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in 1946 as letourneau technical institute, to serve returning world war ii veterans with vocational training, this upstart sprouted into letourneau university, a 2,700-student, coeducational, private christian college specializing in vocational sciences. that is, its authentic christian environment, its academic recognition in regional rankings, and its accreditation makes it a safer and stronger option than many state schools or liberalized private schools. the homeschool graduates with the maturity, intellect, and apologetics skill set to handle attending such schools, they should expect to have their faith questioned and challenged on a near-daily basis. these with an extension school of theology in memphis, tn, and study-abroad programs using international extension campuses in brisbane, australia, viña del mar, chile, porto rafti, greece, florence, italy, london, u. university is rooted in the scandinavian baptist tradition of the baptist general conference, now known as converge worldwide. you are aren’t sold on ivy league schools, perhaps they are cost prohibitive or perhaps you’re seeking a school closer to home, then homeschool graduates should typically consider other private school options next before they look to public schools. top schools cost ,000 or more, parents might like it that hillsdale costs ,722 per year, roughly half the cost of every other non-military college ranked in the top 100. creationism, in particular, is encouraged, as witnessed by the “origins: 2012” conference to be held there this july.

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 it does diversify at the graduate level, offering master’s degrees in theology and letters and classical christian studies.“the mission of baylor university is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and christian commitment within a caring community. but the school appeals outside of catholic circles, too, with its strong christian emphasis but no catholic confessional requirements for students. its liberal arts foundation, tkc requires a sizable core curriculum of 20 classes (60 hrs), including logic, persuasive speaking, western civilization, and judeo-christian thought. of its size and history, union is a good choice for science majors who still crave a conservative christian setting. moreover, despite wheaton’s elite academic status and strong christian heritage, it loses clout for lack of any apologetics degrees and its largely uncritical teaching of evolution. league schools are a serious option if you can secure the funding, and you have no objections to their socio-political culture. also supporting a christian environment is a reasonable but firm code of conduct, including ethical staples of religious schools such as no visitation with the opposite sex.

Dating at christian schools in australia conference

instead they have reputation for offering vocation-ready science and engineering degrees taught from a distinctly christian worldview. get high marks here if they have outstanding reputations for their political science departments, law schools, or institutes promoting distinctly conservative values and policy. bethel university is also one of the larger schools on the list, at 6,400 students (graduate and undergraduate). some of the stand out private schools with a secular or non-christain reputation are vassar college, lewis and clark college, pomona college, reed college, and bard college. has won awards for “best value” and for christian universities.. if you want a classical christian education: new saint andrews college. though this malibu california based school is, quite possibly, more religiously oriented than the schools just mentioned, they do not require a statement of faith among their students. located in southern new hampshire, about a 45-minute drive from boston, thomas more should not be confused with similarly named schools elsewhere.

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what makes wheaton distinctive is its broad liberal arts curriculum, while still clinging to is christian heritage. of this writing, it’s unclear whether baylor’s new president, ken starr, will forsake anti-christian academic elitism in favor of a robust christian higher education. although faculty are required to sign doctrinal statements, this liberality for students does not bode well historically for the future integrity of this christian school. has recently set the trend for religious schools in its forward-looking online and distance education, second only in renown to university of phoenix. these benefits are good, what puts cedarville on this list is that it has earned a reputation for espousing strong christian, conservative values, fortified through its mandatory daily chapels, strong ethics code, and ministry-intensive campus life. away in rural ohio, between c0lumbus and dayton, lies a thriving christian school over 100 years young—cedarville university. they allow open debate of contrary views without belittling nay-sayers or coercing conformity, and without compromising christian integrity. survey would be incomplete without some warning about schools that homeschoolers are likely to find attractive, but that also pose risks they should be aware of:About 25 miles outside of chicago lies wheaton college, a medium-sized, non-denominational, protestant school considered by many to be the best christian college in the country.

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fill out this goal, hbu has had a major hiring surge with acclaimed christian scholars . within christian education, but outside of evangelicalism, lies the young, little, catholic liberal arts college, ave maria university. overly pragmatic or secular-leaning schools can treat students merely as sophisticated animals, workers, robots, or stimulus-response mechanisms. homeschooled students can stand fast through the battering they will receive at these schools, they will be the better for it. news & world report ranks ave maria as a tier-2 liberal arts university—not bad given the schools newcomer status. going to college, homeschoolers are often shocked to find that their science classes take positions openly hostile to their christian faith. many american colleges are notorious for undermining the christian faith of their students. conservative christian academia on the west coast, los angeles–based biola is an established top-tier school and a standout for christian worldview and apologetics training.

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should also mention that most of the moderately prestigious christian schools pose no threat to secular and non-christian students . undergraduate and graduate schools offer a wide array of study tracks, including 12 pre-professional degrees, 63 other undergraduate majors, and 40 undergraduate minors. of note: conservative christian schools tend to be notoriously weak in the sciences, but liberty offers an array of degrees to suit the science-minded student. though baylor still boasts of being the largest baptist school in the nation, christianity at baylor is fragmented, with some departments (especially in the liberal arts and natural sciences) almost completely secularized. obu lacks ats, tracs, or sacs accreditation, the school has regional accreditation and is a member of the council of christian colleges and universities (cccu), as well as the association for southern baptist colleges and schools. is not enough to find a college that actively recruits homeschoolers; those schools might still fail to address the needs and interests of their homeschool applicants. these schools are tempting to successful students—successful homeschooled students may even be actively recruited by these schools. formerly the president of baylor university, sloan attempted a similar 10 pillars program years earlier at baylor, only to find that when he began shaking things up, the establishment was too far removed from its baptist roots, too entrenched in evolutionary science, and too intolerant of the various applications of apologetics to endure the christian vision.


but for the homeschooling community these schools can be as toxic as they are tempting. even homeschoolers can rationalize attending these schools since all of them (except cornell) have christian historical roots, christian mottos and logos, and even christian clubs. moreover, hillsdale is not especially strong as a “christian” school. according to chris weller of business insider, homeschooling can offer a competitive advantage when applying to elite schools. taken at face value, this kind of vision could lead prospective students to think the school is the premier christian university in the country. and the school’s plethora of ministry clubs are a wishbook of options for incoming christian students. these schools present significant pitfalls to incoming students, especially homeschool students. city college is most everything homeschool graduates could ask for: politically conservative, genuinely christian, and ccientifically credible.

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’s christian heritage is a thing of the past and their “liberal arts” has given way to a flaccid pluralism. college—not to be confused with similarly named schools in pennsylvania or new york–is known for its graduate programs in nursing and education. first glance, harding may look like just another big, private, christian college. some of the leading public colleges like william and mary, ucberkley, ucla, uva, and unc offer comparable status to leading private schools. but most homeschool families are christian, and that creates a unique problem when it comes to college. however, for students interested in pre-law, government, or the liberal arts, phc is still much less expensive than the ,000 average among top-tier schools. while baylor has had difficulty balancing christian integrity with academic respectability, hbu looks to do both without compromising either. and these school are highly estemed academically, and pose no significant religious threat to secular and non-christian students.

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” as a christian school, this approach means that the sciences are taught with some regard for the bible, creation, and christian stewardship, while seeking to locate one’s scientific contributions within the greater picture of god’s revelation in nature. for these reasons, weller reports, ivy league and other prestigious schools like mit, stanford, and duke university actively recruit homeschoolers. typical of catholic schools, thomas more sends students to study abroad in rome for a semester. for many a homeschooler, state schools are a live option although their size and culture can be intimidating. university of dallas is the best of the conservative roman catholic schools. he is the co-editor of the future of christian higher education (broadman & holmam, 1999), which made the rounds through christian colleges in the southeast several years back, challenging private christian universities to forge and earn academic clout by being christian in their scholarship., like many other christian schools, is not outstanding for homeschoolers specifically, but for christian students generally. dockery has published, renewing minds (b&h academic, 2008) is particularly notable for its call to reclaim the christian intellectual tradition and teach students how to approach every sphere of life from a christian perspective.

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you are a homeschooler looking for non-christian, secular, or politically liberal college settings then your options are wide open. is not only conservative, it is very christian, fostering christian tradition through daily morning chapels required for all students. king graduates have gone on to further study at such prestigious schools as oxford, princeton, yale, vanderbilt, cambridge, and uc berkeley. unknown beyond texas, houston baptist university has vaulted onto the map with its “10 pillars” initiative, which includes such homeschool-friendly goals as build on the classics, bring athens and jerusalem together [integrate philosophy and christianity], increase cultural impact, expand on the creative arts, create a strong global focus, and more.. a flagship christian university in the south: union university (jackson, tn).” for decades, conservatives, southern baptists, and christian educators have called upon liberty university for direction. compared to public schools, private schools offer the better combination of small but lovely campuses, small enrollment, and smaller classrooms. is almost 200 years old, yet in that time it has stayed true to its christian heritage, while winning high marks for academics from peterson’s competitive colleges, the templeton guide to colleges that encourage character development, and the student guide to america’s 100 best college buys.

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 all of the following schools have a history of accepting homeschool applicants. the ivy league schools officially include harvard, princeton, cornell, brown, columbia, dartmouth, yale, and university of pennsylvania. but we’ve gone farther in identifying three key features that commend these schools as “homeschool-friendly”:Click here for free information about an online. union offers a well-rounded, traditional university setting with christian values and name recognition. other schools like biola and liberty promise a more distinctly christian education. in 1994 by theologian douglas wilson, new saint andrews college is a young member of an elite group of schools dedicated to classical christian education. located in the empire state building in manhattan, this christian liberal arts school should not be confused with other similarly named schools. consistently receives “best value” awards giving an excellent education for half the cost of competing schools.

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options at cedarville cover the spectrum of humanities and science degrees, wider and more specialized than most schools on this list—over 100 accredited degree programs in all. its christian education is compromised by undue suspicion of psychology, philosophy, and the great books, manifesting as poor integration of faith and learning. dockery’s leadership, union has since been a trendsetter for many private schools in the south. christian education sees students as image-bearers of god, holistic individuals having both a soul and a body and possessing built-in purposes such as love, discovery, creativity, wisdom, and responsibility. marks, ii, and also forced out its president and christian educational visionary, robert b., they will do well to associate with such groups as veritas forum, ratio christi, reasonable faith, campus crusade, campus outreach, and baptist collegiate ministries, as well as with theologically sound local churches and the scant sampling of professors who remain solid and unashamed in their christian faith. biola also offers an array of extra-curricular apologetics and missions activities, including the largest annual missions conference in the world. christian education should attempt to spare students from such debasement.

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moody as a bible study and evangelism society, moody bible institute has blossomed into one of the most widely recognized christian schools in the world.” and of course, the disarray of public schools and the added expense of private schools only add to homeschooling’s appeal., obu is academically respectable with high placement ratings for graduates and ease of transfer into graduate schools. university is a private christian school that has been a top-tier school for 15 years running according to u. college’s conservative christian focus is witnessed by the fact that it is a subsidiary of the campus crusade for christ. “state schools,” the tuition is generally lower than private schools, and lower still for in-state residents. do not have any doctrinal confessional statement to sign, and faculty and staff subscribe to only a nominally christian confession, and even that has been challenged in the name of “academic freedom. would not want their children to attend top-tiered schools such as those of the ivy league: harvard, yale, princeton, brown, cornell, dartmouth, or the university of pennsylvania?

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instead, these schools are so bent on overexposing students to radical and fringe ideas that students can readily lose their bearings. however, a notably high rate of 90% of students receive some form of financial aid, which makes union less expensive than many schools of similar mission and size. and they may find more familial support within a distinctively catholic school than in some theologically liberal “christian” schools, like baylor or furman (see below). most of the options above will be suit you fine, provided the school doesn’t require a “statement of faith” from students, and assuming secular students can handle some christian and conservative trend in the campus culture. is a classical liberal arts college aimed at “the transformation of american society by training christian students to serve god and mankind with a passion for righteousness, justice, and mercy, through careers of public service and cultural influence. named cbn university for its roots in the christian broadcasting network, this school has grown far beyond its fundamentalist origins, earning renown through the dozens of actors and politicians who call regent their alma mater. baptist university is the number-one rated university in the state, and it just happens to be christian. the ivy league schools tout the best educational reputations in the world, and their price reflects that fact.

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