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yet, ultimately, she concludes that the “exhilarating new freedoms” enabled by the invention of dating (and all the innovations and political breakthroughs that came later) have been worth the exertion, and that “there is no better life than a life spent laboring at love.

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down with a glass of wine in her brooklyn neighborhood to discuss her forthcoming history, labor of love: the invention of dating, moira weigel refers to the title by the text-y shorthand “lol.

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is also weigel’s collaborator on a related project, a dating-themed film series that opened on may 4 at the brooklyn academy of music.

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“for the first time in human history, dating made it necessary to buy things in order to get face time with a prospective partner.

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explains that gay history has intersected with — and helped shape — contemporary straight dating, but focuses mainly on straight women.

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the monday phone message —“pick you up at seven on thursday for dinner”— has given way to last-minute hook-ups at awkward, unromantic hours, accommodating our ever-wired extended workdays.

New york times article on dating

, not only does dating hug the contours of the insecure freelance economy, weigel notes: dating is a job, of sorts, demanding “all the things that glossy magazines suggest a straight woman must do to be baseline datable.

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“if marriage is the long-term contract that many daters still hope to land,” weigel writes in her introduction, “dating itself often feels like the worst, most precarious form of contemporary labor: an unpaid internship”— and a heavily gendered one at that, in which women’s own desire and goals too often get lost in the effort to please, and to keep up with the exhausting pace.

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“why does it surprise anyone that many of us also opt for more flexible, ad hoc relationships, or use mobile apps that work like uber for dating?

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 now, she says, she worries that some high-achieving women are “encouraged to feel competitive with, and even mistrustful of, other women,” and to “diminish or dismiss any subject, such as dating, that seems ‘girly’ or ‘female.

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dating has adapted to technology and the gig economy, she discovered, old courtship norms and time frames have dissolved.

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