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have always rated pof as a good dating site until now! remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

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they can afford large programming and customer service staffs due to the a month..*cowboy*joined: 4/28/2006msg: 4how do i actually contact customer service?

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one of two things, or both, are going to happen on this site: you'll meet a chick off this site and find she is ** crazy and just needed a good ramming, because none of the females on here play with a full deck or you'll get loads of spam from those bs hookup sites that falsely advertise as the best dating site on the internet when they aren't dating sites at all. have used this dating site for a number of years.

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number of mandatory sign up questions are also irrelevant, such as, are your parents still alive, how many chuldren did they have, were you the eldest, how much do you earn. sent an e-mail to pof and attempted to call but the phone call only goes to vm they are unable to take calls at this time.

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for consumers: there are plenty of dodgy fish – throw those back in the water and be patient. but for me if you do your research you can find that other dating sites, such as wejustfit as a random example, can be just as good.

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most are good people so even im confussed as to why this is happening because they broke the terms of service" (tos) in some way is the logical answer. as with any dating (free especially), you need to understand how to navigate the waters - so to speak.

Plenty of fish dating service phone number

posted: 11/30/2013 1:38:02 pmno, his username is still an active profile; he has a hidden profile (you need to be logged in to the dating side of the site to access his profile from his forum posting.! don't go into online dating with a closed mind, shopping around pays off in the end.

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.Chicklet81joined: 1/7/2012msg: 5how do i actually contact customer service?.Chicklet81joined: 1/7/2012msg: 3how do i actually contact customer service?

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i've been off it for 4 months tried to set another account up and pof keeps deleting me for no reason, i have sent e-mails to them with no reaponse, i have looked at reasons online and i have not done any of the things as i haven't been on it for 4 months, lack of service and contact is appalling. stars36%4 stars00%3 stars24%2 stars510%1 stars4180%show rating distributioncompare online dating websites & servicesresearch top online dating websites & services recommendations on consumeraffairscompare companiesare you this business?

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hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing. i tried 5 or 6 different phone numbers and not one worked.

1. PlentyOfFish is easily the biggest of the top dating sites.

26, 2017satisfaction ratingthis site, like 99% of all dating/hookup sites, is a complete rip-off! is no reason that it is necessary for me to put my income range or my parents marital status or how many siblings i have is needed to complete a dating profile.

Plenty of fish dating service phone number

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(these do and will do so once you phone them).*cowboy*joined: 4/28/2006msg: 9how do i actually contact customer service?

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he is 6'2"tall and muscular so to say the least he is very intimidating. the site itself is functional, but the women seem to be pretty bitter about the whole online dating scene.

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it wasn't until i graduated and had the understanding of dating sites that i began to receive awesome results.“sad to say, men want to give an immediate phone number, not caring to know anything about you.

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