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says it's her first attempt at an online dating video and that she's nervous and excited at the same time. the overly emotional video, expressing her love for cats was so popular that eharmony posted a response on their blog confirming that it was a spoof. pregnant natalie portman poses in just her underwear and shows her baby kicking in utero for music video filmed just days before birth. on june 3 and titled eharmony video bio, it stars a woman calling herself debbie, who seems shy and a bit ditzy but nevertheless is looking for a soulmate.'debbie,' meanwhile, was the first video uploaded by cara hartmann, who describes herself as an entertainer and lists her details as 23 and a resident of the u. gaga is a not a hermaphrodite when a youtube video showing lady gaga with male genitalia surfaced in 2009, the gossip that she was a hermaphrodite spread quickly over the internet. blake, 83, appears to be married as he walks with ladylove in beverly hills.

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since then, most people have realized that debbie was in fact just a character, but she remains one of the most beloved memes on the internet. the video above, the pet collective (aided by some huffpost comedy editors' expert cat knowledge) investigates how hartmann tricked everyone into falling in love with the lady who just really loved cats. views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of mailonline. leonardo dicaprio and nina agdal look loved-up on a stroll in nyc's central park as they hold hands. i really wasn’t aware of the power of the internet until my video went viral so quickly!'you are the heaven of everything': jessica origliasso gushes about girlfriend ruby rose in birthday tribute calling her 'my soul mate, lover and best friend'., i should start making videos of all the crazy crap i think too!

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'she was in love with her own father': tilda swinton's ex-lover discovers he was born following an incestuous relationship beteen his mother and grandfather. i woke up the next day and saw the video had about 100 hits, which at the time was insane for me considering i had no subscribers and only had about 100 or so facebook friends.'i love depressing things': selena gomez reveals she's at her most creative when she's feeling sad, as she opens up her home for an intimate vogue video. facebook friends "tattoo" sleeve when a video of an anonymous woman getting all of her facebook friends tattooed to her arm surfaced on youtube, it spread like wildfire.'they've been getting close': nicholas hoult is dating playboy pinup bryana holly who has been linked with brody jenner and leonardo dicaprio. lover eharmony cat lover video cats the pet collective viral video. the night i made the eharmony video bio, i was up late googling puppies and watching a teen mom marathon.

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not only does her video have over 25 m views, but cara and i actually went to the same high school together, lower merion, just outside of philly. gothro  “omg< i love you…i’m just like you.'there's no love lost at all': reese witherspoon 'furious with co-star nicole kidman after fallout over their new tv show big little lies'. hilton only has eyes for new model 'love' chris zylka as they party weekend away. if that was really a dating video, one could only offer one piece of advice to her potential suitor: 'good luck with that cat thing., i had no intentions of the video going viral, or really anyone to see it other than my family and friends. announcing she's an mba graduate from villanova university, she says she love cats and then bursts into tears.

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'eventually, the two heads turn to each other and say: 'i love your hair . saving cats and being really famous, i’m taking a lot of acting classes and going on auditions. potter's luna lovegood turns three  treats from the books into vegan dishes (and more than one million people have tuned in to watch her make them).,, i cry as much ad you, i really do, cats aqre the only thing worth liveing for, cats are the bomb. watched news videos suspected islamic extremist grabs soldier from behind at paris airport bikini beach brawl ends with texas spring breaker knocked out guitar-wielding man viciously knocked out during vegas strip fight attack outside pizza shop leaves man fighting for his life adorable baby giggles when pet dog tickles his tummy with his nose jaw-dropping moment enormous chicken emerges from coop north korea 'blows up us carrier' in new propaganda video extraordinary footage shows python swallowing hyena whole angry rapper beats up fan after he tries to take his sunglasses adorable time-lapse of twin toddlers skipping sleep to play complete chaos as wild brawl breaks out inside pennsylvania diner the chase: darragh did all the work but teammates failed. saying how she wants all the cats in a basket and a few other feline related lines she abruptly ends the video by saying, while still crying: 'i can't, i can't.’t be the last to watch the viral video everyone is talking about.

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as i was getting ready to turn my computer off, the line “i want to hug every cat but i can’t because that’s crazy, i can’t hug every cat” went through my head and i thought i should make a video saying that before i forget it. cara hartmann recorded the video back in 2009 as a joke to put on her younger sister's facebook wall.'they just too cute': an over-emotional debbie cries as she talks about cats in her hilarious eharmony video bio. it was surreal seeing a cartoon me holding a basket of cats on a giant storyboard.'i'll love you forever': modern family actor rico rodriguez's father roy passes away. HerCreepy eharmony cat lady we all love youtube cry babies. the video, 'they' say: 'we just want to share some of our bedtime rituals, what we do before we go to bed.

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from believing his love was a prank, their awkward first time to why it ended..her second video, posted on june 4 is entitled cara and kara. co-stars melissa benoist and chris wood fuel dating rumors as they jet into lax together., no i don’t really read the comments on the video anymore. you've ever been on the Internet, you've probably seen Debbie, the crazy eHarmony cat lady. exclusive: busty nicki minaj is the centre of attention as she wears bejewelled headpiece and barely-there gown for video shoot. all thanks to the video, i’m able to pursue acting which is something i never thought i would be able to do.

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, 37, and son, 20, who fell in love 18 years after she gave him up for adoption plead guilty to incest and are and ordered to stay away from each other - but insist they will stay together. crazy: for a few seconds debbie regains her composure, then she starts talking about cats again. jong-un releases propaganda video where north korea 'blows up' an us aircraft carrier days after the. i always made weird videos on my friend’s facebook walls just to get a laugh. her video for the online dating site went viral and now has almost 28 million views. anyways, as of 2/24/13, your video “eharmony video bio”  has 25,253,937 views, that’s the equivalent of the whole population of afghanistan watching your video!'while the chances of this being a genuine video for eharmony, it's certainly one of the funniest solo-to-camera performances since chris crocker's leave britney alone was uploaded in september 2007.

I love cats online dating video

no, i put the video  on youtube late one night because facebook’s video feature wasn’t working. then spent the day in bed with her lesbian lover raphael. do you find yourself still reading the comments on your video?'she is more in love now than ever': sandra bullock's friends say her relationship with bryan randall is rock solid and he is 'like a dad to her kids'.'i'll always love you': jerseylicious star mike aktari dead at age 28. the video opened so many doors and completely changed my life. it was later discovered that the tattoo was temporary and the result of a publicity stunt by online printing company pretty social.

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