Is big e langston dating aj

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"advertisement - continue reading belowpeople who have followed emma from nxt are already won over, but others aren't so sure - do you think they'll be pleasantly surprised once she gets in the ring? morewwe punkleewwe alsopunklee paigesuperstars legendswwe superstarsaj lee withstorylinetrianglelongest divasforwardcm punk & aj lee!"there's a lot of talent on the main roster, but i think if you look to the nxt roster as well there's a lot of talent there. i think it's interesting, i'm not sure how valid it is, but i think the opportunity to expand the wwe brand outside the walls of the us is obviously a positive thing. are you going to walk out of that elimination chamber match still holding on to your intercontinental title?"how much are you looking forward to watching the 2014 wwe hall of fame ceremony? i think the prospect of having that many different personalities and guys who you grew up watching as a kid all in one house.

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honestly the very first thing i might put on is legends' house. i think there's a lot of room for me to get better, expressing different facets and i look forward to improving. news about the biggest TV shows, films and celebrities, updated around the clock."should the elimination chamber winner face batista one-on-one at wrestlemania xxx - or should there be something different like a triple threat match? #wwe #kane #aj leesee morelee personalylee cantlee rockingpersonalized shirtsconcert outfitzzzmans shirtcm leeand fashionlee wrestlingforwardaj lee personaly the cm punk one looks the bestsee moresuperstar divaswwe superstars divasinlyi m ajdaniël bryansport passioncouples wwewrestling awesomnesskissedforwardi'm aj lee i really hate daniel bryan but i've inly kissed him for moneysee moreaj lee in her daniel bryan attirewomen’s fashionweddingstraveltechnologytattoosquotesphotographyoutdoorsmen’s fashionkids and parentinghome decorhealth and fitnesshair and beautygardeningfood and drinkeducationdiy and craftsdesignartarchitecturepicked for youlog insign uppinterest • the world’s catalog of ideassearchlog in with googleprivacy."people who may not watch wrestling now, if they heard hulk hogan was coming back they might tune in."i really have fun doing both for different reasons i'm really excited in the role i'm in now, and i look forward to growing.

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Is big e langston dating aj

"assuming you retain the belt, is there anyone in particular you'd like to defend it against at wrestlemania xxx? i spent years training to get to this spot and it's right before wrestlemania. the role had real quirks and different personalities, but i think it worked and i was actually really sad to see that run come to an end. shield feel that they should have been in the chamber and will attempt to have their revenge on the wyatt family. it always resonates when you're told you don't fit a certain mould. emma's been on the roster of late but we haven't really had an opportunity to see her wrestle."the opportunity would be great, but honestly i would embarrass myself so i'll stick to what i'm good at!

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"daniel bryan has really risen and touched a lot of people - even outside of wrestling. it would really be a dream if he could somehow come back. it's always a great thing when you can attract fans outside of wrestling and get them into what we do."elimination chamber is available sunday night (monday morning), february 23 at 1am live on sky sports 1 and pay-per-view at 8pm et / 5pm pt in the us. i have a lot of respect for jack swagger and what he does and for being the former world champion, but i've trained too long far too hard to get to this point and just give it up. Big E Langston & Divas Champion AJ Lee #WWEOld wwe couples 55 pins16 followersaj leeworldnikki bellacm punkdolph zigglerjohn cenavickie guerrerobig e langstonphotosmanhattannew years evedatingreading challengegoing crazythe cutestjohn johndaniel bryanwwedel riopunklee kanekane ajlee twittertwitter photoslee wrestlingthings wrestlingwrestling divaskane s masklee funnyforwardaj lee twitter photos | the many loves of a. most of the attention at this weekend's elimination chamber will be on the six-man wwe heavyweight title bout, there's much more happening on a packed card of entertainment.

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if you've just watched her on the main roster you don't realise at all what she has to offer in the ring, and i think people will definitely be surprised. are you most looking forward to watching on the wwe network when it launches? meanwhile, wmxxx contender batista will settle his differences with alberto del rio..Explore Amari Porter's board "Old WWE Couples" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas."he didn't have to be a certain model or a certain type or 6'4" to be successful. he's the guy who was told that he's not big enough or not tall enough and he's proving people wrong. that buzz that he creates, the buzz of hulk hogan, i think would be good for business, so i'd definitely look forward to it.

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i think the conventional wisdom is the winner of the chamber takes on batista one-on-one, but if there's a way, i don't know if there'd be a surprise return, maybe a triple threat? - continue reading below"they've gone different paths and i think daniel bryan will continue to ascend and it's interesting to see what's coming ahead. people can identify with someone being too good to have to fit in a mould."there's something to the fact that he's a bit of an everyman."no-one quite knows what's happening with cm punk at the moment - would you be at all surprised to see him return between now and wrestlemania xxx? obviously i'm not really aware of what's going, but i think there's a lot of people who desperately want him back, a lot of fans who would be excited to have him back. i guess if i had to pick a dream opponent - he's not even really with the company right now - but i was such a massive goldberg fan as a kid.

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"for one of the big guys you're still agile and quick - do you think that surprised people when you broke through from nxt? i don't know who created this, but thank you invisible source. there's a good future with the divas, and if you look to nxt as well i think there's an opportunity for young up and comers to do some damage. i think the winner of the chamber, batista and then a third would make things a little interesting. i have every intention to walk into wrestlemania as intercontinental champion. a lot of my favourite matches are singles matches, but i would be intrigued if the rock would be thrown in there as a third, or whoever would be."have you had more fun as a heel or as a face in the wwe?

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i think there's something about his struggle, his being told 'no', that really resonates with people. i'm not sure where it's going, but i'm sure the two are heading for some kind of collision. morewrestling punkleestuff wrestlingwrestling couplessuperstar wrestlingwrestling divaspunk totallytotally hotdiva ajwwe diva sforwardaj lee and cm punksee morewedding typesweet lifesceneotp 3bryan ajtype thingsfavorite wwefavorite thingsaj lee wwedaniel byranforwarddaniel bryan and aj leesee morekisses cmlee kisseswrestling faveswrestling obsessionwrestling wwewrestling foreversuperstar cmsuperstar wrestlingwwe stuperforwardwouldn't be funny ha ha if cm punk got the kiss of death from aj and the undertaker won in just 17 sec's? but i really have no idea how much merit there is to that rumour."now i really embrace being a babyface, it's something i've really had fun with. with nxt as well i had a lot of fun doing the five-count and there are moments as well with dolph and aj that i really enjoyed."your old friend aj lee is now the longest-reigning divas champion - is there anyone on the roster who can take that from her?

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i think it's a great class already, and obviously we're going to see some more.!see morewrestling figureswwe action figurestoy customsfigure kaneelite basiccustom ajlee dressedbasic figurewwe figurinesforwardwwe custom aj lee mattel elite basic figure " kane attire" 2012see morekane ajwwe kanemma fightsmma ufcsource wweufc karatekarate mixedmartial art boxing all otherwrestling strugglesforwardkane and aj lee."i'm definitely excited about that, i'm hoping that i'll be free for the first time this year to actually see the hall of fame in person. he has a chant that people can really get behind that people are excited to do. but i know if he did return there'd be a lot of buzz and a lot of happy fans as well."what is it about daniel bryan that's crossed over so well? i think people were expecting me to be more plying, methodical in terms of my approach.

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wwe will be visiting the uk in may for the wrestlemania revenge tour, including raw and smackdown tv events in london tickets are available now. digital spy got in touch with big e to ask him all about it. but i think he'd be great for us because i know people in their 40s and 50s who remember watching hulk hogan as a kid. like i said, i'm not sure particularly what's going on, if there's a chance or even a possibility or if it's imminent."there are guys who are big - even bigger than me - but i think my ability as an athlete to be agile and athletic and quick is something that i've always prided myself on, and i think it definitely took people by surprise. - continue reading belowthe new age outlaws will hope to keep the tag team belts from the usos, while big e langston defends his intercontinental title against jack swagger. to have a title match with goldberg would be a dream fulfilled.

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"you made your wrestlemania debut last year with dolph ziggler against team hell no - what are your thoughts on the disintegration of daniel bryan and kane's relationship? if you just think of the speeches alone that jake and warrior and lita will make. using this site you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. obviously being in nxt and in training too, in the same building as her."if that were to be the case, if he did return, i think there'd be a huge buzz around it."advertisement - continue reading belowyou used to play football - what do you think about the crazy rumours of vince mcmahon wanting to buy one of our soccer teams and would you like to play in midfield for newcastle united?'s been talk of hulk hogan returning in some capacity in this anniversary year - how would you feel about that?

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