Dating a girl who slept with your friend

15 Things A Guy's Friends Know About A Girl After He's Slept With Her

Dating a girl who slept with your friend

if someone says he has slept with 100 women, who is sleeping around more, the men or the women? but i still have one concern, i feel like once i marry this girl that it will only be special for me and not so much for her.*yes you are write tk & i appreciate it , she also said you are trying to judge me , actually i love her a lot but every time when am with her she released a new mystery & again m feeling pain ,i accept her at all , i respect her values but i feels like am going wrong because she want to marry a good guy like me & sex with lot of guys , i said forget all your past but she is still in past & also in present trying to make new bonds with other guys including me ,what is it ,is it love ,loyalty or everything is fake , why she is doing like this i don’t know ,am feeling pain something deep inside me , she is only keen to new attractive things &. don’t know if you’re a male or female judging by your username. after reading your article it made me really ashamed of what i’ve done to her. i understand that he was brought up in a rough upbringing blah blah but it’s just the being intimate with my best friend who i still consider (even though she and i are no longer on speaking terms)a sister? for you dear, i’m happy for you, and your relationship, but the fact is, the more partners a woman has had, the less likely her marriage is to last. you deedee26…i have a friend who is 37 and is a virgin…one does not have to be a virgin but i applaud women like you who hold yourself together…if we lowered our numbers more maybe the value would go back up!. it can be like slow torture you can’t escape but you just can’t bring yourself to breakup with them because you feel so bad about doing it over this alone… i hope all goes well for you. only thing that is souly attached to you until death is your decision making. i know it won’t be easy for me to change my mindset about this topic, but i’ll be sure to remember this article of yours whenever i would suddenly think about her sexual past, thank you mike. i mean you right we shouldn’t judge by tha way i’m a lady but come on get real please no matter wat you say a woman first of all sleeping with over 20+ men shouldn’t expect to be in a healthy good relationship with a man who hasn’t slept around like she does this article is ridiculous for real cause you didn’t mention that a woman should be a woman and have respect for her body and self-respect as a woman period.[…] to thought catalog, 75 percent of men would not be turned off by a girl who sleeps with them on the first […]. sometimes it’s incredibly calming and productive to just face the facts so you stop inventing them yourself. based on your comment i will assume you believe in god. i know that’s sick to think about, but you’re going to date girls with a lot worse histories than that.  you live and you learn and then hopefully you do better, so if someone has slept with 99 different people, that doesn’t mean there doesn’t come a point in their lives where they are ready to settle and be in a committed relationship with just one. while my girlfriend of now did kiss and touched(and let herself be touched) by many guys, both exs and non-ex (but only had sex with one ex for many years before me). those decisions are hers to be accountable for not yours. she is by far the most beautiful gf i ever had so i don’t want to give her up, but this jealousy on other couples’ fulfilled sex life which i was so used to before is killing me and i am saying to my brother and close friends that we have great sex because i like to envisage an acceptable situation and also people would think i am stupid because i fall for a virgin (though it’s not completely my fault as she said in the beginning that she is “very mature” which turned out to be completely misinterpreted by me later on. to date a girl who’s never had a boyfriend | boys and girls says:June 5, 2015 at 10:58 am. it was about not wanting to be holding hands or walking down the street with a female and having dudes walking by that she’s slept with or the possibility of them making any comments but…what dude can say they’ve only been with a handful of women…. you for sharing that justina i really appreciate your willingness to do that. though i feel more and more regret over the fact that i did not instigate a relationship earlier, because i had known her before her first boyfriend. these women get raped abused and have stupid parents who don’t pay close enough attention when raising little girls. be ashamed or beat yourself up over a number… if numbers didnt define a “hoe” then her actions would. to date a girl who’s never had a boyfriend | global research says:June 6, 2015 at 1:10 pm. so as you can probably visualize, i was pretty much finding new hope in life with her and hope for the future, being out in public again and falling in love right off the bat with this girl that seemed to love me so much.  let’s try this on for size:“your honor, i’ve been arrested for those rapes which occurred 4 years ago. women who have slept with a lot of men are simply less likely to be deemed compatible as marriage-material.! if that's not being friend-zoned, i don't know what is., needless to say, my friend liked this girl a lot. self respect and value for yourself, if somebody wanted that lifestyle then why should they get to have somebody who didnt have that lifestyle.. he’s only had sex once with a random girl at a party. i think she just slept with them because she was desperate for love, she was getting it from no-where else and probably didn’t know how to get a guy without offering herself physically.@ben dover: look, if you don’t want to marry someone who isn’t a virgin, that’s your decision. i had never done it and was even kind of exited that this perfect girl hasn’t even had intercourse yet. although he’s been with girls that are tighter than i, he comes quicker, harder, and more intensely and immensely because of his emotional towards me. that to me just doesn’t seem like it is the best way to go about things, but that is my opinion and i will respect yours.…my situation is different…this girl actually wants me to wants on her till shes done having fun (sleeping around) too settle down with me. my first boyfriend and i were together for 4 years before we had sex. mike, i have been with my girlfriend over 6 years now. every time that you subsequently have sexual intercourse, you reinforce your promises – it is truly a wonderful and mutually satisfying experience. you want to examine the paper, look it up yourself. instead of churning endlessly comparing your current self to the other guy, improve yourself (as it relates to her). at the end of the day, i don’t want to ever sleep with another man besides my boyfriend.  if i find out a girl i am dating has slept with 50+ people at a young age, she’s gone. we nearly broke up once because it hurt so much him asking “didn’t you value yourself?.me and my girl friend who is not virgin and who i love more than any one else,we do talk about her past history and she feel so sad, she use to tell me, ” i wish i meet you before” but i always tell her “before is now” and some thing that can help is to know that you are not responsible to what happen to your friend………keep up your relationship and take care. if you have slept with someone else just once you are not. and since passing on your genes is the most important thing, he is attracted to women most able to get pregnant. your male friends and see how many of them dream of settling down and building a family with a slut. that’s because girls can come clitoral – ideally suited for virgins and even maybe biologically provisioned for this case, but there is nothing similar provisioned for men! true i probablly wont ever love him like that again but hes still my friend and brother in christ and im willing to forgive. many partners you’ve had should definitely speak for your character. and no teenage girls are not by right suppose to stay virgins until you come along at some point in their lives lol. but given that the rest of the world is full of one night stands, casual sex, and “hook up culture”, maybe the fact that your girlfriend/boyfriend has only had sex with one other person in the context of a long term relationship (or whatever) isn’t so bad.’d like to personally add my input as i am going through an exact situation with my current girlfriend. times may have changed in some perspectives but evolution is a long process and these inbred instincts are deeply rooted which is why most men will have sex with a “slutty girl,” but will never marry or commit to her. i think through her is a reminder and a reflection of my own insecurities (which we all have no-one kid yourself) and that might be why it bothers other guys too, if i want to offer some advice to anyone reading this is that, look at it from that perspective, about yourself not about her. and if he is still messing around with other girls . don’t forget: you’ve wrapped a lot of your values and who you are around your decision to wait on sex.  in a way, it feels like they cheated on you (and you can’t get it out of your head). if you just take god at who he is and seek a personal relationship and don’t worry about what others are doing or the problems chrisitanity has, your life will be changed. of your girlfriend/wife’s number of sexual partners is. we lost our virginity to each other and i always felt uncomfortable with other girls because they weren’t. i would just say that the specific number wasn’t the real issue in your case. perhaps you also need to focus on the men who promote the idea that the only thing we have to hold over your heads is our sexuality, our ability to say yes or no to your advances, then maybe it will change. advice is just a way to keep your mind off of her not being a virgin. well, let me tell you what i mean… she used to introduce me to her ex’s here and there and i had no problems with that…however, she met one of my ex’s once and i was in the dog house for a week, verbal abuse beyond verbal abuse…it was ok for her to flirt because she wasnt going to have sex with them, but if i even looked at a girl or talked to a girl or commented about a girl in a movie… a week of hell would start! open your mind to what the article is trying to say and you may start to look at things differently. if you couldn’t deal with your problems then, how is somebody else suppose to trust you with that later? that said, if she’s the type of person who could let herself have sex for the first time casually, keep your sensors up. will never marry a girl who was promiscuous in the past. my boyfriend had a sex twice in his previous relationship and regrets it because he never thought he’d find someone like me. but if a woman slept with 20 men and didnt know half of them, then it could be safe to consider her as a hoe.

Dating a guy your friend slept with

there is no baggage and these thoughts will never enter your head. i understand why this upsets you so much, but sooner or later you’re going to have to face the fact that many of the girls you date are not going to be virgins, unless you’re extremely picky. mean, i’m in deep right now… but at least i’m moving across the country… though that sucks too because he’s my best friend and not just a guy i’m seeing…. just broke up with a girl i was dating for a couple months. he is everything to me and he is my best friend. she has actually opened a dialogue with me about the “fast girls”. most often it takes more than two relationships to find your life partner. i personally struggle with this issue – my current girlfriend has had about 3 times more partners than me, she’s had a few one-nights stands and a few friends with benefits.) past baggage (kids, men, pictures, etc ex lovers who know her, pics or video of ex partners doing unspeakable things to your significant other, stories and reputation). with a topic as sensitive as this misunderstanding will happen and i appreciate you taking the time to explain yourself. so you might as well free yourself and enjoy life pursuing a relationship that you actually get everything out of, and enter marriage for more thoughtful reasons instead of finally getting to actually have sex with your (hopefully by definition) long term partner. off you assume that a woman who has “experience” has slept with that many partners. the only one i felt like i could be in a serious relationship with was my long time friend. and my girlfriend are in love and i have loved her for a long time.  altamera74, from a chick’s point of view,  you are going to end up a very sad and lonely man if you take that sort of attitude into your life when it comes to choosing a partner. it is what it is, but the most important part is your std free! i had never even kissed anybody before her but she had few ‘wilder years’ before me during which she had one long-term boyfriend (who gave her std which may have made her steril) and few short relationships which also included sex. am not a virgin; my boyfriend is…we have been together for three years. of the reasons i think it makes me feel like shit is because the girls that i missed out on lost interest in me for “better” guys, guys that know how to get laid… i hated those guys, and those are the kind of guys that have been with my wife – just imagining it makes me feel sick, to think she’s fucked some hot shot big dick who’s probably fucked 100 other chics anyway and just adder her to his belt. i could never date no one that’s slept with a lot of people. you feel giving yourself to him wasn’t your choice! if she kept running women you slept with, i’m sure she’d be embarrassed to be with you as well if she has respect for herself. get a good friend out of getting to know that person. so if a man has slept with a hundred then he should be deemed the same way that a woman is if she sleeps with that many. i feel an aversion to a female who is interested in me bc i know she has slept around, it’s totally up to me if i want to give her a chance at all. they pass some one that they slept with on the street the best thing to do is ignore them. i haven’t asked him how many girls he’s slept with, or whether they were one night stands or serious or what; i’m just too scared to hear about it. he seems regretful about it and only had sex with that one girlfriend (he’s had 4, including me) but i keep imagining them having sex everytime he mentions her. i've bumped into the men who've used her and they all have told friends that they were embarassed to sleep with her and treated her as joke. nastiest thing you are willing to do in bed, based on your zodiac sign. shouldnt matter how many people your future partner slept with? again, if you consider simply abstaining from sex to be “punishing yourself,” then again, that’s a sign of a deeper issue. advice would be helpful and your article is bang on target. you cannot admit how many partners you have had or feel like nobody has the right to know, especially your potential husband, then you are a joke of a woman, a lie and a fake. you are a virgin, unless god himself tells you to take someone who is not a virgin to be your wife, do everything within your power to not end up dating or marrying someone that is not a virgin. you say “i just can’t get over the hundreds of crazy sex sessions you had with your ex.  you’ve literally dated so much that your idea of a great person is flawed. if you love sex so much, u can have it with the man you believe will stay with u and you have something serious with, something that will not spoil your name. not okay to act as if it doesn’t count because it was in your past. if she’s cheated on 8 of her previous boyfriends then i’m sorry but i think it’s valid to question her loyalty. will respect your point of view, however, as a blogger of a highly controversal and relevant subject you should try to put yourself at our vantage point as well: in a time where men’s rights are routinely violated by the judicial and family court system, a lot (not all) divorces are initiated by women who have had affairs outside of the marriage. pain isn’t yours–it isn’t your jealousy/anger/fear this is a hand-me-down from your decision of perception., after you have sex with a guy, your sexual capabilities will most certainly be judged – and graded in line with a madden-styled rating rubric (out of a hundred). i know this is a far cry from some of you on here, but i feel your pain. regardless, as i stated before you are entitled to your opinion. damage your relationship and possibly end it; trust is very important. i like girls who can hold themselves and value themselves more than the average ones so when i’m with one i can feel that i have caught something rare or something hard to find. do you need a girl to be a virgin for you to appreciate who she is? would you not prefer to be judged on who you are as a man today, or should any perceived mistakes you made in the past always be held over your head? but it will be in the back of your mind. she only told me she wasn´t a virgin one day when we both confessed we liked each other and wanted to date after being close friends for a couple of months. i say how many men she has slept with should not matter.’s an example: let’s say you’ve spent the last two months obsessing over your boyfriend’s sexual past with his ex. all of that is moot if your lingering sense of betrayal (and his lingering shame) is going to continue to poison your relationship. i cant ever stop thinking about what hes done or felt with these girls.. idc if im broke or rich or how your feel in a bed room or how i look its my intellect that should make u be willing to be with me or my compassion or my intentive attitude towards you when a women has a mutiple relations with different men she has a lot of comparision to the man she is involved with and then women wonder why the are single mothers?  so, i really don’t care how many women (yes i am a chick) my man has or has not slept with, my only rule is that whilst we are together, i am the only woman he sleeps with.  that means they’ve had a different boyfriend for every year that they’ve started dating., i am intrigued by your comment that you “disagree that promiscuity is what has caused the highest divorce rate america has ever seen. she says that she really wants me to know the truth about her past and how many people she slept with.@joe: i’m very glad to hear that she’s no longer your girlfriend. those guys dating a girl that has been around… you know your boys are all laughing at you behind your back.. i am coming from a place that is old-minded and is small island, so something like dis should spoil your name and make u feel embarassed even if for you wasn’t that big deal.… doing your kegel’s will fix that and also not true unless the promiscuous lady in question is having babies left and right.. but if you only had one burger, that one burger would be your set standard. a girl had sex and that girl is your wife, your bodies are not your own, the memories are not yours or hers alone, it all came with a price that was already paid…. i’ve seen girls start out kind of destructive, and then get their act together and turn into spectacular heroes who abhor their earlier behavior and more than make up for it with their future strength. when i met a man that claimed to have slept with 150+ women and a woman that slept with 50+ men, its no wonder we have broken families, std’s, and little girls like amber cole becoming prevalent. it states: if a girl likes you, she's not going to have sex on the first date. girls with soft hearts are the strongest type of girls. you are disrespecting the choices so many people make, keep in mind that in general, people don’t mind your choice of abstinence. and dont forget life is a stinky bitch, you call your friend in your house and he happened to be one of your wife’s exes. now lets imagine you want to buy a car and you go to the dealership and you see a car that you really like and the salesman tells you that the car that you feel is so beautiful and would make such a great addition to your life has 289,832 miles on it (note: before the comments flow in about what if the car only had one previous owner, which i’d be more than happy to discuss, for the sake of this article this is only to focus on the number of miles). i personally don’t need or want a relationship, but i also believe that women who don’t ask their male partners how many women they’ve slept with then they are desperate housewives. and hes the only guy ive ever slept with and im 6 weeks pregnant right now. am a 19 year old virgin and for the first time i have actually fallen in love with my 20 year old boyfriend.

Dating a girl your friend has slept with

, dudes: if she hasn't slept with you yet, she probably likes you. name is robert, recently i met a girl and she is 23 and…she is loving me very much and ready to give her life even for me. the way, i would love for you to post your comment on the blog itself : ) let people see other perspectives. that is, just because you stop torturing yourself over how many partners they’ve had, doesn’t mean you totally sweep their attitude towards sex under the rug. and beating them up about it will only have one of two results: they will either start defending their past, or your plan will work and they will feel really horrible about it. they are more likely to be the ones that say “oh he’s just my friend” when her “friend” disrespects her relationship. if you think that these things don’t matter or are silly to be bothered with, then you must be out of your sound mind. if you change your values now (by giving up your decision to wait), you risk achieving a kind of fake compatibility that prolongs the relationship past its natural end. then one day she was asking about my old girlfriend and i told her that she to had been pushed into sex one time but never did it again. are that if this is your question then you have not read the whole article..Then, my sweet little friend, i would suggest you do a thorough self-examination. girlfriend is not a virgin , but wenevr we go for our love moments to begin … oll her past flashes in front of me… the way she wanted to love me now … she had olredy loved someone else… it just brings med worlds most bad feelin i could ever have …. too many people use the fact that this woman has slept with a certain number a men that they personally deem too high as validation to dismiss this woman as a potential mate or a future great wife. i like the honest comments of all the people here especially evelyn and all other girls who have maintained their purity(in my opinion) by not engaging in sex with a guy who’s not gonna marry you and certainly who’ll never be your husband in future. instance, i could saunter into the common room with a brown bag – directly after tipping the delivery lady for some f*cking pad thai – and it’s pretty much a given that one of my friends will at least ask if there was anything ass-related at some point during the exchange. you might say you have found a girl you love and that make you fortunate. holding on to what you believe is right in your youth becomes so much more right the more fully you realize why you should hold on to it., to those of you who feel pained by the truth of your significant other already having sex, it’s fine because nobody’s perfect. said it in your comment jeraldelmcclane “women who are unable to stay connected emotionally to their husbands”. at the end of the day just understand that because there are many men who take a position similar to yours, many women will not be open and honest about their numbers., as a woman, are obviously free to care (or not) how many previous partners your man has been with. long as you don’t change your core values for the other person, then the relationship will take a natural course to a natural end. when you say up your game… if you are average and a past lover of hers was well endowed there is nothing positions, creativity, or use of toys can compensate for. some, such as yourself possibly, don’t have the save freedoms. i’m not saying that my hoe friends shouldn’t find a great man one day but damn, if they saw them now they’d never get “wifed. your logic, if we make no judgments on our potential mates, and the past doesn’t matter, it should not matter if our potential mate was a child rapist for 20 years, as long as s/he isn’t “currently” raping children. i know you will receive the blessings you deserve, just hold on to faith and take the time to forgive the people in your past.’ we had a talk the other night where he said he really wanted to be my boyfriend, but due to his ex hurting him in the past, he can’t give me his whole self…. he could have been in your shoes and you in his and how would he feel about it if his partner hates him for his past. but i turned 18 and finally met someone, he s really nice really honest, he’s told me he slept with 16 people becuase his first love (which he didnt do anything with) rejected him and moved away and so he started sleeping around to deal with the loss. i understand your position, but i do not agree that it is the best approach. it’s also been surprising and somewhat painful to see close friends of mine, both guys and girls, who used to be committed to waiting or at least have a lot of respect for sex suddenly change their mind when they enter a relationship with someone they are really attracted to. often forget that you’re creating all of those scenes from your masochistic imagination, not so much from fact. and the last girl he slept with, is actually an acquaintance of one who i strongly dislike. it’s like a million, torturous images keep flashing through your head, and your own imagination keeps inventing all new horrors for you. i still deal with the pain but i am far from the promiscuous young girl. don’t lie and ruin someone else’s life to make yourself happy. events that come into our existence (our range of senses) taste touch smell etc including damage, memory, fake thoughts… have nothing to do with yourselves. and i cant stop thinking about the girls he had sex with . their sudden righteous anger will turn your virginity into something that you’re holding over their head; they’ll stop valuing it and respecting you for it as much. ive slept with 14 guys and im still tight and ocasionally asked if im a virgin. i want to tell him that there is nothing, and i mean nothing, scientifically or spiritually that anybody or anything can do to change his or your past.. how detailed you can get depends on how much your lover can take. i don’t like torturing people over their past but at the same time if it’s really that important to you (that you find a virgin because you yourself are one) then you need to think about what you are going to do. so i just focused on the specific concern of the number of men a woman has slept for this. don’t allow the negative thoughts to hinder your relationship or your overall quality of life. i’ve been troubled over a friend with benefits situation that my fiance once had. so i dont know how many times she has slept with him and i think he was her only sexual partner. guys think like that, if the girl is awesome they will still like her. you can be with a woman who only tells you she only slept with 3 guys when in reality you may have to add a 0, or two 0’s. in your mind, you picture him having sex with his ex hundreds of times, in every possible position. i have seen women who had only slept with one man end up being “loose” while in a relationship. i went through this trouble for the first year me and my boyfriend were dating. then you get secure in your values, you build up some good muscles for dealing with the past, etc.. whether or not she has a(n) std(s)) is very important concerning the number of partners that she’s had but if a woman tells a man that she’s slept with 3 men and neglects to add the 0 at the end of that, she’s being dishonest and that violates the principle of another post that you made (4 keys to starting and maintaining a successful relationship) previously.’s important for you to be mindful of incompatibilities and factor them into your decisions about the relationship (e. if u had slept with a hundred men would u have wanted anyone to judge u? now if you ask her and she lies about the number, then your point is much more valid in my opinion. we block love sometimes for all the wrong reasons, and how many men she has previously slept with should never be one of them. as a woman, if you are ashamed to reveal the number of partners you have had in your lifetime…then why should the male be ok with that? 20, 30 or more men is wrong then i hope you take that same logic and school your boy on that too because every time she opens her legs to someone there is always a man willing to climb between them, and that makes him just as “ho -ish” following your logic., why in the world would you think the number of men you have slept with should not matter? get off your weird, shaming high-horse and move toward something more productive. if they say they don’t feel secure in the relationship,Sacrifice some of your freedom (not a ridiculous amount), give them access to. if your not going to be responsible w/ your body your either going to lose that double standard, or lose respect. the hardest part for me to swallow is once she entered college, she slept with those other men in a matter of just a year. first you must know i’m not a virgin and neither is he but he’s a very shy laid back guy he is 24 and never in my mind did i think that he’s ever had a one night stand or has slept with someone he had not been in a relationship with.’re doing the right thing, love beats all… just think how you would feel looking back at now when you’re on your death bed about to pass onto the other realm.“too many” people: remember that there is a good chance your lover feels guilty. don’t hold a value for the women you’re looking for that you don’t practice yourself. whether you get stabbed and die, yes it is the body you are in, but it is rightfully his soul, his body and his spirit that he gave you for the test of obtaining his way for perception, his way of understanding…his way of love and power and going through and truly presenting it from your heart in the form of physical action. no offense, but you’re a man and you should take the virginity of a girl, not the other way around. i love and respect my girlfriend and want to be with her forever. life is a whisp…and your rewards for righteousness are amazing, especially dealing with great pain and things that seem to be against you personally.“altamera74, from a chick’s point of view,  you are going to end up a very sad and lonely man if you take that sort of attitude into your life when it comes to choosing a partner., men want to marry women who have not slept with a.

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reading your articles and i’d say its been insightful and interesting! maybe they have slept with a couple of people but only in committed relationships. girls need to learn to keep their damn legs shut so the one person that does love them in the future won’t have to be tortured by “visions” of a slutty, whoreish sexual history. but until men realize that the more you all make advances towards us irregardless of what we declare we want, the more you promote promiscuity among your male circles, the more you all support the media that supports the sexual exploitation and objectification of women, then the more you’ll see women sleeping with a bunch of different men. you really like this girl, see if you can work it out. you really killed it, and i mean really killed it, we'd probably relay to our boys that your sex game was something like a 97. that’s how i thought when i was your age. i ask you a question…let’s just say your dating a guy and he is 8 years older than you and he said he wants to have sex with you but you are still a virgin and he is not…. giving awesome vintage haircuts will inspire you to follow your dreams. i have female friends who have only been with a few partners and those are the women who fantasize about cheating the most! but then i brought the conversation back to the “fast girls”. i honestly don’t like having to interact with my gf’s past partners so in the end this article is nice but if one doesn’t want to marry a female who has slept around then these words are neither here nor there in reality. mobile device and email, or tell them your whereabouts if their worried. in 25 years from now when you talk about your first time. understand your position but i think you are not properly receiving the message of this article. i encourage you remain faithful as long as your in any relationship. but i met a girl who told me she had sex once at 15 and got pregnant. agree with your post for the simple fact, people are always passing judgement on someone life and all of us are born imperfect. i can’t get those images out of my head no matter how i try to avoid them, and i always have an urge to better than my girlfriend’s ex. is what it’s really like to be an alcoholic in your 20s. you can question the theory of evolution, or gravity, or anything else, but your questioning doesn’t impugn their validity. she had a boyfriend after him she had told me she never slept with but now i don’t believe it. i’ve not touched any girl, knowing that they someday might belong to someone else. my friends or people mention “hey, that girl your with, my mates have hooked up with her multiple times, shes a bit of a slut”. now if a guy has a lot and the girl has a lot too, it is equal ground imho. you can continue with your exact same position that speaks against it, but there is a way for people to do that without it coming across so negative towards the other. also in your other comment you gave the example of the rapist and that is a great way to make your point, but lets flip this. so our brains default to the one thing we've known to be true since we were little girls: don't sleep with him!@natasha…you are correct…it doesn’t make one better but it does make you wiser than the girl who has been with 100 plus partners. can keep the sluts for yourself… i will definitely go for the classy ones! later on when i had started to really love this girl (and also found about more details about her history) things started to escalate. people need to embrace human sexuality instead of needlessly punishing yourselves for wanting what is natural. first we were friends, then close friends, and now we both want to be with each other but can’t due to his baggage! some of the points you made in your last response was where i was trying to go, but duty called and i had to cut my post short. but if they’re not the nicest to you and you have a good amount of differences and they’ve had sex with let’s say 5 or more other guys/girls then you should really consider finding someone else. any young women and men out there who remain virgins please wait until your wedding night. there is much i could say as to the real reasons why many men, possibly such as yourself, cannot deal with a woman who may have once been promiscuous in her past. he lost his virginity at a party with a girl he coudnt even remember the name . if you slept with a lot of people how exactly do you expect people to view you. much cheer happens in heaven when you are on the pedistool…you with your strength do so pull the wrong doer up and out of the muck, you clean them, bring them to the savior and present them as sinless? @anon, stay with her, you lost it to her, so, ya know, unless you don’t like her anymore… and not just for the virginity fact, i mean even you slept with her so… i get what you are saying but, you already slept with her, are you a virigin now? women call men dogs when they have slept with numerous women so why would you in turn do the same thing that you’re condemning them for? no one wants to date a girl thats been ran through. the discussion as if this was completely your problem, not theirs…because it is..” when in fact there could be someone out there that is just like you in your thinking about sex and relationships and believes on waiting for marriage/long term relationships – whatever. if your 30 and you had sex with 45 people,You may have some serious issues and i would say that it’s too many. my personal decision has not wavered as i have also seen the damaging fallout of some of these friends after break-ups occur and they are faced with feelings of betrayal, distrust, and moral angst. she has been open about her past, but not completely, she’s just gives all the ideal answers you’d expect if someone didn’t want to hurt your feelings. you have a chance to be the nice guy here, forgive her instantly for her past, and move forward enjoying your relationship. the more different men she has slept with, the more chances she had sex with an extremely endowed man, which would compromise the elasticity of her vagina. as for you point- if virginity doesn’t matter, then it naturally applies that your message to people that are ‘saving themselves’ should be to stop doing it? my boyfriend and i have been together over a year we actually own a house together but i never knew how many people he’s actually slept with so i decided to ask him tonight..) my girlfriend who i am seeing right now has had sex with about 65 people. i don’t think that there is a comparison between someone who has had lots of sexual partners and someone that has only slept with one. and know that there will be days your not overwhelmed in thought. to remind your lover that it was in the past and you can’t change it. 🙁 on top of that, i wouldn’t be the first close female friend that he’d pursue something with. i lied to her and told her i had been with other girls. on the other side of the fence, as a woman, i wouldn’t want to subject my future partner to having any kind of issues with the number of men i’ve slept with. also,If you take responsibility for your actions and see that it hurts your lover. in my opinion, it kinda shows what type of person you are and how much respect you have for yourself. questions to ask your crush to see if they’re right for you. but it hurts me to know that the girl i care about so much is just a notch on so many bedposts. 100 is just obvious, whether you see yourself as having a modern approach. its sad but girls qnd guys are just not wired the same. some people who are waiting till marriage, the virginity-factor can be all-consuming when picking a boyfriend/girlfriend. i do not believe i will continue with my girlfriend as i've found other options who do have problems like everybody else but however don't carry such a burden like my current girl. these words to them: “i’m sorry, the more i like you it just gets hard for me to think about your sexual past. i love this woman and to make her feel secure i cut ties with all my girlfriends and avoided all women actually. if you throw that away casually or for the wrong reasons, it will affect your development as a person. just don’t know how you would think that most divorces occur because women who have slept around a lot aren’t satisfied with being with just one man. you may not mind to share your life with someone who has share herself with everyone who show some interest but for me it is very a very important detail as it is part of the whole person you are choosing… since i have that capacity of choice i want to have a nice person as a whole… including a matching in our values… personally i am sure i would not go ahead with a woman with this kind of baggage. that you accuse someone else of being “too lazy” to link you to a study that you can just look up yourself, but didn’t, because you were…well…too lazy. invest your time, emotion and energy into a person who does not share the same sexual compatibility that you do because you naively want to believe that how many people she has slept with doesn’t matter. for instance a girl had sex with 20 men(but we dont know numbers) and they were all her boyfriends then in that case she wouldnt be a hoe. or, on the other hand, you may see that this relationship is going to last (in all likelihood), in which case it becomes important for you to work through your concerns with your partner.

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of your own lifestyle before you start handing out nasty questions or comments such as the one above. other day, my male friend took a girl he really liked out for a first date. next to them being gone from your life entirely, this stuff about their past isn’t really a big deal.: ladies, you’re guilty of it, too — just look at the 46 things all her friends know about the guy she’s slept with. after realizing what is important (and it’s not having sex so someone will love you more, or so that you can feel better about yourself), i decided to re-wait until marriage.  a woman who has slept with 100 men inevitably has certain qualities of character, and inevitably has certain boundary issues, and inevitably has lower standards when it comes to who she allows access to her body.. you with experience, do not hold it against your new inexperienced partner that the first couple of times are an absolute mess and rarely last more than a few minutes. men on “would you date someone who slept with you on the first date?. wounded pride – in effect, you just found out that your girlfriend is less yours. men are letting go this thing that she slept with 30 guys before marriage because this is common.[…] few years ago i polled 100 men on whether they’d date someone who slept with them on the first date. is allowed to his opinions and values as much as u are allowed to your body. up until that girl, i didn’t think that was possible, but i was proven wrong. yes, i enjoy educating the ignorant, such as yourself, on such topics. think at the end it all comes to self respect… i don’t think a woman who shares herself with anyone who gives her attention will be able to commit to a monogamy relationship… it is just against  the nature of her behavior, you can’t pretend to have a different value system regarding sex (how you call it in your post) and then embrace monogamy and change that values all over again… other topic i would like to suggest you analyze is the fact that if a woman has slept with 100+ men for example… what is the difference between getting married to that woman that to a prostitute? disagree with #1 under “why this can poison your relationship” you say “they can’t help their past. seem to be fairly obsessed yourself, and i seem to be controlling your time and responses today.  i don’t want a girl that has it in her head that “16th time is a charm”. so if your 30 and you had sex with 15 people, i say. they are more likely to be the ones that say “oh he’s just my friend” when her “friend” disrespects her relationship. i started to just ask her things like “did you just not give a shit about yourself? months after you have given yourself to him, you find some of his old messages & he is forced to reveal he has been sexually active with his previous partner?, i dated 2 virgins(girls who had never done penetration or oral) before dating the girl i am dating now who is a non-virgin who went all the way sadly. per your article this clearly shows that women have sex during their high school and early age as they know that guys or men will not marry them they just want sex so this only classified that kind of woman as a slut ( a whore who sex’s without money)., all of those dark, painful fantasies you created to torture yourself with collapse into the plain, boring reality, and you feel retarded for making such a big deal out of it.’s cool is having the personal pride, and self-respect to give your body to every man who shows you interest. i came to the us when i was 22 and i get enough stories from friends and coworkers about their rich sex life. if you let someone open it (sex), then your future spouse is left with an already opened gift while you may be giving them your beautifully wrapped gift. lately i’ve been kinda sad and anxious because my boyfriend isn’t a virgin, and i told him that it really upsets me. your logic, nothing matters, and we should all turn our brains off., for me its pretty simple, if this value of waiting til marriage for sex is so strong, i dont see why you should shortchange yourself and be with someone who didnt wait.  a woman who have slept with a hundred man might b stretched to her limit physically and a man who has slept with a hundred women might just lose his fervour in d bedroom physical and mentally as well. i feel like she should feel happy that i am accepting her with her history and that i deserve better than to be treated like trash during those times, because i feel i give her a lot of my time, and i have also given her a lot sexually(more than i have given any other girl before). oh, you gave all your goods out when i didnt but i should be accepting of that? let her know your goal is to simply be better, and to have peace within yourself about this issue. problem with your logic: when we are choosing a mate to be with, we inherently “judge” whether that person is the best for us to be with. but this article really does describe everything i’ve been feeling with my boyfriend. boyfriend recently told me that he’s not a virgin anymore… unlike many of you, it didn’t feel as if my life had been shattered , but i do think about it a lot. you for your insights and although it seems to help i have something maybe you can personally help me with. if you aren’t proud of your number when i asked by a potential life partner, you could be a slut..  i would feel disgusted if i would know my wife had slept with so many men…. and realize having sex with a lot of people has its consequence you can’t always have your cake and eat it too so **** smart and **** protected., your anger won’t be satisfied until you’ve brought them around to your way of thinking and shamed them for the times they stepped away from it. he thinks we’re boyfriend and girlfriend… i’m still a but uneasy with the idea. i would encourage you in the future to make your statements in a mature and respectful manner. we started out as friends first then eventually became a couple. he lost his virginity when he was 18 with a girl he barely knew at a party, and the second girl was a girl he was with in a actual relationship and they did it like 3 times. always feel free to express yourself on my blog because even in disagreement the discussion can be good and productive. 7 reactions that girls will have when you tell them you’re waiting. this i can see that you only wrote this to make yourself believe that its ok you slept with a 100 guys 🙂.( the way your mind thinks and what you perceive in order of importance). you attempt to state your position by insulting others who do not share your opinion. has only had one other girlfriend whom he dated for 5 years, so i thought it was reasonable for him to loose his virginity to her. there is nothing wrong with your disagreement, but they way you go about it is very negative and very unnecessary. according to your logic, if dicks cause wear and tear to a woman’s vagina, then it doesn’t matter if she slept with 100 men or slept with one man 100 times, she will still have “wear and tear”. after you formally make your promises at your wedding, you complete or consummate these promises with sexual intercourse. completely understand your position on having a right to judge. the people in the school decided they knew all about her: “that girl is a slut, and that’s all she’s ever going to be. we have been best friends for a while and a year ago, i.’m a guy who never really had any girlfriends, i turned down or was just completely blind to all advances to me and missed all opportunities, i never really cared (or told myself i didn’t, but probably i did), i would be a virgin if it wasn’t for the few random prostitutes i slept with – yeh, something i’m not happy about but i only did it cause i was lonely and never believed in myself, i had my heart broken a few times (yeh wahh wahh, i was young and a sensitive human being), i had chronic anxiety and the thought of even going on a date made me want to vomit – so i never met anyone or just avoided it… i was 28 before i finally met someone who actually loves me, i was blown away.  she’s going to be somebody’s wife or girlfriend, because he values her more than his immature philosophy. is how you help the girl who’s good at hiding her pain. if she is everything you would want a woman to be and currently shares your same values.  for example, if your first sexual experience is a violent one, pain could cause you to become numb sexually and emotionally. so not every loose girl is just doing it for fun. make an excellent point and i wanted to leave the door open to a separate post that would address the trust issue as well as the “why she has slept with so many men”. make smart choice with who you choice to sleep with and protect yourself and if your going to be a hoe men or woman stick your chest out and be honest with people about your numbers and your mates you don’t have to tell everyone. she has a great personality, one that made me think she was a virgin and was able to wait for sex, but apparently she has had sex with 4 boyfriends, then she started to have friends with benefits, the boyfriends i can understand, but why would she have sex with 2 guys she claims she didn’t “love”. so try again to express your desire to know the truth no matter how tough of a pill it is to swallow. many men a female has slept matters because:1)sexually transmitted diseases (sex with lots of people increase the chance that you have them). mike and everyone else need your guys help , i come from a strong rooted born again christain family , in fact i am born again also , when i was 17 i did something stupid i hate that i did it i had sex with my girlfriend at the time it was both our 1st time in fact we did it about a total of 4 times , that all i remember coz i was just 17 at the time just a dumb kid, we are long time over now , i’m currently 27 and haven’t had sex since is it wrong for me to want to get married to a woman that kept herself i’m scared i won’t coz its what i really want , would love to have the womens take on this..I’m just curious……what is your take on any of your male gender having premarital sex?@14 year old: even if you hadn’t given your age, i’d probably have guessed you were a little kid.[…] few years ago i polled 100 men on whether they’d date someone who slept with them on the first date. so i asked who the girls were and for some reason he won’t tell me. i personally dont see how comparing your partner’s sexual history with the world out there is gonna make a person feel better.

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.does it have something to do with how many men u have slept with? you have built-up his history in your head to involve all these worse-case scenarios. everything in this article rang true with me, and i thank you for your advice. you very much for this, and for your other articles. maybe if you learn to use it, you won’t have to ask other people to do your work for you. this 4th one gives purpose to your relationship – otherwise it will get boring. you choose to look at her is an issue within yourself. you keep your head cool and look at this relationship calmly and rationally, you will see that it may not last forever, even though you may want it to. his friend who was also married and he wanted to be with her.. even the girl who says she has casual sex without emotions points out the sex she had was with people she was already emotionally connected to, her friends. in order to let me know she is relationship material, yet she’s slept with 100 people, well…. as in, if you give up a piece of yourself to make the relationship last longer/be easier, then you weren’t actually compatible…you just gave up yourself to be compatible with him. your heart is toren apart, your body feels like trash, you feel raped, you blame yourself for the wrong decisions you made, for being educated yet so naive to have taken such a wrong decision and been cheated on… you still love him though he broke your heart by deciving you… so please tell me what you would do if this happened to you.“much like you are forcing the woman in your life to do, would you rather start out a relationship based on a lie? i have tortured myself and girlfriends about sexual past in plenty of my relationships. run into more issues with the fact that some women have literally had over 15 boyfriends, and have slept with them all, multiple times even., next time a girl isn't putting out after your fantastic first date, read this and chill the f*ck out—it could very well just mean that she likes you. unless you’re taking barlowgirl’s stance on waiting till marriage (no dating until …… […]. i never said i wanted to date you or anyone like you, so your comment, “no one is saying you have to date us,” is a bit of a non-sequitor. those who have wated and even those who havent, im a die hard christian who plans to wait but i have a friend whos like a brother to me who choose not to wait he and the girl are not together now and it makes me sad to think someone i use to like gave it up for a girl who in the end didnt care. night my girlfriend told me that she has had sex before and it has been really disturbing me on the inside. i want to be a boyfriend that impacted her life, but more than they did. you’re imagining every horrible, pornographic scene over and over again, torturing yourself like john cusack in high fidelity.’m an 18 year old virgin who fell in love with his classmate, a girl who is a year older than me.. something about your ass…i'll leave this one pretty vague. completely disagree with your statement that most women divorce because they have affairs. you let all of your hurt, anger, and sense of injustice build up inside of you, you’re going to take it out on them whether you intend to or not. im not judging her to be a whore and a not decent girl., my perceptions are no more divorced from reality than yours, or those of anyone else. stephan following your argument, if you would find a woman who 5-10 years ago had a gangbang and half of the town where you live had sex with her but now she is a very nice woman and has changed her values, you will embrace her and take her as your partner without having any problem or concern? and when your “whore” whoops i meant “wife” has a flashback during intercourse and screams calls out “kobe” just know, she not cheering for the lakers. again i am not saying go out there and be “loose” just addressing your point about the wear and tear. with every opportunity you emphasise and make it clear that having a non-virgin partner is an absolute non-negotiable for you as you’ve had the strength to resist the temptation for 27 years of your life. so let’s be perfect in a less than perfect world and provide a few undeniable examples: your rent is due and it is 0 and you only have 0…do you have the right or wrong amount? she is the exact opposite of what my current girlfriend is. see there’s this girl i meet earlier this year, who i found to like a lot,has had sex with a guy since we’ve been talking. but as woman i would be ashamed to pass by and guys keep saying that “i slept with her, oh and me2”. can totally understand how each day you keep waiting, it reinforces your frustration and anger at him for breaking his half of the bargain while you continue to keep yours. you expect that guys would find equally as desirable and attractive as a life partner the woman who has slept with 100 men, as the woman who has been with 8?. you ignore too many of your differences and settle for them, leading to a bad, unsatisfying marriage. had that been the case it would be your choice! normally the good man doesnt have half the number of the slut girl. think the only way to get through something like this, when you know you’ll never find someone that fits your puzzle piece so perfectly, is to ask god for help. you have sexual intercourse before making your promises, then you show her that you are capable of justifying forsaking her for a younger, shapelier rival when she gets older.  i hope you are able to get your anger issues under control. i noticed about these two women as well as my female friends and colleagues is that women who have had a large number of sexual partners often have different values and a different outlook on relationship behavior than those that have not. boyfriend and i had sex a few months before we started dating. or he is not forever-compatible with you and you both will eventually go your separate ways. i ama virging and he is not, he is very caring and came through for me and respect that fact that he is my first boyfriend. keep that attitude and they’ll be able to help you through it and probably ease a lot of your concerns., as more as i read your answers as more i agree on what you say… i am afraid puppycat feels remorse for something… has she been honest with her man about her past? the only position here is don’t let the past stop you from receiving and embracing your blessings. i may be able to feel comfortable being in a relationship with someone who has 5 sexual partners before, whereas my friend who is like me, waiting til marriage for sex, feels extremely uncomfortable being with someone who has one sexual partner. how many men she slept with shouldn’t matterposted by stephan labossiere in advice for men, dating, intimacy | 418 comments |tags: advice, advice for women, dating, intimacy, relationship advice. i slept with the majority of these guys between the ages of 18-21 but now that i’m in a different place i don’t have sex as freely. now although this may not be the route you chose when it comes to sexuality it doesn’t make you better than or more wise than the girl or guy who chose to have 100 + partners. it also bothers him that i wasn’t upset (i handled it quite well) when he told me , and he’s constantly apologizing… saying that he wish he had waited… (he was in a long term relationship with the girl) also , he says it happened before he became a christian… i truly believe that he feels bad and that he had changed his morals to waiting for marriage . i’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year, and the whole time i’ve been trying to be ok with his past. a girl is promiscuous or has had behavior in her past showing lack of self-respect, self-esteem, integrity, etc. lover, and if people “on the market” for dating were products, your value. i hate thinking about this but i do it all the time, and i hate thinking that he could’ve had kids with these girls. it’s a selfish attempt to keep a woman to yourself even if you don’t have feelings for her, you want her to keep her pussy tight. has slept with in the past as evidence for if she is someone to be., if that is your only reason for waiting, then it’s fine to just decide that the article doesn’t apply to you. my parents, my grand parents, my friends have all been like that, but my gf is a non-virgin and she has had sex with at least six people, all men, whom she had believed to be the love of her life at some point. some of them were guys i knew actually friends of mine. if a person once upon a time slept with 30ppl (just pulling out a random number) but in the last two years slept with nobody, do you judge them on their 30ppl or the fact that they have come to a place now that they no longer behave the same way? if your partner has a sexual history that makes you uncomfortable, i dont see why you should compare, feel miserable and suck it all up. i completely understand your position but he is where our views differ. but i just can’t get over the fact that he has had sex with 5 different girls. the one thing i can’t get over more is the fact that he and my ex-best friend “sally” gave each other their virginity. but i’ve also seen girls keep that little self-destructive piece of themselves and let it keep eating at their decisions their whole life. many guys, getting a girl to orgasm is rarer than a patty of steak tartare with a golden ticket nestled underneath it. if you sleep around it shows your unstable and don’t take relationships serious. serious question as this is a prob i’m currently dealing with…i met an amazing girl who i was 99% sure was my future wife. once dated a girl so silly and sexually repressed to think that she could serve up purity on a platter by being a virgin for her future husband.

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the first time does not feel like a first time or how you imagined it to be all your life, he does not connect, has no value or mention of the sacrifice you both are making, has no emotional attachment and does not take care of you in any way before or after., by the time i met this girl, i was so thankful for how quickly we bonded, how perfect she was in every way i could reasonably gauge in the throws of the “honeymoon” period. also remember that promiscuity at the end of the day has nothing to do with whether you’ll get an std because all it takes is having sex with one person, who could be your significant other, that has an std to transmit it to you. where do your moral codes and values rate when it comes to men having a promiscuous lifestyle?, your last clause is true and everybody should remember it. thank you, lord, for writing my name in your lamb’s book of life and sealing me with your holy spirit! be quiet how would you feel if your wife bumped into a ex and got all happy over it? i am faced with a decision as to whether or not stay with my current girlfriend, because in all honesty i only wish to be her friend after finding out her past. but the other four girls were all one night stands at parties. and this girl have been seeing eachother for a while now. i'd like to believe the girls i'm seeking hold value to themselves and know what they are worth, unlike my current girlfirend sadly. wow, do you realize there is a difference between wanting a girl that has “been around” versus not judging a girl that has “been around”. things were wonderful for the first 5 years and this man is by far the best friend i thought i ever had. and your way of presenting your thoughts is tremendously awesome. you haven’t waited but your partner has, wouldn’t you want them to be able to love and accept you? i'm going to go ahead and go against girl code or whatever to clear this up once and for all. have observed and had many discussions with my female friends, colleagues, and women ive dated, as well as read the facebook & twitter posts of women i am less familiar with but know that a few of my friends are very “familiarity” with. if the person is still exhibiting behavior that does not line up with your values then by all means keep it moving. in all i just don’t feel we should be looking at the amount of men she has slept with in the past as evidence for if she is someone to be with. i slept with him lyk 3 times after that he never talked to me 4 almost 5 month when i inbox him he jct says what do u want. can tell how angry i made you, and your calling of names is cute, but unnecessary. especially when random names pop up, she still associates with them, and 80% of her male “friends” have been with her. it is absolutely realistic to have concerns that the sexual past of your partner can affect not just your emotional and physical health (aids and other stds, ring a bell? tell me what you would do… if you saved yourself for marriage, to find the right man at the age of 27… you get into a very serious relationship with this guy that you have known since childhood. we're clearly going to extrapolate your sexual symphonies after doing the nasty. course, when i meet a girl and find out she’s waiting too, it immediately gives her like 1,000,000 instant bonus points with me. your post ur so real thanks dude not some fake that write stuff as if they are all dat holy. but if that matters to you then that’s your preference. me and my boyfriend of 6 month just recently had a somewhat vague talk about our “sexual histories,” of which include mine being a virgin and him losing his virginity at the age of 15. can you believe having sex with a girl who’s done everything possible with another guy? gf has slept with so many guy, just thinking about having sex with her turns me off. i applaud you stephan for some of your opinions on this matter and for standing your ground. outside of my 3 serious relationships, i have never kissed, or anything more with other girls. you keep picturing your girlfriend/boyfriend having sex with some other person — doing all of the things you’ve waited to do for so long with somebody else, as if it’s nothing — and it’s like knives through your heart.’ve read a couple of your blogs, and i think you’re a great writer with even greater things to say 🙂 ! and i’m not certain what state your from but getting divorced is not easy. always feel free to express yourself on my blog because even in disagreement the discussion can be good and productive.’m 25 years old and i have been dating this girl for 6 months now. things a guy’s friends know about a girl after he’s slept with her. “your going to get what you want, we’re going to see if you want what your going to get. i just want to ask… my girlfriend told me to wait before we have sex… thats fine with me… but the my problem is… she and her ex had sex for like 10 times already… (i know because she told me) i ask her… did you make him wait… she said a little… so im asking her why are you making me wait for more than a year to have it but you didnt make your ex wait… its kinda unfair dont you think? when you keep them, you demonstrate your love for each-other., why would she want you after all your wear and tear? i have lived 40 years with this crap…do not subject yourself to it. you have issues… so you didn’t have problems with your wife introducing you to her ex’s and flirting with them. why is that my girl has to be touched and defiled by so many people? will be haunted for the rest of your life if you don’t take my advice. like you are forcing the woman in your life to do, would you rather start out a relationship based on a lie? those who think they are not even obliged to say how many people they have slept with is like the ones who think that they can cheat as long as their husband does not find out… it is living a lie and if your husband would ever find out you could have a bad surprise because he is not aware on who he is living with and he can get as disgusted as i do …. is a good liar ,she lost her virginity at 15 now she is of 23 ,from that time till now she had 4/5 boy friends may be no is more than she told me , she had sexual relationship with a guy from last 5 years and he used her in all manner and denied to marry , she told this last morning from that moment i feels like a victim , i want to cry ,she told me this when i went serious ,my mind give me images that i don’t want to see ,i want to weep actually am a too sensitive boy & she knows it ,she pick me because am more attractive & talented than her previous one ,she waited for the moment when am going too serious ,my mind stuck ,my heart is in pain , please help me what should i do ? but somewhere in the back of many girls’ brains, there's the voice of some maternal figure or friend telling her that the only way to get the guy she wants is to hold out on sex for as long as she can. i don’t play the who slept with who game. think it is a territorial issue that men have, so having to see other men that “had” your women bothers some. and there were so many good aspects to those relationships (and those girls) that i wish could have enjoyed more without being so hung-up. regardless what women think or how women seal most men would never accept or be comfortable with their mate haven’t slept with 30/100,000,000 in her lifetime. i don’t care if you date women who’ve slept with over 20 or not. she went to a high school where there was a girl who was known to have slept with multiple guys. but if your going to get seriously involved physical and emotionally with someone come clean. no thanks either to your negativity that just because the world is promiscuous, virgins should just settle for someone less than their ideal. i don’t know what planet you come from but aint no way a man would want to wife a woman who has slept with every man in town. will say that we all are entitled to our own opinions, but when those opinions are based in judgment and  primitive prehistoric double standards, that makes your opinion invalid. i had been waiting, intentionally avoiding sexual relationships until i found the right girl. he was my first , but i was his 5th girl he had sex with and honesty that cuts me real deep . for sharing your view point, and thanks for scratching below the surface.  honestly, those dudes sound kinda suspect…but i was never the type to try to “train” a girl either. yourself: is the anger you feel towards him over this so severe that you think you’d be happier with somebody else? neighbor, as long as you carry that deeply engrained mindset you will have nothing but uphill battles in all of your personal romantic relationships. the girl didn't invite him inside that night because she liked him. who is empathetic to your feelings and how their past affects you. however, what is common sense in girl world i have just recently learned is a completely foreign concept to the straight male brain. and, technically, the benefits of waiting will still apply to your marriage despite this incident. as a soon-to-be 30 year old virgin (and a devout christian), i’m really having a hard time in these areas with my current girlfriend who is not a virgin.  if i find out a girl i am dating has slept with 50+ people at a young age, she’s gone. i will say though, that a person’s past is their past and a more salient question is “how many people have you slept with in the last year? is what it's really like to be an alcoholic in your 20s. since he has read this and sees hes not the only peron going through this he said hes going to show me more respect as his girlfriend and not someone elses ex.

Can You Have Casual Sex Without Feelings? 9 Ways To Keep It No

i can’t figure out why this girl i’m not longer dating or even talking to, is still haunting me when it comes to her sexual history 🙁.” in other words, why date a girl if you can f*ck her with no strings attached? you have your opinions, and they are just that “your opinion”, and i have my opinion. a girl that has been around the block is going to have a much harder time finding a man to agree to spend the rest of his life with her., that and one more factor: it also comes from meeting a girl who wasn’t waiting, but was almost awesome enough to marry anyway. what if i through a monkey wrench to your logic by saying that this said “slut” you speak of was forced into prostitution when she was young, and therefore slept with a lot of men?! and i caught that he recorded two girls butts as they walked on a sidewalk . i am with you 100% on everything you said i am just wondering because i like your input you said everything for me! swears he has practiced purity & virginity as you have for 28years… the relationship progresses further, marriage is confirmed and you both discuss to give yourselves to each other (yes a big ugly mistake). she’s my best friend and i love her but i just can’t shake the thought of her with this other guy and how, if she had dated me then, she would have to one to compare me to when we made love. then the next day i hear talking on the phone to an old girlfriend how her ex chased her around all night guess it want me she was turned on by. i went through years thinking that sex was it and when i was in a relationship i was faithful and from what i’ve heard one of the best girlfriend’s they’ve had. girlfriend doesn´t really value my virginity i feel, because she doesn´t want to feel pain or guilt for her past actions, i believe. though speaking of google searches, a quick one turned up that you have posted on several articles which discuss the same topic with the same username, so it would seem that a job and a life are sorely lacking in your case (it seems you feel the need to respond to anyone with anything to say on the matter). you’re taking barlowgirl’s stance on waiting till marriage (no dating until marriage), you’re probably going to date several people for various periods of time before you get married. shes the first girl i ever really liked, and i just feel so trapped and im not sure if this should bother me that much. after they broke up, we became best friends again and she told me she liked me a lot. i’ve always wanted to have my first kiss, my first sex, my first romantic touch with this one girl, who too wants to experience all her first with me. now if she has actually slept with 80% of her male friends and she still associates with them, then i can see where that may be to tough of a pill to swallow. if they are still like that and this doesn’t play well in your life, move on. how the women who think number shouldn’t matter have all slept with a lot of people. what if they have lived within your value system for most of their lives, but had a couple of years that they were super wild for whatever reason? is what it’s really like to be an alcoholic in your 20s. sometimes planning to break up with her…but if do that she will surely end up her life…but she is promising me and saying that i need your love and not sex…. can tell how angry i made you, and your calling of names is cute, but unnecessary. let me say that i really like the advice that you post even though i occasionally disagree with your views, the vast majority of the time (92-97%) i feel that your advice perfectly sums up the solution that is going to bring about the best results. so you’re freaking out and obsessing over you’re boyfriend’s past, inventing all those horrible scenes. and, what does your sex life say about your character? i just really can’t get those images of him and the other girl out of my head. i want this girl, but with her not being touched by anyone. you can believe what you wish, and if this works for you my friend then by all means continue as you are. to say such a thing as don’t torment yourself is nothing but an insensitive remark for us to suppress our emotions, to hold them in and then bottle them up, which does absolutely nothing but damage our own long term physical and emotional health. the people that hurt you had there own issues that they never resolved, so their actions were not a reflection on you or your worth as a person. i noticed about these two women as well as my female friends and colleagues is that women who have had a large number of sexual partners often have different values and a different outlook on relationship behavior than those that have not. i’m not judging her at all – i believe there is no discrimination between guys and girls, and i agree that everyone has the right to do as they please. you, your body, your soul feels used, manipulated, deceived, cheated. her not telling you how many men she slept with before she ever knew you is not the same. i hope she ain't waiting on me to send that facebook friend request. there isn't really one set thing about your ass that we'll habitually comment on, it's just sort of the “reader's digest” version of our interpretation. well, it is simply shameful to have such low standards as to have slept with dozens of people. i know all things but accept her but now here is tears in eyes during typing ,my first love hurt too much ,,please i need all of your help ,what should i have to do now ? unless you’re taking barlowgirl’s stance on waiting till marriage (no dating until … […]. guys i know & myself do think how many people a woman has slept with matters, she is wife material only if her count is low. if your lover truly loves you for who you are if they don’t know. 7 emotions you feel when you discover your partner’s sexual past. i realized when i met this girl that there were some qualities that were more important even that the virgin factor. that s*** is nasty can’t be with a girl with a body count higher than 4. my ‘date’ has been recovering from a mental illness on top of being with a couple of girls in the past. and it really doesn’t help that i have to constantly see this girl.” so crystalina talked to the girl about it, and finally, the girl told her that no, it wasn’t fun, sleeping with all these guys. a days this is normal as it is hard to find a virgin girl as most of them had sex in their 15s or 16s. i had my first kiss stolen when i was 13, after i told the girl not to, and promptly broke up with her. as the one who’s waiting for sex (doing the noble thing), the fact that your girlfriend/boyfriend has had sex before with one or more people may start to really piss you off. i still disagree with your overall position on the matter. if you are able to restrain yourself when your attraction for her is at its highest, then you show her that you are capable of resisting the rival that will inevitably come. so now u, a faithful man, deal with this truth and your surroundings are people fixated on sex.!To me in some case it shouldn’t matter because everyone has had their wild period, but at the same time you don’t want a person where everywhere you go folks are like, “yo i hit that”  i don’t care who you are, that hits home and you start to question your choice in boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. i don’t talk to sally anymore but for some reason it disturbs me that the one guy i’m so in love with and can picture myself having a family with, happens to be the one guy that became intimate with my childhood best friend (we were like sisters). then we went to school, and our teachers and the girls in our classes who managed to snag the coolest boys in the school reinforced it. you two date and now are boyfriend and girlfriend for several months. appreciate that in the grand scheme of things, your girlfriend/boyfriend may be much closer to your sincere, genuine idea of sexuality than he/she is to those “other” people’s warped and soulless view of sex. i had never had sex or done anything sexually with a girl before this time. a girl is promiscuous or has had behavior in her past showing lack of self-respect, self-esteem, integrity, etc., everything you just said is exactly my situation, wow, literally everything (except the friends bit)! if you’ve developed so much anxiety about the issue that you’re being crushed by the shear weight of your over-inflated worry, then sometimes finding out the facts can be like popping your anxiety balloon. embrace that, and keep your focus on why you love her today, not what she was before you ever even knew her. have observed and had many discussions with my female friends, colleagues, and women ive dated, as well as read the facebook & twitter posts of women i am less familiar with but know that a few of my friends are very “familiarity” with. unless you’re taking barlowgirl’s stance on waiting till marriage (no dating until … […]. consistently i found and my friends agree,  that these women with basketball numbers are the ones more likely to do little more flirting, and view this as well as other innapropriate things as “no big deal”. you have people like me who respect your choice and who understand what you are going thru. you can’t have your original waiter’s fantasy with him now. the girl who has only been with 8 people, but 5 of those were in a single night when she was gangbanged. your example: i would naturally feel much more sympathy toward someone who is unable to give consent. have been with my boyfriend nearly 6 months, he told me pretty much straight away that he wasn’t a virgin. boyfriend had sex with his ex with a total of 3 times. you better believe you can be loved and your are loved : ).

10 Ways to Deal With Your Partner's Sexual Past (Because You

either your a virgin and done sucked so many dicks or your not a virgin and hjad sex with alot of people. real perception is that your body is not your own, we are experiencing both sides of the knowledge of good and evil and we are in charge of our decisions for the grand test given by god in his hopes of us passing with flying colors.,im with a girl who i dated in school for two years. your notions of beta this and slut that are so divorced from reality where do i begin. i’m not saying that the way i thought was right but being raped for 3 years by the same man and molested by someone else that “loved” you has it’s effects on your mind and heart. it’s a personal decision and something you can be proud of for yourself, but it’s never ok to make others feel less or ashamed because of their past choices. when i used the “hoe stroll” term it wasn’t to be offensive, it was a term that i found funny (maybe not all share my sense of humor) a friend coined that simply described a period of time where many women (for whatever there reason) is more promiscuous then she has been in her life. women who have slept with a lot of men are simply less likely to be deemed compatible as marriage-material. she is perfect on every other aspect and i’m so gonna marry this girl. 7 emotions you feel when you discover your partner’s sexual past.[…] few years ago i polled 100 men on whether they’d date someone who slept with them on the first date. my current boyfriend has never brought up the conversation about my number of partners and neither have i. consistently i found and my friends agree,  that these women with basketball numbers are the ones more likely to do little more flirting, and view this as well as other innapropriate things as “no big deal”. your article helped me calm down about the fact that my girlfriend had sex already. you, its been really a bothering problem and your article enlightened me. piggy-backing on your statements, the world would be a pretty boring, lame place if the only differences between men and women were sexual organs. well, since it’s your sole source, perhaps you could post it so we could examine the methodology, whether it’s been peer reviewed, etc. maybe it’s because all those events were so recent to when we started talking, that it’s hard for me to believe it really was a mistake she slept with so many guys, or that she really has changed from who she was just a month before. was 22 back then and she was 24 she was my first but she told me back then that she had sex with his past boyfriend and we became couples just a few montha right after they split up and now im turning 30 and we’ve beeen together now for nearly 8 years and we have a son now. after all we do everything together, he said he’s ashamed and i cannot get out of my head that he has been with 6 girls after all this time i thought there was only 2 before me.  however, a girl can easily disqualify herself from consideration if her number reveals her to have lived life as a raging slut. your vagina doesnt really strech out till you have a baby. i have had sex with a really “tight girl”, but she was only tight because she had strong kegal muscles. she has slept with like 20 people and it really bothers me and makes me angry/sad/jealous. he said that he always dreamed of finding a girl like me but after having been treated lkke dirt by his first and second girlfriend, tnag he thought that love did not exist. one or tow of her boyfriends kinda impacted her life and made her few things differently in life. watch and see which direction this girl goes in, and plan accordingly. i started to lie to my friends about her past because i couldn’t bear to say it aloud. and if you really like this girl, then it’s worth figuring a way through this. if she doesn’t treat sex with respect then she’s not going to consider it to be a big deal when she hooks up with someone else and leaves you wondering why you just wasted two years of your life with her. i told her that unless she knew those particular girls’ background, she really had no basis to formulate a judgment. it’s a weird story and i love this girl, but it hurts so bad. just responded to your other comment so i will keep this response short. but the day she told me she was not a virgin and had sex with her former boyfriend remains like a knife in my heart to this day.  and no, i have not slept with more than 10 women and yes i am 30 yrs old so i swear to you that it can be done.*thanks jeff , all you said are 100%true but for me it’s not , peolpe will treat you according to their needs am not saying about all the girls , my gf only wants to fullfil her dreams ,desires & all the things ,she promised me she will forget her past but still she is in contact with previous boy , i love her alot but now it’s giving me pain in all the way ,i told her if she want to go with him she can but she planed for her future how clever girl she is ,she wants to a doctor for her future & relationship with someone else . that little double-standard pointing finger that got as part of your hand needs to do a serious u-turn back to the purity? “most” men can understand a mistake or two, and possibly some bad boyfriends. that you accuse someone else of being “too lazy” to link you to a study that you can just look up yourself, but didn’t, because you were…well…too lazy. its like a horrific porno with my girlfriend in it. am an old bastard compared to my girlfriend who is young and- a christian virgin. real answer comes from understanding this: you need to change your delusion. point, women/guys who sleep around a lot seem to keep their partners as ‘friends’. this is more your hang-up than hers, and in the long run you will kick yourself for any hurt you caused her over it. these things are very personal and i do not want to tell my friends that she is a non-virgin or the circumstances about her scumbag ex(its a really sad, shameful story i don´t even want to share here). i’m currently with this girl i’ve been dating for about a month, but we’ve been talking to each other before our relationship. get all the gory details on the table so you can stop filling in the blanks with your own terrible anti-fantasies about his history. read your post very intently and i have kindof gone through the situation he has been. we have the utmost love and respect for each other, share very closely held values, and are best friends.” comparison issue, try increasing your confidence about how good you are. you for sharing your knowledge,it could help alot for the people experiencing this kind of problem just like me.  in my attempt to be “understanding”, i heard her out about everything including listening to her tell me that she was very intoxicated, was caught off guard each time (wasnt planned), liked one of the guys, and that the other guy was his best friend/roommate. it is easy if you train your mind to make it so. most women judge good young men fa they age that ain’t been in so many relationships with out friendship first. man has to question how many men she slept with and isolate her and own her so she won’t sleep around. my best advice is to stop the hurting now and find yourself a virgin to love and cherish. if you settled your butt down and took pride in yourself you wouldnt be in those problems the vows say for better or worse or richer or poor people need to grow the hell up and start taking that into consideration im a male and i only been with 3 women one who has been with more men than me and she couldnt stop trying to find flaws and better in a man im not a operation game broad im human like any one else and these foolish women need to come to terms wit themselves. will hold the one your with until the money guy comes around, or they guy with the big d, or the guy with the confidence etc etc…. ultimately, if you and your partner have too many core differences, the relationship is going to end on its own anyway. and you’ll prove to yourself in the process that you have the ability to make her happy, which will stop you from worrying about it so much. don’t bring up her past (as if you didn’t mind at all), and joke-away your own lack of history. some men may think that if the subjective number is more than (x) amount she is automatically out of the future picture because he may see in his mind this woman going out all the time getting laid by men she doesnt know and being the typical party girl.. moral outrage/disgust – the fact that she’s had sex before marriage, and casually outside of a relationship goes against all of your deeply held values about the way people should conduct themselves, what is good, what is proper, and what is right. point there was to say that often, the reality is much more mundane than you’ve blown it up to be in your head. he says he lied because he saw that i was a good girl with values and that he did not want to lose me. should the number of men she has slept with really help determine if a man should be with a specific woman? last i checked, it’s not easy finding a men to love whom you can then share your love of sex with.  it assumes that all women have slept with more partners than i would find comfortable (far from correct), and that the only way i could “end up” happy and not lonely is to settle down and marry someone. obviously the more people you sleep with the higher your possibility of having an std are. every partner you have in your lifetime affects you whether is positive or negative so if a person man or woman goes through so many people… they’re going to have a lot “baggage”. just continue to pour love into her and your relationship and you will continue to see things improve. and who or what is the judge of what bettering yourself even is? the guy and i are still best friends, i didn’t end up moving across country, and now we’re dating. my girlfriend of 8 months told me in the beginning of the relationship she had only been with 2 other men which were her past relationships. there are a lot of factors in your relationship besides just someone being a virgin. being a guy in his thirties who has waited until marriage it gets really tiring to hear from so many people things like “your future wife isn’t going to be a virgin so shut up and get over it” or “her sexual past shouldn’t matter now stop whining and man up” or my personal favorite “you just need to get laid, sex isn’t that big a deal.

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