My friend is dating a drug addict

My best friend is dating a drug addict

he has confessed to me that he has used with her and also been using xanax on top of his methadone which is a deadly combination. you may consider this small, but i think its a milestone. he also suffers from ptsd, which is probably fueling his addiction, but has stopped going to that treatment too. he's been addicted to hydrocodone/pain killers for 8-9 years. the thought of leaving is crushing and the though of staying is just as bad. but addict or no addict, my husband is a great dad. isn't an addict alive that doesn’t have someone who loves them. i'm so tired of hurting and worrying how he's going to walk in the door at night and if i will have to distract the kids from his condition. i can't be certain she is going to all her meetings and if she truly is sober right now. but i have not let go because he is salvageable. sounds like your thoughts and emotions are in a turmoil, a place from which no clear decisions are made. this bring back a lot of hard memories for me.  what i am about to tell you is going to hurt even more. i don't understand addiction since i have never used myself. i always feel like something is sitting on my chest. and i know from the bottom of my heart that you didn’t mean for this to happen. older brother has been a heroin addict for close to 10 years now.  i track his calls and the only people he ever calls are his dealers. i promised myself to find that perfect man that i deserved. taking care of you is not selfish; it is absolutely necessary.  second question, how do we talk to them about what they've done, while being hurt by them without the anger, betrayal, resentment, sadness, fear and disappointment coming through so hard that it continues to spiral them down further. i was already paying all the bills alone before he came so i helped him to "get back on his feet" one day though, i found a needle in a dvd case. my uncle was addicted to painkillers and he became angry and abusive whenever he did not get his fill. whatever he can get ahold of on a daily basis. the addict is the only person that can do that. about when your baby falls out of his bed and accidentally breaks his arm? health smoking and cigarette laws are about to change - here's what you need to knowsponsoredthings that secretly make you really happywhy there's nothing shameful about using a pre-poo sprayinternational happiness day 2017: 10 steps to bettering your mental healthmore: the infamous ‘elephant man’ drugs trial which left six men with failing organs and amputated limbsmore: crime boss offered to kill dealers who supplied teen leah betts with deadly pillsmore: woman with drug problems banned from getting pregnant.  i recall it started with treatment for his hep c, then a slip of pain meds,. my mom and boyfriend have both told me that they believe she is only reaching out to me for my sympathy. this credo seems callous to some but it has saved my life. he had acted strange a few times, but i always took his word that he just wasn't feeling well. but i am now mentally and physically exhausted on this. thank you my husband for leaving us, it is probably the best gift you could have ever given to us. she comes from a family of drug users, the whole family. are only human and being in a co-dependent relationship is incredibly difficult, especially when you are in troubled waters. partly because there is a part of me that hopes she can change. i can watch a movie, my child can bring a friend over. i am just scared that i am making the "wrong" decision.  she’s not strong enough, she’s not intimidating enough and she’s not fast enough to pull that off. she told her husband who subsequently kicked her out of the house for taking the drugs. what is wrong with me that i still love him? we hadn't been together for very long-only a few months at this point and we managed to get clean on our own together. i am in love with his potential, i want what we used to have, but i love him and feel very afraid to leave. you are so courageous, so much stronger than i suspect you realise you are to have kicked him out until he embraces and welcomes change. my sister has been their main caregiver their whole lives. so it's difficult but i'm tired of funding his addictions & life while he knows that all the expenses i pay makes it so i have certain necessities i do without. i was overwhelmed by a thought: if my mother wanted to die, there is absolutely nothing i can do about it. i hope he gets what he needs and finds his inner being.  i love him dearly, but he loves the drugs & gambling more than anything else. my family does not agree with me staying, which again, makes it very difficult to be happy with my decision to stay. it sounds hard, but it is the right decision, rather than having someone explode and the relationship gets destroyed in front of you.

My friend is dating a drug addict

it is so hard to love someone who doesn't love himself. i most importantly don't know why i continue to have this cycle with him. group of men with long, unruly hair energetically fist-pumped the air and jumped around. i think that you have concluded what anyone else would, it's impossible to be happily married to an addict because they just bring misery and betrayal. not only am i pregnant, he is addicted to heroin, but i am feeling like he has addictions to everything and nothing will ever satisfy him.   it's very hard not to, because often times we become too involved in their issues, trying to help them, but we end up making things worse by enabling them. there is nothing worse than when a loved one goes missing for days and days on a binge. your lives should not be dependent on your boyfriend's behavior. makes me sad, sometimes, that he’s been taking cannabis and ecstasy for so long that he’s given up on wanting to achieve much in his life. he has lost many of his clients, almost lost his house, lost his truck, amongst other things. isn't an addict alive that doesn’t have someone who loves them. if he isn't drinking all the time he's on meth. the last car she totaled wasn't registered and had no insurance because she forgot to get photos done at the insurance company and  never told me about it (i was away for a couple of months for work). it's been about 2 years since she got addicted and 2 months since she went to rehab for the second time. i don't understand this thing with my mother and father that is so come one come all when it comes to family that needs help. is thus common to hurt the one you love the most like this? we will listen to you without judgment anytime you need us to. to me--and this is just my opinion--it sounds like your life is pretty much a living hell because of your husband's behaviors. maybe is will be easier if you split up for a bit, solve your own problems, and if things go right, get back together? is there anyone else who's close to him that could maybe have a talk with him? your family is falling apart and you have no idea where to turn. he hadn’t washed his bed sheets in eight years. 18th, 2014 | by rebecca baille | posted in addiction treatment, alcohol addiction, blog, drug addiction, enabling. she has 2 daughters and i fear for them as well because their father, her husband, is not that involved in their lives. he has been able to find money to get more drugs, however. essential books for those with an addicted loved oneknow that we are here to help and support you any way we can. i just get the same old story that i am the reason for his drug use, it's my fault because i'm busy with the kids or someone else's fault or whatever the reason is that day. you care for somebody its easy to put them first but you also have to remember to look after yourself aswell, and for your own peace of mind sometimes it is better to walk away or at least take a break from a situation. he’d come back from work, light up a joint, and just… forget all of his troubles. i have no idea where he is all i got was a call to say he loves me and kids, he's not good for us and goodbye. my fiancé says i need to remove myself from it and live my own life because of the toll is is taking on me, but it is a lot more easier said than done. a few days ago i learned he is in love again and it is painful all over again. in his drunken state, he can go crazy and begin hitting his wife and children, still my aunt is not willing to leave her husband., during the brief time i lived with this guy, my outlook on life changed pretty drastically.  he bank account is always overdrawn and he's always coming to me for money for cigarettes & pop. losing them to something so pointless, is the extreme polar opposite. work and 2 young children, i do realize this can be difficult to get to a meeting.’m in a unique position to do this for you. truth of the matter is that when we have an injury, we seek a solution. was all part of life’s rich tapestry – and it had taken watching a guy pop e in a club and chain smoke joints to realise that. so many days walking on eggshells to see what his mood will be. he tells me that when we leave he is going to get far worse and probably just die because we're abandoning him. spent my days lying on the floor of his bedsit, applying for 40 jobs a day, attending interviews on the little cash the job centre trickled my way and getting rejected, eating poor quality, cheap food, because it was all i could afford, and wondering if it would ever get better..and i hope that day comes before his children are old enough to form their own opinions about him based on all of this..he had been going after work to a bar drinking with his friend and lying to me telling me was on his way home and stuck in traffic. but my priority is to make sure the kids and i are ok if he doesn't clean himself up. hiding my purse, wrestling for the debit card, cleaning up urine on a chilly winter morning after he came in at dawn, incoherent and thinking that the kitchen was the bathroom~ as aaa dropped his car in the driveway for the fourth time.: there are plenty of ways to let go of your worries without needing to find a drug addict to date. my mother is financially maxed out and would complain to me about it. he is also back with his 2nd ex-wife who makes just as bad if not worse decisions then my cousin. i have always looked up to him as an older brother despite the troubles he has had throughout his life.

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My friend is dating a heroin addict

he is a beautiful soul and i love who he is. love is a powerful thing, and it can oftentimes keep us in relationships we know are bad. school of thought i was tapping into without realising is commonly known as the ‘f*** it’ philosophy, which has a very simple rule of thumb. i don't know how much longer you will be on this earth, as the road you've taken ends badly most of the time and now you are alone, with nobody to pick you up. addiction changes people and it's too easy for that change to bring our world crashing down. november 2015 they bumped him up by his request (didn't know he was going to dr) to 90 pills a month 20 mg. he promised he would change he loved me he has a problem etc.  i think that the time to go is when you find out your live is rotating around your addicted loved one and it's addiction. i tried getting him into treatment several times, tried to initiate an intervention but his mother told him the plan. through many discussions with them i have finally convinced them to stop enabling. am so sorry that all of you had to deal with this situation, as i imagine that it must be unbelievably difficult to go through. me too was also in this situation and i also can't  able to leave that person to whom i love the most, however,i love her the most so i could not do so  as she was my first true love and to leave her was not so easy for me so i am in relation with her.  so i return her call and she goes on to tell me she let one of my brothers deadbeat friend moved in. shes always happier when she is about to get refills. you may be able to get her to break up with this boyfriend, but there will be another boyfriend–and he will be addicted, too. mother had no choice but to walk away from my father and his addiction. every time he is away from the house at odd hours, i always wonder which gambling area he's hanging out again. my aunt moved away from him as soon as she realized that this was destroying her family and her children. in my opinion, if you continue down the road you're on, your wife's addiction is going to destroy everyone. most recently, i have had to let go of the ubiquitous addict boyfriend. i recently gathered the courage to end my relationship with my boyfriend who is addicted to crack. love of my life is an alcoholic who also has a drug problem. don't be afraid to be a little selfish, my friend. with a using addict has been the hardest love i've ever had. put on probation, violated it, went to jail, went to prison to serve out hit sentence. he has met a girl that is still an addict. you’re bringing illegal drugs into your home where your sweet, innocent babies live. they can be so incredibly helpful for loved ones of addicts. he text me on the 25th at night and said he had some problems and had to leave the detox but that he was still sober, that he needed to do this alone and if he is sober in 2 weeks we will resume, and that he would send me a text each day saying he was okay, the 26th i got a text but none yesterday or yet today. it started with running out a few days early each month, to gone with his sixty pills in 15 days. when she is angry, she wishes death to her husband, however, she has never tried to abandon her husband. i believe he got me pregnant on purpose this time to make it more difficult for me to leave. we had the sweeping emotions of promises and things were good for about 6 months. my sister won't even come over anymore because she is afraid of what my wife will do or say. i realised i didn’t need the drugs some had sought so they could let go. that if he wants to be together than continue his forward progression. it truly makes me feel ill that this is happening , again so not like him. Learn how to start taking the focus off an addict and place it on yourself here. i know we have to let her hit bottom before she takes responsibility for her actions but i am the only person she is reaching out to. he doesn't believe he is or see any of his habits to be a problem.! and as a result he gets it filled two weeks earlier than his old script would be available.  it's this constant roller coaster - she's trying (sees a counselor), she says the right things, she prays, but then still uses and still does things that simply hurt. who don’t have drug problems don’t date drug dealers. if i know that he is not high(which really is on the weekend since i am off of work) i get a taste of what life can be like and it hurts me that we can be so wonderful if it was not for this. i think he sicker than most addicts and i am sicker than most alanons. it was our hardest decision my wife and i have ever made, so we turned to this page for some guidance and hope.’ve seen what long-term drug usage can do to people, and i definitely wouldn’t recommend it. i just wish he could choose his family over the drugs. he's been using crack for a little over 5 years now (he had been clean before this for 5 years).  one addiction is bad enough, but with two of them, i feel totally overwhelmed and not sure how much longer i can hold on. so i distanced myself from him, in a move of self preservation.

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'm new to this sight and have read and read and read. unfortunately, my family, in particular my mother cannot say no to letting her stay in the house when she is released from prison and trying to get on her feet. i cleaned out all of his things, all of the paraphernalia. after my aunt left him his behaviors worsened which caused further anxieties towards my aunt and cousin. the second one is just as bad, but you question your sanity. you are a lovable person who is caught in the throes of addiction.  i just don't know if i am ready to walk away or if there is even a good time to walk away. either way, the stress in the relationship is no different from that of a drug addict. i felt i met my person and kept waiting for him to be able to join me in life and stop drinking and be more his authentic self without alcohol or drugs.  i know our girls know something they have not said anything but i know they do, because they do not even ask where daddy is anymore when he goes to get his stuff. i was in love with the addict together with the addiction. that is a great question and it will vary for each person and situation. i find myself so angry at him and i lash out with anger and hate all the time, but it is so crazy because i only act like that when i know he is high..  he hurt his back and he just can’t work.  (i've since got innocent spouse for 1 of the 2 years he did this. i'm having a hard time trying to admit it is not my fault.  there is a way out – and i know what it is. i tried to talk to him but he tries to give excuses and tells me i never listen to him.'m in a relationship with an addict, but not a drug addict - a gambling addict and an alcoholic. sometimes someone who's close, but not too close, can have better luck talking to an addict. my hope is that he will finally get the help he so desperately needs and we can work on our relationship and through all of this to heal our family so we can be together again. the whole story is such a mess that it would take me days to write it all down. i want to run back to him and say i changed my mind which i know is so pathetic of me.'ve actually had a relationship end because of my girlfriend's heroin addiction. used to be on prescription drugs for it but abused them. i did not have a good up bringing in my household and when i finally escaped i meet my husband 2 years later (which i did not know he was an addict) and i felt like i was trapped again by the time i found out i was already pregnant with our first daughter. this seems to be a never ending cycle of sober and then drugs. yes, addiction is tough to break, but i'm not willing to put up with it at this point in my life." this is difficult for people because they don't like seeing their loved ones in pain, or maybe they have been taught to put others before themselves. chances are you've got some things to work through after being with an addict for so many years.. and being able to be honest with yourself and the addict is essential. if he gets in any trouble or gets caught for anything he will have his probation revoked and he will have to serve 10 years. there wasn’t much they could do physically, but they were there, online, to listen, when i needed to talk. i am reading this article and it made me weep because of the similarities. for the last three years she has asked for money that she never pays back, making excuses that she has to go to the hospital because she is sick and this would happen sometimes twice a week. i have been with him for almost a year but started dating him while he was clean. i need you to listen so i can save you. is not the first marriage for either of us (i'm 54 & he is 56 years old) and i've been married to my husband for 6 years.  in reality he spent one of his retirement/pensions in the amount of 0,000. her mother was a dealer who would leave fir months, her father died from hus alcoholism, her brother and sister both have habits. i thought i was being a caring and loving wife by giving him his every need when he can very much provide it for himself. i had faith for so long that my love would stop using and become the man he was before but all i know now is that i need something different .  we can support, but we don't necessarily have to carry an addict. we're all here for each other and that's what i love about this forum. i know that this is the best thing for my daughter and for me. it seems she never learned that abusing drugs was bad, because both her parents were abusers. she knows it – her beautiful life living in the safe haven of your home, your arms – is only something she dreams about when she has a chance to sleep. this was one of the hardest things i've ever done as we would speak everyday. maybe this isn't the right thing to do but it's how i've chosen to try. i'm glad he was able to get his life back. the yelling, lies and extreme mood swings is horrible especially when we have children.

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  do you think there is any hope that someone can overcome two addictions? i guess you have to weigh the situation whether there is still a way to help the person or not. by being a good listener / sounding board / or giving you tools to cope. boyfriend is currently in rehab, with this time being his third relapse.  so as a father of three daughters only 1 oldest is in crisis.  all his paychecks go to either gambling or drugs leaving me doing without except to keep up with both our bills.  she needs the drugs more than she needs him and will do what she can to maintain her high. before i go any further, i should make one thing clear – i’m not saying this because i did drugs with him. i was terrified for myself that i chose this person to love. an addict is something that i never thought i'd have to deal with. he promised to go to rehab, but has not done so because he has no health insurance. i tried to talk about rehab but he says no he has to work and support his kids that live with their mom. your pain is gone and you can go back to work and live a productive life. you are someone that loves an addict you can relate, the sleepless nights, the missed heartbeats when the phone rings, the dread and relief together when your addicted loved one shows up. i feel like i am the only one fighting for his sobriety.'s true, one can lose himself or herself in their loved one's addiction. feel free to use this forum as a source of strength and encouragement and a place to vent. i live far from my cousin and for me it has been helpful to not be in the direct line of his crap. start to do and say things that you are astonished by; even shocked by. his use became out of control and he would stay out all night, not come home on payday etc. he was not only my lover but my best friend. i distanced myself after years of him urinating in bed, throwing up each morning, only to start it all over with wine, beer, or whatever alcohol was left over. giving her tough love is extremely hard right now because i want to be there for her and don't want her to feel abandoned because i am fearful of what her actions may be. i had the honor and privilege to care for him until he took his last breath on earth. i know that it might seem selfish at times, but it's not. have been thinking that a therapist is my next step. from a distance on her recent release i told her about herself..i see where my problem lies and why it is so complicated for me..lolthe reason that i have backed off completely is because she screws with me when we speak. he always looks after his dealers, one of which is a woman that he is in constant contact with and spends time with behind my back. yes, i am in a very tough spot, someone needs to know about him stopping the antidepressants and starting the testosterone injections ( prescribed by a diff doctor besides his addiction psychologist ), in addition to several other meds he's on and is stopping and starting randomly . his dad has been saving him by paying his mortgage, bills and getting him the opiates when the doctors have caught on to him. i don't use anything, i only drink for special occasions, and i don't have friends who use.: there are plenty of ways to let go of your worries without needing to find a drug addict to date. i thought she had legitimate physical issues but when she would binge after getting her scripts, she would be fine even after withdrawl. if i don't i'm going to drown in this myself. it helps me to know when and how to say no, to prioritize my own self care and what that consists of. her boyfriend is a drug dealer she’s probably not only doing drugs but she’s selling drugs.'s great to read all of these shares and see people relate to this struggle. i'm supposed to be this hardened man, and i can't do anything. i can't do this anymore, i feel like if it's not one thing it's just another. i knew he was a recovering heroin addict and had been clean for 1. the first book i talk about is one i can't recommend highly enough. there's no doubt that loving someone with addiction is a major challenge. many wait desperately for that “rock bottom” moment when the addict hits that point and everything goes up from there.  so i kind of look at myself like a “truth healer,” wherein i tell you the truth about the dire situation you or your loved one is in and then get you to place to be healed. i watched his family who live next door, enable his addiction by supplying rides, money, alcohol and prescription drugs. day quite unexpectedly i sat in the cafeteria at work with a trusted friend. he's since put himself through detox and is supposedly working on a rehab center. i have explained to her that she is handicapping him. if you do you will be sorely disappointed every time.

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'm a recovering addict myself and still don't know when it's time to let go. you are dreading the visit because the end result is always the same but you are so relieved that they are ok, even if just for that moment. then a few weeks ago, his sitter told me it was meth. but she ended up losing her job and her family was kinda distancing themselves from her after a time.'m writing a book right now called 'toby', it is loosely based on someone i know. my older sister is completely removed herself and i am the only one left to live the nightmare. note: @katief what is the name of your facebook group? my boyfriend and i have 2 children together and we were both in the peak of our addiction when we found out we were expecting our first child. as long as you make the addict in your life the star of the show you will be oblivious to everything else around you. he is back to his old ways and worse if you ask me. so i guess at this point the ball is in his court.. this goes for everyone from my immediate family to strangers on the street.'m sure you do love him, but you should not have to endure all this either. have decided to separate from my addict husband and move away with our 3 kids. had no indication that any of this was even going on because in spite of his drug addiction he was always affectionate and loving towards me. now that the crisis seems to be over i can take stock, and i feel that i used up five years of my life on drama i didnt invite. i'm the only one who knows the daily in and outs of the drinking and more specifically the drugs,( all prescription, but mixing, matching, starting and stopping, different doctors etc). when dealing with an addicted loved one, anything is possible. i kicked him out until he gets help, until he really truly deep in his soul wants to change.  she will finish using what drugs are left and then she will need money. my husband is addicted to crack and has not been able to sustain more than 2 months of sobriety since february of this year. it is hard to accept the fact that you can be completely in love with a person, but it might be best for you to leave them. we do not deny that he has problems with his back due to the demands of his job but to the extent in which he states we do not believe as he performs tasks she claims he can't at work when he isn't at work. my brother told me he found his friend shooting up in her bathroom.*are you giving him your pain meds because he consistently runs out of his early?'s trending nowmore trending stories »forget chocolate, you can now get an easter egg made entirely from cheese prosecco flavoured nail varnish is coming 24 essential things for me to recover my mental healthwhy there's nothing shameful about using a pre-poo sprayguy turns his housemate's mess into a series of passive-aggressive gallery entriesmore trending stories ». he's not someone you would ever suspect to be an addict. what everyone is telling you and live your life the way you want to.  in order to save you, i have to tell it like it is – and sometimes, that means i have to hurt your feelings. if she does go, how am i going to raise my son alone? i am only 26 and i feel as if i have taken on the burden of his addiction since no one in my family seems to do anything but enable him.  one thing i know for sure, when this disease starts to progress, and it will—–the last thing you are going to be thinking about when you are bailing her out, looking for her on the street or picking out her casket is that drug dealing boyfriend whose name you can’t remember. he has tried na but says "hearing other people talk about drugs makes me want to do them even more. please don't allow yourself to become addicted to your wife's addiction. everyone that i know has been telling me for years that i am better than what he is giving me and i know that, but it is so hard to leave someone you love so much behind. whether or not she was addicted to drugs before or after she hooked up with this “drug dealer boyfriend” is not the issue. if someone else's addiction is preventing that from happening, maybe it's time to take a break. this community really does care and we are journeying together. like you i am happy to not have to deal with all his drama and have come to terms that i may never speak to him again. longest time he has been sober in the last 3 years is  6 months and 3 of those were in jail. living with an addict is one of the most challenging things anybody can go through. that me being pregnant was wonderful but he was tired of putting on a happy face and needed to adjust and was turning to heroin to ease his emotional pain. even if our relationship never works out, i am grateful because of him i have educated myself on addiction and still am learning. i wish you and your daughter continued peace and happiness. it is hard to say no sometimes, but sometimes that is what it takes. i hate pushers for making this stuff available, ruining families just so they could earn money. i don't know how to move on from my addict boyfriend. his parents are 100% supportive of me, whatever i decide to do, they want what's best for the babies also. when he's not using, he is such an amazing man. do you know that he never asked once for his prescribed dose of narcotics? met me outside the station as promised and led me through islington.

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what is wrong with me that i cant stop texting him even saying i wanted to still have sex with him? you are using drugs, you’re not taking care of your children. there is no point in ruining your future for the pitiful sake of another - especially if that others future is looking very dim, with no reformations. an addict is one of the most challenging things a human being can do, because love frequently makes what should be an easy decision that much harder. the list of horrors he has done goes on and on. in the last month i discovered that he had been trying to hook up with and date other women behind my back. he won't forgive her, he doesn't even talk to her when he see's his grandson. i am a parent of an daughter addicted to heroin. there's no doubt that loving someone who struggles with addiction is one of life's ultimate challenges. an addict always uses, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or people.  he says he'll quit, but even when i confront him with evidence he's being totally financially irresponsible, his money still goes to gambling & drugs, telling me that he's ready to stop and will soon. i don't know if anyone can respond to this or message me, i'm at a loss.  it appears that he addictions were not just recreational, and he couldn't just walk away from them, but he hid them well, indulging in both of them while i was at work. i'm so sorry that you're struggling because of your boyfriend's addiction. smart is a 12-step alternative program and i know many people who have had great success with it. i explained my displeasure and said i was going to bed. addicts are actually really good people when they aren't under the influence., let's just say that your boyfriend's behavior is not something they should be around. i've mentioned it many times in comments on this site. moved into her granddaughters room she made up for my girls when they visit. he is not a typical user or what i would stereo type a user..    my daughter doesn’t really have a problem, it’s that loser drug dealing boyfriend she’s with. advice that worked for me was to stop enabling your addictions..and then a few weeks later he began to ask for money for gas and cigarettes because he would claim his job didn't pay him enough or they shorted him on hours. i know this girl is using him simply for rides and money but he won't listen to anyone. each member of your family and society on the whole is walking their own path. he became convinced i was having an affair with a friend of his and still does believe it. i want to know he is safe but i also know he can't be home and using again. they have to know that their life is worthwhile for themselves too. have a female hard drug addict family member who has been in and out of prison most of her life in recent years. we weren't married but i'm on his car insurance & he's on my medical. i feel like i am at a crossroad in my relationship with my boyfriend. what is all of this going to do to the children? i don’t want to get a random pill off a stranger in some dodgy toilets, but i do want to just see what happens if i…just discard the rules. it is a terrible life but yet we stay because we always have the hope that they will someday see the light and that things will change. third, you convince yourself that there is something wrong with you. i'm also afraid that if he is in the picture that i will use again (it's super tempting when i find the evidence in the house) it's been months and months of broken promises, tears and no sleep for this mama and i still can't let go! groups like nar-anon, al-anon, or codependents anonymous all focus on loved ones of addicts getting some very much needed support and focusing on themselves. i want nothing but to please people, which is what makes my decision so difficult. however there is a line that you don't have to cross. she's buried tens of "friends" that have overdosed, we buried my cousin 2 years ago a week prior to christmas. husband of ten years (i have known him for almost thirty) has always had addictive tendencies. so many lies, what i put this family through, trying to keep us together.  how can you steal and pawn your mother's baby pin because it is gold? addicts and alcoholics in my life have made me take off work because they lost their keys. it's emotionally financially mentally and now bc i'm stressed sick over this affecting me. i've told him i don't want decisions made because of me but i will no longer ride the roller coaster. during the 2 years we were together he lied and manipulated to get over ,000 from me for crack, he lived for free with me never paying rent like promised, he denies ever cheating but i saw that he sexted girls, emailed escorts on craigslist, even had a gay hookup profile on a gay sex website which i saw chat history that he met up with men – although he states hes not bi or gay and only smoked crack with them, he stole from my household and children and pawned things for drugs, he smashed my phone when he was in drug induced psychosis, and the most recent hurtful thing he did was he joined pof two days after we broke up…. again, i'm sorry for your pain as you go through this feeling alone and little support from your guy. i knew going into my relationship, before ever contemplating getting married, that there was a risk of relapse (heroin). i would get so frustrated when she would control him while paying his bills etc.

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  the trouble is i know she loves me and i love her, but i don't trust her, her decisions or her addictions. she is a bully and forces herself on family when she no longer has a man to bully and suck his life and money out of him. your advice is on-point and you seem to know what to say..    i know i’m using drugs, but i can’t go to treatment. we are his only family and i can't believe he chose his habit over us. when she calls to tell me she has urgent news after i have set boundaries and given an ultimadum for my brother to go to treatment or kick him out because i am scared for her having drug addicts in and out of her home. now that he left on his own, i am glad he is gone.  you came to the right place and i am fully confident that today is the day you or your loved one to regain control, to kick the addiction and to live the beautiful life that we all deserve to live. since i found out that my ex boyfriend has an addiction to pain killer drugs, i have been extremely depressed. but somewhere along the way it became very clear that not only should we not try to change people for our own sanity, it is not our place to do so. i will pray for the one the has lost his way and rebuild a life without him. only you can decide what is best for you, but please know that self-care is absolutely essential for someone in your position. if there is anyone reading this and has the experience, please help. he disappeared on a crack binge this morning and i know in my heart that i have to leave because he is not going to change. his choice was to leave that and go to a doctor for suboxone. your son is not still suffering from an event that happened years and years ago. over the years, i have had to let go of my mother, my father, my sister, my best friend, my husband, and my daughter. the kids are getting older and are aware that their dad is angry all the time and i can't keep them in this environment any more, i'm ashamed it's taken me this long to be honest. i really hope that perhaps your husband can find his way. i have talked to family, but when i talk to him he just gets angry with me and tells me he feels like i am his probation officer.  like it's ok to take time away from the addict to focus on you and your mental/emotional health. he's lost jobs and nearly got busted with drugs on him. this is personal experience and not a method i’d recommend trying for yourself. only the addict can make the decision to change their life. of the best decisions i ever made was to date a drug addict. i wish i hadn't of allowed myself to go through these things. he had addictions of his own and never took responsibility for his actions. she’s your baby and to think she’s a drug addict hurts. when things got really bad, i cheated, and maybe thats why i keep trying to make this work. since his job is very hard on him physically (construction in which he owns his own business) he started to take pain medication. i love him so much, but i can't live like this anymore. i want to stay and try to rebuild a beautiful relationship again with my boyfriend. first time i realised there is no point in worrying about what you can’t change was when he invited me to an alternative club in islington. i absolutely do not want it to come to that, he is my best friend and i love him to the moon and back; but i refuse to voluntarily allow my kids be around an active addict. took his crack pipe and his motorcycle and told me "i don't want a wife or a daughter anymore" "i don't care if either one of you are dead or alive". i resent her bc she did the same to my dad and she doesn't protect me and my kids from my brothers awful disrespectful behavior. his ex-girlfriend was one of the most beautiful and kind-hearted souls i have ever known and he lost her.  because when your daughter’s illness tells her she needs more drugs and she can’t pay for them she won’t do what a lot of men drug addicts do. i honestly wish i would have listened to my gut and ran away. away is often a sign of giving up but a lot of the time a person will need to walkma way because they know nothing will ever get better if something doesn't change.  but today i have been able to track him to a local drug hotel and i just want to scream at him. but the truth is we cannot help others unless we are in a good place ourselves. i know in my heart i can't be with someone that does hard drugs.  and it’s the fact that you already knew in your heart that this might happen. we are here to assist and support you however we can. is the most brutal truth i have ever have to tell anyone. am going to get tough with my responses because often times that is the only way i can get past the wall of excuses and fear that people have built around themselves. i gave him the ultimatum and i was ready to walk out without issues. is the ugly, nasty, dirty truth about addiction that i need you to see. if your boyfriend doesn't want to change, nothing you say or do will make a difference. finally it "seems" like he is sober, and although i still have my doubts and fears at times, i genuinely (for the most part) believe him.

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Five Signs You're Dating Someone Who's Not Good for You

i want a better life than what drugs offer for my partner. i think i am educated, but i can't figure this out. unfortunately he didn't and doesn't have the skills to take care of his own medication at home and has since relapsed. think the comment i wrote to @jjblue82--which is just above your post--applies to you as well.  my husband has fallen off the wagon again and has stolen things from the home to pawn for his habit. me ask you a few very important questions:*when was the last time he went to see a specialist in order to fix the injury? i'm sorry you're going through this situation with your boyfriend. may want to check out this blog i wrote recently. i just wish there were a way to get through to her, but at this time, i have to let go and i have. but she is never really trying to get on her feet.  your kids know you’re drunk and your kid’s friends know you’re drunk. fact, because he was so detached from reality, he didn’t see the point in everyday chores such as laundry, cleaning his place, and so on.  she will eventually be arrested for possession with intent to distribute. :)sending you peace and hugs, and wishing you the best of everything going forward. i feel horrible for my family in having to deal with his problems. i believe all we can do is lead by example and live our lives according to our own values. what you have to remember is that you are the most important person in your life. it's a book written specifically for partners and loved ones of addicts and teaches many valuable things: how to communicate better with your loved one, how to help motivate them to want to change, how to take good care of yourself, etc. parkin wrote a book on this philosophy, stating that we can find real freedom by realising that things don’t matter that much – if at all. you are there to pick them up but there is nobody to pick you up. stays locked in his shed inventing meaningless pointless youtube projects. it sounds like the current situation is intolerable and dangerous, and that you've stuck it out for quite a while. he has pawned our children's jewelry, his tools, anything he can basically find. the sleepless nights, the fights, the endless discussions, the begging and tears. he has been in and out of jail 4 times (usually short sentences) did house arrest at my house  in jan and had his friend bring him dope while i was at work, quit 2 detoxes after 24 hours or less, left rehabs 2-3 times, crashed 2  cars, got 1 repossessed, lost his job,   promises of recovery,  has cheated with a girl who is about 15 years older than him and that he told me is just a hooker but he stays with her often . he is currently supposed to be in an outpatient rehab/counseling program but has been stalling. partly because i feel bad for ending things because of her addiction. he told me he won't do it again but i know he is an addict and im just at my wits end. it's hard to be strong and push someone you love away when they need you the most, but i know this is the best for me, and probably for him too.@deand well if there's a silver lining to your story, it is that you can help others now.  since we have separate bank accounts i did not question this. however, now that the dust is settling over the drama (years worth of drama) a just feel worn out and quite honestly, miserable., i’d be against going out this late – i’m a big fan of home comforts, and this went against the grain, for me. i can only speak from my own experience, so please take what is useful and leave the rest behind.. i guess i feel like someone should know about the medications and such, cold turkey stopping anti depressants , adding in testosterone shots (prescribed by a diff doctor besides his addiction psychologist ), plus the huge amounts of alcohol he was drinking & even i didn't realize until i saw the emptied trash from his truck the day he moved . obviously, you are the only one who can decide what's best for you, so i hope that you are able to come to a decision you are comfortable with soon. mother and father are drug addicts and i have stopped even visiting as they do not make the effort to come see me. i guess there were a 1000 opportunities to walk away but i was the one person who he would come to except during this. an addict: when it’s time to let gohome » advice and support » advice for family and friends posted january 2015 in advice for family and friendsvote up42vote down. it is a no brainer resenting my brother he makes it easy. i want to understand and want things to be better but he defends his substances over me. just a father who went through years of addiction with my son and educated myself along the way. all if this was hidden from me at the start of the relationship. part of addiction is to push and push and manipulate and destroy those around them that do love them. but yeah, sometimes, it's just the best thing to do, specially if that person you're still fighting for isn't fighting along with you anymore.’m going to save her, i’m going to get her far away from her life of addiction and i’m going to put your family back together. all of these people put me down, called me crazy, insulted me, were totally disloyal, made themselves bigger at my expense, lied to me, talked behind my back, shamed me, and showed a total lack of respect. they have made me late to doctor's appointments so they could stop and get cigarettes and interrupted my doctor's orders to put my high risk pregnancy feet up to go take them their jacket at work. i felt like, as his wife, he was my responsibility. for months i have been trying to find someone who is still married and happily to an addict. unfortunately he thinks everyone is out to get him, so he doesn't ever reach out.

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when i was 3 months pregnant i caught him using and he said it was his first slip up. it will be something little at first – maybe she finds a new drug dealer and offers sexual favors for drugs. but when he's using numerous times a week, that awesome guy gets lost and we get left with this awful person who sleeps all day and yells when he's awake. was good to his family and belonged to a fellowship where he had a sponsor and  sponsees. she hid it well at first because i wasn't even aware she had a problem before we started dating. i blocked his number and have not been in contact with him in 2 day's, really trying my best not to look back." "is tonight the night the police will come to the door? when a man loves his addicted woman, i did not want to look at the abuse, including no longer spiritual bonding love making, not interested and dry vagina from the drugs, alcohol and resulting lack of interest, which spelled the end. i pray that you'll be able to make the decision that works best for you. since then life has been a hellish roller coaster with more downs than ups.*why exactly is he running out of the prescription early? have to take care of yourself and your kids, my friend. is this how i am going to live the rest of my life?  the lies you’ve been telling yourself, your family and your friends. he had a profile on a dating website that was active and was also looking on craigslist and responding to ads for blow jobs.  here are my questions:  we always talk about the addict hitting rock bottom, when do we as those who love the addict hit rock bottom? i've begged and pleaded with her to stop using any drugs. his girlfriend left him and now they are in a huge custody battle. if somebody had told me it was going to be this difficult i wonder if i would have walked away at the beginning.'m new to this site and to the drug addiction recovery process. i hear people say it's a disease and they can't help it but how can he stay clean for years at a time then fall off if he can't help it? my husband comes and goes as he pleases from our home to his parents where he is "living". from my experience, i will never date a using addict again. i have had family who have dealt with a similar situation to this.  my boyfriend lied to me about using, so it came as a complete shock when i found out 2 days ago. parole officer only drug tests him about every three months. my current boyfriend has had a 12 year battle with heroine addiction. we have two daughters 9 and 11 yrs old, and it scares me that they one day will fall in love with an addict and be so heartbroken as i have been these 12 yrs. i wish his no good dad, who has longed for a relationship of any kind with him, would stop enabling him so he can see the light and get help. and for 12 years some knucklehead with a prescription pad has been giving him pain pills for his back. the good news it i promise to get her far, far away from him.  before we were married, he had a successful job & the money to throw away on his addictions & still live comfortably. and you’re calling me – so you know this already. he got out and got his freedom back and it has been relapse after relapse.: healthinternational happiness day 2017: 10 steps to bettering your mental healththis hairstylist transformed a woman with depression so she could feel like herself againi'm still scared of how coming clean about my mental health will affect my career. and since we are married i have also had to pay for his medical expenses when he had a heart attack & stroke.  it kills me to tell you this – but like i said, i’m not afraid to hurt your feelings to save your child. have been with my heroin addict husband for 12 years, i know that we are soul mates even through all the hardships we love each other and cry to each other about how his addiction has impacted our lives. i don't know why but i can't cut him off completely because i want him to come round and see his boys. many times have you given them money you really couldn't afford, given them rides, lied for them, and brought yourself literally to the brink of insanity for the addict that you love? you didn't cause her issue, you can't control it, and you can't cure it. it sounds like you have been through the wringer with your husband and his addictions.  the last thing i want to hear is that she is running a halfway house for druggies deadbeat dads or that my aunt got a new car. his doctor didn't get the whole story and put him now on adderall extended release twice a day. we know it's challenging to leave and not feel bad over the decision. his parents went through a pretty nasty divorce and sadly he struggled with their separation. but i'm not sure if it was in this forum or another forum.-anon and nar-anon teach us that we didn't cause our loved one's addiction, we can't control it, and we can't cure it. then says he went to the doctor and told him about his addiction and that he's been abusing them. this meant dropping what ever you were doing, and for an extended period, driving 700 miles return - just to watch her drink. the problem is that in the meantime you are being torn apart and every fiber of your being is being shredded.

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i have watched his situation deteriorate in the last two years as he found the new love of his life, crack cocaine. i was completely caught off guard, just as his family was. as i read through these posts i can't help but to be reminded of how important it is to take care of ourselves first and foremost while we are trying to support our loved ones who struggle. he is upset that i am choosing to move away and not stay closer but i just know that if i stay close to him i will let him right back into the home as soon as he shows any improvement, because i love him and want to be with him, and we'll end up right back here. i did not know of his addiction until after he proposed, and even then i was very naive about the whole thing. this was my experience as well as other addicts i've encountered. this whole process is just exhausting, and i have a feeling this is just the beginning of more heartache. i do not want them to think this is ok, because it is not. the first few years were coming to the realization my partner is an addict, the next year was me gathering information and then confronting him, then it was another roller-coaster ride where we broke up and got back together, and broke up again. there is no rock bottom, she lost her first husband to suicide because of her, a business, her only son wanted nothing to do with her. name is rebecca and i work here in the admissions center at addiction campuses. maybe his addiction makes him a great teacher because my son can learn a thing or two on what not to do. beware of investing your dear heart in a using addict. he says he loves me and misses me but has to figure things out, that i should look at my life without him in it. he started to get his act together when he met his recent girlfriend. loving an addict is the hardest thing because you cannot just turn off your love for them. i'm truly devastated , this is one thing he always said he'd never do. as horrible as addiction can be it's comforting to know there are others out there who have been through it, on both sides of the fence. and he knows she can’t stop doing drugs so he will take full advantage of that. if only everyone i encountered in this world could be as loving as all of you.  i have recently quit giving him money for his "necessities" (pop, cigs & gas) & he goes haywire when he's out. he isn't being himself at all, we always said anything that came up good or bad we'd work through , see someone if we need to ( counselor etc), discussed growing old together , as recently as the week he left were talking about taking a trip this fall ( keeping in mind this just happened a week ago yesterday ) one day he wants to meet up over the weekend, then several hours later i get this long message saying i should start thinking of my life without him in it. i do not want to leave this world when it is my time and be so heartbroken that i have not lived! addict husband walked out on us two days ago in the early morning hours. if the answer is surgery, then, by all means, find a surgeon and fix that herniated disk or whatever it is. don’t think for a second that they will rescue you from this insanity because they won’t. i feel like she made the smart move because when he realized that everything was falling apart, he decided to sober up and in return, he got his family and life back.  this leaves her to run the drug game while he’s gone. i had never been around addicts of any kind, and sure didn't know what i was getting myself into by marrying one. i hope and pray that he will choose to one day be totally done with drugs so he can enjoy his life with his family again. it's called beyond addiction: how science and kindness help people change., as i watched this guy go into the toilets, pop an e and float back out to lose himself in the music, a blissful smile on his face, i’d started thinking: ‘i want that feeling. you are still trying to manage this disease, and you’re not present.  sleep is the only time her old life comes to her and it hurts. is it time to let it go and move on? i hid all valuables in different still to this day. is of the essence - we work quickly and efficiently to get you on the road to recovery. i talk about it a little more in this blog i wrote last year:6 essential books for those with an addicted loved onethe bottom line is that you are the most important person in your life. deep down, i know leaving is the right thing to do but i just wish i didn't have this awful feeling.  he did well for quite awhile covering up or downplaying his two addictions, gambling & meth. a 'soul-mate', best friend and lover all rolled into one is the best feeling. take care of you guys first and do not allow yourself to become addicted to your husband's addiction. go is extremely hard but you have to do it to save yourself and the rest of your family.'s really difficult to let go of someone you deeply love even if he/she is an addict.  i’ve been doing this for years for many, many individuals and families. he was so convincing and manipulative that even his family was fooled. the baby is now almost 4 months old and my husband has missed so much already. she has put us in such financial debt that i am seriously thinking that bankruptcy might be my only option to get assistance.  i have a girlfriend who has a history of trauma which led to mental health issues (or maybe vice versa) which, in turn, led to drug addiction along with a host of other issues. few months later, i moved on, and found a place of my own, but i’ll never forget the time in my life where i learned how to chill out – from a drug addict. it is then time for you to do the most difficult thing you have ever done, put yourself first.

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