Dating an older divorced man with kids

Dating an older man with teenage kids

 13 months ago i am dating a man with a teenage daughter and a woman who he has not yet divorced. 3 years ago from tasmaniajust a thought, cyndi, his mother might well have been part of the problem in him becoming what you call "mamma's boy., i can give you about 70 reasons why i'd advice women to be leery dating a man over 35 who's never been married or had kids. he had two kids and i never met his family or kids. you will have a special compassion for children, like his & yours, from divorced homes, which helps in cohesion of the new couple & all the kids. for this article, i can relate to a lot of what she spoke on, but it would be awful if i chose to turn a man away with children, when i have my own as well. one of those "divorced men" myself, i see things maybe little different. fast forward five years later, i met the man of my dreams. i'd rather date guys that had 1 kid out of wedlock at least they want to get married and many welcome the chance to have a child to raise as a family. in-laws who would welcome a better woman in their son's life? 19 months ago just about to throw in the towel after dating a divorced guy. 19 months ago from tasmaniaif a woman wants a "real" man, one who is strong and protective, yet subjective, gentle and obedient; one who is "pure" with his intentions, yet willing to be sexually manipulated; one who is dominant yet willing to submit himself to a woman who has had her fling(s) through her earlier years and now wants to "settle down;" well, excuse me but.. i believe that he did it for the kids, to not despleased them, it's like he's a hostage, but it can also be because neither one of them wants to change that, and that my feelling bad about it doesn't change one bit. 4 years ago i’m in love with the divorced man. both our families love the other person, we're planning our future which includes a soon marriage, and we're already talking kids. he is left alone, without a partner, without a friend, a wife, the mother of his kids, his self respect, his hopes, . den dulk 2 years ago talking from a man's point of view. hernandez 3 years ago this is just a worst case scenario guide for divorced men. 2 years ago i have been in a 5 year relationship with a man with a teenage daughter that has lived with him full time since three months after we got together. wish you and your kids all the best, but obviously without me in the "family" picture. there isn't much time left anyway between our work and his kids. off, if you don’t get along with the kids, you will feel neglected, unloved, you will begin to slowly resent him for always putting his children first.” you constantly have to prove that you’re not just another woman. i know he loves me and i'm very confident in who i am as a woman and a mother. the generalizations you are making are your obviously bad experience with a divorced man ! but because you are a man, you will be expected to pick yourself up by your own bootlaces and stop whinging about her. i see where you're coming from when you mention one would have to come to terms with the fact that the ex will always be around; i agree, this is especially true and it will never change especially if they have children together, but to those women out there who are dating a divorced man and are struggling in their relationship, ask yourself if it's because of your own insecurities and because you haven't accepted your partner along with his life, his reality, or if it's because he is not doing his part by giving you your place because despite having an ex-wife, it is possible to rebuild your life. you say you don't want to be remarried so save yourself the hell that kids that don't belong to you bring and find yourself a single fella with no baggage. we even spent a week together with all of our kids in one of her dad's condos at the beach. you can find a balance to make everyone happy but many are too lazy to try. 12 months ago i've been married to a divorced man with kids for years. loved him, but i felt like i was cheating myself out of life when i dated my divorced man with kids. those people find people who have kids aswel so the balance is equal. we had the conversation about his situation but he was adamant that his marriage had died over 2 years ago and he had moved out of the matrimonial home a year before we met. probably even more so because the majority of the time the kids reside with the mom. there is no such thing as a "bonus mom" unless the kids themselves decide to see you that way and the majority of them won't., if he's separated versus divorced, consider that a red flag., here is where the issues arise:i have noticed (generally) that people with kids can get quite aggressive and selfish if that will serve the purpose of providing for and taking care of their kids (which is natural and protective i guess). us about the specific challenges…well, first and foremost, all divorced men have an ex-wife. i want a man that doesn't want to just have sex and that's it. if a divorced man is jumping every time hs ex wife calls its an act its called over compensating (meaning he just wants to hurt your feelings), if he jumped for his wife when they were married he would'nt be divorced to begin with! 3 years ago yes men with baggage is not attractive at all especially if the man has children by different women that's a huge red flag ! woman speaking 2 years ago wow i do have to say this article is pretty far fetched and every woman on here that is trying to " warn" other women about dating divorced men need to just shut up. i have acquaintances and some close-friends, so it's difficult to coin whether i'm a dysfunctional human being. if a man chooses to marry, he is in love with that woman. i like kids, i just do not want to deal with being a stepmother. 2 years ago as a divorced man, this is complete drivel. we have previous marriages, he has kids (all aged under 10) but i don't. i pray so that when i do meet the man god has for me that i can appreciate him and love him and work through our problems the way people who love each other and last do. he doesn't talk to her all the time, but whenever there is something to resolve with one of the adult kids, they talk and decide for them, so started saying, that they're adults, and that he should talk to them directely, he should not baby them. and now i came to know the fact that he is divorced i asked him how long from that i came to know it didn't even last an year. 3 years ago from tasmaniai have never been married and never will be, so you might think i speak from a theoretical position. 3 years ago you can have seven reasons or 100 reasons why you wouldn't date a divorced man. so when your fat n sassy with 2 kids and freshly divorced with no prospects. i got divorced at a young age (24) and yeah, it was no picnic, nor was it my choice. jealousy and insecurity are very unattractive, whether your guy is divorced or not. it is difficult i think for a woman to step into that role unless she is super self-confident and can treat the children with kindness and not see them as a threat. like others said, every divorced man has an equally divorced woman.

Dating an older divorced man with kids

'd bet my 401(k) that the author has never been divorced. i am not surprised to see all the divorced parents attacking and making excuses. unless he is a marriage-a-holic, most divorced men will never attempt to say “i do” ever again. just want to say, i do not judge if you all divorced guys want to put your kids, even if they're adults already, and your ex wives in front of your current wife, but you should not judge also, for all the women single, that prefer not to get involved with divorced daddies. 3 years ago i am a single woman with no kids, i am now in my early thirties, and have come to be a dating target for divorcees with kids. the best approach is to be each other's best friend, top cheerleader and to mutually agree that the full spectrum health & best interests of the children of both parties, is equally important, and to support one another in raising the kids. i am a guy who married a divorced woman with kids, helped raise those kids from 4 and 6 to 25 and 27, and my wife walked out the door. a divorced person should not feel shame, but we need to be wise about the challenges that dating brings..the thing is, he still haves a mortgage with his ex wife, he still pays for the "family house" that they use to live in, nobody lives there anymore, but he says that tha's for his kids, he gives more that 2000 euros to his ex wife a month, and she does whatever she wants with the money, and to me."the woman has to take at least half of the responsibility in learning to communicate with her man in order to make a partnership work. now where does that put the woman that has given her all to them? what someone said before about guys after age 35 without kids or responsibilities the 'peter pans' out there is totally true - there is a reason a lot of them are still single. "you are not my mother" is not only a declaration made by kids, it's the truth. while i don't want to lump all men into one category, i will say that a divorced man would not be my choice for a mate. i will just say this; i have been in my current relationship with this divorced man who was married 20 years and have dealt with everything from being to feeling unloved and becoming lonely due to how he handles things. he was married at 29 and is divorced for 2 years almost and doesn't have kids he said. if she can't do this, for any reason, and then ends up being sole parent to a young man, then she needs to find a collection of trusted men who can mentor the young man into becoming an adult man. even if they do, though, having kids around that look like her just remind you that he's already lived an entire life without you, and it feels. the kids don't come first, nor do they expect to. they will basically use all means in their surrounding (a potential date after divorce too, yes) to make their kids' life better. Before you decide to plunge into that lake of trial, read this manual that will give you a wider prospective on what to expect should you decide to go ahead. anyone with a lick of common sense can see that most likely there will be issues --above and beyond a relationship than if both persons were never married and without kids. the kids never will love you more than a friend so it doesn't effect them. mom 2 years ago its rare that a never-married, no-kids status female is truly a good "fit" & compliment for a divorced man with kids. if i met a woman that is divorced it wouldn't bother me at all, and it shouldn't bother them at all to date a divorced man. it is possible to have a happy & positive, or at least a tolerable relationship with his kids, depending on how they have been raised, & their personalities. for humans over the age 50 and unattached, chances are greater than 73% that they would have been married. chase after the paucity of never-married 35+ year old men without kids, who've never gave a damn about anyone other then themselves. first of all they are demanding and 2nd of all if their ex did them wrong especially they are less likely to commit to marriage and have a child with you. if you do, you're a little ahead of the game because most parents understand the unconditional love and responsibilities they have for their kids. most divorced men are never truly rid of the ex wives. while never is a strong word, this article points out the complexities of dating a divorced man. and behind the scenes, often it is friends of the woman who are backing her up and goading her into battle. guy 4 years ago worried you'll always be #2 with his kids? when my daughter and niece were quite young, we became like family with this one "divorcee's" kids. & tips for women in relationshipsdating or marrying a divorced man with kidsby la st78. i am on match and rebunch, two sites that seem to respect that people can be divorced parents but still deserve their shot at a happy family life. there are men who married a bad apple unknowingly and wound up divorced. i am married to a divorced man, and we have had to work through a lot of struggles to get to a better place. if i would ever divorce i would never do it again even if was the last man on earth,its just horrible., this article assumes that all divorced men have children and/or their ex still in their lives. that romantic getaway you planned, you will find yourself bringing the kids along. he played in bars all weekend long, and when he wasn't playing, he was spending time with his kids, because they were always number one. if the woman is over 35, despite no kids & never married, and wants a good mate, she will have to open her mind & broaden her horizons to consider dating divorced men. i would rather date a guy who had a kid out of wedlock because they are more willing to want marriage with me and other kids becuase they never experienced it. 2 years ago classifying patterns in life and interpreting them for own suiting is maybe on first sight narrow minded but looking closer only human. to give reasons not to date a divorced man is a close minded point of view bordering on bigotry. he wasn't enough of a man to sustain a marriage, and all he wants now is fun. so hey, keep hating on divorced men all you want and by all means, avoid us. if you do have kids, chances are you’re doing the same too and your children are also more important to you than him. of course, due to kids, i always will need to get in touch with her once in a while. 2 years ago from tasmaniahow anyone could think that all divorced men fit into one mold; or that all men might be untrustworthy; or that all women can be trusted; or that it's always the fault of the guy that a marriage breaks up. guess what, many men marry for a second time and it doesn't make them "marriage-a-holics. divorced men, especially if still divorcing or recently divorced, can be needy. i dated a divorced man and although i thought i could handle the kids and ex factor, the truth is i couldn't. it goes to show how many of us have 'gone there bought the t shirt' i think people don't change - they change relationships hoping to change their circumstances but fail to realize that they are running away from themselves and need to heal what is broken first before repeating the same cycle. if the article mentioned "reasons to not date a divorced woman" it would be labeled sexist. of the reasons here for not dating a divorced man could just as easily apply to dating divorced women.

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Dating an older man with kids

have never told a potential date "my kids come first", instead i tell them that i am part of a package deal that includes young children that i have for a weekend once a month. 18 months ago every woman that commented on this that avoided the divorcee and finally found love with that single guy. he planned for marriage and said he may be open to kids. it's extremely selfish to want to take that away from a women, every women should feel like they are special, they count, they want theyr husbands to want to have kids with you, and to talk about it, to dream about it, and believe me, trying to not generealize it, they will not talk to you abou t it, they have their own. even if he is the sweetest man on earth, you're still going to miss out on the best parts of him as someone who dates him after he's already done it all. i had never been married before and i don't have any kids. the concept here is( being divorced makes you damaged goods). afterall, all the issues that you listed as reasons not to date a divorced man would equally apply for dating a divorced woman. and no worries about the kids as he will promptly discard them (after all its all about him and his needs right? i wash his uniform for school because the ex sends him to school dirty and kids bully him. seriously speaking 3 years ago the best way to go nowadays is to just date one another instead of getting married, and once you get married which can cause many problems as well. yet how rarely can the woman do some down-to-earth, honest self-appraisal and re-meet with the man on a level playing field?" these men are so messed up from the divorce, even if they are the one's who wanted it, that they can't possibly ever give a single childless woman a full time commitment. maybe he needed companionship, attention, to feel manly, to feel desired, etc. i know i may sound harsh but believe me, people who date divorced men especially if you have no children of your own, end up in depressedville and that relationship will die at some point. when i met my bf, he didn't have the balls to tell me he's divorced with a kid. i see her as a fellow human being, with all the emotional and physical needs that i have. if you are jealous of someone's ex and their kids, then you need to get some counseling because those are insecurity issues and you will not be successful in any relationship, whether divorced or not. your just someone they occasional pretend to ask your man about just so they make him feel like he's still one of them. i'm sure there are some divorced men out there that just aren't compatible with you but there is also going to be single ones out there that are going to be terrible too. he's the man who has already proposed to and bought a ring for someone. i just won't ignore flaming red flags next time, and i'll just get out if the guy and his kids are really selfish where i'm just seen as an outsider with extra money and resources and my own place, and hey 'what can she do for us' -- trust me, i did lots (helped pay bills, bought groceries, gave the kid and her friends rides all over town). parents hate him he has baggage, his parents were hoping i will like the kids, the ex interfireang in my marrige like she was still married to him,i was pulled to every direction,and if you want to put en end or u will have to divorce or take measures against it but that comes with the price you gona be the wicked new wife who dosent like his kids. 2 years ago i agree with this article and only wish i would of listened to my mother when she told me a divorced man wasn't for me. which i agree to some extent so they don't have bitterness towards me, but he should also teach them to have respect for me as the woman in his and their life to be helpful. “i do” – if you are the kind of girl that someday wants to get married, then you won't achieve that by dating a divorced man. your article definitely touches on several of the emotions that any woman would eventually experience while dating a divorced dad but for you to insinuate that every divorced guy is the way you've portrayed us to be is ridiculous & only makes you sound ignorant. if a guy or woman is 50 or older and never married, the odds are very low that he will ever marry at all. i have 2 beautiful kids and i have so much love to give its not eaven funny, and don't go saying if you have so much love then why are you divorced my wife left me for my best friend. are things many don't think about when dating and getting serious with a guy who has kids. i am a bronx girl, dress well, keep myself in shape and keep up my appearance and the woman he dated was jealous, hey if he was such a catch would you think i would have stayed with him in the first place?, i married a woman who fit the male description perfectly. i was willing to deal with their baggage but many of them don't want another child or marriage. yesss people are going to write that being jealous and insecure about the children and ex is childish and immature, however they have never been in 'the other woman's' shoes, so they could never understand her anxieties. so here i am dating a divorced man and i can't say the situation is ideal but in my opinion if your happy together that will spill into other parts of your life.. all u have to do is find a charming narcissistic sociopathic divorced man. conclusion is that many men in "difficult" relationships are doing their utmost to resolve the situation. it screams as if it is always the man fault. the divorced man i am with now is the most attentive, compassionate, sexy, respectful, adoring and caring man i have ever known. when the divorcedn guy came allong, he quickly understood there was a void in my life, and he use that against my boyfriend, he use to say, "you are 33 now, do you see him worried that you're not married yet, and that you're not a mother yet? and now i am labeled a divorced man who is looked down by other. even if he's open to having more kids, and loving them, and being there for you- you're still pretty much alone in the newness of the journey, while he spends his time thinking back to the first time he did everything, even if he isn't doing it in a bad way. if he has to be there for his kids or for his ex-wife, i have a full and complete life of my own, so i don't feel anything is being taken from me. so if you our only getting older what single men do you plan on meeting? i think him being divorced helped him be strong in that sense. infind an expert featuredexpert supportexperts advicethought leadersbecome an expertexperts faq love quoteslove stagessingletakenengagedmarriedstarting overcomplicatedaboutabout uscontactfriends & partnersmedia buzzfaqadvertisingsitemapprivacy policyfeedbackjoinjoin our communitywrite for usjobsmore categoriesdatingmencouplehoodchallengesbreakupscelebslifestyle follow us sign up for newsletter follow us sign insearch articlesfind an expertvideos categorieslovesexfamilyheartbreakselfbuzzvideosexperts featured expert support experts advicethought leadersbecome an expertexperts faq love quotes love stages singletakenengagedmarriedstarting overcomplicated about about uscontactfriends & partnersmedia buzzfaqadvertisingsitemapprivacy policyfeedback join join our communitywrite for usjobs more categories datingmencouplehoodchallengesbreakupscelebslifestyle sign up for newsletter 5 dire mistakes to avoid when dating a divorced guy 342 shares + marina pearsoncontributor family, heartbreak april 10, 2015. he never talked about it, whenever there was a need to send something to the doctor, like docs or so, he never did, and whenever his ex or kids needed something he jumped right off the chair to assist them. thankfully, i have no kids, no communication with the ex. when men get divorced, they too can be the victims of infidelity, greed, and mid life crisis wives. they won't have the best because he will be too busy paying the other kids' expenses. also, i feel that this can go either way (a divorced man or a divorced woman). the divorced guy you dated was pretty fresh out of the relationship, maybe you were the "other woman" and the reason they got divorced in the first place. while it is not my preference, i would consider a divorced man who had a brief marriage, no kids and no attachment to his ex. the guy did have kids, i wouldn't date him if he spoiled them (out of daddy guilt no doubt) and allowed them to be so self entitled. could continue with just how screwed up your article is but unfortunately it will do no good b/c if any woman takes any advice from this article then what they have must not be real love anyways. feel like we don't function like a normal couple would, he keeps putting his ex wife that doesn't work and grown kids in front of my needs. first of all, lets stop putting all the blame on the woman. even if you do get along with the kids, the kids will always circle your relationship.

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ended our relationship as his divorced came to finalization because he was overwhelmed with the what ifs. yet, i do believe that if i were a divorced dad reading this, i'd basically hang up my hat and assume that i'm damaged goods and go live in a bunker. there have been so many things that we have had issues with but have bent and compromised to accommodate for what he wants. i have never left my wife wanting for anything and she acknowledges that, even saying she still has feelings for me, but not as much as for this other man. who in the hell has ever met a man or woman in a perfect situation? never again date a divorced man with or without kids because i was on the bad end of the stick twice. she wouldn't swap weekends if we were invited somewhere with friends but his answer to that was , he didn't want to go anywhere without the kids so i would go to functions alone. they don't get to stay over at his place for weeks on end in honeymoon-phase bliss, or see him whenever they want, or wonder what their kids would look like. on top of the actual divorce costs and having to split up all the family assets, divorced men may have child support or alimony obligations. but not least in a nation where the divorce rate is around 50% it's very likely you are going be either a divorced person or date one eventually. you want to call her the other woman that's fine by me because she's everything my first wife wasn't,a mother a wife a lover a friend. 3 years ago i've been dating a divorced man for over 2 years. this article makes it seem like divorced people don't consider others feelings which isn't true at all. 3 girls first, financially powerful manipulating ex husband second, wasted 2 years of my life and i remain unconvinced that i am a better person for the experience..wasn't pretty and i would still re marry and i definitely don't have bitter man issues behind the ex or the divorce. for all the people saying that divorce made them selfish & mean divorce didnt make them selfish & mean their divorced because they were selfish & mean to begin with! 3 years ago lets not forget that for every divorced man, there is a divorced woman. gastric bypass surgery and a wig turned my heavy wife into a skinny woman with long dark hair. find out how long your guy has been divorced and how he feels about it. i speak to or with a "beautiful" woman, i am one who does not see that woman as a sexual object, to be dominated, conquered. divorced men, especially if the divorce is recent, may be more interested in having fun than in having a relationship. and another thing is yes your kids come first but you don't have to rub it in our faces and treat us like dirt.. well i know this guy online who is from uk for quite a long time and we have been friends for 5 years almost until now we fell into special relationship that we call "love" for each other don't have any other intimate relationship and now when i asked to take forward our relationship to official i came across a dark truth that is he is "divorced" he never mentioned that fact when i asked why? i also set aside time away from the kids to spend with her. divorced people do have more baggage then your typical single happy go lucky 20 something but then again we all accumulate more baggage as we age. last, all the people that said never date a divorced man need to just stop. i want to be with a man who wants to be married and understand what it takes to make a marriage work because when i get married i don't want a divorce. they want to do the right thing for their kids, first and foremost. 2 years ago from tasmaniamichael, i feel for you and agree that it's not always the guy who is at fault. i had a discussion with him before we dated that i would not be the "other woman" or wait forever for his divorce to be "close to the end" to be finalized. he tries to discuss, bargain, negotiate the path to a new beginning, hoping that his wife will drop or modify her outlandish claims and demands. i married my high school sweetheart and we had a child together and then two years later divorced. don't dispair fellow divorced guys, if you think available women will actually takes this to heart, you'll still have the vast majority of the available adult female population, who-you guessed it-are divorced as well.'s probably paid for a shit-load of abortions (don't get it twisted ladies, just because he has no kids, doesn't mean he hasn't made any)and. divorce is tragic in so many ways - dating after divorce can bring out these tragic factors in so many ways. i would prefer a divorced men with kids because he knows where i am coming from and he knows where i am coming from. you have to work your marriage around and find special time with each other in the midst of kids and life. there will be occasions where they have to attend together such as birthdays for the kids, communions (if they are catholic), children's events like soccer game, competitions, weddings and to some extent family holidays. oh and one of my man's ex wife's complaints to him was this; she thought he was in love with his daughter's over her; so if the real baby momma has complained; well you could only imagine..i'm supposed to make all these sacrifices for them and their kids but they don't want to make any for me. never had kids so i didn't have to worry about him always having contact with her, however, i have a child of my own and he has to deal with me communicating constantly with my child's father. people who date a divorced man always ignore the basic facts and think that just because you've “fallen in love” everything will be all sunshine and rainbows. more importantly divorced men just don't have the same wants as i do. woman dating a divorced man 2 years ago this is the biggest piece of dribble i've read in a while.'s not uncommon for divorced men, especially if they think their ex is a less-than-adequate mother, to want you to come in and fill a "mommy hole" for his children. i didn't want to split up and i still love him but he just wasn't man enough to sort our issues out.'s very isolating and sad to date a married man, in my experience and at this point i think i regret the wasted time above anything else (with him age 31-36). worse off the ex was a manipulative b*tch and he always seemed to jump of his horse when she slipped her whip. 2 years ago some women make bad step-mothers and see the kids as competition. this article makes it seem like divorced people don't consider others feelings which isn't true at all.) photo: weheartit the 2 magic words that make men commit instantlyphoto: istock this shocking video shows the real reason you aren’t losing weightphoto: istock the 1-night challenge that totally revolutionized my relationshipphoto: weheartit the truth about how men choose the woman they're going to marryphoto: istock if you’re sick and nobody knows why, here’s what you need to knowphoto: weheartit the kind of woman he falls for hard, according to his zodiac signphoto: weheartit 3 mind games all narcissistic men play in relationships photo: weheartit do not say 'i love you' until you can honestly answer these 5 q'sexpert advicephoto: weheartit 3 mind games all narcissistic men play in relationships watch out for these signs. if he can't do that i am moving out and cutting all ties because i have seen it to many time where women give their all to a man with kids and after he doesn't need so much help then he wants out of the relationship. and, for these very same reasons so i stand by my desire to be with a never,arrived --preferably childless man. if you had kids of your own then there is some leverage but you as the only one on your side will end up heartbroken and you will hate men for the rest of your life. be just as biased the other way, why not advise men against ever dating a divorced woman?) in fact, things didn't work out with their dad but me and the kids are still tight to this day. depending on the strength of your character, most women never survive the “kids always there” syndrome, especially if you have no children of your own.: 103-year-old man of our dreams will keep ballroom dancing 'until he falls over'.

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everything that is said here about a divorced man is equally true of a divorced woman. will always be "the other woman"the other woman – that is your name when you date a divorced man. most of the time their children live with them unlike divorced men, so you never have time with them. at leadt half the time, individual dependent, a divorced man has a good consideration of a rightful "commitment", treating a woman well and living with a woman, depending on the condition of his past marriage and his position in it. i think that my age is against me now since i am in my late fifties, and i am looking for a woman more my age. secondly yes i am in constant communication with my ex wife, not by choice but necessity due to the fact that we have kids together. my thought is that any person who thinks you are selfish for bypassing a divorced man with kids, is delusional and very selfish themselves. i wouldn't mind dating a divorced man if he could accept my baggage, i can accept his as long as he understand that in the future, i would be wanting him to remarry and i'm expecting him to love and be loved in return. still doesn't change the fact that i will still love my new woman with the same vigor i have before. getting in trouble in school daily for threatening teachers and kids and he doesn't discipline at all. yes, he's always in touched with his kids and has always communication with his wife. i am done and plan to never date a divorced guy with kids again ever! but when it comes to him he is kinda hurt for what his ex wife did like cheating on him for other man and still he is fighting his best to move on. the kids had to go to football games over 2 hours away and wasn't allowed to miss it or he couldn't see the kids.'t let those phermones talk you out of finding out early on about the critical things you need to know, must know, when dating a man with children.. it gives me hope too that if i leave now, i may just still have enough time to start all over and meet someone new - probably without kids. i do understand people not wanting to date divorced people or people with children already and there is nothing wrong with that so no one needs to bash them. he is a man who has children- you don't get to stay in the honeymoon phase very long. my kids will always be number one, they never did anything to deserve otherwise.! coming from somebody seriously dating a divorced man with 2 children i have my fears. dating a divorced man 1000 times more simple than a divorced women or single mother. the latest woman in my life is far more concerned about it more then me. it really takes someone strong to go through any marriage that has kids whether it is a woman or a man; it's all of how you handle and treat everyone's feelings. kids are a strain on any relationship- as they grow, there are different parenting methods, discipline, etc. you're suddenly another adult in a household where, even if the kids like you, you're still an outsider.) divorcés—to explain the many upsides to seeing a formerly married man. i am in exactly the same shoes as you and even the ages of the kids are the exact same. studies by many researchers, relationship experts and other professionals have concluded that if you date a divorced man, you have less than 1% of maintaining a long term solid relationship. kids need and spend some time with their parents if they're divorced or not divorced. 3 years ago with a great demeanor like that it is amazing this woman is still single. i couldn't care less if the man has been married and has kids, the kids come first and if you are not mature enough to deal with that, date men who are single without kids and ex wives. its been a ride and as much as i love him there are still so many things i have a hard time with but i hold bitterness for all the things he has done to make me feel so unimportant in many occasions. three years ago i meet this divorced guy, he was separated from his wife for over 7 years, he was at the time 48 years and i was 33, so big age diference. 2 years ago i'm one of the divorced guys that this is talking about. 2 years ago i think divorced men are great for divorced women who have kids but as a 33 year old woman never married and never had kids it is not right for me. his kids are good kids, his wife is not a part of my life, and i don't get involved if the two of them are having an issue. the other side of this story, read how to date a divorced woman. 4 years ago i wouldn't make generalization because most of my friends are married to divorce men with kids, including me. the familyif you are fortunate enough to meet his family or he meets your family, then there is some hope to this relationship, but studies have shown that people in relationships with divorced men hardly ever meet his family, neither does he meet your family. if you don't have kids, you may be a little more challenged but that's okay if you are willing to explore these 6 things you must find about:1., let's pretend this man got divorced from this woman that he did all of the "right" things with. 3 years ago from ashland kyi am 50 my kids are raised, his age is 47 and has ages 9 and 14 year old girls. typically, a younger never married female with no kids is better off to date men of same status. now, i am not ready to do that (to such a degree), especially because most of this divorcees will not accept a new date who has kids (most of them prefer dates with no children, after divorce). you cannot say that all divorced men are like that, that's being a little bias. e shenko 2 years ago my husband was a divorced man and when we met i met his ex-wife and she was a good person and we became friends. besides that, he can't erase his memory, he can't erase his story, his kids, and the fact of starting again at zero is a nonexistent idea. when there are kids involved, it's a major loss for them. every time i dated a divorced guy i made 95% of the accommodations and compromises. 3 years ago "seven reasons why you should never date a divorced woman. dating a divorced man, is there anything in particular that women should be wary of? also couldn't relate to this, because i didn't have any of these symptoms in my after divorced relationship with kids! your guy must make it clear to his ex about how much communication is needed and to emphasize that it needs to be focused on the kids. he's a man who has already thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with someone else. you won't make up for his pain on losing his wife and kids, and you will never be the love of their life. reasons why you shouldn't date a divorced woman, please go here. 3 years ago well there are many divorced women out there too, and does this mean that us men shouldn't date divorced women too? 2 years ago why dose the man has to be bashed and trashed all the time, don't let him up keep kicking him while he's down.

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     4 years ago from californiawell, i guess a divorced man could either be a good man or a bad man. frohman 2 years ago from chicago, illinoisthis article is a little hateful and pessimistic. from my perspective keeping apart lovelife but as a human i thought he deserves a chance to start a fresh life forgetting about the past what has happened we can start on a new life like nothing for those who want to not give the man a second chance just always remember love is lovelier the second time around. 3 years ago from tasmaniaanother level of understanding: please consider that i am homosexual, have been that way orientated all my life. if you do get divorced, i hope you read over this and eat your words. in my 'quest' for love, i've dated these guys before this relationship, and a lot of them had 'baggage' in their own way: bad irresponsible money handling; porn addictions; way too many expensive hobbies; a lot of single 35plus guys out there im sure are more selfish than any involved dad on this post. i'm a divorced guy, 32 years old who left his wife because she was having an affair. while kids are little & still at home, both parties of the couple, should make all the children priority, positively invest in all the kids (appropriately for your role as parent or dads girlfriend or moms boyfriend) and support one another in that endeavor. friends will associate you with “that divorced man she’s dating. dated a divorced guy, I can speak from experience of the mistakes to avoid if you do decide to go down this path with a divorced guy. dating a divorced dad isn't easy by any means but believe me, if the guy loves you then he shares that pain with you. good sensible people like your parents will tell you, run like the wind, people like divorced guy from comment n one, will tell you the truth, you will always be last. i think some men feel guilty due to the divorce so they go way overboard with their kids. 3 years ago i have dated a man going thru a divorce and although the love and care we have for one another is real, the relationship is an uphill battle. put up with the father trying to date and hide me from kids and ex, i put up with him saying he doesn't have anytime to spend with me but yet he had time for sex at my place when the child was at school, i put up with him saying he doesn't want to upset the ex, i put up with him saying he never had any money to take me out while i paid for everything and i was a dumb ass to help pay for things his kid needed and i put up with broken promises and the ex spending nights at his place because by the time him and the ex handled the situation it was to late for her to go home and lastly race played a big part with the white divorced male he said he didn't want the bad influences of black women around his kids but yet i was good enough to sleep with, help take of his kid and get money from while i was supposed to ignore my own child.'m only 33 and i certainly hope i won't end up by myself for the rest of my life because a woman i married suddenly decided the grass is greener on the other side of the road. usually after being single for a couple of years, the issues surrounding a man’s divorce — and his grief about it — will resolve itself. we just end up playing family whenever his kids come over. we've been married for three years now and i'm the happiest woman alive. obvious fact of divorced datingwhen it comes to dating, we all know what a struggle it is to find that perfect partner. now that i am starting to go out again which i hate it very much since there are so many women now that play very hard to get which i will never understand why, and it is like a game trying to meet a good woman again since many of them have such a very bad attitude problem these days. i feel sorry for many of these nice guys who get divorced because the wife cheated but feeling pitty isn't a good enough reason to subject myself to all that backage. 3 years ago i am a divorced woman and this is a load of crap. 3 years ago i got divorced last year after 2 years of marriage. it's not the divorced man's problem because, just like anybody else, there's always someone out there who will find them interesting, attractive and a good catch. he and his ex are in battle mode and they both don't see that the kids are suffering because of them. i'm also dating a divorced man and i love the way he is with his kids! 2 years ago i stumbled on this article while doing some relationship related research, and i will admit that i took offense as a divorced man with kids. the woman in a relationship can be the one at fault. that means 99% of people who date divorced men never make it to the finish line and here’s why. as a marriage unravels, "wives are pretty verbal about what they perceive their husbands did wrong," whether it be too much time at the office or being an awful communicator, says marriage and family therapist rachel sussman. christie hartman, author of dating the divorced man: sort through the baggage to decide if he’s right for you. sidenite: the wives file for dv 75% of the time because their douchbag narcissistic husbands abuse manipulate lie to and gaslight them like crazy! so if i want to call or skype with my kids, i have to contact her first. if a guy/woman with kids is dating a woman/man with no children thats a red flag he/she belongs with a single mother/father! and fatherhood by a man who doesn't just walk away from his kids is an admirable trait in a man.'s hard enough for us young, hard-working divorced guys to find a date with all the "fairytale" mindsets out there, and "journalism" like this doesn't help. it comes to dating divorced men, are there definite don’ts? and seeing that there are just as many divorced women out there as men, where are women supposed to find a never married when they're in their 30s, 40s, 50s? and me here madly in love with this guy doesn't even care the fact that he is divorced. i love his kids and believe they love me and mine love him and consider him their father, but i can’t say that you are wrong on this, i believe that we were meant to be together. i do understand people not wanting to date divorced people or people with children already and there is nothing wrong with that so no one needs to bash them. had not been in another relationship since, but a few months ago i met and was pursued by a man who is separated and going through divorce. i have dated other guys divorced with kids and i feel it is how a man can equal out his love for you and his kids to make everyone feel loved. i am a divorced man and its shit like this that don't eaven give me a chance in hell..sanchez 3 years ago whoever wrote this probably has had bad luck with dating, relationships are what you make them no matter if they were divorced single etc. this is a man, no matter how sweet and caring he is, who has done it all before already. all these divorced people here trying to sell their "grey" areas are full of it. pearsoncontributor 342 shares + more juicy content from yourtango:the top 10 reasons people get divorced4 big mistakes i made as a husband (psst! and, this goes both ways for men & woman selfish mean people shouldnt get married & have kids end of story! of all, for every divorced man, there is a divorced woman. 4 years ago this article is really dumb and generalizes and it's funny because lots of divorced men remarry. holidays are very rarely the romantic breaks they once were, as was mentioned in the article. the guy is so often the partner that gets landed with alimony for many years until the kids are old enough to fend for themselves. - divorced guy 3 years ago this article pisses me off. 24 months ago from tasmania"why would it take 2 years to see a woman is selfish you can see in 5 minutes. i could have left earlier on after so many red flags reared their ugly head, but i was 'in love' and had 'hope' that things would get better as his kid grew up.
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    it's not fair to judge everyone the same when people divorce for different reasons and it's not always in the same terms, amongst other factors of course, such as age (including the children's in case they have them), the time they've been divorced, values, costumes (sometimes depending on their nationality or just the way they were raised), even personality because we're not all the same so we all deal with things in our own way and even this depends a lot on many other things that define the situation. the kids suffer enough from divorce they don't need a new step-mom looking at them resentfully. whether it’s due to encounters with his ex, issues concerning his children or heavier-than-average baggage, dating a divorced man can be especially challenging. he has his kids every other weekend, so either we only see each other on the alternating weekends, or i bring my daughter and we make it a family weekend. i realized that it wasn't going to be like i picture it, turns out that his two kids, the oldest is 27 and the youngest is 23, depend on him for everything, and i kinda get the feelling that his ex wife too. worse off the kids are under 10, which means they're the center of their dad's universe so there's no hope for you. now he did a 180 on his stance on marriage and kids, doesn't want either anymore. not every divorce man has children or socializes with friends that were made while he was married. why would it take 2 years to see a man is selfish you can see in 5 minutes if your with him for 2 years you like being a victim but no one will ever feel sorry for you! we didn't have children yet, so that is not a concern, but if i meet another woman down the line i have feelings for, she will meet my family and i will happily meet hers. so my advice, run for hills and don't sign up for a relationship because at the end of the day, his kids will determine whether you stay or not. it's not worth it dating a divorced man for any reason. it was a "friendly" divorce (like in my case) or not, i do not think any man or woman gained for this originally. she 1) refuses to finish highschool and 2) refuses to get a part time job, 3) refuses to get her driver's licenses (why would anyone if 'daddy' was a permanent chauffeur), she 4) refuses to do chores, not even her own laundry. are using woman for one thing and will move on when bored. but i cannot believe that anymore, i think he loves himself, his kids, and that he is afraid to be alone. divorced man 4 years ago this article scares me very much. i have too much going on nowadays and im in all honesty not intetested in marriage or kids anymore. so the next time a divorced dad tries to convince me i should give him a chance it's no way! he asks me to find another man who is fresh doesn't have a past like him who i can live my life happily but the more he says that i feel like he needs me more. also, its possible for a divorced man or woman to put a new spouse in first place at a remarriage - no one should expect it in dating, or before marriage vows." only if we have mutual respect for each other, as human beings, can we begin to build the friendship. he seemed so into me that i was completely taken in and for the first time felt i could trust a man again. for me, i value myself as a woman, and i deserve the best, not a second-hand man. lol if you get lemons with one or two divorced guys, make some lemonade and get the heck over it. is always the man fault 2 years ago this article is full of crap. relationships lasted a year and a half i chalk it up to a lesson learned but i would never date a divorced man with or without kids. ladies i know (myself included) who dated a divorced man got. cochran 2 years ago from atlanta, georgiamy son is a divorced man, and some woman out there will be a lucky lady to end up with him. rose 2 years ago from englandto be honest i have always been a bit wary of going out with a divorced guy, and you have totally got it right here, there are so many factors involved, i always think the main one is that if he is divorced, why? i fell in love with an older divorced man who was a musician. he will treat you like a machine that is there when he needs it and will abuse on you because they have more experience, and will know how to manipulate you. i am in love with a divorced man, and not to toot my own horn but i think (actually know) that i am the best thing that ever happened to him. if you're so appalled by this article, please write your own about the benefits of dating a divorced man who may have to pay alimony, child support, etc. my point is i think it's ok to date a guy with a serious ex and kid(s) but how successful it will be for all involved truly depends on the kids - he obviously raised a spoiled, lazy, self entitled brat who i think likes the fact i'm the outsider looking in and that her daddy buckles for her every need (because she refuses to grow up). things didn't work out with me and their dad, the "divorced" guy. have been through one of the most ugliest deceitful divorces, and one fine day totally out of the blue i meet this wonderful beautiful woman on my own no date services no online thing next thing you know what dating. 2 years ago from tasmaniaas a man who has never married, i have however been attending various men's groups over the past 25 years and listened to many tales of woe. however i date a wonderful woman who i make every effort to make sure that she knows how important of a role she plays in my life. the kids will always be #1, and that's the way it should be. most of all women are more likely to be divorced over time and have children. real answer 3 years ago well with so many gay and bi women out there these days that certainly makes it very difficult for us straight guys trying to meet a good woman now anyway. as a single eligible man in my early 30's i let love get in the way of a lack of experience and good judgment. today the divorce rate is up to 50 percent which it is very sad since many men and women can't seem to stay together anymore. wonder so many men are opting out of the white whale wedding. there are so many things i didn't realize come into play after a divorce. it baffles me how two people who hate each other can't just move on or truly be selfless and do things for the kids benefit rather then wanting to see the other fail. i am divorced, with no kids, no ex in my life, and good open friends who encourage me to meet new people and are happy for me, not rude, confrontational and standoffish to new friends. he holds on to too many pictures and jumps the minute she says so yet when i say something about it he rite away tells me i don't compare to his child. you could be missing the chance to have a very solid relationship with someone who knows how to be a good husband to a woman who can appreciate it. i have been divorced for almost two years now, but have only tried a relationship once, that did not work out. 3 years ago also, lets not lump all divorced men into one category, there are some good ones left out there. 3 years ago "countless studies by many researchers, relationship experts and other professionals have concluded that if you date a divorced man, you have less than 1% of maintaining a long term solid relationship. never wanted him, because i knew that a divorced man means trouble, but slowly, i fall madly in love with him. but having said that, i did include my girlfriend in family activities with my kids. i learned my lesson, and i think it would be such a waste to not inform girls who think older/divorced men are great and their experience is the best thing ever. i truly think this was a terrible article, especially to those who have fallen madly in love with a divorced man, you cannot be bias against all! sounds like the author fell in love with a divorced dad who was a pos, treated her like crap & had zero intentions of marrying her & now, because of that, she decided to be some type of advocate against divorced men.
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    • How To Date a Divorced Guy, And Why It's Worthwhile - xoJane

      he claims to have his kids best interest at heart and that they're getting hurt the most. he always says she's a great mom and she's smart n knows to discipline her kids." he was always saying these kind of things, and how he was going to furfill my every wishes, how he had two kids but they were both adults and didn't need him anymore, and that he was free to start a whole new family with me. all this mean you shouldn't date, live with or marry a guy with kids?'m married to a man, who got two divorces in the past.. it is seven reasons rather than something prescribed in each case, so some things to think about, and as others have observed there's likely to be reasons to date divorced men (there are countless bad men who have never been divorced too). the long run it’s not worth it, especially if your divorced man was married for a long time (20 years plus. his kids will see you as proof that their parents will never reconcile. men may not consciously realize this, but most divorced men i work with will admit to wanting their new partner to be a bit like mother teresa and mary poppins combined. he is left high and dry, with few if any of the old friendships left that he would have enjoyed as a married man in a partnership. i am divorced man and my experience was nothing but a nightmare. 3 years ago i live in the bahamas am 21 yes and the guy am dating is,49 years i vowed not to be around married men who divorced i found caring loving but i don't pressure him into loving me or anything i let him have his,space his kids always first and i know he wants to nd in a relation ship i have no kids not married i know it may be hard for him he is a single father he may not have time for me at he trying bus beast to spend time with me we go driving talking we go on dates other than that i how. 2 years ago kuddos to those who have found divorced men with and without kids who can make the new love an equal part of his life without sacrificing his children. 2 years ago as someone who dated a divorced dad of two for over 5 years at one point, i will weigh in on something that seems kind of skipped over. sounds like your position is based upon being single, available and unwed - and in a relationship with a divorced dad. i married my high school sweetheart and we had a child together and then two years later divorced. hostile ex-wives tend to extend their bitterness to the new woman in her ex's life. a divorced man who loved calling himself "a great guy" lol! you’ve just begun dating a divorced man, you may soon realize that the “regular” dating rules don’t always apply. they share kids as the article sais maybe they don't share the bed but share all rest, that they did file divorce papers dosent eliminate them from ur life nor his ex, divorce is an other form of marrige, i would not recommend marry a father cause maybehe an his ex are not related any more as husband and wife but they are still related as parents and that's for ever, save ur self. hope some of you find more happiness with your divorced men, if you choose to go through with it. even if you met him after he divorced, in the eyes of everyone around you, you are the other woman. a divorced man dating a divorced woman, both with kids, can understand eachothers position & prior obligations, and have a well matched understanding for one another. know many who are divorced with children and are thriving because they didn't carry the baggage of negativity from their first marriage into their second. 2 years ago as a divorced man with children, i agree with only two things you wrote. i don't think i'd find many men in my age group that haven't been married, but i'm definitely gun shy about experiencing this again. i didn't finish this pos, as it's just another hatchet job on men, but i'm wondering; should one date a divorced woman? that's why, iris, 62, who met her previously married husband on jdate, sees "being divorced as a strength…if the man has learned about himself and is able to embrace change," she says. if the guy made me an equal priority and had enough love and resources to share with his kids and me i would date him. i was always tying to hold out for a single man with no children. i'm not sure you've met the kids as you don't mention that but you're lucky if you haven't met the kids so you're still in a position to not hurt yourself. 11 months ago if you are a single childless woman you do not need to waste your energy dating a divorced dad. if a divorced man is being selfsh mean & not committing to you it isnt because he's divorced its because he was always an a-hole! the kids came to satay with us every other weekend and at first it was great. never try to "number" priority between love and kids, this simply doesn't match. suddenly the only time you spend together is when the kids are around. woman speaking 2 years ago wow i do have to say this article is pretty far fetched and every woman on here that is trying to " warn" other women about dating divorced men need to just shut up. also keep in mind, he will still have many "firsts" with you. i work through their children’s issues but seldom do they work through my kids issues. the courage to move forward in life, full knowing that you are worthy man, that you have lots of love and integrity to offer. our husbands wouldn't care about their ex-wife, but their kids. granted, they are different types of weekends, but i don't, nor have i ever needed to be the center of a man's universe. i was expected to go on family holidays with him and the kids every year but he would not take me away without the kids. truth is dating a divorced man is not a picnic. it takes a strong woman to go through all of that and not care. i have a counter-argument for every one of your "deal breakers", what i can say that as a divorced mom, i would never date a man who's not been married nor had children. one woman said that dating a married man made her suicidal, but clearly, other extreme problems would have been in place to cause something of that magnitude. i'm divorced with a daughter and i'm dating a divorced man with no children and he is not the same race as me and he is amazing and we haven't experienced any weirdness from others. what’s more, women without kids may be surprised by the amount of time and care that children require, which will influence the freedom the couple has. this day and time almost anyone you are dating is divorced and has children. and when girls find out im divorced they run and this shit dose not help. time your man tries to invite them for a coffee, the will find every excuse in the book not to come and if they do come, you will feel their coldness towards you. 3 years ago i have just come out of a 5 year relationship with a divorced man with 2 kids. which ways is dating a divorced man different than dating a man who has never been married? it ended, the devastating impact is so permanent that the belief of marriage flies out the window. a woman who runs from kids isn't grown or mature enough to handle life situations anyway. when your divorced partner introduces you to them, they will not welcome you in their circle. like kids and that in itself should never be a problem.
    • Does Dating a Divorced Dad Change My Commitment Timeline?

      your self why has no woman wanted to marry or have kids with this guy yet? is it fair that men should then judge you because your a single divorced mother and you are undateable! last, all the people that said never date a divorced man need to just stop. friends are piranhas and coyotes ready to rip you apartit is very likely that while your divorced man was married, he and his then wife had mutual friends. i am 44 and never married and when i did online dating i was mostly contacted by divorced dads, though my profile stated childless men only. 3 years ago girls if ur childless never get a divorced man with kids, its not the problem he is divorced the problem is when they have kids. do you honestly think anyone in there right mind would deal with the issues of getting divorced just to hook back up with her. your opinion, are most divorced men looking for another long-term relationship? my relationship with the woman continues to this day due to our child. reasons why you should never date a divorced manupdated on april 03, 2015. you can't handle being second to someone's kids; you're the one with issues- not them. 2 years ago i've never been married or had kids and i'm 33.. never been with a woman, but only rarely been with another man. your case as the one dating the man, chances are your parents will not be very thrilled that their potential son-in-law already has kids and has done the marriage thing. then one day you decide to finally have those kids you had talked about. that are dedicated fathers and still want a wonderful woman to be an important part of their life should be commended, imo. think it's the divorced dads that can be the most selfish, because they think their needs and life are more important than my life and my hopes and dreams. 21 months ago from home sweet homedivorced man is more experienced than single man, he is a player the real person who controls the marriage. i love my kids and i want someone who can love them as well as me and i want someone who don't mind that. yes, my ex and i talk (mostly text) because we have kids together and she lives out of town now. we have a right to be someone's fisrt choice, like your first wife was, before the kids came allong, do you remenber? he ended the relationship he rambled scared about hoe his kids and family would think he was a loser for seeing me and blame him and me for his divorce. for me, i've only dated two divorced man and one said he didn't want to get married ever again and the other said that he didn't want to be in a relationship and i was fine at first because i didn't want to be in a relationship, so all we did was mess around a bit and then one day i realized that what's the point of having sex with someone who knows he's not ready for a relationship, especially when you yourself aren't ready. over half of first time marriages failing you are going to find it hard to find a man. it's all about making good choices, and in the usa, your average woman is really only out for her self interest. the post i read about the man's teen daughter sitting next to him on the couch, snuggling under the blanket while she sits on a separate couch by herself - yes - that happened to me too! think it truly depends on the guy and their kidsthanks for your help :). this article is wholly negative and lacks a regard for individual & couple differences, and also a mention of "who" is a good match for a divorced man. for tips on how to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with a divorced man, heed the advice of dr. 2 years ago never date a divorced mom or single mother. it just makes my job easier to separate a good woman from a shallow and judgmental one. 2 years ago from tasmaniaas a never-married, never-partnered person, may i offer one thought which might help: the more women and men that, individually, look into themselves for the answers to their likes and dislikes, the more they will be able to treat the "other person" fairly. of it i have written in the light of several years dealing with men in men's groups, where i have observed a man leaning over backwards trying to meet the needs/demands of the mother of his children. 3 years ago from tasmaniayes bob, it's wonderful and inspiring to hear of good-news stories. 3 years ago from corner brooki find this article a little harsh, it really sounds like it's written by a bitter lady who had her heart split in two by a divorced man., while i can concede that for some women (primary young, or never married), dating a divorced man can be "challenging", i think it's a bit over the top to assume that dating a once- married man is an instant deal-breaker for a lady's romantic future. but he neglects to see that he's creating difficult situations for himself and using the kids as an excuse. dating a divorced man that is well adjusted is better than a swinging single. if he has a hostile relationship with his ex, you can expect a lot more complications than what will already naturally exist when dating or living with a guy who has kids.! i look forward to the reasons of not marrying a divorced woman. 2 years ago i was dating a man who is in the process of divorcing his second wife. the black divorced dad i had the same issues as i had with the white one except race.) and you don't want any "competition" for your partners time or you have a jealous side to you (again jealousy is normal, nothing wrong with it) then i would advise against dating a man with baggage, although i hate that word. i'm much older, all of our kids are practically grown now, so who cares? dating a divorced man is not worth it, it is a devastating experience that will hurt a lot. 2 years ago i dated a divorced man i could see why she left him lucky for me i cancelled our wedding and left him like her hes was crazy abusive nasty mentally deranged best thing i ever did ive never been happier.. there are risks when dating divorced guys and girls, especially when kids are involved. this man spent 3 years proposing to his girlfriend before she noticed. 2 years ago i guess i have a different perspective than many of you.'m the happiest i've ever been with someone right now, and he's a divorced man. 3 years ago so, i guess it's safe to assume that your advice about dating a divorced man would equally apply to dating a divorced woman as well? of a divorced man 2 years ago wow, what a primitive, shallow article full of cynicism and silly black/white conclusions! it's bad enough i feel like i have this stigma about me being divorced, like i failed at one of the greatest things in the world and i have permanent stamp on me like a giant f. 3 years ago what about dating a twice divorced woman, with kids grown and small? i am an educated woman and tried to make it work in so many different ways, but in the end, you will always want to feel special and will never be his #1. i am a divorced person and my life has challenges that anyone who wants to get involved with me has had to accept. if they had kids together, she will always be in the picture, feel protective toward her kids, and feel she has certain privileges with him due to having had his children. i had a steady boyfriend since college who i really loved, but he just did not talk about marriage or kids or anything that was starting to be a priority to me.

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