How to get results online dating profile more appealing

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    How to get results online dating profile more appealing


    How to get results online dating profile better

    and not putting in any questions makes it hard for her to write back and get a conversation started. online marketing, this is known as seo or search engine optimization: the art3 of ensuring that you show up more prominently in search engine results than your competition.) somehow you'll have to get more visibility and i'm not certain how to do that; its something i had trouble with too. besides, you’ll have plenty of time to share more on your actual date and during the phone calls or emails before the date. so vegas was pretty much the only time i wasn't near a first strike target, even back when the soviets were a real threat.), the second simply means that you would prefer the girl you're dating to keep her legs shaved (and if we like you, we will gladly shave our legs for you). the questions are still technically part of the content of their profile, right? these just the risks that come with internet dating as a girl?'re mostly people who aren't registered, or whose accounts are tied to their facebook or twitter account, so they don't get the +1. think what the doctor is talking about is more along the lines of the more cringeworthy answers to the "i'm really good at…" question., have a few trusted opposite-sex friends read your finished product and get their feedback. problem is that you're lacking the ability to construe what makes it obvious that my profile is a joke., i also have a tough time taking more up to date photos of myself just like you. ya think it'd be out of line to post my profile again in the forum? yes you may be looking for your one true soulmate1 but dating is, at its core, a numbers game. this means that your primary photo, the one that appears next to your screen-name in your online dating profile, needs to be a clear shot of your head and shoulders. i've gotten responses from messaging a girl a 2nd time – when she gets 30 messages a day she can't really respond to all of them, and doesn't want to waste time on someone who's not going to message her back either. in regards to whether its obvious or not htat my profile is a joke, there are obvious cues pointing to it, and i guess theres something wrong with all of you that make you unable to perceive it. most women who are straight-forward and good at communicating what they want prefer to be with partners who are also straight-forward and communicate what they want, not people who think a dating site is a good place to make sexist jokes.. but the more things you have in common in your interests. i started to flinch every time i opened my mail box and that's a sign to get rid of the account. but to be honest, it's not worth getting too mad if your comment does go down to 0. do expect guys to read my details, self-summary and "looking for", and to skim the rest of the profile. you see people checking out your profile and disappearing into the digital ether and the people you know should be just your type don’t pay any attention to you at all., i mean, it's hard to figure out how to actually get who you are across, but lists are really not as useful as people think. just as many people laugh as get annoyed by him being around (or used to, now they just ignore him). are people out there who think that your suggested profile is actually a good profile for real and for true., i honestly can't imagine *anything* a guy could say in a hello message or show in his profile pics that would make me even briefly consider messaging him if that was the sum total of his written profile. if you wear a fedora in your online dating photo, people are going to judge you for it, no matter how much you protest that you’re trying to reclaim it.'s fine to look posed, even in social photos where there are two or more of you in the picture.'ve said this before but i'll say it again – i knew a few people who, many years ago, met someone through online dating and ended up in a long term relationship or married to them.'ve been fiddling with my profile, and the number of initially interesting women who turn out to have answered 'yes' to "do you think the world would be a better place if people with low iqs were not permitted to reproduce? even if a particular site doesn’t have the option to search by keywords, make sure that the words appear in such a way that they’re hard to miss; you want someone skimming your profile to see those keywords and pause long enough for you to capture their interest. the girls, sure, they get a lot of nasty picture and messages, but honestly most of the time they're just like "it's not a big deal, i just ignore them, it's not like there' any obligation to read someone's angry rant"., it offends me even a little more when i find out its facetious. a lot of girls treat online stuff as "i'll just respond whenever i feel like it and have time", dropping multiple back and forths with no explanation, then suddenly contacting you again – messaging her on another day when she might be in the mood to respond is sometimes the only thing they're going for. in my last two relationships, i came to the conclusion that they must have only really liked me for the way i looked because they didn't seem to like to do much of what i did, and seemed to have more "fun" around others than they did around me. you might even want to start with dear (profile name) and end with sincerely (your profile name or first name). think the idea is that maybe when you're in costume, your attitude is subtly different, so there's something more appealing about that photo beyond the costume, and you could replicate it in non-costumed pictures? i think you can usually get a pretty good impression from the sort of messages they send you. we want to think that of all the profiles you looked at, you liked ours the best. from my experience you start out with a solo experience, find the secondary online groups and then meet people in person. its when i break double digits that i know i'm getting a strong reaction. maybe you'll find yourself intrigued once you've read the profile.

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    What I Learned From Writing Other People's Online Dating Profiles

    How to get results online dating workaholics

    "curvy" means little more than "not flat-chested" when applied to women. relaxing a little, joke around and stop caring so much about online presentation. in this case you’re wrong, because there are cues in my profile that make it obvious that it’s all in good clean fun. stunning video of mars that took three months to stitch together—by hand. learn to surf, listen to radiohead, mind your grammar, use tinder, okcupid, match, and grindr on sunday, watch homeland, stop listing your eyes as your best feature (nobody cares), and please, please make eye contact with the camera and smile with teeth in your profile picture. dating isn't perfect and doesn't work for everyone, but i haven't noticed this catastrophic decline in quality over the past few years.*i had this same problem senior year of high school trying to get my ap music teacher to explain why chords progressed in a certain way. they get their fun from writing online, and is far more likely to be the type to not actually be interested in meeting in person. i think having at least one picture where your face is clearly visible, you look reasonably relaxed and happy, and the picture quality is reasonably good is more important than having pictures of you doing stuff.'ve gotten some responses from that – more than a got from long messages that were over a paragraph. complaining about having been wronged before isn’t going to get you the sympathy pussy you’re hoping for and whinging about how shitty women are because they don’t recognize your wonderfulness, or how they’re hypergamous, game-playing bitches won’t help you find the one nice girl out there who’s different from the rest. online i didn't have to worry about approaching as much since more people were coming to me, and when i did want to "approach" i felt much more at ease expressing myself online, so i think i came off better. if you can set the camera and then leave it to take pictures while you find a more relaxed pose, that gives you a lot more flexibility in location and posture, even if it's not as ideal as having someone looking through the viewfinder. really, if you don't want other people to see what you've said, then you should probably not being saying that on an internet dating site. if you look at ten random profiles right now, i bet you’ll find the same thing—everyone’s “funny” and “laid-back” and “adventurous., "all these reasons"–is it really that hard to have at least one decent photo, and to refrain from sexually explicit or offensive usernames and comments and insults about women and dating? i just felt it's a shame rondy is getting ganged up on. i guess this isn't the place to debate that (everyone else gets to show off their nerdery in the threads! could see it working if it wasn't the first message and if the time limit wasn't quite so obviously imposed (getting a cup of coffee and seeing if it's worth doing anything after that is a sound first date strategy; watching the clock is kind of a buzzkill), but that does kind of take the teeth out of what paul's suggesting. the first time was in a bigger city but i was out at a bar and this guy who i had ignored online (i wasn't interested and he messaged me mutiple times) recognized me when i was out at a bar and came over to try to talk to me and wouldn't leave me alone. your "convergence 2011" picture where you're holding the leather cap and wearing a yellow shirt would get a bazillion responses **if** your expression was different. mentioning that you're asexual is more like answering the multiple choice question about being straight/bi/gay.. my online dating approach sucks/isn’t helpful/is trollish. part of the reason most people like to exchange a few messages first is to get a better idea of common interests and enjoyed topics to build on when they meet in person. maybe because i mention i do martial arts in my profile? here's a dirty secret… getting laid a lot by lots of women, isn't actually that hard. but getting laid by *quality* women, and moreover, having a relationship (not necessarily monogamous, but agreed upon) with quality women is difficult. as to the screening thing that's come up above, i can say that even though i used online dating because i wasn't getting asked out at all in person, i still wanted to talk to a guy in at least a little depth before meeting him in person, because like eselle says, it's a time and energy commitment and there are a lot of people you can tell are a good fit from ten minutes of email exchange, so why wouldn't someone want to weed those out first? i'm sure you can find the polite, laid-backed version of dating while those who prefer the wild, night-life scene can find them too.'d suggest that your issues with how internet debates turn out have more to do with the fact that you have been involved in those particular internet debates than a widespread problem that everyone on the internet is incapable of rational discussion… but we already tried that sort of argument before and it was ignored. having someone make a new profile so he can get around you blocking him is creepy (i have someone who does this periodically). is probably a dumb question but can you explain how online dating actually is the salvation for the shy, socially awkward and introverted?, when it comes to online matters of the heart, finding “the one” often remains elusive. all you see is the results-you can't actually see the big picture, which is that only, hypothetically, 5% of the women who either see your profile or you message are responding. and from what i have been told it is about 100x more work for women. but i haven't found that adding in more intermediate steps seems to have added any benefit for the people i've talked to in person…it seems like it just adds more and more time to come up with a reason to not meet in person. we even scoured the top 400 most popular okcupid profiles—the hottest people on the site in ten us cities—to see what their profile pics could tell the rest of us about attracting a date., i mean the whole strategy of making a rude profile in an attempt to be funny results in a terrible, uninviting profile. i think you're projecting something by jumping to the conclusion of "bullying" because actually, yes, i feel itg is a humorous term (someone who can act tough without consequences) because i find the accusation of bullying more serious. also need to be aware of trends in dating profiles – especially ones to avoid, so as to not send the wrong message by mistake. things also need to be handled more delicately than they would elsewhere, since handling things badly or giving off the general vibe that you're just in the group to hit on people is a great way to get booted. i've seen experiments where someone set up several profiles with different levels of visual attractiveness for the girl, and the top 20% of looks or something got saturated with messages, while the other 80% got a few to no messages. are, and this might sound really bad, most of the people i have high match percentages with online dating wise. there's no real way of slipping into the friend zone on a dating site unless one of you explicitly proposes being friends.

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  • How to get results online dating profile more appealing

    How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile, in 25 Infographics

    How to get best results online dating

    for me it won't let me go straight to their profile, but in the emails i get it shows their screen names so i just search for them. stunning video of mars that took three months to stitch together—by hand. sure, it's checking a skill (writing about oneself) that doesn't really affect how you get on in person all that much, but it also lets reserved people like me get across stuff about themselves that they wouldn't otherwise get the chance to say. as a woman dating online, i'm personally concerned with safety and not having to carry an entire conversation with a stranger. it makes sense to me to say "let's chat in person rather than wasting a lot of extra time online where we're missing most of the communication anyways". i get the appeal, intellectually and from an action movie standpoint. what exactly do you get out of commenting here, if you truly believe that we're all just bullies who won't listen to your opinions (as opposed to, y'know, regular people who just happen to disagree with your opinions)? 1) if you're doing "something exciting/fun" in your photo you get noticed more. guess i still don't get it, because the pose is specifically designed to only work in costume. if you're going on your online dating dates without having interacted beforehand and with nothing to talk about in person except their profile, you're doing online dating wrong. he told me he saw that i visited his profile, and did not reply. i have to say, that's almost a parody of a terrible, uninviting dating profile. if you took 30 people from an online dating site and made them parse through eachother's profiles, and then took those same 30 people and put them in a room together, i think you'd get different results. so what you do is this: answer the question with 'no' and put in the explanation "i would prefer the girl i'm dating to keep her legs shaved" or something similar. honestly, i have deleted all of my online dating profiles as well. i've definitely read profiles that seem more like resumes than anything else. your profile really does look like that, i think i've found your problem with so many women you're with having trouble being truly enthusiastic., if you have only a few friends, and you rarely go anyplace with them, and you rarely leave the house apart from school, how do you contrive to get photos taken of you which don't look well. never get a second chance to make a first impression. i always exchanged at least a couple somewhat detailed messages with people before i met up with them, getting a better idea of who they were and what they were into, so it wasn't that hard to come up with topics of conversation. while you have made this point, i want to reiterate that i had to remove all of my social dating profiles because the constant spam and abuse was ruining me.  if these don’t line up with your photo (and many dudes have tried to get away with saying they had an ‘athletic’ or ‘muscular’ build when they clearly didn’t), people won’t bother sticking around to read your brilliant prose. perhaps if you are looking for a long-term dating situation, mentioning cunnilingus skills is inappropriate, but as someone who uses online dating to find casual sex, i want to know right away if a guy is up for going down on me. i wasn't *doing* anything except being there for the camera in those pics, but having someone else just holding the camera makes it easier to relax, and to find a more interesting location than in front of a mirror. dating sites allow you to narrow your search to specific parameters. if you're asking for someone's time, you can at least pretend to be interested in something you read on their profile. it’s making fun of being sexist, and women get that. dating isn’t all that difficult, once you understand that you are ultimately trying to sell a product. maybe a way it could be framed would be "i like x about your profile. basically, if you're not happy with the results you're getting, you can either give up or change your approach. the end result would be a profile that read like a good article or book jacket instead of a dating ad, and when someone reached the end of it, they’d want to read more and contact the person. once you’ve cleared the other hurdles, only then will potentially interested singles get around to seeing what you have to say for yourself. you want as many people as possible coming to see your profile and you want to keep those people around long enough to dazzle them with your brilliance (or at least baffle them with your bullshit) and make them decide that yes, they would like to get to know you better. the trick for you as “boy” to get the biggest bang for your buck is to optimize your pitch so it will best appeal to girl’s brain with content that directly tags her where cupid lives. they've made some of the more awkwardly-phrased questions a lot easier to answer, and they're a nice way of dealing with situations where i suspect other people might not be reading the question the same way or don't necessarily understand what their selection options are filtering for. next he'd say that we obviously just aren't following the level of conversation he's on, because otherwise we'd understand that all along he's been saying this is the way you *shouldn't* approach online dating, and he was trying to illustrate the point that a "joke" is an illusive concept that you can never be 100% sure people do actually find funny. girls who will make plans, will more often than not cancel at the last minute – or just not show up." picture, posting both of them, would be most likely to get responses. think the problem is in the "your profile" bit you posted. so maybe you should stop rather than finding complicated ways to get around it? it just comes across as demanding and possibly a sign of someone who's either burnt out on online dating or telling lots of lies about themselves and hoping to trap a date into getting to know the real them in person. i'd message a girl, get a conversation going, then she'd just stop. women just have to click “looking for: casual sex” and they will be bombarded with more attention than they know what to do with. i was going to ask you to list all of the cues that meant that what you said was obviously a joke and couldn't possibly be considered to be both serious online dating profile advice and good dating profile advice by anybody at all … but if you're using a proxy to get around an autoban for spamming, then you're probably not gonna be around for long enough.

    How to get results online dating

    . i've noticed when girls need to borrow/copy notes they are more likely to ask to copy mine., people get really annoyed when you show up the first time and don't look like you were supposed to. granted i'd have to drive more than 20 miles to meet anyone., one of my boyfriends i met through a general online forum, but in those cases it has to happen naturally–we got into a debate in a discussion someone else started (about whether guys have it harder in dating than girls, actually, of all things) and ended up realizing we had a lot in common, talking through pms, and hitting it off. is a doctor who fan going to look for phrases like “whovian” or is she more likely to search for “tardis,” “tennant,” or “smith,” or “donna noble was the best companion? maybe try some other dating sites too that are more geek orientated. it could never your and estelle's idea of what the dating scene should be like need not be the end all and be all let alone rondy might actually be a decent fellow and not a borderline rapist. i'm saying that this is literally what i do on dating sites, and it's getting me great results because, as opposed to all of you, most people understand humor. it just seems like it would be a lot more enjoyable, and you'd get more info about the real person from that than a series of back and forth email messages. i get a lot of mails from delighted women who apologize for not meeting my richness standard, but offer to compensate by helping me grow that gut.! i received a message that was two sentences long once that said, more or less, "you are reasonably attractive and our compatibility scores are pretty high. best way to compose a message to a person you are interested in is to find something in his or her profile that interests you or you could comment about and frame your first post about this. i'd imagine most guys wouldn't email a woman with a crappy photo or negative or offensive comments in her profile either. i'd suggest taking some new pictures in moments where you are doing something that you blissfully enjoy and put those up, try to adopt an attitude of, "i get one shot at this life, so i'm going to enjoy it and we'll see what happens," and then see what happens. and yet, i get the most attention (good and bad) than i do when i'm in my civies and that's when i'm wearing my "nice clothes" too. i need to check how important my rating on this is, maybe i can get some more interesting enemies. your profile – your screen name, your photos, your vital statistics and your words – are your packaging and even slight flaws can make potential customers (dates) go off in search of products that strike them as more appealing. you wouldn't believe the volume of messages girls get and (at least in okc), there's no "subject line," just the first few words of the message to make your's stand out against the rest in her inbox. i also had to turn off the feature that lets guys know when you visited their profile, because some guys think looking at their profile means i want their babies. i could see if a guy sent me one generic one, then read a site like this and realized that to get a geeky intellectual's attention, something more than "what are you doing? of the women commenting here (including me) are not extremely conventionally attractive, and all of us have niche interests of the nerdy/geeky variety, so we'd have been getting fewer messages and have fewer guys to juggle, thus less need to extend the online communication. even if you can get to "life might be awesome at some point and i think i could rock it, maybe," would be an improvement."- when you message her, start a discussion about something she mentioned in her profile and ask her some thoughtful questions. marty, i just hang out here online, but have you ever thought it is your, kinda downer about dating energy that is pushing people back? i said, i understand that one wants to weed out people who didn't even put the 30 seconds into reading your profile or reading your response. whose social awkwardness is serious enough that they come across as being a little strange on their dates are still going to struggle, though i do think that going on a first date is something that's learnable and that people can get better at things like making small talk with practice. i doubt most give it an excessive amount of thought when they're setting up their profile. i think you can usually get a pretty good impression from the sort of messages they send you.'t mean you should write a book, just that your message has to jump out as different and more appealing. my worst online dating experience was also the one guy where i suggested the meet-up because he hadn't, and the worst part about it was when we did meet and i could tell the attraction wasn't there in person, he freaked out at me for turning down a second date when i'd "led him on" and "raised his hopes" by being enthusiastic enough to have initiated the first date. online i could get to know people a little, and then only expend the energy of meeting someone in person if we were clearly htting it off. else above being true you could replace your about me with "i like ted bundy" and still get replies if you contacted enough people."i find body type to be more of a subjective thing because the categories are rather vague. think that would really work way better, it's not all "i just met you, and this is crazy, but let's try to create 45 minutes of conversation based on a profile over coffee, i'm sure that won't be difficult at all…". again: your issues construing the obvious cue planted in my profile is not a fault of mine. wonder what's worse – getting hits on your profile but no contact or getting hits on your profile and getting nothing but skeevy sex offers… i turned away from okcupid after some dude offered to fist me. you not getting the results you want from OKCupid, Plenty of Fish or Match? that person’s going to have far bigger problems in life than my profile. we analyzed the 1,000 most popular words on both men and women’s profiles, tabulated the most popular movies and tv shows, and crunched stats on what people consider their best feature vs. (i recognize this isn't entirely fair, and hopefully it'll be more equal in future. a few tricks to make you remember the hits and forget the misses. professional dating profile writer shares her lessons learned on—and off—the job. and it means that your "technique" of having an offensive-humor profile and messaging anything marked female on a site may be useful, because you just wanna bang and move on (as evidenced by the fact that you said you have multiple dates many days of the week. and i'd guess a lot of guys don't even bother looking at the full image if the thumbnail doesn't seem appealing.

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    How to get results online dating profile more appealing

How to get results online dating profile more appealing-The Most Successful Online Dating Profile Photos Revealed

How to get reply online dating profile more appealing

think it's totally okay to get confused and frustrated when writing a helpful article and getting accused of trolling in response.!What the fuck is wrong with you people and where are you getting these insane ideas from! if you think that some poor soul is going to stumble into my profile and, because of a lack of understanding of irony and the cue that i’ve planted in the profile, think my profile to be a serious one, then too bad. don't know that you *have* to, but think it's a lot easier to find someone if you have a little more self-enthusiasm.), i really disagree that it's a good idea that suggest to her that before you've even met you've already decided her profile is better than everyone else's. maybe boy and girl meet—or maybe they don’t, and if they do, do boy and girl live up to their profiles and live happily ever after? in the example given, the person didn't say "you seem interesting" (which, even if they did, that's so generic it doesn't actually tell the other person you haven't ignored their profile), they said "you're attractive and we have a good match score" which doesn't require even looking at the other person's profile to ascertain. i was online dating, i got a friend to snap some pics, and later my dad (who's into photography), and each time i picked the best one to use. Read on to find out the secret to greater success in online dating. just that if you (general you) are not getting the results you want, it's unreasonable to expect other people to change their approach to cater to you. possibly simply if he had that in his written profile at all (among other things). 🙂 i believe the "review my dating profile" thread is still on the first page of the dating section. what traits and emotions are going to be associated with your profile? the other was a more "casual" thing and i have no idea if he just got off on the flirty part and freaked out by real life prospects or what. after a while, all the profiles sound the same, full of similar clichés and adjectives. i'd assume he just gets a kick out of wasting my time, or is hiding something., while i know people deride "checklists" when it comes to dating, i think sometimes that's unfair. profiles that are entirely filled with outlandish humor are kind of off-putting in and of themselves if i spend 5 minutes reading someone's profile and at the end the only things i've learned about a man are what he looks like and what his vital statistics are, i assume that he's either really closed off and withholding or that he doesn't have much to say for himself. i guess it removes approach anxiety as a factor but if approach anxiety is a real problem for someone it is likely that they have other introversion-related problems that online dating will not fix. get that down and i think a lot would turn around for you. i've actually had the opposite problem in terms of briefly dating a bunch of guys who just seemed…constitutionally incapable of making plans somehow.. and at the same time i don't want to ask them out in real life because i've read their profile online already and know the kinds of things they are into and it just would make me come across as creepy and stalkerish. i'd suggest that your best bet, if it's either this or not be online at all, is to set your profile so it doesn't turn up in search results (i know the site i used allowed that) so random people aren't coming across it, and then be proactive in messaging the guys who look interesting to you. i could have pictures in which i was relaxed, and express myself in my profile without the pressure of coming up with interesting comments in the moment. enough to make sure they sound the same way they do in their profile, and get to know them a little more in-depth, but not enough time for the conversation to peter out because you haven't made that in-person connection yet. think there is an enormous difference between someone like polanski who drugged and raped a teenager, was sentenced, and then fled the country and has been acting like he's the one who's been put upon ever since and someone who's more of a run-of-the-mill high-strung artist jerk. (last message):If my profile doesn't cause a light to go off in your head, that's your problem, and certainly doesn't mean that my strategy is a bad one. sex is an expectation, sometimes even on a first date and for someone like me, who is old fashioned and just not into jumping into sexual relationships without knowing the person really well, i seem out of date, old fashioned and out of the dating loop. the tips got pretty specific in some cases: it’s 28 percent better for a male to refer to females as women rather than girls, and men who use “whom” get 31 percent more contacts from the opposite sex. adjectives signal “dull” and appear in far too many profiles, robinson warns. if you do understand that my online dating approach is a humorous one but think it sucks, then my response is so what? it's an easy way to get a professional photo look because the right light will give your face a good 'glow'., it's true when women get mad they get historical instead of hysterical – they can quotes stuff that guys long forgot about as though it were yesterday. it’s all too tempting to craft your profile and let it lie fallow; the last thing you want is for others to judge you on outdated information. a person can only meet so many people in a week, so someone who's swamped with messages and juggling many possibilities may expect everyone to wait until she gets around to their "turn".. the online personals just plain favors the most visually attractive, when it's men contacting women. might sound odd, but i recently picked up a couple of 4-5 star ratings (sadly the people who gave them to me are not my type) on my profile on okc and i've noticed that., so you do remember things that you've said in conversations more than 24 hours ago after all! wonder if there is also an element of – "let's scare them off if they don't want us…then maybe nobody else will get them either. so you don't have to be the highest ranked at something for it to be a quality that people might find appealing in you. regardless of whether or not you think i may have expressed myself in a rude manner, or if i’ve been presumptuous, or idiotic or what have you, there are tons of you who are doing the same thing, and there are even more of you doing so. more you participate in an online dating site – not just in messaging others but by taking part in its community, the more attention you bring to yourself and keep your profile in the forefront.. and yet there are never more than a few hundred profiles… when pof has nearly 120 pages (granted i've never had any luck at all on that site) which works out to be a few thousand options. much like with online storefronts or blogs2, you can’t just toss your profile out into the great digital sea and hope that somebody stumbles across you by accident.

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after all, dating is all about putting your best, most authentic self forward and we associate marketing with an attractive line of bullshit that’s intended to lure in a bunch of suckers eager to be separated from their hard-earned money. i actually prefer to date people who are near my height but if we meet up, the difference between profile and reality is basically impossible to ignore because i haven't somehow forgotten how tall i am. no time, all your sentences of stories will mesh together to tell your future partner how they’ll benefit from dating you versus just learning about common interests you may have. the online thing allows people to whip out their checklists and disqualify people at a glance, whereas put'em in a room, things might go differently because you might see the good before deciding if the checklist is relevant or not. seeing that someone's charming or funny or attractive before i find out the bad…well…that's a decent enough way of meeting friends with benefits, but it's never really gotten me past the objections and into territory where i think someone is a dating partner.'s a huge gap between "so desperate he'll take anything that's female" – which i agree is pretty much universally offputting – and "of all the profiles you looked at, you liked ours the best". when i used okc i got an email from them that said i was in the upper level of attractiveness on the site, so now i would get more attractive matches. i do that as i want to let people know that i am open to not only monogamous dating, but other forms of dating as well.. cause i've found a couple of really good potential matches where i like their explanations more than i like some of the stuff in their profile. outta curiosity, in what ways do you feel the dating world is kind of scary for women right now?, it's true when women get mad they get historical instead of hysterical – they can quotes stuff that guys long forgot about as though it were yesterday.. i’ve got a horrible sex life according to the other thread/i’m a rapist/i never get consent from women. for the comment on having the number 88 in the profile. or post your profile online and see what people respond to, then amend it from there. me, a girl with a somewhat-or-better attractiveness in her profile and her wanting to meet in person quickly would get a far more immediate response from me, especially if she had any ideas of what to do that wasn't just "have coffee". 5'1", 27, average… no selfies, no references to sex, seemingly clear of antagonism and all about looking for a nerd), and yet you still only get shitty attention, if you get it at all? course, it’s easy to get shitty attention, the kind you don’t want. if you're actively *looking* to find a date in an online community, it tends not to come off well. someone who's writing long messages off the bat is probably hoping to get to know you and determine whether they'd want to meet you in person fairly quickly, whereas someone who draws out the conversation one question per message or whatever is probably a more take-it-slow personality. if you overlooked this cue (which is the incongruity between the opening statement and the actual description) you really should blame yourself rather than getting pissed at me. unfortunately, all but one of the people i was a good match with and was considering messaging myself live more than an hour a way, since i live in a small provincial city not far from a large cosmopolitan metro area. of marketing is getting into the head of the people you want to have as customers: what do they want and – more importantly – how are they going to describe what they’re looking for? i was figuring it was just a matter of time but hoping to bait him into linking to his facebook profile first. have had guys do that to *them*, and messaging her more than once says that the guy is a lot more likely to actually show up to a date with her and message her back. pua stuff even says that this isn't very effective online. so if you're a guy, i agree, you want to get to that part sooner. so it gives you a great way to ease into a community and get to know people., great results in which none of the women you've slept with have ever been totally enthusiastic and not conflicted about it (according to him, in the conversation in the enthusiastic consent article). don't think i'd assume something quite that bad as what marty said, but i agree that most women expect that if the guy is actually interested in them (not holding on to them as a maybe in case other dates don't pan out, or losing enthusiasm but feeling awkward about stopping the conversation, or whatever) he'll make some move to take things beyond online–whether to phone calls or video chat first or directly to meeting in person–after a few back and forths. don't really feel any enthusiasm besides their following my lead, so i always end up pushing the question until either of us get annoyed, or we end up having sex which is usually good or great, but sometimes end with her telling me that she didn't really want to do it or that she lost interest halfway through without telling me, but still wanted to do it "just because". your winks and messages get sent out and all you get for your trouble is deafening silence. actual profile – this is, 90% of the time, the last thing that people read.'s something i'm coming to understand more and more is all to do with body language. because it lets me know what a person really thinks and if we are going to get along. like it the size it is on your fb profile (the small version). the best way to get started is just to start talking. think rondy makes a good case with his "success" that the current dating scene works for borderline rapists., if i sit and i'm making myself as small as possible and studiously writing notes, even if i still interact with the professor a lot, the people who are more likely to approach me are older women and guys. touching is always something i've had a really hard time doing in dating situations. i briefly had a profile up when i hoped i might have time to date. keywords are incredibly important when it comes to raising your visibility and attracting the right attention in online dating sites., it's very strange how they/we want the dating scene to be a place of mutual respect and kindness, not one dedicated to manipulation, humor based on a woman's looks/fertility/age, and borderline abusive behavior. i get people who want photos for not only online dating sites for for linked-in and other professional networking sites. online dating sites have plenty of users who are crude, shallow, or looking for a sex-for-money exchange.

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How to get results online dating profile more appealing

like it or not, fedoras, for example, have become synonymous with douchebags in online dating.. it's not that we are unable to understand that you think you have posted a clever, hilarious profile. i meet with people fairly early and since i haven't run into entitled jerks, i'm happy to be the one to suggest a date, but behavior that strongly suggests that person's mindset is "not engaging with what you say is more convenient for me" is an enormous turn-off. if i sit with my legs spread, and feet planted pretty far apart, and i've got nothing more than a notebook on my desk and an arm draped kind of casually over the seat back and my pen over my ear as if i'm just too learned for this. we want to think that of all the profiles you looked at, you liked ours the best.. i really do think that online stuff around here sucks.'m picturing an o'reilly book: "online dating with nmap" i'm not sure what animal belongs on the cover, though. at least we got this:"bye bye, and good look with dating (i mean it). people can having dating profiles and also meet people in person. no one's going to blame you for taking the time of actually marketing yourself in the most positive way on a dating site. the record, i would like to abandon my original idea and offer to fix their profiles to look like rondy's instead.) like with any writing, “show don’t tell,” and the more specific, the better. reading it again, its helpful as a textbook pua approach to online dating., you are literally cherrypicking randing comments that don’t even come together in the way you’re suggesting. is that seeping into your pictures and profile in any way? that, you need to combine persuasive language with the kind of images that makes your profile pop rather than flop, which, as many have learned from experience, isn’t as easy as it sounds.'s not that the profile doesn't sound so awful it's hard to believe it isn't a joke. picture that i think is more appealing is actually the "i made boxers that were supposedly a medium. get it: ads aren’t what you’re here for. lack emapthy because someone here doesn't like my using humor in online dating? talking more first then asking a question like "stargate was a great show, but while i loved the end episodes, didn't you think think the 'oh look, we're going to save ourselves by going on a quest to find someone else's technology that we suddenly found out about at just the right moment' got a little repetitive? especially if you're shy, online dating allows you to make sure some people are finding out about you at all, and of course it makes it easier to do the "approaching" and find out about other people. in more mainstream situations, we assume that a list of favorite books or movies tells us something about the lister by virtue of what they have in common. tweet reddit share stumble1 +14 pinremember: there’s no such thing as the one [↩]ahem [↩]and no matter what the marketing “experts” tell you, it’s far more art than science [↩]and just to get it out of the way, no you can’t just assume guys are looking for tits, thank you.. in neuroscience yet wouldn’t even get an associate’s degree in “writing an online dating profile 101. i generally take "athletic" to imply an active exercise regimen, saying less about body type and more about hobbies.. get laid, get dates, what-have-you)… so you start off with how you package the product.. looking at your facebook profile, while this is my own personal opinion, i find your older pictures where you look serious unnapealling. are ignoring that my profile is headed with a notice urging women to read through the entire description before sending me overwhelming amounts of messages. be honest i think the dating world right now is kind of scary for a woman so i'm not actively looking anymore. online dating is about getting our ass out there, like with any other social setting, and just talk to people. it makes me believe there is an element of "this is nice guy behaviour" even if it's meant to be a dating factory. the vast majority of them were atheists who didn't bother to read through the questions i answered, which clearly stated i'm not interested in dating outside of my religion (christiantiy). i'd get results if i stood up in a bar and said," all takers, am now laying all takers! users skim profiles looking for a reason to send a message or dismiss (hint: do not mention your mom or exes). a good friend will help you punch up your profile, give you an outside perspective, and probably be more truthful than you’d actually want them to be—which can be a good thing., i can't reply because my comments keep getting caught in some stupid-ass bot protection script. admittedly i wasn't a people person to begin with so i have a harder time with dating.(bold mine) how often is it you that gets annoyed? more in-depth than the ayn rand school for tots on the simpsons, i reckon. i just need to get a couple of better photos. the goal of meeting somebody online is to sooner or latter meet them in person and any lie about height or body type will be made public and its actually a real turn off. well, it's true of all websites – birds of a feather flock together. “if you aren’t sure how your profile looks/reads, ask a friend to proof it,” she suggests.

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, i think that's a good way of starting a conversation, and it lets the woman know that you really looked at her profile and thought before writing her. subtract major points for fuzzy/out of focus/mug shot/creepy head chopped in half, and even more for those that feature dirty laundry in the background, or ex-girlfriends not so cleverly cropped out of the frame. i usually was interested, i just wanted to get to know her better. is it more intriguing to date someone who says he/she likes “to try new things” or who “once ate jellyfish in china”? do online dating in bursts, and usually have one date per day (gets exhausting after a couple of dates) with a 2-3 day buffer counting from the day i start. dating someone on the shorter side: not a problem; direct evidence of profile fudging: not attractive. find it odd that you complain about how online dating is awkward because you have nothing to talk about with the other person when you first meet up with them, but then you complain about the idea of getting to know them a little before you meet them too. get the sense that you really dislike emailing people, but i have to say, it's easier to send the 2 or 3 or 4 emails most women seem to expect than it is to leave work early, drive somewhere, and spend money so you can assess someone in person., some sort of more-than-friendly endgame is what *everyone* on a dating site wants."the best way to compose a message to a person you are interested in is to find something in his or her profile that interests you or you could comment about and frame your first post about this. it the algorithm method: Working with data crunchers at dating sites, we put together 25 tips for writing the perfect profile. it seems to be completely just that he messaged more than once, and that's it. any guy who's having trouble getting responses, i'd suggest looking at profiles that match whatever criteria you put into the search even if the first photo doesn't catch your eye. as a guy, if there was a reason strong enough for me to block someone, and they created another profile to message me, i would never respond to them ever. like i've said elsewhere though, in my experience an initial message longer than a paragraph is even more likely to be ignored than short messages. i’ll be more forward in the future ( i suppose its too late to ask out the girls i’d already messaged). they're just people who think personality is way more important than interests for dating compatibility, so they're not into people who focus on the common interests approach, or something like that. me i really wish they would tighten up their search parameters and be slightly more honest about it. your profile, i'd certainly turn away, because even if i got the (very unfunny) sexism joke, what does it tell me about you? it was: “boy meets girl,” and, depending on circumstance, “boy gets (or does not get) girl. on the other hand, i know a guy who married a girl who finally responded to him sending negative messages, so while i really turns some girls off it seems like even online there's a few it works for. i like to think i'm a fairly attractive guy and not a complete tool, and i've never had success dating online., i did check out mostly everyone's profile who messaged me, and if i thought i would be compatible, i would have messaged back quickly. day, millions of singles crawl dating sites and apps, flipping through photos and profiles of potential matches. i tended toward the latter, so after just a few messages i felt i'd gotten a pretty good idea what a guy was like online and wanted to see how that translated in person. if you’re a gay man, pose outdoors—48 percent of the profile pics of the most popular gay men on okcupid were snapped outside. other aspects of your dating profile in descending order of importance:Your screenname – people pay attention to this because it says more than you’d think., i'm more referring to the time when you brought me up in a totally random post to say some video reminded you of me, when the woman in it was saying something that had nothing to do with anything i'd ever said, and then you claimed that i'd posted my own articles before and that i was some person who i'm actually not, which you assumed for some totally nonsensical reason. almost wonder if i'd get even more options if i got a-list. the majority of the time i message someone i get 1 response, then never another response again. so you need to be able to get their attention and hold it. am shy, socially awkward, and introverted (somewhat less the first two now, but very much so several years ago when i was online dating). now to get 6 months for - plus a free portable phone charger. it just seems like more hassle than fun; like you spend more time fending off unwanted advances, stupid sexist remarks and putting up with crap than actually having a good time. the other hand, a friend of mine just got engaged to a girl he met online a little over a year ago. i've never done online dating, so uninformed opinion alert, but i feel like there are a lot of people i might connect with if i got a chance to know a little more information about them first and vice versa, stuff we might have in common that might not come out in the kind of more polite, general interest conversation one usually has on first meeting. but to be honest – a lot of the really good photos i see online on okc, look kind of contrived, even if not entirely so. it the algorithm method: working with data crunchers at the dating sites, we put together 25 tips for writing the perfect profile, selecting the right photo, and really understanding your audience. fortunately, many sites have ways of highlighting profiles and attracting extra attention. online dating like an exercise in commerce and marketing can seem antithetical to the process of trying to find a date, a sex partner, or a long-term relationship. and yet i feel constantly put upon that if you dare venture into dating, this better be your expectations. one kept getting more insistent that i respond to him because we were such a good match., you need to nix any references to sex or seduction from your profile.’re free to do as you wish, because in the end, all that matters is the results (which i’m getting).

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, my impression is that, for most women, an initial message that doesn't have any 'getting to know you' stuff and skips right to 'desired endgame' will give the impression that the messager isn't too choosy, they just want to date/hookup with someone, anyone asap. “if you’re just getting over a bad break-up, or you’re feeling really cynical about your ability to find a good woman, or you’re in a depressed place in general, keep all of those feelings out of your profile,” she cautions. that's the pua point of it, getting rid of people who object to having their boundaries pushed. they're hoping to at least get a, "hey, man, i'm really not interested. to expand on that last point lest it be misinterpretted: i don't think there's a "wrong" way to do online dating (well, other than being actively rude or offensive, which is not okay in person either you are). many men who use online dating come across as… well, frankly, more than a little bitter and entitled. and i second johnny that you should use the raven photo for the profile. as far as i’m concerned, you’re all behaving in an overly analytical, almost autistic (yes, i’m actually not using this as an insult, as opposed to what mel claimed earlier) way, where you sit around complaining to each other that you don’t understand why you’re having issues with your online dating life. so you can get one friend to play cameraman while you and the other friend pose or play something like tug-of-war (it doesn't have to be that, just what popped into my head). so i deleted the note i was writing him asking if he would like to grab a coffee, then deleted my whole profile. profile like that is going to offend some people who won't understand you're being facetious. i got one of those ages ago on my old profile but it never really changed much., the silver lining of never getting messaged/hit on is that i really avoid the creepers. it may take a few tries to get a really good take, but when you're doing something you like, you will look more attractive to other people and this helps keep all of your pictures from being awkward selfies. that helps people who tend to get stuck in the friend zone, or who aren't very good at interpreting other people's interest, or who don't know how to flirt or look approachable to others.’s enough to make many men shut down their accounts and give up on online dating entirely. it seems like some people mix up questions about whether you have a trait with questions about whether you'd date someone who has the same trait (either that, or there are an unexpectedly large number of people who care more about whether i'd date a smoker than whether i am one).'d get different results, but i don't think you'd necessarily get worse results. it's such a terrible joke that i assumed you were trolling by indicating you used a profile like that and still got responses. if i check out her profile and i'm considering sending her a message, then she checks out mine, i'll almost always message her. i'm not an expert on dating profiles so i could be way off., i am considering using a professional photography service that specializes at creating flattering profile pictures for dating websites. have yet to meet anyone who thinks my brand of generic is remarkable, which is why i don't get why i should think i rock.-i am much more shy and socially awkward with people i don't know at all, who don't know me at all.'m a girl and i have a question about online dating. a lot of them will do it for next to nothing (if not for free) just to get the practice! instead, try relaxing a little, joke around and stop caring so much about online presentation. he told me that this was because i was a stuck up bitch who thought i was too good for people, and went on to make some more accusations about how shallow i was as well. plus i feel like i'm too old now, kind of like once a woman hits 30 the interest you're going to get from men drops sharply. i deleted all of my photos and all of the info on my profile, and people stopped messaging me at all, which was fine, because then i was free to lurk around and only message guys i was interested in, and would send them a photo and a brief description of myself in a private message.'m not really sure disqualifying yourself upfront is likely to get a response. can't say "oh, i just meant that in a humorous way, you're making it much more serious" and then immediately follow by saying, "it's a shame you're doing this serious thing"., tough to say because i so often do it in a more platonic context. if he gets an intensedebate account and links it to his facebook, it'll pop him right back in. something that’s frequently hailed as the dating salvation for the introverted, the socially awkward, and the shy, sometimes all that happens is… nothing. find body type to be more of a subjective thing because the categories are rather vague. there are far more guys out there who have overspent on their nerd obsessions than there are guys who collect enough things to brag about but also keep it reasonable financially. have been a few things that came across (time i have to spend at my job being one) that women i've met on okc don't seem to understand or accept unless i'm blunt about it in the profile. i’d make sure that every sentence focused on what the reader—your future boyfriend or girlfriend—could expect when dating you. if you put the 30 people online, some people who were less aggressive but who "looked good on paper" would be more successful.’s the twist though: online dating is all about the marketing. people just aren't suited to online dating, and that's fine. none of them messaged me even though i visited their profiles. which is why right here in this comments section, people have advised someone who's writing several messages and seeing interest drop off to suggest a meet-up earlier, and suggested that someone writing very brief messages may want to write *more* before suggesting a meet-up.

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, the ideal for me is a guy who also expects me to look at his profile as well and show interest in him specifically.– when you message her, start a discussion about something she mentioned in her profile and ask her some thoughtful questions.'s also part of the etiquette of online dating where it's important to respect the time and effort someone put into creating a profile by engaging them about it. absolutely freaking nothing, except that you think you're clever and you have nothing more to offer than your brand of alarmist humor. i totally get how that sort of "philosophy" appeals to 15 year olds but beyond that…no excuses! these are the people who have the most attractive profiles and have the most going for them anyway – in short, they're likely the people you're trying to reach out to. a critical eye to the potential profile shots, and think about the message they’re sending. if other people are getting results they're happy with, or at least happy enough with that they see no reason to change, why should they change just to make some random stranger happier? of us online date—but many of us don’t know how to market ourselves. he posts in his profile that he's not going to reply to ugly women, but then says he messages everyone because "i don't care if they're attractive or not". i agree with eselle that you aren't hiding your intentions (people don't message others on a dating site for any intention other than romantic or at least sexual interest) regardless of what your message says–unless, i guess, it literally says you just want to be friends–and that most people like a little getting to know you time before the moving to actually dating. like eselle said, everyone's on a dating site because they're looking to date–the definition of a nice guy is someone who pretends to *not* be trying to date you when he wants to–the moment a guy messages you on a dating site it's no longer possible that he's trying a nice guy gambit on you because he *is* making a move. okcupid for example, has forums to stimulate conversation amongst its members and encourages users to create quizzes of their own, featuring the more popular ones on the front page. reason you might be seeing this difference is that you might be talking to women who are getting a lot of messages and talking to a lot of different guys at once. that way only guys you've decided you feel comfortable communicating with will be seeing your profile and pics."— religion (if you are of a different religion than her, look through her profile/questions to make sure it's not a deal-breaker for her, and if she doesn't have that info, you could try asking her about this, like "hi, i think you and i have a lot in common, but you're a muslim and i'm a jew. it got to the point where i got anxious checking my profile, so i had to deleted as well.— religion (if you are of a different religion than her, look through her profile/questions to make sure it's not a deal-breaker for her, and if she doesn't have that info, you could try asking her about this, like "hi, i think you and i have a lot in common, but you're a muslim and i'm a jew. sometimes online dating just isn't working, and it's not because of anything you're doing or not doing. i bet if we got together and hung out, we would have interesting conversations and a good time, but i'd be vary wary of being your friend if every thought you had about yourself was negative., i have used that as my profile picture, and still no messages. you need to make sure that these feature prominently in your profile. you seem to be interpretting it as, the people she knows will ignore any message that mentions an interest from their profile in any way. more we discuss this idea, the more i like it. but given that he's made it so clear that in his mind it makes more sense to assume it's actually because women are just broken that way, i doubt there's any way we can convince him otherwise. think maybe he's trying to say that his entire comment was a parody, and that his dating profile does not actually look like that. in all that data were some surprising facts about how to optimize your dating profile. the kind of guy who makes an awful comment, and decides whether or not it's a joke after seeing the responses he gets. bottom line: a dating profile—your first impression—is “sell copy,” and you’re the product being marketed. anyone in atlanta, for example, is going to get plenty of hits at 25 and you're going go get about none. to craft the perfect first message on a dating appsarah jacobsson purewal. just state it, put it right up near the top somewhere, the same way you would any other situation that doesn't fall in the profile checklist choices but could potentially be a big deal. i do online dating because most of those guys aren't people i'd consider appropriate as long term partners. admit i am really fascinated by cold reads, and totally want someone to try one on me, just to see how close they get. if some commenter, such as rondy, has had a different dating experience with women, especially if it sounds suspiciously similar to pua, then you assume he's applying some sort of "asshole filter" to pick women with daddy issues, childhood abuse issues, or some sort of psychological issues on her part., and i'll update my own dating profile to reflect this, when listing favorites be sure its clear why they're your favorites unless its noam chomsky/ayn rand level obvious. it doesn’t take very much to derail an otherwise attractive dating profile. it doesn't really make sense to expect everyone to approach it the same way someone who doesn't even enjoy online conversations would. it's more of a knee-jerk for me on account of seeing too many pictures from hiroshima, nagasaki, and chernobyl i suppose. women and their ability to remember things from more than one day ago, amiright? of them said in her profile she was a devout 'traditional catholic', which made it seem even more bizarre. i get so many emails from guys who think that men should be the heads of their households or who don't believe in dinosaurs, and it's hard for me to believe those guys have actually looked at my profile for more than a few seconds. discussion, you mean the kind where kneecaps get broken, don't you? i meet with people fairly early and since i haven't run into entitled jerks, i'm happy to be the one to suggest a date, but behavior that strongly suggests that person's mindset is "not engaging with what you say is more convenient for me" is an enormous turn-off.

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a first message, i can't get behind even the gently worded version of it. i mean, come on, even a beginning photography student will get you something better than a mirror selfie or a horrid web cam photo! like i said in my comment above, i got "approached" a lot more online than in person, because apparently in person i give off a standoffish vibe.” many of our clients were successful, personable people (from grad students to physicists) who would make great girlfriends and boyfriends—once they had a dating profile that made them sound unique, one that couldn’t be cut and pasted into someone else’s. so those women get tons of messages, while there are lots of pretty-but-not-gorgeous women and not-so-photogenic-but-still-appealing-women who don't get very many at all. (considering that most people expect the first meeting to be more than 15 minutes, and even for a 15 minute meeting, you have to dress up–to some extent–and get to the meeting place and so on too. dating is more than just finding people you like and sending them messages. personally, i will not return to online dating after a couple attempts over a couple sites all ended in me receiving brutal notes and deactivating my account within days. these are very unsubtle, unscientific experiments and they get very different kinds of reactions. online dating took away the fear of feeling stupid for assuming attraction might be there and making a move, because on a dating site you know people are contacting you or responding to you with the understanding that dating is the end goal. i'm saying is that you shouldn't snark about people remembering things you actually said on other posts, when you have done the same yourself, and been much more random and inaccurate about it. meaning it more torwards the "this is the endgame i want, i'm cool if it doesn't happen" but i can see how the added pressure wouldn't help. in fact, i find joking about that stuff offensive and unappealing. any guy gives you the impression that they know more about you than you know about them, it sends off, "he's been watching me," vibes, which can be terrifying especially for anyone who has been stalked, and here's the problem.“hmm, i don’t understand what’s wrong about my profile?'d say this should definitely be mentioned on a profile., trying really really hard not to be whiny and combative here, but… what if your profile fits most of this advice (username is a reference to a computer language, profile picture is your best face though interestingly is full body, description of self is filled with nerdy key words, height, age and body type are accurate…. if you saw a list like this on a cute girl’s profile, how would you possibly respond? i cruised his profile, and started writing a reply, when my food arrived. i'd also wonder what other sort of comedy "gems" the profile writer had rolling around in his brain. you think you are, because you do not have evidence of how many women are being turned away from your profile.'m curious now though – you mentioned that you met your husband through an online forum, and met in person. i mean, there are a few topics that get covered in the questions that don't make for good initial conversations (i wouldn't think too highly of someone whose first message to me asked me about the sex drive question), but i think it's assumed that people look at the answers to them before writing. i exercise regularly but my body is more in average territory by my defintion. i can't read their minds any more than you can. a couple dozen two line messages is about the same amount of "getting to know you" as a few 3-4 paragraph messages. don't think it's so much for the profile pic specifically, but as a way to practice bringing some of that je-ne-sais-quois of that shot into regular, un-costumed you. it surprises me to see you say that, because you come across as quite distinctive and not at all generic online. i've never spoken to a woman on a dating site who didn't understand it and didn't enjoy it. 99% enemies tend to be either very religious and looking to find virgins to marry or guys who gave sketchy answers to the rape questions (or, sigh, both), so i tend to think of them more as people who i tolerate in everyday life but would give major sideeye to if we ever had a serious conversation. i put up a profile so i could send it to the kind of guys who make it on "nice guys of okc" and offer to fix theirs. now he's also expected to go on about someone's profile – didn't he put the same amount of time into his own profile as well? i left about an hour in and wish i could get that time back. i agree that full sentences and thoughtfulness really help, but actually, you should get rid of the salutation.. religion based) somewhere in the profile, and not just in the questions. when the first "meeting" is online i think that really means you do have to take a little longer to determine whether you and the other person are going to be compatible. the message is hard for a shy girl to reply to, and it's going to blend in with everything else in the inbox of a girl who gets a lot of messages. someone writing long messages off the bat has seemed more likely to me to be far more interested in talking online a lot and never actually meeting up. having some more pictures could just be a nice side benefit., what do you guys think of my fb profile photo, since i am moronic enough to keep forgetting to unlink it from my comments here?? if this works for you, surely your personality, your image and the results that you define as "work" are relevant to it being helpful to others., i haven't seen your okcupid profile, but judging from your facebook profile i think there's several problems –. if i had a dollar for every guy i’ve seen who has made a reference to how good he is in bed, his dick size, or his mastery of cunnilingus in his online dating profile, i’d be swimming through my money bin like scrooge mcduck. are here: home / online dating / the secret to online dating successonline dating can be an annoying, frustrating experience at times.

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