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Dating in circle of friends lyrics k project

words are: [and he] walks with me, [and he] talks with me. irving berlin wrote the song, “my defenses are down” for the musical “annie get your gun,” he asked his young daughter what she thought of the score after the child has sat with him in the audience during a dress rehersal. speaker, a few weeks ago, a young folksinger whose music personified the protest mood of the 1960s took his own life.“a pink paradise” and put up a parking lot…should be “paved paradise” and put up a parking lot. she said she didn’t know that was in the hymnal. curious if i’m the only one who hears it like that. a child that recited the “one nation indivisible” portion of the pledge of allegiance as “one naked individual, with liver tea, injustice for all. “ad disguised as a comment” is most likely inserted in the comment sections of many, many websites. always thought the line in blinded by the light was “wrapped up like a douch, another rumor in the night”. my favorite that i’ve read on here is “lovely luminous, stealthy sun, acting like poison, summer has gone” hilarious!” we still sing it the way he used to when we catch it on the radio every now & then, just for a cute little chuckle! i was a kid we’d sing a hymn, at church, about jesus’ resurrection. favorite mondegreen is in an episode of family guy when brian is asked to the prom by meg asher last hope of getting a date, and brian asks if he turns meg down, would she would herself. i sidestepped away from him and managed to get to work safely. seri accuses him of slacking off during the time she's there but he disagrees. always thought it was i’m never gonna find you naked! “i’m a beached whale” instead of “i will be there” by michael jackson. i also find that the longer a mondegreen is embedded in one’s head, the harder it is to rework said lines to the intended words. my brother-in-law thought she lived on the kitchen floor, instead of the second floor. at the end of it the three “angels” stood in a row and sang “hark the herald angels sing. i was a teenager, i thought the like “i won’t put my hands up and surrender” in the song “white flag” by dido was “i won’t poke my eyes out and surrender. one more apian inclined listener was convinced that the line was, ‘i’m asking you ’cause you know about bee stings. in 1998, me and a group of friends were watching the video for “why don’t you get a job” and at one point, the character from the pretty fly video comes marching out, and my one friend goes, “look, it’s wayne! the case is a little more complicated, as etymologists trace the english name through the dialectical dutch “sinter klaas”, for saint nicholas. other topical songs of this period include "outside of a small circle of friends", inspired by the murder of kitty genovese, who was stabbed to death outside of her new york city apartment building while dozens of her neighbors reportedly ignored her cries for help, and "william butler yeats visits lincoln park and escapes unscathed", about the despair he felt in the aftermath of the chicago 1968 democratic national convention police riot./ computers: fushimi is shown to be very skillful when he is confronted with something technological. always heard the line from michael jackson’s ‘man in the mirror’ as: and no moustache could offend any clipper. my ex husband used to laugh silly over was when i told him what one line in a song sounded like to me…. fushimi is reading his report to munakata, and he becomes somewhat irritated when his king wanted to refer a specific green clansmen as a "ninja", although he managed to ignore it.'s parents and brother had moved from columbus to cleveland, and ochs started to spend more time there, performing professionally at a local folk club called farragher's back room. infamous “miss you by my taco” (for “talk, oh” in cups) is one of my favorites… “take me into your lemon arms” is one i can’t unhear either. i thought that the eagles ‘heartache toinght” was a haunting tonight, in my defense the song was released the week before halloween. but if you want to go back in time, i say this child’s interpretation is poetically correct… even just correct!” as the hot word points out, my lyrics made more sense than “a banjo on my knee” — which i could not visualize at all. com here some few weeks ago and i decided to contact him for help and he told me what i need to do which i did i was so surprised when i got a call from my husband apologizing to me as told me he was going to come back to me it all seems like a dream to me thank to dr ekaka i am back with my husband again and i am so happy. our mistaken interpretations can often be quite creative, even attributing to lyrics an originality and profundity their author never intended. should be guns n’ roses knocking on heaven’s door. initially, he coldly rebuffed misaki yata's attempts to befriend him, but because the latter was persistent, he eventually warmed up to him and they became inseparable. picking on some…” i felt like a monkey when one day my girlfriend heard me sing “michelle” — she laughed histerically and was rolling on the floor. can’t help but notice that it becomes easier to misconstrue the lyrics when the singer has an accent with which we are unfamiliar.) 1974-1976 or is it from the original circular (pre-digestation), (and i would be truly humbled and reside in a state of anticipation awaiting further mondegreens and insights into the moments that make life special and endearing). it would make for excellent light reading while in a waiting room or on a plane and when you’re doubled over in laughter everyone would surely be curious as to what you were reading. stewart, “we don’t have to take our clothes off”. listening to “you’re so vain” by carly simon, i thought that she was singing: “your hair strategically dipped below one eye, your scarf it was africa” which does not make any sense whatsoever. there a word to describe when you blend words together (“tricopterous” – some kind of blend between triceratops and rhinocerous or something…? "remembering phil ochs, the other great jewish folksinger of the '60s". brown band’s ‘toes’:He sings, “got my toes in the water, ants in the sand,” which, for those of you that know the song, is preferable to hear from a child… by now we’re pretty sure he knows the ‘correct’ lyric, but continues to sing it his way to avoid trouble…. oldest son, when he was about twelve, used to sing, “gmc trucks and fees for cher’s “gypsies, tramps and theives. following afternoon, fushimi receives a report that accordingly states how kuroh yatogami recently attacked a member of fushimi's pursuit squad. friend thought the lyrics to the enya song “sail away” were instead “save the whales” :o). these elite poets tended to identify themselves with the worlds of greek myths, gods, and heroes, as well as the wealthy east, especially lydia. used to mishear “prince of peace” (in various christian songs) as “take a pee”. little girl thinks that the song by the animals – humans, contains the line:“are we humans? metrical forms used in sappho's poetry are difficult to reproduce in english, as ancient greek meters were based on syllable length, while english meters are based on stress patterns and rhyming schemes.” the real lyrics are: you clothed yourself in frail humanity. sadaka’s “laughter in the rain” was popular when my son was very young. i’m glad to know there’s actually a word for this! husband thought the lyrics to the marcy playground song “sex and candy” was “i smell sex and candied yams” instead of “i smell sex and candy, yeah”. at the scepter 4 headquarters, fushimi conducts research on the video depicting tatara totsuka's murder.“make the bag right, girl”- that’s “paperback writer. friend told me years ago that her mother’s friend thought glen was singing, “like a right strong cowboy” (country folk, aka culshies, in n.[8] ochs grew up with an older sister, sonia (known as sonny, born 1937), and a younger brother, michael (born 1943). kuroh comes onto the battlefield, telling both of the clans to halt their attack, fushimi fights back yelling that he doesn't take orders from him and yata grudgingly agrees with him and the two begin to fight kuroh together. then there was the one who thought jesus’ second name was ‘andy’ because of the hymn ‘in the garden’: “andy walks with me, andy talks with me, andy tells me i am his own…”.” i heard, “are you sowing the seed of the king, dumb brother? years later my sister told me the real lyrics were: “mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. brother thought michael jackson’s “smooth criminal” said “eddie are you walk jay, are you walk jay eddie? unless your kid is over 60 years old i doubt your veracity. it was sip it once sip it twice which makes more sense. i still think my lyrics fit the song just fine.’s a peter gabriel song, ‘shaking the tree’, with some african singing in the chorus that goes “souma yergon, sou nou yergon”. niece once sang, instead of “i’m a little butterfly”, “ang galing kong pumatay. i think it said in a soft raspy voice “paul is dead” 3 times or so. i was a kid a i thought old macdonald had a helper whose name was honest farmey:“old macdonald had a farm, e i e i o. ducks are hazards in the bathroom (no dark sarcasm in the classroom)…”. for example, someone might think the sarcastic saying “thank you, captain obvious” is actually “thank you, katherine obvious."[66]—one in los angeles in june, the other in new york in november. paramore’s song, ‘brick by boring brick,’ there’s a line in the chorus that goes, ‘go get your shovel, and we’ll dig a deep hole to bury the castle.’s ‘killing loneliness’, i’d sing ‘memories and sharp-ass daggers/ pierce into the flesh of today’ instead of ‘memories, sharp as daggers/ pierce into the flesh of today’. from the hawaiian culture where “haole” means “foreigner” in general, but non-native caucasian in particular, what i heard as a kid was:“our father, wart in heaven, haole be thy name. my two favorites are: from fleetwood mac’s song second hand news come the lyrics “i’m just second hand news,” which i confused with “i’m just sittin’ here nude! little sister would always sing to this american authors’ song called “luck. thus, fushimi subsequently leads several of his clansmen in a pursuit for the three individuals, but to due to inclement weather, they are forced to return back to headquarters with utmost failure. one night, ochs was attacked and strangled by robbers in dar es salaam, tanzania, which damaged his vocal cords, causing a loss of the top three notes in his vocal range. it’s only because of christianity or whatever nonsense going on today that really makes you displease in a male. in less than a month, saruhiko was able to become a j-ranked member with the last mission involving interfering with seri and izumo's goal, when they went undercover and obtained the list of people that were cooperating with jungle, by destroying the pda that had the list. thought “can’t read my, can’t read my…” from lady gaga’s poker face was “carry my, carry my”. some great ones here, like “and to the republic for richard stands” — hilarious! name is hooben…do you know what a “hoobenism” is?'m going straight for your thighs like the cake you ate. alexandrian edition of sappho's poetry was divided into at least eight books, though the exact number is uncertain. and when he tried to tell him otherwise, hgis brother defended his mondegreen by reciting the other lyrics “winchester the negro, you’re bringing me down, you stood and you watched as, my baby left town”., long time ago, my teenage boyfriend answered the phone at my parents’ home when no one else was there, and took the message which read, “call corn and cheese. read a lot of these and didn’t see it mentioned that a commercial a few years back worked in a mondegreen on purpose, when two guys confuse rock the casbah with lock the cash-box. lived in germany, i guessed that “santa claus” originated as a mishearing or mispronunciation of the german “sankt niklaus”, which is pronounced approximately like “zahnkt niclouse”, very close to santa claus.” by radiohead, i thought the “we ride tonight” part was “we want to know”. nephew, bill, thought the words of a song were “let’s lock the door and throw away the kitty now and was very upset! when i was little i thought the line “right about now, the funk soul brother” was “right down now, the funk is so rubber”. wrote the lyric as “kiss the sky”, but when people misheard it, he reacted and tried to work the misunderstanding into the set.” the real lyrics were “i felt his love, from above, settle on me like a dove. he also wears dark blue trousers and knee-high black boots. the first time i heard abraham, martin and john i caught it part-way through, and i thought a child was asking, ‘has anyone here seen my old grandfather?” i kind of like the mondegreen version just as well. years, i thought that the line “she thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway” (from 3 am by matchbox twenty) was “she thinks that happiness is a mouse…”. in the drama cd, he attempted to help her get out from between two vending machines when he noticed that she was stuck, and in k: days of blue, he helped her and tatara totsuka escape a deluded strain who had his eyes on her after he found them visiting the strain horse anna had befriended. jackson’s ease on down the road, it says “don’t you give up walking cause you gave up shoes,” and until right now when i looked it up, i thought it was “walking like a gay masseuse. always thought ac/dc’s dirty deeds was dirty dee and the dunder dees when i was a kid. always thought “bring me a higher love” was “bring me an iron lung”…never did make sense as to why they were singing about polio! used to think it was ‘call me, call me, i’m fine’.’s pretty good, but it was originally a key plot point used by beverly cleary in “ramona the pest”. farooq – a spoonerism is when the first consonant sound of two words get switched: “baking cookies” becomes “caking bookies., with my hearing defects, and not quite understanding lyrics, i have made some ‘al yankovich’ type re dos of some songs.! i saw somewhere that the song was inspired by a shooting on mall property a long time ago or something but when i tried to look it up i couldn’t find the origin on the song but the shooter’s name was robert so thats why the song says “robert’s got a quick hand, he’s looking ’round the room won’t tell you his plan he’s got a rolled cigarette…hanging out his mouth he’s a cowboy kid” i thought that first verse was pretty good for foster the people. the look on his face when i started rattling off my email was enough to tell me i’d misinterpreted the question. me, while i kiss the sky,‘scuse me, while i kiss this guy. after the opening credits of a show, the sponsor would be announced by the words, “brought to you by…” but, as a little kid, it always sounded like.: im leavin here a better man knowin you this way things i couldnt do before now i know i can and im leavin here a better man.” i kind of new what version meant, while i had no idea what a virgin was.” it was only very recently that i saw it in print and realized she wasn’t singing “you came in like rainbow”! i didn’t find out until i was in my twenties that it was actually “you make me feel like a natural woman”. however, fushimi eventually came to conclude that they were only wasting their time acting like punks and gangsters, despite having such special power. despite the wound in his leg, fushimi manages to save yata from a head on attack, and after the fight, he and misaki are shown to have reconciled their friendship. as a kid, i heard, “mairzy doats, and lamseydoats, and little lamsey divey. i thought i saw him walking, up over the hills… (etc. up never knowing the love of any of his parents, saruhiko became withdrawn and often stayed away from people until he met misaki yata in middle school. is a slim, lanky, young man with messy black hair and blue eyes, framed by rectangular black glasses. mom thought steven tyler wanted to “do the funky lady”.. in the song “i just can’t wait to be king,” (from disney’s the lion king) simba sings, “i’m gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!

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kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. my personal favourite:My heart skipped a beat – “my arms got the beat”. always liked how this made sense to me, for, as white as snow is, it is really really wide in how it covers everything…., they found out about e kaka spell temple email address, so it fits. while aboard and armed with an artillery gun, fushimi reminds his clansmen that they shall wait three minutes for munakata to give his final warning. also in the k gakuen drama cd [summer] when shiro suggests they play poker yata refused, saying when he played poker with fushimi he was sure fushimi had cheated. ship high in transport, which refers to the time when fertilizer was shipped over seas in wooded ships which created such a stench that the crates used for the shipment of this substance were marked s. "i came around to liking phil ochs' music, guitar included," christgau wrote., in heartach tonight i always thought it said “there’s goona be a party tonight…” needless to say i didn’t know the name of the song. i took a while before i learned i was wrong. always thought it was mamma don’t take my coat and comb from me…. son insisted robin williams’ genie told aladdin to “wake up and smell the homeless. was basically slackjawed once when a friend of mine and i were walking along and he started singing the rolling stones get off of my cloud like this;. wonder’s lyric “massed her braided hair” used to confuse me as a kid.” someone finally found the lyrics to it and it was “i’ve got the blues and up above it’s so fair.. i didn’t know any english but i still had to do the pledge of allegiance. people call me maurice,‘cause i speak of the pompatus of love. to the suda, sappho was married to kerkylas of andros.” and i knew it was wrong, and always forgot to look up the correct lyrics!” i knew that wasn’t the lyrics but it’s what i came up with when i couldn’t figure out what he was saying. while of little to no scholarly value, carman's translations brought sappho's work to the attention of a wide readership. a young kid growing up in the north end of boston, i always interpreted this verse in “jingle bells”…”in a one horse open sleigh”, as, “in a one horse ‘soap and’ sleigh/slay”. i know the term for it thanks for teaching me mondegreen. my friends laughed as i sang bruce springsteen’s lyrics… dead devil in the freezer.” and i don’t think i’m the only one! the girl replied enthusiastically that she liked all the songs, especially that one about the “mighty fences are down. when i told him he wasn’t my son then asked, “so how come they keep saying he is muscle tough? had a buddy in high school who mistook “panama” by van halen to be “cannon ball”. not catching the mistake, i said, “i don’t know”. about “she’s got a chicken to ride” instead of “she’s got a ticket to ride” from ticket to ride by the beatles. but it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for. until couple years ago, my entire life i believed that george harrisons “i’ve got my mind set on you” as featured in movie look who’s talking, was saying “watch out, i’m gonna sit on you, sit on you”.[59] ancient editions of sappho, possibly starting with the alexandrian edition, seem to have ordered the poems in at least the first book of sappho's poetry – which contained works composed in sapphic stanzas – alphabetically. the “like a g6 ” song comes on, my sister sings like a “cheese stick ” haha. described himself as a "singing journalist",[27] saying he built his songs from stories he read in newsweek. i was a kid, i thought “grilled cheese” was “girled cheese”. other performers at the 1963 folk festival included peter, paul and mary, joan baez, bob dylan, and tom paxton. poem – one of the best known poems attributed to sappho, its authorship is now disputed. was unfortunate enough to hear mark lowry’s spoof “my face in this world. again, recorded may 26th, 1973 at the stables (rock beat records, 2014). taking medical histories, i’ve heard patients who claim to have had “smilin’ mighty jesus” instead of spinal meningitis. his surname fushimi (伏見, fushimi) is composed of two kanji, fusu (伏, bend down, bow, cover) and mi (見, see, hopes, idea).. i didn’t know that word existed to describe what many people may experience. just a poetic exercise until i broke it down to “mares eat oats and does it oats and little lambs eat ivy”. friend at work was singing “rock the cashbox” instead of “rock the casba”.[109] one of his biographers explains ochs's motivation:By phil's thinking, he had died a long time ago: he had died politically in chicago in 1968 in the violence of the democratic national convention; he had died professionally in africa a few years later, when he had been strangled and felt that he could no longer sing; he had died spiritually when chile had been overthrown and his friend victor jara had been brutally murdered; and, finally, he had died psychologically at the hands of john train., a mondegreen i can relate too hahah i was thinking that something was off about that line…. she was three…she didn’t know what pina coladas were so two pink enchiladas made sense to her. my mother laughed, and told me it was “stroke me, not stunt man. in the end, i wasn't like you and the others. and, i did think “boys of summer” was, “poison summer”. it could be asking if we are following the steps set out for us like a dancer. taking nothing for granted, even though it’s only may, i’ll take this moment to wish everyone , next december, a happy and merry felix the navy dude. song “rocket man”, by elton john, i always thought he sang, “burnin down the field with carol’s bones.] when a word comes about from a mistaken pronunciation, it’s called a mondegreen.“cashew nut” in “don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you’re not” – rihanna’s take a bow. meaning the singer isn’t actively choosing a safer, healthier lifestyle, but it’s simply because she doesn’t like him. used to mistake the lyric “gave proof through the night” in the star spangled banner for “babe ruth through the night”. just drop off the key lee…(sounded like) just drop of the tea leaves.’s a song i used to hear on a rock radio station a lot that i thought went “oh hey the low can i…(da da da da)-ify…take my heart oh oh oh”. sister used to think the menards commercial went, “sing big money in the yard. hearing the rolling stones’ “can’t you hear me knocking? know that i’m the best when i’m a-fake-tionate. hendrix – for “s’cuse me while i kiss the sky” i always heard “s’cuse me while i piss the sky”. i thought it ended with “gray god our king” instead of “great god our king”., and as kids, a friend’s brother wished her a “happy dirt day! still, he continued his trip, even recording a single in kenya, "bwatue". of “excuse me while i kiss the sky” i always thought it was “excuse me while i kiss this guy” o. and i think it would make a very interesting double feature to show a good old wayne movie like, say, she wore a yellow ribbon with the green berets. knew a singer–and non-native speaker of english–whose favorites songs included “blue spinach eyes. but the men were at a loss for a response, and none of them was making fun of the child, because they didn’t know the answer any more than he did. i was younger i used to think that the words for “another brick in the wall” by pink floyd was:“we don’t need to education,We don’t need no fault control (we don’t need to thought control). huge thank you to the folks who posted the correct words to ‘blinded by the light’! to official written lyrics,Stewie supposedly sings “laugh and cry! february 2009, the north american folk music and dance alliance gave the 2009 elaine weissman lifetime achievement award to phil ochs. "jfk as jesus: the politics of myth in phil ochs' 'crucifixion'". i couldn’t even come up with real words, so for most of my life i just sang “spinnin’ mah head around and taken fo ma deh undah”. think i like her vesrion better and it certainly has become the sung version in our house! say “washington bullets” over and over again during the song, and it sounds to me like “washed-down pole dance”. of “cuz everybody knows that smokin’ aint allowed in school,” i thought it was “cuz everybody know they smokin’ in the [teachers'] lounges, too. i was in middle school, my friends and i noticed a girl that we knew singing “everything zen” by bush out loud while listening on her cassette player (yes, i said cassette player to anyone out there born after the 80′s). i pledged allegiance to the flag and to the republic for which it stands in kindergarten, i pledged to the flag and to the republic of richard stanz. arrived in new york city in 1962 and began performing in numerous small folk nightclubs, eventually becoming an integral part of the greenwich village folk music scene. my 3-year-old nephew singing “i like to noe bee noe bee” (will. perhaps she shouldn’t be so sure she really knows the lyrics…to anything. robinson, she’s a slutty mormon, you will know…” i thought, “whoa…tmi…”. a child, i thought the refrain said, “andy he walks with me. thought “god shed his grace on me” was “god shed his brains on me” for a very long time… i kid you not. 2005, kind of like spitting released an album, learn: the songs of phil ochs, consisting of covers of nine songs written by ochs, to pay tribute to his music and raise awareness of the artist, whom they felt had been overlooked. also remember thinking as a kid that in the song “funk soul brother” that it said “the funk is your brother”. in her song “that don’t impress me much” there is a lyric “i can’t believe you kiss your car at night” which, can easily be ‘mondegreened’, the word car, sounding far more like male genitalia (or a male chicken). thought in michael jackson’s “wanna be starting something” when they say “you’re the best of both” that they were saying “you’re a vegetable. always thought kim mitchell’s song was about an irish woman named patty o’lanterns. recently, in “as long as you’re mine” from “wicked”, i thought fiyero was saying “it somethin’ i felt”. people that have stopped talking in their old age have still been reported as being able to sing their old hymns or other songs from their youth. i was young, i sang “for he’s a jolly good fellow… which nobody can deny” as “for he’s a jolly good fellow… with so many candy knives! had a work mate who could not understand why “police nabbed my dog” was followed by “i want to wish you a merry christmas. – but i thought they were saying, “take the back right turn”.’, michael jackson was singing, ‘eddie are you wonky, are you wonky eddie? life of everyone on board depends upon just one thing: finding someone back there who can not only fly this plane, but who didn’t have fish for dinner. imagine dragon’s radioactive, my little brother mistook the words “enough to make my system blow” as “enough to make my sister broke. when we finally looked at the lyrics, we were sad to discover they were simply “i’m blue, daba-dee daba-dye”. then one day, many years later when he was in his preteens he was in the back of the family car while my grandfather drove, there in the airfield next to them was park a single-prop piper j-3 cub and suddenly it became clear: not a “paper cup” a “piper cub”! used to think it said ‘and one horse opens leg’. a child, in the song “picnic time for teddy bears” i always thought they lyrics were “watch them, catch them underwears” when it is really “watch them catch them unaware”. fushimi does look back to see if anyone was behind him but does not notice the two. husband still has to ask me what stevie nicks is saying in “edge of seventeen”-he always thought it was ‘just like the one-winged dove’ instead of ‘white-winged dove’. little niece was learning to pray by repeating her mother’s words: “lord, we’re grateful for our free country…” her daughter paused, shrugged and repeated, “lord, we’re grateful for our freakin’ tree! thought in smash mouth’s song rock star he was saying “she was looking kinda dumb with her finger in her bum, and the shape of an l on her forehead.’ve always heard it as: “i masturbated, because when i walked out, they were all gone. hearing the kindergarten rule, “no running on the black top,” elizabeth reported to us that there was to be “no running on the lap top.. also from disney’s the lion king, i thought “hakuna matata” was “how fruity my tatas. i was a kid, i used to think the band americas’s song “horse with no name” went, “in the desert you can’t remember your name ’cause there ain’t no one for to give you no name. always thought in linkin park’s song valentines day it said “a black winter queue away” instead of “a black wind took you away”. for instance, in the song “bette davis eyes” by kim carnes, i always thought she was singing, “all the boys think she’s a spaz, she’s got bette davis eyes. who do you know goes on on friday night looking for a little “fortification”?(stef being short for stephen, while kok is dutch for cook).” captain kirk points out that it’s “i pledge allegiance…” it tunrs out that the yangs are the yankees and the coms are the communists. who song “let my love open the door” has been misinterpreted as “let my mother walk the dog.’d take turns misinterpreting it as either “no loving career” or “no love in korea”. for several weeks after that, every time we tho’t of it, we’d burst out laughing, didn’t matter where we were.@schapi – when i was in kindergarten i thought “elimentopee” was a single letter in the alphabet (l m n o p). one has to do with the jamaica national pledge, while in primary school i always think the last sentence in the pledge say “so that jamaica may , under god, increase in beauty, fellowship and properity, and play her part in advancing the the welfare of the whole human race”. the man had a bit too thick of an accent and so we came up with ” they’ve got the booze at the barbeque fair. when later i looked up a web site which listed similar ‘mondegreens’ it said that, of course, everyone knew about the ccr title, and i wondered if they did so because stephen pinker had subsequently used it in a revised edition of his book (acknowledged or not), or whether others had misheard in the same way as i had. john maintains that it is “cranberry sauce”…coincidence that paul seems to have had done something that either embarrassed john pubicly, or something that apparently (if this is what actually happened) caused john to seek vindication…so, something there happened to paul, and john supposedly applied icing to the cake by the boastful, “i buried paul”. i was a little kid, i was convinced for quite a while that the alphabet was recited as follows:A b c d e f g h i j k “m&ms and peas” q r s t u v w x y and z. parked in a spot just by the door that said for special guests,I couldn’t believe it as i was a little late.

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i the only person who thought the line “and the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air…” in the star spangled banner was, “and the rocket’s red glare, pilgrims bursting in air…”? please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. mom” by some person (whose name has escaped me for some reason) always sounded like “mr. of my friends in high school (almost 40 years ago) used to sing the dance song “do the hustle” as “eat a hotdog”.@cecily, have you ever heard weird al yankevik’s (sp? there is a song on that album, “gonna get you,” that i still swear sounds like a who outtake from _face dances_.” before waynes world used it and you looked the lyrics up.: “there’s a kind of hush” was “there’s a tiny brush”. is the word for a word like “mondegreen” that is an example of itself? he does so in order to reflect his deceased father, copying a few of his mannerisms to make yata hate him. johnny cash and june carter’s “jackson” i thought the lyrics were “we got married in a beater” for the longest time. back to the christmas theme, this past holiday season there was a cell phone commercial that used “walking in a 4g wonderland” as its song, which is a play on “walking in a winter wonderland”.” another time i was talking to my sister and said, “but still though! 4 makes their way to the campus where they are met by members of homra, who rebuke seri's warning to them and cheer on for the inevitable fighting, which even fushimi is excited about. friend thought phil collins sang “stranger’s lightening” instead of “strangers like me” from tarzan.[155] on the 2005 kind of like spitting album in the red, songwriter ben barnett included his song "sheriff ochs", which was inspired by reading a biography of ochs.” instead of “it’s true, we’ll make a better day, just you and me.'s poetry was well-known and greatly admired through much of antiquity, and she was among the nine lyric poets deemed major by scholars of hellenistic alexandria.” i’m not sure i’d like to be in the midst of a hundred circling cats, especially if they were smart enough to build watchfires. for my mistakes, i still think “can’t buy me love” by the beatles sounds like “it’s puppy-love”. friends’ kids from denmark were singing high school musical 2 songs (in english). the aircraft then flew to peru where the two disembarked and they were not detained. still visualize people doing a dance called the eck-ba and whopping one another on the sit-down! ifshin had previously been warned by argentinian leftist friends that when the authorities sent dissidents to bolivia, they would disappear forever. while working, he thinks about totsuka and nearly tears up. think the most famous of hers is instead of “voices carry” she thought it was “richard scarry”. just learned correct lyrics to “take it easy” this year after nearly forty years; it was issued in 1972.“me father gave me nose a tweek until me eye was bad (and told me i was bad)”.[5] his parents met and married in edinburgh where jack was attending medical school.” he really sings, “rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone., there’s this song called “chicarron, macarron” (i think–don’t know who it’s by) it’s really funny! part of the song: “this is for people speaking mormon–who cares!'s saber and throwing knives, both cloaked with his two auras. if that's what it means to be a king, then that's just sad and pathetic. Lyrics: I wanted you to know / That I am ready to go, heartbeat / My heartbeat / I wanted you to know / Whenever you are around, can't speak / I can't speak / I wanted you to know / That IFrom wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.[7] suffering from bipolar disorder and depression on his return home, jack was unable to establish a successful medical practice and instead worked at a series of hospitals around the country. used to think the chorus went “i’m gay you’re gay your the main attraction” its actually “i’m game you’re game”. turned to his musical roots in country music and early rock and roll. i don’t give this band many points for lyrics, phish is famous for lines in many of their songs that are unprinted in any official source, and are sang purposely to be misheard and argued about among fans. it would be “the (common) people” who spoke the pledge, i heard it as, “e pleb nista,” as in the latin for common man, pleb. friend of mine’s wife thought madonna was singing,”just like a person”. in the song they teach kids to help them learn the continents, whenever my cousin used to get to the part about “don’t forget australia”, she always said “don’t forget i’ll strangle ya…” i now say it her way every time i sing it.[54] for his a&m albums, ochs moved away from simply produced solo acoustic guitar performances and experimented with ensemble and even orchestral instrumentation, "baroque-folk",[55] in the hopes of producing a pop-folk hybrid that would be a hit.'m a jerk, but your dude is a real dick. my friends liked my interpretation of how madonna was going to have a baby, and her father could not stop her from having this child. kennedy, even though he disagreed with the president on issues such as the bay of pigs invasion, the cuban missile crisis, and the growing involvement of the united states in the vietnamese civil war.” i’d just taken a mouthful of tea so ended up spraying him with it when i started laughing. with different clans and different paths in life, he still hasn't really given up on his best friend yata misaki.” in the background there is a radio dj talking about, “lookin’ out over the golden gate bridge, and i’ve seen that bumper-to-bumper traffic. when eventually the lyrics do come along in the song, there’s a line:“look to the sky just before you die/ for it’s the last time you will”., in “i am a child of god” (lds primary song), the line is “lead me, guide me, walk beside me”. gun in his pocket for fun / he got a razor in his shoe…” as saying, “…he got a raisin in his shoe…”. me of the ac/dc song “it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll” which we used to sing as “it’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll”. thought it was “want you in my room when your baby is sick”, like she was cheating with him on his girlfriend when she had a cold or something. about 5 years from age 7, i was convinced that the hymn “balm in gilead” was “there is a bomb in gilead to heal the sin-sick soul. although many in the folk world decried dylan's choice, ochs was amused, and admired dylan's courage in defying the folk establishment. barbara streisand’s song “people” always sounded like “people who eat people are the hungriest people in the world. lot of kids have problems with the australian national anthem, so here it is:Australians all are ostriges,For we are one, two, three. “some people call me maurice, when i speak of the pompitousness of love”. second is the backup singers on the segment of “who are you? police – walking in your food stamps for walking in your footsteps. in guy sebastian’s “who’s that girl”, “walking in the club” became “walking the kerb”. "farm aid 2013: pete seeger sings out, neil young speaks up and jack johnson cows around".” i still think it makes as much sense as “wife of a close friend.” in any case, i also started evidencing this trait at a very early age, when learning the abcs:“… h, i, j, k, elemental p…”. cool thing about seal was that he wouldn’t publish the lyrics to those songs.” (mares eat oats and doe’s eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kidd will eat ivy too…wouldn’t you? ochs was born in el paso, texas, to jacob "jack" ochs, a physician who was born in new york on august 11, 1910,[2] and gertrude phin ochs, who was born on february 26, 1912[3][4] in scotland. you ever heard someone sing the wrong lyrics to a song? friend, todd, misheard the lyrics in ‘for whom the bell tolls’ for years. fushimi thinks quietly to himself before rudely hanging up on yata. i’m still adamant that the line, ‘love struck holding you tight’ is actually, ‘love stuck a hole in your tights’.“it’s not my style…” from a rooster song i forget now…but i remember a friend thinking it was “it’s not nostalgia. and “i’m just a man in the middle of a complicated plan” from man in the middle by the bee gees apparently sounded like “i’m just a man in the middle of a conflict with a plant” to one of my friends.[104] ochs planned a final "war is over" rally, which was held in new york's central park on may 11. niece always sung the words “walk like a chip shop” instead of walk like an eygptian, the bangles! song about jesus speaking to the disciples went:“i will make you fishers of men if you follow me”.@dame…i love that song i sing that in the shower and my mom tell me to shut the frunt door if you know what i mean r we alod to cuse on here ? there’s an homage line in it which says, “who, rides the wrecking ball into our guitar.” the mondegreen now stands corrected as “mairzydoats and dozydoats and lidelamsydivy, a kidlidivy too, wouldn’t you?. and one time i was talking in class… (as ma normal life goes…) and the teacher caught me and said “hava try, work it out” i thought he said “hava try, jerkertout” and i said back what jerk? sometimes the way singers pronounce certain words just doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t match what we learn in school. the early 1960s, there was a folk music rebirth in this country with the likes of peter, paul and mary, joan baez, pete seeger and bob dylan. ga ga’s ‘poker face’ was heard to her to be: “cherry pie, cherry pie, my poker face”. almost had a panic attack when, as a grad student, i had to bring my spanish ii students to the language lab to listen to and discuss songs sung in spanish. should weismann's blimp himmelreich fail to comply with their requests by then, they shall take action and commandeer the aircraft.” spoonerism are speech errors, often involving the swap of initial consonant sounds, but sometimes involving other kinds of sound swapping., as a child i was quite horrified to hear irene cara sing, “take your pants off, and make it happen! sir mix alot – baby got back my sister and i always thought it was. pharrell williams and nile rodgers nearer to the end it sounds like “threw up on mexicans”.” it really does sound like that, due to the singer’s style where he sort of mumbles/slurs the words, but rather than a person with a peg leg, gitchigumee apparently refers to a big lake (one of the great lakes, in fact).’s one: i came home from kindergarten one day, very exicted about having learned a new song: “little laurie had a luliah. hungarian friend of mine who was a big fan of lenny kravits, but not very good with english, would always sing “as long as i’m breeding” instead of “as long as i’m breathing” in the song i’ll be waiting… and couldn’t understand why i found it hilarious. i used to think that it said in chelsea’s name-o,(like bingo was his name-o).[163] ochs has also influenced greek folk-rock songwriters; dimitris panagopoulos' astathis isoropia (unstable equilibrium) (1987) was dedicated to his memory. the reason munakata wanted fushimi to be part of his clan was because he was a "hidden weapon user". everybody is applying it to misheard lyrics, but in my family this happens alllll the time in normal conversation. in the song “help”, we hear: “help me get my feedbag on the grou-ou-ound” (‘course should be ‘feet back’).” it took a while before we realized that they, being accustomed to hearing from their mother, grandfather, and uncle, all life insurance agents, talk about life insurance, thought the song was about their mother’s stock-in-trade.“just speed it” instead of “just beat it” (michael jackson). she was just a young girl, my wife loved that scorpions song “raunchy like a hurricane”. “still alive,” the song at the end of portal, “anyway this cake is great” sounds like “many wages came too late” or “many wages came to great., back when my little brother was young and innocent (ha) he thought that “when you’re going through hell” by rodney atkins was “when you’re going through hail” and he couldn’t understand why you couldn’t just bring an umbrella or why the devil would care if you’re there, anyway. mondegreen that i always find myself thinking of is from the bee gees’ “stayin’ alive”:Now you can tell by the way i use my walk,I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk. younger students in the united states are known to confuse lines of the pledge of allegiance, leading to mondegreens such as “i led the pigeons to the flag” (“i pledge allegiance to the flag), “to the republic for witches’ dance” (instead of “for which it stands”), “invisible” (for “indivisible”), and “liver tea and just us four, all” (rather than “liberty and justice for all”). 570 bc) was an archaic greek poet from the island of lesbos. my friend heard me singing this to the car stereo, he couldn’t help but break out into roaring laugh. he said when the song said “life in the fast lane…” as a kid, he heard “flys in the vasoline…” that later became lyrics in stp’s “vasoline”., classical music is not immune: mendelssohn’s “he watching over israel” is forever known as the slumber-snot song – “he watching over israel slumber snot (slumbers not) nor sleeps.’s a joke takes a while and it’s on me [instead of].’d like to add to the song by steve miller band, big ‘ol jet airliner. he and kusanagi meet eye-to-eye though neither speak a word to one another. apparently, the person who typed up the lyrics had as hard of a time as me, since they said the lyrics were “all that i wanted and all that i needed was my life, precated uniqueness. though he turned his back on homra, he is shown aiding some of its members - yata, anna kushina, and tatara totsuka on more than one occasion. mother and i thought the some dude named cole was preparing and serving an indian dish of mutton keema. crack up everytime i hear beast of burden by the stones…. i was very young, i thought it went like this:“mares eat oats and do-si-dos and little lambsy dive-y. cocker’s elevator music:The lift is up where we belong,Where the eagles fly on a mountain high.: “mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, kids will eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?[28] by the summer of 1963 he was sufficiently well known in folk circles to be invited to sing at the newport folk festival, where he performed "too many martyrs" (co-written with bob gibson), "talking birmingham jam", and "power and the glory"—his patriotic guthrie-esque anthem that brought the audience to its feet. fushimi uses the school's computer and connects it to his cell phone, hacking into the database and revealing personal information of all the students. off topic, after hearing captain kirk state “spock knows” in an episode of st whenever one of our friends was suspected of exaggerating we’d all shout ‘spock nose! was a discussion about misheard lyrics on the radio a while back. proper lyrics: “i was a creature before i could stand”. almost every online lyrics version is different, but my favorite is my friend’s (she is the mondegreen queen):“‘cause my butt-cheek got shut in the refrigerator.” the reasoning of a seven-year-old concluded that people build bombs that kill people, but jesus builds bombs that heal people. later, however, he asks the two whether it is time to attack, only to be told that they cannot unless seri awashima states otherwise.’m an australian and i particularly like this one ‘ australian’s all love ostriches’ instead of the correct ‘australians all let us rejoice’ from our national anthem ‘advance australia fair’ which i love. 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. it peaked at #50 on the billboard charts[64]—a good showing, but not a hit. my cousin, a rock music enthusiast, who has delved into the genre in a more academic manner, told me the word was ‘receding’, i found myself comfortably in denial, and still insist the phrase is more sacred with the word ‘receiving’!” instead of what they tell me it says “the kid (or boy) is not my son”.[146] the clash used some of the lyrics to "united fruit" in their song "up in heaven (not only here)", which appeared on their 1980 album sandinista! friend, having never heard of scotland’s mull of kintyre, thought paul mccartney was singing about “ma, lookin tired” ! much later, there is an incident from within the stadium that unexpectedly creates a large, light-based structure in the sky reminiscent of the sword of damocles, surprising fushimi.[145] ryan harvey, also part of riot-folk, remade "cops of the world" with updated lyrics. of mine really liked the ac/dc song “dirty deeds in a thunder jeep”. for so many years i listened to tommy row sing “dizzy” and thought he was saying, “like a world buelle it never ends.[167] meegan lee ochs, who worked as sean penn's personal assistant from 1983 to 1985,[168] wrote in her foreword to farewells & fantasies that she and penn discussed "over many years" the possibility of making a movie about her father;[169] the plan has not yet come to fruition, although penn expressed an interest in the project as recently as february 2009. used to think “your to blame” in bon jovi’s shot through the heart was “your to late” still makes sense though.” she only realized her mistake when she noticed us falling over ourselves laughing. the actual lyrics are: ‘i know i should have thought it, at least i’m being honest. i found a website with several recordings, played forward and backwards, so you can judge for yourself.] a malapropism is misuse of a single word, a mondegreen is misinterpretation of a phrase or series of words that sounds like another phrase or series of [.. the theme song from the show “the facts of life” said this: “you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. in the 80′s, people in latin america were so hopelessly hooked on michael jackson music, they cheerfully sang. it’s sung very quickly so it kind of all mashes together, and the first few times i heard it, i swore it said “hit them in the ti**ies”. music theory professor admitted that she thought the words to the song by seal went, “kissed on the nose by a grape” instead of the correct, “kiss from a rose on the gray. i clearly remember that i would actually visualize jesus with his long hair and his halo, slumped in the cockpit of a crashed and burning plane and i always wondered how he got out in time to be crucified later. some good laughs, look up misheard lyrics videos on youtube. “ye” as in your example above and common faux old-sounding names like “ye olde pubbe” really just means “the” – not “you” or “your” as is often assumed. drank a liver tea, it’s a tea that’s healthy for your liver.” when (a) i didn’t recognise the name and (b) i obviously had no idea how to break the sounds up into words (i said, “mulloch? have so many… i have two intentional ones: instead of singing queen’s song “under pressure”, i sing “under prussia”, and my brother and i like to sing “you spin me right ’round, baby right ’round, like an oyster”. heard the latter was an abbreviation court clerks used to represent for unlawful carnal knowledge. when my son was little, eric clapton’s song “cocaine” was on the car radio and he was singing along in the back seat.- a lot of listeners (me included) thought that instead of the pre-chorus to ‘smooth criminal’ being, ‘annie are you ok, are you ok annie? only contemporary source for sappho's life is her own poetry, and scholars are skeptical of reading it biographically.–a friend’s little sister thought they were “taking care of midgets”, not business. the term mondegreen is usually applied to misheard song lyrics or lines of poetry, but can also refer to other types of speech.’re worthless (worth it),And who quotes kenny rogers and avril lavigne in the same post? in the song “love you like a lovesong” by selena gomez and the scene i keep hearing/singing “a centerfold miracle, lyrical” as “a sinful miracle, lyrical. beautiful for spacious skies,For amber waves of grain,For purple mountain majesties. read his post on your wall and i feel sick. my dad got a private phone installed in his new home and my aunt asked him if he was going to be on her party-line and she said, “i thought you were going to be on my line!” it sounds like “she seems to have an invisible tough shit. so i belted out the lyrics, to the tune of “glory glory hajelluliah. "'phil ochs: there but for fortune,' a great documentary about an underappreciated folk singer". line in the late jeff healey song ‘king of wishful thinking’ that goes….. in disney’s the lion king 2, i thought zira was singing, “it’s my little boy” in lieu of “that’s my lullaby. (yes, i’m that dumb) in sum 41′s in to deep, i thought someone was somehow “trying to keep up my bum and my head instead of going under” – they were in fact “trying to keep all the thoughts in my head”. “well, it’s one way to make her toes curl i guess.[77] sappho's poetry often uses hyperbole, according to ancient critics "because of its charm";[78] an example is found in fragment 111, where sappho writes that "the groom approaches like ares[. of my best include “have some snickers and snacks and just relax” from an old tune whose name i can’t recall, and if i must be honest i never really believed my interpretation was correct but i just loved the idea of someone saying that! liked her version better so i didn’t correct her. or “you know the preacher locked the door” (he knows i’m gonna stay)? pinker to have acknowledged you as the source of the error in interpretation of the ccr song title…bad moon on the rise? wisenheimers replaced that with,‘you think it’s butter but it’s snot. people think tswift, in blank space, is singing ” all the lonely starbucks lovers ” instead of ” got a long list of ex-lovers “. think mondegreen is a fantastic result because a male represents penetration of nature, thus nature being female of equal essential. this is how i thought the lyrics went, with the real ones in parentheses:My country tis of thee., sometimes we had to make a quick stop so my uncle could dash behind a clump of trees and ‘take care of business. and i thought that the lyrics, “a light(maybe lamp) unto my path(maybe bed)” was “and a bozz unto my bed.[102] translations of sappho's work began to appear in the 18th century, starting with ambrose philips' translations of fragments 1 and 31, which were published in the spectator in 1711. he was drinking a lot of wine and taking uppers. roman copy of a greek original of the 5th century bce. are endless misinterpretations, supposedly made by kids, regarding the lord’s prayer.” with the nonsensical nature of dance lyrics, either one is acceptable. was born to niki and kisa fushimi, both being people who are incapable of parental love. “you give love a bad name” by bon jovi i used to think it was “shout through the halls” instead of “shot through the heart”.(she’s got a ticket to ride, my baby don’t care). springsteen’s dancing in the dark is one of the most misheard songs of all time, purposely..The director of the hockey games i used to televise was the king of mondy green – he would break into song over the intercom, but i can’t recall him ever getting 100% of the words right! you can find it on youtube where he sings it like that with a smirk on his face. college roommate thought the correct lyrics to “you oughta know” by alanis morissette were “it’s not fair to deny me this *cross-eyed bear* that you’ve given me. friend of mine in high school overheard her mom singing the billy joel classic, “you make the rice, i’ll make the gravy.…when i was in grade school, a friend kept calling it a poet’s surprise award! there are mailing lists and online discussion groups dedicated to ochs and his music;[119][120] websites that have music samples, photographs, and other links;[121][122] and articles and books continue to be written and published about him. own contribution to the wwm (wonderful world of mondegreens) comes from the 60s rock and roll song “love potion number nine.! i can’t believe i’m not the only one (other than my mother) to hear the word douche in “blinded by the light,” as well as many other mistaken lyrics that i thought only my weird little brain contrived.[12] thus, the name can be translated as "dick allcock from the isle of man". of my favorites is from the joke about the little kid who’s pet cat dies. september 2014, meegan ochs announced that she was donating her father's archives to the woody guthrie center in tulsa, oklahoma.” this is a filipino way of saying “i’m good at killing.” i overheard a college friend singing along with eric on the radio, and it went like this: “i shot the sheriff, but i did not shoot him dead you see. in her song, why try, the lyrics i heard were: ‘i know i should have farted at least i’m being honest’. you couldn’t imagine the definitions kids come up with from pink to black. one i read somewhere – i think it was a reader’s digest: a young boy was singing a hymn where the lines should have been ‘we will come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves. thought “my woman from tokyo” was “my woman is okay-o”. the beatles theme, i could never make sense of”take the back right turn! when talking numbers, i’ll say “seventy two street”, to avoid being misunderstood.“there is no pain, you are receding,” sings david gilmour in pink floyd’s song ‘comfortably numb’. convince me that “help me, rhonda” does not contain the line “since you put me down there’ve been owls pukin’ in my bed. january 1976, ochs moved to far rockaway, new york, to live with his sister sonny. i’ll often get some lyrical passages wrong upon listening the first few times, especially if the words are slightly slurred or spoken relatively quick., not sure if you’re joking but one of those things is racially insensitive and one of them is just a nationality. biafra and mojo nixon, on their album prairie home invasion, recorded a version of "love me, i'm a liberal" with lyrics updated to the clinton era., i like the word and i also like the etemology too., today sappho is perhaps better known for her sexuality than her poetry.: “do the funky lady,” instead of “dude looks like a lady., weird al yankovich parodied “another one bites the dust” with “another one rides the bus. ), but then we come upon “my self and her self” tsk, tsk, tsk. example i never knew why “vince you’re a highway” from the america song “ventura highway” when their talking about a guy named joe. at one point, the lyric is: “i must debate it, because when i walked out they were all gone. once made a mistake thinking that an amy winehouse song went: “they tried to make me go to rehab”. imagine my disappointment when a three-year old niece burst my bubble so to speak. friend of mine told me once that she kept hearing an ad on tv for mobil, or some other petrol station (gas station).” my cousin looked at me like i was stupid when we were singing it in the car, never knew why until about a week later when i learned the real lyrics. actual lyric, i later discovered, is, ‘has anybody here seen my old friend, martin…’ it’s a perfectly good song with a poignant message but not, i think, as central to human experience as the song i’d imagined. he’d say, “i’m not talkin’ ’bout movin’ in” and she would say, “no no! heard this song that had the lyrics, “things you never knew”, and i thought it said “pigeon the canoe”! the song “piano man” by billy joel, i was convinced, as a child, that billy sung “and the piano sounds like a carnivore. ain't a killer, but she'd fucking blow your head off. i was relieved to know that it was four hungry children. this could have stemmed from when he was a child and did a research project on ants (in lost small world). after, fushimi stops his clansmen from attacking the members of homra, despite them being in open range. words that say i’m weak”, but instead of “weak” i hear the nonsense word “wheesh” i still hear it. we were kids my bff thought guantanamera was ‘one ton tomato’. kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.-falco’s “rock me amadeus” is “hot potatoes, hot potatoes. pete townsend still has a guitar he calls frankenstein, because it is made of parts of seven different smashed guitars.” in my mind i can still recall the bizarre image of a dinner roll and a necktie.” my brother replied, “that’s aerosmith, dad” to which my dad asked, “harold smith? we need a place to park before we can get out and enjoy paradise. actual lyric is ‘we know how to and sure as shit will win’. fushimi also throws two knives at kamamoto when he attempts to intervene in the battle. anna is kidnapped, fushimi gets a call from yata, although he decides to play around with him instead of answering his questions head-on, stating somewhat irritably that he wasn't his informant and asked who the caller was. required fields are marked (required):Every english “rule” has an exception: i before e, except, well, a lot of things.” in my mind i can still recall the bizarre image of a dinner roll and a necktie. my personal fave from above is:Somebody convince me that “help me, rhonda” does not contain the line “since you put me down there’ve been owls pukin’ in my bed. ochs' poetic pronouncements were part of a larger effort to galvanize his generation into taking action to prevent war, racism, and poverty. i listen to it over and over and it still sounds like “it’s a honky tonk willy”.’s how you remind me where it says “these five words in my head scream are we having fun yet” always sounded like “these five words in my head scream out heaven forget” i could never figure out how “heaven forget” was 5 words.. i always thought the song “i love rock ‘n’ roll” by the arrows was “i love raw egg rolls. think, actually, maxell tapes made and advert based on that. only realised my mistake while watching football on the tv! a teacher, i would probably turn the whole thing around a little in order to make it clearer: “there are three words in english that are spoken or pronounced like the word “to.

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the first 40 years of my life, when i heard the phrase “the devil may care”, it conjured up images of a rumpelstillskin-esque guy sitting at a spinning wheel because i thought the phrase was: “the devil make hair”. the barrier is unable to handle such an attack and is quickly destroyed, resulting in the destruction of the scepter 4 headquarters and injury of several of their members, including seri and himself. the same song, i thought “and so my needs are great” was actually “and so my knees are great”. when niki met yata for the first, he threatened to put insects in his friend's mouth to lure saruhiko out.[74][75] still, ochs helped plan the yippies' "festival of life" which was to take place at the 1968 democratic national convention along with demonstrations by other anti-war groups including the national mobilization committee to end the war in vietnam. believed from the age of 5 until i was 10 that when i was allowed to order my sunday dinner each week it’s because i did a great job. sounds, to generations of little kids: “oh, santa, oh, santa–oh, santa, oh santa in the highest! michael jackson’s “man in the mirror” – “no mustache could be any glibber”, instead of “no message could be any clearer”. i always heard “come out with me, that mom’s a rotten sneak” in place of the line, “to martinique, that monserrat mystique”.@katy – the country code of the telephone number (234) in that “comment” is for nigeria, and 81 means it’s a mobile phone. he finishes up, fushimi hears a ruckus outside and checks through the window blinds. the joker shows that there are some words which are impossible to hear correctly because they are mangled in the source text. thought that the girl ‘s mom wasn’t letting her go on vacation and that she was sneaking away with her boyfriend. he cannot tolerate fading into the background of yata's life and would rather have the negative attention given an enemy than none at all. pat sajak’s day, and if you don’t wear green, i can pinch you. was listening to hindi sad diamonds on youtube and there was a comment that said i only speak to toast and know i can’t imagine toulouse singing anything else!” i remember thinking that it was the most stupid song ever because there was no such name as ‘satorja’. i thought the interviewer, who had just confirmed my name, was now asked me for my email address “what is your email? dylan had agreed to perform at the last minute when he heard that the concert had sold so few tickets that it was in danger of being canceled.” sort of like a married couple, like ozzie and harriet, or lucy and dezi. her line-by-line translations, complete with brackets where the ancient papyrus sources break off, are meant to capture both the original's lyricism and its present fragmentary nature. husband thought a line in a nickleback song (“how you remind me” or something like that) was “let’s rewrite an ending named vince”… it’s actually an ending that fits.[34] friedrich gottlieb welcker argued that sappho's feelings for other women were "entirely idealistic and non-sensual"[35] while karl otfried müller wrote that fragment 31 described "nothing but a friendly affection":[36] glenn most comments that "one wonders what language sappho would have used to describe her feelings if they had been ones of sexual excitement" if this theory were correct. the chorus goes as such:We all need sheltering trees,Friends who will get down on their knees. while focused on an objective, fushimi is willing to use some fairly ruthless methods to make his work go more quickly and smoothly, such as drugging an innocent civilian to use her biological computer access. in the act of contrition, we pray “o, my god, i am heartily sorry for having offended thee…” the kids in ccd/religion class would almost always say “o, my god, i am hardly sorry for having offended thee…” nothing like saying the exact opposite and dissing god in the process.^ after ochs's death, his sister found he had been lying about taking his medication. when it got to “knocking on heaven’s door”, my 4 year old daughter looked at her older brother and stated, “it’s kevin’s door, duh! to be fair, a lot of bush’s lyrics seem kind of random, but we made jokes about this for years, like if there’s no sex in nevada, why is prostitution legal there? you probably just forgot the proper lyrics, and when you read this you’ll be saying… “oh, yah! “would of”, “should of”, and “could of” are incorrect—that’s what makes them mondegreens (though not very meaty ones like ‘lady mondegreen”). i was a kid there were public service announcements that warned “tb strikes every seven seconds., according to my friend when we were 5-ish:“i will make you vicious old men if you follow me”! remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected.“gonna be a ‘party tonight, a party tonight,’ i know”. “lucy in the sky with diamonds”, by the beatles, the lyrics are “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”, and i hear the medically inclined: “the girl with colitis goes by” – go listen to it! supply lyrics i want to give it all | song lyrics. the lord’s prayer, in addition to “harold be thy name” one of my young students would ask “deliver us from eagles” and in the creed thought jesus “suffered under qantas pilot”. this was probably already posted but the killers song human. kotosaka fled and sukuna entered in the intention to kill saruhiko now that he was deemed a traitor. friend in the navy introduced me to “to nowhere,” from the anime hack sign.’t uttered the us’s pledge of allegiance since elementary school (likely due to the secular motions against its contents). old, he would sing (at the top of his lungs) “take it to the lemon one more time”, by the eagles. i think that sometimes maybe we do need to ask god to forgive our christmases! wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc., i thought a dual carriageway was a ‘jewel’ carriageway because there were once jewels lining the central reservation as they used to be special routes reserved for the king or queen to drive down in their carriages. ochs: the life and legacy of a legendary american folk singer - video report by democracy now!” my sister and i still chuckle over it whenever we hear the song. manages to maintain his ground in the battle, resisting any punch or kick launched by yata. i sang it, “matthew, mark, luke and john, acts and a pistol to the romans”, and never batted an eye. my kids were little, they sang jackson five’s i want you back with “oh, baby, i was born in mexico!.and i pray to god he kills you” instead of, “. i was pretty embarrassed when my kids corrected their classic rocking mom!” weirdly, i recently saw this joke used in a movie, but my friend actually thought that for her entire childhood.) i then went and listened to the sample available on itunes, and it does sound like sudden light. all in all, even though he tries to deny it, and not many people see it, he is a kindhearted person, but just doesn't know how to go about it since no one ever really taught him to be. upon further inquiry, we learned it was the one that francis scott key wrote about the “donzer lee light” so he could see the star spangled banner flying above fort mchenry.[4] as such, he also prefers not to participate in most of his clan's special events or social activities that are not strictly work-related. the best one ever is int he metallica song enter sandman “dreams of war, dreams of liars, dreams of fragons fire, and of baked apple pie.” the chorus goes “i am my own man, i make my own luck” but she sang it as “i am my own man, i make my own lunch. think butterflies used to be called flutter-bys; which makes more sense. guy i knew in college always insisted that the lyrics were “super awesome hombre” instead of “pour some sugar on me”. wow, we canadians really think we’re something don’t we.” i still like “lack of time here” more than “glad that i’m here. some of the preserved manuscripts of sappho's poetry, such as the ostrakon on which fragment 2 is preserved, are from the third century bc, predating the standard edition of sappho's poetry. ariana grande’s “break free”, i thought the line “like a deadly fever, yeah, babe” was “like a deadly feeling, babe”. always thought that the line, “somebody needs to know the time / glad that i’m here,” from “good morning, good morning” by the beatles was “somebody needs to know the time / lack of time here. and in “come dancing” by the kinks, i thought the lyric was “my aunt matilda died”, instead of “part of my childhood died”. think the song unwell is by matchbox 20, but anyway, when it comes on the radio i think the first line in the chorus is “i’m not crazy, i’m just a little, um…well” instead of “i’m not crazy, i’m just a little unwell. greek lyric poetry: a selection of early greek lyric, elegiac and iambic poetry. after yata practically begs fushimi for information on anna's whereabouts, desperately calling his friend, claiming he was all he had left now that totsuka, homra and mikoto were gone; he even asks if he would send him any information because he holds no grudges towards anna. (those who spoke of the slippery slope of leviathan, were astute. the song “take it easy,” written by jackson browne and glenn frey and made famous as performed by the eagles:“it’s a girl, my lord,In a flat-bed, bored,Slowin’ down to take a look at me…”. douhan hirasaka helps him out of the green clan's base, he confirms to munakata that the mission was accomplished; the blue king smiles in relief that he is safe, and welcomes him back, complimenting him on a job well done. i listen to it, even now when i know what it’s supposed to say, i still hear what i heard when i was younger:Oh, i got a funny feeling. fushimi raised his saber but couldn't use it against his former king and was instead shaking at the thought of facing mikoto head on. think is a little better an makes more sense “just is” than “just us”.’m not the man they think i am at home. thought in back in black it was “back on the crack” instead of “back on the track”. my daughter was young she sang “give me two pink enchiladas” during a song that actually says “give me two pina coladas”. there he met chilean folksinger víctor jara, an allende supporter, and the two became friends. my older brother’s glory days, he used to sing like a badass the lyric from the song play that funky music by wild cherry that says, “play that funky music white boy,” as “play that f#$%ing music white boy..There’s a story that went around where i work that one of our secretaries misheard some dictation. trick’s “i want you to want me”:Instead of “didn’t i , didn’t i , didn’t i see you crying”. whenever fushimi is alone with munakata, it is noticeable how munakata often speaks almost casually to him, even taking the time to tease him once in a while, much to his annoyance; he is most likely the blue king's favorite because he doesn't hesitate to say what is on his mind, although he has a great amount of respect for him, and even though he won't admit it, he views munakata as the father he never had. i could not find out what gerkins were on my own, so i went to the neighborhood specialty food store, approached an employee and said, “do you know what gerkins are?. thomas lyrics were” even the bathtub was better than no love”, instead of “even the bad love was better than no love”.” this is the same man who couldn’t understand why ccr would make a song about a “baboon on the right. while being carried by misaki, he tries to keep up a sarcastic facade, although he seems quite saddened at how his friend would never understand what he had always tried to tell him, although he couldn't express it. i couldn’t do before now i think i can, so i’m leavin here a better man. my friends used to think “build me up, buttercup” by the foundations was “build me a barnacle”., i was quite proud of my emerging reading skills when i realized that there were signs on the interstate designed specifically to help a person with this issue![177][178][179] its theatrical run began on january 5, 2011, at the ifc theater in greenwich village, new york city, opening in cities around the us and canada thereafter. roommate’s boyfriend used to sing the garth brooks lyric, “i’ve got friends in low places,” “i’ve got friends in loads of places,” for years before he was corrected.. lang song trail of broken hearts, i think “trail of broken farts”.[68] the two major sources of surviving fragments of sappho are quotations in other ancient works, from a whole poem to as little as a single word, and fragments of papyrus, many of which were discovered at oxyrhynchus in egypt.” my husband, though, is the reigning king of mondogreens– you name it and he’s misunderstood it! but, we do have the song, “lucy in the sky with diamonds”…on one hand, john maintained that it was named after a drawing he made when he was four, with the same title. used to sing roger miller’s king of the road, “i’m a man of means, by gummy! used to think that the chorus of “1985″ said “waiting for nirvana” where it said “way before nirvana. i was corrected as a teenager, i always thought it said, “giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, let’s scram…” i think it was because the preceding line said, “giddyup, let’s go. until i was 11, i thought the beatles song “lucy in the sky” contained the lyric “the girl with colitis goes by…”.’s a star trek episode which takes place on a dysfunctional future earth. lokey beat me to the beatles’ “lucy in the sky with diamonds”‘s “the girl with colitis goes by,” but i haven’t seen anyone mention neil diamond’s “reverend blue jeans” (“forever in blue jeans”) yet. kid used to say i want some “funky fry shitken” instead of “kentucky fried chicken”. my younger sister gave us several when she was a kid. name is hooben…do you know what a “hoobenism” is? death of a rebel: starring phil ochs and a small circle of friends. understand that it’s “satin” now but i kind of like “silence” too. now, i know that it is a common phenomenon and it has a name.[64] in reality, sappho's work was probably lost as the demand for it was insufficiently great for it to be copied onto parchment when codices superseded papyrus scrolls as the predominant form of book. daughter thought the 12 days of christmas said “and a par tra-gennapear tree” so when she saw a gilded pear ornament one holiday season she exclaimed with much delight, “look!” all this time i thought we were feeding the trout a breakfast of “ham and eggs!, back in those days we appreciated directions to the bathroom…. just shrugged when we asked him what on earth he thought “odercrast” even meant. it consisted of dandelion roots, milk thistle seeds, yarrow – what i remember atm. say goodnight (dark sacred nights), in louis armstrong’s interpretation of “what a wonderful world”. afterwards, they are told by munakata to start heading out. always thought it was:Now i’m feelin so fried like cheese sticks. my wife thought the springsteen song had the words, “snappy and kate, we laid in bed…” (last night me and kate, we laid in bed). we were ordering in a family restaurant, and in a very polite manner asked the waitress “i’d like the pasta with marijuana sauce”.’s the til tuesday song, “voices carry”, which actually sounds like “mrs kerry”. people now write “should of” rather than “should’ve,” because they’ve heard it pronounced that way often and never took the time to look it up (they really shouldn’t have to… it’s ridiculous).[125] meegan lee ochs worked with michael to produce a box set of ochs's music titled farewells & fantasies, the title of which was taken from ochs's sign-off on the "postcard" on the back of tape from california: "farewells & fantasies, folks, p. me in heartache tonight by the eagles, towards the end it sounds like he says “let’s get down to the bowl” not let’s get down to the bone.” to this day, i insist that before god created light, it was made up of darkness and tofu. although, i think “it’ll be just fine” sounds better. after hearing the song again under clearer circumstances i laughed and asked a friend that was puerto rican , why this blind guy was singing about some hispanic sailor named felix at christmas time?


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of “can’t read my, can’t read my, poker face, she’s got me like nobody”. i thought the lyrics, ‘just let me state for the record/we’re giving love in a family dose. “translation” is:“on a horse are flies, in a comb are bees, on a chest is a knob, in the knob is a key.” i turned from the computer to ask him, “did you just say, ‘paul’s bein’ a ham’? this one’s my favorite:You’ve got me rockin’ and a-rollin’. imagine the look on her brother’s face when she asked him why steven tyler was singing about a “fork display”. i was little (i’m now 23), i thought “frere jacques” went like this:Frere jacques, frere jacques,Dormez-vous? however, just as he was about to open the gate, he was confronted by hisui nagare through kotosaka.[3] the testimonia are almost entirely derived from sappho's poetry, and the inferences made by ancient scholars and reported in the testimonia are in many cases known to be wrong. surprisingly, he sends yata a map of the city and circles where anna was being held, even though he sends no message along with it. sister used to think the words to shania twain’s song whose bed have your boots been under? and back when my daughter was still in grade school she liked the beach boys song about the girl who drove the t-bird — except she sang “drives like an ape now” rather than “drives like an ace now”!: “mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, kids will eat ivy too, wouldn’t you? unless otherwise specified, the numeration in this article is from diane rayor and andré lardinois' sappho: a new edition of the complete works, which uses voigt's numeration with some variations to account for the fragments of sappho discovered since voigt's edition was published. jack, drafted into the army, was sent overseas near the end of world war ii, where he treated soldiers at the battle of the bulge. second one i used to sing was from the song blinded by the light by manfred mann’s earth band, where i would confuse the lyric, “revved up like deuce,” as “racked up like a douche,” without knowing what a douche was, as i was only four years old at the time. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page.[172] the 1994 film spanking the monkey makes reference to ochs and his suicide. took my father many years to find out what he thought were chester draws were actually a “chest of drawers.^ strabo says that she was a contemporary of alcaeus and pittacus; athenaeus that she was a contemporary of alyattes, king of lydia. the beatles and etton john’s cover of lucy in the sky with diamonds, i always thought the line was “the girl with colitis goes by” rather than “the girl with kaleidiscope eyes”. used to think sara lee’s slogan went “nobody does it like sara lee. country ‘tis of thee:“of thee i sing” sounded like “of the icing”. thine is the kingdom, and the pow er (like pow! kennedy, the police riot in chicago, and the election of richard nixon—left ochs feeling disillusioned and depressed.” i told my dad about this song advocating murder, and he said, “i think his name is kilroy. he is a childhood friend of misaki yata, having known him since their middle school days together. collective sampled a grateful dead lyric “whoa i walk sky” and called their new song “what would i want sky”. i laugh now every time i hear that song now that i know what it really says! thought the child’s grandfather had died, and i pictured him politely asking this question of a group of men sitting around outside, smoking long-stemmed pipes (no idea where this image came from). christgau, who had been so critical of pleasures of the harbor and ochs's guitar skills eight years earlier, wrote warmly of ochs in his obituary in the village voice. here’s wikipedia:Some people call me the space cowboy. in addition to issues from words being run together (also applies to spoken words). also could never figure out what michael jackson was singing in billie jean until i read the lyrics. a kid i never wondered about what kind of underwear jesus wore. walked through this dark tunnel and as i came out in to the bright stadium. song cupid by sam cooke,Until i was 12 i thought he was singing “hubert”. for some reason our choir teacher thought it would be good enough if us kids listened to the adult choir and learned the song by ear. beautiful publicity stunt that skyrocketed sales of that song and album. ancient and modern images of sappho: translations and studies in archaic greek love lyric. when asked, he rolled his eyes, unable to believe we didn’t recognize “a cartridge in a pear tree”. that song story of a girl, there’s a line “while she looks so sad in photographs, i absolutely love her when she smiles”.'s songs have been covered by scores of performers, including joan baez, bastro, cher, judy collins, john denver,[124] ani difranco, ronnie gilbert,[124] john wesley harding, jason & the scorchers,[134] jim and jean, jeannie lewis,[135] gordon lightfoot,[124] christy moore,[136] ray naylor, pete seeger, they might be giants, eddie vedder, and the weakerthans. friends and i couldn’t understand what john travolta meant when he sang “agantchu de motapayen, andalusia controh. ochs believed the attack may have been arranged by government agents—perhaps the cia. i know spoken communication and sung music are controlled by different parts of the brain. dad’s convinced that “it’s rotting out my teeth” from “geek, stink, breath” by green day is “it’s rotting out my d___” even though i showed him the lyrics from the original cassette. my son was little he told me he learned to say the thing about the witch and the bucket: “and to the bucket for witch it stands…. even after friends pointed out the correct lyrics, i still heard them as “chew the hot dog”. translations (sappho translations by major poets like ben jonson, lord byron and t. afterwards, once yata and kamamoto had left them, seri asks about what fushimi learned from hacking into the school's database. of “suddenly, i see” by kt tunstall, i used to sing, “so, leah, see” which, to be perfectly honest, made zero sense. i’m constantly having to make up lyrics to sing along with my favorite songs.” i think she finally got it straight but it was hilarious to hear about this huge, continuing argument!: and they came bearing gifts of gold frankinsense and mhyrr. i do stuff like that occassionally when singing songs if i am familiar with both versions. as i have seen the lyrics printed that way in various collections of children’s songs, i apparently wasn’t the only one who thought so. as i recall, it was a bit like that with the beatles when they first became popular. went on tour wearing the gold suit, backed by a rock band, singing his own material along with medleys of songs by buddy holly, elvis, and merle haggard. up, my siblings and i thought the lyrics to george michael’s “i got my mind set on you” were “wake up, i might sit on you”.[57] many modern scholars have followed denys page, who conjectured a ninth book in the standard edition;[57] yatromanolakis doubts this, noting that though testimonia refer to an eighth book of sappho's poetry, none mention a ninth. minister • shopkeeper‏‎ • klaudia weismann • honami kushina • watanabe • shūdō ryūzenji • ōtori • ayumi nunohashi • uwaharu • saya konohana • aya oogai.” i like “polecat stew” better, a famous cajun dish,-  august 21, 2011 - 11:36 am. the middle of madonna’s like a prayer, one of my mates used to sing “level crossing” at the top of his voice, just as madonna was actually singing “let the choir sing”. was in junior high when kenny rogers’ song “lucille” came out.” when i asked her what the hell she thought “hot slup” was, she said she imagined it to be similar to porridge or cream of wheat. didn’t know till i read this that seal was kissed by a rose on the gray – i always sang “grave”!’m surprised no one came up with the old classic – first one i ever knew about.-graders learning to sing the advent hymn, “o come, o come emmanuel,” when asked to pronounce the second line individually (“and ransom captive israel”) came out with:“and random cats of israel” and. son of a friend of mine used to travel a lot in the car with us & we always listened to cher-he misheard & sung with great relish at the top of his lungs ” f&*&ken turn back time, f&*&ken find a way” which fits really well actually & i always (miss)sing the lyrics this way & he had not even seen the video clip.” misinterpreted song lyrics are a fairly common phenomenon, and they’re called mondegreens. it was so enlightening to find out the words are “spinning my head around and taking my body under”! to be a stickler but the mondegreen of smoke on the water, fire in the sky is: slow motion walter, fire engine guy. verse in “battle hymn of the republic” sounds like “i’ve seen him in the watchfires of a hundred circling cats” … however, it should be “i’ve seen him in the watchfires of a hundred circling camps. 2013 neil young performed "changes" at farm aid[151] and included it in his 2014 tour set;[152][153] it also is the lead track on a letter home, his 2014 album of covers. “angels we have heard on high,” as a kid i would sing “we make chelsea’s day-o” instead of “in excelsis deo. housman, who adapted the midnight poem – long thought to be by sappho, though the authorship is now disputed – for three separate works, as well as sappho's fragment 93. secondly, not that sure about sleigh, would never conceive of different “kinds” of sleigh, i.” it made more sense as written by lennon & mccartney: paperback writer! everybody would be saying the words along with the priest but i’d mistakenly say “the fruit of the loom,” after the underwear. herodotus, the oldest source of the story, reports that charaxus ransomed rhodopis for a large sum and that sappho wrote a poem rebuking him for this. and i just wanted to add some of the lyrics i funnily “heard” when i first listen to it a long time ago…. fushimi and his clansmen surround the pickup truck and investigate the cargo behind. a favorate couple have a secreat signal their personal life in talk a group friends a little man asked some question ,that couple remember their secreat signal,that situation under standing only that couple, see in to eyes and lough no one understanding, that calds>>>>>>>>.” we never really knew what a “ree” was until we discussed it years later and figured out it’s “you’ll go down in history.” [my version fits better with the music, since it's in a minor key, as are almost all laments. benatar, hit me with your best shot- i always thought it was hit me with your pet shark haha. brother used to think that huey lewis and the news were singing that “the heart of rock and roll is topeka”.’s much more fun to sing the stevie wonder song “all i do is think about food” than “all i do is think about you”. “how to save a life” by the fray always sounded like “how to say goodnight., seri is given authorization to lead an investigation team to ashinaka high school. outside of academic circles, she is perhaps best known as a symbol of same-sex desire, particularly between women., he heads to a mall where misaki yata had been involved with some gangsters, though he'd already left by the time that fushimi arrives., there’s a tv commercial running for symbicort for managing asthma symptoms – it includes the line [as i keep hearing it] “symbicort contains ford motor oil” which cracks me up every time. how thoughtful the ‘highway makers’ were to have those large, yellow, reflecting signs that read “p*ss with care,” and “do not p*ss” prominently placed for every driver and passenger to see! fushimi realizes that the green clan took the dresden slates, he exchanges harsh words with munakata in an argument. friend spent some thirty years thinking the line in “feliz navidad” that says “prospero ano y felicidad” (prosperous year and happiness) said “los perros anos y felicidad” (dog years and happiness). kids, we both thought the closing line in gene autry’s “rudolph the red nosed reindeer” was “you’ll go down and hiss the ree. field: fushimi is able to create a force field by transmitting his blue aura into his throwing knifes and throw them across in front of him where the aura in each knife will merge together forming a force field barrier. made sense to him, since the song mentions many other cities where “the heart of rock and roll is still beating”. is very good at cards, as shown in a drama cd where he performed a card trick for munakata and managed to baffle him. jackson by outkast, i always thought “i’m sorry ms. was involved in the creation of the youth international party, known as the yippies, along with jerry rubin, abbie hoffman, stew albert, and paul krassner. (have top admit it is more fun than”as sure as you’re born”) and we still sing it that way with a chuckle now that she is 12! i have capd – central auditory processing disorder, so what might be an unusual event for most folks – mondergreens – is an every day occurrence for me. i was a little kid, i just knew that “hungry eyes” by eric carmen from dirty dancing was really “hungry ass. used to think in the song “groovin’ that he was singing “you and me and leslie”. of “pour some sugar on me”, i thought it was “pour some shook-up ramen. heard someone quietly say, after burping, “i[t] kills me…” (compare “excuse me” but which is not a lyric)… perhaps a non-english-native-speaker…. up i thought aretha franklin was singing “you make me feel like i man or a woman”. korolenko directed the 1984 biopic chords of fame, which featured bill burnett as ochs.” “she’s just a girl who cleans not i am the one/but the girl is not my size” instead of “she’s just a girl who claims that i am the one/but the kid is not my son. a friend in middle school back in 77-78 who thought the verse in queen’s “we will rock you”…somebody better put you back into your place…was… somebody better put a bag on yo face.” i thought it was “take your pants down and make it happen. the song came on the radio and my kids were singing along. train was convinced that someone was trying to kill him, so he carried a weapon at all times: a hammer, a knife, or a lead pipe. is…the nursery rhyme about my son john i was like 4 and grandma bounced me on one knee and sang diddle diddle dumpling “mice on john” (she sang it fast) he went to bed with his stockings on one shoe off one shoe on. i was like- texas is a lot of things, but humble has never been a word associated with that state![5] he then returns to headquarters where he continues work, this time with several more of his clansmen. i don’t think i’m hearing it wrong…what do you think? brother used to think beyonce’s “all the single ladies” was “i’m a single lettuce”. john prine’s fish and whistle song (don’t remember if that’s the name) he sings “it’s a half an inch of water and you think you’re gonna drown”.“it’s my litttle doo scoop (you dont know what i got)”.“you picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel (lucille),With four hundred (four hungry) children and a crap (crop) in the field,I’ve had some bad times,Lived through some sad times,But this time the hurtin won’t heal,You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel (lucille)”. imagine my shock when i encountered the name decades later and learned it was hyannis port and not hiatus port! “boulevard of broken dreams” by green day, i always thought the “she goes left” part was “seagulls left” haha. my adult son was 3 he used to sing “train tracks keep falling on my head” instead of “rain drops keep falling on my head”–one of those mistakes that’s just too cute to correct! we forgive those who tres (like spanish 3) pass against us.

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took they awhile to realize i was not singing 10th avenue freeze out still love hearing bruce. once his participation was announced, the event quickly sold out. used to think the line in jingle bells was “a one horsopenslay”.! and in empire state of mind, i sing “concrete jungle wet dream tomato” even though i know the real lyrics, i sing this one instead. fushimi gathers a group of his clansmen before boarding a helicopter and subsequently taking off with eight others. my mother once told me that my brother sang the christmas carol winter wonderland with the words walking in your winter underwear. we kids thought it was saying “tv strikes every seven seconds,” apparently reflecting the concerns some experts voiced regarding children’s overexposure to the influence of the media. interestingly, “autologous” is autologous, too, along with common words like “common” (it is common) and “short” (it is short). need to be alone like the way you left me.“puff the magic dragon lived by the sea / and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah-lee…”. always though “don’t stop believing” was “don’t stop the beavers” when i was a little kid. the first time we saw/heard the commercial we thought they were saying “walking in an orgy wonderland”! every one of my friends was similarly duped and just as surprised when i revealed the truth. i don’t know if the song’s actually called that lol! old joke about the child that thought the son of god’s name was andy. and he just keeps getting better and better and better". was only a kid, and i had never heard of mull, or kintyre – and without an f, even o’ didn’t make a lot of sense. it sounded like ” felix navy dude” to me when i first heard it at a christmas party. in a following fight against sukuna he wasn't able to activate any aura and finally got saved by misaki. have never known they were singing “i’m not talkin’ ’bout movin’ in” i have always heard it as “i’m not talkin’ ’bout the linen. the moist song, believe me, the lyrics are “i’ll take the note.’s a joke here somewhere and it’s on me."[88] ochs tried to cut back on the pills, but alcohol remained his drug of choice for the rest of his life. give a fuck about the niggas that you say you ate.’t the title be “what it’s called when you misinterpret lyrics? used to sing and at the same time wonder what “up above the verse of sky” meant in the nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle little star ! your ear and speak to you of the pompatus of love.@mike – ‘pulling mussels from a shell’ is by squeeze, not blue oyster cult. after fushimi makes a comment about it and how his king was going to die, yata angrily tries to rile him up, but he's too tired to even care.” which i always thought was gross and didn’t make sense. he reveals that he did not find anyone at the school who resembles tatara totsuka's murderer. “wake me up to pour your cocoa” instead of before you go-go, in the wham! a male co-worker was walking past and muttered, “that’s the worst kind. metallica song “no leaf clover” has a pair of lines that go like this:“good day to be alive, sir. haven’t seen it yet but what about blue oyster cult… i don’t know if it’s supposed to be:“pulling muscles from a shell”. katy perry’s “hot n cold” i thought that she said ‘yeh you be a mess like a bi**h i would know’ but she actually says ‘yeh you pms like a bi**h i would know’. the line from the beach boys’ “fun, fun, fun” which is “…she makes the indy 500 look like a roman chariot race now” i heard, nonsensically, as “…she makes the eight-five hundred look like …”. munakata • seri awashima • saruhiko fushimi • himori akiyama • yūjirō benzai • ryūhō kamo • andy dōmyōji • tatsuya enomoto • daiki fuse • ren gotō • akira hidaka • chikushi‏‎ • jin habari • gōki zenjō • takeru kusuhara • gen shiotsu • akito minato • hayato minato.[170] author jim carroll's autobiography, the basketball diaries (1978), was dedicated in memory of phil ochs. i watched the movie with the subtitles, i thought that in prince caspian, during the duel between peter and king miraz, miraz says “das is eines nid espite” when really he’s saying “does his highness need a respite”…. fushimi tells seri, himori akiyama and yūjirō benzai to have a fun trip. bee gee’s song “more than a woman” sounds like “bald headed woman”. i used to own the album led zeppelin iv on 33rpm, and the rumor was always that there were satanic lyrics if you hooked up the motor backwards on the turntable. "neil young gave his 'heart' and 'soul' thursday, and some folks just gave him a hard time". hear that song as, “keep on with the french toast, don’t stop till you get enough. thought the star spangled banner went like:By the donserly light. 1904, canadian poet bliss carman published sappho: one hundred lyrics, which was not just a translation of the fragments but an imaginative reconstruction of the lost poems.[58] whatever its make-up, the alexandrian edition of sappho probably grouped her poems by their metre: ancient sources tell us that each of the first three books contained poems in a single specific metre. do you all hear when stevie nicks sings ‘on the edge of seventeen’ ?“there’s a little black spider that’s on the way.. in august 1965, reaching #8 with her cover of ochs's song "there but for fortune",[62] which was also nominated for a grammy award for "best folk recording".[4] however, the name appears to have been invented by a comic poet: the name "kerkylas" comes from the word "κέρκος" kerkos, meaning "penis", and is not otherwise attested as a name,[23] while "andros", as well as being the name of a greek island, is similar to the greek word "ἀνήρ" (aner), which means man. misheard as i’m an alien,i’m a little alien i’m an englishman in new york. ol’ classic, “mareze doats and doze doats and little lamze divey, a kidelle divey ii, wood nut and you?^ though the word "élite" is used as a shorthand for a particular ideological tradition within archaic greek poetic thought, it is highly likely that all archaic poets in fact were part of the elite, both by birth and wealth. was around 1974 with paul simon’s kodoachrome (kodak slides) i’ve got a nikon camera i sang i got a knife and comb yet it made sense back when your under 10 years old.[1] he will even attack former allies without hesitation in order to accomplish his goals. he performed in lincoln park, grant park, and at the chicago coliseum, witnessed the violence perpetrated by the chicago police against the protesters, and was himself arrested at one point. have heard another interpretation of the lyric in the song “human” by the killers. cracked up when a friend of mine started complaining when a certain bananarama song came on the radio. 1963, ochs performed at new york's carnegie hall and town hall in hootenannies. upon further inquiry, we learned it was the one that francis scott key wrote about the “donzer lee light” so he could see the star spangled banner flying above fort mchenry. brother was at work and one of his coworkers said, “we have enough money, i think we can make it” my brother heard, “we have enough money, let’s get naked. other was the stones’ beast of burden’ coming off as ‘don’t want to be your pizza burning’… and i still don’t know what sarah maclachlan is singing in building a mystery when she says, ‘you stretch your ass to wear your suicide pose’. the two then resume their battle, though it is again halted by the sudden appearance of a beam of silver light; awed by the spectacle, they stop and look out in wonder towards it.- i always got a laugh from my friend lisa, circa 1984, when she’d sing along with the police’s song ‘king of pain’ for. … i only realized my mistake when they redid it after the third season…. if my sister hadn’t corrected me those many years ago i would still not know it was a bad moon on the rise. i had no idea that michael jackson sang in “smooth criminal”: “annie are you okay? david "phil" ochs (/ˈoʊks/; december 19, 1940 – april 9, 1976) was an american protest singer (or, as he preferred, a topical singer) and songwriter who was known for his sharp wit, sardonic humor, earnest humanism, political activism, insightful and alliterative lyrics, and distinctive voice. his best-known songs include "i ain't marching anymore", "changes", "crucifixion", "draft dodger rag", "love me, i'm a liberal", "outside of a small circle of friends", "power and the glory", "there but for fortune", and "the war is over". murphy – my girl wants to potty all the time (the correct word is “party”, but the song was popular when my little girl was potty-training, and the word stuck). dylan threw him out of his limousine, saying, "you're not a folksinger.… it’s “a flat-bed ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me. he was prescribed medication, and he told his sister he was taking it. though the official words are “there’s a bad moon on the rise”, john fogerty, being a good sport and knowing of this humorous mondegreen, sometimes actually sings it in concerts as “there’s a bathroom on the right., to “liz brown” and “betty”, you ladies must be young’uns because your real lyrics are:Mares eat oats and does eat oats.[99] he traveled to africa in 1973, where he visited ethiopia, kenya, tanzania, malawi, and south africa. was just about to laud you with praise for correcting the autofill mistake (we’re still better than computers! i heard a song of theirs and asked my mom who was singing and i thought she said, “phillip’s cragendeen. was 6 yrs old and learned how to sing yankee doodle. mom at age 3 asked her dad what a rancer do was. father told me about how as a young child he heard someone talk about how they were going to fly a “paper cup”. the place name seldom resurfaced after the kennedy administration came to a close. class, the teacher next door wanted a clock (idk y! one of their songs from the early 2000s is a multi-artist collaboration called “sheltering trees,” talking about how we all need friends to support us.!When i was a beginning reader–preschooler–i often took rides with my aunt & uncle down i-75 to my grandmother’s farm in kentucky. i can only remember this on nickelodeon, but it’s possible that other channels used it, too.[41] various cultural contexts and social roles played by sappho have been suggested, including teacher, cult-leader, and poet performing for a circle of female friends. but when i see the lyrics written out, they give the line as “on the rolling boat we sit, shivering with coldness. suoh • anna kushina • izumo kusanagi • tatara totsuka • misaki yata • rikio kamamoto • saburōta bandō • shōhei akagi • masaomi dewa • yō chitose • kōsuke fujishima • eric sōlt‎ • genji kagutsu.[55] however, this is not certain – ancient sources tell us that aristarchus' edition of alcaeus replaced the edition by aristophanes, but are silent on whether sappho's work, too, went through multiple editions.. when asked who that was, the child replied “round john virgin”.’s “cutie pie, cutie pie, poker face, she needs water got no water”.’s see, there’s ccr’s “bad moon rising” with some people thinking that the lyric “there’s bad moon on the rise” was “there’s bathroom on the right”. up, i used to think bananarama’s song ‘venus’ was something that rhymed with a male body part…. at the end of all the “i don’t wanna be” it sounds like “i don’t wanna be in this, you know”. in addition, they try to identify totsuka's murderer among their list of criminals but are unsuccessful. it wasn’t until i was starting college that my mom looked at me oddly and said “it’s salmon eggs.^ for example, in the spoken introduction to "ringing of revolution" on phil ochs in concert. as a kid, i heard, “mairzy doats, and lamseydoats, and little lamsey divey. next morning, while at headquarters fushimi overhears akiyama informing their captain of how the gold king has already arrived at the himmelreich's crash site. when i went to listen to “poor unfortunate souls” on youtube, i noticed a lot of people misheard when ursula sings “they come flocking to me crying” as “they come f******* to me crying” in the song… and i occasionally heard it like that after that… heh. for few days i kept pondering why they had to lable prime minister’s toilet on a big hoarding board until i re-read and correctly-read the signboard. on his way out of the courthouse, ochs sang the song for the press corps; to ochs's amusement, his singing was broadcast that evening by walter cronkite on the cbs evening news. one i liked there (generational thing, of course) from bachman-turner overdrive [no, no relation to michelle bachman] was the iminterpretation of their song title “takin’ care of business” as “bakin’ carrot biscuits.: 7th-century bc births7th-century bc women writers7th-century bc greek people7th-century bc poets6th-century bc greek people6th-century bc poets6th-century bc women writersaeolic greek poetsancient eresiansancient greek composersancient greek erotic poetsancient greek poetsbisexual writersancient lgbt peoplelgbt writers from greecenine lyric poetspoets from ancient lesbosfemale composersbisexual womenlgbt poetsancient greek women poets570s bc deathsancient mytileneanshidden categories: articles containing ancient greek-language textarticles with project gutenberg linkswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with isni identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierswikipedia articles with ulan identifierswikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifiers. i was so disappointed to lose my cross-eyed friend when i found out the lyrics were really “…gladly the cross i’d bear.” i knew it was a type of candy, but it really sounded dangerous. i was younger, i thought “can’t touch this” by mc hammer was “king’s jesters” hahaha.’ i was so disappointed to find that the line is actually ‘happens to like boys, but not me’..i always tho’t the words were…”give me the people and save my soul, i wanna get lost in your rock and roll. all the charm of eliza doolittle is in the way she goes from mangling english to speaking it very clearly. after kuroh beats the two of the clansmen, fushimi looks at yata who is screaming out in pain and pulls down his shirt where his homra mark is burning bright. and like some others, i thought the commercial for “secret agent man” sounded like “secret asian man”. subsequent translators have tended to work in a similar manner. iggy azalea’s song “black widow” my boyfriend thought the line “i’m gonna love you like a black widow, baby! someone would pull a mondergreen and i would say ‘hey that was a mondergreen’ and they will not have any clue, i’ll explain and the joke will just melt somewhere.” imagine my surprise when i learned it was actually “nobody doesn’t like sara lee. i was a kid i thought it was “fallen oaks”, instead of “hall and oats”. i just don’t understand the appeal (but i hear i’m not the only one who finds her accent and broken english difficult to comprehend). as well with the bikini kill song “feels blind” lyric ‘we eat your hate like love, we eat your hate like love’ said ‘we eat your hate like blood, we eat your like blood’.[12] the following morning, he stands alongside the rest of scepter 4 looking out to the island while waiting on their captain for commands. i know what it’s supposed to be, but i always get a laugh. popular example of misheard lyrics is nirvana’s “smells like teen spirit” and especially the part of the lyrics which goes “a mulatto. story is very much like one my mother tells me.. scorpions song “rock you like a hurricane” – at ~1:50 my husband used to sing “he’s licking his lip-sees, ready to win”, the actual lyric is “he’s licking his lips, he’s ready to win”.العربيةaragonésasturianuবাংলাbân-lâm-gúбеларускаябеларуская (тарашкевіца)‎bikol centralбългарскиboarischbosanskibrezhonegcatalàčeštinacymraegdanskdeutscheestiελληνικάespañolesperantoestremeñueuskaraفارسیfiji hindiføroysktfrançaisfryskgaeilgegàidhliggalego한국어հայերենहिन्दीhrvatskiidobahasa indonesiainterlinguaíslenskaitalianoעבריתbasa jawaქართულიkiswahililatinalatviešulietuviųliguremagyarмакедонскиmalagasyമലയാളംमराठीمصرىмонголမြန်မာဘာသာnāhuatlnederlandsनेपाल भाषा日本語norsk bokmålnorsk nynorskoccitanپنجابیpiemontèisplattdüütschpolskiportuguêsromânăрусскийscotssicilianusimple englishslovenčinaslovenščinaślůnskiکوردیی ناوەندیсрпски / srpskisrpskohrvatski / српскохрватскиsuomisvenskatagalogதமிழ்тоҷикӣtürkçeукраїнськаاردوtiếng việtvolapükwinaray粵語zazakižemaitėška中文.

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his group heads out to a local freeway, where gotō and hidaka explain about kuroh's and neko's abilities. pop chronicles interviewed ochs in 1967 (interview archived july 20, 2008, at the wayback machine. when a word comes about from a mistaken pronunciation, it’s called a mondegreen.” she also misheard the commercial in which they say, “we take garlique every day” as “we take our leak every day. we’re all in the same pot, when talking about which gender is guilty.-throwing: fushimi also seems to be able to throw his knives quite accurately.” i wondered why a man wanted bob moran to take his hand. this prompted a deliriously ill saruhiko to stagger out of his room and push his only friend out of the house to protect him from his maniacal father. brother thought the lyrics to “pon de replay” by rihanna were “gimme a piece of gum” instead of “turn the music up”. there’s a man who,Positively can do, all the things that make us….[1] “pizmotality described words of such secrecy that they could only be spoken to the one you loved”, green explained. does everybody keep saying that crazy little think called love is an elvis song? i never saw the video where he motions to kiss noel, but i’ve seen a few where he motions and kisses upwards, trying to show that it’s sky and not guy after all. the task proved difficult, as ochs struggled to overcome his writer's block.@ fireflight: i kept hearing the band perry’s if i die young on the radio as – if i die young, bury me in silence….“we laid rubber on a georgian nassa…” doesn’t make sense, but that is what it sounds like he says…how can you just make up the correct word without much worldly context at 6 years old. have destroyed the lyrics to the “good times” jingle for years. who at one point used to make movies of soldiers who had a certain validity, . another time, i was in philly walking to work early and the street was faily empty. so i thought then, and i think now, that my incomprehension was entirely justifiable.(this is how i hear it; sing along if you know it! i’m going to stick with spaz, i like that version better. the song blow i thought it was “we get it for free, no blt” idk the real lyrics though. the real lyrics are “or ask the grinning bobcat why he grins. years i thought clapton was singing, “i shot the sheriff, and i did it in sulky pants. so, kindly get back to us now for more info on how you will get the suitcase delivered to you. later, mikoto manages to free himself of his shackles and break out from his prison cell. story is very much like one my mother tells me. years my sister would sing a line in kenny rogers wrong. was sure it was “kicked by a rose off the grave”, and i stand by that. the correct lyrics are “we got married in a fever”. some people, like my husband and his brother, this is a disease, not a childhood phase. a small child, i was taught to say this bed time prayer:Gentle jesus, meek and mild.…instead of “i can’t live, if living is without you…”, a hungarian idol auditioner sung “ken lee, tulivodivo doucho…”…search the keyword “ken lee” on youtube…great page anyways…big up! and do me real hard”, while the actual lyrics go “drive back, baby, to me, fast in your car. other is fortification under consent of the king, which dates back to a time when sex,except betwixt married persons, was illegal . nothing personal, especially seeing as it really does sound like that if you listen to the end of the song. until i was well into my 40s, i thought “the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald” said, “the legend lives on from the chippewa on down of the peg leg they called gitchigumee. i guess you project and interpret your own take that better makes sense to you. always thought that clint black’s “better man” was butter man as a kicd growing up. one more…i was thinking about it the other day.[21] ochs met folksinger bob gibson that summer as well, and according to dave van ronk, gibson became "the seminal influence" on ochs's writing.“like a g6 like a g6 n-n-now i’m feeling so fly like a g6″. one of the weirdest ones i’ve come up with is in lady gaga’s “bad romance”, she sings,” want you in my rear window, baby you’re sick”.’ instead of ‘you might think i’m bulletproof but i’m not! correct lyrics are: “can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face. the song “fly like an eagle” my cousin used to sing “shoot the children with no shoes on their feet” instead of “shoe the children . maybe that’s the reason i’ve been acting so cold…” (actual lyrics: cause i’ve been acting like sour milk fell on the floor, it’s your fault you didn’t shut the refrigerator…).” it should be “let’s lock the door and throw away the key now. i know that part isn’t english, because i’ve read the lyrics somewhere before, but i can’t remember what they are…. i listen to sonngs i dont always understand the words and just sing what i hear, this is a great word to know! at the beginning, i thought ‘and life is a road and i wanna keep going’ was ‘we love the roll of all this ringed sole’.“you’re like a canary in a coma(coal mine)”. expected fushimi to be his replacement once he retired from homra, to be the calm mind for yata and kamamoto, and he was sincerely upset when fushimi joined scepter 4 instead. my case it’s “i wanna feel the energy ” but it’s actually “i wanna be in the energy” from linkin park’s “a place for my head”. i could have sworn it went:You picked a fine time to leave me, lucille,With four hundred children and a crop in the field.[6] holt parker argues that the testimonia are "valueless" as evidence of sappho's life,[7] though other scholars are less critical – rayor and lardinois suggest that the evidence in the testimonia should be considered "possibly valuable information". winkler argues for two, one edited by aristophanes of byzantium and another by his pupil aristarchus of samothrace. she spelled it “dawnzer”, if you want to keep using the story. à one-horse open sleigh still sounds like fun although perhaps a tad less festive without the bubbles…., nigeria is infamous for their telephone and internet scams, posing as bank managers trying to find distant relatives of non-existent rich uncles to pretending to be friends or family members in serious trouble and needing money. thought that in coldplay’s song every teardrop is a waterfall they said “and kids these days, or kids all night” i didn’t realize i was wrong until i looked up the lyrics online and realized it was “and all the kids they dance, all the kids all night”.… which *always* sounds, when announced like cross incontinence – i rather different programme.: “mares-e-dotz and doz-e-dotz and little lams-e-divy, skiddle-e-divy doo, wouldn’t you? however, when fushimi realizes that mikoto is about to launch an attack at their forces, he immediately rushes to the area's exit and throws his knives to the ground. the most revealing for me is to listen to the backwards version first, and write down the words you hear. yeah, we’re not mixing our kids up any with the cult of santa claus! my aunt asked one of my cousins what he’d done in sunday school he replied, “we sang the warship song.(but not really, you say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s fuckin’ awesome). later comes to seri's defense when yata attacks her while she is momentarily distracted. the constant grunting noises throughout the song by bob made me laugh and cringe… and when he said that he was “…workin’ on the tight poop!'s poetry is known for its clear language and simple thoughts, sharply-drawn images, and use of direct quotation which brings a sense of immediacy.” my mom corrected me, “up, up in the sky, where the little birds fly. thanks all you guys and the original writer… must bookmark! still chuckle about my friend thinking “white punks on dope” by the tubes, was “white pumps don’t go”! a very long time, i couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t put some of the 400 children to work and where he got them. fushimi is told that scepter 4 will take him into custody, regardless of the student's attempts. popular intentional mondegreen in my youth was “a monk swimming” instead of “amongst women” in the hail mary. thought it was ” all the other kids with the pumped up kicks,You better run better run out run my girl,All the other kids with the pumped up kicks,You better run better run faster then my brother”.” (part of me still denies that it isn’t “nobody does it like sara lee. one that got me, and to be honest, i still have no clue what this song says, is “the circle of life” from “the lion king. was quite some time later that she realised that they were offering “service with a smurf”–and were giving away blue cuddly toys with a tank fill. the 1968 election had left him deeply disillusioned, ochs continued to work for the election campaigns of anti-war candidates, such as george mcgovern's unsuccessful presidential bid in 1972. a child i always sang the song verse “michael row your boat ashore” as “like a rose upon the shore. he was a top player in an app game called jcube and almost managed to hack into the <> app, but failed. steve miller band’s “the joker” has a line in it that i know cannot possibly be what i am hearing, but i cannot find any other solution. i heard: and i think it’s gonna be a long, long time. some of the songs he wrote during this period were held back and recorded on his later albums. we later relized it was ” ooh rub that smooth skin! young – “everytime you go away, you take a piece of meat with you”. as muslims around the world can write lyrics out of languages mondegreen especially english through asorted media . wasn’t until i actually saw the lyrics printed out a couple of years ago that i realized the lady in question was madam ruth, who had a “gold-capped tooth. but it just may be a lutefisk you’re looking for. remember back when it first came out and i’d never heard the song, i saw someone on a message board online post that they thought the lyrics to the chorus of ke$ha’s “tik tok” went, “imma fight til we see the sudden light. the song must have been from the ’50′s cause the original lyric goes like this, “put on your sneakers and slacks and just relax”.’s author beverly cleary’s beloved character ramona quimby in kindergarten learns what she calls the “dawnzer song” and that it said something about the “dawnzer lee light. “tease me, please me” would play on the radio, i always thought that they were saying “cheeze nips, cheeze nips, and no one has to know! i suspect part of it is because they think it will catch your attention, which it does. fushimi listens to munakata as he reveals how, since the death of tatara totsuka, there have been many suspicious activity regarding weismann. the madonna song ‘la isla bonita’ starts of with a line like ‘last night i dreamt of san pedro’ – we always thought it was ‘last night i ate me a bagel’. obscure song, “pilot of the airwaves,” by charlie dore, used to be known, to me, as “islands in the airways. amongst other things, there were 6 geese a’ playing, 5 gold and rings, 3 french hands, 2 turtle ducks, and some parts in a gingerbread tree. fushimi immediately heads outside with the rest of his clan, where he reminds the others not to attack mikoto even if he does. friend of mine in high school always sang it strange and we eventually found out that he thought it was “while she looks so sad and odercrast”. paul and mary sang…”the ants are my friends; they’re blowin’ in the wind. today, sappho's poetry is still considered extraordinary, and her works have continued to influence other writers up until the modern day. kurke groups sappho with those archaic greek poets from what has been called the "élite" ideological tradition,[h] which valued luxury (habrosyne) and high birth.- “now watergate doesn’t bother me”- both from sweet home alabama, by lynyrd skynyrd. in that case, friends, do what i and thousands of other americans have done—declare the war over. first line of desmond dekka’s 1968 reggae hit “the israelites” is. were they trying to trick me with lyrics that actually went, “in the desert you can remember your name, ’cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain. than make a meal of some bright eyed kid” came through to me as “. that mean she was on back to see the tin roof was rusted? gaga’s poker face seems to contain the lines, “cherry pie cherry pie” (can’t read my).[53] however, the papyrus tradition suggests that this may not have been the case: a series of papyri published in 2014 contain fragments of ten consecutive poems from book i of the alexandrian edition of sappho, of which only two are certainly love poems, while at least three and possibly four are primarily concerned with family.’s really amazing is how people could hear lyrics so badly off. the only thing girls want when you in that smoke. websites that purport to list the lyrics of popular songs often have mondegreens.[114] the fbi was often sloppy in collecting information on ochs: his name was frequently misspelled "oakes" in their files, and they continued to consider him "potentially dangerous"[115] after his death. a song lyrics, but a friend was visiting my lutheran church for the first time and mistook the chanted response:“may the peace of the lord be with you! fav is still the kid who thought god’s name was howard…”our father, who is in heaven, howard be thy name…. the "president" lyrics can be heard in the 1974 single release. am a die hard skynyrd fan, and would have sworn those misheard lyrics were the real ones.’s a line in the song “hook” by blues traveler that says something about “hip three-minute ditties”.'s drinking became more and more of a problem, and his behavior became increasingly erratic. who doesn’t know there’s no mayonnaise in ireland ? 6 year old son sang “she’s a fax machine” instead of “she’s a fast machine” in the ac/dc song “shook me all night long. it turns out it was “the kid is not my son.

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ochs thought that by playing the sort of music that had moved him as a teenager he could speak more directly to the american public.[a] sappho's poetry was lyric poetry, and she is best known for her poems about love. think they got the alias/that you’ve been living under."[12] his musical skills allowed him to play clarinet with the orchestra at the capital university conservatory of music in ohio, where he rose to the status of principal soloist before he was 16. here in canada, they have been known to specifically target seniors and make off with their retirement money. rather, he elaborates on how powerless yashiro isana is said to be, before turning his attention to a nearby pickup truck. i don’t know why i thought it was butter man. used to think that the last line of every verse of the twelve days of christmnas was ” a partly ginger pear tree. i sang it like that for months, not having a clue what sheep had to do with the song and wondering why florence said “sheeps” anyway, until a friend pointed out that it’s “the shields all left to rust. best one i can think of, aside from bruce springsteen’s lyric, “…wrapped out like a deuce, another runner in the night. one in reverse is the old song from the 1920s:Maresy dotes, and doesy -dotes and little lambsy divey/a kidle tivey too wouldn’t you?” i looked it up on google and apparently a lot of people thought that’s what it was too.) our step-mom always says that she would have left 396 kids ago., i often laught thinking at a very simple sentence, used on books here in italy when you teach english to pupils:“look: my pen is on the table! andrew, you are mistaken:A word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard. i thought ‘finally here’s a pop/ punk band that isn’t sex-crazed!” then there was “johnny make my brown eyes blue” (don’t it make my brown eyes blue,” and my personal favorite, from kenny rogers “lucille”: “you picked a fine time to leave me lucille; four hundred children and a cop in the field![12] these legends appear to have originated in the renaissance – around 1550, jerome cardan wrote that gregory nazianzen had sappho's work publicly destroyed, and at the end of the sixteenth century joseph justus scaliger claimed that sappho's works were burned in rome and constantinople in 1073 on the orders of pope gregory vii. christmas i hear a hymn and the words in my mind are from “pogo” —- “deck us all with boston, charlie — walla-walla washington, kalamazoo”.” possible your friend was familiar with that version and simply chose to sing those lyrics instead.” thanks to my dearly departed mother for teaching me that. know this a few weeks later, rick, but the “honors flieses” song is from a 1945 fred macmurray film called “murder, he says. “cause i’m leavin here a better man, knowing you this way. because that would make a very striking comment on what has happened to america in general. not too long ago i was convinced that in blink 182′s rock show the line “she’s so cool, better sneak in through the window” was “better stick it through the window” (being blink 182 i assumed that whatever “it” was, was rude!” she had, of course, heard crystal gayle singing “don’t it make my brown eyes blue? swift’s “love story”:Mine: “skips time for a little while”. my favorite of all was a full on, hip-swinging rendition with the arm up, elbow locked, and palm facing you singing “stop in the neighborhood, before you break my heart” by the supremes. i’ll copy a chunk of a wikipedia section in below to explain this, but there is a more pressing matter to consider- can a word be a mondegreen if it is taken from a foreign word or a word which the listener had no reasonable chance of understanding because of its arcane, technical or neologic nature?: im leavin wendy im pitter pan knowin jesus way things i couldnt do before i jumpinthepan cuz im leavin ears a pitter pan. though it is true, i wouldn’t like to be thought of a slimy. metallica’s song, “frayed end’s of sanity” there’s a line that correctly says, “fighting the fear of fear” and it sounds like “buying a miller beer. do you think that she sang “spaz” and subsequently wrote “spy” because she thought it sounded cooler? a kid i was convinced that the 1960s song by johnny tillotson went:“oh a tree in motion, walking by my side…” instead of “poetry in motion…”. since english is not my mother language, any lyrics are misinterpreted ’till i heard it thousand times…. near the climax of the event, he pulls out throwing knives and thrusts them upon yata, stabbing part of his arm just below the shoulder. they’ll match up the words with those they already know, and write off those they cannot match up an nonsense. there was this one from a reader’s digest joke:A mom was listening to scarborough fair with her kids, and when it was over, one of them asked, “well did he?-pink floyd’s “another brick in the wall”:“we don’t need no education…we don’t need no ‘birth control’ ”., scepter 4 heads out to ashinaka high school and surround the perimeters, awaiting further orders from munakata. don’t know the actual lyrics, but it gets me laughing every time i hear the song.^ parker lists plays by ameipsias, amphis, antiphanes, diphilos, ephippus, and timocles, along with two plays called phaon, four called leucadia, one leukadios, and one antilais all of which may have been about sappho. mom, until we got some sheet music for the pocahontas song colors of the wind, thought that we were asking the spinning bobcat why he spins.[149] jefferson starship recorded "i ain't marching anymore" with additional lyrics by band member cathy richardson for their 2008 release jefferson's tree of liberty. wife, as a child, was certain it said, “you take a book, you take a bath, you take a look, and there you have the facts of life. having no knowledge of the existence of any language other than english, let alone understanding any, what i heard was “kazoo type”. still sing the doors’ riders on the storm:…like a dog without a bone, like an actor on the phone…. fraternity from college was called “lancer” and we were based on king arthur and the knights of the round table, so in my head i’ve always heard:“good day to be a lancer,Good day to be a knight, he says.[107] the first translation of sappho into english to contain the fragments discovered in 2014, including the "brothers poem", was diane rayor's sappho: a new translation of the complete works. 0:45 especially, it sounds like “radio says” or “radio sells” instead of “ready yourselves”…. tonight i thought it was “wach out cuz im naked” idk the real lyrics.# i’m not a piece of meat and you lick my brain”.” she turns to her sister with the kind of hiss that can only come from a girl getting back at her sister – “i told you! the madonna song bad girl, i think, “in my heart i know we’re double-parked” when she is actually singing, “in my heart i know we’ve grown apart. mother used to sing “everything i do (i do it for you)” by bryan adams when i lived in cuba and when bryan says “you know it’s true ….” turns out his girlfriend corrected him, but he liked his mondegreen so much that he refused to change. divine sappho (greek texts and several translations, with essays and criticism). i was in preschool, (my dad ended up telling me this), my friend made a mondegreen that made more sense than the real lyrics.!” i knew i wasn’t right, but has no ideas what the actual lyrics were–ha![59] still, ochs would joke on the back cover of greatest hits that there were 50 phil ochs fans ("50 fans can't be wrong!” i learned the difference because a girl laughed at me for singing those lyrics. listening to a sound recording of the musical ‘fiddler on a roof’ my son asked me if that guy muttle was strong. he also seems to have a good knowledge on insects, since he was able to identify a spider awashima was afraid of as harmless and one that he stabbed as poisonous. the biographical dictionary of popular music: from adele to ziggy, the real a to z of rock and pop. the fighting is momentarily halted by a sudden explosion deeper within the campus, followed by an attack on munakata from the homra member whom he was protecting from the collateral damage, though they continue fighting shortly after. he asks his king what their next step was, and he replies that they would wait. whenever we sang “my country ’tis of thee” (greek right there), the part where the words go “of thee i sing,” to me was “of the icing” and i always thought we were singing about a cake.[58] despite his sense of humor, ochs was unhappy that his work was not receiving the critical acclaim and popular success he had hoped for. when he was asked, he said that’s round john virgin, mother and child. did i mention that i never liked ac/dc because angus let brian ruin a bunch of great songs by singing them! can probably see why i’m glad the internet has song lyrics.” plus, in the day camp he attended, the little kids his age played in the “tot-house” which he referred to as the ‘hot house. finally one of the kids asked, “who is richard stands? the carol holy night, as kid i always thought the line ’round yon virgin’ was ’round, young virgin’ – as in she was pregnant and young. each verse of the song begins with the line “i read the news today, oh boy…” later in the song, there is a stanza which does not really thematically connect to the rest of the song at all, “i saw a film today, oh boy/the english army had just won the war/a crowd of people turned away/but i just had to look, having read the book”. anna is crowned as the new red king, douhan hirasaka tries to run away by passing through a wall, but is haltered by fushimi, who throws knives at her before she could pass through. my brother was about 2, he would walk around the house singing “mama’s scroungy! while in miami, the 18-year-old ochs was jailed for two weeks for sleeping on a park bench, an incident he would later recall:"somewhere during the course of those fifteen days i decided to become a writer. ochs's many admirers were the short story writer breece d'j pancake[166] and actor sean penn. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc.” as my father informed me, he was actually singing “and the piano sounds like a carnival. band sang about plenty of environmental issues, so it kinda made sense. always thought when i was in elementary school in the pledge it was “and to the republic for richard stanz” which now i know it “and to the republic for which it stands”. for 20 years i thought it was “sing women, sing through the tears…” only learned the real lyrics when on military duty in kosovo and my team member bet me those were not the right lyrics.ñolfrançaisitalianoעבריתnederlandsnorsk bokmålnorsk nynorskpolskiportuguêsрусскийsuomisvenskatürkçe. was me when i found out years and years later that the actual lyric was, “all the boys think she’s a spy. son, when small, used to sing along to pink floyd: “mummy! recently heard children who mistook the phrase in a church song “i’m forever grateful.. story, while i doubt the truthfulness of this, i believe the story says that it was fornication under consent of the king, and not “fortification”. the splash mountain ride at disneyland, there’s a part where a group sings, “pretty good, sure as you’re born”, but because of their southern accents, it sounds more like “pretty good.[51] the oldest surviving fragment of sappho currently known is the cologne papyrus which contains the tithonus poem,[70] dating to the third century bc. he just a fake nigga who blog in all caps. is my year old niece’s rendition of twinkle twinkle little star: “tinko tinko likul scar….[50] the suda also attributes to sappho epigrams, elegiacs, and iambics, but the only epigrams attributed to sappho to survive are in fact later works, and this is probably also the case with her supposed iambic and elegiac output. was in middle school when i first heard it, and i could never really pick out the lyrics; i never really thought to look them up until recently. time i listen to “crash” by gwen stefani, i hear “drive back, baby, to me, fast in your car. it’s still a joke to me and my friends to this day. i was about five, i asked my teacher how to spell “smorning. dad has the best ones (he can’t understand the lyrics to any song):In rod stewart’s “we’re having a party”, “on the radio” became “on the alley-o”. however, it is noted in side: red and one of the short stories that he is also considerably afraid and intimidated by mikoto. "my affection [for ochs] no doubt prejudiced me, so it is worth [noting] that many observers who care more for folk music than i do remember both his compositions and his vibrato tenor as close to the peak of the genre. family always thought, in michael jackson’s “man in the mirror” that the line was “no mustache could be any glibber” (should be “no message could be any clearer”). like most of their members, fushimi remains on standstill inside a movable base just outside the massive building. 258 k) suggested that sappho killed herself by jumping off the leucadian cliffs for love of phaon, a ferryman. a long time i misunderstood peter gabriel’s “sledgehammer”:“this amusement never ends” sounded to me like. we have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers. my dad walked into the room and starting laughing as i sang, “mustang salad, / guess you better slow your mustang down. is desmond dekker & the aces’, “israelites” – i love singing “oh, oh, me ears are alight”. collins “she seems to have an invisible touch yea, – she reaches in and grabs like polio” lol. come to find out the real lyrics were “love in an elevator”. when yata resists his temptation, fushimi begins to insult mikoto suoh, causing his rival to finally give in. after reading the lyrics off the vinyl lp cover it didn’t make complete sense. have always thought back in black was back in play. so, when we would sing jesus loves me, ‘this i know,’ i just figured that ‘thisino’ was one of those complicated music terms i didn’t understand. that i cannot hear correctly, even knowing the proper words:“climb every woman . without paying much attention she kept thinking they were proudly offering “service with a smirk”. took me 20 years before i admitted to mine – you sexy thing.. par cark, for car park, or fog dood, for dog food. might sound weird, but in the song “operation ground and pound” by dragonforce, it really sounds like: “victory” and not the real “live tonight”. the only one i can think of offhand is the portuguese princess who married charles ii of england, but left him no legitimate heir to his throne, though more than a dozen illegitimate children who inherited various palaces, manors and titles. is a composite of every misinterpretation i’ve heard over the years:“our father, howard, in heaven, how’d you know my name?’ve always wondered why there were “elephant and castle” restaurants in the uk and some here in canada. when misaki points out that he should try saying it in a way he understands, or keep saying it until he does understand, and that he respects that fushimi went that far on his assignment from munakata because the blue king has always been his king, fushimi is shocked. we still don’t know what the line actually says! about misinterpreting lyrics i laugh when i heard the hymn “bringing in the sheaves” as bringing in the sheets l” and how about the christmas carol ” hark the herald angels” as hark the hairy angels. he said someone once requested the happy enchilada song and he had to ask what they meant. i originally thought it was “do the leggy lady”, some kind of dance move perhaps. wife used to think that the words to bob seger’s “old time rock n’ roll” was: “i rebadib abow da day bah doh”, when it is actually “i reminisce about the days of old”.

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one song was names “dusky hands” and part of the lyrics were:Dusky hands are reaching for the bread of life. used to think lady gaga was singing “pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump up the bass,” and only after i figured out the title “poker face” did i understand the lyrics… but most songs have the bass pumped up, no treble anymore! counting boxes [ i think they are called computers] for some thing or. i was a kid, i always thought “fire’s burning” went like this:“fires burning, fires burning,John earer, john earer…”. like my version better – i still see a tree walking by his side whenever i hear that song! in “smooth criminal” by michael jackson my dad used to think it was “annie are you walking” instead of “annie are you ok”. on, he opens the gate leading to jungle's secret base, seeming to work as a double agent. maintains the lyrics are a description of his dream woman.” but betty’s “mairzy doats” lyrics above, that’s a classic; i bet that’s one of the most common modegreens there is., it did not matter what the rest of the lyrics were. he displays a pessimistic character, lacking enthusiasm for most things, he still, deep in his heart respects his previous king, mikoto suoh, as he says his name with honorifics, which he seldom uses with others.. and if she’s besides me i know i need medicare”! i was a kid, i thought the lyrics to irene cara’s song “what a feeling” from the movie flashdance were “take your pants down and make it happen” instead of “take your passion and make it happen”… i was maybe 5, i didn’t know any better! is a techno dance song out there titled “put your ass in the air” but i listen to it because it sounds like the singer is saying “put giraffes in the air, put giraffes up in the air. thanks mom, all those years i was always scare to go see dr. thought tina turner’s “what’s love got to do with it” was “what’s love doctor dolittle,” and the line in kirk franklin’s “revolution” sounded like “all my red lobsters throw your hands up” when it actually said “all my real live saints throw your hands up.” which led to years of “are you guys walk jay back there? never understood why jimmy buffet always lamented, “i don’t know where i’m a gonna go to ball a cantaloupe. the original “star trek” series, this is the final line from the opening words as i thought i heard them as a kid:“to bold lego where no man has gone before! the noel coward recording of carnival of the animals, in the verse on the wild jackass he says “for with maidenly blush and accents mild”., just my wonky-since-childhood hearing, and add my wonky sense of humor~! are so many (that i can’t think of at the moment)! mr kenny chesney got in touch with us about his suitcase that you are the rightful person to deliver the suitcase to. when anna walks out of the gold kings tower, fushimi salutes her with his saber, but when yata comes towards him to give him an awkward thanks, fushimi notices how he seems to have trouble expressing it, so he ignores it, angering yata.“there’s a little black spot on the sun today”. during the mexican war the kentucky soldiers had it as a marching song, and some mexicans named the soldiers after the song. and yet, i don’t think there’s a single song of theirs that i know all the words to. instead, he asks of what the team shall do if they find yashiro isana and what to do if he resists. when niki saw him as a baby, he guffawed that his son was " an ugly little monkey" and thus, named him saru. it was a book called ‘scuse me while i kiss this guy and other misheard lyrics. used to think it was “one of these days i’m going to get you in the name of jesus”. since they spoke no english and the songs were meaningless to them anyway, they were singing along to what they thought they heard– which apparently was “dabbywuff”, instead of “fabulous”. although ochs played classical music, he soon became interested in other sounds he heard on the radio, such as early rock icons buddy holly and elvis presley[13] and country music artists including faron young, ernest tubb, hank williams, sr. if sappho did compose songs for training choruses of young girls, however, not all of her poems can be interpreted in this light,[46] and despite scholars' best attempts to find one, yatromanolakis argues that there is no single performance context to which all of sappho's poems can be attributed. fushimi would tell yata the news while in a dark alley where he also explained his reasons for doing so. knife: even when he was young fushimi carries at least six throwing knives, which he hides under his sleeves and pockets. children used to sing rock me hot potatos insteed of rock me amadeus. older daughter was blushing furiously as she sheepishly explained that she had “corrected” her sister – and non too kindly – when she was first learning to drive. he frightened his friends both with his drunken rants about the fbi and cia, and about his claiming to want to have elvis's manager colonel tom parker or kentucky fried chicken's colonel sanders manage his career. he, himori akiyama and yūjirō benzai manage to hack into the video so that they can uncover more specific details about it. would just like authors who quote other people’s observations to acknowledge them as such, if this is the case, it’s what academics are honour-bound to do in their professional work, anyway, so they should credit any source, whatever its origin.“pikachu’s a virgin” instead of “packaging subversion”(“psychosocial” by slipknot). i was in second grade i thought god was this big gray being up in the sky, because of the lyrics we sang to “our country ’tis of thee… sweet land of liberty”.[1] there are three major sources of information about sappho's life: her own poetry, other ancient sources, and deductions from our knowledge of the historical context in which sappho worked. didn’t catch that auto fill mistake on my phone. but now, we openly joke and say, “paul’s bein’ a ham! used to think the were saying, “this is the dawning of the angel aquarium” instead of “age of aquarius” in the song of the same name by 5th dimension. blame the simply cr@ptastic radios [& speakers] in the cars & clock radios of my youth, since that’s about the only way/place i listened to music at the time….’m also a victim of aerosmith’s “dude looks like a lady”. some reason “just an earthbound misfit” from pink floyd’s learning to fly always came out as “just an earthbound biscuit” for me. the hymn “onward christian soldiers,” i incorrectly sung christ our roayl master “leans againgst the pole” until high school music camp when i actually saw music/lyrics and realized the words were “leads against the foe. correct lyrics are “whatcha doin’ on your back”…you should be dancin’. searching the store, we eventually ended up in the produce section and asked the person there, “do you know what gerkins are?[3] the other ancient sources on sappho (known as testimonia) do not date from sappho's lifetime;[b] however, they were written by people who had much better access to sappho's poetry than we do today, and so would have been better placed to use it to write her biography. was sick & tired of everything,When i called you last night from tesco! we were listening to boy from new york city by manhattan transfer.” instead of “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot. petty and stevie nicks are, to me, two of the worst annunciators in the music business.: the second line would’ve been so much better if it had been written “a kiddley divey doo, wooden chew? was in drama one time and one of the characters in out scene was named marissa and our teacher kept telling us to pronounce it better because her name wasn’t mrsa. personally, i kind of like sudden light better than sunlight.” and i felt this total kinship with the girl in the song, because i was like, “you know, the boys think i’m a spaz a lot, too, but i, too, can be unexpectedly cool. when asked about my favorite i’d say it was the one about the bear – “gladly the cross-eyed bear”. still have no idea what chrissie hynde is singing in “brass in pocket”.” what a “lerm” was, i didn’t know, but my 4(?[137] wyclef jean performed "here's to the state of mississippi" in the 2009 documentary soundtrack for a revolution. mother used to sing that to me when i was a young boy, but – perhaps because of her line of work – i understood the first line to be “he flies through the air with the greatest disease …”. is quite intelligent, being able to solve complex mathematical problems within moments, simply by knowing the equation. sister and i used to always sing “i could be your bottle feeder, put your tiny hand in mine…” yeah, we thought it was dumb, but we just shrugged and chalked it up to “quality” pop music. had a friend that thought the lyrics to the nine inch nails song down in it was “i was at the paaarty” instead of i was up above it.” never knew what a parse was until my wife explained what made so much more sense…. and now i just found out it is neither, it is “ooh rump of smooth skin! ochs and glover formed a duet called "the singing socialists",[19] later renamed "the sundowners", but the duo broke up before their first professional performance and glover went to new york city to become a folksinger. rudorph the red-nosed reindeer, ‘olive the other reindeer’ instead of ‘all of the other reindeer and my wife used to think that ‘good-bye ruby tuesday’ was ‘good-bye groovy music’. radio stations “the river” and “classic rewind” had these things that said, “the good thing about classic rock is that you know all the words:” and then had some hilarious mondegreens:“i’ve got a slack-jacket (black-magic) woman”. when i told my mom, she said what are you talking about? never understood what that was supposed to mean, until seeing the actual lyrics:[blinded by the light. the song baby by justin beiber (yuck) i thought its was “thought you’d roll with me tonight” not “thought you would always be mine” i only listened 2 it becuz ma sister did and no headphones, also the radio. “she don’t like, she don’t like, she don’t like – cooking”. mother always used to play simon and garfunkel when we were kids, and my sisters and i were convinced that the chorus to “hazy shade of winter” went “look around, lisa brown. there was a comedy recording once based on the story of cinderella (who was referred to as rinder cella) that was full of made up spoonerisms — like “a linding blash of flight” for “a blinding flash of light” and “sisty uglers” for “ugly sisters.*anyone who wants to witness “”song mondegreen”" at it’s finest, only need to pick up any weird al yankovich parody album… all his song play on the “mondegreen” effect… that’s what makes them all hilarious… some songs i never realize i was singing wrong, until i heard them on wierd al’s albums. in 1967 he organized two rallies to declare that "the war is over"—"is everybody sick of this stinking war? we were little, my brother and i thought the lyrics was “who will eat my sandwich? also went through kindergarden wondering why there were two ‘m’s in the alphabet., i must admit, most of these mondegreens– ok, well, maybe half– i’ve heard, too. my mom always thought “fat bottom girls” was “black bottom girls,”.” the dog say goodnight” should be ” the dark sacred night” from ” what a wonderful world” ( louis armstrong ). hands with the sixteen year old, i said “stef kok” . like “lay me down on a bed of roses” and “sink me in the river at dawn” and “make me a rainbow to shine down on the mother–” even if it is “satin”, “sand” makes more sense.’ve heard that the mexican word gringo came from the popularity of the song ‘green grow the lilacs’ with non-hispanic border country folk. to know what the lyrics were actually supposed to be, instead of the nonsense that my brain thought they were, i looked up the lyrics for “enough” by a rotterdam november. of “smoke on the water, a fire in the sky” i’ve heard it mondegreened as “slow motion walter, the fire engine guy. (/ˈsæfoʊ/; attic greek σαπφώ [sapːʰɔ̌ː], aeolic greek ψάπφω, psappho [psápːʰɔː]; c. was taught the words were: mares eat oats and goats eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid will eat ivy too, wouldn’t you. used to think madonna was singing “cheerio” in “material girl. attempted to transcribe boston’s “don’t look back” many years ago. you ever heard someone sing the wrong lyrics to a song? being told that those were the wrong lyrics (and not being told the right ones) i decided that the lyrics must be:“we don’t need no education,We don’t need no false control. now we have two full alternate verses, starting: “blessed insurance, the policy’s mine, now i have coverage, it’s ok if i die. one version that pinker describes goes like this: eugene o’neill won a pullet surprise. article's use of external links may not follow wikipedia's policies or guidelines. a small book entitle, ” ‘scuse me while i kiss this guy” @ colleen, what song are those lyrics from? mondegreens share homophony (meaning they sound like) with the original wording, but often change the meaning of the word or phrase entirely—with amusing results. 4 yr niece came home from bible school singing, “jesus loves me, this i know, for the barbie tells me so. rock critic dave marsh thought that “surfin’ usa” began “if everybody had a notion” instead of “if everybody had an ocean. his blue aura flares up from the knives and creates a small barrier that manages to take form before mikoto's attack can strike them. had a similar mondegreen experience enjoying the song ‘cristalena’ by punk band mxpx. chords of fame also included performances of ochs songs by folk musicians who knew him, including bob gibson, pete seeger, tom paxton, dave van ronk, and eric andersen. we spent a week arguing over what was being said during the chorus – the most popular theory was “i’m blue, if i was green i would die”. once the ceremonial act was finished, fushimi takes the sword to accept the blue aura; apparently, fushimi had expected to lose his red aura but, much to his surprise, he discovers it is possible for one to wield two auras. sister was listening to “bernadette” by the four tops, when my mother, horrified, asked “what kind of song is that? i was little and the song “all my lovin” would play i thought paul mccartney was singing “and while i’m away, i’ll ride home everyday” iwhich doesn’t make sense, does it? song “hot n cold” by katy perry where she goes like, “you pms…” i used to think it said “you pee a mess”. hisui • tenkei iwafune • yukari mishakuji • sukuna gojo • douhan hirasaka • kotosaka. had also thought this was logical seeing as false control would be bad and the dukes of hazard would be bad to have in a school bathroom…. fushimi was then accepted by munakata, to join scepter 4, he was given an accolade in front of many members of scepter 4. used to carol loudly “olympic wax” instead of “a whip that cracks” … i take the 5th on how old i was when i finally learned better. pubs in uk were and are still named “elephant and castle” to honor an “infante of castile” who came to the court of england.’ve found the remarks i’ve read highly entertaining and am sure i made my share of mondegreens, especially while i was learning english after coming here as a 7-year-old immigrant. i was young i thought meatloaf was “like a bang on the head” instead of a bat out of hell…. someone drunkenly singing ” don’t cry for me marge an tina”. the song “loser” by beck, the spanish phrase “soy un perdedor” means “i’m a loser” but it sounds like “soil on a cabinet door.) or when kids can’t say words properly (my nephew used to call his trampoline the “pantrolie”)? homra and scepter 4 could begin their fight, due to the fact that both kings are about to face off, the sword of damocles appears over the sky, which fushimi comments about. i was younger, i thought the lyric for ‘lucy in the sky with diamonds’ was “the girl with colitis go by” instead of the correct “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”. father told me that when he was very young, his friends from church would practice baptizing each other. instead of ‘you picked a fine time to leave me lucille, 4 hungry children and a crop in the fields’ she sang ’400 children…’. 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sister thought the line “how can we be lovers if we can’t be friends” was “how can we be lovers if we can’t pay the rent,” which is a valid point too. of the carpenters singing “there’s a kind of hush”, i thought it was “there’s a tiny brush”. outkast song ‘sorry miss jackson’ i heard it on the radio and didn’t hear the title so thought for the longest time it said. parker argues that sappho should be considered as part of a group of female friends for whom she would have performed, just as her contemporary alcaeus is. the lyrics were up there and sure enough ” i still sange sing women, sing through the tears…”. junior high, my teacher always talked about donkey ho te, imagine my surprise when it was don quixote! yukizome • sumika inaba • sōta mishina • chiho hyūga • sakura asama. always hear the lyrics to the famous aerosmith song as “loving and elevate her”.” when my girlfriend asked who malachai was, her friend said, “i believe he was one of the twelve disciples. by his lack of widespread appreciation and suffering from writer's block, ochs did not record any further albums. ken bowser directed the documentary film phil ochs: there but for fortune, which premiered at the 2010 woodstock film festival in woodstock, new york. sometimes our mother would pick up the phone and would find that someone was using the service. also, the beatles, “she’s got a ticket to ride,” i always thought it said, “she’s got a chicken to ride,” very disappointed when i figured that out. by calvin harris: sounds like he is saying “you used the whole beef” in the chorus of his song “you used to hold me”. makes more sense as that as in are we denser than human?[50] she is best known for her lyric poetry, designed to be accompanied by music.” i think it’s stronger the way i first heard it, but then again i’m not pete townshend. spoonerism is when you swap the first letters of two adjacent words by mistake. childhood friend always sang “take your pants down and make it happen” instead “take your passion and make it happen”. you’re not diddling pensioners out of their life savings, there’s no reason for anyone to think of you as slimy.“huh mosh a kuh” for “i’m all shook up. kara’s “flashdance”: “take your passion and make it happen. 65′s song “blue” was also a trip-up for me and my friends back in junior high. always thought a lyric in the nirvana song “about a girl” said ‘i’m taking benadryl’ when in actually said ‘i’ll take advantage while’. while lead singer, james reyne was reasonably well spoken, as soon as he commenced to sing, he veered between a continuous mondegreen on the one hand and complete unintelligibility on the other. used to think the song “boys of summer” went “i can tell you my love for you will still be strong, into the poison, summer is gone,” instead of “boys of summer. performing “my fair lady”, we were constantly reminding the star who played eliza doolittle to enunciate her solo, because it kept coming out “wooden tit be loverly. you can tell by the way i use my walk,I’m a woman’s man, from time to time. remembered another… so the nickelback song “savin’ me” came on the radio one day and my mom was sure that on the part that said “i’m fallin, i’m fallin” they were actually singing “i’m farting, i’m farting. of the pilgrim sprite (land of the pilgrim’s pride) {they had sprite back then? many, many years i thought the beatles song about the “paperback writer” said instead, “take the back riser” and i supposed it was directing a driver to take a certain road!- conflicting lyrics sites) everything, everything will be just fine, everything everything will be alright. i have been having misunderstanding with my husband which leads to divorce some few years ago, but i was unable to move on with my life because i have so much love for my husband and my kid love him too. is an old one from when i was a kid, my sister & i came up with this when we were around 8 & 12, respectively.“soul of christ sanctify me” was usually mistaken when i was young as “soul of christ sat beside me” which is a little creepy. nonetheless, he takes out the four men in an instant before calling seri about his report, and to clean up after his mess. bella abzug (democrat from new york), an outspoken anti-war activist herself who had appeared at the 1975 "war is over" rally, entered this statement into the congressional record on april 29, 1976:Mr. i always imagined two moving company guys that resembled laurel and hardy picking up a couch with someone still sitting on it and carrying it to their truck. he takes a path that leads him outside in the courtyards and makes a turn around a stone statue, completely unaware that misaki yata and rikio kamamoto were on the other side walking opposite of his direction. early translators often dealt with this problem by translating sappho's works into english metrical forms. father swears he thought the van morrison song “brown-eyed girl” was called “one-eyed girl,” but that may just have been a joke he was trying to pull on me. was disappointed when i first read the lyrics sheet to the who’s _quadrophenia_ and discovered that the line in “5:15″ isn’t “sadly ecstatic that their heroes are used” but rather “sadly ecstatic that their heroes are news. always thought (and still kinda do) that the band perry’s song, “if i die young”‘s lyrics were “if i die young, bury me in sand–” my friend corrected me to say it was actually “satin”. untill i fond out the lyrics were “round yon virgin, mother and child” not “round john virgin”. i was a kid, we would sing a song in church that asked, “are you sowing the seed of the kingdom, brother? young son, singing the kenny rogers’ song, would sing: you picked a fine time to leave me, lucille, with four hundred children and the crops in the field.(about infiltrating jungle as a j-rank player) "considering the hazard pay, this isn't worth it. katy perry’s song “last friday night” many people mistake the line “it’s a blacked-out blur” for “it’s a black-top blur”. that i remember fondly is from, of all things, “deck the halls. (we discovered later that his hearing had been blocked by ear infection). friend’s wife used to think “freeze frame” was grease face. growing up, saruhiko was often terrorized by his father and almost never saw his mother, and when he did, she was cold and indifferent. also had no idea that sara lee’s slogan was “nobody doesn’t like sara lee.” she quickly figured out her mistake, but it’s still a running joke in my family. for a song, but something that used to pass on tv back in the 90s. he seems awkward around children, and seems to want nothing to do with them, he often ends up indulging them; they seem to enjoy his company, and animals also seem to be quite fond of him.. now today we have the same actor making his new war movie in a war so hopelessly corrupt that, without seeing the movie, i'm sure it is perfectly safe to say that it will be an almost technically-robot-view of soldiery, just by definition of how the whole country has deteriorated. likewise, i don’t understand how they can hear the same thing and not be on pitch. i sing well, but it’ll take me 10 hearings before i catch half the words. i feel weird that i don’t mishear lyrics like this…very interesting word to know, though! far as the eagles go, my favorite is “i’m looking for a lover who won’t blow my brother”.– my (much) older brother loved chuck berry’s “roll over beethoven” and played it incessantly. then heads outside to greet yata, albeit in a mocking manner. one year ago—during this week of the anniversary of the end of the vietnam war—phil recruited entertainers to appear at the "war is over" celebration in central park, at which i spoke.’t malachi the crazy red-headed crazy kid from children of the corn? used to think that the lady with bette davis eyes could make a crow blush. far east movement song like a g6:Now i’m feelin so fly like a g6. always struggle with lyrics because i focus more on the sound of the words than the meaning of them. the original one for me, and perhaps the strangest is madonna singing “bubble down squeak”, when in fact she was singing “papa don’t preach”. i first listened to enya’s song, “this way ends together far-and-away” alluding to parallel-tracks, but it was not readily hearable, i came-up with a possible phrase, ‘this day ends tomorrow around the world’—a lyrical truth.: phil ochs1940 births1976 deathsstaunton military academy alumniamerican acoustic guitaristsamerican male guitaristsamerican anti–vietnam war activistsamerican civil rights activistsamerican folk guitaristsamerican folk singersamerican male singer-songwritersamerican pacifistsamerican people of scottish descentamerican singer-songwritersamerican socialistscounterculture of the 1960selektra records artistsjewish american musiciansjewish socialistssingers who committed suicideohio state university alumnipeople from el paso, texaspeople from far rockaway, queenspeople from greenwich villagepeople from perrysburg, new yorkpeople with bipolar disorderpolitical musicsuicides by hanging in new yorkvanguard records artistsyippies20th-century american singersmale suicidesjewish folk singersjewish pacifistshidden categories: use mdy dates from april 2014articles with hcardswikipedia external links cleanup from march 2017wikipedia spam cleanup from march 2017webarchive template wayback linksgood articleswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with isni identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierswikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifiers. girlfriend in highschool thought huey lewis and the news (this tells you when i was in high school) were singing “the heart of rock and roll is in cleveland” (instead of “still beatin’ “).“all in all you’re just another d___ (rhymes with rick) with no balls”.” it’s so much fun to say when you know what it is supposed to be, don’t you agree? i think it’s gonna be a long long time. the first chorus “it’s a honky tonk woman” sounds like it says. this barrier is strong enough to briefly withstand mikoto's aura blast.” she asked me to use it in a sentence: how are you the smorning. a girlfriend of mine asked her friend what the singer was saying. a kid i heard “auto-mist” and assumed it was a poetic way of saying car exhaust. …also my 8 y/o niece loved macy grey’s song “i try” and would sing “i wore goggles when you’re not here” whilst making circles with her fingers i front of her eyes. i always heard, “marsy-dotes and dozey-dotes and little lambzy-divey, i kiddley-divey too, wouldn’t you? don henley’s “end of the innocence” i thought he said “tired old man with the electric grin”, when it was actually “that we elected king”., hindi people will get this fine but i am writing fro the non-hindi speaking crowd. he would sing: “order in the court, order in the court, keep my daddy in the order of the court. always thought that the chorus of the killers’ “somebody told me” went like “somebody told me that you had a boyfriend, that looked like a girlfriend, that i had in fairview, where he was last year. almost died laughing when a co-worker was offended by the lyrics of the heart song, ”. if it wasn’t for the internet, i probably never would have gotten these lyrics right. “dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap” sounds like “thirty thieves and the thunderchief”.)-y/o mind just accepted it as gospel, like anything i heard from adults at the time. grab that cash with both hands and make a stash…. the break in their relationship rose from yata switching the main focus of his attention from fushimi to the red king when they joined homra.[164] on april 9, 2009, jim glover performed a tribute to ochs at mother's musical bakery in sarasota, florida. inside joke in my family comes from the “three year old me” standing up on the pews at church and singing loudly: “glory, glory had a eula! best friend’s little brother loved the song “poker face” by lady gaga. when ochs heard about the manner in which his friend had been killed, he was outraged and decided to organize a benefit concert to bring to public attention the situation in chile, and raise funds for the people of chile. reminds me of “misheard lyrics;” if you don’t know what that is, look it up on youtube. took me years of learning english to find out what her naughty ears heard. counting crows’ song “big yellow taxi”, i thought the lyrics were “they built paradise and put up a pumpkin light.” the next time i heard it i was singing “gotta do the white boy jump,” and it sounded stupid so i listened to the lyrics and it turned out he said “trying to pick the right one, trying to pick the right one. brings tears to my eyes to remember my sister who just recently passed away, but when we were little we always sang simon & garfunkel’s “mrs. mares eat oats, and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy, a kid’ll eat ivy to wouldn’t you? still slip into that even though i now know what it’s supposed to be.[144] evan greer, part of the riot-folk collective, later updated the song for the george w. he was about 4 years old, my little brother would walk around the house doing a pigmeat markham imitation. me if i have this right… you would have liked mr. husband says that in the song by stevie nicks – he heard “just like a white-winged dove” as “just like the white ranger” xd. “grapes of welch” doesn’t even sound like “grapes of wrath,” but i was so sure of my interpretation, that i had to look up the lyrics.” i used to sing (and admittedly sometimes still do sing), “i’m gonna be a mighty king, my enemies be bears! i was 5-6 when the original mighty morphing power rangers came out; my my brother and i thought that theme song went like this “coco power rangers………. he left for new york, as glover had, to become a folksinger. thought the line in kokomo by the beach boys “that montserrat mystique” was “your mom’s a rotten stink! he further taunts yata by addressing him with his first name, misaki, intentionally aggravating him so that they can fight. you listen to the song it sounds so much like the latter.’s “rumour has it” came across to me and my friends as “puma hazard”. as a young kid, i didn’t realize the song “michelle” by the beatles was being sung in french. the electric slide, as a kid i always thought that “i’m going to take you on a potty run” what what the lyrics, “i’m going to take you on a party ride” were saying! this is one such comment; thank you for sharing your soulful intellect. the romantics’ “talking in your sleep” comes on the radio, my mom recounts the story of how when my uncle was young, he’d mistakenly replace the line “i hear the secrets that you keep” with “i hear the secret apache chief. the kid ends it by saying, “in the name of the father and of the son and in the hole he goes”. i was in high school, i had the stereo turned up real loud when my dad came home from work. matter how many times i heard it when i was little,i always heard:(black betty had a child).“i can tell you, my lovely luminous stealthy sun, acting like poison, summer has gone” instead of “i can tell you, my love for you will still be strong after the boys of summer have gone” from don henley’s song “boys of summer”.[63] manuscript copies of sappho's works may have survived a few centuries longer, but around the 9th century her poetry appears to have disappeared,[64] and by the twelfth century, john tzetzes could write that "the passage of time has destroyed sappho and her works". the ones i can think of:Emilyfrances, i thought it was “the dark’s a chasm in the classroom” up until i read your post re pink floyd’s another brick in the wall. for 7 years i kept singing it as cocohaha… hudumba you…. i must say that my stomach muscle is in knots from so much laughing so thank you for the enlightenment and enjoyment. i always heard chuck telling a big toe man to roll over..

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but i am wondering how i can ever use the term ‘mondergreen,’ i am pretty sure people will take it as an attempt to show off. there were a couple of other vinyl’s that were released that way back then. being american i had never heard of vegemite; it wasn’t until i moved to australia ( where i still live ) that i finally realized what was being said…i still like to sing my original version. when asked why he though so, he said it was in one of their hymns: and he walks with me and he talks with me…. kevin blushed when my family reported that as a five-year-old, instead of singing “heaven is a wonderful place,” i sang, “kevin has a beautiful face. grandfather convinced my 12 year old cousin that the star spangled banner was actually about a boy who couldn’t afford yankees tickets. can’t help hearing “we’re all for mexican” even if i know the true words. my sister and i both thought he said “annie do you want cake.’s see, in the star spangled banner, there’s been a joke about this.[51] ancient authors claim that sappho primarily wrote love poetry,[52] and the indirect transmission of sappho's work supports this notion. “if you don’t know leroy brown, you will, never ever know me…. first time i heard the end of it… “we stand on guard for thee” i heard ‘we stand on god for thee’, i was like….” and “all about my dough (door) but i don’t even check the peephole. the argument my family had over “chuckies in love” or “chuck e. i was fifteen, song by the hollies the lyrics were -all i need is the air that i breathe, yes to love you.” to this day, i always thought he was singing, “annie are you walking? my uncle, as i now understand, had kidney stones and needed to ‘relieve himself’ frequently. i could easily check lyrics on the internet, i was mystified why “heart of glass” by blondie would include a line like, “…riding high on love’s true jewish light…”.’s another one: in the lds church, the 13th article of faith begins thus: we believe is being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous and in doing good to all men… my kids like to recite it this way: we believe in being honest, true, chased by an elephant, virtuous…. (the eagles seemed more like chevy folks–like don mclean, i guess.: “mares-e-dotz and doz-e-dotz and little lams-e-divy, skiddle-e-divy doo, wouldn’t you? works for lmnop as one letter too; with the younger set.’ spam – although it’s funny that this remark has such horrendous grammar on a dictionary blog. i was a kid, on our island, bob marley’s songs played alot and i’d sing along to the top of my voice. six-year-old is great for these:Lyrics for blake shelton’s ‘she wouldn’t be gone’ read:“now i’m cursin’ like a fool,Prayin’ it ain’t too late,All i wanna do is fix my mistakes. during an explanation on why munakata would go to such lengths for a goal, especially since it was brought to attention following yashiro's own request, fushimi questions whether the rumors circling weismann are actually part of an old urban legend., i was always confused by weezer singing “beverly hills, rolling like a silver grenade”. they were saved from jungle by suoh mikoto andtotsuka tatara, they became homra clansmen. the papyri found there included many previously unknown fragments of sappho. for example, if you listen to the uk bands elbow or oasis, you will find that their singers’ mancusian accents almost force you to the lyric sheet to avoid mondegreens. although he is in some pain when the others start chanting for mikoto, he is somewhat mesmerized when he watches his mark glow and send a red spark to the sky. the actual lyric makes so much more sense with the next line of the song “another runner in the night” lol (if that is, in fact, the correct next line! is dictionary dot com asking me what it’s called? examples that work in german only (sorry, guys):“i got the power” (snap) -> “agathe bauer”. name saruhiko (猿比古, saruhiko) is composed of three kanji, saru (猿, monkey), hi (比, compare, race, ratio) and ko (古, old). used to laugh at my brother because he swore that the police’s every breath you take lyrics were “i’m a pool hall ace”. duran’s, “my own way,” was often sung with “i’m never bothered what you say, someone’s denture slips for today, ain’t your problem anyway,” instead of “i’m never bothered what you say, someone’s kid just lives for today, ain’t your problem anyway. favorite was from madonna, “pappa don’t preach” “cause i’m keeping my babay”. my dad knew the lyrics, he at first thought they said “we all need shelter and cheese. always had to laugh when we were kids, and my brother used to insist that the lyrics for the stampeders’ “wild eyes” were pronounced as ‘woun eyes’. hendrix – ‘scuse me while i kiss this guy for ‘scuse me while i kiss the sky. parents are country music fans, so my sister and i had some interesting versions of old country songs: first it was glen campbell’s “round stout cowboy,” also known as “rhinestone cowboy. i was little and recited this prayer at night, i thought three people named: shirley, goodness, and mercy would always be walking behind me my whole life following me everywhere i went! friend of mine used to think prince’s “little red corvette” sounded like “paying the rent collect. the kids (then 9 and 7) said that they understood that it is important and that mommy had a lot of ways to get it for you, but didn’t understand why it was “blessed. a while later, i finally saw the lyrics were “it’a a bright horizon” i probably could have listened to it a hundred more times and not gotten that! 1972, ochs was asked to write the theme song for the film kansas city bomber. all they do is look down on you from above. been born and bred in florida, i assumed that we were including all of our hispanic immigrants in the national anthem: “jose can you see…” i also believed that the middle of the alphabet song was about fish: “abcdefg, hijk eleminnow p”!” i always heard him saying “repped up like a douche, another rudder in the night. anyway, i called out to the radio, “you need to take them off first, mate”, to which one of my friends responded. course, the lyric from manfred mann’s earth band’s cover of bruce springsteen’s “blinded by the light” comes to mind: “revved up like a deuce” being mistaken for “wrapped up like a douche. australian national anthem begins: “australians all, let us rejoice” but my school friends and i would stand each morning to earnestly belt out: “australians all are ostriches”. he had been taking valium for years to help control his nerves, and he was also drinking heavily. little sister believes “helter skelter” (by the beatles) is actually hell’s a scandal. weiland of stone temple pilots spoke of the eagles’ “life in the fast lane” on a chicago radio show. always thought the hand shake/cheer at my school went. instead of “nip it in the bud”…my kids (the grown ones!” and in a kids’ book i read about 50+ years ago called “the feud at fennels”, one of the boys thought there was a cross-eyed bear called gladly (from the hymn entitled “gladly the cross i’d bear”). still, the sapphic stanza, strongly associated with sappho's poetry in the original, has become well known and influential among modern poets as well. think my most famous one as a child, was caught singing along in the car to pink floyd when i loudly declared “hey! well i know what mice are, i just don’t know what plicity is. i couldn’t figure out who richard stanz was, but i knew he was surely very important. might wonder how i came up with that, but just listen to the song- somehow it sounds like that! in the ’70s, there were song titled, sister golden hair, with lyrics that read, in part, ” . one good example, is the only song i like by fallout boy ” this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race” there is a video of the “misheard lyrics” on you tube somewhere… but i only sing the wrong lyrics, becuase they are waaay better. i thought was quite reasonable seeing as we aren’t faulty goods and ducks would be hazards in a bathroom. however, the second and third choruses sound to me like “it’s a honky tonk willy”. the incident, yata persuaded saruhiko to move in with him, which saruhiko eventually agreed to, and for a time, things were peaceful, and quiet; both boys had built a world of their own where they became each other's support. first heard of ‘mondegreens’ in stephen pinker’s fascinating book “the language instinct”. remember lyrics that i thought were “a pup in the sky, where the little birds fly. “ambience” by falling up, i was positive the lyrics were:“cause this girl, you and i have come to know, is a lie, and we must move on… i can see past, those fine eyes that led me on and you see that i’m knowing this, ever since i kissed her lips”. rem’s it’s the end of the world as we know it: “a tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies” was “turn ‘em in ‘n turn ‘em in ‘n turn ‘em into flies. anna nalick’s song “consider this,” i always believed she was saying “i’m gay and i’m alright” and was actually rather let down when i read the lyrics one day and realized she had been saying “i’m okay and i’m alright” the whole time. until a few months ago i thought the lyrics to sade smooth operator was sue got it better, or sue does it better. several of those customers were injured from lack of oxygen as they struggled to breathe while laughing – for this i am truly sorry.. i always through one part meant:Pigs in the pickle trough oooooooo lalalalaaaaaaaaa (that deep voice for the lalalaaaaa). years when i was a kid i thought it was holland oats, like a guys name not hall and oats.. i thought why do mice sit on john and take off their shoes.[36][37] he recorded his first three albums for elektra records: all the news that's fit to sing (1964), i ain't marching anymore (1965), and phil ochs in concert (1966).[180] the film features extensive archival footage of ochs and many pivotal events from the 1960s civil rights and peace movements, as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues who knew ochs through music and politics. look up some elton john lyrics and see how you’ve been singing completely wrong lyrics for years…. a kid ,for a long time, i thought the guy who transmogrified into the hulk was dr blue spanner ,he was my lady mondegreen.” likewise, we quickly realize that we should have said “baby sitter” when someone catches us saying “saby bitter. is later seen standing on the bridge where it connects to the school island and watches as the red clansmen gather to mourn for their king..[147] during their performance on vh1 storytellers, pearl jam covered "here's to the state of mississippi" with updated lyrics to include jerry falwell, dick cheney, john roberts, alberto gonzales, and george w.’t no woman like the one i got ===> ain’t no woman like the one-eyed gott.[88] according to aelian, the athenian lawmaker and poet solon asked to be taught a song by sappho, "so that i may learn it and then die".[6] as a result, the ochs family moved frequently: to far rockaway, new york, when ochs was a teenager; then to perrysburg in western new york, where he first studied music; and then to columbus, ohio. song has a lot of mondegreens unless you speak the language fluently or have the lyrics in hand. the rally culminated with lennon and yoko ono, who were making their first public performance in the united states since the breakup of the beatles. i’m interested to know if anyone interpreted the “steve miller band” song “big old airliner” as “big old chet got a light out”? true story: as a child during the kennedy administration, i frequently heard that the president had gone to his vacation home in hyannis port on the radio or television. fushimi threatens to resign from scepter 4, and munakata invites him to do so, adding "you're used to being a traitor anyway. for instance, i was donating blood for the red cross earlier this week. lyrics from the bee gees’ “stayin’ alive”:Now you can tell by the way i use my walk,I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk. for years my brother and i thought the main chorus was, ” blinded by the light,Revved up like a douche, in the roner of the night. one bites the dust (queen):“steve walks warily down the street” sounded like “stink bug’s family down the street”. she was exiled to sicily around 600 bc, and may have continued to work until around 570. of course i knew that wasn’t how it was meant to be understood. especially the part that sounds like “jai guru deva om” or “shai curu deva om”. although his song was not used in the soundtrack, it was released as a single. worried, fushimi then watched in surprise as one of them took a drink from the bottle of soda and then threw it back at them, only for it to melt despite the bottle being made of glass. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. old friend thought the buckingham’s song, “kind of a drag” was singing “canada dry”. some shook-up ramen was from that commercial back about 10 years ago…. …just brush my cheek before you leave me… only recently did i figure out the words to that song. by best friend growing up was the king of mondegreens! but god’s name is harold, ‘hark, ’cause harold’s angels sing”. as the climax, they would release a wrecking ball, which swung across the stage and smashed some plywood."[57] with an ironic sense of humor, ochs included christgau's "webbed hand" comment in his 1968 songbook the war is over on a page titled "the critics raved", opposite a full-page picture of ochs standing in a large metal garbage can.” to think that mondegreens could also jump from one language to another is just amazing. in the first line, i thought it said “i want you to love me like i’m a hot ride,” another friend thought it said “like i’m a hot guy,” and finally, my last friend thought it was “i want you to love me like i’m a hot pie. those of you old enough to remember herman’s hermits’ song ‘silhouettes’, there’s a line that says ‘let me in or else i’ll beat down your door’, which sounded like ‘let me in or else i’ll pee down your door’. speaking of whom, @eileen: “let my love open the door” is actually from townshend’s solo album _empty glass_ and is not a who song proper. for most of the meeting, fushimi simply stares out the window in utter boredom, until he eventually decides to take his leave in silence. sister informed me that it was actually:“cause this glow, you and i have come to know, is a lie, and we must move on… i can see through these glass eyes that led me on i’m in this room you’re in that and you play hearts like instruments. in lost small world, he also corrected yata's little brother minoru that the beetle he had caught was not a hercules beetle just by looking at it.” i still don’t know if his subsequent line is “well my answer pretty much died,” or “well my hands are pretty much tied,” because he was laughing during the delivery.[132] included are many of his notebooks, journals, videotapes of his performances, the gold lamé suit, photographs, and other documents and memorabilia that meegan had preserved since his death.” in my defense, i thought they were very odd and unpoetic lyrics and would listen verrry closely each time the song came on the radio, but that’s what it always sounded like! it was then that he realized why saruhiko never talked about his family; once when the house was burglarized while a sick saruhiko was at home, his parents simply swept the incident under the rug, saying that they would not leave anything valuable out in the open the next time, never once showing any concern for their son's well being. back in the day, several friends mistook the line in ccr’s “bad moon rising” as, “there’s a bathroom on the right. christmas theme gone awry: until i was 27 or so and my three-year niece told me otherwise, i always thought that the line in jingle bells was “dashing through the snow, on a one-horse soaping (soapin’ in newyorkese dialect) sleigh”. they pretty much took off from there, arriving in san fran for the summer of drugs…er, love…where paul thought it would be a great idea to drop a few stamps from uncle syd…they didn’t like it so much. records released an indie rock/experimental rock tribute album titled poison ochs: a tribute to phil ochs in 2003. than make some innocent bright eyed kid” which i took as careless conception.. bamboo shoots in the sweet and sour pork, green pepper of the stuffed green pepper etc.

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” when we finally told her the real lyrics she was like “oh. my mom was little, her brother was listening to “walk this way” by aerosmith. of course brian screams instead of sings, not until i heard axl rose sing it did i know the real lyrics. and there are also influences from through the looking glass. i was a kid i thought that bee gee’s “more than a woman” was bald headed woman,bald headed woman to me. sometimes both interpretations will flip back and forth upon hearing the lines even still. seems particularly appropriate that this week we should commemorate the contributions of this extraordinary young man. the first time i heard the song “pretty girls” by iyaz, i wasn’t really listening to the lyrics and thought it said “gotta do the white boy jump, do the white boy jump. former girlfriend once told me hysterically about hearing her middle son absent-mindedly singing the barry manilow tune “looks like we made it” in the car as she was driving him to football.” instead of “if you don’t know me by now. leslie fish recorded "chickasaw mountain", which is dedicated to ochs, on her 1986 album of that name.” for a long time, i thought the lyrics were, “riches i heed not, nor mens’ empty brains. of my best/worst mistakes have been:“i’m a soccer ball” instead of “i’m unstoppable.” – had to look that one up, ’cause i knew it wasn’t right. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. there’s my favorite, in the song, “white flag” by dido, she thought “i wont put my hands up, and surrender” was really “i will poke my eyes out, and surrender. in the nicene creed, i always used to say “one holy and athostolic church” instead of “apostolic church”…i only found that out like a year ago…pretty depressing for a lifelong catholic. a friend named their band after one of them misinturperted the lyrics: slow motion walter.- most listeners were under the impression that whitney houston sang, ‘i’m asking you ’cause you know about these things’ in ‘how will i know? this lyric: the kids and girl and boy -land, will have a jubilee~ we’re gonna build a toy-land all around the christmas tree…” i heard, “…we’re gonna build a toilet all around the christmas tree. don’t know what that song was or what the words really are. “waterfalls” …as a little kid i always sang, “don’t go jason waterfalls” instead of “don’t go chasing waterfalls! this fear was clearly evident when mikoto broke out of the scepter 4 jail. at ashinaka he was able to get information on the students quite quickly when it would have taken much longer for someone else in his clan. thought jimi hendrix’ line (in voodoo child) “he took me past the outskirts of infinity” was “he took me past the downstairs of infinity. young friend in the 60′s asked if i heard the new beatle song “take a back right turn”… (paperback writer). still don’t know what the lyrics are to sheryl crowe’s “real gone” but i’m pretty sure i’m mishearing: “there’s a new cat in town, he’s got a high-paid defense” … “you think he’s so swell, but it’s just perpetuating prophecy”.” i always asked myself who would want to sleep in the arms of a one eyed lady? my favourites are: the girl auditioning for bulgarian pop idol, giving it all she’s got with mariah carey’s “without you” (can’t live, if living is without you)” as “ken lee, tuliboo dibou douchoo”. both make sense and i’ve found both versions on the web. “feliz navidad” and she looked up the lyrics to prove us wrong. would like to see the latter take on the whore of babylon! song with the lyrics, “i believe in miracles, you sexy thing…” i thought they were singing, “i believe in milk-o, you sexy thing…” lol. lifelong movie fan, ochs worked the narratives of justice and rebellion that he had seen in films into his music, describing some of his songs as "cinematic". am here to appreciate the good work of this site for helping to locate my helper who is dr ekaka. man, i am staying up late reading all these comments:My daughter was 2 or 3 and we caught her singing the line in deck the halls as “follow me and be very careful” instead of “follow me in merry measure” (that on melted our hearts). misheard a lot of the beach boys’ lyrics when i was five years old.” i thought it was the weirdest song ever and had no idea why my mom and sisters liked it, or let me hear it for that matter. she thought it was rather odd, but shrugged it off, picturing attendants filling your car while smirking at you., who knows if it’s a joke or not, i heard of someone thinking the elvis costello song “oliver’s army” said “i’ll have a lasagna”.[85] ochs wore the gold suit on the cover of his 1970 album, greatest hits, which consisted of new songs largely in rock and country styles. sad thing is until just now when i googled the real lyrics i had no idea that my second version was wrong :s lol. he decided to go join scepter 4 and was admitted into the organization, despite the current king knowing of his past with homra. wife used to think the country song “oh, lord, stuck in lodi (california) again! in the beginning of one of their videos the lead singer says “m black” in a real breathy way and it sounds like “i’m black”. reading through these comments, i just now discovered that the lyric in blinded by the light is “revved up like deuce” and not “wrapped up like a douche” – which i’ve always found rather disgusting. niece whrn she was about 5 years old, whenever she wanted to go to “burger king” she allways said “apookining”. “ticket to ride”, the beatles sing:“she’s got a chicken to ride, my baby donkey”. several months, the train persona faded and ochs returned, but his talk of suicide disturbed his friends and family. remarkable and highly amusing, it puts you in mind of slapstick comdey. i was a boy, i was shocked when i heard styx’s “mr. in one of beverly cleary’s books, our heroine ramona hears “the star spangled banner” at school. was having difficulties writing new songs during this period, but he had occasional breakthroughs. later on i knew that it’s “for all” lol. dylan said of ochs, "i just can't keep up with phil. he especially liked big screen heroes such as john wayne[13] and audie murphy. i was a kid, i misinterpreted the following line from the holiday favorite, “winter wonderland”:Real lyric: later on, we’ll conspire, as we dream by the fire. i was 7 we were driving in the station wagon and i was in the “way way” back, my mom driving and my older sisters in the back seat. this became a running joke with some friends in high school. a young child in the 80′s hearing the song “you spin me right round” i thought it said, “you spin me right round, baby, right round like a rabbit, baby, right round, round, round.[92] sappho was a popular character in ancient athenian comedy,[31] and parker lists six separate comedies called sappho., so, thank you for pointing that out- i didn’t know. later joins the rest of scepter 4 to a local airport so that they can contact the silver king, adolf k. 1962, ochs married alice skinner, who was pregnant with their daughter meegan, in a city hall ceremony with jim glover as best man and jean ray as bridesmaid, and witnessed by dylan's sometime girlfriend, suze rotolo. i always thought it was “you can tell by the way i use my walk, i’m a wanted man, no time to talk” instead of “woman’s man”. he attempts to draw his saber against his former king but gives up in the end. he watched silently as yata took a drink from his soda and then threw it towards a group of rough-looking men. old favourite was “every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you”. in the beginning of the song he was sure he heard “pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom”. for the longest time all i sang was “i felt his love, from above, send salami like a dove. her head, bop, bop,You’ve got me rockin’ and a-rollin’. allende committed suicide during the bombing of the presidential palace, and singer victor jara was publicly tortured and killed.[97] more generally, her work – especially her ode to aphrodite – has been a key influence of conceptions of what lyric poetry should be, from the romantic era onwards. performed at many political events during the 1960s counterculture era, including anti-vietnam war and civil rights rallies, student events, and organized labor events over the course of his career, in addition to many concert appearances at such venues as new york city's town hall and carnegie hall. hate to say that my sister and i were teenagers when our mother said “you do know it’s elbow don’t you” and we said “wait, what? interpretation: “the men up there don’t like a lot of bladder. i listened to lady gaga’s “love game” i thought for weeks she was singing “domino game” after the chorus but what was actually said was “doin’ the love game. he is described as being rather depressing, showing dislike of many things with little interest in activities that he does enjoy, or even his own future. dislikes most of his work's duties and a handful of the people that he is forced to work with, preferring not to spend time socializing with coworkers. thought the music band inxs was pronounced “inkses” rather than the correct “in-x-s”. it’s like a mass mailing where you fully expect a tiny percent return or success rate (0. i simply figured that a doard was a stupid jerky kind of guy.[158] the punk band squirrel bait cited ochs as a major creative influence in the liner notes of their 1986 album skag heaven, and cover his "tape from california".[12] the announcement of the tithonus poem was the subject of international news coverage, and was described by marilyn skinner as "the 'trouvaille' [discovery] of a lifetime". myself, i couldn’t figure out the “knock-knock” joke: “knock, knock” “who’s there? favorite line in “don’t stop believin’” by journey is “heaven’s just a funky moose…”. the one about sending only poor into the war… i think it’s called… oh yea! our son was young enough to idolize spiderman, he would sing the spiderman song: “…catches fleas just like flies…” instead of “catches thieves just like flies”. the film included interviews with people who had known ochs, including yippies abbie hoffman and jerry rubin, manager harold leventhal, and mike porco, the owner of gerde's folk city. is known about sappho's life for certain – so little that monique wittig and sande zeig's lesbian peoples: material for a dictionary contains an entire page for the entry on sappho, deliberately left blank. the worse part was, one day i heard it one the radio, and i turned it up, and started singing it; i thought it was a rock and roll song to some old action movie. you can tell by the way i use my walk,I don’t wanna spend no time to talk. day, both were lounging out on he streets beside a lamppost, where fushimi drank from a bottle of soda.” i always looked at my parents in a strange way when they played the record! therefore, he is assigned to alert his fellow clansmen of emergency deployment, which he immediately tasks himself in doing. politicians (mps members of parliament) in parliament:“speaking as a country member,…”. he suggests that if yata wanted to duke it out with him, he should just switch clans. i mean true: the child’s misinterpretation weren’t the original lyrics, but essentially works the same. the carpenters “close to you” there two lines beginning verses–’why do birds suddenly appear’ and ‘why do stars fall down from the sky” and every time i think of the song, i combine the two, “why do birds fall down from the sky every time you walk by”. for the longest time (and really, even now when i listen close) i am sure alanis morrisette is saying “the cross-eyed bear that you gave me” instead of “of the cross i bear that you gave to me” in you oughta know. earth wind and fire’s devotion, the verse “from the fruit of evil” sounds almost like “toma tu sopita” (take your little soup). in the taylor swift song ours, i thought the line was “people throw rocks, it’ll be just fine” instead of “… at things that shine”.”wiches stand” and for like 7 years i thought that apparently wiches had a part is us history. to his annoyance, he is forced to continue listening to munakata's lecture., james stewart was “the earl of moray”, and the “of” becomes “o’”; it isn’t like o’brien: there should be a space before “moray”. also, i used to think it was this:Howard be thy name (also sometimes mistook it for “how low be thy name”). friends and i were having an argument about the song “only girl in the world” by rihanna. and elton john’s benny and the jets had “electric boobs and a mohawk, too” instead of “electric boobs and a mohair suit. one day i finally figured it out “she was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an l on her forehead”. “escape (the pina colada song),” i misheard “if you like pina coladas” as “if you like bean enchiladas. how many people knew that “beelzebub has a devil put aside for me.’m surprised no one came up with the old classic – first one i ever knew about. kushina • maria yubikiri • neko • basashi • mogura • youji tanaka • 'senkōki'. was 3 when madonna came out with “material girl” so, i didn’t know at the time the song was actually called “material girl. we know that a “mondegreen” is a misheard line or lyric, as has been fully explored in the 900 comments before mine, but “mondegreen” itself is a “mondegreen”. it seems ridiculous that i thought those were the lyrics, but if you know panic! a couple of weeks , he would tell me he was working at the nerd. adolescents song “amoeba” has the word “amoeba” repeated by a group of voices, and it sounds like they are repeating “tony hawk”. years ago i heard a comedian talking about the lion king song ‘circle of life’. favourite one is the first line of the third verse of “to god be the glory”; which to my childish brain sounded like, “great things he has tortoise! we all just looked at her in shock and then cracked up…my husband blurts out “she watches a lot of cops”. therefore, if you hear “kicked by a rose off the grave”, that is in fact your version of the song. is an example of a sort of backwards mondegreen, in that the actual lyric turned out to be what i thought it was and everyone else had it wrong. through the looking glass was an inspiration for some other songs, referencing things around drugs, most notably “white rabbit” by jefferson airplane. of my friends always thought that “my bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea” was “my body lies over the ocean, my body lies over the sea. and, my personal favourite, is the pussycat doll’s “when i grow up”: “be careful what you wish for ’cause you’re just like janet! that was one of the early “play the record backwards for a secret message” records from a craze of that time. thought the imagine dragons lyric was “enough to make my sister moan” and was fairly scandalized.  Artem from strictly who is he dating-

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: “the men up there don’t like a lot of blabber. younger daughter was driving, and her older sister was in the front seat with her, while i was in the back. john singing “lucy in the sky with diamonds”, but heard:“lucy in disguise with diamonds. ma ma minakick i ever known,No whoa, whoa, whoa, i’m a rocket man. fushimi often boasts about his strength and speaks to his opponents in a mocking tone. i liked my version, since the song was talking about reagan, and sometimes he could come across like we needed to plug him in before he would function.[173] ochs is mentioned in the stephen king novels the tommyknockers[174] and hearts in atlantis. sons name is chad and i still think in the michael jackson song it says “chad is not my son.…i think the ayatollah khomeini was unpopular at that time and we were hearing a lot about issues in iran. always thought the song “tell me why” by taylor swift said: ‘you might think i’m full of poop but i’m not! whatever i thought it was, it’s not like it made sense anyways. we were in middle school, my friend thought the line from roxanne’s it must’ve been love was “lay a whisker on my pillow” instead of whisper. so i said matter of factly “his pockets full of f%@#king loot” my mom couldn’t help but laugh too. ochs, interviewed about phil ochs, culture shocks with barry lynn, march 23, 2011. my step-dad and his daughter are poor singers when it comes to pitch, but they can hear a song one time and know all the lyrics. i heard it was from the puritan punishment of being put in public stocks if caught in an extramarital affair, with the abbreviated sign meaning for using carnal knowledge. & garfunkel’s i am a rock: “i’ve been waltzed (i’ve built walls) in fortress deep and mighty / that none may penetrate / i have no need of friendship / friendship causes pain / it’s laughter and it’s nothing like its name (it’s laughter and it’s loving i disdain)…”.. he didn’t care that his version didn’t make sense =p. i was small, we had a song at church to aid the learning of the books of the new testament in with the lyrics, “matthew, mark, luke and john, acts and the epistle to the romans”. the covenant song dead stars, when performed live, the line “my favourite game, i suffer from misuse” sounds like “my favorite game, soft foam shoes. and the oasis song “wonderwall” lyric ‘backbeat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out’ said ‘might be, the weather’s on the street, there’s a fire in your auntie’s house’. 1967, ochs—now managed by his brother michael—left elektra for a&m records and moved to los angeles, california. “across the universe” when john lennon sang “jai guru deva” i thought he was singing about a guy named jackaroo dave. heard of a little kid adding a small fat man to his depiction of the nativity. line references a track on a previous miller album: “space cowboy” on brave new world (1969); “gangster of love” on sailor (1968); and “enter maurice” on recall the beginning…a journey from eden (1972), which includes the lines:[1]. of my little sisters once asked my dad, “how do donuts make my brown eyes blue? this period, ochs was taking drugs to get through performances. i see the one above was called a “pseudo-mondegreen” but what about something like what lil wayne does, for example. my sister was young, she asked me about bette midler’s song “one more round., i hope you were joking, but it’s the first one.- england dan/john ford coley, i’m not talkin bout my linen > i’m not talking about moving in. singing the children’s folk song, “hop, hop a little horse, hop, hop again, sir” then 5-year-old chris asked, “what’s a ghinzer? up i always thought kenny rogers lucille had a verse that said 400 kids and the crops in the fields…instead what it said was 4 hungry kids. i thought it said “lead me, guide me, rock beside me”. song “secret agent man” sounds a lot like “secret asian man. i think this is the most interesting mondegreen i’ve ever heard about (it was explained on npr some years ago at christmas time):Originally the first day of christmas was sung. beyonce’s “single ladies” first came out, my 4 year old niece thought the lyrics “all the sigle ladies” were actually “all the cigarrettes! (i think thats the name) sang by jet it says “big black boots, long brown hair” well it was misinterpreted by me as: “big black boobs, long brown hair” (i sang that song that way for a long time). the rough guide to rock: the definitive guide to more than 1200 artists and bands (3 ed. of ochs's songs became hits, although "outside of a small circle of friends" received a good deal of airplay. mid-1975, ochs took on the identity of john butler train. turns out that he is supposed to head to a warehouse near the harbor, supposedly the hideout of the gun dealer whose merchandise was used by totsuka's murderer. thing is certain, rock n roll lyrics are fertile ground for the ol’ men on the green.’s not uncommon for mondegreens to be used by comedians, particularly in the context of music lyrics. i was convinced the backwards ‘lyrics’ given were accurate, though they differed quite a bit from what i wrote down! of the hardest ones to for people to figure out, i think, is “sweet escape” by gwen stefani. i was little, i took spanish at my elementary school from a woman from argentina. man, i like your version better too…i am laughing all the way to the bathroom before i pee my pants.… so really we should be praising them for keeping this tradition going. are great for mondegreens:As a child, i remeber ordering sunday dinner for myself and with great pride i requested a chicken fried “snake” instead of “stake. family member recently asked what an “infanso” was after many years of misunderstanding silent night…. it reached #119 on billboard's national "hot prospect" listing before being pulled from some radio stations because of its lyrics, which sarcastically suggested that "smoking marijuana is more fun than drinking beer".- the famous track ‘the israelites’ was misheard by a listener as. has just about every other person who has heard the song “blinded by the light,” i misunderstood “revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night. first time i heard the song, i thought joe cocker said “give me a chicken for an air-o-plane”. sounds like you are very familiar with the tenants of writing well! always thought it sounded like “the legend lives on from the chippewa on down to the big lake they call itch me goolies”. keep on choogling- “keep on chewin, if you don’t know, you are not a man”. his testimony included his recitation of the lyrics to his song "i ain't marching anymore". most recent, and for me, prominent, is the malachy mccourt book “a monk swimming”. more recently, i heard joanna newsom’s song “peach, plum, pear,” and i was certain her line “made me bolt like a horse” was actually “made me bold like a whore. i realised this was incorrect this year when it came on the radio while driving with my friends. sister sonny ochs (tanzman) runs a series of "phil ochs song nights" with a rotating group of performers who keep ochs's music and legacy alive by singing his songs in cities across the u.: the songs of phil ochs, a two-cd set of 28 covers by artists that includes eric andersen, billy bragg, john gorka, nanci griffith, arlo guthrie, pat humphries, magpie, tom paxton, dave van ronk, sammy walker, peter yarrow, and others. when he saw an episode that had something to do with a cart of apples he sang out the jimmy eat world song ” it’s gonna take some time in a little apple ride, everything everything will be alright” really it’s “it just takes some time, little girl you’re in the middle of you’re life (ride? i literally pictured a centipede on a christmas tree (“centipede” apparently was “santa peed”) though my father told it to me until i was about 15 before i asked him to explain it to me. speaking of oz, i thought the dog’s name was total., of course, the israelites by desmond deckker & the aces, which is one long string on mondegreens from end to end:Het up in the morning.” maybe it was their west texas pronunciation that had me thinking (until second grade, or so) that it was a “chester drawers. at ohio state he met jim glover, a fellow student who was a devotee of folk music. used to think the line “one horse open sleigh” in “jingle bells” was “one or soap in sleigh”. (like several men, but with an a instead of the men. melissa etheridge’s ‘i want to come over,’ when she says ‘i want to come over- to hell with the consequence’ i always thought it was to hell with the concert plans-’ like the were in a fight and she just wanted to come over and be together instead of going to the concert like they had planned…. a “light saber” (aka star wars) is a “life saber” (poetic, i think). the part “his pocket full of spending loot” can on and i’m singing at the top of my lungs “pockets full of f%@#king loot”.[100] the attack also exacerbated his growing mental problems, and he became increasingly paranoid.) especially in song lyrics… and i have this habit of singing the wrong lyrics, even though i know they are wrong, just because i think it’s funny. know the lyrics are ‘scuse me while i kiss the sky’ in jimi’s song, but i saw in person jimi lean into his bass player noel redding at the first miami pop festival (actually at the hollywood race track in florida in 1968) and clearly sing ‘scuse me while i kiss this guy. know it sounds weird but if you listen it’s easy to mistake. seems to have no trouble handling bugs in days of blue, he simply plucks a spider from its web before setting it free by tossing it out a window. north of sydney, australia, is the lovely waterway known as coal and candle creek. the wine was pulling him one way and the uppers were pulling him another way, and he was kind of a mess.’s a line in a song by pulp, ‘raised on a diet of broken biscuits’, which i always thought was ‘raisins doubt their place in biscuits’. later, i asked my daughter what a “whore” was to her. fushimi engages in a brief conversation with the skateboarding clansmen, asking him a variety of questions, albeit with a sarcastic undertone.“i want to rock and roll all night and part of (party) every day). english folk/punk songwriter al baker recorded a song about ochs entitled "all the news that's fit to sing", a reference to the title of ochs's first album. kamamoto comes to pick the two up and fushimi only quietly complained as he was carried on kamamoto's shoulder, who claimed he was helping him because his king was kind and he wouldn't turn his back on fushimi who "ran away", fushimi denied this claiming that he "left willingly". female co-worker said her husband had a severe case of “in testicle” flu.” only to find out he was in fact saying “when we sway i grow weak”. fushimi knocks on the door and sneaks behind sakura asama, drugging her with a piece of cloth that renders her unconscious.’t remember what the song was called but the lyrics go “i’m blue, double dee double die”. using a sensory monitor that displays what is occurring inside the stadium, particularly after seri and kuroh yatogami begin their battle, fushimi bemoans at how their enemies are seemingly on an advantage; impatient, he goes to munakata about the situation. course, once something like “mondegreen” is on your mind, you hear them everywhere., johnny cash sang, “i’ve been stuck in folsom prison,” not, “i’ve been stuffin’ folks in prison. one time when misaki learned that saruhiko did not come to school that day as he was ill, he wasted no time going to his house to take care of him. i almost had an accident when i heard his little voice sing, “she’s alright, she’s alright, she’s alright, cookie” ! he tells her that the same trick won't work on him twice as he draws his saber, a blood thirsty grin is on his face. when sukuna cuts off their escape, fushimi and yata engage him in a second round of their tag team fight. phil ochs includes lyrics, chords, personal recollections, and much more.” she explained that it was a gift he won her at the carnival and wanted to take back. my little brother used to sing “soup and noodles, soup and noodles, and chicken for tea”. he sees yata and kamamoto asking students about whether they've seen yashiro isana.” we would then ask, “what is the lion doing, mommy? kennedy as part of a "cycle of sacrifice" in which people build up heroes and then celebrate their destruction; "chords of fame", a warning against the dangers and corruption of fame; "pleasures of the harbor", a lyrical portrait of a lonely sailor seeking human connection far from home; and "boy in ohio", a plaintive look back at ochs's childhood in columbus. word in a song that starts with a vowel or soft consonant often sounds like it starts with a d when preceded by the word and. sang “o, susanna” in middle school chorus, which was the first time i realized that the line was not, “…with a band-aid on my knee. man (elton john):“burning out his fuse out here alone” sounded like “burning out the duodecagon”. that it’s a winter’s day, is it “you know the preacher liked the cold”? when a word comes about from a mistaken pronunciation, it’s called a mondegreen. folk singer for the fbi: the phil ochs fbi file.’re whole websites dedicated to english-spoken songs that cause mondegreens in spanish… examples:In michael jackson’s billy jean, the verse “but the kid is not my son” sounds a lot like “tu quieres una manzana” (you want an apple). nonetheless, he easily sees through the trick and grows even more annoyed at yashiro's attempt to trick him.…phone now and you’ll be back together with the (wo)man you swore never to love again before sunset/ sunrise if they’ve moved. this day, i get the last two lines of the first verse of bruce springsteen’s “hungry heart” mixed up…”like a river that don’t know where it’s flowin’, i took a wrong turn and just kept going” for some reason, i always sing “like a river that don’t know where it’s going, i took a wrong turn and just kept flowin’” which could make sense….“i sometimes see your pants (you pass) outside my door…hello…is it me your looking for? used to think the lyrics to the acdc song “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” were “dirty cheese and the dunder chief,” instead of the true lyrics “dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap.’ve heard people listening to the song ‘howl’ by florence and the machine say that ‘i am eternal’ sounds like ‘i’m on a toilet’. most recently, major discoveries in 2004 (the "tithonus poem" and a new, previously unknown fragment)[72] and 2014 (fragments of nine poems; five already known but with new readings, four, including the "brothers poem", not previously known)[73] have been reported in the media around the world.[128] alice skinner ochs was a photographer;[129] she died in november 2010.? perhaps you could make it your business to mishear and/or misinterpret other items and gain fame for this later : ). about jamaican singer desmon dekker and and his song “the israelites”. thought one of the young rascal’s lyrics was “you and me and leslie” when it was “you and me endlessly.[61] yatromanolakis suggests that there may have been other complete editions of sappho's poetry in circulation in the ancient world, possibly dating back to aristotle's day. was at a peter kay show recently, where he rattled off quite a number. had no idea why they sang a song about sugary foods and multiple parents after the pledge of allegiance every day, not that i cared, i loved singing regardless of they lyrics… then i learned the real words and what they meant… 0. mother told me that, as a young girl reciting the hail mary, she always wondered about the line: blessed art thou a monk swimmin’ (blessed art thou amongst women). it didn’t take long though, to find that smashing guitars can be expensive, and there aren’t a lot of replacements.

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