How many guy are you dating is gay

as it turned out, he was networking for the future and a potential new job once he retired from his current job, but i certainly can’t help but feel well taken advantage of., this third time, i suggested to meet ( not sure it was a good idea but well…). understand where you come from but i understand also where marie and some other ladies who have posted here come from…what frustrates me at times is the high level of misunderstanding that is rising between men and women, just like if we had become ennemies instead of great friends or potential partners. most men, not just those on single’s websites, have an overblown persepective of themselves and spend most of their life trying to convince someone else that they are somehow “sensitive” to others. i don’t think you want this type of girl, if she even exists, because then she’d be too intimidating and you’d feel like she was overshadowing you and better than you at the things you do, and lord knows that would be a problem. cynicism aside, a guy is damned if he does, and he’s damned if he doesn’t. sure, 50 of them were dick pics, but this is new york. that’s my problem anyways they must have a set standard in their messages because they are almost word for word. there aren’t too many close and/or patient readers like you these days. i put a craigslist ad up that outlined all the exact and specific things i was looking for in a man (passport, college degree, good relationship with mother and more) and i received 300 responses. nights you will find me passed out on the couch around 9:30 after stuffing my face with chips and booze. i do have a niece who is happily married to her second husband whom she met on an on-line dating site though.” this was prompted by a man i “met” on the senior site who invited me to dinner, but canceled at the last minute. a lot of guys lie online about their characteristics, salary, job title, education, etc., let’s all stay far away from the online dating planet or let’s be able to put things into perspective if the decide to be part of it. lord let me tell youi could start a book with the ddisasters i’ve had on match and other online services. it is entirely upto the woman to choose whether she wants a 10-15 or 20 year older man as her partner. try it is more like a societal expectation that a woman gets married and has children, because it’s “normal”. basically people like that are immature and don’t realize that it’s their immature, veiled contempt for relationships and lack of compassion for others that actually gets in the way of showing up and getting laughed at or hurt till you find the hottie who wont say no, like the rest of us human beings., it seems to me there may be a word battle i never meant to engage in… you are holding on to the wrong end of the stick (call me phallo-centered now) as you intend to interpret each and every term according the the dictionary entry that most suits your mood. you have to be honest at every step along the way and do the right thing.) thankfully there’s some cool people out there despite it, as i’ve known so many marriages that came from that site. yet i thought this guy seems nice and would probably appreciate being with me. ) or really unclassy men ( ie : like the one who offered to have coffee at dunkin donuts for a saturday evening coffee date or the one who had to ask me how many languages i speak and how beautiful i was to remember who i was…. so with this guys feel comfortable messaging you about all sorts of profane things that they want to do to you and its not always consentual fantasies that they tell you about. there is definitely a lack of trust towards men that arises amongst many women after 35. you don’t mind if i am between jobs too right? i was the girl who would rather watch tv than exercise, now my hubby has to pressure me to “take a day off”. i’m open to trying anything within reason and who knows there could actually be a connection, in that case you can find a way to make things work. being career driven takes at least 40 hrs a week, having kids is very demanding, and keeping a slender and well manicured appearance requires a lot of time as well. it’s very scary to see how it has become a core value of a capitalist society. by the same token i do hope you don’t come across any such abominable “no-men” (or for that matter “no-women”). jean: is it possible for a reserved person to move up in a company? today it is very hard for single men like me that just went through a divorce trying to meet a good woman again to have a relationship with, and it really sucks for me at the age of 60. - continue reading belowphoto: mara sprafkinhow to identify: dog cocking his head sideways, eyebrows up; grown man holding two kittens up to ears to keep them warm; prospective future boyfriend rolling around on the grass with his puppy; man of your dreams slow-dancing with a husky. conclusion is that here is a bright 48 year old man who was apparently looking for a serious relationship, who is not busy with an ex wife and children, who meets a pretty and emotionally balanced woman but who was not available either. you just made my day, i really needed a good laugh today! "we can say we met in a whole foods" another classic old mannerism, in that it's a line people haven't used on tinder since the dark ages. am 40, the guy was 45…coming from a 20 something or a good friend, i would not mind meeting at dunkin donuts but for a first encounter with a woman ? is not trying to burden someone with children, she listed it as a goal she is looking to fulfill in life (not saying i agree, but that is her own choice! you have learned in one week took me several years to learn. my thinking is, when you fall down you get up and try again. when you meet a new man who you like better, rotate him in, to take the place of the one you like the least. either i’m going to be a lady with children in tow or i’m going to be cracking beer cans on my forehead with your buds during the game, i can’t be both lol. (then again, you'll always have this tumblr, tinder guys with tigers. find many women extremely aggressive when it comes to getting to meet a man nowadays. and what is with the idea we must “match” in all our favorite activities.… in all honesty, unless you live in san marino (highly likely you end up dating a [distant] relative) or in the vatican city (sure to get lots of fake profiles, i mean just not to give themselves away that easy hehe…) nowhere is too small to go out and get to know people “while you live your life”. ultimately, in any relationship, it is a question of whether there is enough love, understanding and maturity to overlook weaknesses that every person is bound to have and whether each partner has taken a good, honest look at themselves. i like to buy myself nice things and don’t need some broke hobo hitting me up when his cash runs dry. images; instagramadvertisement - continue reading belowphoto: instagramif you haven't heard of tinder, then congratulations: you are probably in a loving, monogamous relationship. everyone has preferences, but yours are a prescription based on a set of specs, where everything about a partner is measured to specs. wants an attractive partner, whatever their concept of it is. and is it not also a way to learn about someone and then avoid them if they are not a match?. a guy at match told me my profile was great & honest but he said guys just look at the pictures? you again arielle for bringing some much needed calibration (or balance if you will) to a discussion thread which every now and then runs amok……. just because someone claims they are a nice guy does not actually mean that they are. let alone find a guy who is decent, attractive, understanding, open minded, ect. dream big and some of them can’t hardly handle a woman that is only 1% of this:))))). suggest for your next experiment that you sign up as a guy and see the characteristics that woman expect of us. i get exhausted just from looking at these profiles but hey if you found the guys they are looking for maybe you send the guys thus way i’ll send the women that way, we set them all up for a nominal fee of course, then take our spoils and you go learn to zip line, i’ll roll in the mud, jump in front if a spartan race sign then post our pics on our respective profiles and hope fie the best. is the problem with dating sites, men with low self-esteem. lot of guys are smart, responsible, professional, and all kinds of other things, but perhaps what’s best about them doesn’t really manifest in the online dating context. i am not a fan of online dating, with all the psychos these days :s. too many fake people teying to impress fake people so they can be in fake relationships. the whole guy proves himself by shelling out trope is part and parcel of a social gender construct that ought to be good and dead by now. thought we were all discussing how it is hard to find a soulmate, how delusional people are, fake profiles, etc. i got to boiled-down description that these men claim is their ‘ideal’ women. one the guys said he wanted to give me a back rub within the first 10 texts hahah. i thought the observations you make in your article insightful (of course you do not need a stamp of approval from anyone, and that is not my intention). the mythical ‘perfect woman’ – into sports and beer and, and action movies, ooh and videogames and doing sex things without demanding them in return and is basically like a ‘dude’ with boobs and maybe occasionally she likes to go off and have sex with other girls. i do believe in this world today people are meeting people online more. did not even meet as i considered this a total lack of intelligence ( way beyond class or common sense ) and totally different values. where i don’t know considering we don’t get much snow nor are there any mountains. expecting someone to be all these things is wishful thinking, but there are some of us who just never stop . this girl i met is single and has a 15 yr old son. for sharing that great article… i might have to be a “cougar” & come & find you ! it’s comforting to know i’m not alone on this. that made me feel miserable, and when you feel like that you attract the wrong type of guys, and even more worryingly only focus on them . problem i have is is seems women in their early/mid 40’s want a guy that is mid/late 30’s. think technology has made us all a little lazy and almost scared to get out there. suggestion to you is to see reality for what it is.  “i’d never promise monogamy to a man without him offering it to me first,” my friend denise told me, once. then you can get to be friends first, and let it grow from there. so on 1 hand i do know what it’s like to be with someone with health issues. that’s always worked better for me than online dating. i’m a bartender and about two weeks ago this lady was in having a drink by herself. they also are very cautious because how men have treated them in the past., your disrespect and lack of knowledge for women’s lifestyles is the real issue here, which is shone through your words (did i really need to connect these dots for you? the truth is that once you understand why, once you come to know the sensitive, creative, thoughtful, expressive man behind the poetry, it turns out he’s a pretty good guy.” all these guys tell me i’m beautiful but they are missing what i like to think of as “the beautiful inside part”! a normal guy who is willing to meet in a cool place, to get to know someone. what exactly do you bring to the table in terms of dating and relationships? as mystie said, if someone has been seriously emotionally hurt, then it becomes very hard to let it go, be light and fluffy while being warm and tender. post…i got incredibly lucky with my guy, and this post definitely echoes what he and i have previously discussed: you have to make sacrifices for each other! in fact what you are saying is not that different from getting the wind to blow in a particular direction at a specified speed. i think online dating is just not my cup of tea. perhaps there’s some twisted pleasure found wallowing in self-pity, or maybe being lost in the dream is what we really wanted all along. i see the problem i kind of think i am wasting time i don t really have, you made me laugh though for real. many, perhaps a majority of people online (men as well as women) exaggerate on their profiles. my point is there are definitely a ton of scammers and creeps on match. “i’m a poet” is kinda like “i play d&d” or “i wear women’s underwear” – it needs to stay a secret for as long as possible. in fact even when a man thinks he chooses, it is actually the woman who has made the choice to be with the man. i’m a guy and signed up for a free trial on match. (oh, and it’s exactly the point i wanted to make, so thank you, barry. people that are into that go on to meet others with similar interests… with that being said match has no purpose but for guys that are ugly/broke to try and meet women that are out of their league. i get many compliments on how attractive i am with a good figure and personality, and how cool i am, but i just seem to meet freak shows who think i wanna play cougar or crazy sex games or are just plain players who have 3 different women at a time. in addition you have to be a self starter and team player who can work independently. are other sites besides match, such as sites just for people over 40. i like older, skinny, nerdy looking guys with lots of hair and preferrably glasses – nerdier the better! do feel sorry for the man who is in your life. if they do find this person, what do they offer her?! i happen to be the caregiver for my twins who have bi-polar disorder. thing about marie that really rubbed me the wrong way was that somehow or another i need testing, and that you can learn something meaningful by whether or not i buy you an expensive drink on our first date. just turned 30 myself this month and im turning to look online finding someone too. also a bit my fault for not doing it right supposedly, but it is ao hard to be original in a group of people who are faking like they are me. i think most guys are like me – we know that a lot of our fellow men are jerks. you shouldn’t mind this, because i am the studmuffin of the universe and so you should actually be grateful that i offer to do a 3-way with you, your sister, and maybe mom thrown in? i’ve heard that lots of women on the fishie site i used could be even more blunt and sexually forward about wanting just a random hook up but posting as someone really looking.” is also in most of the men’s profiles i believe. beautiful irony of it – we all want to be with someone, and yet so many of us lead lives of solitude and/or loneliness, some more than others. you may need to do a little more leg work, and while it may require going on a lot more dates, it is absolutely worth it to get uncomfortable and to leave your dating comfort zone. had we met at a bar (disco), his looks wouldn’t have fooled me — i would have seen through his facade. over the course of an online dating cycle any number of perfectly bright, substantive women might walk away thinking meh. part of working on your inside is going out and meeting lots of people. these descriptions come with pics of the women ziplining (i kid you not, your comment about ziplining was hysterical to me), pics of women in or at a spartan race (and the most athletic these women are comes from dressing for the event…is that too harsh? there is a long history and context here, so before you begin speculating about my motivations, how about reading some of the hundreds of things i’ve written, many of which tell you a lot about how i value gender equity. do you know any older single guys you can send my way? (i live in iowa) she moved back to iowa to take care of her dad. they’ve had one too many dates with the likes of marie, women who are only interested in a second date if the man flashes some cash. (but i’d love to see what you’ll write about those experiences., that’s what you get for engaging in online dating in a culture where people are not afraind of talking to people (my assumption from just seeing people come and go in my two short visits to spain). maybe this guy is a shallow hal and she’s a marie. you think our parents would have stayed together if they had decided to take time to get to know the other one just by looking at their photo for 2 seconds. they said to be single, separated or divorced… but i found they were married (most of them) wanting an affair and, if possible, in your place, in order not to be seen and not to pay a hotel! this balance is just hard to find because each one of us likes different things and because most of us tend to act as a reaction to our past experiences, not according to who we have in front of us. at this point of time take a look at brangelina, she is about 11-years younger than her husband and she has already had a double you know what.@gina – what i am about to say is not directed at you, but what you say in your post; and i am not splitting hairs here 🙂 honestly.. these guys took me on “aspen highland”, a favorite ski mountain. i have had terrible experiences with all this and just started writing about it to share my frustrations! these are the guys on the sight that expect females to be perfect? internet is livid with this guy who cheated on his girlfriend. there is, honest to my gods, someone for everyone and i firmly and wholeheartedly believe that. i’m mid 40’s and hadn’t tried online dating in about 8 years. are you willing to risk being blown off by the guy of your dreams because he’s misinterpreting you (as he tests you the same way you’re testing him)? it seems like most men feel they deserve somebody 10 to 15 years younger who has plenty of money of their own so they don’t have to share any of theirs, and really want somebody that their clone. you don’t know if that person could be your soul mate. as my wife put it “you sounded like an adorable, lonely geek boy.:) i’m working in that direction with a friend who is a semi professional photographer since i really don’t have anyone to snap me.. oh and please make sure you don’t pester me with talk about things like kids. every day we said we loved each other and when he died 16 years ago his last words to me were that he;ll always loved me. although i would want to call and talk to a female to get a better idea of who she is. your statement is truly spoken by an angry, insecure man who derives pleasure from ripping apart people. swipe right, but prepare for texting with this fellow for a couple of weeks before he finally works up the courage to ask you to "hang out" with him and his friends via text. this sheds a lot of insight on women – an additional nugget i had not realized. i still say most men in my age group have posted they are looking for women in their forties & fifties. these people think that getting to meet someone is like pushing the soda machine button and hop here you go, i get the guy or girl i am looking for and as a matter of fact, this person has zero defects or limitations. decided to try the on-line dating one more time after a long break from it (but not match yet). like if you’re looking a guy/gal who dresses cute and modern, by all means, you need to dress cute and modern in your pics. the first thing that comes to mind is the psychological implications of say; “a serious relationship. the usual description was something like this: ‘i like to go outdoors, exercise, party and i’m super athletic. many of the men you know have several relationships going on simultaneously, whether they tell you or not.” so the next time you’re wondering why some guy isn’t calling you that you wish was calling you, instead, go meet a couple more guys and add them to the pile, always keeping it at three, unless / until you find that favorite one. i honestly ended up trying to say what i look for in a guy.” i’ve read the “i like to laugh” so many freakin times.)swipe: the animal lover is perhaps the most confusing of all tinder types. my friends always tell me i have so much to bring to a relationship but i totally do not know how to go about it on a dating site. hope you consider no longer using the term, considering the old-age treatment was sexual assault. if there were really that many men of that type, i am sure she would have connected with one by now, unless, as you say the reality of such a woman is more intimidating than men expect. good thing that everyone thinks girls are complicated and have to many expectations. you can’t expect to ever mr right and if you do, you’re delusional. in other words…there are some of us who have many of those qualities but if you’re are too old (in the opinions of many men…definitely not mine) and have kids…it doesn’t matter at all. all you have to do is show up, be present and connect with each person when you're with them.!I can completely relate to this 100% i also live in nc and it cracks me up about the “standards” men have on these dating sites. when i did online i would get guys who were way too out there, like men in their 60’s (i was then between 39-41), obese men who wanted to sit around (i love to play sports), single dads (i am basically childfree), now if you are choosing women around your age who have a similar body type and interests then it’s them being picky. the experience you’ve had so far is the reason i have avoided this option – like the flu! girlfriend was new on the site a few months ago , gave the guy her email, and he hacked her computer. they call it the dating game for a reason…you have to keep trying to find your perfect match, all while trying to have fun and figure yourself out as well! you are free to believe whatever you want to believe here in this country. most people (men and women) are putting a lot of emphasis on photos. i rarely had problems meeting women when i was in school, and if you work in a big company or in a job where you deal with people regularly it really helps a lot. i wonder if people would be this upfront/demanding while face-to-face with a living, breathing human being? be happy with yourself and even the solitude you have and eventually love is going to find you, even you frumpy people who think you will find absolutely no one. the point i want to make is that it is easy to condemn, diss, deny, or write-off people, situations and what they may have to say. once the motions are in play, reality, or even insecurity can hit hard.) she has to be into sports – playing sports and watching sports – and be able to kick back with the guys. you sound realistic and decent so women saying dream on is bizarre i was looking at it from my angle, which is when i did online i was contacted by many men being unrealistic. crap you have written exactly in words what i have been thinking for the last 6 months of my internet dating career.… maybe their crying and don’t want anyone to know it because they’ve been on some dating sites and only get responses from scammers (lots of them) from nigeria, ghana , and the like. i’m not saying women don’t look for a lot in men, but it seems like the men you’ve described are going a little overboard. i’m 45 and i’d much rather find someone i really like and share them than be lonely as long as i got along with the kids ok. you’re a male having trouble finding “suitable” ladies, your standards are out of synch with your objective physical attractiveness and attitude about life. alt: (this is an actual health freak bio i came across) "please have real photos of yourself. only thing that has happened is i have become a bitter person for it and that i do not like. maybe from the older man you are leaving has hit you hard. so maybe not “any street,” but would have no problem at all putting my money where my mouth is in the good ole us of a.’m glad that online works for some, but if it doesn’t rest assured that it’s no a reflection you as a person.

How many guy are you dating is serious

How many guy are you dating

’m a good looking guy, family man, make pretty darn good money and i am having a heck of a time dating women around my same age in my same league. i dated a guy for 4 months from there–he seemed brilliant on paper–wrote a very nice, well-written essay on how he was romantic and about all his neat things he “likes to do for the woman in his life” and, on our first trip together (mind you that i paid for entirely–flights, hotel, food, drinks) all i asked was that he be the “tour guide” for nyc (where we went, and where he had grown up). i haven’t seen any of these people in years but if the young lady where to really this now i would say i heard that the ceremony was lovely and wish her and her blushing bride many happy years., the article was really funny but this reply was hilarious. unless you are guarding her majesty’s palace who doesnt? the dating websites have become not a place to meet but a place to be conned. i’m not sure what you mean by “basic feminism is totally outdated. of them passed away already, and the other one is on his death bed. point is that this is not men’s of women’s faults, it’s the fault of the shopping spirit that now lies behind dating.. same guy who is drunk all the time, barely keeps his room rental (not own place) and barely keeps his one part time bartending job in kc mo and who ran out on his women and kids.: the "only here for sex" dude will make things pretttttty clear in his bio, usually by telling you what he's only there for. he would not pick up the phone, which i found quite immature and this is when i understand what marie says about seeing how a man behaves at the beginning. my favorite is the guys who clearly have a beer gut and some extra weight on thier profiles state average.’d be surprised by the number of happy people living on rather modest income. this on another single woman's blog and commented:I don’t usually reblog people but i felt this entry would fit well with my blog.. looking for someone who is generous does not make you a bad person, don’t mess with a man if he can’t treat you right! however, despite the fact that reading women and men’s online profiles is hilarious ( do they all purchase profile templates to the same provider ? i’m seeking someone like me (childless)why is that unrealistic but a 65 year old man seeking 30+ years younger realistic? if all us good guys could just magnetize our matches…., try it all and make it the source of a book, and then every bad date will be a joyful thing, if not because it brings you closer to marriage, but because it brings you closer to a best seller. not true, he ended up being worse then the good looking guys i’ve dated. 64 yr old man who wanted me to “help” him satisfy his sexual desire in his car (i refused) and then told me that i wasn’t the sort of person he usually fell in love with but if i ever wanted to “fool around” to give him a call.%d bloggers like this:by Lisa Barnard I'm turning 30 in a few months, and I recently realized I'm now at the age I made a lot of promises about in the past. and honestly, look for someone to have fun with before you look for someone to have kids with. but trust i have done my time dredging online dating. but i suspect that some guys just can’t be bothered to read the profiles, although i must admit, i’ve read so many guys profiles in the last few years that i’m pretty sick of it (reading them).) and i’ve come up with so many different ways to drop a dude like he was a maggot infested piece of fruit! in many respects, what she’s doing is the same as if i judged her on the size and shape of her breasts. i just wonder if you can look for people who have too much in common with you, cause you only limit your options more and more. well, in real life too, like this man i know, who is very cultured and well spoken, in his 70’s, looking for a woman in her 40’s.: ******empty********swipe: in this case, you'll want to swipeohmygod he's behind you. women go on match because most guys are lame and don’t have the balls to ask out a pretty girl. 848shares54114021“peter is so interesting, and brilliant, but his penis is kind of small,” my friend melissa lamented to me over coffee. online dating made me more depressed than being single did. well, here's a hint: if it's a group shot, always choose the ugliest guy in the picture. let me tell you, sadly it hasn’t changed one iota. you can’t make another person happy if you’re not happy with yourself. however, it’s gotten to the point where i fear her only purpose is to confirm everyone’s worst suspicions about women in online dating, and that’s the furthest thing from what we need to be doing here. think that there are many of us who are clearly going to be single for ever…! by the way – i have checked the photo on your blog – god! giving different types of people a chance on dates will help you to define who you really are and what you really want from a partner. could you please elaborate on “pants doesn’t equal rights”? she also has to be ambitious, be smart and successful, be educated and have a great job, be family-oriented, be career-driven, want to have (and, unspoken, take care of) kids, knows how to take care of herself (i can only assume this means that she’s thin and has highlights and gets manicures), be outdoorsy, like to be outside all the time (these are apparently two different things), like to camp and hike, be “active” and work out frequently, did i mention beautiful? bi-polar alcoholic is the mother of my children so my 13 yr old has to put up with moms ups and downs when she sees her but that is probably a way different blog than a dating blog.! maybe this wonderful site will be the new dating connection. can’t believe it’a already been 2 years since i have written my previous comment about this article. went on several dates and settled on a very nice hipster-ish man who was tall, creative, smart, a hard worker, 8 years younger than me, handsome with great hair, eyes and teeth (three of my demands) who made it clear to me that he was not going to screw around with me on an emotional level. i am daft or it is possible that it is the women on the site? i did not meet very many single women in single groups at church …., what happened with this guy is just an example of how off track some people approach the whole meeting someone thing. some of these reasons aren’t quite as imperative in the modern world as they were a few generations ago, of course, but sometimes society outpaces evolution. “and it’s never yet happened, in all my 20 years of dating. am i supposed to just keep being open and positive when match is like a mental institution that i wondered in by accident? plus i think all the wkmen are getting bombarded by messages.")swipe: if you're up at 7 am for a sunrise hike, or give yourself the heavy guilt trip when you skip a leg day at the gym, congrats! wish more people were more level headed and reasonable about dating!.i just have some sort of faith in humanity that ill find someone if i reach out… yes, i’ve read some horror stories, but there’s got to be someone if you keep throwing yourself out there. i have probably made a couple of new friends but no one still to date in my area. in any event i hope you get to work your formula effectively, and i mean that sincerely. know it sounds crazy at a time where everybody and their dogs is on tinder, jswipe, all these apps that give people the illusion that there is so much too choose from…. i’ve responded to mystie on here a few times so if you read them you can learn a little about me.. know that you are special in your own way & keep the faith. i just don’t get what’s wrong with saying you’re sick of being alone and unhappy. he may have decided to go out on a high note before you could see his darker, brooding side. if i’m the next guy a woman goes out with after accidentally meeting that jerk, i pay the price for his douchebaggery. article, by lisa barnard, made me laugh so hard i cried. with online dating you’re less likely to accept meeting someone who doesn’t fit into that mold. right guys 🙂 i just had to tell you i have “make me laugh” in my profile. and this has nothing to do with how many credentials the woman has. did laugh at this post, it’s nice to hear it coming from a woman’s point of view. far as i’m concerned, online dating is quite tricky. is why everyone is bitter and no cares about anyone anymore. i’m 53 and widowed for 16 years and i have been called ugly by a number of dating services. some of those guys sound like they’re stationed at fort bragg. i had to smile knowing that i’m not the only one in this dating hell with a bunch of men that are not sure what reality is. to me it shows a real lack of personality, on his part. was very interesting to read what you wrote ( both messages ) and i have already looked up the book “survival of the prettiest”. she met her husband on line & this post describes her methods of how she did it. wondering what happens in between…these men are either married or chasing the 25-30 women group…. I've had an onslaught of terrible dating experiences in…Oprah says when you find a pair of shoes you like, buy “a pair and a spare. and women are looking for a best friend as well as a lover. i saw a good therapist and figured i’d better to start loving myself and if i don’t find love and the gents don’t like me, the heck with them it’s their loss, so stay strong. no matter how great you may think he was, and how much good time you enjoyed going out with him, as long as he has the unrealistic expectations of the perfect girl he meets, he’s never going to be happy with anyone. truth is that many men are able to destroy everything that have progressively built up for years, with someone, because they feel sexually alive again with another person. i tried match, okcupid & plenty of fish dating sites, over the course of a year. real simple,if all those people that ran from the bar scene , church, events were you meet people, had no luck, got on the dating site. any event you come across as completely clear-headed about what the issues are. if i felt like i couldn’t take care of myself i wouldn’t get involved, period. you women literally pass by thousands of great guys a day; are we(or what i used to be) really invisible to you?, dont waste your time trying to find someone online juat because you said you would do it at 30. know online dating has helped thousands of people have a good time and/or find their soulmate, whatever the need is but i tend to think it has created a very fake world where expectations are so high and so unrealistic that they can only lead to frustration or disappointment. i know one guy mentioned above creating a male profile to see what females require of men, but as everyone knows, each person will attract their own, good and bad. all replies are moderated according to our comment policy (see "about s&r") cancel reply. granted, it’s a small minor complaint, but if you’re going to say hello to someone you have genuine interest in, you really aught to say more than just, “hey baby” or something to that effect. tip: most guys who make up profiles like that are too lame for a real-life relationship and too cowardly to go into a sex website. this is why the second the other person gets sick of you they turn into a raging jerk and literally turn into a different person. dating more than 3 men at a time gets too difficult to keep track of. if you end up liking one person more than the others and decide to see that person exclusively, you may have some awkward moments with the others, but being honest is always the right thing to do.. i can support myself but i need these guys to have their act together & then be healthy!! there’s nothing more i could say, you pretty much covered every aspect a female on match can encounter and my favorite was about your comments to the men’s requests that a woman is “willing try everything” and that she “takes care of herself”. wish i had good advice for you, but i wrote my own piece on online dating not too long ago and in it i explain why i think it’s a waste of time. that thinks the description of a fit, successful, beautiful, adventurous person who wants a family sounds super human has probably never known anyone like that or attracted friends like that because they are not like that themselves. so why do you want a picture of my whole body? these guys are almost always thoughtful enough to suggest a nice rrestaurant close to where you live and when they say drinks, it usually means they have a dinner reservation.. the funny thing is most woman will feel bad even they aren’t into the guy and return his texts (up to a point). also, i see many woman not even caring if the man is married or not, which is a bit dramatic to me. to you, i hope you don’t mind me dropping by and adding to this interesting thread. anyway, men who don’t perceive that non-stop outdoors activities are of interest to only a certain percentage of women are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. haven’t been on any “pay to date” sites ever in my life but i have been on some of the free dating sites. then there’s the two who make a date and two days prior cancel it 1) i’m not athletic enough for him(my profile states i don’t do sports or exercise) 2) i live too far away(my profile states where i live and i also told him by phone exactly where it was). i’m afraid switching on dating mood spoils the broth. and there was that little uncovering of the mild detail he left out of his profile…said in a whisper…prison. he is telling you his boundaries up front, whether its true or not, remains to be seen, but if you hear about him being on a softball team, the gym 5 days per week, family/ brother get togethers, friends meeting up 2 times a week, kids games, then he is not available really or he is seeing others and leaves that open. just focus on th happiness that is today and when that part of your life happens, you know it will be real (unlike online dating)."smart condom" will tell you just how bad your sex was. for chuckles my last week on match i changed my profile stating i only wanted to date someone jewish that makes over 150k a year. better off, if you’d just put all this in your profile, we could save the hassle of that pointless meeting to start with. she should have both and it would be selfish of me to take away her opportunity of finding true fulfillment. it was a recycling center, so, of course, the pile of garbage that was there was indeed recyclable, but no less stinky, smelly and disgusting than any other pile of trash. i have had many nice guys email me from across the country. finding someone you find attractive/smart/funny enough to spend any amount of time with possibly the rest of your lives, so you don’t end up alone? the right person can fall in your lap when and where you least expect it. i believe you referred to it as an animalistic urge? there i met mad, boring and strange people with a peppering of the odd nice guy who lied about his age.’t look like there is a way to reply to your reply (no button), so posting this way., there is something wrong with dating someone 10 years older than yourself.. but i can’t remember ever dating a guy in my life (first date or 10th) that doesn’t act like i’m the only one for them lol.. you don’t have a problem with my body weight right?, there are people who do not systematically judge by the cover of the book, the age nor the type of job and the challenge is to go where these people have a larger chance to be, which may not be on match, eharmony, plenty of fish or jdate. secret is ignoring the creepy guys and focus on the normal people. not many, i would bet my entire wardrobe on it. just have to be very wise & screen everyone you might be interested in., you also said (about older men): “they’d rather chase fresher meat…. and just because someone’s underage doesn’t make them hot or gorgeous (unless the guys a pedo) in fact all the ones that start out drop dead gorgeous at 18 are the ones that are 250 pounds at 30. i did give a total of three guys my phone number. of course, there is no way to explain all of this on a dating site & even have a chance of any of these guys getting to know me. no offense but i don’t believe for a minute any of you so called great guys are getting the shaft from women and do nothing wrong! she doesn’t want to change you by making you shave your back or bathe or eat the occasional vegetable. are you men saying that’s too much to ask. is there somewhat nice, decent (meaning not psychopath, rapist, pedophile, criminal, have narcissistic personality disorder, married, etc. you spouting your ignorance doesn’t really make for a sunny setting however. i feel that women are still mistreated by men much more often than men are mistreated by women. i thought this was probably scaring some men away ( one of the golden rules of the internet dating world is that people end up thinking everyone is a set of boxes or drawers; if you go to temple/churches/ mosque on a regular basis, you must be a fanatic or a boring or closed minded person.-hike (more mountains our here, but if this many people hiked everyday the landscape would be riddled with women who “love hanging with their girls, concerts, pinterest, who are thankful for their loving family, self drive, and love their job”…. find it odd too but i see a lot of women 40, 41, 42 that list 30 to their age as what they are looking for so i guess they would look at someone their age but no older. get to know him by observing what he is like with his friends, family, colleagues, because only then will you see the real person (sooner) and not by falling in love and living in each other’s pockets (which is so conducive and divine, but also lethal). as my friend suggested above, don't give away your gift of monogamy. why am i gonna sit there are text lengthy messages with someone i’ve never met?” i live two blocks from the beach and have never seen these most amazingly handsome, successful, adventurous guys strolling the beach! wished they banned intercontinental access from the site, or create a local system only for them to scam their own people only. my ex husband has an account on there, and 90% of what he put is fake -including his photo! this on lsdtcbd and commented:Great article, i enjoyed it very much. so, i’m setting just inside the door waiting for this buff stud to walk in. i’d still prefer to meet women without children but there are few at my age and even at my age women with children are looking for different qualities than women without children are.: can you point sam sam to where he said you were a bad person for wanting to be treated well? i didn’t mind the long profiles as much when i started online dating a few years ago. you can, however, find those characteristics in several different men…”in a relationship, the one who has the most power is the one who is less emotionally driven, i. relationship will just not take place and if it does, it is doomed from the beginning. i have determined that life is beautiful with or without someone and have stopped searching and wasting my time looking for that needle in the haystack 🙂. - continue reading belowphoto: mara sprafkinhow to identify: photos of him posing with one or more of his own children. if they are paid members they can put their pics up on match. is a movie that i saw not too long ago, called timer…i feel like the protagonists friend that is destined to be lonely until she’s approximately 90 years old…. think about it ,thousands of people doing the same things you did before ,now what even more people to do it with! do not know me as much as i do not know you but i am a very opiniated person in the off-line world. i am glad you even found it given it was written long ago., why are you looking up those guys…i have had the same experience in reverse., do not feel bad, what is described on these posts is just a part of today’s dating world..if you are living by a plan and specifications of what you expect you are setting yourself up. i will say that after our children were grown my beautiful, intelligent wife did take up triathloning and this year qualified for nationals. the very disappointing thing came when we finally met: either they were now much older and “deteriorated”, they have used photoshop to improve their looks, or they were not pictures of themselves! mostly, i was shocked by the photos they posted, the words of sexual encouragement and, yes, they mostly posted about how “supportive” or “sexual” they are. dating, it’s like the car accident you can’t look away from. being said, i just want to post this comment as a reminder to people – you can find your ideal partner in the most unlikely of places you aren’t expecting to find them in the first place or even looking for them., i wonder if you are referring to the women who are commenting as “the very mean women” because i don’t think most of them are being very mean on here. she dates young, very muscley, tanned sporty types and has a huge thing for shaved/bald men. i do believe that commitment, especially in matters of the heart, is a serious affair and the tendency would be to go in with some trepidation, at least this is what i think about… among many other things.: mara sprafkinhow to identify: photos of him brewing beer in small batches; carelessly strumming his acoustic guitar while admiring a distant sunrise; heavily filtered pictures of him and his attractive friends at a farm-to-table brunch; selfies resembling one of the cards in the game "guess who?), somewhat honest (can they even be honest on a dating profile–any off them)?’m sure my profile had mistakes and could have been improved also. there is a basic physical description of her in the profile and writing back and forth she seems nice enough so i thought lets meet. and we can’t stare at a woman too long because she would say to us, what the hell are you looking at? try being an older woman(58) and see who match pairs you up with. “but the chances that you will find one person who has all those perfect qualities that you want are very low. they are people who stimulate your mind and your soul.! sorry, man, but it just occurs to me that some (or many) people are just missing out on longer life spans, or too eaten up by fake stereotypes. on your outdoorsy self, get a tan as you go round, say, your area or state visiting towns with friends, and you may meet your match. all of a sudden he says, marriage isnt for him. it must have worked for most of the people that joined, because most of the women i was interested in from the profiles were already in long-term relationships with someone they met through the service and had removed themselves from the dating process. agree and i told him so but then i asked “but what do you expect from the company if you meet in such an uncharming setting ?’s message is one of the most meaningful and well written i have read in this thread so far. if they aren’t within reasonable geographic reach of you, move on. but am i going to go out of my way to meet a guy off the computer that isn’t really what i’m looking for? i just want a normal guy that treats me with respect and that is reliable. don’t know if i’m your cup of tea, but if you lived in denver i’d ask you out. but i still believe that with lower aims than i once had the internet is probably the best place to get across the things that are most important to me before proceeding any further, and that’s not nothing. i not saying you do that but i didn’t know if you knew anyone who did. i am almost tempted to say something but as you said “get over yourselfs” (sic) and so i will.

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How many guy are you dating is serious

i think most people have stage fright at the idea of actually having to write out what they want in a partner, hence the crazy list of specifications. he kept saying “hit me up” when you wanna ” have a drink.! i just read this for the first time & am so rolling off of my chair! i walk the course when i play & when you see my profile picture i have lost 15 pounds since easter. some free dating sites, like ok cupid, plenty of fish … then you’ll really be put off. popularphoto: mara sprafkinhow to identify: you were wondering when baby tigers were going to come up, weren't you? i would have liked to say more but i don’t want you to get wrapped up in the existing imbroglio 🙂. so, i travel to fix my self and i sleep on couches of new friends i meet at drop zones i visit while skydiving. this approach leaves the door open for being pleasantly surprised. of them would be happier if they went to a rescue centre and got themselves a pet, many of the others are just out for a free dinner.. oh and please make sure you aren’t a bitch..i had a second wonderful date last night quite by accident with a guy i had met on match. topic is quite timeless and keeps on bringing surprise, frustration, skepticism and sometimes anger for some of us. so, many of my single friends are out there looking, and looking, and looking, hoping they might find that special numero uno. friend of mine told me his 16 year old niece was devastated the other day as her boyfriend broke up with her by text at 1 am ! are the women who have no friends, drink heavily, are skinny because addiction, don’t travel, hate their parents, kick kittens, slap babies, and spank old people? (yes i do exercise 3-4 days a week) we talked for about 20 min. kids, they’ll get back on match and realize we (the coolest, best chicks out there) are gone, because we wouldn’t settle. to say – actually wait, no, i’m not sorry – you are wrong! i could care less if you make 0,000 a year or ,000, if you are lying to me about who you are or are a jerk then i’m not interested. this would impact online dating (perhaps) even more than real-world interactions because they don’t get the other impressions/vibes from you to clear up their impression. as i said, i got lucky, but most people aren’t willing to roll the dice on honesty when they can meet ms. would add that i am not sure if many women become less tolerant as they get older but i have noticed a sense of disenchantment for some women after going through very painful experiences such as a divorce after finding out that their husband and father of their 2 or 3 kids had been cheating on them for a while with another woman or sometimes another man. i have a good gov’t job and i take care of my daughters so i have to plan out what little free time i do have. i don’t meet anyone i have chemistry or attraction with. and you’re right, if many of them had his lara croft type-chick they are asking for, they’d prob be intimidated. have heard so many times that people “do not want to waste time” by selecting so fast, as you say, by not reading what is written on profiles that at the end of the day, nothing happens to them. i can’t tell if duh, for instance, is trolling or simply not very bright.” i have often wondered if it is possible to conceive this without feeling a certain degree of apprehension.! i tend to like younger men, but i’m starting to see that is not realistic for the long term. these guys think they are perfect, say they want a serious relationship ( uh no they sure don’t) judge us and if there’s one thing they don’t like then they go running back on match. the risk of seeming preachy and holier than thou i must say i am intrigued so many of the women posting responses to your article are so misandristic (opposite of misogynistic in case any reader is wondering) .’s a numbers game, a meat market and let’s be honest, most of us are not tailored to sell ourselves like if we were a piece of meat. however, to think that it is only men who take this route is a canard. its comical, and i will close with the same, i’m clearly going to be single forever because i just can’t get all of these daily requirements done in the mere 4 hours a day i have to myself when i’m not being career driven.: with all due respect, you know absolutely nothing about me. not so much to meet millionaires but to meet guys with their own stuff and that actually have manners. your self-description makes clear that you’re a real winner. this point i’m basically done with that kinda stuff, being nice and feeling bad for someone that is.?Ehem, you should check out russian dating sites, where western men are looking for eastern european brides… geez. women are more shallow than guys if anything, trolling for hot guys online while they eat cheetoes. and if all else fails, you can either get a donation from a sperm bank or have your womb removed and let us all live in peace. however, they deleted my profile because guys complained i didn’t date them. the best way to weed out prospects is by what they list first, versus last. in neither case, though, is she contributing meaningfully to an intelligent discussion. so, all the best and i hope you do find true love. other thing, just as some advise to the women if they’re serious about online dating. but there’s truth in it: i’ve seen most of my female friends/acquaintances lose their mind upon the outset of their ovarian revolt (mind you, i belong to a rather different culture, albeit western: female hysteria all the same). we willing to get out of our own way and give up something in order to share some time or years with a special someone ? what’s been very challenging in the way people try to meet today is to find that right balance between showing interest without looking needy, being warm while being detached. must say that this was both a hilarious and a sad read, the posts and the comments. are men who don’t get intimidated by a girl being more athletic than he is. the last thing in hell i ever want to be is a burden on someone else. don’t say it out loud in the presence of unmarried women; their wombs might reach out and strangle you. know a lot of people say stuff like oh you can’t find a guy because your standards are too high, you just won’t give guys a chance. now, for those who flakes…cry no more, sisters, because now they are no longer your problem. when i found myself newly single (wife decided my business trips were a good time to go out with other men) at the age of 41 i didn’t have a clue anymore about dating or pursuing and at the time not much interest. i do hope you find the man of your dreams soon whether it be from online dating or elsewhere 🙂. i doubt that what i really need and want is more than ten years younger, but i have an open mind.’s because most men that say that are usually joking about it. i have even seen a few who are unemployed with over the top standards. i’m encountering the exact same issue with the women of vancouver. seriously, if you are 30, single, and want to burden some poor guy with kids he will have to finance, what do you have to offer? last i checked, using a term that was once used to demean, punish, and denote violence against someone is not popular or modern for that matter. are too arrogant to reply to messages or even to put in any effort toward making first contact. he is nine years younger and a different race than me. also may just have a personality that does “read” well, or comes off differently than you intend.. my last date had identity theft & was barely able to keep his house & then there are the two guys whose mother’s support them at this age. i seem to find either women that run marathons and want someone to run with or they are so overweight and out of shape they would die on a moderate five mile hike and nobody inbetween like me. i find it a little odd that these guys are traveling quite a bit and engaging in extravagant activities yet put they make 35-40 a year? how can it not when you have so many men vying for your attention? seriously though,you have to work that site a bit & go looking for what you would hope to find. you’re glad to relax on your own or spend time with friends. of the reasons why online dating is a deceptive experience for most people is because most individuals just care about the looks. - continue reading belowphoto: mara sprafkinhow to identify: grainy photos taken with a webcam in the dude's basement, mere feet where he'll likely eventually store you after whatever ritual he has in mind; smiling close-ups that reveal all of his teeth; posing next to women whose eyes he's covered with x's; sharpening his hatchet. i was always married, had a partner to share lifes events , joys, sorrows, travel, movies, concerts, sports events. isn’t that he made less money – it was his attitude. maybe the gentleman you spoke of liked the idea of being in a serious relationship, but the reality of it knocking on the door had him making excuses and running for cover. he is a true gentleman & finally lives close to me. me, sir, but i suggest you look up cognitive dissonance, as it aptly explains your viewpoint. see exactly what you mean, however, following my previous post, i feel that this man i was writing about was either not that interested or too busy to give enough time for us to get to know each other. oops, i forgot, and he must be able to compromise. or they try and blame you, or worse, don’t reply to your e-mails! neighborhood cafe, a tiny bar, a trendy or not trendy place, a bookstore where you can grap something to eat or drink a garden where you can bring a drink or something. i hear the same old complaint every day: “i’m a nice guy, girls don’t like me”…”where are all the nice guys; i’m sick of jerks”. some of us are tall and attractive but have chronic diseases that control our lives and make us undesirable to shallow people. also this way you will see a if you have any interest in him and b if he offers to get you a second somewhat expensive drink. i can hardly wait for your post about your first online “first date. until you go out and work on your inside, there's no way you're going to attract the person you want. this is factually animal urge, which is fine, and sadly a long-standing construct. they name all these qualities they’d want to find in a partner, but the qualities they’re looking for are so contradictory that it’s not until they find someone with some of these qualities that they realize “this isn’t what i was expecting”. maybe it’s an australian thing, or maybe it’s an outback thing, but too many of the profiles i flick through list their interests as ‘drinking with mates, xbox, cars. i realize some men aren’t honest about their ages, but it cant be every one of them you see. i soon after looked around and found a dating site that was less popular and more suited towards interest rather then the generic millions and met a great guy i’ve been dating for 4 months. you can have a relationship via email and instant message! you meet them and they look nothing like their pictures and many of the things they list on their profile that they love to do, they no longer do for one reason or another. maybe eharmony guys are a bit more down-to-earth and realistic:) you can only hope, right? did not read your whole reply, as it was too long and i don’t really care. i agree that a little dose of reality might be just what some of these guys need. am just curious, why is it that everyone looks for needles in haystacks? the funny thing is that my profile is very detailed about myself since i know who i am. my… now you made me think of “sleepless in seattle”. really do all that stuff lol, not ziplining but you know martial arts and skydiving and training and i go all over the world. i know when ever i go to a night club or out for drinks i always have guys hit on me. i can’t access them but they are still there. looking for a guy who is athletic and wants to have some fun. good men are such a b*t*h to find. all of the men in this thread have acquitted themselves very well, but you might take note of how bad some of the women are making your gender look while you’re at it. to tell you the truth, i’d like to see where women play it hard to get…. is nothing wrong with dating someone ten years older than yourself. are men who travel all the time and do adventurous things.. it’s so strange… i didn’t post on match how wonderful i was like so many of these guys did. i wish you the best of luck dear, there are nice ones out there. find this article a little bit funny because the author makes a list of seemingly conflicting dating standards and then goes on to state that these standards are unrealistic because they are seemingly conflicting and therefore not possibly attainable.. but yes, one does have to have chemistry or a spark… the last one who contacted me online was 29 years old. have a serious mental illness and chose to have a vascectomy so i wouldn’t bring more children into the world. but men my age have so much bitterness, anger, ex drama, kids drama, and then want a young girl anyway, so with me being free , and able to do my own thing, i don’t seem to fit anywhere. like home, i’m curious what you mean by “basic feminism is totally outdated. or else, you may be only 22 or married with children… ok, bad, misogynistic joke. they are told that men like a challenge so don’t be too easy to get. could take 10 average looking men and 10 average looking women off the street at any time of the day, on any street, and my money would always be on the group that’s not being called out in this article and the comment section for having unrealistic expectations about what they are looking for in a mate, or how attractive they think they are. found it obvious that many men e-mailing me on there hadn’t bothered to read my profile and they didn’t notice i didn’t care to date someone 15 years older than me.: the real problem with online dating | progressive culture | scholars and rogues.,, was looking at guys’ photos, only to see at least a 30 lb beer belly, poured into a dirty (formerly white) t-shirt looking like a big loser! i feel like thete really are no good ones left. don't have to make a decision on any particular number date. the profiles become hidden from me but i can see they are hidden because i contacted them before. it is only by really going out there and looking for someone who excites you that you will find that amazing relationship.. hand in hand with the sports thing: make sure you don’t have a problem with my alcoholism;.’s interesting the things that men and women will include this list of preferences while they are tucked safely behind the screen of their computer. i so wish i could warn other women–a well-written profile means nothing. if that’s the extent of your intellectual capacity, s&r probably isn’t the right forum for you. a few weeks later, and many hours of texting, and some phone calls, we had our first date. you would have to venture out and do something about your own life. if “beautiful and adventurous” is at the top of the list, and “caring” and “accepting me for who i am” are at the bottom, it’s clear where the priorities lie. you give it a good thought, and hopefully a good look around you to notice how many crazed females you will find 😉. but, because of its ease of use and likelihood of being able to "get it in" on a bi-monthly basis, tinder attracts all kinds. we aren’t cookie cutter people, sometimes we bend and flex and mold ourselves into people we never knew we could be. i was informed to only email and chat thru the dating site, but aren’t women afriad of giving their telephone number or private email address o a complete stranger? their profiles are more pathetic than the guys you are explaining. for your reading pleasure, i submit to my readers this hilarious blog entry from scholars and rogues. you never have to take her/he out to dinner, take a shower, dress up, commit, communicate etc. you are totally right, apparently all guys are great on zip lines! not totally adjusted with the us dating culture either ( which favors quantity vs. there are so many women on these sites, willing to go out, that men get to be serial daters and, for a lot of them, one date here, another girl there, a different one next saturday…well they don’t much care that they’re not meeting someone for a potential life commitment.’m going to take a slightly heavier hand in moderating this thread. do you have a secret guy profile or are you just omniscient? the women were posting to be the athletic, all-around vegetarian who takes care of herself, watches her calories, loves family, etc. set aside the fact that you feel like i’m insulting you and understand that for every guy you subject to your drink test, there’s a guy dismissing you as a gold digger because of it. that could be, but these “clark gable” friends of mine aren’t that much more attractive than i am. i could think of was this:Makes me wonder if some of them are doing it on purpose? am amazed to see that now, when a guy comes to me at an event ( wedding, conference etc…), he asks me if i am on facebook…. hate to be harsh, yolo, but the strength of your opinions is matched only by the depth of your ignorance. and a similar thread to the male profiles because they are men and do not think like women. all these guys who claim to be 6’0” (who are really 5’10” but don’t want to own up to it) and want a girl who loves to laugh, loves kids, adventures, educated, slender, athletic, into sports, cooks, well dressed, let’s him be himself and have time with his friends, and the list goes on. maybe you tried kayaking or sky diving once, but don’t exaggerate/lie and say “i kayak and sky dive” just to make yourself sound unique or interesting. *audience applauds*swipe: girl what are you in the mood for? and if you think it’s bad at 30, wait until you get to 38 where not only do the men want all the qualities you listed above they want it in a woman 5-10 yrs younger than their middle aged ness. well the animal lover has you right where he wants you. “the travels and adventures of me & rin tin tin” and we want you to come along! what the hell is a 20 something want with a 40 something? what i gather, you sound like an intelligent, vibrant person, arielle. just be nice, live life, open your mind, shake the system off that psyche 😉. please make up your mind about your definition of sincerity ladies., this will be the first time i have ever gone out with someone that has children.: mara sprafkinhow to identify: initial profile pic shows a man, smiling with his eyes, pausing for a moment to capture a perfect moment forever. how about we just find someone that we have chemistry with and love to fuck. i’m sure there is a similarity in the women’s profiles, because we are women and we do think differently than men. not only that, but every single woman had to make it clear how adventurous they were, with many pictures of parties, scuba diving, rock climbing, and pictures of them traveling to various other countries. just experience, have fun, learn and maybe you’ll be surprised. a half hour before he is supposed to meet her and he texts her this! think the wonderful tongue-in-cheek implication here may not be that all of us guys are morons and logically inconsistent, but rather that many of us have an idealized and very trite ideas of what happiness might be. about dropping online dating and internet and just stick to becoming member of a political, business, wine, sports, cultural, or religious organization in order to regularly meet like minded people in a casual or sophisticated setting and just let it go, see what happens ? this is one of the reasons i think people fail at dating is too high of expectations. you for your smart, mature, well thought and very well written comment. sounds sort of like “does this dress make my butt look……” whatever the question and whatever the answer the guy is doomed. worst of all it is also the path of least resistance and far from being helpful. tim, sandi and all of you who wrote a comment here,I am amazed to see that this thread has been going on for over 2 years friends & family think part of the problem is here where i live & that a lot of these men are too old for me.. you don’t mind living with me immediately so we can pursue our instant gratification;. enough, a couple days after cancelling match i met a great guy that i like a lot. you got these old pedo looking bums trying to get young women that’s all it is. my requirements were simple (or so i thought)i wanted a guy without kids (i like kids but don’t to deal with the baby mama drama nor do i want to deal with child support), around my age and average weight (a bit chubby is fine). a young guy who has a high level of education, is highly motivated, is starting a promising career, is good looking, is a competitive athlete, actually does work out 4-5 times a week and is planning an international trip later this year, why shouldn’t i look for someone who has comparable attributes and shared interests. would like to add some information about a man i recently met on e-harmony ( which is branded as the website to meet the love of your life or to marry, not just to “date” ).. the bad boy, the devil-may-care, whether or not he is from the wrong side of the tracks. it’s a numbers game–it’s just so much fun to date so many women, who cares if you see each only once, or a few times, there’s always another one in your daily matches, who’d love a date this weekend…i hate what these sites have done to make it easy for men to skip the relationships and do what they seem born to do: enjoy the hunt. i married a guy i only knew for 4 months when i was 18 .!Have i got the book for you: “online dating sucks…but it’s how i fell in love” by john p. approaching this situation with the intent of commitment, don’t i owe it to myself to hold the highest standards that are personally attainable? is also a great way to see if you two are hitting it off if he wants to get a table and actually fork out some cash on a nice meal for you… if he suggests you go somewhere cheaper or nothing at all he’s a loser!! i actually had lunch with one of these guys only two months ago. young adventurous women, who are obviously genuinely attracted to you; not rushing to have kids. joined online dating for 6 months, 6 months ago and just met 5 guys. just meant that some men are systematically looking for women who are 15 to 30 years younger, which i find sad. am not “taken” as you say and i think i know why. just seen it happen one too many times, that’s what scares me.

How many guy are you dating someone else

as you get more familiar with the three, the best one will become increasingly apparent and you can eventually tune the men out who you like less. once said, “success is a journey not a destination” and i wish you the best on yours. i am, however, 44 years old and have kids so many men won’t even give me a second thought. i have to say here is based on the wisdom of john lennon who sang “life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”. women are looking for smart, charming and elegant men who are successful yet low key and faithful while many men are looking for a sexy looking woman ( preferably 15 years younger when they hit 40 ) who cooks like their mom and is as erotic as a porn movie star. unrealistic demands – the parachuting, zip lining and the sorts, i find them stuck with stereotypes perpetuated by the media and television, sometimes reinforced by members in their own families. there are real guys though, i got one and am very happy. i hope you give a good thought to your word choice and that you can still learn in life the way your negative wording hints at your negative opinion and personality.’m pretty sure us women are more than willing to compromise on things we want in a partner, (not that men don’t either)., if you think i’m dogging you unfairly, consider this. what if this person had a disease like diabetes or arthritis and could not run, ski with you, etc. the point is, had i met him at a bar — i would have sized-him-up immediately and, of course, walked on by. it is also very pleasant to feel people’s vulnerability., there is a rapid decline in people’s social skills and that’s why many are turning to the internet to date. in my relationship, i’m way more outdoorsy than he is. soon as i saw the robe come off and his hand go down, i clicked on the disconnect button! thank you for sharing that there are normal guys online. only years later you discover who they really are (boring, all talk and no action, socially inept, workaholics, or whatever).! as far as these men being world travelers and what not, don’t you need a lot of money to travel? i’ve chosen (at least for now) to simply be patient, go at this without expectations and to allow for a little serendipity.: great to hear you met someone who you could have a meaningful relationship with on eharmony. there are neanderthals out there who still believe that if they buy you a drink and an expensive dinner that you, you know, owe them a little somethin-somethin later on.. you don’t mind an occasional rape every now and again as long as we can still date;. he wanted a girlfriend but because he couldn’t lower his standards he ended up never finding a girlfriend and died last year still on a dating site. post again when you’ve been on a few dates – i’d like to hear about your experience and maybe i’ll try it too. say what you want about the dishonesty of these profiles, but they do catch your eye, they do fulfill your bullet points of the ideal mate, and they do intrigue you enough to reply. is probably happening so frequently because i live in miami, where one can find a lot of shallow people. while i don’t approve of arranged marriages that are sometimes forced upon indians, i have seen plenty of successful arranged marriages and plenty of failed love marriages. agree with most of the comments here but i think there is one thing women may be misunderstanding about the men., no offense to you or anyone else to whom this reply may apply; but you should work on being consistent with spelling and grammar. these women don’t realize that there are no worth wild guys on match. i’ve dated guys who i thought were my “type” that ended up being a waste of time! besides i’m not looking for anyone as i found a great guy in real life. again, so glad i’ve only got to impress one guy and he’s easy to please. some reason, my friends think these faults mean that i have some wisdom to impart regarding dating, even though i have made more mistakes in courtship than i care to admit, including dedicating myself to a narcissistic sociopath for several years (i was too young to know better), cold-heartedly dumping a very kind and sincere man who treated me like gold (he bored me), and refusing to go on a date with russell brand (i didn’t want to be just another one of his sexual play things). only hot women in their 20’s dating old, bald men are gold-diggers!’ve come to the conclusion that 90 of guy’s online profiles are 1) lies or 2) completely delusional. while it is true there are likely more men out there looking for sex without responsibility or accountability but such men nor women need not be the ones to define or dictate our experience of each other., i must say that coming from europe, i often find that many people who grew up in america just do not get it. i applaud you for doing such a wonderful job calling attention to a disturbing dynamic. every girl thinks they are kim kardashian and every guy thinks he’s pauly from jersey shore.. i’m sending you a big hug today to stay strong. i was online ‘dating’ from 2002-06, then 2010-13 (had to be a lumberjack for 4yrs lol) i tried them all., some guys become obsessed with the idea that women just want to help them try the latest trendy restaurant by paying the check. looked at your profile and it looked pretty decent to me. think you’d probably get a lot of responses if you make yourself approachable by some how getting across that you have this really amazing lifestyle, but that she doesn’t have to. response to jc: yes, i believe many of the match profiles are too long, like i stated above. otherwise if he seems like a sweet person you could at least be friends with plan to meet. a harsh truth i’ve had to face is that making a good companion and making someone happy don’t necessarily go hand in hand. it is quite obvious “you” do not want an older man, yet you are castigating him for talking to someone else younger simply because he has become older- something out of his control. if he’s not what you want when you talk to him or her?’m surprised nobody on here has mentioned the dating site that advertises with the slogan, “find god’s match for you. our profiles don’t really show the special gal or guy that we are. did not find him physically attractive but thought i needed to pursue this in order to potentially get more interested and attracted to this guy, who seemed great, nice and smart. 90% of the girls that i looked at had pretty much exactly what you said. there's nothing wrong with it, and it's really important to take your time and find out who you are and what you want. if only life and relationships could be conducted on a sustained basis on a formula like the one you believe in – i would love to be on that bandwagon. is that her issue or is it a normal thing for women from chicago? course, he said he thought i was not materialistic and i was just one of these european snobs…he just did not get it at all. would i date a guy who wasn’t typically what i go for in real life? by far the best one is a dating sites for farmers “cause city folks don’t know” or something close but just as ridiculous! i’m 5’5″, he turned out to be about my height or slightly shorter, needs both knees replaced and doesn’t look like he’s worked out in 4-5 years vs the 4-5 times a week stated on his profile. you have to have the right combination for one specific person. i’m not meeting many single men in my age range in person. i was glad to ear that an other geek posted on this site that he did managed to find a good match online, it help to know that despite all that chaose there are still nice woman in there.: emptyswipe: the riddler is a guy all too common on tinder, a man who for personal or professional reasons has chosen to remain a mystery on his profile. been thorough a very hard life; my search criteria was: can i enjoy seeing her face next to mine when i wake up, is she a kind/caring person and most difficult part; is she attracted to me. otherwise, this has been too good a thread to have hijacked. for every one email you get women probably get about 20., i’m turning 30 in a couple of months too; and i guess the opinion of the opposite sex drops as you get older. what you would consider a normal, decent, nice guy, and see what kind of reaction you get. i’m starting to think having the same gov’t job for 20 years, being in good shape, and raising my daughters isn’t good enough for these women. the visitor stats don’t support the idea that i’m always interesting, but i do try… 🙂. your experience coincides with the general societal view of what men are looking for in women…so many contradictions. because he sure as hell was able to do laundry, dishes, clean, and pick up after himself before me. keep trying, every dating venue has a certain element of disfunctionality. i think of dating as the way to try and find the person i’m going to spend the rest of my life with. they met on a dating site and he was to meet her at 7 (it was 6:30 by this time) and he just texted her saying he didn’t really look like his picture anymore and he had a beard now. story i wanted to share is the following :I was on e-harmony and read the profile of a man genuinely smiling on this photos, featuring a profile that was well written, no typos ( which is somehow a miracle ). of course go right ahead and focus on learning a hobby, but not because a few women/people rated you one way or another.. i too am on match , older than you 62 & widowed now for six years. i google the images they post and find in every case that they are not who they say they are. if two people are “crazy about each other,” that can create a really sick dynamic. being a progressive bunch of guys we all said it wouldn’t be a problem as long as she could pull her waight and keep up with all us big macho men (being sporting types…we had a dartboard). but if you date three, when you get time to yourself, you’re happy to be alone. two combined are lethal… and am also a victim of the above… so this laughter, might i add, is one of recognition and empathy 🙂.. but incase you are not:You obviously have your own, closed-minded opinion, but here’s what i think. also didn’t see very many men or meet many that i found to be what i was looking for or wanted. if finding someone is hard at 25-30 then i can’t imagine how difficult it would be when i’m 55-60. the guys that instantly respond with a novel of their life are bs as are the men that just say something like “hey”. rarely go outside and spend nearly all my waking hours on the computer. at this point i’m not on any dating sites, i’m actually dating a guy in my office building. loved the post…but with personal experience i would suggest that you should try meeting people through other people…ask you friends to set you up, join a gym/dance class or something…you’ll meet more people that way (if you have already tried all of this – keep trying! told me how frustrated he was because his social life was a no man’s land, and his online dating experiences were a disaster. can’t say i wasn’t surprised with the results. women don’t realize guys who are divorced do have a clue in regards to women. (swipe left) but those of you single and ready to swingle are probably well-versed in the dating app taking the world by storm. this person is fine, so there's no need to cast around for others, right? if you are on a dating site get that photo op done.. you need to believe us when we tell you these guys are total losers on match. because at your beach site there are no gators to wrestle? down at a dunkin donuts where the lighting reminds me of hospital lights, is a total turn off. i wish you all the best in your hunt for mr. 30% of people using online dating site pretending they are single are actually already married i have since learned. i have been thru the experiences you are talking about but fortunately was able to catch them before ever meeting in person. i hope you’ll pop around to take a read. you have 2 instructors with you the first 4 jumps and only 1 the next 3. there may well be something wrong with thinking you know enough about complete strangers to make broad pronouncements about what’s right and wrong, though. however, through one of my friends who had started an online dating account, i discovered that these days male and female make easy lies, overstate their skills or qualities, understate their terribly bad qualities, and make unrealistic expectations of thee parties they desired. good luck with the dating and congrats on being freshly pressed. i, too, have had the same experience on single’s websites and with many of the men i have met throughout my now many years of singlehood. he looks like a nerdy nice guy, yet, he's taking a different girl out every few nights. they are the one needed to grow up and realize sometimes i am as good as it gets. where else would they have the chance to even talk to a woman who’s beautiful and 20 years younger then them? we were texting and it seemed like he had no personality at this point. i haven’t signed up for online dating but maybe at some point i might.)i myself have been a part of this tinder experiment for about six months. they will not try to kiss or touch with maybe the exception being a hug at the end of the night. 99% of women in my area make sure to state just how happy they are in their life as well. the things that guys say about they hang out with friends, they take buz trips, they travel “hiking” a lot, gym a lot, kids take up a lot of time, some of that can be true, but many times what you don’t know is he says that so you wont expect him around as much. i do like older men but not when they look like my drunken uncle oh and are 5’7″. it could also imply you have nothing else to offer. "i am dust and live in an urn" is what his bio should say. your right, who cares what sam sam or whats his name said. dating more than one person is a good thing and something that should be part of your dating life.! so let these match men have their pipe dream of dating a playboy model. wish i could be my boring self that all my friends seem to like; but obviously that doesn’t attract women. whether you are a *writer* or not says nothing other than you think labeling yourself makes you more important than me, which sadly, is not true. i strongly suspect the same is true of guy profiles. (well whose fault is it for living so close to a t. think at times we forget that we are not looking for the perfect person but the perfect person to match with our imperfect selves.’t get me wrong, there are a few decent catches on match (literally a few). it’s kind of creepy if you think about it. for every guy with a nice smile holding a shelter puppy is a dude in a fedora popping bottles at the local t.’ve tried all the serious dating sites , only to be put into near scary situations, some were married still, some had arrest records, some dating like 10 a week, and fortunately i saw the red flags and figured it out right off. if it sounds too good to be true, it is. condescending won’t get you anywhere fast, so i suggest that you reign in your “factual animal urge” to dominate others whether it be through speech or otherwise. wait, maybe that lady is the type the long list guys look for. it’s quite hilarious to read their “must haves” and dating requirements. i learned not to settle on the important things (who he is) and compromise on the others…i prefer very tall men…he’s not but he’s amazing! the guys i met were either really nice but not compatible at all with some of my core values ( ie : this really cool guy who had unfortunately never traveled outside the us in 47 years. sometimes vegan, depending on where the moon is in its cycle. its just who we are and bragging just makes you a kook.” but you want someone who does these adventure sports and plays sports too and works out every day? once you and your future co-star in the notebook 2 mutually like each other, good news! it was the automatic renewal and false advertising that really ticked me off. i knew a guy who complained he would be rejected until i looked at his profile. i agree, i wish i was 6′, super athlete, white with blue eyes and blond hair, a deep voice, very intelligent, outgoing wealthy man, but i am not and never will be. realistically speaking, we should all be looking for the one that compliments and at the same time makes us want to be better people., did it occur to you that the previous comments by the gentlemen may be directed at women like you? oh and i think match is the more classy serious of all the dating sites., these guys are saying what they thought women want to hear…adventurous young men with plenty of money( trust fund babies profile) and they’re afraid to be honest because men deep inside are fragile creatures too, afraid of rejection but desperate to be loved. there were 2 pages of women compared to 50 pages of men. becomes sad is when some of them are bitter to the point that trying to meet anyone online or offline will be counter productive unless they have taken the necessary time to heal and restore they self esteem. younger men have been more respectful actually, they call me “cool, fun, personable, hot”, but i don’t feel they would be good for the long term. you would not believe some of the things people (men) said to me. especially if you aren’t a bar girl which i’m not., please be proud of who you are, who cares about women and men who are just interested in the package.’ve had to report 3 people in 4 weeks because of scam artists, and those nigerians have all day time to scam people..Don’t forget the many more women 20 years younger who are not beautiful. sometimes people meet someone they are just extremely attracted to and cheat, not because anything is wrong with the relationship.. in your male opinion how do you think i can better handle this challenging situation? keep in mind that when you are meeting/dating a woman with kids, they come first.. every time i meet a guy who says he’s tired of being alone he seems to want anyone. honestly wish i had the energy to set up a fake match profile, just for research sake. the site does all those ‘computer cheat’ stuff you mentioned. and the best part about tinder is you can people-watch without even putting a bra on. on the warning also i plan on transplanting down to the carolina area.. i’m in the deep south & this certainly is not working for me. the dad never married her the he left her to raise him on her own. i’m surprised you didn’t find my comments angry and malicious…. i think that the appeal of meeting someone is so great in some instances that we don’t always weigh out the reality of whether we should even be dating or not. if that’s true, the abject cliche and homogeneity of the profiles are part of the reason. and keep and spend time with your male friends, and insist he spend time with his friends. we made our share of mistakes and we learn from them.. you really need to be like the chick on ‘my boys’ that watches hundreds of hours of sports every week; in fact if you can quote john q., both men and women, are looking for the whole package. are really great people here and i am grateful to have friends from all over the world. the problem with honest, i found out, is that it doesn’t really stand out well., like all different kinds of foods and be willing to try – and like, goddamnit – any kind of exotic food, not be pessimistic or complain, be loyal and honest, not be self-conscious about anything (… you’re helping), know who she is and what she wants, and, my ultimate favorite, accept me for who i am. he lost his drivers licence on a dui and his dealer lives 2 km away and he needs his high substance so desperatly.’ve been reading your comments & am very interested in any advice you could throw my way. of the common thread to many of our experiences online is that most people are simply lying to themselves as much as they are lying to other people. perspectives like yours, in my opinion, are invaluable in these times of cynicism, disjunction and competition for victimhood between the sexes. like the article, but remember, if you replaced every instance of the word ‘guy’ with the word ‘girl’, you’d have the experience i’ve seen. i want a nice guy who is going to be honest with me about who he is. spent years dating men who were very hard to manage and decided that i'm too tired to chase men around anymore. other than working 5-6 days a week, cooking, cleaning, running my 2 kids around and her 3 kids around i’m not quite sure what she meant by not taking care of her. if they hadn’t been holding hands i would have assumed they were brother and sister or something like that. but it made me laugh to think the dating world might have come to this. oddly enough, the men on that dating site you think or so fake have the same problem you do…. that a guy can’t even give a compliment to a woman these days without somebody (somehow) taking offense to it. i do think it’s reasonable to think that a guy in decent shape at 45 could find a woman who is reasonably fit. your dream person will just appear one day and you’ll love whatever qualities they already possess! i wish you the very best in whatever it is you seek.. the june 2013 picture is pretty accurate but it is difficult to really see me. but these lack luster men aren’t trying to meet the ugly, fat, repulsive woman.

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even if a man asks you to meet with him night after night, you must say no. there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man giving an age range to find a partner. it is very disheartening, and i find it hard to not take it personally, thinking that only scam artists would be interested in me. personally, i think both men and women are too unrealistic on these sites and it is seen as the business it is. have also found that many misrepresent themselves on these sites. of course there are women who will compromise a lot for luxury, just as there are guys who will compromise purely for looks.…in only that i have had the same discussion with myself about eharmony. if they are not average or in the right age range, i don’t even bother. good looking, love to laugh, hang out with my mates, enjoy a night in or out (well duh, what other options are there), a beer or a glass of red. i’ve seen the reverse many times with what i would call reasonably good looking guys with girls that were not as good looking. so what do you think when you read “i’m comfortable in jeans but like to get dressed up?’s this bad, and i haven’t even been on a date yet. they share many ideals and interests and are quite happy. usually go to the synagogue almost every saturday morning, although i am not really what you consider a religious person. have been married for 5 years and expecting a child…and probably the best example of what a truly loving relationship is : they really care for each other, respect who the other is, his/her passions while creating projects together. why call me and text me to visit if she knew i can’t have kids. they are all too busy fucking every girl they meet. a promise you made to your self when you where a lot less wise is not in it’s self a reason to worry about being single. if your gut tells you the guy is full of shit or if he keeps pushing sex block his ass online and on your phone. as glenn said, the issue with a lot of online dating connections is that people are so afraid of showing their vulnerability, their human and touching side. think you may be getting tripped up by thinking of online dating as. i live in the midwest and for some reason every guy seems to spend their time skiing and snowboarding. before shutting down my online dating profiles one by one by one, i have shaken my head and had a big hearty laugh at some of the garbage i’ve seen guys send me – 9 times out of 10, i’ve read pure stupidness. reason a lot of women shy away from dating multiple people is because they feel awkward about what to say if one of the people they're seeing asks them about it. women evaluate looks just as much as a guy does, along with a host of other factors -such as income, social status, height, etc. so, i checked the site for women in this age group. this on jadeyhamidon's blog and commented:I recently discovered a new and disturbing online dating behavior. anyway, to address the point you were making in the post, i, too, have encountered men who think they can have it all without being it all. i swear, every date i’ve gone on with a guy i met online was initiated by *me. ve been on there less than a week now and haven t even had a response, and you just showed me a bit of why, even though i am all that stuff, the others are probably lying and how can they tell? maybe not while you are on the awkward date …but for days and years after! i’ve been pondering a run at the point you make here for weeks, but every time i started in i realized that i wasn’t doing a by good job of keeping in check how offensive i’ve found some of these women to be.. congrats on the fp, may men take heed from this. was not about the money you spend on coffee, but for god’s sake, what about the “ambiance” of a place where you meet someone for the first time ?.I am an indian and i know what you mean…truly heartfelt and experienced on a first hand basis. i want to slap them and then make then listen to tlc’s “no scrubs” song… wow, i just aged myself. is it that so many men think females have this magical ticking clock on some unknown countdown? thanks for reading my comments, but i really think that it is time for me to move on, put the past in the past. just do not understand what some guys are looking for. what’s funny is that most of the women i have met online look better in their photos than i thought they did in person, like they picked out a really good one except for one woman i met who’s photo didn’t look bad but she looked better in person to me. i just wish i could be what women want, but i can’t…. laos those that are my age want someone who is at least 15 to 20 years younger., there is nothing wrong wrong with dating someone older if both want this and it happens naturally. i’m not hideous i’m an attractive female looking to find someone to share my life with. because there are both men and women who take to lies and manipulation because they are out there simply to satiate their sexual appetites. i am 30 but i don t have an average job though, it s not important what i do i am thousands of miles from you and just observing but i am a high flyer you d definitely say. when i need to get somewhere, i borrow one from my sister or mother. what 35 year old woman (and going by that he probably wanted even younger)wants a guy 30 years older?, you have to be the equivalent of what you’re looking for. but my sense is a lot of them belong to the 30-40 y/o demographic, or at least those responding to your article. have tried my best both on line and off; yet it seem there is no difference in the prerequisites women have either way. profile was very well written and living in florida, this was a natural selection process considering most people probably did not understand what i was writing or thought ” ooh she sounds a bit too intellectual for me, too much of a challenge “. and some of them are complete pricks about the adventure travel thing. this may be true of some women who are dating multiple people, i actually believe that there are many good (and, in fact, great) reasons to date several different people when you're single. the others are remembering how they used to be and hoping they can capture this illusive girl and she will bring it back out in him. they travel all over the world, have many activities, never watch tv.’d suggest putting up current photos after your weight loss and removing any that are older (i noticed a couple that were 10+ years old) or any that don’t show you in them (i remember a couple of those too). they just need to find one poor soul with a good heart willing to listen to their poor dying mother with breastcancer story, and sending them 00 for help. i really don’t need this even if some of my friends have met great people online…the whole meat market thing is not for me, as well as the very short memory span that people have in the online word.-just want someone who is honest, can go to the bars or stay at home in front of a fire/movie watcher. women generally are not serious about having a relationship preferring to tell themselves that belonging to match means they are doing something without actually having to meet anyone. like the one that insists the woman must be goal-oriented, then sits around on his butt while the woman does everything and constantly pushes him to get things done. as i said in response to phil’s post it is more difficult to find the caliper of men i’m looking for where i live but i have found some across the country who are intelligent multi faceted men. or maybe they’re both truly fantastic people, but they’ve been burned so many times that they’re testing each other. i’m so sick of the bullshit and trying to figure out which ones are telling the truth and which ones are full of bullshit. if i had to weigh the pros and cons of online dating…i would say the cons outweigh the pros (though its nice to see people for whom it worked out) – and all the best to you.! how are you doing on the site you are on? if i was doing one of those online profile dating match things then my information would read as follows, “20 years,120-125 lbs, red hair, green eyes. are spot on with your observations – i found the same thing. you mix all these components, no wonder why i have not had a relationship in a good while. protest all you like, but that’s insanely shallow (i know, she’s only 28) and whether you like the term “gold digger” or not, it rather pointedly puts cash at the center of the evaluation. i can already confirmed that the mans that are serious about finding a “match” are also going true the same issues, 90% for the woman profile i have read, and i have read more then 200 of them, are all saying the same things that mean nothing at all…”i need my man to be funny, to make me laugh, to be funny…ho and did i say he need to be funny”…. i think it is natural to desire to love and be loved, but this feeling has to be allowed to grow on it’s own accord, to me it requires trust which can develop in time, but maybe is best served with a generous dose of light-heartedness. way, it became an administrative work, almost, if you wanted to see their profiles before answering the great amount of offers one could get. or did you just choose to completely ignore the fact that just 60 years ago it was almost unheard of that a woman attended post secondary education, let alone graduated or remained unmarried? sometimes i have felt bad when a guy writes me a long message so i do reply (even when he’s not my type) then he doesn’t reply to me! although it is not just the men having long lists of fantasy qualities they’d like to have in a partner.… dating yourself age wise … try the original runs of howdy doody. i'll hear arguments from all sides and i expect some people to disagree. men who look 70 are 59 and 64 (this is a popular age) are working out 7 days a week, want a 35 t0 50 yr old. but i promise you, if the word poetry comes up on the first date, ain’t gonna be no second date. i don’t know about that guy in particular, but i’d bet my ass that there are men out there who intentionally set first dates up at cheaper places. you can be dating six or eight people at a time, getting to know each of them. but the minute you write “i’m just looking for the person who’ll accept me”, you are opening a gateway for a number of requests that might just waste your time. so, i’m writing this from the tent that my friend set up in his yard for me, because him and his girlfriend sleeps on the pullout in the living room because the kid takes the only bedroom. so nice to read this after you moderating these comments for 3-4 years 🙂. if the guy had been just a bit smarter and picked up his phone, he would have understood that i was not looking for a man to pay all my meals nor invite me to one of the best local dining spots. too bad you’ve come along all that cr#p; but even worse, if opinion is still for free, you a) went into dating sites expecting to find truth and b) you do think turning 30 is going to make you any other than a 30-yr-old. i know i don’t play games when i have done online dating.. i’m scared to death to date online because i’ve heard good and bad things. i’d be lying if i said i never have unrealistic standards, but most of the men that are online dating are way off base. she is not asking these men to, but she is personally saying that the men on the site’s dreams often contradict themselves. is it just me, or does it seem like most guys today are incapable of sending a first message? someone please find me, because i wont go search you out or chase at all, i just want a simple , nice guy, i don’t wanna do mountain climbing or hiking for 20 miles, or gym rat 5 days a week, i miss simple routines like grilling/chilling, entertaining guests, watching movies, travelling, beach, boating, fishing. dating tips and etiquette: is it rude not to reply? i think “hey, you’ve just told me you’re like every other woman on the internet. my advice to other single ladies would be this: yes, it would be lovely to have a partner, but you don’t need one.. the midwest is not very wonderful i guess in that respect, i suggest moving somewhere where the ratio of single men with money is higher. there is nothing wrong with you, your strong enough to not settle for less than you deserve! your depth and sensitivity is a treasure and i’m glad you’re taking the time to comment here.: mara sprafkinhow to identify: selfie taken in the driver's seat of his honda accord; extreme close-up taken in the driver's seat of his scion. here is the first sentence of the average profile:Bilke run work at club 5-7 days a week, sail and travel, have season tickets to every friggin sports team, like fine dining in or out bla bla want partner to travel the ends of rthe earth with.. most of the time this is the man but women are also to blame. says when you find a pair of shoes you like, buy “A pair and a spare. i recently tried online dating myself (wasn’t fun) i don’t get why people feel need to fill their info boxes with, apparently, compelling hobbies and interests. another thing i noticed is these guys don’t listen or maybe they can’t read. here’s the thing : the foundation of their relationship is about sharing the same values, not the looks. the thing is, imho, mistaking pants for rights is oh so short-sighted. if they found a woman who is, as you say “outdoorsy, and likes to be outside all the time,” she will probably have a lot of sun damaged skin and consequently forfeit her opportunity to cuddle with all these world travelers by their fireplaces. mind you there are girls and women out there surfing as well – just for themselves – but then i guess these people don’t need the internet. it’s not a fairy tale where you feel weak at the knees instantly, might not be exactly an instant connection (that can come over time), dating takes time. is interesting because the thing i have noticed about women’s profiles is that i just about never encounter anything new. if your pics are not saying what you want them to say, the rest of your profile will be weak no matter how much work you put into it. grew up with parents listening to leonard cohen, how funny ! worst type of person to meet are the people who work the 5-6 range in terms of attractiveness(physical or otherwise).?Initially i feel very hurt but it has now come to the point where i realize this is not me, it’s them. the dating world being too optimistic (in my opinion) is not a good thing. instead, the old man will lay the charm on thick because, at this point in his life, it's all he has left. but if i were ever single & looking again, i would be depending on good old fashioned chemistry! is what internet does: people have to “sell” themselves instead of just being who they are. article, though it also made me groan because i have seriously known guys like this… they think they can ask for every personality trait even if they’re exact opposites and not have a manic girlfriend who might voice her opinion a. it felt good to know that at least someone else had the same experience, shared the same opinion and wrote it better than any other i have read about the truth about websites for singles. i’m afraid switching on dating mood spoils the broth.! i’ve never met so many men misrepresenting themselves as i did when i was on match! to reply again, replied to someone directly but this just for lisa and this article – the funniest but absolutely true story on online dating in a long long time for me. she was a lovely young woman and she certainly could keep up with us big burly blokes. has good career, isn’t perfectly tall, dresses good, is chivalrous and isn’t just looking for a 5 min. the one hand, you were proud of the couple that is a chunky woman / skinny, good looking man and that they were right not to worry about looks – but on the other, when it is an old guy, looks are very much a part of why it is a problem. with all the reverse data bases anyone can find out where you live.. it is who you are as a person who will keep a man. she has to be open to trying anything (i’m assuming this means sexual positions) and be outgoing and extroverted and like to go out but also like to stay in. guys on this blog wonder why women treat them badly.. please understand that i am a sexual animal and sometimes have to ogle at your friends and whatever female relatives you may have as well. i do agree with the girl that said to go to a nice place the first time (and the phone conversation thing) i agree that if he’s a totally creep taking out a million women a week obviously hes not gonna want to have a lavish dinner but then again there are a lot of guys that are creeps and throw money around on every women he’s trying to bone. but if we want to date a guy that has his life together we’re horrible gold diggers. observation about “a few interesting men” who didn’t know how many women they wanted to date at the same time is funny to say the least. i’m not a gold digger but i believe a guy should go all out on a first date and be prepared to go where i want to eat. are five great reasons to date multiple people -- at once:1. am unemployed and while i have an apartment of my own, i often prefer to stay with my father and step-mother in their spare bedroom. i am that stereotypical nice guy who is genuinely kind and is genuinely shy; always wondering why you girls pick the jerks. i totally do not know how to go about this task at hand & my four legged furry friend is looking better & better! so they can judge me all they want when they are home alone with their cat eating junk food and waiting for mr perfect to come along. there are always antidepressants too if the counseling isn’t working. also have a laundry list of what they want in a guy. will jerk off while typing, will ask you to send naked pics, and will proposition you at least 5 times in the first 10 minutes – and then will act surprised when you delete them. are perhaps some men like that, but my dating profile specifies a range from my age down to 15 years younger. if you’re sincere on your profile, you’ll come off as the average joe or jane who, like most of us, works or goes to school (and goes out every other weekend). in reality i probably look better now compared to other guys my age than i did at 20, but i highly doubt someone as attractive as the women i met tonight would have been interested in me if she didn’t have children.@tim – for what it is worth i think saying you’re “sick of being alone and unhappy” is far from the most inviting expressions. oh, and i met him on an online dating site! in fact it is a real downer, and a red flag. one girl told my husband they say they are looking for a relationship instead of casual encounters because they didn’t want a man whore and didn’t want to only be seen as a sex object! forgot to mention that a few men, like this man i know who is 70, may be looking for a woman in her 40’s to feel younger or more energized…what i meant is that it can end up being worse because when being together, he will look much older than the younger woman, which may make him feel like there is more of a physical and energy gap than expected. this is a man who will stop at nothing to manipulate you. for this guy, there is no physical detail or fetish too personal to lay on the line on tinder. there are many people out there who know the price of everything but the value of nothing (oscar wilde). recently turned 30 (in october of this year) and i actually signed up for match on the 27th of december. there is quite a chasm between the women and the men. i met a few who were what i wanted and were nice but there was no chemistry there. obviously you can’t date someone that you find completely revolting. i have to admit as well, the men arguing on this blog clearly do not have relations with women. think we all just eventually give in…nice guys turn into a-holes and @#$% young ! i can’t seem to find someone in person who is worth my time. btw, that’s (thinly veiled) guy code for “will keep her mouth shut if i want to keep a couple of girls on the side, just in case…., i get about 30k a year from the va and sitting in my apartment, hiding from the world seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist, and a social worker 4 times a week; wasn’t working for me. this article isn’t a blanket statement about how to date. of course there are women on match who aren’t of great quality but the normal ones are very cautious because they have experiences like mine. i really wish that i had been born much sooner, then i could have met a good woman to get married and have a family like i would have wanted. i work with many of them — just didn’t happen to marry one. it has inspired me so much, that i am going to do a repost of a disasterous blind date i had while still at school. whenever i am on a date with a so-called outdoorsy guy, i discover he’s actually only hiked twice in his life and “aspires” to be an adventure traveller 🙂. you have made some excellent comments, as well as others here, so i am compelled to give my 2 cents. i met the woman and she is (to me at least) gorgeous. me its all older men trying to get some young lovin lol. however, i’m sick of the class-less men i always seem to attract and decided to sign up for some millionaire dating website lol. in that span, i've gone on a few dates with nice enough guys, and know a few close friends who are pursuing serious relationships with their tinder matches. and it seems you and this guy were beginning to hit it off. luckily, i figured this out years ago and don’t assume there is any truth to what most people, especially women, have to say. i am on my second round of match & have met all kinds of guys online there. and how are they getting time off from work to travel all the time, at age 30?" when you develop an abundance mindset, you see that the people who come into your life are ones to whom you are very attracted. explained his lack of availability by the fact that he had issues with his depressed mother or was too busy with work, setting-up a new company, busy buying a new car, selling his car then mentioned we were living 1 hour from each other, which was not very easy for him considering he had an old dog. i’ve come to realize that most men aren’t really spontaneous at all, it’s just that they have nothing to do at that moment. and by making everyone so easily dispensable, the internet has diluted the dating pool to an unhealthy level. try to see it thru the eyes of your perfect match. the first woman you mentioned sounds like she may have some issues. i have quite a few girlfriends who have been through the online dating circus (i mean experience) and we have spent entire evenings out with lots of wine and conversations about their “adventures”. you’re certainly not wondering what any one is up to. there seems to be so much hypocrisy in our society. using the power of choice is the key getting what you really want in your dating life. like you mentioned, we all have routines, and if we are conscious about the inevitable change that generally occurs when we give ourselves over to another, we may have second thoughts about being ready for that."; ironically making himself look much more unattractive then he actually is (who is the joke on in this case? i’m also not exactly your normal stereotype of anything so maybe that was working against me too, but either these men wanted me for my looks, sex or both. unenthused,I put on my pof profile “homicidal gold digger seeks hot or not guy with large wallet to finance her 36h breasts, awful plastic surgery and extensions. the women that have their high paying job today really think they are all that now, but they are not. something about “you are not a failure, until you fail to try. love comes in it’s own time (we therefore you like it or not) it doesn’t hold out it’s watch and tell you you’re cracking on a bit.Dating yellow pages uk online phone book london

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’m curious to know what you did with the guy to screw things up? seems like these guys close to my age (within 5 years of me) are nowhere near ready for anything close to a real relationship. what many women (like me)find offensive is when men want us because we are younger. i am leaving an older man – why would a 50 yr old want a man who is 65 – a big mistake., it just gets really boring after the interview type questions like “why did you move here ? but if there is no photo of the man whatsoever, take that square, drag it to the left, and let's never talk about it again. then he’s trying to be all over you, like you’ve been in love for years. it is a number’s game & i still think match might be the best way to meet someone you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet.. two guys that emailed me earlier have sent me emails not remembering who i was after looking at my new photos!’s like the whole dating thing, you are advised to pleeeease avoid any serious topic, going too deep, news, politics etc…on a first or second date. they just fulfilled the unrealistic goals most of us have in meeting a mate, implanted by hollywood scripts, and we feel that we don’t need to settle for hum drum. i swear i have met some that are moodier than me on my pms days. i wish there was a website where women could go to get “backround” info on a guy on match they are considering dating. (and supposedly match is coming out with this format) but then i too would get undesirables & a lot with no photos., i was soooo happy previously that i never had to “kiss any frogs. that is something i thought about when i decided to consider people with older children. a women’s perspective, when you think of a potential lover, do you have height, personality, or income requirements. there are many of us good serious down to earth men looking for a good woman to share our life with. if they want a women of quality there are tons of guys who would love to date her to and not act as if she deserves nothing more but to “go dutch”. have been on and off match for years, and i totally agree with you!“some of us are tall and attractive but have chronic diseases that control our lives and make us undesirable to shallow people. i actually considered starting a blog about all of my online dating experience, but i think that could get messy. she is mid/late 30’s and has been raising a child alone for quite a while but has some free time now for herself. i always get told i am unrealistic because as a childless woman i should be open to single dads.! lol i’m positive it’s just an ego boost for these lame guys., i’m not having a great time with online dating either. this post is a vivid description of online dating…with a lot more humor. i mean, we all know that women are like that right? as in real life, the good ones are hard to find!@#$%^&(female dogs)…young girls get &^%$#@ by us, grow up and then settle for the ones that didn’t go over to the dark side…. **********note: all these photos feature beards and sometimes upturned mustaches**********bio: some reference to pop culture to prove he is in the know and has a sense of humor: "it's going down, i'm yelling tinderrrrr. i am all in favour of women being acknowledged just as homo sapiens sapiens as men are, as simple as that! besides, those are dating profiles not marriage material profiles i would imagine… but then again i am a guy. my parents were set up on a blind date by mutual friends. and i didn’t do anything wrong, which you may think that i did. if you think this guy’s profile was wild, you should see some of the women’s (southern california area). you know, i wish there was an independent dating site that catered to widows and widowers who actually had had really good marriages. he appeared in the web cam wearing a red robe sitting in a leather chair, never showing his face. are many reasons why two people would stay together for a long time. wish they were a moderator here, at least to remove such useless remarks. some of them will "drop off" naturally as one or both of you realize you are not a good match. “i don’t know how your brain works,” i say. you’re a female having trouble finding “suitable” bachelors, your standards are out of synch with your physical attractiveness and attitude about life.’s only for women who want to get control of their emotions in dating and find the best men -- and possibly, ultimately, the man (singular) -- they can. either what you’re looking for doesnt exist or isn’t working for you. wishing you the best and a year that will bring a real romance with a real man! you just have to love them anyways, or even because of the flaws 🙂 great post, congrats on freshly pressed! never tried online dating but if i did i would want my real likes and dislikes there. next time a guy sets up that first date at a mcdonald’s, he might be a loser, or he might be the best catch you’ll ever meet. is why most of the men on match are really trying to score out of their league. on, what she’s bitching about is basically this:You men aren’t that much to begin with, and you want such unrealistic things nja nja. i wrote that meeting at starbucks would have been fine, he replied that coffee is roughly the same price at dunkin donuts. in some ways, this attitude is actually a symptom of repeated use of the sites. your comment prompts me to mention that i do know there are gems out there and men who are both kind and generous without being whimps. but the way i see it is you can’t really force a relationship into happening most of the time.% of people on on-line dating sites are actually already married. wonder how you were like in your twenties; did you waste it on jerks?.what makes you think she will respond to “hey what’s up” or ask her for her phone number on the second email!? or can you browse their website or do they do the matching? dating websites often have a quick ratings feature of a photograph, numerical in some cases, yes, maybe and no in others, and so on. i used to have a membership to a religious dating site and these guys on the forum would complain women rejected them. it was quite refreshing – for my daughters anyway – coming back from the uk to see men who do just get out and do stuff – of course they are quite mad & sometimes a bit slow eg surfies seem to have a habit of losing their car keys a lot., my suggestion is to go where interesting people can be. and to be honest, the really awesome women are snatched up pretty quick/young. i actually pretty sure i did have one not lie to me about anything but i think he wanted someone with a high energy level so he is not a match for me.)swipe: if fedora the explorer is your type, then *slot-machine noises* you've just won big. realizing they look like corpses compared to women who are much younger. so maybe some of the contradictions are not as bad as they appear. you're just gonna have to settle for one of the above. i’m guessing most of those guys just liked the girl they were with and that’s how it should be but my point is that women (at least attractive women) place as much or more value on looks as similar guys. i dropped my membership there because i too felt because it was free i was exposed to strange guys. the issue of guys only responding to womens’ profiles with pics. said he was 40 on his profile and found out after the one and only date that he was actually 55. friend of mine wants me to try online dating, but i’m scared, even more so after reading this humorous account of yours! the fact of the matter is i refuse to date a man that doesn’t have enough class to want to impress me on a first date. ugly ass who disguises and hides these features online (been there and done that so trust me).! check out my blog twolessfishinthesea for all my dating adventures! turns out he was a drunk on his third dui — explains why he didn’t have a car. unlike your almost nudes, the riddler leaves you thirsty for more. as i said, in the beginning, you don't have to bring up the fact that you're dating around., no i do not zipline or feel happy in bikinis. all the guys droned through endless gal profiles that look. completely agree, and trust me the younger guys are even worse (i’m in my 20s)! in your details below or click an icon to log in:Email (required) (address never made public). guys that claim they are “nice guys” are not, in my opinion. i didn’t ask her for a photo because the way i think is that if appearance is so important that you aren’t even interested in a quick meeting with someone only knowing their general description then you are more interested in meeting a body than a person. i think it is great you have a check-list and know exactly what you want. broadly, i’m no interested in hearing sweeping generalizations about how all guys are x or all women are y. apparently, not many of these guys post recent photos of themselves and when you actually show up at a date, they have very little resemblance of their pics. and the ones who aren’t like this are the ones that are crazy as h*ll. it’s so bad i’ve (as a rrally honest guy) considered just lying and saying i do all those things myself just to get a girl to reply back.” i met a few who were what i wanted and were nice but there was no chemistry there” not everyone gets that. and i wrote out by hand that i am looking for an easy-going, honest, passionate guy. or when guys don’t want us because they want younger."swipe: in the words of dark helmet in spaceballs… "fooooled youuuu. i am not interested in getting to know a bitter, angry, divorced guy who is either trolling for sex or trying to ‘reinvent’ himself in some fantastic, youthful image and chasing after women much younger than himself. i've crunched the numbers (numbers = smoked almonds), and come up with this informative tinder guide for you ladies wading into the digital dating poo.. i am the sixty- two year old woman & guys my age are looking for women in their forties & fifties. it’s like there’s this collection of sentences and memes out there and every profile picks a few. i guess some of them are so desperately in need of physical or emotional connections that they won’t care or even like the challenge of trying to win over a married man.. my criteria pretty much is that i’m compatible and attracted to the individuals. where i live is not conducive to me finding a guy in town. almost get lucky if some guys are open to meeting a woman their age. if you want to know what a woman wants don’t ask her, or see what she says and infer the opposite. in my case, i was surprised by how many guys want to take long walks by the beach and sit by a fireplace. seriously considering going back to the “single here, don’t care” person i used to be before deciding active dating was worth any of my time (or money). i know a lot of women – really, most of the women i associate with fit this bill – who absolutely detest being evaluated on their looks. i sincerely hope that things will work out for you, that you will find the perfect man for you! believe that we have created this virtual world where most people are looking for something that does not exist or pretend they want to be in a relationship when in fact, they just want to keep browsing profiles, chatting with various people, keep going out for a drink or more and never have to choose one person and really take some time to give it a try. what you need is something you enjoy doing (in my case, acting classes, writing and trying to raise awareness about my favourite charity via my blog). i have never signed up for a dating site until today.: the "only in town for 3 nights" bio tells you that not only is this man only in it for sex, but he also travels! i can tell you for a fact that for someone like me online dating is a longshot and speed dating is an utter waste of an evening that could be better spent doing something more productive. good men are not good at picking ‘hot chicks’ out of a magazine. i spent a little time on match and think i have a pretty good idea of what the main problem is with this site in particular. ) i live in miami, which is not where one finds a high concentration of very interesting minds. really like this comment and reading it from a man is really very nice. i moved to the us, i had never heard so many women tell me ” you should meet this guy, he makes a lot of money and is quite good looking, he is an attorney. okcupid if you are not a hipster, in a band,a game developer, or creative type you wont have much luck. regardless, i wish those who subscribe to your set of values a lot of luck. men who look for someone younger are looking for a nursemaid. guys that claim they are “nice guys” are not, in my opinion. believe it or not, i know it’s strange, but there are men who actually like children. what age differential is the line in which it become pathetic? guess quite a few out there are trying to fill a gap in their own personality/perception of themselves and so, come up with this idea of a person who is everything that they want to be but, either cannot be or will never be. sure, you're "secreting" him onto this app as we speak, but the perfect man will play coy, avoiding tinder at all costs. suspect that when someone joins and has to pay to belong to a dating service that operates out of a building, the odds are that quality of the individual members is better. do you have any idea how many emails “i” have sent out and they send nothing., i face this even now at my university, among women and men alike. as they say, timing is everything but also, many of us get so comfortable with our routine that we often do not want to open-up to change it. to all the ladies out there who are revolted by many men in the online world :1 ) get out of online dating and try to meet people via cultural, political, religious, or social activities and/or :2 ) get your rage out of your system : exercise, consult an homeopathic doctor, a shrink, a coach or speak with a great male friend and make peace with men and mostly with yourself. did you know that men die at an earlier age than women? did it ever occur to you that you could be in an accident or even have a health issue arise and be debilitated at a much younger age than your partner, even if he is ten years older? reading your thoughts and experience and had a good giggle 🙂. mystie, glenn , i’m sure you are honest and truthful. i do not know how it is to try to meet a “cute and fun” female but it seems an impossible task at mid-40s to meet a nice guy who i find something physically attractive about. am curious why you think the profiles are too long? she says, “will i ever find a guy who i’ll like enough to want to marry? so the answer to all this is that there is no typical answer. i have no family, no home; so when a guy invites me to his home with his family, i take it.!) oddly enough, the men on that dating site you think are so fake have the same problem you do now. by your logic i will never find a girl, they will never stick around past the first few dates. luck and stay picky ’till you find what you’re looking for. i met a few interesting men who did not seem to know if they wanted to date one woman or 10 at a time, a woman or a man ( well, if you still wonder at 40, this is becoming scary ), or looked like they just enjoyed the ride of serial dating. she has to be a great conversationalist, smart, witty, funny, and “not get embarrassed easily. something else i also noticed to be true of what many of the other women are saying is, i’m in my 20’s and most of the men contacting me were much much older. i get your perspective on women who flake on dates? in all, if you get this one, let me tell you that i respect your views and i only mean to argue from my perspective and experience, not meaning to attack! i’m honestly not sure if she is interested but we made plans for a second date. somehow attractive and or smart is not necessarily the cherry on the cake. 56 yr old man who made me thank him for every penny he spent as he spent it, we went to the movie and he paid my way in and i bought my own drink, and said “aren’t you going to thank me for the movie? we all need love, at the same time we are all scared of love. worse thing is my country is pretty small, so even you tend to get the same ppl at all the other online sites or dating events. i’m almost 30 and seriously thinking about giving up and putting all my attention into things that actually pay off, like my career, education and hobbies. it really ended up saying, “i no longer know what it is that i’m looking for in a guy. it seems obvious that the dating sites, like the casinos, are in business to make money. i’m not sure if we will ever be more than just friends but that is a great place for me to start. i have had some of the worst dates, meet some of the weirdest people (mind you i was a police officer, so that says something right there! it was slow at this time and she had been there for about a half hour or so before she turned to me and asked me for advice. one internet search and they could get your address now if they have your last name. she told me i wasn’t doing enough to help take care of her. it’s good to know you found a few normal guys on match. my profile is a bit too intellectual for the south florida crowd 🙂 i met really nice men but i was mainly the one not interested in pursuing most of the time.”and then wanted me to go back to his place, it was the 1st and last date i went on with him. although you did forget, “secure enough to let me hang out with my female friends”. she is looking for someone who has similar/compatible dreams and goals. instance, if you had bounced in here and said, “hi everyone! 0 can set them back doing more of this crap for several weeks! i think this is one of the most profound insights into life. however these guys so called “average” are looking to date skinny or active people..that makes me reach out in larger cities & a long distance relationship is almost impossible. the other hand i have gone out with women i met on a personals site, and the women were way better-looking in person compared to what they looked like in there photograph(s). and to some degree most of us are guilty of it at one time or other in our lives. was not from my neighborhood, so he could have asked me where we could meet, i would have suggested a cool bar ( where there is no loud music so we would hear each other ) or a nice cafe. agree with the views expressed here that it is not always the women who are at the receiving end but, in my part of the world that is more often the case. i’m a senior and i’d be scared to give email or number right away. mental exercise is terribly tricky as it pushes people to focus on the surface, the superficial vs the more profound and about tricks to attract vs who we really are. so when a man checks off “bookworm” and “thrill seeker”; he isn’t being contradictory, he’s expanding his search results. favorite online first date was also the sweetest first date experience of my life; he brought me flowers, got there early to make sure the restaurant could oblige my vegetarian diet and food allergies, and gifted me with about a dozen “you are so beautiful”‘s over the course of two hours. in the world do you expect to meet a good man on a computer? we were friends for 6 years total before i said, “i agree to being in a relationship with you, what say you? however men it seems can be unrealistic and can get what they want. a joke, i love it when people ask me “how are you doing ? they all say they wish they could drop everything like me and do what i do, but i do it out of necessity.. i have no set list , each has been different, but the “sparks” gotta be there…. most americans, in my opinion, are inclined towards the cheerful and effusive, as you too imply.:) most of the guys in my age group in this area are looking for younger women & when i read their profiles. you certainly have the prerogative of deciding the kind of person who want for a partner, but so does the next person. not completely talkative(probably takes him awhile to open up), quit saying no to the guy that asked you out at the bar that was standing right in front of your d**n eyes. and if neither of them realizes what’s going on, they might miss out on the relationship that will define the rest of their lives. my husband isn’t rich but took me to a nice restaurant on our first date……. seeking the same fit girl to live this fit lifestyle. sometimes you see a cute dog pic and your instinct is to swipe right imeeds.. i finally said forget this & went down on my “bottom”! it’s probably not a bad thing that you haven’t been on a date yet because that will be another set of stories (or another great blog post). it’s more like send (or receive) about a 1000 spam emails, get thoroughly disgusted, and delete your email account. also often wonder why all those men on these dating sites like to take long walks in the rain?Free dating site in united arab emirate

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no wonder why the divorce rate is so high in this country.’s worse if you’re newly divorced and decide to go on match. it’s a shame that people have to present themselves in such a false way, the pictures quite often aren’t current ones and for a “normal” woman, how could she possibly ever meet these fantastical guidelines? despite the drawbacks, i wish you lots of fun and some good results! believe your comment is in response to recognizing yourself as the exact “personality” type most women and, the author of this article, are critical of. such ratings are casual at best, and superficial at worst. women get less tolerant of being mistreated as they get older., most interactions on these dating websites are very superficial, many people wrapping up what they like and what they do in 5-10 lines and trying hard to present things in such a way that they will attract a maximum of messages or enquiries. in fact at times (definitely less than it may happen to women) i think it happens to guys too when they are encouraged to “lighten up” or “you think just a bit too much” or “take things at face value”. there was an overwhelming consensus on what we wanted in a female college and it was much simpler than all that nonsense, all the guys wanted was big lips and small hands (not my idea). i’ve been on a week and it’s insane how many women:-love to laugh (no shit! i think they believe the more you date the better chance you have of meeting the right person for you. you kells for (identifying your gender…we men carry no weight for the most part) sharing your refreshing and uplifting perspective, to say nothing of your pointers………. i think it’s because his work ploughs deep and is in my opinion more reflective of a european sensibility. was very interesting to read your comment and your insight is very realistic and sharp. i really miss the good old days when it was a lot easier when family and friends would introduce you to someone that they think would be right for you, and they had many single dances too.’ve been on the site for about a month and you really nailed this on the head! what if the perfect guy for her comes along; if i cared for her i would want her to be happy…or worse, the both of us settle for each other. he is now 55, never been married and well…i’m happy that he isn’t ruining the life of another woman. i really enjoyed reading this post, especially the paragraph ending with “accept me for who i am”., your disrespect and lack of knowledge for women’s lifestyles is the real issue here, which is shone through your words (how was it so hard for you to connect those dots? guys are worse than the girls…at least this is what it seems like nowadays. i’m not suggesting you have sex with them all, unless you want to, but if you take your time and get to know many men, all the while keeping a few good fellas around to keep you company, you will never be lonely, you will never be desperate and your self esteem, if low, will level out. good friends i know, who actually meant online, are the perfect counter example of what most people say : she is very chubby but exercises, is very joyful and has a beautiful smile, he is pretty good looking and fit/slim. the more men you have, the more you understand how little you even need any men at all.” now there’s how to get a girl… be condescending and insulting before you even meet her. but i know what it is that i’m not looking for! but if he seems non-murdery and, you know, maybe foreign, crack open a stella and get your groove back. most people think im 25 or younger and i get i. if my man were to break up with me, i would drop everything in the midwest and move straight to seattle, my newly minted ex could keep his dumpy apartment and cry about his , i will be enjoying a banquet of hot manly men 🙂. and really going out all the time really sucks for us men that are looking, since many women today don’t want to be bothered at all when we will try to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet. i agree it’s likely a matter of where you are located in part, and like so much else, the rest is a matter of patience, esp., your comments have a rather bitter tone and give a pretty sad shade to this thread. one video i saw on fb recently sums it up: this world is not “build-a-b*tch. help me understand, i not anger but rather laughing at how inconsistent women are, and how this outright proves the point the the issue is not with the men but the women. these people often do not post pictures or we post blurry pictures so they are not caught. this could be the case for the evasive guy in your story. can’t imagine lying about myself in an online profile or posting an inaccurate picture, at the same time expecting honesty from the women i’d wish to meet. especially the paragraph with “i don’t think you want this type of girl, if she even exists, because then she’d be too intimidating…”. you can’t create your dream person out of a bunch of qualities you think you love. every girl i’ve seen on there has been all around the world, works out atleast 4 times a week, has highly successful jobs, and wants a guy exactly the same. how can you understand today’s world if you do not even try to fly to another country even fir a few days ? the fact is men and women want to be with each other despite the meat-market element which at best leads to a lot of impression management; and at worst leads to posturing, posing, manipulation and lying. its great to meet a guy who likes fun things – as long as the profile isnt total bs that is! it is normally a problem with their character–not yours. we are treated more equally than we used to be. assuming i actually hold the attributes i claim in this post, is it that unrealistic to suspect that i might find someone similar who is also interested in me? and i have no doubt women can be just as shallow and unrealistic as men! real dating, you meet someone at a party or at work, strike up a conversation, find out you have some common interests and maybe feel a little spark of attraction, and go out on a date. men who are not sexist or mysoginists will not see your age as an obstacle if you happen to have personality qualities and a connection that is unique to their own needs. i’ve learned is that women don’t seem to want a normal, decent and the absolute worst is “nice” (i. but if you, like me, will only accept perfectly carved goatees on ex-backstreet boys members and riff-raff only, then left it is and let's move on. but so far 99% of the time they drop the balls by telling me either “i like you a lot but i think i just want to be your friend” or “i like your personality and i think you are a great person, but i don’t think it’s going to work for us. looking at pictures and profiles and people on the street and saying to yourself “i don’t know about him or her ” because you know what? online word has made us become very narcissist and focused on short term results when it takes an open mind and time to get to know someone. you’ve stated the very obvious about dating online, that’s just how it is – you have to sift through 150 guys to find one good date. schmuckminsky’s winning football pass for da bearz or something similar then you are clearly a ‘winner’, because i respect your intellect in quoting prefabricated integers;. if any guy out there wants a piece of my paycheck he better think again. it looks like there is a really great group out there. news panelist: a young woman's place is on tinder , not in the voting booth. it’s almost as though you’re application isn’t even considered, much less read. have seen sooo many profiles that could be so much better. normal people respect your time and realize a meeting face to face is more productive then endless phone conversations about nothing. if someone were to tell me to describe the absolute best looking woman that i realistically thought would ever want to go out with me she would have been it. i had actually passed right over his profile at first, but he sent me a message.: mara sprafkinhow to identify:mid-squat at his local crossfit; climbing a rope wall while participating in a mud run; flexing his muscles in a mirror; standing in front of a juicer, liquefying some produce he jogged to the farmer's market for. online dating sites would have you believe that and that’s why they are so popular.. what bothers me more is i have a seventeen year career in real estate & can’t seem to sell myself! we can also read them in the other sections of this blog. all i want is a female who is cute and has a sense of humor. it will make him cherish you, and that's the truth. and then getting dinner-ready oh and picking up the kids from soccer and his dry-cleaning! most of the interest i got we’re either from repulsive, just plain unattractive men (most of which with huge egos) or the typical jock, good looking d-bag type that you know is getting attention from every woman on there., whether you return to online dating or not, it might be helpful to have a women (friend, sister, sister’s friend, whoever) give you an honest opinion of what you say and how you say it when you meet women (online and in person). to me this is funny, because i would actually describe myself as holding simultaneously many of these *contradictory* attributes that she lists and argue proof of existence by counterexample. so, there is no use for me if the would be partner don’t get here. ) i would like to have a family down the road, therefore, it does not make any sense for me to give a chance to a man who at some point clearly tells me that he is done with kids or is just not interested in having any. i enjoyed reading them and your picture doesn’t scare me at all : ).@phil – i think your arithmetic on attractive women with children being willing to compromise on a guy’s looks just doesn’t add up in my experience. it really makes me feel like it’s just easier to ask the girl at the coffee shop if shes still dating that guy. i don’t think i’ve yet been written to by a person who was not a scam artist. have come to accept that there just aren’t any women in the world who are interested in making the slightest effort to get to know me, let alone appreciate who i am. you simply need to be less of a bitch, and more of the following:1. i met like that many years ago not online but in person. the beginning of your blog reminded me of the theme for my blog as well, seeing as we’re both about the same age of “we’ll i’m getting older so i better get this done” attitude. they’re called rich men, and they are not on match! sister and my best friends married men older than them, and guess what? laughed so hard… i need to get off of this computer and start work on becoming a super hero now…. 60+ years old &400lbs heavy inhabitant of a village not found on any map looks for a model-like university educated &child free woman up to 25… keep dreaming is all i have to say :)). the web-sites tell you to lower your standards six feet under! just because someone claims they are a nice guy does not actually mean that they are. it was his character that was more important to me. these days you don’t even need to leave your couch. when, in fact, most are just fishing for compliments and a free meal.. it would be lot’s of laughter which is good for the soul. i can also confirm the high number of scamer is also present in the form of fake woman account to try to scame you. pair and a spare concept is a simple dating truth.. you would be shocked at how many men do not have a good sense of humor.…one guy did actually seem like a nice guy on match. we’re just sick and tired of lame ass internet guys and guys in general. things aren't perfect, but they never ever were and i don't believe it's possible that they can be. place i worked at we were asked how we would feel about a woman joining the team (i’m 29 before you ask). so many very mean women out there these days, how can us men meet a good woman anymore? the story of the great looking girl that just loves the nerdy chubby guy because he is a great guy and always there for her and treats her like a queen because women care mostly about the person and don’t care much about looks is a bunch of bs. 🙂 ” then you would certainly come across differently then what the sum of your posts have indicated. i want to be happily surprised and the setting for online dating comes with too much pressure on both sides,too many politically correct rules, lack of mystery and charm to me. i know because i’ve had friends who were the same and are now in loving relationships or happily married. reading a few comments on the topic, i must say that a statement seems very clear to me now : internet ( facebook and online dating to name a few ) has brought so many options to people, while offering virtual and instant communication 24/7 that many men and women have totally lost touch with reality and what it is to take time to get to know someone, accept to go towards the unknown, be spontaneous, stop putting people in boxes and in a frame….. find a nice looking guy & ask him if he knows where the cucumbers are? he sent me a message just saying something simple like “hi, how are you? the funny thing with her is she cleans houses for a living. don’t they feel they are setting themselves up for dissapointment? guys are always weird socially akward types that im not into. online dating industry has made all of us become very childish…. will never understand how someone could not care that someone is married. i recommend seattle, san diego, minneapolis mn, but depends on what you’d like to do. negative comments here are focusing on the blame game and disappointing experiences. a couple of my friends are married to guys younger than them and they couldn’t be better husbands. is true that weight is demonized in our cultures but believe it or not, some people are not turned off by someone rounder or heavier than them. i think they should put another check-off item on there: “has emotional availability issues. understand that age is not a positive factor for women in our youth-obsessed culture, despite the fact that there are some damn sexy, witty and bubbly women over 40 out there. is awesome, and as a plus, he puts up with me.. i too don’t know where to find the right guy for me. only way to figure out who and what you truly want in a partner is to date multiple people. dating websites are suppose to make you feel comfortable opening up and you’re suppose to find someone new.. you need to watch hundreds of hours of porn like i do per week, so you can learn how to act fake like i am, as well as to help remove all of the emotion out of it (you dont need that anyway and if you do i’ll just say you are hysterical);. negativity will not lead you anywhere interesting and basic feminism is totally outdated. we are still in touch occasionally over a year later and i haven’t caught him in a lie yet. this:share on facebook (opens in new window)click to share on twitter (opens in new window)click to share on linkedin (opens in new window)click to share on pinterest (opens in new window)click to share on google+ (opens in new window)click to share on reddit (opens in new window)click to share on tumblr (opens in new window)click to share on pocket (opens in new window)click to share on fark (opens in new window)click to print (opens in new window)click to email (opens in new window)like this:like loading. it’s simply ridiculous the amount of men that are fake. usually you meet a great guy when you least expect it. luck though to anyone who isn’t looking to hurt anyone. loved this blog and i must say it’s 100% true. many men seem to run away or not want a serious relationship with you if you mention you have any health issues even if they find you very attractive. is there an average amount of time for that to take place? some people vent when they feel like it and others pretend like life is all rainbows and puppies.: 6 true stories of women, dating, and tinderhere, the 12 guys you meet on tinder. understand some men wanting to date young, but from a woman’s perspective we will be very likely to face 10, 15 or more years alone as a result. i’m not saying you have to settle, look at the person, not what you think the person is. when i was younger, i wanted it all; the wife, kids, great job, small town. life has taught me that it is the other way around. i’m definitely good at keeping a guy around for years at a time, which is not necessarily anything to brag about. this gives them an outlet to try and convince a beautiful younger woman to at least go on one date for them. enjoyed reading this article and i appreciate the advice but let me just say…. they have long list of behavior they should try and games they should play. i think it’s because i’ve been in many serious long-term relationships, which sounds kinda bad to say it out loud. outside of situations where widgets and fiscally calculated profit and loss are the outcome measures it probably works only if one is lucky. to me what is surprising is why women like you with such an objective, philosophical, life embracing perspective aren’t taken. some of the ones most full of the bullshit are the ones insisting the hardest that they really are nice guys.: the perfect man is 6'3" but he won't tell you that because he wants a girl to love him for him. i’ve seen more than one guy say how visiting nyc and going on cruises doesn’t count as “travel” and another guy say “please at least have a valid passport. mind you, i’m 6 foot and can carry over 200 lbs of dead weight over 100 yards! i wonder how many of the “athletic, healthy eaters who are looking for a soulmate with similar interests contact these women? ve a un pub con algunos amigos and just meet people; start living your life according to you and you may meet guys who simply happen to like what you like… se me antoja un buen comienzo! in that case should the much older gentleman walk off from you because you are “debilitated”?) it does a remarkable job of illustrating how men are focused on a woman’s shape and looks, it notes that women care about appearance as well, although they key in on different sorts of factors, etc. because many of the women were with guys who, at least on the face of it, didn’t have “it”. in all honesty, unless you live in san marino (highly likely you end up dating a [distant] relative) or in the vatican city (sure to get lots of fake profiles, i mean just not to give themselves away that easy hehe…) nowhere is too small to go out and get to know people “while you live your life”. the only thing predictable about life is that it is unpredictable. i’m almost starting to think jumping out of an airplane at 13,500 feet is easier than meeting a female who is “cute and fun”. i concede that your description of what men are looking for in a woman is true for a fairly wide cross-section of men. but the fact remains your pretty house of cards has equal chances of coming crashing down on you. exactly what you want girl, and make sure this is not only present in the veneer of the mask when you see it! if you have other boyfriends, this is easy to do. there are specialty dating sites that have a purpose, take christian mingle for instance. seems more natural to meet someone in context — in a class, at the health club, at a wedding, at a show, through an organization you belong have every right to find him…and needless to say you do not need anyone’s approval to do so. yes i’m not attracted to someone that shows physically that they do not care to take care of themselves. 55 yr old man who looked me up and down and said “you’ll do just fine, let’s go back to my place, i have something to show you” (i didn’t go)., coming from another country, i am always shocked to see how much many women emphasize on money in the us. dating several people at once is not about having to hide things or about being deceitful. love that you posted you are looking for a ‘well-heeled’ man! i may go back to on-line dating despite the bad luck i’ve had. you don’t want me staring at your ass as you walk by, and i don’t want you staring at my wallet. also found the spelling terrible on many of their profiles and many were written like a text message. those a-holes will never ever want you or any girl they are just wanting the b**ty for 5 min. i want one man, not rushing to the alter any time soon, not moving in, but a partner/ companion in my life to share things. a few folks will get a kick out of this humorous image (it is meant in fun!!The internet is an evil place to look for love but what else is there to do at night sometimes when you are not working out. it is typically only the guys looking for a much younger partner – around my area.@ mystie: “i have another complaint about the men of match: many of their profiles are too long. an over inflated sense of confidence hiding behind a monitor or with some liquid courage in you…we live in a sad world that is really lacking in close friendships and personal connections! girls are just expected to give it up without any assurance that the guy even gives a flying shit about them. stars variations: "your lyft is here to pick you up! at most athletic events, and we go to lots, one member of the couple is the athlete and the other sits on a chair and waits to drive the exhausted person home. in the few years i tried match, the majority of guys that e-mailed me/hit on me on that site were older, unattractive to me and probably 70 to 100 lbs. i love to scuba dive, went to roatan last year for 11 days, but did it alone with friends only wishing i was with someone with the same propensities…but no. he isn’t a mind reader so clue him in on your likes and dislikes etc. he’s a soldier, so working out is important to us (6 days a week when were home) we travel, (for free because of his job). lot of women have a mental list of "musts" for the men and women they want to meet and date. and many say they don’t like to write about their selves. i do agree that it happens way to often, and we’ve become a society of throw it away and get new just because you don’t want to actually put forth an effort tomake something work!, here’s a challenge for you: go on there as a guy. the real kicker here is the type of girl they are all looking for. not to mention i specifically put that i dont date smokers or drinkers…yet every pic of every old dude has cigs and a beer in his hand…., going back to how we came to “converse”, i’d rather focus on the really good tips you gave the girl, not how negatively you reacted to my wording. and if we are talking about a fling or an affair, sure who doesn’t want eye candy on their arm (or *on* themselves ;-)).

Dating Advice For Women: Don't Be Shy, Date Multiple Guys

this freaks me out even more to try it out. a little stuck on what guys are asking for in women but a great explinaion nontheless., just review the sites before you try again, you should do better after becoming knowledgeable from the reviews. you must be a little more picky than how you are sounding on here. in all, if you get this one, let me tell you that i respect your views and i only mean to argue from my perspective and experience, not meaning to attack! the men i went out with were:A 62 yr old crackhead who slept with prostitutes because they are “beautiful”, (admission on 1st date). i wouldn’t consider someone with young children but i thought there might be people my age that have children old enough that they aren’t consuming 100% of their time. my husband told me of one lady that wanted to be the storm for his wolverine! most women worth their salt are, in my opinion, looking more for a well-matched, stable and successful beau who is confident, self-assured (but not too much so ;-)), has a great sense of humour, is fun to be with and makes them feel safe. you have to understand that yes most women don’t and won’t date a man shorter then they are. i could be mistaken but i think a misandristic attitude lowers the level of discussion, is divisive and adversarial, the same as a misogynistic attitude does. any good online dating sites or what has worked for you? early on in my match days before i knew what to expect (or thought i knew what to expect), i had a guy asked me if i had a web cam, i did not, and i told him so. i like to email a few times, then talk on the phone a couple of times to see what this person is all about( very casual, no personal questions asked). but i’m getting pretty good at recognizing the clues…broken, strange english from someone who says they grew up in the mid-west, lots of amazing affirmations that you know don’t actually fit you (like “drop dead gorgeous” when i’m pretty average looking, and “i loved the detail you put in your profile” when my profile is written very succinctly). future trophy wife honey,You see, you really just need to see things through the eyes of today’s man. ) men who seem to be noticing me are either 25 or 65 years old…. my sister and her husband have a fireplace downstairs at my dad’s house which we could use if i ask her permission. they may be scared because of past experiences with men. 50 yr old man who kept telling me how crazy his ex is and. it gets worse the older they get because now they want all of that and a woman 20 years younger! his work dogs, exercise, mother, car,he actually had no space and time to give to a women, especially if she lives 1 hour away from him. of the same women who are snatched up really young are often the same women that are single again in middle-aged and they still awesome but maybe a little less trusting of men, in my opinion. you want to know where he is, what he’s up to, who he’s with, if he’s thinking of you. hunting, there probably are some half decent men out there, but if i could make a suggestion, ladies? i did find many of the guys profiles to have similar clich’es and conflicting statements about what they wanted in a woman. some of the women and men will share a few of these reasons. my most viewed articles were about men, like men are simple creatures, why men are scared of marriage, love is man’s greatest need, can you love without respect. oh cause you think you are hot/smart/rich/talented enough to land that victoria’s secret model huh? i think i’m a decent looking guy for being 46. men my age are looking for women who are “toned and athletic, make their own money, no kids at home, adventurous, fun with no drama or baggage” well…people over 51 who have been in relationships are probably gonna have baggage. when you feel happy with your life, even if it’s not perfect, you attract lots of interesting people. tv and popular culture sure do make it seem like you have to be wealthy to be sucessful in this country but there are lots of real world people who dont live like that. i got really tired of it and eventually left the dating sites for those reasons and because of creepers (people who sent up red flags by saying something remotely pedophile-ish or something else). made a list of non negotiable’s when i was younger. needed to forget about that, and just be his own man. tried dating sites for a while in my late 20s and early 30s and came to the conclusion that there are a lot of people on dating sites that have a flair for writing poor fiction as their profiles are so hard to believe and their expectations even more so. generosity is something everyone should praise and definitely something you want in a good man. and i’ve been called “nice” , but in a bad way , “you are a nice girl”.! all the best to you in your search for a genuine partner. anytime i see a halfway decent looking man hes got a ring on his left hand and dirty old men are hurling themselves at me left right and centre….( miami being a very international and booming metropolis ) but let’s put it this way : my analytical brain tends to turn off many men or scare them away. gets quite different when people accept to drop their “masks” and interact with each other in a more transparent way…. i can count one time i have ever seen a couple in public where it was apparent they were a couple and the guy was kind of chubby and plain looking and the girl was thin and really attractive. (yes, the will smith hitch) would say guys like the ones described are the reason sites like match even exist! nice man and i wish him well, but we were at completely different stages of life and had very little in common. if i was bitter i would be against dating and not currently be in a relationship which i am. i did notice though a lot of the guys on there that looked way into their late 40’s or even 50’s all say they’re 43. everybody is testing each other, and doing so because of the sins of the men and women who came before. a guy, talking to tons of guys, and knowing how a guy things – a womans physical body is important. thing, if a person says they enjoy long outdoor walks, some people may think that their hobbies are not so exciting when in fact, long walks with someone who likes to sharesome time in a park, beach or an urban setting, could be such a great experience of connectivity with the other and nature ). i even think that dating many people might be one of the best ways to find the one person you are really looking to find. totally understand that these guys expectations are quite over the top! too much honesty up front scares people off, give it more gently in time, and you will succeed. i finally was sent a tickle by a guy whose profile simply said he wanted to meet someone who was kind and secure of herself. in the meantime, just do whatever makes you happy x. but with that said, anyone i meet who has kids, is so occupied with their games, school, the ex drama, and then with work and finances, they don’t have time, money, energy, or any positivity to share. twince i tried online dating, same thing but you forgot to mention all to 45+ yr.. (where he has lived for decades now) his work has been popular only with a passionate few., as someone who has been with a woman as young as sam talks about let me share with you a few home truths….’m impressed that you took the time to read the profiles.@makesenseofit – seems women who have the same set of values around a partner’s age as you are not looking for a man but a bionic guy. is right : samuel’s posts are always ultra super interesting. if their profiles are to be believed they have no need for residences in denver because between hiking, biking, skiing, climbing 14ers, camping, traveling the world and volunteering with poor children in africa/chile [pick one] there’s no way they have time to be here. online dating , i’ve deleted myself off of all sites now. how many times have i heard this from a woman that really didnt do anything to deserve it? other marketing aspect to this is to cast as large a net as possible for potential matches. wait… how will i have money for all of this with my guy gone adventuring all the time?, bear in mind that women get absolutely spammed if we sign up to dating sites and have to wade through hours of ‘married but looking for fun’, ‘want a girl 20 years younger’, ‘hi babe u iz well fit’, ‘give me your bank details’, ‘can you send me some x-rated pics so i can judge the goods better before we meet’ messages before we even get a chance to read the ones from normal, sane men. your match experience is better so far than mine was. geena davis didn’t have twins until she was 48ish!, the cultural difference ( i am from europe ) : i have a hard time saying “i had suuuch an ammaaaazing time with you tonight” even if i do think i did.. the ones who aren’t generous are also miserly, angry, women haters… don’t waste your time on the losers who don’t appreciate a good woman, you know where it’s at! if you think all men online are that way you’re simply, for lack of a better word, stupid. sadly i have had no reply from any of the woman i have contected…and i did contact only a small few because it is hard to find a profile where the woman spell out what she is realy into. am not putting the blame on all men here as i met some really nice guys but for some reason, they or i or both were not insterested in meeting for a second “round”. now try it as a man, and see how you do. and if all else fails, you can either get a donation from a sperm bank or have your womb removed and let us all live in peace 😉. you really touched a nerve with your article; responses to it continue to be posted well into 7-months. nothin more nothin less, and they’re bitter when they can’t get some young action. it is a great way to really take the time to understand what you want in another person -- and to know when you have found it. the 10% of men that are just average looking on match can’t seem to communicate like grown men. 56 yr old man who took me out to lunch and said he had been on 35 dates in the last year alone (from the way he went on and on about his ex, i think he was looking for someone just like her). if you dont, hes gone, even if he was looking for a real relationship because clearly youe too uptight. to repeat what i said in my earlier post, condemnation and dissing still follow the path of least resistance. and most of the people with these qualities are probably already taken. am sure that many women can be rude too, especially on the online world and that many men have the feeling of being used by taking a woman out to dinner once or twice a week for months and never get to see this woman again. think it’s a given that anyone with children is going to put them first.) progress and various achievements women have made scare the s* out of men -and some other women. have one question that maybe someone can answer how come all the 4 guys who texted me on match kept insisting on an email address or phone number. that would so explain why the males in almost every species mates with multiple partners to increase the chances of continuing his genetic line! comment above boiled down to a woman with an unrealistic expectation, just as men will similarly have an unrealistic expectation. i can tell you are a beautiful intelligent woman & one day one of these ridiculous men will realize that in you. i tried an age gap relationship for a very brief period and it was like dating my father.” oh yes i know if he is the right person for me, after speaking 5 mns on the phone “. you come across as someone who thinks life happens according to your plan so you have a check-list to decide whom you want to go with. can say you’re not a gold-digger if you like, but the behavior you describe would 100% guarantee that you’re not the sort of person i’m interested in. really, isn’t dating and falling in love the greatest form of self-interest? many people date "comfortably"; they keep seeing people who are nice, but they never date anyone who really excites them. i was a young bride and, therefore, missed out on learning about male expectations until i was in my 30s. they are so pushy even after you politely say that you don’t give out an email address right away. this on zankaj's blog and commented:Let me start off by saying that i met my wife on an online site. must be the same men who write the help wanted ads for technology jobs where you have to be a subject matter expert, know how to program in a multitude of languages using a multitude of tools on a multitude of platforms. suggest women seeking a husband or a long-term companion, or even just the best men they can find for fun and memories choose a couple good guys, and then toss a third one in to complete the trifecta. checking out profiles in one of those matching places and a lot of the guys had lists as long as their legs on what they wanted the girl of their dreams to have.!It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 20, all guys are like this… even if you’re already dating them!…but don’t you think it would be much nicer to say ” i enjoyed our conversation,I would like to continue it another time. think that in real life we are used to being around people of similar means, circumstance and lifestyle. i completely agree with you and that the men on this dating website have their priorities wrong. this on aifelqueen's blog and commented:This is just sooo true! i’ve been on the dating site a little over a year and a half. my sister and i have the complete opposite taste in men. i feel like i kind of have a sixth sense for picking out the fakes and losers so didnt have too many problems. me of “pride and prejudice”, when miss bingley tells elizabeth bennet about what mr. one guy made the mistake of claiming he lived in the same michigan town as my cousins. i know i get turned off if a man is negative. mystie, the past 6 weeks have been a real eye opener in regards to dating. on match, when you block someone, you can block them from viewing your profile also. they’ll never admit it but the way to tell is that they have this long list of bullshit and really don’t actually have as much as they want to tell you they do. it was pretty disappointing that there were really no guys out of the hundreds that contacted me that i was really excited about. the fact that you’re so defensive is more then a little amusing. thought we were all discussing how it is hard to find a soulmate, how delusional people are, fake profiles, etc. but you might find one of the 10 that isn’t! younger that had winked at me on-line (we never went out) and i see him at my kids school all the time now–that was a little embarassing at very scary when they push and push and i laughed so hard as one called me “babe” like you mention in your blog. he then asked me if i wanted to view his…i said sure, ok. as a guy, let me point out some un-realistic expectations the women have. happened upon this blog while searching something else and had to reply. i think you must have more restrictions than she must be attractive and have a sense of humor.’s nothing to with “no women anymore” women are the same as they’ve always been. about the large numbers of men with children who specifically state they are not interested in a woman who has a child…..I loved your post, and i just wanted to let you know i put a link to it on my featured blog page on my blog virgin rules. do not live in a rainbow and puppies world as your write it, i am much aware of the difficulty most of us have in meeting someone mentally decent these days. women are slowly gaining more power by earning their own money.’s interesting with all of the time on their hands to zipline and travel the world that the first complaint i get when i won’t drop everything and meet them in 20 minutes is that i’m not spontaneous. let me begin by saying that i’m the last guy in the world to defend the behavior of other men. olds who are looking for a :serious relationship” with a great woman who is between 20 and 30 years old. i also want to date someone who is at a similar life stage and has similar values/wants as me. if the men you’re corresponding with are from the charlotte area, it’s entirely possible some or all of them have frequented the facility. one guy claimed he is 5’8″, when i saw him, he was about 4′ tall. i know is, meeting a good woman to share a life with is very extremely hard nowadays for us good guys. by creepy i mean i had guys proposing without meeting (probably scammers)guys that told me they believed husbands had the right to beat their wives, etc. like i know that all women online aren’t like you…. had totally similar experiences… but then one day, i found a keeper 🙂 love your post and sarcasm, but keep up the hope! my friend joined a dating site and within one month met his future wife while i’ve been on for ages on all of them and have had no luck.! i knew the dating scene was bad, but still… lmao! worldly, kind-hearted, confident, humble, perhaps he is holding a family of kittens he just rescued out of a gutter, or better yet, a block of cheese. i recently joined a popular dating website and was just as surprised by what i found on there! ( i did finally meet a guy through an online dating website after 4 years and we very recently had our first anniversary together but this needs to be said over and over and evaluated until guys can learn to control their dicks and grow up and be a decent human being as opposed to sex maniacs. i daresay that thre are many women that when messaged by a man of similar attractiveness, will simply decline. “i will do anything to make you happy, even if it means changing who i am. he loves him 🙂 what he says in his songs is so beautiful. i keep getting all kinds of not real guys hitting on me.. back to phil & what the guy at match told me. none of these guys i mentioned were especially handsome or well off so why would the women they seek want them? i think instead of using online dating sites, trying hitting up some sites for things you specifically enjoy and maybe you’ll have better luck meeting people you would be interested in? i met my husband when i was dating his jerk of a friend, their friendship had a falling out as well as my relationship with the guy shortly after we were spending time together and we just clicked. if he calls himself a ‘nice guy’ or similar, probably best to avoid – actual nice people don’t tend to need to advertise the fact. agree that to most guys looks are the first thing they care about but i think women are at least as much that way if not worse., i did try this — not the way you suggest, but on the suggestion by one of my male friends, he told me to go read the posts that women put up. comment is mean and does not add any value to this exchange of opinions. be fair i think most people would struggle to say what they want in a potential love interest, and struggle to make themselves seem attractive enough to cut through the noise too come to think of it. there is a confounding factor in the mix, it is a guy with tude, i. reading your blog and let me just say you make me not miss being single. and those are just a few of my big strikes. so, really it’s not much different from an online dating site! the more confident of this species may even list size if he is so inclined. this is not to say that younger men are not empathetic or have the wisdom of an older man. i too an 29 and will soon be thirty; but my promise i made to myself was that i would not continue on if i was still alone. finding it means meeting and interacting with as many prospective significant others as possible. i just seriously dated a guy like that and still got dumped. i don’t think you want this type of girl, if she even exists, because then she’d be too intimidating and you’d feel like she was overshadowing you and better than you at the things you do, and lord knows that would be a problem. the stats these days it is entirely possible (and i certainly wish no one ill) that the woman who is 10-15 years younger may develop her own issues, related to health or whatever, which may very well compromise her and in such circumstances she will need the love and caring of an older man who has a better understanding of life than someone a year or three or four closer to the woman in age, doesn’t have. it comes to the guy i took as an example, who offered to meet at dunkin donuts, i also thought it was a test for a while. i’ve noticed the same things you have everyone says they want it and they do it, but do they really? come on girls, ok sometimes its a bit over-the-top but surely you want a man with some vavavoom even it is a nerd! that what women around here are obsessed about : someone’s face and body and wallet ? while women of substance may take that for what it is worth, but whether that is the kind of guy they will settle for is quite another matter. check out a movie called “tamara drewe” (a loosely-based contemporary interpretation of “far from the madding crowd”) which touches upon some of these issues. like you’re being contacted by straight up idiots or scammers.’m 52 and all i get set up with are shallow hals(men who want waif thin, blond, and blue-eyed women. does this make me glad i married at 21… i get to avoid all this dating crap lol it really sounds like these guys want a woman who looks like angelina jolie, behaves like their mother but can act like a man on demand… seriously? bet these guys came up with their expectation lists while flipping through the ads in maxim. in that case it was probably whatever negative you put in. i think they are employed some how to keep people interested in the site, thinking that there’s actually these fricken model looking people on here looking for a partner. sounds more like these men are looking for labrador retrievers to join them on these adventures than bonafide women. you know something…sometimes the love you’re looking for is right under your nose…. you do sound bitter and this is hardly the sort of reply that arielle deserves. understand younger can be more attractive ( physically and less baggage ) but why not trying to meet someone their age or a few to years younger, not a difference of one or two generations ? i don’t want to be settled for; that nice guy who you want to accompany you on the couch watching some soap; whishing that was you with that guy on tv…. i’ve done the online dating, and blogged about it, too. by expanding it, for example by adding “is able to hang with the boys” you’re letting prospective requests know that you’re looking for someone he can have around when the boys come over. i started to date a little and i’ve gotten a crash course in dating . perhaps he is bike riding in sonoma, or casually strolling down a european side street, or holding a box full of canned food he's about to donate to charity, or picnicking., instead of writing an article about men on dating websites, i wrote a quick article about the “top six excuses for canceling a date.. do you know of the way most women handle that situation?, you seem like an inteligent person who is way beyond online dating fads.

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but i think this may be true of a lot of men that when it comes right down to it they step into a kind of hamlet’s dilemma. i'll cook you dinner if you'll let me talk about my start-up app that puts shelter animals in loving homes. i have no clue if there is a spanish or dutch or british sensitivity but it’s true that many people in america tend to avoid or deny feelings related to nostalgia, questioning our life and its purpose…etc…. a lot if guys can not have kids (even if older than 40 and even if the woman already has kids), must make 0+, be athletic/go to the gym a lot, love to travel, must not be a player/look at other women, etc, and my personal favorite, must be ‘generous’ and ‘supportive’. are you saying i shouldn’t bother; that i’m less of a man for my bum genetics?) and men you don’t want to meet up in a alley! as franny said in one of her posts : “life is not just about butterflies and puppies”…. ) i am jewish and would rather be with a jewish man, to share a similar cultural legacy, which clearly reduces the number of potential candidates. shannon- if you wrote a book about your experiences on those sites, i bet it would be a best seller. just don’t let it turn you into someone who is bitter (my own experience). i met the love of my life online and he looked way better in person than in his photos, and you can’t judge personality in writing. maybe a few nights of wild eroticism but not too much afterwards… 🙂. he's just trying to be the best man he can be for his future family. but please don’t forget there are no guarantees as to how life will turn out with your ideal partner.’m thinking the fact that this samuel guy feels the need to argue about whether or not a woman “deserves” a proper first date is proving what all the women are saying. on the contrary, all the guys i met seemed to be decent guys, professionals, stable…but then my market is in the 40s and above. we were free to suspend the dating at any time for any reason. and yet, for a certain type of man, he can pretty much go and find many women who meet his specs…. it can likely be construed to mean you are needy and dependent to start off with. so, i don’t think dating can be any reliable these days for the really honest, sincere, law-abiding professional people. now this is my “1 wink” for the week of july 8, 2013. insightful analysis about the men who are not looking for a relationship, and instead “fishing for the most contacts”. found the entire experience very odd, yet highly amusing and proceeded to reject around 600 “matches” ( if you could even remotely call them such ) ! duh said, “this is why most of the men on match are really trying to score out of their league. of all, i am tired of so many women that have an attitude problem and play very hard to get which they certainly need to grow up. get out there and know that an amazing relationship is out there for you, but that you are the one who has to go find it., this post has done wonders to improve my mood today and is giving me quite a bit of entertainment! there are fantastic men online, and we’re trying to figure out how we can distinguish ourselves from the louts in ways that women can readily perceive. some of those guys sound like job ads i’ve read – let’s throw out everything i want and maybe i’ll get ten percent of it! i hated to be so blunt but my patience is wearing thin.. i’m still looking for an instructor of online dating to teach me how to go about this process. try focusing on not expecting the worse, yet not expecting the best either… i was so frustrated so many times on online dating when i did it; soon came to realize the best attitude is just the one without any ideas in advance, aka: expectations. give it a shot, though – it might be a needle in a hay stack, but there’s some good guys on there. however, if i were still out there looking, knowing what i know now, i'd go about the dating scene a little differently. have another complaint about the men of match: many of their profiles are too long. men of yahoo who leave comments in the comment section of the articles are usually much worse than match though., if you do decide to meet a guy from match i think i have a pretty good system to sifting out the losers. i’m the sixty-two year old widowed woman & proud to be this wise age! i certainly don’t want a man who is “willing to try anything once..You’re a man on match, you like a woman. but let’s take all we know from this conversation, especially what marie had to say, and flip it around. i don’t blame women for their rejection; hell i don’t think they deserve a guy with ptsd and depression. i wish age didn’t matter, because i chose younger men previously, and i enjoyed it, but ultimately they wanted a younger girl to start a family with. i would never give out my last name to any guy on an on-line dating site unless we had been e-mailing for a while. informative Tinder guide for you ladies wading into the digital dating pool. most of the men on this site are unattractive, broke older men looking for younger women. i understand that not all men are identical, and not all women want or need the same things. in 4 months, he never even offered to take out his wallet to pay for himself, no matter what we did…. ladies: i learned some valuable things you need to know. even in men, apparently, when we’re supposed to be on the sunny side of societal/sexual inequity? (for the record, i didn’t see evidence of awkward wording in your post above, but different emotions are at play in different types of writing. would you really say those things to a person you just met and make a good impression on them? i think we know a little more about that horrible dating site then you. if you’re interested in reading my failed dating site venture check out my blog. now husband is actually a profile i had skipped over because he had almost all grey hair with hair cut straight from the 50’s and he is a good 4 inches shorter than me. thing of the day: guy's plan to group text 32 tinder matches backfires., you’re impressed by a man’s class if he buys you an expensive drink. why do we; women over 35 years old, mostly get introduced to men who are 10/15 years older ? she treated him similar to many men i’ve seen who make more money than their spouse, like he was not good enough for her. that whole scene is just a big show of what you want people to see, and not who you really are. he doesn’t have to be a millionaire, he just needs a job, his own car (i’m not a driver) oh yeah and not live his mommy. tone of the comments in many cases is of anger laced with condemnation. if that was the kind of woman he was looking for, then he should had specified that on his profile. a side note, i know a woman who does many of the things those men say they do and are seeking (frequent travel and adventure)…she has not had much online dating success . i recently saw a guy who lived around me who was 65 and wanted women between 18-35 so he could have a large family! at least this is what i keep hearing and telling myself over and over. i think the reason we need failed relationships is to figure out what’s important to us. are those the type of characteristics these guys are looking for? chin up, though; 30 seems old to you now because you are hanging by a thread to your twenties.’m not saying that there is anything wrong with what you want in a boyfriend/best friend, its normal; i just wish i could be what you girls are looking for….), and i’m looking just for this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and that and that. banish your unrealistic expectations and open your eyes some more. i think there are a lot of guys like me that are average looking and have little/no baggage that didn’t find someone when they were young due to education/job or like me got sick of the whole dating game and spent their time and energy on other interests. i sweat both of those are in %99 of girls profiles. in the long run being in a relationship isn’t about you, it’s about them! your profile sucks, no matter if you’re 20 30 or 90, you won’t get that desired guy or gal to write to you because you’re not attracting them. so if that guy/gal sounds to good to be true most likely there is something their not telling you about until you after falling for them find out that’s unsettling. some of them are so straight forward, it’s just shocking to me.’m not familiar with too many high paid women but one that i knew of had the sweetest husband who was one of the best father’s i ever met. i had such a similar experience with online dating and had a ” go at it ” for very similar reasons. does lacking in any preconceived ideal lessen the real person in front of you? as women, we are being told ( my our male friends and some of our female friends or relatives ) that we have to play it hard to get considering men need a challenge, something to “hunt” for, otherwise, if things are too easy, many of them just loose interest very quickly. i only require that you don’t physically revolt me." though this can also swing 180, pretentiously referencing records, bikes, or arthouse cinema. are not perfect, for sure but not many of them end up dropping everything they have built in the name of libido revival with someone new. the contrary, what i see will probably make you think twice about what you may think : many people say i am an attractive woman, smart, gregarious…. have you completely missed all of the news stories about how the down fall of our society is the fact that women are higher educated, more focused on achieving personal goals and wanting to be self sufficient before thinking about settling down and even thinking of having children? the trick with that is figuring out ways to get everyone together so you can meet the friends of friends. - continue reading belowphoto: mara sprafkinhow to identify: shirtless photos; tasteful d pics; pictures that come within 1 millimeter of being nsfw; come hither stares; all body, no face, in case the boss is swiping. is interesting that near the end of your reply you stated, “the foundation of their relationship is about sharing the same values, not the looks. of all, these guys check off “slender” as the body type for their match… they rarely check off “athletic and toned. it occur to you that maybe you aren’t facing reality and your own age when the men look much older than you expect? if nothing else you could just end up with a friend to talk to or confide in. years but i was not dating there–i was married. i think the email correspondence and the shared industry, led me to believe that he wasn’t really the personality type of a “used car salesmen. i don’t want to be last on the list this time. assure you, i neither need a nursemaid nor want one. your salary is over 0k+, you are 6′ 0″ and look like george clooney you don’t stand much of a chance. i would love to see your match profile…except that i’ve deleted my account. such, we are not news reporters while we write and, therefore, not obligated to discuss both sides of an issue. also, you may end up having to move to find love. but all i say about the looking for is that i would like to have “some” interest in common…and thats it. as long as they are reasonably physically fit and seem happy and normal guys will flock to them but i know that’s not really the truth but it always seemed that way. think the real honest people fail at on-line dating because they’re, well, honest. all american women are the way you seem to think., there is something wrong with a woman dating a man 10 years older than her. most of us, male and female, are a little hum drum though. a good guy will ask for a date after a 2-3 days of email conversation. not to mention, you make the assumption that she will have her husband take care of all the finances. i think the advent of widespread pronogrqphy has done a real disservice to women, as men don’t want a real woman, they want a fantasy woman. what’s worthwhile about me simply doesn’t become clear until you’ve known me awhile, and probably everyone i know can testify to that. because you met them on their one month up period, it’s all down hill from there. most important reason to date multiple people, in my opinion, is that it is the number one best way to really find the person you're looking for. yet there are many men who are not looking for the stereotypical waif-thin, demure yet adventure-sport gal, who can also play wifey, mommy, slut, have a career, be a gourmet cook, climb mountains and peaks like you describe in your article. i’ve gotten 4 messages and they consisted of “hi” and that’s it. membership buys us as call girls maybe but one guy tried to take me to burger king and i literally laughed in his pin headed face. think these guys are crazy, liars or too cheap to join. forget what i think – most female feminists i know would be looking to brain you right about now for the ways in which you’re reinforcing traditional stereotypes about female submission. i don’t care if you look like a movie star as long as i find you somewhat attrractive. even though i do not know sam personally, i am more than certain that he is most definitely not looking for a trophy wife. when you don’t want to spend time going deeper. look at me, i’m rambling…the problem is simple and universal, yes. i think they are just being honest about their experiences. pickings are slim and the one person i met and said no to us now sending me emails badgering me on why i said no. with so many women nowadays that have been very abused by men, i guess they are very much afraid which i can’t blame them in a way. line dating is the worst way to meet someone, and it is very scary for anyone trying to find love. whenever i go on match i just feel inferior compared to everyone i’m put up against. i think the statistics are that one in four women are a victim of domestic violence and one in nine men.. this morning i had a guy who was looking for 33-55 year old woman email me.! love this post…i’m 33 and have avoided online dating for all the reasons you mentioned! dating tips and etiquette: is it rude not to reply? and it really depends on each individual person, because i have different levels of tolerance based on many different factors”. i would contact a female the way the guys contacted you. tons of men and women are hung up about fucking the hottest people and having the most interesting lives. but this has been perhaps the most interesting extended conversation we’ve ever had here at s&r and it would be nice if we could at least avoid punishing the innocent. to cultural events where people share opinions about books, politics, international news, art or a spiritual place like a church, a synagogue, a buddhist temple, an outdoor camp, a meditation group will bring all of us more insight and opportunities to meet truly interesting people. i hear you on the “analytical brain” turning off or scaring away the men. i deffinately had some horror stories from dating back in my day, however you just don’t know who may be around the corner from you and absolutely perfect for you…not saying he won’t annoy you but you’ll be head over heels for him. lots of guys want families, it’s not exactly the first thing we want to hear about when the first date hasn’t even happened yet.’ve lasted so much longer than i did, lisa; two days was enough to tell me most guys on dating sites are the fred flintstone variety and they seem to see it as some sort of genie for conjuring up stepford wives. its no wonder rape is so prevelant in our society. after exchanging many texts with him after his invitation to meet there ( he would not have a proper phone conversation, which i thought was really inappropriate for the type of conversation we were having, why i thought meeting at dunkin donuts was not appropriate for a first encounter and why the thought there was no problem with it )…. this on hollywood pop candy and commented:One woman’s thoughts on arriving at 30 and the dating experience in 2013. it doesn’t help the first impression in my book, even if they “assume” you can simply look at there profile to find more to talk about. oprah says when you find a pair of shoes you like, buy “a pair and a spare. prince charming might be ugly in the conventional sense of what is considered handsome at any given time.’s because they’re sad they never got to fuck the prom queen or the quarterback or never got to do this or that etc.. mumford and/or one of his sons aka "the hipster". i’d think, seriously–he thought i’d want to date him? people are not perfect, or anywhere close, especially after you get to know them. you say about men who were trying hard to show their ‘adventurous’ side: the same applies to women as well. i’ve seen some of the profiles you mentioned and then i got messages like, “hey! all you did is migrate the same behavior you already had to a different place. so, i go to my first date with all the pictures in my mind of what he looks like and his description of being 5’8″ , athletic & toned. now the my female friends from work are not writing the replies but reviewing and coaching me on what or how to say it that most likely will appeal to women. now on my profile, i checked off the box saying that i want someone who wants kids and who’s single (… why i have to specify this troubles me).@ryb38 – forgive me for sounding preachy but in my opinion/experience feedback from others is often helpful, esp. he’s out there waiting for you…you just never know when or how:).: blind dates, studs ‘n flaming cortinas | reflections of a misfit. i dun know about the women but the guys are total creepers. how hard is it to just be normal for these guys? most of the women now want a man with a very large bank account, and that is really sad. knowing the losers on dating sites he’s probably contacting women in their 20’s and hurt they reject him. i am athletic and workout so you can imagine my “ugh” reaction when 45 and 57 year olds hit on me asking to get with me. i have been on one somewhat date, and have never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl that was not paid., tons of men miss the boat by acting like immature teenagers who have no clue about the world around us and do not care at all about the woman they may be meeting. the way i see it is, first dates are hard enough. i know i'm going to get some serious flack (i said it, flack) for writing this article. favorite thing to hear from guys (and normally with in the first email from them) “you have great/huge/perfect boobs” then they would ask for me to send them a full body shot. men do not realize that many women today ( i know some of them ) look amazing at 60. i agree that these websites are not the way to meet people. they want to be liked, and maybe someday loved, not for their jobs or their houses or their cars or their job titles, but for who they are.. how is it shallow to decide not to choose someone as a mate if that potential mate has a chronic disease? are similar to men, they also request a lot of things, and in miami, they mainly want men with money, men who’re career guys, and who are athletic (but don’t show it). the intent was not to be mean, however – other than the general observation that not only guys are chasing women ‘out of their league”, but women do the same thing., i wish you the best of luck and please come back here from time to time to let us know how it’s going 😜. and if these guys would realize that sometimes we possess qualities that haven’t even erupted yet, they might get a great catch and then as a couple they would create things & go do things they love to do together. what else is there; i don’t feel right harnessing the cashier at stop n shop…. i’m not the guy that brings to mind the best times of their life.’s a single dad and lives in an apartment with one of his kids. most of the guys on match seem to have personality disorders. older is not an easy experience, and we are all going towards this direction. really liked what you wrote and somehow there is also a big lie over internet dating, which attracts a lot of people who want to spend a night with someone ( or maybe just the afternoon 🙂 ) instead of looking for a relationship and just want to get it done fast. it is usually me that isn’t very interested in them. are not all the same but it’s true, online dating pushes many men and women to act in a very superficial or non courteous way. i don’t really care it’s just a funny thing to see over and over. of course, if you do not even bother to read a response all the way to the end because reading 15 lines is too much for you, then you are definitely not ready to question your approach and getting out of your own way. i’m 5’3″ no family, no prospects, and a history that could fill a jane eyre novel. surprisingly he looked better in person and has his life totally together. off, sorry for the delay in response, no excuse, but its a little difficult to get some time when your traveling. funny thing was, he stated that he had done this many times over! thought this was a joke and the guy had a very sharp sense of humor. i’m not against joining a new dating site in the future if things don’t work out with him. carded everywhere…so…why the hell is grandpa trying to pick me up? if you are saturday girl, you might be priority… some of that stuff is just plain excuses. coming from a ruff life, i have always found it difficult to talk about my past; much less write it down on a dating resume. if you date two men, you still have enough free time to wonder these things. 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what they never mentioned was that they were rejecting women their age and seeking 20+ years younger and wondering why the women would reject them. no normal semi-attractive man that i could see myself dating. i wish i could send you a pic to get your thoughts about my looks. but now us innocent men are suffering for it, and that isn’t fair at all. online profiles aren’t the incite filled window into people’s personalities, they are marketing tools. some of us are tossed aside by potential lovers for things we have no control over, even though we are doing a pretty damn good job of dealing with those things.’t give up so soon…yes, there are some creepers and some guys that want a girl who doesn’t exist…i was on match for a year, but after that year, i got lucky and found the love of my life. i keep telling myslf that maybe someday there will be just one normal man out there who isnt lying to himself. enjoy your own people, have fun at your mud runs, and please, take them off the hands of people like me, whose idea of a strenuous workout is crossing an entire outlet mall in a leisurely four hours.. i’m 5’8″ as well and of course 5’11” and above is a bonus but in no way a deal breaker. people are looking for excuses for not giving time nor space to someone else, even during the initial online communication process, it just means that they are simply not interested or not willing to change anything to their routine and life. which is why i haven’t checked on my account in a year or two :). keep faith, enjoy your life, don’t compromise yourself and you will know when you met someone worth while. i say this despite the fact that all i (we? just like not everyone is the same in the bar scene or anywhere else that you try to find a mate. the irony i did meet someone offline i like but is battling addiction so now (or never)is not a good choice. or perhaps one has enough money to take care of the other for a lifetime. i cant believe how much you wrote without even bringing up our countries sex with no strings culture. on guys, this has become ridiculous and quite sad as people have never been as lonely as today. so statistically, you’re saying there’s nothing wrong with her dating a man “16” biological years older than her. then to determine what women are (supposedly) looking for, they flipped through the ads in men’s health. yes i may be a glutton for punishment by coming back. luck with your search, and congrats on getting freshly pressed! it’s a virtual (no pun intended) education as well as fascinating how so many like-minded women have found their way to this discussion thread. but then i’ve never been on a dating site. i turned 30 last year (and am now approaching the dreaded 31) and, like you, i decided to give dating sites a go. faces of beautiful young women, about my daughters’ age, and then it hit me…if these ladies can’t find their matches after two years, the service can’t be that great! (i’m joking) so how can online dating be any worse. you’ve tried as a woman, and told us of your experiences. it is the best way to avoid settling for someone who might be nice and fine but not really the best person for you. people become so afraid of each other that they are mainly hiding themselves behind facebook or whatever pinterest or instagram or jewishwithrabbishlomomatchmaking new social network app is going to come out ? it is sad and amazing that there are so many people out there with too many expectations that usually don’t have the same expectations for themselves. was on my last week of match, did, very ironically (but wait) end up making this unbeliveable connection like i’ve never had – even with ex husband of 20yrs! i never considered people with children before but this time i decided to be more open minded . (only here in la, for example, most people are swiping for dates when they should be rehearsing lines for their upcoming csi: miami audition as cadaver 1. if you’re deluded by the “perfect image” of a guy from cartoons, fairy tale books, or the movies, it’s quite possible you’ve already overlooked prince charming. science for everyone: how scientists measure the carbon dioxide in 800,000 year old air. post, i think i’ve encountered the same guys you have! texted back ( he could not pick up the phone, which i thought was not appropriate for such a “conversation” ) that what mattered is the company, not the place. and it’s not like we’re born wanting to accomplish all these things. they are serious about the line i copied/pasted above, what fault would you find? there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with dating a man older than you if you’re a woman. online dating has been so scary and sad that all i’ve been able to do is laugh at some of the things i’ve seen. although i’m pretty sure there was a book and a couple of movies where this was possible, i believe it was called. i asked him if he had a daughter or something that thought it would be fun to paint dad’s toes… you guessed it, nope! a woman can jump up and down, do some arabesques, draw on the ceiling of restaurant or go half naked across a room, if the man who met her once before is not interested in seeing her again, not much will happen. you may well have reason to be bitter – i know i have gone through periods where i was positively toxic as a result of things that had happened to me (much of it, admittedly, self-inflicted). apparently, men aren’t worthwhile unless their tall, wealthy, jersey shore guys.[admin: every comment at s&r is moderated, and while jc’s comment was certainly mean, the moderator decided after some thought that it was on-topic added sufficient value to the discussion to offset the meanness of the comment. maybe she was hiding something if you had been dating and you still didn’t have her last name? and its jo wonder it feels like there arent enough real men to go around. understand what you mean when you say that online, most people try to look for someone who looks like them or better than them. as far as the employment/salary thing…that is beyond tacky! say you are getting responses like “dream on buddy” and i have to wonder what types of women you are contacting. thing that honestly makes it so hard for me to believe there are any good, single guys anywhere in the planet is i get checked out, flirted with and given free stuff every day. this on murph83's blog and commented:And this is why i have so long avoided the online dating world lol. who knows about the “hidden powers” of the guys who seemed a poor match looks-wise. as your post suggests, most of us aren’t the bear grylls type adventurers that we claim to be, but if we can get your eyes a popping, and your fingers replying, we figure that we can connect the dots after that. i told my husband about your blog post and he said “those guys are losers”. in mind you will be attractive to some women, average to some and unattractive to others. anyone (not just women) will conclude it can only get worse from there were anyone to get close to you. i don’t hear any of the men here saying that the post is wrong. next time you wave words like “crazed”, “mad”, and “fill-my-womb”, be more prepared to be held accountable for your blatant arrogance.@jacqueline – not knowing how old you are, to me it seems you are naive about life. hire someone, a kid neighbor, an amateur photographer, to take them for you in the park, at a cafe, etc. animals mate for life and we can’t even seem to date normal off of some pathetic dating site. now it seems like every @#$%^ and there mother is hitting on my profile which i’m not going to check because 1. thing i found on many men’s profiles was that they were “willing to try anything once. good luck in the dating world, and 30 is still young and sexy! as my grandmother always said, “it’s as easy to fall in love with a rich person as it is a poor person. i thought it was just me that was witnessing this. not only that but then you also have to sift out the straight out crazies, the people that are on meds. joined match recently and 100% of the men that contacted me are “in the army”. it’s a textual (and visual – photos) medium, and if you can’t master communication via that medium, you’re probably in trouble unless you’re a super model millionaire (man or woman). do understand though that many of us have been burned by being too “nice”, too patient, too open or simply ourselves and we have the ( sad ) tendency to overreact or be very defensive to other people’s comments or behaviors instead of just go with the flow. we’re no longer impressed by these so called great guys and their web of bull crap. is the first freshly pressed article that actually genuinely had me laughing. these guys say they are ambitious and have pretty good jobs where they are making average salaries. i might not win every time, but i would end up with quite a bit more money than the vast majority of ladies on this site. One of those promises was that if I was still single at 30, I'd try online dating., then, it just does not lead to anything, except increase his number of facebook friends. he probably will be nervous just like you on the first, second dates. it's for women who are tired of having guys tie their heart strings up into knots., to sum up, you don’t like older guys or younger guys. hope my words are not misconstrued but it seems to me that we, guys, when in those dating sites, look for girls who, by virtue of all their requested, er, virtues, wouldn’t have the need to be on a dating site to begin with! seriously if you are not careful you will get a guy on wants to watch sports with his mates with a beer on the sofa – and thats what i see most of the time. i have no idea where someone goes to meet “new people” for the purpose of dating. have had many too, i am part of all this but how open and cool was i when i met this guy or this other one ? found the same crazy when i was trying to date as a christian single and going to “young adult & career” groups at the church i was attending. bothered me in your comment is the degrading way you speak about weight. me… i don’t think there is another profile like mine but i see you are a good thinking guy so what from a guy’s standpoint are most men looking for in a woman’s profile? assuming it is someone you have an interest in, isn’t this more for you to learn? denigrate men for being shallow, only interested in women for their bodies – but this is a myth. sadness of the situation is that people have become very lonely, mixing up real life with virtual life and we are all getting increasingly immature when it comes to relationships or just getting to know someone.’s note: i’ve allowed this thread to get a bit more mean-spirited than it needs to be, i fear. those that actually are this active are usually to busy to date in a way that leads to anything. i know i would have wrote to you if i thought you were pretty; and seemed like a caring person., what is a gorgeous north carolina lady such as yourself doing on a dating site? by the time he got my phone number he was dating someone else and i’m pretty happy we never dated now. so it’s a numbers game and it could happen in a month or after years of online dating. despite my best efforts, i feel the same as lisa; the women of match also have expectations that i could never measure up to. believe online dating and facebook are to blame for…people loosing touch with real contact, real conversations vs texts, short emails, instant gratification vs taking time to get to know someone. i’m now married (16 years, together for 19 this month) with someone i met by accident. even with this, the most annoying part was what vikki wrote about–foreign scammers who constantly hit you up–they were nearly always 1) widowed, 2) had a salary range of 0,000+, 3) had a ‘graduate degree’, yet (oddly) worked in “labor & construction”. concept is simple: sign in using your facebook account, pick your best photos (most of mine originated from the hubble space telescope for prime thinness), and begin swiping people you want to date to the right, and people who must really really have some serious issues happening if your desperate ass doesn't want to date them, to the left. you’ve read survival of the prettiest you understand how attraction works across cultures. having no children is worse since i am all alone now." keep swiping, left, right, left… the perfect man doesn't exist. i’m ready to give my heart if he will give me his. you date someone that you know who has health issues? it is not my tinder profe pic, but it was my fb profile pic many years back because my rack looks great in it.! i’m thinking you’re on match or a reason! all i can say is looks are likely not among the top 2-3 qualities a woman is looking for, kids or no kids.’ve subscribed to a few free dating sites, most of them are ok, but a few seem to be flooded with nigerian scam artists, making me, and everyone else skeptical about dating anyone outside of a 50 mile radius., you have to be strong and cheerful, be a leader and make a lot of money, otherwise, you could be considered a looser…life just does not work like this and this is probably why everybody and their dog goes to see a shrink here. work out 5 days a week, fishing, camping, 4wding and not looking for one night stands’. second argument that “many say they don’t like to write about their selves” is not anything i’ve heard before.: how much do you like to cuddle while discussing indie music? the funny and sad part is that it’s true. on behalf of millions of men who think the way i do, i’d like to thank you for ruling us out quickly. if you live in fear and insecurity, you are going to meet someone exactly like you. i have met some beautiful people on-line, it is a numbers game…like the wonderful man above with his leper comment, but look how many comments you have! well, fortunately there are some great advantages to single life :0). it’s like some of them have no life beyond the single minded, tunnel visioned drive to reproduce., is not only my identical experience and precise consensus, it got me laughing hysterically. if i’m going to date a short man i want him to embrace his shortness and laugh about it, not act like he’s some victim because of it.. it just means we have to work harder at this & you have your age going for you. the sad part these men do believe they are some kind of god’s gift to women. have to stop thinking that the silly rules that are set up online are what governs our way to interact with each other. make a bad situation worse, if some dude actually posts that he “doesn’t want such unrealistic things”, and he has this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and that and that, she would immediately conclude he is a loser not worthy of her attention. it’s sad, but i still do it because i always find it incredible the kind of people you can meet (not really in a good way). their tone coming through is it’s a whole lot of fun being a misandrist. sad thing is, this is no longer the norm for people meeting! just don't be surprised when you finally see his house and he keeps apologizing for all the toys his "niece" leaves all over the living room, or when he eventually brings up the fact that him and his ex-wife shares custody of said "niece. are online dating sites that give men instructions on how to score with women. someone asks you if you are dating others, you need to be honest and tell that person that you are, but that you are enjoying spending time with them. there are a number of comments which are reasoned where some have shared their experiences, wishes, desires etc. after all, you don’t fall for someone just because they are fluent in three languages and have a penchant for mountain boarding, you fall for who they are as a person. if i was skinny or active and saw thier body and seen they clearly mislabeled thier appearance i wouldnt give them the time of day. you don't have to tell the people you date how many people you're dating. so keeping in somewhat shape and not letting yourself go is important. i actually think it would be a lot better if nobody posted pictures but i found that at least for guys you wont get a response if you don’t post one. at the same time i also believe that a man is not usually the one who chooses. right now i’m soo ticked that i paid them money to join a website that seems to be filled with guys that are not on my level intellectually. we asked someone out for a date, we submitted our request through the dating service and they were the middle person., i got so excited hearing similar things i experienced, that i forgot to put a pic and i messed up my email address… everything you say i have found, creepers, freak shows, liars, posted old pics, are demanding that they want barbie 20 something model, athletic, who plays sports , works out 6 days a week, who will perform sexually like a stripper/whore, who will bow down to them and kiss their ass , on a first date they dare to look at every young girl their daughter’s age who walks by, no i mean they gawk, and expect that i should want to go to their place that night. parents and grandparents would have never decided to stay together if they had hung up or run away after the very “first impression”. in between the harley boys and the sad, sad men who used their profiles to talk about how lonely they were since their divorce, there are some gems. i had a guy try to bring me to friendly’s on a friday night which is just as bad. i am 5’3, brown and poor; so i disqualify from 95% of women’s dating stipulations. i think these guys are watching too many 007 movies or want into high end pimping. i find it a little unsettling that men are checking out my profile in singapore and that within a few hours some guy wanted to know if i’d step in cake but . tried another online dating site for a few months and got quite frustrated about the lack of basic courtesy that i encountered from some men. look up to this couple and just hope i will find my soulmate the same way these two found each other.. order a martini or something fancy around - just have a drink and feel him out to see if you’re compatible. and have described leonard as the “prophet of doom”, his work as “depressing” or a “downer” in fact your recent exchange with another poster here may also, in a remote way, be an example of the same phenomena when she wrote “i did not read your whole reply, as it was too long and i don’t really care. in addition it seems everyone views your profile, sometimes more than once but never email you. can i expect from a man down the road as a basic courteous behavior if this is what he comes up with for the first time we meet ? it seems to be a site for people who are generally more serious. it’s fine for a man to want a woman that is out of their league in terms of looks/age etc. especially considering as you said your lifestyle is unique, not a lot of girls are going to feel like they have an equal lifestyle or one that would impress you. some times i get peeved at him and think, we’ll maybe i can get a great guy closer by. how many times have i heard a guy crying and upset about a girl not calling when they said they would, standing them up or just all together ending communication. may have to forward this to my mother the next time she suggests online dating. my opinion women are waaay more pragmatic than men give them credit for. as i am sure the author knows also, as writers we must still focus our articles on one topic to make a point, share a viewpoint or vent an experience. i am certain you have encountered either or both of them, perhaps at the dmv office, or during another encounter with a minion or a bureaucrat. so someone may not think someone who flies around the world in a private jet is telling the truth because in their real life they’ve never met an actual person that does that. pretty much boils down to instant gratification…and it shows how much of a narcissistic society we have become! many men are even worse than you think they are. if that’s what you’re looking for i’m sure you’ll find her.” then we went out for nachos and he had a margarita and i had water, he had a full meal and i had a half meal and he wanted me to pay half the bill and said “i paid half aren’t you going to thank me? also said it is “pathetic” that “this man i know, who is very cultured and well spoken, in his 70′s, looking for a woman in her 40′s. can understand where you ladies are coming from……every woman 18 or 85 wants to feel like she’s special enough to have a nice date. i will challenge you and when need be, call you on your sh*t. and all dating services want women with blond hair and blue eyes. i think many men believe you should date a lot (when you date online) because you are going to meet a lot of people that are not right for you that way. just to let you know, i didnt even make it a week before deleting the profile. i think it has to do with individual preferences for style, career, personality, lifestyle, education, travel experience.. but i can tell you i sure wont be joining match! i just read this and you are so absolutely correct and this was so funny but again so true. one more thing, if they are let say 35 they are going to be looking for someonesomeone close in age and not have a range 18-30. you just don’t understand how ironic it was for me to look at profiles. should really stop putting the blame on men or women here, the blame would have to be on the capitalist, mass market, shopping culture that have deteriorated the way most people try to meet. i know a few people, including good friends who met online and are happily married… and believe me, none of them looks close to geoge clooney or cameron diaz. the "you will not make it out of the date alive" guy. other reason why i believe the online dating world is more frustrating then ever is because apps offering to choose to chat or meet with someone in 2 seconds like tinder, have dramatically changed the rules of the game ( for the worse ). all the battery operated devices i don’t need a guy that’s just gonna and me and cause me problems. most of the online dating world projects is a way to think in a very superficial and immature way. you for taking the time to comment in detail about what i wrote.) other vegas baby pics: posing in clubs with women many levels out of their league; grabbing the bottle of vodka from a random table to snap a quick pic and hoping no one notices; fedoras, facial hair, bad suits, pick-up artist vibes., the person who inadvertently inspired me to do this post, with article on scholars and rogues, freshly pressed jan..I’m realizing by reading these post all the bs she told me is the lines women give guys they talk to online. am a huge skeptic of online dating sites, not sure why but i always thought there was a better way. loved the post, it’s not realistic i agree, i’ve also known alot of my boyfriend’s friends who got on there and lied their #*(@@ off, i’m ambitious, i’m romantic, i love kids. after two years, i tried love and yes, i lost on so-called “respectable dating services and on-line services as well. is my first-time on s&r so i am not sure about the demographics of those who log-in and/or post on s&r. 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