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jade is known to be a really good play writer, and there's mostly to be artists other than ones who do makeup., jade may have been embarrassed about not being able to handle the situation herself and didn't want to admit that she needed tori's help. tori is good friends with cat, and trina is tori's sister and since they hang out at tori's a lot they tolerate trina. and in the worst couple, beck allows trina to lay her head on his shoulder during the poker game, but this is most likely simply because he didn't care, given he's probably consumed in his own thoughts. there's also the fact that dance and drama (and cosmotologey for that matter) are viewed as different fields of study, and you probably would not be allowed to take both. jade has done far worse things, and yet people love her. to credit andre's grade up from a d to an a will reflect on him in his job evaluation. off she has kissed boys who are in a relationship like beck ((jade's)) and cat's ((sweet woobie cat)) boyfriend that tori apparently dated in the past. mean you wouldn't hate having to sing that stupid song and wear those dumb costumes? (see: bade) since then,they appear to have a much more strong and stable relationship,while they no longer fight and they are still very intimate,holding hands,kissing in public etc. she says she's been getting tons of calls - but didn't call the paramedics (until rex suggests it, and after t. he once posted on the slap that a bunch of girls in bikinis show up and have a huge water fight just to give a quick jk when jade freaks out. know they needed robbie to break the bag of blood but the doctor clearly stated that the toy car is in danger of ripping open his intestines, suggesting that a slight movement could do major damage, he's understandably terrified by this but happily gets out of bed to go thank tori. for example, in the gorilla club, beck was very caring and protective of her, gave her advice on how to take risks as an actor, and helped with her audition for a movie for three nights. is a very talented and highly respected actor at hollywood arts. beyond that, she's generally pretty nice to cat (does cat ever randomly overreact to jade like she does to everyone else? and how can she kick anyone out with a snap of her fingers? as for qualifications, her role in the show happy times could count. parents have never been shown on the show (exept for his father's hand) but have been mentioned a few times in the show. she didn't kiss beck because she wanted to, she did it because her character was supposed to.'t beck rather insensitive towards tori, just because he wanted to kiss her? for example, in "a film by dale squires", tori says "beck, i want you on the couch" and jade's reaction is to say "girl. say you write a paper on world war ii, and get a low grade.. according to the slap, he also uses an array of gels and products to style his hair. on the slap, where sinjin tweets that he had an awesome "man-date" with beck and hopes to do it again sometime, beck replies, "anytime you want. tori spend the most of the party in the 'iparty with victorious' with soiled pee pants? has an epiphany in tori fixes beck and jade, realizing he was more into difficult girls, because it's not easy, and "easy's boring. wasn't jade flipping out when cat kissed beck in 'a film by dale squires' but flipped out when tori kissed beck in the improv thing in the pilot? in tori goes platinum, trina flirts a bit with beck, and beck laughs, amused by the mayonnaise on her face. first of all, not only was tori's statement made in the completely innocent context of giving beck a stage direction, but given what a massive attitude problem jade has when it comes to beck, tori probably wouldn't have had a hard time convincing beck to go out with her instead and could have done so in any previous episode if that was her inclination. 2- ah, that's a really good one, i haven't actually thought about that until now. this is probably the reason why he likes cat and beck so much, as they're nice to everyone. beck and jade's hooking up bring the two circles together which is later joined by tori, who started off as a friend of andré. not to mention that miranda cosgrove was a main character in both icarly and drake and josh. money is on the fact that sikowitz really is batshit crazy sometimes and it's entirely in his power to make that play worth the most for the term and then give essentially no work to tori or jade, making it impossible to recover. she flat out threatened cat in front of both sikowitz and the guidance counselor when she shaved her head (i'm still not letting that go).

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to jade in "the wood", beck likes having his tummy tickled. severe cases, the police and/or paramedics can be called take a mentally unstable person to the hospital, while there, the doctors can decide if she needs to be committed or not. the existing circle of friends likely developed when beck hooked up with jade. when approached by beck and jade the same episode, he panics when beck suggests they (jade and andre) listen to the song together, quickly saying he didn't do anything. the christmas episode, andre gets a bad grade on his christmas song., i thought it was about performing to attempt to please him and convince him to free them-i had no idea that their intention was to abandon the performance. not only that but the sheer unreasonableness of their teacher with robbie and andre breaking character. to andré on theslap, he is famous for his grilled bbq ribs. he's seen hanging out with beck more than robbie is. he just doesn't really seem to know how to write a relationship convincingly. in earlier episodes, she probably would have been thankful, but in recent episodes she has gone from being just mean and possessive to being a sociopathic bitch whose attitude is likely to get her killed one day, as shown by that scene. then there is robbie, who has a crush on cat, and probably became friends with her while trying to get a date with her. (tori singing backup for andre and cat as robbie's assistant). justice actually wrote the song (which is only fair for vic since andre auditioned leon's own original song)." sure, she probably should have, but she's jade, and that isn't in-character for her, whether it ticks your morality-meter off or not. and andre had to deal with a clear and present interruption to their exercise. the point was that ryder was a villain and was supposed to be seen as such. cat has been shown in at least two acting classes already, a makeup class, and a play-writing class. realize that its a kid show, but its not like kids show haven't gotten crap past the radar before and feature gay characters in all but name. in "locked up," beck tries to calm andré down, as well as take care of him when he gets bitten by a vampire moth. there's no real point in being a heartfelt shipper when it comes to a schneider show. it seems like she just has no improv skills and fell back on stating what her character was over and over. after tori reffused to rat jade out the latter felt that she had given a disproportionate retribution and considered herself in debt with the first. beck is probably the most normal and sane of all the characters, he also seems to be fairly quiet, deep, and mysterious.-life aside it's in character for crazy people in the schneiderverse to be this paranoid. so when robbie broke character to check on him he was falling for sikowitz's trap and got booted.) and had beck describe jade in general rather than personal terms why she's the perfect one for him, as if there are no other girls in school who are opinionated loudmouths who aren't afraid of fighting back (he. in one episode where they were re-enacting the wizard of oz, beck flat out told cat to punch him for no reason (claiming it was part of the show). is robbie so desperate about getting a girlfriend and receiving attention? he doesn't have the power to fail them based just on that, but his students are gullible/trusting enough to think he does and so they do what he says. refers to sinjin as his friend in the worst couple, and sticks up for him in the bad roommate. robbie and cat i get, they probably met through therapy or something like that. in other episodes is more jade's stubbornness and fear to show weakness what prevent her to openly accept tori as her friend, after all most of the time jade doesn't have anything bad to say about tori other than "i don't like her, i'm not her friend" and in victori-yes she preffers hang out at the vegas' home than going to watch a car race with her boyfriend. tori came along with no real desire and was instantly put at the top. did absolutely no one realize there was an emergency exit on the top of beck's rv? and you have to remember they only would've had 00 if 0 is used to buy a nice trophy.

Is cat and beck from victorious dating in real life

if he was planning for 60 episodes and wasn't sure if they were going to be getting a fourth season, then how could he not make a proper ending? and jade (and trina, in a way) definitely tie everyone together. they decided they'd rather just cancel their expensive show with about 10 regular cast members, and instead just take the two most popular actresses in the tween demographic (ie ariana and jennette) and move their characters to the new sam & cat show. again, jade seems to treat andre better than even beck and cat as she, as stated on the wmg page, only yelled at him once. while you should use your own judgement when interpreting a scene, input from others can help you improve a performance and add aspects that you've never thought about. had proven her action girl status, cat flawlessly completed the balls of pain without a sweat, and tori takes out a gorilla by dancing. the last of the group is tori, which as we all know is brought into the group because andre and trina get paired together for the big showcase.'beauty and the beast' to repeat at #1 over 'power rangers', 'life' and 'chips'.'s been several episodes now since tori helped jade get back together with beck (which is often taken by fans as the number one sign that tori isn't out to steal beck from jade), but jade still seems to be suspicious of tori's every move. in tori's case, saying "i'm kicking her out because she sucks" wouldn't really be legitimate, even for an arts school. and beck very close friends, and it was revealed in tori goes platinum that they may have romantic feelings for each other. and sinjin don't cuddle what ain't his," showing that in his mind, he has respect for beck and jade's relationship, despite his crush on jade. however, when he, andre, and robbie have to babysit a delirious trina in freak the freak out, she jumps up behind them, causing beck to scream in fear along with the others. to survival of the hottest, beck never knew that you had to clean out a fish tank. anyone she kicked out would end up going to the school board and getting her fired immediately. think you missed watching the part that jade's role bitch-slapped the dead character of cat. and keep in mind that this page is for actual questions, not senseless ranting. in jade gets crushed, andré was really worried about upsetting beck, and did everything he could do hide his crush on beck's girlfriend, jade. and once in, they'd be loathe to kick someone out just because they aren't as good. in one of sinjin's sock puppet segments on the slap, sock puppet sinjin explains to sock puppet jade that, "you belong to beck. the problem here is that ha is a high school and daisy is obviously too young to be attending high school. whole reason for the performance was to get the teacher to up andre's grade. is it that sikowitz could force tori and jade go on a date, giving them a failing grade if they don't ? we got the call that there was a space if we wanted it on the second day of the school year, we took her to the charter school and called the public school the next morning. the other five are andré (ice cream for ke$ha and driving tori crazy), trina (tori the zombie and driving tori crazy), jade (jade dumps beck, car, rain & fire, driving tori crazy and opposite date), robbie (a film by dale squires), and cat (cat's new boyfriend). in short, andre is close to tori and is also the reason she attended ha (she wasn't going to take the offer until he asked the audience for their opinion of her). gillies(source)liz gillies played jade, my victorious spirit animal. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. also, why did she have to lie and say that what she did was on purpose? however, beck does have his moments, frequently teasing jade to provoke reactions out of her. he doesn't want people to know other shows not created by him (spongebob, big time rush, and how to rock) are actually doing better then his shows. seen in beck falls for tori, beck chews on his pen. money is on the fact that he really couldn't give them a failing grade. they're frequently seen holding hands, hugging, and/or kissing in the background while other events are going on. if someone behaved that way in real life, what could they have? jade asked her to go talk to the nurse and cat was just being cat and she told the nurse she was there because the puppet got into an accident so apperently they thought she was crazy so thats why she was put there.

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we know for a fact that he has never been afraid to be open with her, like in jade dumps beck, so this isn't right. sort of depends on how you define "breaking character", but in one scene tori is playing her police officer role and shoving raisin bran in beck's mouth. maybe it turns him on when she get's clingy and jealous, or maybe he just wanted to see her embarrassed as payback for overreacting in the first place. check out what the cast of the naked brothers band looks like today! april fools blank, during the ending performance, you can see the fake gibby head that spencer was playing with when tori ran through the icarly loft-and at one point during the song trina clearly picks it up.'s pretty good at martial arts and stage combat appears to be part of the curriculum. tori respected beck and jade's relationship when they were a couple despite kissing him in pilot. the way their school works appears to based around each class having one single drama teacher for their education (it's not an entirely unknown property, lots of schools will at least in the first year of highschool keep an entire class together for the entire year before it splits into elective subjects), and here only one overall class is done that way. in beck's big break, it is shown that tori cares for him when she gets him his part in a movie back, and in beck falls for tori beck does tori's stunt for her when she is afraid to. seems like every school play stars the main characters, and only the main characters, like tori, beck and robbie in tori the zombie, robbie and andre in rex dies, tori and andre in tori gets stuck, etc. and does it really seem like jade is the type to not hold a grudge? sikowitz • lane alexander • principal eikner • sinjin van cleef • holly vega • david vega • festus • charlotte harris • mrs. 2) people know better than to go against her and just be her friend. or if it's a smaller part, have someone else learn it really quick? beck respects robbie more than the others (even though he does joke at him at some points in the series), and robbie doesn't feel weird around beck like he easily would next to everyone else. also, in both the beck situation and the dad situation, jade asked tori for help, so she could just resent people who try to rescue her without her consent. tori really a sweet innocent nice girl or a bitch in sheep's clothing ? opposite date, beck and tori were asked by a patient at the animal shelter if they both had feelings for each other and they didn't deny it, even so tori says she doesn't want beck for herself. mean, he dragged her forcibly into the janitor's closet and tried to make her pop an arm pimple, and when he tried to kill the fly she looked extremely terrified that he was going to hit her. beck and andré's opposing reactions to fear and danger counter each other nicely, since beck plays it off cool, while andré freaks out under pressure. have nothing against the song, but all of tori's songs are about partying and friends and fun. simple explanation is that jade is easily pissed off and can occasionally become violent or otherwise vindictive towards people who she feels have wronged her, so no one wants to be the one to tell her she can't hang out with them. skin color is determined by a number of different genes, and while it is true that the genes for darker skin are dominant, recessive lighter-skinned genes still have the possibility of appearing, however unlikely it is. some of the stuff that happens to her, such as cyberbullying (jade posting that video of her getting hurt), mean-spirited gossip (the "how trina got in"), and parental abuse, are not things to ethically make fun of. assuming that lane is half white, and therefore in possession of european genes, it is entirely possible that his children inherited more european genes, therefore having a lighter skin color.é harrissinjin van cleefcat valentinerobbie shapirotori vegajade west(girlfriend)trina vega (on-and-off)rex powersmoose. in freak the freak out, he wasn't happy about taking care of her and was the first to say they were leaving. other than being a jackass, he didn't really do anything wrong. to mention that, as said earlier, beck doesn't exactly help to ease that jealousy. he does not have any video segments and his profile video was shot with jade. the pilot she said that she wasn't a performer, and there were no hints that gave away that she had an interest in singing or that she even sang before in the past, so how did she suddenly become great at singing? one of these is a gold circle on a black string, and jade has also been seen wearing one that matches this one..He has several fish in a 10 gallon tank (which he did not realize had to be cleaned). when the tables are turned, she gets po'ed, has some plan to humiliate the guy and people seem to help her with the plan. it all makes sense when you really think about it. vega • andré harris • cat valentine • beck oliver • jade west • robbie shapiro • rex powers • trina vega.

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— an exchange between beck and jade in jade dumps beck. trina comes downstairs in one of beck's slap videos, commenting on how good the cereal he had made was. she's a jerk with a heart of gold, and is really hot, and is probably hooking up with all of them (besides andre and robbie). and in victori-yes, beck and sinjin go to a drag race together, where beck is surprised to learn he and sinjin actually have a lot in common, and admits that, although he wasn't sure about hanging out with him, he thinks sinjin's pretty cool. it was revealed in the worst couple that trina has a crush on beck and thinks that they would make a perfect couple because they are both "hot and talented. although he does not always get involved in drama, he's quick to help someone out, such as when he fixed robbie's car in a film by dale squires, helped find the letters to spell ke$ha in ice cream for ke$ha, and did tori's stunt for her in beck falls for tori. anytime a teacher wants to do something like that, it generally has to be extra credit and they'd never be able to single out a couple of students, force them to go on a date and pay for it with their own money. you not watch the parts where it was clear that jade was sitting and waiting for said cheerleader to come? sure, he can be irritating (like in wi-fi in the sky), but for goodness sakes, he's been rejected on endless occasions, had a small toy car forced into him when he was little, and got savagely beaten by mothers just for offering free ice cream to their children. the aesop could've been handled better, but in itself it's a good one. he wasn't the only one who made fun of tori for not having her driver's license (not that it still isn't okay) and the quartets seemed to annoy people (everyone said no to them). doesn't feel threatened by cat and she didn't flip out, i know their friends and all but if any girl kissed beck she would go full blast bitch on you." looks at shows like that's so raven in the past, but today, it's the victorious cast's turn! at some point when one student did it right and stood up for themselves, they'd all know what they're supposed to do without actually experiencing it themselves. was elizabeth gillies really slapping ariana or was it only in-show and, as you'd expect, it was made to look she really was as jade? although she refuses to do what anyone tells her, she is quick to obey beck, and seems to respect him and long for his approval. it can be assumed from the episode the great ping-pong scam that they are good friends and have been for more than a year. i guess to answer the question no, there aren't any stereotypically camp gay stereotypes at hollywood arts or any out-loud-and-proud students, but there are plenty of characters you can interpret as gay or bisexual, but that's up to each individual viewer. he is jade west's boyfriend and seems to be good friends with the rest of the gang.'s also the fact that andre is closer to earth, like beck. monet(source)daniella played tori's older, talentless sister on the show, but in real life daniella is plenty talented. the school itself appears to have a very low student:teacher ratio and i would also assume it has a lot of facilities to ensure ongoing, multiple performances going at any time. he breaks up with this girl and goes back to jade because he wants a girl that presents a challenge. justice(source)victoria was an aspiring singer on the show, but in real life, she's more than just aspiring. they wanted to be known for cool songs and tendy outfits, not being kids show hosts. only new students who don't start the school at the start of the year do it in a class and for the students that started the school at the normal time do it like little private exams. actually slapping cat when they were shooting the movie in "a film by dale squires". robbie was the most obviously ambiguously gay character early on, or perhaps just camp straight bisexual as he seemed to have crushes on other girls, cat doesn't seem to distinguish gender too much when it comes to attraction (she flirts with tori and jade in similar ways she does towards random boys), nor does sinjin for that matter, and jade and tori's relationship will forever be the lightning rod of alternating interpretations: whether there's a bit of an armored closet gay quality in jade's hostility to tori, and you think there has to be some compelling reason tori would put up with jade for so long and so easily forgive her for everything despite some severe moral event horizon jade crosses, and you could see tori's actions in tori goes platinum as her "i love jade" moment- but no two viewers will see it that way and plenty staunchly deny that there's anything possibly romantic in their relationship or having any les yay-ish undertones whatsoever. drake & josh appears as a fictional show within icarly and victorious whereas helen, craig, erik and even josh nichols are real people in the latter 2 shows. how is it that jade considers both of those actions to be more deserving of gratitude than tori saving her life? teachers don't hand out failing or bad grades for no reason, and they don't do so without the scrutiny of the school district. someone who went through the bird scene five+ times would have either given up or buckled down and learned a lot in the process [like tori]. as seen in a film by dale squires, when he says he will be able to get some cheerleaders to come over and talk to robbie, he seems to be aware of the effect his looks have on the opposite sex. it's like making a med student perform surgery and not allow them to go further unless they tell their surgical leader that they don't care if the patient dies, because they did the surgery the way they wanted." scenario and forever-unanswered feelings for tori (and considering if it indeed did happen he would ruin his relationship with jade forever and possibly cause a fissure within the group) no questions asked. tori and friends put on the song for the teacher, who then upgrades the grade because of the presentation.

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i mean, look at how jade treats beck: she's completely in love with him (if we're to take her clingy jealous girl behavior as a sign of love) and yet he's no more exempt from her bad attitude than anyone else. maybe it's just me, but it seems inconveniant to have to walk outside and to the house if you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go. instead nick decided to just can all their ongoing shows, victorious is very expensive to produce but it wasn't making enough ratings or profits. tori was only given "a lady police officer who wears too much red lipstick and is obessed with rasin bran. for sikowitz's play in "tori and jade's play date," beck and andré play the identical twins tommy and carter swain. beck does seem to enjoy getting jade all riled up for fun. threats and assault, which should result in expulsion by all means, is where i would draw the line. some of the most recent ones were pointless and unwatchable. wears a lot of what cat refers to as 'man-jewelry,' even when he is in the hospital (cat's new boyfriend).'m currently rewatcing the episode and i always scratch my head to the plot. way cat behaves makes me think she has some kind of mental or learning disorder rather than she's just merely quirky, especially later in the show. beck later kisses her and asks her out on a date, although later in the episode it was shown to be a prank the boys played on her. couldn't they just splash some on their faces and arms to cool off a bit? each group have their own major performances, and play minor roles in the others.'s lying to try and save face and keep people interested in watching sam & cat. is very kind, rational, soft-spoken, laid back, level headed, mature beyond his years who seems to get along with everyone, even people like robbie, cat, and sinjin, who are considered quite weird. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet!'re in a performing arts school and no gay kids? maybe jade is right , tori's not the sweetheart person people make her be and could regally be a villain protagonist . (and in tori's case, totally worth it to not have to continue playing personal assistant to her extremely annoying sister. a slap is pretty easy to do, either with a sound effect or just hitting your own hand. dries though, and i don't think she was planning on showing her panties to anyone, so it's not a big deal for one party. probably knocked one of the cops out, stole their clothes and acted inconspicuous until it was time to bring tori and trina home, then made sure she was the one driving the car. people who ship a character and ship it hard (which in this case is the majority of the fandom, and that majority also ship their respective pairings very hard) will take terrible behaviour of the characters involved and turn them into a 'flawed hero' who 'puts up walls' because she's 'scared of rejection' instead of calling it like its, which is that jade is just a mean bitch. he recently formed the producing team the rascals and won a grammy. now beck's not exactly hurting for female companionship, it never occured to him that he might find someone who's personality is somewhere between these two extremes? troper went to an arts/vocational school as a high school and i was just wondering, why the kids are taking only acting and arts based classes, and multiple ones at that..Beck moved out of his parents house and lives in a rv parked in their driveway. how trina got in in both andre's and sikowitz's version of the story sinjin is already enrolled in hollywood arts, and he says he's been here for a year. anyone else really annoyed by how tori, cat, and jade acted in this episode? between his relaxed attitude on the subject and how every girl in the series seems to find him attractive, her jealousy is pretty reasonable. in "tori the zombie", tori gets the lead role in uptown downtown and we see evidence that jade wanted it. you can even hear beck claim that she never gave him a chance to confess. she mentioned in both beck's big break and locked up that she was 16. lets face it, andres grandmother is mentally unwell, so that could be considered a small sort of emergency. also, why didn't andre try to report jade after figuring it out?

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? even dying of heat, i really don't think touching that stuff at all is very appealing.'re talking about the same doctors who let trina and cat into a tb ward and actively encouraged tori to donate three pints of blood, given that donating two pints of blood is some what risky (only some people can do it) three pints of blood is just plain malpractice. tori hasn't made a move on beck since the pilot, but remember that beck was the one who kissed tori in that episode. and jade were boyfriend and girlfriend for over three years. also they needed a reason for him and rex to both have lines, and to establish that robbie's the bumbling nerd with the cool guy puppet. bigger question is why do they hang out with andre? in the hambone king, trina jumps into beck's lap (much to his protests) and snuggles up with him.'s family seems to dislike jade, as his dad said for father's day he wanted beck to break up with her and he said in locked up! when trina can't perform, tori has to, and before we know it, tori goes to ha and since trina is a pain, she becomes better friends with andre, the only other person she knows from school, which effectively brings her into the group. when he connects with jade, beck becomes part of both groups, they eventually intermingle and end up with a circle that looks like cat <-> jade <-> beck <-> andre <-> beck <-> robbie. check out how he "breaks up" with tori, he was using her and broke up with her to force her to come crawling back to him and beg him to take her back.. they both have each others' backs and both care for each other. so beck ran onstage to jade,after she sang a song dedicated to him and admitted that he missed her and kissed her in front of the whole school,so they got back together. and jade, as of jade dumps beck, have been dating for a year and eleven months, but after getting back together, they were a couple for almost three years until the worst couple. possible qualifications does helen have for taking over hollywood arts? given if that is her worst fear her reaction post-"tori goes platinum" is a bit of a headscratcher, considering she seems to brush off beck's almost kiss with tori, which he initiated and so willingly gets back together with him despite that "what if? and trina are not shown to interact much, but it can be assumed from survival of the hottest, freak the freak out, and terror on cupcake street that he isn't too fond of her. and his acting career is looking good as well — he's currently filming tut, where he'll be playing hottie ruler, king tut., let me see if i'm getting this: in the first half of the episode, jade is anxious to confront tori and beck to know what they're up to. also in a film by dale squires, beck helps robbie fix his car. even beck and cat (arguably her best friend in the show with some of their interactions) are on the receiving end of her attitude. andre is too close for jade to treat him like a random person, but not close enough that she'll treat him like her "friends". justification for it is that she acts like a selfish, spoiled brat much of the time, not that she is untalented. unless art schools have a different expulsion procedure, i really don't see how helen, the new principal, could kick anyone out. wi-fi in the sky, why didn't beck just straight up tell jade that the cheerleader was 9? last example doesn't really count, as at that point they were broken up, and he was most likely just trying to move on, having excepted that it was over between them. why would trina's parents willingly and knowingly let her audition, when it was obvious just how terrible she was? jade and beck are together, cat has gotten multiple guys (trapped in an rv, cat's new boyfriend, prom wrecker), tori had two relationships (though one was false) and andre had a date/girlfriend in prom wrecker. she's obviously too insane to check herself in and andre probably wouldn't be able to on his own. victorious lost ratings because of it so the show was cancelled. gyllenhaal, ‘life’ director daniel espinosa to reteam on ‘the anarchists vs isis’. what is shown, he's not a bad singer, and i doubt he needed to really try that hard for a good grade. hand wave is that each specific acting class has it's own productions going.: fri, 3/27/2015 - 8:16pm by desi jedeikin #5yearsofvictorious is trending on twitter today because it was five years ago today that victorious premiered on nickelodeon. enough, but has there ever even been any indication that hollywood arts is a private school? if you put an emergency exit, come under attack, you'd get shot coming out of the top, or someone would climb on top and shoot into the rv or drop a grenade or something.

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in the episode driving tori crazy, beck drove tori when she had no way to get to school. finally did one without any autotune correction (a cover of i want you back), and she an excellent singer. same thing with science, not every class would need a lab, and some would be completely theoretical. you are correct, they would need to take normal academic classes too and they probably do. and josh is a fictional show that used the premiere as a set, and everyone played themselves, ie, josh played josh, helen played herself, and after the show she decided to be come principal of hollywood arts. making fun of tori about her not a driving license, somewhat insulting cat in a way about how she never makes sense, kicked robbie out of a chair just to relieve his anger over a bad grade, and wasn't that nice to the quartets either. saw it more as beck realising why he liked jade so much by seeing her inverse.(source)ariana grande(source)does anyone know what happened to ariana? he claims that he isn't afraid of anything, and usually stays calm in even the worst situations. that's, like, seven different levels of improper and the school would be liable for it all. one example of this is when he grabs jade to lead her to the exit of sikowitz's class,as he thought there was a fire in the pilot or when he grabs tori and jade's hands in the breakfast bunch so they won't slip. jade even mentioned on theslap that she would be taking his gel and other products with her on a trip that weekend so that he "wouldn't look good while she was gone". jade does show jealous tendencies toward any girl who comes anywhere near beck. mean in one episode, jade is helping tori clean, and in another, she's giving tori coffee she found in the trash. eventually jade cracked and thats why jade went to extreme lengths. with tori she just performs once and is suddenly amazing. those are good points and i'm happy someone responded so fast, what i really wanted to point out was the fact that the kids were taking multiple acting classes per semester. (the flaw in the plan is that someone like trina could stink on the first try and say "forget you, it was perfect! be fair, cat also rode the flaming bucking bunny, so it's more that she's just having a grand ol' time. plus, her pants didn't look wet so it was probably just a small amount and that would dry quick. so hendrix does a cover and it becomes an instant classic and turns what dylan wrote into one of the best songs of all time. although it has been shown that he can play the guitar, sing, and dance, he seems to be much more focused on acting than music. the first with trina, second with beck, third with andre, fourth with robbie, fifth with jade, and on the sixth day on a party bus. since dan is running sam & cat he doesn't want people to get angry at nick, himself, ariana or jennette which might cause them to boycott or not bother watching the channel or the new show. they were video chatting for how long and beck couldn't explain to her throughout all that time? perhaps tori had a lot of money saved up and used it on the ice cream (i know it's stupid, but. before that there was the cat <-> jade connection, and the robbie <-> beck <-> andre connection. if there would have been some sort of explanation for her last minute change of heart towards tori and beck (she woke up to the realization that her obsession with the two is ridiculous; she saw that the two of them were just friends and there was nothing to be angry about; aliens stole her brain previously and chose that exact moment to give it back; etc. beck sometimes doesn't understand sikowitz's habits but considers him a good teacher much like the rest of his class. in new york at least, schools like la guardia arts and frank sinatra hs require auditions to get in, but are classified as public schools. that every kid in a dan schneider show are super humans capable of juggling insane schedule's and build equally insane projects that someone doing a p. don't need it to live, it just makes it harder too, there are people who are born without the capability to produce sweat and must take medications so they don't die.) when tori asked robbie and rex how to get to sikowitz's class, why didn't he just say, "follow me. i myself recently was told, by my mother who happened to be in the room, that the exit was located right on the roof the the vehicle. was there the canon discontinuity between episode 3 and the rest of the show so far? i got that it was less about a fervent love of country and more about just wanting to make it big and be a star, which is the stated goal of every student at hollywood arts.

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for any semblance of logic in that episode is probably a waste of your time and energy. is a fan of the band care bears on fire (there is a poster close to the door of his rv) as seen in jade dumps beck. and taking sexy pics to put on her instagram, apparently." he takes acting very seriously, and believes that acting is really about "not acting at all, but letting the emotions inside of you come out and represent moments. it's covered at nick verse, but in short, drake & josh, icarly, victorious and zoey 101 all share the same universe and are all real people. cat is very close to jade and robbie, and everyone seems to like cat, so they tolerate and learn to accept robbie for her. think what you're forgetting here is that tori, cat, and jade were happy to give credit to andre. van cleef • pat • robbie's sister • seth • shirley • suzy mccallen • tori and trina's grandmother(s) • uncle jesse. their relationship is a bit confusing, as jade is the "mean girl" and is prone to frequent fits of jealousy and anger, while beck is friendly and laid back. wasn't a direct breaking of character, and besides, if confronted, she could always just say she meant he could choke on all that raisin bran. then he leaves and locks her in the closet with his key., when tori helped jade get back together with beck, jade "owed her one" (her words).'s still kind of new to the school and andré is more of a musician than an actor, so their bad acting is excusable. it seems like she just hates tori for no reason and is only there to bully her (in the most recent episodes)." this theory is tested by sikowitz, who doesn't manage to scare him, although he does terriorize tori, jade, and spencer in the process of trying. much can really scare beck, as seen in iparty with victorious. he is the only person that can reach her and make her be (somewhat) polite., he's obviously as much of a jerk-ass as jade and likes getting under her skin as much as she does to other people. tori, on the other hand, was doing improv, and kissed beck for the sole purpose of pissing jade off. anyway, in that episode, a depressed carly is shown watching drake and josh, a scene in which megan (also played by miranda cosgrove) has just played a prank on drake and josh. (especially since tori has shown absolutely zero interest in beck since the pilot. has some mechanic skills and seems to know a lot about cars, as seen on theslap (fixes his own) and in a film by dale squires (fixes robbie's). i remember not long before the episode aired, that someone posted on the victorious wiki that it "sounds exactly like that icarly episode". why would a school, who's entire curriculum is dedicated to the performing arts, not cast any understudies for their plays, especially one as important as in this episode? maybe they have extremely high allowances and part time jobs. really just left them there to hang out for a few hours. beck and jade broke up in the worst couple, and they didnt seem to interact much since then. stated on the slap, beck does not like refrigerated mussels. think the episode was just an example of bad, lazy writing, as meredith went from normal girl with a mind of her own in the beginning to a completely subservient romantic false lead, they exaggerated jade's jerkass tendancies up-to-eleven so you wonder why anybody would so blindly jump back into a relationship with her (and really, no other guy in a large school full of oddball personalities is enough of an iron masochist who would consider asking out someone as attractive as jade? get his hair so fluffy, he has stated that he uses a quality shampoo and conditioner, as said in locked up! if it was good in the first place, the principal will ask why it was given a bad grade, and if it was bad, the principal will ask why is the student being rewarded for shoddy work. and that brings me to my question: did they need to use the outside area for their prom? eg, tori takes music, has a class with everyone, then has a advanced vocal subject which she takes with andre, and a beginner instrument class with any other students with basic instrumental skills. they act this way and are still somehow friends for the sake of comedy.) and after dealing with rex why diden't her friends go looking for her? she's more bipolar than cat, and laughs at people's pain, finding upset and gore funny.

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from my experience, you only take one or two vocational classes per semester, and the rest are traditional academic courses." cat recounts the plot of an episode of drake & josh, which all of the other characters recognize as such, but in the episode immediately before that, no one notices how helen strongly resembles a character from a show they are all obviously fans of.) also, am i the only one who think he and that judge took that whole thing way out of line? teachers are still evaluated and have they have to answer to the principal and while they might be able to include random things in their grading, i had a religion teacher that use to like to take students out to pick up the recycling around school and sort it during class and count that as participation or extra credit) but they can't really force students to do things out side of school unless it's a school-wide requirement, like service hours and even then it's rarely so specific.'s also the annoying fridge logic that the teacher must have had good reason to give andre the score that he gave him in the first place., you can be born with the ability to sing well, and no one said she didn't sing in the shower. jade is only grateful for help with emotional and social problems. it was just made to look like jade was slapping cat senseless. couldn't andre and the others still have a great music career as the diddly bops? night we didn't get a promo for andre's horrible girl until a rerun of bucket and skinner's epic adventures (which, as we all know, is in the slumps). seemingly the exact day after tori is approached by the principal to join the school at the big showcase, she's a student, despite how in reality there'd be lots of paperwork and it'd take a few days at least. the only time these two have ever fought was while acting, in "car, rain & fire" and "the wood," and have had no legitimate problems with each other (on screen). beck tries to kiss tori again later in the episode, but tori says she doesn't feel right about kissing him, because she considers jade to be her friend, and she wouldn't hurt a friend by kissing her ex-boyfriend. and why would jade take him back so easily when there are some considerable elephants-in-the-room (tori goes platinum, anybody? the kids could do one or two projects that reflects performing arts in an academic class, otherwise an academic class would have the same curriculum and requirements that a normal school would ask for. there's one of those tiny rv bathrooms somewhere offscreen, or maybe beck's perspective is like freddie's when he got an apartment with no bathroom but a sink: beck's got a yard and a front door.. would you really want dirty fish water all over your face and arms, sitting there, drying in the heat, making you smell all. oliver is one of the seven main characters of victorious. is explicitly stated in the episode that they're lane's friend's kids and not his. that connects tori and andre, there's still no real connection between andre and anybody else in the group.) since andre's grandmother almost never leaves the house, she probably doesn't see a therapist. were plenty of non-main characters who had parts in "uptown, downtown" (in "tori the zombie"), "well wishes" ("wok star"), and "steamboat suzie" ("tori gets stuck. realistically, they would only take one or two per semester. this may be a little off because i missed a whole chunk of the episode but it also seemed strange to me that even though andre, beck, and robbie never said tori, jade, or cat were forgiven the three girls still came to the fundraiser and took over. you think about it as 600 x (wild guess) and divide by 6 (# of people), it's only a bit over 0 each - still an outrageous price to pay for a concert ticket, but there are definitely tickets that do cost that much. it seemed strange/rude that they barged in and took over without actually ever being forgiven especially since the three boys told them previously they wrote them out of the performance. they were only going up against sikowitz, and tori and beck both made it until morning, so. and what gives her any authority to kick a student out? it's stupid and confusing because 99% of artistic endeavours involve positive and creative criticism as well as collaboration., he was the one to hold the door open for everyone and guide them to the truck to escape, and in the episode helen back again he was the one to take charge and tell helen that tori should stay at hollywood arts. i mean, i get that if tori and jade switch parts, it might be distracting to have tori come out in make up like that. then we have andre, who's not even that nice when you pay attention to it. when she met tori she perceived her as a treat so jade attacked tori, first with the coffe and latter with the fake injury.), and everyone likes cat, so they may just put up with her because cat likes her. you could argue that she did beat beck, and tori certainly would.) trina was prepared to sing "make it shine" as a ballad, why were there so many back up dancers and flashy light prepped up when tori sang the song.

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private schools still have to follow certain guidelines in order to be accredited so that their students can get into college with on of their diplomas and their credits can transfer to other schools. or is dan plotting to make cat and jade a couple, which will stir up controversy amongst the idiots that still live in the 1900's and can't accept that homosexuality is nothing taboo, then it will end up knocked off the network? or can you be like, an author or artist and get in for that talent? (if you look on the slap, andre says that tell me that you love me "got them out of paying for dinner. victoria justice has spent the years since victorious ended working on her debut album . he also seems to be very calm, wise, and mature at most times. well either he was trying to teach her a lesson about being jealous and not trusting him. is very attractive and, because of this, he gets a lot of attention from other girls, such as socialite alyssa vaughn; the female ambulance driver in jade dumps beck; hayley ferguson and tara ganz, two obnoxious girls who flirted with him in freak the freak out; a group of cheerleaders; an intern from the reality tv production company in the wood; a pair of yerbanian girls in locked up! out of the classroom in the pilot because they thought there was a fire, and when he protected her from the soldiers in locked up! don't appear to be setting up jade as a libby type character, but instead going for someone on the other side of the same circle of friends (which would probably go something like tori -> andre -> robbie -> cat -> jade -> beck. so its probable that her being jealous is the only sign beck gets she is still interested in him, in which case its no wonder he enjoys it when she's jealous. series is completely based around jade, beck, robbie/rex, tori, and andre; so why would the episode shift to watch mary get a part in a play that none of the main characters are in? seems to take charge a lot and be the mediator of the group, such as when he ripped up cat's copy of the sky store catalog in robarazzi to help her move on and gave jade a time out in the episode beggin' on your knees. i think it just goes to show that even though they all have their quirks, they all love and accept each other for who they are. they are back together for a third time as of tori fixes beck and jade. took me a while to realize this, but rex hasn't shown up in any recent episodes. broke up briefly in jade dumps beck, after jade became jealous over beck's friendship with socialite alyssa vaughn.!Two possible reasons: 1) since she's not obnoxious and not always undermining everyone, like trina, people can stand her more. also she can be a bystander to the abuse trina and robbie gets. and sinjin are ambiguously bi/gay, as well as rex who has occasionally flat out called guys hot or beautiful, cat's got gay uncles, beck's been in drag and some people seem to think jade and tori have little foe yay crushes for one another. what with the spiraling colors and hallucinations, he found trina's horrible audition to be the best thing ever. the set-up worked with tori because she was new and joined in the middle of the semester, but at the beginning of the year, with all the new students coming it, it seems like it'd be impossible for all of them to get a bird scene, and given that they apparently happen in-class, everyone else in the class would see it. the characters even acknowledge this on several occasions (sikowitz, tori, beck, and andre all refer to her as a gank, while tori and cat both refer to "jade level mean" when tori asks about how mean the karaoke dokie girls were). she didn't have another pair of pants and was just playing it off? exercise that he was familiar with, he claims to focus on acting, and if he'd wanted to he could have simply declined tori's suggestion that they kiss. in fact, jade even threw a pillow at her face and threatened to toss a hammer at her next. still, tori saved her life, so she still should have at least manage a "thank you" instead of saying she didn't need her help, pride be damned. cutting to the chase, as a public school, the principal would at the very least need to have a meeting with the school board and present a reason as to why a student is being expelled. by the end of the episode, beck admitted that he missed her and never stopped loving her, and they got back together. i mean, they've mentioned a few times that there are costume design, makeup, and technology classes (otherwise sinjn would be gone), but what about artists and writers? jade have to befriend robbie in order not to hurt cat's fragile feelings, as well as forced to respect him for rex is more a deadpan snarker then herself. figured jade was being especially vicious because beck, who seems to be a sort of morality pet for her, wasn't there. seems to attract girls with his hair like hayley ferguson and tara ganz in freak the freak out, the girls who admire him in a film by dale squires and two yerbanian women in locked up! granted, tori only uses it to call trina and get her to bring tacos, but still. however, beck stays pretty modest about this, and it seems that he only takes advantage of his appearance to make jade jealous. jogia(source)on victorious, avan jogia played jade's bae, beck, and he's still looking pretty good.

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someone explain how she managed to escape the police and drive tori and trina home? she hosts awesomenesstv on nickelodeon, which allows her to showcase her singing and comedic abilities.'ll accept that, but at the same time, why is it that jade acts like the freaking anti-christ and everyone seems willing to bend over backwards to be her friend? victorious was one of nickelodeon's most popular shows because of its charming cast and often racy jokes, but what's happened to the stars of the show since it ended its run? kids have been driven to suicide over crap like that and the show should not be making jokes about it. because of his talents and good looks and particularly his fluffy hair, he is very popular with girls. absolutely not just simply get a character and not breaking it no matter what. is the only main male character to make an episode absence, following cat, then trina. went to private school and i can safely say that they can't, even if hollywood arts is one (i was under the impression it was public, but like a charter school). the asphalt cafe probably would have had more room for her art project and how it was going to work. i understand why beck and jade and robbie and cat hang out but how andre joined the group hasn't been explained yet. to his theslap page, beck's hair is too thick for him to wear a baseball cap over it. but the reason he feels so desperate about it is most likely due to the fact that everyone around him kind of treats him badly, and with that being the case, having someone care a lot about you would probably make you feel pretty good. and considering the number of girls constantly fawning over beck (the group of girls who gathered to watch him fix robbie's car, the director's assistant from "the wood," the female paramedic who asked if he was in college, etc. that guy is probably hopped up on coconut juice, and doesn't realise how hard he's throwing it, or that he's supposed to call out their name and give them time to catch it first. why would she have her elementary school-age daughter audition for a high school and why would the school even let her? although the beck and sinjin about tonight's drag race two aren't very close, they appear to get along okay, and don't have any huge problems with each other. beck does mention that all the guys in school are terrified of jade, the girls would be, too. he got second place in sikowitz's method acting challenge in sleepover at sikowitz's and can also speak in different accents very well. consider sinjin: he does crew stuff and has yet to be on stage. and it's not like andre was the one who arranged the production - if anyone deserves credit it's cat, tori and jade! and while beck doesn't show any desire to actually cheat on jade, he does seem to like the attention. there is also the chance that the entire grade worth of kids will take a "drama" or "music" class, and then that class might have several electives underneath the base course load. and, when she got in, why would they bother paying tuition to the school when they know its a waste of money? in the episode tori fixes beck and jade beck realized that he loves girls who challenges him  just like jade. unless it's the type of high school that goes from 8th to 12th grade, which it isn't since people are already referred to as freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. hand wave is unnecessary, as with all television shows we are only given a small window to view these characters lives. in other words, the girls intended for andre to get the credit. just chalk it up to rule of cool and the parents apparently not caring that much. but the fact that it basically ruined andre's music career probably turned a lot of them off of the experience. either the teacher's a bad teacher, or andre did a bad assignment. was pretty much being passive-aggressive the entire time and i'm surprised that sikowitz didn't kick her out the second she came in. tori fixes jade and beck, beck goes out with a girl that's the complete opposite of jade, someone who has no personality of her own and agrees with everything her boyfriend says.´s more about her noble demon / blue and orange morality behavior. no-one who hasn't done it yet gets to see it, and they threaten anyone who blabs about it or uses any information they get from being informed is expelled. i'd threaten to kill her and shave her head also, if she did that to me.

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. but you can just tell her and cat have something more and then there's her and tori's love-hate." so yeah, drake and josh is in a different universe from icarly, victorious and zoey 101. snotty artist of some sort who basically makes the gang miserable and in the end, gets humiliated publicly. as an unrelated example, if you take a physical education class at high school, that class would and often is split into small subjects, such as health or theoretical physical science which would be in a classroom, and actual physical work on a school oval or field. andre didn't change his song, it just got performed by girls who could sing and dance. tori is best friends with andre, andre is best friends with beck. said on his blog that when he makes a new show, he plans for it to have 60 episodes (which drake and josh had, and zoey 101 had a tiny bit more but yeah). can't help singing in the shower and i sound worse than shreck! this troper is half black and half white, and i have extremely pale skin and bright blue eyes. he even went as far to only dating a girl because her dad was a music producer, so he was practically using her in a way.) it would have made more sense, but it seemed to be pretty random. then, when tori had to take trina's place in the show, it was andre who encouraged her to do so, as well as transfer to hollywood arts and he also comforted her when jade embarrassed her. considering his serious and mature personality, its hardly out of character for him. does jade really think she's going to throw it away over beck? but then in "iparty with victorious" trina babysits (kinda, more like puts them on a leash) his two very white, very blonde children. so if that's the case, why was it so imperative to jade that she finds where tori and beck were? jade and cat seem to be friends (probably from way back) so that connects robbie and beck by proxy. she was the manager of the san diego premiere theater (the same place drake and josh is set) and stared in the tv show "happy times", unless drake and josh is based off helena's life and they've found an amazingly similar actress to play her (not outside the realm of possibilities) she's the same person. the pilot episode, rex says to cat, "you really wanted a date to prom last year, but you didn't get one, did you? is known to be a fan of icarly: in a photo on theslap, beck shows his trailer with the door broken, apparently because jade thought she heard another girl in there. and jade are already friends to start with, as well as beck and andré. and what was the point of it being in the tori goes platinum episode? or maybe trina has failed a year and had entered the school as a sophomore? the pilot, andre is supposed to be working with trina for a performance., victorious and icarly are clearly in the same universe, and at the end of helen's first episode she mentions crazy steve. notice that beck, cat and jade did quite a good job on their respective characters. lee says her daughter daisy auditioned to enroll in hollywood arts, but was turned away for being talentless and irritating. if that's really why, jade needs to get over it!, it didn't really seem like they were friends with trina before (trina was upset with being paired with andre), so if you don't count trina, it pretty much still stands. robbie mentions creative writing and a lot of the lockers show off pretty good artwork. i mean, i know she's dating beck, but even he's not safe from her bitchiness." in car, rain & fire, trina spreads a rumor saying that she was dating beck just to get more popular with boys, and she kisses beck. the sneak peek for tomorrow's episode, beck says that tori is almost 17. only explanation that really seems to avoid the paradox is to say that drake & josh exists as a show in victorious, but that helen was never a character on it in this storyline. she's being such a hypocrite, obviously she feels threatened by tori and/or is jealous of her too." now, while she does maintain her role, it's out of character for an innocent farm girl to be concerned about the conduct of a british man she's never met before and a police officer she's never met before.

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restaurant considered their bill paid in exchange for tori and andre providing the entertainment. it is not allowed in any educational institution to have other people do your assignment for you and get graded for it. below: helen is a real person and a fictional person at the same time. you really pay attention to it, andre has his moments where he isn't that nice. is jade going to figure out that tori has absolutely no intention of stealing beck from her? so far beck has not been possessive of jade like she is with him, however he can get protective over her since he loves her so much, such as when he directed her. beck often stands up for tori, like in helen back again and locked up! and how did tori know the choreography to a performance that wasn't supposed to happen? she quickly regretted it and tried to get him back, even enlisting tori vega to help her do so. outrageous price to pay for a personal appearance and concert in your living room. possibly sinjin is in the middle school at the time and came over to work the lights for auditions for extra credit or something. after starring in her own victorious spin-off, sam & cat, ariana began work on her second album and is pretty much the most popular former victorious cast member. also, exactly how does her being untalented serve as a justification for everyone treating her like crap? they want to be famous for being amazing, not as performers for children which offers limited growth and is apparently embarrassing. likes to drink hot sauce, and is apparently unaffected by the spiciness (seen in the breakfast bunch). however, it did give us a very funny episode of jade imitating cat and cat being, well, cat, so i'm really not complaining too much.'s aunt • cat's brother • catherine • cousin jesse • fran reynolds • jade's brother • jade's stepmother • jade's grandfather • jessica wolfe • keeko • lyndsey • ms. the other connections (ie, jade/robbie, andre/robbie, cat/andre, beck/cat, cat/robbie) still happen, but they are clearly not as strong as the foundations. seems subtly implied that she's less afraid tori is going to make a move and more so that beck is the one with the hidden crush, which is one of the reasons she may constantly lash out at tori (not to mention her own possible confused feelings for tori, but that's for the ymmv category) and try to anger her enough to leave the clique. if the show is popular and bringing in money for nick they aren't going to cancel it. and i highly doubt they wanted to be famous for dressing in stupid outfits and singing dumb songs. in tori goes platinum, beck and tori almost kiss after beck tells her she is awesome; however, mrs. either she tried really hard to get into the place presumably via audition. in the confines of the teacher's assignment, andre had to write a song and turn it in written or preform it himself.'d think with all the times she attempted to murder her friends and other cases of disproportionate retribution, she'd be either expelled or in jail. robbie is controlling rex who frequently annoys other classmates and severely injured trina for no justifiable reason. think it has everything to do with stupidity and little to do with a quick money.'s a dan schneider show which means students and teachers will routinely get away with stuff that would get them sent to detention/severely reprimanded at best, expelled/fired or even arrested at worst. seen in many of the episodes, beck likes to make jade jealous and tease her, as her reaction seems to amuse him. it shows she knows at least some things about acting and possibly singing. first, beck and andre are best friends, then beck and jade start to date, so jade brings cat, her best friend into their little circle. however, andre would have to make that call, which would probably lead him to either be placed in foster care or to have to live with a relative would doesn't live near hollywood arts.", you've got the chops and self-confidence to go try out. at the very least, she should be on medication, but there's no hint of her being on any kind of treatment (medicine, therapy, etc). he flat out indirectly insulted cat's intelligence by hoping she'll say something bright for once whenever she opens her mouth, and flipped robbie out of his chair in a tantrum because he was angry over a grade. the others all had characters where they had leeway-well, except andre, but all he had to do was sit and pant and people believed it.

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