Is zoosk a good dating site

Is zoosk a legit dating site

zoosk is now the largest dating application on facebook, with more than 5 million users on a monthly basis, and the zoosk facebook page has more than 12. you're reading this review, you may be wondering to yourself if it's worth it to make a financial commitment to zoosk. zoosk is also known for its gamification of the dating process. i didn't meet anyone on zoosk but met someone on ourtime. i contact zoosk and i get the usual bs, that they will look at. site, easy to navigate, and it's definitely on the level with all the other sites. you delete your account your profile stays on their site. zoosk's advanced matchmaking technology learns users' preferences as they interact with potential matches, models their behavior, and uses the info it gathers to continuously improve subsequent suggestions. after joining it became apparent that half of the women weren't actually on the site. site is gender equal, as in women do as much of the work as men on it in order to find matches. the one thing i don't like or understand why if this is an dating site for love why would you allow people to be legally married but seperate on their status? company profilecompany name:zooskwebsite:Thumbs up if you found this page helpful158people found this page helpful write a reviewhomeconsumer newsbuyers guidesfor businesseslog inconnect with us. i received a bunch of responsive "chat" messages and "views" - however - being leery i researched this site and found all of the dis-enchanted zoosk customers and their horror stories. i contacted support to ask them why, and simply finding support's contact info was a challenge in itself - their site is set up to greatly discourage contacting support! this is the worst trick and i believe all the sites do it. i too got curious after browsing the site, not being allowed to message anyone until i "subscribed". i have sent money orders to other sites before and they accepted them. feel like such an idiot for giving them so much of my money but i never heard of a dating site scamming people before so i fell for it. but of all the sites i've been on, zoosk is the worst and because i live in washington state had to pay damn sales tax for this crappy site. and i canceled it three days after i set it up because was not satisfied with the site. from these answers your search results are further refined to accommodate your dating preferences. zoosk is a private company based in san francisco, ca and has raised more than million from investors.

Is zoosk a good dating site

i've been on this site for a month now and l must say its not a fake one. Find out the positives and negative features of this dating service. 4, 2017satisfaction ratingi met someone on zoosk and tried to change my page to say met someone and not seeking new dates.?yesnonik of victoria, bc on march 6, 2017satisfaction ratingi was on the site for 2 months but found all of the good/decent looking guys profiles to be fakes. (i exaggerate, but i'm sure everyone who has been on zoosk or dealt with these horrible, lying people know exactly where i'm coming from). the couple of full sentence responses i got were likey from a zoosk employee. this and a host of other piffle led me to believe the sh*ts a mile deep with the website and so i canceled and modified/cleared my profile info. online dating is sketchy enough without having to worry about a site misrepresenting your profile. however, a couple of days ago received an email from zoosk indicating my account has been reactivated. so zoosk is actually using your messages to honeypot other users into paying for a subscription, while you're left feeling demotivated because you are not getting a reply back from anyone. do i know i can trust these reviews about zoosk? not sure what type of misleading practices they're running but wow, didn't know they can falsely reopen one's account whom permanently discontinued membership as a result of seedy characters on their site. won't zoosk state the last time the "member" was actually logged on? this site also uses an autorenew which automatucally takes money out of your account when your zoosk currency gets low. i do not like companies that are deceptive and zoosk is right up there with the worst of them! this site typically portray american women as being indecisive, demanding, psychotic, (unappealing in their looks), spoiled, egotistic, and in many cases just plain ole needy. i contacted them through the "contact" button on their site to inquire if i can pay for a 3-month subscription by way of a money order, as i don't have a credit card. my zoosk partner and i are happily off the market.“zoosk is fun, easy to chat with a variety of men. i would like to take this opportunity to thank zoosk. zoosk shows age of member based on registration info i would guess. would say zoosk has beeb my most successful atrempt with online dating.

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Is zoosk a good online dating site

odds are that the person will not return yet zoosk will allow me to believe they are active and encourage me to spend up to 80 coins on a gift. zooskers can also “play” carousel, a rapid-fire round of profile pictures to which you must answer “yes,” “no,” or “maybe. the site is ranked #7 among all relationship sites and #901 globally. to similarweb, zoosk attracts an average of 20,200,000 visitors per month on both mobile and desktop, in which visitors spend an average of 7:18 minutes on the site visiting an average of 23. the site is simplistic but i thought that's what made it nice. makes me sick because as the saying goes you can't put a price on love and unfortunately in this case i lost some money to what has to be the most dishonest dating site ever. the dating site is more popular in the united states, where just over 50% of traffic originates, but is growing steadily in traffic from the united kingdom and canada. a mainstream dating site that continues to get it right year after year, zoosk is hard to overlook when exploring your dating options. he said that he hasn't been on the site for a couple of yrs and yet, his profile is still up! whether you’re looking for friendships, casual hookups, or long term dating, zoosk can more than accommodate your online dating needs. sitejabber you'll find reviews of all sorts: praise for great businesses, complaints, scams, fraud reports. of camillo, other on march 16, 2017satisfaction ratingi signed up to zoosk to try and meet someone for dating./dating/zooskreview/ Zoosk is one of the most popular online dating sites out there and . i decided to sign up simply because there was someone on the site that sparked my interest. currently the site works with sift science and other companies which ‘collect, process and analyze such data for an indefinite period of time for the purpose of helping their customers to identify and prevent fraud, but we may work with other providers in the future as well. just joined two weeks ago and i read the comments good n bad but we decided to see how bad it is and try it for a month before we but up a picture we had more like and messages now we have nothing just this carousel thing that pops up n why do they say they want to verify your photos when majority of these guys look like excape criminal no shirts on n their pictures omg should never be allowed up i'm not judging but theses are some ugly ass men only a mother and a desperate women will want hold tooth grown man with hair braids toothpick in their mouth tongue sticking out so i don't believe they verify any pictures i didn't let them verify my picture and i didn't use my bank card i use prepaid cards from amscot and put enough on that card so i don't have a problem with them overlooking my non renewal n try to charge me i won't recommend this site to my worst enemy. see, if you join zoosk and quit, your profile remains active. you're like me, you are finally so fed up by their scammer approach with online dating, that you decide to de-activate your account. they would take days to get back to me, if at all, and when they did they always asked something about how i liked zoosk. pretty sad, something that could of been an awesome way to meet someone and fall in love, has now turned into a hook up site.! i would recommend zoosk to anyone i know looking for a mate. 8, 2017satisfaction ratingi was a "subscriber" to zoosk for a week and can totally relate to other comments of other dissatisfied users.

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Is zoosk a good dating website

i do hope i have enlightened some of you about zoosk.? is this the norm, having to deactivate every two months because zoosk take it upon themselves to activate your account solely on their own pretenses? after sending one practice massage in the explainer you’re free to use the site in it’s full capacity. 17, 2017satisfaction ratingi need to speak to a person at zoosk but no joy! your chances in this and many over expansive sites in the usa is pretty thin. my now husband found me and contacted me on the site. either this site is complete bull, or i am the most popular faceless man on a dating website today. a more information on photo verification you can read: you can get a verified profile on zoosk – and you don’t have to be a celebrity. your profile will be somewhat filled out with basic information from the registration process, but to get the most out of the site you’ll want to more thoroughly complete it by adding additional photos, answering open ended questions about romance, adding interests, and/or filling out a my story bio section about yourself. so, essentially zoosk took it upon themselves to reactivate my account without my consent and/or approval. the site refused to update my profile even after several attempts. this means that more than 50 million zoosk members, called zooskers, across more than 70 countries can meet using the internet, their mobile phones, facebook, and other popular services., if you were to randomly email 30 people on zoosk, odds are that 85% of those profiles are dead and you'll never get a reply. stay the hell from zoosk and those other useless "dating" sites. see the article about zoosks priority inbox feature for more information. how could a popular website like zoosk yield such poor reviews online?. during this time i found out that zoosk does not remove your profile, thus the emails!%date of search: 10/28/15i am convinced that the overwhelming majority of people they try to pass off as members have either stopped using zoosk or they are fake. but, they are deceiving men & women by keeping profiles of unsubscribed people on their site. needless to say, i will never use this site again as this man is still on it and has the possibility of hurting someone else with his lies and words. checked my bank account and saw a charge for zoosk. signed up on pof, but am getting hits from zoosk daily.

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Is zoosk a good dating service

“i have traveled from the future to alert you about zoosk. never dreamed i'd be dating a man i met on a dating site, but we took a leap of faith, met for the first time in a public place, and immediately clicked. i have been to popular paid dating apps and was ever cheated by married *censored*. have had a very bad experience on zoosk compared to other dating websites. online dating site is best - dating expert compares internet dating sites. you get suckered into that subscription, but before you even finish your purchase, zoosk offers you more features for more money! was just going through the site and not seeing much. although profiles are simplistic, which in most cases is a good thing, it is worth your time to go in and fill out the various categories, as much of the matching is done based on connecting people who share similar interest - be those interest in a sporting event, activity, movie, superstar, or more. that is when i discovered zoosk is basically a data mining company, and collects all your info to sell! i also changed my age to 89 on zoosk and deleted all my other info or changed to an alias. a beautiful lady found me on this site and we are having a blast getting to know each other and becoming really good friends. just about anything you want to do on this website costs more money. mega flirts can be sent every 15 hours and although you don’t know exactly who your mega flirts are sent to, the site does give you a preview showing a sample of 6 members (out of many) who received your latest mega flirt. have traveled from the future to alert you about zoosk. users can get started on zoosk for free by signing in with their facebook account or registering for zoosk with their email address. so i say it is the worst site i have tried in the last 2 years and they are stealing./interactions:Zoosk mainly revolves around browsing profiles in various ways, but one of the main highlights of the dating site is that it shows you only one profile at a time. than 50 million singles have created a profile since zoosk launched in 2007. zoosk is also the most downloaded dating application for android phones, according to google play. we talked on site for several weeks before exchanging numbers. more than 70% of zoosk users opt in and connect their facebook accounts. you think you are shopping for love, while zoosk is shopping for your data!

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at this point, zoosk delivers one last kick to the nuts. up your love life with a visit to this site. is my second time being on this site within three years. are a lot of negative reviews about this site, but i have a positive one. signed up because a website reviewed this as one of the best dating sites so i figured what the hell. i saw a friend whom i met on the site and i asked him if he was still on the site. zoosk pretty much randomly loads in members for their "boost" feature when they don't have enough current members willing to pay for it. do not use zoosk and waste your time or money. can specify if you want to receive zoosk specific emails about flirts, winks, friend requests, likes and updates. matches allow the site to learn your preferences and better match you. what i learnt these were the experienced zoosk users who got the new subscribers straight away on day one , (as they had already slept with all the oldies ) . anyone who says this site is user friendly must work for them or be out of their minds--no offense. reason they are the number one dating site is because no one ever deletes their profile. 15, 2017satisfaction ratingmaybe it's coincidence, but i have never met such a bunch of rude ** as when going on dates from this site--i'm gay, it was a "guy to guy" match. once you've completed that procedure, you'll be returned to zoosk, all logged in. did not know anything about this site until two to three months ago. foreigners rate two countries with women who are not good to get to know because of the attributes i have mentioned above, and they are usa and australia.’ full information about user privacy can be found on the site privacy policy page. had something similar happen to me this morning and started checking the sites reviews to see if anyone else had the same issue! the combination of a mobile-centric design and zoosk’s trademarked behavioral matchmaking engine has created a powerful formula that daters can't resist. don't see how zoosk could be the number 1 dating site. avoid zoosk at all costs; if not, you might find the price you end up paying to be astronomically high.

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for facebook, simply click on the "login with facebook" option; the site will then redirect you to facebook, where you can log in using your account details. on the contrary, i met my husband via zoosk 4-5 years back. great site if you want to match up with people 500 miles away tho. i would not recommend this site for a long term relationship. their platform looks good, looked good when i signed up, but in the end, move on and use match or okcupid or bumble or tinder or ashley madison or craigslist or anything other site and or app. 27, 2016satisfaction ratingi joined zoosk and actually did converse with a number of people. we would have never found each other if it weren't for zoosk. 25, 2017satisfaction ratingi have been a "subscriber" to zoosk for a week and can totally relate to the comments of other dissatisfied users. signed up to zoosk ( unpaid)unimpressed with the site- very basic functionality.:fun graphics, like flowers or pets, that can be sent to another zoosker and will appear on their profile. after the big push with facebook in 2007, nearly all of those accounts are dead in reality, only a small percentage of the people you see on zoosk are current, active members. are questions from consumers with answers from the zoosk staff and other consumers. i also had similar experiences in that there were a number of "messages" in my inbox when there were not, and zoosk also counts a wink as a message. when i attempted to check my messages, i was redirected and told i needed to subscribe to the site before i would be allowed to read all the wonderful replies from all 2 dozen beautiful lonely women just waiting for a man of my caliber and all of my wonderful everything to get in touch with them. is a large online dating site that features a facebook app and attempts to integrate social networking with dating. you sign up for zoosk, the platform seems friendly and promising. i was one of the stout non internet dating folks and did it on pressure from my cousin. other sites people are looking for a one night stand zoosk does not seem to be that way. for the same $$, use match, pof, pretty much any other site except zoosk. disappointed by all negative reviews i read over fifty and not one good word said of this zoosk so i wont waste my time. and you should be able to chose who can search for you , i cannot tell you how many 70 yr olds messaged me " make me feel young again :o definitely not a "dating " site at all. then he emails me and tells me that zoosk emailed him saying that i wanted to meet him.

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glad i did because i was really close to getting conned by this site. during 6 months, i went out with one person from zoosk. 30, 2016satisfaction ratingi baited up my profile with a few of my fishing and bodybuilding pictures and used the free featured zoosk to view and this service allows that you can either/or "add" or "wink" regarding the pictures and bios you are viewing. one in particular has made me stay away from dating probably forever. i emailed several times no answer, so dumb me i subscribe again since i was chatting with a couple of ladies and learning about them and then again just before january 2017 i could not log on again and i had just paid more money for other services and now again i cannot log on so i emailed again several times and i said crap and i found reviews online how great this site was which lead me to facebook and once i posted that they took my money and will not answer emails when i try getting on it says admin has blocked me but no one has offered my money back. to profiles chosen by zoosk with a simple “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” and earn coins. the mobile app has won several awards, including receiving #1 dating app award from the webby awards in 2015. i have since done a search on the site as a non-member and guess what? have never had a facebook account and yet zoosk "informs" users (by postingnotice on my page) that they have, in fact, verified me through facebook. i don't believe zoosk can be considered an honest operation and i wouldn't recommend them to anyone. zoosk users to combine photos and videos into moving collages to tell a story. 12, 2017satisfaction ratingin my experience with zoosk, i find that i will notifications that i have received a message from someone that i looked at, or especially someone that i have messaged. users may take advantage of various promotional tools to reach a large number of members, such as boosting their profile or sending mega flirts, or let the site do its work and gradually match you with more compatible matches the more you use it. Rather than push a lengthy questionnaire, this site evolves based on observed preferences to provide matches. profiles and lies at dating sites like plenty of fish , datehookup , etc. i have met a few guys on this site, but i truly beleive they are employed to meet you. to my surprise and horror after one month had passed zoosk charged debited me for another month. after over 200 responses to member’s displayed, the site does its magic and selects a member you’re most compatible with, based on your previous responses of like, pass, or maybe. to gain greater access to zoosk, users can purchase a subscription. if you decide to quit zoosk, take down all your photos and delete the bulk of your profile. what zoosk fails to mention is how many of those millions are actually active. zoosk messenger for your pc or mac and chat with your friends when they are online.

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started as a facebook application in december of 2007 has become one of the largest online dating services the web has ever seen. would you use that site if you knew this upfront? women like on an online dating profile (and what they laugh at). part of zoosk's charm is it’s simplistic, straightforward approach to matching members. one thing that i can add to all of these stories is that, as i mentioned, i kept "adding" and "winking" all of the girls i even remotely liked until today the site - guess what? to millennials, zoosk offers a refreshing approach to online dating with their behavioral matchmaking algorithm and intuitive site layout. you don’t have to take a 3 hour long questionnaire or play around with the site for days to figure out how it functions and how to make it work best for you. all well and good if i could figure out how to search their profiles and read up on them. they delete photos that they don't deem appropriate or anything that you write critical of the site or that they don't approve of. according to the site, some women would even view my profile daily (even if there was no sign of them visiting the site in recent days). sections include an area to browse members who are online now, view your connections, view who has viewed your profile, view insights into your site activity, or going through your smart match section. more you answer, the better the site can gauge compatibility. uploads, chats, and webcams are not integrated into the site. continued to try and use the site, but then discovered i couldn't continue without disclosing my cell phone number.?yesnosemi of little ferry, nj on march 16, 2017satisfaction ratingi joined both zoosk and match at the same time for 6 months. 4, 2017satisfaction ratingi searched the site for single women in my area before joining. then you realize that everything is behind a paywall but still i thought if people will pay for it then it ought to be good. you got to be careful ladies, a lot of players on this site! met a man on here that was 50 years old from the nashville/ antioch tn area, started out great, as i had been on this site for several months and was so was happy to finally find someone with so much in common. 30, 2017satisfaction ratingsigning up with zoosk is like being led down the primrose path. then i get notices from men in zoosk thanking me for contacting them.! so they have eyes on everyone that is cycling through that site and it is my guess they are playing everyone like a bass fiddle by manipulating the responses you are receiving.

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was not a dating site :( just hook ups , wish there could be a way zoosk could separate , the long time" users " (the ones with lots and lots of gifts ! 31, 2016satisfaction ratingwhen looking for a dating site to meet local women, i came across (zoosk, date with confidence website)!. me and my boyfriend met on zoosk we chatted online and then we started to talk on the cell phone and we fell in love. are a few different options for logging in to zoosk. spoke to two different people on the zoosk help desk and they both told me that if you don't see "recently online" on the screen with their profile picture, it means the member hasn't been online for a minimum of 7 days. this is one of the worst sites (like many american women on date sites) it is down right a rip off and unappealing. be at least 18 years old to use this dating site. that makes you feel rejected or maybe not a pretty as the others on the site. to everyone who can read my review of zoosk don't waste your time and money on this cs outfit. these sites, zoosk included, are just another way to rip off the pathetic public. zoosk members can use coins, a virtual currency, to purchase various features on the site. if i cannot get a positive result from zoosk i will try the media as in lbc and radio 4 consumer programs. stars11%4 stars11%3 stars00%2 stars11%1 stars9297%show rating distributioncompare online dating websites & servicesresearch top online dating websites & services recommendations on consumeraffairscompare companiesare you this business? yes i bought a 6 month premium plan and may have been a good catch with a thoughtful true profile. i have personally been on 4 others that were free and i have only been on zoosk a week and i am already experiencing problems. i feel dumb 3nough that zoosk got the first 20 dollars out of me. up for zoosk is simple, requiring you do so with either an email address, facebook account, or google plus account. if anyone knows how i can get my profile off this site, please let me know. completing the remaining profile fields requires only a few minutes of your time and is well worth it as the more you fill out your profile, the better the site is able to match you. the site is non-intrusive, allowing you to use it as you wish, and has a more social-networking feel to it than it’s competitors, which makes dating through the app fun and uncomplicated. talking to a guy he said he's deleted zoosk app on his fone - i'm still on it so is he but there's no dot next to his name to say recently online - so has he deleted his app ? was impressed with the classy ladies i met through zoosk, and i recommend it to all my single friends.

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they sell or share your personal info with other sites of different types. it took me a good 3 years before i found ex boyfriend via zoosk. 16, 2017satisfaction ratingi signed up with zoosk and it worked for awhile. and tried to delete my entire profile but the site wouldn't let me. is there any real people looking for someone to maybe meet on that website. up your love life with a visit to this site. has an intuitive step-by-step instructional guide you will be taken through the first time you enter the site, explaining how to view profiles and send messages to others. i saw right away the site was bull so i left, since then i have 12 "messages" waiting in my inbox and thats not including the many many women who supposedly want to meet me. so i have to conclude that zoosk is a money-making racket and a scam because they mis-represent their services. created a profile on this site about 2 weeks ago only so i could check it out and see what it has to offer, so i put no pictures, no writting of any kind, i simply opened a free account so i could gain access and check out some profiles. if you signed up via email, you’ll need to confirm your email address to proceed to the site. the site display every profile one by one, whether you are viewing search results, browsing those online, or playing their hot or not (or maybe) game. messaged 36 women got three responses that i garantee work for zoosk. no other personals site i used has such a take-n-keep policy. more information see: dating apps launch new features to compete with tinder. zoosk stands out from the competition by being heavily integrated with social networking sites and smart phones, allowing members to seamlessly connect across multiple platforms. a person could wear out 'puter' mouse on this site. i'll endure the 3 month and never go back and certainly would never recommend such a disjointed personals site. the problem with zoosk is, there is no way to know who is paid so you can communicate with them, and who is not paid, so that you will only receive an automated response. course, behavioral matchmaking isn’t the only thing that makes the zoosk experience unique.. i do know one thing, i never want to see her hurt and love it when she happy so thank you zoosk for being the platform for us to meet. the smart match sections helps the site better match you with members based on answers to various questions such as would you date a smoker or would you date someone with a child?

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