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gamesgrand theft autogrand theft autooriginal release date: 1997platforms: ps1, pc, game boy colordeveloped by rockstar north, the original grand theft auto was released in 1998, at a time when open-world gameplay was not as refined as it is today. theft auto 2grand theft auto 2original release date: 1999platforms: ps1, pc, game boy color, dreamcastreleased a few months after london 1961, grand theft auto 2 was launched on multiple platforms (dreamcast, game boy color, playstation, pc). in each city, the player is given the goal of earning a specific amount of money, which can be done in any number of ways: killing people, blowing up cars, stealing cars and selling them, completing missions for a variety of criminals and low-lifes, even rapidly killing lines of jogging hare krishna monks (which the game enthusiastically calls a gouranga! while the game was released simultaneously for both xbox 360 and ps3, the xbox 360 is known to have more additional downloadable content.

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it pushed the medium to new graphical and technical heights, massively popularized its style of open-ended sandbox gameplay, and grabbed the attention of the non-gaming press for its excessive violence. players took on the role of a nameless protagonist (retroactively named claude in gta: san andreas), who, after robbing a bank with his girlfriend, is betrayed by her, shot, and left for dead. as tommy tries to find out who stole his money and how to get it back, he gets involved in several avenues of "business" that allow him to rise up and form his own crime syndicate. two mission pack expansions were later released:grand theft auto: london 1969this mission pack is one of only two gta games to explicitly take place in a real city (the other being gta london, 1961).

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theft auto voriginal release date: september 17, 2013platforms: ps3, xbox 360giant bomb review: 5/5 (jeff gerstmann)gta 5 takes the player back to the city of los santos. after he arrives in liberty city, however, he discovers that the letters sent to him by his cousin regarding the ease of life, abundance of money and decadent luxury of the west were all lies, and niko sets out on his true goal, to find and kill a certain "special someone". the sprawling streets of Liberty City all over again with GameSpot's walkthrough for Grand Theft Auto 4. the highlights in the world of games, lovingly delivered 2-3 times/week.

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half-way through the deal, the participating parties are ambushed, with the attacker making off with both the drugs and the money. theft auto: london 1961coming only two months after its predecessor, london 1961 was released to gta fans as a free download from the rockstar north website, only for the pc version of gta. grand theft auto wiki last edited by spaghettisunday on 04/26/16 03:20pm. theft auto: san andreasgrand theft auto: san andreasoriginal release date: october 26, 2004 platforms: ps2, pc, xbox, xbox 360 (games on demand)probably the most controversial game in the franchise, grand theft auto: san andreas is also the largest in scope.

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gta: san andreas also included a diverse system of rpg mechanics, letting players increase cj's speed and strength, improve his weapon handling and unarmed combat techniques, change his clothing and haircuts, and otherwise modify his appearance, to which npc pedestrians will react differently, insulting or complimenting him accordingly. ballad of gay tonygiant bomb review: (ryan davis)the second dlc pack for grand theft auto iv. gta: san andreas is noted for having even more vehicles available for the player to control than vice city, as well as diverse cast of celebrities supplying the voice for many important characters, such as samuel l. gta 2 included several "firsts" for the franchise, including the implementation of a story and plot based on a singular character, use of day and night modes (which would later be expanded on in grand theft auto iii as a day/night cycle), as well as the first inclusion of some recurring elements of future games, like the zaibatsu corporation and several different criminal organizations that the player must deal with throughout the course of the game (yakuza, russian mafia).

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    -offsgrand theft auto: vice citygrand theft auto: vice cityoriginal release date: october 27, 2002platforms: ps2, pc, xboxthe success and popularity of grand theft auto iii led to the production of a sequel, set in vice city (modeled after miami, florida), set in the year 1986. the player escapes during an attack on a police convoy aimed at freeing an unrelated prisoner, and runs off with a fellow escapee, who puts the player in touch with the right people, starting him on a life of crime as a thug for various liberty city gangs, criminal syndicates and powerful individuals. by rockstar north, the grand theft auto franchise has spanned almost two decades and shaped video game culture tremendously, generating spectacular critical acclaim as well as public controversy, in equal measure. theft auto iiigrand theft auto iiioriginal release date: october 22, 2001platforms: ps2, pc, xboxreleased to much anticipation in 2001, grand theft auto iii represented a significant shift in the franchise, with major ramifications for gaming as a whole.
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    the franchise was one of the first to provide a completely open-ended environment, even from its initial iterations, and has built upon those roots to produce it's latest title, grand theft auto v. theft auto: liberty city storiesgrand theft auto: liberty city storiesoriginal release date: october 25, 2005platforms: psp, ps2released initially for the psp and later for the playstation 2, gta: liberty city stories took players back to the liberty city of grand theft auto iii, but set in 1998, three years before the story of its predecessor. victor takes on a series of missions for a variety of characters from previous grand theft auto games, and ultimately confronts the corrupt sergeant that got him dishonorably discharged in the first place. london 1961 provided players with new missions, 22 new vehicles to drive, a new cutscene, and a single new multiplayer map for deathmatch based on manchester, england.

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