Jung yong hwa and seohyun dating in real life

it stars rising chinese actors zhang ruo yun and sun yi, and it is an adaptation of a novel by the same name written by author jing feng. dao and joe chen (chen qiao en) is probably the very first taiwanese onscreen couple that i shipped after watching “prince turns to frog. one of my personal favorites is whenever xiao xi called liu bing “skating grandma” (a play on his character’s name).” park shin hye also often goes to support both jung yong hwa and lee hong ki, who are labelmates, at their fnc entertainment concerts, and it is indeed beautiful to see their friendship continue to blossom long after the show has ended. they had really great chemistry as well as the most comical scenes whenever they were together. fans of the drama were sent into a frenzy of excitement, but both of their agencies were quick to deny the rumors and stated the two were only close friends.

Are jung yong hwa and seohyun really dating

” i think it’s a telling sign that people like seeing sam and pets together.'s hope that our maknae stop liking sweet potatoes and start to has interests in guys. she enjoys discussing her favorite dramas, and sharing her knowledge of asian entertainment. two boasted extremely good chemistry on the show "discovery of love" and left fans wanting more even after the show ended. while there are multiple idol-turned-actors and some actors that venture into singing, it seems that most of each group largely stick to their fortés with few forays into the other parts of the industry. their sincerity towards one another and ability to be comfortable with each other in any situation won the hearts of many viewers.

Jung yong hwa and seohyun dating

after the song finished, while still holding hands and facing each other, pets said “long time no see, welcome back. visually they’re also a stunning pair and you just can’t help but root for them. they don’t want to date in real life, can they at least film another drama together again? it’s not just myself and their fans but clearly drama producers also love shipping this pairing as they went on to film four other dramas: “ying ye 3 jia 1,” “let’s dance,” “the queen of sop,” and “beauties of the emperor. sweet interactions showed the charms of young love and many people believed that they were dating in real life. lin and pets tseng starred together in last year’s popular romantic comedy “moon river.

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there are many great exemplar drama couples who went from reel to real. loves cnblue, seohyun of girls’ generation, and ji chang wook.(x) krystal and cnblue minhyuk worked together in the drama heirs, and were often seen together off set, and travelling together.  for those who may not know, “moon river” is actually sam and pets’ fourth drama collaboration. then, many viewers hoped to see them paired together again, and the k-drama world complied. some match-ups are so adorable that fans wish they were actually dating in real life!

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” this is likely to be one of the reasons they get along so well, being able to understand each other’s work and connect on that level. star couple of the drama "it's okay it's love" showed extreme chemistry that they were even rumored to be dating. tablo had always been a fan of the beautiful actress and met her through a mutual friend, bong tae kyu. kang hye jung is an actress, she seems to know quite a bit about the hip hop music scene and is fully supportive of  tablo’s career. two are a hot couple on the drama "pinocchio" and received the "best couple" award from sbs. yong hwa and park shin hye remain good friends along with jang geun suk and lee hong ki, who acted with them in “you’re beautiful.

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pets was their special guest and in the middle of singing “a person thinking of a person,” sam suddenly made a surprise appearance..Pretty much for a huge chunk of my life, I've been watching dramas and one of my favorite highlights is the shipping of the OTPs (One True Pairings), aka tSeulgi’s friends leak adorable video of her in. on top of a good plot, convincing acting, and great directing, a very crucial element of any drama is definitely the chemistry between the leading actor and actress. follow her on twitter and join her for recaps of the current dramas she’s watching. he held her hand while she continued the rest of the song. some match-ups are so adorable that fans wish they were actually dating in real life!

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’m currently watching “fifteen years of waiting for migratory birds,” and it’s my drama addiction right now. the two have become such a famous couple that fans are crying that they may as well start dating each other. percent of the votes and was so intense that even the “we got married” pd thought that they might be in a real relationship.[mv/teaser fiction] ♡ me,you l (yongseo) snsd cnblue ll blueming - cnblue. however, they didn’t end up happening and it was a very nice surprise. one of the main highlights of the drama was how young shin (park min young) and jung hoo (ji chang wook) were probably one of the first couples to make hand holding so incredibly romantic, passionate and sexy.

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the way he smiled and looked at her was just a little different compared to everyone else.’s a beautiful drama and i love how we get to see how our characters’ life journeys transition from high school to university before landing their very first jobs as a mark of their place in the adult world.” today, i want to present to you some of my favorite drama otps whom i wouldn’t mind if they dated in real life. she spends most of her time living in k-dramaworld, working out to k-pop, laughing with “running man,” and melting at the cuteness of the kids on “the return of superman..Idols and actors form a large part of the Korean entertainment population. despite their chemistry and having worked together on numerous projects for the past decade, they’ve always claimed to be happy as simply friends.

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fans loved the matchup and wondered if they could be dating for real! ming dao and joe have an inherent and flirty kind of chemistry that definitely works to their benefit.] 00:00 fm date (unsubbed) 49:15 fm date with yonghwa (subbed) 150210 sunny's fm date that person's song request with ..Seohyun and jisoo together again to watch moon lovers last episode. our otp ji chang wook and park min young had stirred some intense emotions among audiences playing the perfect onscreen pairing.[engsub] running man episode 293 seohyun snsd girl's generation support kim jong kook.

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jung eun ji played the bright and cheerful sun shi won, who is in love with the idol group h. idols just have the best chemistry, and are too cute together on screen, and off! due to her humble background and strange appearance, she is put at odds with the other privileged students. the two later became the leads of college drama “heartstrings,” where jung yong hwa, acting as the arrogant lee shin, falls in love with his straight-forward and honest fellow university student, lee gyu won (park shin hye). Some match-ups are so adorable that fans wish they were actually dating in real life! idols just have the best chemistry, and are too cute together!

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the other dramas they’ve starred in include “ko one return,” “ko one re-act,” and “angel ‘n’ devil. gain is currently dating joo ji hoon, back in 2012 fans were crazy about the gain and jokwon match-up in "we got married. idols just have the best chemistry, and are too cute together on screen, and off! the leader of this elite group of pretty boys is mu liu bing (sam lin) and, of course, he eventually falls for our quirky heroine, xiao xi. for example jo bo ah and ohn joo won from the drama “surplus princess” as well as ahn jae hyun and ku hye sun from “blood. they now have an adorable daughter, haru, and received much love when they appeared with her on “the return of superman.

Jung yong hwa and seohyun dating in real life

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” seeing kang shin woo (jung yong hwa) having to give up go mi nyeo (park shin hye) to hwang tae kyung (jang geun suk) shattered viewers’ hearts." fans loved them dearly, and wondered if they were actually dating all along.” i remember seeing so many fan-made mvs of the pair on youtube and i ravingly watched them all because that’s how much i loved them together.’re rooting for this happy couple and hope that k-dramaland will one day put them together in a drama. as his unchanging best friend, shang xuan begins to realize how important li li is in his life. lee jong hyun was paired with gong seung yeon on the first date and immediately became so enamored with her that he insisted that she choose him.

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song jaerim & kim soeun have been together a lot often, shooting tv programs, commercials and fashion shoots… and they seem to have amazing chemistry! it was so funny and i couldn’t help but giggle every time he was called that. yong hwa of cnblue single-handedly redefined the meaning of the second-male-lead syndrome when his kind and protective actions failed to win him the lead park shin hye in the hong sisters’ drama “you’re beautiful. our otp had a strong intense chemistry between them and it immediately made fans fall in love with the couple. se young and wooyoung of 2pm were a virtual married couple on the show “we got married,” and were known as the yy couple, or the 2young couple. i really don’t mind seeing them act in another drama together as an otp, that is, if they’re not sick of working with each other yet.

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however, despite the denials, the news outlet went on to release more pictures of the pair and insisted they had been dating for four months. While there are multiple idol-turned-actors and some actors that venture into siSoompi. based on my experiences of watching korean and taiwanese dramas, i was expecting certain drama clichés to pop-up. the drama is about li li (sun yi) and pei shang xuan (zhang ruo yun) who have known each other since junior high school. two are also from the show "we got married" and are nicknamed the "yongseo" couple. song joong ki and song hye kyo’s chemistry is evident right from the very beginning and it just sizzled.

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, there are idol-actor pairs that came about, some real and some that we simply hope to be real, which completely blow us away with their chemistry. days turned into months and months turned into years as li li stayed consistently by shang xuan’s side. as a result, it is comparatively rare to find idol-actor pairs, whatever the platform may be, simply due to the nature of their work and surroundings.) i really enjoyed the drama despite its typical story-line and drama cliches. went on to share their interests with each other, with her even visiting his practice studio and performing a duet with him.” woohyun is nine years older than kim sae ron and was initially apprehensive about having to demonstrate skinship during the drama, as he feels that she views him more as an elder brother rather than a love interest.

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