My christian daughter is dating a muslim

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My daughter is dating a non muslim

reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate.. [144 words]neptunemar 3, 2017 01:262370848i'm sorry a but try not to get involved with another one [232 words]marissamar 4, 2017 08:542370847all intercultural relationships are difficult to manage [545 words]nadiamar 4, 2017 09:572370849hi a [123 words]healing heart (broken heart)mar 4, 2017 17:332370847response to a [105 words]cynthiamar 4, 2017 20:372370841arab men are so funny [12 words]mariannemar 5, 2017 04:042370846dearest a [126 words]new lifemar 5, 2017 16:352370843very true. the very fact we've got so many people talking is in itself a success. adblock plus click "enabled on this site" to disable ad blocking for the current website you are on."it's clearly already an issue and something that will become more and more common," he said. [361 words]nadiamar 17, 2017 09:202371212to lina and all - halal disco - love this comment [814 words]nadiamar 17, 2017 12:192371212hello marrisa [465 words]jessica (canada)mar 17, 2017 17:442371211nadia:: burek, bulgarian cheese and paris [168 words]anonmar 18, 2017 13:272371211i heard about this cynthia. my comment as a response to my daughter is in love with a supposedly non practicing muslim american born boy , are they ever non practicing? one way it is a good thing i guess that they will never come back, she says she loves him and he shows us he loves her and always tells us that he doesnt care what his parents think.

My daughter is dating a non christian

she has been going with him for over four years now, he is immature but respectable and i dont know if he will be able to fill the sacrifice in work to support role yet. [251 words]nadiafeb 26, 2017 17:162369642fantastic [17 words]neptunefeb 26, 2017 18:0323696411hi nadia [294 words]marissafeb 26, 2017 21:182369645beware and take remedial measures. [8 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 18:312372257thank you so much [86 words]amar 7, 2017 12:412372069to a and lina: it will only get better [235 words]nadiamar 9, 2017 04:412372063very welcome a [68 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:372372065hang in there a [69 words]marissamar 9, 2017 21:482372065hello a [220 words]siobhanmar 10, 2017 02:092372064good for you a [48 words]marissamar 11, 2017 12:482372063it will get better a [75 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 21:0423720610to all readers [208 words]new lifemar 5, 2017 17:222371599please tell me it's not a joke! but now that his parents are gone, she is able to see his home, before this he never allowed her to ever come close nor to ever speak to his parents or sister, he has three bothers here that do talk to her. here to view instructions on how to disable your ad blocker, and help us to keep providing you with free-thinking journalism - for free. he is going to school he says and is working, but i dont really know this. he has never shown to her his family home here in st louis till when most recently his parents moved back to iraq with his sister of 21 yrs and his brother of 8 years apparently they planned to move for a while cause of financial difficulties. so whatever else is in store for her, i feel kind of ok with it, as long as they dont ever go there he says he never practices or has practiced islam and cant ever get into it being brought up here in the usa he considers himself no religion even though he has come from a muslim home, and strict sharia background as his parents have been but his mom he says for years here wore makeup never wore the black thing nor a scarf, never, so i dont know what to make of this.

My christian daughter is dating a mormon

[466 words]nadiamar 6, 2017 10:332371597quite sad [93 words]neptunemar 6, 2017 10:5923715911wasted time [270 words]linamar 6, 2017 19:282371595i can't get over this [144 words]mlidmar 8, 2017 05:462371593egypt to las vegas return to egypt [33 words]scammedmar 8, 2017 21:212371594response to nadia, neptune, and lina [160 words]cynthiamar 9, 2017 11:202371594sorry i was on my lunch break and was typing and added wrote cynthia's name in the wrong spot [37 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:242371593for new life [83 words]siobhanmar 10, 2017 02:252371594don't worry about it new life [151 words]marissamar 11, 2017 12:562371594lol new life [116 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 20:342371595i think your friend do needs psychological help and professional help new life. [102 words]marissafeb 25, 2017 08:222369649thanks everyone [59 words]marissafeb 25, 2017 08:262369647what exactly did he want from you? occasionally both muslims and christians feel pressure to convert to another's faith in order to avoid fallouts and ostracism. does my gut feeling say, i say it says that he has interest in still being close with his family even though they are not here, my daughter now, could care less to have anything to do with them yet she will never go to their country ever nor will her child they discussed this already. [65 words]virajfeb 15, 2017 01:142367057happy valentine's day [151 words]linafeb 15, 2017 07:4323670513groups on facebook [113 words]maria, from south americafeb 15, 2017 17:082367059to marissa - silver ring and french girl [599 words]nadiafeb 15, 2017 18:232367052i had an algerian bf marissa [58 words]broken heartfeb 15, 2017 18:592367058empathize with you marissa [212 words]new lifefeb 15, 2017 22:522367055to new life and marissa re:sex in algeria [277 words]nadiafeb 19, 2017 19:532367054to maria fm south america about groups in portuguese and spanish [122 words]nadiafeb 19, 2017 20:412367055not all algerians [80 words]marcelfeb 20, 2017 21:062367053well i still think 100% of north africans who contact strangers on social media are scammers [141 words]nadiafeb 22, 2017 23:352367054marissa forget him and his bent up ring [97 words]cynthiafeb 23, 2017 18:242367055this is great maria [148 words]cynthiafeb 23, 2017 18:322367056this is great news [189 words]new lifefeb 25, 2017 22:5923670510to marcel [91 words]linafeb 26, 2017 11:032367056to lina about cross cultural and mixed relationships [27 words]nadiafeb 26, 2017 21:2723670525to all readers [112 words]new lifefeb 12, 2017 18:452366693thank you so much.! [77 words]cynthiamar 16, 2017 18:472374814tell it like it is cynthia [279 words]marissamar 16, 2017 22:462374813i'm glad each day gets better [29 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:052374811response to lana [12 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:242374812response to lana [61 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:282374815yay! [18 words]neptunemar 3, 2017 01:092369649to jessica: moroccans, facebook accounts and free time [473 words]nadiamar 3, 2017 05:142369646thanks siobhan [212 words]marissamar 4, 2017 08:242369643i have jessica [56 words]marissamar 4, 2017 09:122369643i love your spirit too marissa [52 words]cynthiamar 4, 2017 20:482369644you're a strong woman marissa and you too broken heart [87 words]new lifemar 5, 2017 16:462369643to new life re: "he thinks she is the bank of america" [296 words]nadiamar 7, 2017 16:272369642i hope you're doing fine marissa [23 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:582369645response to nadia [137 words]new lifemar 10, 2017 00:542369642thank you marissa [489 words]jessica (canada)mar 11, 2017 20:36236964marriage with green card holder woemn muslim [44 words]mansoormar 15, 2017 01:4623696411the days are bright again [263 words]chelseafeb 21, 2017 17:5023686814sorry. [431 words]neptunemar 16, 2017 06:30237084bless you [24 words]neptunemar 16, 2017 06:3723708424i'm copying and pasting something an egyptian-american woman wrote [237 words]cynthiafeb 26, 2017 17:0123700115u r very lucky if an egyptian man feeds u, they can hardly feed themselves [216 words]nadiafeb 26, 2017 22:102370017good perspective cynthia [49 words]siobhanfeb 27, 2017 01:0323700110i agree nadia [115 words]siobhanfeb 27, 2017 01:232370018siobhan, i'm serious about charging them heavily for settlement visa [312 words]nadiamar 3, 2017 16:512370016.

I Married a Muslim: Katrina's Incredible Story

My daughter is dating a muslim

[51 words]neptunefeb 26, 2017 22:242369645cut him off completely marissa [167 words]jessica (canada)feb 27, 2017 01:062369645hi marissa [55 words]siobhanfeb 27, 2017 01:5823696411to marissa re:facebook, marriage proposals and dowery [714 words]nadiafeb 27, 2017 14:072369643in response to neptune [67 words]marissafeb 27, 2017 18:232369643smart young lady. were shocked by how divisive and underhanded some muslim clerics were. of all , though, he had first agreed to a christian wedding in our church four years ago and now it changed to not in the church but an outside wedding with a justice of the piece performing a greek wedding with crowns etc. [39 words]cynthiafeb 23, 2017 18:4223666913i want to thank siobhan, cynthia, new life , chelsea, shomi, luigi, lina and many others for your kindness [61 words]christyfeb 8, 2017 14:552365268we stick together and we are happy if we succeed in helping someone [28 words]cynthiafeb 11, 2017 22:252365266you're welcome christy [67 words]new lifefeb 12, 2017 18:3923652611we are here for you [137 words]shömifeb 13, 2017 11:3423652610blessings sweet christy [147 words]chelseafeb 13, 2017 19:292365264dearest christy [48 words]siobhanfeb 24, 2017 01:182365266this is a bad morning for me [110 words]broken heartfeb 7, 2017 08:35236464. rings placed on a bible and a muslim marriage certificate getty images. [325 words]nadiamar 7, 2017 17:132370014i agree with this post [163 words]new lifemar 10, 2017 00:4723700113i would like to say hello to the ones who are normally on here [65 words]mlidfeb 26, 2017 00:012369873thanks mlid [58 words]siobhanfeb 27, 2017 00:532369875replies to mlid [98 words]jessica (canada)feb 27, 2017 01:1123698710and big thumb up 4 succeeding to annul scamers green card [271 words]nadiafeb 27, 2017 13:232369872i've got to find your story mlid."there are, of course, a whole range of muslims and christians. patrick's day [501 words]jessica (canada)mar 17, 2017 19:152372664time to move forward [102 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:152372662algerian men [136 words]tanmar 19, 2017 19:112372665daughter meeting egyptian man onlline and we are now going there to meet him [114 words]celinemar 8, 2017 07:542372254celine i sure hope she comes back [110 words]marissamar 11, 2017 12:452372257omg i happy you are safe and sound celine [148 words]jessica (canada)mar 11, 2017 15:082372256too bad and i hope not too late [437 words]nadiamar 11, 2017 18:492372256oh no celine [81 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 21:002372256to nadia and everyone [354 words]daryamar 14, 2017 13:152372251to darya [623 words]nadiamar 16, 2017 18:452372251hello darya [21 words]jessicamar 17, 2017 02:122372251cental asian are the 5 stan countries darya [331 words]jessica (canada)mar 18, 2017 04:012372252dear celine [65 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:542372252oh no is right.

My daughter is in love with a supposedly NON practicing Muslim

the adblock/adblock plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar. [106 words]neptunemar 6, 2017 07:512370843great news [31 words]neptunemar 6, 2017 10:472370841right [21 words]scammedmar 8, 2017 00:132370844dear neptune, indian culture is not the easiest to live in [264 words]nadiamar 9, 2017 05:462370843i like your new name [23 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:542370843very enlightened by your comments. use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. i read you were married to an algerian rat [31 words]marissamar 4, 2017 09:032369878you make me laugh! my god, i am so scared and my gut feeling is saying to stop this anyway i can yet she is not a baby and he is good to all of us but i just dont feel comfortable. but muslim women are not allowed to marry outside their faith. daughter is in love with a supposedly non practicing muslim american born boy , are they ever non practicing? ultimately, we found a muslim cleric who saw things the way we did.

What does it feel like for a non-Muslim to marry a Muslim person

funny [22 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 19:072368682thank u cynthia [69 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 19:14236868thank u neptune [15 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 19:192368681fantastic [18 words]neptunemar 20, 2017 00:2723686810things are getting better [115 words]broken heartfeb 20, 2017 12:342368336you are not a fool [435 words]nadiafeb 22, 2017 23:062368333fantastic [39 words]neptunefeb 23, 2017 04:122368334you're going to pull through broken heart [144 words]cynthiafeb 23, 2017 18:182368333i knew you would start feeling better broken heart [68 words]new lifefeb 25, 2017 22:492368338i'm not sure if my last comment submitted [221 words]broken heartfeb 28, 2017 14:422368335broken heart, at least family was decent to abstain from encouragement [607 words]nadiamar 3, 2017 18:002368331moroccans [8 words]benjaminfeb 19, 2017 18:102368062marrying an algerian man [41 words]ruthfeb 19, 2017 05:512368025to ruth [169 words]nadiafeb 19, 2017 20:562368029only online contact [213 words]neptunefeb 20, 2017 09:3323680217i'm speechless [299 words]marissafeb 13, 2017 22:572367054good show. [42 words]cynthiamar 9, 2017 11:232371191so true [26 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:412371199someone on here saying all these lines now i know where they get it from marrisa [217 words]jessica (canada)mar 11, 2017 00:282371194for cynthia and jessica [50 words]marissamar 11, 2017 13:0423711914happened again [357 words]amar 2, 2017 22:502370844it's o. oh is that why he never let my daughter go close to them ever while they were here, listen i know the islam agenda. [84 words]philipmar 18, 2017 12:202375873best wishes melissa [17 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 09:57237587all the best melissa [17 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 09:572375877interesting [79 words]pammar 19, 2017 21:5123758713i don't think i ever said why i don't feel hurt [185 words]marissamar 11, 2017 19:262375327my dear marissa [210 words]siobhanmar 14, 2017 06:232375325good riddance--- [108 words]neptunemar 14, 2017 10:172375326i know what you mean marissa [170 words]healing heartmar 14, 2017 12:302375326lmao - i love offal + it's full of vitd, k2 and b12 [410 words]nadiamar 14, 2017 18:322375325they do think we are disgusting to eat pork [81 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 07:132375323wow now i know what's happen to my diet [386 words]cynthiamar 16, 2017 19:442375322i'll pass nadia and no thanks on the cats and dogs [179 words]marissamar 16, 2017 22:572375321you are funny to the core nadia [310 words]jessica (canada)mar 17, 2017 00:0423753211mena men and common denominators [173 words]karenmar 18, 2017 07:322375324be glad this chapter is closed [31 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:012375323that sounds familiar [79 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 17:572375325no comprimise [157 words]pammar 19, 2017 22:062375325known ploys [52 words]neptunemar 20, 2017 00:342375327algerian men/husbands [137 words]sophiemar 11, 2017 10:402374994oh sophie [83 words]siobhanmar 14, 2017 06:362374993certificate [347 words]neptunemar 14, 2017 10:062374996sophie, u must annul this sham marriage asap [857 words]nadiamar 14, 2017 17:432374995mistake [18 words]scammedmar 14, 2017 23:162374996he will give you a breakdown [174 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 07:242374994dear sophie [60 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:092374993hey cynthia i agree [85 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 18:062374995algerian men [107 words]tinamar 19, 2017 18:372374993to sophie and neptune re:certificate [297 words]nadiamar 19, 2017 20:0023749925hello everyone [99 words]healing heartmar 10, 2017 16:1023748111happy spring,ladies! the recommendations are speaking out against forced conversions, recognising the legality of inter-faith marriages in british law, non-judgemental pastoral care and a complete rejection of any violence.. i feel sad and i do see him respectable but how do i know this is not a front of some type, we dont know anything about his other life , my daughter does and should that be enough, he really seems to be respectable to us and to her and my family members, he is not a fanatic nut of islam nor did he get mad at us when we all wanted to see not without my daughter the other day in front o the whole family nor did it bother him, i dont get it deep inside, but given this and given the way my daughter is not doing what is right in the eyes of god being married in front of god in church but having a retired priest that performs greek weddings in a justice of a piece setting with all the trimmings if we want it, i can say that god is there and putting the crowns on their heads is constituting union of some type and because she has her faith and says, mom i cant make him just like he cant and never will make me muslim, this is the best way and i know what i believe and it is between him and jesus and god in the end and as long as i never go back there ever or let him ever take our child cause i told him it would be the end of us, he knows this now, i have nothing to fear. [326 words]jessica (canada)mar 12, 2017 01:422371593new life, get in touch with police asap [168 words]nadiamar 12, 2017 08:332371595got an update [208 words]new lifemar 12, 2017 11:322371594to scammed [63 words]nadiamar 12, 2017 15:222371593this is bad news [247 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 07:542371592it is bad news i think [62 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:222371592response to jessica [62 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:502371597need help [85 words]ajmar 4, 2017 21:342371399you don't need from us what you are asking for [153 words]neptunemar 6, 2017 02:3123713911dearest aj [281 words]cynthiamar 6, 2017 03:4723713911aj, you are about to win a free ticket to hell [363 words]nadiamar 6, 2017 05:502371396please stop now [76 words]musilummar 6, 2017 16:542371393big thank you [45 words]ajmar 8, 2017 10:172371395grateful for advice [52 words]ajmar 8, 2017 10:252371395stop now aj [103 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:512371398"aj" [195 words]siobhanmar 10, 2017 02:482371394awesome news aj [93 words]marissamar 11, 2017 13:012371393i appreciate & thankful for all posts here [85 words]ajmar 11, 2017 14:052371393your welcome aj [20 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 21:072371392i appreciate & thankful for all posts here [85 words]ajmar 12, 2017 21:562371392grateful for advice [52 words]ajmar 12, 2017 21:562371391hi cynthia [25 words]siobhanmar 13, 2017 21:302371391to aj- how to block/unblock contacts on whatsapp [102 words]nadiamar 16, 2017 14:2623713910i wish we lived near other ladies [105 words]marissamar 4, 2017 09:002371219come to paris - most exciting place on earth at the moment [601 words]nadiamar 6, 2017 20:182371214sense of humour [143 words]erikamar 8, 2017 07:462371213scary [36 words]neptunemar 8, 2017 09:492371216paris [187 words]linamar 8, 2017 17:1923712110we have it about like this in america [436 words]cynthiamar 9, 2017 11:112371214pairs trip [52 words]candy applemar 9, 2017 13:202371213you said a mouthful [64 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:292371214"marissa" [119 words]siobhanmar 10, 2017 03:082371216"nadia" [108 words]siobhanmar 10, 2017 03:522371217nadia, don't scoff at their asking if afghanistan is in the eu [51 words]anonmar 10, 2017 13:4823712111he's ugly as hell nadia [137 words]jessica (canada)mar 11, 2017 00:462371215for jessica [137 words]marissamar 11, 2017 13:112371217to erika, neptune, lina and all [472 words]nadiamar 12, 2017 12:232371213to siobhan and candy apple re:paris [429 words]nadiamar 12, 2017 13:082371214to new life and jessica about beauty :) [192 words]nadiamar 12, 2017 15:002371215to anon re: eu - who is in and who is out [434 words]nadiamar 12, 2017 16:022371217halal disco [402 words]linamar 14, 2017 06:362371212hehe nadia [75 words]siobhanmar 14, 2017 08:252371212fyi nadia et al [76 words]siobhanmar 15, 2017 01:292371212to siobhan : my appologies about wrong info [124 words]nadiamar 17, 2017 07:082371213to cynthia re: world's problems vs mena's walking desasters. those who have signed up to the document include sheikh ibrahim mogra, a prominent leicester-based imam from the conservative deobandi school, the right rev paul hendricks, associate bishop of southwark catholic archdiocese, and amra bone, one of the only women in the country to sit in a sharia court.

When Muslims and Christians Marry | America Magazine

Spain: Muslims call for marriage to Christian women to strengthen

turn as many to islam or beat your wife, i dont think he would ever do so but hey. phil [128 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:402371211he's a low life [24 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:432371212response to nadia [20 words]new lifemar 19, 2017 10:452371218ladies you have to watch this video on youtube [74 words]marissamar 4, 2017 08:292371194i found it and watched it. marrying between faiths is entirely legal in britain, couples often face resistance and hostility, both from family members and religious leaders. it can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.! [264 words]lana(usa)mar 11, 2017 12:052374819hooray healing heart [187 words]marissamar 11, 2017 13:212374815so happy for you [48 words]nadiamar 11, 2017 17:292374817glad you are feeling better heeling heart [111 words]jessica (canada)mar 11, 2017 20:022374819the more you tell about him the more i'm sure you're better off [183 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 20:452374815thumbs up [35 words]neptunemar 12, 2017 21:482374813thanks lana [61 words]siobhanmar 14, 2017 06:472374816healing heart, marissa and all - rats sooner or later attempt contact [403 words]nadiamar 15, 2017 06:412374811thank you lana [53 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 07:402374814i'm happy we can laugh on here too! [234 words]healing heart (broken heart)mar 4, 2017 17:452369874hi mlid [70 words]cynthiamar 4, 2017 20:422369874hello mlid [151 words]new lifemar 5, 2017 16:532369874healing heart, well done for reporting him and keep the good spirits [366 words]nadiamar 6, 2017 05:0623698714revoked green card [779 words]mlidmar 7, 2017 04:062369873i forgot to add [72 words]mlidmar 7, 2017 04:142369873i keep thinking of details i didn't add because i was trying to be brief [10 words]mlidmar 7, 2017 04:202369871to marissa: mlid story and question to mlid [95 words]nadiamar 7, 2017 19:222369877to nadia [519 words]mlid (my life is a disaster )mar 8, 2017 05:372369873i remember you posting some here last year mlid [86 words]cynthiamar 9, 2017 11:302369876great for you [78 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 20:4623698710omg mlid [118 words]marissamar 9, 2017 21:442369874first cousins married together for us is consider incest mlid [288 words]jessica (canada)mar 11, 2017 15:402369874mlid - thanks for your answer [345 words]nadiamar 11, 2017 17:092369876this is cultural jessica [163 words]marissamar 14, 2017 15:032369873i agree mlid [72 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 08:012369871yes its totally incest marissa [363 words]jessica (canada)mar 17, 2017 02:402369875hello cynthia, chelsea and all other ladies and gents [505 words]karenmar 17, 2017 23:3223698714listen to ayoub ladies [93 words]mlidfeb 25, 2017 23:5023698413to mlid and marissa about age and rage. pastors and muslim imams have come together to draw up guidelines detailing advice on how to deal with inter-faith marriages. document, called when two faiths meet, is the product of months of painstaking negotiations between christian and muslim leaders and emphasises the need for tolerance and acceptance of mixed-faith marriages.

If a Muslim man marries a Christian woman would it be acceptable

i know one thing, though, that if he changes if he hurts her if he pressures her if he trys to brainwash her if if if, she is smart she knows no matter what she has nothing to fear and can come back home with us any time with her baby or babies and we will do what we have to to get rid of him and help her if it comes to that, he will be sorry if he ever hurts her in these ways but i pray that he never changes to please his close friends or family here or that if she doesnt convert that they target her or hurt her somehow , i get that this religion is nuts and so fanatic they will stop at nothing till they get everyone they can converted. daughter is in love with a supposedly NON practicing Muslim American born boy , are they ever non practicing?! [47 words]chelseamar 19, 2017 18:152374814i haven't seen christy [66 words]new lifemar 9, 2017 21:0323727911i couldn't help but notice something [66 words]marissamar 11, 2017 12:222372791i don't think she has posted lately [34 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 20:472372797lol marissa [254 words]siobhanmar 14, 2017 07:542372798i noticed this too myself [262 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 07:372372795a few others i haven't seen on here [119 words]cynthiamar 15, 2017 08:102372793to marissa re: likes and dislikes [263 words]nadiamar 15, 2017 08:412372791to siobhan, cynthia, marissa and all: my sincere apologies [566 words]nadiamar 16, 2017 17:482372794i think i'm getting you on this siobhan [97 words]marissamar 16, 2017 23:042372792wow i have noticed that too now that you have mentioned it marissa [170 words]jessica (canada)mar 17, 2017 00:5123727913it happened to me as well [1090 words]ashleymar 9, 2017 14:1823726610dang ashley [388 words]marissamar 11, 2017 12:402372663good riddance [122 words]nadiamar 11, 2017 18:062372666i'm so sorry ashley [136 words]cynthiamar 11, 2017 20:552372669ashley's pain [320 words]erikamar 12, 2017 10:152372663ashley [104 words]siobhanmar 13, 2017 15:032372661legal [47 words]ashleymar 14, 2017 08:392372661oh ok i see ashley [203 words]cynthiamar 16, 2017 19:092372662lmaooo you are right on that part marissa [101 words]jessica (canada)mar 17, 2017 16:392372662happy st. the good news is that christians and muslims are increasingly recognising the need to talk about these things. click the big power button to whitelist the current web site, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site. reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate.. i know she is not stupid but in time living with someone maybe just maybe one day she will say oh what the hell, he is ok he has shown me trust why dont i ever go back to show his family our kids, well because you would of not converted so that right there is a death trap especially with an american passport you will have with you if you ever go back there, times there are so nuts , his own family probably will be justified if they wanted to be lying once she gets there if she doesnt convert and if he decides to never let her back with her child , to possibly get or have her get lost some how, over there especially sharia law, will not think twice about that , look what they do to women in the streets, stone them to death, bury them to their waist in mud and kill them for not abiding to the law. comment on item: advice to non-muslim women against marrying muslim men.

Amy Dickinson — Mom is worried about Muslim boyfriend

many of the more conservative or evangelical christian denominations, meanwhile, insist spouses convert or promise to bring their children up as christians. he did say though that he will get baptised in our church in order to marry our daughter, but how credible is that, he could care less about the actual meaning of it, i believe and he said he is doing it just to make us happy and to be able to marry my daughter and for their kids to be saved also and he has never never told her she cannot bring their kids up in church i just dont know , though. she was never allowed to ever socialize with his family ever, we basically know nothing of his family except what he chooses to tell us. sally fields husband in not without my daughter was an angel also until he went back to his homeland, which i know my daughter after seeing this movie many times will never do. "in reality christian and muslim couples often face very challenging scenarios where there is not enough tolerance or the right pastoral care and that can lead to a very damaging and negative experience for them. we had discussed the option of one of us converting but decided this was not for us. [433 words]neptunemar 20, 2017 07:342376217adeline [234 words]linamar 20, 2017 07:4523762127i am one of the lucky ones [1069 words]melissamar 14, 2017 13:032375873this is one other story i've read that is happy [121 words]cynthiamar 16, 2017 18:592375876fairy tale life?.he is back [162 words]chelseamar 18, 2017 19:432377047i'm posting something i hope it's helpful to many!

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