Is delonte west dating lebron james mother

celtics series, west played some of the worst basketball of his career. while other players took jobs overseas, west was not yet allowed to leave the country.” in shanghai, he talked with yao ming, who told west he had it easy—his teams used to practice 10 hours a day. a disappointing season with the mavericks was followed by a very public struggle with drug addiction, and in the gawking that ensued, west sees a failure on the part of fans and journalists to think of odom as a person, rather than as a kardashian-affiliated celebrity who’d gone off the rails. raab, the author of the anti–lebron james manifesto the whore of akron, was later critical of those reporters who chose not to speak up about west’s locker room blowup. he is clearly disappointed and confused by the lack of interest from nba teams, west seems to be in good spirits now., this rumor was denied by both lawyers of james and west, but there are indications that the rumors are true., basketball highlights, highlights, nba, lebron james, delonte west, cavaliers, celtics, gloria marie james. people of cleveland may have been betrayed by lebron, but lebron was betrayed by nearly the entire cleveland cavaliers team. see also the 2013 listicle from the daily beast devoted to metta world peace’s “7 craziest moments,” from the time that world peace (who then went by ron artest) fought fans in the stands to the time he thanked his psychologist after winning a championship. for what he has “accomplished sportswise,” west has mixed feelings. west then left for the nba and was drafted late in the first round by the celtics. his wife, caressa—they wed a few days after i first met west in texas—came with him to china, along with their then-3-month-old son, cash. joseph’s, west would call assistant coach monte ross as late as midnight and ask to be let into the gym, and he would tell ross the next day that he had been putting up shots until 3 or 4 a. gossip site ran the story, prompting a cease-and-desist letter from james’ lawyer. lawyers’ fees stemming from both the arrest and his divorce had depleted what was left in west’s bank account. conversation, west is quick and can be very funny, with an off-kilter sense of humor that can throw off earnest media types used to the more staid interview styles of his athlete brethren. the way west’s motorcycle ride has been depicted—it’s a scene right out of el mariachi; he’s “clearly a disturbed person”—this is a relatively unremarkable series of events. west eventually decided to report anyway, with the aim of impressing some other team.

Is delonte west dating lebron james mom

Delonte west lebron james mom dating

in the season following his arrest, he was frequently silent and somber in the locker room, but west doesn’t believe a disorder is the best explanation for this behavior. west, who has several tattoos of his own design, has the phrase written across his chest. in an interview with vice sports, west seems to confirm that he indeed had sexual relations with gloria james.” carlisle would tell me only that he likes west and that “when someone pulls the trigger, they’re going to have a terrific player. in 2006, west gave a valentine’s day interview in which he described his ideal date, an evening featuring an all-white wardrobe, a yacht, and popeyes chicken. that’s how west describes the last five years of his life: he was mistaken for a person he never was, and his livelihood was taken from him. 17, 2009, people said that west was like a character out of el mariachi. west put up the shelves just the day before, and the jerseys, which were framed by his mother, a week prior to that. this, too, went on the “crazy delonte” ledger—or the “crazy delonte” slideshow, perhaps, like the one published by complex in 2010, which listed his arrest and the gloria james rumor alongside funny ads and colorful interviews he’d done." this is referring to the rumor that delonte west had an affair with gloria james, and west was possibly the cause of lebron's disinterest after his stellar game 3 performance. everyone west knows wanted him to name his son delonte jr."was there any truth to the rumor that delonte west and lebron's mom, uh, you know?"the creepy thing is that west was uncharacteristically awful against the celtics.”) asked early in his career what he did in his spare time, west, who studied art in college and was serious about painting, said, “i like to paint murals of the ocean that i see beyond the horizon, because i feel if—in order for us to grow, we gotta know. at some point in the evening, west’s mother woke him up.’s sense of humor endeared him to nba fans, though some didn’t seem to realize that west was laughing along with them—that he was the one making the joke. was the offseason, and a few of west’s cousins had come over to his house with their children.’s words were echoed by others who have worked with west. the next morning, west had ceased to be an ordinary nba player.

Delonte West Pretty Much Confirmed That He Banged LeBron's Mom

Is delonte west dating lebron james mom

when, like west, you have a mental health diagnosis, it becomes an “episode..When i spoke to west on the phone before his first cba game, he was optimistic. city of cleveland has largely blamed lebron for quitting on his city, but now we know the possible reason for his quitting. did the cavaliers falter in lebron’s final playoff run with the team? but despite these ups and downs, west played well, and the cavs went into the playoffs with the nba’s best record. rumors had circulated that before game 4, mo williams decided to break the news to lebron that everyone in the cavaliers locker room already knew. of the biggest and most infamous rumors in the modern history of the nba is that former cleveland cavalier delonte west had slept with ex-teammate lebron james’ mother, glorida james. his first five seasons in the nba, delonte west was the kind of player who basketball obsessives knew and loved, a fan favorite who hadn’t drawn much mainstream attention. concerns west is the stigma attached to players who seek out psychological help. west’s view, the press felt more comfortable assigning him to a category than trying to understand him as an individual. the same time, west has occasionally made life difficult for teams that he’s played for. joseph’s, says that west’s competitiveness is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.  one of the few cavaliers who can manufacture his own shot, and more importantly, isn’t afraid of taking big shots, west has played well in the playoffs throughout his career. for the rest of the season, west did not speak to the media at all. the day after the arrest, a police spokesman said that west was “very cooperative the entire time. he apparently had an affair with the mother of the former savior of cleveland sports, lebron james. they found it, in the form of a bizarre gloria james/lebron james/delonte west love triangle. then mark cuban, the mavericks’ outspoken billionaire owner, told a reporter that west wasn’t welcome on the big club anymore.“i just knew the basketball court was the place where you couldn’t make fun of me, you had to respect me,” west says.

Delonte West : True Culprit of LeBron James' Departure From

’ ” what made west special, his old coach suggests, could sometimes become a problem. the team practiced eight hours a day, and west said he was “doing it with a smile on my face.” west denies the rumor flatly, and everyone i spoke to who worked for the cavaliers or covered the team at the time dismissed the gossip. minute now, you're going to get a "fwd: fwd: fwd" email that purports to have originated with a guy whose "uncle is the general contractor at the q" and who has it on good authority that west is tagging lbj's mom.” the name cash, west told me, laughing, echoes “cassius clay, johnny cash, and his daddy’s jump shot,” which “is money.. his roommate and teammate dwayne jones, who later played with west at multiple stops in the nba and in the d-league, says west sometimes spent the night there. all accounts, getting help was a great move for west, and his decision to speak openly about his inner turmoil took a lot of courage. delonte west ruin the cavaliers chances at a title and re-signing the king? west also claims that he wasn’t holding the shotgun in a guitar case—that it was more like a duffle bag. october, after his stint in the d-league failed to yield any nba opportunities, west signed a one-year deal with the fujian sturgeons of the chinese basketball association. “i basically wasn’t as grown as i gave myself credit for, or as much as i wanted to be,” west says. west is clearly a disturbed person,” declared the examiner, citing west’s diagnosis the year before with what had been described in the press as a mood disorder. this may work fine at first, west says, but “give it two more years, and you’re two grown men sitting down, and he’s more like, ‘go get you some eggs? rivers was warm and encouraging as always, west says, and he told west that if the team’s injured shooting guard j. the sonics were struggling, and west never got as comfortable there as he’d been with the celtics.” hanging them seems like progress, but west isn’t so sure. putting in these all-night sessions, west, who was not the top prospect on his high school team, “made himself into a professional basketball player,” ross says. thomas eppright, a psychiatrist who worked with west in cleveland and has stayed in touch with him since, makes the point bluntly: “some of the greatest athletes who have played any sport were not healthy human beings, mentally. the mavericks, who had several players on one-year contracts, may have felt that west’s complaints would sour team chemistry.

Delonte West Digs at LeBron, Jokes About Sleeping with James

a few weeks later, in october 2008, west blew up at a high school referee who was officiating a preseason scrimmage. that diagnosis had been fairly minor news, and west had gone on to have his best nba season to date. farello found west on a bench alone, and he asked him if he was hurt. > sports delonte west confirms he slept with lebron james’ mother?” mike malone, an assistant coach with the cavaliers while west was there—he’s now the head coach of the sacramento kings—told me that when west became a distraction in the cleveland locker room, it was because he couldn’t move past small frustrations and injustices. west came home from practice one day, and his brother had left, gone back to washington, d. after he felt himself drifting off, west was pulled over for making an unsafe lane change, and he told the officer that he was carrying weapons. it also seems obvious that cruel media coverage has hampered west’s career—that the constant mentions of and questions about his diagnosis and his arrest could make some front offices less inclined to sign him to a contract. “i was just told from my brother that a very reliable source informed my uncle that delonte has been banging [lebron’s mother] gloria james for some time now,” reads one version of the email. west says something similar, but more pointedly: “i know that’s how i became a professional athlete. the game is close, and west keys a third-quarter comeback with a couple of steals, nifty passing, and some timely baskets. Classic: How Everyone Decided Delonte West Was Boinking LeBron's MomAfter eight seasons in the nba, delonte west has spent the last two years on the outside looking in."remember all those absurd rumors about lebron's mother gloria and oft-benched teammate delonte west knockin' boots? of the people i talked to in the league think that the locker room gossip is keeping teams from signing west. celtics general manager danny ainge told me that the celtics considered bringing west back during the 2012–2013 season and that if boston had been a contending team this season—they finished well out of the playoff chase—he would have considered it again., listless lebron began to manifest itself in game 4, when the mvp was less aggressive than usual.) west pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors—unlawfully carrying a dangerous concealed weapon and unlawfully carrying a handgun—and he was sentenced to house arrest, unsupervised probation, counseling, and community service.” “he’s got that dog in him,” his teammate in cleveland and boston, shaquille o’neal, said to scott raab, explaining west’s fierceness on the court. he missed much of the season with a broken wrist, and the celtics lost to the miami heat, james’ new team, in the 2011 eastern conference semifinals.Dating las vegas nv newspaper classifieds

Calvin Murphy: LeBron James' Mother 'Absolutely' Had Sex With

after the league fined him for putting his finger in hayward’s ear, calling it “a physical taunt,” west spoke of experiencing “a trigger point that took me from one extreme of happiness to more of a depressed state. west says he always appreciated that rivers “communicates to you, even on the court, like a person. west’s former coach in boston, doc rivers, is now with the los angeles clippers, and west spoke with him when the clippers came to dallas late in the season. hall-of-famer calvin murphy appeared on espn radio in houston today and as all basketball conversations must do, the topic turned to the rumors about delonte west's dalliance with lebron james' mom. he is lebron's close friend, and he was out of the loop for a good month while waiting to return after being bought out by the washington wizards. the driveway crowded by his cousins’ cars, west got on his motorcycle so he could bring the guns to another residence. west recalls throwing his ball at one team’s bus, to “let ’em know i’m playing, too. west is christian, and he referred often to the idea of the “via dolorosa,” the sorrowful way that jesus walked, showing his followers how much pain they can bear with god’s help. later in the season, west stuck his finger angrily in utah forward gordon hayward’s ear. for one thing, it provided an explanation, albeit a rather baroque one, for james’ baffling playoff performance. news would be a very valid explanation for quite possibly the biggest choke in cleveland cavaliers history, and the beginning of the end for lebron and the cavaliers. my sources, and they're legit, tell me that the only people that didn't know it was happening was lebron and me.” or, as brendan o’connell, an assistant coach on west’s high school team, has put it: “if he’s crazy, when it comes to practice, he’s crazy in a good way. west played more minutes in that series than any cavalier save lebron james, had the second-most assists on the team, and was third in scoring. in the video below, bill simmons gives his thoughts on the nasty delonte west rumor, but he has to do this on a radio show because espn policy is not to talk about rumors of that nature on the job. farello, who coached west in high school, says his former star player was blessed and cursed with “the competitive nature of great players.” west says he got a lot better at dealing with his anger in those first few years, learning from people like then-celtics coach doc rivers. after the game, west gets mobbed by kids, happily signing this teenager’s forehead and that toddler’s t-shirt, smiling for pictures with children and their parents. he told west that the nba lifestyle wasn’t for him.Dating senior sites websites canada free

Lebron James' Mom 'Absolutely' Had Sex With Delonte West

three seasons west was traded to seattle as part of boston’s deal for all-star ray allen. james, left, celebrates with delonte west during a game in december 2009. he also said that while west is one of his “favorite guys,” he was “higher maintenance” than he would prefer. partly because he has the mindset of a facilitator, and partly because he doesn’t have the physical gifts of a michael jordan or a lebron james, he does not put up the kind of numbers that would force a team to take a chance on him.” west doesn’t think the doctor took into consideration that such behavior might not be unusual for a professional athlete with a big paycheck. west’s mother was looking after the kids while he slept and the other adults went out. with west on the phone last fall, i mentioned that an increasing number of teams were bringing in psychologists and psychiatrists to work with players.” farello told me about a basketball camp where a teenaged west played on a randomly assembled team of his peers, most more concerned with impressing the college coaches in attendance than with winning games. writing in deadspin, raab flatly declared that west had been “off his meds. but he says he wouldn’t change the dallas experience, because that’s where he met his wife, and now the two of them have a son, and west calls this his greatest accomplishment. but the gossip also gained traction for another reason: the perception that west was “crazy. west doesn’t know why he can’t get a job in the nba. guess only lebron, gloria, and delonte know the answer to those questions and more. west, who turned 30 last july, has now been out of the nba for two seasons. west explained to the officer that he was carrying weapons: a 9 mm beretta, a ruger .” raab, though, is a model of sensitivity compared to peter vecsey, who asked his new york post readers to “consider the fact west has depression problems and suffers from mental illness.) west emphasized that he and white are in “two different boats,” and that nba teams need not make any new policy for him. west tells me he’s happy for odom, who’s seen more than his share of strife. “somehow i guess lebron found out before game four and it has destroyed our chemistry and divided our team.

Delonte West denies old rumor about LeBron James' mom

but the odds of anything happening are remote, and west doesn’t appear to expect a last-minute phone call. just because of that… i don’t want my son going to school and people making fun of him for something his daddy did, “oh didn’t yo daddy have sex with lebron james mama? seems genuinely stunned by the casual cruelty that the gloria james rumor prompted. joe’s, says one nba team told him that “they had never seen a competitive streak” like west’s on the psychological testing they conducted prior to the draft. the rumors ran rampant during king james’ final season in cleveland in 2010 before he took his talents to south beach to play for the miami heat. in any case, chemistry remained an issue for the team long after west was gone: well into the season, head coach rick carlisle told a reporter he’d had “to literally scream in the face of two guys” for not getting with the program and said he was thinking about suspending players “for not doing things they’re supposed to be doing on the court. West Confirms He Slept With LeBron James' MotherAround this time last year, everyone was seeking an explanation for lebron james's poor playoff performance. some people who covered the cavaliers, like the cleveland plain dealer’s brian windhorst, acknowledged after west’s arrest that the player’s behavior defied simple explanations. at the cleveland cavaliers’ media day, west said that people would eventually understand that the highway arrest was “not as big as some are making it. reporting on the suspensions was vague, referring only to “locker room incidents” and, of course, mentioning west’s bipolar disorder. the 30-year-old west believes he can play at an nba level for another eight to 10 years, and, in theory, that’s not out of the question—he’s a cerebral player who doesn’t rely on the sort of athleticism that starts to fade in a basketball player’s mid-30s. he seems genuinely stunned by the casual cruelty that the gloria james rumor prompted from all corners of the web, not to mention people he sees on the street. the cities in china reminded west of manhattan, with “lights, big buildings, and screens everywhere,” and the familiar fast food chains actually served better food: “you’ve never had a big mac so good,” he said. joseph’s star for the boston celtics, told me that in his 35 years in the nba, west is among the top five players he’s “ever been around in terms of competiveness. for all the internet attention to the shotgun, there were no charges related to that weapon: west was fully within his legal rights to carry it. but when west got arrested, it didn’t help his cause that he’d said a bunch of odd, funny stuff on camera. construction is the family business, and the house is west’s main creative outlet these days./getty imagestyler adamscontributor iaugust 4, 2010did delonte west have an affair with gloria james? perhaps the happy ending here is that west will continue to play overseas, staying out of the harsh nba spotlight, providing for his growing family and redesigning his home.

Is delonte west dating lebron james mom

LeBron James -- Mom's Boyfriend Starts Beef with Flo Rida |

the left-handed west moves in a funky way on the court—on purpose, he says, to keep defenders off-balance. as he gets ready, he jokes with his teammates that with the media present—just me—they better get their braveheart on, pretending for a moment to launch into a rousing motivational speech. odom, a friend and former teammate of west’s on the mavericks, won two championships with the knicks’ new president, phil jackson. for what happened in dallas, west says that he was unhappy about his contract. then cleveland’s (and the world’s) best player, lebron james, played less than his best against boston, and the cavs lost the eastern conference semifinals in six games. slate plus special feature:Slate plus members can stream or download the full audio version of david haglund’s delonte west story, read by the author. of the moment: how the ncaa tournament affects nba draft stock. “the world is yours” is spelled out in multiple places on the gate surrounding west’s property—a reference to a scene in scarface, west explains. despite breaking his thumb just before his rookie year—the sort of injury that west, who plays with abandon, has suffered often—he earned the backup point guard spot in boston behind fading hall of famer gary payton, combining his already reliable jump shot and aggressive defense with better-than-expected playmaking. realistically, it will become harder and harder for west to re-enter the league the longer he’s out of it. same week that simmons recorded his podcast, matt taibbi wrote in rolling stone that he believed the “unconfirmed” rumor because he would “believe any story involving delonte west. that reputation persists somewhat: the cba’s biggest star is stephon marbury, the rare nba player who’s been called “crazy” more often than west. after missing a potentially game-tying three-pointer while with the celtics in 2010, west told reporters, “when i was younger and i didn’t have the proper care and medicine, i would’ve been in here all day. a wide-ranging interview, west asked about why he didn’t name his son delonte jr:“i named my son cash after cashius clay and johnny cash…his middle name is delonete but i didn’t want to name him delonte west jr. west, who signed with the legends a few months before, is easily the most famous player on either team.“he’s got that dog in him,” his former teammate shaquille o’neal has said, explaining west’s fierceness on the court. he believes west’s competitive streak is “the reason he was in [the nba] and was successful—and also i think it’s his greatest weakness. the innuendos were never confirmed and the parties involved vehemently denied the alleged romantic affair back then, james’ play during that playoff loss against the boston celtics was so anemic that many people believed there was something to the rumors. [kissmyasslebron]on his show, useless espn talker colin cowherd has dared mention the great unmentionable thing: the delonte west-gloria james rumor that was all the rage a few weeks ago. Lucky 7 speed dating san diego

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but at the moment, to an onlooker sitting courtside near a bouncy castle, the nba seems very far away. he just wants you to remember that when you’re chuckling about lebron’s mom and a gun-laden motorcycle ride, you’re laughing at a human being—“a person who plays basketball,” not just a basketball player. now, you've heard it: lebron james played poorly because he found his mother was sleeping with his teammate.” a writer at deadspin concluded that west’s inability to go with his team to the white house—the mavericks had won the championship the season before—“triggered something in delonte (who suffers from bipolar disorder),” and that this had prompted the twitter rant.” after james left the cavaliers to sign with the miami heat, espn’s bill simmons suggested on his enormously popular podcast that the rumored dalliance could explain why james left cleveland. but west’s account of that night is much less dramatic than how the event came to be depicted. so, after the sentencing, cleveland—which, having lost lebron james, was entering a rebuilding phase—declined its option on west’s contract. asked in boston about west, o’neal told reporters, “you guys think he’s crazy, but he’s not.’s the last day of the nba’s regular season, and i’ve come to see west at his home in maryland, about half an hour from d. jokes started with his arrest in 2009, which changed west’s image from that of a scrappy player with a big personality to a gun-toting desperado. delonte west was as well known outside of cleveland as jamario moon or anthony parker, but then he was rumored to do the unthinkable. west and world peace are both on the business insider list of “the 20 craziest players in the nba”—“the league is filled with more ‘crazy people’ than any other sport,” the author claims—along with 18 other men (including j. when west erupted in anger at a reporter early in the 2009–2010 season, windhorst and others left it out of their stories, partly, he says, out of sensitivity for what west was dealing with—though of course staying mum also coincided with the team’s interest in keeping negative incidents out of the papers. not quite two months later, james went on television and said he was taking his talents to south beach. the team put the wests up in a nice hotel and provided a live-in babysitter. west digs at lebron, jokes about sleeping with james' mom [update]. months after our brief meeting in the legends’ locker room, i got west on the phone, and eventually we spent much of an afternoon together at his home in prince george’s county, maryland. west says that all he wants is for another team to give him a shot, and he doesn’t understand why that hasn’t happened. last year, west told an interviewer that he believed his real problem was not bipolar disorder, but “self-loathing. Are chris evans and hayley atwell dating

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