Older woman dating a much younger man

Older man dating much younger woman

i think it has lasted as long because we have had no expectations or put any demands on each other. does this mean i don’t love her enough or is it normal to fantasize about younger girls? blood cousin who is 41 is dating my 23 year old step brother. am a young black man age 27 good looking,loving,caring and respectful and love to be social some time. get really happy to find out so many older women are dating younger men because it lessens my competition. dating a girl that is 15 years my senior, i love her completely and the thought of loosing here kill’s me inside, we recently took a break/time-out as we have been together two years and our relationship is at a point where we need to make a commitment or we need to end it. not only is she at her most confident, but this woman has got it together." in all 200 cases, winter says it was the man who initiated the contact. this is a warning for younger guys with older women…. you’re a 65 year old woman who’s going to be 70 in 5 years. i prefer to stay with my young guy that makes me happy instead of dating a 40year old that will treat me like i’m desperate. you’re an older woman dating a younger man, is it doomed from the start or will you be happily ever after? like it or not, by getting involved with an older woman, you are putting yourself in a situation where the moral majority — people like your parents and boss — will frown upon you.’m 49 and recently met a very good looking man who is very happy and succesful in his career and, seemingly, very keen on me (he is very complimentary). i’m pretty sure we are headed towards the bedroom but, even if we never get there, i highly recommend dating a younger man. woman, who is married to a man 14 years younger, said the only time she feels threatened by her age is when she looks in the mirror. having a familly has its ups and downs but through our solidarity,friendship and love we managed to turn negatives into positives and succeed in live and careers…. am also dating a guy that’s 5 years younger than me (31and he’s 26). i think older women, younger man relationships will continue to grow, but i really believe it’s about finding the right one who listen to you, don’t judge you for your past, want to grow with you,and have the finer things in life,the best time,without a woman or man(younger)as myself having to wonder,but the love respect and loyalty,admiration is just there, from first connect, whether online or off. good luck to all but trust me it took a not for me to consider dating him. we have been dating and living together for a couple of months. other potential issues that can arise if an older woman is dating a younger man:There’s a chance you’ll experience some insecurities or anxiety about whether a younger guy will stray, but that can only happen if you haven’t mastered your own self-confidence that a guy is with you for the right reason." winter says they did not find one younger man who did this, at least for a specific woman and because she was younger. think the key of everything is communication and how mature the man is. i think it really for me has to be as in a necessity premise on not materialistic,but i love the fact when i am with a older woman? knowing him prior to our first romantic experience and then to see him freak out was a surprise and i thought he reacted badly. a 40 year old man who wants children should be dating a younger woman. my relationship now is wonderful, he is 20 years younger and we are as happy can be. and those guys had a nice careers & mostly they are quite good looking guys, stable financially even one of them ( handsome & wealthy businessman) he had everything that women looking for except for me he just an ordinary guy (consider well established men- they just need women to become wives) but none of them be able to convince or make me falling in love with them. he’s actually told me that i’m perfect except for my age “if you were a little younger, i’d marry you” i’m 8 years older than him, it’s not like i’m old enough to be his mother! i don’t want long term — i have a fabulous life and don’t want the “responsibility” of an older man or the possibility of being a caretaker. he said he was older and i said i was younger. i’ve been single for over 3 years, since the ‘love of my life’ left me and it has taken me until this time to even think of the possibility of dating again.

Older man dating a younger woman

he’s 45 and can still be with a much younger woman. so, i decided… read more…podcast: understanding the communication gap between men and womani love, love, love my guest on today’s dating den! why would i date a 60 year old man who is insecure, resentful, wants to settle down and needs viagra? i think it might be easier for us to relate to people who are older or younger because we treat them differently. women dating younger men: doomed from the start or happily ever after in cougarville? i told her after the second month that i loved her and her response was i care for you very much. everything started because he wanted to try an older woman since he was only with his first girlfriend who is 4 years younger then him. and whatever thinge these other women are talking about don’t apply to me ’cause i got the right man! every young man i have been with was the oldest and alpha. carol allen is an inspirational badass, a vedic astrologer and… read more…podcast: why goal oriented women fail when it comes to datinglet me ask you an important question… it may actually be the important question. is well educated, highly experienced and skillful in her profession like of senior management cadre and i am like a junior level person in the organization. if you’re confident that he loves you for a host of reasons beyond your looks and the ego boost he gets from “landing” you as his woman, then it’s imperative you trust him and the relationship you’re building (which is true in any relationship, regardless of age). what’s up with all the angry younger men who feel the need to diss older women dating younger men! one-third of women between ages 40 and 69 are dating younger men (defined as 10 or more years younger). i am currently living with a gorgeous man who is 15 yrs younger than me. i did not know if anything would happen but it has each time we have been together – he must be attracted to me – i think he always has been but again he stayed true to his unhappy marriage – i respect him for that plus i would never get involved with a married man no matter how unhappy he is. but i he explain to me he lie because he was afraid i wouldnt talk to him he stated to me that he likes dating older women that he had alway dated older women . we are on the same level once you stop seeing yourself as an old wise woman and can see past the age barrier. …… to me, women live longer than men and are also much healthier and it just makes sense for the woman to be older instead of the other way around. i wanna to let him go but is so hard because i miss him so much. never never everr date an older woman is jut not right and belive me you wont be happy, just find yourselfa gal your own age and have a family. we both love sex so much and he is fantastic, i will enjoy him as long as possible! i constantly wonder when they will go back to younger girls. how her husband(who made 500k a year) of 20 years cheated on her many times, her daughter has severe mental illness and other things. i thank the host for providing proffessional advice on dating younger man. their part, younger men often find older women more interesting, experimental, fun to talk to, financially settled, and more adept sexually. i feel it is not the age that counts it is the individual that counts, you can find immaturity at any age, and some younger men got it going on where as their older counter-partners don’t., and author of the unofficial guide to dating again, tells webmd.“when you’re with a younger person, you have to think, ‘what’s going to happen in five years? never dated a younger man and appreciate your professional opinion. even though their older woman-younger man relationship may be among the world's most visible, it's not that unusual anymore. are more likely to come back on the dating market because of divorce and a longer expected life span. i was unhappily married to a man my same age for 12 years.

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Older woman dating a much younger man

he and the older woman went to the court house and married 90 days later. after the fact, my friend learned that the much younger guy was cheating on her because their sex drives were different and she was like a mom.! the fact is that so many men in my age group are developing erectile problems and its the cause of much problems in a marriage. for now i will put that aside but if i meet a younger women who can have kids then i might have to move on from my sexy cougar.’ve just started a thing with a guy much, much younger than me. i have met a lovely young man who will be turning 36 later in the year. there are plenty of younger and older men out there who have all of the qualities you’re looking for, you just have to be open!. i love my time with him so much more than any other guy i’ve been with. annoyed when an older woman dates a younger man and says he’s so different and everything works out great!) and it’s affecting your relationship because you’re constantly asking your man to validate your youth, it will be hard to pull off. i remember my conversation with my girlfriends when we were in high school that we do not like younger man because we thought they are childish or perhaps don’t know how to take care for themselves then how they gonna take care for their loved one. we work together in the same job and am also one of his manager, i know it was wrong but we did fell in love. i would not swap him for anyone else, i just wish i could have met him when i was a little younger. this guy is my first younger man relationship and i have made a tremendous amount of thinking before plunging in this relationship. i found my wife on a dating website 8 years ago when i was 28 and she was 40. this could be that often times older women dating younger men have already been married and decide to skip tying the knot again, so ask yourself what you’re looking for. you very much for your insightful article…and the comments from other people are quite informative. i feel like settling down and maybe having one kid but i am not sure this man is the long haul type even though we have lots in common and share a lot of similar life experiences growing up and feels deep connections with each other. the men in my age group or older generally don’t care if a woman is happy in the relationship and don’t even care if they have an organim., that’s changing as more older-woman and younger-man couplings make headlines. most men who are confident in themselves would go for any woman they love regardless of age. i feel horrible because i made a marriage covenant with her, but all i think about is being with someone my age or slightly younger..As a divorced woman of 3teen children it’s hard to find someone you connect with and find attractive and chemistry…. and any woman who thinks she can really attract a younger man is delusional because as soon as that estrogen stops pumping she’s got nothing to offer him. age was not a factor in our divorce due to a health issue when i was 31, he was aware i was unable to have children which happens to many women during their child bearing years for one reason or another. but let me tell u ladies out there dating a younger guy is gd you feel young as well. i’m a guy aged 25 and i’m dating a 36 year old lady. an older woman will always want to appear superior even when they actually know that they are not. u want a man i m here for i looking for a woman call me +260979356674 or sms me thru whatsap it ll be very easy to chat send photos meny more.’m inlove with a man 10years younger than me, the first time we meat we were so happy, we could spend time together just the two of us but now things are just falling apart. the older woman has a daughter 50 yrs old and a granddaughter 30 yrs old. dating my cougar there are 3 things she loves to do to me. but i learned that whoever has money has to be careful about getting taken advantage of – man or woman- and there are jerks at every age.

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Age-gap: The reality of an older woman dating a younger man

am a 32 years old guy and ive been so much close to this beautiful, smart and kind 47 years old lady… we does a lot of things together, we have travelled together to many places, from city to city and now most of her relatives know me. a 49 yr old, i find myself attracted to younger men because i have more energy than men my age, or those slightly older. year difference here, with a 10 year relationship with my younger husband. woman has been married 5 times and most of them seem to be, at least partially,career decisions. actor hugh jackman has been married to deborra-lee furness for 17 years. our year anniversary is coming this month, and we are still so much in love, it’s like it is still brand new. older woman does pose an alluring challenge for a younger man. must be ready and willing to accept this reality if you are going to get romantically linked with an older woman. so much love,time and history to just throw away,yet at the same time how can i be selfish and hold him back from that.'s not what you think -- the stamina or "re-boot" ability of the younger male. eight year old woman here with a 29 year old husband. i just wish my children would respect the fact that i am a grown woman and allowed to make my own choices. and a mature partner in life unlike games drama that younger type drama filled chicks bring. have had a successful relationship with a man 7 years younger. younger chicks can’t compare to older women at all. a month for child support and the older woman wanted to retire, but she has chosen to continue to work to help with the bills. we are on the same level once you stop seeing yourself as an old wise woman and can see past the age barrier. hey if older men can date younger women why not us? there is no rule that women cannot do the same and it makes so much more sense for a woman to be older. i have promised myself not to date any one younger than i am………. have not personally been attracted/nor dated younger or my age since well honestly? a 42 woman single with 2 children’s one almos 8 years the other one same age 24 as the same guy i was seeing for almost 2 years. am so much in love with older women, not for money but i find them sexy. "robbing the cradle" jokes, almost one-third of women between ages 40 and 69 are dating younger men (defined as 10 or more years younger). i’m looking for an older woman that wants my energy i’m handsome hard working great manners why shouldn’t a woman want me i’m a helpless romantic who can’t trust females my age i’d like to try someone who is more mature but still has the want to have fun. but, this relationship remains slightly taboo, unlike the other way around, where the man is much older than the woman, which is perfectly acceptable. i am softer, kinder and happier than i have ever been before letting my younger man take the lead. she regards high of me and has praised me couple of times but strictly for professional reasons since we never communicated so much on personal level as such as i also find it necessary to maintain decorum in the office. wish i could fine a mature confident woman to be with, i find them extremely attractive and i have more in common with a mature woman then someone my age. the past 2 and a half years i have been dating a guy 14 years my junior. you’re an older woman dating a younger man, is it doomed from the start or will you be happily ever after? and that’s the sticking pont, his age – he’s 18 years younger than i am, and looks young for his age too. you’re an older woman getting back in the dating game, it can be daunting to decide if someone is the right age for you.

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here to learn how to become perpetually irresistible – and attract and keep a high-quality man! there have been hard times of course, but we always turned back toward each other with much affection. i hate generalizations that older women are better, younger men are better, etc.” along that same logic, a younger man might worry that is not “mature enough. is well educated, highly experienced and skillful in her profession like of senior management cadre and i am like a junior level person in the organization. i love him to death but he is from an old fashioned family, they instilled this notion that a man must marry an younger woman to keep him young. and success story ashton kutcher is the man that every man wants to be, and that every woman wants to be with. pop star shakira is involved with a man 10 years her junior. culturally, the older woman/younger man dynamic is perceived as an oddity, or a fluke. been divorced 2 years, took me first year to accept i could actually date much younger, though i’m considered attractive, i am extremely insecure w long term. i think a woman has to have a very strong self confidence to date a handsome younger man. i have two adult kids with another man and one other long term relationship that didn’t work out. some younger men feel like they can learn from her and that she has enough life experience for both of them. have you seen the statue of atlas in front of rockefeller center, manhattan? my names daniel i’m 25yrs old my girlfriend is 42 we have been dating for just over 6 months and i’m not quiet sure i’m the man she wants to be with she tells me i’m a fantastic lover but yet she doesn’t wanna have sex but maybe once a week i’ve tried talking to her about it and she tells me she’s too tired i don’t want this to be the straw that breaks the camels back but i don’t know what to do.. my ex and i were married for almost 20 years and together for most of 28 years he was 10 years younger … met him when he was 27 married him when he was 36 and i was 46. am 27 years old and have now been dating a 41 year old lady. as it is there is no way he can financially take care of our needs even with my financial resources its tight to take care of my needs plus many of his. ten justified reasons why you should not marry an older woman | toptenstuffs june 4, 2014. am 46 year old, am dating 36 year old man, he very mature and very caring we’ve just been dating for about three months but he is talking of marrying me and already planning for the future together, he’s very serious with me., some years ago i met a guy who was is 30+ years younger than me, he was the most amazing man i ever met and guess what…now we are happily married, we share everything together, we are living a perfect reationship. i am divorced and that really hurted me and closed me up to many things. badly want to date her and want to befriend her but i am so much confused if i should approach her or not. we have a laugh together and enjoy each other’s company very much and we miss each other when i am not there. have never found a man my age has anything in common with me i have dated men 5 or 6 yrs older and their generally male chauvinist and control feels. the problem is i get the idea she’s living too much for her “future” to the extent that she neglects to live for “now”. i have been lied to and w their tons of attempts to be used as the other woman, i have lost all faith in there being the one for me. mentioned in your article, the older woman is emotionally secure and has a good bearing on who she is. older women tend to exude a more “together” vibe, seeming to be more in tune with her needs (physical or otherwise), which makes her very attractive to younger men. also got a woman who was 30 year older than me and i really enjoyed beeing with her so much and now im looking for another one it doesn’t matter how olde that she is because women are like wine as much as women get old as interesting as they get, like wine i said.? cougars are older woman who look for young men for sex. i know 3 older women now im griends with but i know a lady that im interested on who is a year younger these other women are divorced but tjey are great freinds any advice on what i should do? i love him never loved any man like i love him!

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Older Women Dating Younger Men: Doomed from the Start or

you’re a woman who has insecurity about aging (okay, who doesn’t? and i will marry an older woman, because for me that is what i love. i have just started dating a younger guy he is 28 and iam 36. an older woman may be fully self-sufficient, but she would do well to understand how her man is hard-wired. women dating younger men: doomed from the start or happily ever after in cougarville? i am a 53 year woman interested in a 38 year old man i have known for over 6 years. however, i have dated younger men and they usually are more honest about their feelings, more innocent in their love, and sex is great.’m 31 and am in good shape, and i have a younger face than he does! we’ve been dating for almost 3 years now but recently i see myself attracted to younger girls of my age and she knows this. she regards high of me and has praised me couple of times but strictly for professional reasons since we never communicated so much on personal level as such as i also find it necessary to maintain decorum in the office. this made mae and i getting together so much easier and my wife never dreamed that i would take a lover 38 years older when i had a wife 8 years younger!. 19 years younger to me and we love each other at the moment, but i have a doubt whether this would continue or not because of the age gab. have so much in common and we even know what the other one is thinking (sounds wierd right). lied about my age and so did he he said he was older and i said i was younger. am looking for a woman age 20 to 45 for marriage,i really need my wife before the end of this year and i know i will get her. i would date someone in their low 40s, but not someone who is more than 10 yrs younger. would have much rather have her tell me that shes interested in others than for me to find out on my own. is funny to hear that with an older man you have more chances of a good long-term relationship. ever do that mistake and as far as dating is concerned its good otherwise guys you will ruin your life never marry an older woman. use to give my older sister grief about her younger boyfriend. there’s no comments in here about an 80 year old woman who’s been with her 60 year old man since he was 30. i never met anyone with so much complexity in his character. my one concern is that much younger women always come on to him! i wanted to kiss and hug him but i feel frightened of scaring him if i start touching him too much let alone trying to kiss him., i have not experienced a younger man yet but i agree with you, it depends on the individuals involved in the relationship. i have never known or loved any man the way i love him, frankly because he truly loves me. listening to your stories it’s very positive to hear that so many of you are making it work. of course there are all forms of human depravity but realistically any man in his 20s or 30s going out with a 50 year old is a loser looking for his mommy. i fear that we may rush to a commitment and having children and then later on he realises it was a rushed decision yet he so much wishes to settle down right at this moment. and what about age as it relates to older women involved with younger men? i love her n want to be with her for right reasons but i doubt if shell understand it coz as much as shes morden she might also value people opinions and views coz im now even closer to her family at large n her sister is too forwad, i’ve seen some signs that shows that she is interested for sex with me… i dont know what to do… is like we both always makes excuses to meet each other… please help. am in a three year relationship so far with a 36 year old man and i am 48. why would a 38 year old man marry a 68 year old woman?

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december-may is always going to be looked at in a different light than may-december; so unless you can ignore others’ opinions about your relationship with a younger man, you’ll be out of luck. she has also become incredibly jealous, to the point where i cannot talk to a woman in her presence and went i am not with her, i must be seeing someone. am always aware that in our culture, men are able to date much younger with little blowback while women are looked at as some misdirected cradle robber ……. responses to older women dating younger men: doomed from the start or happily ever after in cougarville? after so many years and many many admirers, i have never felt the wish to let myself get into a romantic relationship unless he is the one. we still till this day act like we just started dating. what’s more, many of my clients consider themselves proud cougars! my wife would she mae at the store once in a while and one time my wife came home and said she gave mae my cell number in case she needed help since mae’s husband left her for a younger woman! i just met a really wonderful man who is 13 years younger than me. though men have been enjoying may-december romances forever, women haven’t been afforded the same freedom necessarily. i have found my best relationships are with men 5 to 10 yrs younger does this make me a freak. i am now dating just for fun and incredible physical attraction a 38 year old man. alison , my name is faye and i’m dating someone with a big age gap too wev been together for a yr and a half . it’s very possible that an older woman dating a younger man can have a lasting relationship and live happily ever after in cougarville! am dating a man 11 years younger and he is about to graduate with his bachelor’s. he’s pretty much an alcoholic and diagnosed as schizoaffective, but on the other hand, he’s really cute, and he can only tell the truth, has an interesting spin on everything, and seems to be crazy about me. she has been in several relationships with men up to 20 years younger than herself. key to making older women/younger man relationships work, elliott says, is to match what she calls voltages.[…] sin embargo, puede ser sólo una intención o deseo pasajeros, según el sitio especializado en citas dating with […]. sad to loose my soul mate and now i cant speak to my own family or friends about it as they openly say that wouldn’t like their own sons dating an older woman. is unfortunate to find out the same night of an anniversary that she had been txting another man (possibly older) for attention. "all they can do to get a woman is dangle their porsche keys. she was quite fit( a petite lady-and i’m only 5’6), intelligent(she told me she is gifted), lived in beautiful home, and liked me very much.. not enough for retirement, health care bills, or kids drain you, you lose your job and nobody wants to hire an older person) the older you get, no matter how young you might feel or how much you might work out. men marry women much much younger all the time and no one blinks an eye. its got ups n downs but i am dating a 25 n am enyoing very much he looks around 30 in the other hand i loook in my late 20s but iam 42 we bing dating 3 amaizing months we r talking about marriege but i am concern 5 to 10 year from now! this is not to say that you will be asked to deal with these issues per se; rather, you must realize that an older woman generally has more to worry about than that bushy-tailed co-ed at your dorm.)i know you ladies have a love-hate relationship with online dating. i’m heartbroken and refuse to date guys considerably younger than myself ever again. i was just curious on what people had to say on dating younger men. we always end up going back with each other since we love each other so much. so much so, i often share… read more…podcast: a proven strategy for how to find a boyfriend in less than 7 dates (this is for real! he also has a reputation of being a ladies man and sending pics of his junk to all the pretty ladies on fb.

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so younger is all relative in terms of where each person is. in my mind, it won’t go anywhere as i see all kinds of insecurities looming for me as i get older and am still much older than he is. » dating advice blog » the dating with dignity point of view » older women dating younger men: doomed from the start or happily ever after in cougarville? have the feeling that she was ashamed about what she wanted in our relationship and the fact that it was with someone 17 years younger didnt help.’m dating a handsome ,smart and kind loving man 15 years younger than me. he cares for me a real gentleman i get shocked and surprised. women’s jobs aren’t important as long as the man is happy. this stuff is cool when the guy is 20 or 30, but when the woman starts looking like a granny, and the man gets more handsome and successful and could have anyone he wants, it’s tough to stay if there’s not a solid emotional connection. i am miserable and i want out of this marriage but i know this man loves the dirt i walk on and i know he would be devastated. a younger man who is 40, or 41 or 42, is at a different place than someone 30, 31 or 32. at first i was bothered by the age difference, but not so much now. dash, 45 (we know, we're just as shocked as you are), is making a compelling case for dating older women. this works very well with older women/younger men relationships. bottom of line love ur man they do not come everyday . am a widow with 2 little girls, 8 and 9, and am having a relationship with a man 11 years younger than me that i’ve been friends with for over 3 years. we never feel any age issues although i have a very young outlook so mix with his friends and party like i used to (but need much more recovery time plus have my own kids to look after). (moreover, he lives in my building so there’s the potential for much awkwardness in the future. this guy cried, suffer, and tried so hard not to stay away from me, we broke up so many times because of he’s jealousy and insecurity. am 42 and have never dated a man younger than me, until recently. just started dating a guy who is 15 years younger than me. those were the ages of ashton kutcher and demi moore when the couple tied the knot last year, making their highly publicized may-december romance official..at my age to move on again is scary but i guess if you risk dating such a younger man there could end up being risks if you can’t have kids again. am a 20 year old guy, and haven’t dated a female older than i am before, have been in over 6 different relationship with younger females, they all end up lying, playing games and breaking my heart. winter is co-author, with felicia brings, of older women, younger men: new options for love and romance. now we are back in touch and things with our friendship are great – we also have some romance going too. may also want a man with a less-developed career who could follow her or take care of children, if that is a factor. we are not a perfect couple, and have disagreements and sometimes we wonder how much we really have in common. guys i really want some mature woman …as i feel they have the deep understanding of life and love . i loved her and cared about her as much as i could. i do not need her to work out even if i am fit, with six to eight pack abs, youthful younger baby face late 20s hispanic male, tall about 5’9. never thought i would have sex again as i was approaching year three of not dating anyone and then i spent a nice weekend with a guy i’ve known for a years who is 27-28 and i am 49. thank you young men for taking yourselves off the market and making my dreams that much easier to achieve. he fucks me right, he licks me right, he eats me right… he makes a woman feel good!

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’m dating a man 15 years younger than me; we met in the summer of 2007. married to an amazing woman thats 8 years older than me. problem, however, can be that an older woman is simply a challenge for the younger man. this man is a, seemingly, kind and genuine, open and honest person, but i don’t get his motives for wanting someone my age. bored to death with an older woman, and wish i could start over. "in some cases, the man wanted children," she says, "and the relationship fell apart because of that. in the middle younger will try to coup up and compromise at last nothing left behind. i try to understand him as a man and my mentality about it all is – even if we don’t last – i don’t want to do any kind of mental emotional damage that would destroy him or make him less of a man for me. he tells me he’s dated all ages before but most have been in their 40’s, because woman his age and younger seem to be immature, shallow and selfish. she’s only been married 4 years to this new man who’s 27 years younger. jackman with wife deborra-lee furness; photo, media punch/unimedia/keystone press © copyright 2013 by unimedia. i tried dating a few girls my age, but no one clicked. the other problem was that the woman, my friend, had all the money. oldhe was my first younger experience and very immature and only wanted a sugarmamma i made it clear i wasn’t going to take care of him but my feeling got the best of me and i spoiled him physically and emotionally after a year and a half he dump me i stay the same in the relationship but he started get big headed maybe i gave it to him but even through we are not together i like younger guys i have no kids am i given them to much lead way i promise own not being mother i just become to attach i tried and want to much love and affection. i have had a few truly serious relationships with younger men, and i always get hurt. i’d like to know how old the author is because doesn’t consider the happiness of the woman it’s all about the msn. should both experience adult dating in their 20’s to understand their own needs in a relationship… many marry in their 20’s successfully and others do not. we love each other and care for each other a lot , we both have good jobs , etccc something bothers me sometimes , we don’t make love too much because she is tired sometimes or i don’t feel like she wants to make love. use to give my older sister grief about her younger boyfriend. 24 and she is 39, her biggest concern is the age and the physical aspect of her being older than me, my biggest concern is if i can man up to be the guy she needs into the future, i am just starting my career and finding my feet in life.’m dating a guy 13yrs my junior and he thinks i’m only 3yrs his senior, he is such a darling sweet and loving! i don’t know what other women looking for (i don’t speak for them every woman has their own preferences so do i) but i’m more comfortable with someone who can understand me better, compatibility, respect, responsible,loving, kind loyal, caring and what i most like about him we both don’t have to tell each other what we like, need or want we understand each other perfectly. he prefers the company of older woman, and likes that i am self confident and independent. i mean i am not i love with thus woman that is going to have my baby. i know he’s younger, but if he’s sure he’s ready, i’d listen to him. my family doesnt agree and has been hateful since we actually started dating (we were friends first couple months) he came to my moms for holidays until we were official. i really don´t know what to do, because i recently open myself up to the idea of dating again after four years. to those of you shaking your heads right now thinking i’m giving up my own personality to have this man, you could not be more wrong! agreed to date a younger boy because we both knew he would be leaving by the summer to another state. i know he was engaged to an older woman, saying us ‘older women’ have our poop in a group and he likes that so who knows where this will end up.’m a 53 years young dating a 23 year old man which i believe he is really too young for me, we really don’t have too much in common, but i like the attention he shows me and the sex is great. i love this man and am so thankful that i have been blesed with such an amazing husband! it is wonderful, so i tell anyone if the guy is younger than you and yall hit it off, go for it, it can’t hurt as long as yall are open with the communication all should be well.

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. robinsonone cannot deny the allure of the older woman, younger man relationship. glad i am wise enough since teen to know the “best” type of lady out here for me is not younger,but older. yet my age is the only reason we’ve lasted so long (all his others were one-nighters) my maturity along with bragging rights for dating a “milf” and kitchen and bedroom skills are all thanks to my age and experience. if it’s a long-term relationship, just be open and honest with any man (younger or older) and you can definitely find yourself happily ever after in cougarville. recent article in oprah magazine looked at a handful of real-life may-december romances, focusing mainly on those between older women and younger men. i never liked the term cougar cause i have never ever preyed on younger men.’m a 34 year old man and seeing an intelligent, kind, funny, and, well, frankly, gorgeous 44 year young lady. am a young black man age 27 and i am willing to marry a woman only if we understand each other so i am open to date any age. badly want to date her and want to befriend her but i am so much confused if i should approach her or not. i knew i loved her and the day she said to me i never thought i’d find a man who loved me but i was wrong you truly love me! teacher, so there you go lol i personally knew i would marry 1 day older, and i do not care if she is way older, (i try to stay under 20 years older)but will go as high as thirty years if we connect more than just the great sex with an older woman. the path’s to man’s heart: his ego and his stomach. there was a time when will just lay on the couch next to each other that we nearly kissed each other… i love her and im afraid time is passing on without being actually with her… its been like this for years now… i now have a 1 year 8 month son with another younger woman and she is with another man her age but she is all i think about and i know part of her loves me. of course, no reason he might not be interested in a woman under 35 if they both want children.” if, however, as an older woman you have a more difficult time letting him take the alpha role, you may ultimately end up feeling like you’re the one who’s “in charge. you’re a woman who feels stigmatized by the relationship, it’s likely headed in the wrong direction. while we’re not ‘dating’, we see each other often, we go out, and we get together at least once a week lately it seems. i decided to give one guy who is actually 13 years younger than me a chance because he actually has been trying for at least 3 to 4 years (our families know each other). with my younger man i accentuate my feminine by cooking for him, making his lunches, ask him for help with things around the house, let him pay for all of our food, our entertainment, etc. what about the notion that men are "hard-wired" to seek a smooth-faced, curvy receptacle for reproduction and thus are drawn to younger women? the past 3-4 years i’ve been so close to an older woman, she is 46 and im 32, she is a single mother of 2, weve been travelling together and attending a lot of functions together, she is very open minded n we talk about almost everything. she answered her husband left her for a younger women years ago. as many women are looking for the picket fence and two cars. her husband left her for a younger woman and i was married 3 months when i found mae the second time. the woman i’ve been dating since age 30 is 17 years older than i. laying in the arms of the man who loves me. this: an older woman might worry if she is not “young enough. now here are the facts he has a one year old son with a 35 year old woman that was born in oct 2016 whom he lived with for years as husband & wife and they broke up jan 2016. that is quite offensive to those of us who are older women and have a long term serious relationship with a younger man. i met this man i believe be 5~10yrs younger than me. man at any age desires to feel admired and needed by the woman he loves. she is neither weak, nor stupid… she just knows the value of embracing her feminine and supporting my fathers need to be a man. there there are many others, both men and woman, in this situation.

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’m about to get married to a man who is 21 and i am 35 we been together for a year and i mean we have issues but things work out . after divorce i started dating men 10+ years younger and found it just suited my personality and energy level better. am a young 74 and have always attracted much younger men. battles i face though as an older woman is firstly he is unemployed and cannot maintain a job. the much touted idea that women peak sexually in their 30s and men in their teens does not enter into it -- most of these couples are beyond both those age periods. the younger and older woman belong to the same church and in the same praise group. i care so much for him but worry about the future and if 10 years down the road will he wake up and reality hit about the age difference now be an issue. i think women and men should check their ego and make sure there’s no mommy or daddy issues from the younger person, and that the person has matured enough in life to handle all the death and taxes and stuff. would rather date someone who 20 years older and be happy and safe than dating someone younger and crying at the end, besides age means nothing what matters is the love and mutual understanding between both parties. is there any woman in this world who will ever accept me for who i am? i am sorry if i have taken to much space in your blog? studies have shown that if a wife is five or more years younger than her husband, they’re much more likely to avoid divorce. she had insecurity about dating me, but i assured her that i was okay with her age. but i want to tell you that life is worth nothing except when you truly love and care for someone; it doesn’t matter if they are younger or older. i feel insecure whenever i date younger females because most of them are just after material things and don’t really know what love is. them cougars, call them awesome women, one thing is for sure: i trust them far more than younger women. am currently dating guy that told his true age that his is 20 yrs old. the women like the flexibility and sense of adventure of their more spontaneous, younger companions, tina b. and also( for this younger man late 20s, biggest pet peeve is she has to be loyal… loyalty is a plus with older over thirties to forties women. olders treat younger peeps with a lot of compassion because they can remember what it’s like to be young and naive and young kid just wants to please – that’s what young kids do because they don’t know themselves yet. i like older women but i like younger women and women my age as well. it comes to the subject of lasting love, does the age-gap of an older woman dating a younger man have an effect on relationship survival? i just love the way we connect most times, so it has to be the right older mature got it goin’ on woman,mature, and business focused,not a slouch and looks are completely irrelevant to me. i started liking a guy whose 13 years younger than me, i`m 36 years old and this has never happened to me before. fear that he will leave me for prettier and younger, more fit. i never had single thought that i would like him too even now i still asking myself like i couldn’t believe that he is the man that i have looking for in many years. am 49 years and dating a 24 year old guy, we’ve been dating for around 2. he was dating the older woman who never married and while in his current relationship. he is everything i’ve ever wanted in a man at any age. to tessina, other reasons underlying this expansion of everyone's dating choices include:Older women are looking better every day, thanks to creative medical advances and a gym on every corner..accident or not it can still come into play as the young man grows up. women loves and care more than younger gurls,i need a woman older than me,30-60yrs.: parenting questions are a bit out of our scope, but i recommend talking to your man about the role you want him to play in your kid’s lives.

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