Phantom of the opera dating quiz questions

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Phantom of the opera dating quiz questions and answers

if he doesn't leave the opera house where does he learn his skills like driving a carriage, who does he practice sword fighting with?: at the beginning of the movie, during the auction, when the chandelier rises, the seats in the opera house are dusty. : alexis (united states)wanna include this quiz into your own blog? Good random dating questions ask girl your,

Phantom of the opera dating quiz questions

was the whole opera done in this way, using the original cast? did she actually sleep with the phantom of the opera or did she just spend the night there?: this is very common to think among the questions i have heard. 4year old teacher dating former student still together

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likely why her husband (who also did not sing well, due to his deep accent) was another main role in all the operas.: how come they cut an entire verse from the song "the phantom of the opera"?   christine and phantom   rocky and bull winkle   mary and phantom   lilith and phantom question 3 / 12select 1 answer onlywho did the music in the 2004 the phantom of the opera   andrew loyd webber   dwayne johnson   tom cruiz   katy perry question 4 / 12select 1 answer onlywho said " the tears i might have shed for your awful fate are cold and turn into tears of hate!

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1 / 12select 1 answer onlywhat was the very first song played in the phantom of the opera   phantom of the opera   beyond the point of no return   all i ask of you   the music of the night question 2 / 12select 1 answer onlythe main charters are.: why is there always a midget version of piangi's character in the operas? the various accents used in the movie can be thought of as reflecting of the various accents one would encounter in such a cosmopolitan place as a late-1800s paris opera house, with people coming from all over france (yes, there are various french accents like there are various english ones) and europe.

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: the "opera ghost" had actually been causing various acts of mischief and mayhem long before the events of the movie begin with the new owners purchasing the opera.: in the extras dvd of the deluxe boxset, there are a few videos of michael crawford and sarah brightman performing the opera (and from what i can tell the video looks from around the time or the original stage show). the role of madame giry (the correct spelling) in the opera house, and her relationship to erik (the phantom) and christine daae differ somewhat between the book, the stage musical, and the 2004 film. Fort walton beach lesbian dating service

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: it is a common practice to refer to an operatic diva as la , e. to leroux's novel, raoul de chagny is:The opera house's patron. at one point on the corrections page for this movie it says that it is indeed meg, yet on the questions page it says that it is madame giry.

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the phantom tries to have input into the staging of the operas and enjoys watching them, but has not written all of them. it seems everyone in the opera knows about the existence of the phantom, which includes christine. the quiz score from the first time you took this quiz will be.

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  ›  create  ›  quizzes  ›  movie  ›  the phantom of the opera  ›  so you think you know the phantom of the opera?: perhaps an opera aficionado could help me with this one. however, i don't think it's beyond reason to assume he has, or has created more than one copy of the mask - if for no other reason than anything in pure white must be difficult to keep clean, what with the dust all over the opera house, the dirt of the streets, the humidity of his cavern, and the occasional splatter of blood to contend with.

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is this common in opera and why, or was it a director's decision?" i presume it may have been used for a young christine daae to stand on, so she could better see over the rail of the box to the opera on stage below when erik brought her.: during the "don juan" opera, when do christine and raoul realize that it's the phantom onstage, instead of the actor?

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"   passerby   phantom   christine   vender question 5 / 12select one or several answersdo you like the phantom of the opera? of the night- the phantom of the operaquizz "music" - 12 questionstotal = 3 player(s).: what does the phantom mean when he refers to raoul as a "slave of fashion" (in the scene before the "phantom of the opera" song)?

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: considering the fact that nearly 50 years have passed between both sets of events, it is conceivable that the opera house could have been rebuilt, at least partially, at some point before being abandoned for good. what year was leroux's phantom of the opera first published? but really imagine if you were her, it's hard not to relate your angel of music to the phantom, both are hidden and happen only in the opera (coaching/singing etc) the years living there.

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leroux's novel, how long had the phantom been writing his opera? she functions more as a knowledgeable intermediary and is more or less employed by the phantom to represent his interests to the opera house administration, even though she had never seen him, but had only heard his voice. the film takes place over a year and it is set in an opera house that needs to make money, so they put on other operas.

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: i know that minnie driver's vocals were dubbed for the singing roles by a true opera singer, but were her speaking roles dubbed as well?: after christine chooses raoul at the end of the movie, does the phantom keep living in the opera house? she and christine both grew up in the opera house, and she was particularly familiar with the hallways and catacombs of the building.

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