Dating after gastric bypass surgery complications years

Dating after gastric bypass surgery complications years later

20 years, the impact on diets could prevent 50,000 cases of diabetes, cut almost 9,000 cases of bowel cancer and cut coronary heart disease and stroke by 33,000, it said. if you've found my recommendations or this web site helpful, please "like" bariatric surgery source by clicking the like button at the top of the left margin. called a silent killer because it's often hard to diagnose in the early stages, chagas is a parasitic infection that can lead to serious cardiac and intestinal complications and even death. ddsit is good to see people sharing their experiences with dental problems after various types of gastric bypass surgery. i have been active in the depths of some pretty gritty and realistic support groups where i’ve had my questions about surgery and post-op life answered, and this book just skims the surface of the heavy emotional stuff. splitting apart 3 years after surgeryby: anonymousi had gastric bypass surgery in 2011 and yes – my front teeth are all splitting apart. to deathby: anonymousmy wife had bypass surgery about 15 yrs ago and had labs done every three months and always came up good with nothing even close to an issue but she quit having menstral cycle and was always tired. if i’d known this would happen, i wouldn’t have had the surgery. it wasn’t until the last 2-3 years his teeth started to change dramatically. have been unemployed due to illness since 2008 from gastric bypass and and don’t qualify for disability. i had thought my hygiene was poor because i could find no correlation via the internet between my surgery and tooth loss.”since then, ms boyle has undergone another procedure: a gastric sleeve, where part of the stomach is removed. the operation was carried out on the nhs and she has not experienced any complications. i began vomiting 3+ times a week within 18months after the surgery. it was such a happy trip, and i would not have been able to enjoy it so much had i not lost the weight from gastric bypass. it’s a condition i wish i was aware of before i had the surgery.” six years out and 92 pounds down, my teeth are decaying at an alarming rate. dental problems followed by gastric bypass surgeryby: anonymousi had gastric bypass 10 years ago. i have the lap band (so no malabsorbtion and i take vitamins and calcium anyway) and dh has had no surgery (he’s jack sprat). with dental problemsby: anonymousi had the roux en y surgery in december 2010. i had my gastric bypass in 2007 and my teeth are almost all gone and the ones that are left are in horrible decay. for my review of the book, i wish that it had existed when i was considering surgery. i think there’s a real need in the marketplace for candid books about details about life before, during, and after weight loss surgery, and this book fits the bill nicely.

Dating after gastric bypass surgery complications years

“i’ve got patients who’ve not eaten solid food for  four years. problemsby: michaeli am 37 yrs old and in 2008 i had gastric bypass. know after suffering from obesity and finally having the surgery that it seems pretty unfair to have to deal with problems with your teeth now. most of the information i found about weight loss surgery was either a pamphlet at a doctor’s office or a website not detailed to give the whole story about bariatric surgery. boyle began to feel unwell with vomiting and stomach pain nearly two years after the procedure. frustrated and brokeby: anonymousi have had a lot of issues with my teeth since my gastric by-pass.“kasey died from a rare complication of gastric band surgery and we offer our sincere condolences to the family. had x-rays taken a few months ago before my bypass surgery and my bones were good, my gums were in good condition also. so my doctor told me my chemical make up must have changed as a result of my surgery. years after kasey corlett, 22, had the operation at a private clinic to lose weight her health deteriorated. a sufferer of depression and anxiety since my teen years, i’ve tried plenty of medications and met with quite a few mental health professionals. my gallbladder hasn’t functioned since 3 months after my surgery and my surgeon doesn’t seem to give a crap. has also hit out at new nhs guidance which lowers the threshold for doctors to assess people for weight-loss surgery., some people suffer such severe complications they cannot eat solids and shun dining-out for fear of vomiting in public. i didn’t like the feeling that protein drinks left on my teeth so i’d brush more & there’s more time to floss now that i’m not cooking so much but my teeth have definitely changed since rny surgery 6/2012. suffered from a number of issues related to the gastric band in the year before her death. i decided to have gastric bypass surgery after trying so many other weight loss diets/fads. that is what prompted him to go online and research tooth decay related to gastric bypass surgery which brought him to this forum! chins could be 'cured' without surgery or dieting using new injection.!Big problemby: anonymousi had the surgery 10 years ago and have had to have 5 crowns done and problems with the teeth that are not crown yet…. the lung cancer indicator detection (lucid) device could be made available to gps within the next two years. if this is such a huge problem, why wasn’t this discussed in any of our pre-surgery information? i used gastric bypass surgery as a tool to save my life so that i wouldn't develop diabetes, have a heart attack at age 35, have a stroke, and to hopefully lower my risk of cancer.

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Dating after gastric bypass surgery complication

my gastric bypass was 6 years ago i’m 44 years old the last 5 years i have lost 6 teeth and i i have two abscessed teeth right now. in this post, i am highlighting gift ideas for a healthful life, both for weight loss surgery patients and their loved ones.: cdi too am having alot of “new” cavities & thinning enamel even though i’m brushing & flossing more now than before surgery. teeth after bypassby: carriei went in the other day for my biannual dental cleaning.: wamy husband (age 49) is having the same exact experience 7 years post-surgery. i so wish i had an answer to the concerns i see here and hope people experiencing dental problems post surgery get some answers soon. issue after gastric bypassby: pastor jmsannabella…approx 1 yr after my surgery, i also experienced dental issues just like you experienced. i didn’t start having major dental problems until my last surgery 6 years ago. member of my staff who had surgery 5 years ago has had no problems but i think it may be because we have been vigilant and aware of the possibility of problems. decayby: anonymousi had gastric bypass in 02/2005 and have noticed that my teeth are decaying very fast.: daidalosi had rnybs about eight or nine years ago now. i advise anyone who is thinking about bypass to try a nutritionist and personal trainers. i was never told of this complication and my mouth has been ruined because of all the major problems following my gastric bypass. cavitiesby: anonymousi too have had an increase in dental cavities since my lap band surgery. also have stretch marks and surgery scars across my abdomen and stomach, so being intimate with my boyfriend can be intimidating at times. to complications of gastric bypassback to bariatric surgery source home page. last year i had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and the oral surgeon told me she could tell i was a bypass patient because of my teeth, and not to be surprised if i had to get them all replaced by 35! the hospital which treated her was unaware of these complications. was asked to review a copy of one of the latest books about bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery: the real skinny. fitted a gastric band to reduce the size of her stomach in march 2010. moreyou don't need to do 'one iota' of exercise to lose weightprotein world weight-loss adverts dubbed 'anxiety-inducing'benefit cuts for obese could force people into weight-loss surgerythose affected were referred between march 2011 and july 2014 to mr shidrawi and his team at the homerton’s academic department of medical and surgical gastroenterology for corrective treatment. yes, i have an increase in cavities; four in last 4 years.

Weight Loss Surgery Side Effects: Procedure's Not-So-Glamorous

Dating after gastric bypass surgery complications of smoking

“mr lee offered an open door policy and allowed her to contact the hospital at any time in case of any complications with the surgery. in the years since i have performed many yearly internet searches for information on what might be happening and written several letters to surgeons asking for their thoughts on what i have personally observed. my surgery nearly three years ago, i met with my surgeon, nutritionists, exercise coaches and a psychologist. we’ve spent time together several times over the last 2 years, and she has given me encouragement and love when i’ve struggled through tough times. of luck to you all,Teeth lost after gastric bypass. i would have never had bypass surgery if i had known all the horrible consequences of this surgery! but if the surgery somehow did something bad to my body that will shorten my life and i might now dying and don’t know it yet. is thereby: dr barry lejeunei am a dentist and have been practicing for over 25 years.-nicolefiled under: health · tagged with: health, introspection, post-op, weight loss, weight loss surgerywordless wednesday: ready to ride. li said he later removed a fracture and leak from the gastric band in july 2014 before kasey suffered a small infection from a wound underneath where the band was fitted. i am 29 years old and in 2003 i had the lap band put in. the surgery has caused more health problems than the weight ever did. but when her mom and aunt offered to pay for surgery, she said no. all my teethby: daniellei had bypass done in 2009 i have beautiful teeth and took good care of them i even went to dental assisting school. moreover, according to studies published in recent years by pillars of the medical community, the low levels of salt recommended by the government might actually be dangerous. for 60 years scientists had noted a correlation between height and coronary heart disease, which kills 73,000 people a year in the uk. my surgery was in 2001 and it wasn’t particularly addressed and i don’t know if this was the norm but i never heard much at all regarding follow up at all. people who vomit a lot are bringing that acid into their mouth and that can cause teeth to decay, but post surgery when you regurgitate you are just bringing up what you ate, there are no stomach acids in it to cause that for us. i decided to start beauty and the bypass, i was feeling empowered. 1, 2014 by nicole bullock · 3 comments weight loss surgery: the real skinny.“we did scans and found multiple haemorrhages and the unusual appearance of the gastric band. with mental health problems can wait for more than three years to be assessed and up to nearly two years to receive treatment, according to a report. but angered that it was never brought up before the bypass.

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6 years ago i commented to my dentist tat that time that time of a possible connection between gastric bypass and the decline in my dental health. however, within a month of the surgery, i moved from salt lake city to detroit and started a new job. i have seen approximately 25 patients over the last 15 years with this problem. i found the bariatric bad girls club around the time my surgery was approved, and i’ve come to depend on those friendships daily. i have begun to make fluoride trays for all of my gastric bypass patients and i have seen a great reduction in these problems. to cry loosing my teeth to gastric bypassby: anonymousif i only knew then 2008 what i know now, i would not have went through with gastric bypass. i have always had problems with my band and have thrown up at least 1 time a day for over 10 years. knew i’d still want to make occasional updates on the blog, but i feel like most of my gastric bypass story has been told. if even the slightest thing can be done in terms of aftercare of surgery or something the dental association can get on board with to begin a plan for patients as i noticed the doctor who commented did earlier with the fluoride. started losing my teeth (breakages, brittle, cracked and then extractions after root canals wouldn’t work) around 3 years after the surgery.. blackwood, an author and lawyer, this book is intended for people who are considering weight loss surgery, or are wls post-ops looking for additional information. years, the federal government has advised americans that they are eating too much salt, and that this excess contributes yearly to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. me tell you, having weight loss surgery is far from easy..denturesby: anonymousi’m a 34 year old male who had rny bypass done 3 and a half years ago.“this is health-gain surgery, not weight-loss surgery and bmi is not the best indication of how sick you are. dentist have told me it’s from the gastric bypass. not all my patients who have had gastric bypass surgery have destructive dental problems but enough do and that leads me to warn every patient of mine who is either contemplating or planning surgery that they need to be vigilant with their mouth. a statement after the hearing her father gary corlett said: “kasey had a gastric fitted and started to lose weight greatly. if you've found my recommendations or this web site helpful, please "like" bariatric surgery source by clicking the facebook like or google +1 button below. a pastry or bag of chips at the gas station were almost a daily norm before surgery. bariatric surgery support groups are most common  in person, usually offered through hospitals and surgeons’ offices. i have not seen a lot of new gastric bypass patients in the last couple of years, but none of the gastric bypass patients that i have made fluoride trays has lost a tooth or had rampant cavities.-loss surgery is causing life-long trauma in patients who end up in crippling pain and unable to swallow food, a leading doctor has warned.

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Weight-loss surgery can 'ruin patients' quality of life', warns leading

i did have a lot of issues with throwing up after surgery. problems after gastric bypass surgeryby: tammyi was so sad but elated to read this!“the reason i had it was for my health and, for two years, it [the band] was brilliant and life-changing because my weight was down to just over nine stone and it tackled the arthritis in my knees,” says ms boyle, from middlesex. include gastric bands and gastric bypasses which restrict food intake. when i first had my surgery, the guy i was with had been a best friend of seven years. (he’s been taking a full regimen of vitamins daily since surgery so that’s not the issue. that being said it surprises me that in all the education that i went through prior to this surgery not one thing was mentioned about an increased risk of dental problems.: anonymousa few years following my gastric bypass surgery, i went to my dentist for a regular six month check-up. my dental health has drastically declined the last 4 years due to ongoing issues with my band. severe dental issues might have several causes, but after bariatric surgery, certainly your calcium, vitamin levels and overall nutritional status are key factors. i have had numerous health complications since my wls and the severe tooth problems are the last straw for me. i think this surgery should be stopped until more is known about the life long consequences. i was in the dental field for 19 years and haven’t had a cavity in 30 years. rare complication saw her suffer multiple organ failure and she died in hospital on december 13 2015 despite specialist life support surgery. it would start out as caries on a few teeth and then proceed to rampant caries over a year to two years. enlisted but your spouse was drafted: the impact of weight loss surgery on your marriage. have read my story in each one of the othersby: anonymousi had surgery almost 8 yrs ago, and along with everyone else i have problems with my teeth, that i never had before, but i have so much more, i cannot hold food down, i in a never ending circle at the moment, i don’t live where i had my surgery and so the bariatric dr’s don’t want to see me, the dr that did my surgery won’t call me back, i am throwing everything up, my levels are completely off, (barely registering) my primary dr is helping the best he can, my liver is working way to hard and so is my kidney, i i am losing 4 lbs a week due to the throwing up and feel like nobody cares, i am not dumping cause nothing is getting into my system. i had surgery a little over a year ago and when i went in for my cleaning i found out that i have severe bone loss – my teeth are basically hanging from a thread. i don’t regret my surgery as i would have never been able to have my 4 kids due to infertility before surgery. my dentist said she can tell exactly from the date of my surgery when my teeth started having problems. i am now 7 years post op i never had a cavity prior to surgery. emerged kasey, from douglas, isle of man, suffered sepsis and a brain haemorrhage caused by the gastric band damaging the lining of the heart.-nicolefiled under: exercise · tagged with: biking, michigan, wordless wednesdayweight loss surgery: the real skinny (review).

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for bariatric surgery consideration only applies to people who have recent-onset type 2 diabetes. another issue that has became a major issue in the past few years in extreme teeth grinding, waking up with bits of teeth in my mouth in the morning. now i have been dealing with the irritating circumstance of dentures for the past four years, and was never advised when i had wls all those years ago as to how important taking your vitamins/supplements really is. also, i’m speaking as a dental professional – i was an assistant and then a dental office manager for 14 years.'s dream greek wedding down the pan after guests struck with gastric bug outbreak. and i haven’t ruled out the possibility of having another child yet, so i will wait for any additional surgery until i have a baby or decide to keep my family as is.’m not ready for plastic surgery: with all of my blogging and social media connections to the weight loss surgery world, i’ve seen some amazing transformations over the last few years. i am now 3yr after surgery and still having more severe dental issues. how many people would agree to surgery if they knew that this might be one of the long-term side effects. had really bad problems with her teeth yet she blamed the surgery and her doctor which wasn’t entirely fair since she didn’t take proper care of herself (please understand i’m not saying this is the case with everyone here). suffered sepsis and a brain haemorrhage caused by the gastric band damaging the lining of her heart. and some of the friends i’ve made since surgery have already moved on. loss doesn’t fix everything: surgery and the subsequent weight loss have helped me get my blood pressure under control, reduced edema and helped circulation in my legs, and has allowed me to be much more active. with dental problemsby: anonymousi had the roux en y surgery in december 2010. one ever said to me, that post surgery you might lose your teeth! nurse who lost 180lbs draws up a bucket list in memory of her husband - who died on the same day she had a life-changing gastric bypass. not everyone wants or needs the “heavy” information like i do, so this book would probably answer the questions of most people interested in surgery. 7th was my two year “surgiversary” of my roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery. i’ve had complications, surgeries etc but nothing prepared me for this… i am 47 years old and my teeth are so bad now after numerous root canals, crowns, extractions (9 teeth so far) and more, my teeth are so brittle they break off! i hate that it will take at least ,000 (if not more) in plastic surgery to rid these last 30 to 40 pounds off of my body. mark baker, centre for clinical practice director at the national institute for health and care excellence, said: “bariatric surgery can help people with type 2 diabetes because it changes the way the body deals with sugar. there was no further surgical procedure available to us – there was no evidence on the referral form about a gastric band. i distinctly remember the first patient i saw post surgery whose oral condition alerted me to the coincidental oral problems post surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery: Long-Term Results

-loss surgery is causing life-long trauma in patients who end up in crippling pain and unable to swallow food, a leading doctor has warned. the decay is so bad its affected nearly every tooth but one that had a porcelain crown put on before surgery. gastric bypass patientby: denisseyes the decay is very much bad.”case study: pauline boylepauline boyle, 52, a nursery nurse, chose to have weight-loss surgery at a private clinic after her weight reached 18 stone (114kg). this week in 2012, i was beginning the pre-surgery diet to prepare for my gastric bypass. you would have told me all these things were going to happen to me after surgery, i would have continued to deal with the pain and the 19 prescription medications a day. i like me, and even if i don’t lose any more weight, i feel like my surgery was a success. some of these patients had never had a cavity before the surgery. i had my surgery 9 years ago and the past three years is when i have noticed the decline in my teeth.“this isn’t about pointing the finger at surgeons but these are serious complications that ruin people’s quality of life and can affect you for the rest of your life – or at least for months and years afterwards,” said mr shidrawi. about 5 years post surgery, my teeth began to decay faster than i could keep up with dental bills.”new research by mr shidrawi reveals for the first time the true impact of complications from weight-loss, or “bariatric” surgery. 27, i weighed 486 pounds and decided to have gastric bypass surgery. the guideline is very clear that people with a bmi of 35 or over who have recent-onset type 2 diabetes, should be offered an expedited assessment for bariatric surgery. for 20 years, i was in the diet boat, and felt trapped for so long. still have my taste buds: just because i had surgery to restrict the amount of food i can ingest, that doesn’t mean that i care if it tastes lousy. young accountant died just before christmas last year from blood poisoning due to complications from gastric band surgery. around 15 years ago, i began to notice that my patients who had gastric bypass surgery began to have tooth problems about 3 years after surgery. i’m in a catch 22 as to fix my stomach first yet i still won’t be able to chew or try to fix my teeth which could take years. over the age of 30 typically get flu about twice every 10 years whereas children contract the infection once every two years on average, a study has revealed. at 35 years old, i don’t want dentures, and my dental insurance only covers ,000 per year. i went from perfect teeth to cavities…they don’t get you ready for all the nifty things this surgery can bring you. i am not as restricted by the types of food i tolerate as i was right after surgery.

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weighed 16 stone aged 17 but waited a year on medical advice to have the treatment for an adjustable gastric band. regain, to a point: for the first 10 months after surgery, the numbers on the scale went down consistently.’ve gone to three different dentists/oral surgeons, who have told me the problem is from something called pernicious anemia said i got that, also, as a result of the surgery. we learned about plastic surgery -- how many weight loss patients have their skin tucked because they have all this excess skin hanging from your body in weird places. the depression and social isolation (plus potential medical complications or deaths) that occur from this will cost more for carriers in the long run than if they would have just helped pay for decent treatment. but in the 3 years since the gastric bypass the amount of problems has been almost unread. i do admit, the surgery probably saved my life, given i’d had two heart attacks (related to extreme weight) and type ii diabetes, along with high blood pressure. prior to it, surgeons/programs often times require classes before the surgery. response to "dental problems after gastric bypass surgery"by: john rabkin, mdi, too, see dental issues in my weight loss surgery (wls) patients which i believe may be exacerbated by the wls. simply click here to return to complications of gastric bypass. a narrative verdict assistant coroner mrs jean harkin said: “i am satisfied that kasey was well informed of any complications and dr li advised her to wait until she was 18. after years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts, i was ready to proactively change my life. just never knewby: dianai am so glad to find this forum on bariatric surgery and dental problems. this photo was taken 10 days before her gastric bypass surgery on november 23.(cnn) -- at 27 years old, i weighed 486 pounds and decided to have gastric bypass surgery. on my worst day with the regain from surgery and steroids, i weight 261, 19 pounds up from my highest.: nicolehi i’m nicole i had my surgery done march of 2005. teeth after bypass surgeryby: anonymousi had the bypass surgery 7 years ago and i have had 3 root canals just this year 2014 i have never had so many problems with my teeth i always have had great check ups what is going on does anyone know? for 40 years, people have been warned against eating fatty foods containing high cholesterol, such as butter, eggs, red meat, shellfish and liver, because of supposed links to the substance in our blood. teethby: genevieve lamoureuxsince my bypass i have lost 3 of my back teeth because they cracked and my gums are very soft… which sucks! patients were experiencing problems more than a decade after bariatric surgery. last two years have been such an amazing journey with my health. and teethby: janice scottgastric band op 2010 – six years later lost six stone and nearly as many teeth – never missed taking multivitamins and have always followed a high protein diet – my dentist said “what the hell have you done to your teeth?

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plus i did not want this surgery and my gastric surgeon sold it to me so hard that i finally just gave up and said okay. Corlett, 22, had the operation at a private clinic to lose weight but her health deteriorated years laterTap here to find surgeon. an interview with the independent, the consultant warns that some people fail to lose weight despite surgery. i have struggled with depression and anxiety since my teen years, and weight loss hasn’t changed those mental health challenges. prior to my initial surgery at age 18 my dental health was top-notch. and alcohol problems after bariactric surgeryby: anonymousi am a dentist and my daughter had gastric bypass surgery.-nicolefiled under: weight loss · tagged with: gastric bypass book, weight loss surgery, weight loss surgery bookreflections of a two-year post-op. i didn’t lose weight immediately i was hoping to go on insulin so i thought bypass surgery was the best way to go. the surgery site looks great but turned out i have 2 ulcers in my stomach, a small hiatal hernia, acid reflux, narrowing of the lower esophagus and esophageal spasms (feels like what i imagine a heart attack feels like). for dental problems after gastric bypass surgeryclick here to add your own commentsdental care after bariatric surgeryby: libbyi thought i was a freak of nature or something cause i tried to get some answers from one of the bariatric sites that i’m on and i was told that it has nothing to do with the surgery…. problemby: alicia sadleri’m 12 years out of my gastric bypass and i have awful teeth problems due to it i had a tooth fixed last night and the whole filling came out today having a soft ham salad sandwich i don’t what else to do help. should be in addition to a focus on mineral supplementation to avoid any deficiencies and to make certain that patients are not having significant reflux (or vomiting) of gastric contents (acidic) breaking down their teeth. it is only within the past few years i have found more and more anecdotal information. and whereas food was a frequent coping mechanism prior to surgery, i had lost my ability to medicate with food to a degree. the only thing that is keeping most of my top teeth in place is porcelain crowns done several years prior to gastric bypass. teeth after bariatric surgeryby: karen blanchei noticed my dental hygiene deteriorating after my surgery., professor carel le roux said people with a bmi of 30 can be very sick so can benefit from treatment, although he says fat-loss patients who have surgery need long-term monitoring. i had my gastric bypass surgery last year, i have been around the block and back on protein mixes. i think our teeth should be fixed by the american medical association, because we should have been told of these complications before the fact. i posted a little on my beauty and the bypass twitter and facebook pages, but the previous drive to maintain my online success was gone.“it is clear that at the hospital the doctor was unaware of any issues relating to gastric bands and the infection that had occurred which required further surgery. so i had an endoscopy done & they wanted 2/open me up again but that’s another major surgery i chose against! if someone tells me it isn’t from the surgery, i will not believe them.

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did that, and now i’m four years in remission. at 35by: tmi had rnybs before my surgery i was constantly asked about how i kept my teeth so white and complimented on my smile on a regular basis. disease and wlsby: belindahi, i am 20 years post op srgb. i have had three absessed teeth in the past two years and i have never had that kind of dental pain in my life (49 years of it). woman loses 8 stone after getting gastric band removed because it made her gain weight..i hardly had any dental problems until after my surgery. further root canal work, and other options…based on the history and the rapidness of decay the dentist does agree with the time period of this rapid destruction directly coinciding with the time since i have had the rny gastric bypass. about 2years after my surgery my tooth color began to dullen, still white but with brown streaks near the gum line…now at 35 after several dozens of attempts to save my teeth that have decayed from the gum down i have 9 of my own severly decayed teeth a partial on top and bottom my dentist said its time to pull the rest of my teeth and get full dentures on top and bottom. one’s teeth, is a serious potential side effect people should be told about when deciding to have the surgery or not. i have been a fan of their bars for several years, and i’m happy to act as a brand ambassador in this challenge.: alexandra taratuchinmy teeth weren’t the greatest before surgery, which i had roux-en-y 15 years ago. taylor and i went through some tough times in our relationship prior to surgery, and i wasn’t sure how our marriage would fare post-op. for many of them, they hit their goal weight in less than a year, and have reconstructive plastic surgery soon after. it has taken me two years to pay off the first ,000. only time will tell if i will have my teeth in a few years. related pages: – gastric bypass side effects – gastric bypass surgery deaths & risks of gastric bypass – complications of gastric bypass surgery – gastric bypass revision surgery. i’ve looked through many websites, and gastric bypass patients are talking about this a lot. i had gastric bypass surgery 9 1/2 yrs ago, i lost 200 lbs and have kept 175 lbs off since. loss surgery is not the easy way out that many people assume, she says. weighed 211lbs when i had my surgery and within 7 months i weighed 98lbs. no one said, the surgery can affect your nutrition which might cause you to lose your teeth. she also said that she has 2 other patients that have the same results from this surgery! and the bypassa candid look at life after gastric bypass surgery.

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