Harvest moon magical melody friendship dating guide

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Friendship/Dating FAQ for

Harvest moon magical melody friend dating guide

  • likes: apple, orange,
  • moondrop flower, yogurt,
  • very berry, very berry
  • juice, orange juice.

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Harvest moon magical melody friendship dating

  • likes: orange, butter,
  • moonstone, mushroom, gold
  • ring, moondrop flower,
  • amethyst brooch, ruby, blue
  • likes: mushroom, amago,
  • green herb, moondrop
  • flower, toadstool, coral,
  • saury, halibut, cureall,
  • salmon, silver brooch,
  • likes: cocoa, butter, moondrop
  • flower, potato, breadfruit, cocoa,
  • diamond.

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  • likes: cheese, strawberry,
  • butter, moondrop flower,
  • mayonnaise, egg, good egg,
  • pudding, pinkcat flower,
  • moonstone, silver ring.


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  • likes: good milk, egg,
  • mayonnaise, blueberries, very
  • berry, carrot, orange, boiled
  • egg, moondrop flower,
  • orange juice.

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  • so-so: good milk, turnip,
  • so-so: moondrop flower,
  • pinkcat flower, tomato, good
  • cheese, salmon, saury,
  • so-so: blowfish, salmon,
  • halibut, opaleye, moonstone,
  • good egg, coral, onion,
  • pontata root, spinach.

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    Harvest Moon: Magical Melody rival couples (they won't get married

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  • likes: eggplant, mushroom, gold
  • ore, good milk, silver ore,
  • stewed potato, spinach, rainbow
  • trout, moonstone..

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    ~ louis ~
    • loves: hq bell pepper,
    • special egg, rare ore,
    • moonstone.

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    • likes: honey, moondrop
    • flower, cheese,
    • mayonnaise, egg, orange.

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