Dating salt and pepper shakers collectibles collectibles

Dating salt and pepper shakers collectibles

critters were made by fiedler & fiedler mold and die works. shippingtruecraftware - (set of 24) mini square glass salt and pepper shakers with po. photo collection should be in clean rooms, and handled as little as possible. and heating systems, fireplaces and woodstoves, areas near windows, as well as rooms that receive excessive sun. slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - save on collectible decorative salt & pepper shakersgo to previous slide - save on collectible decorative salt & pepper shakerscircleware mason yorkshire jar mug salt and pepper shakers with glass handles 5. these clever and collectible pairs have proven that they will only appreciate in value as time goes by.(left) in demand and in good shape, this paddington bear set is quite collectible - approx. the rabbit and lettuce each have holes in them for the salt & pepper to shake out.  the figure stands 14" tall and will set you back a few. if you plan on showcasing your shakers in an open environment, you should dust and clean them using an appropriate cloth or electrostatic dusting wand.-century plastics, although often cast heavily enough for durability, can become brittle and discolored if not cared for correctly. you want to collect shakers from a particular maker or artist, be informed about their branding marks and where to look for them.,4 soldsix corona salt and pepper shaker caps (turns bottles into shakers)(caps only). dips, spoon dippers, master salt cellar/dip - 10 pieces in set. shippingnorth american grand moose rustic woods salt pepper shaker holder figurine. mostly associated with the post-war era, advertising shakers were abundantly produced during those years.,almost gonetruecraftware - (set of 24) mini square glass salt and pepper shakers with po.

Dating salt and pepper shakers collectibles collectibles

keep in mind that the median pricing for a set of shakers is usually between and . Collectibles/Salt and Pepper Shakers--vintage, antique and collectible--available for sale at TIAS. if this is the case and you need a place to start, look no further! shippingcorelle coordinates enhancements accessories, salt and pepper shaker set, whiteproduct type: sal & pepper shaker. shippingvintage anthropomorphic apple head man salt and pepper shaker set japan . some plastic compounds from the mid century are quite sensitive to the ingredients in today's cleaning agents, and polishing buildup is yet another concern.,3 leftcorona salt and pepper shakers (1 pair of 7oz coronita extra bottles with caps).  another option is to fill the tupperware container with water and some baking soda and place it in the freezer.,6 lefttupperware large hourglass salt & pepper s&p shakers set popsicle red seals new. keep up and away from floors in case of flooding. the pepper shaker measures 3 3/4" tall by 3" by 1 3/4", and has a leaping unicorn image. pyrex / corning - salt & pepper shakers - spring blossom green. set of vintage milk glass shakers is still quite affordable - approx. figural set of  'black americana' shakers sells quite well - approx.,2 soldlittle red riding hood and big bad wolf magnetic ceramic salt pepper shakers. a disaster could wipe out your collection, but if you maintain copies in a safe place, and post images online as well as share copies with relatives and friends, then all will not be lost! rated plusor best offervintage japan salt & pepper shakers rooster design flat sides fit together.

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Dating salt and pepper shaker collectibles prices

general, fair market pricing will set the limits and values of what a particular set is worth. and daguerreotypes should be wrapped in buffered tissue paper and also stored in ph balanced, acid free storage boxes. to next slide - save on collectible salt & pepper shakersbest sellingtrending price is based on prices over last 90 days. therefore, they're willing to let it go as a donation to somebody, and the difference between the donor and the buyer at the thrift store is that person oftentimes is an expert or has knowledge, not necessarily just a person who wants something decorative. i have a list of family member sizes and i'm always looking for items that they would enjoy. salt and pepper shakers, green ceramic, 4" tallvintage salt and pepper shakers. slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - best sellinggo to previous slide - best sellingset of 2 retro style salt and pepper shakers with stainless tops5 out of 5 stars(2)total ratings 2trending price. simple, refined and versatile, the enhancements dinnerware set epitomizes stylish understatement. just some scratches and an edge chip on the lettuce. slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - save on collectible salt & pepper shakersgo to previous slide - save on collectible salt & pepper shakersset of 2 love birds salt and pepper shakers. popular characters from well-known and beloved stories or cartoons can surprisingly demand a large price. shippingvintage humpty dumpty salt & pepper shakers - japan no chips, cracks, or breaks. be sure to ask/check about the condition and availability of the stoppers. you can't, so you just let it go and move on. wash:   tuppertoys, cake and pie takers, cheese server, ice cream scoop, imprinted disney products and any tupperware purchased before september 3, 1979 should be handwashed. lenox salt and pepper grinder set hand decorated with gold. and robber: salt and pepper shakersthere's good and evil going on.

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" two experts said they didn't, and i can't sell the item for the person. shippingvintage anthropomorphic spoon & fork salt and pepper shaker set japan. they are 3" tall and nearly 3" long, with 2&3 pour holes on each side of the dorsal fin (unusual), and in excellent condition - no chips, cracks or repairs. take it from the freezer, hold the container upside down and clunk out the ice. a stethoscope and carrying a medical bag with the words. bring them both home with the cop and robber ceramic salt & pepper shakers! materials and manufacturing involved with salt-and-pepper shakers seem almost limitless. probably the common pair of "willie" and "millie" plastic salt. add some flavor to your table with these five novelty shakers that go together like peanut butter and jelly.(right) carved ivory adds both an exotic and elegant touch - approx. paper will deteriorate, mounted images can separate from the card, spotting and staining will occur, and tintypes will bubble, peel and crack. shippingvintage range top mortons salt & pepper shaker white ceramic carter arnn japanthe morton's salt shaker measures 5 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide, with the "when it rains it pours" logo and image. if this is the case and you need a place to start, look no further! other organic materials such as onyx, mother-of-pearl, and even quills and feathers from animals are also used to create collectible, one-of-a-kind shaker sets that often look more like art than kitchen accessories., the order blank shown here (front and back) is not. slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - best sellinggo to previous slide - best sellingsalt pepper glass butter dish shaker turquoise color set the pioneer woman home5 out of 5 stars(3)total ratings 3trending price. look for good details, fired glazes (colorations that won't rub off) and good construction (thick ceramics, treated woods, etc.

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shipping vintage budweiser glass salt & pepper shakers in original box. shippingvintage salt and pepper shakers - frogs with red bow ties - ceramicsee photos for condition. salt pepper glass butter dish shaker turquoise color set the pioneer woman . rated plusfree shipping23 soldsee more like thisvintage kissing birds valentine salt and pepper shakersthe girl birds heart has some paint wear, everything else looks great. shippingvintage lard, salt & pepper shakers range set ~ colonial silhouette designexpect small little marks, scuffs and light signs of wear unless the item is described as mint. not all valuable shakers will be marked, but the more you know, the better your decision will be. shippingvintage pillsbury doughboy with cupcake salt and pepper shaker set. and again, never keep photos in an attic or basement, or a storage facility that does not regulate moisture and temperature. shippingview all resultssponsored listingsshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - sponsored listingsgo to previous slide - sponsored listingsthanksgiving harvest turkey salt and pepper shakers.(left) the dramatic grain of zebrawood is both eye-catching and affordable - approx.'ll find the large and wonderful point-of-purchase displays,Tin signs, willie the poet cigarette packs, and a colorful. shippingshamrock clovers ceramic saint patricks day salt and pepper shakers 10494 new. expect to find shakers crafted out of almost anything, from costly crystal and exotic hardwoods to catalin, lucite, melamine, bandalasta, linga-longa (most commonly found in 1950's picnic ware), ceramics, porcelain, clay, and even beetleware (a light toned material used mostly for plugs and sockets in the 1940's and 1950's).  when you hand wash tupperware, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. smokey bear replica vintage-style salt and pepper shakers settrending price. shippingfrench bistro chef on bicycle carrying spice salt pepper shaker holder figurine. if you frame an image, ask the framer for uv filtering glass or acrylic, and ph balanced mats, backboards, and paper to reduce exposure to damaging acids.

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) from tupperware, stuff black and white newspaper in the tupperware. they are 4 high and have a magnetic feature to hold the two shakers together. from the art of miniature sculpture to the whimsy of bygone eras, collectible salt-and-pepper shakers are so much more than just convenient containers for common table condiments - they also stir the shy grins and amusing memories held within each of us. if you only want a few clever knickknacks for the kitchen windowsill, or if you're looking to become the art maven of the neighbor pantry, salt-and-pepper shakers are a fascinating journey waiting to be taken. rated pluscute pigs with flowers and bows - vintage salt & pepper shakersno visible cracks or breaks. when the pattern comes home to my place, the first thing i do is count and press the pieces. reproductions large glass embossed retro salt and pepper shaker (blue) . i've enjoyed going to yard sales for several years, but that is seasonal and there aren't any if the weather is bad. collecting shakers is a great 'generational' hobby to introduce to your children, allowing them to gain an insight into the appreciation of art and the art of collecting.  this keeps the pattern envelope from crumbling and arrests the stress and strain the pattern pieces can cause. remember that collecting salt-and-pepper shakers from an investment standpoint will require that you are willing to keep them for 5 to 10 years, as the market tends to re-evaluate itself along that schedule. while some are in very good condition with corks, vibrant color, smooth glaze, and little scuffing on bottom, others are in good condition with cork missing, some chips, and only the 3 piece stove and teapots are in fair condition with handles missing. may also likecollectible cookwarecollectible tupperwarecollectible kitchen utensilscollectible small kitchen appliancescollectible cookie jarsshop by categorycollectible kitchenwarecollectible salt & pepper shakerscollectible figural salt & pepper shakerscollectible salt & pepper shaker range setscollectible salt & pepper shaker singlescollectible souvenir salt & pepper shakersother collectible salt & pepper shakersconditionsee allnewusednot specifiedpriceplease provide a valid price range$-$buying formatsee allall listingsauctionbuy it nowitem locationsee alldefaultwithin2 miles5 miles10 miles15 miles20 miles50 miles75 miles100 miles150 miles200 miles500 miles750 miles1000 miles1500 miles2000 milesofgous onlynorth americaworldwidedelivery optionssee allfree shippingshow onlysee allreturns acceptedcompleted itemssold itemsmore refinements. an envelope needs repair, tape is the wrong choice because it damages the envelope and pattern pieces so severely. reproductions large glass embossed retro salt and pepper shaker blue5 out of 5 stars(1)total ratings 1trending price. sure that the set comes with all of its components, such as plugs and stoppers. as with most 'rules of thumb', there are some rare exceptions, particularly where issues such as flaws introduced into older materials as they age, or the fading of colors and pigments over time just can't be avoided.

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best offerfree shippingtea cup pugs dog cute magnetic salt pepper shakerssalt and pepper shakers. and red hot chili peppers salt and pepper shaker set collectible. pollution such as smoky air and smog should also be avoided. you have kool penguin collectibles for sale or trade, i. and magic - salt & pepper wands5 out of 5 stars(1)total ratings 1trending price. shippingdepartment 56 jennifer parker peace on earth mushroom salt and pepper set. they almost always capture the attention of anyone who sees them, and with such a tremendous assortment of styles, colors, shapes and materials, they often touch upon the fascination and nostalgia in each of us. shipping5 watchingsee more like thisvintage porcelain boy-horse-cart salt and pepper shakers set japan missing 1 cork. some of the more rigid materials were often cast into generic shapes, such as tubes and sheets, which were then formed by carving and drilling. a few years in the late 1930s and late 1950s are not dated. these handy tips to clean your tupperware so they last a lifetime! monkey and bananas salt and pepper shakers japanthese vintage salt and pepper shakers are in good condition but do not have stoppers. i'd read of people making money from selling and i started thinking that i could do this and make some extra money and have fun doing it. i had the same situation with somebody who got something in person and wrote a letter saying, "i got this in person. look at more clothing and accessories now than i did when i shopped for items to sell. weakness, brittleness, discoloration, wrinkling, cracking, and staining can all result. known for their contrasting grains, zebrawood and rosewood are two good examples of dramatic materials sometimes used in salt and pepper sets.

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we've enjoyed seeing this great country, going where we want to go, staying as long as we want, and then moving on to a new destination. best offerfree shippingflaming skull set of salt and pepper shakersclick here to see description. salt and pepper shakers are bland in black and white. i'd bought a few items and my husband had sold some items. radiation, or uv, will lighten or darken your images, create paper brittleness, and cause fading. best offervintage skunk salt and pepper shakers japan skunk salt & pepper shakers. and remember, salt itself is a corrosive element, so take care not to fill or use the shakers if you purchase them for an investment. shippingvintage swan ceramic set pair salt & pepper shakers made in japanthe large swan measures 4" tall and the small swan 3" tall. the difference is people who had it from when they were kids and people who bought it recently or currently or in the last 20 years. they generally exhibit brilliant coloration and were often painted or silk-screened on; decoration processes which often did not stand up well to the test of time. and pepper shakers - pepper & salt shakers w/ 4' stand - 4" x 6" x 2". a more in-depth approach, you might try these titles as well:Salt-and-pepper shakers, volumes i-iv by helene guarnaccia. marx flies through the air and is swallowed up in willie's. best offervintage set of grey and black chicken hen and rooster salt and pepper shakers. shippingvintage asparagus and lettuce salt & pepper shakersvegetables from the 1940's.(left) a vintage mid-century pineda set in silver (hallmarked and signed) - approx. properly stored and/or showcased, salt-and-pepper shakers generally hold up quite well.

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:   for persistent stains, soak the tupperware in a solution of  dishwasher solution and  cold water (1/4 cup solution to 1 cup cold water). this makes collecting sets not only affordable but entertaining and enjoyable as well.  i put the empty envelope on one side of the cardboard and the pattern pieces on the other side. from automobiles to television sets, miniature replicas of everyday life were cast and shaped into the common kitchen accoutrements that everyone took for granted and were inscribed with the mantras and mottos that drove the modern industrial world. from the world's largest selection and best deals for Collectible Decorative Salt & Pepper Shakers.(right) a set of original mickey mouse shakers in great condition - approx.  let stand for a few minutes and wash well in hot soapy water.  the vinegar will cut through any grease and remove odors. dates from 1957 and was being offered for sale in 1998 for., gorham, fostoria, hamilton, fiesta, fairfax, and currier and ives, as well as the individual artists and designers of the periods which interest you. protect your investment, and be sure that our ancestors can enjoy these "pictures from the past" as we do today. jadeite (or jadite), a depression-era glass, is opaque and often ranges in color from a very pale green (almost milky) to avocado shades. i never used them myself--had a collection of salt and peppers : now its time to spread the joy and find them new homes! salt and pepper shaker set scottish terrier - 4 inch 2 units4. shippingvintage lefton christmas tree salt and pepper shakersa beautiful pair of mini christmas tree salt and pepper shakers very nice see pics. but again, that's an expert seeing something and identifying it, even if it's not signed, identifying the style, the era, the demand, and that's the expert level in the collectibles field. perhaps the best place to start would be to determine if you're a serious collector or just starting out, because there's something for everyone in the world of collectible shakers.

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hang on walls that do not receive sun and are not lit by fluorescent lighting or have skylight exposure. vintage set of shakers in stainless steel with bakelite base (with mfg. made or machine produced, condition and scarcity will still be the motivating factor in determining the price. best offerrabbit and lettuce salt & pepper shakers – japanexcellent condition but no stoppers. to next slide - best sellinghot this weekshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - hot this weekgo to previous slide - hot this weeknew in box pioneer woman farmhouse lace stoneware salt and pepper shaker set.  then remove the newspaper and wash with warm soapy water. keep your photo collection away from rooms such as humid kitchens and bathrooms, areas with water. are such a great window into the past and the lives of our mothers and grandmothers. the most recognized category is that of the advertising shakers. about the himalayan salt lampsby 1069995149@deletedresearch about the himalayan salt lamps it's a well know fact that, through scientific and empirical research, himalayan salt lamps exhibit biophysical characteristics, which demonstrate a positive effect. quality and condition are an important factor when considering a collectible, it is perhaps the top issue where salt-and-pepper shakers are concerned. from fingers, and dusty, polluted, or dirty conditions, can soil a photograph beyond recognition by creating destructive acids and oxidation.,2 soldgo to next slide - hot this weekshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} -go to previous slide -extra 5% off when you buy 2 or moreall productsfrom superior decorsgo to next slide -results in collectible salt & pepper shakers1-25 of 30,1711 set vintage hen & rooster collectible salt and pepper shakers euc-- "japan" hen and rooster salt and pepper shakers.  try  soaking  it in a weak solution of bleach and water. as a rule of thumb, salt-and-pepper shakers can be generally divided into several self-defining categories:Novelty (cartoon/story figurine, bobblehead). these photographs have survived many years of storage and handling, but images are delicate, and improper storage or display could damage and even destroy your collection., which tells us that willie and millie were available for.

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shippingsave up to 80%see more like thisvintage salt and pepper shakers - ducks - japansee photos for condition. it's not surprising to discover that a production set of bob's big boy made in japan during the mid 20th century can command a much higher price than a hand-carved teak and porcupine quill set from ethiopia. salt and pepper shaker buying guideby ebaybuyingguidesvintage salt and pepper shakers can be found in a variety of shapes and designs. due to their expense and difficulty to work with (zebrawood is quite dense), these materials are often used as veneers and laminates - although shakers carved completely of exotic woods are available. aspen two peas in a pod ceramic salt and pepper shakers in ivy print. one shown at right measures about 11" by 16" and the one. :  tupperware products purchased after september 3, 1979, can be safely washed in the dishwasher (except for tuppertoys, cake and pie takers, cheese server, ice cream scoop, imprinted disney products. rated plusor best offervintage salt and pepper shaker set colorful little birdsa cute little bright colored bird set of salt and pepper shakers nice condition see pics. they volunteer the information, but i don't register it in the back of my head because it's hard for me to remember which one was a family artifact and which one was an ebay find. rated plusor best offervintage kangaroo salt pepper shakers s/p made japan australia joey figuralthey are in good overall condition. set of enesco chicken & rooster salt & pepper shakers - japanthis is a collectible ceramic set of chicken and rooster salt and pepper shakers.  you can also use baking soda paste on stains but be careful because this can be abrasive and may scratch the tupperware. may also likedecorative collectible brandscollectible figurinescollectible mugs & cupscollectible music boxescollectible decorative trinket boxesshop by categorydecorative collectiblescollectible decorative salt & pepper shakersdecorative collectible brandscollectible basketscollectible bellscollectible bird houses & feederscollectible book endscollectible decorative bowlscollectible candles & holderschalkware decorative collectiblescloisonne decorative collectiblesdecorative collector platescollectible decorative eggscollectible figurinescollectible decorative flagscollectible framescollectible lighthousescollectible miniaturescollectible mugs & cupscollectible music boxescollectible ornamentscollectible nautical décorcollectible paperweightscollectible decorative pitcherscollectible planterscollectible seashellscollectible decorative shoescollectible signscollectible snowdomescollectible spoonscollectible state platescollectible tea pots & setscollectible trays & platterscollectible decorative trinket boxescollectible vasescollectible wall hangings & mirrorscollectible windchimesother decorative collectiblesmorelessfeatured refinementssee allglass salt & pepper shakervintage salt & pepper shakerconditionsee allnewusednot specifiedpriceplease provide a valid price range$-$buying formatsee allall listingsauctionbuy it nowitem locationsee alldefaultwithin2 miles5 miles10 miles15 miles20 miles50 miles75 miles100 miles150 miles200 miles500 miles750 miles1000 miles1500 miles2000 milesofgous onlynorth americaworldwidedelivery optionssee allfree shippingshow onlysee allreturns acceptedcompleted itemssold itemsmore refinements. missing the corks on the bottom to hold the salt and pepper. *adorable chickens in wicker basket (3pieces) *colorful rosebuds on flowered tray (3pieces) *2 sets of flower bouquets in baskets (3 pieces each set) *pastel tea set (2 piece) *stove and teapots (3pieces) *jeweled man and woman *cape cod fishermen *atlantic city beer steins. both pre and post war sets might appeal to you if you have a strong interest in history.'s national thrift shopper's magazine, The National ThrifterSkip to main content there seems to be a problem serving the request at this timecollectible salt & pepper shakersrefineshop by categoryshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - shop by categorygo to previous slide - shop by categoryfiguralsother salt & pepper shakersrange setssouvenirsinglesgo to next slide - shop by categorysave on collectible salt & pepper shakerstrending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

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a popular collectible from this era is known as black americana, and while much of the design from this genre is focused on the lifestyle of the early south (often portraying politically incorrect stereotypes), it is the nostalgic-yet-innocent look back that is attracting many collectors today from many different social and ethnic backgrounds. to main content there seems to be a problem serving the request at this timecollectible decorative salt & pepper shakersrefineshop by featured refinementsshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - shop by featured refinementsgo to previous slide - shop by featured refinementsvintage salt & pepper shakerglass salt & pepper shakercrystal salt & pepper shakeranthropomorphic salt & pepper shakergo to next slide - shop by featured refinementssave on collectible decorative salt & pepper shakerstrending price is based on prices over last 90 days. shippingvintage salt and pepper shakers - enesco - cats playing with ballsee photos for condition. pattern storage, i use plastic sleeves and boards i buy at the comic book store. those ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, cabinet cards, tintypes, and cdv images for the next 150 years! they were only open 9:00-5:00, they smelled, and there wasn't much to choose from. lasts forever, but with proper care and handling, your shakers should keep their appeal across generations. your collection's enemies, and follow these tips for preservation and storage of antique photographs.  avoid any abrasives because they will dull the finish and leave scratches. you're collecting for investment purposes, you would probably do well to familiarize yourself with the works of studios and foundries such as fitz & floyd, fenton, weidlich bros. and while a set from a top name studio (such as stuben or lalique) might demand a price more along the lines of a fine art piece, affordable sets are usually available during limited production runs and are quite often a good investment. protect your valuable "pictures from the past" now, and they may be enjoyed for generations to come. although they are best known for their restaurantware, hotel china, and railroad china, they also produced dinnerware & fine china. where we were living at the time had only one thrift store and it did not have many items. vintage salt and pepper shakers on ebayby lilmowwowgetting started you may be interested in buying some vintage salt and pepper shakers for yourself or for someone as a gift.•  mccall went to mccall's in 1951 and for the most part they are dated on the back of the envelope or on the envelope flap. crystal and precious metals are another range of materials used to create salt-and-pepper shakers.

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they each have their stopper plugs and they are in very good condition. from the world's largest selection and best deals for Collectible Salt & Pepper Shakers. i have thousands of patterns and catalogs, and i might just have the nugget of knowledge you are searching for! shippingvintage ceramic salt & pepper shakers~oriental coupleoriental couple, super cute and colorful. and put it on ebay and see what it brings. husband and i had been looking at items on ebay for about a year before moving to tampa. to their size, shakers are easy to showcase and enjoy.. i saw the story about it, and that was interesting. salt & peppper shakers glass cube shape polished chrome top set of 12trending price. i love to read, and since we're on the road, i can't go to the local library and check out books. materials were also a popular choice for shakers, with materials like ruby, jadeite, amethyst, and milk glass, which dates back to the victorian age. your photos in shaded rooms and use lower wattage bulbs.,almost goneretro style salt and pepper shakers with stainless tops 2.  once i have the pattern preserved in the sleeve it goes in my file according to pattern number and company. guide to buying silver salt and pepper shakersby ebaybuyingguidesa dining room table set with beautiful sterling silver flatware, adorned with silver candlesticks, and loaded with silver dishes and platters full of steaming, delicious food would be incomplete without. rated plusfree shippingvintage salt & pepper shakers nodder bear cubs - souvenir of detroit, micute set of bear cub nodder salt and pepper shakers.,3 soldlarge bbq grill stove top salt & pepper shakers set w/handles retro vintage 4" .

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quite often, these materials produced unique and artistic surfaces with different amounts of marbling and translucency difficult to reproduce in any other medium. to next slide - save on collectible decorative salt & pepper shakersbest sellingtrending price is based on prices over last 90 days. the vast majority of folks in niche collectibles, such as salt-and-pepper shakers, are usually well informed about what the market will and will not bear. guide should help take some of the mystery out of collecting what can be considered the 'gems of the kitchen countertop', the lowly salt-and-pepper shakers. enjoy your collection and let me know if you have questions. & friends salt+magic wand salt and pepper shakers b005osb0wa. best offervintage pebbles and bam-bam salt and pepper shakers2 3/4 inches tall.. when we lived in tampa i shopped for dishes and collectibles to sell online. shippingvintage salt and pepper shakers - pink sleeping pigssee photos for condition. to next slide - best sellinghot this weekshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - hot this weekgo to previous slide - hot this weekamerican reproductions large glass embossed retro salt and pepper shaker . cigarette or wood fire smoke, smog, dust, household product fumes such as paints and cleaners -- all are enemies of antique images.  "use this handy order blank to get more willie and millie shaker sets . salt & peppper shakers shaker, cube shape, polished chrome top, glass body. shippingsee more like thisvintage cow salt and pepper shakers-japanangelic cow salt and pepper made in japan 2. building a photo catalog can help you keep track of what you own and what it's worth, and it's much easier to do if you start building your catalog when you begin collecting. salt and pepper shakers 1 pair of 7oz coronita extra bottles and caps5 out of 5 stars(16)total ratings 16trending price.,3 soldgo to next slide - hot this weekresults in collectible decorative salt & pepper shakers1-25 of 65,926vintage salt and pepper shakers - sleeping mexican with sombrero - japansee photos for condition.

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