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am glad i read the reviews before doing business with our time. is not a good choice if you want more control over the dating experience or will be frustrated by receiving only a few matches at once. read a lot of bad reviews but they seem to be from people not familiar with navigating web sites.’s magazine is an excellent resource, providing dating advice, success stories and useful articles.! live and learn read the reviews before you sign up i rate the site at -10. after reading these reviews i just hope i’m not charged any fees because it appears nothing seems to be able to be done about this company. one who is good on twitter or facebook schould givethese pepole some free advertizing on twit and faceyou know to heplthere bottom line what scum.’t let the nonexistent price tag fool you – pof is a fully functional site with every feature you would expect from a dating site (plus a few fun bonuses). a bunch of dating sites under my belt over the years i had failed to ever give pof a try. you are from canada and wish to try out this online dating site, visit elitesingles., i am at this point, a free member at pof. i’m sure that it’s pure coincidence that if you click on the blue, underlined link containing her name, it takes you directly to the ourtime website. million members logging in and having 10 million conversations, members are guaranteed to meet a variety of singles on the site actively looking for friendship, casual dating, and serious relationships. and i'm talking anything important - the research grant online application, the irs letter, the dating site profile - anything that takes time and thought. there is just no way you can trust this website. the moderators of this website would unilaterally change or omit wording in my profile. they kept asking for more info (a problem with most dating sites).

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you everyone who wrote those informative reviews of this horrible site.(i’m new at online dating, maybe they are all like this) i do not have a problem attracting men in real life, but this site is unnerving., single male, in good shape, looking to find the right girl but after reading the reviews of this site forget it ! time is the worst dating site i have ever tried to use. thanks for these reviews…it solidified my thoughts about not joining! reading the reviews on “our time”, i noticed that many others are having the same problem..got a cute pic of a guy delivered to me after just registering for free. got its start in 2003 and is now one of the world's largest free dating sites. take all of these reviews to heart… they are all true. i thought pof was bad but at least it is free! i’ve been through this before with several other websites, so i knew not to enter my credit card number. my rational is, since i can communicate (somewhat) with a free account, if and when i find someone that i might really have more than a cursory interest in, i will purchase a membership so that i can take it to the next step. you'll be asked to answer, in your own words, free-response queries about your passions, hobbies, desires, dealbreakers, strengths and more. is one of the worst online dating site for seniors. i just joined ourtime yesterday, i wish i had seen these reviews prior to joining. always look for reviews of sites where i’m considering spending money, whether it’s a dating site or anything else. i’m inclined to report them to the better business bureau, even if only for not monitoring their website more efficiently.

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i was hesitant at first as my girl friends have used other dating services with mixed results. there’s no way i would pay to meet nut balls,Liars, cheats you can meet them for free at any grocery store, gas station, the mall, etc. is the worst dating site i have tried so far, they charged my card and i wasn’t even able to get into the site. totally useless and unfortunately this was my first attempt to even look at a dating website. ourtime’s free functionalities include searching for and viewing profiles, sending flirts and using the my match and i’m interested features. also, their website is not user friendly, and their search sucks. free membership allows for full access to the site, including searching, testimonials, favorites, and communication with other members, but paying has its perks. too many problems and all these reviews are the same.: the website installs ad cookies(use adblock), most women on there are flaky and don't respond. i feel that someone isn’t monitoring the people on the website. once i figured out how to work the website one of the worst interfaces i have ever seen. of the worst websites (not just dating sites) i’ve seen. i wish i had read these reviews before entering my credit card info. was, by far, the worst experience i have ever encountered with a dating web site … with the exception of eharmony which matched me with truck drivers and farmers because i do not have a college degree! i have a long wait until my “contract” is up, but i can only say that people should run not walk away from this website. your man is fortunate as the imbalance in numbers of men to women on this site is advantageous to the ladies as it is on all dating sites. found a person by her picture on a free dating site who ourtime indicated she viewed my profile 8 or 9 times.

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what can we do to stop this website from continuing., someone out there can develop a website for the over 60 set and delete all these parasites and have men and women who truly are looking for a relationship and have good characters? yes, the concept of having a dating site for the over 50 gang sounded quite nice to me, but all it did was bring my self esteem to a low point instead of making me feel good about myself. there is a website on online dating scammers which has the stolen photos posted. on the site is the same as you, not a freebie having a perv, but wanting to meet. after i received an in-your-face request for sex from another guy i contacted ourtime and asked them to remove me from their website and refund the remaining balance. read several reviews from ladies who said they had been asked for money. is the worst dating site i have tried so far, they charged my card and i wasn’t even able to get into the site. searched for reviews of this website before i signed up and unfortunately somehow didn’t find any. by the way the best time to go online for any dating site i find in friday and saturday night. contacted ourtime dating website all they did they just sent me the link for dating tips. have previously posted various reviews which are near identical to almost every other poster here so i won’t repeat those except to say that they took my last check and ran (only did so in order to hopefully see if the so-called flirts & messages in my box were legit). would highly recommend avoiding a website that clearly has some security issues going on. something needs to be done to police all dating websites! i’m not sure where the website servers are located (likely in texas, where their hq is) but the performance of the website was horrible. your free account with the best dating sites and receive expert dating advice:Reviews of OurTime. sux bigtime, female members without "any" intention of meeting, endlessly chat with guys, thinking they will meet news not, heaps of fake profiles, you are better off forgeting "all" dating sites which are a tool for gathering data from you that goes straight to the kikes data base, just like face book!

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any website saying two diametrically opposite things is a site to steer far from – like our time. when the bill came up it said upgrade, not submit or anything, so i though it was upgrade from free. i filed a complaint with the bbb, entered a dispute with paypal, and sent three emails to the website, letting them know that if i wasn’t refunded in full i was going to dispute the charge; i never received any services from them, as i attempted to cancel immediately. like this site sucks the bag was going to join but with all the horrible reviews i changed my mind . my password…tried to cancel membership never emailed me my rest password…could not get back into website…. you to all who have shared their experiences of our time dating site. the site takes the safety of its users seriously and offers advice for dating safely both online and offline. i paid the six month fee (unfortunately) and all i ever experienced with this website was trouble. i am very disappointed in this website, and have paid hard earned money for something that is not even legitimate. dating site,is a sure way to look for someone who is not looking for you., you reply to a contact request and they tell you oh, just had a family ’emergency’ and will not be dating for awhile. all of the sites seem to have negative or “beware” reviews. i signed up for 15 minutes and had such a horrible time with the never ending pop ups and poor user interface and navigation – totally disgusting – but the most irritating is that i did not even use the service for 30 minutes and they told me my membership was for one year – i am contacting my bank and cancelling this and calling this fraudulent billing and a scam – this was the worst online dating experience i have ever had and this company needs to be sued and sued now! i, myself would recommend this dating site to any friend of mine., i am 74 and i got so discouraged by the matches, from all over the freeking country, or.-- reality is most guys on dating sites are just looking to get laid . is the worst designed and executed website on the net.

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website is corrupt, do not give them your credit card number ever! so, before you bag or put people down, for being on a dating site, what might not work for some (like you) might be beneficial in another persons life. i can understand that free dating sites use advertising, but when you are paying (ourtime is not free), then having to put up with advertising is just tacky. the “free” sites offer many more people, and of higher quality! if anyone is interested in participating in a class action website against “our time,” please let me know. i found out that if you belong to another dating on-line site, “our time” gets your credit card info from their partnering dating sites. have to ask how can you trust any of the dating websites? a dating site isn’t my “thing,” and so i wasn’t looking for someone. while it is ‘free to join’ you have to pay to see all the emails flirts likes favorites that have been piling up in your mailbox. waste your money on this dating site or any other unless you have unlimited hours to waste weeding through the wackos. so i messaged her on this free dating site and she said she was on ourtime but never once viewed my profile. didn’t mind the one month fee even though it says free! think it is misleading to say you can join for free and not get any contacts unless you upgade. the integrity of the website could be better maintained by insisting on a certain quality level for the photographs, which would discourage people from joining who were basically sloppy and confused about their life. there in no way to comment or suggest something to this website and i recommend saving your money and staying away. i am dating in real life only now, at least i can see the real person rather than a 10 year old photo and watch body language and hear tone of voice before deciding whether or not they are safe to meet. dating - you can create a profile, view and search for members and communicate with anyone for free.

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the our time website gains from all these ‘inactive’ profiles though, as they can advertise that they are much bigger then they actually are. time and its related sites are so bad that i am in the early stages of considering whether to start a dating service that will do what our time and perhaps others aren’t doing. don’t normally write reviews, but i felt so strongly about this i had to. say this is a pos website…signed up for one month and billed me for 6. elitesingles takes dating seriously, and it's reflected in the number and gravity of the questions. all these bad reviews i see, i guess i’m shocked. overall, the experience turned out to be your run-of-the-mill dating website. our time dating website is a seemingly decent website, which is easy to navigate in. i have met several men through elite singles and am currently dating one of them now. dating should be a fun time , hopeful, and joyous in starting a new relationship! time is the sorriest dating site i have ever expierienced. think the number of date candidates various by location, and so it may be true that you have no men of appropriate dating age where you are. been an active user for half year, met some people, and for that it’s “an ok” dating website. wish i had looked into reviews before paying for 3 months. (if he really looks like george clooney i don’t think he needs to join a dating website. not pay to join this senior dating site or any senior dating site. did not renew my membership last fall 2012 and was then on the free membership.

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i don’t know if this is the work of scammers or the website itself to “fill up space”. i was on this site for 7 – 10 days, max, asked to get my money back; was denied and let them know i will be adding to their plethora of horrible reviews, which i am starting to do right now.: free, easy to make an account, the hidden forum is fun to hang out in. ever complaints others have with the site i will likely agree, however; the one thing i seem to have missed in these reviews is the fact that these people at ourtime are thieves! fact that there’s one negative review to this comment, along with singular (or maybe two) negative reviews seems to provide further evidence that this is a shill site., if you’re reading this and thinking about joining ot, don’t do it, not even the free part (which will frustrate you anyway since you will have to pay to access the necessary aspects of this site to find someone – and half the profiles you read anyway will be half to virtually empty and without photos). clogs your inbox with worthless messages, never letting you see who contacted you unless you go to their website. also the website needs a total makeover its outdated and getting your inbox messages is more work than its worth. because of this i only visited the ourtime website a few times and ended up wasting a bunch of money. this website has allowed me only 3 times to sign in,keeps saying my email or password aren’t valid.*crack down on scammers by identifying and shutting down the accounts of those who pay with stolen credit cards, checking ip addresses to verify profiles’ listed locations; employing algorithms to detect suspicious language patterns used by scammers; and using image searches to identify fake profiles used across various dating websites. i too was excited about finally finding a website for the over 50 group. allowing contact with members +/- 14 years should have been listed in the sites negatives- there are a lot of people looking for someone outside that range and they go to dating sites to find them becasue it's hard to meet them in daily life- not to mention the fact that women can already set age restrictions on who they get messages from anyway-. you can’t do anything, their so called free trial is to snag all your info and pictures then when you try to chat with someone they tell you ya have to pay them so much per month be very careful as the prices are set up in a way that seems cheap but it is not cheap. the quality of the people on their website is not their fault, but the lack of customer service from ourtime is unacceptable and infuriating. week you can add yourself to the date night list, which signals you are free this coming friday and are looking for a date. time i will check the reviews first as this site was a complete im sure there are some real women that got taken you have my condolences i wish there were a way to contact everyone on the site for real and let them know they got took.

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go to a reputable dating site, if any really exist. is the worst website of this nature i have ever seen. only wish i had looked up the reviews of this website before i decided to join. website takes advantage of those of us who are hopeful that seeking a relationship within our age group will filter out some of the issues encountered on sites like match. every review that i read about online dating is a bad one. anyone came across a man that goes by user name xmike33 says he's in the army in afghanistan i have a friend that has an he says they r dating but somethings ain't adding up i need to find out for her any info would be greatly appreciated . 100,000,000 members have called pof home since their launch, earning it the title of #1 free dating site worldwide since 2011. i wish someone can come up with a dating website with integrity and truly interested in helping individuals. free, no picked match’s, and you can still “search” while your profile is hid. first i was extremely po’d at this website (several posts to that effect) and am counting down the days until my “membership” terminates (hopefully–it’s set to not renew), but i thought that i’d share what has to be an all-time classic woman’s profile that i encountered today. the other problem, and i realized it is not the websites problem, but out of the dozen men i talked to, most were married. don’t know why it’s called dating when most successful attractive woman want to get married. one guy’s profile specified that he lived in my state, but after we began chatting via the ourtime website i discovered he didn’t. they are making everyone that browses for free or joined part of their scam. i’ve met some very nice women on this site, functionally i think it’s a poorly designed and maintained dating site. if our time is so good, why would they be pushing other dating sites? people think when they first get on dating sites they should find someone immediately.

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then when i sent an email to them objecting to their behavior, they denied it, saying that things i had done on the website had elicted these emails, which is totally false since i never flirted with anyone, added anyone to my favorites list, or participated in their “i’m interested” slide show. since they claim that you can browse for free, i submitted my email address, preferences, photos, etc. you can never get your messages via your personal email account but only view them in their website. reviews are holding me back from wanting to join “ourtime”. on top of this is the constant avalanche of ads for other dating sites. i signed up with basic information for the free membership. turned off email to not receive any emails from website not to be bothtered by anyone…noticed i had a overdraw on old bank statement…. it is 100% free…no fees to join or contact other members. every comment on this thread (with the except of a few obvious shills) feel that this website is a fraud/scam and some have threatened to, or have, complained to local authorities. like most of the dating websites are money making schemes that prey on honest well meaning people. you can open an account and freely send and receive messages and meet people. decided to read the reviews and could have saved my money. only wish i had read more reviews before signing up!.needless to say nothing was done about it… i will strongly advice anyone whose trying to join this scam infested dating site to stay far away from it. thanks to their incompetently constructed web site and other user’s reviews, i have just been saved from wasting more time and money as well. is quite possibly the worst site out there for dating, and absolutely no one is monitoring the creeps on there. will never use a dating site again, but i guess i had to find out for myself.

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your free account with the best dating sites and receive expert dating advice:Personally, i did not have a positive experience on this site. ghana police service is now at your door step if you are talking, or chatting to whether he or she exists, pertaining to internet dating and business. lot of senior guys use these dating sites as they private sex site. all i got was an advertisement for their website and no hint regarding how to access my newly-created profile. dating sites reviews users voted it their favorite free dating site from 2009 to 2016, and it’s been ranked #1 or #2 in the uk, canada, and the united states. perhaps i shouldn’t do this but any woman in the il/in area seeking a true christian guy can feel free to write me at nedd at inbox dot com. is a dating site dedicated to helping american singles find long-term commitment with highly compatible partners. free voice calling where you can place a secure, private call to someone without giving out your contact details. if you're a free member and want to respond to someone who' s interested in you on pof, you have to pay. get less ads on a free site like plenty of fish. i have been on several dating websites that are fantastic, and no advertising! went to reviews and they said”( douplicates of what was stated have been ) ” what does that mean ? i am no technical expert by any stretch of the imagination but this 54 year young guy has put together websites thru tools provided by web hosts and one thing i know for sure – i sure as heck am not going to say one thing on one web page and just the opposite on another. i hadn’t given his company any permission whatsoever to recharge my credit card and that looking at my profile is free of charge to see if it had been taken down! i wish i read all of these posts before, i just disputed these charges, free, my ass! fortunately (at least for the moment), i have hit it off for two weeks with a lovely woman and we are considering dating. , they also eliminated my monthly ‘full member’ status after my being on the account for less than a week , and reduced me to being a ‘free member’, which is basically worthless … this is one insidious website, all they want to do is scam people ….

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the reviews, i removed my non paying profile which had. was my first try at online dating and overall it was a good experience. free users are also not able to see who has flirted with or fave’d them or view other users’ videos. am not signed up with ourtime, but i’ve been getting emails from them about what they claim is my dating profile for two days now. membership of the site is free, members will need to upgrade to a paid account in order to use all of the site’s features. android users are currently out of luck where an app is concerned, but the elitesingles website is fully optimized for use on smartphone and tablet browsers. am not a member of ourtime and these reviews have saved me from joining. on the site for about 6 weeks, such a scam, found a phone no to call to cancell, no answer, found a website with an option to cancel and stop automatic renewal, sent 2 emails, emails returned nondeliverable, guess i’ll have to cancell my credit card. joined and paid and waited and waited and waited and still 5 days later have no account and they took my money and there is only an other company people media to contact which can not help you, but match and outtime owns and runs christian , black love seek russian all the dating sites,, liars and theives, rip off with no way to contact. Read what current OurTime daters think of this website, or submit your own review.! so take me off your mailing list and everything else list my name and email address is on i do not i repeat do not want to be part of this website! there are other, better, dating sites available, one being “plenty of fish” (also known as pof, or pof). please respect yourself and stay away from this full of scammers dating site. there is a “contact us” option on the website, but no matter what you put for the reason you are contacting them it will not send your request. i am glad to know my instincts were right i will not be wasting my time or money on ourtime or any other dating site. have an he is a very nice guy we been talking going on two months an we're dating so i have nothing more to say. do not have all of the answers but just do not understand why a company does not aim to please & seems content with lousy reviews just as long as new $ comes in.

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. some people go on a dating site bcause they in themselves feel too shy. large amount of advertising - found in website menus, personal messages and other areas of the site - can make site navigation confusing. even the most professional, diligent and customer-centric dating sites cannot filter out or block even a fraction of the scammers out there. truth about online dating stalkers and the best ways to avoid them. not unlike essentially every business out there, volume is the key for dating site survival. a free membership will get you nowhere and the special 50% off for a 1 month upgrade to regular membership is a scam. the site recognizes that your attitude and expectations towards dating in your 50s and beyond are likely to be significantly different to your attitude and expectations in your younger years and seeks to address this by focusing on your specific interests and desires. joined this site for 6 months and agree with all the above reviews. if you are a “free” member you cannot contact anyone or see a photo, not even on a trial basis to see if the site works. i just joined this dating site 2 months ago for 6 months. is owned by a berlin-based company called affinitas that runs many dating services around the world, most notably edarling. dishonesty is easy on internet dating sites since you’re taking the person at face value…. ourtime’s aim is to serve the specific needs of the older dating community. pof is a hook up site as are most dating sites . i told one guy that you are on a dating site to meet women and you are displaying pics of your late wife and you—that type of man has built an altar to his late wife and pity the woman that gets involved with him! worst of any kind of website to which i have ever attempted to subscribe. features are free including creating a profile, searching, and communicating.

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website overall is not too bad – although it really doesn’t seem to do much to try and match clients up with any degree of compatibility in mind beyond a few simple choices. thought this might be a good site to join but i’m so glad i read these reviews. many people here, i wish i had read these reviews before subscribing for one month. i don’t like the most about ourtime dating website is that they have a world wide known money fraud scammer’s. i will never again use an online dating service thansk to this experience. you read most of the negative reviews on this site, you will realize that most of the problems were caused by the people themselves. website needs revamping technologically it is really slow and a rip off i don’t get access to photos of other people when i tap on more photos at many times i don’t get access to anything if i want to message somebody i try no matter how many times my fingertips my smartphone it is still not made available to me this makes me very upsetbecause the quality sucks and i want my money back no delivery whatsoever i’ve only been on it 2 weeks and i don’t like it already i feel ripped off stay away is right. you have more control, the people are real and it’s really free!.needless to say nothing was done about it… i will stongly advice anyone whose trying to join this scam infested dating site to stay far away from it.! i wish i had read the reviews before i decided to give it a try..so thought i would give it another try rejoined for free a few months later put off paying for a few months needing to take care of some business…joined the first of nov. is one of the worst on-line dating sites that i have had the misfortune of joining . like why do they allow scammers being on their website? and to the dating sites: you are just as much to blame. i did not like the fact that the site was advertised as free, but you have to pay to get any of the features to work. i believe that internet dating, and ourtime is no exception, is very favorable towards women for the logical reason that there are many more men on the site than women. am adding this review to let people know that there is nothing wrong with the site and the reviews found here are not a representative sample of people’s experiences.

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