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[44] he is voiced by megumi ogata in japanese and brianne siddall in the english version of persona 3, with cindy robinson dubbing him for persona q and ultimax.), representing a glimmer of hope,[20] but only when the player plays as the female protagonist.[22] her meekness makes her the target of bullying by several female students. this selection alters some aspects of the story: the first persona gained by the protagonist, orpheus, has a different appearance; igor's assistant in the velvet room, elizabeth, can be replaced with a male equivalent named theodore.[66] this version of the game was re-released as a ps2 classic on psn for the ps3 in 2012.[30] each is affiliated with one of the twelve major arcana. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable wiki last edited by blacklagoon on 04/21/15 02:48am. soejima wrote in art of persona 3, "initially, he looked more honest, like an ordinary, handsome young man. in persona 3 fes, during the events of the answer, metis informs sees that nyx is not a malevolent being, and that a seal would ordinarily not be necessary. the fool card in the tarot deck can be the number 0 or xxii (22), thus the female protagonist is on the side of the deck opposite of the male protagonist. moon - shinjiro aragaki the replaced characters have no social links with the female protagonist, but many of them still make appearances in the game.) in persona 3 portable, representing fate and opportunities provided by it,[73] when the player plays as the female protagionst.[22] as the game progresses, sees gains several new members: junpei iori, a class clown and the protagonist's best friend;[22] fuuka yamagishi, a shy girl who replaces mitsuru as a support character; aigis, a female android designed by the kirijo group to fight shadows;[23] ken amada, a middle schooler whose mother was killed by a persona-user;[24] shinjiro aragaki, a former member of sees who quit due to past events;[25] and koromaru, a dog capable of summoning a persona.[55] at the conclusion of persona 3, the protagonist is able to enter nyx and becomes the great seal to keep it away from humanity, at the cost of his own life. according to igor, the power of his social links will determine his potential in combat.  however, mitsuru still requires six ranks of academics before her social link can start.[15] the persona 3 instruction manual describes personas as being "a second soul that dwells deep within a person's heart. story of persona 3 takes place in a 2009 ce japanese city called iwatodai (巖戸台? 3 portable features a number of significant changes that distinguish it from its previous incarnations, the original persona 3 and persona 3 fes.) while the female version is named kotone shiomi (汐見 琴音, shiomi kotone? the new game makes revisions to the original gameplay of persona 3 (referred to as "the journey"), and adds a new epilogue to the original story, entitled "the answer". persona 3 drama cd: a certain day of summer features an original story voiced by the game's original cast.[83] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, rio iwasaki replaces kazushi as the chariot social link.), representing a bright future and a true achievement,[99] and is only encountered during maiko's social link. the strength of his social links grants him the power of the "universe", allowing him to seal away nyx from humanity. however, due to the significant age difference between the two, the female protagonist must have rank 6 courage (max) to ignore this social taboo and the possible resulting social backlash.

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as this is happening, the protagonist is summoned to the velvet room, where igor reminds him that the power of his social links would determine his potential. knowing his fate of being the human manifestation of death, he develops his sense of humanity, especially with the feelings to the female protagonist. the stronger your social links, the more powerful your persona ability.[39] she urges sees to kill ryoji, as they cannot defeat nyx. ten years prior to the events of persona 3, the two fought on the same bridge, and aigis, unable to defeat death, sealed it inside the protagonist, who was a child at the time.[67] the gameplay of the answer was criticized by several reviewers for not including the social elements of the original game. to the series are social links, bonds that are formed with several of the game's characters, with each social link representing a specific major arcana.[13] new personas can be created by visiting the velvet room and fusing together multiple personas, passing along certain moves from the personas used. female protagonist has xxii written in her hair in hairpins."[35] takaya, a member of strega, intervenes and attempts to shoot ken, instead hitting shinjiro, who sacrifices himself to save ken.) social link, representing life brought forth from motherhood,[15] the protagonist will help free her from some of the expectations attached to her family name.[31] she is voiced by maaya sakamoto in japanese and karen strassman in english. ken is the social link for the justice arcana (正義, seigi?[6] he also gains his new personas from battles of against arcana shadows during full moon, instead of social links.[13][14] personas can also be obtained from shuffle time following battles, and previously obtained personas can be summoned from the persona compendium for a fee.) social link, which represents a choice for the protagonist's journey,[8] the protagonist helps yukari mend her relationship with her mother. in his social link he expresses his deep memory towards miki and how the female protagonist reminded him of her.   the new female protagonist features a new story path and social link options.[36] aigis, unable to defeat the shadow, sealed it inside the protagonist, who was a child at the time. igor: the ability evolves as you develop your social links--your emotional ties with others. jeff haynes commented that the change "harkens back to a classic, more hardcore rpg experience of fighting and grinding", while done at the expense of what "made persona 3 so intriguing in the first place. the persona 3: fes expansion, the player can access an epilogue to the main game called the answer ("episode aegis" in the japanese version).[13] some personas may also grant skill cards, which can be given to other personas to teach them new abilities. his mother was killed two years prior to the events of persona 3 by a persona-user, although the death was officially listed as an accident. q: shadow of the labyrinth is a dungeon crawler rpg developed for the nintendo 3ds.^ a b "shin megami tensei: persona 3 portable release information for psp".[70] during their last dinner party, the sees members discover that they are trapped in their dorm, and that the day march 31 is repeating itself.

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released on november 25, 2009 by aniplex, it contains the new opening song "soul phrase" as well as the additional music composed for the female protagonist."[30] she is voiced by mamiko noto in japanese and paula tiso[citation needed] in english for persona 3, with wendee lee dubbing her for persona 4 arena and persona q. some social link characters are among those that can go missing.^ a b c shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes north american instruction manual. she uses rapiers to accommodate the male protagonist's switch to her previous weapon type, streamlining weapon choice in the same way as persona 4."[59] meguro stated that the development of persona 3 was one of his first opportunities to fully realize his music in video games. persona 3: fes, a door which shows akihiko's past reveals why the evoker looks like a handgun.) in japan) is a player in the fictional mmorpg innocent sin online; at the conclusion of her social link's story, she professes her love to the protagonist in the game. if the player chooses not to date any girls, yukari will appear for all the dating events. this selection alters several aspects of the story, various social links, and background music.  combat  numerous improvements have been made to persona 3's combat system.[94] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, saori hasegawa replaces maya as the hermit social link.  released for the psp, the game retells the story of the specialized extracurricular execution squad, or sees, the group of persona-using high school students investigating the mystery behind the dark hour and tartarus. a younger version of yukiko amagi, a playable character in persona 4, makes an appearance in persona 3 portable. he was introduced as a character in persona 3 portable, and can take elizabeth's place as igor's assistant if the player controls the female protagonist. recently announced that they will release an english edition of enterbrain's persona 3: official design works artbook to be released june 10, 2012.[54][55] while localizing persona 3 for english-speaking countries, the honorifics used by the characters in the original japanese script were retained. in addition to the standard elements of role-playing games, persona 3 includes elements of simulation games, as the game's protagonist progresses day by day through a school year, making friends and forming relationships that improve the strength of his personas in battle.[13] he is voiced by hikaru midorikawa in japanese and liam o'brien in english.    social linksthe following social links have been added for the female protagonist:  i.[38] aigis, who now realizes why she wanted to protect the protagonist, begins to believe that she is useless.^ a b "shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes release information for playstation 2". shinjiro represents the social link of the moon arcana (月, tsuki?^ a b shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes north american instruction manual.: 2006 video gamesamnesia in fictionatlus gamesextinction in fictionkoei gamesthq gameshigh school-themed video gamesjapanese role-playing video gamesmegami tenseipersona (series)playstation 2 gamesplaystation network gamesplaystation portable gamesplaystation 3 gamesrole-playing video gamesvideo games based on greek mythologyvideo games featuring protagonists of selectable gendervideo games featuring female antagonistsvideo games featuring female protagonistsvideo games set in 2009video games set in 2010video games set in japanvideo games set in the 2000svideo games set in the 2010svideo games with alternate endingsvideo games with procedurally generated levelshidden categories: cs1 japanese-language sources (ja)cs1 uses japanese-language script (ja)good articlesarticles using infobox video game using locally defined parametersarticles containing japanese-language textarticles using video game reviews template in single platform modeofficial website different in wikidata and wikipedia.[2] igor, the proprietor of the velvet room, encourages him to form social links with people, as they will determine his potential in combat. is also a manga adaptation of persona 3, written and illustrated by shūji sogabe, and was published monthly in the japanese magazine dengeki maoh until it went on hiatus once persona 4 was released. 18 year old guy dating a 3year old woman

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damian thomas of rpgfan wrote in his review of persona 3 that he was able to connect with the game's cast "in a way that i can't in most rpgs."[102] patrick joynt of gamespy found the social link stories of persona 3 to be "universally fascinating", adding, "we were honestly worried about our friend from kendo pushing his knee too hard; our friend's relationship with a teacher was sad to watch; and the tragedy of the old couple who owns the local bookstore will move anyone with an ounce of decency.[37] by defeating the twelve greater shadows, the death shadow was recreated.[12] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, junpei iori replaces kenji as the magician social link.[64] shoji meguro composed 10 new musical tracks for persona 3 portable; with the majority of them being written for the female protagonist's playthrough. japanese ad for persona 3, created by the game's art director, shigenori soejima. 3 began development in 2004, after the completion of shin megami tensei: nocturne and digital devil saga. persona 3 portable, atlus inserted cameo appearances by two characters from shin megami tensei: persona 4.), representing action, initiative, and immaturity,[12] when the player plays as the female protagonist. until recently, a young man with the same talent [the protagonist of persona 3] was our guest here. here is a side-by-side comparison of the social links available for the male and female protagonists in persona 3 portable:   arcanamale protagonistfemale protagonist 0. in shin megami tensei: persona 4, set two years after the events of persona 3, chihiro is now the student council president.[48] the anime cutscenes for persona 3 and fes were animated by animation production company point pictures. 2 -moonlight- links the story of persona 3 and the epilogue released with persona 3: fes. "even persona 3's weapon shop owner is in persona 4: arena".'s 2006 role-playing video game shin megami tensei: persona 3 focuses on the exploits of the specialized extracurricular execution squad (sees), a group of high-schoolers defending their home city from monsters known as shadows. early on in persona 3, he encourages the protagonist to form social links, saying they will determine his potential in combat.[3] within the simulation elements of persona 3, the player is able to form social links with characters in-game, each represented by one of the major arcana and granting various bonuses during persona fusion, increasing the player's proficiency in battle. protagonist can also date aigis in persona 3: fes as the aeon arcana (永劫, eigō?^ a b c d e shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes north american instruction manual. in the worst-case scenario, a reversed social link can break, effectively removing all personas of that arcana from the game.), an enhanced port of persona 3 for the playstation portable, was released in japan on november 1, 2009,[7] and released in north america on july 6, 2010.[38] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, shinjiro aragaki replaces nozomi as the moon social link. june 2012, the end of the newly released persona 4 film announced that persona 3 would receive a film series adaptation. in persona 3 portable, if you choose the female protagonist over the male, she will have feelings for kazushi miyamoto. reception of persona 3 was mainly positive; reviewers enjoyed the game's social elements, while some found its combat and environments repetitive.[64] several cameos of characters from persona 4 have been added to persona 3 portable, including yukiko amagi, a playable character from persona 4. How to get a girl attention on a dating site

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-a way of life -deep inside my mind remix- preorder bonus at participating retailers, atlus included a baseball cap with pre-orders of persona 3 portable.^ a b shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes north american instruction manual. kashiwagi appears in the male protagonist's side during the beach vacation scenes (operation: babe hunt specifically); meanwhile, during the sports festival, the female protagonist visits inaba, where she and her fellow athletes stay at the amagi inn and are guided around town by a younger yukiko amagi. by spending time with these characters, these social links increase in rank. additional traits that link the male and female protagonists as opposites include the red color of the female's hair and eyes, as well as her cheery disposition in contrast to the male's blue hair and eyes and sullen expression.[13] he is voiced in japanese by kōsuke toriumi and in english by vic mignogna. in 2009 atlus released a playstation portable remake of persona 3 entitled persona 3 portable, which adds more characters, including appearances by characters from the successor to persona 3, shin megami tensei: persona 4, released in 2008.^ a b shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes north american instruction manual. rockstar's hot coffee sex scandal and bully's boy-on-boy kissing's got nothing on this ps2 role-player's suicide-initiated battles or subplot involving student-teacher dating. localization of persona 3 was handled by yu namba and nich maragos. igor: the ability evolves as you develop your social links--your emotional ties with others. he believes the shorts ken wears give him a "nostalgic" look in contrast to the modern setting of persona 3, noting in art of persona 3 that "kids these days hardly ever wear shorts. persona 3 fes's epilogue was said to give narrative closure to the original game, although it was criticized for not featuring the simulation aspect of persona 3.[34] when shinjiro is lured by ken behind port island station to be killed, he accepts the death of ken's mother as his fault, saying death is what he deserves. events of the answer begin on march 31, shortly after the end of the original game. in the girl's side, fuuka and yukari's social links can be started without the need to increase personality traits. the original playstation 2 version of persona 3 was first released in japan, it sold 127,472 copies in its first week and 210,319 copies overall in japan by 2008. upon maximizing the social link, akinari gives the protagonist his finished book to be published—and disappears before his startled eyes."[110] heidi kemps of gamesradar found the game's teenage themes to be "a refreshing change" from those of other games in the genre, as they touch on "the social awkwardness common at that point in life.) in persona 3 portable, representing fate and opportunities provided by it. it features both the characters from persona 3 and the ones from persona 4, and also includes some gameplay elements from the etrian odyssey series.[42] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, ken amada replaces chihiro as the justice social link.[73] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, ryoji mochizuki replaces him as the social link of fortune arcana.[83] it is here they learn of metis's true origins: that she is a manifestation of a part of aigis's personality. the persona 3: fes expansion, it is possible that chidori revives in the story. is revealed in persona 3: fes that some of the artificial persona users turned into shadows.) social link, representing contemplation and inner knowledge,[28] the protagonist helps fuuka become more confident and believe in herself. Good pick up lines online dating sites

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[32] for reasons she cannot explain, she has a need to be near the protagonist, even breaking into his dorm room at night to monitor him.[5] despite the death of tanonaka due to myocardial infarction in 2010, the animated movie adaptation in 2013 still uses his original voices recorded in the game. "character costume photos for "persona 3: the weird masquerade" stage play". game's revised battle system draws on elements added in persona 3's successor, persona 4. when creating a persona of a particular arcana, an experience bonus will be granted if that arcana possesses a social link, with greater bonuses awarded depending on the rank.), and when you max her social link she will fall in love with him.[37] during the final confrontation with nyx, the protagonist hears shinjiro's voice cheering him on along with the voices of the living sees members saying "alright, let's do this".^ a b shin megami tensei: persona 3 fes north american instruction manual.), representing passion, self-control, and power with reason,[49] if the player is controlling the female protagonist.[20] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, akihiko sanada replaces mamoru as the star social link. in persona 3 portable, koromaru is the social link for the strength arcana (剛毅, gōki? in persona 3 portable, released on the playstation portable in 2009, an option was added to control a female protagonist, voiced by marina inoue in the japanese adaptation, and laura bailey in the english adaptation.[87] the gender choice also alters some aspects of the social link stories.[58] an arranged album, titled burn my dread -reincarnation: persona 3-, was also released in japan by aniplex on april 18, 2007.) in persona 3 portable, representing the knowledge of what is right and wrong,[42] if the player is controlling the female protagonist. these social links, when formed, have gameplay benefits, increasing the player's proficiency in battle.[99][100][101][102] during the north american release, atlus offered junpei's hat as a pre-order bonus for purchasing "persona 3 portable".[23] sees later learns from natsuki moriyama that she and her friends—the students responsible for bullying her—had locked fuuka in the school gymnasium; the same day, they returned to let her out for fear that she would commit suicide, but found no one inside. persona 3 has also seen related forms of media released, including soundtrack albums, musical concerts, a manga adaption, multiple radio dramas, an anime series, and an episodic animated film series.  soundtrack shoji meguro has once again composed new music for persona 3, collected in the persona 3 portable original soundtrack.[101] in his review for eurogamer, rob fahey wrote that developer atlus made a "wise decision" in choosing to represent characters in the world in 3d, while using "lovely 2d artwork to convey expressions and emotions. persona 4 cameoscertain events in persona 3 portable have been changed or added to make way for the inclusion of persona 4 character cameos. several persona 3 characters also went on to make appearances in 2012's persona 4 arena and 2014's persona 4 arena ultimax, both set two years after the events of "the answer".      the combat system in persona 3 portable is very similar to the way it appeared in previous incarnations of the game. maxing out a social link gives players the ability to create specific personas of each arcana. persona 3 portable, junpei becomes the social link for the magician arcana (魔術師, majutsushi? persona 3 portable only includes the story of the original persona 3;[88] however, general changes have been made to the plot, regardless of character choice. How to deal with intimidating people with grace and style

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in the japanese version of the game, the female protagonist has the option of pursuing a romantic relationship with ken.[12] using the tactics option, the player can assign specific battle ai to each party member (in persona 3 portable, they may also choose to issue direct commands).) is an add-on disc for persona 3 containing updates to the original game, as well as a new epilogue in which the player controls aigis.[49] however, if playing the female path in persona 3 portable, koromaru replaces yuko as the strength social link. however, unlike persona 4, no social links are associated with the part-time jobs. in a new cycle, he is able to break out of the hospital on the final day of the game to be with the female protagonist. persona 3 was originally published in 2006 on the playstation 2 by atlus in japan; the north american release of the game was delayed due to issues with the publication of the official art book.[65] he represents the social link for the death arcana (死神, shinigami? he is voiced by hideyuki hori in japanese, dan woren in the english dub of persona 3 and j.: lists of persona characterslists of fictional japanese charactersgod complexes in fictionhidden categories: cs1 uses japanese-language script (ja)cs1 japanese-language sources (ja)articles containing japanese-language textall articles lacking reliable referencesarticles lacking reliable references from october 2014all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from march 2013articles with unsourced statements from october 2015articles with unsourced statements from december 2009articles with unsourced statements from january 2013wikipedia articles needing rewrite from january 2012all articles needing rewrite. the remake adds the ability to play as a female protagonist, new story elements and music, and a new interface designed for the psp. she left to find a way to rescue the protagonist of persona 3 from his fate as the seal between nyx and humanity. persona 3: fes's the answer, yukari is the group member who is most reluctant to go back into battle against the shadows and seems that she only wants to move on with her life.   hall of doorsthe hall of doors, originally a separate dungeon specific to the answer in persona 3 fes, is now accessible in tartarus as an optional area. in midpoint of his social link, bebe receives news that his aunt in france died, and is being ordered to return home. persona 3 portable exclusive character, he is based on vincent, the main protagonist from catherine.[136] the figurines have interchangeable parts, such as an evoker or weapon, which can be stored in the base. the members of sees include yukari takeba, a popular girl; junpei iori, a class clown and the protagonist's best friend; akihiko sanada, the captain of gekkoukan's boxing team; mitsuru kirijo, gekkoukan's student council president; fuuka yamagishi, a shy girl who takes on a support role in battle; aigis, a female android designed to fight shadows; ken amada, an elementary school student whose mother was killed by a persona-user; koromaru, a dog capable of summoning a persona; and shinjiro aragaki, a returning member of sees who had previously left the team.[34] nyx, or the "maternal being", is the creator of shadows; she is drawn to earth by the appriser, or "death", a shadow of the death arcanum. junpei's relationship with the female protagonist remains strictly platonic, because of his feelings towards chidori.  the answer, the epilogue to the main story created for fes, is not included in p3p. with the correct choices, akihiko will fall in love with the female protagonist. december 31, new year's eve, the player must decide whether to kill ryoji. also appears in the non-canonical anime persona: trinity soul, which takes place in an alternative universe of the persona 3 world. "persona 3 portable revises battle system, adds quests, names elizabeth's replacement".), also known as the "maternal being", is the mother of all shadows and the final boss of persona 3. some of these changes were made due in part to the limitations of the psp and the umd format.

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the core gameplay of the answer is similar to that of the journey, although the social link system has been removed, and the player does not attend school. main character of persona 3 is a silent protagonist, named by the player at the start of the game. is the social link for the hanged man arcana (刑死者, keishisha? conversely, negative actions, such as incorrect dialogue choices or dating multiple characters, can result in a reversed social link, which can prevent players from summoning personas of that arcana until fixed. the game's story and social links remain largely the same as they were for the boy's side of the game as they were in previous versions, with some new twists and alterations. 3 portable was released as a stand-alone game and as part of a bundle package, which includes a t-shirt and desk calendar. persona 3 portable, he is the social link for the star arcana (星, hoshi? in addition, the anime cutscenes seen in the original persona 3 were replaced to feature in-game graphics. theodore is voiced by junichi suwabe in japanese editions, while travis willingham voices him in english versions of persona 3 portable and persona 4 arena ultimax, and bryce papenbrook voices him in the english version of persona q: shadow of the labyrinth. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. in the stage adaptation, persona 3: the weird masquerade, the male protagonist is named sakuya shiomi (汐見 朔也, shiomi sakuya? due to cultural differences, his social link is slightly edited in the english version in order to make ken's feelings seem more like a crush with the female protagonist seeing him as a younger brother. expansion to persona 3, in addition to adding new content to the main game (referred to as "the journey", or "episode yourself" in the japanese version), includes an epilogue to the original story titled "the answer" ("episode aegis" in the japanese version). fes was released in japan on april 19, 2007, as both a stand-alone game, and with the "director's cut" version of persona 3.) is the final boss of the answer in persona 3: fes. 3: fes received a score of 89 on metacritic, slightly higher than that of persona 3. aeon aigisaigis  *  in the male main character's side, the player is required to max out specific personality traits in order to begin the social links with yukari (charm), fuuka (courage), and mitsuru (academics). following totani's death in 2006 due to a heart attack, takeharu's voice in persona 3: fes, persona 3 portable and the animated movie adaptation was done by yasunori masutani.[137][138][139] the headphones worn by the protagonist are sold by audio-technica, model ath-em700(japan-only version).^ a b c d e f g h "persona 3 (2006) (vg) - full cast and crew". the male protagonist is limited to the use of one-handed swords, while the female protagonist is able to use naginatas and hockey-sticks. main character artist and art director for persona 3 was shigenori soejima. one of the ideas had by the team for persona 3 was to use it as a medium for introducing japanese culture to a western audience. the manga adaptation of persona 3, prior to the movie adaptation, the character is named minato arisato (有里 湊, arisato minato? persona 3 is set in a fictional japanese city in the year 2009. performing certain activities or carrying a persona of a respective arcana can help bring a social link closer to increasing in rank. series of radio dramas based on persona 3 and persona 3: fes have been released in japan.

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[97] the game on its own retails for 6,279 yen (us), while the bundle (known as persona 3 portable dx) sells for 8,495 yen (us). also appears in the persona 3 portable as the person-in-charge of the "vision quest", which simulates special battles based on their memories with rewards (as because of this, aragaki who was killed / hospitalized may participate in certain battles in it). New features include an additional female protagonist as well as certain gameplay adjustments introduced in Persona 4.[91][92] the north american release of persona 3 shipped as a collector's edition box, containing the game, a soundtrack disc, and a 52-page art book. soundtrack for persona 3 was composed entirely by shoji meguro, with the sole exception of "adventured act", which was composed by yosuke uda. megami tensei: persona 3 portable is the second revision of persona 3.), representing a source of fear and false illusions,[38] in persona 3 portable, if the player is controlling the female protagonist.[53] in an interview with rpgamer, project editor yu namba explained that during the process of translation, some of the japanese humor, "things that made absolutely no sense in western culture…were replaced with jokes that at least somewhat parallel the originals. the announcement in famitsū revealed that the player would have the option to play as a female character. elizabeth in the male protagonist's route, he maintains the persona compendium, from which the player may retrieve previously owned personas for a price, and gives the player special requests in exchange for special rewards. is the social link for the emperor arcana (皇帝, kōtei? one such character is theodore, a male velvet room attendant who may be selected in lieu of elizabeth. she is the character "maya" in innocent sin online and confesses her love to the male protagonist through the online game. players of the original persona 3 are given the option of transferring certain data from the original version's save file, such as the player's compendium, social-related stats, and maxed social link items. is the social link for the strength arcana (剛毅, gōki?[53] he establishes a link between twelve greater shadows that have been attacking the city, and the dark hour. she first appears during the events of the answer in persona 3 fes, when she attacks sees using the persona psyche (プシュケイ, pushukei? persona 3 mixes elements of role-playing and simulation games: during the day, the player attends school, and is able to spend time with other characters, forming relationships known as social links.[46] in addition to announcing the game's japanese release date of july 13, the three-page article detailed the game's premise, combat systems, and the social link system (known as "community" in the japanese version).[54] derek stephen prince provides the voice of takeharu in the english release of persona 3,[5] while kōji totani initially provided his japanese voice. the all-new girl's side features a new female protagonist with her own story route and events."[4] he is voiced by akira ishida in the japanese version of persona 3 and yuri lowenthal in the english version."[100] heidi kemps of gamesradar said that persona 3 contained "a memorable cast of characters", although listed "fuuka's inability to shut up" as a negative point at the conclusion of the review. near the conclusion of the game, when sees is unable to stop nyx's descent to earth, igor aids the protagonist in unveiling the power of the "universe", using the power of the social links he has formed.[39] takaya resolves to kill both of them first, but shinjiro blocks his second shot, saving ken's life. the male members of sees are now viable social link options, and certain npc social link characters like kenji tomochika have been replaced with new female characters to interact with. if he is spared, then the game continues, and on january 31, sees ascends to the roof of tartarus to face ryoji, who has transformed into the nyx avatar.

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[98] in its first month of release, persona 3 portable sold over 158,000 copies in japan. gamespy's patrick joynt praised the social elements of persona 3, calling the game's social links "almost universally fascinating. the female protagonist persona 3 portable starts off with the player allowed to choose the gender of the main character.[36] at his funeral, it is learned that shinjiro rarely attended school and was generally not well known among the student body. persona 3, the player takes the role of a male high-school student who joins the specialized extracurricular execution squad (sees), a group of students investigating the dark hour, a time period between one day and the next that few people are aware of. non-canonical spin-off anime to persona 3 titled persona: trinity soul aired in japan starting in january 2008 and ran for twenty-six episodes.[45] in march 2006, the first details on persona 3 were unveiled in the japanese gaming magazine famitsū.  part-time jobs another feature introduced in persona 4, persona 3 portable now gives the player character the option of engaging in various part-time jobs. an add-on disc titled persona 3 fes, containing a "director's cut" of the original game, as well as a new epilogue, was released alongside persona 3 in japan in 2007, and in 2008 in other territories, with a re-release of fes on the playstation network in 2012.[63] persona 3 portable contains new background music, which can be heard if the player chooses to control the game's new female protagonist. in persona 3 fes, requests were added which allow the player to accompany elizabeth outside of the velvet room.[63] her nickname in the game is "the lethal elevator attendant" (最凶のエレベーターガール, saikyō no erebētā gāru?[33] he continually refuses the offers, only returning to fight when he learns that ken has joined the team as a persona-user.) is a mysterious boy the player first encounters during the opening of persona 3. 3 begins with the protagonist transferring to gekkoukan high school, and moving into a dorm in the city. a playstation portable version of persona 3, titled persona 3 portable was released in japan in november 2009, and in north america in july 2010. it contains eleven arrangements of tracks from persona 3, as well as an extended version of the song "burn my dread. the volumes respectively focus on the protagonist and ryoji;[151] junpei and chidori;[152] fuuka, ken, and aigis;[153] yukari and mitsuru;[154] and akihiko, shinjiro, and koromaru. the stronger your social links, the more powerful your persona ability. at the end of the social link, the female protagonist find's shinjiro's watch that he lost. she is seen when the player's character visits inaba, the setting of persona 4, in a new event added in persona 3 portable. igor also encourages the protagonist to meet people and form bonds with them, known as social links.   persona 3 portable original soundtrack front cover tracklist soul phrasea way of life after schooltimewiping all outsungentle feelingsdanger zonesoul phrase -long ver. if the persona 3 protagonist is chosen, then fuuka locates the first labyrinth somewhere near where the team is gathered by picking up on shadow signals. after the end of persona 3, yukari decided to put herself through college working as a model, and her proficiency with a bow landed her the television role as the pink ranger on phoenix ranger featherman victory.) is igor's male assistant, and the younger brother of elizabeth and margaret. in persona 3 portable, aigis realizes she has fallen in love with the female protagonist upon maxing her social link.

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