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Dating a guy with no money

have been reading these posts because i am currently ending a 10 year relationship with a man who had a job when i met him but quickly lost his job, but refusing to go to work, after he and i moved in to the house i bought. what this, and so many articles have made exceeding clear is that there is no hope for me or other men like me. meaning, i prioritize my car payment and rent over the many cute new outfits that i would like to buy. however, it is natural for a man (most) to have instincts that motivate his sense of purpose – to be the “provider, bread winner, protector” of his family. you can change the odds a bit with education and hard work, but in reality, it’s nothing more than a roll of the dice, and the “house” always wins. then i was placed on leave for over a year while my shooting was investigated, and when it was deemed justified i was able to return to work, but chose not to. you are the lowest of the low and you deserve the person with money who will use you. i wanted to quit but i could not depend on him to support us until i found something and that really sucked. i married another man , who seemed very responsible with money during our courtship (homeowner, steady job, attended university, in the army). a man’s money or lack thereof was never a big thought of mine bc ive always been independent. a man who isn’t contributing financially is a handicap, as one young single mother says in promises i can keep: why poor women put motherhood before marriage: “what was his purpose? it would just be nice to be able to rely on my boyfriend financially, not because i need it, but because it is what is right. — but i’m not interested, and that has nothing to do with lizards or brains. keeps saying “when i have money, when i have money, when i have money,” but his job is dead end and doesn’t want more than 1 job because acting – auditions and such. i receive no childsupport, (since i’m male, the county doesn’t care to pursue it) and am forced to rely on shameful government handouts to make ends meet, and keep food on the table. i saved more money by having a work friend as a roommate. and for god’s sake, keep your legs crossed lest he knock you up and leave you to foot the daycare bill on your single salary, too.’ now would be a good time to interject that she was actually not very attractive. to me men who don’t live out the three p’s are emotionally stunted and by virtue of their behaviors will put any woman in a mother role. course, if you reduce women to nothing but their physical appearance, then you deserve these people anyway. i observe that many women indicate that they want a man who makes a decent living, regardless of his other traits. we both have the same degree, the problem is that he just has no luck finding a proper job. is not a feel-good “kumbaya” thing; everyone is good at at least one thing, and most likely more. all that is great for academics, economists and media pundits. best wishes to you, i truly hope you are one of the lucky few, cause it’s all luck, not skill or hard work. johns, brians, daniels… (and to a degree ragnok & adam & messenger… though these 3 are bitter & i dont exactly agree with their views 100%, but i understand how they can choose to see it that way) those are the men. let you know two things, first money can disappear overnight, a boss can go under if market conditions change for example (ah yes, not a problem, you can then dump the guy you said i love you whatever…), meaning you not only love for the wrong reasons, it is actually not love, but those reasons can be very fleeting. he does pay his rent but when we go out or go on trips i do pay for most of that but i bargain shop the hell out of it so it’s not so bad., at this point, other than for sex, i ignore women, because i know any early steps in a relationship ends with a grimace on her part when she finds out i live in a basement. now, as an adult, she expected to have the same lifestyle afforded by her bank exec dad (take out everyday, shopping sprees, parties) & i, having grown up the opposite was more pragmatic. so when you say women are whores remember your mum is a woman. those men finally realised that money doesn’t impress me, and are now left to look for a woman who loves money. if i can make a different woman cry everyday just by saying “thank you” i’d finally feel like i’d really given back to my community. its not his daughter, but if he is commited to me, then he needs to really go out there and not keep waiting on settlement money and his part time pizza job is just not cutting it. i still don’t equate it to whether i am happy or not (and never will), although i acknowledge money certainly makes things easier. you see, in my experience… even though women are not money grubbing whores… they have lost their way in the pursuit of feminism.” mindset really get to me and sometimes make me think i don’t stand a chance, sort of makes me feel like a mans purpose in life now is money dispenser, his other qualities don’t matter if he doesn’t bring back a tonne of money. of a bit worried after reading this article, i am not the smartest person there is, i know i’m not going to go out there and become an architect or a lawyer or anything. romans thought that the love women could offer men was merely second rate – and merely based on temporary, conditional factors. but the grass is not always greener on the nicely manicured lawn! am not dating because i have no job and no stable income, and very high stress from all of this because i am getting older and finally after doing so many family activities wants to settle down. as stated before, all my efforts can go towards making a better life for the children, and nothing needs be held back any longer to keep “her” happy. one of my girlfriends dated a man who was accustomed to buying whatever he wanted, when he wanted, regardless of cost, and guess what? not too broke to have a bustling social musician’s nightlife, however…. men are clearly capable of loving women as they prove everytime they couple themselves with a woman that makes less money then they do. he “was” he “had” he “can” he “did,” etc but after 7-8 years of zero, no steady income, always morose because he “was” he “had” he “did,” etc and then you finally had the unmitigated gall to complain that i wake him up in the morning (while i’m getting ready for work – i work at 7 so i get up at 5) and why don’t i co-sign for a loan for him, etc and yet i’ve had to chase him down for his portion of the utilities too many times and have had many arguments with him, but don’t i see that if he “did” and if he “was” and if he “could” he would help me, although he has never been in a position to, i finally said, i guess it’s the shelter for you darling because ain’t no man living in my house that doesn’t contribute in many, many ways, including monetarily. if they are not providing for even them selves, that is a red flag. i think men today, need to increase their testosterone levels, and i’m not joking. meanwhile met a wonderful man that’s helpful,kind,mindful. so no matter what i read on here or anywhere about all this “pride” and “integrity” blah blah that people claim to have…i have yet to meet any poor person, and i’ve known thousands, who puts pride before opportunity. if you go down that dark and devasting path, it must be absolutely necessary and unavoidable because of truly unreconcilable conflict over your spirituality and he, after knowing completely how you feel, and having no desire to make himself better in some way for you and the child. i loved the hell out of my man and supported him financially like marato is doing. you date a guy who makes a decent living (he can afford his own bills, put money aside, and have money left over for fun) even if he despised his work and had zero ambition to find another job or get a promotion? men go on “cruise control” way too easy, and fall into a “no news is good news” mentality.’m 41 years old, and last year i got a disillusionment from someone who was extremely abusive and cruel to me that i was in a relationship with for thirteen years, before that i was not very wise in matters of dating, but that was my first relationship since high school. he swears that from this settlement, he is going to get a million dollars because his is a professional boxer, but nothing real big from boxing. he cares about people and i know he feels awful..if we go places i pay for them, if he and i go on dates i pay for it 95% of the time bc he doesnt make enough. good to know that there are woman out there that would give me a chance☺. beyond that, this comment resonated with me: “i’m not the smartest person so i’m not going to be able to go out and get some flash high rolling career but i would like to earn more money, problem is due to my i suppose social anxiety the thought of going to uni or something like that scares the hell out of me. if you are out of money, you are classified as a threat and they will actually black list you for fun. and, for the record, feminism did not strip those traditional-minded men from their jobs or fates — technology, job outsourcing, the decimation of unions, the great recession, etc. find several things in this article that go against what i have personally experienced as a poor woman. click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. one would be hard pressed to find instances where a woman makes even slightly more than her husband without the subject quickly becoming a point of contention. contrast, once a woman hits 30, she realizes that her looks (her most important commodity in the sexual market place) are now a depreciating asset. but today, do not tell me that one with lots does not love it. now, i have decided that at the age of 54, i’m going to semi retire and start enjoying life before i’m 70. broke man, will still stand his ground as he has more to lose than his high paid counterpart…. my biased male opinion — not having a car or your own place can be kind of unattractive to most women,” he says. but would like to be with a partner wheo earns enough that we get by comfortably. i have dated many women i thought they were loving and nurturing creatures but after dating and being in many realsionships they were all the same. even if you are smitten with him, there are some unhealthy money habits that you absolutely should not ignore.” at 28, i had a usable degree, stable state government job, one paid off vehicle out of two, zero credit card debt, no student loans, no mortgage, and no children. you have absolutely no right to bitch unless you are hungry, sick, or homeless through no fault of your own. i raised, supported and sent my kids to college on my own, but due to a life threatening event, i have decided to love everyday, because we are not promised tomorrow. want to continue relationship but seems like he will never get out of this rut – he may not even want to. guy for 3years he has not being working since , he drive my car i pay for his medical insurance food and cell phone allowance and i help him with pocket money he says if i love him i can give him loan or open a business for him, he says he is tired of watching me me being rich and eating my money, is it my resposibility to help him with opening. who say that can bullshit themselves in thinking they do not love money but they can’t bullshit me. you can fight and fail, you can do nothing and succeed. i have felt pity for his situation for too long and my friends are now telling me i have to take more care of myself as i will be broke too if i continue to bail him out. and if i decided that i want to have me some fun with my money she feel im wrong. realistically, at 49, things are looking bleak in the man department but in five years i know that will change for me. men love their gadgets and gizmos, but it’s annoying when they throw money around like it’s going out of style, even if they have it to throw around. that child is now #1, and his needs go 1000% above you and your man’s. i got told i should be aiming for a man that will pay my bills whether he lived with me or not, had a car and a place and paid for all dates. how can a man feel ‘manly’ when he can’t provide. it is not a healthy relationship at all and if he really loves you, he will at least be sensitive with your needs. know how you feel – i’ve just broken up with someone because of being in a similar situation. lets see if this relationship can survive now the money has been cut off. what’s important to me is that if the man can’t contribute money, he should be accepting of that and find other ways to support the relationship. for some men, the “he who has the gold makes the rules” theory precludes them from being in a loving, respectful relationship with a woman who has greater earnings than they do. however, it is natural for a man (most) to have instincts that motivate his sense of purpose – to be the provider, bread winner, protector of his family. to clarify, i’m not asking him to make more than me or even as much as me. also hates my charity – makes him feel guilty about not being able to provide yet he has no means to provide so whut m8? my entire career and path as a human being was pretty much crippled because apparently everyone born generation x and after got this except the parents. i have just started dating again after almost 3 years and can take care of my needs, but in no way can i afford to keep up with jones, as i have in the past. even though he does not want to be a financial burden, but he does not get a lot of money, because going by the standards i am seeing, that basically is a coin toss between “no, your a worthless bum regardless of who you are as your a penniless deadbeat. if you’re attracted to him and you think there’s enough “there” there, it’s certainly ok to ask him what his plans are to get on more stable financial footing especially if you are not in a situation to support someone (or choose not to). in fact, as a career-minded woman, i feel quite liberated that i might be able to pursue my dream career while he takes care of everything else (home, family, etc). i love every bit of him except that he is not financially stable. like jeez buddy lets breathe & respect each other…) it is actually true what messenger said (with absolutely no tact & way, way too much gusto) we have lost you guys hey. if you’re married already, embrace him, but pull back the cash for all but what’s necessary for normal life expenses, and discuss with him your concerns. now that he is back home, soon he will find a job, maybe a not good of a job cos he is a construction worker and did not go to college. i’m not yet 40 and would love to marry again. know you wrote this in february, but i needed to chime in. no one can take advantage of us unless we let him/her; you need to take care of yourself, too. he speaks of big vacations and for me to do what i plan, bug vacations are not part of my current plan. what kind of trust do you have in a man that you dont know how he made his money? he loves you he will get a job of some sort and be a man who will contribute. i never thought money would be a deal breaker and didn’t go into my first marriage giving money any thought. i have lived with my partner for over 6 years now and his business does not balance the books and i often pay for most things as his money tends to go back on the business or his own needs. i have patience but when it wears thin thats not good. books that will teach you things that you don’t know. sure, you can make some minor improvements to your born class, but you’re an utter moron if you think that hard work alone is going to get you anywhere. they took something they have no interest in and published it how they would like it even though they weren’t buying the product they are selling. gosh…”he’s a great guy”, “you have lots in common”, “he works his butt off”, “your friends all think he’s great”, ect…so the only thing causing you to contemplate bailing out is money, retirement money, and your friends all understand? at the same time, i have been waiting and its been one thing after another. he left me suddenly for a woman who has no money or means to help financially. despite warning signs and his lack of money, i have fallen for him. i care for thr elderly by the way and i wish i was dead, thanks for showing all men in my position we are better off dead no matter how loving we are. i have not “turned him into the woman” so to speak. i have never been a woman who expects someone to take care of me, but i want someone that can pull their own weight next to me. how long a grace period should one person give another? yet, when she started making the money, while i was still a broke college student, she quickly forgot how i resisted what other people said or thought about my choices (about her: to be more clear, friends would say: “dude, she’s fucking ugly,” or “you can do way better than that” or strangers would simply look at us weird when they saw us holding hands in public, because we just did not make a good match in the eyes of the society (mainly because she was ugly as fuck compared to me! any man who relies on a woman to provide financially, is no man in my eyes. that isn’t proof about how far we haven’t come as a society, i don’t know what is. —be honest now ladies— the answer, by your own admission here, and on countless other forums just like this, is an astounding and very passionate “hell no, and i’ll scream sexual harassment if you even ask! so, feels guilty though i try to make him not feel guilty yet he also has means to better his situation and doesn’t take the opportunities. now at 30, i still have little debt, a unusable degree, a far lower paying job, and trying to start over.

Dating a man with no career

the amount of money that he makes doesn’t bother me, it’s his lack of ambition to want to do better.’m dating a broke man and while i love him, at times, its very challenging. ive known him for 5 years, but we have been together for 3. i earn more than my previous partners and if i am the main provider financially then it would be nice if the man balances it out by being romantic and attentive in the relationship, then income is not so much of an issue. his mum said a lot of relatives will be coming home and there will not be anymore space to accomodate me, and that they will be busy with family. as well, if the guy is a struggling musician, or has simply chosen a profession that seeks intrinsic rewards rather than financial freedom, these are also not only acceptable, but commendable. if not, this will turn into a unhappy marriage and i feel that you need to take care of yourself and your children and be with a man that makes you both happy. i’m exactly like your guy, trapped in a bust my butt for nothing job, but it’s the best i can do situation, left high and dry with 4 kids by their mom and a ton of her debt, so she could go chase a guy with more money and no kids, out of the country to avoid childsupport. i’ll never let them see it, especially the boys, but being a man today is nothing but a cruel joke. “is a man who provides for his kids and protects them in non-economic ways less of a man? if you are not financially stable why get married or date , use that dating time to find a job and earn enough to be stable period. they can bring home an income and be wonderful caregivers for their kids, but the message i was trying convey to you is that since we learn gender roles early on, it is to no surprise why as young boys, one would learn values that are geared more towards homeward stability and success, rather than other virtues, i. whether one trait or the other is exhibited by predominantly one gender – well there are many opinions and “studies” out there. a few years ago, the book smart girls marry money: how women have been duped into the romantic dream — and how they’re paying for it advised women to do just that. the author tell what happens to a man who will not grow up and own his manhold. but this was not entirely different to how the rest of the animal kingdom goes about this male female thingy. he pays a lot for kids as he made good money but spent way more then he made., and i am glad i always kept secret my reasonable (not rich) finances, i could have ended with someone like you. these conditions does not mean you are loved any less or more – because you are not truly loved either way. you've heard it all, over and over again, which makes it harder to believe that a man with no money stands as much of a chance with a woman as daddy warbucks. it’s not selfish to sit around and expect your partner to support you…but only if you’re a male and the one supporting you is a female…. but i was not entirely un interested & would flirt with her alot over the years & we’d kiss at parties etc. reading men, naaaaw, you think you are but how many times will you admit…what you though you saw, wasn’t what you thought. he’s a great guy, we have a lot in common, but it has taken a huge toll on our relationship, because i worry about a future, retirement, with this man. now i am back in the dating world and have dated a few guys that even though they make less then me, they pay for their own things and sometimes can afford to treat me(which is great, not needed but a nice surprise) i love buying gifts for people it makes me happy so i have treated them as well. he could get something better, ie a room in a really nice share house for the same money. i was happy when i could just type stuff on a ms dos screen in zork and now i have to spend money monthly to prove my worth to even get permission to play. the true “beta male” would be the one who fear the alpha, knows he can’t win, and chooses to serve and work for him in order to survive. it isn’t your problem that he’s “tired” of watching you “eat your money” (at the same time, is he trying to tell you that you could be more financially responsible? only about six months after she started working as a professional (cock sucker…haha, jk) she started pointing out often – over the phone – that i was a college student, and it was clear that she was trying to make me feel inferior to her – trying to make me feel like i was a child, and she was an adult woman..which i’m not doing cuz i ain’t nobody’s mamma. if so, skip down a few sentences, if not stop bailing him out! now i’m back in the dating pool i want to stay true to who i am and keep my take as i find attitude but dealing with this has me wondering if there’s some truth in articles like this. if a man is careless with his money, don’t enable him by contributing more than you feel womanly comfortable. would never not have enough money to not be able to pay my bills or pay for petrol or pay for any gifts, or dates or anything like that but i just feel as i’m technically a low income earner i would never really be good enough for someone, even though i am a selfless, giving, caring person. he doesn’t and hasn’t gave me money for bills he’s always saying oh when i’m done with my paying my stuff i’ll give you money for bills . so when i had to take a stand against my racist boss, i did & resigned, inspiring 15 people to walk out with me (by my actions, not by persuading them to leave).” that way she, and her mother can say yes he does ____ for a living, he has no problem taking care of the household. now that we are engaged, he has no dollar in his account for our wedding. he is supposed to dominate the woman & she is supposed to submit to him. you were worth millions, but didn’t have the brains to stick money in securities or at the very least a 401k for retirement? as of yesterday i told him “the bank of me is now closed” we don’t have any food for tonights dinner unless i buy it again. got a job soon after & decided to move out & get my own place because i didnt want to lean on her & plus pride & im an introvert when im not being the life of the party, so i like having me time. nothing but sea robins and spidercrabs in that murky water. but i was not exactly on a specific direction & so when her friend introduced her to her brother (who was my age, the cfo of a pretty serious company & driving the aston martin i had told her i would one day have…) it was a bit of a problem, considering expectations & i guess her ambitions. when you get in a better place it’ll be easier to find a good woman. we have lost a war we didnt know was being waged.) my disability is invisible and i manage it very well. should one tackle the delicate topic of “pocket money” for the husband? sensible is not being uncomfortable in a situation no matter how loving it can be behind doors. they are being bred at a rate second to none. it was then that i realized that i have nothing to offer anyone in a relationship., because i was raised to be polite and not ignore people, i would like to know how to turn him down without coming across like an awful person. and i understand how a great person with a great personality can mismanage money (been there, done that); again, you can’t solve that problem for him but you can support whatever efforts he makes toward making it better. cut off the money and see if he still wants to be with you……or if he looks fora vetted “mommy”. my relationship with a broke, long term unemployed man who lives with his mother has just ended. only the heavens know how he plans on getting me all of that. variation of this article can be written as, “he’s short, you’re not — do you date him? and while i am there, once you have a saggy belly due to kids, well, do not be surprised and complain when your man is going for a nice chick behind your back. a relationship to work, in the eyes of a greedy and selfish woman, the man must contribute more then the greedy and selfish woman.’m 26 years old, privileged (no debt thanks to parental support through college) and on the path to earn a high salary later. i never really thought about money when i thought about dating, but i have a friend whom i adore and who has said he wants to marry me. a multi-billion-dollar market which exists, where i’m a middle man to 10,000 people already, all of which are using my software platform (for free). even look at the spiderman movie with toby mcguire or that xmen movie. when looking for and dating a man you have to pay close attention to his values and his ambition..and i have always been a firm believer that a female should not be the one constantly giving and giving in a relationship esp to a man she just met. we have recently started talking marriage and are nowhere on the same page for the price of the ring. if a man thinks he can buy my love with money, forget it. i know many women in long-term marriages who did not look down on their husbands during the great recession and he lost his job (or had it significantly reduced). not only this but the man will also start to feel unworthy because he is failing to live up to expectations, to himself and to his lover. such a relationship is doomed to fail from the beginning, this is why i am focusing all my efforts into improving my financial situation right now (even though i’m very not greedy), before even thinking about dating, because i couldn’t look myself in the mirror if i was in a relationship and not being able to express my alpha self, because, that is my true self, i would just feel like a faker and a taker, but not giving anything back. we have forgotten what it means to choose to claim another as your own. a way to make money anyway dude, there are plently of things you can do from home…. if they don’t think they have to pay back what they borrowed, what does that say down the road for their relationship; if they always put the here and now before the there and then, what does that say for your relationship long-term? if my entrepreneurial masterpiece, my baby, doesn’t make me money-rich, at least i know it’s improving the lives of scores of people, and perhaps i’ll just release it or operate it for free and be a benevolent steward, still going from paycheque to paycheque working a precarious day job. what does it matter to keep your money only to spend your golden years and then die all by yourself? i had to really struggle to get my home, and succeed at work, and i do not want to be in a position where a roof over my head is at risk. building a home and future for him now is what you two work towards.: for women money and security is the only valuable thing in men.’s fine to have dating preferences and as long as you say that upfront — not interested in overweight women or women with children, etc. i feel like don’t want to dump a nice guy over money. among the interesting questions posed:What happens when a man marries a woman who has the education and skills to earn more than him? can’t men be more than that; can they not bring home an income and be wonderful caregivers for their kids? (even kanye west is not going to come right out and call someone a gold digger. also my husband was my first love; the thought of getting into the dating seen in my late thirties was nothing short of daunting. are multiple comments on someone coming from “poor backgrounds” etc which go on to refer to those people as not being good dating material, and all from women i might add sadly. this tard guy here who talks about truth and righteousness that all women are golddiggers is not a truther, he is a fucking liar. on the point of rather than see myself as not smart but rather focus on the things i am good at, that i am smart about. but it amazes me how women (broke or not) can make it alone somehow. is this man giving you happiness or are you too stressed about the situation. it was as if he enjoyed not having to work, but still being able to live comfortably. i am not looking for anyone to support me, or give me gifts, but sharing expenses equally would be just a dream come true. is it that a man who earns twice as much as a women or ten times as much as the next man is considered good marriage material…why?, etc, did a lot more damage then the fact that women want to work (unless you want us to be “gold-diggers”), make as much as men do (which we still don’t), be educated (you want a smart woman, right? i don’t need a man to hang a picture of me, or fix my plumbing. while honorable on one level, on another, i think its stupidity. and many of us men which i am sure that many others will agree with me as well since many of us had really been hurt by these type of women already. i also told him about chapter 13 bk but he’s not interested. work is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-no derivative works 3. it’s especially annoying if it’s just to collect respect from people who otherwise may be disinclined to give it if he were any less of a showoff. so i thought, ok he’s a manager, has to make at least as much as i do, right? basically says that a woman is incapable of loving men i’m any meaningful way, because women are incapible of unconditional love…. i think the old way of the male being the bread winner is out, our economy is too crappy for that kind of relationship to be the standard. here i am giving a grown ass man pocket change, rubbin’ his back like a baby, having sex with him…. does it matter who makes tho most money if it is 1 household? in my own failed relationship, i tried everything i could to keep her happy, but half the time i was working in the dark with no guidance. all it did was make me miserable, and enabled him to do nothing but enjoy my comfy home and chill in front of my tv all day while i busted my ass all day at work. he lies to himself about what he did and i just feel pity that he cannot wake up to the reality of who he has become…. recent study seems to indicate that we are stuck in a time warp when it comes to gender and money — we can’t get past the idea that a husband should make more money than his wife, and that is impacting whom we marry, how much a wife works, and even if a couple stays married. and you do this by not giving your money and trust away. if you had a kind personality then you would see that there are many women that are kind hearted out there and are not just live in hookers. perhaps whoever wrote this article was not raised around poor and desperate to climb out of it, opportunists., know that men with this attractive leadership, managerial jobs, ambition are more likely to do what i mentioned above. i am getting so frustrated and i find it so difficult to talk to him in a way that isn’t just attacking him but money is security for me and it is an important thing. if you make enough to have luxuries like that as a woman but your man can’t, rather than complain about him, be dang glad that you can at all. we are supposed to be so flexible and understanding while most of you accept nothing less than perfection from a man. at no point do we see a relationship between a harworking woman that supports her husband that stays home and looks after the children. for those not familiar with this paradigm, it would be wise to take a step back and give this some thought…yes, times have changed either for the better or for worse, but there is no denying there is a gender role struggle. he knows the problem and looking for a job but this is tiering. people who have spent their time relentlessly working their way to get somewhere…these people have every right to decide not to date a person who wants to spend the day watching tv instead of working..9 mnths after that period he got another job but he was making . the only thing that could fix us is if i had complete control of our money and gave him an allowance. my big concern is not that he doesn’t have a lot of money but that he has a lot of debt.. please smile and know god has that special lady out there for u. he thinks that with this settlement money, he is going to move out of west virginia and open up his own business..i mean, i can manage my money, my man should be able to manage his as well. perhaps true thousands of years ago, but nature verses nurture my friend has wiped that out of humanity. what i’ve heard here, i’m not sure if decent, caring, unjudgemental women even exist, and therefore whether getting married is such a great idea. if you are unemployed your job is to find a job, that’s what a real man does. your pseudo-husband is the government, which gives you all kinds of goodies because you’re still classified as a weak minority (e.

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we have great chemistry, mind blowing sex but honestly, its not enough. i stay with a woman who work and spend her money on what she want going continuely in debt and expect for me to pay het bills, while i pay all bills in, the house. i believe women are our equals & that the patriarchal society engendered by capitalism & bigotry was wrong… but i believe that the man is meant to be… the man. you should love them for them, not what they have or what you can benefit from them. i will still pay the bills as i don’t want to be evicted but his 50% will be deducted from his money later this year. get out a find a broken man and become the woman you are ment to be! also, me stating that no problems with a man being a ‘stay at home dad’ should have alerted you that we were pretty much in agreement. of savings i have enough cash, plus a small amount in retirement. but, ok, let’s not go into that; let’s just address what you said: “there is nothing wrong with being a sahd. i do want to help him achieve more in life but i don’t know how much is too much. money was tight with her spending & the loans & she point blank told me that she couldnt be with me anymore if i wasnt working. he has no kids, his own home (which is a bit of a fixer upper), he’s 39 (i’m 29) handsome and well dressed and no debt., i think that you forget to see/say that many men put more money to keep sexually satisfied. he lost his long time job right as we got together and he didnt seem too interested in getting another job. a woman, if you want to succeed and dominate the workforce, make the important decsicions then you need a broken man behind you. it’s not about the pay check but what their view on money is. a women, i can’t respect any other female who insists on, or expects a man to take care of her, and can’t take care of herself (i. could i get lucky in love twice or am i taking on an anchor if i pursue things with this man?’m a 54 yr old financially secure woman and i’m ready to retire or kick down to part time work next year.) now, 40 percent of women are the breadwinners in their family, thanks to feminism, and there are more than a million men who are sahds. if he can’t afford an apartment, all the utilities, a car payment, grocery, and save a little money all by himself, don’t get involved. i don’t think he can contribute to my living situation and i can’t afford him too but if i break up with him because i’m fed up of his lack of money and his big debts that makes me appear to be an awful human being, not taking him in and breaking up with him at his lowest point financially. he is currently bothering me to return to our past relationship where he knew that all was secure because i would absolutely take care of the bills and he simply did not have to worry about anything, not even holding on to a job, i finally realized that this man is financially irresponsible and that i should have seen from the very beginning but i was in “love”. if you loan him money for a business, what is his plan to pay you back (and is it a viable business, and is he a good businessman)? huge debt is a red flag, and marriage melds your finances; unless you are ready to pay for his debt, i would think long and hard about tying the knot., i know several career woman, a doctor, an attorney, an entrepreneur and a marketing specialist, among them, who married men who made a lot less (or none; they were sahds) than they did. our twisted system today has nothing to do with anything even remotely close to alpha and beta. i also have no problem paying for myself on a date or treating him from time to time. red pill believed the roman’s belief system to be accurate – and use this to justify misogny towards women. if a man is not able to acquire the info he needs to make a sound judgement on who he considering marrying, he is going to pass on that marriage. we men are nothing more than a means to an end apparently, and when we are no longer useful, and every last ounce of strength and ability to make money is used up, out you go. men, if you can’t get rich right away, if you’re not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or are blessed with exceptionally good looks, either have your genitals removed to completely eliminate any desire for a woman, or just eat a bullet. it’s a different mindset; instead of “i’m not …,” it’s “i’m good at …” despite the things you think are bad in your life, there’s also a lot of good — can you acknowledge them? he does not even see the value of giving in the church. if you don’t have that, the relationship will not work even if he’s a millionaire. we are wired to be the head of the pack, which means that a woman will find it hard to feel attraction for you (even if you are brad pitt) if you are below her in the pack.. i have found myself dating guys who are only out for money and when it’s gone so are they. i’m very independent and do for myself not expecting a man to fund me or my life so it wasn’t an issue. the woman, as our equal, dominates us emotionally & we submit to her. my boyfriend is 33, with no higher education, no job and significant debts. however, he has no home, has loans, pays child support for 2 children, and has a job that doesn’t have a lot of long-term prospects. only thing is like i said i’m not the smartest person so i’m not going to be able to go out and get some flash high rolling career but i would like to earn more money, problem is due to my i suppose social anxiety the thought of going to uni or something like that scares the hell out of me, i know not many people will understand as not many people have social anxiety but trust me it is incredibly hard to go out of your comfort zone in a social situation, i’m even finding getting out and driving to be difficult sometimes. yeah, right you do, but often not until it’s too late., under-employed and low-income men are just not good dating or marriage material in the eyes of many women. i had lost my job at one time too, but these men have just made so many bad decisions that they think will never come back to bite them. while studies have shown that low-income women value marriage and have more traditional views about marriage and divorce than others, they don’t want to get hitched to a man who is going to drag them down. every day i struggle to keep myself together, he’s painfully optimistic but i’ve lost faith in our economy. a man like that will not appreciate it because you have given him nothing to work for. you are already lucky in love — you found a man who loves you and whom you adore. i even give him my bank card and my pin so he can pay if we are together just to try save him some respect as a man. you have money and nice things he wants, he’ll kill you, take your stuff and force himself upon your woman. she left the north american continent and me for her home country of japan where she quickly found a job selling medications to doctors. he has no interest in looking for a job and even if he did he would probably not earn much. i earn more than every man i’ve ever dated. mean it’s not like he doesn’t have a job. let’s hear from men who saved an american woman from a life at burger king. me, i’m 35 years old now, male, 5’6, 150 pounds, very attractive white skinned hispanic, well educated, witty, talented, and athletic guy with a big heart, loving, kind, and respectful to all people.! good stuff brother…don’t give up your hopes though…i’m sure there are soem good women out there, although, i’m also sure there are many wicked one’s…it’s a matter of luck i guess? he needs to know how much all of this is bothering you, and you need to at the very least take his feelings and desires into consideration. i work 50+hrs a week at the best job i’m capable of doing, do as many odd jobs for cash as i can find, barely see my kids other than just in time for bedtime, and

Dating a younger man with no money

i’m very independent and do for myself not expecting a man to fund me or my life so it wasn’t an issue. men appreciate it when its not given to them so easy……another thing that bothers me that i have been reading in this comment section. — and emotionally support him in that journey, but you are free to draw the boundaries — especially when it comes to money. will he really do absolutely nothing to make even the slightest improvements or changes to himself to help ease your concerns even with full and understanding knowledge of what you are feeling? i know you mean no harm or ill will, but the fact you’re questioning a future with an otherwise great sounding man because you’re worried about money in retirement regardless of he, by your own admission, is doing the best at everything he can is the keynote idea behind this entire article. is long ago, so i do not know if this will be read but anyway. who say “money isn’t everything” have most likely never had to spend countless nights awake worried about how they are going to feed their children or pay their next gas bill. if a man cannot support himself, his children, woman, he needs to get grinding and bust his ass. guy with hustle (legal) will always figure out a way to support himself, his woman, his children ect. this obviously would not ensure food on the table & a roof over ones head, but that is because the pursuit of living life is the pursuit of putting food on the table & a roof over the head & as such, it was a given that regardless of the man you chose, these would be his preoccupations when he was not with you. women today, are out college’ing, out jobing, out earning and out doing men in every arena…they literally buy men, like pets, many whom are perfectly content to stay home and raise kids, like a woman. their loyalty and companionship is conditional on whether or not the man is bringing in more money than they are.! he loved the lifestyle i was able to give him but i realized that after years of enduring his abusive temper, he liked to degrade me with his words, he did not love me, because if he had loved me, he would have taken some of the burden of supporting both of our lives away from me by getting a job and keeping it. i definitely get what you’re saying, i think looking back on it, it’s not so much that i’m not smart i think it’s that i lack the courage to potentially fail at something, which i believe rolls back to the social anxiety aspect of things. i’m under-employed, putting what little money i have from part-time work into rent, bills, and occasional grad-school tuition. issue is why he is not solvable, because he is lazy? sure, women use age-defying cosmetics and procedures more then men do (but men are just as vain about that stuff) — not necessarily because of their love lives, but their careers. ultimately, it is not about rich or poor … its about honesty, and respect. not a good thing, i mean i was always described as a goody two shoes. he would tell strangers i am a millionaire etc, all really embarrassing… i am not, i have a good lot of assets, (family inheritance put towards property which massively increased in value) but cash wise, income wise i am very average.. rick notes that lavish spending is most effective when attracting women looking for short-term hook-ups. i just hope people don’t call me a snob. he has maxed out his cards so he literally has no money. anytime i even mention his profession i feel like i have to ad a caveat that he’s looking at this ngo or looking to get his masters and go to this non profit. i am a women who “broke up with a broke man”., so many of these guys with their boo hoo hoo sob stories. want to be honest with you and tell you that this man is a “user”. i’m thinking, “why should i give you money to buy weed? anyways, this timeline and huge risk/reward mentality is incompatible with women that just want a nicely package man tied with a red ribbon. guys pls help i’m dating a guy he is unemployed apparently left the job bcs they pay him small money but now he is too lazy to go and look for another job i love him but i dought he will leave me when he gets a job cs he is childish i always tell him about it and he is not happy he gets angry and he is soo negative to everything he just eat and sleep everyday whole i go to wrk. you value your spirituality, so you should know that you put yourself last and others first, especially your children. but what if the woman stays in the labor force and does earn more than her spouse? am 31 year old woman who had worked very hard to be successful. i was raised that women do not give their money to men. i don’t expect a rich man, but i do want a guy with a solid work ethic. if you stay the same and he is forced to do all the changing, then you two are only switching the misery around, and not actually solving anything. there’s a lot the two of you will need to discuss and get in writing; how he responds to that may tell you all you need to know. you have someone who actually loves you no matter how much you make. maybe instead of focusing what you think you’re not “smart” at, you acknowledge all the things you’re great at, good at and pretty good at. budget only tweaks tax rules, but hints at more changes coming down the road the federal budget didn’t contain much in terms of meaningful tax policy announcements, but let’s take a look at changes that may be of interest to investors or small business owners. but if i were an unemployed man — regardless of age — would the same rules apply? with that said, there is no denying that, because of this, there is (and will be) more men who will not want to marry in fear of divorce and of a growing presence of emasculation.”) but that has nothing to do with dating a broke man; that is more about someone’s character. that is how you will really change your situation and attract love to your life because the reality is, even if your dream woman walked into your life right now, your own beliefs of being unworthy would get in the way and your dream woman doesn’t deserve that. if you’ve gotten this far through the comments to read my story, and you’re struggling with a poor partner, remember that we’re not all lazy gold digging leeches. that is the true nature of unchecked humanity today, not genetics.) we affirm our independence as women; but we appreciate when the man pays. last 2 went along similar veigns, accept i was not between jobs. i have not worked for the last 12 years mainly just clean the house make lunch to take to her and cook dinner for when she gets home. honey that just means you’ll be in debt a long time because you’re more concerned with the monthly payment than paying it off, you’re nowhere near marriage material in my opinion. if you let her spend your money carelesslt by being too ‘laid back and nice’ you will one day be broke and she will leave you, no matter how caring or nice a personality you’ve got, since earning a lesser wage obviously makes you ‘immature’ and ‘not marriage material’. now i am in a legal battle with his family just to have 50% of the sale of our joint property, which i’ve paid into with steady work, for 10 yrs. especially when he’s got the money to wine you and dine you then pump you and dump you. then again there are so many career women nowadays that are so very independent, selfish, very spoiled and greedy as well since they will never go with a man that makes much less money than they do since many of the women nowadays really want the best and will never settle for less. and the allure of choosing a wealthier man over a better man was born. i never asked him for money when he had it but sometimes i kinda expected for him buy a single flower for me or something. you marry a man who made less money than you? they totally dumbed down the super heros and violence and other aspects because people with money who don’t like them said so.! women don’t need to worry about those things with broke men do they beccause they have no money for alcohol, no money to watch sports and probably no friends, none with money to pay for those things anyway. it is not, it is sex driven very very often. as long as their is that, a woman with integrity stands zero chance of ever finding a partner. he always paid but now don’t anymore because of this. there would be non-stop suspicion and weirdness in all social situations. men let’s be men and take care of our women, and women fight for your man it will make him fight for what you want. it’s been 3 months and the money issue is the same . a long time, i ignored my own feelings and made myself believe that many of the things he said were gospel. i don’t know if you have or will have a daughter remember she is a woman. you are better off swearing off women and saving money. sometimes he does clean up and mowes the grass, but he hardly spends time with my daughter, doesn’t spend money on her or me. my question is, why can’t he just get a full time job so that he can help more around the house and not wait on this settlement. wives making big bucks are simply following programs and not inventing anything new. now, i’ve learned to listen to my gut- i could have avoided a doomed marriage, a drawn out divorce because my exhusband did not want it ( even though nothing got better) and a rebound relationship. truth is, the reason behind the man's lack of funds is crucial and makes the difference between keeping him and discarding him. so i really could not have a job as i would be missing to many days traveling with my wife. his dead grandmother had bought him his vehicles in high school, and the army had given him his fun money, by direct deposit. make no mistake, i work hard, am ambitious and passionate about my career, and being able to make enough to support myself so as to not be a burden on someone – which i do – is extremely important to me. if you need more from him — money or support, whatever — you need to have an honest, loving talk with him and set up some healthy boundaries so you don’t feel used. fuck if i know, but just dont give up your life over a horse i almost did, and i regret it. i helped my ex get a new job where he could make more money. the ability to shower a woman with gifts is not necessarily what makes a wealthy man attractive, but rather, it's the power that is associated with a man's wealth. i got told i should be aiming for a man that will pay my bills whether he lived with me or not, had a car and a place and paid for all dates. love is all about “give and take”, not “give and give” or “take and take”. you marry a woman who made more money than you? dated a man who also owed back taxes and etc. he makes me laugh and has been a rock throughout the saddest times of my life, but his finances are like he’s a thief…borrowing with no intent of repaying. that the way it suppose to be that female reley on a man pocket. and as long as i see my man doing his best, then i am content. take that away from him, and the result is… a man who will accept his fate as the men who equate themselves to anything less than satisfactory – without aspiration. i now see that this man is not motivated enough to sort his problems out even with my support he is still getting deeper and deeper in debt but when i offer ideas for solutions, he agrees but does not follow them through without a rocket up his ars*. a man should either work or be looking for work period. i let him go home because i’m not ready to take him as my responsibility permanently. so i end up in alot of situations where women make their availabilty known in an effort to induce me into ask them out. i think you know the answer, just want confirmation that you are doing the right thing and not to feel alone again. the couple can avoid violating the “man earns more” social norm if the woman works part time or leaves the labor force altogether. that number is projected to keep climbing, with more women earning college degrees than men now, and young women’s ambitions for high-paying jobs outstripping young men’s. his mum dictates everything now and told him to sort out his life first before letting me to come visit. women thing, so blaming one gender or the other is useless and solves nothing (if there’s a problem, let’s solve it together, not finger point! give him a chance to know how you truly feel, and as a guy here, i mean it, make darn sure he knows how important and critical this is. does the chairman of the board have to be the one that made the money? what do you want — a dependent woman who’ll marry anyone who can support her or an independent woman who seeks a good man not for his wealth but for who he is? i’m ok being a woman who makes more than her man. asked my husband for a divorce because he did not work for several years despite having two impressive degrees, did not want to do anything and other problems that i will not get into. nothing is stopping you or any other man from having that reality. i had two children from a previous marriage that i had sole co of, i had a good job, remarried to a poor woman raised her child as my own, as well, i got hurt at work had a few surgeries, my injuries became a disability so something’s had to go, house paid for, new cars traded for older ones that were paid for as well, and she’s gone! what does this have to do with the man you marry then? if you disagree, are a single man, around 50, and want to prove me wrong, by all means, lets hear from you and how you are successful and married down. this point i’m not sure if i should feel bad for everyone who has to be around you or if i should feel sorry for you because you’re obviously so miserable you seek joy out of trying to bring others down with you. we are far more like feudal europe where if your not born into it, you aren’t gonna get it. it will not get any better, it will get worse. am 24 now and i am trying to turn my life around, i have been in the same job since i was 21 (however after chatting to a few of the people there they are known for underpaying), i have lost a lot of weight and am really trying to get in shape, i bought a car and have got my learners and am working towards getting my license, and when i get my p’s i want to move out of home, i don’t think i’d be able to afford my own place at the moment, maybe a flat, so i’d probably be looking at a share place for now. well everyone “says” they will, but when the chips are down, its a fact that a man is more likely to leave a disabled woman than the other way it ,a male or female to marriage, be it rich/poor…its never encouraging them marriage—–but unfortunately man cannot live without women nor women without man by law of nature. i knew about his financial status when we started dating and i was not happy since he didn’t even have a car and couldn’t drive. do not get me wrong, just because i have not found anyone i am not calling foul and unfair to single myself out, but when it is more than just myself, then it is worth calling foul. from a womans perspective a man must be investing more into the relationship than she is otherwise it isnt worth it. now you are right, not all men may feel this way, a good percentage of the american population may even agree with you, however you cannot deny that their are happy families with the man at the helm. you can make good money but still struggle with debt, you can make crap money and have no debt at all; hell some people are high school grads and make better money than those with bachelors degrees. you whine about women not giving you a chance, but i don’t see you trying to date old, fat, ugly women. she started to complain and boast about how i was ‘nothing’ and she was a ‘professional’ (a professional whore…heh, again jk). now i’m back in the dating pool i want to stay true to who i am and keep my take as i find attitude but dealing with this has me wondering if there’s some truth in articles like this. with the little that we have, i have always assured him if he starts his college education little by little we shall manage, but till to date he shows no interest in going back to college. really, no one wants to go back to the days when women had to marry for financial security. one becomes more dependent and lazier than the next, until i have had enough and end the relationship, after several years and move on. he may still be a “great guy” or he may not. and when the body stats to lose its value, they discard, in the same way as nay woman discard for money. your saving and investments somehow protected from another huge scandal that steals it all away? i’m also 60, and with a man who has nothing to his name. if you see someone who is greedy, then it reflects in someone who wants someone who will look for someone who has a lot of money. and whet often those people do it give some of this money to “clean themselves” but things do not work that way. i disagreed because i’m a ‘take you as i find you’ kind if woman though so his situation didn’t put me off him.. a guy can be the most caring and loving guy in the world but if he doesn’t earn enough money for a woman’s liking, even if combined they have enough to live comfortably it’s perfectly acceptable for him to kick him out. trouble is, there are barely any women out there who would want to be with someone like me, especially considering that i’m not particularly attractive physically (no one – at least no one i have liked – has ever found me handsome or hot in the least). women have become highly motivated because they have been left holding the bag in broken marriages and out of necessity in providing for their children have become “the man” so gloria steinem was succesful in not only destroying the family unit but turning genders upside down and reversing their true roles and nature. (i am also not looking for a quick fuck in which case it doesn’t matter, which is why many broke guys are players and sleep around. i made a huge mistake by letting my ex live with me for free so he could pay off his issues faster, fix his car, go to court to get custody of his child (which he never did) kept making excuses because he didnt make enough money. i would of gave him all the money i had to give if he was appreciated. i got really angry and told him that i was tired of him not having the rent money on time and he started to bring up his children need his money bla bla . this man was a handy man and would make a little cash once a month. a man’s money or lack thereof was never a big thought of mine bc ive always been independent. it was as if he enjoyed not having to work, but still being able to live comfortably. if he's poor because he's an entrepreneur and lost all his money in an unsuccessful business venture, or because he's been unlucky in the business world, that's also acceptable, as long as he tries to change his destiny and make something of himself. it was known early on in our relationship that bf makes a lot less money than me, but i didn’t care. there are many women who don’t care about a man’s portfolio and poower and there are many men who don’t care about a woman’s age and external beauty — those are the people who are happily forming partnerships that are deeply satisfying. you’re closing in on retirement, and your worried about your “good man” who apparently sucks trying to manage money? the man refuses to work or only works part time then the woman may feel like she puts in more effort. as of now, sadly i am unable to work as an old injury i sustained when i was in school got worse, and now i am on disability, pay my bills, have my own place, but as it said in the article, i get zero replies as i am looking for a long term relationship since i would rather not spend the rest of my life on my own. don’t think you making a mistake because he actually try to have a better income just haven’t find a job yet but when one open up , he be ready now if he didn’t have a career field yes .” i work hard for my financial freedom to buy whatever i want and do the things i want to do, not to support a grown man’s habit. — or close to free, like making you dinner (nothing fancy, but it’s the thought), renting a movie and massaging your feet, playing guitar and singing for you (if he can), etc. so women then chose the man they wanted & he preoccupied himself with providing for her. for example, if you know she's a zen enthusiast, buy her a small bonsai garden, rather than taking her out to the most expensive asian restaurant you know. and when he did finally go back home i did not hear from him again until he was ready to see me again. i considered that part of my “job” as a man in a relationship, even if i had no ability to do so. he had a temp job and then got laid off, applied for his life insurance certification which took forever and i let him borrow the money to pay for the test. now i never previously cared if a partner of mine had money or not, until now, since i have been dating someone for 3 months, who has no money. i’m struggling with what to do, whether to continue in this relationship or not.! i’m sorry, but you are why this article is written, and why so many men are either angry, sad, or completely defeated by this and so many other articles just like this. i had one love but sjed fast realised and i guess my replacement pointed out how little i earnt and now women over thd net dont wang to mnow men like myself. he says he will pay me back, but honestly, i’m not holding my breath. if you can’t abide a man or woman who does not have the same drive for success as you, by all means let them go. if a guy doesn’t have the motivation to have his priorities in order and something to show for it, then he is not a candidate. point here is that, my experience is that money matters to women. you can not work in a specific state because networks go so deep. i don’t spend money on anything really as all i do is stay home and workout in my garage.)) sad that in the modern age this is solely determined by the money in your pocket because plenty of us broke guys would be strong providers/protectors on another planet, but yet this is the reality we live in. and i’m not opposed to weed especially in washington where it’s legal, but i see it like this: he’s a man in his thirties and im a woman in my twenties. there’s no point saving all of this money if the world doesn’t know that i have it,” says gad saad, a marketing professor at concordia university and author of the consuming instinct. we are not only suffering because of it but our children are incurring the most damage due to social engineering. as a man ain’t you shy that your wife , girl friend or fiancée is feeding you, clothing you ,paying rents and every other thing for you. i’ve heard way too many “if he really loves me, he’ll see i’m unhappy” stories from women. yes, you can agree that there may be many things you share in common (although he is saying that; are you? nor does it mean that i am incapable of love. note that when i state my opnion, i will not put down anyone else for thier opnion. you can thump your chest and roar your bs “alpha male wanna be” roar all you like, but in reality land of usa and earth 2016, pulling yourself up by your own boot straps is something rich people tell poor people to keep them hoping that maybe, just maybe, someday if i try hard enough… it’s little more than a ploy to keep the masses from rebelling. im late on my period, 10 days now, hoping is just that a simple delay…. wouldn’t a woman who makes her own money be less likely to be a “gold-digger”? haha, i know this sounds bad, but hey, thats how it went down, and yet i stood by her, strong in my faith and my love for her, which grew every month). if you are a man dont bother looking for love from a woman they just want your money even if they have their own. if he’s not willing to work hard for you, leave him, but that has nothing to do with money.” may i mention that he doesn’t/didn’t have his own place (he does pay bills/rent there but it sucks bc we had no privacy)? so please be careful trying to read people, it’s not always what it looks like… and by no means make an assumption…you know what they say about assuming. they will not tell you this of course but many do see it this way. i started working at another job where i was making enough $$ to pay the full rent. now that i’m at midlife, however, and helping to get two kids through college, hoping to retire one day, and dealing with the never-ending costs of living (my broken clavicle cost me a lot of money, despite my health insurance, and my car appears to have an electrical problem, no doubt a pricey problem, that i need to deal with asap), i think about money a wee bit more. a man(or woman) that can only afford an occasional bowl of soup at the local grill is hard on the spouse. a women values a man by his monetary worth and not by his true worth which is his character then it is women who will lose, not men. what this article is really saying,if you read between the lines, is that women have nothing to offer men that they cant get from an escort and a nanny. now if i ever date i will ask about finances first. my vehicles, no credit card debt ever and a nice retirement set aside when the time comes. i hear you say “he thinks we have what it takes to get along romantically” while also admitting “i can’t imagine getting into a relationship with someone who tells me in advance that he can’t buy a cup of coffee. if you want to be the “provider, bread winner, protector” then go ahead and do it; find a woman who wants that in a man (and not one who wants “supremacy over a household”) — those women exist — find a job that will support that and have at it. good money habits are also a good indicator of a dude’s dateworthiness. then he drops the ball that he is broke and has no money. i know that is old fashioned, and that by no means is set in stone, but i never saw that as a bad thing until i started reading this, (and countless like it) and seeing that the same view is overwhelmingly not shared by women. increasingly pushing me out of her life, because now i was living on savings, watching every dollar going out. i just need a man to help me and i believe in equality, if not the man be more responsible for the financial stuff. but since women and society have moved beyond the point of equating wealth with the qualities of "a good boyfriend," there are other ways to win a woman over and prove your power. hpoe you all reply, i think its time we stopped scirting around the topic & discussed why you choose money over love, without comparing us to leeches…. somehow, i told myself it was okay, when i knew it was not. where, in my reply did i imply such a thing, nor did the quote you took out, have a suggestive manner to that.

Dating with no money as a man

i’m 31 years old and i’m currently dating a 32y old man who is unemployed, uneducated, has no car, and lives at home with his mommy. not some selfish whore that needs a man to live her life for her. i’m in a serious relationship with a man for over 5 years now, love him very much, he’s perfect for me in many ways but his business is doing poorly and he’s completely broke even having to sell his house very soon. the funny thing is, he is the first man i have met that it didn’t bother. as much as taking out loans irritated me (& killed my credit) now, as a rebel, i dont take shit. because they know how the axe falls, the pitfalls etc. now, at that stage i was working as a waiter as i had been pulled out of varsity that year when my parents split (like in chasm) so i was not sure what to do with my life & since mom was unemployed * i needed income, i became a waiter. i am currently dating an unemployed man that is recently divorced. though it seems i’m not of value until i return to my previous earning power, where a woman can say “look mom he’s a good guy. i can never understand how people manage to relate money to love. the man/emo teenager thing does not turn me on. all that’s left now is i want to build a personal empire.(paying for dates and all that crap is not old school patriarchical sexism, it is man expressing his ability to take care of you, in other words, that he is alpha. if it really did, a true, natural “alpha male” would take what he wanted no matter what the method, and is willing to die trying. have 80k in debt and you’re trying to say it’s not as bad because the monthly payment is low?’re all shy to admit that money is important when it comes to love., turns out he is in serious credit card debt (not from clothes, vacations, etc) but he stopped paying off his visa in full in late 2009 and his usual acceptable expenses and the interest kept adding up so that now he’s k in credit card debt. but the reasoning behind breaking up with him was not due to money. i just hate always giving and giving and it not be reciprocated.. some women/men are all about materialistic things but some are not. men rarely expect a woman to pull her weight, so why do women think this way? i do nothing for myself, and i’m fine with that. hoping im not pregnant cz i dont know what i would do… dont get me wrong, he is a great guy,he cares and he loves me in his own way, but im sure he does, he always listens, and cares about me, no matter how intense or bitch i could be, or how do i look, every single time he has off work he is with me, but i just feel is not going to be enough in a future, and i just feel that now im tied up in some monotony. your kids have already lost their father; you want to be very careful about not causing more loss in their young lives right now. and as a result, their view on a man with limited means is that of a leech & not of… a man, with limited means. i just don’t know how long i can wait for him or if i should just let him deal with it? ways to make sure money doesn’t ruin your marriage. the guy i am dating really does not know that i only work when i elect to work. the ones who choose so called “poor guy” are probably content or dare i say… happy & will never find this article & comment (or if her & hubby are reading this, will not respond). he sends money to his children in an other county weekly . because i am a woman i still love him but i realize that i have been the only one with love. there is nothing more repugnant than a man who causes his own flesh and blood to suffer by going hungry or without the proper care required to grow up healthy and happy. that’s not to say women dont but in a male dominated workforce men have the greater experience, at present. after all, there’s no financial recourse to me but i’m not sure how my feelings for him should outweigh his financial issues.’re all shy to admit that money is important when it comes to love but the experts agree that money matters when choosing a mate. his income does not support that load and it also shows extreme carelessness. they also have a right to look for someone who is headed down the same path as them…i am not a selfish whore who is incapable of love because i refuse to date someone who is expecting me to financially support them. guys like to fix things, your man is a cook, he likes to build something from nothing. i was in this kind of relationship, you will never be happy as you end up giving all the time and you never get anything back, if he’s broke now, he is always broke as he will never step up, he’s got no money so he should work harder now and to get there. accept, since we lived together, i no longer had to go home to play ps or watch sport, i just sat on the couch in the lounge. i know that is contrary to a lot of what i have been seeing, but i have been looking around so much, and it is all i have been seeing from so many posts on many different sites, greed, not security or stability. he told me he was a manager at a fast food restaurant. i don’t care what anyone tells you, if he/she cannot take care of the basic necessities of life, they will always be looking for someone to “help them out”. very impulsive and careless about money buying weed, ciggarettes, sex toys, going nights out with the boys. i noticed your tone started to become more aggressive the more i read on. but now i daught he loves me cs he doesn’t listen or take take what i advise him with in practice he sleeps the whole day he just eat and sleep i just want the advise to knw if is he commited to dis relationship or not cs he doesnt help me with household either i have to come back to wrk at 8pm and cook he eats after want sex and sleep a hardly gets rest if i try to tell him he just laugh and tell me he will look for thr job next month even if i give him firections he says i dont knw the place it seems like he wants me to bby seat him. its a fact, that women are many times more likely to stay with a sick man, than the other way around, many women find their husbands walk out on them in a health crisis. did anyone have to ie for him to get this money? it depends on the person, not the class itself, and it is so sad to see people hurt from this attitude. but still there is chance for him to better himself and earn money regularly, and then someone else will benefit from that instead of me. after all, if it wasnt for us, the rich guys wouldnt be rich enough to buy you. but i cannot shake this suspicion that he is comfortable with the idea of being “a kept man”. think some of the guys are getting the wrong message that women only care about money when looking for potential marriage partners..Like sometimes my friends invite me to some places to hang out and always let me know that i could invite him too, but i just dont… cz i know that he wont have money to pay for a single drink even tho he is currently working what he gets its not enough for him, cz he pays rent and i dont cz i still live with my folks, and he everyday buys food and dinner, but is not really a good feeling… and on top of this……. say, “for the record, feminism did not strip those traditional-minded men from their jobs or fates — technology, job outsourcing, the decimation of unions, the great recession, etc. so this is it 30 single like normal and unable to get better work due to education mainly. of it is that you’re stretched so thin that you probably haven’t got enough time to increase the number of women you’re meeting. enjoys his government job, loves playing sports, going hiking and spending time with his german shepherd. < br />this article:The beatles had it right when they crooned “money can’t buy me love. is why you will hear far less men leveraging such complaints towards a broke woman – even in a world where female breadwinners are fast becoming the norm. sorry at this stage in the game i’m not playing man whisperer. in fact i am hesitant to ask girls out not because i’m insecure or unattractive, which i am definately not, but because i can already envision the future where i will cause pain in this potential gf because it is not natural for a man not to be able to care of his woman. do not go into detail about your finances esp if you make a decent salary. suppose i have experienced many of the examples, i have supported a man and was taken advantage of, i have shared in the financial responsibilities, but really did not feel like i was being treated like a lady, only a partner. this has been passed on throughout the generations, and even though women are independent today, the underlying idea of man taking care of his wife financially still lurks in every corner, from 5th avenue to rodeo drive. kicked him out and now he is living with the women is cheated on me with, using her just like he used me but still emails me telling me how much he loves me…. he knows that i have a daughter and that i live a very hard life paying the bills and going to school. i have tried pushing him to either run a business or go to cookery college, but yet i see no effort on his side. i did not realise or understand the importance of a good education and job until to late and after my last girlfriend dumpingrme because of money issues i am close to giving up all together. its been two years since he graduated, and still not hired in his field. not saying he’s not a good man, its really down to what is important to you. but once they have drained a man of everything he was worth they walk away and never look back. am a successful business woman who has her own money, car, etc. he likes being a cook, and has no desire to change that. your man should feel the same, whether he’s spiritual or not. i’m now dating someone who doesn’t have much, but he has my trust. however if a female wants to sit on the couch and allow a man to support her she is a fat selfish whore?, if you experience a bad bout of health at the menopause, well, do not be surprised your man leaves you (thanks to my profession, i can tell you that many men leave for that reason), because actually he also has other things to do than mothering you with this problem, same if you get seriously sick. now we act like you and stop loving women and then you consoling where all the good men have gone. my parents dissapproved of our staying together but i always he thought when i get a good job and earn good money we will make things work out. boyfriend is a cpa but he can’t retain a job… during the last year he has changes jobs frequently… i don’t know if is bad luck or if he is lazy… i graduated after him luckily i have a good job and making more money than him… usually i paid most of our dates… i leave alone and support myself… he still leaving at his parent’s house… i love him but i don’t like that he is not financially stable… i just wonder when he is going to growth up… he is already 30. be with a broke guy is ok, to be with a broke guy that has no hustle is not! i wouldn’t date an obese man — would you judge me for that? “the men” are also back in another time… because in our hyper digital automated society, they are not needed. this whole money versus not isn’t just a social standard in dating it’s almost like a new class level. i no longer need to worry about spending 50$ on a dinner that should otherwise go into a college fund or a couple pairs of needed new school shoes. lastly, one does not become good but giving 90 million when one has made 500 million. didn’t mean it so much as your article gave off that vibe, i definitely noted you mentioning several times that it isn’t a massive factor for you, it’s more that i was on a bit of a cycle of reading these types of articles combined with the comments to the article the consensus i picked up was the majority was on the side of “if he can’t pull in a big wage his compassion and caring side count for nothing” and that just makes me feel like there’s a slight double standard that exists with certain things. now i am so stressed and just dont know what to do. cause this isn’t fair, it’s not love and us real working women need a soft place to land too. it is very true what i have said with my last comment which most of the women today unfortunately are very spoiled, selfish, greedy, and very money hungry as well do to their careers that made them that way which is very sad how the women of today are nothing at all like most of the real good old fashioned women were years ago that really made a much better wife anyway which today most of the women that make a very high salary do cause most of the divorces now and it is a known fact. he made a baby and is therefore expected to provide financially for its well-being, but he’s not. things you spend on when datingwhy talking about investing is good for your marriageread more stories about love and moneyfp video: would you date someone in debt? i will grab every opportunity i can to make things better if at all possible, but they are what’s important, not me, and i’m fine with that. not with money, but with his loyalty and kindness to me.“we all work really hard to be romantic and try not to act like we’re pragmatic. if you don’t, whether or not you’ve been faithful, loving, supportive, a great father, husband, friend is irrelevant. no, instead, you whine about how hot young women don’t want to give a chance to someone who is broke, out of shape, and ugly. let him know that while you love being with his kids, he needs to pay for their food/activities, etc. i’m not saying to give up and sit on welfare, you have to bust your butt for anything worthwhile, unless your one of the 1%ers, but don’t expect to go too far above your born station without a heck of a lot of luck. he said his mum knows how he feels about me but is against the long distance relationship being that we are both miserable missing each other and crying when we skype., i’m not saying i agree with this jaded philosophy – because i think a lot of it is social conditioning. i care but i dont want to commit to a broke man. if you let him know that and cut off the money supply, his true personality will be apparent. a guy, i have no problem whatsoever dating a woman making more money than me, even significantly more. of the story for the guys appears to be : earn good money and keep it by your side so you can appear ‘wealthy’ to women at all times. it is completely possible to be trapped, and in bad circumstances despite your best efforts and through no fault of your own. you are just bitter you got a bad one, so please consider that there are also poor but awesome guys around (not the majority, though, that is true). i will be realistic though; of course there are women out there that would never date a poor man, much less talk to him. pray precious for god to show you because only god knows the heart of us all. i will be the first to admit i can’t spell or write, many fields of formal education have little to do with either. why a man want with a woman who feel it’s right. as a man you must always recognize that no matter what a woman says or does she does not love you. in the cases of most of the ladies here, it is not so much by choice but by deception. we were planning to get married but i’m not sure . whats written, i have been dating this guy for abit more than a month, he said he is a freelancer designer and director infact he is but he is not doing great business as such market is tight at our place. he didn’t, i am childfree forever and i have no regrets. dont get me wrong, im not a mean person & i am about to back my species up here on why women need to rethink this love vs money thing, but let us separate the men from the boys… the men that got supported by their women & leaned on them & used them & sat infront of the tv & slouched & drank their money & drove their cars & whined & settled… those are the losers. he’s had four jobs in a short period of time, at least he goes and gets another. what i mean is relationships shouldn’t be solely based on the amount of money you make. i work with many college educated women and you know what the prize is that they all dream about…… that their husband rise through the ranks in their jobs and increase their salaries so they can quit their jobs and raise their children, surprise, surprise. like others have stated earlier, i am exceedingly depressed and saddened by this article and many others like it i’ve found because i see now that for someone like me there is virtually no hope. by declining his request, i saved myself the hundreds of dollars (plus interest) that he most likely had no intention of ever paying back. so be attentive to her needs (if she tells you she's a vegetarian, suggest going to a vegetarian place you know downtown), and be spontaneous by planning a special day together, even if it's just a walk in the park. i absolutely would do that now — however — if he was making good decisions and paying it down, it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker. my friend eventually told me she had left me for another guy & explained how he knew him & he was well off blah blah blah. responses to “he’s broke, you’re not — do you date him? guy i am friends with now- well he is in unstable employment, casual work that changes each week. love is wonderful, laziness and having to step up and be the ‘man’ financially, isn’t. shows low self-esteem and not willing to improve your position in life, or just be happy with yourself.

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    if the woman can pay for something, cool, but i have always felt, as harry truman said, “the buck stops here”, with me, meaning the final responsibility falls to me, the male, and me alone. amazing tv shows (with dope female leads) to binge right now. not marry a man who cannot take care of himself. i don’t mind that his idea of travel is going to the corner shop or that fun for him means sitting in the street corner with a bunch of friends who cannot even tell you what the fiscus or gdp are. “get an education son, make as much money as you can son” etc etc etc. i am tired of hearing mostly women whining about how their current flavor of the month man can’t afford to pay for a dinner or a vacation, or they leave the man over worries of retirement money. lesson learned = stay away from venomous snakes…get a whore or jerk off. do men really want women to marry them to support them or do they want women who can bring their own money and stuff to the table so they can be equal partners? she makes a lot of money and there really is no reason for me to work. he’s not a bum, he just sucks with money. one advise i will give, don’t marry someone unless you accept them for how they are now. me, a chiseled, 6foot athletic guy with all his hair, married to a 5foot tall woman, obese with coke-bottle glasses, severe acne and speech impediment. every man and woman is relationship or marriage material no matter what their life station is, and has nothing whatsoever to do with money and earning power. if he loses his job without warning or faces an unplanned crisis, all his gadgets and memories of money foolishly squandered won’t pay the rent. probably not (although i imagine a certain amount of women would eagerly entangle themselves if he was hot; yes, we gals can be incredibly shallow, too). he worked for many years until he couldn`t any more. i am not going to lecture you here about my views, since persuading such a perspective is ever rarely listened to, however i will say that it is true that women are able to rise to sky in every financial facet and are now capable of showing supremacy over a household. i don’t have to many preferences either, just no children. get over yourself, you’re probably not as great as you think you are. like you, i love this man so much, he has a great heart and loves me dearly but the stress of all of this is making us argue a lot over money. heck, i even would pay for our dates & petrol for her car which i wouldnt drive (not mine so…), bought her presents & strawberry cheese cakes & was the best boyfriend on earth. we married for love not money, and we were incredibly happy..9 mnths after that period he got another job but he was making . an age where people enter serious relationships with more financial baggage and where you can curate online dating profiles based on spending habits, financial experts argue that money matters when it comes to love. i said i’ve been trying so hard to turn my life around but i just get the impression as long as i’m not pulling in big bucks it doesn’t count for anything. i have learned from learning from my mother’s morals and living around a liberal city that it is not what is on the outside like looks, money, or other material things that make a person desirable, it is what is on the inside, as that reflects on the outside. the way people approach money is very important, especially as we age and especially if we have kids. am about 40 years old and had no/unstable jobs the last 5 years. still lives at home (38 y/o and i’m 33)…he has far too many obligations to do anything thoughtful for me (besides house dates, the occasional fast food, dates at a chain restaurant or plying me with alcoholic beverages that i demanded to get me through those many days and nights of staying over at his full house). your partner should be an asset not a constant bill….“i could be a very wealthy guy who has certainly saved a lot of money; but i engage in sexual signaling by the conspicuous consumption acts that i display, such as the rolex that i wear. i just lost my job a few months ago that when i do start making money again i’m going to start telling women i’m broke . will always have opinions…my advice to you is…don’t try to see something that’s not there but also don’t ignore something that’s there. will any woman give a broke 40 something man with 4 small children even the time of day? i am fortunate to have a wonderful longtime partner (who, as an educator, knows all about small salaries), but i sometimes wonder what would happen if i lost my job and was looking for love — would i be marriage material (assuming i even wanted to marry again, that is, which i don’t), or even dateable? i never had a lot of money, i depended on my college loans and part time work, and everything was fine – she seemed to be madly in love with me, as i definitely was was her – one could say that i was the happiest man alive.:when you say “women are whores” i hope you remember that you didn’t fall from the sky and that a woman gave birth to you. i told him if he asks me for money he is out the door. low self esteem is not comfortable and is wearing on both. women like you will love for what is in the hands not what is in the heart and see how the man can contribute to the life of the couple independently of money. he’s looking for a woman who is outgoing and philosophical. i read another article about how women hate it when men always go on about money and keep tabs on how much is spent. equality of pay has meant ithat is perfectly viable for the woman to be the breadwinner nowadays. snubbing these self entitled, self absorbed, narcissitic sociopaths is the highlight of my day and i recomend that every attractive man in this country indulge in this practice as often as possible. no one is perfect, so at times when you fail, he’s there to cover for and carry you, and vise versa. do they care if you are smart & handsome & loving & romantic & desire them & a good lover & a man of honour & character & that you will potentially change the world? much money we or someone else can make or have? i am not money hungry, but i strongly believe that the man should be financially stable to take care of himself, and help me out at sometimes. for poor men, they have to give up their testicles to marry up, but i know half a dozen who could care less about their testicles, they want money. if there’s nothing left for you or the man, that’s the price you must pay to be a good parent, and you must learn to pay it with joy in your heart, always. i am at the stage where i really want someone to be there for me, be able to rely on them , and i dont know if i can with this guy. want a materialistic game, you have it, and please do not complain about it, because they are just your rules. < br />this article:Dating don’ts: 8 money habits you shouldn’t be cool with. says that while a man will often be willing to put himself in harms way for his wife – for a woman, she is incapable of feeling the depth of emotion towards a man, to justify this response. not me, not the women who don’t share the same vision as you, not feminism. think what a lot of women are seeking is someone like you, who essentially has their shit together/getting it together, regardless of income (to me, anyway), and are able to contribute in some manner or another. i say this as a woman who makes more than the average income anyway. as a (shadow of a) man, the thought never even occurred to me that being expected to pay for everything was perhaps not right. in 15 years, women are projected not just to close the income gap with men—but to reverse it and out-earn men on average. i love being that mysteriously single woman in the room. a relationship will take away from the ability to serve others for the greater good of your fellow human. and i am tired of being mom to this man. you discuss gender roles and money as if there was a clear formula. i’m a ‘take you as i find you’re kind if woman though so his situation didn’t put me off him. my relationship with a broke, long term unemployed man who lives with his mother. it confuse me when a woman think a man should do everything and she enjoys herself with hers. i have no hope that i’ll ever get a real full time job, despite my education and skill set there are no opportunities in my entire province, and even if there was something elsewhere he’s stuck in our city because he won’t leave his job. this type of man is basically stuck wanting mom to take care of him and really this type of relationship never will give a grown woman what she wants. i agree, money isn’t everything, and an asshole is an asshole. they’re very much to blame why many of us good men are still single today, and there is no reason why we should take the blame since many of us men are not single by choice. morning i had an epiphany on why i am no longer sexually attracted to him. do make money but do not love it, so give give give, good business model…. have never been one to judge a man on his income or living situation because my living situation isn’t great and has been worse in the past and my income is only just getting to where i want it to be. apparently some women think just having a vagina is enough. i see personal ads online with huge lists of requirements then see a morbidly obese, tatooed single mom making the demands. he’s great in many ways but this money thing ugh! he is struggling to find work, and his mum is on his throat all the time with work and money. you are a very empowered woman and you deserve a man who will love you right because you trully deserve it believe me.? it’s one thing to support someone, it’s another to be taken advantage of (like “running off and spend it to take other girls out. there is nothing to keep women’s behavior in check anymore so now you all showed is your true nature and now we aren’t going to marry you leeches anymore. the irony is that – especially with all the domestic skills i’ve been practicing basically daily over the past decade – i’d accept being the sahd in a marriage with a career woman (i trained as a historian; we’re paid in pittances anyway) in a heartbeat! the only thing that ever overcomes our human selfishness that so often destroys families and couples is a willingness by both people to give of themself to the other 100% in all things at all times, not to merely meet in the middle. i don’t know i sort of see quite often if a man likes a woman based on looks he’s shallow, if he just wants sex he’s a shallow pig etc. on a more primal level, man with hot car equals man with the ability to provide shelter and food for the family. just remember it does take two to tangle to get married since many of us men which i will admit that i really hate to be single when many of us would’ve been all settled down by now with our own good wife and family had we been born many years earlier since we really could’ve avoided this mess today. he claims he is not but his actions tell me he is comfortable being taken care of by a woman (be it his momma or me). i tell him how i feel he gets angry a dont knw if its a sign of hm nnot wanting a future bright with me or what pls help me or maybe he things bcs he is youger than me him job is to sleeps with me if i denies him sex he gets angry pls help i want to knw if maybe im being too hard to him or what. find a woman who wants you to be the breadwinner and provider, and wants to be what you want her to be, and go have a happy life. now that she was making ‘big money’ (which really wasnt even that much), it was very apparent that she thought herself all of a sudden to be ‘the hottest shit on the market. women thing, so blaming one gender or the other is useless and solves nothing (if there’s a problem, let’s solve it together, not finger point! i am not asking to be taking care of, infact i have always taken care of me and my baby. so why would a man want to keep a leeching whore like you around? a mid twenties guy with a low and unstable income myself right now, i agree with this article. we have overcomplicated the simplicity of love to the point that we have tied it to money. i wouldn’t date a man with restraining orders against him — would you judge me for that? needless to say, we tried working on them but to no avail. i don’t want to come across as being snobbish so i tend to overlook many things.. i would much rather live in a cars board box and he happy than try to keep up with the high class and only live for money. a woman will never ever ever respect a man who always has his hands out. now that i was no longer “useful” to her social, and economic prosperity, i was old news. like some woman out there scorned you…the very idea that you think countless women are unable to go about their lives happily because you haven’t asked them out is laughable…for every one good looking guy out there, there’s a million others who are not only good looking but who most likely aren’t as shallow as you either. forbid if a high salary career woman should ever go with a man that makes a lot less money than she does. he do all the handyman work around the house, takes the pressure off me when i’m tired. ok so he is my question … i deftly make more than my man. sometimes yes but for the most part, no (remember, women ask for divorce two-thirds of the time). no one is asking the questions—big, small and unexpected—that they encounter as they navigate this new frontier of what it means to be a man, a woman, a couple, and a family. although diamonds make a girl's eyes sparkle, you can impress a woman even if you are poor — sorry, financially challenged. i’m not saying it’s good or bad; it just kind of is. the flip side, i would have no qualms dating a woman who makes less money than me as long as she is able to support herself (and as long as she is ambitious and passionate about her work). there are many ways to make a woman fall for you, without having to drop plastic. same as if the company is in trouble, the chairman takes the heat. the problem is hes none of that, i feel so drained off energy, and lack of a future.’m sorry but there are people who spent years struggling through school and sleepless nights awake studying; people who worked their hardest to make sure they had enough to support their children and buy a home one day. but for most of the women in the world, it just means finding someone who will make sure their children have food and has some form of stability…it’s not having the stress of being with someone who has limited means. i have worked very hard to put myself in a position to spend money as i please and he makes comments about my spending habits that bother me. perhaps the criminals that are slaughtering baby girls when born have the right idea, but the wrong gender…this is what a man today gets from a woman. so now he is in therapy and waiting on getting a settlement. were times where i gave him money during our relationship (some was a a loan, some just little stuff for gas or food because i felt so bad for him). there’s a conflict here; i feel compelled to leave to find gainful employment that will not only pay the bills but help me to feel fulfilled as a person, or choose to stay with my fiance at the cost of being poor and a burden to our relationship. in a society where men and women fight to be equals in the workplace, it’s amazing to see how a man could be following a low paid vocation that benefits society as a whole and yet be ostracised for earning below the average. i have no debt, with education debt completely paid off last year. so he went back to the pond behind my back and decided to meet a poor woman with a poor background like him. we have had no fights or any issues in our relationship.. men don’t give a damn if he has to provide for a woman. i am a working female that’s makes “okay” money. thinks we have what it takes to get along romantically, says he still wants to meet and that i will change my mind. it is not about them being able to pay for more its about them paying their share! obviously we need to eat but i dont know how much longer i can do this without feeling resentful. when the man was shown next to the most prestigious car (a mercedes c class c300), he was rated as more attractive. all those things don’t resolve his guilt over not being able to provide for himself/me.

    Dating a man with no money

    is these same high paid assholes that are the problem, not low paid broke men. could not agree with this post or the above mentioned red pill philosophy more. educated women don’t want anything to do with you, which is why you are now paying for hookers…… oh, and btw…. it just seems like one thing happens and then another thing happens. regretted not dumping him sooner because after he got himself sorted out. they need to be distinguished from a poor but kind, helpful and genuinely loving guy who will do way more at home and for the kids than any other man will and stay by your side no matter what, getting wrinkly, depressed, sick, or simply old. so yes a women can date and support a man who is unemployed but it’s never worth the while or the time when he is going to be selfish and not try to repay the favors. he does work and now lives on his own although he lives in apartment that has my name on it that i sublease to him because he has not so good credit. he said that he has already hurt me when he left, and now he is still hurting me for being so far away. i don’t think he’s a deadbeat but it does bother me that i make more money than he does and that he doesn’t pay for really anything we do… there are some times that he does pay for things and it shocks me which kind of makes him mad but really i wasn’t expecting it so the shock is genuine.. as myself i don’t look for how much money someone has or makes when getting to know them. at least you’re not unemployed, working a temp job, or working part time. one man, was full of passion, fire, dreams, impulsive spender, and promises that he swore by to be financially stable… the other man, financially savvy and stable, not as passionate to me, but he does love me, he is more practical and projects to save in order to be comfortable and travel in older years. the end, i take some gleeful comfort in knowing one retirement option is a 9mm to the head, when i’m done and ready to transfer my energy and give back to the soil. i agree; it’s not easy and it adds an extra layer on top of dating nowadays, which is challenging in and of itself! unless you’re god, i dont know you, but i feel you are wrong and its because of your choices. you must also not have any kids as i don’t really feel like raising another man’s offspring. i promised myself that as long as i was in the picture, his kids would not see an empty fridge. the real problem is that no one knows how to be content with nothing, or more specifically, what they have. no one can take advantage of you unless you allow it. it make a difference if a man doesn’t make a lot by virtue of his profession (artist, musician, teacher, etc. you can say you’d like to split things equally as you date to see if you’re truly good romantic partners (and there are many inexpensive/free ways to be together). money is just not that important to me, but you can’t survive without it. of the discussion around this topic so far has focused on the broader business and economic consequences of this shift. guys like you who sit and bitch and wine about how they took all your money and you would rather be with a hooker are lame. i am tired of this as he does not help himself to find other means of work outside of his business which only really runs well for 3 months a year. i don’t know whether or not he was drinking it, partying it, or spending it on women,but i knew i grew so tired of paying for rent, groceries, utilities, dates while holding down a career and watching him live it up that i separated from him last summer, telling him i need to see him achieve on his own without my support before we can continue.“feel free to have your way with whomever your partner is; but don’t hitch your cart to a horse headed into a ditch,” says gail vaz-oxlade, money guru and author of money rules. i chose the man with money because i gave broke guy a chance to show me that he was capable of responsibility and stability. a man can’t provide financially, he needs to find purpose and motivation to get earning. again, not you or the article more just the general vibe i have been getting from various other articles and the comments to these types articles. really want to know this guys name, because you must have kicked him out and now he is living with me urgh…. although she would never admit she left me because of money i know it was a huge factor, which is sad because she had her own house etc and i could of supported us on this low income as she earnt a very good amount of money.? i’m beginning to see why the patriarchy was so important for human survival for so long. i did so for other reasons but once i did i looked back and saw i had been used all along for money. if i am dating someone i have no problem for paying for dates, but only if they pay for the next one, i want equality not to pay for everything. know that he has not been as privileged as i have been and maybe i’m overly sensitive about that and the fact that they are from the ghetto so maybe they can use some help coming up.’t get a job until i was 21, didn’t get, my license, move out of home and it really did a number on me, i was also picked on quite a lot in high school as i was over weight which i think affected me socially in terms of i have a minor case of social anxiety, it’s not debilitating but i do notice it and it affects certain things. i read plenty of books of many genres so i see myself as well-versed in a few topics. think the lack of confidence, whinginess by saying you care for elderly and wish you were dead is a big enough problem in itself. you have food, a place to live, a job, and a little extra change in your pocket, and a man who loves and cares about you, nothing else matters. hence why it takes 2 humans (or creatures) to make a baby.’m sure i’m not the only girl growing up whose mother told her that it’s just as easy to love a rich guy as it is to love a poor one. let’s just kill all the undesirables then instead of just letting them suffer since if they can’t get it together or”grow up” since they weren’t offered the same opportunities in life or given the same tools to work with, because i know for a fucking fact if i can’t find someone who loves me when i was at my lowest an still trying why they fuck would i want someone who could only love me at my best..but one thing that i know —it is not encouraging . anthough i do not live for money, i understand that it is a necessity to have some money, just to live… or else you are living of charity essentially..if we go places i pay for them, if he and i go on dates i pay for it 95% of the time bc he doesnt make enough. my only focus now is to make sure as best as possible these wonderful, blameless small children at least get a better chance than i did. no one gives a crap about single dad’s with kids, and employers certainly don’t understand or care. every man i’ve been out with lately has a dysfunctional relationship with his wallet: cheapskates, millionaires, and the down-and-out and broke. i teach them about budgeting and one is great at saving, the other not so good but still make him pay me something every month. i tried to help him job hunt, i let him know i was in his corner and wasn’t going anywhere as long as he was faithful, honest, loyal and loving towards me but to no avail; he took out all his woes on me and enough was enough therefore it had to end. people can have much money and no heart…but there are some with no money but an awesome heart. we were afforded the same opportunities but i have moved up in pay drastically in a few short years, mostly because i have worked my ass off and demanded more. love is never easy to walk away from without knowing you tried enough, but it can also destroy you.. i worked very hard to get a good paying job so i could live the lifestyle that i’ve always wanted to have and it is not at all selfish to expect my partner to do the same. since no longer having to worry about a relationship, especially since i had no say in the matter either, has been exceptionally difficuly, but also liberating., it isn’t your “responsibility” to pay for any other person unless you birthed/adopted him or her, or you vowed that in a marriage (and even then it’s not a given, given certain circumstances). – if you can’t find a girl that’s not like this, then seriously – find a boyfriend. i still know several poor old guys, who ran through several marry ups, and are back living with their mothers or a new gf. mean it’s not like he doesn’t have a job. but even though that is not an entirely impossible task (survival), money has also been used to class us. for those of you who buy into feminism, gloria steinem worked for the cia and feminism was a deliberate social engineering of society that no one benefitted from but the govt. i just hate always giving and giving and it not be reciprocated. now i can’t even play videogames because this trend has turned games from just awesome stories to these weird social media experiences. at the moment i am working my wits out to progress in my career, i have tried jumpstarting a business for him, but still he shows no interest.” while some may choose that (and they should marry women who are the ones who have those traditional values, too, if they want a happy partnership), others may want something other than that — let’s respect, honor and encourage their choices, too, ok? does not matter to me john…i’m interested in honesty, integrity, and a personality fit. i am like fly to fly paper for men who have no money. although his family has a lot of money, and we benefited from it with extravagant gifts, trips, an weekends at their country house, my “partner” could never seem to hold down a job for very long, and was also abusive.’m a man, 36, living alone, physically attractive, relatively low-income, never married, trapped in precarious work (like huge swaths of the population) with minor debt, and no tangible assets. equally so, i grimace learning about her pathetic corporate situation and emptiness, but that’s another story. if you’re both doing what it takes to cover the real essentials of life, like simple food you prepare, not a dang overpriced restaurant, simple clothing from walmart/target/kmart or the salvation army stores, a simple warm safe home, not some 2500+ square foot, half a million+ monster on a lake shore, and a car that gets you to and from work safely and reliably, not some brand new 50k+ gasoline guzzeler, wth are you complaining about? thank you so much for proving that at least one woman can see and understand what so many men are screaming. i have always been the same way — don’t care about money. why the hell worry more about the money when you should be worrying about being with someone who you genuinely like. i would not imagine a second dumping a woman who is genuine and nice if she was not making enough money. grow old together and be happy no matter where you are., it’s ok to love someone but you are not responsible for fixing that person’s problems.’m 32, single, no kids and never been married (yet 😉 ) and i just purchased my first home in february.. you don’t know how much this resonates with me. find a good man whose willing to get his hands dirty and provide and be confident in doing so. he is retired from what seems to be a good career- no, i didn’t ask him why he doesn’t have a bean. you’re starting to resent him over money issues, or his lack thereof. assuming a marriage has occurred, a woman will look down upon a man who has gone down in financial status, whereas a man will not look down upon a woman who does down in financial status. while here, this is what many (mega) churches play on. wealthy women want to marry a man who is equal (except for some wealthy women who look for a man who’s younger and hotter in which case, duh). i started working at another job where i was making enough $$ to pay the full rent. what also gets lost in translation i think is that men are not really meant to be “the provider” more than we are meant to be “the hunter”. ive known him for 5 years, but we have been together for 3., so here’s the deal: after reading this article and many comments, i feel obliged to share my personal experience on the matter at hand.’ve maxed out your rrsp and tfsa: now what do you do? practice being friendly with everybody – men, kids, dogs, as well as women until it feels normal again. am a high school graduate with no college, and yet i have been able to support myself my whole life.’s settled in to the city but doesnt have means to do anything: finish getting his degree, take classes he needs for acting, take me out, fly to see his mom, fly to see my family, go to movies, barely has enough money to buy groceries. now i am grown up and not only is this a reality but bullying turns into gang members, gang stalking and people joining wannabe adult “old boys networks”., the biggest and best thing you can do for yourself is get out of the mindset that you’re not smart (you are! now that we’re so progressive, now that women have actually more rights than men do, women can’t find enough love to support their husbands? it’s one thing when you’re in your twenties, but it’s another when you’re looking at retiring with someone. agree with janet, i’ll act a fool, been with mine 3years he can’t keep a job either, i already see how he do with my car ain’t no way in hell i’m moving n with him sitting down relating an i been busting my ass. i possibly could have dealt with no 3, but really, no. i have now spent thousands of my investment money to help us move on but no more. never made a lot of money in my career — newspaper journalism — but that didn’t stop men from dating me, or two men from marrying me.’m not sure many — any — boys get the same message, and even in this presumably enlightened age, i just can’t see a parent encouraging a son to “marry up. of course not because right now, you’re benefiting from the privileges granted to you by feminism and the old, traditional value system. find the right one and she won’t care about your money, especially in these circumstances, because she won’t be looking solely for someone to bankroll her. feminism has opened up pandoras box, and now lots of adversity with it – for our children, and their children’s generations. in the new testiment, when asked by a rich man what he could do to be “saved”, christ replied, “sell all you have, give it to the poor, then follow me”. can’t help but notice that the majority of the women supporting the decision to leave a poor partner happen to have been in *bad* relationships to begin with. no one cares as much as you read genesis in the bible maybe you’ll feel better about your role as a man. if he can’t pay the check when you go out, no big deal if you can. i just want to see some kind of determination to better himself in any way, which i have not. since he doesn’t have a lot of money most of the time he does do sweet things we wall again he finds us free things to do then i really actually pretty neat or we go to matinees stay-at-home want to movies things like that. whose wives make more money are 61% less likely to say they’re happy.” is a man who provides for his kids and protects them in non-economic ways less of a man? also, a good source of support has been a book i recently read by david deida called the way of the superior man., here’s how it appears to work:Unemployed, under-employed and low-paid women are still dateable and marriage material, while guys are not.. no matter how much u make or who u might date does it’s about being happy and if she is unhappy all because u might not fit her needs then tell her to go find someone else. everything a women would want except i don’t spend, not until i have a stable job and stable cash flow. not be with a good hearted man who earns a good living? date a guy who doesn’t know how to respect the value of anything and expect to be treated like his property: replaceable on a whim. you need to play it like you are doing okay and managing thats about it. but, i refuse to have a man who will take advantage of me financially, period. listen, i do not mind dating a man who has a job that makes less than me. i just don’t see how i will ever be able to respect him as a man if he cannot take care of his own basic needs. there isn’t a right or wrong, but all of us know what we want and what we attract. as this article and the corresponding comment thread clearly reveals women will only engage men that either make as much money as them or more. stay strong, good luck, and please let me know how it goes. why not focus on making money so we can live comfortably instead of philosophy which doesn’t pay the bills? when we met he told me he is a business man.
    • Dating a woman with no money

      i don’t even no how much longer i can put up with it because i don’t know if its normal for a man to be down that long., no you are not a bad person for not wanting that kind of situation and are wise to consider walking away. that type of debt is not good and i would avoid him like the plague. some of us are dying inside and want nothing but to do better in a world that seems cursed at times.’m 28 haven’t had a gi since i was 21, single parent 24/7 all year no mommy. we never resented each other for our ability or inability to make money. and i’ve met those one-trick-pony kind of men, who tell you that their going to spend all their money on you because “they love you” 0yet money is just a poo ice of metal. it would seem that the women that find themselves dating “poor guys” who have responded where not so much dating “poor guys” as losers. you can imagine (by the mere fact that i am commenting on & was therefore reading this article) i am not the richest guy in the world. i think you are a decent woman so don’t allow him to bring you down because in the end you might not notice but little by little you will loose all your self respect because you have already given everything about you that you did not save something for yourself. yes he works temp jobs but its just enough to buy his toiletries and a bus pass. society has been built up to value money above all else. and though you might think im bitter too or its just my perspective as a “poor guy”… i think marrying a man you love & believe in can only lead to happiness, because every man is waiting for his 1 oppertunity & if he has someone who loves him, supports him & depends on him, he will move mountains (we invented c4…) & travel too the moon & back for you.. call me a shallow bitch but at least i am not making a poor depressed man feel worse about his situation by basking in my own stringent but easy one, right under his nose. love is when you care more about another person then you do your own self. he will work several low paying jobs, he will learn a trade, he will continue to do what he has to do to not be a burden to you even if he can not fully support you! i don’t understand how every man i get involved with starts out okay, and then falls into a money pit a year or two later, where they suddenly can’t afford anything! i also have no problem paying for myself on a date or treating him from time to time. i will pray for you and hope that you find the courage to decide that you deserve nothing but the best because god loves you. i hope what i wrote was not a “he doesn’t earn much so he ain’t worth your time, dump him! all humans, no matter what past or where they come from, what thier race, gender, social/econmic/political satus is, are worthy of love. do not worry i will pick up the tab this weekend. have never been one to judge a man on his income or living situation because my living situation isn’t great and has been worse in the past and my income is only just getting to where i want it to be. if you truly love her, take out as much life insurance as you can afford while you’re still young enough to get it, wait at least a year so it doesn’t look suspicious, then find a nice oncoming semi some random evening on the way home from your “bust ass for nothing” job that you’ve worked at so long and hard to pay the bills and support her as best you can, and “accidently” cross over into it. in addition, i have a partner who is not perfect, but i’m trying to decide where the line should be drawn. doesnt bother me though, as i feel a particular way about money vs self worth (because there where people living & eating & marrying looong before the rothschilds invented money…), but i would like to think i am smart, i am okay looking i guess (i tend to garner the odd smile from a pretty girl on a good day), am ambitious in the sense that i would like to make my mark in history & change the world for the better (i do actively try to do this & am not just a “dreamer”) & i have a job. in any case, women, you are next to be eliminated from the market so enjoy your rewards now. meanwhile the shreds of human men left will become prominent once again if the world ever goes to shit and we’ll be back to 2000 years ago and you’ll be back to scrubbing pots. there are women who prefer money to love, it does’t make all women money lovers. we know players but if you’re constantly looking for the game in a person…you’re possibly missing out on the heart of the true person. knew i should have run for the hills when i had to pay the bill on our first date, but i wanted to give the guy a chance; and no, he’s not doing anything to try to improve his situation., if you wanted to date someone capable of loving you unconditionally, regardless of how much you earned, you should have married a man instead. luckily i earn lots of money but i will certainly make sure it stays in my wallet. would i want a penniless man to come along and stuff all that up? instead i relish my independence and all of my healthy male aggression and super powers goes toward: work, entrepreneurial efforts, food, fitness, self-healing, real sex when i have money, porn when i don’t have money, etc. he seems to be perfectly content making just enough to get by and it’s that lack of drive and desire to improve his standings that bothers me. there are many contributing factors to someone’s financial status. is that you’re in love with money, exclusively, even if you don’t admit it here, it can be visible from a million miles away. i tried to help him job hunt, i let him know i was in his corner and wasn’t going anywhere as long as he was faithful, honest, loyal and loving towards me but to no avail; he took out all his woes on me and enough was enough therefore it had to end. so when the two of you got together, was there any talk of expectations, other ways to be supportive if not financially, etc. he lost his long time job right as we got together and he didnt seem too interested in getting another job. also, dear, in the same way as you discard a penniless man, do not be surprised that a man will dump you when you start to be old and not so desirable. because who want’s a man broken by a woman……. i also think that a person needs to be the best they can for themselves before they can be in a loving relationship with another. probably not if this article and it’s responses are where we are at…. being a “kept” man or woman is ok if you both agree to that because you both are getting out of it what you need.’m sensing the love man, and i completely agree with what you wrote. it’s not something i can get my head around, why women are so determined to stay in relationships with issues. you cannot sacrifice your faith though, that’s more important than either of you. no more true creativity, ingenuity and enterprise is required as computers are starting to do that for us. he is hardworking taking any job he can get but he has no financial values. read as many books as you can get your hands on. i don’t believe it’s always the man with the money but you know in your heart, he’s good to you treats you like a lady, but not a player. i had a man live with me in my home that started charging me for everything he did, so that he would not have to contribute to the bills. so that is the first thing i found out very young, even poor boys did not want to “marry” me. does he not realize that i have been sticking around waiting for 2 years now? calling it quits shouldn’t even be a thought because of money and finances if, in your own words, he’s a good father and a loving, caring man to you. he knows he couldn’t get a stable job because of his situation but he spends whatever he earns without thinking where would his next salary come from. basically if you’re making money and your partner is trying to contribute, and is a good person, then they deserve a chance, because you never know when you might get demoted and your partner finds something better. no that we had gotten into a big argument, he said that people who leave him during hard times are not good people. it may not seem like much but to a woman her self esteem is shattered. be generous showing a woman how caring you are does not have to come in a tiffany's box. you bale on an otherwise loving relationship for anything that has even the slightest hint of a money issue, do don’t deserve the air you breath. you are a resource, and nothing more, as long as you let women such as this define your value for you. since, i’m somewhat old fashioned, that just did not work. however, as time goes on, a man will feel less attracted to his wife as she gets older, fatter, older, and wrinklier. he has an ad in information technology but isn’t using it. “now some of that burden is lifted so they’re not 100% financially responsible which means they can do other things like follow their dreams or they can work part-time and spend more time with their children. my ex, like you was a single dad and barely made enough to survive. yes we care that they make enough to support themselves, just like we support ourselves. he would get up around noon and start the pattern all over again. i pay for a lot but because his situation is so bad and hasn’t and doesn’t seem to be getting better, i’m really leaning on not having him live with me which is something we’ve talked about doing for many years now. but i am a mghow(if you dont know what that is google it) so asking a woman out is out of the question and rejecting women does indeed give me a thrill.’t matter what has happened in society or the economy over the past 50 years. she said that i was “too lazy and unmotivated for her” and that “she was tired of lying to her friends and co-workers about my profession” and that “she would only marry a man that made more money than her” and that “she was ashamed of me” and so and and so on and more and more shit like that. men have a low probability of marrying a rich woman, but a poor woman’s chances of marrying a rich man is substantially better (as long as she’s young and hot). it’s great that he confessed he’s out of money. we are a team, one not defined or categorized by dogmatic social biases. he said he would still pay me and that he will not forget what i did for him. guys, this is it right here, have money or you are worthless, and you especially better have it as you near the end of the game. over the past years have i tried to find another, and absolutely not said anything like i mentioned above? if so, then why not live for him and forget the money crap. written by a man that has no respect for kthers, feels lonely but convinces himself he needs nobody and is to good for any woman. it’s not a deal breaker for me because he is truly an amazing man. because procreation & coupling is a team effort… otherwise we would be asexual no? fill up your accounthey, some guys get fast cars to compensate for a physical drawback, others need to develop various traits if they're missing out in another department. it actually pitted the genders against one another and created gender confusion., there is nothing “wrong” (or, for that matter, “right”) about dating someone disabled; there are many people who happily couple or marry someone who is disabled, whether physically or mentally. and release; best dating advise for any man; broke or rich. think women who don’t date for money or, who see this trend and look away exist. now, we met through a friend & we became friends as a result.? i have to be honest and can not start a relationship with a lie. good men project recently pondered, what’s a man without money? it’s laziness, disrespect and no self respecting woman should disrespect herself by having to keep paying and taking care of a man 50% or more. that the gender pay balance is evening up we have to be less traditional about who ought to be the breadwinner, and be rid of this idea that a woman does not need to contribute financially, but the man always must. tip is if you feel you are being used for money by some loser guy, you are being used, and run run run immediately. i can understand that you might be depressed by your romantic prospects; that said, that might be working against you in finding a partner. money and possessions would have interfered with his ability to serve. along with the idea of chivalry comes the assumption that man provides for woman. even so, there are plenty people who are more than willing to step you into the ground to advance themselves, but not in a fair’s fair contest. and i do not mind paying for things from time to time as long as there is respect, graditude, and a thank you from time to time. while this old-fashioned way of thinking could still be present in certain nooks and crannies of society's fabric, women are self-sufficient today and are just as much a force to be reckoned with in the workplace, and therefore no longer need to depend on men to bring home the proverbial bacon.’s the problem in a couple if either the man or the woman earns enough to support both of them? however, that should not equate to the worth of a person. once a man realizes this fact of nature everything women do begins to make perfect sense. i’m not saying throw everything you have away, one must always be as responsible as possible, but don’t let money fears corrupt your feelings. he might not be as successful as you’d like, but you’ll know by the attempts, but don’t make him do everything, you have to give toward him as well and become at least a little more of what he needs of you as well. rich manipulation of the laws will force you to stay in your place and will destroy you and your efforts if you happen to step too far out of line, forces that you can never compete against if you’re not already one of “them”. he knows he messed up and i’ve made spreadsheets for him (i work in finance) to show him how dire his situation is… and no, he knows i won’t give him money. i have always encouraged him to go back to school, but every time he keeps postponing on the excuse that we do not have enough money to support his education. red pill says men love unconditionally – regardless of a woman’s buying power. little did i know he was in the business of being broke all the time. i was devastated and depressed for years, but now i know better than to think that i can hold a rattlesnake and not get bit. why a man needs a woman to sate him & why a woman needs a man to protect her. i just think that a man should be able to at least pay half. and just by you being on this site i know you want to justify making a decision that you know isn’t right as a human. psychologists put up one of four photos of the same man standing either alone or next to three different cars. i am a professional women with 2 children and not receiving any regular child support. month mark he confessed to me that he’s out of money. money is not an issue unless it’s an issue. thinking you can have both will more than likely find you sitting alone in a wheelchair in some retirement home screaming nonsense at the moon., it makes me wonder if men should be pre-filtering women not only on appearances and personality but on income as well, as if i’m earning six figures, i would love for my partner to also earn six figures such that she can support her own spending and not require any financial aide. i’ve also heard way to many men state that “if she’s unhappy, she’ll tell me what’s wrong”. he moved in with me supposedly not to move my kids out of their school and for me to stay local to my job. months after we were in the relationship he got a job in a supermarket as security guard, but here in my country that doesnt really makes a lot, its like almost 0 dollars per month, i make 600 up to 800 per month, by taking calls in a call center, he never went to college he only graduated highschool, im in law school right now… from the very beginning since i knew he didnt have a job or was making money he could spend, if i had money i would invite him out to dinner, or to the movies or whatever and it was me paying for it which i didnt mind, he is not the kind of men who buys flower, or invite u to the movies, or out, he rather visit me at home and watch a movie in netflix and thats it, we have made plans to go out, but none of them works out, something always happen, and the day it may happen, i say no, just because i think i will have to pay for the date. when he did have a bit of money he never took me on a date or showed me he appricated me. agree with the if my mindset is “i’m not smart” i will project that but i don’t think i do, i don’t go round to people saying “i’m not smart” or anything i think i’m pretty happy and cheery around people i just yeah, i’m not sure really.. gold digger types), and as a man that wouldn’t’ be attractive to me (but to some, or a lot of men it is). decorating is not an issue as i am creative and resourceful.’ve never been one to focus on money — my own or someone else’s — or see it as a path to happiness.
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      for the real women and men living these changes, no one has really dove in, to look at things from their perspective. if that life never has a vacation, a retirement, overpriced meals out, a mansion on a hill, or a boat-load of shiny worthless crap, too freaking bad.
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