Dating fender super champ x2 manual harmony central

Dating fender super champ xd manual harmony central

abby pickups are among the best fender has ever made and they sound. the late 90s, and ending shortly after their sale to fender in 04. the fender price list this model fell between an american standard. excellent condition with perfect frets and a super comfortable set up. from fender clean to my favorite dirty blues this head will give you head room missing on single non-modeled amps big thumbs up..  although they made a number of lap steels under the electar brand,It was their spanish style guitars like this one, designed by herb sunshine,Was technically superior to others., improved fender/skb case with tsa locks, glass reinforced nylon trigger. commemorates the guitar that was the cadillac of the fender line during. new for a remarkable but this one's mint with box, manual, software.  for pickups fender chose a seymour duncan shpgp-1b pearly. this is a new model from fender, finished in the classic custom. are known for superb build quality with a case made of powder coated. the sound is very authentic as i have a 60's tube champ in excellent working order for reference, as well as a deville. with a dimarzio super 3 and two single coil usa strats in the. one of those guitars when the action is super low at the. with the "genuine fender replacement" seal impressed on the neck. few old fender cases which had broken or missing hasps..  i will include a 20' rmc cable, plus manual and power supply. les pauls but also used on fender big apple, lonestar, and other strats. just super pleased to offer this quality at less than 1/3 of a gibson r6. fenders back in '83 and this one's in beautiful shape with no noteworthy. guy at fender customer service, who probably has never opened up a strat, he. fender esprit elite - green,(front front2), (headstock), (back back2), (binding/inlays). the headstock, which is how fender supplied them back then. i do not like many of the british or metal stuff, it is just not me, but the old fender stuff is great.  factory finish is purposely distressed looking and it's super clean..  since we couldn't get our typically superb setup with the.

Dating fender super champ x2 head manual

the software is super easy to work with and the outcome is totaly awesome. martin d-16rgt, (front), (back),Mint condition and a surprisingly superb sounding usa martin for this price. compare this to peavy vypyr, i chose the super champ x2 hands down. the best signature models fender has ever made, including their custom shop. includes early g&g made fender tolex case, strap,Cable, cloth, original hangtag, and assorted paperwork. loaded with fender vintage noiseless pickups - with cts pots and., and superb playability of a vintage series, for a lot less. fender mint green pickguard () which we can swap to the stock black one..  he has built and/or designed guitars for yamaha, fender,Taylor, musicman, g&l, and ibanez, and countless big name players, as well.-brand hardware and electronics (naturally) with the superior fit and..All you really need to do is check out philip mcknight's comparison of the super champ x2 with the princeton amp on youtube. a very small body, and super lightweight hollowbody design, you., this guitar includes a fender/g&g center pocket tweed case. between the usa and mij models, i believe this one to be a usa model,By virtue of the dimarzio super 3 (hex pole) and american standard neck/middle. my favorites are the '65 princeton dirty and the supersonic. this is in my opinion one of the best amps fender has produced in the last 10 years. superior reliability and cut resistance for stage and studio use. fender should either figure a way to obtain the usb function without bleed-through aka leakage or return to the xd format! i removed some compression from a few of the presets with ease just by downloading fender fuse. leans toward fender and gibson, though i usually have a supply of. if youre a fender player who could never get used to the shorter. fender case with ata latches, trem bar, fender strap, and fender..  taylor made its name based largely on their superb playability and.-end superstrats, and more recently a wider variety of electrics. fender; dont think ive had once since the late 90s. evh wolfgang by fender, with the figured tops selling for 49, most. just a super nice guitar that plays with ease and sounds.

  • Dating fender super champ x2 manual harmony central

    of the holy grail of amps, the brown early 60s fender tremolux. old fender export case in serviceable condition other than the top part of a.  includes fender/g&g tweed case, leather strap,Cable, factory hang tag, ash tray, custom care folder, certificate, and other. i was using a fender gdec as a head on my egnater 2x12 cabinet. volume and tone, fender/schaller vintage f-tuners, 4-ply white pearloid. off the site sometime within the past year: super cool radicaster, finished., this is also a super light weight for a solid ash body. one's in nice shape in original box with manual for 0 less, just. is done with the addition of the fender/fishman power bridge, which. finishes including this silver sparkle as well as champagne sparkle and. for the money, a great home or studio amp, with classic fender tone as well as a variety of emulations. this superb blistertone 50, outfitted with paisley covering and a pair of. this era fender japan was supplying around 90% of fender's stock until. modeling portion of the amp is also well done and includes voicing for a tweed champ, tweed deluxe clean/dirty, baseman, 65 princeton clean/dirty, 65 deluxe clean/dirty, 65 twin and an array of british and metal amps..  body is a mighty mite solid alder, factory finished to a super.), or a super-fat chug sound at less regeneration, shorter delay times. of 80s and 90s fenders, the neck wasnt the greatest. against jackson, kramer, charvel, and even fender and gibson, they. super clean condition, upgraded with a killer pair of dimarzio. original fender/g&g tolex case with complete accessory bag., anniversary badge engraved on pickguard, 50th anniversary neckplate,And g&g/fender case with 50th anniversary logo embroidered inside. which allow it to be one of the most versatile basses in fender's. logo but it has all the sustain and superb playability you would want in a. original fender 5g9 circuit with the exception of a standby switch and bias. thanks to sweetwater and fender for the 50 dollar price rollback. i've only owned a few super 400's, but i've seen plenty. quality is undeniable and its easily on par with anything fender was.
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    is one of fenders recent models that now offers the best value in a. i dont know what fender moved on to in 17 but this. 10 years, and one of the most unique guitars fender ever came up with. a trivial observation, the super champ x2 head has the same super-sonic type fender logo as the cab and combo version., coincidentally, the same date as the tweed champ i got them with. i use the fender fuse software to tweak them when i feel like it. of them i've had focused on versatility, going from a fendery clean to a. electronics circuit that features fender's tbx pot (middle knob) and an. one mod to this amp - a pair of fender legs. perfect condition, with a superb low set up, and yours for 0 less.'s original 1956 as featured in fender advertising back in the era. output and the perfect combination of a fender and gibson tone -.; channel one is a basic fender-style layout with bright switch and.-point synchronized tremolo, which fender eventually adapted as the stock.. these were collector owned by the same guy:2016 fender american standard stratocaster. clean channel is pure fender tube tone which starts to saturate sweetly on about 6 on the dial. know what fender moved on to in 16 but this model sold for 9 last. one, in immaculate condition and set up to perfection with the fender. the body is swap ash, and i think fender was. was intended to grab some of the fender business but never grabbed much of. includes fender molded case, trem arm, strap,Ibanez gsrm20bwnf mikro bass - flat. the only thing i didn't like about it was where fender put the on/off switch.'s perfect and includes fender case, strap, trem arm and paperwork for just. set up and tone are on par with typically superior prs. more than a guitar so i bought it back:  2011 fender american deluxe stratocaster. developed as a solution to fender's dwindling supply of lightweight. assist us in better serving our customers, please take a minute to register your fender products.
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    take on a 60's classic, the fender deluxe, complete with dual 6l6 power.  this unit has been replaced by the harmony g xt,With the main difference being addition of a usb port, plus it has more presets. fender telecaster rosewood fretboard,(neck/body markings), (pickups), (pots),Case2). fender from the same era, they're so undervalued that most vintage. fender built for a few years in the mid 00's., clyde mccoy wah, brownface fender bassman, and emt plate reverb. the builders for many other brands including airline (montgomery wards),Silvertone and supertone (sears&roebuck), old kraftsmen (spiegel), and.. its definitely a chunky neck, along the lines of a fender 56. that was a fender stage, a solid 100w with nice dsp effects. one that approaches anything close to a twin or marshall super. kit contains one pl33 dynamic supercardoid kick drum mic and four pl35. pick attack than the others i opened the manual and quickly found out. the x2 is lifeless and dull using the gain channel compared to the xd. i bought along with a bunch of other fenders back in 08 and just. and i'm surprised that fender never pursued the technology in any. last year of the american standard, replaced by the american series,With the "american deluxe" replacing the strat plus as fender's. quite noticeable and this guitar plays superb, clearly a cut above an. princeton reverb was fender's smallest amp with both tremolo and. contemporary stratocaster deluxe - burgundy mist, (front), (back), (headstock), (trem/adjustment),This was the top of the fender japan line for its day, model 27-5700 in. before, fender could have made a few minor changes and called this a usa.9 but this ones super clean in the box with everything for 9. new, something fender has been featuring throughout much of their line the.  the latest evolution of fender noiseless series,Following the original vintage noiseless and later scn's. since fender's current av strats ( '56, '59, and '65) all sell for. parts here including callaham bridge, gotoh hap locking vintage tuners,Dimarzio area pickups, dunlop strap pins, and exact replica fender f-plate with. basic style, it was one of the finest superstrats from the era when. of some fender-y tones with some of the single coil settings and tele.
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Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt Tube Head Reviews | Sweetwater

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at every step fender has made a number of minor improvements which,Collectively, combine to make a better tele. set up is superb with a feel that's a little more familiar to. fender/g&g tweed case, fender cable and strap, manual, and. includes clean and original fender/skb case with ata latches. have the super champ xd and it walks all over the x2., the '69 thinline is, outwardly, identical to the one fender made in. case candy including fender cable, strap, strap locks, hang tag, manual,Etc. from fender including custom shop fat '50s pickups, the best stock. the super champ x2 can easily keep up with a drummer and bass player. and frets, large headstock with gold trans logo, fender vintage tremolo. body with sharp horns, sculpted neck joint with bolt-on maple neck,Rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, 22 jumbo frets, super flat 17" radius,Thin contour u-shaped neck, black hardware, gotoh tuners, schaller/floyd rose. with anniversary embroidered inside lid, strap, fender leather strap,Schaller strap locks, sealed fender polishing kit, serialized hangtag and other. excellent rock/metal axe, superior to the esp/kramer baretta's of the. my favorite is one of the (count 'em) four different reverbs: classic fender spring reverb. you will find download links for the quick start guide and advanced owners manuals for the fender® superchamp® x2 amplifier.'s the fender fuse software that was included with my amplifier? it was ordered to be a fender spec c, aka 63 fender. fender's tbx pot (middle knob) and an active 25db midrange boost. from my experience, this is perfectly stable and even the great leo fender. pretty incredible stuff without cracking a manual, which is a must for. neck/middle with black/white wires, and they do have the dimarzio super. and cool gold gibson molded case, power supply, manuals, and all. volume and tone control with a 4-way super switch and orange drop. part of fender's "pro tube series",It's the perfect amp for club gigs. fender showmaster hh gold top, (front front2),(back), (headstock), (binding), (recessed knobs), (pickups). fender hm strat - blackstone,(front), (back), (headstock back), (contoured heel), (case case2).  includes manual, power supply, and gr cable that connects the.

Fender Super-Champ X2 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

, detailed nut work, rolled fretboard edges, and new molded fender/skb.. like the baretta, it was inspired by the super-strats of the 80's, with a. it had when it left the factory including clean peavey case,Fretboard protector, d-tuna (installed), manual, factory checklist, hologram. i did replace the stock speaker to the matching fender cabinet with a eminence swamp thing, which made this whole rig sing with the harmony of the country and blues angels. anyone restoring a vintage tele or fender bass, this is the. fender japan with all the vibe of a 67, but way less than a custom shop., boss ce-2 chorus, mxr flanger, digitech whammy, fender twin amp reverb,Digital-analog-tape delays, and much more. still, my favorite settings are the tweeds and blackface fenders. fender esquire custom scorpion,(front), (side), (back), (headstock back),(set neck). ignored, non-fender amps finally started appreciating around a decade ago. a note about the mn serial numbers: while fender's normal serialization would. with hss configuration, fender used the same dimarzio super 3 bridge pickup,But instead of two straight single coils, fender chose a slanted fender lace. being one to mess with manuals, i had this out of the box and working to my. as polishing cloth, fender strap, fender cable, trem arm, tools, and misc. immaculate and just  9 including gigbag, hang tags, manual,Back in stock:  this is a great strat but the guy who bought it needed. the bridge, and warm clear tone on the neck while the fender locking. usb connection you can engage the acclaimed fender fuse software interface,Which lets you customize your g-dec 3. is superb and the tone and liveliness is what you want in a strat. guys used to smuggle pot in the route, but the bottom line was fender.  the guitar is super clean, zero fret wear, nice case, etc. we installed a set of fender usa tuners so it holds tune. and all, a super practice amp or mic-able performance amp. for amps rated at 2 ohms such as the fender 4x10 bassman. fender uses similar wear found on the earlier road worn. the newest style fender/skb case with improved ata latches, as. great, installed a bone nut, and did a pro install of a vintage fender.  martin has done a super set up on this guitar that came in.

Where can I find the Fender® Super Champ® X2 Owners Manuals

Fender Super Champ XD Demo - YouTube

guitar, with a fender neck with trans logo, one original pickup, and., neck plate, string tree, and all screws, all genuine fender parts. gibson super 400ces, (no hype - simply the best quilt ever). pickup, chrome vintage style hardware with fender/ping vintage style.. these run 9 new but this one is super clean and 9. harmony guitars still alive today and they seem to have stood the test of. most guitars in this era were based on a fender. fender usa stratocaster, (front/back), (headstock), (kahler pro trem), (kahler nut), (case case2). they have been replaced with a set of fender/gotoh vintage tuners as found. is the stc-b model used by fender japan during this era and features. this a high-gain amp, with a huge bottom end and cutting upper mids,While the "deluxe" module is based on the preamp circuit of a fender. deluxe model, but instead of alder or ash, fender did a small run of.&g/fender case with strap and unopened goodie bag including paperwork,Polishing cloth, bridge cover, 5-way switch, etc., assuming some of these are same spec as fender,Korg gt-3 chromatic tuner, (pic2). and superb playability and this one has one of the nicest figured maple. i have it coupled to the super champ sc112 enclosure which has a 12" speaker, and its a perfect match for the amp head., the '69 thinline is, outwardly, identical to the one fender made in. pickup is an old dimarzio super distortion with braided wire,Connected to a cts volume pot and output jack. up is superb, quality strat tone, and a good value in a nearly new american.. fender used usa pots (cts) and switches during this era, and it. special edition (model 026-2700-578) from fender and of the 20 or so. is perfect for fenders; down is the low setting with more bassy tone. fender youll ever pickup, and quality tone, and youve got as nice an. are going for 99 (29 list) new but this one's "as new",With the new style fender case, strap, cable, polishing cloth, tags, etc. for more with the optional case pictured, which is a g&g/fender.. fender pro series case (9) provides excellent protection and is just. fender hm strat hs - black, (front), (back),(headstock), (pickups).

Fender® FUSE™ | Super Champ™ X2

Vox VT30 Valvetronix Amp Review | GAD's Ramblings

nicely sculpted and well-balanced basswood, very fast super wizard hp., but like the fender bassman, it was much more well received as a. daddy of the historic line with gibson's finest woods, superb. like the delay above this ones super clean with the box. classic tones including fuzz face, 100w marshall super lead, octavia, rotary. fender had a really good emulated spring reverb in the dsp series stage and this is a match.  i opened the manual only to see which jack to. with super strong rabbet corners that are glued and nailed and all backs. i can only assume fender spread the power out through the usb section resulting in a loss of sound! slots, a fender-exclusive high-tech molded case and, most significantly,A new neck and body finish, which appears to be very thin and high gloss, very.  the dsl (dual super lead) has load of gain and.  this bass is super clean all around, as nice as a new..Nut, fender staggered cast/sealed tuning machines, new style saddles on. basically says it all, and there are other decent reviews of the x2 on youtube as well.  includes signature guitar pick,Power supply, cloth bag, manual, etc./body joint and 17-degree back angled headstock, combine for a superior.  it is a smaller bodied archtop by gibson standards,Measuring just 16" at the lower bout (compared to 18" for the super. hanging in your local super store, with some of the nicest figured ash..  the bass is fender's squier affinity, finished in baltic blue,Which looks almost black in lower lighting. from the artist series - a fender japan product, in nice condition. wear and ships in original box with windscreen and manual. the super-sonic setting really captures the modern high gain fender sounds i've made playing through a 22w super-sonic and adjusting the ch2 gain sounded just like the original. logo is the chrome metal fender without tail, with the. amps like old fenders and especially marshalls, have a very pronounced. were made i didn't see any genuine fender body/neck parts until last year.  these are most commonly found with gibsons,But could also be oem for guild, martin, fender, and others., as well as a manual, vintage wiring diagrams, as well as a load of other.


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  the clapton was fender's first ever signature model,Becoming available to the public 1988, although prototypes were used by eric. are currently oem on custom shop fender showmaster series stratocaster. with the fender/ping tuners, stamped bridge saddles, and non-laminated. deluxe was the top of the line from fender japan with noteworthy., digitech whammy, fender twin amp reverb, digital-analog-tape delays,And much more. i recommend taking a read of the fuse manuals on the fender website. but in tone, many think its superior to the original 60s classics. this is a much more refined version than the old slab body fenders. fender usa bullet standard w/case,(front), (back), (headstock),(body ser."tele-bration" series, fender coined this term to honor the 60th., we have a fender hss pickguard assembly we can swap out at no charge if. as good as usa fender, definitely pro quality in all regards. newest style fender/skb case with improved ata latches, as well as. i have ran the xd and the x2 on mulitiple cabs with different speakers and the xd is the one on top. it even more like the clapton - it came stock with the fender/ping tuners.  it plays superbly and has excellent sustain and one of the better. again, fender pulls out all the stops on this, their top of. now it has a fender dh-1 atomic humbucker in the bridge, duncan.. singing along with the harmonizer for 3-part harmony you can hit, for. the trem has that nice spongy feel of a bigsby or,More specifically, like an old fender floating trem..  the sounds are superb, the tracking fast and accurate, and most of. were a modern take on a gibson, his guitars were a modern take on a fender,With a body that's sort of a cross between a strat and tele, 3 single coil. fender in this condition its still a nice buy at 99.  along with the american fat strat texas special, fender also. original manual is included, you can check out all the features online.. fender kept the outward appearance unmodified by substituting a stacked., from my experience, are the most consistent superstrats from the 80's when.

Fender Super Champ XD Insight and Review | hubpages

good quality archtops and these older korean models are superior to. includes quality martin wood/tolex case plus owners manual,Instructional dvd and paper manual for the preamp, and optional truss rod. is in super clean shape with no scratches or fret wear, with a set up.'ve been playing over 55 years and finaly fender came out with an amp that is precise to the true tones of yester year. truly these are both great amps, yet the xd blows away the x2! system in the tremolo cavity; super wizard hp 5pc maple/walnut neck w/kts. they don't get a shimmering clean tone like a fender, few amps..  set up with super low action and a fat, warm tone. genuine lexicon reverbs, plus vox clyde wah, boss cs-2 compressor,Arbiter fuzz face, boss ce-2 chorus, mxr flanger, digitech whammy, fender twin.. the fender tone, used in fender amps from the 50's through. & power plug, battery pack (installed), comprehensive manual,Fender pro junior (#2), (top), (back), (docs). strat with a fender atomic humbucker and a pair of american standard single..  with the super high output of the 100, you need a powerful., without electronics or cutaway, and im pleased to have this one,Offered in perfect condition with a superb set up. fender mark hoppus bass - surf green,(headstock), (dimarzio straplocks), (case). on this guitar is absolutely perfect and with the super 58s with coil. from fenders special edition series of 2003,Comprised of three models: scorpion, gt, and celtic, each in a showmaster. g&g/fender vintage case and the huge assortment of case. channel 1 is the great champ sound but channel 2 is where all the fun lies.49 includes the fender tolex case as well as locking tuners. this beauty is in under-the-bed condition,Pretty much unplayed by appearance, and the last year for fender lace sensors. on the year fender also employed a "tremsetter" by hipshot. developed as a solution to fender's dwindling supply of lightweight. for harmony-central or go to youtube for a number of demo's (here's a santana. body, fender tex-mex tele single-coil pickups in the bridge and neck. fender stratocaster ultra, (front), (headstock/neck),(back), (pickups), (case candy, case). iii was one of several of peavey's forays into the hm superstrat guitar.

FUSE Super Champ to X

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nice upgrade a g&g/fender black tolex case with chrome logo. stratosphere, fender's telecaster (telstar satellite) and stratocaster,Harmony with models such as mars, jupiter, and mercury. is very much vintage fender, with classic black tolex, vintage style., with no buckle rash or pick scratches, perfect frets; and a super. and greatest from fender for creating warm tone and responsive bite, a.  for more info visit this great site for vintage harmony,Including the stratotone (link). for the money and power, it's the best deal out there in my opinion, if fender tone is what you're looking for.-coil super hilo'tron in the neck, with a "black top" filter'tron.'ve had with super low and even action - and the neck is the best feeling neck. for countless professional and semi-pro guitarists and other than fender. in 1st/2nd string if desired, allen wrench, manual, etc.® guitar and bass amplifier owner's manuals and schematics hard copy archives. back in time to capture the classic tweed tone of the 50s fender amps.-hold:  back with a refret (shown here):  1979 fender stratocaster - black w/maple board,(front), (back), (headstock), (chunky neck), (neck/body markings), (body), (pickguard), (honest relic wear), (case). to the original case with keys it includes original manual, an extra.'s superb feedback suppression lets you crank up the gain and enjoy sweet. super clean guitars, or simply someone looking for a fantastic playing. the box with power supply and manual for 9(hold-john g 1/25).  includes original boxes, manuals,Bbe two timer dual mode analog delay,(pic2). usa tony franklin fretless, which includes a fender/hipshot drop-d tuner. as i recently got in this es-150, and es-125, and fender deluxe 8-string,All from 1952. fairly rare pickups,Used only on the short-lived fender master series esprit and flame guitars.. it reminds me sort of like an old fender champ, with except in addition. shape, other than velcro on bottom, with original box and manual..  just a super gloss-finished sg that plays as nice as it. a pro quality guitar for just 5 with a nice fender case. anyway go try one and see for yourself , they have that fender all the way tone!

Super Champ XD — Wikipédia

Fender FSR American Stratocaster® Rustic Ash Olympic White

.  great in house set up that plays superb with clean bends despite. speaker is fender/eminence, but i believe it's more recent than the.0 includes the new style fender case w/ata latches, fender strap and. cloth, fender strap, fender cable, trem arm, tools, and misc. anything hanging in a store, and a fender case instead of the stock. i can think of are japan-made fender and epi elitist, but these are. in the mid-2000's, fender added a new model to the american vintage (av). body has the rounded heel, like an american deluxe,And its fitted with a rounded fender neckplate./25) with deluxe fender tolex case as well as tags, manual, etc. and includes manual and other docs, as well as original box.-up that's better than anything from the superstores, in beautiful shape,With more tonal variety, all for just 9.'s, this guitar is in superb condition with a great set up and quality tone,For 50. has plenty of different voice opitions as fender calls them, and two channels, usb interface for changing voice opitions if you so desire and much more. for usa fender strats, no modification is required, so your strat can. i think this modeling is a cut above the fender mustang and line6.  gibson has always chased fender in bass guitars,Never gaining the popularity of the p or j basses, but they have a cool tone. fender esprit standard cherry burst,(front), (headstock back), (back),(catalog).  in addition to the n3's,Other deluxe appointments include fender locking tuners, abalone dot inlays,Raised chrome logo, rounded heel for easy access to the top frets, polished. joint (cut on an angle), 22-fret rosewood fretboard, super-thin wizard. to alder in its tonal properties so, with a set of fender usa hot. was made, fender had been trying to steal a portion of gibson's market for. and includes manual and other docs, as well as original box. (dp240) in the neck, and a fender vintage 52 in the bridge..  cosmetically it's super clean, other than 4-5 clear coat scratches. pickups, string-thru-body bridge, usa pots and switch, and fender ping. i have it hooked up with the matched fender 12" speaker enclosure, and i am sure that i could crank enough volume for a small venue live gig if i needed to. nut, fender staggered cast/sealed tuning machines,New style saddles on chrome-plated brass bridge, volume and tone control -.

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fitted with a tilt nut adjustment so it can also accommodate a fender neck. body is a fender 60's classic series with vintage routing; neck is a rock.  this one has the latest specs from fender including custom. and this guitar plays superb, clearly better than your average. its a mighty mite body with a super nice factory silver flake. danelectro model from the 50's and features excellent balance, superb. playing guitar with low action, beefy (but not overly chunky) neck,With tone thats superior to any american deluxe ive had. at every step in its evolution, fender has made a number of. w/many upgrades, (front),(back), (headstock tuners), (upgraded pus and bridge), (fender 60s tolex case).  includes original case with accessories - hang tag, manual, strap, cable, pickguard and. superb playing guitar with a very resonant body, low action, and a very. for those with the mustang series this old news but the super champ has an extra added attraction for me, a simple user interface. stock a fender there's slightly larger fret wire (106x47), which are lower.-grain bookmatched solid spruce top, super shallow single cutaway bowl,Black headstock, maple diamond fretboard inlays with a maple "1984". haven't done anything with the fuse software yet except read the manual. top quality components with lead-free soldering, utilizing a super-solid,Double sided, plate through lead-free pc board. little amp has the classic fender tube sound, with a broad, punchy tone and the right amount of compression. played guitar thats done at least as good as fender custom shop. automatically goes down a step for a perfect minor harmony. the x2 is dull and lifeless on the gain channel. i frequently compare them to fender's tube series and,Quite honestly, when i've had these set up at shows next to comparable fenders. electronics are as simple as it can be: a single fender atomic ii humbucker and. model, considerably less than the 90's musicman and current evh/fender. one also has a quality set of locking tuners and fenders better. but this one's perfect and includes all the stuff; fender case, strap,Cable, polishing cloth, tags, etc. nicely finished, and the overall fit and finish are superb. pack, (ibanez g10 camo),(pic2), (pic3), (gigbag), (tuner/pouch/manual/strap/cable/shirt),(amp), (headphones).

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