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Dating fender strat neck for sale uk

is a dead mint surf green strat plus also with a very sweet maple neck.: fenderor best offer11 watchingfender squire vintage modified strat with gig bagi was a fender and gibson snob before i played this. maybe some colors were special orders or smaller runs that did not warrant putting the color in the sales brochures:Catalog list for 1988 strat plus guitars (the same as late 1987):Catalog list for 1989 strat plus guitars:88 root beer metallic. even with the guitar in the case and having it slam flat on the floor could cause these cracks. the fender jazzmaster, fender jaguar and fender mustang had all been introduced by the mid-1960s and are still mass produced today. some of the maple necks were solid one-piece, while others had a maple cap on maple. this gives you the versatility of tilting the neck instead of the old method of resorting to cardboard or wooden shims. :-) this color was used between 1990 to around 1996 on some plus deluxe models and ultra guitars. qtsn6x super tight clip-on chromatic ukulele tuner with herz accuracy. WD Music UK offer fast shipping on all guitar parts from Fender, Kent Armstrong, Gotoh, Grover, KlusonSkip to main content there seems to be a problem completing the request at present. anyhow some of these guitars have been modded but are still shown to give you the actual color. a strat plus will not have string trees, and putting them on the guitar greatly lowers its value! very few serial numbers were recorded, production numbers were not kept track of, and even in fenders new custom shop department, records of guitars built were nothing more than hand writing on notebook paper. this part number would read like this: 10 = usa, 95 = strat plus deluxe (a regular strat plus is 75), 02 = maple neck (rosewood is 00), 7 = standard molded case and 37 = antique burst (color). i plan to post more pictures of all 3 of my firestorm guitars; ultra, strat plus dx and tele plus. to the bodies—the american standard strats and strat plus guitars used the exact body design from 1987 to 1998 (with the exception of some early models having fullerton bodies, which i talk about down a little farther in this section. but beck (temporarily) turned down fender's proposal and the first stratocaster with sensors came out as the strat plus. is a well know fact throughout fender history that they painted a lot of "burst" finishes on their guitars. stratocaster strat wiring kit - hand built in the uk stratocaster strat wiring kit - hand built in the uk. click here to get usa fender serial numbers from 1976 till today. i came up with the circuit while working on fenders elite strat project. by the way, you can buy "fender lace sensors" or "lace sensors" depending on if they are marketed through a fender vendor or directly from lace music. postageending today at 9:50pm bst6h 5mbrand: fenderleft handed american fender telecaster 2016 - black + upgradesblack alder body, maple neck. it was done with the same process as car and midnight wine but fender used a dark transparent blue color coat. fully loaded telecaster tele control plate - hand-built in the uk. what in the world was going on at fender's paint shop? there is a1991 with a maple neck posted farther down on this page. these bodies were used on the first new american standard strats and a few very early strat plus guitars. postagefender stratacoustic rare black projectfender stratocustic in black a rare find these days i originally bought it to restore but have had the time it has seen better days with minor marks a scratches has a crack on the top by the small horn as in the pic and small chips in the lacker on the headstock, someone in the past screwed a scratch plate to it so i'm selling it as a project, any questions please ask. the plus series was a very good attempt to reclaim fender usa's floundering reputation, as quality had drastically gone down hill under cbs's ownership. a mistake in fender's data-base is just that a mistake! the builder for the very first two strat plus guitars was john page himself. bidssee more like thisending friday at 1:56pm bst22h 12mcollect in personbrand: fenderfender usa left handed standard stratocaster. postage12 watchingfender classic lacquer 60's stratocaster 3tsbfender classic lacquer 60's stratocaster 3tsb rosewood fretboard in new condition, 2016 model. may also likegibson electric guitarsepiphone electric guitarsibanez electric guitarssquier electric guitarsyamaha electric guitarsfender electric guitars. he later moved to the us and over the years worked with a number of guitar companies, and was responsible for many creative designs seen on guitars today. john page is correct that no american standard bodies were ever made at cbs fender.

Dating fender stratocaster neck for sale uk

over the years i have refinished a few guitars and i had a cab that had chips all over. guitars are one of the most popular and successful brands of musical instrument available. the neck could have been dated november or december of 1996. i mentioned on the very top of this website there are a number of refinished strat plus guitars floating around on the market. this color is obtained the same way as car or midnight wine, but the fender finisher put down vintage or arctic whites as the base coat instead of a metallic color. it is important to note that if you try to use fenders current color id table found on their website, it will not always match the colors for strat plus guitars. when gibson's do that they snap off the headstock, while a strat will crack the neck sockets on the body! some collectors seek out strat plus and american standard strats that have necks built by some of the more famous builders. can tell you that the guitars shapes and weights were very inconsistent until bill schultz, dan smith, bashar darcazallie, and others, began their changes in 1982. i simply think there was some turf protecting going on, so fender decided to keep the pickups "in-house" with their own pickups and stopped promoting lace pickups anymore (a secondary vendor) on fender's top line guitars (aka: custom shop, strat plus series, ultra, and signature series). more expensive than squier guitars, but affordable models are available. stock many of the leading guitar parts brands - genuine fender guitar parts, kent armstrong pickups, gotoh, grover, bigsby, kluson, graphtech, switchcraft, cts and many more! music is your one stop source for all the best name brand guitar parts & guitar spares. once set up correctly, and after getting the guitar in tune, they stay in tune. this color is listed on fender’s sales charts for the plus series from 1991 through 1992, but, in saying that i have seen some date stamped late 1989 up into mid-1992. what fender said in their catalogs and what reality was are two different things!(above) this was one of those early strat plus guitars which rolled off the newly organized factory in corona, california in 1987. ebayguidessince the time of its formation in 1946, the fender electric instrument manufacturing company has been known for manufacturing high quality musical instruments. i was at the n w guitar show & i wish you guys had been there. postagefender custom spalted maple electric guitarbeautiful guitar, hardly used, custom chrome pick up surrounds and fender locking machine heads. electric guitarsrefineshop by body typeshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - shop by body typego to previous slide - shop by body typesolidsemi-hollowhollowgo to next slide - shop by body typeresults in fender electric guitars1-25 of 5,523squire by fender strat guitarsquire by fender strat, god body and good neck, squire named tuners and neck plate, i will send new set of strings, just let me know what gauge you want, i will be boxed in a proper guitar box, for posting, or you can collect it, your choice,    £49. also to clarify what i have read on-line on guitar forums about these finishes, they are not foto-flame finishes like used by fender japan in the mid-1990s.) another thing to note in all these pictures the rubbing compound used in the buffing process at fender. the serial number, on the instrument itself, tells us the approximate year of manufacture and id's the guitar. is an interesting little tidbit about extra holes found in some bodies (see picts below): toward the end of 1996 fender changed their jigs for holding the bodies for the manufacturing process. so if you see odd pickups on these, they are a plus guitar that has been modified. postagesee more like this2011 fender usa telecaster with hard case. stop and think about it, a machine milled out the specs and then the neck was finished by hand. fact: over the years fender borrowed many colors from general motors. he was one of the guys that started fender's custom shop. but then fender went and did something totally confusing to most people that was to introduce the frost finishes in the late 1980s into the 1990s. i have been in touch with some people at fender for years getting information for building this website. also fender sometimes did odd-ball stuff, like adding metal flake in some clear coats on some guitars and not doing it on others of the same base color. so a car plus can have a gold base coat and an aged clear coat making the guitar look almost like midnight wine—thus the color debates begin! back in 1985, fender nearly went bankrupt under the ownership of the columbia broadcasting system (aka cbs) before an investment group led by bill schultz purchased the fledgling company. in fact, according to john pages work log, (the see above) the 4th and 5th guitars to come out of the newly organized custom shop was a graffiti yellow and a surf green, both headed to the namm show. out the neck manufacture date which is penciled on the butt end of the neck—it reads 12/4/87.

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Dating fender guitar neck for sale uk

1993, fender stopped using the wilkinson nut and replaced them with the lsr roller nuts (above). new premier "roller-nut" designed by an english chap by the name of trevor wilkinson was first used on the strat plus, at least on fender guitars. 1990 jeff beck took up fender's offer and they released the jeff beck signature guitar which was based on the strat plus. orange drop 022 capacitor ideal for electric guitars using humbucker pickups. i had left fender for 11 months in 1986, and we left fullerton the year before that. there are a few dings and dents as you would expect for a 30 year plus old guitar, but it's really straight and has a beautiful tone. aluminum body blue metal burst strat plus with a rosewood neck (above) belongs to a friend of mine named eric liquori, who also provided information from his research to the blue book of guitars. personally, and this is just my own preference, the fender noiseless pickups are just too glassy and bright for me. since that did not happen right away, his first gig consisted of working with rob schwarz, inspecting the japanese fender imports that were coming in, while the corona plant was trying to get up to speed with their production. 1995-96 fender produced the limited edition aluminum body stratocaster plus (u. & free14 watching*sold*fender stratocaster quilt maple top electric guitars*sold*sold*sold* an amazing example from fender. with so many guitar parts websites springing up all the time, you can order your guitar parts with confidence knowing that you are dealing with a company that has been running 42 years and still going strong!, again, please note that in 1995 fender moved the serial numbers from the front to the back of the headstock. here is the statistics from fender:(751) blue metal burst: rosewood @ 20 made, maple @ 20 made.: did fender ever use it [poplar] on their higher end usa guitars, such as the strat plus and the strat plus deluxe back in 1990-1993? the only new machine related thing i remember is the neck router, that cut 6 at a time, that came in while i was still on the body-line. this guitar started out as cab (3 times) then was car (3 times with a black sealer coat between the cab and car) and ended up being cab again! you will find these holes located: 1) in the neck socket and 2) below the swimming pool route. truth is, fender used general motors paint color "gm111" which, by the way, was called surf green, on their stratocasters! george also mentioned that james worked at fender for years after production for these stopped, so that blows a hole in the "he left so the finishes stopped" theory. rocksong alnico ii humbucker neck bridge pickup for les paul, sg. this was long after fender's announcement that the line was soon to be released! the replacement schaller pick ups give this guitar a great full sound , out of phaze is particularly good. rob schwarz, a 34+ year employee at fender told me this story: i started at cbs fender oct 17, 1980, in the woodshop on the body-line. postageending today at 5:48pm bst2h 4mbrand: fenderfender deluxe nashville telecaster daphne blue electric guitarthis is a fender telecaster nashville deluxe. in the early days of fender at the new corona factory, quality control was often not very strict or specific. gagon was the mastermind who designed fenders tbx potentiometer, as he worked there from 1978 through 1984.) please note the neck plate—all plus' have the fender logo written on it like the one above, except the ultras will also have the word on there too.., 1987) there was what later would become a mysterious and controversial bob body that appeared on the new american standard and a few stratocaster plus guitars. is just a recommendation to all you would be purchasers of northwest guitar products, don't hesitate, you will not find a better more helpful seller on the net than kevin and his team at northwest guitars.!So when did the first strat plus come out of fender?, someone surmised that these short-lived bodies had to be leftovers from the old fender fullerton plant. the rounded cbs bob bodies were changed due to the request from yngwie malmsteen, and the american standard and strat plus guitars kept that shape all through the rest of the strat plus era, and is still with the american standard strats today. gold lace pickups were also used on several signature model guitars, as seen on this jeff beck model (above). the 1998-9's are are fairly rare and they where first marketed as a “plus” and then in the middle of 1999, they were marketed as fender's new deluxe american strat series. ninja guitar nut for fender, off-white finish, suitable for flat bottom nut slots, 42mm length.: fenderor best offerfree p&p12 watchingvintage fender squier telecaster - made in japan (1984 - 87)fender gig bag (ruck sack style) included and i will throw in a set of strings too!

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some 87-89 necks can have a thinner taper while others, especially 1990 and later, were a bit fatter - it all had to do with the finisher and how he sanded the neck. it was with the advent of computers in mid-1993 that serial and part numbers started being entered about each the guitar that was shipped from the factory. there were about 20 of these made in this color and with a maple neck. so this is a mistake at fender, one which has been told to several people who then later come back to me and say things like, "so you think you know more than fender, you wise guy"?) i have taken apart a strat plus only to find amstad stamped in the neck socket., just a brief message to say thanks to kevin and all the gang at northwest guitars for doing, what i believe to be the right thing, putting the customer first. here's the thing: fender has a data-base that has been created which contains a lot of historical information about various models of guitars. most of the time fender placed a piece of tape over one small spot in the lower edge of the route to expose this conductive paint while the finish was being applied. more confusion:in late 1989 fender introduced crimson burst (see upper, the third picture from the left with the blood red edges. over the years different people worked at fender who shaped and finish, not only the guitars, but the necks. well, here's how you can know if your plus is a 1989-1991 with an n9xxxxx serial number: 1) the wilkinson nut (fender changed over to the lsr nut mid-1993;) 2) the serial number is on the front of the headstock (fender moved the  serial numbers to the back of the headstock in 1995). many of the later usa strats, these necks have the micro-tilt adjustment, which is an allen screw under the fender neck plate, which pressed against truss-rod grommet on the backside of the neck. on all the bob bodies fender used wood-screw type posts, which screwed directly into the wood. i communicated with all three to get the facts of what happened back in these wild and woolly days at fender. added, the bob bodies were the older, rounder, throwback to cbs fender. loaded 4 way mod tele control plate - hand-built in the uk. odd thing is, when fender introduced the the plus deluxe in 1989, they used the split nut again, while the standard models were already using the full-nut. one story of interest is there was a guy worked at fender for about 1 - 2 years and he was the only one there who knew how to do these finishes. to give you an example, a gold base coat will cause the guitar to have a slightly darker finished look. if your guitar has these golds, then it is a standard and not a deluxe. comes with strap locks and a black fender leather strap. rarely did fender, in those days, thoroughly clean up the inside of a guitar. postageending friday at 11:59pm bst1d 8hsee more like thisbrand: fenderfender classic player 60s stratocaster - 3 colour sunburstspecifications - fender classic player 60s stratocaster. these sported a chrome fender logo on the headstock and many of the plus features, like locking tuners, lsr nut, but had 2 fender noiseless strat pickups and fender’s cobalt humbucker in the bridge which are powerful and very quiet. (why you are at it, check out my wild and crazy custom strat plus guitars! is often said that fender elite strats and teles, with their similar looking plastic covered pickups, were don lace’s prototype / forerunner to the lace sensor pickups. in fact, lee dickson, clapton's guitar tech insisted on it for some reason and he said clapton needed to make the change. so don't let your guitar fall over, even while in the case! ninja guitar nut for fender, off-white finish, suitable for flat bottom nut slots, 42mm length. in personor best offerbrand: fender15 watching1995 fender stratocaster strat body lake placid blue1995 mim stratocaster body, lake placid blue, with signs of general wear. are some of the colors mentioned in fender catalogs by year! click here to get usa fender serial numbers from 1976 till today. in other words, the angle of the face of the guitar where your arm goes does not have such a sharp angle like on the corona body. some of the parts, such as the body and the unfinished neck came off the "line" which means they came out of the same stock the production model american standard strats came from.. which you will see me using these on custom builds on this website, but just have not been sold on the fender noiseless or the vintage noiseless—and i have had both. at first he did not have a clue, or at least didn't remember anything about this mysterious autograph inside these guitars. i have seen american strats, or pieced together guitars (frankinstrats) with lace sensors that people try to pawn off as a plus on ebay and other places.

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    fender offered a crimson frost, blue frost, and ebony frost. a very sweet candy apple red (car) with a outstanding maple neck, that is dead mint. colors mentioned here are rare to very rare, making the guitar more collectable: there were a lot of other finishes offered by fender, especially early on (1987 to 1994) that are more rare to find. postagefender squier stratocaster electric guitarfender squier stratocaster has a ding on the pickguard and a few other scuffs but plays great and still looks the business. finally, as we talk about the plus series, the fender-lace sensor pickups, invented by don lace, was introduced in 1987, and a new upgraded version of the american standard strat was born = the strat plus! is some interesting historical information to note about strat plus necks. within the last year someone there entered into that data-base this misinformation: "at some unspecified time, an unspecified number of the strat plus guitars came out with a bone nut. side note: i have also seen bodies that were painted one color and then painted again another color by fender. take a look at the guitar below and check out the appointments:Again, this short lived deluxe american standard strat looks like a strat plus, but it's not! he told me that when lace's (egi) exclusive contract with fender ended in 1996, there was a push to get the signature models guitars, which were using the laces pickups, to move to fender's newly designed noiseless pickups. in personor best offerbrand: fenderfender stratocaster mimi've used it a bunch of times & it sounds really great! i believe jeff beck and eric clapton models were the last two signature guitars to convert from the lace sensors. you can tell by the serial number, which started with dn9xxxxx and they also had a chrome fender logo on the headstock. postageending friday at 12:26am bst8h 41mbrand: fenderfender stratocaster partscaster ash bodied strat type guitarhaving always loved the look of the fender 70's reissue strat, though never being able to live with the neck profile.  so if you see a color not listed here, it most likely is mis-named, or the body was swapped, or maybe a custom order and then there is that weird fluke out that sometimes too. i am going to hopefully build a guitar in the future & nw guitars will be the place i buy the parts. although not the first to manufacture electric guitars, fender was arguably. lovely fender hard case included and all the paper work and whammy bar. to all at n w guitars, i have received everything i have ordered from you. leo had used it on many guitars "— musicmasters and others "— and we later used it for the bullet guitars. shop by categoryguitars & basseselectric guitarsacoustic guitarsbass guitarsguitar packages for beginnerscigar box guitarsclassical guitarselectro-acoustic guitarsguitar amplifiersguitar building & luthier supplieslap & pedal steel guitarsresonator guitarstravel guitarsguitar accessoriesother guitars & bassesbrandsee allfenderright-/ left-handedsee allleft-handedright-handednot specifiedbody coloursee allblackblueredsunburstwhitebody typesee allbody materialsee allstring configurationsee allsizesee allconditionsee allnewnew other (see details)manufacturer refurbishedseller refurbishedusedfor parts or not workingnot specifiedpriceplease provide a valid price range£-£buying formatsee allall listingsauctionbuy it nowitem locationsee alldefaultwithin2 miles5 miles10 miles15 miles20 miles50 miles75 miles100 miles150 miles200 miles500 miles750 miles1000 miles1500 miles2000 milesofgouk onlyeuropean unionworldwidedelivery optionssee allfree p&pshow onlysee allreturns acceptedcompleted itemssold itemsmore refinements. both montes and gastelum first worked at fenders production plant, but were later recruited by john page to fill positions in fenders custom shop. duchossoir points out, in his book called the fender stratocaster, the reason for this "marketing" delay:"a few months earlier (before march, 1987), jeff beck had asked fender to make him a `62 vintage model painted in the same yellow color as the souped-up ford truck featured in the movie american graffiti. herbie gastelum began buffing guitar bodies, then spent a little time in the spray booth, and then settled in as a neck shaper for fenders custom shop. and some "choice" bodies and colors were used on the plus' as they were higher-end guitars. cbs sold fender in 1985, there was no production of fender guitars in the u. george clarified by saying, these bodies used the cbs fender contours identical to american vintage re-issue strats (avri), but with swimming pool route, 2-point tremolo and micro-tilt adjustor. both in the main body route, the jack plug route, and the neck route there are always traces of that rubbing compound. beautiful american ash body (2 piece beautiful grain) married to my favourite strat neck which came off my early 90's korean squier standard one of the nicest necks made. now for electric guitar parts & accessories for Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, SG | Free shipping on all UK ordersBodies necks hardware & parts pickguards electronics kits accessories relic parts genuine fender fretwiresale. i think part of it is the lack of knowing what to call the color of one's guitar—like on a ebay sale. he later moved to the us and over the years worked with a number of guitar companies, and was responsible for many creative designs seen on guitars today. in personor best offerbrand: fender13 watchingfender stratocaster starcaster electric guitar squier. after all, these cost a bit more money than your standard fender finish! so it was just a matter of time before jeff beck and eric clapton signature guitars moved over to use fender's new noiseless pickups. one common problem you can find on an old strat plus, or an american standard strat, are hairline stress cracks in the neck sockets. talking with some of the old timers from fender i was told when the new factory opened in corona, california things were unorganized and that some of the builders did what was right in their own eyes!

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    fender used these bodies on a couple other guitars as well, such as the harley-davidson strat and a other few custom shop models. all the necks have a mahogany skunk-stripe running down the back of the neck. then i got curious and asked john page, one of the former employees at fender, who was around back in those days. the mass production of the telecaster in 1951, and the introduction of the stratocaster in 1954, fender has been one of the biggest names in guitar production. what is confusing is that fender often puts the last three digits together, and even has used those 3 digits in catalogs to designate color code. but be aware, like a lot of things at fender, there were, for a while both types of bodies being used till the older ones were gone!: on facebook you can follow build threads, interact, ask questions, see current guitars and projects. buyout and the new american standard strat: in 1986, george blanda was hired to try to get fenders custom shop up and running. according to an interview with dan smith and george blanda, two long time fender employees, in the fender american standard stratocaster: an excerpt from the stratocaster chronicles by tom wheeler, it states (see below) about poplar wood being used on some fender guitars from 1990 - 1993/94. stevie ray vaughan srv stratocaster strat wiring kit - hand built in the uk. one employee who worked there for around 35+ years in fender's pr dept said he never saw that entry in the data-base while helping me with info on strat plus guitars. the 1st tone control is a standard fender 250 k potentiometer as is the volume control. you are looking for attention to quality with a service to match, then look no further, i have been dealing with northwest guitars from the beginning and have used many of the products kevin and his team sell, lets start with bodies, if your looking for something with a first class finish and cut perfectly to fender spec then look no further, every one is perfect and really will fit to all of your fender and fender spec after market parts and at the price point for guitar necks, well, they really don't come any better with a quality of finish and fretwork that's stunning. on that hang tag there is the guitar's part number. fender says there was a total production of 120 instruments (40 in each color).: fenderfree p&psee more like thisfender standard stratocaster usa 1997usa standard strat 1997 in 3 tone sunburst. music uk registered office unit 31, old surrenden manor, bethersden, ashford, kent, tn26 3dlvat no.) according to fenders custom shop work log, the very first strat plus proto-types left the door of the shop june 22nd, 1987. well, before we answer that, lets take a look at how strat bodies were shaped in the early 1980s, while fender was still under cbs control. guitar will only be available to post or collect once sale is cleared. it all seems kind of backwards to me, but that is the way fender did it and it is well documented in their sales brochures. when i began at fender, the bodies were being roughly cut out, 3 at a time, in the nc router room. john and george were hired by fender, along with mike stevens, to start a custom shop division at fender. one type says fender lace sensor, which is marketed by fender exclusively and the other just say lace sensor, which is markets directly from lace music company. then if the guitar ended up in a humid climate, the body could swell as it takes on moisture, causing slight cracks in the finish. there are a lot of inconstancies in the materials one can read, so the proof is in the ownership, using the serial numbers and neck/body date stamps to confirm the date. this version 1 jb strat also had a very thick, fat neck—sometimes called the, "bass ball bat neck. trj1 jazz plus neck/bridge pickups for electric jazz bass guitar. the fender serial number chart below:Since the last two digits of the part number are the color code i will list them that way. i took receipt of this guitar a couple of days ago and haven't really even played it. when people go to refinish a body they often use a cleaning solvent to get all the old wax and dirt off of the guitar body. here's a few little tips to remember to help aid in dating those late 1970s and 1980s stratocasters: fender's three-way selector switch was updated to the stratocaster's 5-way in 1977. is an original fender advertisement from 1988 for the strat plus guitar. that meant if the guy standing at the belt sander stood there a minute longer than the time before, you got a slightly thinner neck profile! gastelum was probably one of fenders most historical neck shapers. bidor buy it nowending friday at 1:02am bst9h 17mcollect in personbrand: fenderoriginal vintage 1966 fender mustang usa electric guitar1966 fender mustang , refinished in black. former long time fender employee, mike eldred, who was in charge of fender's custom shop until recently, stated a few years ago that fender could still do these finishes but would charge a whopping amount of money!
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      this means that the majority of the older strat plus guitars will have wood exposed on the left and right sides of the neck socket, obviously cleaned out by a routing process. use this website for research as many of your questions about your guitar will be answered here! i owned a 2000 dx strat (replacement for the strat plus dx/ultra guitars) and kept it like 2 weeks and then sold it. but in my opinion, i think the necks - even the whole instrument - is a lot better now than in the 'good old days. in mexico this strat has quilt maple sunburst top, alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, white pickguard and chrome hardware. gastelum was quoted saying: some people say the necks in the 50's and 60's were better than they are now. on position #4 you can use both tone controls, one on the neck pickup and the tbx on the middle pickup while having both pickups on.! stunning guitar**********contoured body, s1 switching, chromed saddles and plate£875. as admitted too, by the one newer fender employee, these short lived dx american standard strats were confused with the strat plus'. thing is for sure—even though these guitars vary, all standard plus guitars had: locking tuners, roller nuts (which means they will not have string trees, and for some reason people put them on, thus lowering the value of the guitar! obviously, if a guitar has been recently refinished there will be no distinction between the color thats been exposed to that which as not been exposed, unless the refinish job took place years ago. this is based on my years of ownership and watching guitars for sale on various venues on a weekly basis over the years:Bahama green (very rare), fiesta red (very rare), dusty rose (extremely rare), shell pink (extremely rare), torino red (very rare), ice blue (very rare), electric blue (very rare), graffiti yellow (rare), frost red (very rare), crimson frost (rare), razz berry (very rare), surf green (rare & there are variations of this color), root beer metallic (rare, not very popular), shoreline gold (rare), lake placid blue (rare), and taos turquoise (extremely rare). note: this "part number" is not to be confused with the guitar's "serial number. this color is another controversial color, due to the fact that fender's mix was not always the same and the clear coats on these yellow. generator alnico v humbucker neck bridge pickup for les paul, sg. postageending today at 8:06pm bst4h 22mbrand: fenderfender squire stratocaster electric guitar - good condition - redthis fender squire red strat is in great condition it has a couple of very light indents hardly noticeable, new set of strings fitted, neck is true, plays as a fender squire should do this has hardly been used,comes with a bag, a realy nice red  any more info tel 07761531674£55. greasebucket stratocaster strat wiring kit - hand built in the uk. the years fender guitars have been used by thousands of artists –  to name just a few:Fender offers a vast range of guitars and variations of their instruments including those produced by squier guitars, a subsidiary designed to offer more affordable instruments. when it got so hard to get alder, we were faced with either using poplar or not making guitars. knowing this info is good for determining if your guitar has been modified or to help date your guitar. i started questioning this entry in the data-base at fender, one employee emailed me and admitted, "yes, this was something that i added because that is what i was told by people here. after years of researching these guitars and getting help from fender as well as the guys on the fender forum, i have tracked down (i think) almost every color that the plus series came in and have them listed here (and even shown most below). these guitars were not developed until after we were gone from there for over a year. they made various colored bursts by using a light metallic edge that complemented the transparent color in the center area of the guitar. he mostly likely was the guy who shaped necks for people like jeff beck, eric clapton, and others.! fender also had a blue burst with the silvery edges. as mentioned, the series was going to be the first fender strats with the new gold lace sensor pickups and the premier "roller-nut" designed by an english chap by the name of trevor wilkinson. whereas the part number, found on the guitars hang tag tells us a lot of things like: country of origin, model, type of wood on the fretboard, case type and color code. john page, george blanda, and rob schwarz were all working for fender right at the start of the new corona plant. he joined fender in 1961 and is considered one of the fender veterans next to abigail ybarra who entered the musical instrument industry in the summer of 1956. these really are amazing strats at a fraction of the cost of a usa guitar. so just because fender now has this in their data-base and tells people that, does not make it true! postageending today at 3:50pm bst5m 37sbrand: fenderfender squire electric guitargreat condition fender squire ( strat ) stand included strap guitar lead item to be paid to my bank account ( not paypal )£60. there was a few transitional plus’ made in late 1998, early 1999 and these had fender’s new noiseless cobalt pickups, not the lace sensors pickups. this quilted maple top guitar sounds and looks stunning, its in superb condition. anderson big bends bigsby bourns cge crl cts esp electrosocket fender floyd rose fretdoctor gavitt gotoh gotoh/wilkinson graph tech grover hosco kts titanium kent armstrong kinsman cables kluson luxe oak phantom guitar works pro rockgear q parts rs guitarworks retrovibe collection sonic sperzel sprague steph switchcraft time machine collection tone ninja tonepros towner vibramate wd music. then when they refinish the guitar very seldom do they ever take the time to buff the guitar out like they do at fender.
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      it is because of the reliability and versatility of these guitars fender remains one of the largest guitar manufacturers to date. fender also had crimson and blue burst and as well as the blue and crimson frosts as i have talked about earlier—which the color coats showed the nice ash grain through the tops and bottom of the guitar and became a solid color around the edges. plus necks were made from maple with either a rosewood or maple cap and were called a modern c shape. one is the neck socket was really tight when the guitar was assembled. truth is midnight wine is made the same way as car, but fender used a darker red color coat, sometimes having almost a slight purple tint to it. date stamps on necks and bodies could vary in the production process as well. the strat plus’ with an n9xxxx serial number are a 1989-1991 manufactured guitar. it has to do with the neck and body not expanding and contracting at the same rate.! they come in a variety of sizes but the size fender uses is 1/4-20 x 5/16. other cracks, usually the mother of all cracks, is caused by the guitar falling over and the neck or headstock hitting something..The stratocaster was leo fender's second guitar design after the telecaster around 1953, with actual production beginning in early 1954. frosts are similar to the bursts as they have dark edges, which most of the time is the same color as the the rest of the guitar, but a much lighter transparent color is used toward the center of the guitar's body. the midnight purple is very close to the vintage color used by fender in the 1960's called burgundy mist. guitar pot, 500k split shaft pot premium 450 series with 9% tolerance. (seen above) this truss rod adjusted the neck in two directions, allowing for a more precise curvature adjustment. i have received help from a couple fender employees that worked there for many, many years - one for 34+ years in fact. to re-string a fender electric guitarby ebayguidesfounded by leo fender, the fender instrument manufacturing company offered the first, mass-produced, solid-body electric guitar. plus series was introduced by fender in 1987 and was the highest end production model next to fender's custom shop guitars. because the value of the 1987 - 1990 strat plus value going up the last few years, especially the rarer colors, there are unscrupulous people taking older plus guitars and refinishing them to pawn them off on unsuspecting people. many of the 1987 and later models will have a serial number that says one thing and the date in the neck pocket in the body or on the butt end of neck that says something different. tight neck sockets are nice for good tone, but too tight.. and there is a company in uk (england) that is doing a reproduction of this finish (above right). postage14 watchingsuperb black fender squier strat hss customfender squier stratocaster anniversary hss custom. schultz and his crew then began revamping fender to return the company to its roots. while some were sold as a "plus" they were sort of a hybrid have fender's new noiseless pickups, yet retaining the locking tuners, roller nut and american bridge. this fender is in pristine condition and as you'd expect from this model has a beautiful sound. i am new to guitars, learning to play late in life. to the blue book of guitars there was an estimated 400 instruments of these deluxe american standard stratocasters produced. this means that when the paint gets into the neck socket it often times makes the socket too tight for the neck to fit. fender used e9xxxx and n9xxxxxx and even a few n0xxxx serial numbers for 1990! in general, fender has had a lot of confusion over serial numbers, over the years, especially the older models. the pop-in type is called "fender deluxe locking in solid chrome. this finish is often pretty thick and you will find that they chip and get neck socket cracks quite easy. postage12 watchingfender squire stratocastera beautiful example of a black squire strat£85. if a string breaks while playing, the tremsetter will compensate and the guitar will continue to stay in tune. color availability varied from year to year, even though they listed certain colors for sale in their sales brochures. so fender puts the body, after its finished, back into a jig and uses a router to clean up the next socket so the neck will fit properly.
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