may have (divorce is tough on kids regardless of what professors of women’s studies rant) and keeping your promises. fortunately, there are still some women my age who don’t act like spoiled children. i believe that for a true ltr, strong, authentic, distinguished mens with character go for womens who possess the qualities they possess themselves. sylvia left that threatening comment on her blog for a year. couldn’t care less if men my age want to skew younger (or women my age for that matter).- have gone out with men and had some pretty serious relationships. that is, what women are offering to men, at their price point, is not of enough value for them to offer more in return. cheaper than the marriage contract of splitting your pension 50/50 – sooner or later – the women will wise up and start to teach their offspring.’ many men do not understand they have absolute leverage, particularly as they get a bit older and more established. it is only men who are to blame and women shouldn’t have to ‘put up with mens bad behaviour’. men do need to realize, truly realize, that they are in the driver’s seat regarding the opposite sex. in fact i have extremely limitied dating experience as well as munimal experience with women in general (long story). also at that stage one may be more ‘easy-going’ and relaxed as pressures lift and priorities change. i would love to meet someone and not hesitate on being the first to send the “hello” message but in most cases men do not respond and just ignore me completely. you really don’t want a woman who needs a man; you want a woman who enjoys the company of men and wants to be with one special man. beautiful and amazing women know that a good partner will see that in them, regardless of their menopausal state or not. but i personally think that a really “distinguished man” who have any life’s experiences and some backbone will no doubts embrace and appreciate a women who can be “the deep and wiser” women that the women over 40 is, and put the breezy “fun and simple” on the side. he cooks, cleans and picks up the kids thanks to womens’ lib. can see that i am an attractive woman; i believe most men would agree. advice for women cannot be “men should change” because that’s called validation, not advice. he likes having a woman, sleeping with a woman, eating with a woman, possibly sharing his life with a woman without ever making a real commitment. while her dating issues are less of a problem (guys are less picky re: marital status), it’s still an issue for her. this is subtext for ” no matter how normal i appear on the surface, you are about to become the catalyst and custodian of some inner demon or dark secret that i’ve managed to contain for years” . kids mind their manners (and be nice to alexa) in the digital age. anything, it’s more of a level playing field when it comes to midlife dating. this is very unattractive and when years of bad habits are on the outside we know years of mental problems are are the inside. there are way more single women than men, if that’s what you are asking. out what my blog can do for you, and what type of man becomes a dating coach for women. at this stage in life and the way gender relations have evolved during my lifetime marriage isn’t worth it for men anymore. the midst of so many work, family commitments, financial stressors- it is hard to be ‘easy-going’. when you think about it, with the creation of sperm in the laboratories, test tube babies and electric jar openers – men will be obsolete in a few years anyway – just keep them around for the sex (well, we don’t really need them for that either……) and go out with your fabulous girlfriends! its a major backward step and a recpie for resentment,My interests and passion would be secerely compromised by being in a couple as i don’t want to become another mans mother or main care provider. really…using divorce statistic rate to make a point about man “absolute leverage” as so nicely said by verbosity, it’s not only biased on perhaps his own perspective/or views on the “bad women who actually leaves mans – either divorce or end of ltr” but also look down on women who are in their 40’s because clearly…as said before :”men, as we age, generally get more distinguished and attractive (presuming we dont go completely to pot) to a wider range of women older & younger. that said, i feel men are guided by the laws of sexual attraction. rocky, thanks for calling out the elephant in the room, menopause. simply do not want to get to know anyone as quite frankly what i want to learn in my life cannot be found in a claustraphobic twosome where my entire energy is taken up maintaining or fighting for balance or to keep harmony,Why fight for basics in a couple that i dont have to as a single person?, just to be clearthis is a blog run by a man who gives dating advice to both sexes. hold the cards when they are young, men when they are older. younger women who are struggling to conceive or are struggling to find available men to marry are envious of the older woman who “takes their place” so to speak. supposedly these women are superior to us in every way, to hear those guys talk. a trust needs to be established, a friendship needs to happen, and independence for each person needs to be established and a mutual bond of interests, love, and kindness would have to come into effect first, before i could throw myself out there again and even think of marriage. they know what the deal is when it comes to women and they don’t want it. women who are my peers (or reasonably so), don’t need a man. you can also spend lot of money (did you know that on average a woman spends ,000 coloring her hair over her lifetime?  and the face-saving rhetoric you older women continue to manufacture will continue, but the audience that sees right through it will continue to grow. such men are hardly ever going to be the marrying kind. your value goes up – your self-awareness, your experience, your wisdom, your sex drive, your income – and yet, to men, your value goes down. that’s also the age when most doctors, who spend four years in medical school and at least one year as an intern, start seriously thinking about marriage. see above for further explanation, which also refutes suze’s comment of “women in their 40s are probably better off with men in their 50s and up. suddenly though we graduate college and get a career going, then the money and confidence begins flowing in.

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i have made myself completely available both physically and financially to a marriage relationship for 6 years. wish you lots of luck as you venture out into the strange world of dating at midlife. since the of today have really changed since the good old days when now there are so many very greedy, selfish, and very money hungry women these days that will only want the best of all and will never settle for less unfortunately. had lost satisfying relationships because the men wanted to get married but the women didn’t, sometimes because it would hurt them financially and sometimes because they didn’t want to have to care for anyone else anymore.“but it isn’t because older women can’t find a hubby” – is that even true though? however, look at (grr) hollywood and how actresses struggle for roles once they reach a certain age.“i don’t have much of a problem meeting and dating women. and society seem to accept the notion of women being gold-diggers more readily than the notion of men being gold-diggers. my humble opinion, i think that too many women spend years turning down committed relationships with good men to pursue the bad, sexy men or to work on their careers and then when they get to a certain age, they expect the good men to be available for them.“if anything, it’s more of a level playing field when it comes to midlife dating. one neighbour is 60 and divorced and also looked after his aged mum for a long time and we got on quite well over the years. i’m a tad younger than you but have found similar issues with men around my age."adrian,Re  your query "as women what are the things that men see in you that makes them think you hung the moon and poop gold?, so what if a number of men have never been married? simply do not like being with women who always presume we are at fault and we need to change. study after study show that single mothers are more likely to raise children who grow up to become criminals and addicts.. do you believe it’s a level dating playing field for older men and older women? i do think personally that the idea that women in their 50 by and large truly want a man is not a self-evident truth. over eight years, you must have changed your profile dozens of times trying to attract the women who are deserving of you.’s world view is representative of why i ( and many other men) feel that “successful ” women are not good material for successful marriages. a family elder told me 30 years ago that senior women didn’t want to be nursemaids or bed warmers; that still holds true.  i think it’s due to well, 1000’s of years of the power paradigm being structured one way and suddenly in the 20th+ centuries it’s being challenged and is changing to go into another direction altogether, completely foreign to humanity …and with it comes a whole lotta growing pains! interestingly, he and the fellows who frequented bars and pool halls made the same comment. most of the posts are from women, i’ll state things from my oh so humber male perspective. is why some guys divorced at 40/50 end up with 30 something wives, they are often career women who desperately want children. of the men i meet don’t take sex seriously. this was a perfect article for how i am feeling today and i enjoyed the comments as well. i haven’t had a relationship for 17 years, i have not been able to find anyone my own age who has a good head on his shoulders and is even remotely attractive socially, physically or otherwise by anyones standards. and, there (thankfully) are enough men close to my age who actually do want to date women their age or even a bit older. smart women have trouble dating because we see through – and won’t put up with – a man’s lies and bad behavior. could see he was losing the argument not only with her but with the entire bar. so what do i think about dating at this age? suze thinks that men need to change further to suit women, it appears. it doesn’t matter what my age was, or their age was. you believe it’s a level dating playing field for older men and older women? their idea of an emotionally healthy man is some twit who will constantly cater to whatever they are complaining about at the moment. dating in 50’s is so different because we all have baggages, at this age compatible companionship is more important than a marriage, it is so much time consuming for online dating, i don’t like it at all. are literally hundreds of thousands of men and women in their forties and fifties eagerly seeking mates, but somehow they can’t seem to find each other. but i suspect you don’t want to date younger men because you know that they don’t make that much money. the time men are in their 50s, the workplace has taken their lives away from them as a condition of employment. we call them on it and it makes men uncomfortable when they get caught in their lies.  yes men have those and no they don’ t need your permission. their sex drives are typically waning, they’ve usually made a career for themselves and so have money to do whatever they want to do, and the women their age are on average not fun people to be around. men who graduate from college don’t start considering marriage as a real possibility until age twenty-six. a lot of men and women in their 50s and older do go to the gym and take care of themselves. if after six months you don’t have a firm commitment, leave.  but, when you, a man, says it people chime in about how women shouldn’t try to change men. my experience , men can tick along normally until they meet me and say those immortal words ” i feel i can talk to you” …. for 80 percent of high school graduates, the minimum age of commitment is twenty-three, whereas for 80 percent of college graduates, it’s twenty-six. here on the bs meter… bottom line all men stayed nine years old forever and will tell nine year old boy level lies to you. it’s taking a little getting used to not checking my online dating site for messages but so far i’m pretty happy just letting things be. remember that there are many young women, some i know personally, who cannot be pregnant. keep in mind if you’re reading this that a younger woman doesn’t have to be a sycophant or a brainless chimp (although some insecure men are just fine with that). why should i fight for basic rights that i have as a single person? the one thing which was overlooked by the men behind the theory is the backlash on the backlash. this certainly keeps many of us good men single since trying to meet a good woman that can accept us for who we really are really makes it very tough for us men right now since many of us are not single by choice. it is a refusal to pay the true price for what women want men to offer them. i’m finding that women in their 50s who say they want independence make it more of an issue and pull away from potential male lovers, friends, etc. most common impediment to marriage is one party’s insistence that the children be raised in his or her faith. have found it quite true that most women in their 50’s are not interested in your average male of the same age or a little older. a bunch of fat old men who are basically pedaphiles? completely understand how you feel and as a 48 year old female feel exhausted by dating, just need my own space and keeping busy with friends family and work is enough. and maybe some of it is that some women feel there should be some grand karmic payback in the form of a dashing white knight for all the years they sacrificed to their kids and ex-husband. political disagreements are a significant factor only when they’re grounded in core beliefs. difference between men and women at this age, however, is that we don’t necessarily want the same things. older men are sought after by younger women interested in their money. by the time we reach 30, as men we no longer think off women as special or shiny in anyway shape or form. they claim that men who go for younger women are shallow but refuse to accept that women who go after older men are shallow gold-diggers. indeed, there was such a wide range of ages that at first we didn’t think age was a factor. i imagine the hollywood bureacracy is still a good-old-boys’ network and, like the stereotype, they prefer younger women–as actresses, if not dates. i might also add and it’s only my legal point of view but…some marriage might have failed because after a few years and a lot of unresolved issues on both parts…”simple” is the way to do things, nothing gets solved and things then fall apart. evan, i don’t believe that women over 35 have their options limited – i know of many women into their 40’s who’ve ended up finding someone and having children. he’s strung many women along, and he may try it with you. after reading many comments, it reminded me of why i had decided to end the last relationship…at this age unlike before marrying we wonder what our spouses would be as a parent…this no longer matters at this stage of life. if a man talks of marriage as a financial game in which women are out to make their fortunes, don’t just walk away-run! spending the last hour reading through all of the comments from readers here, yours is the only one that struck me as coming from a place of complete emotional health.’ve tried all the big dating websites and i go out a lot (that is another weird phenomenon – men my age sit home on the weekends and don’t go out and do anything so i never meet anyone by just going out and having fun). you don’t want to adjust to men, that is certainly your prerogative. in addition i look 10-20 years younger and consider myself somewhat above average looking (i still get a lot of looks). also women get so fat, when they get married, do you know why…. a man suffering from low-t experiences the same hormone-level triggered hot flashes that a woman experiences during menopause.! i had to laugh at your description of so many men’s dating profiles. very few 20 year olds are in this place of enjoyment, financial stability+happiness with family/life-don’t assume you know anything regarding me. we as womens do get more distinguished, confident and also more wise about what’s really important as we aged. wrote “… being smart women ourselves, we’re not that enamoured or impressed with their [men] accomplishments because we’re equally accomplished. factor that determines whether a man is likely to get married is the success, or lack thereof, of his parents’ marriage. so for the first few years that they’re on their own, their primary goal is having fun, which translates into dating without any serious thoughts about marriage.

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women have the advantage in that they only have to accept or reject any proposals they receive. i think this is why men my age look southward in the dating age., no dears, men do not become more attractive as they age. before you engage in an ad hominem attack not on the subject matter, you should first be correct on the basis for your attack (not a women’s dating board only). in aging, dating, expectations, love, marriage, men, midlife, relationships, sex, singles, stereotypes, women. i have everything i need in my group of fun married and single friends that just accept me as i am. single mothers are more likely to raise criminals and over 100 million americans have a sexually transmitted disease.’m not suggesting money is a subject that couples shouldn’t discuss when they’re thinking about marriage. ironically, i met someone on a blind date (not from a dating site) and after almost 3 years of dating, we married. after divorce #1, i was a single mother with custody of my 2 kids…working and trying online dating. been divorced for only 18 months and dating is true my abysmal! she can date men slightly before they reach that age, because by the time she’s gone out with a man for a year, he may have reached the point of being receptive to the idea of marriage. typically mid life women who dump the husband have a good career and have already been taking care of the family in both domestic and financial ways – they are tired of raising their husband too who acts like an overgrown kid, so yes – 2/3 of divorced are initiated by women. i think a lot of women prefer to marry a man who is divorced because it is proof that he will be a sucker again since he was a sucker before. and people who have the whole package may not necessarily find you to be a suitable mate if all you have to offer is being  young and hot. because most relationships/marriages are ended by women (according to the stats you cite) doesn’t mean that the relationship was a good one. some do, some don’t in the same way that some women get more attractive and some don’t. i’m not sure i’d want to get legally married for financial reasons but would definitely have to have a commitment ceremony. now that you’re one of the older women, you want to get self-righteous about the idea of one of the men your own age dating somebody younger? now, the younger men i decide to date, and the youngest so far has been 30, has a real mans heart and enjoys taking care of his woman. is the sad truth: more women, across the board, at all ages, are opting to be single because they do not like the quality of men out there. the first was that there is an age when a man is ready to marry-the age of commitment. like mary, i receive all the love and affection and joy i need from my kids and wonderful friendships, and love men as friends but have no desire to be in a committed relationship. are most likely to marry after they become uncomfortable with the singles scene..nd d time a women dominates a man…the relationship is dead! today, many of the women whom these men think are after their money earn far more than they do., if you're in your 50s, single and dating (and feeling like you're not getting anywhere), consider this a little friendly feedback from the ladies. they’re reluctant to even consider marriage for a few years, because they want to sow their wild oats. i feel that i have made significant progress in that area now and feel i can finally present myself as an independent woman again in the dating field. the single men apparently did not feel an obligation to give these interviewers macho or politically correct answers. at this age , i want to travel without animals or small children. also one’s skills at discrimination,As evan says- great to keep being out there and not mistake lack of success as a sign that it is impossible , or to justify a judgment of the pool of all men. women don’t want to change for men, but they issue codes, rules and standards that men must follow. see women who are married but miserable, but won’t leave because financially they don’t want to have to go back to work or full-time work. i had surgery a few years ago and closed that window for good after a run of men who were trying to get me pregnant. while i’m sure the type of confident and relaxed women you discussed exist, they really are a rarity. it was a series of small incidents over a period of time that turned them off-usually comments made by one or more young women that made them realize they no longer fit into the place they had frequented for years. men think sowing their wild oats is a rite of passage and will not even contemplate marriage until they have been working and living as independent adults for several years. especially the ones who grow into the fit successful men in their 30s everyone wants.” in our interviews, they often used such derogatory terms when speaking of women. in the words of the grinch, “i’m all dead inside” i still find some men wonderful and sexy. the focus group we put together to investigate political alignments in marriage, we discovered that many married couples were politically divided. because i found a husband my age, bought my own home and had kids, i guess i never needed to look elsewhere. many men at that age begin to look at women and marriage as a poor financial investment. but we are talking about dating, and meaningful relationships, and there has to be something beyond looks for it to last. me, the more authentic i am, the less dates i have, and the more i pretend to be someone else, the type of woman that evan and karmic equation are always harping on how women should be and how wonderful these types of women are – they are right, the more dates i have. men have been supporting women who divorce them, take the kids and the money, and then raise the kids to become unsuccessful and even criminals. if equality is not achieved, then why do they piss and moan about alimony, paying for their little shit factories that a man may not have even fathered and have a court system that defaults to catering women over men? the way, evan, did sylvia mention that “someone” posted on sylvia’s blog that susan nercher should be gruesomely killed and sylvia didn’t seem too concerned about it? the divorce settlement just wasn’t big enough or you “wanted it all”, ran into., why don’t i struggle like other ladies in their late 30s or 40s, etc, finding men their age? a relationship where you meet for dates and a romp sounds perfect for both older men and women.% of young men aren’t married because they have their own deep seeded issues within themselves and with women. it’s even more sad for us women who have grown up and are very attractive, loving, fun, and want that non nagging easy relationship and now only have the choice of settling 1. and, thank goodness there are images today of women over 40 who are absolutely beautiful-and here’s the kicker-inside and out. i’m sure that some women have issues preventing them from having fulfilling relationships but i think that men who reject women because of their age generally don’t do so because they want children (as they claim), they’re really afraid of commitment and ‘being rushed’. you are kidding yourself if you dont think men dont go thru change. seems when it comes to the dating world, the us woman over 50 is at the bottom of the pile…. percent of men who have graduated from college are ready for the next step between ages twenty-six and thirty-three; this is when they are most likely to consider marriage. i am surprised that there are any people in relationships at all anymore with the majority of the bitter attitudes and hurtful comments. previous post:why you’re still single – in 2336 wordsread this. don’t men hate being single as much as women do? i will concede the point that there are some, maybe even many, nice worthwhile single women in their mid fifties out there. numbers are going to continue to grow until men elect to examine their own behavior and not put the responsibility of change squarely on women. once men reach age forty-seven to fifty without marrying, the chances they will marry do not disappear, but they drop dramatically. opposites may attract, but men and women from similar backgrounds marry. partly blame the whole feminist shift for that…but the end result is that most single men are emotionally crippled and well…not appealing. so unless you, yourself, are indeed perfect, there is always room for improvement. of the focus groups composed of men about to marry said that if a woman wants to know whether a man is ready to get married, she should ask him how much he enjoys the singles scene. despite what you may think guys under i’d say 26 to 28 do have a really hard time dating and an impossible time finding love. it has taken me ages to get over him, and it has been almost 4 years since i have seen him. it is very hard to meet available men, married men are a dime a dozen who are eager to cheat. “older” women typically get so hormonal and with taking care of themselves very vigorously can have a longer shelf life. post wendy it seems that so many people see age as a barrier to enjoying life sometimes it is about choosing carefully and making sure that someone is ready to meet you half way going through the hurt of being someones caretaker for a few months until they feel ready to move on is indescribable and knocks self esteem and confidence there are many lovely people out there. the women tell you that it is your sour attitude and bitterness that has caused you not to have formed a relationship.. now get off the computer, get back to the basement before your mother realizes you’re gone and has a chance to change the locks on your house lol. my conversations with women usually end up with a lot of “respect” or “admiration” for a man who is willing to take on such responsibilities, but they quickly lose any romantic interest. there is the contempt for men which women harbor which is always just below the surface. i enjoy happiness and fulfillment, but i doubt i’ll find either by breaking a covenant promise and violating my conscience. well, maybe you play too many games based on assumptions and that’s why the men get defensive. i wouldn’t mind dating her but i don’t think she feels the same way towards me and just wants to stay buds. into the dating pool, no one has a crystal ball. i stopped asking women out because it’s clear they are not going to go. these are not the adjectives women use to describe themselves; these are the adjectives that men often use to describe you based on their own dating experiences. this is treated on other parts of this site, but it should be mentioned here. if you’re entering your 50s now, when was the playing field anything but absurdly tipped in favor of the women in your generation? i also need to add that i think that it’s for the same reason younger man are now considering dating womens older than them or in their 40’s …simply because womens in their 40’s know what they want, they have character and depth…because that’s so much more than “simple”.

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you talk with them about marriage, they tend to be very open about what they believe. she has suggested dating men between 45 and 50 to offset the health/aging factor as couples age. not all are like that, however — were you just attracted to type-a women? also, being smart women ourselves, were not that enamoured or impressed with their accomplishments because were equally accomplished. i just can’t be bothered with it any more, maybe because i have a lot going on in my life at the moment? just as you older women cleaned out the guys pension/equity in their lives, now you can pay the price. in other words, if a woman meets two men in their late forties, one who has been married and the other a lifelong bachelor, she should choose the one who has been married before. they think it’s their god-given right to have a woman half his age, or he “offshores” his love life by getting a mail order bride i. one of the most public party-crossing couples is conservative pundit mary matalin and democratic campaign manager james carville, who worked for opposite sides when democrat bill clinton challenged gop incumbent george h. two weeks of that, ha ha… and i never looked back at men again! at this age, becoming attached is a decision, it’s not by magic. is why i suggest that 50ish women just forsake the us or western market alone and go for a foreign house boy with multiple skills, from fixing appliances to fixing a low libodo. there simply won’t be the men out there who are available and have decent health. maybe have a few flings with younger men and have fun with your gal pals until you click with someone? viagra is often misprescribed for men who are suffering from low-t. i can tell you that women have as much interest in sex, intimacy and having fun as men do and are often looking for a man who is comfortable with himself and is willing to accept a woman the way she is when he meets her.’re all aware at this age about health and the importance of staying active… who wants to zone out on tv when there’s active things to do together that enhance the relationship? i've gathered input from three of my most trusted single girlfriends whose ages range from early 40s to late-50s. no one mentions it but the grey elephant in the room is menopause. always thought that middle-aged women didn’t date because older men want younger women. women go through menopause, which alters the body in many ways. among men who are positively inclined toward marriage and are from identical educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, 20 percent will reach the age of commitment a year or more before our estimates, while another 20 percent will only consider marriage as a real option two to four years later. the beauty of dating at our age, at least for me, is that without the pressure to couple up and have kids, we can spend time getting to know someone.  pump and dump, have a little fun sure……but looks and fertility are what most men want and older women are lacking in these areas. without asking, she seated him at a table, assuming he wouldn’t want to join the singles at the bar. comments range from disappointments from past experiences to fears that paralyzes us from moving forward. in their 40s are probably better off with men in their 50s and up. ultimately, i have my own small business (a lot of stress would have been spared if i’d been an entrepreneur from the beginning instead of trying to follow a traditional career track), that has literally saved the ranch and kept the roof over my head, not to mention some hours of terrific pleasure in nature. and then, find an attractive man near same age (mid 50’s) without having to settle. in this market men offer value in exchange for women and women offer value in exchange for men. it is women who are more likely to file for divorce. high-commitment period for most college-educated men is from ages twenty-eight to thirty-three. my interviews with single men had shown there were men who would not commit. you don’t want any man — you want a man who will love, cherish and embrace you through menopause. might be younger, i might even be able to still act the “simple carefree naive way” from times to times that mens seem so fonds of…but i already know from life experiences that “simple” doesn’t make it in the end.! and dat defines beauty…women will be after 1)money 2) bushy eyebrows . *i’m* told so much to watch my entitlement and standards cause my value lowers as i age (ugh, would you say that to my face on a date? men simply want women who are physically attractive and sensual, who like them for who they, are who aren’t always complaining/trying to change them. women can covet such anger and rage…it’s amazing. yes, i had “offers” from unhappy women in unhappy relationships (why would i be interested? men be forced to pay for children they didn’t want? i was raised in an environment where men and women worked, hard, together, to create the best they new how. i’ve read women’s online dating profiles by the thousand, and young or old, they have one thing in common- a long list of non-negotiable demands, combined with a list of travel and career “achievements” that 99% of men could not care less about. i read a headline the other day that “std increase is linked to dating apps”. > blog > dating > where are all the emotionally available, mentally healthy men?, too many women feel they are entitled to the $$ and have someone else do the household chores., i think your comment lacks tact and sensitivity towards the ladies here because of the way you wrote those last two sentences. fast forward 10 months… the husband has adjusted to being a single father. after an elaborate study that monitored 22 women throughout their menstrual cycle, researchers learned women send out visual cues when they’re ovulating. lot of stupid women on this topic that was written by a woman anyway. when it comes to women and dating, i say you can never know enough. george, it is not likely you, it is the online dating..neither wud a women like a low self esteemed man……………. now, by your estimation, there are no men out there who are either a) interested or b) qualified for a long-term relationship. i dreamt about being a beautiful young bride and having a home and family life like so many women do – but it’s not going to happen. i always paid my own way (for the posts above about “material girls”, some of us do play fair and carry our own baggage) and worked to be a supportive partner. alot of men do infact pick their partners based on looks and then 3-5 years down the road, they wonder why they don’t get a long with this person or possibly don’t even like them. i turn this down more than once because i don’t believe in sex without love and commitment. after the aforementioned divorce or ended long term relationship, most men i have talked to just want something simple and to have fun. this is usually an arrangement agreed to by the man but devised by the woman. and it is constructive advice to women that if you are that way, you will increase your relationship success. we reach retirement males want love, a companion and nurse. had a lot of chances to meet younger guys because they thought i was in my late 30’s, they all surprised when i told them my age. asked them why they weren’t enjoying the singles scene, and at first the only answer we got was, “been there, done that. i am pretty sure you don’t speak for your entire gender since you clearly hate men but still expect them to fulfill your desires. talked to dozens of men in their late thirties and early forties who had given up on the idea of marrying. think in particular american men have a really difficult time with the emotional elements of life, relationships etc. once a man reaches a certain age, he prefers easy relationships. when you see women as human beings, then your eyes will be open to this. often marry women whose backgrounds — religion, politics, values, socioeconomic status matches theirs. i can’t feel bad because my body is going through menopause and a man won’t be attracted to me for that reason. you don’t seem like a fun, easy going girl who doesn’t project all of your relationship failures on men.” even though most of the men we met after they picked up a marriage license were between twenty-seven and thirty-four, we did meet men from seventeen to seventy-seven who were about to marry. men of all ages are attracted to me and i am constantly hit on by men much younger starting at age 18. perpetual string of men that: “just didn’t get it! keep discussing marriage in terms of what it should be. if women want to land a good dude, all they need to do is act in their nurturing, more submissive nature and not like they have been told they are supposed to act. and when they do find these good men, they place unreasonable demands on them and when the men can’t or won’t meet these demands (because who really can meet them), they break up the relationship. say the following:“have you noticed in this exchange that womens behavior/demeanor etc is being put to blame here, and men are being let off scott free? i am 57, have been married, divorced, engaged again and reinvented myself after some serious illness and have no children. the first thing that struck us was that about a third of them said that for six months to two years before they met their brides-to-be, they were not dating or going to singles places as often as they had been just a few years earlier. for women – but it means the men are along for the ride too. have no value in the marketplace over a certain age and you have to adapt. do you not think that a man cheating might also have had something to do with whether the women was being attentive to his needs? if you are confident in self, blessed enough, learned your value in life, not needy at all, non judgmental, and apt to let things flow, men will love that in you. guess i’m one of those lucky ladies who doesn’t struggle getting dates or offers of commitment from men her own age and even younger. and women in our 50’s tend to have a different set of high standards when it comes to looking for love.

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got close, was engaged at 30 but it was a rebound and i had to cut him loose, it was not the right thing to do and i have no regrets about doing the right thing. (not gorgeous or young always, but lots more single women than men. the feminist movement didn’t turn men into stubborn children. even if she’s gorgeous; there’s lots of gorgeous single girls out there. she can still become a mother and she can reap the advantages of his experience and wealth. is a huge hole in available attractive women between 25 and 35 (married, gay or finding themselves (read: career-driven)). i guess to sum it all up, my advice to every woman is to be a lady, but think like a man. there are quality men out there – even if they’re few and far between. like lake wobegon, where “all the men are above average”.  i also find that older single men 35 and older, have been by a former relationship, many have lost everything they have through divorce or otherwise, and just simply a miserable bunch. my former marriage was a claustrophobic twosome where whatever energy i had left (after all the household responsibilities) was taken up maintaining or fighting for balance (which never happened). professional men-unlike the younger men who had only completed high school-were perfectly at ease in their favorite singles places well into their thirties. you may have a better chance of meeting that right person through mutual interests than by randomly dating. amazes me how when a woman first startes dating a man, the men have no problem renting a house boat for a few weeks off the amalfi coast, or riding vespas through the south of france while staying at vineyards. i have always gotten along better with men than women.” years of childbirth, caretaking, menopause, and putting everyone else first do factor in (although putting everyone else first could well be lumped under “bad habits” i suppose). but since it takes exercise and hair care to be that way- i’m alright with an average looking guy. it was also a yearly fight about how much to spend for their annual christmas parties–her husband would nickel and dime the caterers menu/ the band/ the florist and the valet until it made my friends christmas party a miserable experience every year. we as womens do get more distinguished, confident and also more wise about what’s really important as we aged. i hate to tell you this, but more men look like s*** in middle to old age than do women. i gave that garbage up some thirty years ago, when i was in my thirties.  men don’t want to sit and hold hands, or go “walking on the beach at sunset drinking wine with a full figured (fat) woman”. i am by no means criticizing or complaining — just providing an observation based on an admittedly miniscule number of women. once a man decides he’s too old for the singles scene, that part of his life is over, and he is more likely to marry.! sorry that is a total myth…from my experience women take way better care of their appearance and look much better…it’s that male ego that always thinks he look great…. i would like to enjoy life, with someone else in the moment, and not worry about what tomorrow might bring. well, the women realize that he probably won’t be a sucker since he has experienced freedom for a longer period of time. online dating is discouraging as mostly there are no interesting men (or ones without a big belly and they all have pics of motorcylces, dogs, fish, what’s with that? for self-absorption, i freely admit that i am entirely too self-absorbed to think about dating. men are still expected to earn their money on their own.” all three admitted under questioning that when they had started hanging out in “their” singles place, they too were teenyboppers or kids. you must have done research on all of this in eight years of the futility of online dating. i think the whole marriage children thing isn’t worth it – unless you are totally into each other and totally committed and in love. single men we interviewed explained that when they get out of school and get a job and start making money, new possibilities open to them. this attitude is exactly why men are also choosing not to enter into relationships, and also have extreme difficulty finding the types of women they are looking for. if women criticise men’s behaviour, and he doesn’t change, then men are being insensitive and selfish and women will “choose not to get into relationships until men clean up there act”. must realize that in the age brackets we discuss here (40+) most of the men (and women) have been through at least one divorce, long-term relationship, or other similar trauma. that may be true for younger people, but that isn’t always the case at this age, she says., a man’s biological clock isn’t the same as a woman’s, but men are often in just as much of a hurry to have children. men who have gone away to college or have worked in a different city are more likely to marry than men who have never left their parents’ home. then the eliminate men from the dating pool that aren’t chasing women like herself or other approved demographics. are women expected to date men with a lower educational level? i met some ladies through online dating, and went along as my ‘nice-guy’ actual self, and i got the ‘no chemistry’ response. i will move forward, whatever the men do, that is my nature. and author vicki larson's musings on marriage, divorce and parenting. i could happily co-operate in a low-pressure, high-availability monogamous relationship – no marriage, no “care-taking” – but there simply aren’t any to be had. many men that i have met are like old dogs who don’t want to get off of the porch.. i’m a type a woman and i can assure you we type a women avoid wedding bands and everything and anything having to do with them whatsoever! is a phrase started by older men many years ago, and maybe by younger women going after their money without making the men feel so taken advantage of. what i’ve noticed, and you’ve proved, is that men don’t want to accept growing old. a guy can’t handle dating an emotionally balanced woman you wouldn’t want to be with someone like that anyway. the professionals, the youngest women were college graduates and probably at least twenty-two.“as a 40 something year old woman, raised in an era of equal opportunity and strong women as a role model, i have supported two husbands at the sucessful peak of their careers only to be divorced and replaced with younger women so the men could shoulder the glory as their own. you m, perhaps most mens accomplishments are not that impressive. bush: ‘portraits of courage’ is ‘a wonderful opportunity to honor those who served’.. it’s that the basic human code of respect, consideration and kindness is being largely ignored by men and instead being replaced with games of deceit, emotional dishonesty and unavailability. are a number of men who haven’t even been married and haven’t a clue how to treat a woman respectfully. i have been going through the dating site torture for about one year since my divorce. he never wanted children but now he suddenly thinks he might ‘some day’ and our relationship is totally on the rocks because of it. you know how when you were 22 and the men your age would try to impress you with all the crap they’ve done and things they own? i want companionship more than sex(nothing a man can do that i can’t do myself) or marriage definitely.“and i have always believed that it’s good to identify those men and remove them from the 50-something dating pool asap; i’m not interested in men like that so move along, men, and good luck! women are more likely to initiate breakups so that’s why men are going for the easier relationships with younger women – they want to enjoy what they can for as long as it will last. unfortunately i am not very good with the “fwb” arrangement, it suits some and not others., if you have a choice of dating two men who seem equally desirable, but one holds the same religious beliefs you do and the other doesn’t, you’re better off dating the man with beliefs similar to yours. many older women are fine with compromising in love — to a point. i have too many requirements and not enough in the dating pool. i want a relationship with someone close to my age and have run into something i did not expect — my fault i am sure. if a man says he does not see himself married, could never see himself married, doesn’t think marriage is for him, you should look elsewhere. factors that contribute to the likelihood of a relationship leading to marriage are religious beliefs and political persuasion. i can’t relate intelllectuallly or emotionally with younger women and i don’t share in the immense experience of older women. appears that too many women are low on maslow’s hierarchy of needs. i hate to break it to you but real men don’t want some bitter, self-entitled, frustrated women. i guess i’m just going to have to date younger women, i’d rather not, but gee wiz when all these older women want to hole themselves up in their homes with a cat or cats, have no real interest in a relationship. 1 in 4 women don’t have children, i think over 50% by choice, but the rest by circumstance and at 50 do you take on a 30 something and have kids and feel younger or go for an empty nester who only wants you for the weekend?, rather than have a rational discussion and a logical disagreement regarding the posted subject with some basis in fact, none was unfortunately posted. so, 0k later and a ‘reduced’ payment of now,only 0 per month (children are now adults), she had to file for bankruptcy because she pissed the money away. quite frankly, the normal healthy guys are generally married (and stay married) by age 35. hadley page has even noted that the phyically attractive bit takes backseat to being fun/easy going. he fell hard and fast; i was more gun-shy after 2 failed marriages. are are assuming, eric, that the only companionship older women can have or want is with men, but many enjoy gal pals, children, grandchildren.” they tend to marry quicker than older women, but it isn’t because older women can’t find a hubby; it’s because women are more likely to be looking for a short-term relationship or a companion, not a husband. suze meant that  if the women in their 40s are settling for older men in their 50s, the men are going to have to work harder because these women are not too attracted to them physically ? i had different work/employment plans that i have never been able to do due to just having to work to make ends meet. a one-sided relationship where a woman expects a man to meet her needs and not the other way around has become too common and more men are realizing that. what, maybe your accomplishments just aren’t that impressive either.'re rooting for you men, so go get 'em (just don't go too fast).

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numbers are going to continue to grow until men elect to examine their own behavior and not put the responsibility of change squarely on women. of the divorces (btw, the divorce rate in scottsdale, where i am, is approximately 70%), 70% of them are initiated by the women (can be independently verified). unfortunately, society praises the older man-younger woman pairings, and disparages older women-younger men pairings. is why men like you have problems–you really hate women. am only interested in women my age or older, but what i am finding is very disappointing; women my age or older prefer to be alone with a friggin cat and have zero interest in any sort of committed relationship. i have zero interest in dating and have not done so in the ten years since my marriage ended. and, why is no one mentioning that contrary to verbosity’s viewpoint, many men over 40 do not look more “distinguished. nowadays, marriage means a claim to someone else’s assets and income after a divorce. am 37, a single mom with very cute and lovely daughters one nearly 5 years old and one more than 2 yrs old. it has literally taken years for me to rebuild my own financial security and emotional “availability” sufficiently post-divorce to even consider dating again. don’t have much of a problem meeting and dating women. course not being much of a internet user back then or a reader of women’s magazines i hadn’t realized the shift that was taking place and started to get asked out a lot once i got into my later 20s. who wish to bolster their flaccid egos with imagery and spend hard earned moments for a 5 minute finale? a number of gentlemen i’ve met shouldn’t have been dating at all because they are still grieving. i agree with what mark said that “it is better to be single than with a bad/wrong partner” , then it just waste of time. i am not desperate, and i know i’m better off single until/if i meet the right man.), we say that, yes, you can create freedom in your marriage. but men are tired of being told that things are always their fault, and rightly or wrongly, for any women trying to improve their relationship status or find that someone special, that attitiude will be of absolutely no help. know evan says men don't care about a woman's job or degrees o…"mrs happy on should your spouse also be your best friend? as we get older our lives get a little busier sometimes and can leave us chronically stressed and it affects romance and dating since it shows in our behavior and faces.’ve always been this kinda bitchy though…so i won’t pin it on age. if both members of a dating couple come from the same or a similar background, they’re substantially more likely to get married than if their backgrounds are dissimilar. i have everything i need in my group of fun married and single friends that just accept me as i am. most women turn me down for dates; some just stood me up. but i would be a fool to think that i could do whatever i want whenever i want within a marriage. reasonably healthy and energetic men our age also has been tricky, but, again, not too hard where i live (sf bay area), where many men and women are active and fit and have healthy lifestyles. still, 30 percent of the single men with a postgraduate education said that as they approached thirty, they began to feel they no longer fit into their singles scene. it’s that i want to, and need to, do for myself with things like getting my retirement plans on track, seeing a little bit of the world while i’m still young and healthy, etc. and also, the only women interested in me right now seem to be 22-28-year-olds for some reason. men in their mid-twenties who were getting bald said they weren’t as interested in the singles scene as their buddies, and they were ready for a more serious relationship. probably because i’m not 5′ 10’+ and christ women over 35 are selective.: 4 signs a man is ready for marriage — and 4 signs he's not. what i’m getting at is that, in all likelihood (70%), a man had his marriage or most significant relationship ended by a woman. i feel like if i mention that as time goes by women start to greatly out number men the women who compromise get first choice i’m insulting her as if i’m saying 2+2=4. so talk to the younger women, not your old sagging biddies that just want to bitch, and ask them why they are not interested in the “young, video playing, no money, limp dick, piss the bed, i don’t want to work, i don’t have my own place to live, i want to get drunk every night, with no responsibility shemales that mommy kissed their ass their whole life! a man with impressive accomplishments wouldn’t want you so don’t be so picky. womens shouldn’t put their judgment aside and try to be “all is breezy” and “let’s not think to much it might scare the poor fella away”. it’s hard, it’s work so i forgive men and women who can’t do it right away. simply want a friend to do things with, have a meal with and not have to be a caretaker or to meet what many of my friends call the “established menu”- meaning that quite often with men, they had an ideal when they were 30, it did not work and now they are attempting to have that again… what is so stupid about this is that it could be the freest time they could have and they do not want to budge from their limited scope., women have harnessed their sexual power and demand careers – as the corporate ladder is replaced by golden poles at gentlemen clubs – ,000 a week can be garnished from their new found power. a talk before boomers (you can watch it below), adshade says older women really aren’t disadvantaged on the dating market. women, please give intelligent, self respecting men a chance and take down the walls. it truly is unfortunate for the children to be in this position, but i have not lost the perspective of family and commitment, like so many seem to do when mid-life comes knocking. also she will only be having sex with you until you get married, it turns out women 70% of them are not into sex because they want it, they use it as a reward for bs like getting a coffee., the pool of men that i’m dating from (early to mid 40s, usually divorced) are pretty messed up. if you’re going out and doing things you love and putting yourself in the position to meet like-minded men, great. joe explained that the restaurant was usually full, and on friday nights the bar area was crowded with young singles, while most of those seated at tables were older and married. here is where it comes full circle for the women on the dating sites. further wrote, “here is the sad truth: more women, across the board, at all ages, are opting to be single because they do not like the quality of men out there. men who go to graduate school-doctors, lawyers, and the like-the high-commitment period runs from thirty to thirty-six. and the most surprising phenomenon that i’ve witnessed in this pool of men is that being a pretty, happy, vivacious “cool chick” is a big negative strike against me. they told us the singles scene was not as much fun as it used to be. were two notable exceptions to the age guidelines: men who were balding or heavy. i believe many woman in my age group will relate to this. she does not have the 17x testosterone you do, she is not consistently producing semen sperm, and does not need the realize you do. years ago women had value to a man, not today. they should in the beginning of a relationship be able to let loose and enjoy the moment, be able to “take it easy”, it’s nice for a while. of the subliminal and overt manipulation of consumer advertisements (propaganda) has screwed up a very basic element of life that makes it healthy and loving for both men and women. these are the women who rejected the nice guys like you and then ask, “where are the nice guys”? so she judges, gossips and gets a clique of equally bitchy women to exclude the one who decided to be different. i completely agree about how it nearly always seem to come down to what women are doing wrong and how we can adjust if we want to have any kind of relationship with a man. most women who are 20 30 today, dont even know how too cook, you know like real food, in my marrige i have to do that as well, along with everything that comes with a house, inside and out. problem is not with men, the problem is with the women complaining being too poor. statistics are not in aging women’s favor and so even more reason to learn to play more effectively and extend the playground. this whole thing and other pages/sites like it, just confirms me committing suicide. they often see their 20’s and 30’s as a waste of their youth and fun time due to their previously mentioned divorce, ltr. she wrote “i think it is quite valid to point out that older women who have developed higher standards should put a plug on their nagging harpie tendenciesif indeed that is truly how they are coming across. if baggage free, choose another baggage free, you are also matched. based upon this information, it think it fair to assume the overall divorce rate exceeds 50%, eepecially when the rate of 2nd & 3rd marriages far exceeds 50%. so that whole notion that women are the only ones whose bodies and emotions change in middle age is bull****. then, about 6 months ago, at the suggestion of a friend, i put my profile on a dating site, clearly stating that i was not looking for a man to complete me, but rather a companion to spend some time with. long ago, men and women expired/died in their 40’s/50’s, many sooner. i take sex so seriously that i won’t share my body with a man unless he is committed to me–in the sacred vows of marriage where we swear to one another to live together till one of us dies. because at this point in my life i don’t want a women who is trying to change me> i don;t want hassles. women don’t get it, so they have to settle for men less than their ideal partner. i am not referring to any one person’s comment but the collective malarkey in these comments. am reminded of the quote “men marry women and hope they don’t change. they should focus on their careers, health (physical and mental), family and friends. just don’t base the discussion on the assumption that either one is out to take advantage of the other. even the study the author cites says older women who refuse to give up independence get loneliness instead, & that she like the lonely women want companionship & independence. all but the menopause are often valued by men who love the mother of their children. thing impressed me: the men who were not married were just as nice, just as intelligent, just as hardworking as the men who were. and some people, men and women, would prefer/are attracted to younger people because of the obvious: younger appearance, firmer skin and body, more energy and so much more easy to impress. some women end relationships because men are not willing or able to take it to the next level – i. never understood men’s desperation to find a mate past 40. the same though, a core issue with me and dating seems to be entitlement. majority of college graduates between twenty-eight and thirty-three are in their high-commitment years and likely to propose.

Dating at 38? Men will run a mile. That's what a lonely-heart agency

i don’t have to marry, and we need to all consider how it affects our retirement/financial plans… staying single is sometimes a better choice in that regard. my “man filter” is set on high at this stage of life and my bs tolerance level is set on low. my advice is to get involved with things you enjoy-church, golf, fishing, music, model trains-whatever., i might be overly idealistic about it or us as womens. in fact, the most classy, elegant women i know are over 40 and look unbelievable. the age varies from man to man, but there are patterns that are easily identified:Most men who graduate from high school start thinking of marriage as a real possibility when they are twenty-three or twenty-four. have lost respect for the majority of men out there. as an attorney, you should know this is not persuasive argument to a court., maybe you need to be choosier in the women you date. percent of men and 49 percent of women have admitted to cheating. we got to talking and i learned that, not surprisingly, he had a predilection for younger women. am sorry men have’nt turned out to be what you expected……. fact a woman should listen carefully to what each of the men she dates say, and can question (lightly and playfully) to seek to understand. what we have is not a true shortage, it is a refusal to pay the true value. who live at home with their parents are less likely to marry than men who have their own places. sure they work, but they can’t manage money… and never do any maintenance at all, you will not only fix your car, but you will have to fix hers, and even do things that her hands should be doing like vacuuming it. the persistent belief is that women are looking for long-term committed relationship and men are looking for short-term sexual relationships.  how dare you suggest a women make an effort for a man. i can’t say that i enjoy being single for single sake, but i do enjoy the time to get to me some. its a fact of life, women step on average nice guys to find the most violent mentally unstable kind they can find, (who is similar to them in every way mentally) the kind of guy she wants to “fix”. is one surefire way to identify these men-they are usually repeat offenders.“men are not willing to take the relationship to the next level. a newly single woman after an eight-plus year relationship, i am curious about what to expect this time, now that i’m 50-something instead of 40-something.…"ladybug on how long should you stay with a boyfriend who does not believe in marriage? but yes, it’s all the women’s fault, men haven’t changed for the worse at all. basic math shows that most of these women will have picked themselves a permanently single life whether it is welcomed or not. that shows that women don’t overlook what men do as you claim. whenever i’ve expressed the desire for romantic love, sex and marriage, i get criticism and told you don’t need a man, you’re a strong black woman.  boy, we gen x women seem to be out of luck. we asked men in singles bars if any of their friends had recently married, and if they themselves were considering getting married, we saw a reason for this correlation. just left a 20 year marriage which turned very brutal and ugly after male menopause set in, i was puzzled as to what i wanted. i think many middle-aged *people* don’t need to date or be in relationships to be happy. i met and dated several men online, but the creeps out-numbered the nice guys. the potential rewards of marriage for men are dwindling sharply while the risks are increasing exponentially. a 40 something year old woman, raised in an era of equal opportunity and strong women as a role model, i have supported two husbands at the sucessful peak of their careers only to be divorced and replaced with younger women so the men could shoulder the glory as their own. men play too many games based on assumptions and that’s why women get defensive. i’m now starting feel attracted to women again after 2 years of therapy and time trying to heal. there are over 50 women who lose their sex drive+others who increase it due to decreasing demands from children. many middle aged men don’t need to date or be in relationships to be happy. being single in my mid 50’s, great income, lots of fun to be around, non-abusive, and very social causes many friends young and old to point out my singleness. yes women go through menopause later but men also go through something and age all around too.“with clearly the value of life’s experiences that womens over 40′s possess why not wonder : why are some mens over 40 singles? think 30 years old women would understand the life experience you had? put it should be readily aparent to all with unfettered eyes that, women enjoy greater attention levels prior to the age of 30>35, then men enjoy their day in the sun (with increased levels of attention..guys like fertile women ; 1) symmetrical face… 2) long legs 3) large boobs 4) wide hips 5)rosy lips …. fabulous, wonderful, sexy, and smart older women do need to learn to project oursleves in a more easy going manner., as for the guy that made that comment above you which he is certainly right by the way since this does really happen to us men a lot. all men will eventually notice their bodies going thru a “change” too. whether i’m just in a long term relationship or a marriage, i want the magic and a loving relationship. we know more women vote democratic than men, and more men vote republican than women. further, since women can do the same jobs and earn the same (actually more than) as men for the same work, they should not care one bit what a man makes. there are many trully nice women out there who would not be able to do so much harm because of their conscience. there’s no question men play follow-the-leader when it comes to marriage. a number of them want younger women (never mind that i look much younger) – didn’t anyone tell these guys that women hit their sexual prime over 40:-)? this is not only a presumption and very condescending but also it created a double standard about women’s worth in the dating game. we women are the instigators of most of the divorces described in comments above because we don’t want to stay in a marriage that we thought was great, full of love, great everything even the sex and to wake up one day to find that the husband lies and cheats. many single women say divorced men are often bitter and defensive, so they don’t date them. you are the same age as me and you sound lovey. i’ve been on line dating but found it to be a tough go. unmarried men who are products of divorce com-plain about marriage itself. most of them look horrible, many because they did physical labor for years, and this ages the body. you assume, as i once did, that women actually want a relationship with – or at least a resource in – a man. oh they’re sooo sweet in the dating stage… give it time… that’s why your there and i’m here. how do i find women like her in similar situations (married but available)? men from divorced homes do marry, but they’re a bit reluctant to do so. smart men are not impressed with the self-delusion, self-entitlement and other personality disorders that too many women possess. studies do show though that both men and women are happier if they marry people their own age. am educated, i am a great cook and very funny- but i am 61, do not want marriage- but would love to have a great friend. and thanks to the feminist movement, women now have the ability to out earn a man if sufficiently ambitious, while still retaining the “entitlement” to his financial support even post-breakup or post-divorce. picking up women was no longer their main reason for going out. i will state this simply (and do to women i meet) – i do not want my dating and social life to revolve around someone else’s children and their soccer games, practices, after school activities and the like. if you do online dating, you can read into some of their profiles what they’re looking for. i’ve been to the 50’s singles get togethers, pushed by friends, but after seeing the dynamics these days couldn’t find the door fast enough! agree with joan – men sit at home in front of the tube. they stay with women, live with women, promise them marriage, and string them on and on indefinitely. a man over the age of forty has been married before, he is more likely to marry than a forty-year-old man who has never been married. don’t think i’m bitter, but girls and women have been nothing but irritating my entire life. you seem to think that marriage means a lifetime commitment., i do see how you may have run into entitlement. is it with men, when i was younger no one wanted anything serious because i was divorced with children, by the time i was in my 30s no one wanted a serious relationship then either because i was a promo model and they didn’t like other men looking at me (the exception being creeps who didnt care about me they just wanted a trophy wife or those who wanted “good breeding stock”), now my kids are grown and i have my own business no one wants anything serious because i’m “too old”. even when i was in my ten-year-online-dating-slut phase, i always wanted to fall in love. on that same note, american men have been turned into entitled babies thinking their girlfriends are their mommies, think that as long as they keep a job (if they can even do that) they don’t need to be available in a relationship and if she gets annoying, just leave her. that is something that has changed and that you mention in this article: being more selective. i don’t make a lot of money, and i don’t have any hang ups about age. i suppose you are god’s gift to women in the looks department. women have been valued for the ability to have children and men for their ability to provide. also women tend to be envious of each other, unfortunately.

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