Dating canada glass bottles where to buy amber

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and proprietary articles (rimalover 1970); 19th century medicine in glass (wilson &.  known bottles with the “b in a diamond” mark on the bottom include square horseradish bottles (would be generally termed “square pickle bottles” by the average collector) that are pictured in local binghamton glass co..berney-bond glass company (1905-1930), see entry under “b b g co”. of the key that deals with the dating of mouth-blown bottles.  however, the general style, shape and glass color of a container can give strong clues to approximate age. handblown bottles were continued to be made into the 1920s and even later in some cases.” also, the abbreviation “co” (company) sometimes may be found embossed with either an upper- or lower-case “o” on various bottles made by the same manufacturer.'s 1989 book glass milk bottles: their makers and marks, and. perhaps someone from australia who collects these types of bottles might have more background information for us. of the specific bottle makers mark for the owens-illinois glass company.-it is made of thick, heavy glass for its size, weighing almost 1 lb. seen on heel of new york city-area blob beer bottles. one feature that is only found on machine-made bottles made by a.(on glass insulators), brookfield glass company, with factories at brooklyn, ny and old bridge, nj. 19th century soda bottles called "hutchinson sodas", which are valuable if they come from. i don’t think it stands for a glass company name, although i could be wrong. soda bottles with this feature are from before the 1980s. i have two glass pitchers with the same logo, and i am also wondering. the larger bottle has the same on the front with “g889” & a “m” & the australuan glass. humble glass pieces were designed for putting up fruits and vegetables in the days before refrigeration. the belleville factory was purchased by adolphus busch glass manufacturing co. note : manufacturer attributions of bottles with a “b” on the base are confusing and (in my opinion) not completely certain.-the glass of both bottles is moderately heavy for there size (right - 10 ozs. seen on the base of chemical and acid jars and bottles, most of which probably date from the early period — 1881 to 1900.

Dating canada glass bottles where to buy amber

have a glass-tipped or "open" pontil scar on the base.-the glass is a medium olive green with off-color swirls in the glass, hundreds. english glass page that shows the year for each registration. i have edited my anchor hocking page slightly (concerning the six anchor glass container corporation plants being sold to kps).-made bottles for general information about machine-made bottles,Then move on to the first question in that section -.  i hope this list will be of assistance to those interested in antique bottles and other glass containers made in the united states and the history behind the factories that manufactured them. he reports that the mark appears on a bellaire bottle company letterhead shown in a book by scott tyson called “glass houses of the 1800s”..  a close look at the picture indicates no bubbles in the glass,Glass details cannot be easily portrayed in a picture. by either the illinois glass company or more likely, a wholly owned.  most, if not all, of the marks illustrated there are frequently seen on other types of glassware as well, which makes the page quite helpful to a broader spectrum of collecting fields. mark seen on the base of baltimore-area aqua blob beer bottles from the c. note: milk bottles bearing the mark “bb48” were also made by owens-illinois glass company for many years after berney-bond was no longer in existence. don’t have enough knowledge or familiarity with baccarat glass to offer you an opinion..”, although various bottles that date after 1880 (such as certain hutchinson sodas, and aqua coffin or “shoofly” flasks) do carry “a. and hawaiian bottles are in great demand and bring higher. within a rectangle (shown)………anchor hocking glass corporation, lancaster, ohio & other locations. they were made by several glass manufacturers, including hemingray glass company,  brookfield glass company, and others. some glass factories switched over to machine production much sooner than others, often depending on their financial situation. they made many types of bottles also, in tremendous numbers. both of these bottles have embossed lettering which indicates they. i am talking about the top of page 1 a-e there is a mark on green glass that looks like a 0 with a ring around it..unknown (seen on base of yellow amber quart blob beer bottle, c. b (letters are not connected)………………uncertain, either american bottle company or adolphus busch glass manufacturing company. dating bottles is tough do to the equipment used at different times in the industrial nature of america at those times,and pat.

dating canada glass bottles where to buy

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it’s a very light green jar, but not vaseline glass.  maker of toy glass marbles as well as ashtrays, vases, children’s dishes and many other unusual novelty items. the current symbol for anchor glass looks like a chevron with a dot in the center between the ends. huge quantities of bottles, flasks, and fruit jars were made, as well as window glass.   however, this site is geared with more emphasis on the actual glassmakers themselves. the “very small letter in a circle” is probably the glass manufacturers’ mark. of this year, anchor glass was sold to an investment firm. you heard of any cunningham & ihmsen bottles being marked with “c & i” in an arc on the base of the bottle rather than a straight horizontal line? newspaper ads from the early 1900s and were evidently made in considerable numbers for several years,  and a rectangular medicine-type bottle which was found with a paper label for harris extract company of binghamton, circa 1906, and can safely be attributed to this glassworks. have recently found a vintage small oval milk glass pond’s jar (cold cream, i am assuming. in the dating key we can be confident that both bottles date somewhere. is another site, this one specializing on information concerning shotglasses:  marks seen on shotglasses .'s guide to patent and proprietary medicine bottles (baldwin 1973); a bit about balsams.-the glass is clear (colorless) with just the slightest "straw" tint when. most of the bottles carrying both of these marks were made at the former berney-bond glass plant at clarion, pa, which became o-i plant number 17. i have only seen 1 amber coloured j r watkins bottle on the internet with “made in australia” written on it, no clear glass ones & australia isnt really mentioned on your website. the mark was also very likely used on bottles, as this same set of initials are seen on certain soda/mineral water bottles of the period.: the picture above left is that of the trademark used by owens-illinois glass company from 1929 into the mid- and late 1950s.. but in this case, and as frequently seen on some other liquor bottles, it is. (or “i b”, a stylized logo/monogram consisting of “b” with lower-case dotted letter “i” incorporated within the letter “b”)………ball-incon glass packaging corporation (mark used 1987-1994). have a small green glass jar/bottle, much like a vintage vick’s jar, however it is green and it has a pharmaceutical scale stamped on the bottom. bottle marks, manufacturers marks, bottle makers,cobalt, green marking, fruit jars, tableware,glass insulators,factory logo,emblem trademarkHow bottles are valued. i have insulators, medicine bottles, flasks, tins, soda bottles, clear, brown, cobalt, purple, & green bottles, pyrex, & so much neat stuff.-the product name embossing - hall's balsam / for the lungs - on the front panel of both bottles is the same,Though the bottle on the right also has the company name and location embossed.

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in this case the mark is probably that of the food product maker or distributor, and not that of the glass maker.-the rectangular bases of the bottles are slightly different - see pictures. and mid-1860s most likely,Although similar square embossed bottles were made until at least 1924 (schulz. on the base is “mg888” & a symbol that could be the australian glass manufactures symbol. louis, illinois (1894-1978 for one of their lines of druggist bottles. was soda water, that these style mission bottles date into the. different bottles are known to be embossed with the word. list primarily includes marks that represent the actual glass company that made the container. metal lid says ‘cocomalt’ and on the side of the glass jar it says ‘physician’s sample’. (please see my webpage on numbers on the bottom of bottles). is where the two bottles quickly diverge in the key. bottles are also marked with a “back-to-back pp” inside a circle. advertisements exist which show this company produced a large line of hutchinson type soda bottles, as well as many other bottles including beers and mineral waters. mark seen on the heel of a few hutch soda bottles. if you have a flask with the marking “albany glass works”, it is best to assume it is a repro until proven otherwise! hopefully this database will be of some help to those who are attempting to assign an approximate date range to a particular bottle, assuming it carries an identifiable glass manufacturer’s mark. for more information on the knox glass companies (which used the “keystone” mark with various letters inside) do a google search with knox glass.-it is made of thick, heavy glass and weighs about 16 ounces. have a rectangular green glass container w a wooden lid marked waterline.. on his property we found a heap of buried bottles. and there is great variety of both types of bottles. 1915, and move one to question #4 on the mouth-blown bottles section of. page one of glass manufacturer marks, there is a picture of the bottom of a green glass bottle with a diamond.. uncertain: either american bottle company (1905-1929) or  adolphus busch glass manufacturing company (1886-c.

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i’m guessing they have an arrangement of some sort with glass companies to produce products with the deer logo as their official or unofficial trademark. most of these plants were closed down in later years, until by the early 1970s only the clarion plant (owens-illinois plant #17) was still making bottles. hand-blown, odd lip jar, off-clear glass w/perhaps faint grey-amethyst tint. in any case, please check out my webpage on owens-illinois glass company. there was an elderly couple in my town that collected bottles all their lifes, they both passed away a few years ago. glass appear to have been made in a whittled mold, but. scuffing and wear on the bottle is a result of milk bottles typically. in 1918 the company expanded its manufacturing to bottles, jars, tableware and domestic glassware… but then was bought out by ardagh in january 2013. trademark is found base-embossed on their line of clear (“flint”) rectangular pharmaceutical/prescription bottles. a comprehensive list of modern glass bottle manufacturers’ marks from around the world, you might also wish to check out the following link showing many of the more recent marks (properly called “punt marks” on their website) which are sometimes seen on bottles imported to the united states. this was one of the most prolific glass companies in pittsburgh during the mid-to-late 1800s. (on glass telephone insulators)…………… american telephone & telegraph company (formed in 1885), now known as “a t & t corporation”, a subsidiary of parent company a t & t, inc. probably fairly modern, but i would like to know who made this glass salt..american glass works, richmond, virginia (1908-1925) and paden city, west virginia (1918-c. e-z seal by atlasthe amber hue is more than just decorative. there aren’t any marks in the glass itself, i can’t speculate on who made it, or what the “g” stands for.  a thorough search of the bottle glass surface finds no embossing and no apparent mold seams. embossed on the base, marks may also appear on the lower heel area on certain types of bottles, especially sodas. boldt glass company, cincinnati, ohio, at least on their early liquor bottles and other ware made in the circa 1900-1919 period. both bottles stop well below the top of the finish. buffalo…………ball brothers glass manufacturing company, buffalo, ny (marking seen on glass fruit jar lids made c..anchor hocking glass corporation, lancaster, ohio and other plant locations (1937-to date). have a large glass basket with handlers mark on the bottom which looks like a daisy (6 petals) surrounded by a serrated like flower. i also found a blue ball mason jar glass lid that has the script ball on it.

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then i’ve hunted down several old soda bottles pulling them up out of the places were you would think you could find them. bottles are known in a number of flavors, but all are.-made bottles for general information about machine-made bottles,Then move on to the first question in that section -. bottle with the “h over an a” logo on the base is a product of hazel-atlas glass company. prolific maker of glass electrical insulators, they also made considerable quantities of bottles and jars, the great majority of which were not marked with the company name.“diamond i” or “i inside a diamond” : illinois glass company. in 1891, they joined the merger known as the united states glass company. i receive more inquiries about this mark than any other shown on the site, so i’m picturing it here at the beginning of the  five “glass bottle marks” alphabetical listings pages.-kola company product that has a distinct illinois pacific glass. clear,Embossed drugstore bottles from states west of the mississippi,Especially those embossed with the word "territory" can. although not the mark of a glass factory, this may be mistaken for one. this company produced handmade bottles from it’s beginning up to approximately 1930, thereafter continuing to sell glassware as a wholesale distributor (glass made by other concerns), including a line of “diamond i” prescription ware made by illinois glass company of alton, il.   mark is pictured in bottles on the western frontier by rex l.-was just a number i came up with cause i’d never heard of a amber one. initials of early glass companies) may vary slightly in appearance and punctuation from one bottle to another. these bottles exhibit a disappearance of the side mold seams on the neck that. sounds typical of “no deposit / no return” marked bottles (soda and beer) which were very prevalent during the 1960s and 1970s. (b in a diamond mark on upscale glassware indicates that company. ~~ glasswaredavid on glass bottle marks- 5david on glass manufacturers’ marks on coke bottlesdavid on dr. venting marks can be a very useful dating tool for bottles manufactured. actual glass manufacturer is unknown, but maryland glass corporation, baltimore, md (a prolific maker of cobalt blue bottles after 1907) could be one possibility.  ampak, based in montreal, quebec, canada, maker/distributor of both glass and plastic containers. the mark was used by owens-illinois glass company, and for some more info and a number of different pictures of that mark, please check out this page: owens-illinois glass company. g c (within outline of state of arkansas) ………… arkansas glass container corporation, jonesboro, arkansas (1948-to date).

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  the logo actually represents a crow (a play on the company name) with glass marbles clutched in it’s talons and beak, but may be mistaken for an eagle or other bird of prey…………………. in the great majority of cases, bottles with only numbers on the base are difficult, if not impossible, to attribute to a specific glass maker. usually do not command the kind of prices larger bottles. for instance, the exact length of vertical mold seams on antique bottles (speaking in general, not just soda bottles). majority of the marks listed here are found on older bottles, but commonly seen trademarks used by present-day glass manufacturing concerns in the united states are also included. akro agate items are found in a wide variety of opaque and “slag” (marbled, multicolored) glass..ball brothers glass manufacturing company, buffalo, new york (used on fruit jars c.-bond glass company (1905-1930), see entry under “b b g co”. & company (proprietors of the baltimore glass works), baltimore, maryland (1852-1905). you have friends or family members who are interested in antiques, bottles, fruit jars, insulators, tableware or other types of vintage glass, please consider sharing this site with them on facebook or other social media sites. bottles - particularly the hostetter's bitters which was one of. i will guess you have already seen this article online, but for others i will post the link here:Authenticating baccarat glass . bottles (especially crown-closure soda bottles) of the teens and 1920s from the va and surrounding area with “a. essentially non-readable, given the user of the this bottle (nevada),This rectangle is certainly the makers mark of the pacific coast glass company (san. most hairs in colors other than aqua,Clear or amber will bring fifty dollars or more., i’m not familiar with the mark, but it appears to be an etched “crown” mark possibly used by a european company on finer “high end” glassware. this website is not intended as an appraisal service, but as a resource for background info on glass companies and the marks they used, so i usually delete "what is this bottle worth? years ago bottles in these two categories rarely brought more. example i found is of the same shape, found along with several “i in a diamond” and “o in a square” marked bottles…. ~~ glasswaremike schend on list of ab (connected) bottle base mold codeseric signoretti on owens-illinois glass companybrent jackson.…………………………brand name used by arc international, france, for their commercial-grade glassware.'s bottles and extras article reproduced at the following link. although that looks similar to a mark used by owens-illinois glass company, something about it doesn’t look quite “right”. speaking,  i may not be able to answer questions concerning bottles with only mold or catalog numbers embossed on the base.

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in cursive script (shown)………ball glass container corporation, subsidiary of ball corporation. however, the great bulk of their glass production seems to have been pressed pattern glass and high-quality tableware and novelties, especially throughout the later years of their operation. were known to have made a lot of white milkglass containers of all types over a long period of time. most commonly, bottles with this mark seem to date from the 1870s and 1880s, but the mark was probably in use at least from around the start of the civil war, perhaps a bit earlier.: looking for info on these bottles i found 3-3-13. clear late period druggist bottles with only the name of the. bottle details:-both bottles are square and approximately 8" (22 cm) in. venting marks can be a very useful dating tool for bottles manufactured.-the side mold seam on both bottles end below the finish, though in slightly. found a green glass 10 ounce bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall. the top half of the bottle is rough glass, like pock marks. for instance, if it is a c in a circle, that would be chattanooga glass company, if it is an “i in a circle” (or oval), that would be owens-illinois glass company. bottles in general as well as specifically to those used in west texas.” marked on the base are virtually certain to be products of this company (not to be confused with the earlier american glass works of pittsburgh, an unrelated company). bottle appears to be a pill bottle of some sort (perhaps it held aspirin or a similar headache remedy) and it was made by armstrong cork company’s glass container division in 1961."e-book" entitled bottles on the border: the history and bottles of the. later became american can company, glass products division (1962-1967), and then midland glass company in 1968. have a brown glass bottle that is embossed with an anchor and rope.   on these five pages i’ve attempted to compile a list of glass manufacturers’ identification marks found on (primarily) american bottles and jars. embossed in the glass and it not a liquor bottle. first only a distributor (pre-1916), atlantic was later an actual manufacturer of bottles. am sure the watkins company has distributed their products throughout the world, and your bottle proves they had glass bottles made specifically for them in australia, but unfortunately i have no info on that bottle or when it was made. the letter “b”, in some cases, might be just a mold identifier letter, with no indication of the glassmaker. of the key that deals with the dating of mouth-blown bottles.

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name until 1929, when they became part of the merger that resulted in owens-illinois glass company. i have a vintage glass bottle that is completly plain with no writings on it but the bottom of the bottle it has the number 249 and below the number it appears to be a letter s. in a diamond (on base of aqua pickle bottle) – binghamton glass company, binghamton, new york. entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names (for instance, bromo-seltzer) seen embossed on bottles are also included, as i frequently get questions about them. there, i found a clear glass pint bottle on a hike in los angeles. & robbins used a weighing “scales” trademark which is seen embossed on the bottom of a lot of medical/chemical-related bottles and jars for their products. as you move westward geographically,Late 19th century bottles tend to be more valuable. allowed for the production of bottles with more distinct ("sharper") embossing. display bottles that have a label covered by glass, often. please check out my article about numbers on the bottoms of bottles and jars here. bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base. the term "cleaned" in this guide refers to bottles which have.  see webpage here with more info on numbers seen on bottles. know what company embossed their bottles with the word “best” on the bottom found a small bottle along with some bottles from the 1870’s was curious what it was cannot find any details. also included are marks seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. most liquor bottles have “d-numbers” on the base which identified a particular distiller. the great majority of bottles produced by binghamton do not carry a glassmakers’ id mark. (to have a number or letter appear correctly on the surface of a glass item, the mold engraver has to carve it backwards into the mold. standard glass company was bought by foster-forbes glass company in 1933. also, on the right is the base of a bottle made by fairmount glass company (f in a hexagon)..i should add that the majority of bottles that are non-liquor do not follow this numbering configuration.      this site also utilizes, to some degree, my own research and observations over several years of collecting & studying antique bottles, insulators and other glassware. backwards embossing is seen rather often, especially on older glass insulators and bottles. While there is no substitute for experience, understanding the basic factors which influence price will help you assess the value of most bottles.

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am striving to add more articles on this site relating to glass and glass collecting, both of a general nature, and addressing certain collecting “niches”, as time and energy permits! glass bottle mark is that on the very first picture at the top of the page?-illinois, the date code is on the right hand side of the glass-maker’s.…………………the letter “a” is sometimes merely a mold letter (identifying a particular mold used by a glass factory).), have ample bubbles in the glass, a waviness to the surface glass texture, and. on earlier blob-top “export style” beer bottles and soda bottles, usually belleville glass company, belleville, illinois (1882-1886).: for a very brief, basic discussion on the material “glass”, (without alot of scientific “jargon”), please check out my new webpage here: what is glass? (see my page on owens-illinois glass company showing alot of those marks). note: this marking is also found on glass telegraph insulators made by the beaver falls glass company, beaver falls, pennsylvania (1869-1879). within a diamond (on upscale colored ornamental and novelty glassware such as small “hen on nest” salt dishes, not utilitarian bottles)………………… boyd’s crystal art glass, inc, cambridge, ohio (1978-to date). i am not sure how late the bb48 mark was retained on owens-illinois milk bottles made at this plant, but have seen a bottle with a 1947 date code. see my webpage with more info here: brookfield glass company . occurred when hot glass was poured into a cold mold. of between 1860 and the late 1870s for non-pontiled bottles like "a". perfect mason……see this page with a brief summary of this popular jar, as well as ball bros glass manufacturing company page. clear and amber (brown) and a great variety of greens. the “90” may be a liquor bottle permit number assigned to owens-illinois glass company, and the “4” is a date code for either 1934, 1944 or 1954, but i can’t say which year it would be.’m not sure about the pl and pitchfork mark (seems like i’ve seen it before, but i have no info) but the “p inside a circle” stands for pierce glass company. beaver jarthe lid of this 1880s jar (made in canada) has a metal band with a glass top—the result of the government deem- ing it unsanitary for metal to directly touch canned foods. large numbers of the rawleigh bottles were made over many years. the improved jar by herothis 1870 piece sports a unique glass liner just inside the metal lid. in amber or cobalt glass will also bring higher prices. please see ball bros glass manufacturing company  page for a brief summary of this company. a merger of the bond glass and berney glass companies, plants were located in bradford, hazel hurst, smethport, clarion, and knox, all in the state of pennsylvania; the winslow glass co.

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many marks are encountered that indicate the company whose product was contained within it, or are trademarks (“brand names”) that give no indication of who actually made the glass, and those are (with quite a few exceptions) , not included in my list. in a circle………armstrong cork company (glass division), lancaster, pennsylvania; millville, new jersey [former whitall tatum co.  it is listed as “diamond and oval superimposed (entwined) with i in center” although oftentimes, especially on smaller bottles, the center “i” is poorly delineated or virtually illegible. bottles have any evidence of a pontil scar on the base. on their website, they state the company name “cerve” is from the words “ceramica-vetro’ (ceramics/glass) although as time passed they came to concentrate more on glass rather than ceramics. are three keys to help with dating most bottles:None: bottle may be free blown, in which case it has..  jars and bottles for pre-packaged products sold at retail, as opposed to fruit jars made by kerr for home canning. bottles made between the early 1800s and the mid-20th century. other bottle was most likely made by obear-nestor glass company of east saint louis, illinois. these marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. all indicates that both bottles were likely produced no later than about.  see this page on the brookfield “baby face” milk bottles. thick glass in the base of the bottle, one can see that the glass is not. logo used on base of jelly jars and other glass items.. very few cure collectors want bottles which say cure only. have a perfume glass bottle with a r in a circle. molded) most likely at a new england glasshouse between 1780 and 1830. hitt, entitled a history of the binghamton glass company (published in 2011) .; a very common spot for milk bottles made by pacific coast. both bottles shows that neither have air venting marks anywhere on the. you may try searching the internet for coca cola bottles sites with more specific info on the earlier “straight-sides” bottles.” mark was also used by burlington glass works, hamilton, ontario, canada (1875-1909) on the face of their “burlington” fruit jars. i will admit i am confused, but hopefully anyone searching for more information on the latest mergers and acquisitions that are rampant among the glassmaking corporate empires of the present day will be able to do some more in-depth searching online. to question #6 for both bottles and suggests a date of 1890-1895 as the.

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: if initial(s) embossed on the base of a bottle match a firm name (other than a glass factory) on the front, the basemark will more than likely not be a glass manufacturer’s mark and so may not be listed here. this company, which was officially known as “american glass works, limited” after 1880, may have produced some glass marked “a. such as demijohns or five gallon water bottles are often. of these druggist bottles can readily be found with ground. in any case, most baccarat glass (made before 1936) is not marked.!  i’m interested in the history of the glass industry in the united states, especially concerning the manufacturing of bottles, electrical insulators and tableware. if there is no glass manufacturer’s mark present (if there is one, it may be very faint, along the lower heel area), then we have to go on to other characteristics, such as the mold seams, and lip type.   since the glass does have significant sized bubbles, it likely dates during. all i have a glass jar with coloured flowers on it, and a brown wooden twist top, it has a stamp of two deers facing each other, and a number has anyone seen this stamp, or know which country it was made in and year ? glass flowing from the base of the finish onto the neck. glass company, washington, pennsylvania (1896-1902), and the hazel-atlas glass company, wheeling, west virginia and other plant locations. i found an aqua bottle base (probably export beer, based on size and similar bottles in the area) with this mark and can’t find anything else even close to this.  a brief discussion of avon bottles including the glass figural bottles (such as the cars, etc) is presented there.-the morphology of both bottles is very similar: bases which have a round. if you have plenty of free time you might check out my pages on owens-illinois (and other glass companies such as brockway, thatcher, illinois glass, anchor-hocking, hazel-atlas and ball) on this site. ball-incon was formed as a merger of the glass plants owned by ball corporation, combined with the indianhead container corp which consisted of glass plants at laurens, sc; port allegany, pa; madera, ca and other locations.    you see, thousands of bottles carry nothing but a number on the base (or heel) ,  and this information (in most cases) does not help id the source or age………nearly all glass factories used mold numbers on their containers at one time or another. in a circle………brockway machine bottle company (1907-1933) became brockway glass company (1933-1988), brockway, pennsylvania. that book is the best reference work ever published on glass manufacturers’ marks on bottles, but it does contain many errors which have been discovered over the last several decades since it’s publication. to see more distinctly where the side mold seams end on the two bottles. baltimore glass works certainly made some of them, and no doubt other glass companies in the baltimore area also made them. many are made of emerald green glass, and manufactured by owens-illinois glass company. most bottles i have seen with the cursive “brockway” marking, usually embossed on the base, appear to date from the 1950s-1970s period, although i don’t know the exact period of use of this mark. have a small glass fingernail polish with brush / has a wooden design cap with a g on top what do you think i have.

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glass container corporation- mark on base of “round”- a typical “generic” clear glass packer jar for mayo, jam, etc. american glass works reportedly manufactured mostly window glass prior to 1880..The two latter works would provide some general information on milk bottles that. the back bar bottles which often are found in amber or clear.  glass plants were located at streator, illinois;  newark, ohio;  belleville, illinois;  massillon, ohio  &  wooster, ohio. this company also reportedly used an “a in a circle” mark on some bottles. bottles used for illustration are a small but diverse assortment designed to give users. of very rare bottles that are not worth more than a few. i will be using this site regularly, as my husband has a knack for finding old bottles. caldwell’s, monticello, illinois ~ bottlesdavid on owens-illinois glass companysherry dilla on e. many local, regional, and nationally distributed sodas, mineral waters, beers, bitters, tonics, and other types of products were packaged in bottles made by a&dhc. more detailed information on this operation (and many others) can be found in glasshouses and glass manufacturers in the pittsburgh region 1795-1910 (2009) by jay w., the “r in a circle” was used by rockware glass, a large glass container manufacturer based in the uk. on earlier flasks, fruit jars, and soda bottles, and especially examples produced in the mid-nineteenth century period (1840s-1860s), the full factory name or initials may be embossed across the front. marking seen on white milkglass inserts (discs or lids) used with zinc lids on “mason” type fruit jars. it is certain they were made by more than one glassmaker.” (see that entry), i am doubtful and believe that this does stand for an obscure glass company (or some type of bottling or brewing firm? note: if the bottle is machine-made, the letter “a” would indicate a much more recent company, perhaps arkansas glass container corporation, jonesboro, arkansas (1948-to date).-there is scuffing or wear on the glass surface on the sides and contact. hazel-atlas made tons of containers of every description and size over a period of many years (plus their “depression glass” from the 1920s and 1930s, and other tableware made throughout the 1940s, 50s and into the ’60s). julia, that’s one of the owens-illinois glass company marks, used generally from 1929 to the mid and late 1950s. this is very frequently the case, especially with soda, mineral water, beer and other bottles of the 1880-1930 period, in which the initial(s) of the “end user” (such as the bottler, brewery, drug manufacturer, or other firm for which the bottle was made) appear embossed on the base. if it is an abbreviation for a glass factory, it could stand for one of several companies., please note: when searching these pages, it may be helpful to press the ctrl+f keys (find) on your keyboard to scan more quickly for a specific glass factory name, city and/or state name, or initials contained within the text.

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because this is as far as the dating key goes for free-blown bottles.  many of the kilmer swamp root bottles were made by binghamton. currently, the glass manufacturer that made these jars is unknown / unidentified. another possibility: the mark on some bottles might stand for the bellaire bottle company, bellaire, ohio (c. logo is occasionally seen on the base of clear glass prescription/medicine bottles. the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle (one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle) is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured. is a wholesaler/retailer of decorated glassware of various types—they decorate glass which (i think) is actually made by other un-named glass companies in italy. however, it is possible that some bottles with these markings might date between 1916 and 1929, but, if so, could only have been made at either the streator or newark plants., broken glass scar just slightly off-center of the middle of the. (i am hopeful, i have already found a cool owen-illinois catalog from the 20’s that helped to identify a lot of my bottles!-the glass color of both bottles is aqua or aquamarine, though the one on the. glass and the wax served to adhere the label to the glass. i have found similar jars from more than one dumpsite, apparently dating from the 1920s up into the 1950s judging from other bottles in the same area that could be more precisely dated.-the glass is basically colorless (clear) with just the slightest "straw" tint. dark, that the contents of these bottles should not be taken.. for assigning date ranges) especially on marks of pre-1900 bottles. is the point in the dating key where our two bottles.-bottle "a" is very dark olive or forest green in color; "b" is a medium amber. i’m not aware of any other glassmaker that used such a mark.  in the meantime, you might try an internet search for more information on these names……there is a wealth of information out there, with many books in libraries and/or online pertaining to glass history, antique glass collecting, glass container manufacturing, and related fields). seen on small cobalt medicinal bottles, dating perhaps from about 1895-1930. it has been increasingly more difficult to keep up with answering emails and posts concerning glass bottle markings and related information. there was a series of glass companies in the pittsburgh area in which the agnew family was involved, beginning as early as 1842 with chambers & agnew. found a clear glass bottle with the name w t rawleigh co with a mark o inside a square on the bottom of the bottle freeport ill.

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