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imo, cbs likes to pander to the likes of chuck lorre and greg garcia and shows little respect for their female audience. a show is more than any one actor, but that doesn’t mean one actor can’t sink it. it’s been 8 years in the same role, maybe she’s just tired of it.’s just that she gave no indications that she was feeling her time was up. given their history with criminal minds, i am very wary of them saying it was her decision.’ll miss cote de pablo, but understand her need to move on to something new. agree with you hepha, i also think that season 11 will be great, they still have a great cast & will do wonders. would you like to view this in our uk edition? killed the character and he couldn’t do tv work for what was left of his contract……. i couldn’t risk my show by hiring a actor/actress who with no good reasoning quit even after we offered her more money and a new contract.“i really want to clarify: we offered cote de pablo a lot of money — and then we offered her even more money,” cbs corp. just because you saw some preconceived chemistry does not mean that is the way it was going to go down. compared the ratings with the first episodes of last season – the differences are statistically insignificant except where they favor season 11 episodes (that was in two cases, i believe, i’m not looking at the data at the moment). cote would not appear in a season 12 her storyline is being wrapped up at the start of this season. and as a fan of ms de pablo she has my support and best wishes. wish there was some way she would stay for the fans. biopic series in the works at bad robot, world of wonder. thank you mark, michael, shawn, paulette, and to the rest of the cast and crew, for letting us enjoy your company this long. imo, the only reason this show has worked at all is because they have two hot girls and big boobs to draw the audience because quality television this show is not. he goes on and on about money,as if she is a greedy person."they'll get a resolution they've awaited for years," she promised. it may of been, but not giving her what she deserved could have resulted that she waited the full summer hiatus period to make the decision which tells me they still weren’t giving her after eight years enough money. her birth place is santiago, chile and she is an chilean-american actress and singer. mark harmon is now an executive producer, as he should be, but michael weatherly didn’t sign his new contract until late in the summer last year due to a contract dispute."as for fans of ziva's relationship with tony dinozzo (michael weatherly), pablo promises a satisfying conclusion to their story. at least that’s my observation from the articles i’ve read so far and the camaraderie the cast has always seemed to share. so if she had wanted to go, she would have announced very early. they decided to go with kate dying, with sasha reportedly shocked that they killed the character. am a loyal fan of ncis and like all the characters they have created. two weeks from shooting is about when “no” becomes a well and truly final “no” i’d suggest. criminal minds is it’s own mess, yet it is being linked to the way cbs does business which simply isn’t the case. "I really want to clarify: We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money -- and then we offered her even more money," CBS Corp. bull, a man who analyzes juries to help create defense strategies. even so, he does not deserve the same money as those who were there from the pilot episode. then we can see just what did happen and why she left the show. face it, rush limbaugh is one of the most hated people in america, but he’s also one of the most loved.

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how she left her former employers in the lurch, it may be very difficult for her to get work in hollywood again. but he did deserve more than de pablo got as a regular and definitely more than she’ll get as a day player in her two (three? She attended Arvida Middle School in Miami and then Carnegie Mellon University. was that girl’s name who played ziva on ncis? yes it sucks, yes we as fans have been promised for years that tony and ziva would get together… and the writers continued to screw us over. one word about 1-year or multiyaers contract…was this the reason ? de pablo was born in santiago, chile, but was raised in miami, florida. imo, cbs made her look good and stated several times they wanted her to stay. perhaps they kept coming back and she kept considering and rejecting and then the reality of the looming shoot finally closed the door. something is rotten here and they tell us what they want to and hope we believe it. it was the same ole show until she came on the seen. michael’s supposed to “forget” about his years in soaps, and dark angel doesn’t count either. you freaking kidding me, first people were complaining that cbs wasn’t offering her enough money and now they indicated that they did indeed offering her a huge raise and she refused you are now saying “they were trying to buy her” that is what salary negotiations are…. if you’ve even seen a few of his tweets after/during tiva scenes, you would know that his position on tiva is way more positive than negative (simply speaking from what i’ve witnessed in interviews, read, and seen on his twitter page). pauley perrette had a moment on her twitter feed with everyone asking her about it, and she said the same thing: she just left. is what you believe, but isn’t what the producers said at all. me when a show is year 11, and a actress has been there for eight years. they were willing to do a lot to keep her, but in the end, it was all her decision. they greedily demanded more & more and to have it be blatant and then canon. something could have happened while on hiatus that made it impossible for her to return. hoop dat ziva op een “nette” manier uit de serie wordt geschreven en niet op een “definitieve” manier, daar is ze mij te dierbaar voor als persoon. even some female writers produce these twisted characters because their male bosses, who are idiots, insist upon it. shame on you writers and show runners of ncis – shame on you for trying to throw the blame on cote de pablo and shame on you for breaking your promise to your fans."the greatest thing about this last episode is that ziva doesn't die," she said. the latest incarnation of the bourne saga is out and doomed. the articles that harmon suggested she take the money legit? (none of those know it all blondes that think they have a “bigger one” than the men on the show, like that paula cassidy. still, a star like cote de pablo might be a good box office draw, like angelina jolie, who has gotten up to million per film, and she would be silly not to take a shot – if that is her ‘someday’ intention. we have had other characters that have made a character famous, step out & then thought they could make other characters famous, but failed..and we lost the character of “stella” on csi:ny because she wouldn’t take the paycut the powers that be were demanding back then…. news on the red carpet at cbs' upfront presentation the morning after his big exit, which (spoiler alert! other shows have now managed to allow the promised relationships to happen and they are still on the air and going strong. all of this time they have teased a real story line with ziva and tony… they continued and kept promising fans that they would do it. it was 2 actresses from criminal minds who wanted equal compensation to their male counterparts, but otherwise i agree with your statement. ziva fans, the beginning of the end is tonight when ncis airs its season 11 premiere. with a show like ncis you have to say its gonna be the last year before it stars so fans can say goodbye to the show.

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of de pablo’s imminent exit from tv’s most watched drama came on july 10, barely a week before ncis began production on its upcoming season and two months after criminal minds actresses kirsten vangsness and a. fact is, not too many actresses make it out here in the world and with me being an older person, i have seen big moves like this that fail and backfires on the characters. i don’t think she has that kind of popularity…yet. fact: there were also paperclips delivered to cbs offices on east and west coast that say fifty ways to kill you. she made a joke that michael would be there and playing “17th season tony” but she had no interest in staying that long on the show. the decision was made much earlier than 2 weeks before the show was due to go back into production, but cbs just sat on it (in hopes of changing cote’s mind maybe) and finally announced it when they did. he is putting to rest all the garbage some fans were saying. had never heard of her before ncis, and i doubt we will hear much about her after ncis. i even have it recorded if my being home isn’t possible. think that when ziva goes so will some viewers she is the butt kicker. if she wanted to leave why were her cast mates and show runner blind sided by her decision such that they had to re-write the first several scripts? did not think it would without kate,and now it is “who is kate”? good luck cote in whatever you do i will miss ziva! wasn’t about the money to her, she was done/wanted to move on. and i was definitely a supporter of a possible tony-ziva romance.” michael has said some controversial things about tiva in the past, but if you really want to say he’s been on record for that, the fact that you haven’t done more research is obvious. she has a long term boyfriend, and she may want a family. that it wasn’t about money maybe she just wants to do other things in life! they had male and female actors who were in similar places in their careers and had been with the show for the same amount of time (and had similar amounts of screen time) who were being vastly undercut salary wise. cote was fighting for her right to get the pay she believed she deserved, and you don’t think she deserved it. she deserves to be paid on scale with her closest male., that was my point…she left the people she respects & has affection for in the lurch. i don’t believe that is the case at all. or if she wanted to leave why wait til a week before filming for season 11 started? beth, pauley is still on the show and has been since it started. unfortunately, i am willing to bet (and i truly hope that i am wrong on this) that this is one of the last 1 or 2 seasons of ncis i do agree that it was not about money. it was the wrong decision, and now they are pouring in way more money to try and save the show. an actress with a single (albeit hit) show on her resume in her mid thirties is far from a hot commodity. michael weatherly & sean murray make slightly more then this & mark harmon as the star of the show plus 1 of many producers makes alot more."i was incredibly moved by the blind support people had without ever getting reasons as to why i left," she said. was just saying she didn’t want to be on the show in 2020, hardly surprising and a joke anyway. if they really wanted to keep her she would still be on the show for next season. motel bosses talk 'same-sex' twist, confirm rihanna body double32017 renewal scorecard: what's coming back? can say what he wants but there has got to be more to this. even though there comes a time when money means nothing in comparison to future plans, if the fact that everything (including offering money) was done to try to retain our favourite actress was not revealed, some may have thought that she had been unfairly dismissed. is why i don’t watch the show, they tease the relationship and nothing will ever come from it.

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think about if you spent years (some as many as eight) shipping a couple, and then when they were finally getting somewhere, they were torn apart (to clarify-i am upset about cote leaving, but i will always respect her and wish her the best). us fans it is difficult to believe that you would not want to stare at mark harmon every day:),be on the number one show,and such a good show watched around the globe. she’s been there 8 years of the length of the show. and imo the ncis writers just can’t write for women. the past few weeks have made cbs look really bad, and it seems like they’re trying to save face, while simultaneously making cote look like the bad guy here. is to be treated unfairly because of one’s gender, be that gender male or female, and to suggest that cote just be put up there with michael because we’ve hit year 11 penalizes michael for being a man and rewards cote for being a woman. i only hope she can return for the series finale. i may be in the minority here, but i don’t think cote leaving will mean the end of ncis, after all, it’s not like she is “gibbs” one of the ones that makes ncis. would you like to view this in our us edition? | fall tv: get premiere dates for ncis, ncis: la and other cbs shows. and if it takes a big change like this to stir things up, it's all for the better. great care should be taken with de pablo’s replacement ! would you like to view this in our german edition? you for all the replies about it not being about money i thought that from the very beginning when they said she was leaving. just showed that she didn’t have to take a little more money instead of her pride. yet for 3 seasons he started they year telling the fans “this is the year of tiva. in real life a death of a loved one is most often the time when people reevaluate their lives. jorja fox did a similar thing after several years on csi because she needed a break, then came back on limited basis, then resumed full-time duty again. i don’t recall seeing anywhere that she was asking for more money than harmon or weatherly – the tv guide piece (ps – tvguide is owned by cbs) i saw said she was pushing for a one year contract “closer in pay” to weatherly. the only woman-fronted show on cbs is the good wife which has terrible ratings, even if it is highly acclaimed and it is produced by a couple. might want to dial it down a bit…this isn’t twighlight, it a procedure show with two characters that some fans wanted to see together..because, the rest ended up being pretty much benched for ziva…. what applies to that situation does not necessarily apply to this one just because cote’s a woman. shoot, david mccallum should be being paid much more, he, along with harmon and weatherly, is one of the biggest audience draws. promises a satisfying resolution when her character leaves in the Oct. i like jamie lee curtis, and lauren holly, but hated them on ncis. so thanks cote de pablo for those 8 terrific years of ncis ! but over all women of ncis have drawn the short stick on writing. please sort it out producers otherwise the show will just become like a lot of other shows, boring. in order for contracts to come down to the wire there is always a sticking point. agree with your comment, it’s not always about the money, i look forward to seeing her in other roles and maybe on the big screen and there is always broadway. if the producers are spiteful, they will kill her off too, just to make sure she can’t come back. as a fan, i couldn’t be happier that she’s gone. given that she left for personal reasons, don’t you think it was a bit late in the negotiating game (december to july) for her to make a decision based upon personal reasons? maybe she’s just tired of pushing a whole bunch of bs propaganda down people’s throats…. as a person, i applaud her for her decision to leave an incredible job to spend time with her aged grandfather (among other family members, i imagine).

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sometime we forget our favorite tv personalities are artists and after having ‘painted this scene’ for as long as she could, she wants to try something else. i’m about to leave the show purely because cbs is driving me nuts! she wanted to leave and thats the end of it. you miss the part of all the articles where cbs, the producers, etc are quoted as saying it was a personal decision and not about the money? cbs should pay actors based on how valuable they are to the show, not gender. i’m not sure cote is going to find the opportunities that she may hope for after leaving ncis. must have really wanted her, since cbs is well known for letting their female actors go at the drop of a hat."weatherly might be gone from ncis, but he's not leaving cbs any time soon..then she should have told both her agent and lawyer, she didn’t want to even bother with contract talks…."rest assured ziva devotees, her "terms" meant not having the character get killed off, thus leaving the door open for her to return to ncis. i think it was more than money on why she left. i wish cote de pablo much success in her future. the reality is that the bad guy is caught in 42 minutes. eight years is a very long time for an actor to play the same role and maybe she just wants to do something different. money or just tired of doing the roll – she is an actor. dear, you have a bit of living to do if you believe that a working pro in this industry would quit a full-time job under the auspices of storyline and thinking best of the fans. in fact, cote de pablo, who played ziva on ncis from seasons three through eleven, showed up to weatherly's ncis viewing party to watch his final moments. caruso left nypd blue for “bigger and better” things, only to flounder for about 8 years until csi: miami came along. information may be shared with other nbcuniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. if they offered her a huge amount of money and she didn’t accept it, i take from that that she’s not hungry for money at all. een relatie in een serie vind ik altijd wel iets toevoegen , iets menselijks en realistisch bedankt lady pablo de cota het ga je goed en altijd weer welkom, no hard feelings for your decision, succes!"ncis' season premiere, titled "whiskey tango foxtrot," airs tonight on cbs. money didn’t seem to be the issue for her at all. and ultimately, the fact that an article about cote/pro-tiva comment is now being turned into yet another anti-tiva opportunity is pretty upsetting. she will return for season 11 on a limited bascis to complete the story & they have left the door open for her to guest star in the future from what i have read in other entertainment blogs. think if she is leaving on her own the get a new zeva keep the integraty of the show don’t get a new person a blond we want the story line and it,s ziva we want not the actor i hate losing cote ‘but don’t make us loss ziva please. when she supossedly went to africa, she could really been having a child named antoinette. there isn’t any actress i can imagine taking her place. nor does the two years that he’s been on ncis before cote came? if the previous contract situations with aj cook/paget brewster (cm), melina kanakaredes (csi: ny), jorja fox/liz vassey (csi) are any indication, cbs absolutely doesn’t care about losing actresses and actually tries to push them out the door. this release today – it sounds like ass covering by cbs to me. version adaptée de ce contenu est disponible pour notre public international. we can only hope that somewhere along the line, she may change her mind and decide to return. the thing about ziva, the mariska hargitay character and many of the other great female characters is they really seem like women, not jason bourne in drag. losing david may be the ncis equivalent to three’s company losing the dizzy blonde or eight simple rules losing john. the time de pablo tendered her decision, she issued a statement saying, “i’ve had eight great years with ncis and ziva david.

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the way i read it, no matter how much money they offered her, she wasn’t coming back. there is also 2 broke girls, a show so crass and tasteless that only men can find it appealing. a: ncis is higher rated then criminal minds and b: as someone said above it was the producers not cbs that said they screwed up.. i believe that cbs shows reflect a kind of ‘subterranean sexism’ that has been fully embraced by its audience. this one has the chemistry and she will be missed and very hard to replace. personally, i was always hoping that if they had enough time to really give ncis a proper send-off, scottie thompson would return to walk off michael seeing as i just happen to think jeanne was the love of tony’s life… jmo. weatherly dishes on his "beautiful" reunion with cote de pablo after his ncis exit. agree, parity seems to be an issue when women are negotiating the terms of contract renewal. the fact is, like it or not ncis might be tanking anyway and that may be a side issue we are not privy to. any successful team is a result of the entire team. at least thats what i’ve heard… so why would she leave at the very last season? hot actresses (which is admittedly in the eye of the beholder) are a dime a dozen in this town. smaller, in some ways, than publishing, smaller than academia, both industries i’ve worked in. now moonves claims she was offered “a lot” of money and they did everything humanly possible to keep her. sasha came in before the end of the season two and said she wanted to leave. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet! show itself (outside of shane brennan) never promised any type of tiva outcome to the shippers. why not tell everyone what she wanted to stay and the offer they made her. that’s just as sexist as a woman who is treated unfairly. fact: one of the fans actually had personalized m&m’s that said “bring cote back” delivered to cbs offices. i think her comment was she didn’t want to be on the show for 10 years. hell let her own part of the show if that is what it takes to keep her happy and on the show. do think there is more going on here than simply ms."pablo also recognized the overwhelming fan support since announcing her exit, even if most fans didn't understand why she was leaving."dinozzo left the series in the season 13 finale after finding out that his love, ziva, had died—but left behind a little girl she never told him about. would you like to view this in our canadian edition? i know lots of fans like here character and she already has chemistry with the cast..in order to make ziva a (supposedly) strong female character, they had to turn tony who is (supposed) to be a seasoned cop/agent into a fool……who needed ziva to save him…. i watch every episode repeatedly, despite my disdain (from the beginning) for tony’s so-childish antics. signed for an “undisclosed amount” per episode per season for his new contract and probably points on the back end (syndication to usa, dvd sales, etc. have to remember she has injured her shoulder, neck and back doing her own stunts on ncis, so maybe she wants to end her storyline before the pain of doing the stunts affects her work., one of the related articles is how the female leads on criminal minds are also having their issues., i think the contract had far more to do with this than the money. i really hope they don’t kill her off, so that maybe she can return in the future. see which other movies and tv shows we're excited about this month. i love ncis and while its sad when people leave its time to move on.

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are many things about this situation that make no sense at all – why negotiate at all if she wanted to leave? there has to be more than what is being told about her leaving. Her birth place is Santiago, Chile and she is an Ch. i also don’t want jlc & gibbs as a twosome, that would be that a huge mistake, just my opinion, but rock on ncis, rock on! it likely cost the production huge amounts of money to deal with the problems she caused by walking out at the last minute…and the details will be known in the industry. for what she was worth, if you’re going to look at that, she was vastly overpaid. does not have the work history that mh,mw and david (ducky) does…and she has not directed any eppies, is not an ep for the shows, like mark and michael…. i’m actually surprised she stayed with the show as long as she did; but now she has enough money to do whatever she wants for the rest of her life. for more details about how we use your information, see our privacy policy. it will be the start of cote de pablo's final run of episodes, as she will be departing the series after wrapping up her storyline. maybe she looks at her fans and the only way that she can essentially stop the fans from yet again being let down by the writers is to actually remove herself from the situation. on apr 11, 2016know more about actress cote de pablo wiki, bio , boyfriend,married, wiki,salary, net worth and pregnant. (he alluded to it when he was doing interviews for guest-starring on the closer on tnt and refused, very nicely, to discuss it on letterman. in your details below or click an icon to log in:Email (required) (address never made public). think if cote had wanted to leave she would have told them very early on. there is no way the people making money off him will let him go. given that she’s been quoted several times saying she might want to leave,and the late date of announcement, it sounds like it was designed by her and/or her team to inflict maximum damage on the show, the writers, and cbs’ budget. strongly agree with cab’s statement of 7/19/13 and shirey’s of the same date: good thinking expressed and good chemistry, for sure, accounts for the success of the show. the show will do just fine without her, but it’s a damn shame she had to be a diva about leaving..and stop turning strong male characters stupid, in order to make ziva look good. if she does leave she will be missed love bh. is she atleast going to be part of season 11 or this means that if for some reason a season 12 pops up, she won’t be part of that?, he was answering critics who insinuated that they did not offer cota a raise and that is why she was leaving. have a strange feeling that in 2 years cote will be back at ncis. brought money into the discussion because the extreme cote fans were bashing cbs , assuming that ms de pablo left because they didn’t offer her a fair amount. agree sounded like she was ready to end it with ncis, i have to admit i will hate to see her character leave..she was not worth what they had been paying her to begin with…. they kept offering her a higher salary and she refused…case closed. picks: march "feud: bette and joan" we want to watch "feud: bette and joan" in a bar while surrounded by friends and drag queens. maybe she did need to make as much money as her male parts did on this show. she wasn’t going to anyway, no matter how much they threw at her. fans like her is aimed at my post about agent borne not at ziva. ncis doesn’t just kill their female leads: sasha alexander asked to be released from her contract and requested that she be killed off, lauren holly wanted to leave to move back to chicago to be with her family, cote wants to leave to spend time with her family. maybe it isn’t the writers, maybe it’s the director, but the women [except abby] are just not likable on this show. Whilst at Carnegie Mellon she appeared in several theater productions, including "Indiscretions", "The Fantasticks", "The House of Bernarda Alba", "And The World Goes 'Round", "A Little . has been fun to watch ,and i wish her good luck .

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my god people get a grip, you are taking this way to personally. realize that maybe i’m being stubborn about this, but, frankly, this is just cbs’s comments in an effort to get the monkey off their back. and i understand sasha alexander did not ask for kate to be killed. mw was not “on record as opposing the whole tiva debacle. the last few weeks have made cbs look really bad; demanding a 600% raise from time warner cable and the talk that cote left because of pay parity. it could just be she is burned out like julianna marquelies was with er. career is essentially over, as she will soon find out, no one, i mean no one, will give a darn about her in 6 months. what i found hilarious is how several people on this site immediately jumped to the conclusion that they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted. if they offered her a raise, and then another raise, and she still left – she either has an offer in the wings that is off the charts or money was not the issue at all. it sounds like they made an offer (#1 or #100 we have no way of knowing) and she waited until the last minute to finally reject it and walk away. many actors and actresses have not made it outside of their series. if she gets another shot at a series (not sure she will as she doesn’t have the chops to carry a show) she’ll be paid more with ncis on her resume than she would have otherwise. only ones looking bad, so to speak, are those ncis fans so mired in their conspiracy theories that they haven’t taken the good sense god gave them and shut their traps. need to do what ever they have to to keep cote she is well loved and a very beautiful actress if they let her go dont think the show will be that good in a way she helps make the show try to give her what she wants. wish she stayed i loved her banter with tony,may be she just wanted to further her acting i will miss her dearly good luck in everything you do. but after eight years and how valuable ziva was to the big event storylines, she warranted close maybe not exactly how much michael was being paid. next stop for her, if she’s lucky, might be some lifetime movie. having lost my father (who was in his early 80s) in recent years, i’m glad she’s going to devote time to him. chappelle: deep in the heart of texas/the age of spin. for more details about how we use your information, see our privacy policy. like that guy from i think csi (sorry i can’t think of his name-david something? my feeling this time is they may have overplayed their hand and we’ll know by next week., just like when the actor that played tim speedle wanted out of his contract before it had run out…. with you there, kill it and get rid of any hope of her ever comig back to suck the life out of ncis again., i know just wish people would listen to les and what cote already said and leave it at that. we did everything humanly possible [and] exhausted every opportunity, and she just decided she didn’t want to do the show. she would probably be more than willing to walk michael off like george clooney did julianne marguiles for er. the man is brilliant and it shows in moments like that. boss gary glasberg dead at 50, remembered as 'gifted creative voice'. have to say i agree with your mom,when watching the usa marathons you can only take so much of tony being the “ladies man” i have liked ncis from the beginning & will continue to like it after ziva (cote) leaves. he appeared in 8 episodes in the first season and started the second season as a regular cast member. agree with you 100% asta, i have no theory but imo the true story is exactly what is being reported., i guess cote de pablo wants to have a tv show of her own. pray tell why should she make so much more than an actor with his pedigree? as for ziva being a “heavy lifter” she’s never carried her weight. would you like to view this in our german edition?

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there’s no telling how much it cost the production to pick up the pieces from the damage she caused by quitting at the last minute. they had no chemistry as sexual partners – their chemistry was sibling/best friend. weatherly was more than frank in several interviews, and you people too him quite utterly to task, insinuating such things as he was under the influence of controlled substances, rather than accepting the man has an opinion counter to yours..i’m thrilled to be rid of her, as are many other ncis fans.” that could mean that she expressed her desire to quit and they kept offering her money, to which she always said no thanks."i feel very complete and i feel like the circle has been closed and i'm ready for a new adventure," he said of the way things ended for dinozzo. would you like to view this in our australian edition? i wonder if theyre locked tight into exclusivity agreements; michael weatherly said, very prettily, something to the effect of him not being able to pursue guest-star opportunities like the closer when he was under contract. am saddened to see cote leave the show, she was really a great person -despite being with mossad- she maybe was getting a bit type cast and people always refer to her as ziva, the new series is not the same, zivas replacement is nothing like either of the girls before her, kate and ziva, this one has no bite, she is not really field agent material and she does not fit into the gang as they are, and to change any of their characters – as producers often do,and ruin them- to fit them into this new girl, l cannot even remember her name, l did not like ej either, too cocky for my liking, ladies are not supposed to be cocky, leave that to the fellas, this new one also gives off a cold feeling, and as my hubby said she should open her mouth properly when talking and l think her voice does not project enough, no power, wish in some way we could get cote back as ziva in some episodes and put tony out of his misery, the characters obviously loved each other despite them going with others. she *should* have been making less than everyone else, but she wasn’t. her family is fairly well off, so she is probably set, money wise. version adaptée de ce contenu est disponible pour notre public international. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. the bottom line is always the the key player at any negotiation table and she has now proven that she costs much more than just her salary. not that it would actually matter, because we bring back characters from the dead all the time on ncis! am certain cbs is well aware of this pounding they and they actors are taking from some very disturbed presumably very young people who think it perfectly acceptable to slander and threaten their idols."cote de pablo showed up at the end and that was great to reunite with her," he told us. cote spit the dummy – so what – the new blonde chick will take up the slack – i still miss the other girl. it just feels like the timing is off for her to move on. i despise what ziva’s presence has done to the show and the characters i love. her well in her future endeavors as i do all the cast. would you like to view this in our canadian edition? a lot of money is a totally disingenuous statement – a lot as compared to what i make would look huge. i’m certain the writers were working on a plan b if this happened, but in my opinion you don’t leave people in the lurch who you claim to have “huge respect & affection” for. and i am tired of hearing about the “moonlighting curse” – we the fans are over it and are tired of writers using it as a way to avoid giving us the promised couples. i believe people like this that make a character famous & then just step out–so to speak–are looking for another role to make famous., ben, ben, given your numerous sexist and borderline offensive comments, i think we’ve got a fairly clear picture of what you want and what needs the female characters must perform for you to be happy. ncis4evr, and if the issue of equality, who the person is that you’re supposedly equal to matters. stars preview kara/mon-el 'tensions'…823supergirl recap: meet the parents774the walking dead recap: hide and eek! oh geez, i hope they will not make jamie lee curtis a regular. she felt underappreciated despite huge ratings, and very centric ziva storylines that probably were a lot of emotional to act in… you don’t wait the full hiatus period to suddenly decide you want to leave if it was purely about wanting to leave. would you like to view this in our us edition? the monster has been spawned, the only question is will it grow in secret or be put under the spotlight as the normal, but angry mass fades away. by all accounts, it came as a surprise to cast and crew, though she herself has mentioned wanting to leave for several years. the producers never promised a tiva end game, that was all you shippers. as for the money issue, i believe he was saying that cote’s decision had nothing to do with the money.

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if this will put an end to the ones threatening everyone associated with the show. would you like to view this in our french edition? you do realize, don’t you, that mark had a dynamic movie and television career well before ncis was a twinkle in don’s eye, don’t you? i don’t think jennifer lawrence or meryl streep will lose sleep now that cote de pablo is available. she might simply be burned out and she might have stockpiled a bunch of change and wants to unwind for a while..while also having him being abused by ziva……in the end; they had ziva acting as if she was the sfa and she was giving orders to tony and tim…. like i said on another post on the site about her leaving diane neal should resign from the cgis and join gibbs and his team. and there’s no way of knowing whether she was demanding even “more” money than they offered. and honestly, i believe the writers fully intended to get tony and ziva together in the series finale of the show (a la harm and mac from jag) but now, i really have no idea what might happen. if the fan outcry is this loud over her departure, then surely cbs would not only want her to make a statement, they’d be actively encouraging it and please dont claim ndas…there is no way on earth an nda would prevent her from making a simple statement saying she was ready and willing to leave the show. she has a ton, and i mean a ton, of money. michael jackson’s business is making more money now than any other pop singer and he’s dead. jag used to be my favorite show and ncis has been since then. whilst at carnegie mellon she appeared in several theater productions, including "indiscretions", "the fantasticks", "the house of bernarda . she may be a private person and not present on social media – but she’s still an actress with an agent and/or pr person. their fair amount might have been way less than she wanted to do the show. it’s obviously an issue with long-term shows and their actors. i love cote de pablo — both so different, with backgrounds that justify those differences — but both so great in the part !, i would expect from his comments they just kept upping their offer hoping to change her decision until the shooting schedule provided a deadline that was unavoidable. maybe not as much as mark given the show is upfront that it’s gibbs show first, and everyone else is second on down. maybe join ‘p of i’ and team up with john to kick some well deserved butt! given that the company is the one offering the contract, the actor is the one making the final decision. increase per episode & she held out for that thinking cbs & bellisaro productions would agree to it. did tony dinozzo leave ‘ncis’ how ziva was involved in the season 13 finale. i’m sad to lose her, but glad she’s leaving on her own terms. de pablo’s desire to leave and hopefully more information will come out as time goes on. want to wish cote de pablo all the very best for the future and i will truely miss her she is the best no one else can replace her they need another male such as the new agent in colteral damage as he is good and would give tony a run for his money many thanks ziva have enjoyed you so very much. the goddess that they didn’t get tony and ziva together. that's been the most beautiful thing out of this process. used to watch this show, and i skipped it for like five seasons…i watched a random episode and didnt even need a catch up…same characters, same situations, same office, surface conflict that never has actual life or death consequences for the characters, etc etc etc…maybe she was just bored. didn't let NCIS leading lady Cote de Pablo go without a fight. i do the job for my employer and after proving myself and my importance to the business, (done by cote) i ask for a raise., i think she left them in the lurch not the other way around. ziva was what kept people attracted to this show they’re free to go.‘beauty and the beast’ topping 0 million at worldwide box office. an interview with tv guide magazine, pablo opened up about her decision to leave the series that she's been a part of since 2005, and even alludes to some behind-the-scenes drama surrounding her exit.

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or she could have been saying no all along but the network kept pitching an offer hoping for a last minute change of mind. i’m glad to know cbs tried hard to change her mind, but, in the end, i think she just wants to try other things in the usually-limited time women have to do well in hollywood. didn’t let ncis leading lady cote de pablo go without a fight. another lady can fill in the role of a lady ncis agent. they admitted they made a mistake and tried to fix it. his stepbrother, david bellasario, played chip, abby’s lab assistant that tried to frame tony for murder and had a recurring role on jag. if ncis ratings drop because of her absence, then cbs will feel the loss, but if ncis ratings is still the same… there is no loss but gain. just face it, she should’ve stayed put and continue on and if she didn’t believe it, just ask the ones who wish they didn’t leave greys anatomy which is still a good show without them. were tiva fans promised that the end game was a canon, played out romance between tony & ziva…that is just what they assumed from the spoilers and interviews. her agent can lay the cards on the table and say we want this that and the network counters and sometimes a stalemate is reached. charles bellisario has to be given credit for keeping his starring casts together for such long runs. just because she didn’t start with the show, it shouldn’t matter anymore. now is probably the best time for cdp to walk, career wise anyway. would you like to view this in our australian edition? but cote deserved to be up there, even it was a hair from what michael was being paid. increase per episode from her prievious contract & she was asking for a 5,000. what makes the show so great is the interaction between the actors & actresses.’m only a casual ncis viewer, but i have to say, i admire her for walking. no way should she have been paid as much as harmon, weatherly or murray. i know it’s television but it isn’t close to reality! hollywood will follow your lead and blacklist a smoking hot actress most of the world loves because, well, people like you think they should. there is a time to fold and take the offer, and a time to leave. best of luck to her and i’ll be on the lookout for any upcoming projects with which she might be involved. i’m actually excited to see ziva go as even though she’s the ‘newest’ member her storylines have been 2nd to only gibbs. believe there is an awful hangover since the producers botched dealings with cote. also, cote has gone on record saying she and michael frequently campaign for tiva scenes. maybe after a break she’ll consider something along the lines of these scenario’s.” her only statement at this time regarding her departure says nothing of the sort. doesn’t hurt sean murray’s negotiating position that his stepfather is charles bellasario, ncis’ (and jag’s! what makes her look bad is she dithered until the last minute and left them in the lurch. but she’s only used for several scenes a episode. i’ll bet the show tanks, or they’ll bring her back with a fat pay raise. that tony will miss her as more than a friend – michael weatherly was on record as opposing the whole tiva debacle. am incredibly disappointed by her departure, as love her character, but even if she loved the show and her castmates and her character, as an actress or a human being, it may just have been time for her to move on to the next chapter of her life. "i think we gave [fans] a very satisfying emotional journey, and it was very emotional for me. would you like to view this in our french edition?

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all of you – the bottom line – she didn’t care about her loyal followers either. i don’t know all of her reasons for leaving, but she doesn’t owe me or any other fan an explanation. not because the writings is off, or the characters aren’t up to the task, but because there is an overwhelming sense they hammered a woman because she was a woman, and you, you moron, applaud them. i just wish she’d made it earlier so she didn’t leave the everyone scrambling to deal with her exit. comment above was not to lay blame, since we do not know the facts and probably never will blame and name calling are a bit ridiculous, it was simply to suggest there is more to this than we are being told. are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. might all be collectively mourning that surprising ncis finale death today, but michael weatherly is extremely happy with the reaction to the way his character, tony dinozzo, was written off of the cbs hit last night after 13 seasons. she was “just done” she wouldn’t have waited until one week before production started to quit. she brought out something in him – the maturity the writers can’t seem to find. more about actress Cote de Pablo wiki, bio , boyfriend,married, wiki,salary, net worth and pregnant. ago the cast of ‘friends” stuck together and negotiated a deal where all six of them got million per episode, each. with the company being persistent either she or her agents accepted the offers for consideration rather than be rude with a slammed door. this lasted quite a while, but i cannot say how long. however, i can’t blame her if it’s a personal life decision–it is what it is…. 8 years is a long time and maybe she needs to see if there are other opportunities for her. she could get her own show now – something completely different. they even sited how the character of kate was let go from the show, when the actress playing repeatedly said she asked to be killed off because she wanted to spend more time with her family. money isn’t everything i know,but there is something else behind her leaving out of no where. people leave shows all the time this is nothing new. she was promoting the show, went to the may upfronts. imo, she does not deserve the amount of money that michael gets…. know money can’t buy everything she hasa life to live also. she was already making much more than she was worth. it would take much more talent than she’s got to overcome that blow to her reputation. and stop using the heavy-handed fog filter, fuzzy photographer, it stinks. in an infomercial, hosted by katrina szish and cindy crawford, for cindy's "meaningful beauty - advance" anti-aging skin care system. mark re-upped before the season ended…we were still waiting on cote. i’ve heard she’s a little full of herself, but i’ll miss her. sometimes compensation isn’t always flat cash per episode – sometimes it’s deferred compensation, like royalties – in which the artist is interested. or ducky mallard’s david maccallum after man from uncle [aside, in 2003 he played donald mallard’s on cousin show jag]. not because of gender but because of number…number of years, number of previous projects, etc, and i get tired of hearing criminal minds brought up. many more seasons ncis should last and what are the chances? i love sasha alexander on r&i, but not at all on ncis. think the money thing actually is reflective as good on her and the network. it is actually perfect timing to write her out, since her tv dad got killed. a raise i want because i think i deserve it.

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she was so cool the first season and then the writers turned her into a whiny baby. the show has been upfront that mark is the lead, the others are the supporting crew. no one expects or really wants to see ncis geriatric edition. don’t know what i want for cote, especially since ncis made her as famous as she is & then to just step out, i don’t know……. was basically saying, no amount of money would’ve made her stay."as far as my decision to leave, that's a personal thing, and i'd rather leave it at that," she tells the mag. ncis may be really jammed up now trying to replace the woman.. moonves is an accomplished and rather successful ceo of a flourishing corporation. we obviously were in discussions… and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show. sad thing [to me] is that we will need to get used to a new female. you can’t always shuffle the cast and still deal a winning hand. could work decades and she wouldn’t compare to mark harmon.) posted a quote from 2010 where cote herself said she didn’t want to be ncis ten years from now. is always problematic to believe unsubstantiated reports from so-called insiders. the biggest by far to my thinking is – why are we only hearing from cbs in all of this? they show is on its last legs now, just watch and see. it was not any where close to being as good as ncis. they had no choice but to defend themselves against the accusations. people are more important than jobs any day of the week and once they’re gone, they’re gone and life is too short to live with regrets. she will get six to seven figures for 2-4 weeks of work. was in no way worth even offering her over the moon $$$$ to get her to stay……and she should have stated right from the get go, she wanted to leave before lengthy talks under went and left tptb in a lurtch to figure out a exit storyline. let’s hope they write some good stories and give ziva a great send-off (which doesn’t include killing her) and bring on an interesting new character…. information may be shared with other nbcuniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. i honestly feel like that for a lot of other shows, not just ncis.“a lot of money” is very different from what she’s worth. she attended arvida middle school in miami and then carnegie mellon university. we have to respect her right to move on and develop her own future as an actor. making it easier for to to return if she wants to. weatherly has several series under his belt, as well as a few movies, and brought a fanbase with him. ziva is a fictional character on a tv show–none of those things really happened–get a freaking grip! yes, it took a long time to reach a decision, but it is a big decision, and big decisions sometimes take a while to reach. the studio can do is offer an insane amount of money, but if she doesn’t want it than it won’t matter. two actresses from ncis wanted the same compensation as their male counterparts. fans should take les at his word but as some one said above some times fans act stupid. i am certain he knew precisely what his remarks would be. i also applaud cote de pablo for her decision to leave with grace.

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.tony was her sfa and her boss, when gibbs wasn’t around……she played the “daddy card” with gibbs…. if it doesn’t work out, at least she took the shot., in between all the articles we have read is the truth, although we may never know it. who would hire her to lead a role on a show (i wouldn’t) if she just walked away from a top leading show on a major network. a death threat is a death threat and i hope the individual(s) involved are being dealt with. i’m a fan of ncis, but i don’t get the outrage. "people trusted that what i was doing was what i needed to do, and that's unconditional love from people who don't even know me..she does not deserve the same pay of these 3 men…. as has been indicated by many sources, including cote herself, it was a decision based upon the actress’ life and the choices before her. it’s not so bad when you see him only once a week but my mom watches it whenever it is on usa, marathons. the show expected her to return, and therefore now had to revamp plan scripts to deal with the departure… given cbs history with criminal minds, it’s purely money in comparison to the male cast members. all the cast & crew are great & produce a wonderful show. wonder how many of her fans also realize that it’s quite within the pattern these things follow for the rage to eventually turn toward their idol before it runs its course. originals photos: cami's memory offers klaus 'solace and relief'5the big bang theory's two-season, 48-episode renewal (finally) official. in fact, he was saying exactly the opposite, that her decision to leave had absolutely nothing to do with money. 24, where its new time slot rivals include abc’s agents of s. she can take 2-3 years “off” to enjoy motherhood, and then come back. Cote de Pablo was born in Santiago, Chile, but was raised in Miami, Florida. and since cbs apparently has a history of shafting their female actors, i will still reserve judgment until we hear from cote herself. this is not like it’s only been two years. i’ve heard that she gets, or would get, 0,000 per show. without ziva will be a huge loss, as her addition made the show ‘must watch’ tv. agree that the cbs spokesman seemed to go out of his way to say it wasn’t a money issue. they never grow, the characters never change, and you know they are never in danger unless the actor is leaving. it is, first and foremost, a business and she just doesn’t have what it takes for any company to take the risk of hiring her. if the expiration date hits and neither party has backed down the contract is not renewed and the actor is essentially ‘fired. given that ncis had to rewrite at least two episodes in something like eight days (or less) and revamp plans for the season on equally short notice, she’s shot herself in the foot, professionally speaking. she is entering the downslope of a woman’s prime child bearing years. if she has other aspirations – or just needs a rest – i’m glad for her. the fact that they threw an obscene offer at her tells me she is, in fact, not money hungry, just ready to move on. de pablo opens up about her ncis exit: "i left under my terms, and that was wonderful". i think he’s just trying to clarify that this wasn’t a money dispute and that cbs did absolutely everything it could to keep her. ncis does have a bad rap for killing their female characters off. only cote, her agent and ncis/cbs execs know what happened in “negotiations. she’s talented, so she’ll find work and i’m sure ncis will leave the door open for her to return. she just didn’t want to carry on with the show and that’s all.

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make a simple 2-3 line statement saying, “fans, i love you and i love ncis but it was time for me to take on other projects. contract was to be renewed but she turned all offers down! ik zal haar glimlach missen en vind het jammer voor tony. i am not saying she deserved to be paid as much as mark.’s first episode was sub rosa, the 7th episode of s1. "the idea of leaving was not something i toyed around with for a long time. president and CEO Les Moonves shared Monday morning at the Television Critics Assoc. no investigative agency could possibly operate like this one appears to do! cote’s career is not equal to michael’s or mark’s. president and ceo les moonves shared monday morning at the television critics assoc. i’ve never wanted tony and ziva together – they have no chemistry. they never did, they never fulfilled their promise to the fans and maybe that is why she finally had had enough.’ll miss seeing her every week and i look forward to her other projects. she is a lovely actress and i wish her well. shelf life in hollywood for young ethnic women is limited. only bad thing about losing cote (ziva) is that when you start losing main characters, the show usually starts to break apart and die. can totally understand if she is just ready to move on to something else. jeanne benoit come back needing help against arms dealers who probably killed her father. i would hate to see *anyone* injured or killed because a twisted individual was able to stay undetected in this brouhaha until it’s too late. that’s really all i can ask you to think about, and basically just to give shippers some peace in this difficult time. instead, they persist in attacking cast and crew, the good people who work such utterly long hours to make a show you can enjoy. would you like to view this in our uk edition? reason no one likes those ‘blondes who think they have a bigger one than the men’ characters is because they are written by men and are really ‘men in skirts’, if you analyze their psychology. i read once that even a year or two ago emily deschanel wasn’t getting paid as much as david was on bones, and yet they had the same level of importance of the show and it was years into the run of the show. may be, but michael doesn’t get to make that decision, he’s not a writer. i would not be surprised if some studio hasn’t secretly offered her a movie deal – maybe for more than one script. she said she left to spend time with her 89 year old grandfather, for example. for the idea that cote doesn’t owe her fans a statement on this or anything…so you might be waiting a very long time. was in an interview she gave to a french magazine recently. she wants to do other things, her opportunity clock is ticking. you, cbs is damned if the do, damned if they don’t. i honestly think they could replace everyone else (dietzen is already in line to step in for mccallum should that be necessary) and the show could go on. if the long, dragged out nature of this subject is any indicator, however, the money making powers that be in the entertainment industry are taking note and will not pass by an actor drawing this much attention without trying to figure a way to cash in on it. saying it was because of money or she was clashing with the cast is just stupid. you are like an aa who yells racist, or a gay who yells homophobia, every time you hear something you have no intelligent response for. so given they just came off a revenge storyline after yet another female died, i think they will have ziva not get reistated with the team and taking a job out away from washington and if they can get back cote later, she’ll visit or come when the show wraps up and unite with tony.

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