Georgia man beaten for dating a black woman

Georgia man beaten for dating black woman

is one of five states that does not have hate crime laws on the books, according to the human rights commission. FBI has rounded up 17 black gang members that we in connection with the murder of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi. also: hey, cnn & fox: is a white teen girl burned alive by 17 black thugs not news? get this:  “teapooh” is, according to the “hacktivists” who have accessed various social media accounts of the people involved, actually teanna rudd, the wife or live-in girlfriend of a man named brejuan buyers. police officers darren wilson and daniel pantaleo were recently exonerated by grand juries in the deaths of black criminals michael brown and eric garner, and when george zimmerman was acquitted last year in the trayvon martin case, blacks rioted, looted, burned, and murdered random whites, just as they did after the initial acquittals of the white cops in the rodney king case in 1992.  she’s fifty now, and shacked up with an able-bodied black male who is on disability.  i went on to the bar where my band was playing and there were seven or eight black males there, all with white women. all black “civilization” provides is eating whatever falls from a tree, our wards have become far too spoiled for their solo prospects.

Georgia man beaten for dating a black woman

the black woman were a smart productive person, i couldn’t give a damn if i had to about dating a white man.  many persons of interest have been interviewed, and no arrests have been made.  i have no desire to work with, talk to, socialize, patronize, live near or otherwise be any where near or around blacks for any reason whatsoever. the die is caste and we’re close to having to fight the blacks, hispanics and fedgov all at once. this man certainly deserves to be shunned and made to feel a pariah when in the company of whites., black guys love inter-racial relationships when it involves them parading their white trophy girlfriends in public as a totem of their equality. and can he be sure his black female–not exactly renowned for her  sexual propriety–doesnt seek white men when he is at work,i mean when he is playing ball with the fellas? shared it via the facebook timeline of a woman named sandy rudd (now please bear with me for a minute while i outline some crucial connections before giving you the rest of the specific, criminal threat).

  • Man beaten for dating black woman

    we had a nice converstaion til he aked me about another co-worker,a black american.  shocker, i know, that the media doesn’t cover it and that blacks attack in a group. lee, i can’t imagine being ‘with’ a black female even if one was waiting for me after a hypothetical 30 year stint in prison….  however he remains a very suspicious figure in all of this, to those who pay close attention to his story’s inconsistencies, his body language, outward displays, mannerisms, and deceptive speech patterns (for one thing, honest people don’t constantly use the phrase “to be honest with you” when answering questions). the first facebook comment in question, on november 30th, a woman using the name “teapooh itiswatitis latrice” reacts to a fake news story carrying the headline “cop shoots 1yr old black baby after mistaking pacifier for gun.  classy black women dont make me laugh its only money and fame for opening ther mouths and a white man milking it takeing it for what he can get from it and that is that nothing eals.  the picture was of a black soldier holding a white woman in his arms, face to face. buyers, the gangsta “gas can man,” can also be seen in two homemade videos here and here, getting high and hurling angry obscenities at whoever watches.
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    whenever you meet a black male who has found some white skank, the first thing out of his mouth will be “i got a white girlfriend”! of louises, farrakhan just recently stood before a crowd of cheering blacks at a prominent maryland college and renewed his nationwide public exhortations for blacks to mass-murder whites, whenever and wherever. charges filed against 4 suspects charged in elderly woman's beating death.“once you go black, there´s no coming back, ’cause their’s a knife stuck in your back”. Georgia woman says her boyfriend, 23-year-old Andrew Quade, was brutally beaten last Friday221.. so you better stop this non-sense about white or black pride …. getting white men angry is one of the major motivations for black men pursuing white women. georgia woman says her boyfriend, 23-year-old andrew quade, was brutally beaten last friday because the couple is interracial.
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  • Andrew Quade, Georgia Man In Interracial Relationship, Brutally

    say dorothy dow, 83, was brutally beaten and burned by unknown assailants inside her home. that kind of comment is very inappropriate, and even though you said not beaten to death and all he might have gotten hurt but plenty of black people were killed for this., i’m not “glorifying black men beating up a white man. bakre, quade's girlfriend, told wotc that she and quade were walking through ellis square when a trio of black men started making "racial comments" and "blowing kisses" at the couple. i know when the jews have control of the central bank and set the blacks to burning america….  because of what happened to him, he’s primed for an ideological conversion, but if he reads a bunch of comments cheering his being beaten and wishing for worse or more, he’ll run right back in the other direction.  because of the company i keep, i know many intelligent, educated hispanics. any white man who dates a nubian deserves a smack (not death, necessarily, just a smack).
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White guy beaten by racist Blacks for dating a Black woman in

BREAKING: 17 Black Thugs Arrested for Burning White Girl Alive

says one man started beating dow with a gun, breaking several bones in her hand and forearm. agents targeted suspected members of the black gangster disciples, vice lords, and sipp mob street gangs., we have local black gang associates posting terror threats on social media — threats of murder, by burning, directed at the women and children family members of white police employees — immediately before the murder, by burning, of the white teenage daughter of a local police department employee. more >son arrested in shooting death of father, prominent athens businessmanson arrested in shooting death of father, prominent athens businessmanupdated: sunday, march 26 2017 10:58 pm edt2017-03-27 02:58:00 gmtmichael blanton. truth about murder and race in mississippi may prove reducible to black and white after all, as with fifty years ago in the infamous “mississippi burning” case.  they are more likely to accept my racial views (this is including black women) and my views on men’s versus women’s roles.  that’s because some black terrorists in the victim’s immediate circle have left a rather obvious trail of specific, racially-oriented murder threats. looks like another pc hipster has learned something about blacks.

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he doesn’t care about the fact that i’m black & i don’t care about the fact that he’s white. elderly woman that was attacked during a home invasion has died after spending weeks in the hospital and the people who police say assaulted her will now face murder charges.  i don’t care if you’re black or white, male or female .  in my day, blacks pressured white girls to date them by claiming and calling them names like “racist” and “you’re prejucided,” (really simply, “you prege”…). i’m not the stereotypical black girl & he’s what you would consider a “nerd”. black men assume white men get equally angry when black men take white women. this is the kind of black violence i can get behind! do not believe in race mixing, however no one deserves to be beaten nearly to death, or to death, or to be beaten at all.

White man beaten to a pulp in public square for dating African

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 it could be that the attackers belonged to the rare breed of gentleman savages,  but it’s my guess that mr quade would have been attacked even if he had been alone. if a black woman rejects the black male and accepts the white,what happens to the black males fat ego?  the real enemy isn’t blacks, it’s fellow whites. the blacks stayed on there part of town the whites had theirs. wonder that so many brainwashed white females, after realizing all the sales pitch was a lie, and trying to leave their bantu are killed? do you think that the beating is going to make quade give up his black girl-friend? fbi has rounded up 17 black gang members that were in connection with the murder of jessica chambers in mississippi.  the blogosphere’s best and the brightest are all over this caper like george zimmerman on a chipotle burrito bowl.

White Man Beaten to a Pulp in Public Square for Dating African

Police: Man killed after meeting woman on PlentyOfFish dating site

   i just wish blacks felt the same way towards whites. stopped at a gas station for a beverage last night and the first thing i saw was a black male gassing up a car with a pregnant white woman in the driver’s seat. black men who beat up this white men for going with a black woman would ditch a black woman for a white woman if given half a chance.  there is nothing disgraceful in what quade did, dating a black woman., its really simple:Black dominates white – good,Whites dominate black – bad. doesnt the proud black man have a right to be angry?’re not presented as “couples”, but you’ll frequently see a blonde woman interacting with an afrovoodoo savage.   most black women who “date out” are in fact the smarter ones drawn to stability rather than the antic of her own kind.

Murder charges filed against 4 suspects charged in elderly woman


buyers is the man seen on the gas station’s surveillance video with the gas can in the hours just prior to jessica being burned over 98% of her body. shows kids getting hair cuts and school supplies and,for some strange reason, a black male and white female connecting at a laundromat,where their butts touch as they put on their jeans. black men they have no glory they should never of put there feet on american soil. “subtle” juxtaposing of an attractive white female with a black male is getting more frequent in tv commercials. bad as this beating was, that a white man would socially interact with a diversity is worse. wants to pop off about glorifying black men beating up a white man can do it on their own websites.  do you really believe that a man and a woman, choosing to be in each others company, walking peacefully in a public place, minding their own business, troubling no one is worse than a vicious beating? interracial couple were strolling through ellis square, a public space in savannah, shortly before midnight last friday, when they say three black men began taunting them.

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, i once heard a couple of black co-workers discussing a a black female waitress who was dating one of our cooks (white). the 11:48 mark of that same interview video, the reporter asks him about the small bags being dealt out to people from inside and in front of the store by a black woman (seen carrying and handing out the packets on the cctv recording on the night of the murder). now, especially because there are 17 black thugs that have been arrested, we really aren’t going to hear squat about it.” over and over again, accompanied by blacks rampaging, burning, looting, and attacking — sometimes fatally, with hammers or other deadly means — random, innocent whites in st.  however, most of the blacks in encounter, educated or not, seem to believe the narative that “whitey is actively keeping us down” which is nonsense. week before, and on just the day before jessica chambers was carjacked and burned to death, certain blacks among her intimate circle and acquaintance were involved in facebook exchanges wherein calls for the rape and burnings of white women and children, especially the families of white police officers, were posted. charges filed against 4 suspects charged in elderly woman - cbs46 newsmember center:create account|log inmanage account|log out. entire case could simply be one more incident in the modern, one-sided race war of black on white; a war which is never talked about in the mainstream media.

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blacks and even some whites on social media are accusing jessica’s father of her murder, for no other reason than her having intimate relationships with dangerous and abusive black men. endless media reruns featuring evil whites & noble blacks in the civil rights era, the fact is today blacks are far safer in white neighborhoods than whites are in black neighborhoods, and everyone at least secretly knows it..This, and other examples like this, shows you how angry black men get when white men take black women. violent response to the mixed-race romance has left the couple in shock that such vicious intolerance still exists. had you been a black guy and wanted to date a white women it would be completely okay, but because this white guy is dating a black woman he should get smacked, first off why do you care if he or any other person is dating out of their race its none of your business second whats wrong with her being nubian,that’s like me saying any person period who dates a british person should be smacked, and third while you’re on here saying he should be smacked this guy just got seriously hurt almost unconscious and its people like you that are the reason he’s hurt. quade, georgia man in interracial relationship, brutally beaten in alleged hate crime (video). georgia man was left bloodied and bruised after he was brutally attacked for dating an african-american girl.: is burning whites the new ‘knock out’ game for blacks?

Andrew Quade, Georgia Man In Interracial Relationship, Brutally

Black Women who were Lynched in America | Henrietta Vinton

  the average black guy would push halle barry out of his car if he thought he had a chance with rosie o’donnell.  yes, they love white women, but will definitely have a problem with whatever white idiot man who makes the poor decision to pair up with a black female.“black” males,as we are directed to refer to them here,are violently opposed to black females having sex with white men.’ve noticed that a lot of the classy black women celebrities tend to go to white men. man beaten to a pulp in public square for dating african-american woman in georgia. many have pointed out on this forum, we have to find out about this and other like incidents from a foriegn news source rather our own domestic news services. it just me or is she implying that everyone in the south is racist, black or white? agree, if it were not for the white man, africans would have colonized the moon and mars by now.

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. we are all mixed, you come from a man and woman from maybe different tribes, regions, nationalities or that you don’t even know…. but dating ablack women is one way(tho maybe not the best way! like how all of you think it’s so horrible when a white man almost gets knocked unconscious, but plenty of black men and women got beaten to death for dating outside of their race.  i speak from experience as i have dated many non-white women.’s an example from 2009 where at least six (but likely ten) blacks jumped one white kid for dating a sista, and the blacks used one of their favorite weapons and techniques — the brick to the head.  or, it could be more complicated than just black and white.  it’s plain to every honest person that blacks wantonly and savagely attack and murder whites all the time throughout the country, often for no reason at all except the thrill of racially-motivated malicious mayhem. to tom, your comment is morally wrong and so are the cowards that attacked this man.

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