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the producers of the acclaimed documentary film, catfish, comes the mtv series where young couples take their online romances into the real world.: this man believed that he was dating katy perry for six years – he wasn’t. man thought he was dating katy perry (picture: twitter/spencemorrill/rex).

New mtv show about online dating

had been talking to megan online and via text (picture: netflix). took a break from the show for several episodes during the fourth season to make his feature film debut, we are your friends, starring zac efron. latest season of catfish: the tv show premieres in the uk on wednesday 8 march on mtv, with fans excited to see what nev and max have in store for them next.

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also explores how someone can become attached to a person emotionally, despite having never met them anywhere but online. with his film-maker buddy max joseph, and a crew from mtv, he began travelling across the us, meeting people who had been talking to someone online, suspected they were fake and wanted to find out the truth. Often by connecting online with others they've never met in person before.

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New online dating show on mtv

of the stories will be familiar to us, or someone we know, if we have used online dating sites before. the producers of the acclaimed documentary film, Catfish, comes the MTV series where young couples take their online romances into the real world. the catfish crew are on the scene, an investigation into the mysterious online persona is carried out – nev and max will look into what they could be hiding, then arrange a first-time meeting for the two involved and document how both sides react to seeing each other in real life.

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often by connecting online with others they've never met in. became friends on facebook, and nev was soon friends with the whole family – the mother, angela, the father, vince, and abby’s older half-sister, megan, who he began an online relationship with. to apps like tinder, online dating has basically morphed into mobile dating nowadays.

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has spent the last 8 years planning a life with his online love neveah. the success of the catfish film, he became the host and executive producer of catfish: the tv show. some meetups host speed-dating events and singles mixers so you can find someone who's looking for the same thing you are.

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mtv and all related titles and logos are trademarks of viacom international inc. isn't technically a dating site, but it's a great way to put yourself out there to meet new people whatever your intentions are. ‘catfish’ is someone who maintains fake social profiles online, using a false name, photos, and information to create a false persona.

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: the tv show series 6 sneak peek: nev and max read shawny's flirty texts with her mystery bae.)more: mtv european music awards will be held in london for the first time in 21 years. schulman discovers the darker side of internet dating in catfish (picture: mtv).

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and max, the two presenters, will go to meet someone who is emotionally involved with someone they fell in love with online – but have never met in person. could be creepy depending on where you live, since it's a dating app based completely on location. if they aren’t, they show provides an important look at the world of ‘catfishing’, and reminds us to be careful about who we get involved with online.

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: a sexy grandma wants to meet her really young online lover.: the tv show reveals how convincingly a person can lie about who they are on the internet, sometimes stringing someone along for years. joseph and yaniv schulman play facebook detectives in catfish (picture: mtv).

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hinge works exactly the same way, except it's for dating instead of job-hunting. it shows you people who you cross paths with on a daily basis -- people who go to the same gym as you, people who have a similar commute. check out the trailer below to see for yourself:Watch the hair-raising pilot episode here and tune in this monday at 10/9c on mtv to find out what happens next.

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