Dating in fort collins co pros and cons

Dating in fort collins co pro and construction

aberdeen and sunset would be good too but more of a bikable distance from shopping. pueblo has me interested but i’m at the same point as another person looking at say the 30’s scene and the size of the location i move to. the sunshine is truly abundant and the weather in general has been outstanding. probably avoid the east side, especially since it wouldn’t be terribly convenient for either hospital.! i am ready to go right now, that is i have no problems just leaving everything and starting over-ive already done that 3 times within this shithole of indiana, which is where i broadcast from. i hope your son lands in pueblo – i teach statistics at csu-pueblo and i think it’s a great university. that said, i don’t have enough information to speak with any confidence on the subject. perhaps send me a message via the contact form below with specific questions? and i have come to realize it is a good thing.“according to some of the locals i’ve spoken to a large chunk of the city is owned by a family up in denver. again justin and all,My july 13th to 18th trip to pueblo and springs was an eye-opening. my name is belle and i am considering moving to pueblo. this would generally be known as the northside, although i think it needs a new neighborhood name because it’s not really anywhere near the north edge of the city and hasn’t been for sometime. justin , thanks to you and your posters for this tremendously informative thread . we also, for financial reasons, focused on the east side [ yes, i have read about the not so great points of the east side] there seemed to be many happy children playing [ mostly supervised] and people we noticed seemed, i don’t know, relaxed. and in what locals other than what i have seen, and where would it be located in. by precautions i mean, get a security system and keep doors locked. probably a fraction of what it costs in most major cities but everything is relative. so much for an informative article and thanks everyone, for all the comments.  pueblo is no exception but it does offer many innovative options at a more affordable price than in most communities. there investing by wealthy pueblobians in job creation and small businesses ? yes, i agree, the sprawl in northern colorado is reaching a tipping point. i’m checking with the bigger apartment complexes that advertise security and 24-hour maintenance. could you let us know if we will be needing to bring our snowblower?’m willing to wager you’ve spent the bulk of your time on the outskirts of pueblo in areas like pueblo west, walking stick and eagleridge. spanish speaking skills are certainly valuable and probably provide some advantage in a job search but i don’t think it’s a major barrier to entry in the local job market. would that be a good place to open a consignment shop? the rental market is fairly tight so you may need to make temporary housing arrangements and then find a rental upon arrival. who just take the rent ,,but don’t put anything back to improve the housing the rent out, and still want to rent rundown places for high prices . to stay north and/or west of the fairgrounds and you should be okay. any advice on 35+ acre options in the area, and what to look out for? am not sure how much you are wanting to spend on a home but if you go northeast of wellington the prices will be cheaper than in fort collins. i am seriously considering a move to pueblo & i’d appreciate it if you could make a map of the city so i know where east side is. most cities have at least a few different websites toting some of their apartments, there are a couple online for for collins and i think 2 different apartments in cheyenne online, both of which prohibit pets, which is an issue because i plan on getting a dog once i move out to wyo or co. as a former michigander i can definitely appreciate how nice it is to be “up north” relaxing on a beach overlooking lake michigan. but having tried to work in new mexico, coming out of there, i still maintain that even though i won’t be able to lead any kind of normal life anywhere near where the closed-captioning companies are, pueblo still has it all over anything further south of it. please send a note via contact form and let me know how i might help. not sure about lawn care or small engine repair shops but there should be options for someone with skills and a good midwest work ethic. good fishing on the arkansas and elsewhere nearby but you’ll have to get the low-down from someone who knows a lot more than me. any business you can start that adds jobs to the local economy will be filling a void. i’m considering buying a small multi- family building where my daughter and potential roommates can occupy one of the units and we can rent the other(s). the climate change will be very welcome, first of all. did go to the zoo, and what i say stands when compared to zoos i’ve seen in other towns between 90,000 and 150,000 people. in mind this includes , montgomery county mils -abington township taxes (includes school tax -trash – sewer serv. she was thinking more nice quality for older women [ chicos, coldwater creek, eileen fischer, like that] and maybe a small childrens section where they can grab something adorable for the grandkids. you’re a connoisseur of good food, you will find plenty to like about pueblo. if you really want to live in pueblo and you really want to make good money it can certainly can be done but you have to make it happen. our biggest question/concern is regarding the property values in the mountainous/rural areas of pueblo…. i have applied to a few open social work jobs in the area and we shall see what turns out.. just maybe 5 or 10 acres with a nice ranch style home and maybe a barn/arena etc. we visited the city today to see it for ourselves and we like what we see. my bf bartends and also has experience working in construction, welding, etc. came to pueblo just 3 months ago, and i am ready to leave. my first pueblo house 3 months ago and am already watching the values of belmont neighborhood rise. they want to see you every single day and have exciting plans for the next movie and next walk under the downtown lights, and you dread every single moment. also, replacing floors,painting, and other cosmetic work would be interesting, however new plumbing, a new roof, heater, electrical and foundational problems are, at this point [and most likely for a number of years] beyond the scope of anyone thus far interested.! i would love your help and would gladly sign for the purchase of a first home exactly as you describe yours, but will also be willing to go thru the homeless shelter routine to get in public housing apartments. pueblo has a significant number of croatian, slovenian natives, we call ourselves “bojons” and are very proud of our heritage. i forget the south side of town is the best side, of course i grew up and have lived south of the river. once you have a few years of professional experience under your belt i hope you will consider returning to pueblo. don’t watch netflix alone and avoid the chill with netflix and chill. you have any lunch or tour recommendations please email or call me. good neighborhoods have a few run down properties and some of the toughest neighborhoods have immaculate homes. my husband think the same things for this fantastic place. 719-568-1675 my 3 bedroom ranch is almost ready for sale josh knows where it is but no showings until i finish a couple of more things. do you know of any safe areas with apartments that would take a dog and be under 5. there are a few of course dj’s, jorge’s, and aside from the chains over on hwy 50, thats as good as it gets. but again, as you note, unemployment levels are high (over 9% in pueblo county) and there will be plenty of competition for good jobs. high school seems to be more of a challenge as there are no private options in pueblo (some send their kids to schools in colorado springs) but there are a few innovative program options including the ib program at east and the early college program in partnership with the well regarded local community college, pueblo cc. belmont is indeed a very nice neighborhood and i definitely would recommend it. don’t listen to the pueblo haters who live in lily-white suburbs and turn up their noses because the per-capita lexus ownership rate is so much lower here. here’s a weird contradiction: pueblo ranked #5 most stressful place to live yet #20 best place to retire…. i work at home and we’re senior citizens who may have one or two grandchildren living with us for a short time.  i have family and friends living in pueblo and i began investing in real estate in pueblo in 2010. not because they don’t like it, it’s because there financial status or income can’t support it. i wouldn’t recommend anywhere south of 17th street nor west of west street, at least until you’re north of freed middle school. i think pueblo is a good place to start certain types of businesses because labor and facility costs are very inexpensive. i want to specialize in holistic nutrition (and behavior, though i don't think i'll pursue a separate residency for it), so i'll need to be nearby a vet school anyways to do a residency after i do private practice for a few years. can you think of any way i could connect with parents of kids who go to, say, franklin elementary, to get an on-the-ground perspective? as a native of denver, i’ve realized how difficult it will be to start a family in a city where the house prices continue to rise at such sharp rates. any tips on the best way and time to do that? my recommendation would be either find a loft condo or apartment on or near union ave; or, if you prefer to live in a house, look near pueblo community college. we have found more physicians here that are willing to take medicare, and that makes our lives a whole lot easier, there is good public transportation if we need it, and we also love the climate, and the “clean” air and we are considering purchasing a home and i believe it would be here in pueblo if we do…thanks for the article, i found it very informative and every bit a true statement…. i was thinking about eugene, or, eureka ca and colorado springs. lot of good people posting and reading the page; might also be a good venue for finding out what’s happening in the community that might be of interest to you. have lived all over florida for almost my entire life and am seriously thinking of moving to either arizona or colorado. with income below the poverty level (%) - black or african american. i’m hearing that is “hit & miss” in terms of crime and safety. glad to hear you’ve found a successful arrangement enabling you to work in denver (presumably with a solid income) and live in pueblo (presumably with a far less expensive mortgage). but, it doesn’t seem to be that challenging to get into the school you want, perhaps with the exception of the connect. second, the cost of living in other realms is also amazingly low. article, i enjoyed it and believe you hit the nail right on the head. the apartment complex we lived at has 3 floors, and most apartments on the top floors are vacant because the roof is so bad. generally, the further north and west you go (within the east side neighborhood) the better. however are jobs out there or are the jobs few and far between. so i thought living and working in the next big city would be best. would you recommend this location to other minorities as well? best of luck and let me know if i can help. that are considering csu pueblo so we want to get a feel for the town she may be living in for 4 years. he only maintains that portion of it for his long-time farm and ranch clients. beyond that primary and secondary education becomes complicated, especially for boys. you’re also correct to point out that pueblo’s economy is weak but i think that could change if puebloans will become more entrepreneurial and take advantage of the competitive advantages that we have in our community. heating fuel used in houses and condos - utility gas (%). the first set of percentages are racial (76% white, etc) and then the ethnicity breakdown is 44% hispanic and presumably 56% non-hispanic. the high schools are encouraging students to take college classes at pcc while still in hs , now many are graduating hs with a 2 year associates degree. craft beers are big in colorado so i don’t think your husband will have a problem. that said, it really depends on your skills, background and interests. my sister mentioned it yesterday, what part of town and schools would be safest?

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she wants to do girl scouts too…i assume pueblo has girl scouts…what are the best schools? and, given the cost of living, i don’t think you’d find a better bargain anywhere. wiped out everything – i knew exactly who did it both times and the police did not care or do a single thing. my 12 year old has dyslexia and my 14 year old has long black hair and is kind of a rocker kid so gets picked on a lot. my wife and i are among them, just starting to seriously look at what we want to do after retiring later next year. my youngest son is looking to buy a [ mostly cosmetic] fixer-upper in about 9 months. able to see stars is also a plus, but i don’t expect it to be as nice as in the backcountry. right now in cheyenne (already over that in fort collins) and probably headed to . i love eugene but i’m happy to be in a sunnier corner of the world. it does seem like somewhat of an oddity that rents are so much lower in pueblo but the cost of temporary motels for when i get there, seems just as high as denver or the springs.  i could certainly be dead wrong on this, and i’ve been wrong about many things, but i’ve decided to make a bet on pueblo’s future and, believe me, i feel much better about investing in pueblo than i do about investing in the stock market. again for maintaining the stream of comments and replying over the years, it is a helpful resource for us potential migrants. it’s not that people in pueblo don’t like nice kitchens with fancy counter-tops it’s just that they’re not willing to pay a premium when they know they don’t need it. depending on where you plan to work and what your objectives are for neighborhood and education i’d be happy to recommend a few places to look for housing.’re coming out later this month…considering relocating our family of 4…most interested in finding a great school (k-8) for my 8 y/o girl who will be in 3rd grade in the fall. i was thrilled to find a reputable car mechanic, a talented hair stylist, and a couple of nice coffee shops with real meals rather than just pastries, and of course the other positives mentioned before.  my only key work requirements are a good phone line, a solid internet connection and a major airport within driving distance (well, a quiet room and a pot of coffee are pretty important as well). pueblo has a certain charm, nice brick houses, beautiful weather and is in the great state of colorado. the only reason i live here is because denver and colorado springs have too many breed restrictions and my german shepherd is not allowed any where pretty much i pay a arm and a leg to live 5 feet from another house. the altitude here is just too high for me, and there’s a lot more snow than i was led to believe there would be when i moved here from los angeles 4 years ago.  it’s true that pueblo schools leave a lot to be desired but public schools are facing big problems just about everywhere i’ve lived as a parent (eugene, oregon and ann arbor, michigan) and state budget cuts don’t appear to be ending anywhere or anytime soon. i had to practically threaten to sue him for racism and slander to get him to back off this “well you must be homeless and sleeping in your car…” line of bs. generally speaking, the closer you are to city park or pueblo community college the better. swift and good medical care is very important to us but also we are small towners and feel that we might be happier driving into pueblo, colorado springs, or denver for dinners/shopping/theater. last year our university hosted the national div ii track and field completion. neighborhood just north of parkview is terrific and probably your best bet. any tips for those of us coming from the dc sprawl-zone? lots of available commercial space all over the city so i wouldn’t be in a hurry to sign a lease.  you can get just about anywhere in pueblo in less than 10 minutes and convenient parking is nearly always available. in group quarters - homes for abused, dependent, and neglected children (%). maybe we can meet and become friends and find some fun things to do. yes, i believe there is some movement to build a tiny houses community. husband and i are moving to pueblo on this friday and i couldn’t have stumbled on your article at a more perfect time! i have lived in three other cities and still have great friends in each of those locations. if you have a housing budget and some parameters (# beds, baths, etc) i might be able to make some recommendations. justin… have to say you are great at depicting pueblo… i have been looking to re-locate to colorado from southern california, (north east san diego county, which is high desert) while i do love the weather here and the general location to many amenities like desert, mountain, ocean, citys, etc.  our decision was biased by a variety of factors but i’ve been singing pueblo’s praises for a few years now as a great place to invest in real estate and i’ve decided that living in the community is a way to put my money where my mouth is. also, take a peak at some of the small streets just south of 24th like echo, coronado, desoto, etc. most pueblo residents don’t even care for hatch chile (new mexico chile)., pueblo is sort of a blend of detroit and small-town idaho but with a splash of new mexico. sure, kissing under the stars is nice, but trying to get cozy with your partner when you have dirt up your butt and rain coming in through the tent, can really ruin the moment. we don’t know anyone in the area and would like to stay out of the danger zone. having to drive 4 hours one way to a nearby state once a month until i my appointment comes up is a terrible inconvenience especially considering my health status. i was wondering how safe the dowtown area is and if people live there? in group quarters - homes or halfway houses for drug/alcohol abuse (%). all of my girls and their husbands attended csu -p and all have well paying jobs. there aren’t any now but i’ve heard talk and see no reason it wouldn’t be feasible in pueblo. peaks, and we’ve pretty much reconciled ourselves to the need to buy a second car.  if it remains occupied at the current rental rate i will recoup my investment within 4 years. although i think it is possible to piggy-back on all the growth and economic success of denver, and we could see this happen sooner. i’ll be helping and learning all sorts of things as soon as my blood count gets stable. we are planning to rent (let me know if you have any units available) initially to be sure we have picked the right area for a school and safety, but i am also considering that for the money it may be better to just hope for the best and make the commitment to buy right off the bat. i know you’ve mentioned avoiding the west and the south if i’ve read correctly. after all that is a big part of what being part of a community is all about. i lived in the cheyenne area for several years and loved it--except for that wind.. thank you for generously providing such detailed and helpful information. given your budget and if you can’t find something north of parkview i would try the mesa junction (near pueblo community college or central hs). am 56 yrs old and have lived in alabama all my life. if you’re looking for acreage you can certainly find a great deal in/near pueblo county. at first i wanted to go to fort collins because of the vet school, which makes certain things a lot easier as a practitioner, especially if i decide to do a residency there. look me up and i’ll buy you a slopper…. husband an i are looking at moving there early fall. as far as your husband i am not familiar with his line of work in our area., my guess is that pueblo ranks high for stress because of relatively high unemployment and a fairly weak economy.’ve lived in the south all my life and am ready for a change of scenery. my favorite, in terms of overall housing value, is the mesa junction area bounded by the library, central hs, dutch clark stadium and pueblo community college.: colorado, cost of living, pueblo, real estate, relocation, work from home. the only reason i continue to live here is my job.) just a few ways our community is engaging, connecting and helping each other so that pueblo can be healthy, thriving & sustainable! an extended fourth of july weekend my wife and i visited pueblo; we liked it and barring unforeseen circumstances we’ll be retiring there within a year. i actually really enjoy the business side of things and my husband may want to be my office manager once i get board certified and i can actually start my own practice. woman asked me about a specific business she would like to start after i mentioned that there is a good chance that pueblo might become one of the next big retirement places. when you date an outdoor enthusiast, sharing is never even a conversation; it just happens. i was very pleasantly surprised to see the date this article was published and comments still being posted currently. i like the way you are so positive and are able to see things that are not so great about pueblo. i now live in the philly pa burbs and am thinking about a move in 2016…. other colorado natives have called pueblo the “red top” because of the state hospital. i will email directly and see if we can identify the right neighborhood for you. from wikipedia: race and ethnicity are considered separate and distinct identities, with hispanic or latino origin asked as a separate question. now that he’s retired, his parents have passed and my son has graduated high school, i’m ready to get out of orlando.  although pueblo still has a long way to go to regain economic vibrancy, i see significant progress and pueblo currently presents, in my opinion, an unbelievable bargain. maybe not like a couple of years ago, but 2 and a half months ago my son bought a cute little cosmetic only, 3/1 fixer-upper on a quiet street on the upper east side. some people live in pueblo and work in colorado springs where the population is much larger and the economy is more diverse. this post is the most helpful thing i’ve found regarding pueblo and its neighborhoods. just drove some young people to albuquerque on saturday, then sunday morning to ocate cliffs to work on creating a retreat center that will ultimately be managed and totally run by autistic people [this is not the retreat we put on by and for autistics] on the drive back to denver yesterday, we drove around pueblo for awhile. my wife and i are talking about a very early semi-retirement and were looking for a great place to go that we could afford soon. take issue with you referring to pueblo green chili as “new mexico style”. i’d be happy to meet him and see if i can point him in the right direction. my husband and i, along with our two year old daughter and rottweiler chief, are planning a move to colorado at the end of the year. my whole family lives there, but i haven’t lived there since 1983, my husband is a native floridian and we also spent 15 years moving around with his military assignments. and there are a few restaurants i’ve been meaning to visit. the river walk is finally taking foot and the pueblo reservoir is a great place to boat, fish, jet ski, or just hang out and enjoy friends. me know and i’ll do my best to help. i would even consider acreage with a cabin already built, but probably will have to buy the land first and do this in stages to get the cabin built. most interesting part of your comments have to do with pueblo being viewed as a 3rd world country. article touched on all the reasons i went to school and worked hard to come back home to pueblo. a denver native and dearly love denver but have recently found myself in a bad situation and am needing to find a new place to live. we are looking into the pueblo area it seems just like everywhere unfortunately there are people down on their luck for some their choice and for many an unfortunate event that brought them down and they just can’t get on their feet. i need to get some rough pricing to find out if it’s fesable on the income. again thank you for your time, much over and again. yes, i think there are plenty of people renovating their homes but it’s pretty mixed and depends on what part of pueblo you’re talking about. - native hawaiian and other pacific islander alone (% change since 2000). no way will it compete with chicago, nor would denver, in terms of urban cultural offerings but i think pueblo holds its own., i’ve read through most of the questions/answers and really loved your recent response to debbie (downer)…get real, lady! we’ve lived here for about two and half years now (love it’s odd vibe, peace and quiet and affordable cost of living) previously residing in various other rural southwest towns across colorado and utah. on the other hand you may love the western slope or life above 10k ft in summit county. anyway, i learned that day that the plague is really only prevalent in southern colorado and northern new mexico for the most part. a place the size of pueblo with some amenities but not as congested as the denver area is my ideal.

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big surprises in pueblo- how green it is -so many large old trees – the wide streets -the cool dry breeze on a 95 degree day -lake minnequa , (so close to the neighborhoods) -how close it is to the edge of town then the open natural surroundings -the green open spaces and parks in the city — i was not surprised that people were nice but just how incredibly warm and welcoming everyone was . we had our sights set on colorado springs area, but my husband is much more thrilled about a smaller town. however i don’t like it here and neither do my kids. i dislike going through rental management companies, preferring to communicate with individuals. understand that pueblo is not denver but are there at least 1 or 2 good vegetarian restaurants and/or organic food stores? the cost of living in denver has become out of control, and my husband and i–both working professionals–are realizing that we’ve been priced out of any neighborhood that seems like it has decent amenities and a safe environment in which to raise children. he is autistic [as am i, he also has a neurological ondition that the neurologist says is the worst pain humanly possible] and we are involved in a program to bring autistics to pueblo where they can work to fix up each others homes and build a small community within an already existing one. husband and i are planning to move to colorado next summer, probably sometime between june-sept 2014. in any case, best wishes on the transition and thanks for your feedback! best friends is going to move to that heavenly place and i am so happy about her. house or condo value by units in structure - 1, attached ($). even though it’s a great place to live, i am tired of the humidity of cleveland, oh. west, some areas of the south side, and belmont are about the only “nice” areas (read: not a complete dump) of pueblo. the guy that went back home dose not mention that drugs are not only in east pueblo ,and in poorer neighborhood ,but in rich ,and middle class neighborhoods too., i think there are girl scouts all around judging by the number of girl scout cookie sales i’ve seen in the past month or two. aberdeen will cost more but it’s very nice and probably the safest of the neighborhoods mentioned. sounds like you have a bad housing situation and not much else to complain about. people go to work for the day and then the bad guys break in and steal stuff that they can quickly convert to cash. we stopped and took the dogs on the river walk. oxytocin also increases feelings of happiness as well as a sense of trust and closeness. but, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a niche and sufficient culture … i think. the beginning of any relationship, the whole lending and borrowing thing can get pretty out of control. i would love to have some more information if you could email me. thus not knowing for sure what the insulation and wiring is in an older house holds me off a bit on that. earthships are up to building codes, but usually in developments closer to the city, there are hoas and god forbid someone has a garden or a green house rather than a lawn. we spent a few days in the headwaters area in june of 2015, did browns canyon during very high water, and there were roads closed due to flooding between denver and the arkansas. pueblo’s climate and affordability are draws for us, among other things. i discovered this post quite a long time after it was originally published, but more and more, pueblo is looking like a great place to move and start a family. perhaps once there and established i can be of some assistance in that, on some level. feel free to contact me if i can be of service., i am reading the posts about crime in the city, and it has me worried.-very poor economy and a mostly shut down steel industry. in fact, the people who robbed my house and apartment were druggies addicted to pills – as someone else mentioned, coming in during the daytime while you are at work and grabbing everything valuable is an extremely common occurrence in pueblo now.  the toughest part of town is the eastside, a great community with a lot of pride, but home to plenty of crime and low performing schools. because “everyone who looks like you” and has a new mexico license plate and all their stuff in their car and is driving through colorado on their way back east…must be homeless, right? i have family living on whidbey island and i’ve been there a few times – pueblo will be a big change! best of luck on the move and welcome to pueblo! my worst fear is to rent a place over the phone get there and were the only family in a crime ridden ghetto. fatal mistake was actually your neighborhood selection and not the decision to move to pueblo. if i could find a property that already has a well and septic that would be preferable, but not a requirement. but we’ve lived in rural areas for most of our married life (and me longer before that), and will probably opt for something different upon retirement. i was just in pueblo in mid october, and encountered 3 stray dogs, in 2 different neighborhoods. that is scary for me as i am at home and disabled. i worry about buying a house and then being stuck with it. we are both healthcare workers and our livelihoods have afforded us the ability to pretty much live and work anywhere! let me know if there’s anything i can do help welcome you and your husband to town.-cuffed – so maybe you were that desperate single that settled for the first available hand cuff in sight, and now you’re trapped. short, we are thinking of moving to pueblo and it is wonderful to see a positive write-up from you about a great up-and-coming city! all you need is common sense to avoid serious crime. if you’re handy you can buy a house that needs some work, nothing major just cosmetic updates, for under ,000. i won’t be buying for a while, and can’t differentiate parts of town/neighborhoods just quite yet. there are hardcore criminals on every street and every turn. i think you mentioned in one of your comments that it’s more desert-like in the western part of pueblo. pueblo is on a high desert plateau so, yes, it’s dry and, yes, summers can be scorching hot but thanks to our altitude temperatures cool in the evening and summer nights are delightful. it’s a very large home with 4 bdrms and 2 baths. i know you have rental property here, and yours may very well be fantastic, but pueblo is definitely lagging way behind on many levels. the new giant solar array will likely bring plenty of jobs, the chemical depot and vestas both recently announced plans to hire more workers, and a major i-25 bridge re-construction project is scheduled to begin in august. i was unable to understand the neighborhood map, but the lovely house we are considering purchasing is in an area called skyview, across from irving elementary. so any feedback on fort collins vs cheyenne would be most helpful! there are some very rough areas and then there are some lovely little neighborhoods here and there with plenty in between. 6 weeks ago we visited colorado to scope out the retirement possibilities, since our 00 a month income can’t support us in the area in which we now live. we grew up in ny and have been living in fl for a few years and have decided this is not for us. are low, but they seem higher compared to the national average that buying. pueblo has a lot more in common with the rust belt communities in the midwest than it does with high growth front range metros to the north. my husband and i are forcibly retired, have finally dumped our home in nj, and are looking for an inexpensive place to live that has pluses (art and music, good ethnic food, diversity, sunny climate while still having four seasons). please move to pueblo if you like home invasion and robberies! are retailers that try and come here and show the people something different and exciting something that they have never seen.  for high school, we are intrigued by the early college programs offered through pueblo community college. in group quarters - hospitals/wards and hospices for chronically ill (%). in the meantime i think pueblo is and always will be a place to raise children.  it still needs exterior paint, some landscaping and a facelift for the detached garage but i already have it rented to a nice family. if you insist on newer construction be very careful about location. my husband and i currently reside in alamosa, co, just over la veta pass (as you probably know). fort collins is warmer in the summer, and a little more humid. i am graduating with my bsn in nursing and plan to attend graduate school to become a nurse practitioner a few years down the road. yes, hope to see you out and about some day. love the post about pueblo, my husband just graduated from law school and we are actually thinking of moving to colorado (because one its close to tx where my family lives, right now my husband and i are in fl and two my husband has never lived anywhere but fl and would love to try and live in co) and pueblo caught my eye. are only 2 public school districts in pueblo, d60 and d70. look for something in rough cosmetic condition that you and she can improve over time for equity gain. it’s become a very individual decision where you have to look for a good fit for the child/student. we are coming from mcallen texas area, the second cheapest place to live in the us. that was possible in the 70s, in pueblo, detroit, cleveland, pittsburgh and lots of other places with a manufacturing-based economy; but those days are long gone. disclosure: i grew up in pueblo and graduated from centennial high school. we’ll be coming out in the next couple months to scope out the area.  we found our daughter in a class of 60 6th grade students with 2 teachers where the social stratification scene was already completely overwhelming any effort to focus on academics. we are especialy excited about employment programs in the near future [ we are a brand new, tax-exempt group who are already kicking butt, and we want to help deal with the 90% high functioning autism rate. as far as home insurances, we are now overwhelmed with seperate fire& theft, hurricane, and flood. what’s happening on the eastside gets included in all the statistics for pueblo as a whole and really brings down pueblo’s profile when it comes to crime statistics and test scores.  summer temperatures can be toasty but thanks to the relatively high elevation (~4600 ft), summer evenings are almost always cool and comfortable. plus, every child is unique and education decisions are best made on an individual basis. i suppose the rental market in pueblo is tight right now because everyone is being priced out of colorado springs as well as denver. do you have any idea what it takes to run a zoo with the limited resources available in a community this size? justin, thank you for this site and all of the good, honest comments and advice. let me buy a few more investment properties before we get the word out too far and wide. we know our local government representatives and city officials and have the opportunity for personal conversations on issues that affect us. property and house are valued between 110,000 – 150,000 dollars , footprint covers 20 ft by 108 ft. i guess i’d want to know where your husband will be working (general vicinity is fine if you prefer not to reveal precise location) before i made any suggestions. people are constantly fighting and stabbing each other at the 711, ironically, there’s a police substation across the street. wife and i are considering retirement in pueblo as a base home where costs are low yet are destined to jump in value as other denver people such as us cash out of our high value homes. we’ll see how it goes – transition yet to come this summer. i grew up in a 1900’s home and watched it gutted and remodeled. based only this comment i would suggest that you learn more about beulah, a small community nestled in the foothills of the wet mountains about 20 minutes southwest of pueblo. heating fuel used in houses and condos - fuel oil, kerosene, etc. try visiting mesa junction wine & spirits at 105 colorado near abriendo for an excellent selection. online searches for real estate show thousands of homes for sale, but only a handful for rent. the mcclelland school is a great option and coming from dc you’ll think the tuition is absurdly low although in pueblo it’s considered pretty high. i’m planning to drive down early in february to look around and maybe talk with some realtors who work with rentals. there is a small picasso, chagall, & matisse exhibit here right now i plan to go to, and the river walk is kind of nice the first time or two.

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we have streams and current river and that’s about the sum of it. house or condo value by units in structure - 5 or more ($). if u go to the safeway on 8th, be prepared for the undercover cops to tackle and arrest someone for stealing.“generally elderly population, if you are one standard deviation away form “the stoggy norm” you are shunned”. sure it may be a bargain when it comes to real estate compared to the rest of colorado, but there is an entire country out there to compare it to, not just colorado. please don’t tell them the house i purchased for ,900 is now renting for 0/month and has been occupied continuously since purchase. the cons are wildfire risk, water scarcity and limited market for resale. so i am interested in areas of more recent buildings and area’s of growth. anyway, this all may be way out of your area of expertise, but if there is someone you know that you could direct me to, i’d really appreciate it. colorado is nice, but there’s too much criminal element coming there for the legal marijuana now and it’s ruining the city. north carolina is a great place to live and completely different so i can see how the adjustment would be difficult. i hear good things about goodnight, fountain international, sunset park, psas and others. your article gave me much enthusiasm and conformation on my choice to live in that part of co. i believe it’s position along the i-25 corridor makes growth inevitable over the next 10 years. you might check the complex at the corner of west and 18th st and/or the red brick units on 18th between greenwood and elizabeth. if you don’t mind the grey and rain for 7-8 months per year it’s a great place to live. please remember that the children are also “getting divorced,” and most likely will have to adapt to the new… read more …. it’s just me and my parakeet but would like an extra room so i’m looking to rent a nice 2 bedroom home in a peaceful neighborhood. do you know of any good daycares and elementary schools? pueblo is definitely warmer but you’ll find more of a new mexico culture here so don’t expect the same environment you found in cb or gunnison or durango. thus, in addition to their race or races, all respondents are categorized by membership in one of two ethnicities, which are “hispanic or latino” and “not hispanic or latino”. get in touch via the contact form if you’re serious. the content of this website contains general information and may not reflect current legal developments, verdicts or settlements. and prices are surprisingly affordable, even cheaper than denver in many cases. i am actually a transplant to this community, having lived here for the past 5 years. except we are so thrilled at the independent school our kids just switched to this year after having a less than satisfying experience at the #1 public elementary school in oakland! a real estate developer, i think from denver, built some beautiful, high-end condos right on the corner of union and riverwalk, across from angelo’s pizza, which is a great place to eat and watch pedestrian traffic on the riverwalk by the way.  our son was being labeled as a problem child because he was too bored with hour after hour of sitting quietly and listening to teachers talk rather than allowing his natural curiosity to explore ideas and stretch boundaries. that dependent on what feedback i get from ssd, and the bank on funding. you get here let me know and i’ll take you and your wife out for your first batch of pueblo’s finest green chile!  granted, the place was pretty trashed and i had to spend about ,000 to fix it up. would suggest that you talk to some practicing vets around colorado and wyoming before you make your decision to relocate. there are far fewer chain restaurant options here compared to larger cities. are homes still super inexpensive and will they still be in 9 months? thank you so much for all of your insight and time in your responses! belmont is another good option if your husband will spend most of his time at the spanish peaks facility just east of the fountain river. illinois has been in a budget crisis for 18 months and i almost got laid off last fall. it seems that fort collins is trying to forget its western heritage, cheyenne embraces it. i’m glad my article was helpful and i look forward to seeing you in pueblo soon! i’m thinking about switching entirely to a verizon 4g jetpack just to enjoy the satisfaction of canceling my comcast subscription all together. it’s low class people with they’re hand out all day long. by the way, i know a great solar contractor and home builder should you decide to pursue something along those lines. do they have central air and heat normally in houses? just popped onto my radar for possible relocation with my wife and maybe other members of our family. muriel, thanks for the comment – i hope you find a home in colorado! too many places we’ve looked at in colorado are too isolated. i think it’s a great place if you have little money to invest in housing or if your looking to go to school and get an education pcc and csu do offer great classes and the tuition is affordable.’m glad i’m not the only one who’s noticed similarities to new mexico when i get to pueblo. you again, and i hope to hear back from you. i’ve read reviews online about haggards water being red and non drinkable without some kind of heavy duty filter. i lived in aurora outside of denver when i was younger and i remember the sprawl in the mid 1990s. i bought property in pueblo almost 10 years ago and have been here full-time for a little over five. i was not thrilled at this prospect, as pueblo certainly has a reputation within colorado that is not positive. and tsunami seems to have a lively scene if you like sushi. d60 is the “city” district and d70 is the “county” district. i think all of them would discourage you from opening a practice, especially in colorado. if the house you’re considering is near irving elementary then you’re on the west side and i can’t recommend the location as a good neighborhood for a retired couple. correction: arc will pick up if you set it out at the curb. pros and cons of living in one city vs the other. here’s the thing – if you want to sell over-priced granite counter-tops or luxury suvs go to cherry creek or summit county where people are falling over each other to throw their money away on style rather than spending prudently on substance. currently live in one of the top school districts in michigan and the us with greatschools ratings of 10 for the high school, 10 for the middle school and 9 for our elementary school. living in cheyenne would give you an extra hour-and-a-half a day when you're not on the road, too. so, while i will concede the summer season, i will take pueblo over michigan the other 9 months of the year…and by a landslide from jan to may. pueblo ranks as the least safest city of it’s size in the country. i’ve been looking into relocating to pueblo for work, and in all my research, i’ve had difficulty finding information about pueblo in terms of places to live and what there is to do. i’m a little worried about the altitude since i have lived on the gulf coast all my life. i don’t need fancy, just relatively safe and, like you, with a few necessary amenities. there is also an active fb site, “all things pueblo” which is great for seeing what is going on/and or throwing out a question where people will give answers (i. do you have anything like that, or know of one that could be used to help as a quick reference for those of us looking at what is a available in direct relation to your mentioning better places to focus on? we live in a small town in central illinois and i’m really worried about making the big move to pueblo. it’s one of my favorite cities in north america but i can certainly understand wanting to find a milder climate with less traffic, lower costs and a slower pace.  a nice house in a nice neighborhood can be purchased for under 0,000 and you can buy a nice older home in a decent neighborhood for under 0,000. talking about how good someone is in “tent’” is a little bit unconventional. this cozy indoor feeling sparks the need to find, or “cuff”, a cuddle buddy for the remainder of the cold months. melanie – thank you for reading my post and for these questions. i can not afford private school so if we were to live in pueblo can you recommend a neighborhood?– bicycling is fairly easy but there are very few dedicated bike lanes and i wish it were safer (maybe i’m spoiled having lived in eugene, oregon). the going rate seems to be about - per hour for general labor up to - per hour for skilled contract labor. let me think on it a bit and get back to you. and you can get very involved at various levels dependent on living in or renting. the instructor started talking about the plague, and my fellow soldiers started laughing saying things like “the plague is extinct, why are we learning about this?  try comparing pueblo to denver at this epa website for air quality; or, look at pueblo versus the us for air and water quality. if not, colorado springs is a larger city about 40 min away with a very well established christian community., i think it’s safe for people who have common sense. having lived in several places where no one knew my name i can relate and agree completely. in pueblo, being latino was completely normal, so much so that i didn’t learn some of my friends were latino until i left pueblo; on a recent trip back (i am 28), i learned that my friend since middle school was latino. but, at the end of the day, the fun and exciting parts definitely outweigh the little inconveniences. he's not busy, and neither are most of his competitors. partly i think pueblo police are overwhelmed and partly i think they suffer from poor leadership. euclid could be okay if it’s north of the state fair near pcc.  now that we’ve committed to the move, it seems to be a good time to make a written case for pueblo. i’ve been to orlando many times on business so i think i can relate. am wondering about low income housing for i am on disability. maybe send an email via my contact form or connect with me via linkedin if you’re interested. maybe you could show us some good eats when we get there and are settled. think you’d enjoy exploring the arkansas river and all of south/southeastern colorado. it appears the only area close to town with at least an acre is pueblo west and you do not seem to have any good comments on that area. a lot of apartments in fort collins cater to csu students; in cheyenne they tend to cater to military people stationed at f. public schools are struggling so you would want to put your name on the waiting list for fountain and connect as early as possibly, maybe the day after they’re born. check with a realtor or property management company in cheyenne. comcast and centurylink (nee qwest) seem to be the only options. had an offer accepted for fourth house [ one year from start of autistic community] our realtor just called and told us that there is a “secret room” tucked away in the attic of the home.  try that in denver, boulder or colorado springs or in any other city with a symphony, a university, mountain views and 300 days of sunshine per year. i guess he has never been around to many places in this country. yes, avoid the west side near and west of the state hospital. and hopefully with the influx of immigrants leaving the big cities for smaller one’s like colorado springs and pueblo will change the face of pueblo maybe in 10-20 years. was a communications specialist for sprint a chef and past grower who graduated for oaksterdam university., this is probably pueblo’s weakest link and if you live in denver, boulder, fort collins, colorado springs or outside of colorado in a major city, this is where you’re most likely to find fault with pueblo.

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i appreciate you breaking the town (hey, i’m from a big city — a town is anything under 500,000 — and even that’s low) down in such a way. overall, it seems like it could have a lot to offer. not to mention the reduced housing cost of your locale. we are planning a move in july and i intend to open my own business there. what would be a safe area of town for us to consider that has sidewalks, some shopping and easy public transit to the university, downtown and the riverwalk? my general understanding is that, thanks to pueblo’s location at the confluence of the arkansas and fountain rivers, pueblo is very well positioned, at least relative to the large population centers to the north (denver and springs), if there are water shortages in the region. i’ve also heard great things about the pueblo school for arts and sciences (psas). if you have a product or service that creates value and you sell it at an attractive price, then you’ll find a place in the business community in pueblo. that said, my recommendation for finding a good, affordable, walkable neighborhood with character to call home remains the mesa junction. i would guess that rents in cheyenne are a little less than fort collins, but fort collins would definitely have a better selection., would be first time home buyer, need a car=old, decent, income is soley 200. second line should have read “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for the miracle that would alleviate my sons pain. now we need to let others know southern colorado is still a well kept secret! justin for your great feedback and the feed back of your readers. and, on behalf of everyone in pueblo, we look forward to welcoming you! he only maintains that portion of it for his long-time farm and ranch clients. we’ve thought of that area and also looked around beulah. lovely mountain setting at a relatively low elevation so no huge mountain passes between you and civilization. i do hope that people will move there and help renovate the old, great neighborhoods before it’s too late. i think this approach runs contrary to many accepted ideas regarding what it means in america for your children to succeed. industries - educational services, and health care and social assistance (%). anyone working there will be able to get a message to me and i can call or meet you to help find a good rental. at the same time, due to a weak economy, not many people have moved to pueblo from different places, especially compared to metro dc. d60 is about twice as large in terms of student population and handles more students receiving free-reduced lunch than the entire population of d70. sadly, i’ve heard stories of people paying someone a deposit and then finding out that their money has been stolen. this area near parkview hospital is really hit and miss.  winter can be cold and snowy on occasion but the snow typically melts the next day and you might be able to play golf in short sleeves 48 hours later. i have family in pueblo west who are really pushing for my wife, son and i to move in with them until we can find work and a home of our own. we were going to start our son in soccer this fall and our daughter in ballet and with it being such a big city compared to where we live now i’m hopeful there will be similar opportunities. be sure to call the pueblo chamber and tell them i’ll be waiting for my check to arrive in the mail. of course our plans somewhat depend on how things play out here. i know he is from the area and is great to work with as a realtor. is also interesting to note that pueblo residents seem to suffer from cancer and degenerative disorders more frequently than i have noticed in other places i have lived. i would not recommend renting sight unseen; you’re better off budgeting for an in-person visit so that you can get a feel for the housing market before making a commitment. after 2 years of fireworks bans due to drought conditions i guess pueblo’s pyromaniacs were ready to cut loose!! i am glad i didnt’t move to pueblo, i already discovered all i want and didn’t like what i learned or the bad vibes with gangs there…no thanks…. there are many opportunities for pueblo but it won’t come easy. hope this helps and i hope you find a home in pueblo! there’s a new human in your life and you get to do all sorts of typically boring things with them that will suddenly become exciting.. (in the future) so looking for a job and having to work won’t be in the equation. we can also collaborate directly through our individual preferred email providers if you like. a good location near boulder provides access to economic opportunity but i suspect that the high cost of housing in longmont is partially responsible for the lower crime rate.. none of the others are in a “blue” state, have views of the rocky mountains and world class skiing within a few hours drive. based on your experience, what area(s) would you recommend. if you are patient and don’t mind an older home you can still find a great deal. heating fuel used in houses and condos - bottled, tank, or lp gas (%). some early couples choose not to share anything until things get really serious. my family and i will be moving to pueblo in june. good luck with your search for a fixer upper and let me know if i can help. of course, it is most important that my son feels the same way [ he was not with us,as we had already dropped him off at ocate cliffs, where he is probably building evaporative toilets or making trails as i type this. justin, we are getting ready to purchase another home in pueblo [last deal fell through, and it i good that it did actually] and will probably be physically moving there in november { i am the one putting together an autistic community] i have a question about the famers market on the riverwalk in the early thursday evenings during the warm months. again there are a few streets, like 18th, parts of greenwood, elizabeth and court that have lovely homes and mature tree-lined streets just blocks from mineral palace park. if anything it’s gotten slightly better as the economy has improved slightly. pueblo is indeed about as friendly a place as you’ll find and, like you, i’m fascinated by the unique make-up of our population. do agree on the weather it is nice and sunny and i am glad you pointed out how inexpensive it can be to live in pueblo. springs is too big and expensive for a 51 year old from a tiny central california town. will be visiting pueblo the second week of july to see if i will move there two to three years from now. great unique houses, cute downtown, and big enough not to miss denver too much. i’m so excited to be in a community that i can feel like i’m a part of. you and others here have given me no reason to strike pueblo, co off our list but i do have one question. you might consider finding a single person who can keep an eye on things and rent out rooms. take your kids to the pueblo zoo and the sangre de cristo art center. the alleys are trashed, stray dogs everywhere, the weeds and sticker bushes will drive you nuts. house or condo value by units in structure - 1, detached ($). i think there are some tradeshows there and i know there are mailed magazines to home that one could advertise in. the best thing about pueblo is also keeping it from being a place that competes with other markets like colorado springs and denver or any of the beautiful mountain communities in colorado.’ve also heard a little bit about a city center, but don’t quite understand what it’s about. i am wanting to become a teacher and i have been looking to move to a state with an alternative teaching certification program as i didn’t begin my education knowing i wanted to become a teacher. maybe take a peek at east fountain and the upper east side if you’re looking for the lowest rental rates. i have some concerns about taxation on my locked income and such. so, despite a superior location and a terrific product (so far as i can tell), the investment was a colossal failure and aside from a few units the place has been almost completely vacant for years. i was studying to be a medic in the army, and we started to learn about certain diseases that existed. many of my blog readers are prospective graduate students – is this more of an industry event or would there be content for students or recent grads as well? justin – thinking about moving to colorado either soon or a couple of years, we dont know yet, and pueblo sounds wonderful. there are parts of pueblo county that, in previous centuries, were inhabited only by scorpions and tumbleweeds. i don’t think you have the faintest idea what it really costs to own real estate. the most talented vet i know quit his practice several years ago and went to work as a meat inspector for usda, after getting burned out with constant stress of the business end of his vet work. once i have that i’ll be coming down to give the city a good look over, and scout out a house from what’s on the market at that time. there are many great things about pueblo, the people, the food, and the low cost housing (but your salary for those of us who work for a business in pueblo reflects the low cost of living). has a growing 4-year university recently folded into the colorado state university system along with pueblo community college for higher education and related cultural offerings. in any case, your wife should be able to find connections from other parts of latin america if that’s important. so, before you dismiss pueblo, take a closer look at disaggregate school performance and crime statistics.“sure it may be a bargain when it comes to real estate compared to the rest of colorado, but there is an entire country out there to compare it to, not just colorado. these communities are growing awfully quickly and are becoming over saturated with professionals. article i’ve read about pueblo that spells out the pros and cons. i am 65 years old, grew up on evans ave and lake ave ( both considered bessemer), never any problems, great neighbors!, the pueblo naysayers are waiting for me to turn to public schools and crime. i was kind of on the fence about colorado though, i found all those cities to be rather hot and dusty for my taste. he grew up in springfield and, until a few years ago, visited multiple times per year. i am coming to pueblo tomorrow to check pueblo out for a possible move. a company called kop is buying up many apartment complexes, raising the rent and not making basic improvements. the least expensive homes are in lower bessemer and the east side, which you already said to avoid. bo, great to hear that you’re considering a move to the pueblo area. d&l, check for acreage in “the county” which means east of town along the arkansas river. the connect (district 70) is generally considered to be the best middle school and goodnight and heritage also seem to get consistently good marks. i am now older and on disability so i can’t lift a sofa up a half flight of stairs to set it out at the curb. instead, we watched the entire city of pueblo completely lit up. dawn, i’m not sure there’s a safest part of town but i like aberdeen, belmont, country club, mineral palace, university park, mesa junction, sunset and el camino. you might also check out a few neighborhoods between 24th and 29th and between west and high. i will send a quick email to your yahoo address and would be happy to answer further questions. it was also alot more bicycle friendly than here , i saw people out cycling every day , and i saw bike lane signs . could you give me some ideas on where i can look for safe house, rentals, and a few school district names so i can start getting in touch with them? may be a bit late, but i’m finding that those two cities feel similar, only pueblo is smaller and probably somewhat safer. my guess is you lived in pueblo west or eagleridge where the landscape is barren and wind is constant.. i read several comments about crime there, but i live in chicago it can’t be as bad as it is here. but, i have to say your comments and complaints about pueblo make me feel overwhelmed with ridiculousness too. the wind blows non-stop in pw and, while the view of mountains is better, the landscape is bleak and unappealing. i see pueblo as a sunnier and warmer version of pittsburgh transitioning from a steel city to a more diverse and technologically advanced economy.

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i’m leaning the same direction as i am completely dissatisfied with public education. main – simple – consideration is the ability to keep my pets: a medium sized 8 yr old sickly outside mutt, a small inside dog who thinks she’s cujo, and two young inside cats i dropper and bottle fed when their mother met with misfortune. don’t know howie or marilee nickelson and i haven’t seen the house but i can say that 626 polk is an excellent location in the mesa junction neighborhood and, at the right price (i would guess somewhere in the 0-850 range), would probably be a great rental. for shopping you can get most big box stuff on the north side of town near i-25 and us 50.! it is so easy getting around in pueblo, and the medical care here has been superb and since my husband has had health issues since moving here we have had first hand with the hospitals and emergency services, and i could not complain one bit. i guess as a resident you’ll be working most of your waking hours and you’ll likely find many co-worker friends at parkview. pueblo is far from perfect but i guarantee you’re the only one who would point to the weather, the zoo, the library and lack of goodwill furniture pick-up services as key quality of life challenges.’re an older childless couple so the house wouldn’t have to be a mcmansion. i’m white and have noticed the mexicans don’t like white folks..could u email privately ……i would like to pick your brain in couple of areas…love your blog…andshisss about pubelo…let’s keep it our secret…. the area has an abundance of older housing, and some newer which seems to be more prevalent on the west side out hwy 50. bath 1300 sq ft house in a decent neighborhood near the pueblo community college for ,900. register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. for example, i think pueblo could become a leading producer/exporter of solar energy. i love denver but most of the newer suburbs look like everywhere else and remind me of “aggrestic”. best wishes to you and your husband on this big move!  pueblo doesn’t cost much more and the denver airport is less than 2 hours away. 11th and elizabeth, and was able to safely walk to school from kindergarten through high school. i’ll take it over any part of the midwest every day of the week and twice on sunday. i’m excited to get to know pueblo– i’ve now been to the city just 4 times for short day trips, and suddenly i’ll be finding myself living there. again, i appreciate your individualized feedback and the time you dedicate to this project. her husband is in building, his company built the beautiful new dorms at csu-p which resemble condos, also the magnificent university’s football stadium. we opened up the floor plan to be light and bright. i think pueblo’s best days are yet to come but the city needs people who care about it to come home, if they can, and help rejuvenate. just start asking the people you meet how they came to pueblo and why. you want to come by my house sometime i can show you somethings you might not know about this fair city. we have just completed the very first by and for autistic retreat ever that is affordable to all. housing in eugene would cost way, way more but jobs would likely be more plentiful. there are jobs everywhere here and we have been able to save up some money to move out of here. everyone has something to offer and we each need to do our part if we want to be a community where everyone can thrive. i have a son living in colorado springs but the altitude there is not conducive for congestive heart failure. i think you point out an important part of pueblo’s economy and culture – family is valued in a way that translates into multi-generational businesses and careers. and it is up 10% this year, 1 out 13 will be a victim of crime here. it won’t take you long to adjust to traffic in pueblo (or the lack thereof) and soon any 5-10 min delay will seem like a big interruption. i think people who criticize pueblo for its crime rate and what not, may be comparing it to denver or the springs but when you compare it to albuquerque, pueblo comes out on top! we noticed many homes don’t have garages and instead carports..we have no trouble in our area, it is my understanding that the far east side(around 20th street) is where most of the crime is. are also bikers, and looking forward to good riding around the area. i now live in sunset park, and will never move. vet i use in rural colorado makes for a good example. your daughter is probably a serious go-getter, and that’s what it takes. we are healthy eaters and the little one and i are vegetarians. if you have something different to offer the community and you are moving to pueblo it wont be as easy as it looks. even if you find the deal of the century you should be concerned about wildfires and your well water. we have been very pleased with fountain international and corwin international, magnet schools offering the international baccalaureate (ib) curriculum. house or condo value by units in structure - boat, rv, van, etc. instance when i felt completely out-of-place outside of pueblo was when i was in the army. all that adversity pulled us together; we taxed ourselves in order to form pedco, our out of work steel workers lined up and donated their talents to spruce up and improve the fair’s buildings. with the higher hispanic population is speaking spanish for jobs a demand. tips for divorcing parents from a fort collins divorce attorney by: mitch tacy family law attorney & mediator there is no doubt that children can suffer long lasting emotional damage caused by their parents’ divorce. we own our own small business (from home) and would love to join the community of pueblo! this makes them uncomfortable so they make disparaging comments about pueblo. too much oxytocin will eventually lead to the inevitable talk, the dtr, the facebook status, the commitment. my husband and i are strongly considering opening a small business in pueblo in the next few months. husband and i are both disabled and live on the eastside, but not very far on the east side. have made a great deal of negative assumptions about me just because you don’t like my comments about pueblo. mcclelland is a good private school and there are other good options if you are interested in religious education. friend rod white sent me your link and was happy to read all of the good things you had to say about pueblo. predict that pueblo will be “discovered” in the next 10-20 years, especially as boomers retire with insufficient funding, parents refuse to pay k per year to send their kids to college and more and more people telecommute from home offices and realize they can live just about anywhere. often the trouble is that people come to pueblo from denver metro and expect pueblo to be similar to northern colorado. the toughest part of town is the eastside, a great community with a lot of pride, but home to plenty of crime and low performing schools. i moved to southern colorado in 1999 without doing much of the research you did. that said, i’m glad you’re looking at pueblo as a possible location to raise a family and i hope it comes together for you. i myself have a hard time moving anywhere as ive lived in the same place for over 40 years and change is something i resist, we just moved twice in the last 6 months. but i don’t see anything comparable on the market. lack of new construction over the past 8 years and some recent population growth has created a supply problem. i have a good friend who moved to pueblo from austin a couple years ago. however, your article has alleviated some of my concerns, though it sounds as if the school system could use some improvement which is something i hope my knowledge and enthusiasm can help resolve if i am lucky enough to be hired by one of pubelo’s schools. tons of acreage available south of town but the landscape is a bit barren and probably wouldn’t be close enough to springs. aj – many apartment complexes won’t accept pets so you’ll need to look around. with income below the poverty level (%) - hispanic or latino. plus pueblo has a good university, excellent hospitals, many cultural amenities, proximity to the mountains and superb weather. graduated from msu with a teaching degree and taught briefly in the detroit area… as i am in my 30s now, i still haven’t found my niche. narrowing your choices would depend on budget and housing preferences. i went looking for a deal breaker – a reason not to move to pueblo and i had a hard time finding any. i don’t have much first-hand experience with the bar scene so can’t say for sure how your boyfriend would fare in seeking a bartending gig. for a free consultation on your case, contact mitch tacy family law attorney & mediator (970) 213-5405. my tenant would certainly appreciate the business and the location is pretty close and convenient for you coming from the pcc area. i would like to commend you on your solid belief in your community and it’s assets, which i have found backed up repeatedly on the web.. my question is: i notice you mentioning the west side of pueblo being bleek or however you described it… i am coming to find/purchase property to have/house horses as well as myself, now i don’t need a bunch property. resident age - males - american indian and alaska native. coming from cincinnati it’s a long trip and a big change. register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! also, if we did decide to purchase land, where would be the best place where building codes would be lax. being with someone who can understand all these things will definitely make for a more enjoyable and supportive relationship. how long did it take you to establish a social network in your previous community? they are both thriving community hubs with lots of extracurricular activities as well. that’s another interesting thing i noticed , the values of houses ranged from high to low on the same block with victorians on the corners and smaller houses in between all the way down to 500 sqft ‘ers .’s october and has dipped below freezing twice, and my apartment has no heat. will be moving to pueblo in july/aug for work, and need a rent house for one or more years. it’s different…probably closer to new mexico culturally and possibly closer to a place like tucson. i am very pleased to hear of the 4-year university and community college as well, that’s what both of us are looking for and was our main priority.’m looking at having to be there anyway; i already know i’ll be “priced out” of denver and colorado springs, so there’s no need for me to make a pro-con list of having to try to live in commuting distance from caption colorado. stop by the coors tavern for a slopper and a schooner. i grew up there and i love going back and getting my pass key special. moving away from pueblo, i was shocked to learn how latino and hispanic individuals were regarded. heating fuel used in houses and condos - no fuel used (%). we have a very limited income and i don’t want to waste the proceeds of the sale of my current home on rent, we have no credit and will likely never have this lump sum again.  so while much of colorado has boomed during the past 30 years pueblo has lagged behind in terms of population/economic growth and in some ways has followed a path similar to cities in the rust belt. the 4 cs does cover our town, thanks for your story. i think we probably have the coolest library in colorado. you want to live in the 1950’s or early ’60’s but with a depressed economy and undereducated population then sleepy pueblo is the place for you. property taxes are low relative to other places where i’ve owned a home (eugene, oregon and ann arbor, michigan) but not sure how they compare to florida. have a couple more questions that i think i will ask on the contact form. i think, from how you have explained the pueblo lifestyle, and where it is trending, that this may be an excellent idea. other nice areas that aren’t as walkable include belmont, northside near the pueblo country club or northside near 18th/greenwood. i am considering moving to the pueblo area soon and would like some recommendations, please, as to what areas might me low crime, affordable, friendly, and fun to live and retire. some of the houses needed to be probably torn down and start new not worth the investment.

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we love to travel and can easily go anywhere we want out of springs or denver and can afford to travel often as our cost of living is so low. like any other city in colorado, pueblo is a relatively short drive away from world class skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and a variety of other outdoor activities. i have sol the companies and now am looking into the pueblo area to possibly start up there, but don’t know the area well and trying to figure out if it would be successful there. we are surprised to find ourselves moving to pueblo this june (my husband was offered a job and has accepted), but i’ve never lived anywhere but midatlantic states. couple of questions prior to my visit and real estate search with your local agents. we are full time rvers and my husband works from home on the internet. if you want more info search the archives of the pueblo chieftain and read chris wodka’s many articles on water resources. i love pueblo and we moved here from colorado springs and we agree, with the cost of living, even though we rent we rented a 2 bedroom house with large fenced yard, for what we rented a small 2 bedroom apartment in the springs…we are in a quieter and safer neighborhood than in the south west side of colorado springs! i’m very interested in pueblo because of it being recommended as one of the top family friendly places in colorado. my wife and i may be moving to pueblo soon so she can work there, for a few years anyway. are going to move to pueblo from wi and we can’t wait! my son is very interested in a program offered by csu-pueblo, and, while i’ve driven right through town many times, i’ve never gotten off the freeway. basically the wheels have fell off this town when compared to the rest of the state and nation. there’s nothing wrong with filling the void with cuddles and company from anyone you can get, as long as your fellow cuffer understands and isn’t falling into unrequited love. i am in a position to retire and thought pueblo would be a great place. non felon no drugs don’t drink or smoke the tobacco. what i hear you saying is that “it resembles new mexico. occupations - health diagnosing and treating practitioners and other technical occupations (%). and you’ll pay a small fraction per square foot in pueblo versus just about anywhere else. our car was broken into twice, in the supposedly nice sw area of topeka, and we ended up moving out of topeka when i was nine months pregnant because i couldn’t stand it anymore. and be it in the lord’s will, my son and i (and hopefully my daughter and grandson, too) will become permanent residence soon. i seen the owner and his wife so things with food that was different and exciting. also, being we are moving from north dakota (which happens to have by far the best job economy in the country) what is the job situation like in pueblo and co. per month child support from 1 father, support hearing pending on the other father, and i am up for a disability hearing on november 17,2014 for a max of ssi, most likely, of course that depends, ya know? i share your hope though i think i am a bit more optimistic about pueblo’s prospects. actually that is how i usually communicate with friends, family, and business associates. even those towns had some good neighborhoods that would be nice to live in, however, and i have a strong suspicion that pueblo’s bad reputation has been given to it by lily-white suburbanites who consider any place that doesn’t look like littleton or boulder to be seedy. my husband and i are looking to relocate to pueblo for ohio. if someone who understands pueblo had built the condos they would have been far more modestly priced with fewer luxuries. i used to live in denver, and never really learned anything about pueblo. grab a cup of coffee at solar roast (pueblo’s very own solar-powered coffee roaster) and explore the mesa junction, aberdeen, belmont. and, don’t even get us started on shared campsites…. we are two ladies and do not want to live in a dangerous area. but research has also found benefits, and tax credits, for the likes of people in my situation within the state. i live in the springs area and had a specialty affordable cabinet resurfacing company that has done well in both the springs and the denver area. also, my brother is in the army and his next post is supposed to be fort carson so i was searching for an affordable nearby community that would allow me to be close to my brother while still being able to persue my career goals and pueblo seemed like a good fit. sent you a detailed email wednesday, via your contact form below and have been anxiously awaiting your reply. i have not had a single bad encounter with all the hard working retail employees i have encountered in he past 2 weeks. people are incredibly nice, and i agree with justin that pueblo will soon be the next retirement mecca. my daughter had a bad case of pneumonia about 18 months ago and received superb treatment at parkview. the people and the way they think, truly reflect that. the 10 minute trek across town is the most exciting for me, i’m currently commuting almost an hour and that’s keeping well within the city of orlando. there also seems to be an incredible amount of grassroots initiatives bubbling under the surface, neighborhood revitalizations(s), along with a vibrant art scene; and, we seem to be joining the rest of the state with wellness initiatives and improving our bikeability and walkability throughout the city more each day (love the new bike lanes! in group quarters - local jails and other confinement facilities (including police lockups) (%). could you give me an suggestions on neighborhoods to buy a house. city officials must love your level of support, and time invested in promoting it to the rest of the world. it won’t be easy from dallas and you’ll need to be wary of scam artists looking to take a deposit from you and then run. i will be flying down in a week or so to hopefully pick up an acreage (within the next couple of years) in pueblo west. since there are lots of days of sunshine in this area it is ideal for solar and that is really what attracts me to the area. it’s just me, my boyfriend, and our 2 year old daughter. this is my second degree and i’m in my 30’s, so i’m interested in finally investing in a house, and was shocked at some of the low prices on really good-looking properties in pueblo. the best ” slopper ” i had was at iannes pizza on northern and the carnitas with green chili sauce at el alamo was great , as well as everything at mozo”s.) and are currently in centennial and we’re so excited for what we hope to be a change of pace (no more hour(+) commute? my husband, teenager daughter and i are strongly considering moving to pueblo.’m retired with two small (quiet) companion parrots & am looking to relocate from a denver suburb in april. there are certainly other organizations hiring in a variety of fields but, on balance, it’s not easy to land a good job.  thanks to bountiful sunshine you can enjoy many of these activities more days each year in pueblo than in most other parts of colorado.” well, that’s not where i’m “from” by a long shot but that’s where i’m coming out of after attempting to work there. maybe walking distance to a park and a coffee shop. farmers and others have struggled until this year with drought conditions. i have learned that new people only continues to expands the culture here in pueblo. house or condo value by units in structure - mobile home ($). make them watch, or not watch, an overload of gilmore girls so they understand the new year in the life, which you also make them watch. there are also some midwest college towns we’re looking at but more warmth and sun would be nice. didn’t take long at all for me to build a social network elsewhere, and i an certainly well past high school. is your housing budget and what sort of place are you looking for? considering it would take me close to three months to get in to see the kind of doctor that prescribes that particular medication, it left me in a terrible bind as you can imagine. in group quarters - college dormitories (includes college quarters off campus) (%). it would be our first house and we are pretty excited and trying to do some research before completely setting our sights on co. spectacular country and not nearly as many lexus driving city folk to contend with.  the lake pueblo state park offers water sports of all kinds and the whitewater park on the arkansas river has become a great destination for kayaking enthusiasts. agree with your assessment that in the next generation pueblo will be the jewel of colorado-i am considering moving and investing in the “bad” parts of town-do my part for gentrification. along with the fact that in 1993 there was cholera in the drinking water, numerous cases of rats infested with the lung-liquifying sin nombre virus, and that pueblo was the hardest hit county in the united states by west nile virus (a total of 2000 confirmed cases, with over 200 deaths), i began referring to pueblo as the “hell-mouth of disease and pestilence. think you and your wife will feel completely welcome in pueblo. wasn't clear from your post--are you planning to practice eventually as a veterinarian in colorado or wyoming? the crime is i believe the current generation of drug dealers, prostitutes, and social dropouts, irrelevant as to race, but the high murder rate (other than innocent bystanders in these terrible drive by shootings) is good-means in some respect they are cleansing themselves-what needs to b done is round up anybody on the streets east n lower east side @ 3:30 am- give them guns and sufficient amunition-and take them out to secure fenced area in the desert-and let them solve the problem for the police and public. my 25 year old son and his girl friend will be coming with as i can’t really live off my disability. i looked at homes in pueblo west and almost fell for it, then a home in falcon caught my attention and that was all she wrote…pueblo has a very high sales tax rate, 7. it had a downtown that thrived (until the mall was built), and people took pride in their homes. colorado and perhaps elsewhere, pueblo has a somewhat unfavorable reputation due primarily to a relatively weak economy that has struggled since the decline of the steel industry in the 1980s. some snow/cold in the winter, some hot days in the summer but, overall, about as nice as it gets more than 20 miles from the pacific ocean. heating fuel used in houses and condos - other fuel (%). it cost a third of what i sold my home in austin for. industries - professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services (%). my daughter and husband , my brother all looking to move to pueblo. how's the job market for my husband (he does project management/customer service/advertising, etc)? any relationship, dating an outdoor enthusiast can have its pros and cons. also i was wondering what streets border the mesa junction area, looking at maps online its hard to be sure where the neighborhood begins and ends.. my wife and i (who has already messaged you), are probably going to visit pueblo in september with thoughts of relocating there for our retirement. an alternative would also be building new and incorporating solar, which i love, in a new house. southside could be anything south of the arkansas river including mesa junction, aberdeen, minnequa, sunset, bessemer, state fair, etc. climate is also important and wonder if it is significantly different in the above towns. and pardon my ignorance, but is cheap labor an issue with those working in construction? mark – glad to hear that your retirement is off to a good start and that you’re enjoying pueblo (despite the heat). we are working on moving back to colorado after a 21 year absence.] and, i do have some good media connections we can utilize after a few years when we have built up enough of a community to warrant media attention [ which will encourage others in]. i have to add now is the observation that you appear to be one of the most conscientious “answerers of notes” that i have ever seen! needless to say, i feel more comfortable in pueblo than in the springs or denver metro! thanks again for taking the time to read and comment!, i think it’s definitely a good idea to be cognizant of the altitude change, especially when you first arrive. we have leased an apartment for 6 months and are going to look for a fixer-upper.  pueblo is home to the oldest high school football rivalry west of the mississippi, the annual bell game between centennial and central would make even the hard core football fans in odessa, texas (of friday night lights fame) jealous.: i appreciate your thoughtful honest analysis and commitment to pueblo. husband is an over the road truck driver an out sometimes a month at a time. her oldest daughter wants to attend the community college, her middle daughter loves literature, and her youngest daughter loves track boxing football and basketball.’m hoping that people will embrace change and will be open to things that do include luxury and other cultures. you are probably comparing it to a university library or a huge city library. when you arrive in pueblo stop by 105 colorado avenue and ask for me.

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if i retain the house here i will surely be making some trips back and forth, but that’s not something i will mind. we have cost figures for a 1 week stay in a house with airnb (kinda like uber except for lodging).  have lunch at the coors tavern and check out the history of pueblo sports plastered all over the walls and ceiling. while it’s true the economy is not great and if your not employed by the hospitals, or the mill. they even went above to infuse the local produce from vineland and the county into works of art. it’s perfect for those who can work remotely and maybe drive to denver once in a while. also, in my comments i’ve mentioned that the east side, as a neighborhood, has some challenges with crime. is precisely your assumptions about me, your ad hominem attacks, and unprofessional attitude in general that reflects on this city you are so fond of..I also currently work in the indian gaming industry here in california (casino gaming industry) are there any casino’s around pueblo and do you know anyone that might work there and how they are to work for? he has a lot factory, fork lift, and building skills. i like the belmont, aberdeen, sunset, north elizabeth and country club neighborhoods. shari – glad you found my post and thank you for your kind words. remodel: yes, there are lots of older homes that can be bought cheap and remodeled for modern conveniences. we’re looking to begin expanding our family as well. right next door to the pueblo community college, shopping on abriendo/broadway and abriendo/4th, the main public library, good restaurants – everything walkable. if you end up feeling pueblo west is your only option then try to stay on the north side of hwy 50 where you’ll find larger lot sizes and more options to avoid traffic bottlenecks. if you want the mountain lifestyle along with some investment opportunity buy a modest property in beulah and a rental house in pueblo. can you imagine a vacationer needing to pick up such a prescription and finding out it’s not available? being on disability my parameters might be a bit narrow but i think not unrealistic; i feel my needs are simple and few. wife was offered work by a nice man and the urban bar and grill said to come to pueblo money in denver. re education, the best guidance i can provide is to try to find an individual match between your child/family and a school. social issues(education, poverty, crime) are complex and multi-faceted and thus are the solutions. my mother’s family came into colorado in the 1850’s from new mexico. we understand there is crime everywhere just if any areas to stay away from that are really bad for crime? also, i recommend getting on the waiting list for “the connect” (a highly regarded middle school) as soon as you establish residency (sooner if they’ll allow it). glad you are back and thank you for your ongoing welcoming of our new neighbors and friends that are coming to discover a well kept secret! dave – if it were me i would look to purchase a 3+ bedroom single family property in belmont (most convenient neighborhood) and have her rent just to roommates. the chamber of commerce should start paying you or at least give you a free membership! my wife, the kids and i are looking for a change of pace. water is a complex issue and it’s not my area of expertise.’ve been on rent bits and hot pads, which for my budget seem to offer more choices. interesting anecdote about the pueblo chemical depot: while growing up, we were informed that the depot was nothing to worry about at all, and that it was a relatively small compound. we both grew up in littleton and highlands ranch (are you singing “little boxes”? i will contact you at some point when i know where and what i have once down there. do you have any advice as to an agent to contact for help?, the worst problem i’ve had other than an irresponsible landlord – which can be found anywhere – is that one of my prescriptions would not transfer into colorado. i did not think it could get worse but it did. commentssheri romero on marijuana and homelessness in pueblo: show me the datajustin on 2016 rankings: top 10 online master’s programs in gisjustin on lesson 16: linear regression in pythonalabi emmanuel on 2016 rankings: top 10 online master’s programs in gissheri romero on lesson 16: linear regression in python., if you’re in position to relocate and you’d like to find a place with low housing costs, good weather and a pleasant lifestyle, take a close look at pueblo – the sunshine capital of colorado. best of all, we know our neighbors, have a relationship with friends, family and customers everywhere we go and feel a strong sense of our roots and our community. pueblo is still a bargain vs denver and colorado springs but the foreclosure tsunami is over. sorry but i have no idea how compensation in your field might vary between here and palm beach. precious little choice in chain or local restaurants (and i don’t eat out much), generally elderly population, if you are one standard deviation away form “the stoggy norm” you are shunned. any areas of pueblo that you would consider funky, artsy, new-age musician-friendly, maybe vegan-friendly, with a yoga studio or where one might be welcome? unfortunately, overall, the public school systems in pueblo and elsewhere will continue to decline as long as poverty continues to grow. once you get settled send me a note if you’d like to meet for coffee. the economy is small but moving in the right direction, hopefully. it depends on budget of course but these locations offer a good blend of walk-ability and relative peace and quiet. yes, it’s not lily-white like everything outside denver, lakewood and aurora. but, overall, pueblo seems poised to fare better than many other communities because we have the arkansas river and the pueblo reservoir (now called lake pueblo) in our backyard. am moving with my wife this coming july to pueblo from royal oak , michigan. and this is why you can buy a 3 bedroom house for 30k in pueblo, co today. you can get close to the mountains in beulah, you can get farmland in blende/avondale, you can buy ranch-like property near colorado city or rye or you can buy wasteland in pueblo west. i understand colorado springs is probably more of a ‘horse community’ but may be out of my price range for property. i have read what you have said about pueblo west but do you have any information on forts or haggards? and it’s great you noticed that pueblo is not economically segregated. i’d be happy to try and help in any way i can.’m asked this question frequently and don’t really have a good response. heating fuel used in houses and condos - solar energy (%). the green chiles in pueblo are one of a kind and are not grown anywhere else. husband and i may be moving to pueblo this month for a new job. either way, i challenge you to find a comparably inexpensive place in the us rivaling pueblo’s location with proximity to the rocky mountains, denver, santa fe/taos and 300+ days of sunshine. my husband thinks it looks a little run down on google earth 🙁. you’re in deep bessemer where you’ll be exposed to crime but if you use common sense you might not have any trouble.  after a lot of data gathering, analysis and pro-con list making, my wife and i have chosen to relocate from ann arbor, michigan to pueblo, colorado. we hope to buy this acreage when i fly down and will be building within a couple of years on it. are paid by me for prior broken lease at another apt complex, probably no credit rating , who knows? i spent 4+ hours today trying to find out at what temperature it has to get down to before the landlord is in violation. fort collins is basically an extension of the sprawled mess of the front range, cheyenne is much smaller and more "small-town.’re staying at fort carson and we’re driving down to pueblo today for lunch and to tour the town a little. ignore them and smile knowing they’re paying 4 times what we pay for equivalent housing. mountains are certainly beautiful for biking and no crowds this far south of denver. by the way, please don’t move to pueblo west and become part of the unnecessary traffic procession on hwy 50. unfortunately, it might be only a matter of time until you shout out, “i don’t like the damn peanut butter flavor anymore! would the chamber of commerce have any information on apartments for disability so ? we found an adorable home that we love there, but we know nothing about the neighborhoods in pueblo (other than aberdeen and mesa junction. and, yes, you can certainly plant a garden but it will likely be a change from gardening in new orleans. something tells me that one of these communities might be your kind of place. we are country folk at heart so now our main issue is acreage. if travel is a challenge maybe send your son on a scouting mission.  in short, pueblo offers a nearly unbeatable blend of (1) low cost of living, (2) beautiful weather, (3) outdoor recreation, and (4) modern amenities. it would be wonderful to see a person (perhaps yourself) discuss some of the problems with city leaders and other concerned citizens. we have already sold our home and using the proceeds to purchase a home in pueblo. in that time, the number of practicing vets in this particular county has probably quadrupled--the population hasn't even come close to growing anything like that.– yes, lots of investing going on but well below the radar screen and minimal impact at least for now. but be sure to find a place to live in the city of pueblo; if you locate in pueblo west you’ll soon discover that us 50 has become a lot more congested since 1983. wife and i are in much the same situation you were and have been looking at pueblo. if you want the location to remain a secret then send me a note using the contact form below. your best bet might be to drive the neighborhoods that you like and look for signs. we live between springfield and peoria in illinois, and crime there seems only somewhat better when looking at city data and other sources. how is finding houses (with a bit of land for some horses) south of or around cheyenne, but north of fort collins? justin, i am considering taking a job a parkview medical center. i have found three rv parks using google that seems to fit our needs; forts rv park, haggards rv park and pueblo west campground. you go to the park area and grown men are begging for change. i’m a midwestern archaeologist and have lived and worked extensively in the mississippi and illinois valleys, so a river with the lore of the arkansas has an appeal. can you give me your feelings about how appropriate those communities are for fairly young retirees, who would likely be bringing my 84 yo mother in law? thanks for mentioning the safe and not so safe areas to look at! basically, i’m asking how pueblo would compare to flint, side-by-side. i like fort collins, too, it's just too big, and traffic and sprawl there is out of control.” pueblo is not known for new mexico style green chili but for pueblo style green chili, with pueblo chiles that are grown right here in pueblo county. i have family there, have visited many times over the years and as it would happen…. oh and i am an administrator but love to be working with teachers in the classrooms. but if your looking for for inexpensive living and a relatively great place to raise kids. i’m wondering if your est of 600 – 800 dollars includes all property taxes and services . his company is paying for him to stay in a hotel until we find a homeland move this summer. he’s in irrigation and i’m a legal secretary. do not think we are bad parents by not just going out and buying lj a home. in group quarters - hospitals/wards, hospices, and schools for the handicapped (%).

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speaking, the problem in pueblo isn’t lack of jobs so much as it is insufficient entrepreneurial spirit and too much resistance to change and opportunity.  all of these factors certainly bias my decision and make pueblo a more attractive home for my family. urban dictionary described it perfectly as a phenomenon where “the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed. vet i use in rural colorado makes for a good example. specifically the west 2nd and west 3rd areas near north main st and n santa fe aenue. there are no decent jobs,most of it is minimum wage and people really can’t survive on it. i don’t know that i could live there again, having lived there at its best, but it’s still a good place to eat green chile! unfortunately for them those “happy days” are gone and the future looks a lot more like pueblo than the leave it to beaver world they hope to see again. generally speaking, i like aberdeen, mesa junction, select northside locations (country club, near 18th/greenwood), sunset, el camino, university park and belmont. i am in education and feel for what your child and others have gone through.  life in belmont, aberdeen, mesa junction, the northside, pueblo west and in many other neighborhoods is safe and family friendly. of this reputation for seemingly dead diseases (or in the case of sin nombre and west nile, new diseases), i also have met other people from colorado who view pueblo as a third-world-country.  like most things, private schools are more affordable in pueblo and we will likely take advantage of one of several good private school options because the wait lists for the high performing charter and magnet schools are probably too long. we only drove by on our way to la junta and bent’s old fort. not gucci or pucci, or anything super pricey and pretentious like that. shoot me a note and i’ll hook you up with your first slopper when you land in pueblo. you , justin tell us about shale hydro fracking in colorado and would it come to pueblo or to the county , i got a bunch of blank looks when i asked ? is that possible and if so, is there any way to get around that? grew up in michigan and have lived longer in pueblo than i did in michigan, but would take the michigan 70-80 degree summers over pueblo’s 90-100 degrees any day (since you work at home you don’t have to get in your 130 degree car to go home at the end of the day). but, the east side and especially the lower east side (south of 4th st. i have a few questions for you, it seems like you’re the guy to ask, after reading all of the comments from others. live and work in tampa and hope to retire in about 6 yrs. they are currently looking to rent in a good neighborhood near a good public school with a decent commute time to a community college. although i will truly miss the moderate climate and the beauty of the columbia gorge (having been a avid hiker, before) i am looking forward to the drier climate as a health benefit, and endless sun. might have to include colorado springs in your job search, especially if you have to have something right away..just came back to this article again, and it has 271 comments now? same, but to a lesser extent, in parts of bessemer, the west side as well as the area just north of downtown but south of 17th and west of elizabeth. my mother lives in trinidad and my daughter and her friends/business partners just bought the ghost town of marley south of trinidad. can you please contact me directly at [email protected] so that we can make arrangements to meet?  there are probably more die-hard denver broncos fans in pueblo, on a per-capita basis, than in denver. in group quarters - hospitals or wards for drug/alcohol abuse (%). do not expect to find a high paying job in pueblo though – though commuting to springs is a possibility. i am an animal advocate so i’m sure i will find connections there. you’ll share your gear, meals, tent, and everything else that goes with hiking. i think pueblo sounds like a good move and i’m looking forward to checking it out…may avoid the eastside though:)…. however i am a bit concerned about jobs for my son. i will only add that we need more people to move here (or come back) with the enthusiasm to build a strong community. sandy – i would recommend the aberdeen neighborhood, followed closely by sunset and then the mesa junction. is a unique place and renters outnumber homeowners by a long shot. and as someone with a bachelors in biomaterials engineering from mit, a master’s from yale, a law degree and a high school math teaching license, i don’t appreciate one bit being judged by the color of my skin as being “you must be homeless and living in your car. get past that, and cheyenne is one of the nicer towns you can find. husbands company just recently relocated him to pueblo, we have 5 children and i stayed behind to wait for the school age ones to get done with school. we are looking at houses online and desperately looking for information on the safest areas. divorce and child support lawyer disclaimer: the family law, divorce, child custody or other legal information at this site should not be read as formal legal advice, or the formation of a lawyer or attorney client relationship. the off leash dog park is definitely sweet, and it is sunny here. in group quarters - orthopedic wards and institutions for the physically handicapped (%)., pueblo is hotter and dustier than denver so it may not be for you. i hope your move goes well and that pueblo works out for you. of workers - self-employed workers in own not incorporated business and unpaid family workers (%). i’ve been too swamped to do your question justice and i worry the same trend will continue so i thought i’d better reply with a few more details. you should also try to make contact with the pueblo creative corridor arts organization. age and wondered about things to do but t the bars . i too think the city has a lot of potential but also has some issues to overcome. i did list off some cool things about pueblo which you chose to ignore and instead you want to inflict ad hominem attacts.’m about to finish another college degree, and am looking for a place in the rocky mountain west (preferably colorado) to settle down. we plan to unschool so we’re not concerned about the schools. am a core member of a group of autistics in charge of “the rhizome program. do “lift a finger” and have worked hard all my life.  incredible new mexico style green chili is the local favorite and can be found smothering burritos, enchiladas, eggs (huevos rancheros) and more. typically, you have to go above 8,000-10,000 ft before altitude sickness becomes an issue. the “east side” that is now crime-ridden, was low-income at that time, but there were no gangs, and crime was low. as more and more small family farms are going under, the dedicated large animal vets are now more likely to work for large dairy or feedlot operations, which is something i want no part of as i have ethical objections to both in terms of animal welfare and its effects on the small family farm and local agriculture. neither comes across as awash in crime in living near them. and, you aren’t the first one i’ve heard complain about the police department.’re coming in june 24th – 27th to scope out pueblo for our daughter who is interested in attending csu pueblo in 2016. many people live in pueblo and commute to fort carson and nearby for military-related jobs. is that a good and safe location to check out the city? i work in it and would need to find something quickly (hopefully within a month of moving *fingers crossed*). mostly you have to connect through denver and there are cancellations from time to time but overall this has been a pleasant surprise and a boost to quality of life because i travel with some frequency for work. Collins Family Law Attorney and Mediator offers helpful tips on Colorado divorce and child custodyGeographical perspectives. we shop on the eastside regularly for specialty groceries and i drive my son to a magnet school on the eastside every morning.’m gonna tell you what i pay for taxes , but be warned not to do a spit-take onto your computer , for 2011 my property taxes were 3600 dollars . also, if by chance [talking way down the road, well after i am gone,] pueblo is considered as a center for autistic conventions, are there facillities large enough to accommodate us? we will make sure that every conceivable service is available. it’s also probably the most walkable neighborhood in pueblo, which may become more important during retirement. if you recall grade school science class you will remember cold sinks and heat rises. i’m not much into fashion/clothing but a consignment shop sounds like a good idea. cell is my only net access and i’ve tried several times to send a message, having trouble . you can always get fresh produce in the summer and yes good green chilies! i lived in topeka, ks for a short time and just never felt safe there. it is nicknamed both the ‘feel-good’ and the ‘bonding’ hormone. i appreciate your assessment and would like to share that after being here a bit, i have discovered a beautiful sense of community and continue to meet thoughtful and innovative people around every corner. we originally wanted to move to colorado to build earthships (if you don’t know what they are, google! there is a strong catholic community – i attended one of the catholic schools for a few years in the 80s, and i think most people of faith could find what they’re looking for here in pueblo. now they have changed and it’s time for me to move on. my husband has 5 years of construction experience and is also obtaining and information technology degree online. of course, like just about everywhere, the city is dealing with budget challenges that exacerbate the problem. the library is outstanding, especially for a city the size of pueblo. we don’t have the money to travel back and forth or to move again right away if we were to wind up in a bad neighborhood. finacially i will have to gauge the returns on this domicile i reside in now, against the cost of a new place. i suppose that city council bears some blame but i think idiotic is too harsh. cheyenne has pleasant cool summers, but is windier than hell from about november to mid-april. for good, safe, walkable neighborhoods i recommend aberdeen and mesa junction plus parts of the sunset and just north of the state fairgrounds.’s the part about crime (and schools):“okay, the pueblo naysayers are waiting for me to turn to public schools and crime.: banks are killing america’s neighborhoods part 2 – response to comments « geographical perspectives. i am excited about the possibility so we’ll see what transpires and i will let you know! i’ve often thought that pueblo was one of the best kept secrets and you’ve pretty much summed up why.  gym was offered a whopping 2 times per week for 45 minutes and recess was scheduled once per day at 2pm. let me know if you’d like to make a connection when you’re missing austin’s live music scene. don’t know about ballet but there are several dance studios in town and i’m sure you’ll find something. if it were me, i’d probably budget for a 2-week stay at a hotel and plan to hit the pavement hard upon arrival. i’ve used the website to get a couple of books from the inter-library exchange program and never heard from them. he's not busy, and neither are most of his competitors. colorado is a beautiful place to live and pueblo is the best bargain in the state. do wish the best for pueblo and pray that it gets some kind of industry move in to provide jobs. i just got a job offer in pueblo and we are still making our decision, but i am excited about this town. when i was in college, i looked it up via google maps and discovered that the depot is almost the exact same size as pueblo itself. understandably there are a lot of hispanics in pueblo and a small italian population hispanics seem to dominate pueblo as i think demographically it’s about sixty percent.

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it has a great mix of housing, everything from 4-story mansions on pitkin to 700 sq ft 2-bedroom cottages in some state of disrepair. this area, bounded by abriendo and adams to the north/south and lincoln/lake to the east/west is what i think of as the core of the mesa junction neighborhood. and some of the traditional schools in pueblo have managed to hold on to a solid level of quality. pueblo could also benefit from greater investment in agricultural productivity. there are several choices – mountains toward beulah, prairie with mountain views in pueblo west, farmland in blende and beyond to the east, etc. i was wondering if you could give me any more info on living in eugene vs pueblo? i’d love to get in contact with you and ask your opinions on some things for the family and i. The company is based in Cheyenne, yet there are someFree phone consultation for residents of. apparently there is a co state law that says it has to be prescribed by a co physician. are those areas that need addressing like in any community, as you’ve mentioned, but we are also approaching critical mass, where the people of pueblo are engaging and mobilizing so we can bring ourselves to where we need to be. i often see investments in business, real estate etc made by people from out of town – denver or elsewhere – that are destined for failure from the get-go because of a lack of understanding about what motivates puebloans to open their wallet and spend money. you’d find congestion coming through pueblo west but it’s wide open otherwise. my neighbors watch my house, my neighborhood is quiet, everything is 15 minutes away, and i rarely see crime. the police department is overwhelmed and understaffed and, as i’ve heard from some inside local government, not particularly well-managed. my husband and i are very interested in moving there from ohio. on the other hand, i think pueblo is a terrific place to start a business. the steel mill and power plant on the south side certainly have an impact on air quality but i’m glad to breathe the air in pueblo rather than in denver. gang problems, shootings, and the police are already overburdned and don’t care and can’t keep up. i’m so glad to hear that your move to pueblo has been positive and that you found my article to be informative. you have been a great attorney and i consider you a friend for helping me through the hardest thing i have ever been through.: sharing is never an issue because it’s completely necessary.  colorado springs and denver metro are pretty congested and it takes a long time to get from point a to point b. it’s not easy to show up in pueblo and find a job right away, except in a few key fields, like maybe nursing. feel free to use my contact form if you want to email/discuss further. we drove through pueblo west to take a look and i think i’d rather live the the saharan desert than live there haha. there you have the haves and have nots, here we have tolerance, and a love for all. but, there are terrific locally owned restaurants with great food, unique atmosphere and tremendous value.., denver, colo springs, etc) but, generally speaking, aberdeen, belmont, university, sunset, northridge, and north side (near mineral palace, pueblo country club and/or centennial hs) are pretty good areas. there is basically a glut of vets in colorado--i would suspect more so around fort collins because of the vet school at csu. note that all of these, except goodnight and heritage are magnet/charter schools where you’ll have to enroll proactively and possibly deal with wait lists, etc. high school options are pretty limited but there are a few innovative programs including an “early college” program through pueblo community college. do you know anything about hatch ranch or can you recommend an area where there are several acres for an affordable price, near pueblo. you are still going to pay a fairly good price for land though. i live in the pueblo community college neighborhood and have always enjoyed it. the cost of living seems quite low in colorado springs for all the wonderful amenities and hospitals they offer. i no longer own the liquor store but i still own the real estate at 105 colorado, across from tony & joe’s pizza on abriendo and colorado. we’re actually getting ready to put an offer in on a house near minnequa elementary and i’m just curious if you’re familiar with this particular neighborhood. real estate is very affordable and with some effort you can probably find a great deal on a nice property. i think you should expand this to its own site or blog.  csu-pueblo just completed an extremely successful d-2 season and i get the feeling that we’re seeing the beginning of a college football dynasty. for new comers wanting to meet people, i would recommend volunteering or visiting the buell museum, esp the children’s museum. pretty new library is all building and very open but little in the way of books or other things one would think to find in a library. what is encouraging is that each day, there seem to be more community members stepping up to do their one thing(or more) to be part of this movement and/or even spearheading broader initiatives geared toward helping the masses find their way —stopping cycles; offering tools, hope and opportunity. i have been researching areas a lot since january 1, in fact, that is what my middle son and i were doing as the new year rang in! oh, and by the way, they just announced millions of dollars have been raised for scholarships and renovating buildings there, so i think they will generate work for newcomers. be sure and tell coach zinanti i’m looking forward to my recruiting bonus. outskirts also makes it a bit easier to expand the land. the top 10 employers in pueblo are comprised of hospitals, walmart, and city government/education. justin, i am renovating a gorgeous victorian home on 13th and craig on the north side. so yes – folks out there – this is a good town and we need you! i know you’ve mentioned aberdeen and mesa junction as the best neighborhoods, but what about belmont (near csu) and the area known as mineral springs?  precipitation is light but you’ll see snow in the winter and thunderstorms in the summer. we appreciate your information as we may need to rent a place sight unseen due to the time crunch and distance from illinois. they are also under new management, according to the reviews. you should also check out iannes pizza on northern and pasta cottage. justin, i am single educated over 55 female and wondering if there are any single educated men in pueblo. i hope you and your husband have many happy years in pueblo. there are gangs and violent crime but, as far as i can tell, it’s mostly limited to a few rough areas including the eastside and bessemer and doesn’t really affect quality of life for most residents. share your outlook with how the community looks at or accepts same-sex couples purchasing properties and living in pueblo. but this is coming from someone born and raised in michigan, lol. life in belmont, aberdeen, mesa junction, the northside, pueblo west and in many other neighborhoods is safe and family friendly. i live in small town in missouri and there is nothing here to do as far as jobs go, or even entertainment. boyfriend and i are thinking of relocating to colorado from west palm beach, fl. my husband will probably have only a few days in pueblo before we actually move in, which he’ll spend securing us a house. i’ll be living with a (yet unknown) family to be connected with by the campaign…but looking forward to the experience now that i’ve read your article…. also, latino individuals are so integrated and americanized, that it was odd to me when i met latino people who only spoke spanish when i left pueblo. note that a good job won’t come easy in pueblo.: kitchen updates to help sell your colorado home | relocation exchange. only great chile verde comes from hatch or socorro nm. i do know lots of wonderful people who live in pw and seem very happy to be there so i’m sure it has its good points but, to me, it’s not pueblo and i don’t recommend living there. pueblo is a small city and, unless you live on the outskirts, crime will be something to deal with.…) one more— “local food pueblo,” collaborative local growing, food shares, and organic gardens (maybe soon in many more schools! i strongly suspect we have friends in common and will be crossing paths soon…. i have big plans and plan on living a more fulfilling life than i was previously. anyway, i live in singapore and am contemplating pueblo as a place to help with a senate election campaign this year (won’t giveaway my political leaning here), and was surprised by how pleasant you’ve described it. he told me that he doubted that a vet starting out could make it with the higher start-up costs of a business now, and the increased competition. west side (west of the railroad tracks), the blocks, and north/downtown area (south of 17th st) also have problems. however, i also experienced eight grey, brutally cold michigan winters. if you live in pueblo get a security system for your home and use common sense. let me know when you’ll be back in pueblo and i’ll do my best accommodate. after all, you don’t want your new partner to think you can’t handle anything. traffic is a problem in fort collins, not in cheyenne. also, we are looking at houses and i know bessemer is known to be a rougher area. mary corwin and parkview have an excellent reputation and pueblo has outstanding medical professionals.  at 38 degrees latitude, pueblo is about halfway between sunny and dry albuquerque, new mexico and the cool and crisp rocky mountain environs of cheyenne, wyoming, both geographically and climatically. if drought and water shortages continue to plague the greater southwest region, as many expect, pueblo will indeed be affected. son and i have been looking at homes in pueblo area. i don’t see why baked goods etc couldn’t be bought and sold but you’d have to check with someone more familiar. after you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. have thought about moving here but it is so hot and dry in the summer that it probably won’t happen. savvanna, pueblo schools are just waiting for you to arrive and help make pueblo kids some of the best educated in the country. i’m really not the best person to comment on pueblo’s church community. after having moved to two different cities in colorado, and now living in longmont, i have to say that pueblo is by far the worst. when visitors from the lily white suburbs of denver come to town (if they must) they can’t help but notice they are no longer safely ensconced within a racially homogeneous neighborhood. if you are catholic or christian there are also good religion-based options including saint therese, john neumann and trinity lutheran. if you want to send an email to my gmail account i can also provide you with my cell number. of course, all of those locations will likely cost a bit more for housing … but not that much and worth every penny in my opinion.. are you aware if baked goods, fresh eggs, and honey are also sold. my wife and i want to get a feel of the town that our daughter will be living in for 4 years and we’d prefer to avoid a hotel stay. grew up in pueblo in the 1960s and early ’70s. you might check to see if the pueblo community college has listings.  how is an active 2nd grade boy supposed to contain his energy when he has to wait until 2pm most days to run around? i am looking for a 2-10 acre partially wooded parcel and this can be off-grid property as i plan on solar. pueblo has some benefits, but my husband and i were definitely happy to move!, please tell me why you don’t recommend the area around irving elementary? and only a 15 min walk or 5 min bike ride to the union ave historic district and downtown. the demand for rentals is very strong and prices remain more or less depressed although i’ve seen clear signs of a healthier market over the past year – i. dealing with an owner is almost always better than a mgmt company.

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my wife and i are looking for a place to semi-retire. as a centennial grad i can’t fully endorse your view of the south side as best but as i get older i must admit that i become more and more a fan of the history and charm found in the mesa junction, aberdeen and bessemer. ‘re looking to relocate from prescott, az to a smaller, friendlier, cheaper community. i hope to be able to work in a volunteer nature once settled, being unable to work my trade anymore, but liking the benefits to me and others, by helping out others in some manner.. i went alone and i engaged alot of folks in conversation about what they like and dislike about pueblo . cuddling releases the hormone oxytocin, which relieves feelings of stress and anxiety while improving the immune system’s defense forces. my current outlook will be if i can afford a build, to sell here and then invest in the build and rent something until it’s completion. and if you look at year-round weather data, you’ll find pueblo may be the mildest 4-season climate in north america.’m looking to live a simple life now tired of the hustle and fast pace, i plan on coming and visiting to get a lay of the land, your blog really came in handy. are trying to move away from fort worth metro, as we want life to be more peaceful. paddle boarding on pueblo lake is terrific, almost as good as hawaii, except no surf, unless a boat comes too close. if you’d like, you are welcome to contact me directly and i’ll do my best to help. i work with local realtors who i like and trust but a great realtor for me may not translate into a great realtor for you. we were there for christmas and when my sister commented on traffic being heavy around the mall i thought i’d fall on the floor laughing. would consider fort collins' climate preferable to cheyenne (warmer and less wind). gangs are active and drug use, especially meth and heroine, seems to be fairly common and tied to violence and petty crime. i have a degree in criminal justice and administration and could only find work waiting tables and bar tending…so we are here. house or condo value by units in structure by units in structure - 3 or 4 ($). stumbled upon this site today and really identified with your take on things! would like to start a consignment store, not high end, but still definitely brand conscious. if you’d like i could try to help more but i would need to know more about your personal situation. if possible, i would recommend a try-before-you-buy visit to see if pueblo is the place for you. yes, i think it could work depending on the space itself. the best high schools in pueblo seem to be centennial high (though i’m biased as a grad) and pueblo county high, especially the “sebs” program. my favorite neighborhood in pueblo is just a couple blocks north of where you’ll be staying. middle of the road neighborhood with some newer construction that can be nice. yep boomers retirees on a budget would be looking for a three bedroom house to rent could i get a guesstimate on average rent., i’m sorry you won’t be moving home to pueblo anytime soon…but we will welcome you back with open arms if/when your circumstances and perspective change. have a 14-year old freshman in advanced classes in wisconsin public school. i’m a native coloradan, but i’ve never actually been to pueblo., i have been learning and practicing faux granite countertops on every old travel trailer i can get my hands on. we toured almost every neighborhood, looking both at “for rent” and “for sale” houses, since we plan to rent for a year or so before buying. vicki, victoria is a nice street where you have access to the union/riverwalk traffic but with slightly lower rents and better parking. you sound like this is your first stop in life after school and you expect the city to stop everything and throw a welcome party in your honor. my husband is in medical school so he’ll be frequenting the hospitals daily. you’ve crossed that initial point of comfort, there’s not much that qualifies as “too weird” or “too much. with income below the poverty level (%) - american indian and alaska native. in group quarters - job corps and vocational training facilities (%). pueblo is different; we’re much closer to new mexico than to denver metro, culturally speaking. the annual country fair just west of eugene is the biggest collection of hippies you’ll find anywhere since the grateful dead stopped touring. industries - finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing (%). by that i mean i don’t really know where they are nor how well kept they are in general, how they compare to one another in terms of crime, vandalism, etc. as far as the health issues that you point to, i don’t think you have enough information to state with confidence what, if any, health risks exist in pueblo that don’t exist elsewhere. if you decide to participate in cuffing season, be careful to keep open communication about the seriousness and meaning of the relationship with your partner.  and, pueblo summers are far more pleasant with cooler temperatures than you would find in comparably sunny cities like phoenix or tucson. i thank you for the extensive time you put into this site, and your quick responses.? fort collins probably has a more agreeable climate to most than does cheyenne.’ve already made the decision to move to pueblo from whidbey island, wa this summer (july/august) and while i do have a couple friends living there already singing the city’s praises, i really appreciate hearing both sides of some pretty key issues in your article. the florence or canon city commute wouldn’t be too bad. did you go with a private school (and if so, what’s your review)?( interestingly my trade was metal fab, which coincides with the towns history) one must stay active, and helping the community you live in and it’s people seems a worthy cause, with good return. i’m glad you found a place to call home in falcon (colorado springs metro) but if you’re moving to avoid crime and high tax rates i’m afraid you’re not seeing the forest for the trees. a shared tent or lack of toilet means you’ll need to get comfortable really fast. if you telecommute and work from home, then sure it can work (though so can any other city). in our prevalent hookup culture, it is easy for feelings and intentions to be lost in a cloud of confusion.’m one of the growing numbers of fortunate people who are able to work from a home office and can live just about anywhere in the us. hope you and your family are doing well there, and here’s wishing you all a booming 2014! i’ll be interviewing at grandview hospital for internal medicine residency next week. i have lived here, just north of philly pa for 48 years and when my per hour job (making flexo printing plates) here goes away , i will be selling my house and relocating to somewhere dry , warm and flat . i grew up in denver (congress park neighborhood, which i believe is probably the best spot to be in the country now) but i have also lived in pueblo, as well as a rust belt city. i have always believed that our city had so much to offer but was worried that to many people would come to live. i’m glad you and i’m sure others like it here. resident age - females - american indian and alaska native. but, i think it helps people understand that it’s not tex mex or traditional mexican style food. jordan – this is crazy weird, but my husband and i just moved to red creek ranch as well. the lower east side and bessemer probably have the most crime. i can probably put you in touch with an agent to help but they are typically most interested in helping a buyer purchase a home; it’s not common for agents to help locate a residential rental. well, i am living in austin… my friend invited me to try west hollywood and sherman oaks, after a month, i knew i belong in co. of course, even dating someone as awesome as an outdoor enthusiast doesn’t come without its fair share of these gentle ups and downs! i live in chicago and i’m wanting to get the hell out of this city, i’ve been here all my life love it but it’s time to go. and i am going to share your page on fb; perhaps it will allay the fear my daughter has about my not living in the same town. in fact, i'd like to do a little bit of mixed practice work for variety, but 80-90% would be small animal/exotic and do nutrition and behavior consulting. california is too expensive, but after visiting there, it made me fall in love with living out west, so i decided to do some research on colorado. i was really surprised that some people were more concerned about columbus day rather than school funding. for your help justin:) we ended up buying a house on court st. is dealing with an owner directly better than a property management company? we just avoid us 50 west, because it reminds us too much of streets in colorado springs. i’ll have to get a humidifier and a good pair of sunglasses, though!’m in oklahoma city and planning on a retirement relocation to pueblo this december. depending on the price range you’re shooting for i would probably recommend that you consider other neighborhoods before you commit. i’m planning on moving, as a single female, not knowing a soul, to pueblo and set up shop., especially opiate pills and crack, have exploded in popularity in recent years. although the employment picture is brighter than it was a few years ago, good jobs are difficult to find and salaries remain fairly low. we are very community driven, love getting involved in our community. oddly i have a (step)-brother named justin who has a geography background, worked in the gis area and was living in michigan (ann arbor) until, well just recently. there are a lot of houses in very good neighborhoods that just need to be purchased and fixed up, as you have done. we live in wi now, but i was interested in the the area because i lived in crested butte many years ago and loved the area, but wanted somewhere a bit warmer (gunny…brrr). toughest areas of town (most crime) are probably lower eastside, outer eastside, lower bessemer, east mesa and maybe south prairie. i’m just finshing up my master’s degree, and while searching, colorado kept coming up in my research. vicki – great to hear about your group and the momentum moving toward pueblo! pueblo seems to be the affordable and welcoming place we are looking for.! in fact, most people don’t and they have effectively managed to segregate the schools by dividing between public and private. any results are based upon the facts of that particular case and do not represent a promise or guarantee. there is no real industry in pueblo anymore, and virtually no economic growth. drop by mesa junction wine & spirits at 105 colorado ave and leave a message for me if you’d like to connect after you arrive. i am inclined to 1970’s and up for the better insulation factors, walls, windows and such. great bargains on homes, very walkable and crime is not too bad. recently, we visited pueblo and spent a day walking the downtown/north areas. that’s one of the great things about colorado – lots of options for different environments, both physical and cultural. as having bought on the edge of town and having access to undeveloped land to hike in is a plus, until the market feeds the growth to the point you are once again surrounded by new housing, as i suffered here. and, for some, a mainstream school could be the best bet. i’m still not sure if we will stay there or perhaps in one of the small towns south or west of pueblo (beulah, rye, colorado city). heating fuel used in houses and condos - coal or coke (%). also, don’t go wandering around strange neighborhoods at night. wishes on the move and let me know if i can help in any way. i have a large saltwater tank and am looking at the options of working with a builder to make a few minor accomidations to the floor plan that would greatly inhance this sort of thing. you have cash and/or are in position to secure a mortgage you may have better luck buying than renting but you should be able to find something decent either way. maybe i could obtain part time work, but you say the hiring market is soft.

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See what LuvByrd has to say about The Pros and “Cons” of Dating an Outdoor Enthusiast! i was in colorado earlier this year, and like the landscape, although very different from the green, and diverse altitudes here in oregon.  try a pass key special, eat a “slopper” at the coors tavern, have a papa louis at the broadway tavern, get a “dutch lunch” at gus’ place. of moving to louisville or fort collins, fort collins area, 2 replies. can you add anything in general about forts, haggards, pueblo west or any other rv park i may not be aware of? have you noticed those large land forms to the west? husband has gotten used to the smaller craft brews here in wi, and is extremely interested in the availability of those in co. to fort collins area from cheyenne wyoming, fort collins area, 2 replies. we stll talk about some we had in durango that we could have eaten every day forever. 40 years ago, but i would like to add one more, i think you mentioned the people are friendly, but an important one is i came to realize was recognition when i go to the bank, market or wherever i hear “hi tom”. have someone show you around colorado city and rye, out toward beulah, and in blende or avondale (along the arkansas river). house or condo value ($) - american indian and alaska native. justin how’s the cost of cable and wireless internet? my husband and i are relocating to pueblo from houston with our infant son at the end of april. there are people that try and come here and with them they bring there culture take 1521 over on main that place was divine. like the area you’re describing and i think you’ll find good value. it took this state that long to pass something, anything, and that is what they came up with. you should also hold off unless you’re in position to hold the property long term because if/when it comes time to sell the population of potential buyers will be fairly small. people encourage and buy those stolen goods because they think it’s a great deal. my husband and i graduated from law school and college (respectively) at the height of the recession, so we are just trying to find a good place to start out. i know i will miss all my pine trees and lush landscape but i love nature so i’m sure i will find things to love there as well. in fact, if there’s a better bargain in terms of cost of living, climate and livability anywhere in the us i’d like to know about it. i think all the people who say they miss the old denver should consider pueblo as such. i work from home and drive to denver once a week for work. seems a bit unusual, and if my job works out i will buy a home in pueblo sometime next year (2017).  what’s happening on the eastside gets included in all the statistics for pueblo as a whole and really brings down pueblo’s profile when it comes to crime statistics and test scores.’m afraid i don’t really know anything about rv parks but this location has a few good reviews and might be a good base from which to explore southern colorado. it’s not for everyone but i think coming from tucson you’ll find yourself more or less at home. your article made me feel much better about the decision and i now feel that my prospects in southern co will be better than i had originally thought. well, i lived in saginaw and flint for a year. i completely agree that pueblo is a great place to live and is probably only lagging behind denver economically by fifteen years. so with that in mind could you give me some leads on builders and also the solar angle contractors? thank you in advance for any direction you can provide and again thanks for this excellent post. also, pueblo is a place where people spend their whole lives and don’t move away. would you happen to know who owns them and if they are planning on doing something about the water quality? liked darla’s comments about the eastside, totally on track. left for northern california in 1977, and now live near philadelphia. will look at options in the areas mentioned and go form there.  but, aside from a complete bathroom redo, it was mostly cosmetic updating. people are extraordinarily friendly but they have life-long friends and relatives with whom they spend most of their time. referance to our previous conversations i am interested in your comments on a builder of new homes (or a couple , the more the better to compair and look at options on styles and location. regards to crime , are there any civilian involvement in town watch or community policing ,especially by the people in those bad areas? i think belmont or university park would be your best bet for proximity to the depot but still convenient to schools, shopping, entertainment, etc. you can work hard to make your house look nice, but your neighbors can throw their couches and old refrigerators in their front yard and there goes the neighborhood. they spent way too much money on the property, putting in high-end kitchen appliances, counter-tops and various other luxury amenities. someone once told me “you make money in real estate when you buy” meaning if you buy correctly, i. the cost of living is still low, the river walk is nice, coors tavern is still serving up the best sloppers, and passkey is still in business. it only takes one person like the guy who wrote that stupit article to keep the hate alive ,and so it goes on. on paper, it looks like the perfect place; close (really close) to good fishing, and just big enough to have all conveniences of living in a decent-sized city (you’re not going to have to drive to the next town over to buy socks or go to a movie) without all the godforsaken traffic or obscene living costs of the denver-metro area. feel free to submit a comment/message here on my blog or you could send a direct message to @justinholman on twitter. i played golf in shorts and short sleeves at 5pm. justin, my brother and i are planning to move here from canada and do you know if any employers there would sponsor us to go work there? when i moved away, it was a bit of a culture shock, and i often felt very idiotic when presented with new information that i had assumed to be true everywhere in the united states. pueblo ought to be a stopover between denver and albuquerque or santa fe but it’s not. if you’re looking for walkability then, yes, i would recommend the mesa junction neighborhood (this is near central high and toward the pueblo community college). california is just un-reasonable to try to live in economically. justin, i think you’re right, pueblo may well be discovered in the next 10-20 years as the place to be. i avoid my neighbors bc they only come around when they need a ride to the pawn shop or liquor store. as a geographer i can’t help but point out that a lot of the criminal activity is concentrated in a few areas and living in bessemer did not improve your odds of avoiding problems. about mobilizing community, please feel free to check out fb group, “elevate pueblo,” an online platform — a community of people passionate about pueblo achieving her highest potential.  so, before you dismiss pueblo, take a closer look at disaggregate school performance and crime statistics.! send me a note via my contact form and we can make arrangements? husband just this morning accepted a job in pueblo starting july 1. son on the 4th……scared to death moving so far from okc but, feel i hav to for me and my son.’m disabled with chronic pain an stuff and he’s having trouble in school. it could also turn out to be very nice in terms of price appreciation but i wouldn’t count on it. we plan to set up a number of appts to view apartments before we move down and find a place within a day or two of our move. and, of course, your assigned teacher makes all the difference. the season of cuffing begins when the warm weather turns into sweater weather or when you don’t want to leave the house because, baby, it’s cold outside.. i am still researching, and really appreciate all you have posted about pueblo. i really would like to keep working until sometime next year to maximize our retirement income. it also typically requires short term financial sacrifice and not everyone is in position to make that type of sacrifice. that said, i would definitely encourage you to give pueblo a try. would just like to say that your post is great for advertising pueblo but you should correct your statement that says “incredible new mexico style green chili is the local favorite and can be found smothering burritos, enchiladas, eggs (huevos rancheros) and more. if you or you family are not members of the hispanic gangs you better keep even your hair follicles under lock and key just to get robbed or raped at gun point. pueblo is more like new mexico than it is like denver in many ways. i am battling cancer, and pueblo seems that it could be my answer to prayers when thinking of my sons’ future. well, your blog convinced me that pueblo is certainly worth a shot. if you want more of a “country” feeling, then i don’t think you’ll like pueblo west and will want to explore south, southwest or east of the city of pueblo before committing elsewhere.., more renovation work, fewer properties available at basement prices, good deals only on the market for a short period of time, more competition when purchasing, etc. just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful commentary on the community.  i left for college and  career living in california, europe, oregon and michigan along the way. i will definitely check out the mesa junction and belmont areas. in group quarters - barracks, unaccompanied personnel housing (uph), (enlisted/officer) (%). longmont is indeed a nice community from what little i know about it. several senior magazines have recommended pueblo and the southern colorado area for the same reasons you listed above. i really appreciate your offering here — like an ambassador for pueblo with direct and balanced information and a personal touch! i have a real estate agent recommendation if you need one. you could also check out the “elevate pueblo” page on facebook, lots of good people willing to help. can you clarify this for me and do you think it would be a safe enough city for me to move to with no family or friend support? another one of my favorite communities is grand junction, where we will hold this year’s ge-co in the rockies conference – in september 2014.) and depending on what industry you’re in, or looking to get into, more jobs (or, again, proximity to denver). jaymes is incarcerated one last time, in this shithole, because we will no longer live here, alex is trying to begin his life, which is impossible in this shithole, (indiana), and mack is being homeschooled as opposed to being “bullied” by small town alledged authority figures who are no smarter than the piece of gum on the bottom of my shoe! my love for co still present, my love for the ski bum, phew turned brown and dried (so glad that’s over). i know some people to ask and could connect you once you arrive. tom – thank you for reading and for adding this comment.: colorado puc allowing black hills energy to loot and plunder in pueblo | geographical perspectives. like aberdeen, sunset, orman park, mesa junction, el camino, country club, north elizabeth, belmont, bonneymede and university park.: the 4 “c” factors making pueblo colorado the best bargain in north america | geographical perspectives. i don’t want to jump straight to specific recommendations because some data analysis is in order on this one. my husband is a carpenter and has been out of work in mi for years. plus it seems like the same bands are always playing. think pueblo would be more vibrant and if it just allowed for things that are cultural to come in and not just mexican, or italian. i’m happy to meet for coffee sometime to brainstorm if you’d like. then again we both have ccp’s even in co. but, your kids are young and a lot can happen in a few years. however, when we return to the mainland, we will be settling somewhere, obviously. will be living there most of the year in an rv, colorado will be our primary residence.

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i am from michigan (the downriver area) not as cool as ann. i’ve been checking zillow but don’t see any except pueblo west, also, do you consider the area south of the hwy and pueblo west to be good? there are good schools in pueblo but, unfortunately, they’re few and far between and it’s become too complex to make blanket recommendations. the vast majority of commercial real estate is owned by long-time pueblo residents. emmanuel said: hi justin,I have gone through your blog and it is a great one. like knowing more about your move, otto, but it seems you don’t have quite enough research or knowledge to make a fair analysis of pueblo 🙂 i look forward to visits in sunny colorado. (i don’t understand why it takes a horrible event to happen to someone you love sometimes to actually understand life happens). i’d really appreciate if you could help me out! congrats on your big decision— makes me want to move there too! industries - arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services (%). don’t think you’d end up using a snow blower more than a handful of times each year. we have been searching for – forever – for a small acre or acreage in a sunny, semi-desert area where there is no valley fever and where the cost of living is lower.  a big step down from boulder or summit county to be sure but in those communities you’re paying probably 4+ times more for housing. occupations - fire fighting and prevention, and other protective service workers(%). there a lot of poor people that rent housing from landlords . i think pueblo is an ideal retirement spot and, i agree, i’m happy to keep it our secret. the future unfortunately does not look bright as the our cultural influences are shot to hell. i hope things work out for you in longmont and i hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised on a future visit to your home town. however, i’ve lived all over the country, including some places with really high crime rates. if you’ll be commuting regularly to springs or denver (or other parts north) then i would favor the northside (where i live) because it could save up to 20-30 min round trip. am going to move my children to a better little “nest” per say: colorado. if you stay out of the floodplain near the arkansas river you should be fine for insurance coverage. haven’t tried pasta cottage so i’ll definitely check it out. you can find bargain basement prices and nice, well-kept neighborhoods but you’ll also find neglected homes and crime, albeit mostly petty.. both property tax’s and sales tax’s are extremely high not to mention the cost of living… anyway. those who complain about low salaries are often expecting to just show up with a job application and, in return, receive a solid middle class salary. my wife volunteered in wellington for the fire department and if there was even a little bit of snow they were going out on car accidents up north. i searched online, called 6 local phone numbers, each one telling me to call the next, and ended up leaving a message. big surprise was that when i explored a ” bad area ” , there was no trash in the street and no graffitti – i saw kids out sweeping their properties after the rains , i don’t want to paint too rosey a picture , my hotel was in southgate , and some of lake area looked rough and tumble and the area above the 11th st bridge looked completely dicey , and i’m sure there are others i didn’t get to, but in the vast majority , when i saw rundown properties , alot of the block looked good , and the next block over looked great. back when kansas was a territory pueblo was probably in kansas since the kansas territory pretty much ran up to the continental divide. i don’t mind the cold so much, but the snow – not so much. you see it for the way it is and tell about the good and bad. about local lawn care services, the smaller independently-owned services, for husband to get a job? my biggest concern is that we will find a great place to rent, but it’ll be connected to an elementary school that doesn’t have a great rating and i don’t have any way of finding out what the school is *really* like until we’re stuck with it. are there legitimate massage businesses there or would it be better to commute. i remember when i had first moved to minneapolis, i thought to myself that african-americans only acted like “this” on television, and i thought the tv exaggerated their behavior. after you start to go on outdoor dates a lot, you might need more intense trails and mountains to keep the spark. | LuvByrd Fort collins vs cheyenne, wy (denver, aurora: real estate, apartment complexes, rent). the one thing i really appreciate is the farms stands east of pueblo. health problems in pueblo probably correlate more strongly with income than with any other variable. housing prices are up and i expect them to go higher near term due to low inventory. i hope you’ll reconsider and move back where your northern california housing dollar will buy a palace near mineral palace or a mansion in the mesa junction. i’ve also heard good things about goodnight and psas, both k-8.! my fiance and i are thinking of moving to pueblo…we actually plan on going out there within the next two weeks to check out the area and housing for rent in a nice,safe area. the city council is a joke, there’s no mayor here and it’s a straight up joke! i did go to the town hall at the library two weekends ago that included one of our state senators and our rep. we’ve been getting by with only one car for several years and would like to continue. do not know what problems you feel pueblo has, but i think my comments have validity., pueblo has some issues and seemingly low priority issues can rile people up. are those with disabilities active in, and embraced by, the community; or invisible and rarely seen? and the key to successful community transformation begins with individual change or transformation. colorado recent laws has put a sparkle in my eyes one i would compare to the first settlers crossing the west. and great to hear that you’ll be launching a business! will be visiting the area the second weekend of augues to check things out. i would call every bank in town and see who will work with you. plus whatever marijuana people can steal or reallocate from dispensaries is very commonly sold on those same facebook sites; it’s either stolen from dispensaries or grown at home and there’s a lot of people being scammed or ripped off on that as well. it’s small, very old, outdated signs, and poorly maintained. if colorado and legal weed is what you want, you’re going to pay dearly for it and i don’t mean the price of the weed itself. best wishes for success in falcon and thanks for the comment. i think crested butte is the coolest mountain town ever so i’m jealous of your stint living there. close to the steel mill and on the edge of what i would consider the historic bessemer neighborhood but near st. please don’t tell them that demand for rental houses and well-kept apartments is completely outstripping supply. low inventory + banks suck + ’08 hangover = rental market supply and demand imbalance. the spanish people in pueblo were some of the first people of european decent to come to this area . most of the homes we looked at [from the exterior] looked super cute and well maintained. pueblo is accepting, inexpensive (still), roommates are permitted, internet is available at our outstanding libraries and we have a nice convention center downtown next to the marriott. i am considering moving there pending finding a job there of course and i was nervous about moving someplace i have never been. wife likes to cook and would like a large kitchen with a formal dining room. in group quarters - schools, hospitals, or wards for the physically handicapped (%). i will send an email to you to learn a bit more before i recommend a particular neighborhood.. i’m an interior architect and a partner in a design/build firm with a background in photography, what’s the design/art scene in pueblo. biggest downer in cheyenne (and any resident, native or not, will tell you this) is that darned wind. it’s too populated, the traffic is a nightmare and i have no interest in mickey mouse.  pueblo is one of the sunniest places in the us, receiving more sunshine than san diego and honolulu. aside from that, yes, i think the property tax estimates are fairly accurate and inclusive. construction work in particular will be a challenge because many skilled people are waiting on the sidelines for housing construction to resume. if i’m wrong let me know where you lived so i can put your comments in context for readers. i moved home to pueblo 4 years ago to help the family with elder care, and we ended up in the old northside historic neighborhood to make my commute to work in colorado springs shorter. please don’t tell them another house i purchased for ,000 changed tenants in january and i had my pick of 10-15 legit applicants clamoring to pay 0 per month. people who sling mud at pueblo, let them sling until they realize they’re paying 2-3 times extra for more traffic, worse weather and, typically, a neighborhood that resembles just about every other subdivision in the western us built in the last 2 decades, devoid of personality and completely car-dependent. the neighborhood has become mostly rentals, and is badly decayed. the large hispanic population (~50%) and the high desert climate make it feel more like the southwest than like the rocky mountains. i do however like gaglianos in bessemer and apart from that, the deli’s are just mediocre. i’m going to take a day and drive down there sometime in the next couple of weeks to look around, but is that a suspicion you would parrot? i m interested both as a potential buyer and seller. maybe it’s because denver and the springs are more “touristy” so there are more options for people newly arrived there, one way or another. the town supported high school athletics, and everyone went to football games on friday or saturday night. are planning to move to pueblo next summer from wisconsin. have a house for sale in pueblo 5 bedrooms 1 bath finished basement for only 79,900 everything remodeled outside and inside 303 s iola st 81001 and the area is very quiet to me 303-960-7676 robert. we’ve got two small kids, one starting kindergarten and the other in preschool, so i’m also curious if you are familiar with any activities/clubs/etc. i’m already retired from my day job, and she’s within a few years, so we’re going to check out pueblo very soon. if you have nursing or medical training of any kind parkview and corwin (2 major hospitals in pueblo) seem to have plenty of positions. i am in the same position – can work from home – and i am coming to this area in a few days to look at some land options in person. and do you have any other housing requirements aside from budget limitations?  if you don’t believe me drive around and count the number of homes that prominently display their loyalty to the orange and blue. everyone is on state assistance, yet they all walk around with new phones, fresh tattoos and designer shoes. my husband and i are considering a big move to pueblo this summer or fall. we are a family of 6 (4 littles, dh and i) and we are looking at relocating to the beulah area. we could have people work for periods of time at the cliffs, and then return to home,pueblo. i'm a second year vet student and when i graduate in a couple years, i'm interested in moving back out west (i lived in aurora when i was in middle school and have wanted to go back since i've been in missouri way too long! question i keep asking myself is what small business could i start that would fill a void in pueblo? just finished grad school in a healthcare field and am at the age of thinking about having kids. when i drive the 7-1/2 hours north and get to pueblo, i’m going, “whew! i close on the aberdeen house next month and am looking to starting a new life without the heat, traffic and property taxes of austin. there’s no reason to have a big commute if you live in pueblo. how bad would it be commuting from the highway 50 corridor on a daily basis? one time in centennial, near ikea, i got asked in the parking lot by some white guy if i was homeless and living in my car – because i’m a brown-skinned minority and at that time i was just passing through so all my stuff was in my car. i dont mean to sound so anxious but i see finding you and this page is a revelation all is coming together!

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please continue to share your nonsense crime statistics and other ill-formed opinions about pueblo with others. i’ll probably visit canon city, buena vista, and elizabeth a bit more often, but not every week or even every month. for someone who has “been around” you don’t seem to have much patience for settling in to a community.. the art scene has becoming more and more robust in pueblo. so, it does seem like a strange contradiction but i think the rankings are probably accurate on both counts. i lived in vail, co, for a year at my uncle’s place and fell in love with co and a ski bum. now, one last note, my brother has lived in colorado springs for 40 years (got a teaching job there out of college), he hates it. don’t own any property here and when i retire, i will draw a pension along with s. i’m afraid i don’t know too much about the disability community but pueblo is friendly and someone with your wife’s expertise would likely be embraced once she connects with the right people.  italian restaurant options are equally good and there are loads of other pueblo favorites to be discovered. i perfer a outskirts local, (tumbleweeds and scorpions, as you put it, vs compact housing subdivisions, or the more older stately housing, in closer to the center) i also would follow up on the solar options. we currently reside in denver, but we are tired of the traffic, growth, and cost of living that seems to have gotten out of control in the last 5-10 years. 1, 2012 at 8:32 pm  •  posted in featured, geography, pueblo, real estate by justin  •  484 comments. good luck with the job opportunity and, yes, let me know how it turns out! my gf and i are planning a move from tucson to pueblo after school gets out at the end of may. the bright side, demand for quality housing is strong and you should be able to charge a healthy amount for monthly rent. my husband and i each own our own business, we own our own home on colorado avenue, our kids have enjoyed a great education, we have more than we know what to do with activities all the time and we enjoy a twenty minute drive to our second home in beulah when we want downtime. looking to make the leap as early as next month, and am utterly charmed by the diversity i have been digging up about pueblo. if you’ll be commuting to colorado springs i would stay on the north side of the arkansas river. pueblo is on our very short list, but as older folk we are concerned about crime. you for sharing your thoughts and i’m glad my article resonated with you. love all the nature scenery, my husband is an artist of different mediums. fountain international is a top notch k-3 school and connect is an outstanding middle school (6-8th grade). pets are stolen out of their owners’ yards, cars are being stolen constantly, breaking into cars all over town is an everyday occurrance now, theft is rampant all over town and most of those goods are being resold on craiglist or local facebook buy and sell sites. so, given the option, i would choose a hot summer in pueblo over a cold winter in michigan every day of the week. reasons why you should wait until your colorado divorce is final to start dating by mitch tacy fort collins family law attorney & mediator and dorian ryan you have made the decision to get divorced and have started to think of the single life ahead of you. just a few things i would like to add about pueblo, as far as jobs, my daughter is a drug rep, makes well over0k a year, plus many extra’s company car, trips, etc.’re looking into northern co as well, but many are realizing that they will never be able to afford boulder, so many folks are moving to loveland, ft.” i then looked at them curiously and asked “what do you mean the plague is extinct? bear in mind, i’m kind of an old man at heart, and am not really interested in a thriving “scene”…i don’t need to live in a place like boulder to be happy, in other words. if you take the time to look around aberdeen, mineral palace park, belmont and other established neighborhoods in the city (nearer to the arkansas river and/or fountain creek) you’ll discover many shady tree-lined streets where you can moderate the heat and enjoy green space. for schools, you should probably get on the wait list at fountain international and psas and also the connect, even though it may seem early. also, the ymca on pueblo blvd near hwy 50 is a fabulous facility and a must see. i am contemplating relocating to colorado and enjoyed your insight into this area. tips for divorcing parents from a fort collins divorce attorney. you may as well also get on the list for the connect middle school. if you could manage to get a deal where you telecommute most of the time and drive up to denver for face-time once a week you would save a bundle in housing costs. you should be able to check using the county property records for verification. i’m afraid that the entire public school system, not just in pueblo or the rust belt is collapsing as people with the financial resources simply send their children to private schools. i see tons of opportunity to start and grow businesses here in pueblo but it requires patience, determination and a long-term vision. anyone give me their opinions on cheyenne vs fort collins? might be construction work in colorado springs as building activity has resumed. i’ve done that here in new orleans and back home in nyc but they’re bigger cities. i have several friends who are practicing vets around colorado and wyoming. add a humorous comment every now and then and your readers will relax while learning. have vacationed in colorado many times and know it gets cold. great local restaurants and niche stores tend to be downtown, on union ave, in the mesa junction neighborhood (off abriendo) or near the steel mill in bessemer. let me know when you land in town and i’ll buy you a plate of green chili, the best internal medicine i know. stephen – good luck with the trip and the big transition! crime is an issue for sure but a little common sense will allow you to avoid the vast majority of problems. i am trying to get a feel for the city council. i know the process, and i keep abreast of the real estate market. family and i relocated to pueblo from santa monica because the crime and congestion became too much. please let me know if i can help in any way and best wishes on the move! pueblo is only 4,692 feet so, unless you have a medical condition that might make you more vulnerable, you should be fine. she is legally blind, has a phd in disability studies and has questions about the disability community. are there any areas or landmarks you think it would be good to show him when we pass through on our return trip? does not provide trash service but there are a number of service providers and a healthy competitive market. but, as i’ve written elsewhere, crime isn’t worse here than colorado springs or denver. for the heads-up, but i’ve got to be somewhere within 50 miles of the springs for a job and i don’t anticipate being able to afford anything decent there on what the job pays. i wrote you back on dec 29th (thanks for your response), and made my big move landing in the springs on super bowl sunday. my family currently lives in southern california and my daughter was offered a partial sports scholarship to csu pueblo and will be a wolverine in 2016. crime is a problem but you won’t escape crime in denver or colorado springs and there you’ll pay 3 times more for housing. i’d be delighted to meet and learn more about our fair city. they cost of living is way less than florida, for sure. again thank you for all the great input and help sir.  football is probably the most popular sport in town but there is something for basketball, baseball and hockey fans. you may find more sophisticated medical resources in denver with the university of colorado medical center, etc but you can drive 90 minutes to get the same care and pay about 1/3rd in housing costs here in pueblo. also, they have a good soccer camp at csu-p that is offered a couple weeks during the summer. i think it has the best blend of affordability, friendliness/fun and relatively low crime. from the sounds and scenery, to the fresh air and good vibes, any hike can and should be an unforgettable experience.: eight reasons pueblo should vote no on 200 and 300 | geographical perspectives. the dress and the cologne will be exchanged for rugged backpacks and probably smelly gear. your blog is very helpful, and as others have said, a great asset to the community, i think. other cities in the state were making fun of us (their economies were booming), and then the jacka$$es from up north started that crap about taking the state fair. i just wanted to confirm your traffic report… we used to say that if we were southbound on santa fe, wanting to turn left on 13th to get on i-25, and the light changed before we could make the turn, that we were in a traffic jam. there was theft there as well, and it was supposed to be a decent place. the company is based in cheyenne, yet there are some other employees who live in fort collins and make the commute daily via carpool., we would like to stay out of the danger zone, we ourselves don’t have much and are struggling but do help when we can. in that time, the number of practicing vets in this particular county has probably quadrupled--the population hasn't even come close to growing anything like that. he told me that he doubted that a vet starting out could make it with the higher start-up costs of a business now, and the increased competition. – thank you so much for sharing your experience as a resident of the east side and as someone who has relocated to pueblo from colorado springs. im asking only because im disabled and also worry about my wifes well being. or would it be more of a lifestyle-choice type decision vs a good investment to buy a larger parcel of land/home in beulah? although, pueblo’s regional building department has a reputation for being difficult and new construction permits are thought of as too expensive in the city. mary corwin, rye or beulah would be easier; if parkview, then florence/canon probably get the nod. forgot to mention to check out the pueblo zoo and kiddie rides at city park and the sangre de cristo art center on santa fe for summer activities. re pueblo’s latino population, yes, my assumption is that most have roots in mexico but i don’t know for sure. there is a property management company that seems to handle a fair number of the apartment complexes in cheyenne. housing is becoming rare to find anything decent, because there are way too many people for what housing is available and the landlords can charge what they please and get away with it. but after reading about your take on and experiences in pueblo, i must say, i am a bit more curious. status - with both second mortgage and home equity loan (%). are not “flamers” both retired professional’s and will celebrate 30yrs. that to the fact that there is the pueblo chemical depot right outside of town, housing mustard gas and who knows what else, there are plenty of reasons why i will never return to live in pueblo. and the building would now be fully occupied, the investment would have paid back handsomely, etc. get a home security system and don’t walk around northern ave or the lower east side late at night. definitely have pueblo and the surrounding areas on my radar. if you send me a note via my contact form and tell me a bit about what you are looking for (budget, bedrooms, ranch, etc) i will do my best. pueblo has a large latino population and the steell mill attracted immigrants from eastern and southern europe so there is a nice fabric of cultural diversity. my family and i are thinking about moving to pueblo. sandi – i would recommend taking a close look at the mesa junction neighborhood near pueblo community college. i was a homecare nurse for years, discovered there are good and bad everywhere.!) but due to colorados illegality of rain catching and harvesting, we’re not sure if it’s still for us, which is why we’re going to be staying at the rv park before deciding to purchase land. does pueblo dmv require a emissions check, like oregon and california? we’re a ski and outdoors family so i can see us buying a second home there as well. and i had a job in new mexico so it’s registered there, so, new mexico license plates. let me know when you’re in town and i’d be glad to help in your search for a rental property. justin, i bought a house in pueblo last july and moved down from denver.

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