Dating westclox big ben alarm clock wind up

History of Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben Alarm Clocks

Dating westclox big ben alarm clock wind up

are also some other makers’ clocks i’ve gotten into, like the seth thomas 30 hour ogee, which is a weight-driven shelf clock. it is 3″ diameter with westclox on the back and pat. hallman says:I have a collection of alarm clocks, but slowly selling many. may also likecollectible shelf & mantel clocks (1930-1969)collectible wall clocks (1930-1969)collectible cuckoo & black forest clocks (1930-1969)other collectible vintage clocks (1930-1969)collectible grandfather clocks (1930-1969)shop by categorycollectible vintage clocks (1930-1969)collectible alarm clocks (1930-1969)collectible cuckoo & black forest clocks (1930-1969)collectible grandfather clocks (1930-1969)collectible shelf & mantel clocks (1930-1969)collectible wall clocks (1930-1969)other collectible vintage clocks (1930-1969)brandsee allbig benelginguccijunghanswestcloxfeatured refinementssee allbakelite clockswiss clockwestclox big ben alarmwind-up alarm clockwind up clockconditionsee allnewusednot specifiedpriceplease provide a valid price range$-$buying formatsee allall listingsauctionbuy it nowitem locationsee alldefaultwithin2 miles5 miles10 miles15 miles20 miles50 miles75 miles100 miles150 miles200 miles500 miles750 miles1000 miles1500 miles2000 milesofgous onlynorth americaworldwidedelivery optionssee allfree shippingshow onlysee allreturns acceptedcompleted itemssold itemsmore refinements. in a way they’re preventing clocks from being thrown away so i can’t totally condemn it, but it still seems like a funny thing to do. i tried selling some of my surplus electric big bens on ebay and they just didn’t go, you could get only about

Dating westclox big ben alarm clock repair

it was put away for years and last year it was given to me as i have small collection of united novelty clocks. shippingvintage westclox travel ben travel alarm clock - estateit is made in usa and is in travel case and case has some wear inside and out. have come across a mantle clock that has been in my husbands family for as long as he can remember… he estimates his bother purchased the clock around 1950. the rods in my clocks are verticle that is from top to bottom of the case, four on each side at the back of the movement. the whole clock seems to be origional and was maintained by my grandfather who was a watch/clock repairman. weekly: aside from these westclox baby and big ben models, what else do you collect? weekly: what are the best resources out there for clock collectors? world war ii they had some fantastic ads that you can see on my website like, “victory won’t wait for the nation that’s late,” and “guard your big ben” where they show a bulldog and a soldier with a gun guarding a big ben because during the war they stopped making clocks for the consumer market and totally switched over to military work. that way i got myself another baby ben, bringing my collection to three by age 12. but for years the majority were wind ups, they were so popular. shippingview all resultssponsored listingsshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - sponsored listingsgo to previous slide - sponsored listingsmarathon marathon cl030036bk atomic travel alarm clock with auto night light.. my mom’s father had a small collection of antique clocks and when i was a little boy he showed me how to wind them and regulate them.: the main thing is the originality of the dial and if it’s a wooden shelf clock, having the original painting in the door would be really important. this interview Bill Stoddard talks about collecting antique Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks, and discusses clock collecting in. i was winding it and one of the main springs broke, so i decided to take it all apart and fix the main spring. which is interesting because many of the electrics are scarcer but people just aren’t into collecting electric clocks.

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Dating westclox big ben alarm clock 1927

shippingending thursday at 3:00pm pdt22h 41msemca vintage seven jewel travel alarm clock germanysemca seven jewel travel alarm clock measures about 2 and 1/2 inches square when closed. | 42% offgo to next slide - limited time dealshot this weekshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - hot this weekgo to previous slide - hot this weekwestclox 1949 big ben quartz black alarm clock. i would also like photo and more details of his clock, since i intend to write a follow-up article. westclox did make a couple of documented advertising clocks, but very few. only reason i can think of and it looks pretty odd not to have minutes on a clock face. there is a small dial inside of the clock face that has roman numerals like another clock face. internet is fantastic, you can find out anything about just any kind of clock, exchange pictures easily, correspond with people and work together on research. next to the original westcloxes i have an interesting collection of european copies by a. sometimes getting parts is tough, too, although it turns out westclox made lots and lots of spare parts.’m always interested in the history and the variations of clocks and how they fit in the scheme of things, what came before and what came after. weekly: what about the big bens, are they battery operated or wind up?

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there is some scuffing marks on the metal on the bottom of the clock where it can hit the metal on the case when setting it up to stay open. when westclox changed over to the style 8 big ben and baby ben in 1964, they used 4 divisions per 5 minutes, i believe to make the alarm easier to set. 400-day clocks are also known as anniversary clocks, they would run 400 days on one winding. so you find clocks where parts have been switched, so that’s one challenge, determining originality. big ben typical of those made from late 1910 to mid-1915.: my grandma gave me an old baby ben alarm clock that didn’t work when i was seven.: the first big bens and baby bens went on the market in 1910 and they were wind ups. if you look at a baby ben in the 1959 sears catalog, they sold for about nine dollars and if you go to a wal mart today you can still buy a baby ben for about nine dollars, but the quality isn’t the same. the metal knobs and the cord have age related discoloration otherwise the clock is in excellent condition. bidsending thursday at 9:03am pdt16h 43mvintage bradley alarm clock germany wind up yellow case red face orange bellsbeing sold as is, as shown in the photographs. have a seth thomas mantle clock that my older sister’s husband’s aunt had on her mantle for years.

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best offervintage lot westclox alarm clock baby and big ben i think they will all run with a little playing with them.)the clock has an ivory case which is free of cracks, although it could be buffed and cleaned a bit. also telechron, which was a big maker of electric clocks. i have purchased 1) style 1 baby and big ben with the gold leaf dial (seller stated raised letters); and, 2) a style 1 baby ben with “baby ben de luxe” on the dial. cl030036bk atomic travel alarm clock with auto night light feature in.“the first big bens and baby bens in 1910 were wind ups.: the national association of watch and clock collectors (nawcc) is headquartered in pennsylvania but has chapters throughout the country. his bigger job was to design a system so the power companies could regulate their generator so the clock could keep time. i met somebody then who told me about the national association of watch and clock collectors and then i joined that and in their bi-monthly magazine i found a man looking for early westclox information, he is now one of the foremost westclox researchers. some years ago i intended to do a write-up on my collection and started researching on the internet and found the westclox history site with a wealth of info. i live in scotland but my clock was made in usa.

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have a mantel clock,its floral in color,made by ansonia cock co. could you please try to help me find out what kind of clock this is. my 14th birthday i got a book called the treasury of american clocks and there was a picture showing the seven types of baby bens.,5 leftnew replacement light bulb for vintage westclox moonbeam alarm clock 25w 120v . to next slide - best sellinglimited time dealsfree shipping includedshowing slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - limited time dealsgo to previous slide - limited time dealswestclox 90010a metal big ben alarm clock. i am reading, studying, and learning more about the westclox. jewelry • fine jewelry • wristwatches • mens clothing • womens clothing • fashion accessories • bags • hats • shoes • pensdesignasian antiques • art glass • pottery • folk art • photographs • posters & prints • mid-century modern • art deco • art nouveau • arts & crafts era • victorian erahomefurniture • kitchen • sterling silver • china & dinnerware • glassware • clocks • lamps • rugs & textiles • sewingcultureadvertising • signs • books • records • paper • postcards • toys • games • dolls • music memorabilia • movie memorabilia • guitars • musical instrumentsmachinesclassic cars • model cars • model trains • radios • electronics • coin operated • telephones • cameras • office antiques • tools & hardware • motorcyclescollectiblesgold & bullion • us coins • stamps • military & wartime • figurines • coca cola • bottles • breweriana • petroliana • tobacciana • fishing • baseball memorabilia.: westcloxor best offervintage general electric orange electric bedside alarm clock - works great! have a westclox big ben 1910 style 1a and have not been able to find out the present value/worth. 3rd january 2099, terry shields asked if anyone had information regarding his clock signed g . best offerfree shippingvintage phinney-walker desk alarm clock with pen holder germanymeasures about 3" tall and the base is about 4.

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when i got out of college i started going to the watch and clock conventions and met a man who was giving a program about the history of big bens and baby bens. was given an elias ingraham clock many years ago and would like to know a bit more about it and its value. it sits on a small brass stand with westclox on it. then my friend and i went around the neighborhood asking people if they had anything they wanted to give away, like old clocks and cameras and tape recorders. have a small brass alarm clock,which is 1-3/4″ hieght length & width. not to mention there’s the big bens so that doubles it right there. a lot of the american shelf clocks from the 1820s up to 1900 have reverse paintings in the door, on the backside of the glass. the clock belonged to pheobe appersons family at their ranch in sunol california. have an pine state ice cream milk clock that i would like to find out how much it may be worth.: illustrates crackle green tiny tim, crackle blue big ben and crackle pink baby ben clocks. shippingmarathon cl030036bk atomic travel alarm clock with auto night light feat.

Dating westclox big ben alarm clock wind up-Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben Identification Guide

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there are also some specialty chapters, like an alarm clock chapter and a 400-day clock chapter, one that specializes in wristwatches and one on early american pocket watches. alarm clocks, they were so common that when people repaired them they did whatever they could to get them going.: westcloxfree shippingvintage seth thomas brazil alarm wind up folding brown travel clock w/case neatup for sale is this travel clock. the only marking i can find are the letters st in old english style inside of a diamond thats inside of a circle, on the clock works. my first name is ben, i started to collect these alarmclocks since about 1970. shippingvintage westclox baby ben windup alarm clock works fast free shippinggood shape. i can’t find out anything about him or any other clocks by him. at one time they employed about 3500 people, making about 35, 000 clocks and watches per day. weekly: it sounds like you’ve learned a lot about westclox… did you ever see their factory? shippingvintage westclox wind-up alarm clock in clear case ~ made in germanyclock is in good working condition except that it is missing the alarm wind-up key, so you are not able to use the alarm. articlesnot your grandma’s cuckoo: decapitating, rat-eating clocks of the black forestcall them grandfather or tall-case, gary sullivan knows big clocksthe care and repair of 19th-century american clocks.

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weekly: what are some of the key things a collector should be looking for with antique and vintage clocks? he invited us in to look around, so we got to go up and down the big freight elevator and he found some old music boxes that were never used that he gave to us (westclox made one or two little clocks with a music box in them). found this article very complimentary to the westclox company and an intriguing piece to read. people will still look for a good wind up but the quality declined in the later years just because the companies tried so hard to keep the prices low. henry warren invented a little synchronous motor that could go inside a clock. have run across and old clock that i would like to know something about. bidsending thursday at 9:52pm pdt1d 5hbrand: westcloxvintage 1945-48 westclox big ben wind up art deco loud alarm clockgood running clock, keeping time, alarm works. was just trying to find out any information on this clock or if you may have ever come across one like it…. this moment i am research a clock by falconer& co hongkong. i’ve been trying to compare lots of different clocks to find out what original parts go together. the style 7 big ben and baby ben (1956 to 1964, the first bens with concentric alarm hand) has minute markings.

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they’ll take an old big ben from 1930 and make a new dial that says indian motorcycle or victola, and put it on ebay. wonder if the younger generations are as interested in the older things as we are, although there are some younger collectors out there learning how to do clock repair. westclox big bens and baby bens are full of the stuff. it is missing two knobs on the back - one that sets the alarm, and one that adjust the clock faster or slower. it has a good alarm, runs and appears to keep good time.: westcloxor best offerfree shippingvintage westclox wind up alarm clock works - made in usa graph design on facemarked on back westclox. of the old westclox factory 211-201 hunter street, peterborough ontario. question: are both 1) and 2) marriages of style 2 mechanisms put in a style 1a big ben and style 1 baby ben. westclox set up a factory in england in the 1940s and also in scotland. it has a removable bottom decorative piece as well as a top rounded top flat piece of wood with a verticle wooden slat on the back extending to become a peg-like extension to fit and secure the decorative piece into the top of the clock. has the mechanics of the clock been changed/upgraded or could there be another issue at play?

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bidsor buy it nowending thursday at 7:53pm pdt1d 3hvintage mid century sunrise wind-up travel alarm clock glows works great! i recently wrote an article on hong kong watch and clockmakers for the antiquarian horology society journal. husband and i just purchased an antique mantle/shelf clock at an estate sale. you do not want to open them up, lest you breath radioactive dust from old paint or spread it around. all of our clocks are serviced and thoroughly tested for proper function. recently i’ve seen people taking an old baby ben that’s worth a few bucks or so and gluing rhinestones around the bezel on the clock. a friend i purchased an apparently antique key wind up long wooden and glass cased clock. we are looking for any westclox photographs, memorabilia etc between 1927- 1980’s of the factory. when i was eight we moved to a new house and my mom and i were looking in the attic and found an old octagon wall clock made by waterbury, probably dated about 1880. shippingvintage equity wind up stand up travel alarm clock nosvintage black equity travel alarm clock, in new old stock condition, looks nice and is still in sealed package. always wondered why the dial of my baby ben clock, which i have had from late 60’s, was marked off in 48ths of an hour instead of minutes.

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bidending today at 4:30pm pdt10m 33svintage westclox travalarm alarm clock! about 1931 they made the first electric big ben, and they were plug ins. weekly: how many big ben or westclox collectors are there? my love is for the style 1 peg leg big and baby bens; mostly baby bens. slide {current_slide} of {total_slides} - best sellinggo to previous slide - best sellingwestclox 11605k baby ben alarm clock1 out of 5 stars(1)total ratings 1trending price. dobinson says:I have a westclox bachelor alarm clock from probably the 50’s as it was always there when i was growing up. weekly: any other advice for new collectors, about clocks in general or westclox big and baby bens in particular? westclox travalarm wind up travel alarm clock 1950sknow that all proceeds from this item directly support the humane society for southwest washington, providing love and care to more than 8,000 animals in our community every year. is and elias ingraham brass clock with a patent stamp of september 30, 1862. (cw arrow)/uhr (ccw arrow) knob with ring: cw winds alarm; ccw winds clock. when he made his first clock and plugged it into the wall it worked fine except it wasn’t accurate, it was off by plus or minus a half hour a day, because the 60 cycles were not regulated at that time, so it could vary quite a bit.

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christmas (1930) ad illustrates 61-f dura case, style 2 crackle finish big ben and baby ben, auto clock, pocket ben and country club pocket watches. rated plusbrand: westcloxwestclox red travel alarm clock wind up with calendar good cosmetic and working condition - there is some slight wear showing on the case and clock. it is made by the sessions clock movement, appears to be brass, a bucking horse with cowboy rider…judgeing from the clothes design of the cowboy it is quite old. rated plusbrand: westcloxmid-century modern 60's blessing west germany alarm clock orange rare vintagea great 1960s orange unique design like a pocket watch has the yellow dial.,1 soldgo to next slide - hot this weekresults in collectible alarm clocks (1930-1969)1-25 of 6,299vintage, westclox, baby ben alarm clock worksvintage, westclox, baby ben alarm clock works used condition, light chippy on the backside. shippingending thursday at 3:25pm pdt23h 5mtop rated plusvintage westclox dialite electric alarm clock 22192 white mid century bedroom mid-century retro westclox alarm clock white. bidending today at 7:30pm pdt3h 10mbrand: westcloxvintage westclox seth thomas phinney walker travel alarm clock lot (4)two are still in original box. was this done so the alarm could be more easily set on the quarter or half hour?   i have wound it up and it works and keeps time. there’s a clock called a crystal regulator which is about a foot tall with a brass case and glass on all four sides. there’s a clock that came down the family, my great great granddad bought it used in about 1885, it was actually sold new in about 1839, one of the first of the weight-driven brass clocks.

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terms of my own collection, i’m still trying to find some of the really early big bens. there’s a seller on ebay now who’s doing some really outstanding restorations of big bens. shippingvintage westclox baby ben alarm clock wind up wwii era westclock baby ben runs- chips in base and missing paint in back. have an antique mantle clock given to my aunt & uncle for a wedding gift (approximately 1949) from my great grandparents.  the back of the clock states semca clock company germany. so i brought it home and left it hanging and would wind it up every once in a while. to main content there seems to be a problem serving the request at this timecollectible alarm clocks (1930-1969)refinebest sellingtrending price is based on prices over last 90 days. to purchase a vintage talking alarm clockby some-great-stuff-1learn what to expect from a vintage talking alarm clock in sound quality, clock features, graphics & overall condition, plus some pitfalls you may encounter with these clocks that evoke great childhood. t rozario says:I have a collection of clocks, and amongst my collection are westminster chime wall clocks, i have two keinzle and two junghans. it would be very interesting if you could provide me with some pictures of the clock. weekly: when did you discover that there were other clock collectors?

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: the prices for larger wall clocks, three feet tall and up, have increased dramatically, while prices on some of the more common clocks have remained the same for the past 20 years. they made them with wooden works until about 1840, then with brass gears and i like some of the early brass-geared american clocks. weekly: and how did you get started with baby ben alarm clocks? a lot of american clocks have veneer over the base wood so if that’s starting to peel it can be really expensive to get fixed. i know that it is electric and it requires a dime deposit to set the alarm on it. cl030036bk atomic travel alarm clock with auto night light feature intrending price. they typically have a round brass base with a glass dome over them; they were made in germany from the 1890s up through the 1970s, and a lot of people collect them. rated plusbrand: westcloxvintage alarm clock yellow glow in dark hands - germany / works3 1/2" round - 4" tall - see photos. i am looking to get an approxmiate value of this clock. the clock is several houndred pounds, and keeps great time.

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