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accountan account maintained by salespeople that includes travel, entertainment, and other expenses which they incur for business purposes and for which they are reimbursed by their employers. small children often travel free on public transport, and older ones may pay a substantially discounted price; proof of age may be required. technically, it is a subunit of the biosphere or a unit of a landscape. source: iegeditorial review processa review process for potential advertiser listings conducted by search engines, which check to ensure relevancy and compliance with the engine's editorial policy. extreme form of quantity discount occurs when, within a quantity range, the price does not depend on quantity:If one wants less than the minimum amount one has to be pay for the minimum amount anyway. trade discounts are most frequent in industries where retailers hold the majority of the power in the distribution channel (referred to as channel captains). eligibility for military discounts can also be verified online or via mobile by verification companies like sheerid.>>see alsocultural environmentdemographic environmentnatural environmentpolitical environmenteconomic goodsthe goods that are so scarce relative to human wants that human effort is required to obtain them.>>see alsoforecasting modelsexport agenta manufacturers' agent who specializes in marketing goods abroad. 2: what is the list price of an item that is subject to a series of discounts of 15%, 10%, 5%, if the net price is 0?^ example of young person's discount: uk 16-25 railcard offering 1/3 discount on rail travel, and other discounts, for an annual fee.., 20 percent) of salespeople, territories, products, or customers generate a disproportionately large amount (e. discounted price offered to friends of the salesperson, an attitude which is parodied in the stereotype of a salesman saying "it costs [such-and such], but for you. any of the above formulas are incorrect, please let us know. community of west african statesecpmacronym for effective cost per thousand, a hybrid cost-per-click (cpc) auction calculated by multiplying the cpc times the click-through rate (ctr), and multiplying that by one thousand.>>see alsocommodity rate and line-haul rateexchangeall activities associated with receiving something from someone by giving something voluntarily in re-turn. also apply in the case of a service with "quantity" referring to time. timesection 315 of the federal communication commission act pro-vides that if a broadcaster permits a legally qualified candidate for any public office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunity to use the broadcasting station to all other candidates for that office.>>see alsodiseconomies of scale and experience curve effecteconomies of scale (global marketing definition)the de-cline in per unit product costs as the absolute volume of production per period increases.>>see alsoadvertising modelsforecasting modelsmarketing mix modelsvidale-wolfe modeleconomic and technological factorsrefer to "see also" column to the right. this restriction is subject to an examination of whether it substantially lessens competition or restrains trade. addition, we have supplemented the listing with information that we have. and allowances are reductions to a basic price of goods or services. a situation in which the percentage of quantity taken "stretches" more than the percentage drop in price." in australia, new zealand, and the uk, discounts to friends are known as "mates' rates. most common types of discounts and allowances are listed below. allowances - these are price reductions given to the buyer for performing some promotional activity., to call attention to activities to promote a company, product, or service. national currency de-posited outside the country of denomination: for example, u. if a proper invoice is received after the 25th day of the month, payment is due on the 7th day of the second calendar month.>>see alsoego defensesego defensesthe tools the ego has avail-able to defend the individual from psychological stresses such as the forces of the id (libido) and the superego.>>see alsoexport sellingexport sellingselling to a foreign country with the focus on the product and the emphasis on selling. when applied to instruments, the equivalence measure of reliability is the internal consistency or internal homogeneity of the set of items forming the scale; when applied to measurement situations, the equivalence measure of reliability focuses on whether different observers or different instruments used to measure the same individuals or objects at the same point in time yield consistent results. it acts as the export department of the client firm and may even use its letterhead. simply listed formulas that we have collected over the years.>>see alsofringe sizes and out sizesend usera person or organization that consumes a good or service that may consist of the input of numerous firms. determinisma philosophy, perspective, or belief that economic forces ultimately are determinants of social and political change. discount, either of a certain specified amount or a percentage to the holder of a voucher, usually with certain terms. it is a kind of pass for unlimited use of a service during a day, where one can distinguish whether or not, when leaving and returning, one has to pay again. exclusive dealing should not be con-fused with exclusive distributorships, a term applied to arrangements in which a supplier promises not to appoint more than one dealer in each territory. on this page, you can find books about retail math in the. it is the set of choices that has been evoked and is salient as compared with the larger number of available possible choices.>>see alsocost oriented strategy and experience curve effectexperience curve effecta systematic decline in the cost per unit that is achieved as the cumulative volume (and therefore experience) increases./15 net 40 rog - this means the buyer must pay within 40 days of receipt of goods, but will receive a 2% discount if paid in 15 days of the invoice date.

Eom or end of month dating is the same as

if a proper invoice is received after the 25th day of the month, payment is due on the 7th day of the second calendar month. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. the idea from a seller's viewpoint is to offer some discount but have the buyer showing some "counter action" to earn this special discount.>>see alsopublic affairsexternal datadata that originate outside the organization for which the research is being done. government agency in the business of providing funds for international trade and investment. is where the seller and the buyer negotiate a price below the original asking price.>>see alsoadvance datingdatingextra datingfuture datingmemorandum purchase and datingordinary datingproximo datingreceipt-of-goods datingseason datingend sizesthose sizes that are usually large, small, or extraordinary in some respect.[5] free or reduced-rate travel is often available to older people (see, for example, freedom pass).>>see alsosemantic knowledgeequal credit opportunity act (1974)this act prohibits discrimination by a creditor against any applicant for credit on the basis of sex or marital status. coupons are often printed in newspapers, brochures, and magazines, or can be downloaded and printed from worldwide web pages that can be accessed via the internet. this development has given rise to the concept of the cashless economy. source: iegestablishment stagerefer to "see also" column to the right. the number of times you sell your average investment in inventory each. salesperson's estimate of the likelihood that if he or she increases his or her effort on some job activity, a higher level of performance will occur.) in recent years, a number of marketing expert systems have been developed, including adcad (an expert system for the design of advertising appeals and executions) (burke, rangaswamy, wind, and eliashberg 1990). this means that if you did not replenish your sweater inventory and sales./7 eom net 30 - this means the buyer must pay within 30 days of the invoice date, but will receive a 3% discount if they pay within 7 days after the end of the month indicated on the invoice date. controlthe control of movement of funds and of purchases of currency by a government.>>see alsomanufacturer\'s export representativeexport import bank (eximbank)the primary u. discount offered to customers who are or were members of a military service.>>see alsocenter of influence methodcold-canvassingcuriosity approachintroduction approachproduct approachreferral approachenduring involvementthe general, personal relevance of a product or activity. the expectation is that they will impose an implied switching cost and thereby bond the purchaser to the seller. coverageexposure that is generated by media coverage of the sponsored property that includes mention of the sponsor.>>see alsoexport management companyemergency producta good (such as a portable generator) or a service (such as ambulance delivery) in which an essentially nondeliberative purchase decision is based on critical and timely need. price = list price (1-rate of discount) or n = l (1-d).>>see alsointensive distribution and selective distributionexclusive distribution (retailing definition)the practice whereby the vendor agrees to sell the goods or services within a certain territory only through a single retailer or a limited number of retailers. allowance - from the point of view of the manufacturer, any brokerage fee paid is similar to a promotional allowance.  in other words, it is a type of discount that is applied after all trade discounts. included among the environmental forces considered are the political, cultural, social, demographic, economic, legal, international, and ecological factors. there are three sources of the experience curve effect: (1) learning-the increasing efficiency of labor that arises chiefly from practice; (2) technological improvements including process innovations, resource mix changes, and product standardization; and (3) economies of scale-the increased efficiency due to size.- last period of sales / last period of sales x100% = percent of change. on the economic front, the goal is the elimination of all barriers and restrictions on the movement of goods and services.: pricingdistribution (business)sales promotionhidden categories: all articles lacking reliable referencesarticles lacking reliable references from september 2014articles needing additional references from february 2010all articles needing additional referencespages using isbn magic links. (february 2010) (learn how and when to remove this template message).>>see alsogeocentric orientationpolycentric orientationregiocentrism orientationethnocentric pricing policyrefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsocausal researchdescriptive researchexponential smoothinga forecasting technique to estimate future sales using a weighted average of previous demand and forecast accuracy. to the trade discount, this is used when the seller wishes to improve cash flow or liquidity, but finds that the buyer typically is unable to meet the desired discount deadline. the purchaser is allowed a specified number of days before the ordinary dating begins.>>see alsomanufacturer\'s export representativeexport distributorrefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsosituational involvementengel's lawthe observation that the proportion of income spent on food de-clines as income rises with given tastes or preferences. the interactions of members of a distribution channel, or the interaction of a company and its products with consumer environments are examples of marketing applications.>>see alsoeuropean currency uniteuropean currency unit (ecu)a weighted average currency unit created by weighting the current exchange rate of the twelve european community member country currencies based on country gnp and trade. scientific investigation in which an investigator manipulates and controls one or more independent variables and observes the dependent variable for variation concomitant to the manipulation of the independent variable(s).>>see alsomarket attractivenessenvironmental impact analysisthe assessment of the impact of a strategy or decision on the environment, especially the ecological consequences of the strategy or decision.

Eom dating is the same as

find the net price, list price or the rate of discount, depending on the unknown or the missing piece of information (i.>>see alsointernal dataexternal factorsrefer to "see also" column to the right. this means that the buyer has 60 days plus 10 days, or 70 days, from the invoice date in which to pay the bill with the discount deducted. in the united states, military discounts frequently require proof of id to show eligibility such as a dd form 214, dd form 215, or dd form 217 from any branch of the armed forces, tricare cards, veterans affairs cards uniformed services privilege and identification cards (uspic) or other official documentation.>>see alsoinstrument variablesmanipulation checkmethod varianceexperimental demand curvea price volume relationship estimated by simulating actual market conditions in an experiment or other form of pricing research. dissatisfaction is proposed to result when product performance is below expectations, whereas satisfaction arises when performance equals or exceeds expected performance. the returned item may have little monetary value, as an old version of newer item being bought, or may be worth reselling as second-hand. (consumer behavior definition) the set of alternatives that are activated directly from memory. efta's objective is to bring about free trade in industrial goods and an expansion of trade in agricultural goods.>>see alsoconjunctive ruledisjunctive rulelexicographic rulenoncompensatory rulesexpectation-disconfirmation modelmodel that proposes that satisfaction depends upon the consistency between expectations and performance. it is a way to substitute facts for feelings in selecting suppliers.>>see alsoinstrument variation and method varianceerratic demanda pattern of demand for a product that is varied and unpredictable - e.., facts, rules, models) within a specified domain, can solve a problem with an expertise comparable to that of an acknowledged human expert. source: sempo>>see alsolanding pageenvironmentthe complex set of physical and social stimuli in the external world of consumers. the latter term is preferable, however, because not all sponsorships involve an event, per se. of units sold by the beginning on-hand inventory (for that. generally, this discount is referred to as "x-dating" or "ex-dating". non-commercial organizations may offer concessionary prices as a matter of social policy. trade discounts are often combined to include a series of functions, for example 20/12/5 could indicate a 20% discount for warehousing the product, an additional 12% discount for shipping the product, and an additional 5% discount for keeping the shelves stocked.[9] in spain this is known as "precio de amigo" in spanish, or "preu d'amic" in catalan.>>see alsonon tariff barriersexclusive dealinga restriction that is imposed by a supplier on a customer forbidding the customer from purchasing some type of product from any other supplier. it is somewhat different from previous products (not a pure "me-too" product), but the difference is not substantial or significant.>>see alsocustom union and political unioneconomic mana model of human behavior assumed by economists in analyzing market behavior.>>see alsoconsumer motivationenvironmental protection agency (epa)a federal agency formed in 1970 that regulates the amount of pollutants manufacturers can emit. are many purposes for discounting, including to increase short-term sales, to move out-of-date stock, to reward valuable customers, to encourage distribution channel members to perform a function, or to otherwise reward behaviors that benefit the discount issuer. ego defenses are psychological constructs such as identification, rationalization, reaction formation, repression, sublimation, etc. this contrasts with promises that are only implied by common knowledge of the product or by customary practices in a trade.>>see alsoautomated teller machine and point of sale transferelimination-by-aspects (eba) modela brand choice model that represents the ultimate selection decision as a series of eliminations. distribution (channels of distribution da form of market coverage in which a product is distributed through one particular wholesaler or retailer in a given market area. it produces no product of its own but serves as an international marketing intermediary. discount described as trade rate discount is sometimes called "trade discount". source: ieg>>see alsosponsorshipevergreenrefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsonon tariff barriersexclusionary distributionrefer to "see also" column to the right. are sometimes offered to young people below a certain age who are neither children nor in education. for example, some expense centers are management, property and equipment, accounts payable, etc. are price reductions given when an order is placed in a slack period (example: purchasing skis in april in the northern hemisphere, or in september in the southern hemisphere). curve analysisthe application of the experience curve effect, to understand (1) how the components of the total cost of a company's product are affected by cumulative experience, (2) the relationship of industry experience and average industry prices and costs, and (3) how competitive cost comparisons relate to current costs of direct competitors to their cumulative experience.>>see alsofashion cycle)emulative producta new product that imitates another product already on the market. centera collection of controllable costs that are related to one particular area of work or kind of store service.>>see alsoe-mailembargothe prohibition of shipment of goods or services to designated countries. quantity discounts, also called accumulation discounts, are price reductions based on the quantity purchased over a set period of time. as part of the developments in artificial intelligence, expert systems have been developed in various fields (medicine, defense, manufacturing, etc.>>see alsolimited problem solving and routinized choice behaviorexternal action programrefer to "see also" column to the right. coststhe costs that are generally of a contractual or definite nature, including expenses for such items as wages, telephone bills, light bills, and supplies.

What is EOM dating? definition and meaning -

End of month dating is the same as

sellers like this as the discount granted is not just "given for free" and makes future price/value negotiations easier. the price--demand model is fitted by generalized least-squares to the share of choices (mahajan, green, and goldberg 1982). are price reductions based on the quantity of a single order. one wants an amount between two of the fixed amounts on offer, one has to pay for the higher amount.>>see alsoodd-even pricingevent creationthe use of communication techniques such as news releases, press conferences, etc. have simply listed formulas that we have collected over the years. a first order markov model represents the price--induced brand switching. management company (emc)a firm that manages exports for other firms. the rationale for a senior discount offered by companies is that the customer is assumed to be retired and living on a limited income, and unlikely to be willing to pay full price; sales at reduced price are better than no sales. the new forecast is based on the old forecast incremented by some fraction of the differential between the old forecast and sales realized. educational discounts may be given by merchants directly, or via a student discount program. the science that deals with a person's efforts to satisfy his/her wants through the use of the scarce resources of nature.[1] a seller supplying both trade or resellers, and the general public will have a general list price for anybody, and will offer a trade discount to bona-fide trade customers. refund of part of sometimes the full price of the product following purchase, though some rebates are offered at the time of purchase.>>see alsofamily life cycleemulation stage of the fashion cyclerefer to "see also" column to the right. funds transferthe use of electronic means, such as computers, telephones, magnetic tape and so on, rather than checks, to transfer funds, or to authorize or complete a transaction.., in a situation in which all inputs are doubled, output may be more than doubled. it is a kind of retail reduction from the point of view of accounting. an example of x-dating would be:3/7 net 30 extra 10 - this means the buyer must pay within 30 days of the invoice date, but will receive a 3% discount if they pay within 7 days after the end of the month indicated on the invoice date plus an extra 10 days.>>see alsoinstrumentalitysalesperson motivationvalenceexpectancy-value modelthis is one of the major schools of motivation emerging from the work of kurt lewin." sup-pose an order is filled and shipped on june 16 under these terms. generally this method of pricing is used over time by periodically reducing the price to induce additional sales volumes that lead to lower per unit costs. it has led to the development of other hierarchical/ sequential choice models, including the hierarchical elimination model (tversky and sattath 1979) and generalized elimination model (hauser 1986). library cardlibrary guidelinescomputers & equipmentaccessibility servicesstudy spacesfaculty & staff resourcescollections & exhibitsask the libraryfind books & videosfind articles & journalssearch the internetresearch tips & writing helplibrary guideslibrary classesbook a tutorbecome a tutor math learning centrelearning strategieslearning circles, review sessions & open tutoring9tutoring guidelinespractice and reviewenglish language helpcontact the learning centrehours & locationslibraries staff directorymission & serviceslibqual library surveysupport the librariesnewscontact us. addition, we have supplemented the listing with information that we have. it is the process of forgetting and although there is some controversy over whether or not forgetting naturally occurs over time, it is accepted that extinction can be induced. (environments definition) that part of consumerism that concentrates on ecology is-sues such as air, water, and noise pollution and the depletion of natural resources. has 30 days; 30-18=12 à 3 more days in the next month; therefore,Ending date: december 3.>>see alsoenviron-mental monitoringenvironmental stimulusrefer to "see also" column to the right./10 net 30 - this means the buyer must pay within 30 days of the invoice date, but will receive a 2% discount if they pay within 10 days of the invoice date. = goods available for sale - inventory at end of year = cost of goods. a partial discount for whatever payment the buyer makes helps the seller's cash flow partially. the provider's purpose is to build brand awareness early in a buyer's life, or build product familiarity so that after graduation the holder is likely to buy the same product, for own use or for an employer, at its normal price. an intrinsic reward is one that is internal within the person such as feeling good for a job well done. discount offered by a company to employees who buy its products. may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. a situation in which the percentage of goods offered "stretches" more than the percentage increase in price. for example, a pharmacist might offer a discount for over-the-counter drugs to physicians who are purchasing them for dispensing to the physicians' own patients. the ego is the executive, or the planner, compromising between the demands for immediate gratification of the id and the pristine rigidity of the superego (conscience or moral self).>>see alsoconstruct validationcontent validityconvergent validitydiscriminant validityinternal validitypragmatic validityvalidityexternalityrefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsoe-commercee-commercea term referring to a wide variety of internet-based business models. the rationale behind them is to obtain economies of scale and pass some (or all) of these savings on to the customer. a discount is the value that deduct from a service or from goods. cash discounts are reductions in price given by the creditor to the debitor to motivate the debitor to make payment with in specified time .

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trade discount is the discount allowed on retail price of a product or something.>>see alsoadopter categoriesadoption processproduct adoption processearly majoritythe third identifiable subgroup within a population that adopts an innovation. (sales promotion definition) a pricing approach in which the product is offered to retailers and consumers at a consistently low cost rather than reducing price periodically through sales promotion activities. is expressed as "the customer will get 5% cash discount if he/she pays within 15 days; while he/she will get 2% cash discount if he/she pays within 30 days; and the net amount in full within 60 days.>>see alsoindependent carrierexhibitthe gathering and displaying of products, people, or information at a central location for viewing by a diverse audience. please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. marketingthe integrated marketing of goods and services that are produced in a foreign country. a document, typically a plastic card similar to a payment card, is issued as proof of eligibility for discounts.>>see alsoelectronic data interchangeeditingthe inspection and correction, if necessary, of each questionnaire or observation form. documentation may not be required, for example, for people who are obviously young or old enough to qualify for age-related discounts.)e-mail (email)a communication format that involves sending computer-based messages over telecommunication technology. data interchange for administration, cothe basic electronic data interchange format utilized globally or internationally for communication transmissions. in other cases, existing documents proving status (as student, disabled, resident, etc. a particular case is the promise of a refund in full if applied for in a restricted date range some years in the future; the hope is that the promise will lure customers and increase sales, but that the majority will fail to meet the conditions for a valid claim. is the amount of discount using each of the three methods?[10] it is also known outside of hawaii but in the hawaiian islands as a resident discount.>>see alsomarket developmententerprise grouprefer to "see also" column to the right. subjects are asked to indicate their likelihood of buying each brand (when each brand is priced at some experimental level).>>see alsosatisfaction/dissatisfactionexpediteran expediter is one who works to speed up a shipment for delivery. exchange control may be utilized in support of any of the following objectives: (1) to keep exchange rates stable, (2) to keep the currency undervalued to stimulate ex-ports, or (3) to keep the currency over-valued to handicap exports and encourage imports. it also means professionally right or befitting, conforming to professional standards of conduct.>>see alsoconjunctive ruledisjunctive rulelexicographic rulenoncompensatory ruleseven pricerefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsoeuropean communityeuropean free trade association (efta)an association established by the stockholm convention of 1959, with member countries being austria, finland (associate member), iceland, norway, portugal, sweden, and switzerland. this estimate is then divided by the amount of work an individual salesperson should be able to handle to determine the total number of salespeople required. annual percentage increase built into the sponsorship fee for multi-year contracts.  the value of trade discount depends on the rate of discount.>>see alsofashion cycleeconomic statusrefer to "see also" column to the right. for example, a salesperson might estimate that there is a 50 percent probability (expectancy) that if he or she spends 10 percent more time calling on new accounts, his or her sales volume will rise by 15 percent. environmentthe economic environment encompasses such factors as productivity, income, wealth, inflation, balance of payments, pricing, poverty, interest rates, credit, transportation, and employment; it is the totality of the economic surroundings that affect a company's markets and its opportunities.>>see alsoend of month datingeparefer to "see also" column to the right.-in credit, also called trade-up credit, is a discount or credit granted for the return of something. of stockinventory divided by average weekly sales for a given period of time.>>see alsoe-commerceonline marketingecologythe study of the relations among living species and their physical and biotic environments, particularly adaptations to environments through the mechanisms of various systems. organizationthe way in which the means of production and distribution of goods are organized, such as capitalism or socialism.. retail price of a cream is 25 and trade discount is 2% on 25. monitoringthe activities aimed at keeping track of changes in external factors that are likely to affect the markets and demand for a firm's products and services. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. types of military discounts include discounts for active duty military, veterans, retired military personnel, and military spouses or dependents.>>see alsoimport agentimport brokerimport commission houseexport commission representativerefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsoend-aisle display and event creationeximbankrefer to "see also" column to the right. usually stores grant a larger percentage on personal wearing apparel than on gifts purchased by the employee. the economic person is a rational person who attempts to maximize the utility received from his/her monetary outflows and sacrifices. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. in such a case, the cash discount may be taken any time through july 10 and the net amount is due on july 30.

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carriera transportation provider not subject to direct regulation regarding operating rights or pricing pollicies. (product development definition) the spoken or written promises made by the seller of a product about what will be done if the product proves to be defective in manufacture or performance. to illustrate, in the sale of blankets the terms "2/10-60 days extra" may be offered by the vendor. formula can be applied to one week,One month or a year, but must be the same for each value of the formula. also, it is the development of a special activity, showing, display, or exhibit designed to demonstrate products or to connect the product to favorable products or activities. in the absence of inside information, this implies that investors cannot consistently achieve performance in excess of the market "average" for any given level of risk. is where the purchaser doesn’t pay for the goods until well after they arrive. providers also offer student discounts as means of offering a product within the budget of a student, which would otherwise be too expensive, thus gaining extra sales. Math formulas for the clothing industry to learn about math used by retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of clothing and apparelDiscounts and allowances.  the price after any cash discounts is called the selling price. among the external factors usually considered are the economic, social, demographic, political, legal, cultural, and technological forces. in essence, expectancy is the linkage between effort and salesperson performance. can calculate the percent of change (percent of increase or percent. is another way of stating the same formula:Inventory at beginning of year + purchases or additions during the.>>see alsohierarchy of needs and maslow\'s need hierarchyethicsthis relates to moral action, con-duct, motive, and character.>>see alsoadvance datingdatingend of month datingfuture datingmemorandum purchase and datingproximo datingreceipt-of-goods datingseason datingextrinsic rewarda reward that is external to the individual such as money, food, or a pat on the head. discounts are deductions in price given by the wholesaler or manufacturer to the retailer at the list price or catalogue price.>>see alsofrequencyefficient market hypothesisin its so--called "semi-strong" form, this hypothesis states that in setting security prices at any time, the market correctly uses all publicly available information about the underlying corporations whose stocks are traded in the market. (economic definition) a price-setting method using a markup on the average total cost as forecast by cost trends over time as sales volume accumulates. the date on the invoice is moved forward - example: purchase goods in november for sale during the december holiday season, but the payment date on the invoice is january 27. its goal is to integrate and harmonize the economic, social, and political life of members. for example, from the many brands of breakfast cereals on super-market shelves, it is the half a dozen brands (or so) that the buyer may re-member and be considering for purchase. the definition includes fixed equipment such as generators and drill presses, light factory equipment such as hand tools and lift trucks, and office equipment such as typewriters and desks.>>see also(see also export import bankexpandibility of demandthe degree to which the demand schedule can be shifted through the use of marketing mix variables such as advertising and personal selling. (marketing research definition) a computer-based artificial intelligence system that attempts to model how experts in the area process information to solve the problem at hand.. export credit insurance program and is the primary administrator for the foreign currencies abroad that are generated by the u.>>see alsoprice elasticity of demandelasticity of expectationa measure of the changes in prices of goods and changes in the quantity taken by the market stemming from expectations by consumers. 2005, the american automakers ran an "employee discount" for all customers promotional campaign in order to entice buyers, with some success.^ "example for trade-in offerings in the test- and measurement industry"./7 eom - this means the buyer will receive a cash discount of 3% if the bill is paid within 7 days after the end of the month indicated on the invoice date. packa merchandising phrase pointing out savings by including several products as one item in one wrap-ping. these discounts are intended to speed payment and thereby provide liquidity to the firm.>>see alsosalesperson career cycleexploratory researcha research design in which the major emphasis is on gaining ideas and insights; it is particularly helpful in breaking broad, vague problem statements into smaller, more precise subproblem statements. on a shorter time scale, a happy hour may fall in this category.  to improve the sales, the net price is reduced to 0., ellen ruppel, cheap: the high cost of discount culture, new york : penguin press, 2009.>>see alsosocial maneconomic order quantitythe order quantity that minimizes the total costs of processing orders and holding inventory. one has to buy more than one wants, we can distinguish between the surplus just not being used, or the surplus being a nuisance, e.>>see alsoadoption processgoalobjectiveevaluation and control of sales force performancerefer to "see also" column to the right. discount offered to customers with what is considered to be a disability.>>see alsosales managementevaluation of alternative suppliers, in organizatiformal supplier evaluation is the rating of alternative suppliers on preset criteria in order to evaluate their technical, financial, and managerial abilities. us improve; you can e-mail additional formulas or good examples to. degree of elaboration determines the number of meanings or beliefs formed during comprehension. according to wilkie, the major proposition is that the strength of the tendency to act in a certain way depends on the strength of the expectancy that the act will be followed by a given consequence (or goal) and the value of that goal to the individual.


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.turnover  = net sales for period / average stock for periodhere is another way of stating the same formula:Cost of goods sold from stock sales during the past 12.-aisle displayan exhibit of a product set up at the end of the aisle in a retail store to call attention to a special offering or price. in hawaii, for example, many tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants charge a deeply discounted price to someone who shows proof that they live in hawaii; this is known as a "kama'aina discount," after the hawaiian word for an old-timer or native.*a single rate of multiple discounts is simply computed by multiplying 1- [(1-d1) (1-d2) (1-d3) . ratea transportation charge based on a class rate but reduced due to special circumstances, usually local or regional competitive conditions. this process could be automated using a spider to crawl ads or it could be human editorial ad review. following discounts have to do with specific characteristics of the customer.>>see alsoimplied warranty and warrantyexpropriationgovernment acquisition of private property without payment of prompt and full compensation to owners. can occur anywhere in the distribution channel, modifying either the manufacturer's list price (determined by the manufacturer and often printed on the package), the retail price (set by the retailer and often attached to the product with a sticker), or the list price (which is quoted to a potential buyer, usually in written form). if engaged in interstate movement, the carrier must publish its rates. the method requires that management estimate the work required to serve the entire market.>>see alsosituation analysisexternal stimulusa cue or stimulus or prod to action that is external to the individual such as a bright light or an advertisement. (retailing definition) a policy or strategy of retail pricing whereby presumably low prices are set initially on items and maintained, as opposed to the occasional offering of items at special or reduced sales prices.>>see alsoelastic demand and inelastic demandelasticity of demandrefer to "see also" column to the right. (consumer behavior definition) a choice involving substantial cognitive and behavioral effort. e is al-ways negative: if the absolute value of e is greater than one, demand is said to be elastic; if exactly equal to one, unitary price elasticity prevails; if less than one, demand is said to be inelastic. a situation in which a cut in price increases the quantity taken in the market enough that total revenue is increased. sales-based forecasting modelsrefer to "see also" column to the right. are price reductions given to members of educational institutions, usually students but possibly also to educators and to other institution staff. when motivation is low, the message recipient will be more responsive to peripheral elements of the message (e. originating from the print version in 1995, we're always adding new terms to keep marketers up to date in the ever-evolving marketing profession. typically, an e-commerce strategy incorporates various elements of the marketing mix to drive users to a web site for the purpose of purchasing a product or service.>>see alsoconcentrationeconomiceconomic concept of renta term reflecting the maximum amount that can be spent by a retail store for yearly rent expenses. each element of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and channels of distribution) is potentially variable. formula for a manufacturer includes raw goods and unfinished product. center accountingthe grouping of expenses by their necessity in performing a particular kind of store service. discounts are given to try to increase the volume of sales being made by the supplier.  list price is usually the amount on the price tag. goals: a peek inside centrooffice goals: a peek inside google tel avivtech start-up uses marketing to cut a month from talent searchwhy marketers have a stake in staunching cybercrimethe evolution and awakening of the modern cmomore ».>>see alsosocial impact of marketingextinctionthe process by which a learned response or learned behavior pattern is extinguished or unlearned (or forgotten). these include an allowance for creating and maintaining an in-store display or a co-op advertising allowance. infrastructurethe internal facilities of a country available for con-ducting business activities, especially the communication, transportation, distribution, and financial systems. (retailing definition) a guarantee supplied by either the retailer or the manufacturer that details the terms of the warranty in simple and easily understood language so customers know what is and what is not covered by the warranty.>>see alsowheel of consumer analysisenvironmental analysisthe gathering and analyzing of data about a company's or nation's external environment to identify trends and their impact upon an organization or country.^ grocery stores with discounts for seniors: grocery stores with discounts for seniors. the key elements of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and channels of distribution) are all the same as in the home market. if an invoice is received on or before the 25th day of the month, payment is due on the 7th day of the next calendar month.>>see alsoconsumer protection legislation and federal environmental pesticide control actenvironmental scanningrefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsofairness doctrine and federal communications commissionequalized workload methoda method of determining sales force size that is based on the premise that all sales personnel should have an equal amount of work. by the way, what are the odds that the your inventory would sell at the "same. indicatorthe data collected over time that reflect economic activity and general business conditions. a measure of the responsiveness of the quantity of a product taken in the market to price changes. in some industries, buyer groups and co-ops have formed to take advantage of these discounts. for example, an insurance company may be the end user for a keyboard for a personal computer, originally produced for and sold to the personal computer manufacturer.

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>>see alsoe-businesse-businessa term referring to a wide variety of internet-based business models. this site content may not be copied, reproduced, or redistributed without the prior written permission of the american marketing association or its affiliates.>>see alsoexport marketingexport trading companya firm that buys another firm's merchandise and assumes all responsibility for the marketing and distribution of the product abroad. for example, an entrance ticket for a zoo is usually for a day; if one stays shorter, the price is the same. the early majority like to await the out-come of product trial by the two earlier groups, yet are not as slow to adopt as the next two groups, late majority and laggards. the ecu is a unit of value that fluctuates less than individual european community currencies because it is a weighted average. in some cases, the card may be issued to anyone who asks. (retailing definition) the interfirm computer-to-computer transfer of information, as between or among retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. stage of the fashion cyclerefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsolight equipmentequivalencea measure of reliability that is applied to both single instruments and measurement situations. they are explicitly carried on the accounting records as costs and are charged against the operation of the business because they are obvious and definite in amount. shoppersthe shoppers who try to maximize the ratio of total utility and dollars of expenditure. discounts, also called functional discounts, are payments to distribution channel members for performing some function. eom terms are frequently stated in this manner: "2/10, net 20, eom. only the place or distribution is adjusted in export selling.»book a tutor»become a tutor »math learning centre»learning strategies»learning circles, review sessions & open tutoring9»tutoring guidelines»practice and reviewpathology reviewspathology worksheets/quizzesanatomy worksheets»english language help»contact the learning centre. it is calculated by subtracting from planned sales all projected nonrent costs including a projected or planned profit figure.  cash discounts largely depend on the terms, dating methods, **and the date of payment. complex of interactions of all the organisms with their environments and with each other. discount, or free service, offered to children younger than a certain age, commonly for admission to entertainments and attractions, restaurants, and hotels.>>see alsoelimination-by-aspects modelebusinessrefer to "see also" column to the right.>>see alsoexperience curve analysisexperience surveya series of interviews with people knowledgeable about the general subject being investigated. (legislation definition) this refers to public concern over protecting, enhancing, and improving the environment, which includes conserving natural resources, eliminating pollution and hazardous substances, historic preservation, and preventing the extinction of plant and animal species. the total work calculation is typically treated as a function of the number of accounts, the frequency with which each account should be called on, and the length of time that should be spent on each call.>>see alsodisplay and trade sales promotionendless chain methoda method of prospecting in which a salesperson asks customers to suggest other customers who might be interested in the salesperson's offerings. (technical definition) e is the limit as the change in price tends to zero of a ratio composed of two ratios: the change in quantity/quantity, divided by change in price/price. if an invoice is received on or before the 25th day of the month, payment is due on the 7th day of the next calendar month. tracking studiesstudies by google, marketing sherpa and poynter institute using eyetools technology to track the eye movements of web page readers, in order to understand reading and click-through patterns. a situation in which a given change in the price of an economic good is associated with a more than proportionate change in the quantity that buyers would purchase. (physical distribution definition) the intercompany, application-to-application exchange of business transactions in a standard data format.>>see alsocompletely randomized design and factoral designexperimental groupa group of subjects in an experiment who are exposed to an experimental treatment or alternative whose effect is to be measured and compared.>>see alsonew product forecasting modelsearned incomethe income resulting from work or services performed as contrasted with income from such sources as investments or rent. utilize these fashion retail math formulas at your own risk.>>see alsoadaptive productinnovative imitationpioneering innovativenessend of month dating (eom)the cash discount and the net credit periods be-gin on the first day of the following month rather than on the invoice date. formulas that are not listed on this page, please let us know them..      eom - the last day of the month of the date of invoice. in the case of long periods, it is obvious that one can leave and return without paying again.  the price after any trade discount is known as the net price. designa research investigation in which the investigator has direct control over at least one independent variable and manipulates at least one independent variable. you're looking for an obscure phrase or your basic marketing definition, the ama dictionary has it all! the factor used to calculate the new forecast is called an alpha factor. commonly, the terms involve the terms of other discounts on this page, such as being valid only if a certain quantity is bought or only if the customer is older than a specified age. orientationa home country orientation or an unconscious bias or belief that the home country approach to business is superior. in united states most grocery stores offer senior discounts, starting for those age 50 or older, but most discounts are offered for those over 60.

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e-mail can include a letter-style text message or more elaborate web-style html messages. retailers (particularly small retailers with low margins) offer discounts to customers paying with cash, to avoid paying fees on credit card transactions. an internal stimulus would be one from within the individual such as hunger pangs, the feeling of fear, or glee. typically, an e-commerce strategy incorporates various elements of the marketing mix to drive users to a web site for the purpose of purchasing a product or service.   the formula for reaching the roi in this scenario would be as follows. it assumes that the consumer behaves purposively and evaluates, say, the purchase of a particular brand in terms of how desirable the consequences of the purchase of that brand are for him or her.>>see alsorisk analysisexternal validityone criterion by which an experiment is evaluated; the criterion refers to the extent, to what populations and settings, to which the observed experimental effect can be generalized. (consumer behavior definition) in the choice process, this includes those decisions that consume considerable cognitive activity and thought, as compared to routinized response behavior and habitual decision making. this law or tendency was formulated by ernst engel (1821-1896) in a paper published by him in 1857. discount offered to customers who are above a certain relatively advanced age, typically a round number such as 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75; the exact age varies in different cases.>>see alsocompetitive brandsex partea regulatory practice of pre-testing proposed regulatory rules in an effort to get reactions and comments from shippers, carriers, and other interested parties. it is usually based on a percentage of the sales generated by the broker.>>see alsoadopter categoriesadoption processproduct adoption processearly markdowna markdown taken early in the season or while the demand for the merchandise is still relatively active.  what additional rate of discount is given by the store? according to petty and cacioppo, the authors of the elm, when motivation is high, the message recipient will pay attention and respond to the quality of message arguments. likelihood model (elm)a model of attitude formation and change that proposes that the process by which attitudes change depends upon the message recipient's level of motivation.>>see alsopress partyevent marketingpromotional strategy linking a company to an event (sponsorship of a sports competition, festival, etc.>>see alsoenvironmental protection agencyepisodic knowledgethe mental representations of the specific events in a per-son's life. a situation in which a percentage increase in price attracts a greater percentage of' products offered to the market. their role is to be opinion leaders and have influence over the early majority. buyers have the advantage of getting some value for something no longer used.>>see alsoevery day low priceeeceuropean economic communityeffective frequencyan advertiser's de-termination of the optimum number of exposure opportunities required to effectively convey the advertising message to the desired audience or target market. each alternative available for choice is viewed as having some set of aspects (e.>>see alsoextension pricing policyethnographya detailed, descriptive study of a group and its behavior, characteristics, culture, etc. it is one of the functions of attitudes proposed by the functional theory of attitudes. although more difficult to calibrate and apply than luce's choice axiom model for choices, it does avoid the independence from irrelevant alter-natives property of the latter model, which is often seen as an appealing feature of the eba model. pricing policya pricing policy that requires that the price of an item be the same around the world and that the customer absorb freight and import duties. opportunity for a reader, viewer, or listener to see and/or hear an advertising message in a particular media vehicle.>>see alsoeuropean free trade associationegoaccording to freudian theory, the ego is one prong of the three parts of the personality. natural expenses are typically included as a part of the concept (e. durable goods used to support manufacturing, logistics, administrative, and other business processes. at each stage of the choice process an aspect is selected (with probability proportional to that aspect's importance for this consumer), and all alternatives still being considered that do not possess the selected aspect are eliminated.) this monetization model is used by google to rank site-targeted cpm ads (in the google content network) against keyword-targeted cpc ads (google adwords ppc) in their hybrid auction.>>see alsoelastic demand and inelastic supplyelasticitythe degree that an economic variable changes in response to a change in another economic variable. germany, france, italy, belgium, luxembourg, the netherlands, the united kingdom, ireland, and denmark, with uniform trade rules built upon the elimination of internal tariff barriers and the establishment of common external barriers.>>see alsoego defensesinstrumental function of attitudesknowledge function of attitudesvalue-expressive function of attitudeseighty-twenty principlethe situation in which a disproportionately small number (e.>>see alsoattitudeemployee discounta certain discount from retail price offered by most general merchandise retailers to employees.>>see alsocontrol groupexperimental mortalityan experimental condition in which test units are lost during the course of an experiment. the process continues until only one alternative remains, and that remaining item is assumed to be the one chosen by the consumer (tversky 1972). indicates how much sales volume must be accomplished in order to. this phenomenon can be identified and addressed by conducting a sales analysis and cost analysis. at the same rate, you would deplete your inventory of sweaters. (consumer behavior definition) the set of possible products or brands that the consumer may be considering in the decision process. the expectation is that they will encourage larger orders, thus reducing billing, order filling, shipping, and sales personnel expenses.

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